A Couple’s Destiny


Emily thought about the phone call she had received from her husband for the hundredth time as she made the drive home from work. His voice had been quite serious as he confirmed his young wife had nothing planned that evening and would be available for a serious talk. Despite her probing, she was unable to get any more information from him and was left anxious and concerned for the rest of the afternoon. She couldn’t think of anything she had done wrong or even something she may have neglected but, because of the void of information, her mind had begun to speculate with all kinds of wild thoughts. Was her husband having an affair? Did he want a divorce?

Emily Anne Kragthorpe and John Patrick Howard had been married in a very lovely and expensive wedding two years earlier. The Howard family was quite wealthy and one of the bastions of society in the east coast city they called home. The Kragthorpe family was from the Midwest without the same pedigree but, Emily was a ravishing beauty in addition to being very friendly and kind. She had easily won over, not only her husband, but his family as well. They immediately purchased a nice home in one of the finer neighborhoods and established themselves on the social scene. As a couple, they would often chair fund raising events and because of their fine looks it was common to see their picture appear in the society section of the local paper.

With great trepidation, Emily pulled into the circular driveway behind her husband’s car and entered their home where she found John sitting on a sofa with a tumbler of whiskey.

“John is everything okay?” She asked with a worried look.

“Yes, everything is fine. Why?” John replied with a questioning look.

“Well your phone call today was so strange. I don’t know what to expect.” She answered trying hard not to let her voice break.

“Oh Emily. I’m sorry. I had so much on my mind I guess I didn’t explain myself well.” He answered taking her hand and guiding her next to him on the couch where he gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. The teary look in her eyes let him know that she was upset.

“Okay.” Was all she could think of to say. She sensed her fears had been misguided but she still didn’t know what was going on.

“You look like you are going to cry.” John said to her as he stroked her hair.

“Well…I don’t know…maybe. You had me so scared. I thought maybe I did something wrong or…” She let out.

“No, no. You didn’t do anything wrong. Nothing. I’m sorry.” He consoled his trembling wife.

“Then what’s going on?” She finally asked after regaining some composure.

“Let me get you some wine and let you relax first.” John replied and left the room briefly returning with a full glass.

The smile on her husband’s face allayed any remaining concerns and after taking several sips she felt calm. With a small nod, she indicated to her husband she was ready.

“Okay. You may think I’m crazy but I’ve been thinking about something for a while. And, well it’s hard to explain. Actually, it’s not hard it will just seem odd I think.” John began to explain then stopped and took a sip from his glass before continuing. “Anyway. You know we are very privileged and it’s always bothered me a bit and lately it’s started to bother me even more. I mean I can be a complete dud, a complete failure, and we would still have all the money in the world. I want to do something on my own, I mean I want us to do something on our own. Prove ourselves and not just be another trust fund couple.”

Emily didn’t respond immediately. She mulled his words and after analyzing them, spoke. “John, I understand your feelings and actually they are very admirable. What were you thinking about doing?”

“I’m thinking we should get away. Move to another state and just start from scratch. See what we can do on our own without the family money or name.” He said to her looking into her eyes to gauge the reaction.

“John, if it’s important to you then we should do it. I don’t care about the money.” She answered instantly, which pleased her husband immensely and he pulled her to him and hugged her.

That conversation started the ball rolling on where they should go and what they should try and do. At first, Emily thought her husband had meant that they should go to another large city in another part of the country so she was surprised and nervous when John began talking about going to smaller locations in the South. Then, there was the whole idea of what to do – how to strike out. John was an attorney but had only worked in the family business and, although smart and ambitious, he didn’t have any developed skills. Emily, for her part, had worked since college but in roles for non-profits that didn’t pay very much.

Then, there were the families. Emily’s parents had been pleased when she had married well as they knew she would be taken care of. They expressed some initial concerns about the couple’s intentions but bought in without too much fuss, particularly her father who saw it as a manly idea.

John’s family was a completely different situation. Although John had several siblings, he was the oldest and his father and grandfather had already earmarked him to take things over. In addition, they loved Emily and already had in their heads that she would dutifully produce beautiful children to maintain the Howard line. There were countless conversations, some heated, where his family tried to convince them that their place was here, in the city, where they would become leaders of the community. Only John’s grandmother on his father’s side proved to be an ally as she saw it as a romantic notion where the young couple could learn about life together.

When it was all said and done, the biggest issue that Emily had was John’s choice of location. He had focused his attention on the South and after research and pondering had honed in on Mobile, Alabama as the place to go. Emily would have greatly preferred Atlanta, Dallas, or even somewhere like Nashville but John was adamant about breaking out of their comfort zone. So, she fell in line as the supportive wife. The idea was to take just enough money to get started and then live off what they earned. It would be a far cry from their current life and Emily knew that there would be no more designer clothes or fine dining for a while.

The couple made an exploratory visit to Mobile and found a small house to rent in an older but still quite nice neighborhood that had lovely, large oak trees. The best part of the house was an elevated wrap-around porch where they could sit and enjoy the evenings together.

Family and friends demanded a going away party where they were hounded by pleas that it wasn’t too late to reconsider. Emily’s girlfriends spent all evening huddled around her with tears flowing as the drinks went down. John’s friends, while much more stoic, felt the same as they realized they were losing their de facto leader.

