My wife and I spent the first couple years of our marriage living under my parents roof. As anyone in that predicament would tell you the situation was less than ideal. The only saving grace was that my parents weren’t especially nosy, and the house itself was large enough to offer us at least a sliver of privacy. It never caused any major problems between us, but our intimacy definitely took a backseat because of it. I really began focusing on progressing my career and getting us out of there. As luck would have it, I finally landed a big promotion I was aiming for and we moved into a relatively high end apartment downtown. It was closer to my finance office and my wife was also closer to the daycare she worked at.

I met Ashley during our last year at University. My roommate at the time introduced us and it wasn’t long before we began dating. I still remember the first time she walked into the room. To say that my wife is gorgeous is somewhat of an understatement. Ashley is built like a sex pot. She has long dark hair with blueish gray eyes that compliment her porcelain pale skin color. Her face has been described as classically beautiful, featuring a distinctly feminine bone structure and pouty lips. She stands roughly 5′-5″ tall and has it where it counts. She’s blessed with large natural D cup breasts and a plump ass that is incredibly tight despite it’s larger than average size. When you combine all of that with a very slender frame and a slim stomach it’s almost as if her womanly assets defy the laws of physics. During that last year away at school I had sex with her every chance I could, sometimes two or even three times a day. You couldn’t separate the two of us, and I think that’s part of the reason she agreed to move home with me after we graduated. I proposed to her only a few short weeks after graduation, and we were married soon thereafter.

My name is John, as I already mentioned I work in finance – basically brokering trades or helping upper middle class people with investments, the usual kind of dollars and cents business. I guess I’m what you would consider an attractive guy, about 5′-10″ with masculine features and up until recently, I was very much in shape. The stress of the move and the more intensive hours that came along with my promotion had yielded an unfortunate byproduct of 20 unsightly pounds, but I planned to work those away once things settled back down.

Even though I was a decent enough looking guy – my friends, and plenty of co-workers, were never shy of informing me that I married up. “Wow. That’s your wife?” was a comment I had heard countless times. I really couldn’t complain, even though I felt a pang of annoyance by these sorts of remarks I also beamed with pride. Most men, and I mean ninety-nine percent of men, would love to say Ash was their wife. Without question I lucked out, and sometimes I still pinch myself when I roll over in bed and see her laying next to me.

One of the reasons the move was such a positive was the obvious potential to revitalize our sex life. Now don’t get me wrong, we did find our moments to make love living under my parents roof, but it went without saying that us having a place of our own would lead to more freedom in the bedroom. I hadn’t thrown Ashley down on the couch in the middle of the day since college, and I looked forward to spicing things up again.

I was day dreaming about the possibilities when the phone rang in my small office, which I had newly acquired via promotion.

“John Morefield.” I answered in my usual professional tone.

“It’s me baby.” my wife replied.

I smiled at the sound of her voice “Sorry babe, no caller ID yet – what’s up?” I made a mental note to get the IT department in to finalize my office install.

“I was just wondering when you’d be home. I’m making a nice meal to celebrate us finally having our own place.” My wife was a bit traditional when it came to gender roles. Don’t get me wrong, she was progressive minded when it came to social issues, science, race, and things related to world outlook – but she loved to cook and clean. She was talented in the kitchen and would often be the one who cooked dinner when we were back at my parents place. If I’m being honest, I think even my mom was a bit jealous of her skills as a chef.

“Shouldn’t be too late tonight, maybe around six-thirty. Let me run though I need to send something out to a client, love you.”

“Love you too.” The call snapped me out of my day dream and I resumed typing an overdue memo. A few minutes had passed when my cellphone buzzed from within my suit jacked. I reached in and pulled it out. As I glanced down at the screen my heart nearly skipped a beat. I was greeted by a naughty picture of big breasts that were ill-contained within a lace black and red bra. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Ashley had just ‘sexted’ me a picture of her tits, something she had never done before. Accompanying the image was a subtext that read “Don’t be late.” I immediately felt my dick stiffen from within my slacks. I quickly adjusted myself before replying “On the way!”

I slammed my laptop closed and headed out the door.

Even though the drive home was technically only five minutes long it felt like an eternity. When I finally unlocked the door to the apartment and walked inside I was greeted by an erotic sight. It was dark despite it only being late afternoon, Ashley had closed the curtains. Candles littered our spacious living room, my eyes scanned the space before falling upon my wife. She was laying face down on our new plush couch, ass up in the air. My jaw nearly dropped at the sight of it. Her ass was prominently on display, as was her pussy, clit concealed by her luscious mound. The combination of her supple ass and sex was framed in almost artistically by a lace red and black undergarment. My dick immediately strained. I tossed off my jacket and instinctively began unbuckling my pants. Ashley looked back at me smiling devilishly, but she didn’t say a word. This was hot, really hot – we never did anything like this.

I ripped my shirt off and basically jumped out of my pants, completely undressing in record time. I could hear her giggling from the couch. I approached my wife completely naked, my rock hard dick jutting outwards as I reached out and finally grabbed her ass.

“Fuck yes… look at this sexy thing.” I spoke in a gritty tone, fueled by lust.

She wiggled it in response, lace skirt swaying. “You like? I bought the outfit today… and a few others.”

“It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” I pulled the skirt up, exposing the entirety of her lily white bottom. I slapped my palm down on her right cheek hard as I positioned the head of my dick at the folds of her sex. She moaned in response, arching her head back in anticipation.

“Fuck me baby… I’ve been waiting all day.” her request was a whine, a whisper.

I gently thrust forward, entering my wife. The warmth and tightness of her sex sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body. It didn’t take long before I was pumping away with full speed. Ashley was moaning softly in response, gripping the couch cushion as I pounded her. I looked down as her large ass bounced back and forth, consuming the view of my dick upon collision.

I wasn’t exactly small in the genitalia department, my dick was almost six and a half inches in length, and it had decent girth. My wife, however, as I described – was stacked in every category. She was freakishly gifted when it came to sexual assets and I often cursed myself for not having the same genetic luck. I had seen enough porn in my day to know cocks came in much larger sizes than mine.

I shook the thought from my mind and gripped onto her hips, I felt an orgasm brewing from within me as I thrust into my wife. I hoped I could hold out until Ashley came. I often could, but today’s unexpected eroticism had me more excited than normal. She looked back at me with her gorgeous eyes, probably sensing I was about to unload. “It’s okay baby, cum. I want you to cum for me.” Her tone was sultry and engaging, she bit her plump lip naughtily as the words escaped her mouth..

I relented, unleashing, legs shaking as the pleasure filled waves of my orgasm spread out from my groin. I came, hard, unloading my cum into my wife’s willing sex.

She moaned softly as she felt me blow, continuing to bounce back onto my dick, milking me as my body locked up. I leaned down over her body, kissing her back and feminine shoulders while my orgasm subsided. We stayed in that position for a moment, until she spoke “Mmm… That was nice.”

I stood, giving her some room to breathe, agreeing “Hell yeah it was… very nice.”

She stood, turning to me and leaning in for a kiss. I noticed her tits within the bra and recalled the picture she sent me. After we locked lips I mentioned the text “I’m not sure what came over you, but that text was awesome – It got me rock solid. I almost had to cover myself as I ran out of the office.”

She laughed “I don’t know… I’ve been horny all day.” She blushed. “I think finally having our own place has put me into a sexy mood. We should have moved years ago!”

I chuckled “Yeah, I’ll say.”

Ashley headed towards our bedroom, she spoke “I’m gonna hop in the shower, do me a favor and get the roast out of the oven please babe.”

I watched her as she disappeared through the doorway, that incredible ass bouncing as she strode – inexplicably getting me excited despite my orgasm mere moments ago. God, I was a lucky man.

Dinner that night was lovely, we ate in the candlelight – lighting only a single lamp in the living room so we could see where we were going. We enjoyed a succulent pot roast with accompanying gratin potatoes and sliced buttery carrots. Ashley had picked up a few bottles of a delicious Cabernet, that we drank readily. I noticed an extra bottle on the kitchen counter, dressed with a bow – as if it was a gift.

