Losing Control


It was a Thursday night and my wife Charlotte and I had just left a special dinner to celebrate the ground breaking of a new manufacturing facility that the company I worked for planned to open in a suburban location on the outskirts of our city. It was a high profile situation for me personally, as a young exec in the company, and because the facility would create over 500 new jobs the dinner was something of a fancy affair with many local dignitaries present.

Being a junior member of the deal team, I had been pleasantly surprised when I received the invitation, that included my wife, and we decided to make it a special occasion by arranging for her parents to watch our two young children for the evening. Due to the event, I had the next day off so Charlotte decided to take the day off as well so we wouldn’t feel pressured.

I had worn the standard suit and tie and Charlotte had chosen a simple black cocktail dress. We are both thirty-two years old but while I definitely look my age, my wife looks more like twenty-five even after producing two adorable children. She is a slender 5’7″ with a 34C bust, a narrow waist and firm, trim hips that merge into long lovely legs. In addition, she has raven hair, full juicy lips and cute dimples that light up her face when she smiles. To top it off she is a successful business woman so not only is she beautiful but also quite intelligent.

Despite the excitement around being invited, the dinner had been boring speeches and rubber chicken food. Since it was part of my job, both of us had worked to be friendly and gracious, drinking our share of liquor along the way to get by. Of course, my wife got a lots of attention and always seemed to have two or three men around her. We stayed until most of the guests had left, making a graceful exit around ten, and headed anxiously towards home where I hoped to enjoy a night of uninterrupted pleasure.

Unfortunately, in typical fashion, my wife announced five minutes after departing that she needed to go to the bathroom.

“Why didn’t you go before we left?” I asked with some annoyance. You see it wasn’t uncommon for her to do something like this and it always drove me crazy.

I got one of her typical “you just don’t get it” looks so I went silent and started looking for somewhere to stop. The trouble was that we were now in an industrial area and there was no guarantee that we would find a place “acceptable” if I pulled off the freeway.

“How long can you hold it?” I asked glancing at her.

“Not very long.” She replied and the grimace on her face indicated that it was indeed a critical situation.

I took the next exit hoping to find an open gas station close-by but when we got to the end of the ramp there was no place within eyesight. Picking right, we drove for several blocks until we hit a primary intersection but still there was nothing.

“This must be the only place in the city with no gas station.” I said in exasperation. I was left to contemplate whether to return to the freeway and try to get closer to downtown but decided to try just a little further.

Rounding a slow bend, a low, darkly painted building came into view on our right that was partly illuminated with neon lights. I say partly because it looked like half were broken so that it gave the place an odd, uneven look. There was a smattering of cars out front and as we got closer we could see that it was a bar. Since, we weren’t in a position to be choosey, I whipped into the lot and parked in an open spot on the side of the building. Further back, was an additional dirt lot and several large trucks were parked with their lights off. I half expected to hear her complain at my selection so when she opened the door without comment I felt that she was indeed pretty desperate.

At the door, I quickly cringed. There was a sign that informed us that it was amateur night and that there was a five dollar cover. I realized that we had found a low end strip club and knew that I was going to pay for it later, even if none of it was my fault.

“Uh, my wife just needs to go to the bathroom.” I said to a scruffy fiftyish man at the door.

“Five dollars.” He replied showing no interest in our predicament.

Charlotte gave me a look letting me know that it was not the time to argue so I pulled out a ten and gave it to him and we walked into the dark interior.

“Hey. Ladies free.” He yelled after us and I turned and took the bill he offered.

“Where are the bathrooms?” I asked with a tone of urgency.

“To the right.” He answered with the same air of disinterest.

By the time I caught up with Charlotte, she had already spotted the restroom sign and was headed towards them with purpose. Standing near the entrance, now alone, I surveyed the place and saw that it was indeed a strip club. Just to the right were the restrooms and to the left was a small seating area with cheap tables and chairs. The bar started halfway down and was L-shaped with the far end disappearing around a bend into an area that was beyond my sight. In the left corner, across from the bar was the stage which was a simple platform about twelve foot square with cheap lights flashing around the perimeter on top and bottom.

