Icehouse Encounter

I have a very beautiful wife that I developed a deep desire to show off, and the story I’m about to tell describes the impact of that obsession on our relationship. Interestingly, my desires are relatively new, and an almost 180 degree turn from how I felt and acted when we first got together. At that time, I was extremely possessive and would often become insanely jealous when another man dared to look at her. After several near altercations, she finally laid down the law, making it clear my behavior had to stop. It was very tough at first but, I really didn’t have a choice, and the strange thing was that as time went by I grew to like witnessing the attention she attracted.

Jacqueline or Jackie for short is a 28 year old, very attractive, educated and stylish woman who exudes charm in a way that is rarely encountered these days. She has a slender frame and is 5’7″ tall with raven hair, dark brown eyes, a beautiful complexion and full juicy lips. In addition, she has C-cup breasts that sit high on her chest, and are perfectly proportioned for her body type. My favorite features are her long legs and tight butt, toned from a religious workout schedule, and of course her very kissable mouth.

I was taken with her from the moment we met and our friends never tire of telling stories about how I followed her around like a puppy. It took a while but, she finally accepted me as a boyfriend, and after dating for a year we got married. That was five years ago, and so far we have held off starting a family as we continue to enjoy our freedom and each other.

While Jackie certainly carries the title of best looking in our relationship, I feel reasonably comfortable with my looks. I’m 5’11” tall and weigh 170 pounds with a full head of sandy blonde hair. I never lacked for female company, and that was one of the issues Jackie had when we first got together, as she wanted to be completely certain I was committed to her.

Like I said above, my jealousy was a problem when we were dating and reached its peak in the first year after we were married. That’s when she gave me the ultimatum and I was forced to change, and it was two years later when an event occurred that I look at now as the seminal moment in the development of my current obsession.

Amongst her friends, Jackie is held in high regard not only for her looks and style but, also for her manners and charm. She can be funny and competitive although, it’s never at the expense of someone’s feelings and thus, she is something of the go to person for any crisis or when a shoulder to cry on is needed. In addition, she has the reputation of being the most conservative of the group which they tease her about often although, always in a friendly way.

The fateful day occurred the weekend before her 27th birthday when a package arrived addressed to her. Opening it, she found a very risqué Brazilian thong bikini from her friend Susan.

“Jackie, hope you enjoy. I know how much you want to change your image!” Susan’s note read. Clearly, it was meant as a gag gift, and I stepped off to the side to try and hide my grin.

“Oh, Susan,” Jackie said, shaking her head.

“Try it on,” I suggested.

“No,” she stated, simply.

“Jackie, come on. It won’t hurt,” I tried.

“No, you’ll tell. Next time you’re drinking with the boys you’ll tell,” she replied.

“Please, I promise I won’t,” I begged, trying to show sorrowful eyes.

“I swear, if you tell…” she threatened, clearly delivering a message.

“I won’t,” I declared, again.

With a sigh, she left me in the kitchen and disappeared into the back of the small house. A few minutes later she returned and when I saw her I was speechless. She was a stunning combination of beauty, sexiness and just plain hot, and I realized that like my voice, the muscles in my body wouldn’t work either. So, I just stood there and gaped at her for what seemed like eternity.

“Wow,” I finally forced out, with great effort.

“I feel like I’m naked,” she said, with a worried look.

“You look amazing. Besides, no one can see you so relax,” I said, trying to reassure her.

“Thanks. I’m going to change,” she stated.

“No, Jackie. Please…no,” I implored, which stopped her turn.

“Why?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Please, just no. You look so incredible. It’s just us,” I begged.

A tiny smile crossed her face and she said, “Okay, for a little bit.”

Now that I knew I had time, I got to take in the full picture, and it was indeed incredible. Her firm breasts were heaving out the front and sides of the top and the bottoms just had a thin strip that barely covered her mound. In the back, there was just a tiny string of material that disappeared between her firm butt cheeks. I knew that in many parts of the world this was standard fare but, here with my pretty and conservative wife it was very unique.

Over the next thirty minutes we talked, and she moved about the house becoming more comfortable as the time passed. Then, I had an inspiration and although it took me another five minutes to summon my courage, I finally spoke.

“Honey, why don’t we go and sit outside for a while,” I asked, with a bone dry mouth.

“Have you gone insane?” she replied, instantly.

It took fifteen more minutes to convince her that no one would see her in our small, fenced back yard, and I pulled the lounge chairs together so we would be close. Like inside, at first she was stiff but as the minutes ticked by I could see her body relax, and when I was sure she wouldn’t bolt I got up to get us some ice tea. It was on the way back with a glass in each hand, when I paused to look at her through the window, that my obsession was born. At that instant, I thought about someone slyly peeking through or over the fence, and rather than jealousy I felt arousal.

Later that day, after we had come inside, made love and rested I was drinking a glass of wine thinking about my reaction and wondering how I could have turned so dramatically from my previous state. I really couldn’t come up with a good answer, at least not one I understood, which left it as an open issue in my brain, that in the ensuing months I returned to often. Despite those times of reflection and self-analysis, I never truly came up with an answer that made sense, and eventually I just resigned myself to accept that it was what it was.

Of course, just as Jackie feared, next time we were together with friends, and the beer was flowing I told what had happened which brought all kinds of ribbing from both the men and women. It also brought a dirty look from my wife and two weeks in the dog house with no sex.

I first broached the subject with Jackie about being a bit more adventurous when it came time to select her dress for a New Year’s Eve party. Of course, I was pushing for something sexy, and when I brought it up she had asked me to be more specific and clarify what I was talking about like she was really interested in the idea but, when she appeared ready to go she was dressed in her normal style, having made no effort to fulfill my request. Unfortunately, that was to become our normal routine. I would present an idea, and although she would discuss it with great interest, in the end she would completely dismiss it.

During it all, she never got angry, and other than occasionally calling me “weird” she never became judgmental. Since she never gave an outright “no” to my requests, it left me with just enough hope to keep trying. However, she was always able to come up with a reason why it wasn’t practical in the particular situation.

One of the activities Jackie and I love to do together is sail, and we are part owners in a nice 34′ boat that’s kept on the bay. On our route to and from the marina, we pass some inlets where the powerboat crowd, preferring calmer waters, likes to hang out. Lining the shore were several ice houses that acted as home base for the flotilla, and were notorious for the party scene that occurred most weekends during the summer.

“Maybe we should pull in for a drink,” I suggested to Jackie as we passed on our way home, like I had done a dozen times before.

“Together?” she asked, with a little giggle.

My obsession, which had started in our own backyard, had continued to develop, and now included the fantasy of watching her alone in a bar being approached and hit on by strangers. Over the past year, I had brought it up often, and Jackie would always decline with a smile or a quick laugh. It had turned into something of a standard game for us, and she was no more surprised by my suggestion than I was by her response.

“I was thinking I would let you walk in alone. Just to see what will happen,” I replied. It was the same general concept I had proposed numerous times, and each time her reply had been a fear that we would know someone in the bar.

“You know there is a high probability we would run into someone we know,” she answered with a smile. Unfortunately, there was truth in her statement and the last thing I wanted to do was damage my wife’s stellar reputation.

“I know but…I know,” I replied. For a moment I thought about arguing but stopped.

“We could go in and get a mojito,” she suggested.

With a smile at her, I whipped the SUV into the parking lot. It was the way the conversation ended about a third of the time. But, even though I wasn’t going to get my way, I still enjoyed Jackie’s company, and watching how the men reacted, even with her next to me, was always fun.

The place was packed as was normal for a late Saturday afternoon, with boats lined up three deep along the pier but, we were able to find two seats at the long bar, and after ordering drinks we leaned back in our chairs to survey the crowd. It was mostly a young scene made up of a mixture of professionals from the city and middle class working people from nearby connected by a common theme to drink and party hard.

Because the winds had been light that day, we had stayed dry so Jackie wore her t-shirt and khaki shorts over her bikini. I would have loved to see her cavorting on the outside deck in her bikini, like many of the women were doing but, I knew from experience it wasn’t going to happen. Still, with her beauty, her tanned skin and her long smooth legs she was getting lots of looks. In the past, a few bold and drunk men had tried to be cool and strike up a conversation, but today we were left alone. So, after finishing the drink we left with me feeling a measure of disappointment.

Later at home, after we had cleaned up and had a snack for dinner, we were snuggled together watching TV when Jackie returned to the bar discussion.

“I still don’t understand how you went from super jealous to wanting to play games,” she said, just throwing the subject on the table. We had danced around the subject a few times in the past but, both of us always seemed more comfortable in just letting it die, rather than delving into details.