After selling their imported cars and buying more “practical” replacements – a Tahoe for John and a Camry for Emily, they loaded a U-Haul with just the things they felt essential for their planned reduced lifestyle. John pulled the trailer with the Tahoe while Emily followed in the Camry as they headed south. Both felt nervousness as well as exhilaration as they contemplated the challenges and adventures that were ahead.

It took a week to get moved in and settled but finally it was finished and on a clear October evening, the couple sat together on their porch watching night come to the neighborhood.

“Now it’s time to find jobs.” John laughed.

“I don’t even know where to start but I guess that’s part of the adventure.” Emily replied. Her words caused him to cringe a bit. He knew how much she had sacrificed for his idea and he wanted her to enjoy it too.

“You’re wonderful for doing this.” He said smiling and looking into her brown eyes.

“It will be fun.” She said wanting to maintain a positive attitude.

In reality, she loved her husband very much and wanted to have a strong and lasting bond with him. The money had never been a motivation for her even though her friends liked to tease her about “bagging the elephant”. To her it was much more about his honest and caring ways and the fact she found him very handsome. At 6’1″ tall with a medium build, black wavy hair and a killer smile she had been drawn to him instantly. Of course, other women were as well but, once they connected, he had completely ignored them and gave her all his attention.

John noticed Emily’s smiling at him then watched as she took a drink from her glass and looked over the rim at him with playful eyes. John knew that look. It was her way of saying she was up for lovemaking. Emily was a willing and at times passionate lover but rarely took the initiative in starting sex. She preferred to drop hints, like she was doing now, and wait for John to make the first move. John had certainly had wilder sex before he met Emily and he had hopes that she would loosen up as she got older but, none of his prior conquests were as emotionally fulfilling as his wife.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that she was stunningly beautiful. At 5’7″ tall and a slender 126 pounds she had a model like body. Her hair was a soft, light brown color that fell just over her shoulders and her eyes were a very dark brown that seemed to draw you in. She had a wonderful pure complexion and, when she had been in the sun light, freckles would appear on her cheeks. John loved her B-cup breasts that stood high on her chest with tiny pink nipples that pointed upward. But, he felt her best feature was her long perfectly proportioned legs that transitioned into a butt that was toned from her bi-weekly workouts. Even with her great looks, men usually treated her with the utmost respect due to her charming nature. There had been a few times he had had to subtlety intervene but it was quite rare.

Later, with the bedroom windows open and a gentle breeze blowing in, John made love to his wife reveling in the feeling of her body and the soft purrs of arousal that his movements brought forth. He tried to wait for her, to let her climax, but she didn’t seem to be progressing and he was unable to fight the soft milking of his dick by her folds. With a series of grunts, he emptied into his wife then collapsed on her nuzzling his lips against her soft neck. Emily stroked his hair until he rolled off and within minutes John was asleep.

Emily stayed up a little longer after cleaning up in the bathroom. They had discussed starting a family and John had even stated he wanted five children. Emily was more in favor of two or three but was willing to fulfill his desires. Now though, she wondered when they would be in a position for her to get pregnant.

Emily actually found a job first. In just three weeks, she had applied then interviewed for a position as a state social worker in the Mobile regional office. Of course, there had been lots of curiosity about her background and how she had ended up in Alabama from her prestigious East Coast University but, she was able to convince the interviewer she was sincere about the role. She was to be paired with a senior member of the staff for a four month training and probation period starting the following Monday.

The young couple celebrated that weekend by splurging on a night out at an Italian restaurant followed by a night of lovemaking. John was thrilled when Emily used her fingernails to tease his dick to a second erection after he had cum then climbed onto him and rode him while he played with her breasts until she had a nice orgasm. The couple was finding that with less demands on their time they were together much more. It translated to their lovemaking too, as they were now doing it four or five times a week instead of the two to three times they were used to in the city. John was pleased that Emily was becoming more relaxed in bed and her sighs and moans were now more pronounced, giving him verbal clues as to what she liked. They were even experimenting with different positions! There was still a long way to go but nonetheless it felt to him like progress.

On Monday, Emily was introduced to Janice her trainer and supervisor. She was an early 40’s black woman that was several inches shorter than Emily and much heavier. Janice gauged her new charge with a look of confusion then led her into a small conference room where she explained the work they did and what was expected of her. Just before lunch, she finished and gave Emily another once over.

“Girly, we will be going out to the field almost every day. You can’t be wearing clothes like you stepped out of Cosmo or you’ll have all the men horny. Hell looking at you they going to be horny enough anyway.” She said in her thick, southern black accent.

Emily had no idea how to respond so she just stood quietly and stared. After lunch, they climbed into one of the government cars and headed into the field. Their job was to check on the condition of children where a parent was receiving government assistance or where a court had applied a condition on the household. The “field”, in their world, was typically homes and apartments in the poorer neighborhoods. After a twenty minute drive, the car pulled into a rundown trailer park littered with trash and broken down cars.

“J what’s this bitch doin here?” A disheveled young black woman asked after opening the door of the trailer in response to their knocking. At her side, were two young children that Emily guessed were two or three.

“Her name is Emily and don’t be calling her a bitch. She works with me now.” Janice explained matter-of-factly.

The door was opened and the two social workers entered the mobile home. Emily was shocked at the mess inside. It looked to her like it had been intentionally trashed with fast food wrappers littering the floor and stacks of soft drink cans on various surfaces. There was a foul smell too and she guessed no one had made an effort to clean in a very long time.

“Where’s Davonte?” Janice asked.

