Home for the Holidays


My wife Nancy and I are from the same small town in rural Texas. We grew up together but didn’t interact much as she was part of the popular crowd and I was more of a social loner. We went to the same university and during our senior year we ended up in a class together. Because of that, we started spending time together and suddenly we were dating.

Unlike Nancy who was an honor role student throughout high school, I was a real slacker. Besides sports the rest of my time was spent hanging out with several close friends and drinking beer. I barely made it into college but once there something seemed to click and I buckled down hard. The result was becoming an honors grad in engineering and a healthy slate of offers for employment.

Nancy and I graduated together then were married over the summer. At the same time, we moved to a large city where I started work for an international oil & gas company while Nancy took a job working for a non-profit organization. Coming from the country, we were a bit wowed by city life but being dual incomes with no kids left us in pretty good financial shape and we were able to make friends enjoy the social scene. Nancy’s job required lots of participation in receptions and fund raising activities. As a result, she quickly honed her fashion skills and social graces. Not to say they weren’t already good since she had been in one of the leading sororities in college but the job polished them off nicely. She was also able to coach me and I became more confident and outgoing as well.

I was fortunate that my hard work did not go unnoticed and after two years I was given a very rare opportunity for an expat assignment in the Middle East. It was not a great location but it was one of those opportunities you don’t turn down. So, at 24 years old Nancy and I left Texas for the first time and set up house on foreign soil. It was a bit daunting at first but the company treated us exceptionally well. We had a villa with a maid and a car and driver too. Nancy couldn’t work due to visa restrictions but she soon connected with other expat women, both American and other nationalities, and stayed busy. The thing she liked best to do was to plan trips within the region and Europe. We would usually go during long weekends or when traveling back and forth to Texas on annual leave. During the last four months Nancy returned to Texas to give birth to Kyle, our son.

After two years in the assignment, we were transferred to Asia. It was further from home but in a much more foreign friendly location. Nancy joined me after I had the house set-up with our newborn. I worked hard and we lived the good life. Before long, she was pregnant again and gave birth to our daughter Hannah. She had more faith in the hospitals this time so she stayed with me to deliver.

We stayed almost three years in the assignment before I was transferred to a very nice management job back in Texas. We were sad in many ways to leave but both felt it was the right time too.

Now with some savings built up and a much higher salary we were able to buy a nice house in a great neighborhood. Kyle was now three and Hannah almost two. Nancy didn’t want to return to work until Hannah was five so she settled in as a housewife. Of course, now she didn’t have the maid or driver so all of the work fell on her. Still, she accepted it with a positive attitude and found a woman who would come in mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays allowing her to get out a bit for personal time.

One of her joys is working out and staying in shape. She was religious, almost driven, after she had our daughter and was down to within five pounds of her high school weight within three months. I thought she looked fantastic but she was relentless in her determination to get back to what she called “normal”. It took another two months but she finally got there. Since then, she would fluctuate up a couple pounds then work back down but was always very close to “normal”.

As Christmas approached, we started getting a lot of pressure from our families to spend time with them in our hometown. We weren’t adverse to visiting nut wondered if there was enough to do to keep from getting bored. With our travels and experiences the hometown life seemed a distant memory. However, when Nancy let slip that I had over a month of built up vacation the pressure got any stronger. Finally, we negotiated a deal where we would arrive on December 15th, which was my birthday, and stay until the 2nd of the following year. Word spread fast among Nancy’s friends as she soon was receiving calls and emails about getting together.

Like I said previously, Nancy was part of the “in crowd” in high school. She was a cheerleader and was voted most attractive. She is 5’7″ tall and weighs 125 pounds with long legs and very sensitive B-cup breasts with tiny nipples. Her hair is black and she has dark brown eyes that light up when she smiles. Topping it off is full luscious lips and cute dimples in her cheeks. While I love her breasts and the way she squirms when they are played with, I think her best feature is her long legs and tight butt.

As far my looks go, I’m 5’11” with an average build. A bit balding on top too. I know I married above my station and always figured that Nancy had selected me as much for my career prospects as my looks.

The departure day came quickly and we were headed west in our SUV loaded with baby stuff and Christmas presents. Halfway there, with the kids sleeping, I let Nancy drive while I poured myself a whiskey on ice.

“Is that necessary?” Nancy asked with a look of disapproval.

“Can’t help it. I’m my father’s son.” I replied.

“Don’t get hammered before we get there.” She commanded. “It’s your birthday after all.”

“I won’t. Besides I want to find your cheerleader outfit.” I told her. I had been teasing her that I always wanted to make love to her while she was in her uniform and was determined to find it.

“If you’re lucky.” She said with a smile.

Sex with Nancy has always been incredible although kids have a way of making things difficult. I wasn’t deeply experienced when we started dating having been with only three other women but I knew she was a rare find. The most important part was that she truly enjoyed sex herself. Also, she had an active and playful mind and didn’t mind when I tried things like blindfolding her or tying her up.

I had queried Nancy often about her past experience and she said I was her second. Her first was a relationship in her sophomore and junior years in college. She wouldn’t go into too many specifics but piecing things together it seemed like they had spent most of the two years in bed. As far as high school. She said that some boys had gotten into her bra and a maybe someone had put his hands in her panties but nothing further. She wouldn’t give specifics on names however so I was left to guess based on my memories of that time.

We hit her parents place at 4:30 PM just as the light was fading. We were staying there because they had a larger place with a small guest room over a detached garage that would provide some privacy and keep her parents from being awakened by crying children. Of course there were hugs and kisses all around but the attention was quickly focused on the kids and I was more or less pushed to the background.

“Your folks are coming at 6:00 PM.” Her mom announced.

At 5:00 PM her best friend Susie arrived. After cooing over the kids, Susie and Nancy retreated to a corner and started a lively discussion. Susie was a very cute blonde. She was a bit shorter and slightly heavier than Nancy with larger breasts. In my high school days I had masturbated many times thinking about her and was for some reason pleased that she had held up well. Susie was recently divorced with one child, a seven year old boy. Nancy and Susie had stayed in contact over the years using email and Skype when we were out of the country to stay connected.

Susie left just as my parents and Nancy’s sister and husband arrived. Her sister was three years older and had three kids ranging from eleven to six. She had stayed in town and married her high school sweetheart who farmed. Again, there was the round of hugs and kisses then we sat down to a nice dinner. While my parents were drinkers, Nancy’s parents were good Baptists so we had nothing with dinner. I found myself thinking it was fortunate that Nancy had not followed this strict rule.

With five kids the dinner was mostly a free-for-all. Still it was enjoyable getting caught up. We finished and had my birthday cake and then Nancy’s sister left followed soon by my parents.

“We’re supposed to go to Susie’s at 10:00 PM.” My wife said to me as she finished helping her mother clean.

“Why? What about the kids.” I asked.

“To visit and mom is watching the kids.” She explained.

“Oh, I see.” I replied not wanting to go but not wanting to be a downer either.

Nancy spent 30 minutes primping and then we were on our way. The good thing about small towns is even though it can be long distances between places no traffic lights and little traffic makes it seem very short.

When we pulled up there were at least a dozen cars parked around Susie’s house.

“I thought it was just Susie?” I said.

“Just a few others.” She replied getting out of the car and practically running to the door.

As we stepped inside to something of a roar, I could see that it was more than just a few. There was a full party going on. Nancy was getting hugs from everyone, male and female. I have a thing about being too close to people so I stayed on the fringe selectively shaking hands and giving nods and waves to others.

Of course I knew almost everyone there after all I had lived there for 18 years. Still, in many ways they seemed distant to me. None of them were people I would consider myself close to. I had a beer shoved in my hand, which seemed like a very good idea, and I started a discussion with two old football teammates. Neither had left town and were working in agriculture like most. We were running out of things to talk about until we hit on the local football team. I can’t say I was really that interested but it did keep things moving. Along the way, another beer found its way in my hand and I worked on it.

Looking over at Nancy she had a group of six girls around her talking their heads off. Susie and Kathleen had held up pretty well but the rest were showing some miles. I wondered if it was due to kids or just laziness.

In the rest of the room, besides the two guys trying to talk to me, were ten odd other people, all drinking, three who were paired up or trying to be. Suddenly, a thought hit my head that both puzzled and distressed me. I realized that after all I had accomplished since high school and how little this group had that the same old dynamics were playing out. I was the social misfit. I might be able to travel the globe and give senior level presentations to executives but here in my home town I was a fish out of water. At the same time, I realized that Nancy had stepped back in time or never left. She was still the social butterfly able to attract and hold people attention. My realization actually made me snicker to myself which brought odd looks from the two guys.

They say knowledge is power and my clarity also brought a feeling of acceptance and relaxation. After all, why did I care what these people thought? In a couple weeks I would be back in my world. I decided then to treat it all like a game and be an active player.

Forcing my attitude to change, I feigned a sincere interest in the lives of my conversation partners. Almost immediately, they perked up like someone for the first time was showing any interest in their situation. Our more lively conversation attracted several others to join including a petite brunette whose face I recognized but whose name I couldn’t place.

I expected people to want to know about our travels but instead found that this was not the case. What they wanted to talk about was their own lives and since I was ten years out of touch I provided a great opportunity to do so. I learned about kids, marriages, deaths, divorces, scandals and triumphs. I also realized how much work it is to be a conversationalist when you don’t have a sincere interest. Maybe I was being cynical but I wanted to get through this visit without going crazy and this approach provided an avenue. It helped too that I was being given beer every time the bottle got half empty.

Glancing towards Nancy, I saw that the crowd of girls had dispersed and she was now with Susie and Greg Carruthers. Greg was the male Nancy equivalent in high school. A sports star and lady’s man in the high school days, he had gone off to college on a football scholarship but quit after a couple years and returned to work for his father. Although a bit heavier he had more or less stayed in shape. He was also one of the guys I suspected of having spent some time fondling Nancy. While I was too far away to hear them talk, the smiles on their faces let me know they were enjoying the conversation.

“Did you and Nancy like living overseas?” The slender brunette asked.

“Yes, very much.” I replied a bit startled that she had asked and still wondering who she was.

“I wish I could do that.” She offered.

“It’s an interesting world out there; you just have to give things a try.” I said cringing at the condescending sound of my own words.

“Greg would never leave.” She replied while smiling.

“Well he is in a good situation with his dad’s business why should he give that up?” One of the men in the group replied to her defensively.

I inferred from the conversation that she must be Greg Carruther’s wife.

“Tell me about your family.” I asked her intentionally trying to make it an open ended question.

“We have three little girls.” She told me.

“Oh, that’s very nice.” I replied.

“All cute as hell.” The Greg defender added.

“Nancy hasn’t changed at all. She is still so pretty.” Greg’s wife said.

“Yes, she is. I’m very lucky.” I answered realizing it was one of the few sincere statements I had made that night.

“Oh, I think she is lucky too! She has a family and gets to see the world too. Y’all are like legends.” She said.

“Thanks I guess.” I said with a laugh which made the others laugh and her to blush slightly.

As the effects of the beer settled in, I was happy to let others pick up the conversation while I listened and nodded appropriately. The group had moved so I could now look across and see Susie, Greg and Nancy talking. Occasionally others would join and then leave after a few minutes.

Susie left Greg and Nancy alone while she stepped into the kitchen to pour some wine and I saw her wink at Nancy. The wink could have been for a million reasons but in my mind it gave proof positive that Nancy and Greg had a past. I wondered how far it had gone? Kissing maybe? Did he fondle her breasts? Is he the one that had touched her between her legs? Was there even more she hadn’t admitted?

The conversation in the group drifted into a distant background noise as I started and contemplated the various scenarios. My skin felt flushed not from jealousy but rather from a strange curiosity. A need to know but not knowing how I would ever truly know for certain. When Nancy used her hand to flick her hair off her shoulder in an obvious sign of flirtation I felt my cock stirring in my jeans.

I had a sudden need to get some fresh air so I went out into the back yard where there was a small group smoking in the 50 degree air. I joined them in their discussion while positioning myself to keep an eye on Nancy. Susie had left them alone and for the next fifteen minutes, they kept up a conversation with lots of smiling. Several times Greg leaned down to say something to her in way that seemed intended not to be heard by others. This only fueled my suspicions. Finally, a several others joined up which stopped their apparent intimate discussion.

It wasn’t long after that the crowd began thinning and when I stepped back inside and made eye contact with Nancy she nodded letting me know she was ready to leave. We said our goodbyes agreeing to get together over the next couple weeks then headed out in the car.

“I’m horny.” Nancy said reaching over and rubbing my leg. It wasn’t unheard of for her to do this but still it was rare.

“If you want some tonight sweetie you’ll have to find your cheerleader outfit.” I replied suspecting what had made her horny but not wanting to force the issue.

“I’ll find it.” She replied with a half-drunken grin.