“Who’s that bottle for?” I inquired.

“I thought we’d give it to Richard, for helping us. Maybe you could invite him over for dinner next week as a proper thank you?”

I nodded in agreement “Great idea.”

Richard was our new neighbor across the hall. We were having a hard time during our Saturday move and I assume he heard our struggle from inside his apartment. He spent almost five hours helping us carry the larger pieces up from the moving truck. If it wasn’t for his help we probably would have been forced to delay until the next Saturday, costing us an entire week and more money. We thanked him profusely at the end of the move but the bottle of wine and invitation to dinner was definitely the right way to handle it.

He was a tall, older man, black – probably about forty-five years old, which would have put him roughly twenty years older than Ash or myself. He seemed rather soft spoken, but had a deep voice and an impressive physical presence. He appeared to be an attractive man, although sometimes it was hard for me to gauge the attractiveness of men, clean cut and seemingly well put together. He also appeared to be in great shape for a man of his age. He lugged large dressers and various pieces of furniture down the hall without really breaking a sweat. We hadn’t learned much about him as of yet but we did find out he was widowed, his wife had passed away nearly 10 years earlier from a rare blood disorder. There was a certain melancholy about him, but Ash and I were both good judges of character, and we had a good feeling about the man. Surely dinner would be an ideal way to get to know him better.

Once we had finished the meal and cleaned up I grabbed the bottle and headed out our front door, it was only a few paces across the hallway before I was knocking at his.

The door opened “John, what a pleasant surprise.” Richard spoke with kindness in his voice, smiling.

“Hey there, we wanted you to have this.” I handed him the bottle. “Nothing fancy, but we wanted to thank you for helping us the other day. Ashley and I also wanted to invite you over for dinner next weekend – if you’re available.”

Richard looked genuinely grateful “Oh wow, you guys didn’t have to get me anything. I was happy to help.” He glanced at the label. He was dressed in slacks and what looked to be an expensive sweater. There was some music emanating from his apartment, it sounded classical, moody. I realized I might have came at a bad time.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” I offered as a potential apology.

“Oh not at all, I work from home, I was just taking care of some things. I would love to come over for dinner, I’m afraid I don’t get out much these days.”

“Excellent. I’ll let Ashley know.”

We exchanged phone numbers and some more small talk, he thanked me again – and we and said our goodbyes.

The week passed relatively quickly, and on Saturday night we found ourselves sitting down at our dinner table with Richard. The wine flowed and the glazed pork loin that Ashley cooked was devoured by the three of us. We discussed a number of topics ranging from careers and politics to entertainment and hobbies. Richard seemed to really love kids, despite not having any of his own – and admired Ashley for working with them on a day to day basis. Richard himself was a writer of sorts. He provided articles and short stories to a number of online outlets who contracted him on a case by case basis – it seemed to make him a good living. When he heard that I was a finance manager he actually seemed interested in attaining my help in setting up some investments. He had never dabbled in the market, and it was apparently something that always interested him.

“I really do love what you’ve done with the place.” Richard also spent a portion of the evening complimenting Ashley’s taste and her abilities as a homemaker. “I was over here a couple times when the last tenant occupied it. Let’s just say its a night and day difference.”

My wife smiled at him as she took the last sip of wine from her glass “Thanks a lot Richard. I spent a good amount of time planning it out. I’m glad someone’s taken notice.”

“A designers eye, for certain.” He smiled back, and wiped his mouth clean with his napkin.

One thing that I couldn’t help but notice was a sort of relaxed energy in the room. Even during the move, upon initially meeting Richard, we seemed to get along with him as if we’d known him for years. Ashley took to him immediately, joking with him, and much to my surprise – flirting with him. Smiling at him with excited eyes or jokingly complimenting his strength while he positioned furniture for us. Richard didn’t really instigate any of it, he was respectful, but obviously felt the need to return her smiles and go with the flow. I mean, just like any man – I caught him stealing plenty of glances at Ash. It didn’t bother me though. I was very much used to seeing men ogle over or flirt with my wife, I would have gone insane if I let those sort of provocations bother me. But it was sort of out of the ordinary for Ash to be the initiator when it came to flirting, and I planned to give her a hard time about it later.

“So, Richard. Are you, um, dating – or seeing anyone?” Ashley asked with raised eyebrow. The question was a tad forward, although harmless, and I jokingly scolded her for asking it.

“…Now now Ash, that’s personal…”

Richard chuckled “No, no. It’s quite alright.” He took another sip of the Cabernet, and continued “Not really, to be honest. It took a good five years after my wife passed to even think about another woman’s company. A few of my friends eventually got me to go on a date, and then another. Over the last few years I’ve seen a handful of women, but only for brief stints.” He paused, seemingly thinking for a moment “… I haven’t made much of an effort really.”

Ashley was now standing and picking up the plates from our table. “Well, that’s too bad. You seem like quite the catch.” I stood to help her with the silverware.

Richard smiled again, slightly chuckling “Well… My goodness. That certainly means a lot coming from a woman as beautiful and talented as yourself.” He looked in my direction for a moment. “John, I don’t think I’d be the first to tell you that you’re a lucky man.” He raised his wine class in acknowledgement. I looked at Ashley for a moment and caught her blushing.

“You certainly wouldn’t be. I’m not the smartest man in the world, but I’m certainly smart enough to know that I’m the luckiest.” I leaned in and gave my wife a heavy kiss on her cheek.

Ashley replied with a sarcastic, but loving “Aww. Isn’t that sweet.” she raised her hand to her face, shielding her mouth from me. She spoke in a fake whisper so that I could hear “Psst.. He’s lying.”

Richard began laughing as he stood. He picked up his plate and moved towards the kitchen. “You guys remind me of my wife and I, when we were newlyweds – it’s really great to see.”

“Richard don’t you dare help clean up.” Ashley playfully swatted at his arm. “Let me have that. Go have a seat in the living room.”

He gently dropped the plate and put his arms up in amusement “Yes ma’am. Don’t know what I was thinking.” I couldn’t help but notice that my wife’s ass grazed against his trousers as they moved past each other. Richard gently grabbed her waist as he slid past her. Ashley’s eyes darted open for a moment, but she continued placing the dishes in the sink as if nothing happened.

The meal was over and I was in the mood for an after dinner drink, “Come Richard. Would you be opposed to a nice scotch? I have a 30 year and I’ve been looking for an excuse to crack it open. Received it as a gift.” I waved his attention towards the living room.

“Oh wow, a thirty year? I could never say no.” He followed me towards the sofa, where we both sat.

Ash called from the kitchen “Guys, do you want it on the rocks, or straight?”

Richard looked at me and then replied, loudly so she could hear him “Straight please.” I nodded in agreement, couldn’t in good faith water down a thirty year malt.

A few minutes later Ashley arrived with two glasses of scotch. I quickly noticed that the top of her dress was soaking wet, causing the thin green fabric to appear sheer. Her black bra was as clear as day underneath it, the skin on her exposed cleavage was also drenched. She was moving in a hurry.

“Here take these, the sink just attacked me.” She quickly handed one drink to me, and one to Richard. Richard couldn’t help but stare as she leaned forward, her tits nearly spilling out of the top of her dress. It seemed to catch him off guard, because as she turned to go he continued to gaze at her ass, which was admittedly popping in the tight dress she was wearing.

I didn’t want to make it awkward for him, so I simply called out “Don’t drown in there babe.” That seemed to get him to break away from his tunnel vision, turning his attention back towards me.

Richard hung around for another half hour or so, enjoying the scotch and discussing sports and his love of basketball. He was incredibly thankful in his departure, shaking my hand firmly and giving Ashley a kiss on the cheek. “Incredible meal, and an incredible couple.” were his departing words.

Later that week Ashley and I were cleaning up around the apartment, playfully annoying each other during our respective tasks.

I decided now would be a good time to press her on her flirtation with Richard, smacking her ass as she bent down to dust an end table “You know… I think you might have a crush on our new neighbor.” I smirked smugly as I spoke.