“He’s sleeping.” The young woman answered and nodded towards the hall. Emily followed Janice as she went towards the back and, looking over her shoulder through the bedroom doorway, saw an infant curled up sleeping on an unmade bed.

“Jaquay not coming around now is he?” Janice asked when they returned to the front.

“Nah. I ain’t seen him in a while.” She answered.

“Okay. I’m going to write up the report clean but you need to get to work on this house. It’s a pig’s house. Next time if it ain’t clean we’re going to take these kids.” Janice told her.

“Okay Ms. Janice.” The young mom said as they moved to the door.

They made two more stops that afternoon with both being very similar to the events of the first. Emily was impressed with the easy way her supervisor interacted with the people and dealt with their issues. She wondered, with great doubt, whether she would ever be able to be so relaxed.

“We’re going out first thing in the morning so be on time and wear some better clothes.” Janice instructed her new trainee when they arrived back at the office.

At home, Emily explained to her husband what had taken place and together they discussed the positives and negatives of the job. Emily liked that she was helping people and viewed it in the same vein as her prior non-profit work. Both of them had some concern about the potential danger, but Emily felt Janice would be a good teacher.

When they met in the office the next morning, Janice was pleased to see that Emily had dressed down. She was wearing a simple dress that extended below her knees and had a high collar along with a pair of “practical shoes”. The loose fit masked her shapely body although her facial beauty was still there. Janice knew there wasn’t much she could do about that so, after pouring some coffee in a styrofoam cup, she directed Emily towards the car.

All morning they made calls which were about a 50/50 mix of black and white households. In most cases, the father was absent from the family, there were multiple children and a young mother with no job. They would check on the welfare of the children or confirm they were going to school if they were old enough, direct the mother to take action if something was amiss, then move on to the next case.

They had just got in the car after leaving a trailer house that had been there first stop after lunch when Janice took her cell phone and called the office.

“Bryan, we need the police out to 45 Shady Lane. There’s drugs in the house.” She heard the black woman say into the phone. Then after a pause she answered to Bryan. “Yes, that’s right. Paula Henry.”

When she finished Janice turned to Emily and said. “You missed it.”

“Missed what?” Emily asked.

“There was a pipe on the back table behind some soda cans.” She explained.

“Pipe?” Emily asked feeling foolish as she did so.

“Yes, Ms. Priss. For smoking meth or crack. You do know what that is don’t you?” She replied in an irritated voice.

“What’s going to happen?” Emily was very interested to understand what would take place but was still nervous about Janice’s scolding.

“Police are going to come, search the place and probably make an arrest. We will take the kids into protective custody.” She explained.

Twenty minutes later a squad car pulled alongside their vehicle and two officers emerged – an older white man that was overweight and a thirty something black man that was tall and in reasonably good shape. Both men made no attempt to hide the once over they gave Emily when they got out of the car.

“Who’s your new girl, Janice?” The white man asked.

“This here is Emily she just started.” She explained.

“What you got?” The black officer asked and Janice explained in detail what she had seen and where it was located in the trailer.

“Okay, let us take a look.” He replied and the two men headed towards the door.

Fifteen minutes later they emerged carrying a bag and leading the handcuffed young black mother towards their squad car. As soon as they walked by, Janice moved towards the trailer with Emily in close pursuit. They gathered the three kids along with a few personal items, took them to the car, and left after rigging up child seats that were pulled from the trunk.

That night Emily described to John the events of the day and they discussed how different the world felt in just the short time they had been in Mobile. It was eye opening for them and, although it was tragic to see a mother being taken to jail, they knew it was a learning experience.

“I have some news too.” John announced when Emily had finished telling about her day.

“Tell me.” She prodded. The grin on her husband’s face made her think it would be good news.

“I decided to attend a local civic club luncheon today and I just decided to introduce myself to anyone that would listen. One of the people I met was an officer of a bank here in town and when I told him I was looking for something to do he said one of his clients might need some help on a real estate development. I’m to have lunch with the two of them tomorrow.” He explained.

“That’s excellent news!” She declared.

“I’m so antsy to get going and something like this would give me a chance to meet people.” He responded.

The following day seemed to drag by for Emily as she was eager to get home and hear how John’s meeting had gone. Fortunately, it had been uneventful and after spending the final three hours in the office doing paperwork, she jumped in her car and pointed it towards home. When she pulled up, she could see her husband on a chair on the porch with a bottle of wine and she knew it was good news.

“Tell me about it.” She demanded as John handed her a glass.

“I start Monday. It’s not huge. Just a little under $4 million. But I will be the point person on the project. I’m very excited.” He answered with a huge smile.

“Congratulations my dear!” Emily said as they toasted.

The young couple sat on the porch discussing John’s opportunity and drinking wine until well after dark. Finally, with both pleasantly drunk, they beat a path to the bedroom and after fumbling to get each other’s clothes off and laughing the whole time, they jumped onto the high bed and quickly embraced. Their lovemaking continued long into the night and John was pleasantly surprised when Emily woke him after he had drifted off and climbed on to him.

Now that both were working, the anxiety level vanished and with John’s salary they were able to achieve a more-or-less break even status with their finances. The next several weeks went by quickly as they worked and late fall and hints of winter started to creep into their Gulf Coast home.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, and Janice and Emily had just finished inspecting a household of a young mother with two kids. The house, which was shared by the mother’s out of work brother, had been pleasantly well kept and the kids, as confirmed by the school, were attending as required.

“I need to go back in and talk to Ranisha.” Janice said to Emily after they had returned to the car. “You just wait out here.”

