The Wife Watching Game


By xleglover

Chapter 1 — The Bar

Mike took a drink of his beer and scanned the crowded bar, his gaze going from person to person until he saw a blonde sitting across the room. There were too many people between them to get a good look, but he thought he recognized her. He pushed his way through the crowd, only stopping when he was about 10 feet away. Her back was to him, so he couldn’t see her face. But she looked like she had a nice body. She was petite and wore a white blouse and black skirt. She wasn’t too tall, maybe 5’3″ or so, but she had long shapely legs, and her high heels made her look taller. Her blonde hair looked soft and lush, ending a few inches past her shoulders. She was surrounded by a bunch of guys, and no wonder, especially if her front was anywhere near as good as her back.

The blonde seemed to be paying most of her attention to a tall guy. He was ruggedly handsome with a dark complexion. He looked Greek. He was fairly broad shouldered, with thickly muscled arms. Mike chuckled to himself. Chicks were so predictable, going after the tall-dark-and-handsome types.

Mike sensed that the couple had just met, although it was an easy guess since the bar had the reputation of being a meat market. The Greek placed his hand on the blonde’s back, and she seemed to tense. It was pretty clear that the blonde wasn’t entirely comfortable with the Greek’s forwardness. Still, she didn’t push him away, and the Greek inched his hand downward. Mike watched as the Greek’s hand slowly moved down the blonde’s back. She seemed to stiffen when his hand moved from her blouse to her skirt, but still she didn’t pull away. The Greek’s fingers slowly caressed the curve of the blonde’s behind. Finally the blonde took a half step back. This didn’t dislodge the Greek’s hand from her ass, but it at least caused him to stop fondling her. Before he could start groping her again, the blonde motioned at a just vacated bar stool. Almost reluctantly, the Greek pulled his hands away and grabbed the stool. The blonde sat on the stool. As she did her skirt rode high up her thigh. “God she’s got great legs,” Mike thought.

Then the blonde glanced in his direction, and Mike finally saw her face. His breath caught in his throat. The blonde was his wife!

Their eyes locked, and Mike saw recognition, and something else, in Jen’s — his wife’s — eyes. Anxiousness? Jen’s lips parted, as though she was about to say something to him. But before she could, Mike took a few steps back. Jen seemed to scan the crowd, but Mike disappeared behind a group of business men. Mike pushed his way to the other side of the bar. He was actually closer to Jen and the Greek than before, but hidden in the crowd.

Mike could see his wife’s face. Jen was still flirting with the Greek, but she didn’t look entirely comfortable. Mike’s heart lurched when he saw the Greek place his hand on her knee. Jen’s face flushed, but she didn’t push him away. The Greek took her inaction as permission to explore further, edging his hand higher up her leg. He was getting perilously close to the edge of her skirt. She forced a smile and moved her hands over his, stopping his movement. But still she didn’t push him away. The Greek continued to smile. He leaned closer and whispered something in her ear. As he did, he wrapped his other arm around her waist. Mike couldn’t see, but he assumed the Greek’s hand was again caressing his wife’s behind.

The tall man’s face was so close to Jen’s that their cheeks were almost touching. Maybe they were touching. The man adjusted and suddenly his lips had moved from her ear to her neck. He was kissing his wife’s neck! Jen’s breathing became labored, and Mike wasn’t surprised. Her neck was one of her most sensitive erogenous zones. This guy really knew how to seduce women! Mike had no sooner thought this that the Greek’s hand began again to edge up her leg. The Greek was trying to get under her skirt! Mike looked around. The Greek’s seduction of his wife had caught the attention of a bunch of guys. Maybe the Greek’s friends? They were all smiling and whispering to each other, probably marveling at how easy Jen appeared to be. Jen was still flirting with the Greek, although it appeared forced. She wasn’t explicitly acknowledging the Greek’s hands on her body. But her face was flushed and her breathing labored.

Jen was holding her legs tightly together. Mike saw the Greek grasp her thigh and urge her legs apart. “What was he going to do, finger her in front of everyone?” Mike thought. Mike looked at the smiling crowd again. They seemed to be silently encouraging their friend on. But alarm had registered on Jen’s face. She looked scared.

Reluctantly, Mike pushed through the crowd. “Jen, there you are!” he said loudly.

The Greek looked at Mike belligerently. “Who the hell are you?”

“I’m her husband,” Mike said angrily. Mike looked at the Greek’s hands on Jen’s body, pretending to see them for the first time. “Get the fuck away from my wife!”

The Greek slowly pulled his hands away. He looked at Jen. “I thought you said your husband had to work late.”

Before Jen could respond, Mike shouted, “Bullshit, she didn’t say that! Now get away from her!”

The bouncer had heard the shouting and quickly got between Mike and the Greek. “What’s going on here?”

“This asshole is pawing over my wife!”

“She came on to me! She wants it!”

The bouncer held Mike and the Greek apart. He looked at Jen. “Is this guy your husband?”

“Yes,” Jen said weakly. Just like the guys around them, the bouncer knew the Greek was telling the truth. Jen had willingly let the Greek fondle and kiss her.

“I think you two had better leave,” the bouncer said to Mike and Jen.

Anger showed on Mike’s face, but he didn’t say anything. He took Jen’s hand and quickly lead her out of the bar.

“Fucking slut,” they heard people say as they pushed through the crowd. “Fucking tease.”


“What took you so long?” Jen asked later as they lay in bed, their bodies sweaty from passionate lovemaking.

“I wanted to watch. See what’d happen. You were so good tonight!”

“Mike, you let it go on too long. You almost got into a fight!”

Mike didn’t answer. He wished it could have gone on longer …

Jen seemed to read his mind, and her tone softened. “So — did I really put on a good show tonight?”

Mike pulled his wife towards him. “You were incredible! I can’t tell you how sexy it looked, with his hands on you, exploring you.” He kissed his wife, and then whispered wickedly into her ear, “I was hoping you’d open your legs, let him touch you under your skirt.”

Jen pushed away, pretending to be angry. “That almost happened, he was pulling my legs apart.”

Mike knew she wasn’t really angry. “I was hoping you’d let him finger you.”

Jen’s eyes grew wide. “What? In front of everyone?” she said incredulously.

“You could’ve let him lead you to a dark corner.”

“Yeah right,” Jen said with mock scorn.

“Come on, admit it, this guy turned you on.”

Jen didn’t answer directly. “Well — remember the rule. A little fondling is allowed, but only over my clothes.”

Mike smiled mischievously. “Maybe we need to change the rules.”

Jen pushed away again. This time she was serious. “No, Mike. Remember, this Game has limits.”

Mike continued to slyly smile. “You can’t tell me you don’t get excited when we play the Game.”

“Yes, it’s exciting,” Jen said, a bit frustrated. “But a little fondling and kissing is as far as I’m willing to go. I’m not going to bed with a stranger, and I know you really don’t want me to do that, no matter what you say.”