Ashley immediately stood up “Excuse me? Who?” I made a face at her implying a sort of ‘Who else?’, and she quickly realized who I meant “… Richard?! What on earth would make you say that?”

I continued smirking “I dunno, maybe it was you giggling at his every word, or you being especially touchy, or you going on about his strong arms…” I rattled off the evidence with auctioneer like speed.

She cut me off “John you can’t be serious, he’s almost old enough to be my father!” she was smiling back at me, egging me on with her playful grin.

“And? You’ve told me plenty of times you find older men attractive.”

She blushed, stammering to save herself “… Yea… well. He… he’s black.”

I laughed “Strike two Ash, he wouldn’t be the first black dude you’d find attractive.” She had on a number of occasions, while passing the TV during a sporting event, or after a movie, admitted to finding a black guy attractive. It never bothered me, I mean I wasn’t a racist to even the slightest extent. Besides, I found plenty of black women attractive.

Her face was now flushing crimson, obviously caught red handed, she stumbled for an excuse “I… Damn it John. Fine, you caught me. But I don’t think I was flirting with him.” she bent back down, dusting once again.

I was somewhat surprised that she admitted to it so easily, but I can’t say it bothered me much. I actually felt bad for causing her to squirm “Oh relax Ashley, I’m not even mad. How could I be. It’s probably the most excitement he’s had in years, having a hot young woman flirt with him.”

She spoke from underneath the table, I watched as her gorgeous ass wiggled in the pair of pink short shorts she was wearing. “I feel bad for him.”

That surprised me “…Why? He seems to have it pretty well together babe.” I picked up some wine glasses that we had left in the living room the night previous.

“He’s widowed John, and it doesn’t sound like he gets much female attention. I’ve always had a soft spot for people who lose their spouses.”

I rinsed the glasses off and walked back over to her, still watching her lovely ass. “So you flirted with him because he’s widowed, got it.” I chuckled.

“You laugh, but subconsciously that was probably part of the reason.” She looked back at me from underneath the table, catching my eyes as I gazed at her rear. “Stop staring at my ass, you pervert.”

“You’re right, I guess the only guy who should be allowed to stare at it is Richard, am I right?”

She laughed in exasperation “Oh god, will you stop it already? I’ve never seen you act so jealous.”

“When you drenched yourself with the sink water he couldn’t stop staring at you. I almost had to sound the fire alarm to get his attention, he watched you walk the entire way back to the kitchen.”

“Well then I’m sure he’d have a field day if he were here right now.” She wiggled her ass for playful effect.

I wasn’t sure what it was about that comment, or her accompanied ass shake – but it triggered incredible arousal from me. I immediately entered a haze of lust, dropping to my knees behind her. I quickly grabbed a hold of her waistband, peeling her pink shorts down from her ass. To my dismay I noticed that her lips were already wet, a clear coat of her essence clung to the fabric as I removed it, eventually exposing her beautiful sex.

She looked back in a panic, but didn’t stop me. She had nowhere to go, the rest of her body was pinned underneath the table “John… What are you doing?”

I didn’t answer her with words, I merely drove my erect dick inside of her. Her head arched back and hit the table, but she didn’t complain.

It was over quickly, and we came together – my cum mixing with her own sexual release as our organs pulsed with pleasure, in unison.

When I finally pulled out, Ashley spoke, blowing her hair out of her face “Wow… Maybe we need to invite Richard over to ogle me some more. What’s gotten into you?” she giggled.

I wasn’t really sure myself, as I searched for answers I looked down at my wife’s ass, now in the nude, pussy on display. Ashley was so fucking beautiful. She noticed me staring, and wiggled it once again, speaking sultrily. “I bet he’d really like to get a look at it right now.” I glanced up towards her face, and I saw that she was biting her bottom lip in sexual fashion. I was stunned by how open and naughty her words were, this was new for us, and I was surprised by how much it excited me. I slapped her right ass cheek, holding it firmly. “Who wouldn’t?” I replied.

Weeks went by, and then months. Ashley and I had completely settled in at the apartment. My new position at work was going well, but I still hadn’t found the time to break free and reconnect with the gym. Our friendship with Richard blossomed as well. I had earned him some quick cash with investments and he decided to go in big on some power plays. We would see each other at least a couple times a week, either to have dinner or to plan financial moves. Sometimes we would plan at his place, sometimes at ours. I quickly realized he preferred the latter, because of what I had to assume was obvious improvement in scenery. He seemed to love any attention that Ashley gave him, and I couldn’t really blame the guy. Ashley for her part didn’t do much to curb her flirtations with Richard. She actually seemed to get a kick out of flirting with the man.

Ash was always playful with him, not afraid to grab his arm or linger in his embrace during a hug. One evening while Richard and I were stressing over some numbers Ashley decided it would be a good idea to give us a shoulder rub. She began with me, standing behind me at the sofa as she kneaded my back into relaxation. Once she was complete she took a few steps over to Richard, and did the same to him. He was taller than me and her large breasts pushed out the fabric of her top, brushing against the back of his head as she massaged his shoulders. His eyes were closed, clearly offering no complaints to what was occurring. She massaged his upper back and arms, even complimenting him on how solid he was. It turned into almost a sort of unspoken game between her and I. She would flirt with him, entice him – nothing overt or disrespectful, just some playful touching to excite the man. She would tease me about it in bed sometimes, and when she did it would inexplicably spur us on to even better sex. I felt like it was harmless fun, as did she, until one night when Ash accidentally raised the stakes.

We had invited Richard over for dinner and a movie, but the wine on this particular evening flowed heavily. All three of us were noticeably loose, and after the movie ended I got up and headed into the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee. My intention was to sober us all up a bit, but when I walked back into the living room what I saw nearly caused me to drop the cups. Richard had chosen one of the solo seats in the room, and Ashley was apparently showing him pictures from our honeymoon. Instead of handing him the book, or kneeling down on the floor next to him, she had chosen to sit on his lap – as if that was a perfectly acceptable seat for a married woman. She turned the pages and excitedly described the various boutiques from our Italian getaway. Richard, to his credit, remained rather expressionless. He kept his arms on the armrests and smiled and nodded at the images my wife was showing him. I placed the coffees down on the end table and took a seat on the sofa. I looked on as Ashley continued to giggle, playfully touching his chest as she openly flirted with him. Suddenly, her eyes shot open wide, and her previously jovial tone became one with stutters. “Uh, and this… this is where we had, some… some of the best pastries…”

Richard spoke calmly “Very nice. It looks like it was a wonderful trip.”

Ashley slowly closed the book, and awkwardly hopped out of his lap, face flushed red “Yes, it… It was an amazing time.” she quickly headed towards the bedroom to put the photo album away.

I grabbed one of the coffee cups off the table and handed it to Richard. As I leaned over I happened to glance down and notice his khaki pants tenting absurdly. I quickly averted my eyes, but it was clear that Richard was currently sporting a massive erection. He spoke nothing of it and made no effort to conceal it, perhaps hoping it would go unnoticed.

He thanked me for the coffee, adding “John, your wife is quite the handful. I’ve never met anyone who was so good at making me feel like I’m in my twenties again.” chuckling.

I wondered if he was implying something beyond the obvious, but I smiled anyway “She’s a special woman, I’m sure by now you’re well aware.”

He nodded his head in agreement “Oh. Without question.”

I quickly scanned my head around the room and thankfully it appeared as if the tent in his pants had subsided. When Ashley returned her previously flustered face looked to now be composed, and she acted as if nothing had happened. We finished our coffee and walked Richard to the door, exchanging the typical handshake and subsequent kiss on the cheek for Ash.

I waited a few moments to hear Richard’s door open and close, and then I walked over to her in the living room. She had a silly grin on her face. “What’s so funny?” I asked

She blushed “…Oh nothing… Just, I guess it’s true – what they say about black men.”

My blood pressure shot up immediately, “Excuse me?”

She laughed, still feeling the effects of the wine. I gotta say, if it wasn’t for the wine I might have blown a gasket over that remark. “I was showing Richard the pictures from our honeymoon.”