It seemed a bit odd to Emily as nothing like this had occurred before but she just nodded and watched as Janice flipped on the radio for her to listen to then left the vehicle and went back into the house. Emily pulled out several files and busied herself with catching up on some paperwork while she waited. She was almost finished when she glanced at her watch and realized that almost twenty minutes had passed since Janice left. When ten more minutes had passed and there was still no sign of her co-worker, Emily nervously left the vehicle and approached the door.

“What’s you want?” Ranisha asked through the slightly opened front door.

“I…I need to speak with Janice.” She answered.

“She busy right…” The young mother started to say but at that moment there was a noise further in the house that made her stop, then look at Emily anxiously.

“Open the door, let me in.” Emily demanded. She thought about calling for the police but some kind of partner solidarity kicked in and she felt she need to act immediately.

The force of her words made the black girl back away and Emily found herself moving swiftly down the hallway towards the source of the sound. Nearing the end, she came to a dead stop outside a closed bedroom door with Ranisha right behind her.

“OH FUCK…HIT IT…HIT IT…FUCK THIS OLD PUSSY!” She heard Janice’s voice screeching and the incessant sound of squeaking bedsprings. Just for an instant, she thought maybe her trainer was being sexually assaulted but the sounds made it clear that she was a more than willing participant.

“Move that fat ass, bitch.” Came the cry from a male voice that Emily knew was Ranisha’s brother, Sam. Dumbfounded, she stood still for several more seconds, listening to the mating until she felt her entire body blush. She rushed past Ranisha, noticing her strange grin, and fled to the safe confines of the car.

Emily was forcing herself to work through more paperwork when about thirty minutes later the front door opened and Janice appeared. As soon as she entered the car, Emily’s sense of smell was assaulted with what she knew was a combination of sweat and sex.

“Don’t you worry about it.” The supervisor told her charge as she settled into the seat then turned the ignition. All Emily could think of to do was nod her head as she kept pretending to study the papers.

The rest of the day was very tense with little talk. On the drive home, Emily thought about telling her husband what had occurred but decided to keep it to herself for the time being. She rationalized that it would only cause him to worry and he might press her to quit her job. It wasn’t something she wanted to deal with since John was enjoying learning about real estate and was very proud they were making it on their own.

The next morning, Janice drove them directly to a small diner as soon as they left the office. Inside, she directed Emily to a back booth and after ordering coffee the conversation started.

“I guess we need to talk about it.” The black woman said with a deep sigh.

“No, there’s no need.” Emily quickly countered.

Janice looked at her for several seconds then spoke. “Are you sure now? Cause I don’t want you to freak out and I damn sure don’t want to hear about it in the office.”

“No, you won’t. It’s fine. I’m fine.” The young wife replied struggling to maintain eye contact with her trainer.

There followed a long silence while both women contemplated events. Janice was concerned that Emily was too green about the ways of the world to deal with what she had discovered. If she made a stink, especially since she was being trained, the black women felt she might lose her job. Emily just wanted it all to go away and it was a subject that would never be discussed again.

“You okay girl?” Janice asked breaking the quiet.

“Yes, I’m fine. Truly.” Emily responded.

Unfortunately, Janice took Emily’s response and mannerisms as condescending and judgmental. She had always had something of a temper and now she could feel her blood beginning to boil.

“You know you ain’t no better than me. You ain’t special. You think you’re so damn high and mighty with your skinny body and fancy education but look at you , working with fat ol’ Janice.” The black woman launched on her student.

“Janice, really I…” Emily started to reply before she was cut off.

“I bet you ain’t never been fucked good either. Your husband? Little boys prick I bet.” Janice spat out.

“Listen, I do not want to have this conversation.” Emily fired back. She had been stunned at first with the change in tone but the black woman’s challenge had made her angry. Now, she decided she had to say more. “And you know nothing about my husband. We are in love and make love. We don’t fuck.”

It was the third time in Emily’s life where she had used the disgusting term and she instantly regretted losing her cool. Janice realized she had pushed too hard as well and had been surprised by Emily’s aggressive response. At that point, both women were happy to stop.

They made rounds all morning with an awkward silence broken only when absolutely necessary to discuss a case. When lunch time came, Janice pulled the car into a sandwich shop but, when Emily opened the door to get out, she felt a hand on her arm.

“I want to say I’m sorry for what I said.” The older woman said in a voice that let Emily know she was sincere. Janice was not the type of person that typically offered up an apology but for some reason she wanted to this time.

“Thank you Janice.” Emily responded after letting the words sink in. Then she continued. “I don’t want to hurt you or get you in trouble. You can trust me.”

Janice received the words with a big smile and together they walked into the shop feeling much better that the air had been cleared. Amazingly, that conversation set them on a path that was more open and enjoyable. Janice quit lording it over her trainee and started treating her as an equal while Emily became less intimidated and was able to share things more freely. In fact, people in the office, seeing the difference that developed over several weeks, began to refer to them as “friends”.

One Friday, stopping for a late lunch and feeling relaxed about the upcoming weekend, Janice broached the subject of sex with Emily again. This time, her words weren’t pointed or barbed. Rather, they were asked out of curiosity in a manner any woman might follow.

“How are things in bed with you and John?” The black woman asked.

“Ssshhh…Janice. Someone might hear. Anyway, I’m not going to answer.” Emily replied with just a hint of a smile.

“Come on. Tell me what white sex is like.” She prodded.