“Okay, okay,” Mike said quickly, not wanting to ruin the moment. Then he moved on top of his wife, his cock hard again. “You were so good tonight,” he said, lowering his lips to hers.

Chapter 2 — Neighborhood Party

Mike poured himself another scotch, silently hoping the party would end early. He enjoyed these neighborhood parties. But he had wanted to go to a bar with Jen and play the Game tonight. Those plans were dashed when their friends, Rick and Claire, called earlier and invited them over.

Mike looked across the crowded room. His wife Jen was talking to Rick. It didn’t surprise him that Rick’s wife, Claire, walked away when Jen approached. Mike was pretty sure Claire hated Jen.

Jen and Claire were by far the best looking wives in their social group. In appearance they were almost opposites, like Betty and Veronica. Jen was a blonde beauty, slim and petite, with long shapely legs. Claire was a brunette, taller and curvier. Claire’s legs weren’t bad — especially with the high stiletto heels she always wore — but Jen’s were better.

Both were pretty, but Jen was prettier. And, even at 32, Jen still looked so youthful that she was almost always carded.

The years hadn’t been so kind to Claire. Even though she was the same age as Jen, her face was already starting to look tired. While still attractive, Claire looked like she was 32, while Jen still looked like a co-ed.

Claire did have one thing over Jen. Or, more accurately, two things. Claire had huge breasts, and she always displayed them in tight tops and low necklines. Jen’s breasts, while perfectly shaped, were much smaller. She was probably only a 34B cup.

Mike smiled as he saw Claire scowl at Jen. It always amazed him how catty women could be. The fact that Rick always paid so much attention to Jen didn’t help things.

Mike mingled and, before he knew it, an hour had passed. The crowd had thinned. He went looking for Jen. “Maybe we can cut out and go to the bar,” he thought. Mike turned a corner and almost ran into Jen. She was talking to her best friend, Laura. Their backs were to him, and they hadn’t noticed him. Mike was about to say something and then froze. What had Laura just said? He stepped back into the shadows, and listened.

“Jen, stop drooling,” Sue said as she playfully nudged Jen’s side.

“What? I’m not drooling.”

Sue laughed. “Well, you’re definitely staring.” Mike peaked around the corner to see what they were talking about. Both girls were staring at Rick, who was talking to a couple of their neighbors. “But he’s definitely worth staring at,” she added almost dreamily. “Claire is so lucky. She gets to go to bed with him every night.”

“I don’t think Claire likes me.”

“I don’t blame her. I’d be mad too if you flirted with my husband as much as you flirt with Rick.”

Jen looked shocked. “I don’t flirt with Rick!”

“Oh, come off it, you’ve had a crush on Rick since you met him.”

“Laura, you’re crazy. I’m married. I don’t have crushes on other men.”

Laura looked unconvinced. “Even gorgeous guys like Rick? Come on, admit it, you’re hot for him.”

Jen scowled at her friend, but she finally smiled. “Well, he is Adonis-like.”

Laura smiled back. “You know what else?” she asked conspiratorially. “He’s hung like a horse!”

Jen looked wide-eyed at her friend. “How do you know?”

“Claire told me. She brags about it. Oh, she’s so lucky. Gorgeous AND huge.”

Jen paused. Her eyes trailed down to his crotch. “He does seem to — fill out his pants pretty well.”

Laura laughed again. “Oh, like this is the first time you’ve looked?”

Jen blushed with embarrassment, and then laughed too. “Well, maybe not the first time.” The friends laughed again.

Mike was surprised by these revelations. He never guessed his wife was sexually attracted to any of their friends. He started thinking about how they might be able to include Rick in their Game. That night, as Mike made love to Jen, he silently fantasized about Rick savagely fucking his beautiful wife.

Chapter 3 — Another Bar

Jen took another sip of her Appletini, fidgeting on the bar stool. Playing the Game always made her so nervous. Mike didn’t understand how hard it was to sit alone in a bar, and make herself available to the advances of a bunch of horny guys. True, it was an ego boost to be the center of attention of so many handsome guys. But allowing strange men to touch her, sometimes even kiss her — yes, it was exciting. But … well, she never thought she’d be doing this after 10 years of marriage and 2 kids.

But here she was, sexily dressed, pretending like she wanted to be picked up. She and Mike had started the Game a few months ago, to help their sex life that had cooled after so many years of marriage. She remembered how terrified she had been the first time, and how she had almost jumped out of her heels when that guy touched her knee. But it was worth it because the sex she had with Mike that evening was the best they had had in a long time.

They started slow, playing the Game every month or two. But Mike enjoyed it so much he wanted to play more often. Now they played almost every weekend, except weekends like last, when they had to go to a neighborhood party.

Remembering the party made her think of Rick, and immediately she felt a familiar tingle between her legs. Then she felt guilty. “I’m married, I can’t think that way about another man,” she thought. But then she remembered her current situation, and inwardly laughed. “Here I am, trying to get strange guys to make passes at me, and I’m worried about being attracted to one of my husband’s friends.”

With a start, Jen suddenly realized that the guys she flirted with when they played the Game always looked like Rick. Tall, ruggedly handsome, dark hair and complexion. Athletic, and well built. She guilty realized that these guys didn’t look at all like her husband Mike. She worried whether Mike had noticed this. But, again, she realized that was an odd thing to worry about given her current situation.

She surreptitiously glanced around the bar. She didn’t see Mike. He was good at disappearing in the crowd. She noticed a lot of guys looking at her. They had that familiar longing, hungry look. Butterflies flew through her stomach. She felt like a piece of meat about to be eaten. But it excited her too.

Mike was pressuring her to go further in the Game. So far she hadn’t let any guy get passed first base, and barely that. Just a little kissing and light petting. The last time was the farthest she had ever gone, letting the guy touch her legs. But Mike seemed to want her to do more. She remembered their conversation earlier that evening. She was putting on her bra when Mike said, “Why don’t you go braless tonight?”


“You heard me,” Mike said grinning. “It’ll be fun.”

“Fun for you, maybe,” Jen said skeptically.

Mike came up to his wife and kissed her neck. He was still grinning mischievously. “Oh, come on. It’ll be exciting. Most girls go braless when they’re out clubbing.”

“Most girls?” Jen asked skeptically. “How would you know?”

Mike’s grin widened. “It says it right here,” he said as he held up the current issue of Maxim.

Jen scowled. She pulled the magazine from her husband and threw it at him. “I’m not going braless.”

“Oh come on! Look, you can wear this blouse.” Mike pulled a blouse from her closet. It wasn’t as filmy as the one she had picked out to wear. “No one’ll be able to tell you don’t have a bra on.”

“No one except the guy trying to pick me up,” she said defiantly.

Mike smiled again. “Well, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?” Mike reached under his wife’s short skirt. “See, you like this idea. You’re getting wet.”