On the stage, was a blonde with large fake breasts and a noticeable tummy dancing with an attitude of indifference. She was wearing a white g-string that appeared to have rhinestones along the side and nothing else. Two middle age men, sitting in the first row, were watching her and between me and the stage were two men at separate tables and three men on stools at the bar. One of the men at the bar was watching the stage but the others were talking to the large bartender who looked perfect for the part with his long hair and beard. From their appearance, I guessed all the patrons worked at the industrial businesses in the area.

Charlotte is by no means a fuddy-duddy but I knew she would tease me mercilessly on the fact that I took her here. Not because she was upset, but because she could use it to try and gain some moral high ground in our ongoing, good natured give and take. For that reason, and perhaps because of the liquor I had already consumed, I decided to find a table and play with it. I picked one along the wall between the two single patrons and as soon as I sat down, a thin, older woman came from the wait station at the bar. She was dressed in a Harley t-shirt and jeans with a look indicating she had smoked cigarettes her entire life. I quickly ordered a beer and a vodka tonic wanting the drinks to be on the table when my wife arrived.

I had been to many of these type of places in my past both as a single man and with guys from work after getting married. They had generally been much more upscale but all clubs seemed to follow the same general set of protocols. As far as I knew, Charlotte had never set foot in such a place but would certainly have an opinion when we left.

Charlotte soon appeared and, with a quick glance around the room, spotted me and moved to join me. On her approach to the table, every eye in the place was on her and all movement seemed to cease like a scene from a movie. When she sat, the crowd generally returned to what they had been doing but I still saw the occasional furtive glance in our direction.

At first, my wife refused to acknowledge the surroundings we had found ourselves in but, after we sipped our drinks in silence for several minutes, as if on cue, we both started giggling. That broke the tension and we started openly laughing about the bizarre sequence of events that had landed us in the club. By then, the rest of the bar seemed to have forgotten about us and we made jokes about the various characters and made up stories about them and what we thought was their lot in life. The noise from the music required us to lean close to each other to speak which made it seem all the more intimate. We had just ordered another round of drinks when the announcement came that the amateur strip contest was starting.

An emcee came over a loudspeaker system and informed us that the prize was $50 dollars to the winner and there were only two women in the contest. Laughing, we decided to stay and watch much like one is drawn to a train wreck – for some reason you just can’t look away.

The first amateur dancer was middle age, homely and uninspired. She had small breasts and overall her body just appeared to have too many hard miles on it. In addition, she looked wasted and staggered through the the typical two song set finally ending wearing just her red g-string with no one paying any real attention.

“You should enter the contest.” I said to my wife with a silly smile emboldened by the alcohol.

“I knew you were going to say that eventually. Men are so predictable.” She replied shaking her head and smiling. She was on her third drink now and I could see she had taken my comment with amusement.

“I’m serious.” I answered as I put my hand on her thigh then pushed my fingertips under the hem.

“No you’re not.” She said and started to laugh while putting her hand over mine.

The second girl climbed on the stage and might have been even worse. She was younger, maybe in her mid-twenties, but so overweight that her tits sagged loosely and her large belly rolled over her g-string. It was truly a sad sight and we had to stifle our laughter as we watched. She was down to her g-string by the time the first song ended so I wondered what she would do for the second.

“Come on. You’ll win and it will pay for our drinks.” I said trying hard not to laugh. Charlotte views me as overly practical and analytical. In her view, I am not spontaneous enough, especially where money is involved. I knew I would get a reaction when I said it but it was too good an opportunity to pick at her to pass up.

She shot a look at me and opened her mouth to speak then realized I was intentionally trying to provoke a reaction. She paused and a slow smile came to her face before she spoke. “That’s a good idea.”

Since it wasn’t the response I was expecting, I was now at a loss for words and when Charlotte saw the reaction on my face she started giggling, very pleased with herself for turning the tables.

The heavy girl was beginning her second song and we stopped talking to watch her for a few minutes. Unfortunately, her second effort was no more inspired than her first and the ending couldn’t arrive quick enough.