“I’m sure it’s exactly the same.” She answered in a whisper while rolling her eyes. The fact that they could talk this way was a testament to how far their relationship had come from its rocky start.

“Is he big? Does he put you to bed?” Janice continued unaffected by Emily’s discomfort.

“Put me to bed?” She asked ignoring the first part of the question.

“Yeah, when y’all are done are you passed out?” She explained.

“No.” The young wife replied in a way that let Janice know she was both confused and curious.

Emily thought about their post-coital routine. Usually, she would go to the bathroom and freshen up. Sometimes John would too or he might just go to sleep. Certainly, she had never passed out from sex.

“How big is he?” She asked again.

“Janice, you’re crazy…” She started to protest but she was interrupted.

“Come on Emily. Tell me now.” She pushed.

Emily, looked around the room and, satisfied no one was paying attention to their conversation, used her hands to show a length of about five inches.

“How thick? How big around?’ Janice quickly asked now that she had her giving up information.

Again, using her hands, Emily signaled that her husband’s shaft was about 1 1/4 inches in diameter.

“Okay then.” Janice said and picked up the menu.

“What?” Emily responded somewhat perturbed that after allowing herself to be goaded into sharing intimate information her colleague had suddenly dropped the subject.

Janice liked Emily and didn’t want to embarrass her, so she didn’t want to have to explain that her tall, good looking husband was under endowed. What a pity she thought. From the pictures she had seen, she knew he was very handsome and there was no question he doted on his wife. If he would just have had a bit more, she would have accepted Emily’s view that he was the perfect man.

“Nothing girl. Let’s get some food.” She replied hoping to change the subject.

“Janice. Don’t act like that. Tell me what you’re thinking.” She asked, now very curious.

Janice tried to think of a gentle way of telling her but in the end she just blurted out. “Honey, that’s pretty small.”

Instantly, Emily’s face turned to disappointment which made Janice feel even worse. Several seconds of awkward silence were broken when she said. “It’s just fine for me.”

They ordered their food and tried to chat about other things but it was clear Emily had something on her mind. When they had finished eating, she took a deep breath to summon her courage and spoke.

“What’s normal? I mean what’s average?” She asked.

“A bit larger. What about other men you’ve been with?” Janice responded.

“I’ve only been with John.” She answered.

“Mercy girl. That thing won’t wear out.” She replied instantly mad at herself for the flippant answer.

“Well a little bit of size is not a big deal.” Emily stated ignoring Janice’s comment.

“Honey, a little bit gets you to average but there are plenty of cocks out there much bigger.” She explained.

“How…how…uhhh…how big?” The young wife stammered as her face and neck turned crimson.

“Sam’s about this.” She replied and, much like Emily, she used her hands to describe a cock of 8 1/2″ by 2″ proportions.

The pretty young wife accepted the description without comment and both women let the conversation move to less charged subjects.

John’s boss on the development was Frank Bettencourt a wealthy self-made man from the area that would do whatever it took to get what he wanted. As a result, he was both respected and feared by almost everyone. He could be a complete asshole one minute and utterly charming the next. He and his wife Sylvia lived on a nice estate in one of the oldest and most prestigious sections of the city.

As soon as he had received John’s name from the bank, he had his people do a quick but thorough background check. He was surprised by what he found both admiring John’s tenacity and thinking his wealth and connection might prove useful at some point. The material also had information on Emily. There was no question she was a rare beauty and he wondered how her husband could let her mess with the dregs of society in her social worker job. Maybe there was something he could do there too at the right time.

Attitude and persistence are key characteristics in the successful approach to any task and John was loaded with both. In just a few weeks, he had things at work well in hand with a solid plan. His results didn’t go unnoticed by Frank who was quite impressed by the young man.

“Mr. Howard? This is Mr. Bettencourt’s office phoning. Mr. Bettencourt wanted to see if you and your wife would be available for dinner at their home this Friday.” The voice of a young woman with a slow, southern drawl soaked in syrup came through the phone.

“Honey, you look unbelievable.” John said to his wife as she stepped into the living room. They had accepted the invitation for dinner and were just finishing getting ready.

“Do you really think so?” She asked with questioning eyes. She had on a knee length black dress that was fashionably snug. With it she was wearing low heels and pearls John’s grandmother had given her as a wedding present.

“I do! We better get going.” He replied.

Fifteen minutes later, they pulled into the sweeping driveway stopping just past the front door and were met by Frank who had a beaming smile while holding a half-full tumbler of whiskey. Emily thought he looked to be in his mid to late forties and was in good shape. He was about the same height as John but twenty pounds heavier with a full head of dark hair that was just beginning to gray at the temples.

“Welcome!’ He stated loudly.

He fawned on Emily but did so in a respectful and charming way that made her think about the life they had left behind. Inside, they met Sylvia who appeared to be a few years younger than her husband. She had a slender build like Emily but was an inch or so shorter and had blonde hair. Emily thought she might have had breast work done as they looked too full for her age but if so, it had been good work.

“The kids are at college so we have the place to ourselves.” She announced with a sweep of her hand.

It was a beautiful home and Emily was only too happy to get the grand tour while the men moved to the bar. From room to room they went with Sylvia holding her hand while she described what her intent had been with the furnishings. While it wasn’t necessarily what she would have selected, she did acknowledge the good taste of the older woman.