“Did you have fun?” I asked fishing.

“Yes, did you?” She replied.

“It was nice catching up with some of the people.” I said giving a politically correct answer.

Soon, we were at her parent’s house and checking on the kids who were staying in the main house.

“Go get in bed and I’ll be there soon.” Nancy commanded with a wicked grin.

I went to the guest house and got undressed but stayed at the window wanting to see her strut across the yard in the cold air wearing her outfit. It seemed to take forever and just when I was about to get in bed I saw the backdoor open and Nancy step outside. She looked awesome and exactly as I remembered her in the uniform, even wearing the shoes. As she started towards the stairs I saw her stop, take her phone out and then begin to type something. She stood in the cold air exchanging messages for several minutes before she put her phone away. Of course, in my state I knew it was Greg probably sending dirty messages.

I was lying on the bed with the sheet across my waist when she opened the door.

“Beautiful.” Was all I said.

Nancy started to get in bed when I stopped her.

“Do some cheers for me first.” I demanded.

“No baby, I need it.” She whined.

“Cheers first.” I replied holding fast.

With a smile and roll of her eyes she stepped back and in good form started yelling out a cheer. It was actually impressive and I let her finish the whole thing. Again, she tried to get in bed.

“Another.” I said.

This time without arguing she started her cheer but this time I got out of bed causing her to stop.

“Keep going sweetie.” I told her.

When she started again I got behind her and started licking her calf which again made her stop.

“Be still.” I said.

She followed my command and stayed still her legs spread about two feet as I licked up each calf, then up her thighs before pulling her skirt up to kiss her ass through the bottoms.

“Oh baby.” She moaned.

Then, I stood nude behind her and put my head in the crook of her neck while my hands fondled her legs, tummy and breasts through the outfit.

“How many boys jacked off thinking about fucking you while you were wearing this?” I asked intentionally being provocative.

“Probably none.” She answered as she panted.

“All of them.’ I corrected her.

“You too?” she asked.

“Especially me.” I replied honestly.

I kept my left hand on her breasts but snaked my right under the skirt and into her bottoms. I thought to myself how many boys and men had seen these bottoms when she did her jumps and knew that thin fabric hid a beautiful treasure. Rubbing around but not touching her slit she was quickly writhing against me trying to push against my dick.

“How many boys had their hands in here?” I asked truly wanting to know.

“None.” She answered between breaths.

“Don’t lie.” I scolded.

“Fuck me please.” She whined using a word that she almost never used.

Her use of the f word made my dick grow an extra inch but I held myself back trying to use her vulnerability to get information.

“Not until you tell me.” I demanded.

“Baby don’t. You’re being mean.” She exclaimed.

“Tell me.” I repeated my hand getting closer then backing away.

“Greg.” She finally said after a long silence.

I slid my hand between her legs to find her shaved pussy to be completely soaked. Two of my fingers were quickly inside her sawing hard. She used her hands to push the bottoms down to her knees then bent forward to take them off. When she tried to fall on the bed I grabbed her hips and held her up.

“Put your hands on the bed.” I commanded.

Doggy style is one of Nancy’s favorite positions so she quickly fell forward on her hands. I used my hand to guide my dick up and down her slit several times before plunging it inside. I don’t remember her ever being so wet and her pussy was hot too.

I stroked inside her quickly, causing her to grunt each time I hit bottom until I slowed to a sustainable pace. Her pussy was making slurping noises which further intensified my desire.

“Did he fuck you?” I blurted out.

“No, no.” she quickly answered.

“He fingered you?” I forced out of my mouth between strokes.

“Yes.” She answered quickly.

“What else?” I asked.

“Nothing.” She replied but taking too long. Nancy is a horrible liar and I can usually tell when she is.

“What else?’ I demanded gritting my teeth to hold back my climax.

“He licked me.” Her voice coming out like a whimper.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and my dick erupted pulling the energy from my body as I filled her pussy.

“OH FUCK, OH HELL.” I grunted as I lost control of my movements and fell against her back causing her to fall forward on the bed.

We lay there in silence as we caught our breaths my dick still inside. The position was too awkward to stay long so when I had regained some strength I pulled away then helped her get up on the bed still in her uniform.

“Can I take it off?” She asked with an air of guilt.

“No, not yet.” I said but removed her shoes and socks.

I assumed she thought I would be mad because she had a past that until now had been kept secret. But, on the contrary, strangely I found it non-threatening and arousing.

When she was on her back, I pulled the skirt up, spread her legs and re-entered her very wet pussy with my half-hard dick.

“Ummm…” She moaned as I pushed in.

First, I was still then I began a very slow rocking motion as my dick recovered and got hard. I leaned down to kiss her lips, then her neck and then pulled the top down as far as I could kissing the tops of her breasts.

“You’re so damn beautiful.” I said.

“You say that because you’re in love with me.” She replied.

“Yes, I am.” I followed.

That sequence of phrases is something we have said to each other since we became intimate and it never gets old. Saying it, I could feel her body relax. We continued to rock together enjoying the intimacy.

“Did he make you cum?” I asked after a long period of silence.

“Yes.” She answered with a whisper.

“Once or more?” I asked naively and after the question was met with silence I followed. “How many times then?”

“More than once.” She answered finally.

“More than ten times?” I asked as my cock got harder.

“Maybe ten.” She replied.

“With his fingers or tongue?” I asked now feeling her hips pushing against me.

“Both.” She replied quickly this time.

“He never came?” I asked logic telling me otherwise.

“Yes he did. Oh baby harder.” She answered I think getting turned on by the conversation like I was.

“How did he cum?” I grunted pushing hard into her.

“I jacked him off.” She said almost yelling.

“Where, where did his cum go?” I gasped.

“On my body.” She said her hand pulling on my ass.

“Where?” I demanded.

“Everywhere.” She shot back. “Yes, baby. Oh don’t stop. It feels so good. He got the outside you get the inside.” She grunted now very excited.

“He’s the only boy to do that?” I followed my curiosity wanting to know the complete story.

“Yes, the only boy.” Her answer took a little too long and the way she said the word “boy” made me suspicious. Fortunately, my previous climax allowed me to keep some control but I wasn’t sure how long she would last.

“Who else?” I said sternly into her ear while pushing down hard.

“No one.” She answered softly without conviction.

“Did he fuck you?” I asked bluntly trying a different tact. When she didn’t answer quickly I asked again. “Did the other boy fuck you?”

“No.” She replied in a voice barely audible.

Since she had admitted to Greg, I sensed this must be something more personal. Something she was more reluctant or embarrassed to share.

“Did you suck him?” I asked nibbling on her ear. “I’m not mad just tell me.”

“Yes.” She whined out her body slapping against mine. “I’m going to cum sweetie.”

“Not yet. Did he finger and lick you.” I had to know.

“Yes, yes.” She replied very close now.

“Did you let him cum in your mouth?” I asked needing every detail.

“Please shut up and fuck me.” She exclaimed.

“Tell me.” I practically yelled at her.

“No he came on my pussy.” She forced out.

“Why?” I asked.

“He made me.” She immediately answered.

“Why?” I asked again.

“He wanted to…” she started to answer but stopped.

“Wanted to what?” I asked and realized I had her arms spread out sideways in a strong grip.

“Rub it.” She cried.

“Rub it over you?” I asked.

“Over and in.” She replied her eyes locking on mine with her admission.

“He pushed his cum inside you?” I asked now shocked.

“Yes, now that’s everything. Fuck your wife.” She demanded.

While I was very surprised I was also very horny now. Her admission of her hometown experiences were exciting me for some odd reason. Being together for as long as we have I knew when she passes the point of high arousal to the countdown to orgasm. She was right on the edge now and her legs began to lift into the air. My balls were starting to boil too but I wanted to make sure she got through hers first.

Her legs lifted higher and her body and breath got still. She was only seconds away now.

“WHO WAS IT?” I said loudly suddenly wanting to know before she came.

“Baby…baby…” She cried out her nails digging into my back her orgasm not backing away.

“WHO?” I demanded again.

“COACH JOHNSON.” She forced out in a yell and seconds later the orgasm hit her.

“OH YES, Take it! Take it! Oh don’t stop, do it harder, ughhh…ohh. It feels so good.” She announced and I could feel her pussy spasm on my cock as her body involuntarily slammed against mine.

Despite my shock, I kept going afraid that any judgment on my part would permanently stop any communications between us. I remembered Coach Johnson as the student coach in his early 20s who had come to our school in the spring of our senior year.

“I’m still cumming. Keep fucking me.” Nancy announced now whimpering into my neck as I felt her juices flow over my tight balls.

I lasted as long as I could before finally, with a loud grunt, I emptied myself into Nancy visualizing Coach Johnson using his fingers to push his cum into the pretty cheerleader lying naked beneath him.

Nancy and I awoke the next morning to the sound of little feet scampering up the stairs followed by rapid knocks on the door.

“Are you guys up?” Nancy’s mother called from behind the locked door.

“Just a second mom.” Nancy replied.

We quickly put on some clothes and threw the cheerleader outfit into the closet before opening the door and letting the kids bolt inside. They wore big smiles which was great to see. Nancy’s mother followed them in closing the door behind her.

“Did you guys sleep well?” Nancy asked.

“Yes mom and we got to watch movies too.” Kyle announced quickly.

“Your father went out and bought every Disney movie.” Nancy’s mom said to her.

“How fun.” She said picking Hannah up. “How about breakfast? Have y’all eaten?”

“Grandpa said he would make pancakes if you will come down.” Kyle told her.

“Oh yummy! Why don’t you guys go back down with grandma while daddy and I get dressed?” Nancy suggested.

After only a minor fuss, the kids with grandma close behind turned and tromped back down the stairs and into the main house. Nancy and I cleaned up and put on fresh clothes then went down for breakfast. Despite the erotic thoughts still running through my mind from Nancy’s recent admissions, I stayed away from the subject. Soon, we were digging into large stacks of pancakes smothered with syrup and downing strong black coffee which helped with the hangover I was feeling.

“Grandpa said we can ride horses today.” Kyle stated.

“Kyle, I said we could if it was okay with your mom and dad.” Nancy’s father corrected.

“Oh, that sounds fun. Let’s do it!” Nancy replied bringing squeals of delight from the kids.

Nancy is an experienced rider and wanted the kids to learn too. When talking about things to do on the visit, this was one that was at the top of the list. We gave the kids a chance to let their breakfast settle while her dad got the horses in and then spent about an hour riding through some nearby pastures. Kyle had his own horse but Hannah was too small so she rode with me. After the ride, the kids wanted to watch a movie. Since I was still feeling tired from the hangover, I decided to stay with them while Nancy did some last minute shopping with Susie.

Nancy didn’t get back until mid-afternoon after the kids and I had watched two movies, had lunch and taken a nap. Her and Susie had done some shopping, taken lunch and then sat around getting more caught up.

“Susie told me that there is a dance at the hall tomorrow. She thinks it will be good with lots of people home for the holidays. You want to go?” Nancy asked with a look that said clearly that she wanted to go.

“Sure, why not. I’m surprised that place is still open.” I replied wondering if Greg would be there. I was still buzzing from the things she had told me during our love making the previous night but was unsure what, if anything, to do about it.

We spent the rest of the day and most of Saturday entertaining the kids and visiting with family. The kids were having a ball which wasn’t surprising given the attention from their grandparents and the never ending treats they were given. Nancy’s parent’s house has a TV den that the kids had turned into their home base. When we weren’t doing something else, they would play with their toys there or watch a movie. There was also a bedroom next door so it was less difficult than I expected to get them to stay somewhere else than with mom. That night, we had an early dinner at my parent’s house then came back and settled the kids down with a movie before going to get ready. When we came back down at 8:30PM the kids were already asleep on the den couch so we waved goodbye to her parents and slipped quietly out the door.

Nancy looked good in a jean skirt and sweater top and the smile on her face signaled that she was looking forward to the evening. The dancehall sold wine and beer and mixers if you wanted to bring in your own bottle of liquor. Nancy isn’t a beer drinker and the wine was always pretty low quality so we stopped and bought a bottle of vodka. Arriving at the hall, we could see that the parking lot was about two-thirds filled.

“Susie is saving some seats at her table for us.” She explained.

As we walked up to the entrance, we could hear the beat of the country band playing inside. Both of us had been to this place many times growing up but never as a married couple so from that standpoint it was a first. In our small town, it had served as the primary social gathering spot during our high school years and it seems it was still fulfilling that function.

We paid the cover then walked inside and searched the room looking for Susie. The hall had a bandstand centered on the back wall with a dance floor in front. Surrounding the floor were rows of folding chairs and tables three deep. The place was set up for functionality and not style but we knew what to expect. In reality, it didn’t seem that it had changed at all in the eight odd years since we had visited.