“Who are you voting for?” I asked as the song was ending.

“Can I dance and vote?” She responded sarcastically then grinned once again feeling like she won the war of wits.

The music finally stopped and the emcee called for a hand for the girl which only a few responded to. He then announced it was time for the vote which would be done by applause. Just as he was starting, an impulse hit me and I jumped to my feet and tried to stop him.

“There’s another contestant.” I yelled towards the bar since I wasn’t sure where the emcee was actually located.

Regardless, It was enough to get the bartender’s attention who whistled and raised his hand stopping the emcee in mid-sentence. Some of the others heard it too and a low buzz started in the room. Now, I’m not the type of person that likes to be the center of attention so I felt incredibly awkward when I realized everyone was now looking at me.

The impact of what I had done swept through me and I slowly lowered my eyes to see my wife staring at me with a look I had never seen before. If I had to describe her stare I would call it equal parts surprise, confusion and challenge.

“Lady you in?” The bartender called out having moved as close as he could from behind the bar.

“Just once and I’m not taking my clothes off.” Charlotte said looking me straight in the eye.

“Okay.” Was all I could think of to say.

“Lady, you going?” The bartender called out again.

“Wayne what the fuck is going on?” The fat girl yelled at the bartender.

“Shut the hell up Connie.” He replied no doubt realizing that what might happen would be something different for the club.

Charlotte slowly stood up, looked towards the bartender and nodded her head. He immediately smiled and a quick cheer went up amongst the patrons we could see.

“Come here and pick your music.” He called over the low din and she took the few steps to where he was standing.

They talked for a minute or so then she came back looking very strange.

Before she could speak, the emcee came on and declared. “Now on stage, the beautiful Charlotte!”

I wanted to tell her that dancers didn’t use their real names but I was wise enough to remain silent.

“Enjoy.” Was all she said and walked towards the stage.

She tentatively approached the platform and several times along the way I thought she might stop. As soon as she stepped onto the stage, the music changed. Unlike the other girls who had danced to Rock & Roll songs she had selected something slower and jazzy.

My wife is a very good dancer, with natural rhythm and she was instantly able to get her body into a smooth tempo to the slow, sensual beat of the music. She had barely started when I saw several men moving from the section around the bar, hidden from my view, to the tables right up front. One was a single man, that looked much like the others in the bar. In addition, there was a group of three large, burly men. Two were dressed in t-shirts and were sporting tattoos on their arms. The third had long sleeves that hid any similar art. He had a long, full beard which made him look like one of the ZZ Top musicians.

Charlotte danced to the music slowly and sexily, occasionally lifting her dress slightly to expose more of her smooth thighs. Her long legs with her two inch heels were a very mesmerizing sight. In addition, she would occasionally bend forward which showed off the top of her breasts. Whether this was intentional or not wasn’t clear but it was evident the men were getting excited but also quite frustrated. They wanted to see more skin and her actions were coming across as a tease.

When the song ended, there were groans of frustrations from the crowd that turned into a chant of MORE MORE MORE. She had one foot off the stage when she looked towards me and saw that I was waving at her to stay there. Like the crowd, I now wanted to see more too and hoped that she could be enticed to keep going. The announcer quickly started a new song and after looking at me for several seconds she stepped back onto the stage.

She started like before moving easily in rhythm to the music and showing a little of her legs and breasts. Now though, each time she raised the hem of the dress it went a little further up her legs. Halfway through the song, I found myself hoping that she would raise it just a fraction more and show us her thong. By now, I was certain she was aware of what she was doing and was teasing all of us on purpose.

The crowd became restless as she continued dancing with no progress being made on removing her clothes. As the song came to an end, there were more loud groans of disappointment and several annoyed catcalls. However, while like the rest of the crowd, it was torture to not see more, I still enjoyed every second. My cock was hard as nails and I had to use my hand to free it from the awkward angle it had taken in my boxers.

This time, as soon as the song ended, Charlotte bolted from the stage avoiding eye contact with all the hungry men around her. When she got to the table I could see she was flushed and I wondered how much was from the dancing and how much was from the excitement of being on stage. I rose to meet her with a kiss, helped her sit and handed her a fresh drink.