“I think it’s because we have grown together and we know each other better,” I answered, without much thought.

“Meaning you trust me now?” Jackie asked, looking at me with her beautiful smile.

“I always trusted you. Maybe I just know more about relationships and people…and myself,” I replied. It had always been a hard thing to describe, and even when I was just mulling it over in my head I never was able to really get clarity on my motivation.

“I think you have a perv streak. Maybe a fetish,” she giggled. It was the most pointed and judgmental she ever been although, she was still acting lighthearted.

“Uhhh…well. I’m not sure that’s exactly right,” I responded, somewhat defensively.

“What is it you want to happen?” she asked. It was a question that had also been asked before, and was certainly fair but, like the rest of it, it was hard to put into words. When I thought about Jackie, alone in the ice house, it was always with several men standing around her flirting and her flirting back although, there wasn’t anything past that.

“You know…like I told you before. To watch you. Watch men hitting on you,” I finally replied.

“Just that?” she asked.

“Well you would be looking sexy,” I said.

“How sexy?” she replied, with a quick follow up question.

“I think in your bikini,” I told her. Again, it was ground we had been over before.

“So you want me to act like one of those boat girls?” she asked, referring to the girls that were always hanging around the boats acting wild in tiny suits, and usually very drunk.

“Yeah,” I answered, intentionally being provocative. I knew by now she was having fun with me so I decided to give some back. It was the first time I had been so specific, and it made her inhale quickly.

“You are demented,” she answered after a few seconds, and I was glad to hear her laughing as she spoke.

“So, when are we going to do it?” I replied, deciding to push my luck.

“We can’t. Someone might see us that we know. How would that be for us?” she replied, with her standard dismissal.

“I give up,” I said, with a sigh.

“If you could ever give me a really good reason why you want to, then maybe. I mean we both know it’s weird. If you could describe what you really wanted to happen, and how it won’t hurt our marriage then maybe we could try. But honey, I think you won’t like it and I’m worried about your jealous streak,” Jackie answered, with more specificity than she had ever provided.

“Honey, why give me hope if you know you never will?” I shot back, in frustration.

“It’s fun to think of as a fantasy. Plus, I like learning how strange you are,” she laughed, feeling proud of her wit.

“You’re not nice,” I said, with a pout.

“Take your wife to bed,” she demanded, while standing and pulling on my hand.

Of course, I got up and let her lead me to the bedroom. Making love to my wife was much too rewarding to let my disappointment interfere. We quickly undressed, and as soon as we were lying naked on the bed I took her in my arms and began to kiss her juicy, full lips that I loved so much. While we were kissing, Jackie began to lightly stroke my chest with her fingernails knowing how much it turned me on. From there, she worked down until she was tickling my scrotum with soft purrs coming from her through our connected mouths, and I decided then, I was going to work her into frenzy.

“Lay back,” I whispered, while gently pushing on her shoulders.

Once flat on the mattress, I started softly kissing her neck and ears while occasionally letting my lips brush over hers. I took my time and was soon rewarded with the sighs and moans that I knew were sure signs of her arousal, and when her breathing started to become labored I knew it was time to move on. Jackie’s nipples are quite small but very sensitive and she loves me to play with them so, I started licking and kissing her breasts but, avoided the tiny nubs which soon had her thrusting her chest upwards seeking a connection.

“Honey…” she whined in frustration, after a few minutes of teasing.

I ignored her for a bit longer then wandered my mouth to her nipples and began giving them quick little cat licks. This made her back arch even more, and caused her lower body to begin squirming while she moaned with a needy edge in her voice. When I knew that she was completely turned on and ready, I began kissing down her firm tummy heading for the main course. As I approached her sweet, shaved pussy, she started opening her legs in an unspoken invitation.

“What do you want?” I teased, with my mouth hovering just above her opening.

“I want you to lick me,” she instantly responded in a little girl voice, while using her hand to try and push my head down.

“Why do you want me to lick you?” I asked.

“Because it feels good and I want to…” she began to answer, and then stopped.

“You want to what?” I asked, and then teased her further by blowing onto her clit.

“I want to have an orgasm…” she begged.

“You want me to let you cum? After you were mean to me today?” I asked. It was a risky move. She might get angry and put an end to the sex. However, Jackie is usually quite playful in bed and I was counting on that.

“Yes… I wasn’t that mean,” she answered, and pushed harder against my head.

I let me head drop and started licking along the sides of her pussy which brought a huge sigh. With one of her hands on my head and the other playing with her nipples, she moaned and writhed on the bed as I licked all around, occasionally letting the tip of my tongue run lightly along her slit. It didn’t take long for her breathing to become hard, and her sounds and movements to get more pronounced.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked, lifting my wet face to look at her.

“Yesss…” she responded, excitedly.

“Tell me about going into the icehouse. And the hotter you make it the faster I’ll get you off,” I directed. Jackie, when alone, is not an inhibited lover and can be quite vocal when we are making love. But, that had always been in the form of moans of passion and words of love and encouragement. We had never tried any fantasy or roll playing before.

“God, you really are a weird aren’t you?” she replied, while lifting up slightly to look at me.

Her body had stopped moving but she had a smile on her face and after a second she just shook her head and fell back on the bed. I went back to teasing her pussy and almost a minute of silence followed. I was just about to the point of thinking that she was going to ignore my instruction when she finally spoke.

“Oh, honey. It was so fun. The men all wanted to talk to me,” she said, suddenly initiating the fantasy.

I rewarded her by dipping my tongue deep inside her cleft and then flicking her clit as I moved upwards. My actions drew a long moan from her but, after that it grew quiet again.

“Keep going,” I said, while briefly disengaging.

“They all crowded around me. It was like I was cornered,” she explained. Unfortunately, her description was so vague it provided little value in developing a scenario.

“Jackie, you need to be more descriptive,” I said.

“Well I’m sorry. I’ve never played demented games before,” she answered, and this time I noted a sense of frustration in her voice.

Silence followed again leaving me to think she had given up. But, like before, she gathered her thoughts then spoke.

“I walked in, went to the bar and ordered a glass of wine. I was only there a few minutes when three men seemed to surround me. There was Steve who was tall, with dark hair and an attorney, John who was average with blonde hair; he was a business man and then David who was tall too with brown hair. He was a doctor,” she started, trying harder this time.

Now Jackie has a very small clit but, when she gets truly turned on it becomes incredibly hard, almost like a little diamond that could cut glass. As my tongue ran over her sex, I could feel the tiny appendage scraping against me. By this, I knew that she was at the peak of arousal, and at least some of the fantasy was getting to her.

After her brief description, she paused I suspect hoping I would somehow respond. Instead, I kept up my lashing and after an awkward silence she started again.

“They kept buying me drinks and they moved in close to me, so I felt like I was trapped between them,” she said.

“What were you wearing?” I popped up for air and asked quickly.

“I was in my blouse and shorts,” she replied.

“Honey, if you want to cum you better make it a better story,” I snapped, with my own frustration.

There was another pause for several seconds. I knew that Jackie was gauging my demands versus her acceptance of play and her need for release.

“They wanted to see my bikini and they kept asking so much that I finally gave in,” she said. My dick, which had been three-fourth hard, instantly jumped to full attention.

I used the tip of my tongue to caress her erect clit bringing an instant response from her body and showing her how her words would lead to direct pleasure.

“Steve put his hand on my butt and John was holding my hand and… Oh, honey that feels so good. Please don’t stop. And…ummm…oh, mmmm…I bent over so they could see my nipples…and they looked. Oh…God it feels good,” as her words spilled out, I backed away to keep her from reaching the orgasm she wanted as I still wanted to hear more.

“Tell me more,” I encouraged.

“Oh honey. Their hands were on me and it felt so good. The guy…uh…David’s hand touched my breast and…uhhh…another one squeezed my butt and oh please let me cum…please,” she begged.

The few words she had spoken had made my dick so hard that I could feel cum oozing from the opening. It was such an incredible turn on, and deciding that I should take my victories in small increments I focused my tongue on her clit and tickled it until I felt her breathing stop and her body stiffen.

“OHHHH…OH…OH…OH YES…DON’T STOP,” she cried out in the loudest orgasm I had ever witnessed. After several seconds of sucking for breath, her pleas continued as she pulled on my shoulders while demanding, “Put it in. Come on. Do it!”

I quickly slid up her sweaty body and pushed easily inside. Together we moaned loudly then I began pounding against her hard, trying to extend her orgasm. Slowly, it began to ebb until she just lay wrapped around me whimpering as I raced towards my own release that arrived quickly.

“OH SHIT JACKIE. SHIT…damn!” I called out, as my face contorted and all my energy shot from my dick and into her waiting womb.