We spotted Susie waving to us from a table near the back and headed that way. The table she was at seated eight and currently she had three others with her — two guys and girl. One of the guys and the girl I recognized but the other guy was a stranger. Nancy and Susie hugged and then we were introduced to Les who was her date for the evening. I introduced myself to the other couple and learned they were Jeff and Laura. As soon as I heard the names I was able to connect the dots and realized who they were from our high school days. After the introductions, I headed towards the bar to get a beer for me and some ice and tonic water for Nancy.

Over the next hour the place completely filled up. Nancy loves to dance and is good at it so, even though I’m average to poor and don’t really enjoy it, I did my duty and danced with her twice. Nancy was downing the gin and tonics quickly and I had to warn her to slow down which brought an admonishment from Susie to quit being so stiff. Susie mostly dominated the time with Nancy between dances gossiping about a thousand subjects which left plenty of time to chat with Susie’s date and the other couple who all turned out to be quite friendly. At about 10:30 PM I looked up to see Greg and his wife approaching the table.

“The party can start now.” He bellowed which drew laughter from everyone but me.

My feelings toward him were conflicted. He wasn’t really a bad guy. He was more boisterous than I liked but was in general friendly. I found his history with Nancy to be intriguing and somewhat erotic but at the same time it made me jealous too and caused me to think I shouldn’t like him.

“Who is Greg’s wife? She looks so familiar but I can’t place her.” I said to Nancy and Susie together.

“She’s Julie Nelson. She was a freshman when we were seniors.” Susie explained.

“David Nelson’s sister?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s right.” Nancy followed.

Now I remembered her and recalled that she was very cute. In truth she was still very cute but after three kids much more mature. Still, the way her face lit up when she smiled and her nice breasts caught my attention more than once.

“Come on. I like this song.” Nancy said grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the dance floor.

I took her into my arms when we got to the floor and got into the song’s rhythm. After a few bars, my hand began sneaking down from her waist to her butt.

“Easy boy. Not here.” She scolded me lightly pulling my hand back to her waist.

“Your no fun.” I laughed.

“Are you having fun?” Nancy asked leaning back from me to look me in the eye.

“Yes, I’m fine sweetie.” I told her truthfully.

“Don’t be jealous of Greg.” She said to me as she buried her head back into my chest making me wonder how she read my mind.

“I’m not sweetie. I’m just interested in knowing more about you.” I replied smirking, happy that she couldn’t see it.

Over the next hour, we drank, chatted and danced. Greg danced with all the girls but more so with Nancy than any of the others including his wife. I danced with Julie several times I think a bit defensively although she was very sweet and a joy to be with. I especially liked feeling her full breasts, larger than Nancy’s, pressed against me. I wondered to myself how Greg and she had ever connected since they seemed to be opposites but then I remembered my own situation.

During one of my trips to the bathroom, I saw one of the few people I would actually consider a friend from my high school days and immediately went over to say hello. Danny Flores was one of my best friends growing up. It was exciting to me to see him and get to catch up on his life. I met his wife and learned they had two kids just like us and that he was a high school assistant coach and teacher in the local school system. Before I knew it we had reminisced for almost forty-five minutes. He knew that I had married Nancy and it was important to me to introduce her as my wife so I excused myself to go get her. When I got back to the table, Susie informed me that Nancy was dancing with Greg so I had to wait until the song ended before she returned. As they approached, I could see they were arm-in-arm with more than a casual air in their demeanor.

“Hey I saw an old friend who wants to say hello.” I said to Nancy when she arrived at our table and separated herself from Greg.

“Who is it?” She asked with a slur in her voice that I knew was from the vodka.

“Danny Flores.” I replied hoping she would sense my enthusiasm.

“Oh I remember Danny.” She replied.

We walked back to Danny and his wife and spent twenty minutes talking to them. Despite Nancy’s obvious tipsy condition she was very gracious in her conversation with my friend and his wife. It was like she was able to reach down even in her partially inebriated condition and show style. I was very proud of her.

“Man you scored the hottest chick in school.” Danny said while Nancy and his wife chatted.

“Yes, I’ve been very lucky.” I replied.

We continued to reminisce for a while until a thought crossed my mind.

“Hey you remember Coach Johnson, the student coach our senior year?” I asked thinking he might know something.

“Yeah sure.” He replied.

“Whatever happened to him?” I asked.

“He’s not coaching. He’s works in a bank now.” Danny said then went on to explain that he was working in a smaller town about fifteen miles away.

“Really?” I said showing some curiosity.

“Yeah, sometimes he shows up here.” He replied which immediately piqued my attention.

“No way. With his wife?” I said fishing.

“Nah, he’s divorced. He comes here to try and hook-up.” Danny laughed.

“Oh, okay.” I replied worried I was acting too interested.

Shortly after, Nancy came up to me and put her arm through mine and kissed me on the cheek. We said goodbye to Danny and his wife and walked back towards our table. As we approached I could see Greg, with his wife at his side, staring at Nancy.

“I’m going to grab a beer.” I said after mixing her a thin drink.

By the time I got back, Greg had pulled my wife onto the dance floor so I walked up to Susie and Julie and joined their discussion.

“Hey we are thinking we should go to Greg and Julie’s place and party.” Susie said.

“Have you discussed with Nancy?” I asked.

“She said it was your decision. Come on don’t be a turd.” Susie pleaded before I had a chance to reply.

“If Nancy wants to go I’m fine.” I told them

“Good.” Susie replied while Julie smiled at her side.

With my wife gone with Greg again, I felt like I needed to flex my own muscles a bit so I took Julie by the hand and led her to the dance floor. Maybe we were all more relaxed from the drinking but it seemed to me that Julie was intentionally rubbing her body against mine. I could feel my dick stiffening and was worried she could feel it through my jeans.

“You know I had a crush on you in high school.” She suddenly said to me looking straight into my eyes.

“Excuse me?” I said both caught off guard and stunned by her statement.

“Yes, it’s true. I thought you were the strong silent type.” She explained.

“Well I’m usually pretty quiet.” I replied trying to laugh it off.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” She giggled.

“Your fine. Just caught me a bit off guard.” I answered.

We danced for the rest of the song in silence. Her words forced lot’s of thoughts to run through my head. Since I can count on one hand all the women who have ever come on to me I was naturally a bit skeptical with her admission. I wondered if it was part of some plot her and Greg had put together to seduce Nancy.

It was just past midnight when we left the dance hall and headed towards Greg and Julie’s house. In reality, I was in no condition to drive nor were the others, so I forced myself to stay focused during the short drive. Nancy was definitely feeling no pain and tried to get frisky in the SUV before I admonished her to calm down so I didn’t get pulled over.

Greg’s father was one of the more successful people in town. He had ranch and farm land as well as other commercial interests. Thus, I wasn’t surprised to see that Greg and Julie’s house was large and well furnished sitting on a nice piece of property.

“Make yourselves at home. What’s everybody drinking?” Greg asked as we entered a nice den with a bar on one side, a fireplace and a big screen TV on the wall tuned to a sports station with the sound off. There were two sofas set at a right angle to each other in the middle of the room and stools in front of the bar.

After giving our orders, the girls took off with Julie to look at the house. When they returned, Greg had the drinks sitting on the bar along with tequila shot for everyone.

“Need to start off right.” Greg said handing out the shots.

Nancy isn’t a big drinker and certainly not a shot drinker but she was acting like the party girl tonight and forced the liquor down, her face contorting as she swallowed. I looked around and saw the others were essentially doing the same thing. The crazy thing about shots is that no one really wants to do them but they are reluctant to deal with the peer pressure.

“Y’all ready to get in the hot tub?” Greg asked suddenly when everyone was finished.

“What hot tub?” Susie asked.

“We had one put in a November so it would be ready for the winter.” Greg explained.

“You dog.” Susie replied.

“We don’t have swimsuits.” Laura stated.

“Swimsuits aren’t allowed after dark.” Greg quickly replied.

Following his statement there was several seconds of stunned silence before anyone spoke.

“I’m game.” Susie announced then quickly followed. “Come on Nancy don’t be a downer.”

Nancy looked at me with a questioning look. I knew it was a bad idea and was worried that in the small town word would get back to our parents but for some reason all I did was shrug in response. Susie quickly jumped on it as a yes and started herding the girls out of the room.

“Come on let’s go change.” She said.

Greg and Les were practically beaming as the girls left the room while Jeff had a worried look. I was worried too and was disappointed in myself for not saying no. Now I was going to have to make a scene to back out. I was also surprised at how easy Nancy had joined in. She is well known for being conservative and reserved but something about this trip home had turned her back into a high school teenager.

The girls reappeared about fifteen minutes later after we had killed one round of drinks and had started on another. All but Laura were dressed in robes that I assumed had been provided by Julie. Laura hadn’t changed and had a troubled look on her face.

“Jeff, I just can’t do this.” She said to her husband.

“That’s okay honey. We’ll just go on home.” He said.

I expected their reluctance would end things and that everyone would back off the hot tub idea so they wouldn’t leave. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Okay, well maybe some other time.” Greg said moving to guide them towards the door in a way that seemed very rude.

However, within seconds they were gone and the six of us were left standing in the den.

“Let’s freshen the drinks before we go out.” Greg suggested and topped everyone off with heavy mixtures of alcohol.

When the drinks were in everyone’s hands there was an awkward silence and I realized that no one knew how to actually get from the den into the tub. Julie was wearing a thick, white terry cloth robe that extended below her knees. Susie’s looked like an everyday house coat and was a snug fit on her since she was larger than Julie. Nancy had ended up with the sexy robe. I didn’t know if this was an accident or deliberate but given everything I had learned and the course of the evening so far I speculated it was on purpose. Hers appeared to be made of silk and was short, only to mid-thigh. Thru the thin material, we could just see a hint of her small nipples.

“Well we’re naked. Y’all need to get naked too.” Susie finally stated.

“Well technically you aren’t naked but I like your suggestion.” Greg replied laughing.

“We are underneath.” She answered laughing too.

Greg started taking off his clothes and Les followed his lead. I was the last one to start and thought we would all end up in our underwear so I was surprised when Greg pulled his jeans down and his thick 8″ cock was revealed.

“Julie you lucky girl.” Susie said as she stared at it.

Looking at Nancy I saw that she too was staring. Unlike Greg, Les and I did end up in boxers which drew boos from Susie.

“Let’s get in that tub.” Greg said loudly.

“Let us go first and get comfortable then y’all can come out.” Julie said to Greg.

Greg started to say something and then stopped I think realizing it was probably for the benefit of Nancy and would stop any last minute loss of nerve.

“Okay girls y’all have five minutes.” He replied.

Giggling they disappeared out a set of French doors as we watched.

“You done this before?’ Les asked Greg.

“Just with Julie. This will be breaking it in with others.” He answered.

We fidgeted for a few minutes our minds on the girls.

“Time’s up let’s go. But let’s go out naked.” Greg suggested.

Les and I stripped off our boxers and I was relieved to see that he had an average dick like mine. We went out the same French doors and I could see that they opened onto a large patio that gave way to a well maintained yard with a pool which at one end had a tub partially surrounded by low shrubs. We walked out in the cold air on a stone path until we were alongside the tub. It was dark with only light from the house providing any illumination. The girls were neck deep in the churning water which hid their nudity. They looked at us with big grins as we approached naked.

“About time.” Susie said as her eyes made the rounds.

Greg immediately jumped in between his wife and Nancy and Les followed between Susie and Nancy which left me across from my wife between Julie and Susie. The water was hot, I guessed at least 100 degrees but felt good in the cold air. Realizing that Nancy so far had not exposed herself to the other men was relieving but I had to admit also made me a bit disappointed. I was also disappointed I didn’t get to see the other girls naked, especially Julie.

We sipped our drinks and tried to make idle chat about the town and its people. However, talking over the bubbling water was difficult and it wasn’t long before we broke into smaller conversations with those next to us. I split time between Susie and Julie but then Les and Susie started kissing and I turned all my attention to Julie. Likewise, Greg and Nancy were talking between themselves and although I was interested in the conversation it was impossible to make out.

“Where are your kids? I asked Julie.

“Don’t worry they’re with my parents.” She replied causing us both to laugh.

I kept glancing at Nancy and it seemed like her and Greg had eased closer together.

“You know they were an item growing up.” Julie said as a statement instead of a question.

“Yes, she told me.” I replied feeling a bit resentful. It was one thing when it was a confidence that Nancy and I shared. But hearing it from others, even a nice person like Julie, irritated me.

“It bothers you.” She stated.

I was just about to respond when in the corner of my eye I saw movement. As the shapes got closer I could see it was people walking towards us.

“Greg, there are two guys in your backyard.” I warned him.

Greg turned around and stared for a second then waved to them as they walked up to the tub.

“Hey, Carlos how’s it going.” He said in a familiar way.

“Good, man. This is my friend Javier.” Carlos replied.