“That was amazing.” I said with complete sincerity which brought an impish smile to her face.

“Time to vote.” A clearly disappointed announcer said.

The fat girl won 1st place with Charlotte taking second and the older woman third.

“She was horrible.” Charlotte stated with a noticeable tone of surprise.

“Maybe but she did what it took.” I replied.

Charlotte had almost finished her drink when the waitress came over and told us that some men wanted to know if she did table dances. Fighting back a grin, I told her no but as soon as she left my wife wanted to know about table dances. Scanning the room, I saw one of the club girls was dancing for a customer, now that the amateur show was over, and I pointed her out to my wife. She watched the girl dance for the man and occasionally asked me questions which I tried not to answer lest I incriminate myself.

I desperately needed to go to the bathroom so I excused myself as soon as the waitress brought a final round and maneuvered around the tables to the men’s room. When I got inside, there were two men in line in front of me at the one working urinal. One of the men was older and he must have had some kind of prostate condition as it took him well over five minutes to relieve himself. The result was that it took me a good ten minutes to finish and get back to my wife.

When I emerged from the bathroom, I was startled to see that one of the large men, that had moved close to the stage, was sitting at the table with Charlotte. I forced myself to remain calm and walked slowly but deliberately back to the table trying to sense the tone. When I arrived, I could see Charlotte was bemused more than concerned.

“What’s going on?” I asked trying not to sound defensive.

“Just checking again on that table dance.” The man immediately replied with a soft drawl. I guessed he was 6’2″ tall and weighed around 230 pounds. Up close though, he looked more thick than fat. He appeared to be in his early forties and had close cropped dark hair and a two day old stubble. He was wearing boots, dirty jeans, a grey t-shirt and appearing from beneath the sleeve we could see part of a faded, old tattoo.

Now that I could tell that Charlotte wasn’t scared, I decided to talk to the guy some.

“What’s the going rate for table dances?” I asked making him smile.

“$20 flat.” The man shot back.

“How many were you planning to get?” I asked to which he just fished into his pants pocket and pulled out a crumpled $100 bill.

“That’s a lot of dances.” I said to him smiling.

“Oh I think it would be worth it.” He answered and I saw Charlotte blush deeply.

“I already told Frank I’m not a dancer.” She explained. Her use of his first name made me raise my eyebrow.

“No, she’s not. And we’re about to go too.” I explained.

“Well nothing ventured you know.” He said and stood. After nodding to each other and a final look at Charlotte he walked away.

There was silence as he left that carried on until it became awkward before she finally spoke. “There for a minute I felt like I was on sale.”

“Well since you lost the strip contest I thought it might be a second chance to make some money.” I replied both fighting to keep from laughing and preparing for her reaction at the same time.

“Very funny, smartass.” She instantly replied.

We were out the door minutes later and as soon as we turned the corner of the building I pushed Charlotte against the SUV and kissed her hard. A groan came from her while my hand found her butt and pulled her against me. Reciprocating, she wrapped her arms around me, locked her left leg around mine and ground her pelvis into mine. We broke for a second to catch our breath then started again and I knew that she was as worked up as me.

“Get in the back.” I said hitting the button to open the door. I was so excited from the events in the bar and feeling her body that I wanted more and I wanted it immediately.

Charlotte jumped into the back without hesitation and I quickly followed grabbing her and resuming our embrace. This time, my hand began pulling her dress up and without prodding she raised her butt to help. My lust was so intense that my hand immediately sought out her thong and pushed it aside to finger her sweet, shaved pussy. I expected to find her wet but was surprised and excited to realize she was absolutely soaked. I knew this wasn’t just from the kissing and fondling we had been doing and, like me, she must have become aroused from the events in the club.

“Hurry.” She whimpered seconds later and her hands furtively began working on my belt.

She forced my pants down to my knees, with my boxers, then took me in her hand, straddled my waist and worked me into her opening while holding her thong to one side.

“Ohhh…” We gasped in unison as my dick slipped into her opening.