In the end, Jen relented and agreed to go braless. She still couldn’t believe she had agreed. She hadn’t gone out without a bra since …. well, she couldn’t remember the last time.

A number of guys approached and asked Jen to dance, or buy her a drink, but she politely declined. She wasn’t attracted to any of them. She finished her Appletini and the bartender immediately appeared with another one. Jen reached into her purse, but a man put his hand over hers. “I’ll get that,” he said as he handed a twenty to the bartender. Jen looked over and saw a tall, handsome man smiling at her. His black turtleneck accentuated his dark complexion, and also hugged his well developed chest. Tall, dark and handsome. “Another Rick,” she thought to herself.

Jen realized she was staring and blushed. Then she realized his eyes were running up and down her body, and she flushed an even brighter red. The man held out his hand. “I’m Keith,” he said, smiling. Jen took his hand. “I’m Jen. Thanks for the drink.”

“Sure,” Keith said, his eyes still roaming over her body. He seemed to like what he saw. “So, are you here with someone?”

“No … um … I’m here alone.”

Keith smiled. “Good.” He was openly running his eyes over her, undressing her with his eyes. His forwardness was unnerving Jen. But it was also turning her on. She felt her nipples hardening. “God, he can probably see them through my blouse,” she thought.

A slow song began. Keith held out his hand again. “This is my favorite song. Would you like to dance?”

Jen smile nervously and nodded. She gulped the rest of her drink, and slid off the stool. Keith led her to the crowded dance floor, and then wrapped her arms around her. They slowly danced to the music. Jen was beginning to relax, the strong drinks calming her nerves. She was actually beginning to enjoy herself. Keith’s muscular arms around her felt good.

One slow song followed another, and Jen felt Keith begin to caress her back. His fingers seemed to linger over the area where her bra strap would normally be. “He can feel I’m not wearing a bra,” she thought. Jen almost shuddered at how naughty she was acting, braless and alone in a bar full of horny guys. In a silent confirmation of her thoughts, Keith pulled her tighter, pushing his crotch against her tummy. Jen almost jumped when he did this, but Keith continued to hold her. He was hard, and he felt big. Despite herself, Jen was getting turned on. The drinks were also making her a bit lightheaded. Keith led her across the dance floor, the pair swaying to the music, Keith’s hard-on pressing into her.

Finally the music changed to a fast song, and Jen seemed to awaken from a daze. She was a bit disoriented. Somehow Keith had maneuvered her into a dark corner of the bar. She could hear voices all around them, but she couldn’t see anyone.

“Thanks for the dance, but I should be going.”

“Come on baby, stay awhile,” Keith said. He leaned over and covered Jen’s lips with his. He swiftly worked his tongue into Jen’s mouth. Jen tried to push away, but Keith held her tightly. Jen didn’t want to make a scene … and she knew Mike was probably watching … so she relaxed and allowed Keith to kiss her. Soon Jen was returning Keith’s kisses, tentatively caressing his tongue with hers. Soon she was extending her tongue into Keith’s mouth, exploring him.

Their passionate French kissing seemed to drive Keith wild. He abruptly pushed Jen against the wall. With his tongue still deep in her throat, he took her arms and raised them above her head. With her passion building Jen didn’t resist. Keith held her hands with one of his hands. Then, before Jen could react, Keith lowered his other hand and began fondling her breasts.

Jen’s body tensed with Keith’s hand on her breasts. No one but her husband had touched here so intimately for over 10 years. She tried to pull away, but Keith held her firmly. “Come on, baby, you know you like this,” he said before kissing her again. Jen thought fleetingly of her husband Mike. Jen allowed her body to relax, knowing that being kissed and fondled this way was probably exciting her husband.

Keith released Jen’s hands when he felt her relax. He continued to fondle her tits with one hand. With his other he brought Jen’s hand to his crotch. “Feel what you’ve done to me baby.” With a start Jen felt Keith’s hard-on, but she didn’t try to pull away. Her inhibitions were melting away. Keith had gotten her so hot, and she felt so naughty. “Mike would want me to rub Keith,” she said silently to herself.

Jen rubbed Keith’s cock, outlined in his jeans. He was hard, and big, and as she rubbed him he got even bigger. “Uh, yeah baby, that feels good,” he grunted.

Jen was so fascinated by Keith’s cock that she didn’t notice him unbuttoning her blouse. Suddenly, Keith’s calloused hands were on her bare skin. She tried pulling away as Keith cupped her braless tits, but he was too strong. “Oh god,” she moaned as he rubbed her hard nipples between his fingers. Seeing how sensitive Jen’s nipples were, Keith lowered his head and began sucking them. “Ohhhhh god … ohhhhh god!” she groaned as waves of pleasure erupted inside her tight body.

Suddenly Jen felt Keith’s hands under her skirt. He tugged at her pantyhose. Alarms went off in her head. “He’s going to fuck me, right here in the bar!”

“Stop, stop, stop,” Jen cried, as she tried to push Keith’s hands away. “Stop, or I’ll scream.” Keith didn’t stop. His thumbs were inside her pantyhose, and he had pulled them down to mid-thigh. Jen raised her voice. “STOP STOP I MEAN IT I’LL REALLY SCREAM!”

Hearing Jen’s raised voice, Keith finally stopped. Jen quickly pulled up her panties and pantyhose, and buttoned her top. “Come on Jen, I know you want it.”

Jen’s heart was still beating wildly. “Do you really think I want you to fuck me here?” she said as coldly as she could, considering that she was still panting from his ministrations.

Keith misunderstood her meaning. He smiled and ran his finger along Jen’s cheek, down her neck, and then along the neckline of her blouse. Jen shuddered as electric sparks coursed through her body. “Let’s get a hotel room,” he said. “There’s one right across the street.”

Jen was surprised at how conflicted she felt at that moment. “No, I’ve got to go,” she managed to say. She felt bad. Keith was horny and aggressive, but she had been a willing participant. Also, he stopped when she said stop. She stretched up on her tip-toes, and kissed Keith gently on his cheek. “I’ve got to go,” she repeated. Then she made her way through the crowd as fast as she could. She needed to get home. She needed her husband to fuck her.

Chapter 4 — Lunch with Laura

Jen sipped her ice tea. As she waited for her friend Laura to arrive for lunch, her mind re-played the last month. She couldn’t believe what she had done — what she had let guys to do to her — the last two times they had played the Game. Before, the Game hadn’t really been anything more than flirting. But the time before last, she had let a guy almost get under her skirt. The last time, she had passionately made out with a guy, and let him fondle her breasts. Her breasts! Even worst, she had allowed Mike to talk her into going braless, and she had let the guy — Keith — get inside her blouse and fondle her naked flesh.

The memory made Jen shuddered. But it was as much from excitement as shame. Here she was, a wife of 10 years, a mother of 2, church going, a typical middle class wife — but she found it thrilling to kiss another man, and feel a stranger’s hands on her body. These thoughts made her feel guilty. But why should she, she thought. Mike was excited by all of this. He had seen mostly everything, and far from being upset, he encouraged her to go further. He was thrilled when she told him Keith had tried to pull down her pantyhose.