Carlos and Javier were Hispanic and appeared to be in their early twenties. Javier was short and overweight with short cropped hair. Carlos was his opposite with a thin frame and looked to be about 6 ft tall with long dark hair and a moustache.

“Who are these guys?” I asked Julie but she just shrugged and shook her head indicating she didn’t know.

Susie and Les had quit their make-out session so all eyes were now on the new arrivals and all ears on their conversation with Greg. Quickly, they started speaking in lower tones so that only Greg and Nancy could hear. I wasn’t at all surprised when Carlos pulled a baggie from his jacket pocket.

“Greg and his fucking pot.” Julie said startling me with her expletive.

I had smoked some pot in my past and Nancy had as well. In fact, in college we had done it quite a bit. It usually got her quite horny but we hadn’t smoked any for years.

Greg and Carlos spoke some more then Carlos sat on a nearby bench and began rolling a joint while his buddy stared into the tub trying to get a peek at the girls.

Carlos finished quickly and lit the joint, took a quick hit then brought it to Greg.

“Thanks amigo.” He said taking it and pulling on it hard.

Exhaling and driving the smoke across the tub he turned and offered it to Nancy. I thought that she had enough alcohol and didn’t need anything else so I shook my head no when she looked at me. With a grin, she took a quick puff then passed it on. The joint made its way around with only me abstaining. Even Julie took a little which surprised me after her words. It was gone by the time it got back to Greg.

“Roll another then you guys get in.” Greg called to Carlos.

Carlos was quick to roll the second one and then he and Javier stripped without hesitation. Javier revealed a heavy belly with just a glimpse of his dick showing and had numerous tattoos on his chest and arms. Carlos slender body showed no tattoos but he did have a prominent uncircumcised dick. They slipped into the hot water with Carlos settling in between Nancy and Les and Javier between Greg and Julie. With eight, there wasn’t much spacing between people anymore.

Nancy took a harder pull on the second joint and as it came around I took a small hit too feeling some pressure to not be the odd one out. When it got back to Greg it was just a small nub. He took a short hit then let Nancy take the rest. The effects of the pot hit everyone fast and the group got quiet except for Greg who seemed more energized and began babbling about all kinds of random things. I was worried about Nancy and how she would hold up after all the alcohol.

After a while, I felt myself drifting and let my head fall back on the edge of the tub and started looking at the stars. I came back when I felt Julie’s leg bumping against my mine.

“Don’t.” I heard her say softly and I looked over to see Javier grinning at her.

I couldn’t see anything happening but surmised Javier was trying to touch her under the bubbling water and she had moved against me to try and get away. Greg was oblivious and was still babbling to Carlos across Nancy who looked totally out of it. Les had his arm around Susie who was snuggled against his chest.

“Are you okay?” I asked Julie feeling the need to show some chivalry.

“He keeps putting his hand on my leg.” She explained.

“Hey come on.” I said to Javier when I caught his eye.

He nodded to me and no one else heard so the situation seemed in control without causing a scene.

“Thanks.” Julie whispered to me her body now so close to mine that we were touching from knee to shoulder.

It was very erotic feeling her body touching mine and it made my cock rock hard. I thought about reaching over and touching her leg and my hand actually lifted several times to do so but each time I got cold feet and stopped. We did keep our conversation going and I wanted to believe from the look on her face and in her eyes she wanted me to reach out but my old shyness and fears were still there to keep me from making the move.

In between my conversations with Julie, I would check on Nancy. It appeared the pot had hit her hard. She had let her head fall back on the edge of the tub, much like I did, and had her eyes closed. I was hoping that she wasn’t going to be sick. Also, it seemed like Greg and Carlos were moving closer to Nancy as they talked across her. At first, I thought it was just my imagination but each time I looked it became more pronounced until I was certain that their legs must be touching beneath the water. I watched Nancy closely for any sign of discomfort or worry that would indicate they were taking liberties. At first, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Nancy would lean back, rest her head for a few seconds and then resume chatting with Greg and Carlos. Then, I saw her change her expression. She was looking into the water and I could see she was biting her lower lip. I think Julie must have seen it too because she started talking to me in a way that made me think she was trying to distract my attention. At the same time, Javier and Carlos started talking to each other in Spanish but my skills were too rusty to understand the conversation.

Just as I was about to get Nancy’s attention, Susie and Les announced that they were hot and ready to get out. Quickly, everyone else agreed it was time. Susie showed no compunction about climbing out and showing her body which unfortunately was disappointing. However, Julie and Nancy remained in the water waiting for everyone else to leave so they could get out discreetly.

“Oh, hell no. Y’all have to show your stuff.” Susie exclaimed when she realized their intentions.

“We can stay here warm until y’all get cold.” Nancy laughed at her.

“Guy’s pull them out. This is silly.” Susie commanded now wearing her robe.

The rest of us had grabbed towels that had been left out. Obviously Greg had planned for this event. As soon as Susie spoke, Carlos and Greg grabbed Nancy by her arms and lifted her naked from the water.

“Ayyeee…oh, no. It’s COLD.” My wife exclaimed unsuccessfully trying to cover her body with her arms and get to the robe.

The four other men present all stopped and watched with smiles as she showed her beautiful body.

“I knew she shaved.” Javier laughed.

Javier and Carlos started towards Julie but before they could get to her she waved them off.

“Nevermind, it’s not that big a deal.” She said as she stepped out on her own.

Now it was my turn to stare. Her hips and butt were a bit larger than Nancy’s but looked very feminine and sexy. She also had larger breasts that were still quite firm. Like Nancy she was shaved smooth. I imagined how wonderful that body must feel when it was wrapped around Greg during sex.

As soon as Julie had her robe on we all moved quickly out of the cold air and into the den. Greg hit a switch and the gas fireplace came to life.

“You guys should stay here tonight. Don’t try to drive home. There’s plenty of room.” Greg suggested.

“Well if that’s the case we’re going to bed.” Susie announced as she grabbed Les and headed down the hall.

“I’ll show you the room.” Julie said and followed them.

Greg flopped down on one end of a coach and pulled a blanket around his shoulders that had been lying across the back. Julie returned quickly and sat down next to him still in her heavy robe. The rest of us were still standing, the men with towels around their waist and Nancy in her silk robe. Her robe was a little wet now and her nipples were clearly visible through the fine material. The men didn’t pretend not to stare and at this point it seemed foolish to fight it since they had already seen her naked.

“Let’s have a joint as a nightcap.” Greg suggested.

“Oh Greg don’t you think we’ve had enough? It’s almost 1:30 PM.” Julie replied.

“Just a quick one. Will help us sleep.” He answered her as Carlos handed him a joint.

“We like the idea about not driving but Julie can you show us the room to use so I can change?’ I said looking at Nancy for concurrence. She nodded her head in agreement.

“Hurry back.” Greg yelled after us as we followed Julie down the hall.

She showed us to a nice room with a queen sized bed then left. I put on my jeans and shirt while Nancy used the bathroom.

“Are you changing?” I asked.

“My clothes are at the other end of the house. I’ll find them later.” She replied.

“We’ll just visit for a few minutes, okay?” I confirmed.

“Okay.” She replied with an expression that let me know she was ready for play.

When we returned to the den Greg, Julie and Javier were on one couch so we sat on the other with Carlos. They were still wearing only the towels. Greg lit the joint and passed it along. Not having to drive I took a long hit and I watched Nancy do the same. Greg had turned the big screen to a movie channel that was showing an old movie from the 50’s. We looked at it but didn’t really watch as the effects of the pot hit. Slowly the conversation faded until it stopped all together.

I woke sometime later initially confused at where I was and it took several seconds to figure it out. The fireplace and TV were still on but I was the only person left in the den. I wondered how long I had been asleep but noticed that the same movie was still on so maybe it wasn’t too long. Getting up, I went down the hall to the room Julie had shown us and found Nancy asleep in her robe on the top of the bed.

“Nancy wake up and get under the covers.” I said to her shaking her gently.

Without speaking she rolled far enough off the bed that I could throw the covers off then pulled her back in place.

“Where are your clothes?” I asked wanting to get everything set for an early departure in the morning.

“Down the hall in a bathroom.” She mumbled.

I walked out the door and down towards the other end of the house hoping to find her clothes quickly and see if she had enough strength left for some love making. I found an open door and looking in was able to tell it was a bathroom without turning on the lights. Just as I was about to close the door and turn the lights on, I heard a sensual moan. Freezing, I tried to figure out where it had come from then when I heard it again I could tell it was emanating from further down the hall.

I knew it was none of my business and I should just collect Nancy’s clothes and leave but I pictured Julie on her back with her legs open and that sparked my curiosity. Taking small, quiet steps I inched down the hall hearing the sexual sounds growing louder. At the end of the hall was a door that was open about a foot. The room had enough light coming through the windows that I could just make out a couple, in bed, having sex. The woman’s legs were pulled back towards her chest and her arms were around the head of her lover whose face was between her legs.

“Damn lucky Greg.” I thought to myself.

But something was not right and it took me several more seconds to realize it wasn’t Greg going down on her. I thought I might be watching Les and Susie until out of the corner of my eye I caught movement and saw Greg sitting on a love seat watching and stroking his large cock. Startled, I pulled myself further into the shadows of the hall.

“Oh, yes…” I heard the woman say in a voice that was clearly Julie’s.

When I saw Julie pull long strands of hair from the man’s head I realized it was Carlos’ face buried in her pussy. They didn’t seem to be in a hurry and I watched as he licked her slowly for several minutes with my cock getting hard thinking about how wonderful she must taste. Finally, feeling guilty, I retreated back to Nancy forgetting about the clothes.

“Are you awake?” I whispered to Nancy.

“Umm hmmm.” She replied sleepily.

You won’t believe what I saw.” I said.

“What?” she mumbled.

“Carlos is having sex with Julie while Greg watches.” I blurted out.

“Your joking.” She replied turning to look at me and waking up fast.

“I’m serious. He’s licking her.” I stated.

“I want to see.” She said starting to get up.

“No, it’s too dangerous. We might get caught.” I replied trying to stop her.

“Come on, show me.” She demanded now awake but still a bit unsteady. I was surprised by her eagerness. I had expected her to challenge me on why I had watched rather than wanting to see herself. Her interest was out of character but I didn’t want to discourage it.

“Okay but you have to be very quiet.” I warned her.

We made our way down the hall with me giving her the quiet sign every few steps. The look on her face made it clear she was still under the influence of the alcohol and pot. I know I was. In our condition, it would be easy to stumble or giggle and give ourselves away. As we neared the room we began to pick up the sound of Julie’s moans.

“Be careful don’t let Greg see us.” I whispered softly into her ear.

Inching the last few steps, the room finally came into view but the situation had changed. Julie was now on her hands and knees sucking on Carlos’ dick while Greg took her from behind with his large cock. Julie was moaning in time with the hard fucking Greg was giving her.

“Oh my God.” Nancy said too loudly making me put my finger to my lip warning her again.

As we watched, Nancy became more and more mesmerized. I tried to get her attention but she was staring at the action with her mouth open.

“Oh, fuck me good baby.” Julie suddenly said lifting her mouth from Carlos’ dick and turning to look at her husband.

“Yeah, hurry and finish dude. I want some pussy too.” Carlos demanded.

“When I’m finished she’s all yours.” Greg grunted.

Julie turned back to Carlos’ dick and in less than a minute, Greg was grabbing his wife by her hips and pushing deep inside her until he exploded in a loud wail then stepped back his cock leaving her well fucked hole. True to his word, he stumbled back to the love seat and flopped on it pulling a blanket over his lower body. Carlos stopped Julie’s oral attention, flipped her over and entered her quickly.

“Oh man that’s good wet pussy. I’m going to fuck you all night.” Carlos stated as he started moving faster. Julie said something in response but it was too faint to make out.

Nancy was still staring and now was breathing hard. I took a step behind her than reached around and opened her robe. Her small nipples were erect and I pulled and rolled them as I mauled her breasts. Then, I dropped my right hand down to find her pussy as wet as I have ever experienced. On top of that, her clit was diamond hard, ready to cut something, a condition she only gets when she is the most aroused. I started with one finger than added a second until she couldn’t keep still.

“Let’s go to bed.” I whispered to her ready to start our own fun.

“Not yet.” She quickly replied still staring.

I kept playing with her as we watched the couple mating and in the process her robe fell to her feet.

“Do you want to see her cum?” I asked wondering what she wanted to see.

“Hold on.” She answered acting annoyed that I was interrupting her concentration.

We didn’t have to wait long. First Julie reached her peak giving out cries and moans that warned of its approach. Carlos followed almost immediately after grunting loudly and yelling words in Spanish I didn’t understand.

Finally, I was able to guide Nancy back to our room and pushed her naked onto the bed while we both tore at my clothes.

“Hurry, put it in.” She demanded when the last piece of clothing was off.