It had been some of the most intense sex we had ever experienced, and knowing that the role playing had contributed I wanted to give positive reinforcement so, I took her head in my hands and began giving her light, tender kisses.

“You are so incredibly beautiful,” I whispered into her ear.

Jackie was spent and was barely able to look at me but, she gave me one of her smiles letting me know that everything was okay. When I finally rolled off, I held her tightly against me until her breathing let me know she was fast asleep. To continue the positive message, I was ready with breakfast in bed when she woke the next day, which was very well received.

Numerous times over the next few days I thought about bringing up the subject about our role playing and discuss her reaction. I wanted desperately to know in detail what had been going through her head however, somewhere inside me a voice counseled to remain quiet. In fact, there was no talk about any extracurricular fun until the next time we went sailing. Then, like before, I turned to her with a stupid grin as we drove when past the ice house.

“You know the answer,” she laughed.

“Even after our play the other night?” I asked, with a faux pout.

“Even more with that!” she quickly answered.

“Can we play when we get home?” I asked, referring to a repeat of our previous role playing.

“No, that was a onetime thing,” she replied.

“Honey, that’s not fair,” I responded, expressing my disappointment.

“You’ll be okay. Keep the little perv in his room,” she retorted. Her words had a hint of condescension which kind of pissed me off but, with a deep breath, I held my tongue.

So, after a brief moment of seeming progress we were back where we started. I knew it was bizarre, awkward, whatever else one might use to describe it but, I had held out hope that Jackie would continue to play along, at least some. It seemed though that the door had been firmly closed.

Six weeks later, I was required by work to travel to Florida for business, and since my meetings were scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, Jackie and I had decided we could have a nice mini-vacation if I stayed over for the weekend and she joined me. So, Thursday evening at nine, I was waiting in the arrivals hall at the airport as my beautiful wife came through security looking outstanding in her pencil skirt, long sleeve blouse and business heels. She was even wearing her horn rimmed glasses that she knew I found very sexy, and I took it as a sign that she was in a good mood. We were staying at a very nice hotel on the water and due to the late hour we went straight there and had a snack and a glass of wine in the bar before going to our room where we made love then fell quickly asleep.

The next day we slept in before getting up and going to the beach where we had lunch then spent the next several hours relaxing and soaking up the sun. We ordered beach drinks, and kept them coming so, by mid-afternoon we were feeling no pain.

Jackie was wearing one of my favorite bikinis. It was a pale yellow color and contrasted perfectly with her dark hair, complexion and juicy red lips. It was also quite stylish, and showed her to be a beautiful and sexy woman. The top was a halter, held up by a single string around her neck, and presented her breasts in a full and flattering way. The bottom connected with ties on each hip and rode low on her tummy highlighting her toned abdomen. In the back, the suit struggled to maintain coverage of her equally tight behind which, of course, made it my favorite feature.

On the entire beach, one other women was in my wife’s league and it wasn’t long before I realized that a male parade route had been established to come close to both of them. Each time a man would pass, he would take a good look at her, some with an attempt at discretion but, most quite openly.

Later, it was back to the room for a shower, more lovemaking and a quick nap. It was still fairly early when we left the hotel in the rental car headed down the beach to a nice restaurant that had been recommended by the hotel for dinner. We were about two miles from the hotel when we passed a collection of three bars, set next to each other, that reminded me of the ice houses on the lake.

“Hmmm…maybe we could stop there on the way back,” I suggested in jest.

“Are you never going to give up?” Jackie replied, with a roll of her eyes.

“Well I’m sure no one knows us here,” I answered, taking away the excuse she had always used at home.

My comment didn’t generate a response and we drove on to the restaurant, enjoying a great dinner together. As usual, my wife attracted attention from the male patrons and staff, although everyone acted with the utmost respect. Nearing the bars on the way back, I was just about to speak when my wife went first.

“Eyes straight ahead,” she said, then started to laugh.

“Jackie, come on…” I started to protest.

“Not happening,” she said, cutting me off.

“Come on sweetie. We’re on vacation. No chance of anyone knowing us,” I replied.

“Together?” she asked, using another one word response.

“Well…uhhh…I thought we would go in separately and you know we would pretend you are alone,” I stammered.

“No,” she said, this time with a clear tone of annoyance.

“Why not Jackie? Why not? I mean we have played at this and you always claimed it wouldn’t work because someone might see us we know and now here we are with no chance of that happening and you are still saying no. Hell, you are even being more obstinate! I mean back home you at least pretended you were considering!” I shot back at her, losing my temper some.

“Why not? Well first I’m your wife not a trampy boat girl. Second, you have a wicked temper. True, you have improved but I don’t want to have a scene or worse see you in jail. Third, I think your little fantasy won’t hold up to reality. You’ll feel guilty or make me feel guilty,” Jackie shot back, with equal emotion.

Her words hit me hard and I pouted in silence. I also considered her points but after the drinks on the beach and the wine at dinner I was in a state where I quickly dismissed all her concerns, and we remained quiet for the remainder of the drive back to the hotel.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked, when we pulled into the hotel lot.

“Never mind. You’ve taken all the fun out of it,” I told her, still feeling attacked.

“Whose fun? This is your deal,” she retorted.

“It is now. It never was before. Before it was fun and playful but we couldn’t because we might see someone. I understood that. Now, it’s something different,” I explained.

Our eyes locked and we stared at each other for almost a minute before she spoke, “Let’s go. Let’s give it a try.”

“Jackie, I told you. Never mind. It’s dead. You killed it,” I replied.

“Come on let’s try. I want to. Come on,” she answered.

“No you don’t,” I challenged her. It was clear she was just doing it to prove a point.

“I do. I promise I will try and I’ll be sincere,” she said, in a softer voice.

“What are you going to try?” I asked.

“To flirt. Act available. Let strange men flirt with me,” she answered and then with a quick smile she said seductively, “Be naughty.”

I still knew it was all a show, a charade, to say she had tried and be done with it. Still, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get another chance so, even if it was far from perfect, with a nod I agreed.

“Okay, well let’s go then,” She answered, with a deep breath after a short pause.

“You need to change. I want you to go in your bikini.” I responded.

She looked at me expressionless for what seemed like an eternity and I expected to hear her tell me to forget it, so I was surprised when she suddenly said, “Let me change.”

I followed her into the hotel but, went to the bar while she went to the elevator. I put the likelihood of her returning at below 50% so I was pleasantly surprised when she appeared fifteen minutes later wearing her beach cover. It was a thin garment that tied with a sash in the front and came to mid-thigh which left me wondering which suit she had selected. I quickly killed the last of my beer and we walked out to the car.

“Show me which one you put on,” I said when we were in the lot. Opening the cover I saw that she had on the same suit she had worn on the beach earlier which pleased me greatly.

“Happy?” she asked.

“Very,” I replied, instantly.

Once in the car, it took just five minutes to reach the bars. On closer inspection, there was a set of three with the first one showing the most activity, and I pulled the car to a quiet spot three rows from the front.

“Why don’t you go in first? I’m going to go to the last bar and then come back after I’ve had a beer,” I explained. Jackie leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips and without speaking opened the door and started to step out.

“Wait,” I said and in her eyes I saw something that looked like hope. When I spoke again, that look turned to something else, “Probably best if you leave your rings.”

There was a pause where she looked at me as if to give me one final chance then, very quickly, she pulled off her rings and handed them to me.

I found a spot on the patio of the bar, overlooking the water, where I could see the back of the place where I had just left my wife. It seemed to be mayhem at the bar with a packed deck and people on boats that were tied up alongside their pier. Most of the men were in shorts and t-shirts while the women, girls really, were almost all in bikinis or the tops with shorts.

“What will you have?” the waitress asked, and I gave her my beer selection.

“What’s with the place next door?” I asked the young girl.

“The Big Mouth Frog? That place is insane. It will get worse when the sun goes down and the band starts,” she replied, then walked off. The sun was in fact just starting to set so; I thought our timing had been pretty good.

“It does look crazy,” I said when she brought the beer back, hoping she would comment more.

“This is nothing. It’s just the early Friday after work crowd. Wait till later. Saturday is the worst though,” she said quickly, then disappeared.

Her words made sense and as I continued to look at the activity I realized something looked strange although, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Exactly twenty minutes had gone by since I dropped off Jackie when I finished my beer, and rather than rush over I decided to have another.

“This place is wild,” a text came from Jackie, announced by her special tone.

“How?” I sent a simple reply.

There was no immediate reply and I drank most of my second beer before it came in, “Where are u?”

“On my way,” I shot back.