Jen was afraid where this all was leading. Mike was pressuring her to go farther and farther in the Game. Did he really want her to fuck another man? Or did it just excite him to say that? She knew, though, it wasn’t all Mike’s fault. The Game excited her too. But it was scary. She couldn’t believe how fast things had gone the last time. One moment, she was dancing with Keith, and the next, he was sucking her nipples and trying to pull down her pantyhose. Jen knew she had come close to getting fucked. Mike knew too, and he was gleeful by the thought. Jen didn’t really know how she felt. Her husband was encouraging her to fuck other men. But did he really mean it? Did she want to become an adulteress — a hot wife? She stirred the lemon in her ice tea, remembering how it felt to cup Keith’s crotch. It was so big. And so hard. She shuddered again.

Jen was brought out of her reverie when Laura arrived. “I’m so sorry for being late, traffic was terrible,” she said as she slid into her chair. They ordered drinks and chatted about neighborhood gossip, as they munched on breadsticks.

Laura’s eyes got wide. “Oh, I forgot to tell you,” she said excitedly. “Guess who I saw at the pool yesterday? Rick!” Laura leaned over the table. “Guess what he was wearing?” she said almost whispering.

“What?” Jen said, also leaning conspiratorially over the table.

“That new Speedo bathing suit — the one that’s like a tight boxer. And Jen –” she paused dramatically. “His thing was outlined in the suit.”

Jen laughed. “His thing?”

Laura playfully scowled at her friend. “You know what I’m talking about. His penis, his pole, his cock!”

“Not so loud!” Jen warned, looking around to see if anyone had heard.

Laura looked around too. When she was sure no one was listening, she continued. “Jen, he’s huge! Rick looked bigger than David, and he wasn’t even hard!”

David was Laura’s husband. Jen’s mind wandered for a moment, thinking about Rick in his Speedos, and then cupping Keith’s …

“Oh my god, do you know what you look like?” Laura said laughing.

“What?” Jen asked confused.

Laura was still laughing. “The breadstick … it looks like you’re sucking –”

“Oh my god,” Jen said horrified when she realized what she had been doing. Then she started laughing with her friend.

After a few moments, Jen said tentatively, “So, how big … um …. how big is David’s breadstick?”

They both giggled. “So you’ll tell me, if I tell you?” Laura asked slyly.


Laura looked embarrassed. “Well, David isn’t big. I mean, not like Rick.” She seemed lost for words. Then she picked up a new breadstick and broke off the top. “About this long,” she said.

“Oh,” Jen said weakly, looking at Laura’s breadstick. It was about 6 inches long.

Laura flushed with embarrassment. “I know he’s not that big,” she said almost apologetically.

“No, no, it’s not that,” Jen said quickly.

Laura’s eyes grew wide with barely concealed amazement. “Mike is smaller?”

Now it was Jen’s turn to flush with embarrassment. “No … I mean, yes … a little.” Not knowing what else to do, Jen took the breadstick from Laura’s hand. She hesitated, and broke off the tip, leaving about 4 inches.

Laura stared at the breadstick. “Well, you know what they say,” she finally said, almost looking pityingly at her friend. “It’s the technique that counts, not the size.”

Chapter 5 — A Friend’s Wedding

Jen felt dazed as she walked through the mall, having parted from Laura about an hour ago. Was Mike smaller than most men? She knew Mike wasn’t big — but the shocked way Laura had looked at her. Jen thought again of that guy in the bar, Keith. And Rick in his Speedos. Even of Laura’s husband David. They all seemed so much bigger than Mike.

Size never really mattered to her before. But now … but now? After playing the Game, and having all these guys hitting on her… A part of her — a growing part of her — felt like she was missing something.

She immediately felt guilty. She was married! But then, Mike was encouraging her to have sex with other men. Even pressuring her to do it. She shook her head, not knowing what to do, or what she wanted.


Jen was fixing her makeup. She and Mike were going to a friend’s wedding.

“I bought you a present,” Mike said as he walked into their bedroom. He was holding a small box.

Jen smiled, and kissed her husband. “What is it?” she said excitedly as she tore off the ribbon and opened the box. She pushed away the tissue paper, touching something soft and lacy. Inside the box were a lacy white garter belt, and cream stockings. “Oh … ah … they’re nice.”

Mike was beaming. “Why don’t you wear them tonight?”

“Well ….” Jen normally wore pantyhose. It’s not that she disliked garters and stockings, they were just harder to manage.

“Come on, you’ll look great in them.”

“Well, okay,” Jen agreed, somewhat reluctantly. At least he wasn’t asking her to go braless.

On the drive over, and during the wedding ceremony, Mike couldn’t keep his hands off Jen’s legs, running his fingers over the garter straps. Jen was enjoying all the attention she was getting from her husband. By the time drinks were passed around at the reception, she was in a great mood. Maybe I need to wear a garter belt more often, she thought smiling to herself.

The band started and Mike took Jen out on the dance floor. As they danced, Mike whispered into her ear.

“Those guys can’t keep their eyes off you.”

“Who?” Jen asked, looking a little shocked.

“To your right.”

Jen glanced over, trying not to be obvious. She saw 3 guys she did know … and Rick. RICK!

“I … um … I didn’t know Rick and Claire were here.”

“They got here late. Rick’s been staring at you ever since he got here.”

Jen blushed. “You’re crazy.”

“No, I’m not. You look incredible tonight. And I think you may have flashed your stocking tops a few times. I mean, your dress is short, so when you sit …”

Jen looked horrified. “No! Why didn’t you tell me earlier!”

Mike laughed. “It’s no big deal. Just some harmless flashing. But I think you gave all those guys hard-ons.”

Jen blushed again, but this time with a smile.

Mike smiled mischievously. “Why don’t you walk around a little?”

Jen was surprised. “By myself? Here?”

“Sure, it’s a big house. You could mingle, look around at all the art, while I get a drink and some fresh air.”

“You want to play the Game now? With some of our friends here?”

“Sure. That could be exciting, don’t you think?”

Jen didn’t answer. It was dangerous to play the Game here. What would their friends say? But then, not many of their friends were here. And Rick was here.

Mike took Jen’s silence as agreement. He led her back to their table, and then quickly disappeared. Suddenly Jen was left by herself. She stole a quick glance over at Rick’s table. All 4 guys were still looking at her! Butterflies started flying through her stomach. She started towards the hall, a little unsteady on her heels due to nerves. Would Rick follow here? And where was Claire?

Jen walked along the hall, pretending to study the art hanging on the walls. Their friends had rented this mansion for their wedding. It was huge, with parlors and ballrooms, long hallways and galleries, all full of art. Jen paused and pretended to study a painting. She sensed that someone was approaching her. She was terrified that it might be Rick. What would she do if he hit on her? She hadn’t seen Claire. Could she have gone home, maybe feeling ill?