I accepted her demand and slid in easily, hitting bottom with no resistance.

“Oh, yes. Now, do it.” She cried.

I had never seen her as excited and it didn’t take long before she climaxed.

“OHHH…, OHHH… YES!, OH, HONEY DO IT!” She practically screamed, her fingernails digging into my ass as she tried to pull me in deeper.

I could feel the muscles in her vagina spasm and it felt like I was being milked. I continued to ride her through it until her body completely relaxed beneath me.

“I love you.” I whispered in her ear as I continued to rock inside her.

“Ummm…” Was her reply as she tried to stretch.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Oh, yes.” She replied wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

“That was something else.” I said.

“I know. I’ve never seen people doing it.” She replied. I had been referring to our lovemaking but her words left no doubt what she was thinking.

“Yes it was hot.” I answered wanting to see if she would talk about it.

“Very, but shocking.” Came her swift but simple reply.

“What made you hot?” I asked nuzzling my head against hers and nibbling on her ear.

“I don’t know…it was just so raw, so naughty.” She answered after a hesitation.

“Yes, it was that.” I acknowledged.

“Were you thinking about it being you with Julie?” She pointedly asked.

It was now my turn to hesitate to answer. “No, that wasn’t what I was thinking.”

“What then?” She wanted to know her need for specifics surprising me.

“Just stuff.” I said trying to deflect the question.

“Tell me.” She demanded stroking her fingernails on my back while I continued the gentle rocking. She restated her demand after again I was slow to respond. “Tell me.”

“I was thinking it was you on the bed instead of Julie.” I blurted wondering what her reaction would be.

“Really?” She answered with what I felt was some excitement in her voice and I definitely felt her body momentarily stiffen. Her eyes which had been closed suddenly opened and were looking at me.

“Yeah.” I replied now struggling for words.

“Both of them?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Came another one syllable reply.

“I couldn’t do that.” She said after a pause but it was clear she was thinking about it.

“Why not?” I prodded intrigued that she hadn’t had a negative reaction so far and wanting to see where the conversation might go.

“I’m married in case you forgot and a mother. Plus it’s a small town. People might find out.” She explained.

“Julie is a wife and a mother and lives here full time.” I countered.

“Are you being serious? You want me to have sex with them?” She replied using her hands to push me up so we were looking in each other’s eyes.

“I think the idea gets you hot.” I said avoiding her question.

“An idea is not actually doing it.” She replied and in doing so admitting it was in her head. I wondered how much of her view was being driven by the effects of the drink and smoke.

“Did you enjoy being naked in the tub in front of everyone?” I asked.

“Well it was fun being a bit naughty.” She replied giving another admission.

“Did you enjoy being touched in the tub?” I quickly followed. This was a complete fishing question on my part. Other than the closeness of Greg and Carlo to her in the tub I had not seen anything that led me to believe anything had occurred. Still, there was a strange feeling in my gut.

“Tell me.” I demanded like she had when there was no reply.

“How did you know?” Nancy finally said.

“It was the look in your eyes.” I lied.

“I’m sorry.” She answered with a worried voice.

“Tell me about it. I’m not mad.” I answered not wanting her to be reluctant to share.

“We were just so close. Then I felt a hand on my leg.” She started.

“Greg’s” I asked.

“Yes.” She replied in a soft voice.

“And?” I asked leading her to continue.

“He ran his hand up and down my leg.” She answered but I could tell there was more she was holding back.

“Did he touch you? Be honest.” I demanded now pushing a bit faster into her.

“Just my leg. He tried for more but I stopped him.” She replied.

“I’m not mad. Kiss me.” I said then pulled her face to mine. I wanted to hear all the details and wanted to make her feel comfortable in telling me.

“Did Carlos know?” I wondered out loud. I felt her body shudder and she got quiet indicating there was more to the story. So I demanded. “Tell me.”

“He put his hand on my other leg.” She replied meekly.

“That’s all? He didn’t try to do more?” I persisted wanting to know everything.

“No, he just stroked my thigh.” She explained.

“That’s so naughty. Two men touching you like that. You got them worked up for Julie. No wonder they were fucking Julie. I bet they wanted you in that bed.” I babbled out struggling to control my excitement and now moving faster.

“Are you mad?” She asked as she pushed her pelvis in to mine.

“No, I’m not mad. You should have let them touch you. I wish you would have.” I said to her the erotic thoughts now consuming my senses.

“Is that what you want?” She replied, moving with me now and gasping for breath.

“YES! I want you to cum like Julie. I want to see you being fucked! OH SHIT…OH GOD DAMN!” I spit out as my dick erupted inside her powerfully. For a moment, I thought I would lose consciousness but somehow I stayed awake until I dropped on top of Nancy’s body struggling to breathe.

Nancy, having cum shortly before, had been very excited and close but couldn’t quite get there. She stroked my hair with one hand, breathing hard, while I tried to recover. The lust that had been inside me from the vision of watching Julie and hearing Nancy’s admission disappeared with my climax. Now I was hoping I hadn’t pushed it too far.

We stayed silent for several minutes before Nancy spoke. “I couldn’t do that.”

The way she said it seemed to be inviting discussion but I chose the safe path and just said. “I know honey.”

“Sweetie, get up. We better get moving. The kids will be up soon.” Nancy said as she prodded my shoulder awakening me from a less that deep sleep. “I need my clothes did you get them?”

“No, they are still in the bathroom.” I answered with a bad case of cotton mouth realizing in the excitement I had forgotten to get them.

“I’ll go get them.” She said standing up and looking around the room. “Where is the robe?”

“Oh shit.” I said catching her eye and seeing worry as we both realized at the same time we had left it on the floor in front of Greg and Julie’s bedroom door.

“Hurry, go get it.” She said now in a bit of a panic.

I quickly pulled my boxers and shirt on and moved across the house quickly. When I got close to the bedroom door I could see the robe was not there. If Julie or Greg found it, it was going to be hard to explain how it got there. It would also be hard to make them believe we hadn’t seen anything. I went to the bathroom and gathered Nancy’s clothes and took them to her.

“Where’s the robe?” Nancy immediately asked.

“It wasn’t there.” I told her.

“Damn. Now they will know I was looking! They will think I’m a pervert.” She exclaimed with a worried look. “We should leave now. Before anyone wakes up.”

Nancy hurriedly dressed and quietly we left the house and drove back to her parent’s. It was just after 8:00 AM when we arrived. We were just barely able to clean up before the kids came running up the stairs. Of course, Nancy’s mom asked a bunch of questions about where we had been to which Nancy explained that we had stayed at Susie’s because we had been drinking.

Nancy had promised to go to church with her parent’s and even though I’m not usually a churchgoer I went along as well to help with the kids. In the afternoon, we went to my parents and visited so it wasn’t until after dinner when the kids were watching movies that we were able to catch our breath and relax. Since both of us were exhausted, as soon as the kid fell asleep we jumped in bed too.

“Nancy, are you awake?” I asked softly.

“Yes.” She mumbled.

“I think we should stay close to home now. It’s the week before Christmas and we need to spend more time with the kids and family.” I said.

“I know. There are too many crazy things happening.” She replied.

“Yes.” I answered and then we faded to sleep.

For the next couple days, we spent all our time entertaining the kids which in the process entertained our parents. Outdoor activities, backing treats, family gatherings and last minute shopping trips filled the days and made them go by quickly. Of course, Susie was a constant pest demanding time from Nancy. I wondered how she kept her job since she never seemed to be at work. Nancy avoided her explaining she was busy until after Christmas which definitely hurt Susie’s feelings. The good news was that it didn’t seem that word had gotten back to Susie about the shenanigans at the house after they had gone to bed. At least not anything that had to do with Nancy and me.

On Thursday, Susie called Nancy to tell her there was a dance again at the hall for the following night and that the group was going to go. I heard Nancy beg off telling her friend that we had family commitments before she looked over at me.

“I’m making her angry.” She said.

“I know. But after Christmas maybe y’all can get together.” I replied. Nancy gave me an odd look then walked away.

I had steered clear of any discussions about her admissions about her high school days or the events at Greg and Julie’s from the other night. At first, it had been easy. So much had hit me in such a short period of time that I needed to process it all. My good sense was telling me to keep it as an interesting memory but not to let that type of situation occur again. But, there were the other thoughts that stayed in my head and needed to be beat back. These thoughts were filled with the erotic sights and sounds of Julie and the two men and of Nancy being touched beneath the water. They joined the other bad thoughts that had taken root after Nancy told me about Greg and the Coach. It was becoming harder and harder to hold the bad thoughts back. Slowly they were winning over my good sense.

The next day Susie called several times to chat with Nancy and at least once she pressed her to reconsider going to the dance. At five in the afternoon, Nancy and I, the kids and her parents loaded up in two cars and went to my parent’s for dinner. It was a nice evening but by nine we were headed back to Nancy’s parents place.

“Do you want to go to the dancehall for a little while?” I asked her in a low voice the kids couldn’t hear over the road noise. I knew Nancy felt guilty about not seeing Susie and I wanted to give her the opportunity. Also, the demons in my head were demanding that we go.

“Are you sure?” She whispered back.

I nodded as we pulled the car up to the house. The kids were exhausted from all the food and excitement and were almost asleep as we got them out of the car. I got them ready for bed while Nancy spoke to her mom and then together we tucked them in.

“I’ll be ready in fifteen minutes.” Nancy said.

Of course the fifteen turned to thirty so we didn’t get to the hall until almost ten. It was just as full as the previous time indicating that there weren’t a whole lot of options for entertainment even close to Christmas in the small town. When we got inside, Nancy started looking around for Susie and finally spotted her and Les. We surprised them when we walked up and the excitement on Susie’s face made it worth the effort. I knew it would make Nancy happy.

“I thought you weren’t coming! But I’m glad you did!” Susie exclaimed.

“Where’s the rest of your compadres?” I asked after the hugs and handshakes were done.

“Well Jeff and Laura couldn’t make it. I think they are still freaked out about the hot tub. Greg and Julie are late. I’m not sure they are going to show actually. They were kind of so-so on coming since you guys weren’t showing.” She explained.

I decided to get a beer for me and a cup of wine for Nancy from the bar since it had been too late to go to the liquor store. On the way back, I almost dropped the drinks when I saw ahead of me Coach Johnson talking to a couple guys off to one side. He looked pretty much like I remembered. He was a tall man with the broad shoulders and narrow hips of a linebacker. Other than a bit of a receding hairline and maybe five extra pounds he hadn’t changed.

“Damn, this trip just gets stranger all the time.” I thought to myself wondering how to let Nancy know. A part of me had actually hoped we would run into him after she shared her high school fling. But now, with all the demons I was already dealing with this made me feel like I was going into overload. On the way back I decided I would not say anything to Nancy.

Nancy grimaced as she sipped the cheap wine then said. “Dance with your wife.”

The band was pretty good so we stayed out for a second song. The song had just started when I saw Coach Johnson staring in our direction. It was clear he had spotted Nancy.

“Greg and Julie aren’t going to make it but they want us to come over after the dance.” Susie informed us when we got back to the table. I was disappointed that they weren’t coming since I had decided I wanted to see Greg try to seduce Nancy. Also, I wanted to see Julie. Her kindness coupled with her passionate response to the threesome had definitely aroused me. Our Christian morality teaches us that good girls don’t have sexual desires like that. But, Julie was a nice person, a beautiful woman ad a caring mother who did. Besides making her desirous it also made me think that Nancy might harbor the same desires.

We danced occasionally but mostly chatted with Susie and Les as well as others that saw us and came by to say hi. It was good to get caught up on their lives and families and at least for me it proved to be a strong validation on our decision to leave the small town behind us. I made frequent beer and wine runs and always glanced at Coach Johnson as I passed. Several women had joined him and his friends and they seemed occupied with each other, paying little attention to the rest of the crowd.

I was listening to Les tell about Jeff calling him about what happened in the hot tub the following day when Nancy whispered that she was going to the bathroom. He explained that Jeff was all for getting in but Laura was concerned about her body and didn’t want to. Jeff told him it had made Laura go on a diet which made me laugh.

At least fifteen minutes had gone by when I noticed that Nancy hadn’t returned. I told Les and Susie I was going to get a beer and set off looking for my wife.

It didn’t take long to find her. She was talking to Coach Johnson pretty close to the spot I had seen him before. His friends had backed away leaving them standing alone. Nancy had a smile on her face as did Coach Johnson and after watching for a minute I realized how awkward I must look so I turned and took the long way to the bar before going back to the table. It was ten minutes after I had gotten back before Nancy returned to the table.

“Are you okay? I was getting worried?” I said.

“My tummy was getting queasy but I’m okay now.” She replied. It was the first time I was ever aware that she had lied to me and I stood there for a moment speechless.

“Well, maybe you should stop drinking.” I finally said.