When they returned to the bar, Frank had champagne poured for them and together they toasted their new friendship. Their hosts were thoroughly charming and an excellent meal was delivered by servants to the dining room which they enjoyed, then moved back to the bar to relax with a digestif. Emily felt it was easily the best evening they had experienced since their arrival in Mobile.

What the young couple didn’t realize was that they were being set up. The older couple had plans for seduction and, with the trap now set, they were ready to move forward.

“John, why don’t you let me show you the house.” Sylvia asked her male guest.

John really wasn’t interested in such things but he thought she must feel pride in her home and he should be accommodating. Together, they left the room and Sylvia led them to the far end of the large house. After making a point of showing the young husband several paintings, she stepped into a dimly lit room and turned to face him.

“I’m so glad you came.” The seductress purred while taking his hand in hers.

At first, John thought that he was just dealing with the peculiarities of southern hospitality but when the woman brought his hand to her breasts he realized it was something different.

“Uhhh…Sylvia…” He stammered.

“It’s okay John. Just relax.” She spoke softly to him. Then, after a short pause, she added. “You know you can have me anytime you want.”

“Well I’m married and…and…what about Frank?” John replied. Despite being very handsome, he had never been in a situation remotely like this.

“Well, we won’t tell her and Frank won’t care.” She explained.

As she spoke, her other hands reached between his legs and with her fingertips, she found his balls. With a very light and experienced touch, she lifted them gently though his clothes. Now balanced on her fingertips, she softly moved them and was pleased when his pants began to tent.

“I…I think we should get back.” He gasped.

“First feel how hard my nipple is.” Sylvia commanded. She took his hand and brought it through the opening in her dress until his palm covered her breast. “Pinch it but not too hard.”

John did what he was told which brought a deep sigh from the hostess. With that, he pulled away and moved until he was several steps away.

“Let’s go back.” He said with his words coming out like a plea.

“Here, hold my hand. We don’t want to seem guilty.” She instructed.

However, rather than rush back, she continued with the tour which took another fifteen minutes. She felt it had been a good start and that with more seduction over the next several weeks she would bed him.

As soon as his wife had left with John, Frank had moved next to Emily at the bar. He freshened her drink, ignoring her plea that she had already had too much. Frank asked questions about her upbringing and background to get her settled in and give his wife time to take John away.

“You are an outstanding addition to our city.” Frank toasted the Emily once he knew that her husband was out of earshot.

“Why, thank you.” She responded missing the fact that the compliment was directed only towards her.

“And, I must say, a very beautiful addition.” He added.

As he spoke, he moved his hand to the small of her back but Emily had grown so comfortable with him that at first it didn’t register with her as a threat.

“Thank you again.” She answered with a small laugh.

“Emily, I want you to know that you can think of me as your close friend. I think it would be nice if we spent some time together getting to know each other.” He spoke softly to her while his hand drifted to her ass.

Even with this move, the warning bells were slow to go off. The combination of his charm and the alcohol had lulled her into a feeling of trust. It was only when he gently squeezed, feeling the firm muscles in her ass, that the she finally grasped the significance.

“Uh…Frank. I think you should stop.” She forced out while she tried to move his hand away with hers.

“I don’t want to stop. It feels too damn good.” He replied and in his eyes she could see a hunger that scared her.

Emily tried to twist away but he was too strong and her movements only resulted in her getting closer to him until her hip was pulled against his crotch. She could feel his bulge and knew that he was partially aroused. She thought about calling for her husband but didn’t want to create a scene, especially with his new boss.

“Please…” She begged the older man.

Frank was a predator and new when his prey was vulnerable. He lifted his other hand and let his fingers trace the skin next to the fabric covering her breasts. Down her barely exposed cleavage he moved feeling her body tense.

“Tell me your cell number and I’ll let you go.” He offered.

“Why?” She was able to choke out. It would have been easier to tell him and make this end but she still had her decency and some defiance.

“So we can talk.” He answered while his fingertips continued the teasing.

She knew what he was after and she knew it was insane to give him her number. However, at that moment, she suddenly became aware of something else, something unexpected – she felt her nipples starting to get stiff.

The young wife blurted out her number quickly and Frank had to get her to tell him again more slowly. Even with that, he held her for several more seconds, fondling her ass, until he finally let her go.

Emily was sitting on the sofa while Frank stood at the bar when John and Sylvia returned. She had been able to compose herself so there was no indication anything unseemly had occurred. Likewise, John had calmed and showed no outward signs of distress. Frank talked them into a nightcap that took thirty minutes to finish and then the couple left. The ride home was quiet as both husband and wife contemplated what had occurred.

“How did you do with young John?” Frank asked his wife once the door was closed.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure I’ll have him in bed before long.” She giggled.

“I have a tougher putt.” He offered.

“You mean the young, beautiful and wholesome Emily wasn’t ready to fuck?” She asked while reaching over and squeezing her husband’s heavy cock.

“It will take some work but you know I like a challenge.” He replied.

It was five days before Frank made the first call. During that time, neither John or Emily had shared what had taken place. Emily, not recognizing the number, answered and there followed a very strained and awkward discussion that lasted several minutes before she was able to beg off. Frank, leaned back in his chair and broke out in a smile. He knew she was going to be a challenge but, that’s what made life fun.

Every other week, Emily left Janice at Ranisha’s house and drove the car to a small coffee shop several miles away where she would busy herself with paperwork while giving her trainer a couple of hours to play. Ranisha’s house was on the schedule for the day and they arrived just after noon. The sky had been darkening for the last hour with storm clouds that indicated rain was imminent.