I was beginning to get frustrated with her “Yes, I know. I was right there. You were also sitting on his lap.” I shook my head, revealing that frustration.

She blushed again, taking a seat on the couch. I sat down in the chair that Richard had just occupied, waiting for an explanation. She continued “… I know, I know. I think I had too much wine… As soon as I sat down on his lap he froze, didn’t move a muscle. That is, until…” she laughed, covering her mouth.

“Stop joking around and tell me Ash. When you got up to leave I’m pretty sure I saw his pants… He was excited.” I was breathing heavily, for some bizarre reason I wasn’t even angry.

“I know! Oh my god I can’t believe that just happened.” she was speaking rapidly now, continuing “I sat down on him, and started showing him the pictures. All of a sudden I felt this pressure under my thigh. It wasn’t much at first but it grew, and grew some more.” She blushed “I realized it was his… you know, but I didn’t want to embarrass him. I decided to just sit there and continue talking as if nothing was going on.”

Absurdly, I felt my own dick begin to stiffen. What the fuck was going on with me?

She continued “It felt… Big. My entire thigh was resting on it.” She blushed again “We just sat like that for a few minutes, but then he adjusted himself. He shifted, and when he did – I felt the length of his…” She spread her hands apart indicating something large “… bump against my pussy. That’s when I hopped off, it caught me off guard.” As Ashley finished her story I noticed that she was breathing heavily, her face was flush.

Her eyes met mine, there was an embarrassed look on her face. “Are you mad at me?”

I should have been, but for some strange reason, maybe the wine – maybe something else, I wasn’t. I didn’t answer immediately, but as I was about too I saw Ashley glance down at my pants. She noticed my hardening member pushing on the fabric, the bump clearly giving it away. She didn’t say anything, but she stood up, smiling. She began approaching me on the chair, ass and tits swaying sexily as she walked. When she reached me, she gently sat down on my lap.

“It was kind of like this.” She jostled herself so that my throbbing member was jutting up against her panties, the warmth emanating from her sex was substantial.

I realized that moments earlier, only two thin layers of fabric had separated Richards cock, from my wife’s pussy. My blood pressure continued to rise, and my already hard erection strained even further. I began to feel lightheaded, unable to understand why this situation excited me so thoroughly. Ashley’s taunting only succeeded in further arousing me.

“You feel awfully excited baby.” She giggled as she leaned in to kiss me.

I tried a joke to deflect, but it was no use “Oh yeah? What makes you say that?”

She wiggled around on my dick some more “Oh… nothing. Just a sneaking suspicion of mine.” She laughed, and continued “I think you like watching me tease Richard.”

My face was flushed red, and I once again tried to deflect “You’re the sexiest woman on the planet, anything that you do turns me on.”

She slid down from me, knees hitting the floor. Ashley began to unzip my pants, and open my belt buckle “I know it does baby… But I think you really like it when I tease poor Richard… It’s okay, I think its sexy that it excites you. It makes you look so confident.”

I titled my head back, closing my eyes as she exposed my intensely hard six inches.

Her tongue made contact with my shaft, sending a shiver through my body. She continued to tease me “We should be careful though. We don’t want Richard to get the wrong idea…” She kissed my head, and I looked down at her. She flicked her tongue across my tip as she stared into my eyes. After pleasing me with her mouth for a moment Ashley pulled back and began gently pumping my dick with her hand, still taunting “…If we do something like that again and you don’t say anything to stop it… He might start to think you’d be okay with him taking me to bed.”

That sent me spiraling out of control, my mind was melting with inane thoughts of Richard on top of my wife, plowing into her incredible sex with what had to be a massive cock. What the fuck was wrong with me? I couldn’t hold back a groan.

I heard Ashley giggle through my cloudy haze of perverted thoughts “He probably already does… I mean, his big cock was rubbing against my pussy earlier, and you didn’t say anything.”

I moaned again “…I didn’t know…”

“… I know baby, I know. I should have gotten up. I was going too, but when I felt how big he was…” she smiled devilishly.

Ash was quickly sending me over the edge, I had never heard her act so naughty – so openly naughty. I fucking loved it and I couldn’t explain why. The psychotic part of me wanted to see just how far she’d go with this teasing, and I somehow asked “…Would you… Go to bed with him?” I leaned my head back and grit my teeth after the question escaped my mouth, bracing for her answer, savoring her tongue.

She dove down on my dick mouth first, sucking me with ferocity, she began playing with my balls with her hand, rubbing them into a boil. She paused for a moment, and pulled up, stroking me fast with her hand.

“Mmm, I’m a married woman baby…” She kissed my tip again, continuing “I can’t fuck other men…” She kissed my balls, smashing her lips into them as her tongue began to work further magic.

I groaned “I know baby… I know…”

Just when I thought the inane teasing was over, it hit a fever pitch.

She spoke again “… Although… If you’re asking me if it would turn me on… Hypothetically…” Ash bit her bottom lip “To fuck our big, tall, strong… handsome… big cocked neighbor…” She arched her back, her eyes were wild with lust, she spoke in the sexiest tone I had ever heard escape her lips “Yes.”

I erupted, spewing a load of cum up and onto Ashley’s hands and my shirt. I tried to control my spasms as the orgasm swept through me. When it finally subsided Ash crawled back on top of me, and began kissing my neck – realizing that she hadn’t gotten her pop.

“Not fair baby, my turn…” She whined as she kissed me. Frantically grabbing at my body, trying desperately to return my dick to it’s rigid state. “Ohhh baby I need you to fuck meee! I’m so horny…”

I grabbed her by the waist, lifting her off of me. I slammed her down onto the couch, switching places with her. I propped the bottom of her dress up, and forced her panties to the side, exposing the wettest pussy I had ever seen. I dove face first into her sex, lapping up her juices, tickling her clit with my tongue. Her moans were unreal.

“Ohhh! Yes!” She reached up and began massaging her tits through her dress.

Ashley was making incredible noise, so much so that I was concerned people might even hear. “Baby you’re being really loud… What if someone hears?”

She bit her lip “Mmm who would hear… …Richard?”

Oh fuck. That got my dick to stir immediately. I decided, against my better judgement, to egg her on “What would you do if Richard was standing outside the door… listening to you moan like this?” I grabbed her ass, propping her up. She was on another level of arousal.

Her filter was lost to her, she didn’t care anymore, her entire being was fueled by her lust “I would tell you to go open the door for him… so he could come in here and fuck me!”

Any remaining questions of her obvious attraction to him were now out the window. My dick was rising quickly. What had gotten into us?

“Oh yeah? And what would I do while Richard fucked you, huh baby?” I buried my face into her sex once again, enticing her words.

She moaned, arching her back “Ohh! Watch us… Or I could suck on you while he fucked me! Mmm. When he’s done you can have me back…” Ashley moaned, her pussy gushed in orgasm. I had never brought her to one from oral before.

I was seeing red, my face covered in her wetness. I stood, dick fully erect once again. I never would have believed that my wife taunting me about getting fucked by our black well hung neighbor could do this to me. I placed one knee on the couch cushion and aligned myself with her sex, diving in without hesitation. She titled her head back in response “Oh! Yes…”

I leaned in and kissed her, she was staring at me with devilish eyes.

I continued my verbal assault “Are you going to keep teasing him baby? Are you going to keep acting like a naughty girl?”

She bit her lip and nodded “Mmmhmm, I love what it does to us…”

“What are you going to do next Ash? Are you going to sit in his lap again?”

She looked down as a pumped in and out of her sex, still biting her lip, squirming as I fucked her, she shook her head no “I think I’m going to text him naughty pictures.”

I nearly came on the spot, “Ohh, fuck! You can’t be serious… that’s dangerous baby.”

“I know… It’ll be so hot.”

I came for the second time in ten minutes, unloading this time deep in my wife. She had her second orgasm of the night as well, digging her nails into my back as she came with me. We laid there for a moment, both finally fading out of our lusty fog. She looked in my eyes, kissing me passionately. “I love you John.”