“I’m fine now.” She repeated and picked up her wine.

My mind was now in turmoil. Why had she intentionally misled me on the reason for her delay? She knew that I would recognize Coach Johnson if I happened to see him. Was whatever she had planned worth the risk of the deception? To say I was confused would have been a massive understatement.

I forced myself to let it go rationalizing it wasn’t the time or place to push it. I did keep an eye on Nancy and I couldn’t see any signs from her that she was looking in his direction or trying to sneak away from the group. Likewise, when I went to the bathroom Coach Johnson was back talking to his friends and showed no particular interest in the part of the hall where we were sitting.

It was just past midnight when Susie asked if we wanted to go by Greg and Julie’s house. I wanted to go but didn’t want to appear too eager to Nancy so I looked at her and shrugged. She shrugged back at me and I sensed she wanted to go but wanted me to be the one to make the decision. My demons were the winners successfully locking the door on any good sense I had.

“Sure let’s go.” I acknowledged.

As we left the dance I watched Nancy to see if she would try to spot Coach Johnson. She left the building with not so much as glance in his direction which confused me further.

“Let’s don’t stay long.” Nancy said as we got into the SUV.

“Okay, honey.” I answered.

The four of us were standing at the door when Greg answered the bell dressed in an old robe.

“About time.” He said in his typical loud voice which hinted at how much he must have had to drink.

When we got to the den, there was Julie in her robe curled up at one end of the couch with Carlos next to her. Next to him was a young girl that couldn’t have been more than twenty. She was petite with long dark hair and cute dimples in her cheeks. On the other couch was another man about Carlos’ age. He looked to be in good shape and about the same height as Carlos. Other that Julie and Greg, the others were in normal clothes. The wet ends of Julie’s hair indicated that she and Greg had been in the tub.

“Carlos, Ruben and Elsa stopped by for a drink.” Greg explained then made the introductions during which I noticed the bag of pot sitting on the coffee table.

I wondered if we had interrupted plans they had for a sexual encounter but no one seemed upset that we were there. Greg did his usual thing of making very strong drinks while we found spots to sit.

“Carlos was just about to fire things up if you don’t mind.” Greg said and I glanced at Julie who caught my look and rolled her eyes. While she didn’t seem to be thrilled by Greg’s use of the weed I noticed that she hadn’t turned it down either.

“Hey, Greg. Is the tub still on? Mind if we jump in?” I asked suddenly wanting to get Nancy naked.

“Yeah, knock yourself out.” Greg stated.

“You guys coming?” I asked Les and Susie.

“Sure but I want a hit first.” Susie replied.

“Okay, see you out there.” I said and took Nancy by the hand intentionally not giving her time to react.

As we went out the back door, I glanced at the group. Greg had his back turned so I couldn’t see his expression but Julie had a sly grin on her face. Carlos and Ruben eyes were locked onto Nancy’s ass with a looks of lust.

“Let’s hurry.” I said and we moved quickly to the tub and shed our clothes throwing them onto nearby benches. We eased into the hot water in almost complete darkness letting out sighs as we submerged to our neck. It was colder outside than the previous night and vapor clouds were rising from the water which created a surreal setting.

“I thought you wanted us to calm down?” Nancy asked with a look of feigned annoyance.

“It’s just us sweetie.” I said taking her in my arms and kissing her hard. That kiss led to more which progressed to me caressing her breasts making her moan into my mouth.

“You’re being bad.” She said to me through deep breaths when we finally broke.

“Playing with my wife is bad?” I smiled back.

Just then we heard the door open.

“Damn, I thought they would take longer.” I said.

I expected to see Les and Susie appear from the darkness and was surprised when Julie came into view. She walked up to us smiling with an arm full of towels that she set down then dropped her robe and slid into the tub across from us. I openly stared at her lovely body until it disappeared beneath the bubbling water. Nancy’s pinch of my leg let me know she had followed my eyes.

“Sorry about skipping the dance.” She said to us once she was settled.

“Oh, it’s okay. Not a big deal.” Nancy replied to her.

“We got all relaxed in the tub. Plus Carlos was supposed to come over much earlier.” She explained.

After that there was some general chit chat on a variety of subjects but I sensed that Julie had something on her mind. Soon, it became clear.

“I hope you guys don’t think badly of us. I mean think badly of me.” She stated and through the steam I could see a genuine look of concern on her face.

“What do you mean?” Nancy finally asked after an awkward silence but I was sure she knew what she meant.

“Well when we found the robe you know we assumed you must have seen stuff.” She replied looking straight at my wife.

“Well, umm…uhh. Oh God I’m so embarrassed.” Nancy finally exclaimed looking at me with a pained expression then looking down into the water. She has never been capable of lying so I wasn’t surprised she had essentially admitted to watching Julie.

“Julie, actually it was both of us and to answer your question we don’t think badly of you at all.” I stepped in to try to smooth things over still not sure where Julie was going.

“Are you sure? I mean…look I know it had to be shocking.” She replied stumbling as she sought reassurance.

“Yes, we’re completely sure. Don’t worry at all.” Nancy answered having regained her composure.

“Yes, that’s right.” I followed.

“Thank you for saying that.” Julie replied.

After the exchange, there everyone was quiet. I was searching for something to talk about to change the subject but the vision of Julie in the throes of passion made it difficult to think. Nancy spoke before I could think of something and her statement was surprising.

“I think it took a lot of courage.” She stated.

“Really?” Julie answered looking relieved.

“Yes, most women would be too scared.” Nancy said. I was surprised by her statement but wasn’t about to interfere. I was hoping the girls would continue.

“You think so?” Julie asked.

“Yes I do. Can I ask a question? I mean don’t answer if you don’t want to.” Nancy said which had me completely focused.

“Go ahead, I guess.” Julie replied with a short laugh after a brief hesitation.

“Was that the only time you guys did that?” She asked her. The directness of the question stunned me as this was not like Nancy at all. Typically, she goes out of her way to avoid troubling situations.

“No, it was the second. We were too messed up from the drinking and pot.” Julie answered trying to justify.

“Greg isn’t jealous?” Nancy followed.

“No not at all, he likes it.” Julie replied. I think she was happy to offer the validation.

“Wow.” Nancy responded.

“I know. I have a question.” Julie countered. I was now a silent witness to their intimate conversation.

“Okay.” Nancy said.

“What were you doing watching? I mean how did you lose the robe?” She asked which made me cringe wondering how Nancy would deal with the question.

I was surprised again when she answered quickly and honestly. “It fell off while we were playing.”

“Well then I guess you really weren’t offended.” Julie laughed and Nancy and I joined her.

The conversation had lasted less than five minutes but my heart was racing from the subject matter and the open discussion that the girls were having. This was not like Nancy at all and I wondered if it was typical of Julie or whether Greg had steered her to the threesome. I was hard as stone and wanted very much for them to continue as there was still a great deal more to learn. Unfortunately, we heard the door open and the sound of voices which halted our talk.

In just a few seconds, Les and Susie were standing next to the tub.

“Girl, we’re going to go. We’re exhausted and have stuff to do tomorrow so we can’t play all night.” Susie announced.

“Okay, we’re not too far behind you.” Nancy replied as they said goodbye to us all and left.

About the time they reached the house, we heard more voices and just a short time later Greg, Carlos, Ruben and Elsa arrived. Greg was in a robe but the others were in their clothes. He dropped the robe and stood there naked startling Elsa who took a step back while Carlos and Ruben laughed. Greg stepped into the tub between his wife and Nancy but remained standing showing off his large cock to everyone.

“Y’all going to stand there and freeze or get in?” Greg challenged the others.

Carlos immediately started to undress and Ruben didn’t take long to follow but Elsa stood there awkwardly. The conversation between Julie and Nancy had left me very horny and realizing that Carlos and Ruben would soon be joining I made a quick decision.

“I need to hit the restroom.” I said mostly to Nancy but loud enough for the others to hear as I lifted myself from the water.

“Well thanks for being a gentleman and not peeing in the tub.” Greg said bringing laughter from the group.

I grabbed a towel and then moved quickly to the house in the cold air. My plan was pretty simple. As long as I was next to Nancy, then she would present no opportunity to Greg, Carlos or Ruben. So, I decided to leave while everyone was taking position. Hopefully, when I returned she would have some combination of these guys next to her like the other night. Of course, she might warn them off and say the spot is reserved for me but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides, between her hidden conversation with Coach Johnson and her open one with Julie I was rapidly reaching the conclusion I didn’t know my wife as well as I thought.

Reaching the warm haven of the house, I actually did go to the bathroom but took my time and piddled around for a while before returning about ten minutes later. As I hoped, my leaving had allowed the seating to be changed. Greg and Carlos, like the night before had taken up positions next to Nancy and Ruben was next to Julie. Elsa was sitting on one of the benches, still in her clothes, with Julie’s robe around her for warmth. It seems she was too shy to get naked in front of others. I slid in next to Julie on the opposite side of Ruben.

As I got in, I could see Nancy through the vapor in a conversation with the two men who were leaning close to her. Julie gave me a big smile when I settled in and we started a casual conversation leaving Ruben mostly to himself.

Carlos fired off some rapid Spanish to Elsa who seemed to argue back before searching through clothes on the bench and producing a fat joint. She handed it to Carlos along with a lighter and he immediately lit it. After a deep drag, he turned to Nancy. While Carlos held the joint, she took a small hit and then another after he continued to hold it in front of her. Then he passed it to Greg who took a small puff then offered it back to Nancy. She refused several times before he got her to hit it again. By the time it got to Ruben the joint was half gone. Greg and Carlos seemed to be acting more aggressive with Nancy this time. I wondered if it was because they knew she watched them with Julie.

Ruben and Julie took small hits on the joint but I hit it hard as I was feeling very edgy. I passed it back to Carlos who shared the last of it with my wife. While talking with Julie, I tried to stay focused on my wife through the vapor. The effects of the pot were making it hard to keep my concentration and I would catch myself not paying attention for periods. I realized that Greg and Carlos were now so close to Nancy that their shoulders were touching hers.

Suddenly, between Carlos and me, I looked up to see Elsa lowering herself into the water nude with her hands trying unsuccessfully to keep her private parts covered. She had a young taut body with medium sized breasts with nipples that pointed upward. As soon as she got in, she pulled on Carlos’ arm but he ignored her. He seemed more intent on seducing my older wife than taking advantage of this young woman.

Finally, after repeated attempts, she got him to turn to her and he immediately kissed her. While he was kissing her I could see his arm and shoulder moving and it was obvious to me he was fondling her young pert breasts. By the look on everyone else’s face it was clear to them too. Carlos started speaking to her in Spanish and I could hear Ruben snickering. Elsa was shaking her head no but Carlos pulled her on top of him until she was straddling him face to face. Everyone was silent except Elsa who seemed to be still trying to talk him out of it.

“Nooo…” Elsa let out suddenly. I suspected his uncut cock had found its target.

Their bodies began churning despite Elsa’s pleas and I assumed he was working himself completely inside her. I thought her young pussy must be tight and in the water it would be quite the effort to get it inside.

“Oh yeah…” Carlos let out in harmony with Elsa’s deep moan which told all of us her was now all the way there.

They began a rocking motion which caused the water in the tub to slosh exposing Elsa’s beautiful breasts with each passing wave. Other than the other night with Julie I had never seen others having sex and now this young couple were doing it within arm’s reach. Despite the weed, I was breathing hard completely consumed by the animal passion of what I was watching.

My concentration was broken when I felt Julie’s hand grasp my dick. Turning to her, I saw her looking at me with lusty eyes and a partly opened mouth. I wanted to touch her beautiful pussy but when I put my hand between her legs Ruben’s hand had already claimed the prize. I left him to explore her folds while I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. The kiss seemed to last forever and when we finally broke away Nancy immediately came rushing through the fog of my sexually excited brain. Looking across the water through the steam, I saw that both Nancy and Greg were staring directly at me. While I watched, Greg turned and kissed her, slowly at first, and then picking up passion until her arms encircled his head pulling him to her.

I could feel Julie moving away from me and looking over I saw Ruben pulling her to him. It looked like he wanted her riding him like Elsa was doing to Carlos.

When Julie realized what he had in mind she said to him. “No, Ruben.”

“You gave Carlos some pussy and I want some too.” He replied still working her onto his lap.

“Not now.” She told him before finally breaking free.

“Okay, but I want some later.” He demanded.

“Ohhh…” Came the sound of a female voice I recognized.

Nancy’s head was tilted back like they had just finished a kiss and her eyes were closed. The movement of Greg’s arm was in time to the sighs coming from her mouth. I knew he was finger fucking my wife.

“You like this dick bitch?” Carlos yelled at Elsa as they fucked. When she didn’t reply he continued. “Fucking tell me.”

“Yes, I like it.” She finally replied but it was clear she was embarrassed to say it.