“Ranisha’s doing well don’t you think?” Emily said to Janice. It was intended as a bit of a poke at her since there was really no reason for there to be an open case on the mother and children.

“We’ll just check quick then you can get our paperwork done.” The supervisor poked back.

They were in the house for about five minutes when the sound of thunder became loud and the rain began. Inspecting the house, they found Sam watching TV with another man that was introduced as his cousin Carlos. Carlos looked to be a few years younger than Sam but like him was over six feet with a large chest. Unlike Sam who was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt, his cousin had on a t-shirt and thin workout shorts that displayed a large bulge. Tattoos were prominent on both his arms but the quality was so poor it was impossible to distinguish the art. Janice had to fight back a smile when she caught Emily stealing a peak.

Soon, they were done and Emily moved towards the door intending to bolt quickly for the car. Outside, the rain wasn’t too bad so she made it to the car without much damage and began fumbling for the keys, finally realizing that she had forgotten to get them from Janice. Not wanting to disturb the fun, she stood next to the car for several minutes rationalizing that she would just wait there until Janice emerged. It was a ridiculous decision and over the next fifteen minutes the rain increased and the temperature fell leaving her soaked and shivering uncontrollably. Finally concluding that she couldn’t stay there, she sloshed her way back to the house and knocked on the door lightly.

“Damn girl.” Carlos exclaimed when he opened the door and saw the young wife drenched with her knee length dress sticking to her body providing a clear outline of her bra and panties. “Get in here.”

The black man took her arm and pulled her inside towards the tiled floor in the kitchen. Ranisha peaked out from her bedroom and stared for several seconds then her head disappeared leaving them alone. Further down the hall, the sound of bed springs squeaking could be heard but the noise level indicated a slow pace.

“I’m so cold.” Emily forced out through chattering teeth.

“You need to get out of dem wet things are you going to freeze to death.” Carlos stated in an uneducated voice. With that, he turned and went down the hall returning a few seconds later with a t-shirt in his hand.

“Go to that bathroom and change in to this and we can dry da things real quick.” He suggested. He was hoping that in her state she wouldn’t realize how little he was offering.

Emily allowed herself to be directed to the bathroom where Carlos found a fresh towel in a cupboard then closed the door as he left. In her state, it took her almost five minutes to undress. Then, she used the towel to dry her body and squeeze as much moisture from her hair as possible before she slipped on the shirt. It came barely to mid-thigh and she knew she would have to be careful if she didn’t want to put on a show.

“Oh. Thank you.” Emily said when she emerged from the bathroom and found Carlos standing with a big mug of coffee.

She let him take her things and although nervous about the undergarments, she realized she had no alternative. Shortly, she could hear the dryer starting. What she didn’t know was the quick but thorough inspection Carlos had made of her things including inhaling deeply from the crotch of her panties. Even wet, it was a sweet aroma and his mind went to her near naked body just outside the door.

“How da coffee? The things won’t take too much time.” He said when he came back.

Carlos sat at one end of the threadbare couch and directed Emily to sit at the other. It was difficult for her to sit without making the shirt ride up and she tugged at it repeatedly trying to increase her comfort. The black man enjoyed the show and he felt his cock start to stir involuntarily which made it move in his shorts. Emily saw it and it was only when she looked up and saw him smiling at her that she realized she had been caught.

Down the hall, Janice was now getting fucked hard and her cries were coming fast, nasty and loud. Emily couldn’t help but think about the size of Sam’s penis and what it must feel like to be moving into her friend at such a torrid pace. The thought made her shiver and when it passed she realized something else – she was getting wet.

She flashed to the evening when Frank had fondled her causing the unwanted reaction that had sprung from her body. Her mind had fought with it and rationalized it was a combination of fear and alcohol that had elicited the response. Now, it was happening again although this situation was much more basic. She wasn’t in a fancy home drinking fine liquor. Instead, she was in a home under state supervision, half naked with an out of work black man.

Emily squeezed her legs tightly together to try and make the feeling go away but it only resulted in making it stronger. Then, she squirmed trying to find a better position making sure to hold the end of the shirt tightly so it wouldn’t move up. Looking at Carlos, she found him staring at her with a look – a knowing look that made her think he was completely aware of her condition. However, rather than becoming frightened, she felt her nipples suddenly become erect. The thin t-shirt couldn’t hide her nubs and she watched as a smile appeared on the black man’s face.

“I’ll check on the clothes.” She announced and jumped to her feet.

She needed the movement as a form of relief and she walked quickly to the small laundry room where her clothes were being dried. She had decided that she would put them on if they were even reasonably dry but when she bent down and opened the door she was disappointed to find everything was still quite wet.

With the sound of his footsteps masked by the dryer, black legs suddenly appeared in her peripheral vision and she realized that Carlos had followed her into the room. It seemed like eternity to Emily but was probably only several seconds that they both stayed quietly in place before the young wife stood, while continuing to face the dryer. A ringing sound started in her ears and her vision became tunneled as she stared straight ahead. She knew what was coming but, despite what her brain screamed, her feet refused to move.

Then she felt it. It was his fingers on the back of her thigh just at the bottom of the t-shirt. His touch made her pussy begin to throb and a small involuntary whimper escaped her mouth. She had expected him to be rough but his strokes were gentle, almost teasing, even when he pulled her shirt up and put both hands on her ass.