I left my spot and drove the short distance to the Big Mouth Frog finding a spot in the far confines of the lot, which had continued to fill. Walking inside, I could see that the place consisted of a long room with a bar that ran halfway down the right side. The rest of the room was filled with tables and ended at a live music stage. To the left, it opened to a deck that extended over the water, and on each end of the deck were bars with numerous standing tables between. Past the deck was the flotilla of boats tied up several deep in some places. Music was blaring loudly from the sound system with seventies rock songs.

Instantly, I noticed what had caught my attention but, what I couldn’t place during my looks from the other bar. Unlike the ice houses back home, which were largely filled with professionals coming out from the city to party on weekends, the clientele in this place was rougher and definitely blue collar. There were lots of bellies showing on both sexes and tattoos were in high abundance.

The bar had one or two open stools and the indoor tables were roughly half filled. Outside it was completely filled, overfilled really, with no sign of an open spot. I took one of the open stools at the bar and began searching for my wife.

It didn’t take long to find her. She was sitting at the far end of the bar I was at with a half empty drink in front of her and a fresh one next to it. Standing just behind her and leaning over talking to her was a tall guy who looked to be in his twenties wearing cut-off jeans and a black tank top. He had a lean but strong body, closely cropped brown hair, a stubble beard and I could see tattoos on his arms that I couldn’t make out. As best I could tell, Jackie was trying hard to ignore him but, he wasn’t taking the hint.

After watching for a few minutes without my wife spotting me, I decided it was outside where the real action was taking place so I typed out a quick text telling her she should go to the deck. It took five minutes before she finally noticed it but, when she did she looked around the room and spotted me. She gave me a wry smile that contrasted with my grin but, without replying she picked up her partially finished drink and headed out with her admirer following, carrying the drink he had no doubt bought. Within seconds of stepping onto the deck, she was consumed by the crowd and I knew I would need to follow.

I sipped my beer to give her some time then bought another and went outside where it was extremely crowded, very loud and most of the people were well on their way to drunkenness. Breasts and ass cheeks were spilling from the small suits worn by most of the females and there was a general feeling of raw sexuality. It took time to work through the crowd until I spotted Jackie standing at one of the standup tables a few feet from the end of one of the bars with her admirer still next to her like a devoted hound. I found a calm area near the back wall where I could watch and settled in.

“Get naughty!” I shot out a text, while fighting back a smile. It took a few minutes for her to check her phone during which I watched her fend off several advances from the guy.

“Like what?” she replied. Then looked around to try and find me.

“Flirt or something,” I texted her quickly.

“Where are you?” she responded.

“Watching. Don’t worry about it. Get naughty. We discussed this,” I directed her in successive messages.

I saw her look at her phone and for a moment she just stared at it. Then, she turned to the guy who had been hitting on her but now I could tell it was with a completely different attitude. Her smile made him instantly more aggressive, and he moved closer to my wife with a confident smile.

Over the next thirty minutes, I watched them interact as she pretended to be interested and he kept working her hard. He bought her several drinks which she dutifully consumed likely to provide her with courage but, whatever the reason, I really didn’t care and neither did her friend. My dick was hard from watching the show and seeing the guy think his charm was winning her over. The highlight of it all was when her cover got loose and the guy pulled it open revealing her bikini clad body. It was a sexy suit, on the conservative end of what the other girls were wearing but, the idea of this working man who was hitting on her hard, seeing her swelled breasts, flat tummy and tight ass up close had me very excited.

Just after dark, a rock band started playing which further energized the crowd, and it was just a few minutes later that I saw two men and a woman worm through the throng of bodies and meet up with my wife’s admirer. One of the men was quite large, well over six foot and heavy. He looked to be in his mid-thirties and had a bandana wrapped over his head. He was wearing shorts that accentuated his thick thighs, a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off, and his well-developed chest and biceps looked more like they came from work than from time in the gym. The other guy was shorter and average looking. He had on surfer type trunks and a white t-shirt with an indistinguishable logo. The girl looked like a true skank as she was very skinny with dirty blonde hair, large fake breasts and was smoking a cigarette. In addition, she wore a tiny suit that let half her ass and most of her tits show but, she didn’t seem concerned at all.

The newcomers moved in close to my wife and her friend, and after introductions, they began an animated conversation. Soon, the large guy waved at the bartender and ordered more drinks. In all my fantasies about my wife flirting, it was always with the crowd close to home. I had never considered her in a scenario with a crowd like this but, now seeing it; I found it very interesting but a little concerning.

When I saw the group form, I had been worried my wife would get scared and flee so; I had prepared myself for this and even thought about how I would deal with her emotional state. Thus, I was quite surprised when she stayed in the group, and even more so when I watched her freely interacting.

When the new round of drinks arrived, first they were passed out then a toast was made. After that, all attention looked like it shifted to my wife. The original guy was standing to her left, and had his hand on her shoulder. I watched the big guy close in on her other side, and put his hand on her opposite shoulder. The other two were directly in front but, moved closer until it was a very tight nesting, and everyone appeared to start talking to Jackie at the same time. It was only a few minutes later that I watched with excitement as they pulled the wrap off her shoulders completely exposing her bikini clad body, and the big guy took the wrap and quickly tossed it onto the table before turning back to my wife. It was an incredible moment, better than I had hoped, and my body, from head to toe felt flushed while my dick strained against my shorts.

“Awesome,” I texted to her in encouragement. It was only after I hit send that I realized that her phone was in the pocket of her wrap now draped over the table.

It had become so crowded now that there was a constant stream of people passing in front of me that made watching more difficult, and the noise level had reached an extreme level. There was of course the band blaring out rock music at full decibel but, adding to it was the din of the crowd on the deck and the row of boats pulled up close. It easily surpassed the craziest fraternity party I had ever attended in college.

After a crowd had slowly passed in front of me temporarily blocking my view, I realized that my wife and all but the average looking guy had disappeared. This guy was surveying the crowd and slamming a beer but, my wife’s wrap was still on the bar so I surmised that they had gone to the dance floor. Now Jackie loves to dance so I knew she could be easily convinced, and the thought of her in the sexy suit gyrating to the music had me incredibly excited. Hidden in the heavy crowd would she get touched? Fondled? I thought about going inside to try and find her but, decided it was best to stay put until she returned.

It was exactly twenty-six minutes until she was back, and after the first five, each passing minute had the effect of driving me to a higher state of excitement and concern. Back in their spot, even from my distance, I could see the sheen of sweat on her beautiful body. Her admirer was pushed very close to her with their legs touching and everyone seemed to be in a very happy mood. I watched as my wife was handed her robe by the large guy and saw both girls leave the group together, no doubt headed for the bathroom. Minutes later I felt my phone vibrate and I saw I had a message from her.

“Ready to go?” it said.

“Hell no. You are doing great. You are so hot,” I answered immediately.

“Aren’t you jealous?” she shot back.

“Should I be?” I typed in response.

I looked at my phone waiting for her reply but nothing came and with each passing second my anxiety and arousal grew higher. Finally, almost three minutes later, I felt the device buzz and received, “Maybe.”

Now, my wife is not a natural tease so my first reaction was that there was a story. Then, I thought with all she had to drink maybe she was toying with me. In any event, I responded with, “Tell me.”

“Tell you in the car,” she answered. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Watching, I thought she was getting into the play however, now she was telling me she would rather go. It annoyed the hell out of me and my mind flashed in anger. Before I could think, I was typing.

“Fucking great. Just when it’s getting fun. Why do you always do this?” I sent stupidly.

Despite my constant looking at the screen, there was no response, and when I saw her back with the other girl in the group, I knew there wouldn’t be one. She had her wrap on but let her friend take it off without protest and once again it was thrown across the table.

It was now after ten and all around me people, after a long day at work or on the water, were reaching a point of advanced inebriation. A few women’s tops had come off but, the bar staff moved quickly to make sure they got put back on. However, on the boats, particularly those in the outer rows, there were many women flashing their tits to the crowd, and receiving large cheers each time. Overall it was a Sodom and Gomorrah scene although, one I was finding incredibly exciting. Especially, since my sweet wife was a peripheral player.

The action on the deck was hard to ignore and I found myself occasionally distracted from Jackie. So, I was lucky to see her and the same three, leave their spot and head inside once more to the dance floor. It took them even longer to return this time, well over thirty minutes, and when they did there was a noticeable change in my wife. Now, she had her hand on her friends arm and she was leaning in to him. Instantly, I wondered what had happened. What had I missed? I chastised myself for not going inside to spy. Had he kissed her? Touched her ass? Her breasts? A wave of thoughts went through me as I considered what I was seeing versus her normal conservative nature but, it was clear something had changed.