Julie had returned to my dick stroking it but when we weren’t kissing her eyes were on Carlos and Elsa. She was letting Ruben play with her pussy again too and I think she was touching him. Greg had Nancy across him and was kissing her and playing with her body. From her sounds she was very excited and enjoying his attention. Occasionally a pang of jealousy would wash through my body but it would be quickly replaced by the erotic situation and the lust I was feeling for Julie.

Without warning, Carlos stopped fucking Elsa. I thought he may have climaxed quietly or grown tired. In reality, he had other ideas. He lifted Elsa off him and positioned her so that she was standing on the bench and leaning out so that her forearms were resting on the stone surrounding the tub. Carlos got behind her and quickly re-entered her pussy. They were out of the water except for their feet and calves and steam was coming off their bodies. Carlos began fucking her hard and fast I thought with a desire to finish before he got too cold. Elsa was emitting high pitch squealing sounds and there was a wet slapping sound as their bodies met.

It was like watching a porn movie in real life. Never had I expected anything like this to occur in my life. Nancy was staring at the fucking no longer kissing Greg but his hand continued to work her body. Likewise with Julie, she had ceased stroking me but by her movements it seemed Ruben was still touching her.

We could tell Carlos was getting close. His rhythm was getting off and he began gasping for breath. But, instead of emptying himself in Elsa’s pussy, at the last second her pulled out and shot his cum all over her mound. Shot after shot erupted and landed on her hairless pussy then began dripping slowly down her leg all in full view.

“Oh my God.” Nancy exclaimed.

Carlos fell back into the tub and Elsa first fell to her knees remaining half out before turning and submerging the rest of her body. She kept her eyes down not looking at us despite my desire for some reason to make eye contact. When they stopped, it seemed the rest of us stopped too and everything became very quiet. I think partly it was due to embarrassment in how out of control we had become and partly it was because no one knew what to do next.

Elsa started to cry but Carlos showed no consideration. He remained off to one side still trying to catch his breath. I reached out my hand to her shoulder to comfort her but she quickly pushed it away.

“Honey, I think it’s time to go.” Nancy said.

“Uh, okay.” I replied. My heart was racing and my emotions were all over the place but I didn’t have a clue of what to do.

I looked at Julie who gave me a disappointed look with her puppy dog eyes. Nancy and I climbed out of the water grabbing towels and walking briskly towards the house. We grabbed our clothes and headed to bedroom we had used before to change.

“My God, that was the wildest thing I’ve ever seen.” I said as soon as we closed the door.

“Let’s do it right now.” She said stunning me.

“Okay.” I said and Nancy immediately dropped onto the bed on her back and spread her legs in the most wanton display I had ever seen from her.

“Not that way. I want you like he had her.” I demanded.

Without hesitating Nancy turned over and put her feet on the floor and lay forward on her elbows across the bed.

“Ughhh…” She grunted as I penetrated her soaked pussy.

“You like my dick bitch?” I asked mimicking Carlos.

“Yes, I like it.” She answered without hesitation which made me feel like I had grown another inch.

Within twenty strokes I was about to cum so I had to slow down to let the urge pass. I would push it in very deep then withdraw very slowly then plunge forward again.

“Did Greg touch you?” I blurted out.

“Yes.” She moaned as I pushed deep.

“Did he finger you?” I asked.

“Yes.” Came the same reply.

“How many fingers?” For some reason this was important to know.

“Two.” She answered.

“Did you cum?” I demanded in a louder voice.

“NO…you have to make me cum.” She told me.

“But you wanted to.” I continued still stroking her slowly to control my sensitivity.

“Yes. Come on go faster.” She begged.

“Do you want to fuck him?” I asked putting the big question in front of her.

“I want to fuck you.” She replied using the word she rarely spoke.

“That’s not what I asked. Tell me.” I demanded.

“Do you want me to?” She replied again evading the question which spoke volumes.

“Answer the question.” I demanded.

“Do you want to fuck Julie.” She shot back.

“Yes, I do. Do you want to fuck Greg?” I replied.

“Yes…” Nancy replied in a voice barely above a whisper.

I stopped my motion and held her ass when she tried to start pushing against me. Slowly I pulled out.

“What are you doing? Are you mad?” She asked looking over her shoulder.

“No, I’m not mad.” I said to her then pulled her up held her from behind. “Let’s stay.”

“Stay?” She asked with a shaky voice.

“Yes.” Was all I said giving no explanation.

I gave her the towel and she put it on quickly so we could go back out side. I had mine slung around my waist too. When we got to the den though we realized that Greg, Carlos and Julie had come inside. Elsa was nowhere to be seen. Julie was in her robe and the men had towels around their waist like mine. Greg had started the fire so it was warm in the room. Nancy’s towel barely covered her from her nipples to her pussy but after what we had been through it didn’t seem like a big deal.

“We thought we would stay and have a drink.” I explained.

Julie was sitting between Greg and Carlos on one of the couches and when I said we were staying for a drink she smiled and rose from her spot saying she would make the drinks and getting everyone’s order. Greg had a smile on his face and Carlos looked like a hungry dog about to devour a rabbit. I wondered how he could have any energy left after fucking Elsa but remembered he was still pretty young. Nancy looked completely hot standing there with her long legs completely exposed.

Everyone had a pretty good idea what staying for a drink meant. Greg patted on the couch between him and Carlos and Nancy only hesitated for a second before sitting. I took a spot on the other couch and waited for Julie to come back which she did shortly. After handing out the drinks, she curled up next to me on the couch.

The sexual tension was so heavy no one seemed able to speak. We sat in silence sipping our drinks. Occasionally, I would make eye contact with Nancy and Julie. Julie had a faint smile and a twinkle in her eyes. Nancy however looked anxious and confused. I was half expecting she would get cold feet.

Finally, it was Carlos of all people that got things started. He half turned to Nancy and casually put his hand on her thigh right at the edge of the towel. Her back stiffened for a moment then she relaxed without stopping him. Emboldened by this move, Greg took her hand in his and used his other hand to trace from her shoulder to her hand with his fingertips. They went slow, taking their time in getting her worked up. Carlos began tickling the inside of her thigh and his fingers slowly disappeared under the towel. Greg started kissing her shoulder and neck. Between the two of them they had her squirming on the couch. Along the way, Julie got closer to me and began running her hand first over my chest and then under the towel until she was tickling the head of my cock.

“Are you sure you can take it?” Julie whispered her lips sensuously close to my ear.

“Take what?” I asked naively.

“Your wife’s response.” She explained.

“I think so.” I replied catching her meaning.

“She will be begging for it.” She stated. Her words made my dick jump as her fingernails tickled me. A response that wasn’t lost on her.

“Ohhh…” I heard Nancy moan and looking over I saw that Greg had pulled the towel free so that it was no longer tucked in.

Seconds later he pulled the towel open exposing her completely. Greg’s head dropped to her small nipples and began licking and sucking them while Carlos stroked along the sides of her pussy before finally slipping a finger into her wet slit.

“Oh my God.” She said in a soft rapid voice then looked over at me for a sign of rescue. Our eyes locked and we stared into each other’s eyes as time seemed to stop. Finally, I nodded to her and almost instantly she spread her legs to give Carlos full access.

“This pussy is wet and ready.” Carlos declared as we watched his finger disappear.

“Use our room.” Julie said to Greg.

Immediately, Greg stood and lifted Nancy to her feet leaving the towel behind. We sat and watched as she walked naked between Greg in his robe and Carlos still wearing his towel.

“Do you want to watch?” Julie asked as soon as they disappeared.

“Yeah.” Was all I could get out of my mouth.

“Let’s give them a second.” She suggested and then turned to kiss me.

We kissed and fondled each other and I finally got to feel her lovely breasts and slip my fingers into her soft pussy. It was all I could do to stop, stand and pull her up so that we could watch Nancy. When we got to the room, Greg and Carlos had Nancy spread out across the bed. Greg was kissing her mouth, neck and nipples. Carlos had his face buried between her legs using his hands to lift and separate her thighs. When Greg wasn’t kissing her there was a constant stream of moans coming from her lips.

“Carlos loves to lick and he’s very good at it.” Julie explained. I would go down on Nancy on occasion but I couldn’t say it was something that I really enjoyed.

I was so close to cumming that I had to warn Julie to quit playing with my cock. I rubbed her breasts and pussy as I watched Nancy but was definitely distracted. Julie seemed to understand and didn’t push for more.

“Ahhh…” We heard a particular vocal response from Nancy and at the same time her hands went to the back of Carlos’ head which reminded me of watching Julie.

Greg moved so that he was on his knees next to her head then placed his large cock on her lips until she opened her mouth and took the head into her mouth. She turned her head letting more enter and Greg started rocking his hips gently so that he was essentially fucking her mouth. With her mouth full all we could hear was the slurping sounds of Carlos’ tongue lashing of her pussy.

From her movements, Nancy was getting close when Greg climbed from the bed and tapped Carlos on the shoulder. With her mouth now empty, the room became filled with the sounds of her arousal. I had never heard her or seen her so excited. Her body was writhing as she rode Carlo’s tongue and her deep breaths competed with her moans and gasps. Greg’s tap caused Carlos to stop and move away which brought a whining plea from Nancy and made her open her eyes to see what was happening. As we all watched, Greg positioned himself between her legs then moved forward until the head of his large cock was at her entrance. I could see Greg reach between them and knew he was positioning himself for penetration.

“Fuck her good man.” Carlos spoke out in encouragement and rather than make me angry I found it appropriate to the situation.

“Ohhhh…Ohhhh…” Nancy spat out in rapid succession as his hips fell and her legs spread wide giving Greg all the access she could provide.

Greg’s hips rose again slowly then pushed forward once more. “OH GOD.” Nancy practically screamed.

“Once more and I’ll be all the way in.” Greg said to her.

“Ughhhh….ohhh…ohhh…yess…” She gasped as he made the final journey into her.

Nancy’s breathing was coming so fast I was afraid she might hyperventilate. Greg ground his hips into her exploring the depths of her pussy with the tip of his cock. It was the most bizarre feeling to watch my wife beneath Greg. The sensible part of my brain was screaming to stop this insanity but the demons were louder, whispering to me how wild and erotic it was and how much she really wanted it. I suspected that deep in her own mind where her secret fantasies were kept she had thought about her and Greg together although probably in a more private setting.

Greg started moving. We could see his ass lift then fall slowly back down. Nancy had collected herself and was no longer breathing fast but was still emitting soft pants and moans. Carlos was standing behind the bed watching Greg’s cock slide into my wife while he played with his own dick.

“She’ll be okay.” Julie whispered to me sensing I needed some reassurance.

My dick was still too sensitive to touch and Julie was stroking my leg. Despite her luscious and willing body sitting right next to me I couldn’t pull my attention from Nancy.

Greg started going faster and on each down thrust a grunt was being forced from my wife. Greg’s large body hid most of her. Just her legs from the knee down and her arms were visible.

“Oh God.” Nancy whined as Greg settled into a steady pounding rhythm.

“Fuck her good man.” Carlos grunted in encouragement again still playing with his dick.

Just then, there was a shadow at the door to the room and looking over I saw Ruben coming in. He was smiling and watching the bed as he drifted slowly to the couch where Julie and I were sitting. He had a robe loosely tied around his waist and sat down on the small couch on the other side of Julie. I didn’t want him there but didn’t want to upset things by telling him to leave.

The couch was really more of a loveseat and his arrival made a tight fit. Within seconds, he was pawing at Julie.

“Not now.” Julie scolded him in a low voice when he tried to kiss her.

He quit trying to kiss her but continued to explore her body with his hands, touching her breasts and trying to push his hand between her legs. The fidgeting Julie was doing to fend off his advances was distracting me from watching my wife and I shot them a glance of annoyance that Julie saw. The hurt look on her face made me immediately feel bad. I really liked Julie and wanted her badly but I was mesmerized by the sight in front of me. Their movements stopped and I heard whispering that I couldn’t make out but shortly after they stood and walked out of the bedroom together.

“Turn her over so she can suck me.” Carlos said to Greg snapping my attention back to the bed. Fortunately, Greg made no movement to follow his request.

I sensed Nancy was getting close. She now had one hand on Greg’s shoulder and the other on his lower back. Her legs were spread wide and her legs were pulling back and her feet were in the air in the typical position she moves to when she is about to climax. I could hear Greg saying something to her that I couldn’t make out but the effect was swift. Nancy moved her hands to his ass and started pulling him into her.

“Go…don’t stop.” I heard her say in a low voice between moans. Which then repeated. “Don’t stop.”

There was more talking in whispers between them then Nancy blurted out. “YES…FUCK ME!”

“Get her off.” Carlos added.

Greg was pounding her hard and we could hear the wet slapping of their bodies when she suddenly exploded.