She started riding me fast making all kinds of wonderful moans and whimpers and I pulled the straps off her dress off her shoulders working the top down along with her strapless bra until everything was bunched at her waist. Finding her nipples, I began rolling and then pinching them causing her to push into me harder.

“This is so wild.” She announced through her labored breath.

“You’re incredible.” I answered while gasping for breath.

Just then headlights swept across the parking lot and a pickup truck went past, parking several spaces away.

“Damn.” She cried out in frustration, starting to pull off me.

“Just be still for a moment.” I whispered and pulled her head down against my shoulder.

I watched an older man get out and proceed down the walkway next to the building with his feet making a shuffling sound. He was smoking a cigarette and when he reached the corner of the building, just to the left of our car, he stopped. Charlotte could hear the sound of his feet stop and I felt her body shaking against me.

“Is he watching?’ She whispered.

At first I thought he must have noticed us but after a bit I realized he was just finishing the smoke and if we stayed still we would be fine.

“Be still baby. He’s just finishing his cigarette.” I said.

“I can’t believe we are doing this.” She answered with a soft giggle in her voice.

After several minutes of holding Charlotte tight against me, the man shuffled towards the door.

“He’s gone.” I told her and immediately she began moving again.

“Finally.” She answered.

“God you’re horny.” I said huskily into her ear.

“Very.” She replied.

We got into rhythm again and this time there were no interruptions as we mated until finally, Charlotte’s body got tight, her moans became more pronounced and she released with a strong finish that had her thrashing on top of me. I was only a bit behind her but she had cum so fully that when she was through I had to use my hands to move her on me until I filled her.

As soon as we were through, reality descended and we scrambled into our clothes and left. All the way home, we laughed about it with her frequently leaning over the console to kiss me or squeeze my thigh.

The parking lot adventure proved to be just the start of the night. We attacked each other as soon as were in the house and then later I woke to find her playing with my dick which brought yet another round of sex. I knew that the dancing must have excited her and several times I wanted to bring it up, to probe for her thoughts, but I decided to stay silent and just enjoy the outcome.

Kids and work have a way of consuming your life leaving little time for anything else. Although the evening had proved to be a great adventure, days then weeks went by and slowly it retreated into the world of fond memories. Our sex life did pick up for a while, but even that was eventually overcome by the constant demands of Charlotte being a working mommy.

Fast forward six months. Charlotte’s best friend from high school was getting married for the second time and we arranged to have dinner with her and the fiancé on a Friday night to get introduced. Her parents had been begging to take the kids, as it had been a long time since they had slept over, so we obliged them and had the night free.

We met at the restaurant at seven and the new man turned out to be a pretty good guy so we ended up imbibing heavily throughout the meal. Things started to slow down just after ten and we said our goodbyes and headed out. As we drove down the freeway, a strange thought raced through my head no doubt helped by the alcohol.

“Want to go do some dancing?” I asked holding back a grin.

“We haven’t been dancing in ages. Where would we go?” Charlotte replied eagerly.

“I was thinking that strip club.” I said hoping I wouldn’t get hit.

She gave me one of her looks that was impossible to read then answered sarcastically. “No, I’m not dressed for it.”

Charlotte had been delayed at work so had to race home and didn’t have time to change. She was dressed in a black knee length pencil skirt and a white long sleeve blouse. Complimenting the outfit were low heels and her grandmothers long strand of pearls. She looked amazing although I had to admit it wasn’t something you would normally see in a strip club.

“All you need is your thong.” I replied after a brief hesitation.

“Baby, is there something I need to know? Are you short on cash?” She asked trying to be more clever than me.

“We could do it in the parking lot again.” I said ignoring her jab and trying to invoke a good memory.

“Are you serious?” Charlotte pointedly asked after looking at me silently for several seconds.

“Maybe. Yes. I mean we could go for a drink. We had fun last time.” I replied suddenly feeling foolish.

“Go if you want.” She answered looking straight ahead after an uncomfortable silence.