“What happened?” I quickly punched out a text, although I suspected it was futile.

Then it happened. The lean guy, who had been pursuing my wife all night, bent down and kissed her. As he did, his hand went to her firm ass and slipped beneath the small garment then squeezed it for all to see. Their kiss didn’t last long but it was long enough, and I found myself in a bizarre place of both jealousy and lust. I couldn’t believe she had succumbed although, at the same time, I couldn’t look away and wanted it to continue.

He removed his hand from beneath her suit but it stayed on her ass, and over the next few minutes he kissed her several more times. She accepted each advance but, didn’t let their lips remain connected long. After watching them for almost thirty minutes, it began to grow redundant and my desire to get my wife in bed grew stronger until I finally texted, “Let’s go.”

It took her another fifteen minutes to answer and I was surprised by her message, “He wants me to go home with him.”

My immediate reaction was that she was teasing me no doubt helped by the alcohol she had consumed, and after thinking about it for a minute I responded.

“What do you think? Do you want to?” I typed, totally throwing it back at her.

Even though I couldn’t see her with her phone, very shortly I got an answer which said, “Should I?”

Now fully committed to the give and take, I replied with, “Yes.”

At first, there was no response and I watched intently as she continued to interact with the group. I knew there was practically no chance that she would go with the guy however, the very small probability she would had me on edge. It was exciting to consider but, at the same time, I wondered if I could really live with the reality and the consequences.

Finally, minutes later, I felt the phone buzz and looking at the screen the words said, “Time to go honey. Meet me at the door.”

The way it came across was so simple and straight forward that I felt like a child that had just been told it was time to leave the playground. Plus, it became immediately apparent that most, if not all, of her texting had been designed to toy with me which I found disappointing. Still, I realized she was right about leaving so I acknowledged her message and began moving towards the door.

Jackie appeared soon thereafter, and the smile on her face let me know that we were going to have fun in bed. In fact, as soon as we were in the car I pulled her across the console and planted my lips on hers tasting the cigarette smoke the man had left with her. I could also tell she was feeling the effects of the alcohol as she rarely went this far.

“You are incredible. Thank you,” I said, sincerely.

“Let’s get to the hotel,” she replied, giving me a hint at her arousal.

Minutes later we arrived and impatiently rode the elevator to our floor. Once in our room, we tore at our clothes until we were naked on the bed entwined in each other’s arms. My hands roamed her body, and when they explored between her legs I was pleased to find her dripping wet.

“Someone got you excited,” I said, unable to hide my smile.

“You did,” she answered, attempting to deny the reality.

“Not me. Your lover,” I answered.

“Mack,” she clarified, providing his name.

Jackie took the initiative and pulled me into position between her open legs then helped guide my rigid dick into her well prepared opening. Her hands went to my hips and encouraged me to move faster until we were fucking at a torrid pace. She was as excited as I had ever seen her, and she responded to my thrusts with gasps and moans of pleasure. It proved too much for me and it wasn’t long before I felt my balls tighten. Rather than fight it, I let it happen knowing that with my excitement I would be able to recover quickly. I cried out loudly as I filled Jackie but, after a hard push, continued on with a slower, more deliberate movement.

“You feel so good,” I whispered.

“So do you,” Jackie answered.

“You looked so incredible, so damn hot. Did you have fun?” I asked.

“I did it for you,” she replied.

“I know honey but, did you have fun too?” I asked.

“You know you can be an ass sometimes. I didn’t like when you barked at me,” she responded.

“I know. That was bad but tell me you had fun too,” I probed, wanting to know at least a part of her had enjoyed it.

“It was different. Some of it was okay I guess,” she said, as I continued moving slowly.

“He made you wet,” I whispered, suddenly frustrated with her coy answers.

“He was a good kisser,” she replied quickly.

I expected a defensive answer so her words surprised me but, also made my dick stiffen even more and my movement quickened. Jackie noticed the reaction and looked up at me with an odd expression.

“His hand was on your butt,” I stated.

“Yes,” she replied simply, but I could feel her body molding into mine.

For the next few minutes, we were quiet as we made love while giving each other deep, passionate kisses. Our pace increased, and when our lips weren’t connected I was serenaded to the sounds of my wife’s purrs and mews of pleasure. I could tell Jackie was getting close so I concentrated on giving her a deep, steady pace until I was rewarded with the cries of her orgasm. While she recovered, I ground my pelvis slowly into her and planted soft kisses on her face. Finally, I rolled to her side and pulled her tightly against me but, finding my dick still hard I turned her back to me and slipped inside her from behind. With one hand on her breast, I nuzzled into her neck and whispered loving words.

“I don’t understand you,” she spoke, several minutes later.

“Why honey?” I asked, although I suspected I knew the theme.

“I know you love me and you can be so tender. I just don’t get the bar thing,” she said.

I thought about her statement for a bit. It wasn’t the first time by any means she had asked the question in some form but, we had never done anything like we had that night so I wanted to pick my words carefully.

“Jackie, it’s like we talked about before. It’s just play and it’s just between us. And, it’s to have fun and you haven’t told me yet if you had fun,” I replied.

“Some of it was fun,” she finally admitted.

“What parts,” I asked, eagerly.

“Teasing you,” she answered, and began to giggle.

“Cute,” I responded laughing too then continued, “But he got you excited.”

“Honey, I’m human! You were pushing me!” she replied, finally admitting her arousal.

We cuddled for several minutes before Jackie suddenly asked, “Why did you say yes when I asked if you wanted me to go home with Mack?”

“I…uhhh…I was just teasing,” I replied, but the guilt in my voice came through.

“I don’t think you were. At least not completely,” she said, and turned her head to look into my face.

“Yes I was,” I responded, not wanting to get into the discussion.

After that, we both grew quiet and soon the long day and the alcohol had us drifting off. For me, it was a fitful sleep as I thought about both the excitement of the evening as well as my own motivations and reactions. My wife had been correct as I had thought about her leaving with Mack and being thoroughly fucked by the stranger, and that confused me greatly.

Interestingly, it was Jackie who initiated sex the next morning with her small hand stroking my dick, and as soon as I was hard she straddled my waist and started a rocking motion while my hands went to her breasts. When I pulled her down for a kiss, I got a whiff of stale alcohol and cigarette smoke which brought back memories of the night before. I let her set the pace and it wasn’t long until I saw her bite her lips and seconds later, her face contorted and a series of high pitched whimpers came from her as she experienced a small climax.

“You look beautiful when you cum,” I whispered, after she had collapsed on my chest.

“Mmmm…” was all that escaped her mouth. I let her recover in silence while stroking her hair until she asked, “What are we doing today?”

“I’m going to make love to my beautiful wife again then take her to the beach,” I said, and felt her hug me tightly.

We did make love, and from there it was to the beach where we set up and enjoyed the sun and the clear ocean water. Fortunately, our hangovers were not severe and quickly faded, and like before it didn’t take long for a circuit to be set up by the men who wanted to get a close up look of my wife in her bikini.

After coming in from a swim, I decided I wanted to hear more details of what had occurred in the bar so I said, “Jackie, describe what happened with that guy and the others.”

“The guy’s name was Mack,” she started. Of course, I knew that from the previous night but, I just nodded my head.

“Who were the others?” I asked. It wasn’t something I was all that interested in however, I thought it would help fuel discussion.

“Steve, Larry and Tammy. Steve was the big guy,” she explained.

“Okay, tell me everything,” I said.

“What did you see?” she asked, a smile highlighting her face.

“I saw you at the table near the end of the bar first with Mack and then the others. I saw you take the cover off. I saw you leave the first time. Then the crowd got heavier so I couldn’t see everything. I saw that you left again and that’s about it” I told her.

“Well, you saw most of it. Mack was talking to me and you wanted me to flirt so I did, or at least tried. Then the others arrived and Steve started ordering drinks. They weren’t bad people. Tammy was kind of trashy,” she explained.

“And you let them see you in your bikini. That was awesome,” I said, hoping my positive comments would help extract more info.

“That was for you sweetie,” she answered, demurely

“You kiss him for me too?” I asked, quickly.

“Actually, yes. But he was a good kisser,” she replied, and started giggling.

“And his hand on your butt?” I followed.

“You told me to be naughty,” Jackie explained, and I could see her position was going to be it had all been for me.

“Well, it was fun to watch. Thank you for doing it and playing along,” I said.

“Well, I hope you got what you wanted and it’s out of your system,” Jackie answered.

“Now that I know my wife can be a little naughty, definitely want to do it again,” I answered, realizing that although my words hadn’t been thought through they were very true.