I kissed her back, not sure of what to make of all this – but I knew one thing for sure “I love you too baby.”

A week went by without another word on the subject. I had seen Richard once, albeit briefly when he asked me to make a quick adjustment on his portfolio. I thought things were beginning to die down with this absurd kink until one morning when I was getting ready for work. Ashley rolled over in bed, looking at me “I think I’m going to do it today.”

My mind was preoccupied with thoughts of an upcoming meeting “Do what?”

She smiled, “Don’t be silly… I’m going to text Richard a naughty picture.”

Her comment caused me to perk up immediately “… You can’t be serious…”

She was biting her lip “Oh I am, I want to give us some fuel for when you to come home and fuck me tonight.”

I wanted to tell her not too, as I was obviously worried about the consequences. She seemed to pick up on my hesitation, “Don’t worry baby… It will be harmless.”

My mind raced with all the possible negatives “Yeah well what if he thinks you’re trying to cheat on me, that’s not a good dynamic – I don’t like that.”

“Relax, i’m going to send it to both of you… So he knows you’re aware of it.” She smiled wickedly at me, and rolled back over.

I stood still, frozen in time. Not knowing how to react. She eventually walked over to me and planted a big kiss on my lips “Stop worrying… It’ll be hot.”

Every passing minute felt like an hour. I found myself checking my phone every thirty seconds, wondering if I had missed a text notification. Did she chicken out? Did she only send it to Richard? I was going insane with anticipation, with worry.

I glanced down at my watch and noticed it was already three in the afternoon, I began to convince myself that she wasn’t going to go through with it. That this was all just an elaborate tease to excite me. Just as I nearly reconciled that as fact, my phone buzzed with a notification.

I was alone in my office, luckily. A cold sweat broke out, running down my back, my mouth was dry. I reached for it, eventually turning the phone over. I nearly fainted at what I saw.

‘Just thought my two favorite men could use some inspiration to help get them through the day.’ I first noticed the text message, and then scrolled down unto the picture.

Ashley was laying down on our bed, the covers concealed her from the waist down, but she was titled in such a way that her ass was accentuated beneath them. More importantly, her large lily breasts were completely exposed, her left hand holding up her left titty. Her dark hair cascading beautifully across the white sheets of the bed. It was incredible. I wondered how long she thought, how many pictures she took, before she decided this would be the one. My dick began straining immediately, and I suddenly felt light headed.

It only took a few minutes until my phone buzzed again, Richard had replied “Wow. Very nice… Thank you for the inspiration!”

I leaned back in my chair, totally blown away but what had just happened. I was trying to reconcile everything in my mind when Ashley sent another text, this time just to me. ‘I need you to get home. Your wife needs to get fucked.’

I slammed my laptop closed, and took another early leave.

I was raced through our apartment lobby, and then nearly smashed the elevator buttons broken to get up to our floor. When the doors finally opened, I encountered something I wasn’t expecting.

Richard was standing there, presumably to head out. He saw me, and smiled.

“John. Took an early day?” He chuckled to himself.

For whatever reason, it didn’t feel awkward. The first moment he appeared amidst the opening elevator doors I thought it would be, and I panicked momentarily – but the second he spoke, my fears all went away.

He continued “Look, can I talk to you for a second?”

I nodded “Sure thing.”

He walked me back to his apartment and prepared a couple glasses of scotch. He handed one to me and we had a seat in his living room.

He began “Alright, I’m just gonna ask… Are you and Ashley… swingers?”

I laughed “Oh, wow.” I buried my face in my hands, embarrassed, “No… No I can’t say that we are.”

He pondered that for a moment, and continued, “Well I’m sure you’re aware of her… flirtatious nature, especially recently…”

My heart beat began to rise, I never thought to find myself in this type of conversation, I nodded “Yeah.” I realized our little game may have potentially rubbed Richard the wrong way. “Look, Richard, I’m sorry if any of this has been a problem…”

“A problem? John I haven’t had this much fun in years. I can’t recall any point in my life where a woman as beautiful as your wife has shown me this sort of attention. I was just trying to understand what was happening. I don’t think it was a stretch for me to assume you guys were swingers, for Gods sake your wife sent me a naked picture of herself today. You were copied on it.”

I found myself shaking my head, still not believing it, blushing like an idiot, caught, “…Yeah. I’m not really sure what to say… I think she’s had some fun teasing you and things have clearly gotten out of hand. We’ve really never done anything like this before.” I found myself feeling very confused by our actions, and I think it showed.

Richard followed suit, and continued “John, it’s no problem, really… Try to relax. Most good marriages explore, sexually – whether it be with teasing, role play, whatever. You need that sort of thing to keep the fire alive, it’s completely normal.” He paused for a second, clearly weighing something internally. He continued “Look, I’ve never told anyone this before… But Candice and I used to, every now and then, do some light swinging. She would sometimes bring couples home from work, and it really excited her to watch me with the other woman.”

That shocked me, to say the least.

“Excuse me?”

Richard took another sip of scotch, realizing it would require further explanation “Every so often Candice would entice a woman, or a couple, to join us in bed. To this day I’m not really sure how she went about doing it, but she did. Sometimes the woman would come alone, sometimes with her husband or boyfriend. It usually started off with all of us playing together but most times it ended up with Candice and the other man watching.”

I shook my head, thinking I wasn’t understanding him “Wow, what on earth. Why would she encourage that?”

Richard laughed, “Well John, I’m rather hung, and it used to excite my wife to watch me with other women. I guess it was something about watching them squirm, most of them were white, and had never been with a well hung black man. It really turned her on to watch me open their eyes to a new sexual experience.”

I felt my throat tighten up, my mouth was suddenly dry – I took another sip of the scotch. “The men would watch as well?… I would think that would be problematic…” I asked the question, but part of me felt relieved to know I wasn’t alone in my perverted thoughts.

Richard, looked at me, and spoke with logic, compassion “I initially thought it would as well, but I soon realized it’s simply natural human behavior. Men and women both inherently like the idea of intense sexual satisfaction. I think there’s definitely an unspoken arousal, for most people on this planet. I think that arousal is a pinnacle sexual ideal – A beautiful, naturally feminine white woman, and a large, masculine, black man… It is the ultimate male and female contrast.” He paused again, taking another sip “It’s obviously taboo, because admitting to the arousal of that sexual union as a white man, or a black woman, is admitting that you are not involved. However that same admission is what is so freeing, so deeply exciting. Look, I loved my wife more than the world itself, but the sexual explosions that I had with those white women were undeniable. That being said, sex is only one small portion of our lives. I would never have, in a million years – thought about leaving my wife. She was my heart, as I’m sure Ashley is yours. Besides, our sex was deeply satisfying regardless of that exploratory fun.”

I sat in total silence, absorbing Richards bold and terrifying words. They initially scared me, which yielded to some feelings of inferiority – but that was soon wiped away by a feeling of calm, a feeling of arousal, a feeling of enlightenment. I recalled the times I had watched an interracial porn, that initial sense of fear, of taboo, watching a hung black man with a white woman – which always melted away to an undeniable sense of eroticism. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, what I was thinking.

Richards voice snapped me out of my thoughts, “Anyway John. I’m not sure where you and Ashley are trying to go with this. If it stopped today I’d be fine with it, if it continued I’d be thrilled. I guess I just wanted you to know I was aware of the flirtations, and I was willing to reciprocate. I’d be a fucking fool not to be, forgive my language.”

I regained my composure, but my mind was still racing “…Just to be clear, what do you mean… reciprocate?”

Richard shrugged “I don’t really know, that’s up to you guys. Forgive me if I’m being too forward but for example, I would obviously love to have sex with her.”

There it was, unbelievably, out in the open. How in gods name did we arrive at this point? I was beginning to feel my first pangs of regret, but I was also immeasurably excited. I simply said one word, “…Wow.”

He laughed, “Yeah. I know. Look it would obviously be an all time thrill for me. Ashley is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I would feel obligated to pleasure her in ways she’s never experienced. And believe it or not, John, it would be a rush for you as well… Watching the woman you love commit an act of primal lust is unfortunately not something most men get to witness.”