“OH GOD…OH YES…FUCK ME…I’M CUMMING!” Nancy exclaimed with a passion I had never seen from her before. She struggled to catch her breath adding. “IT’S SO GOOD!”

My own cock started drooling cum which ran down my erect shaft and over my balls. Greg fucked her through her orgasm keeping the pace as she whined and moaned pulling on his ass to drive his cock deeper. As her sounds faded, Greg slowed his movements until he was motionless on top of her. There was more talk between the lovers again that I struggled to hear. The only word I thought I heard was “husband”.

“Come on dude. Turn her over.” Carlos requested again.

This time, Greg didn’t ignore his request. He pulled out of her causing her to sigh from the loss and then gently prodded her to turn until she was lying face down on the bed. He crawled between her outstretched legs pushing them apart and then pulled her by the hips until she was on her knees and elbows presenting her beautiful ass to him. Greg’s large wet cock and Nancy’s pussy, opened wide from its effect, were displayed to me as they shifted on the bed. Greg put up a hand to warn Carlos off until he had her in position and had pushed himself back inside.

“Oh, yes…” Nancy sighed as his cock found its home.

Greg started rocking into her and after he got going he nodded to Carlos who slid onto the bed with his back against the headboard. Nancy was on her elbows with her head down between them moaning in time to Greg’s thrusts. Carlos lifted his right leg over her head so that he had one leg on each side of her head. She seemed to be in such ecstasy from the fucking that she was oblivious to Carlos’ movements until he started rubbing his uncut cock against the top of her head.

“Greg?” She responded in a worried voice when she looked up and saw his cock and hairy balls in front of her. When she lifted up to speak, Carlos scooted down so that his groin was beneath her face.

“Suck him.” Greg commanded her. Any illusion that this was more than raw sex was gone with his words.

Nancy was pretty good at oral sex although it was something she did more as a special occasion than a matter of course. Thus, I was surprised when she accepted Greg’s command, took Carlos’ cock in her hand and guided the shiny head into her mouth. I wondered if she was remembering my thoughts when we made love after watching Julie, Greg and Carlos.

“Oh baby that’s good. Suck my dick.” He exclaimed to her as he pushed his hips forward. Carlos’ eyes found mine and he said. “Your wife is good.”

Her head bobbed up and down while Greg plowed her from behind. It was all crazy and I couldn’t believe my wife was in the middle of a threesome while I watched with a hard dick. Greg leaned forward, not losing his rhythm and started fondling her breasts before focusing his attention on her small nipples. He began pinching on them hard making her back arch and bringing whines from her mouth despite the cock in her mouth.

Carlos had one hand on her head guiding her and I could tell he wasn’t going to last long. Soon, with a series of loud grunts, he pushed his hips forward and pulled her head against him as he came in her mouth. Nancy was forced to swallow his cum and then gasped for air when he finally let her head free.

Watching her suck Carlos must have excited Greg because I could see a new sense of urgency in his movements then the tell tale sign of an impending climax. He started losing control of his motions and then, with a roar, he emptied his balls filling my wife with strange semen for the first time since we had been married.

“Goddamn…Goddamn.” He grunted pushing his cock deep into her before finally releasing his grip and falling with her to the side of Carlos.

The room was silent except for their heavy breathing. I stared at their entwined bodies for several minutes before standing and walking out.

I had a burning need to have Julie and went searching. Expecting her to be in the den, I walked quickly there only to find Elsa asleep on a couch with her clothes on. I walked back down the hall to the bedroom that Susie and Les had used and tried to open the door quietly.

“Get the fuck out of here.” I heard a male voice yell from the darkness. There was also the sound of a woman moaning in passion, clearly in the middle of being fucked. I envisioned Julie beneath Ruben as he rode her lovely body. I backed out and closed the door feeling embarrassed for intruding but also disappointed that Julie had given herself to him.

Returned to the master bedroom where I had left Nancy, I got another surprise. Carlos had already recovered and was fucking my wife hard while he held her hands behind her head and talked dirty to her. I had never done this before with Nancy and wouldn’t have known what to expect. Her response to Carlos’ words indicated that it was turning her on.

“Bitch likes to fuck don’t you?” He spat out loudly to my normally conservative wife making me flash in anger. I forced myself to calm down since she had given herself to him.

“Yesss…” She answered softly but drawing out the word seductively.

“Squeeze my dick with your pussy.” Carlos demanded. Then seconds later continued. “Yeah like that.”

Greg was turned on his side watching them fuck and stroking his dick. I stood there at the foot of the bed dumbfounded but still very aroused watching her completely let go to her basic animal passion.

“Ummm…Ohhh…” She suddenly blurted out.

“Feel good baby?” He asked.

“Yesss…” She answered in the same lust filled voice.

“Your husband’s back. Tell him how much you like to fuck.” He challenged her and I started to intervene then stopped, curious whether she would answer.

His words made her look around his body and we made eye contact. The sight of me standing there naked with a raging erection must have triggered something.

“I like it.” She answered.

“Like it? Goddamn baby you love it.” He forced out between his own labored breaths.

Whether it was from Greg’s cum in her or her own excitation, we could hear how wet she was with each stoke from Carlos. He bent down and started kissing and licking her neck and ear before moving to her breasts which brought a fresh set of excited sounds from her. When he pulled back he began talking again, this time raunchier.

“Do you like it in the ass?” He asked.

“No.” She gave a quick and emphatic reply.

“Where do you want my cum?” He asked. When she didn’t answer he followed. “In your mouth or pussy? Somewhere else?”

“Just don’t stop.” She answered.

“You want my baby juice in your sweet pussy?” He prodded obviously enjoying the discomfort he was causing with his pointed questions.

“Yes cum in me.” She replied in a husky aroused voice that made my dick grow harder.

Carlos started moving with more purpose and Greg too was getting aroused. I could see him stroking himself faster.

“Fucking slut wants more cum don’t you?” Carlos announced and my body stiffened with the intent to pull him off her and beat his ass but Greg shook his head at me quickly which made me hesitate. “I knew we were going to fuck her when she let us play with her pussy last time.” He added which sent me spinning. So she had let them touch her then hid the truth from me.

“Yes, give it to me.” Nancy replied almost instantly which brought me back to the moment.

Carlos, still holding her hands above her head, leaned forward and pushed his lips against hers. Surprisingly, she accepted him and they kissed passionately like lovers for a long time before they finally broke.

“Ready for it?” He asked again trying to catch his breath after the kiss as he moved even faster.

“Yes.” She pushed out immediately through her groans as they built together towards their peak.

“It’s coming. I’m going to knock your pussy up.” He told her on the verge of losing control.

“Don’t stop!” She demanded as her breathing became labored.

“You want my baby juice?” He asked again.

“YES, DON’T FUCKING STOP!” Nancy screamed as another orgasm hit and her body convulsed. Carlos rode her like a bucking bronco as he released his seed into her well used pussy.

I knew Nancy was on the pill and there was absolutely no way she could get pregnant. Still, it was incredible to hear her respond to talk of being impregnated. Somehow I had made it through with ejaculating but looking at Greg I saw he had shot his load across the sheet with just a little splatter landing on Nancy’s side.

Carlos continued to lay on top of her his spent body molded to hers and his head in the crook of her neck. I wanted him off so that I could go to her but he showed no signs of disengaging. Finally, I walked to the side of the bed and tapped him on the shoulder. At first he didn’t move and I had to do it twice more before he lifted himself off, rolling to the side of her on the bed. Nancy didn’t move when he rolled off her and her full body came into view. Her entire pelvic area was wet and her pussy was splayed open.

“Nancy.” I called reaching over Carlos and taking her by the arm.

She opened her eyes and looked at me then using my hand to steady climbed off the bed. Without any words we left the bedroom and I guided her down the hall to the room we had previously slept in. At that moment, I had an incredible desire to be inside her and add my semen to the mixture. As soon as we arrived, I closed the door, pushed her onto the bed and mounted her.

“Oh damn.” I let out as the wetness and heat engulfed my dick as it slid inside.

It would have been nice to have pounded her to several orgasms before cumming myself but the reality was that I was so aroused that I lasted only a minute before I added my cum to the others. I stayed inside her and we held on to each other tightly with a million questions to be asked but each reluctant to start.

“I love you.” I finally said.

“I love you too. Are you mad at me?” She asked.

“No honey. I could have stopped it.” I told her sincerely.

Nancy turned so we could push our lips together and we kissed and cuddled in silence.

“Did you get with Julie?” She asked me from out of the blue.

“No.” I told her.

“Oh.” She said in a way that implied she was disappointed.

“Why?” I asked now curious.

“Well I know you wanted to. Don’t deny it and for some reason I feel guilty that I was with the others and you didn’t get with her.” She explained.

“Well I guess I could go find her.” I replied as a joke.

“Would you?” She asked.

“Are you serious?” I asked confused.

“Yes. I can’t explain it but it would make me feel better.” She said after thinking about it for a moment.

The conversation continued for a few more minutes with her encouraging me to go to Julie without a real good explanation. So I was surprised when I found myself walking out the door to look for her in my boxers. Passing the den I saw Ruben standing nude in front of the fire looking at the still sleeping Elsa. I hadn’t seen him out of the tub and I realized he had a well toned body and a healthy cock. It was about seven inches long and fat in the middle but tapered to a point at the tip. We nodded to each other as I passed.

Julie was still in the bedroom she had shared with Ruben and she was asleep under the covers. I shed my boxers and slid in next to her thinking it was crazy to be sent to have sex with her by Nancy. I spooned up behind her and began running my hands over her naked form. It took a while for her to come out of her sleep but when she did and realized it was me she turned and planted a wonderfully wet kiss on my lips.

“Finally.” She said with a grin I could just make out in the darkness.

We didn’t have sex. Instead, we made love. Slow at first and then faster in time with our passion. Her body felt so good against mine and everywhere I touched seemed to be an erogenous zone. When her orgasm hit her body was completely entwined in mine and we were kissing passionately. When we stopped I could feel her heart beating through her chest.

“I’m always here for you.” She told me as we separated and kissed one last time before I returned to my wife.

It was time to leave this place and get back on stable ground so my intent was to get Nancy dressed and get to her parents house. Even if we had been drinking and smoking I didn’t want to spend the night here. However, when I got close to the door I heard noises coming from the room and drawing closer I could tell it was the sounds of sex.

“Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh…” I heard Nancy labored voice in time with the banging of the headboard against the wall.

“That’s it.” I heard a male voice grunt out in exertion.

The sounds grew even louder and faster inviting the vision of someone fucking my wife very fast. I tried the door but it was locked.

“Don’t hurt me.” I heard her plead. Followed almost immediately by. “Oh fuck!”

I tried the door but it was locked. “Nancy?” I said knocking on the door.

“Give us a minute man.” I heard a male voice reply that I recognized as Ruben’s but the sounds of their coupling didn’t stop.

“Open the damn door.” I said in a louder voice.

The sounds of mating continued and I had to beat on the door again. “Open the goddamn door.”

“Fuck.” I heard him say but heard motion in the room.

The door flew open and I was standing face to face with Ruben who was sporting a large erection. Nancy was on the bed but had curled up and turned on her side.

“Come on man. It won’t take long.” He pled.

“No we need to go.” I said pushing past him into the room. “Come on Nancy let’s go.”

“Shit!” Ruben exclaimed and walked out of the room.

“I’m sorry honey.” She said taking my hand as I pulled her to her feet.

“Not now. Let’s talk when we get to your parents house.” I told her.

Minutes later we were in the cold SUV headed to her parents. Halfway there, Nancy burst into tears.

“Oh God. I’m so sorry.” She blurted out.

“Nancy, it’s okay. I let it happen. Let’s get back and into bed.” I said trying to reassure her.

“You must hate me. I’m so embarrassed.” She continued.

“Shhh…I love you. Don’t be silly.” I said taking her hand.

I was able to get her calm and soon we were climbing the stairs to the bedroom. Nancy headed towards the bathroom but I caught her and pulled her back

“Honey, I need to shower.” She said.

“Later.” I said guiding her to the bed.

“But I’m dirty.” She said.

Without replying I started taking her clothes off and when she was undressed I quickly pulled mine off then pulled her into bed with me. The sheets were cold and I pulled her close to build some warmth.

“I love you.” I said to her.

“Do you? Please say it again.” She said.

“I love you.” I repeated pushing my head in her neck then turning her to me and kissing her.

“I’ve been so bad.” She stated.

“Honey we did it together. I was there and could have stopped it.” I explained.

“You’re such a wonderful man.” She replied pulling me closer.

I rolled on top of her and slipped inside again. Feeling her open, wet pussy was like hitting replay on my brain from what I had witnessed. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and we held each other tight as only a husband and wife can do.

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked as I rocked in her gently inhaling the aromas of her lovers that still clung to her body.

“Yes.” Came the faint whisper from beneath me.

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