Later, it was back to the room for a shower and a nap however, both of us were feeling antsy so after an hour we decided to go down to the beachside bar for a drink. I quickly put on shorts and a polo shirt but, Jackie took her time and ended up in a sassy sundress that reached mid-thigh and showed off her well-shaped and now nicely tanned legs.

The bar wasn’t that crowded, and we ended up on two stools on the beach end and ordered drinks. I was still feeling a lingering excitement from the events of the previous night and this, coupled with the warm breeze and the wonderful view combined to seduce me into drinking quickly. I suspect that my wife had similar feelings because, although not keeping up drink for drink, she was definitely taking more in then the norm.

“Dinner?” I asked, as the sun started to set.

“Too much trouble. Let’s just order a snack here,” she suggested, which was music to my ears.

We shared some appetizers while we continued to drink, and the small bar got a bit more crowded. I sensed it was a spot people frequented for a drink or two before they headed out to other places. Of course, with the increase in patrons, it became easier to spot men stealing looks at my wife, and they were treated occasionally when a sudden gust of wind would blow her dress around providing a full view of her legs. Watching them look had an impact on my thoughts, and that along with the heavy drinking soon had me thinking of my wife in the Big Mouth Frog although, even partly drunk, I knew it was a stupid idea. Better that we sit here, get wasted then spend the rest of the night in bed but, I couldn’t shake the idea. Every time I forced it away, it snuck back in my brain and I would find myself visualizing her in a bikini surrounded by strange men.

“What are you thinking?” Jackie asked after I had been quiet for some time, and hearing her voice I realized my mind had been wandering.

“Huh, oh…nothing,” I replied.

“What?” she asked again, knowing I had evaded her question.

“Well, ummm…I don’t want to say,” I replied as a grin spread across my face. The thought of her back in the bar in her bikini was appealing however, this was a discretion being a better part of valor situation.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said, and turned away.

“You do? Really?” I answered, calling her bluff.

“Yes, you want to do something like last night. I can see it in that silly smile!” she declared. Having been so easily read, I was both surprised and impressed.

“That’s not true…” I started, in a voice that lacked conviction.

“Yes, it is. Don’t lie,” Jackie interrupted.

I let her comment pass and took the last sip of my drink then waved the bartender over and ordered another. I could tell she was waiting for a response from me as she stayed quiet but, a minute later when the bartender had delivered my cocktail, she finally had to speak.

“Tell me what you were thinking,” she demanded.

“No,” I replied, deciding I wasn’t going to be manipulated.

“Tell me,” she said again. In all our time together, my wife has been able to use some secret power on me to get her way. Now, like countless times before, I struggled to withhold the information.

“You’ll just get mad,” I whined.

“Tell me. I won’t get mad,” she answered, while giving me a soft look with her eyes. Instinctively, I knew it was a trap.

“I…I was thinking…you know…maybe…uhhh…maybe we could go back,” I replied, suddenly feeling like a kid that had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“To the bar?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered, avoiding eye contact.

“With me in a bikini and alone I suppose?” she stated, more than asked.

When I nodded my head, she just slowly shook hers with a look of disgust. After that, there was an awkward silence that was only interrupted when the bartender came over to ask my wife if she wanted another drink, and before she could reply I ordered one for her.

“So, what do you think?” I asked, sarcastically.

“Sure let’s go. I’ll go change after this drink,” she responded, with equal sarcasm.

“Fantastic, wear the red suit,” I suggested. It was one of my favorites because it contrasted so well with her dark hair and skin. Plus, the bottoms seemed to always draw into her butt crack providing an awesome view of her ass.

“Should I text Mack and let him know?” she asked, not backing down. The fact that she might have his number brought a lump to my throat and shorts.

“Do you want to hang out with him or someone new?” I deadpanned the answer.

“I prefer him. I like his kisses,” she said, and my dick got harder.

“Okay, up to you,” I said, and immediately she picked up her phone.

“Text sent,” she announced a minute later.

Any thought that she was toying with me was proved wrong when just a few minutes later I heard the sound from her phone indicating an incoming message. She picked up the phone, looked at the screen and a smile slowly came to her face.

Then, she put the phone on the bar, took a sip from her drink and turning to me with her eyebrows raised said, “Last chance.”

“I think you would have more fun meeting someone knew but if your heart is set on him that’s fine,” I said to her. My words were chosen to convey that we were going and she only had a choice in her company.

“He’s who I want,” she immediately responded, and picked up her phone.

We finished our drink then had another and amazingly the conversation was about things other than going to the Big Mouth Frog. When she finished, she left to change leaving me to continue drinking. Twenty minutes later she returned, and although she had a t-shirt over the suit I could see just enough of the bottoms to know that she had indeed put on the one I requested.

“Good choice,” I said.

“It’s all for you baby, I really hope you enjoy it,” she replied, although her words seemed to come out like a warning.

As soon as I stood, it hit me how much I had consumed. Just for a moment, I thought about canceling the whole thing but, by now my “little dick” had assumed control so I moved deliberately out of the bar with just enough remaining sense to know to take a taxi. Fortunately, there were several in the hotel queue so, we were at the bar within ten minutes, and like the waitress had said it was crazier and more crowded than the previous night. With a quick kiss, I sent Jackie in while I stood in the lot for a few minutes then followed.

Once in, it was immediately apparent just how much more crowded it was. Both inside and on the patio there were so many people it didn’t even look like there was room to walk, and like the previous night the bulk of the people were in skimpy attire. By the time I worked my way to the bar and ordered a beer, it had been over twenty minutes since I had seen Jackie, and I set off on a slow, difficult path to try and locate her.

It took almost forty-five minutes and three circuits of the club, inside and out, before I spotted her just off the end of one of the outdoor bars, very close to the dock, with Mack and another couple. Her shirt was already off and she looked damn hot in the red suit. Mack was wearing long shorts, and a sleeveless button shirt that was open showing part of his chest. The other couple consisted of a shorter, stockier guy with dark hair wearing shorts and a t-shirt and a long-haired blonde woman with large breasts in a dark bikini. She was an inch or so shorter than my wife and probably ten pounds heavier but still looked attractive. Both couples were swaying to the beat of the music and I noticed that Mack’s hand was sprawled across my wife’s hip and ass.

“See you,” I sent to her.

Ten minutes or so went by before I saw her step to the end of the bar and pick up her phone. Seconds later I felt the vibration and looking at the screen read, “Okay.”

I was disappointed as I had expected a bit more, and when I looked up she was back with the others then suddenly I watched as she tugged on Mack’s arm and then embraced him in a deep kiss. Instantly, I realized that she was going to rub my nose in it and push my limits but, I also wondered how much she was enjoying it. She had admitted getting turned on by him and I wondered if he might relight her fire. It was going to be interesting to watch, and a little voice told me I needed to make sure I stayed in control.

I watched for over an hour leaving only once to hit the bathroom and grab a beer. All that time, the two couples stayed in a tight group with Jackie occasionally kissing Mack, and in their embraces her hand would usually slide inside his shirt and rub his chest. His hands never seemed to leave her body as he was always in contact in some way with her waist, hips or ass.

“You look happy,” I texted, mostly because I couldn’t think of anything else to say. Like before, the minutes ticked before she checked her phone.

“Yes are you?” she replied, then, another message came through right after, “And wet.”

Her declaration told me one of two things. Either, she truly wanted to make me pay for pushing her to do this or she was drunk, or both, as I couldn’t think of another reason why she would send me such a provocative text. Seconds later, she was back next to Mack, and once again, for my benefit, she pulled him into a kiss. However, this time I could see she had her phone in her hand.

“You’re being naughty.” I quickly typed. This time she noticed the message almost immediately and turning from the group I watched as she manipulated the device.

“Yes,” she replied and seconds later another one was received, “For you.”

I was still looking at the small screen when yet another one came through from her, “Want me to stop?”

I read her message several times as I continued to get jostled by the tight crowd, and contemplated how to respond. Continue to push or take my beautiful wife to the hotel for a night of hot love making? I felt like a pioneer, a scout in the old west who has a burning desire, almost a need, to know what’s over the next hill.

“Have fun,” I said to her.

Instantly, I looked over and waited until it was received to see her reaction, and it was clear when it arrived as I saw her frown.

“He wants me to go home with him,” she informed me.

It was the same message I had received the night before and I knew this was her way of pushing the decision; an out she had to make me relent and tell her it was time to leave. I thought about what to say and whether to push but, eventually I decided to do nothing, I merely wouldn’t respond. For the next few minutes, I watched as she continued to check her phone until Mack, tired of her absence, stepped over, took her hand and brought her back to the group. Little did he know, that at that exact moment, he may have actually claimed his prize.