We sat there in silence for a moment, I felt as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders, I pondered the entire situation, never in a million years would I have imagined myself actually considering such a surreal and dangerous proposition, I hesitated. “Yeah, I guess I’m just not really sure how far I’m willing to take it, or how far she is…”

“John, completely understandable. Again, was just getting this out in the open. Tell you what, next time Ashley decides to tease me what do you say if I put the ball back in her court a little?” He sipped his scotch again, finishing it.

“What do you mean?” I was curious, and wondered as to what Richard had in mind.

“I’m not really sure, just something to let her know the men are in control of this situation.” He smiled at me.

I found myself nodding in agreement despite not having any concrete idea as to what Richard meant.

We shook hands and I left him, quickly entering my apartment. I scanned the room but Ashley was nowhere to be found. I walked into the bedroom with blood boiling, and saw her.

She was in the same state as the picture, topless and sleeping on our bed, her bottom covered by our expensive sheets. My dick was immediately rock solid at the sight of her. The combination of the text from earlier, the open and surreal conversation with our neighbor, and the visual imagery in front of me – was almost too much to bear.

I stripped down nude, doing my best not to wake her. When I finally slid into bed next to her i nestled my stiff dick against the rump of her ass, gently waking her.

“Mmm, What took you so long?” She stretched, turning over – her gorgeous breasts swaying atop her chest as she did so.

“I was held up, I ran into Richard in the hallway.” I leaned in and kissed her.

Her eyes shot open, “You did?” her angelic expression suddenly turning panicked.

I nodded, and kissed her again, calming her.

She continued, “What did he say?!”

I pawed at her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples playfully.

“I’ll only tell if you fuck my brains out.” I decided to heed Richards advice, and let her know it wasn’t only her who could do the teasing.

She hopped on top of me, grabbing into my shoulders as she mounted my dick. Her pussy was already soaking wet as it engulfed my shaft. I knew there was no way I would hold out long. She began riding me with intensity.

“What did he say baby? Mmm…” She moaned as she spoke.

I grit my teeth, trying to manage the pleasure against what I was going to say “He told me that you were beautiful, and he asked if we were swingers…”

She continued to bounce up and down on my dick “Oh! Fuck… no way. What else? What did you… Mmm… say?”

“I told him you liked teasing him.” I grabbed her large ass as she rode me, giving it a slap, “And I told him we’ve never done anything like this before.”

I watched as she began to bite her lip, really beginning to buck. I continued, “He said Candice and him dabbled in swinging years ago…” I pulled her down towards me and kissed her passionately. She reciprocated the kiss, and then pulled back, stopping her rhythm for a moment, “What!? Are you serious!?”

I nodded, and continued fucking her. I felt a strong orgasm brewing. “That’s not all… He actually told me.” I looked in her eyes, “He told me he’s very well endowed, and that he wants to fuck you.”

Her eyes went wide, “What!?”

I grabbed her by her waist and smashed her back down onto my chest, her head now tucked underneath mine, looking to her left. I assaulted her sex, fueled my an indescribable passion, I knew my next words would set her into a nuclear state of arousal, “He said he would love to fuck you baby… Richard said that he’d fuck you better than you’ve ever been fucked before. He said his cock is huge, and that big black men fucking white wives is a huge turn on for married couples. He said we’d both love it if he fucked you!”

Her body convulsed, locking hard onto my torso, I felt a powerful orgasm erupt from her loins. Her toes curled, and the convulsions from her pussy tickled my shaft into unleashing its own explosion. I came, hard, and deep inside of her. She didn’t scream, but her grunting was guttural, nearly entering another realm of pleasure as she came hard on my spewing organ.

We stayed like that for minutes, in silence. She finally picked her head up off of my chest, and spoke “You were just fucking with me, right? You didn’t actually see him.”

I shook my head, “I wish I was lying, but I ran into him in the hall. We spoke in his apartment for awhile.”

She covered her mouth, apparently in some kind of mild shock. “He actually said all of those things?! You didn’t get mad at him?!”

“Yes, and no. We were having a rather candid conversation, trying to understand the situation. It was all pretty crazy Ash, but apparently, as fate would have it – Richard has experience with this sort of thing. Your picture that you sent today really caused him to open up about his attraction to you.”

She plopped off of me, standing up. For the first time, she looked nervous. “What do we do?”

I shrugged “Nothing… Anything. There’s no pressure here Ashley, we were playing a game, having fun. We can stop.”

That seemed to calm her somewhat, and she asked “What did he say about swinging? That’s crazy, he seems so mild mannered, and calm. I would have never thought…”

I decided to tell her everything, see how she reacted to it. I wondered if it would turn her on, or scare her away entirely, “Candice liked watching him with her married friends. Apparently he’s very big and she used to get off on watching him… show them something bigger… As did the husbands…”

Ashley’s face flushed red, she thought about it for a second, and her next words convinced me that this wasn’t the end of this depraved little rabbit hole, “Oh wow… that’s so naughty.” She bit her lip yet again, and walked towards the bathroom to clean up.

We had a quiet dinner and watched some television before getting ready for bed. Very few words were spoken. Just when I was sitting down on the bed to get comfortable, Ashley walked out of the bathroom and handed me her phone. On it was a picture, and a message.

‘I wanted you to have this. I figured it could help you get to sleep.’

The image was of herself, bent over the bathroom counter. Her beautiful ass and glistening wet mound were both extremely visible. It was incredibly naughty, incredibly erotic.

My face flushed red, “You’re not sending that to him, are you?” I asked, stupidly.

She blushed, “Already did.” her smile was wicked. My mind raced, I was really starting to panic about where this would end up, and the buzz from her phone did nothing to put my mind at ease.

I looked on as Ashley glanced at it, giddiness apparent. She looked for a moment, and then froze, covering her mouth – wide eyed. “Oh… wow…” was all that she said.

I took a couple steps forward and glanced at the phone, I almost collapsed.

‘That’s not gonna help me get to sleep. Look at what you’ve done.’ was the reply.

It was a picture of Richards massive black cock. It was obscene, jutting out of his pants at close to probably twelve inches long. It was incredibly thick and unarguably impressive. It was perhaps as big as anything I’d seen in even porn movies. My ego was immediately bruised by the sight of it.

Ashley continued to look at it, her eyes still wide, her bottom lip now bitten once again. “I… I can’t believe how big it is…”

Neither could I, but I said nothing. I simply sat in silence, filled with terror, and arousal.

“What do I say?” Ashley looked at me, her face red.

I didn’t know what to tell her, my heart was racing, and there was a pit in my stomach. “Uh, I don’t know. Maybe nothing for right now?” She took a seat next to me.

She asked me, probing for something “Isn’t it huge?”

Anything other than agreement would have been a lie, I nodded. My blood pressure began to rise. It suddenly hit me that my wife was staring at another mans cock, in awe, in fascination. She was clearly aroused by it, and the thought of that, against all odds, made me very aroused. I agreed, “Yeah… I guess that’s the thing he wants to fuck you with.”

She kissed me passionately, moaning as her lips met mine, “This is so fucking crazy John, what are we doing?”

I didn’t answer, I simply kissed her back, letting her know that I loved her with all my heart.

A few minutes went by, we were in the midst of a passionate tussle, non sexual – but filled with our love. Her phone buzzed again. We let go of each other so she could look at it.

‘You are killing me over here. Do you like it?’

She looked at me, as if I was going to answer it for her, “Go ahead, answer him… Be honest.” I kissed her again.

She smiled, and grabbed the phone ‘Oh god yes. It’s beautiful.’

I winced as she hit send, but she continued to caress me as she waited for a response.

Sure enough, moments later. ‘Thank you Ashley. Tell me this. Is it bigger than your husbands?’

Upon reading his response she bit her lip. She looked at me with caution. When I read the words myself they only served to excite me further, I didn’t react. I simply said, once again “…Just be honest.”

She looked surprised, but turned her attention back towards the phone, face red. She typed slowly this time, “Yes. It’s much bigger.”