Emily’s breathing became labored and she was practically shaking in fear and excitement, but still she could not make herself move. The black man kicked the inside of her foot with his and instinctively she knew she was being told to spread her legs. There was only a second of hesitation but in that second she abandoned all idea of flight.

“Ohhh…” Came her groan of arousal when she felt his fingers trace the length of her shaved slit.

“Yeah baby that’s right.” Her black seducer answered.

“Uhhh…mmm…ohhh…” She whined seconds later when his fingers parted her folds and found her soaked and ready.

Carlos continued to play with her pussy, expertly circling and teasing her clit which put her on fire. She was now continually moaning and when the black man used his other hand to push between her shoulders she bent forward over the vibrating machine.

Then it was there. Something thick and long was being run over her wet pussy which excited her even more. She knew what it was and the significance of what was occurring but without prodding she spread her feet several more inches and raised her ass in invitation. The black man smiled at her wanton display thinking about how good her pussy was going to feel.

Carlos had a full, circumcised head the size of a plum that he now pushed between her lips. Back and forth he moved until he found the split that was her opening. He toyed with it, flexing forward and letting it begin to penetrate then backing off until he had the young wife searching for a connection.

“Ohhh…ohhh…mmmmmm…” Emily whined when he pushed the head fully inside. Her hands gripped the sides of the machine but, ever so slightly, Carlos felt her push against him.

It felt so different to both of them. For Emily, there was a wonderful feeling of fullness while Carlos’ cock had never experienced such a tight fit. There was some discomfort for her as she stretched but Carlos gave her time and it quickly vanished.

“Gonna feed you now.” The black man announced.

He started slowly, with shallow thrusts that at first were difficult until her pussy bathed him in lubrication. On the sixth stroke, he slid halfway in and by the tenth he was balls deep. Carlos had never felt anything so snug, hot and wet. She was his first white girl and he thought he had hit the jackpot. He stood still to savor her for a moment while listening to the low, passionate whine she was making.

Then, he started fucking her. Deep with a steady rhythm that made her soft whines turn to grunts and loud groans. When she tried to turn her head to look at him, Carlos put his hand on her neck and pushed her head down so she wouldn’t upset the angle of their connection. It wasn’t long before her pussy started to make a slurping sound and he knew he had busted her open.

The feeling was more complete and intense that anything Emily had ever experienced. She silently cursed Janice for putting the bug in her ear about large cocks but now she knew that her friend had been telling the truth. The fact that Carlos was mercilessly fucking her only added to the intensity of her arousal as it was new and so different than what she was used to. She knew she was going to orgasm and she knew it would be way different.

With Carlos holding her head, she was forced front down on the machine. She realized if she held her body just right she could let her nipples just graze the lid of the vibrating machine. It was all so naughty, so dirty, a black man taking her from behind while a machine played with her nipples. But, it all started to come together and then like a freight train traveling 80 mph it hit.

“Ohhh…Oh God…Oh yes…Ohhh…Ohhh…Do It…Do It…” She cried out as an intense wave swept through her body and suddenly she was floating, drifting away into space.

Carlos had to hold her up after her climax and decided to take her to bed to finish. Emily came back to consciousness to find herself on her back with her legs hooked over her lover’s black arms. In this position she was spread obscenely open and she could watch his large cock sliding into her drenched opening.

The first thing she noticed was that it was coal black. When Carlos pulled back it seemed to go on forever without reaching the end. His cock was at least as long and thick as what Janice had described and there were prominent veins running along the top that John’s didn’t have. There was a sound in the room that she realized was her voice responding to each thrust.

“You like this black thing?” Carlos asked. He was raised on his arms and looking directly down at Emily with sweat dripping from his body.

Emily didn’t know what to say so she just nodded quickly which brought a smile to the black man.

“You fucked a brotha before?” He asked. Emily shook her head no but it wasn’t enough for him. “Damn, woman speak up.”

“No.” She forced out between grunts.

“Good. Going to give dis pussy its first black nut.” He replied with a huge grin.

They fucked in silence for several minutes and Emily could feel a fluttering sensation that started in her tummy and began to spread that let her know she was on the path towards another climax. Her sounds became more pronounced and her hands which had been on his biceps moved to his shoulders.

“You ready to go again, girl?” The black man asked.

“Yeah.” She gasped.

Emily’s clit felt tight, like a guitar string, and each thrust from Carlos was plucking it. Just a bit more…a bit more she thought trying to will her release but, just like before, when it arrived it came in a flood that took control.

“Ohhh…Again…Again…It’s Happening Again..OH GOD YES!” She screamed as her body began to spasm beneath her powerful lover.

The last thing she remembered was the cries coming from Carlos and the throbbing feeling in his cock as he filled her with his semen.

“What the hell is going on?” Janice asked Carlos as she stood in the doorway of the bedroom and looked down at Emily who was asleep with a thin sheet covering her only from the knees down.

Sam was there too looking at the beautiful white girl with her glistening mound swollen from the workout it had received. Janice pushed the two men outside and closed the door.

“Did you rape her?” She said looking at Carlos with an angry expression.

“No…no, ma’am. She wanted it…bad.” He replied.

“How many time you fuck her?” Sam asked.

“Twice.” Carlos replied before Janice could stop him.

Janice had Carlos tell her everything that had happened. He started with Emily at the door soaking wet and ended with Janice waking him as he slept next to the white girl. In between, he left nothing out which put a smile on Sam’s face.

“What ya going to do?” Sam asked the supervisor.

“Nothing. Let her sleep. She’s finally been put to bed.” She said.

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