Even though it was occasionally interesting, I was growing bored with playing the voyeur from fifty feet away. It was so crowded I had to fight to maintain a view and was constantly being bumped by the drunken throng. I was just about to text Jackie and grant her wish to leave when I saw her and the blonde girl moving in a way that made it look like they were leaving. The bathroom instantly came to mind and I knew it would be an opportunity to meet her as she came out, and let her know it was time to go. I walked in parallel with the women as they pressed through the crowd and arrived at the bathroom just as they disappeared through the door. Knowing that they would take longer than me, I bolted into the men’s side and was back waiting within a few minutes.

Jackie appeared and was talking to the blonde so, when she saw me, she was startled but regained her composure quickly.

“Oh, hi,” she said to me then to the girl, “This is my brother Warren.”

Warren is my middle name and she knows how much I hate it so, I knew her use of it was intentional. I was introduced to the girl whose name was Melanie, and up close she looked to be in her mid-20s. Hearing her voice, it seemed that she had stepped right out of the backwoods as she had an uneducated way of speaking; used curse words often and had a pronounced drawl that made her difficult to understand. On the positive side, she had large, full breasts, a nice complexion and wide hips that seemed to be made to bear children. I wondered what in the world Jackie had found to talk with her about.

“He comin over?” Melanie asked in her country drawl.

I saw my wife’s eyes light up and she replied, “Yes, Warren come over and talk to us.”

“I need to speak with you for a second,” I said to my wife in a way that implied it was a private discussion, and Melanie shrugged and left. As soon as she was a few steps away I said to Jackie, “You ready to go?”

“Oh, now you want to go?” she asked in an annoyed voice, but also showed a hint of a smile.

“Yes, I’m ready,” I said, and only when I saw her reaction did I realize the way it sounded.

“I’m not. I’m having fun. Maybe in a little while,” she announced.

“Jackie?” I tried, but she was already starting to move.

“Come by and say hi if you want,” she said over her shoulder, without stopping.

Realizing I might have pushed a bit too hard and was now reaping the payback, I decided to give her a few minutes to make her point, then collect her and leave. I was certain her comment about “having fun” was just an attempt to rub my nose in it, and once she had the glory of the victory she would be ready. Getting a beer, I slowly made my way back to my spot but, when I got there I couldn’t see either couple. Hoping they were dancing, I slowly made my way inside, and on the crowded dance floor I first spotted Melanie then deeper in the mass of people I saw my wife.

I was shocked to see the way my wife was dancing with Mack. He had his hand firmly on her ass pulling her tightly against him, and with her arms draped around his neck they moved seductively to the deep bass beat of a reggae song the band was trying to play. Her suit had pulled into her ass crack showing almost all of both cheeks, and the way they were positioned it made it look like they were trying to fuck. The only salvation was that about half the couples were dancing the same way.

When that song ended, they continued to the next one without separating and then did the same on a third. Anyone watching them would easily reach the conclusion that they were a couple, and that he would no doubt be enjoying her charms later that night. Then I witnessed something that truly shocked me. With my wife pulled close, Mack moved his hand between them and slipped it into the left cup of her top and took hold of her breast. She accepted it without protest, and he maintained his fondling until the song ended.

With a set of diverse emotions assaulting my senses, I followed them back to their spot by the bar watching as he guided my wife with his hand still on her ass. He must have thought by now that he was going to be between her legs before the night was through, and I hoped we would be able to exit without a scene.

“Let’s go,” I texted.

A few minutes later I saw her look then type, “Not yet.”

Now, I was getting pissed. I was ready to go and she had made her point. I shot a message back, “Okay, I’m leaving. Have fun.”

Her reply came faster this time, “See you later. Get some sleep.”

I read her message three times and grew angrier with each effort. She had managed to inflame my temper that I had worked so hard to keep under control, and I set off for the door where I was fortunate to find a cab waiting. A few minutes later I was sitting alone in the hotel bar drinking a beer while the bartender watched TV.

I sat there continuing to stew as I thought about her attitude. Sure, I had pushed maybe a little too hard but she had completely gone with it and was now acting the slut. Let her go home with him and get fucked I thought. Hell, I even thought he deserved it after all the prick teasing she had done. It would serve her right and may even do her some good I rationalized.

It took an hour and three beers for me to calm down, and I watched as the bartender prepared to close wondering how I was going to get it all to end. Compounding my problem was that I was now completely hammered. Twice I had gone to the bathroom stumbling my way each time but, fortunately I was still self-aware enough to know my condition and limitation. I was just about to go back to the Big Mouth Frog when my phone beeped.

“Where are you?” her message said.

“Hotel,” I answered.

“You left me?” her reply said.

“Yes,” I provided a simple answer.

“I need you,” the message said and like a bolt I was out the door. Unfortunately, now there were no cabs and it took one twenty minutes to appear after I called.

“Are you okay?” I asked, while I waited impatiently but, by the time the cab got to the bar I had still not received a reply.

Although still quite crowded, it wasn’t as bad as when I left so, I was able to make my way to the spot I had left Jackie fairly quickly. Finding it empty, I decided to make a circuit through the place to look for her and was near the dance floor when I spotted her with Mack dancing once more.

I had read her message to imply some distress but, seeing her with him she didn’t show any sign of concern, and in fact looked quite happy. She had both arms wrapped around his neck and her head was against his chest while they basically danced in one place to the slow strains of the band. I watched until it ended, and when they left I followed them back to the same spot. The other couple had appeared from somewhere, and was waiting when Jackie and Mack arrived.

“Hi Warren,” my wife said when I walked up to the group. Instantly, I could tell she was trashed – more so than I had ever seen her.

“Hi Warren,” Melanie chimed in, and while not as bad as my wife I could see she was too.

I was quickly introduced to Mack and Jerry, who like Melanie spoke with a heavy country drawl. Mack, with a show of possessiveness, looped his arm around my wife’s waist while he looked at me, and I noticed my wife break out in a little smile. I tried hard to be friendly with the intent to find an easy exit point, and learned through the conversation that Jerry was a mechanic at a car dealership while Mack was a HVAC installer on condo and apartment projects.

Mack leaned down and whispered something to my wife and when she nodded he held her arm, began to step away and asked Jerry, “We’re going to dance wanna come?”

“Nah, we’ll sit this one out,” he replied.

“They make a good couple,” Melanie said as soon as they were gone.

“She got a boyfriend?” Jerry asked.

“Nothing serious I don’t think,” I answered, to which they just nodded. I wondered what Jackie had told them about herself. Like the previous night, she had taken off her rings but I still had mine on.

“Hell, they already talkin children,” the girl said with a laugh, in her country voice.

“What do you mean?” I asked, quite confused.

“Oh, Jackie say said she wanted two kids but Mack said if she’s his he’ll give her at least six,” she laughed as if the description somehow made him worthy as a husband to my sister then, she added while laughing, “Says she needs to be barefoot and pregnant.”

“She’s going with us to Mack’s right?” Jerry asked Melanie.

“Yeah, she said she was,” the blonde girl answered, and her words floored me. Had my wife in fact agreed to leave the bar and go with them?

“I’m going to the pisser,” Jerry announced, and left me with Melanie.

“Jackie is very pretty,” she said to me.

“Yes, she is,” I replied.

“Don’t worry about her and Mack. He’s a good man and he’s already in love with her. He’ll treat her right,” she explained, and it seemed surreal to be having the conversation about my wife.

“Jackie doesn’t get serious that fast,” I told her.

“Oh she is. She been asking me about him all night,” she responded.

“Like what?” I asked, very confused.

“Like had he been married? Kids? And other stuff,” she said, while starting to giggle.

“What did you tell her?” I asked.

“About Mack? He been married twice and has two kids, one from each. He loves those kids too, both boys,” she replied.

“What other stuff?” I tried, though suspected I knew the subject.

“Girl stuff,” she laughed then added, “She’ll find out soon enough.”

Just then, Jerry returned and the conversation switched back to meaningless subjects while we waited for the couple to return, which took another ten minutes. They appeared with sheen of sweat on their bodies from the dancing and the humidity in the heavy night air.

“Jackie, can I talk to you?” I asked, and my words brought dirty looks from the others as if they expected I would try to take her away.

We stepped away and I immediately spoke, “What’s going on?”

“Jackie, everything okay?” Mack asked, before she could answer, and I saw concern on his face

My wife stepped towards him and he turned her so he was between us. I watched as he leaned down and began a whispered conversation with her while the rest of us looked on, and after a few seconds his hand went to her waist and then seconds later she placed her hand on his bicep. Then, they were together in a deep kiss which I watched, forcing myself to be still, until they finally stopped.