It really was, probably twice as long and twice as thick, essentially making it three or four times the size of my organ, maybe more. That wasn’t it though, it was black, and foreign, and it clearly enticed Ashley on a level that surprised her. Adding to that, it was now out in the open, and all three of us understood that he was much larger than me, and that my wife loved the sight of it. I looked down at her panties, the pink lace was darkened from her wetness.

Another text arrived ‘I want you and John to both consider it ravishing you. I want you to ask yourselves… Does the thought of my big black cock pumping in and out of Ashley’s gorgeous body excite you? You both need to be honest, there is no shame in such an admission. We are all adults, and we all have our own taboo fantasies.’

As I finished reading the text my head began to spin, but my dick strained in my shorts. I looked over at Ashley who had one hand on her chest, breathing heavily. She looked at me with sex in her eyes.

We sat for a moment, not saying a word. I decided to break the ice, “Does it?” My words were almost a whisper.

Ashley looked down at the phone, and then back at me “I don’t want you to be mad at me baby…”

“Ash, I’m not, like I said… We are just being open and honest.”

She spoke, sultrily and slowly, “I love you so much John… but yes. I want Richard to fuck me with this big cock.” She scrolled back up a touch to continue looking at his manhood. My blood pressure rose, and my dick strained hard through my shorts. She looked down at my bulge, noticing my excitement.

She began typing a response, ‘Richard, Yes. Yes, it excites us.’

We sat in nervous silence for a moment, and then a last, fateful, text arrived.

‘Ashley, That’s great news. It’s too rare a thing for a couple to be open about their fantasies. Here’s what’s going to happen. In ten minutes I am going to come over and open the front door to your apartment. It should be unlocked. If it is not unlocked you will stop your teasing and we will continue on with our lives as neighbors, and nothing more. I will still be happy to help you both move when the day comes. However, if the door is unlocked, I expect you to be completely nude, on your marital bed, waiting for me. John will wait for me to arrive in the living room, and then walk me in to see you. No words will be spoken until you are writhing in pleasure.’

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest, I glanced at Ashley who was almost panting she was breathing so heavily. Her right hand covered her mouth, but she eventually found her voice “Oh god John…”

She looked at me with her beautiful eyes, partially filled with concern, partially filled with lust. I grabbed her and pulled her so that she was positioned in front of me.

“Put the phone down.” I whispered it in her ear. She did, placing it gently to the side.

“Arms up baby.” I maintained a calm cadence as I spoke.

She slowly lifted her arms up. I reached down, grabbing the base of her nightie, a loose fitting shirt. I slowly pulled it up and over her head, watching as her lovely milky tits spilled out, pale nipples hard enough to cut glass.

“John, W-What are you doing?” I could hear the nerves in her voice. I didn’t answer. I simply pulled her back deeper onto the bed, laying her down. I sat up and grabbed at the lace pink underwear she was wearing, I slowly peeled them down her legs, the front of the lace clung to her moistened sex, eventually peeling apart entirely. She lifted her legs up so I could fully remove them from her body. She was now completely naked.

I stood up, my shorts jutting outwards from my erection. I looked down at Ashley and shuddered knowing that soon another man might be inside of her, potentially bringing her immense pleasure. I leaned down and kissed her passionately, she wrapped her arms around the back of my neck, matching my enthusiasm. She slowly spread her legs open and I reached my hand down, using my deft fingers to massage her sex. It was as wet as I’d ever felt her, her pussy was literally soaking, begging to be fucked.

“I’ll be back.” I whispered it to her, and kissed her one last time, heading towards the living room. Just as I was walking out she called for me, “John.”

I turned back, looking at her, seeing her sexily laying on our bed, legs spread, massaging her incredible breasts. She spoke in an earnest tone, “I love you.”

Her smile calmed me, her words immediately made me realize that no matter what happened here tonight, everything would be okay.

“I love you too baby.”

I walked out of the room.

It felt like an hour before Richard walked through the front door, but it was probably only mere minutes. I spent my time pacing back and forth, staying out of eye shot of Ashley back in our bedroom. When I finally saw the door open, I thought I was going to have a heart attack my nerves were firing so strongly.

Richard strode inside, his same quiet and confident self. He looked at me and smiled, moving towards me. He reached out his hand to shake mine, somehow I found it despite the delirious state of mind I was in. He shook it firmly, and followed it up with an affectionate pat on the shoulder. I simply nodded, and began walking towards the bedroom.

I entered the room, Richard in tow. As we crossed the threshold I looked upon Ashley, still in the same position I left her in, breathing so hard I thought she might hyperventilate. I looked on as her eyes met Richards, they were distant and consumed with lust. I had never seen her in such a raw, sexual, state. The lights in the room were off, but there was plenty of ambient light shining in from the moon, and also from our living room. Her beautiful visage was a clear as day.

I walked towards my side of the bed and pulled out my desk chair, bringing it closer to the edge of the bed. I was shirtless, and still in my shorts. I looked up at Richard, who stood calmly at the foot of the bed, drinking the image of Ashley in. He was dressed in a tee shirt and khakis, I noticed that he was barefoot, only having to take two steps from his apartment to ours, it made sense.

He was smiling at her, and her at him. My dick was throbbing with such rigidity it nearly caused me pain. I couldn’t believe the three of us were in our bedroom, my wife naked for him. I looked on as she continued massaging her gorgeous tits, opening her legs erotically to expose her sopping wet sex for his feasting eyes.

I noticed that Richard’s khakis were tenting, absurdly. He stood still, pulling off his shirt and casually tossing it to the side of the room. I was immediately reminded of how much bigger he was than myself. He revealed an impressively toned body with large shoulders and a slim waist. I looked at Ashley who was gazing up at him, eyes glazed. Her lip was bitten.

Richard slowly began unzipping his pants, unlatching the button. They immediately fell to the floor.

Ashley gasped.

The picture sent earlier didn’t do it justice. Richard’s cock was jutting outwards, proudly, immense, black. It was probably a foot long and maintained an incredible girth across the length of it. Adding to the spectacle of his cock itself was a pair of massive testicles, his pouch as big as a tennis ball. It all hung there, rigid, and intimidating. I began feeling flush, light headed. I looked over at Ashley who had the widest eyes I’d ever seen. One of her hands was now gently smacking at her pussy, seemingly delirious with lust.

Richard stepped out of his pants and approached my wife’s side of the bed, completely nude. His obscenely large, black manhood swaying as he walked. Ashley stared at it the entire way over. When he finally reached her he placed his left knee on the bed, giving her a close up view of his sex. She appeared to be in a trance, for she continued to play with herself as she stared at it, completely under it’s spell. Richard reached down with his hands and gently took a hold of Ashley’s breasts. Massaging one and then the other. He stroked some of her hair behind her ear, and continued. She opened her mouth as if to gasp, but no sound came out. The sight of Richard’s large black hands contrasting against my wife’s lily white tits almost caused my dick to erupt without physical provocation. I had never seen anything so exciting, so terrifying, so deeply arousing – in my entire life.

She arched her head back, this time letting out a low audible groan. I looked on as her legs squirmed in anticipation, she quickly brought her head back down, seemingly worried his manhood was no longer in view. It was clear she enjoyed looking at Richard’s black cock. As she continued to stare at it he gently lunged his hips forward, giving Ashley no option but to take his sex in her hands.

She reached up with one hand, and then the other. Her small, delicate, white fingers slowly wrapped around his fat dark shaft. He was so thick that her fingers had no hope of fully encircling it. I recalled all the times she had stroked my throbbing member, using only one hand and easily touching index finger to thumb while doing so. I wondered what she was thinking as she slowly pumped on his massive dick, using both hands with plenty of room to spare. She bit her lip so hard I was worried she’d draw blood.

It was Richard’s turn to tilt his head back in pleasure. My wife continued to pump his large cock, his plump balls swaying as she did. She noticed them, and gently reached over with her left hand, taking his scrotum in her palm. The sheer size of it was spilling out past the edges of her hand, but she massaged his balls all the same. Her massage eventually transitioned into a tickle, as she used her nails to gently tease his testicles.