“Are you an art lover?” Jen heard from behind her. She turned, and saw one of the guys from Rick’s table. She was a little disappointed, but mostly relieved.

“Um … well, I like art, but I don’t know much about it.”

The man looked delighted. “This mansion has a treasure trove of wonderful art.” The man held out his hand. “I’m Vince. Can I give you a tour?”

Jen looked at Vince. He was fair haired and very handsome, in an arrogant preppy sort of way, and stood a head taller than her. He was older, but only by a few years, and looked in great shape.

“Why not?” Jen thought to herself as she took Vince’s hand. “So, you’ve been in this house before?”

“Many times,” Vince said. “It’s often open to the public for tours of its art.”

Vince led Jen from room to room, pointing out particular pieces of interest. As they walked Vince kept re-filling Jen’s champagne flute. There seemed to be liquor and chilled wine bottles throughout the house. Jen was soon feeling tipsy, but she kept sipping the champagne. It didn’t go unnoticed to her that Vince was taking her deeper into the house, away from the wedding party. But she allowed Vince to lead her away, since they were playing the Game. Jen knew Mike would love it that she allowed a strange man to get her alone away from everyone else.

They entered another room, and Jen heard the door close. She turned around.

“Why’d you close the door?”

Vince was leering at her. He approached, and ran his finger tips along her bare arm. “I think you know why.”

Jen tried to back away, but Vince grabbed her arms. “Vince, stop, we can’t do this, I’m married.”

Vince continued to leer, a smile on his face. “Then why are you here with me, and not your husband?”

Jen knew there were a lot of good reasons, but she didn’t say anything. She knew she had invited his advances. That’s the whole point of the Game, wasn’t it? And the champagne had lessened her inhibitions. So when Vince leaned in and kissed her, she didn’t resist.

“You’re fucking hot,” Vince hissed as he kissed her neck. Jen expected Vince to go for her breasts, but instead his hands went to the hem of her dress. In an instant, Vince pulled Jen’s dress up to her waist. Alarmed, Jen tried to push her dress back down. This was going way too fast! Jen and Vince struggled, and they fell backward, onto a sofa, with Jen underneath Vince.

Before Jen could stop him, Vince slid to the floor and pushed Jen’s legs apart. With her dress still around her waist, Jen was completely exposed. Vince could see everything. Her panties, garter belt and stockings. No one but her husband had ever seen her so intimately. Jen flushed as Vince leered at her. He ran his hands over her stockinged legs, and then her garter straps. Jen suddenly realized how vulnerable she was. Since she wasn’t wearing pantyhose, there was nothing between Vince and her pussy except the thin lacy material of her panties.

Despite herself, Vince’s caresses on her legs aroused her. She stifled a moan as he caressed her sensitive, naked thighs above her stocking tops. Vince smiled triumphantly, knowing he was getting to her. His smile grew wider when he looked at her panties. “You’re getting wet,” he said.

Jen tried to pull away but Vince’s hands clutched her thighs. She tried to kick him, but he was so close the best she could do was push her foot against his crotch. To her dismay, instead of hurting him, it turned him on. “Oh yeah Jen, that feels good,” he groaned. Vince grabbed her feet and pressed the pointy toes of her heels against his crotch. “That’s it, baby, dig into my cock.”

Hesitantly, Jen shifted her feet so the stilettos of her heels rubbed against Vince’s crotch. He seemed to go wild! “Yeah baby yeah like that.” After a few moments of this, Vince seemed to go into a frenzy. He hurriedly tossed off her heels, and pulled his cock out of his pants. He took her stockinged feet in his hands and pressed them tightly around his cock. He moved her feet up and down, forcing Jen to stroke him with her feet. Despite herself, Jen was fascinated, and continued stroking Vince with her feet even after he returned his hands to her thighs. As she fucked him with her feet, Vince ran his hands over Jen’s stockinged legs. After a few minutes, Vince began spasming. “Fuck, I’m cumming,” he growled. Alarmed, Jen instinctively tried to pull away, but Vince’s hands clamped around her feet. He began thrusting between the silky soles of her stocking-clad feet. Suddenly, he let Jen’s feet go. He pumped himself twice, and then began shooting thick cum all over Jen’s legs.

After he shot the last of his cum on her legs, he collapsed on Jen. He was a big guy so she could barely breath, much less move. She could felt his wet cum seeping into her stockings and touching her skin. She wanted to get away, but he was too big, and his hands were clamped around hers.

Jen tensed when he began kissing her neck. His hand moved to her breast, and he cupped and fondled her. Even though her dress and bra he found her erect nipple, and he rubbed it between his fingers. She cursed herself! She wanted to scream … but it felt so good!

Vince lowered his head between her legs. He kissed and licked her bare, sensitive inner thighs above her stockings. She braced herself; she knew what was coming next. Though gritted teeth she stifled a moan as Vince flicked his tongue over her panty-clad pussy. He did it again causing her clit to tingle with pleasure. “Please, don’t” she begged.

Vince ignored her. With a finger he easily pulled the thin flimsy material of her thong to the side. For a moment he studied her. He smiled approvingly, and slid a finger from her clit to asshole. A moan escaped from Jen’s lips. Vince smiled. “Did that feel good?” Jen held her breath. With her dress around her waist, and Vince between her parted legs, she felt helpless.

Vince’s eyes went back between her legs, and he ran his finger again along her most intimate parts. “As clean as a baby, I like that,” he said admiringly.

Jen flushed with humiliation. She had been a virgin when she married Mike. No one but her husband had ever seen her so exposed. Other than minor teenage petting, no one but Mike had ever touched her pussy. “Please — I’m married,” she begged.

“So am I,” Vince said laughing. With Jen’s thong still pulled to the side, Vince went down on her. Jen jumped when she felt Vince’s tongue on her pussy. She tried again to push him away, but her protests were half-hearted. Her body was so aroused, she found it impossible to resist. She felt waves of pleasure as Vince licked up and down her pussy lips. She didn’t want to give Vince the satisfaction of knowing he was pleasuring her, but she couldn’t help it. “Ohhhhh god,” she moaned through gritted teeth as Vince’s tongue flicked against her clit.

Abruptly Vince rose up. Jen knew what he wanted to do. She looked down and saw he was hard again. His cock was big and thick, and pre-cum oozed from its engorged head. Vince got on top of Jen. She felt his cock touch her pussy lips. “No!” she thought. She had saved herself for marriage. No one but her husband had every been inside her. This can’t be happening. IT CAN’T BE HAPPENING!

Jen pushed hard against Vince’s chest. “Please,” she begged. Tears were falling down her cheeks. “Please don’t do this!”