“Mack wants everyone to go to his house,” Jackie announced when she stepped back to me, and a hopeful look was evident through her drunkenness.

I suspected based on my conversation with Melanie, that she had made some promises that now she felt bad about breaking. While I was tired and annoyed with her, I was also very intrigued and there was a part of me that wanted to see how far it would go, even if it might be the product of liquor.

“Are you serious? You want to do this?” I asked, very drunk as well with my main concern being how to exit the situation once started.

“Maybe just for a bit,” she answered, after a brief pause.

We stared at each other for several seconds before I responded with a shrug, “Okay.”

A minute later we were leaving the bar and getting into the cars with me riding with Mack and Jackie in his company pickup. My wife was upfront and along the way I saw Mack reach over and take her hand. We drove for about fifteen minutes, leaving the beach area and entering a working class neighborhood of small bungalows. Mack turned down a poorly lit street and several hundred yards down turned into the driveway of a small house desperately in need of painting. Just as we were climbing from the vehicle, Melanie and Jerry pulled up along the curb and together we walked inside.

We immediately entered a small living room that had a worn fake leather sofa and an overstuffed chair that had clothes piled on it. The furniture faced a very large flat screen TV with a dinged up coffee table between. Mack tossed the clothes from the chair onto the floor and I sat in it while the two couples sat on the couch. He took the TV remote and found a music station, and then reached beneath the table and pulled out a bong and a large tray filled with pot.

Mack quickly loaded the bong and handed it to Melanie who sucked in the smoke eagerly while he lit the bowl. Jackie was offered next but, she declined with a quick glance to me so Jerry took it. When I was offered and accepted, my wife gave me a surprised look. We had both admitted smoking occasionally in the past but had never done so since we had been together. But, after all that had occurred that night, I had sort of a “what the fuck” attitude, and surprisingly I was able to take the smoke in without a hacking fit. When I finished, it was Mack’s turn and then it went around again but, this time Jackie accepted.

It didn’t take long for the effects to be felt and since it had been so long since I smoked I was hit hard. In fact, everyone but Mack seemed to be in a similar condition, and since the girls were still in their t-shirt covered bikinis, I found myself staring at my wife’s legs in a trance like state.

I must have drifted off because sometime later I came to and found Jerry passed out on one end of the couch and Melanie staring at the TV with the remote in her hand. Mack and Jackie were nowhere to be seen and I had enough of my wits left to know it wasn’t a good thing.

“Where’s Jackie?” I asked Melanie, when I saw her looking at me as I tried to stand.

“They wanted some time,” she mumbled in her country drawl, that I could barely understand.

Finally able to stand, I stumbled towards the back of the house where I thought I would find the bedrooms, and expecting to be challenged by Melanie who stayed surprisingly quiet. In the dark hall, I was drawn towards a room from the moans I heard that I knew were coming from my wife. The door had been left partly open providing a three inch crack which allowed a full view of the bed where my naked wife was on her back with her legs spread wide, and Mack, wearing only his boxers, had his head buried between her thighs. The sounds coming from Jackie made it clear that he was doing something very well.

Mack had Jackie in a frenzy when he suddenly stopped, which brought whines of disappointment from her, and pulled off his boxers. My eyes were immediately drawn to his large cock that I realized was both longer and fatter than mine, and in addition, it was incredibly rigid and jutted from his groin at about a sixty degree angle. He positioned himself on his knees between my wife’s open legs and began to move forward towards his target.

“No, I can’t,” I heard Jackie whimper and I knew his cock must be touching her. There was a whispered conversation between them then followed another declaration from Jackie, “Not tonight…please.”

I realized my wife was trying to maintain her fidelity and that it was a moment where I could step in and be her savior. At the same time, it was an incredible sight to see her spread and ready for sex, and I felt a certain amount of sympathy for Mack with all the teasing he had endured. Over the next minute, I listened to her say no nine times and was quickly getting to the point of intervening when I was suddenly startled.

“What the fuck dude?” a voice I realized was Jerry’s broke the silence behind me, and I felt his hand grip my wrist.

“Hey, let go I need to…” I tried to explain in a low voice, but her wrench me away from the door.

Due to our condition, we both lost our balance and hit the far wall and just as I was trying to get up the sound hit me.

“Ohhhhh…” a loud moan in my wife’s voice filled the hall, and I knew in that moment she had been penetrated.

Jerry was struggling to get up and after several attempts he seemed content to lie still on the floor. Quickly, Mack’s grunts joined my wife’s moans and then the squeaking of the bed springs was added to the chorus.

Then, a final plea came from my wife when she cried out, “It’s not right.”

For the next ten minutes, that was the last sound of protest that came from her mouth. From then on, all I heard were sounds of passion and moans of pleasure, and when I realized that Jerry posed no threat and returned to the door I could see her legs folded around his waist while he took her with a hard, fast pace. This was not the gentle lovemaking a husband and wife might experience but, rather it was the fucking a man would give to a good piece of pussy.

I stayed at the door until she screamed out as her climax hit then watched Mack’s movements get out of synch and heard his grunts as he planted his semen into my wife. After that, I walked down the hall and out the front door passing Melanie still staring at the TV. It took an hour of walking to get to a place a cab would pick me up which provided plenty of time to think, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a positive in anything.

Jackie tried to call me several times in the morning but, I ignored the phone and she finally showed up at the hotel just passed noon looking horrible. She had just enough time for a quick shower and change before we needed to go to the airport so it was later that evening, after we were home, that we finally got a chance to talk.

“Why did you leave me,” she asked, as we sat down.

“Jackie, don’t even go that direction,” I replied knowing how easily she could manipulate me with her words and determined to stay in control, “I think the best place to start is for you to tell me what happened.”

“Look its bad. Do we really need to go through it?” she replied.

“I think so. I don’t want to always wonder,” I answered.

With that, she looked at me for a long time and then said, “Okay, but please don’t interrupt me. It’s going to be hard to get out.”

“Go ahead,” I acknowledged, nodding my head.

“Okay, well we were at his house and we smoked that damn pot,” she started then stopped and took a deep breath before continuing, “And, well I started feeling sick and everyone but Mack was passed out and he told me to lie down and took me back to a bed. Then, I guess I fell asleep but I woke up and he was uhhh…he was…touching me. And he started licking me and okay I admit I messed up and it felt good. I should have stopped him but I didn’t.”

She paused again and sipped on some tea and when she was finished I nodded for her to continue.

“Well, then…uhhh…” she started then stopped and it was quiet for some time before she continued, “He wouldn’t take no. I tried to tell him no but he kept…kept…pushing and I…I…gave in.”

We looked into each other’s eyes for almost a minute and I desperately wanted to ask questions but, I held my promise of letting her speak. But, the silence made her nervous and suddenly her anger flared.

“Look it’s not all my fault. You pushed and pushed. It was your situation and I was just trying to make you happy so you have to have some guilt here too,” she let out, struggling not to cry.

After regaining her composure she spent the next few minutes giving the chronology of the rest of the evening and informing me that they had fucked three times with her cumming each time. This was certainly a blow to my ego as Jackie doesn’t always reach an orgasm when we have sex but, I rationalized that it was part of the circumstances.

I also learned that he fucked her hard twice but, the last time was slow and gentle. She went on to describe how they had heard Jerry and Melanie having sex early in the morning, and that it had excited them and led to the second session where she sucked him and he took her from behind. She acknowledged that she had walked around the small house in her t-shirt giving good looks to Jerry, and that by her quick count she had eight hickeys on her breasts and three around her pussy. However, the biggest revelation was that it was her that had initiated the last session and that it had occurred right before she left for the hotel and when I pressed her on his cock size she admitted it was the biggest she ever had and it was part of her desire for a final act.

Along the way, there were several points where she brought up my culpability and the fact I wasn’t there to protect her, and internally I knew she had a valid point.

“Now what?” she asked, when I was all questioned out.

“Jackie I wanted to know the truth and I think you provided it. But, you’re right. I’m at fault too. Some things about it all were exciting and some things were surprising but I’d rather we go forward with no guilt,” I said while taking her hand.

“Okay,” she replied quickly, with a look of relief on her face.

“But, there’s something else,” I said.

“What?” she asked looking nervous again.

“I don’t want to lose my naughty wife,” I told her, looking straight into her eyes.

“Honey!” she exclaimed in surprise.

“Jackie, don’t pretend. I know you loved the sex. I know you loved his cock. I heard you in bed before I left and then before you leave you beg for it again, I replied and stopped to let the words sink in then continued, “Now, not all the time but, occasionally you are going to dress sexy and be naughty.”

There was a long pause while we stared at each other before she answered, “Not where there is anyone we might know.”

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