I heard Richard grunt, and he once again thrust forward – this time bringing the tip of his cock inches away from my wife’s mouth.

Stacey’s eyes widened, perhaps the gravity of her actions further setting in, perhaps her excitement reaching a fever pitch. She looked up at him, and then back at the massive black cock that was hanging in her face, and she opened her mouth.

I was sweating from the excitement, a continued state of heightened eroticism permeated the room along with my mind. I instinctively began stroking myself as I watched Ashley take Richard in her mouth.

I looked on in horror as her tongue explored the length of his cock. She was possessed by her own lust, kissing up and down his shaft, taking as much of him as she could down her throat. She was infatuated with his manhood, and it was nearly incomprehensible to witness. I had to relinquish my grasp on my own dick for fear that I would explode, ruining the surreal mind state that I currently occupied.

Richard looked on as my wife showered his black cock with copious affection. He maintained his position for a few minutes, but eventually pulled back, shifting his entire body onto the bed in the process.

He looked down at my wife, who’s legs were spread for him. Richard gently spread them open even further, positioning his massive member above the entrance to my wife’s pussy. Ashley was beside herself, unable to pull her gaze away from the inevitable penetration. Suddenly, Richard slapped his slab of meat down upon her sopping mound. She screamed out, “Oh!”

He continued to slap his manhood across her folds, massaging them open and stimulating her moistened clit with the underside of his large shaft. She was already lost, moaning “Mmm! Oh my god!”

My vision was closing in on me as everything in the world disappeared except for the sight of Richard mounting my wife.

He teased her for a moment more and then pulled back, and pushed forward. Time froze as I watched his engorged black tip mush against my wife’s sex, slowly disappearing inside of her. My jaw dropped as fat black inch after fat black inch pushed deep into her white pussy. Her head immediately arched back as she clawed down into our bed sheets, screaming out in incredible throes of passion “Oh God! Oh God! I can’t believe ittt! Oh Goddd!!”

Richard continued to piston in and out, gently, but powerfully, on each consecutive thrust more and more of his black cock would enter my wife. Ashley’s legs spread up in the air and her toes curled instinctively, she bent her knees in and locked her legs around his lower back as he drove into her. I knew he was filling my wife up like I never had. I knew he was deeper than I had ever been, I knew he was causing Ashley’s previously uncharted nerve endings to fire off in pleasure, “Richarddd you are so biggg! Please fuck meee! Oh my goddd I can’t believe how big you are!!” She was gasping for air as she took him inside of her.

I stared on in stunned disbelief, gripping into my chair arm rests so as not to reach for my own impossibly hard dick. Richard’s shaft was glistening with Ashley’s wetness as he began to pick up speed, completely filling her up with the entirety of his engorged black cock. He leaned in and kissed her, muffling her moans with his tongue. The sight of it sent my mind spiraling out of control. He leaned back up and continued his relentless assault on her pussy, his large black balls slapping against her incredible ass as he pumped his manhood deep into her being. She was losing control, “Richard! Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m gonna… I’m gonna! Oh my… Oh!! Fuckkk yesss!!” Her body reacted violently, bucking like I had never seen before, she writhed and squirmed and clawed into Richard’s back as her entire body convulsed. I looked on as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and then slammed shut. Her entire nervous system was hi jacked by her orgasm, the waves of pleasure exploding out from her quivering sex, taking a hold of her entire body as she moaned in guttural release. It was like nothing I’d ever seen.

Richard looked down at her, smiling, and then in my direction. He saw my mouth agape, totally blown away by what had just taken a hold of my wife. He gave me a thumbs up, and a smile, and turned his attention back towards Ashley. Her eyes were still closed, her legs still wrapped around his back, she was breathing heavily but seemed to be back from her otherworldly orgasm. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, dazed. She smiled.

That was when Richard spoke for the first time, “You are amazing.”

She smiled wider, and replied “That… my goodness.”

Richard began slowly pumping in and out of her once again, taking his time to let her recover. She looked down at their joining sexes, and bit her lip.

Richard spoke “Do you like it?” he looked down at her chest, noticing her large breasts swaying in unison with his thrusts atop her torso.

Ashley continued to bite her lip, and nodded.

Richard slowly increased his tempo, quickly spurring my wife back into a sexual high. She moaned as he maintained his deep strokes. “Mmm, Ohh… Yes. Yesss… That feels so incredible.”

Without warning he pulled himself from inside of her, his large dick plopping out. I looked on yet again, unable to believe that the entirety of his manhood was inside of my wife. It was coated in a lather of white cream, clearly Ashley’s essence had engulfed it during her orgasm moments ago. He grabbed her by her waist, pulling her up and positioning her on her knees. She was now facing towards me. He shuffled on the bed and aligned himself behind her. She was glancing back at him, squirming, spreading her legs and arching her back for him. She desperately wanted his big black cock back inside of her. He grabbed a hold of her waist and gently pushed her shoulders down so that her face was near the bed cushion. She maintained her balance with her forearms.

I looked on as he once again entered my wife, this time from behind. Her head arched back upon penetration and that’s when she saw me. She blushed, and averted her eyes briefly, but thought better of it and returned them to me. She saw my erect dick, she saw my lust filled eyes, and she smiled sexily at me, mouthing the words ‘I love you.’ as Richard pumped his big black cock into her willing sex.

I mouthed them back. She beamed with what looked like pride, and buried her face into the bed cushion, taking him deep.

Richard began a verbal assault, attempting to fuel her lust even further.

“You look beautiful taking me, Ashley. Your pussy was made for big black cock, you know that right?” He spoke in a calm, but sexual tone.

I saw her hands claw into the bed sheets as she moaned loudly, “Oh God…”

“You like getting fucked by big black cock, don’t you?” He smacked her ass, for the first time showing some mild signs of aggression. My wife responded to it, “Mmm, Oh God yes…”

“I want to hear you say it. I want John to hear you say it.” He began to increase his tempo, her large tits began swaying beautifully underneath her as he pounded her.

Ashley moaned aloud, relenting to his request with no hesitation, “Ohhh! I love big… black… cock! Fuck me Richard!”

Something about hearing her confess her love for black cock sent me over the edge. I pulled out my dick and immediately began stroking it.

Richard knew exactly what to do and say to fuel us both, “Look at your husband. He loves to watch you take it…”

Ashley looked up at me, her body smacking back into Richard’s massive cock as she did, her hands still gripping the sheets. She bit her lip when she saw me jerking off.

“He loves you Ashley, but he is a man, and he understands how incredible and erotic it can be to watch nature run its course.” He smacked her ass again.

She began to enter another sexually inflamed state, moaning loudly “Ohh! Oh! Fuck!” she closed her eyes to better manage the waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

“Your husband realizes how beautiful you are, how incredibly womanly you are. He’s smart enough to know that you deserve to be pleasured on a level that satisfies your primal instincts…” Richard grit his teeth, seemingly preparing for his orgasm, “…on a level that satisfies your soul.”

Ashley screamed out and locked up, once again cumming all over Richard’s massive black cock. The sounds of their mating sexes sent me over the edge. Richard too, froze, roaring out as he unleashed a torrent of his seed deep into my wife’s womb.

I erupted, spewing my load all over myself as I looked on at Richard cumming deep inside of my wife. I came to the harrowing realization that this moment had always inevitable. From the day we moved into the apartment there was a natural, inherent chemistry between the two of them. They gravitated towards each other, getting closer and closer, more and more intimate. The social constructs of marriage or basic societal norms could not hope to compete with the natural, base, erotic magnetism that had just taken place on my marital bed. There was almost something evolutionary about it. Ashley’s beautiful, feminine, sexual, white female body being penetrated by a large, hulking, black alpha male sex organ – it was something that couldn’t be argued with.

I knew my wife loved me, and I knew we’d be together for the rest of our lives. Like Richard said, there was more to life and relationships than sex. But I also knew this wouldn’t be the last time these two experienced each other, and I understood immediately, that my sex life would never be the same.

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