Vince leered at her. He bent over and cruelly licked the tears from Jen’s cheeks. Then he rubbed the thick head of his cock up and down Jen’s wet pussy lips. Despite herself Jen shuddered with pleasure. Vince felt Jen quiver and his smile widened. “You’re gonna love this bitch!”

Jen felt Vince tense. He was about to fuck her. “Noooo,” Jen begged again. “Please. I’m not on birth control.”

Vince paused, looking startled. Then, slowly, the smile returned to his face. “This really is my lucky day,” he said cruelly.

Vince grabbed Jen’s legs and pushed them until they were smashed against her breasts. She was completely exposed to him. He shifted so his cock was pressing against Jen’s pussy. Jen felt Vince tense again. She grimaced and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. She knew he wasn’t going to be gentle, so she steeled herself for the pain she knew would come when he rammed his big thick cock into her …


Jen and Vince both looked to the side. It was Claire!

“Claire, get lost!” Vince said angrily.

Claire smiled, and then calmly said, “Vince, your wife is looking for you. You better pull you pants up and go find her.”

“Fuck!” Vince growled. He looked at Jen beneath him. The hot bitch was primed to be fucked! “Shit!” he growled again as he reluctantly pulled away. He quickly pulled up his pants and tucked in his shirt. He walked across the room and stopped in front of Claire, glaring at her.

Claire was still smiling, amused by it all. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I won’t tell your wife.” Seemingly satisfied, Vince stormed out of the room.

A few minutes passed. Finally, Jen got off the sofa, pushing down her dress. She picked up her heels and started out of the room. She was too ashamed and embarrassed to look at Claire. But Claire gently grabbed her arm as she walked by.

Claire motioned to Jen’s legs. “Don’t you think you better take off your stockings?”

Horrified, Jen remembered that Vince had come on her legs. She looked down. The front of her legs were covered in Vince’s thick cum. Raising her dress, Jen unsnapped the stockings from her garter belt, and quickly rolled off the stockings. She didn’t see a trash can so she stuffed her soiled stockings in her purse. Her legs were still moist from Vince’s cum. She would need to find a bathroom. She quickly pushed her dress back down, and stepped into her heels.

Jen hesitated and looked at Claire. “You won’t …”

Claire smiled. “Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.”

Uncertainty filled Jen’s eyes. But she walked out of the room, and went looking for a bathroom.

Chapter 6 — The Hotel Room

Mike adjusted the tiny camera behind the plant. He looked over at Jen, sitting on the edge of the bed. “See, the camera has a view of the whole room. I’ll be able to see everything.”

Jen sat nervously on the edge of the bed, looking uncertain.

Mike kissed his wife. “Honey, come on, we’ve talked about this. We both want it. It’s sex, not love. It won’t affect our marriage, I promise.”

Somewhat reluctantly, Jen stood up. “Are you sure?”

Mike kissed her again. He was beaming, and sounded upbeat. “I’m sure. You’re going to love this. We both will.”

Jen went downstairs to the lobby bar. It had the reputation of a major meat market, and Mike knew his sexy wife would have no trouble picking up a stud to fuck her.

He went into the adjoining room, and locked the door. He quickly double checked his TV and video equipment. He’d be able to see and record everything.

He sat in the chair and opened a beer. Now all he had to do was wait. Second thoughts flashed through his mind. He was lucky to have a wife as beautiful as Jen. Most guys would think he was crazy to let other men near her … much less touch her … much less fuck her!

He couldn’t help himself. This was his burning desire, to watch another man fuck his wife.

But the second thoughts continued. Jen had never been with another man. She had been a virgin when they married. His was the only penis to ever be inside her. How many husbands could say that? After tonight, that wouldn’t be true anymore.

While the thought made him jealous, it also turned him on. He got so hot by the image of Jen being groped … fondled … soiled by another man! His penis was so hard it hurt.

Mike was brought out of his reverie as Jen’s door opened. He quickly hit the record button. Jen stepped into the room, and then was quickly followed by her “date.” He was tall and muscular, like a linebacker. He looked to be about mid-thirties, and had dark hair and complexion. Mike turned up the volume and heard Jen call her date “Nick.”

Jen looked a little nervous, but also a little disheveled and flushed. Had they been sucking face down in the bar, or even the elevator? Mike’s question was quickly answered as Nick took Jen in his arms and put his mouth over hers. Jen seemed to tense at first, and then relax. Jen’s cheeks bulge as Nick pushed his tongue down her throat. Mike’s heart pounded as he watched his wife make out with this stranger. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick.

Nick’s hands freely explored Jen’s body. He reached behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Mike stroked himself as Nick cupped and fondled Jen’s tits. Nick reached behind Jen and expertly unsnapped her bra, never letting his lips part from hers. Jen let the lacy material fall off her shoulders, and Nick’s hands returned to her tits. Mike felt almost lightheaded as he watched this stranger fondle his wife’s naked breasts.

Jen moaned as Nick expertly rubbed her hard nipples between his fingers. Nick seemed to sense that this sexy blonde wife was his for the taking, and abruptly pushed Jen down to her knees. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Mike couldn’t believe his eyes, it was fucking huge! Nick’s size surprised Jen too, and her eyes grew wide. Nick saw the look on Jen’s face, and grinned. “Bigger than you’re used to baby?” he taunted. Jen nodded slightly, and Nick rubbed his cock in her face, the pre-cum making her cheeks glisten.

“Is this the first time you’ve cheated?” Nick asked, continuing to rub his cock across Jen’s cheeks and lips.

“Yeah,” Jen said, keeping to the story she had told Nick in the bar about being away on a business trip.

Nick’s cock pulsed with excitement. He loved fucking other men’s wives, especially first time cheaters. He pushed his cock between Jen’s lips. “Suck it baby.”

Jen almost gagged as Nick pushed his thick cock into her mouth. She recovered after a few moments and licked around his shaft. “Yeah bitch that’s it, suck it.”

It felt strange having another man’s penis in her mouth. She had only ever before given Mike head, and Nick’s penis was so much different. So much bigger, and lined with thick veins that seemed to pulse as she licked them. She wrapped her hands around Nick’s shaft and slowly stroked him, while still sucking on the big cock head.

Nick’s hands were behind Jen’s head, clutching her soft blonde hair. Shit she turned him on! He watched as her pretty face bobbed on his cock. Her hands were moist from pre-cum and saliva as she stroked him. He noticed her wedding and engagement rights. They glistened from his pre-cum, and the sight made him raunchy. He pulled his cock from Jen’s mouth and rubbed it across her face.

“Do you like it, bitch? Is this what you want?”

Jen was so aroused, she couldn’t help herself. “Oh god, yes.”

Nick sneered. “Why’re you cheating, bitch? Not getting enough from your husband, is that it?”

“No,” Jen almost whispered, seemingly mesmerized by Nick’s huge cock, her soft hands slowly stroking him. “He doesn’t have enough to give me.”

In the next room, Mike furiously stroked himself. He was trying to hold off, but the scene was too fucking hot. Hearing Jen say, “he doesn’t have enough to give me,” pushed him over the edge, and his sperm shot high into the air.

“Fuck, you’re going to make me cum!” Nick growled. Cumming on her pretty face was tempting, but he wanted something else. He easily lifted Jen from the floor, and tossed her on the bed. He quickly undressed, revealing a highly muscular body.

Nick pulled off Jen’s flimsy panties, and positioned himself between her long legs. “Wait,” Jen said. “You said you’d wear a condom!”

Nick grinned. “I always keep my promises.” He reached into his pants and pulled out a condom, and handed it over to Jen. Jen opened the package with her teeth, and unrolled the condom on Nick’s thick shaft. It took a few tries between he was so thick. When she was done the condom only covered the top half of his penis, but she judged that was good enough.

Nick laid Jen back down and kissed her. Then he moved down to her tits and sucked on her erect nipples. Jen moaned as pleasure shot from her nipples to her clit. Then Nick moved between her legs and licked her pussy. A bolt of electricity shot through Jen as he teased her clit, and soon her hands clutched the sheets as her tight body writhed under his tongue.

Knowing that Jen couldn’t see, Nick reached down and quickly freed his cock from the condom. Nothing was going to keep him from fucking this hot bitch bareback. The thought of shooting off in this pretty wife’s unprotected womb made his cock throb.

On the TV screen, Mike clearly saw Nick take off the condom. Fuck, he’s going to shoot off inside her, and she’s not on the pill! But Mike couldn’t move, he was mesmerized by the scene in front of him.

Nick held Jen’s legs against his chest, so she couldn’t see his naked cock. He positioned his hard cock with his hand and pushed inside her.

Jen grimaced as she felt the intrusion. “Ughh, god!” she cried between gritted teeth. It hurt! Nick ignored her cries. He dug his feet into the mattress and pushed hard, pushing more of his thick shaft inside her soaking pussy.

“Stop!” Jen cried. “It hurts!”

But Jen’s protests just made Nick more excited. He loved to hear them cry, they all did at first. But soon she’d be begging him to pound her.

Nick covered Jen’s mouth with his, and pushed his tongue down her throat. He opened her stocking-clad legs wide, and impaled more of himself inside her. He grabbed Jen’s blonde hair and pulled her head back, and sucked on her neck. He smiled to himself, knowing the pretty wife would have a nasty hickey the next morning. Then he moved to Jen’s ear. “Half way in now, bitch.”

Jen shivered from Nick’s hot breath in her ear. But only half way in? “It hurts! I can’t take it all!”

“You’re getting it all bitch!” he growled, and pushed another 2 inches into her. He roughly fondled Jen’s breasts, pulling and twisting her sensitive nipples. Jen’s cries were muted with Nick’s mouth over hers. She braced herself as she felt Nick tense, and then he thrust more of his cock inside her. Tears were flowing down her cheeks. Oh god, where was Michael, didn’t he see Nick was hurting her?

But there was no way Mike was going to stop Nick. He could see everything on the TV. Nick between Jen’s long, stocking-clad legs, working his thick cock into her pussy. God, he had cum when Nick first penetrated her. Finally his fantasy had come true – he was watching another man fuck his wife! Jen’s cries were like music to his ears. He was already hard again, and each time she cried out he seemed to get even harder. “Fuck her,” Mike hissed. “Fuck her!”

Nick concentrated to avoid cumming. Shit this bitch was tight! And she was so fucking hot! Her tits were small but perfectly shaped, her stomach flat, her ass tight and her long legs fucking amazing! And even beaded with perspiration, her face was gorgeous! Shit she was hot!

Nick dug his feet again into the bed, and pushed hard into Jen again. Jen squealed as more of Nick entered her. “I’m all the way in now, bitch!” he sneered triumphantly. “All 12 inches!”

Jen’s chest heaved under Nick. God, it felt like he was splitting her in two! But after a few moments the pain started to subside. She had never felt so full in her life. It actually felt good.

Nick started rocking back and forth, a few inches of his thick shaft slowly moving back and forth in her pussy. Jen clutched his muscular arms as his pace quickened. Nick’s thrusts got longer and more forceful. Jen began moaning. It felt good! He was hitting spots she didn’t even know existed, and his penis was so thick that the friction against her clit was amazing. Her orgasm was building. She wrapped her long legs around Nick’s waist, and dug her heels into his ass, urging him to pound her harder and deeper. “Oh goddddd,” she wailed as Nick’s huge cock sent her over the edge and she began to cum. Jen’s manicured nails dug into Nick’s back as pleasure filled her, and her toes curled in her high heels.

Mike came again as he watched his wife orgasm under Nick. After his orgasm, doubts started creeping into his head. Seeing Jen getting so thoroughly fucked by another man was making him jealous. That Jen was so clearly enjoying it made him even more jealous. But, still, the scene in front of him was so hot, he started getting hard again.

Nick held Jen’s legs wide apart as he continued to pound her. Jen’s orgasm had been incredibly intense, and it felt like another was building. Her moans were almost continuous as, with each thrust, Nick seemed to stimulate both her clit and g-spot, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her writhing body.

Jen was almost breathless as she glanced between her legs. She marveled at how big he was, the huge thickly veined shaft glistening with their combined juices as he moved in and out of her. Then she realized he wasn’t wearing a condom. “Nick, wait,” she said startled, pushing against his chest. “The condom.”

Nick continued to fuck her. “It must have fallen off,” he lied. “Don’t worry, I’ll pull out.”

“No!” Jen said, panic building inside her. She wasn’t on the pill. She pushed against Nick, but he grabbed her hands and held them above her head. He was almost there. He pulled Jen’s legs over his shoulders, making her completely at his mercy. He wanted to get deep inside her when he came.

Nick’s thrusts became almost frantic as he neared his orgasm. The thought of getting this pretty blonde wife pregnant made his dick throb. The feel of the bitch’s silky stockings against his chest made him even hotter, and finally his orgasm came. Nick lurched into her repeatedly, each time ejaculating thick streams of his sperm deep inside Jen’s unprotected womb.

Jen’s hands clutched the sheets. Despite herself, she was on the brink of another orgasm. “Fuck me, fuck me!” she cried. Nick released her hands and she pulled him to her, opening her mouth to his. The feel of Nick’s cum shooting inside her send her over the edge, and her body shuttered almost violently as she came.

Nick kept his cock deep inside Jen long after his orgasm, purposely trapping his seed inside her. Finally he pulled out and got dressed. He looked at the freshly fucked beauty and couldn’t help smiling. He loved fucking other men’s wives.

As Nick left, Jen rolled over and started crying.

Chapter 7 — Aftermath

Jen sobbed into the pillow. The realization and guilt of what had just happened were overwhelming.

Mike opened the connecting door and approached the bed. Jen’s back was to him as she hugged and cried into the pillow. Between her legs he saw a trail of Nick’s milky cum. Mike’s eyes ran down his wife’s slim legs. Her stockings were laddered, and the lacy stocking tops were wet from the cum leaking from her pussy. She still wore the ankle strap high heels.

Mike was hard again. He got on the bed and softly rolled Jen onto her back. “I’m so sorry,” she sobbed. “I tried to get him to pull out.”

“It’s alright,” Mike soothed as he gently kissed the tears from her cheeks. Her breasts were bruised from Nick’s rough groping, and the sight made his dick twitch with excitement. Mike positioned himself between his wife’s legs, and then pushed into her. God she was loose! Usually she fit him like a glove, but now he could barely feel her pussy walls. Instead of being upset, her looseness turned him on even more. The sensation of fucking his wife’s freshly fucked pussy, filled with another man’s cum, was incredible! Within moments, Mike lurched into his wife and added his cum to Nick’s.

Mike collapsed onto his wife. “We have to do this again,” he said, panting.


Jen absentmindedly pushed the shopping cart through the grocery store. She couldn’t get her mind off the night before. Thinking of Nick made her knees weak. These thoughts made her feel guilty, but she couldn’t help it. Nick was a jerk, leaving her so abruptly like that — but the things he had done to her. For the first time in her life she knew what it meant to have a toe-curling orgasm.

Thinking about another man this way made her feel terrible. But it didn’t seem to bother Mike. In fact, he was encouraging her to do it again.

This bothered her. “I’m his wife. How could he want me to have sex with other men?” But clearly Mike wanted her to share her body with other men. Despite trying not to, dark thoughts started creeping into her mind. “What kind of man is Mike, to want other men to have sex with me?” In her mind’s eye she imagined Mike playing with himself in the connecting room, watching while Nick fucked her. Fucked her with his huge penis. Pinning her hands over her head with his strong muscular arms. Taking what he wanted. Taking her. The thought sent a chill down her spine. But then she thought again of her husband, with his pants around his ankles, playing with himself as he watched another man fuck his wife. Playing with his smallish penis. “What kind of man enjoys watching other men have his wife?” Jen thought. But she felt bad for thinking these thoughts, and tried to shake them from her mind.

Then her thoughts were interrupted by the ring of her cell phone.

“Hello,” she said.

“It’s me,” Mike said. “Uh — where are you?”

“I’m in the grocery store. Why?”

“Can you pick something up for me?”

“What?” Jen asked warily. She recognized her husband’s tone and knew he was in a kinky mood.

“A guy. Pick up a guy, like last night.”

Emotion stirred inside Jen. She felt hurt. “So, is that all I am now?” she said almost crying. “An easy slut who gets picked up in bars?”

“Hold on, hold on,” Mike said quickly. “Where did that come from? I thought you had fun last night.”

Jen tried her best to compose herself. She knew she was being unfair. “I just — I’m sorry, it would just be nice to go out like a normal couple. Go out to dinner, maybe see a movie. Something that doesn’t involve me and other men.”

“Okay, okay, we can do that,” Mike said agreeably, but Jen could hear the disappointment in his voice. “I’ll pick you up at 7, okay?”


They had just ordered dessert when Mike pulled a small box from his jacket. “This is for you,” he said, sliding it across the table.

Jen’s heart leaped as she touched the box’s gilded wrapping. “What’s the occasion,” she asked happily, a big smile across her face.

“For making my fantasy come true.”

Jen carefully opened the box. It was small and rectangular. She moved the tissue paper away and then looked at the contents. It was a thin gold chain. “It’s lovely,” she said as she began putting it around her wrist.

“No, not around your wrist,” Mike said. “It goes around your ankle. It means you’re a hot wife.”

“What?” Jen asked, not understanding.

“You’ve had sex with another man, with my blessings. That makes you a hot wife.”

“Are you joking?” Jen asked incredulously.

“Honey, I’m completely serious. That anklet is a symbol of this new phase of our marriage. Why don’t you put it on?”

Jen felt dazed. Somewhat in a stupor, she bent over and put the anklet around her ankle, her long blonde hair almost touching the floor as she did so.

Mike took her hands in his. “Our sex life is going to be so exciting. Whenever we play the Game, if you like the guy enough, you can take him up to the room and have sex with him. You had a great time with Nick, right? You can do that whenever you want. Maybe you’ll even run into Nick again.”

Hearing Nick’s name sent a shudder through her. But she shook her head. “I don’t know,” she said uncertainly.

“What’s there not to know? You enjoy sex with other guys, and I like to watch. It’s perfect.”

Doubts were flooding Jen’s mind. Before she could say anything, Mike asked, “So, are you attracted to any of the guys here?”


Mike laughed. “Okay, I know I agreed to no Game tonight, but why not? And I came prepared.” He handed Jen a cardkey. “It’s to the hotel across the screen, room 2335.”

Jen clasped the key. What it represented — what her husband was offering — made her shiver. “Getting taken again, like last night,” she thought. “Nick might even be there.” Tingling grew between her legs. But she shook her head. “Mike, I don’t know. We just played last night. I’m not even dressed for it.”

Mike smiled. “Jen, you’re the sexiest woman in here.” He paused, seeming to study her. He gestured towards her blouse. “Undo one of your buttons.”

“Come on,” he said smiling when she hesitated. Jen shrugged. She took a fleeting glance to make sure no one was looking, and then surreptitiously unbuttoned the top button of her blouse.

Mike seemed to study his wife, and then said, “One more.” Jen hesitated again, and then unbuttoned another button. Despite her reservations she was becoming even more aroused. Mike nodded approvingly. The lacy edge of her bra was just visible, as was the soft swell of her breasts.

“Did you wear stockings?” Mike asked. Jen nodded. “Your skirt buttons up the front, right? Undo some of the buttons.” Jen was breathing harder. Mike’s commands were turning her on. She tentatively reached under the table and unbuttoned two buttons of her skirt.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Mike said. “Now cross your legs. A little to the side, so I can see.” Jen subtlety shifted in her chair and crossed her legs. Her skirt parted exposing most of her shapely thighs. “Undo one more button.”

Jen glanced around. Some of the people around them had noticed what she was doing. “Go ahead, do it,” Mike commanded.

Jen’s hands went to her lap, and she unbuttoned another button. She heard people whispering around her, and her face flushed. Mike again nodded approvingly. Jen’s lacy stocking top was now just visible. He motioned to the door. “Why don’t you go next door, to the hotel? Go sit at the bar. I’ll get the check, and follow in a few minutes.”

Jen’s heart was racing. She knew she should stop this. But she couldn’t deny the excitement, and the growing tingling between her legs. Maybe she loved the Game as much as Mike. And if Mike, her husband, was okay with it, what was the harm?

Jen got up from the table, and softly kissed Mike on the lips. As she began walking towards the hotel she could feel every male eye on her … and the anklet around her ankle.

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