That kind of response wasn’t exactly empowering and as I drove I thought about what I truly was expecting. Maybe a little more playfulness, some more adventure I thought. Although, I knew that last time was serendipitous which is much different than a premeditated action. The split in the freeway approached at 65 mph – left would take us home and the comfort of Charlotte in my arms while right would lead towards the club.

I had to think hard to remember the exit we had taken before. It had been a long time and this was not a part of town I frequented so it was with a bit of faith I slowed and took the ramp. It took another ten minutes to find the club and in the process I made two wrong turns. Charlotte had been completely quiet since I took the right split and I feared she was seething next to me, but I was too nervous to look.

“We’re here.” I announced when we pulled into a parking space on the same row we had previously used. Turning, I saw she had a strange look on her face that didn’t give any indication about what she was thinking or feeling.

As we walked towards the door, I was pleased she let me take her hand and after paying the five dollar cover we sat at the same table we had been at before. The crowd was about the same as last time and I recognized one of the dancers too. In addition, the same waitress came up and took our drink orders although, if she recognized us, she didn’t say anything.

“Now what? You just going to jump up and announce I’m dancing again?” She asked in a mocking way.

In reality I had no plan and no idea what to do. It wasn’t amateur night and I had no idea how a girl got to work for the club. I thought about asking the bartender but now it all seemed pretty silly.

“Okay you’re right. It was a stupid idea.” I said admitting defeat.

“I came to dance baby. Figure it out.” She answered. I knew her words and attitude were intended to make me squirm. However, it actually provided me with motivation and after a bit of thought I got up and went to the bar. Fortunately, the bar tender recognized both of us and after a brief whispered conversation I returned to our table having successfully worked out a plan.

“Is everything arranged?” My wife asked. Charlotte could be very cocky when she thought she was in control and now she was acting more so than I ever remembered. However, when the DJ’s words came over the speakers I almost started laughing when I saw the surprised reaction on her face.

“Charlotte, you’re up next. Charlotte.” The words filled the room while I fought back a smile.

Our eyes locked and despite her penetrating stare I didn’t back down. It seemed like a long time but was in reality only twenty seconds or so before she rose from her chair and, breaking our gaze, began to walk towards the bar. The previous time she had spoken with the bartender about the music but this time he directed her to the back where the unseen DJ was no doubt set up. She disappeared from my view but at the same time, much like before, a buzz began to build in the small club. A couple minutes later she reappeared moving purposefully towards the stage and with an easy step lifted herself onto the lighted platform.

Her selected R&B music began and she immediately started swaying to the heavy bass beat. The next couple minutes were almost a perfect reminder of our last visit as I became very focused and anxious while I watched the patrons move and take up positions directly in front of the stage. In fact, when everyone was settled, from what I could see, I was the furthest person sitting from the stage.

Charlotte looked incredible as she danced but it was quickly apparent that her tight skirt restricted her movements. I expected, like before, that she would tease the crowd with her seductive dancing without removing any clothing so I began contemplating the fun we were going to have as soon as we left. It quickly brought a smile to my face and I was still grinning when the first song merged into the next.

The second song had just barely started when I saw one of the club dancers, scantily dressed, walking towards me. She had to navigate her way between the tables but was soon next to me and with a naughty smile she leaned down.

“How about some company?” She asked while giving me a great view of her natural breasts.

“No thanks. I’m waiting on my wife.” I answered gesturing towards Charlotte in case she wasn’t aware of the connection.

“I know baby but she’s busy.” The young dancer replied smiling at me in a slutty way.

Glancing at my wife, I could see her eyes locked on to me and the girl. Her look appeared to be part annoyance and challenge although I couldn’t maintain it for long as the dancer was still talking and demanding my attention.

“Buy me a drink baby?” The girl asked pulling a chair up and sitting next to me.

“No, not right now.” I replied trying to shoo her away.

Regardless of my intent, the brief interaction that had taken no more than thirty seconds had somehow registered with my wife as an interest in the girl. By the time I turned my attention back to Charlotte, I was shocked to see that she had unbuttoned the sleeves of her blouse and was working on the front.

Slowly, and in keeping with the heavy beat, she released each button until her shirt hung open, exposing her lacy, white bra. It was only the fact that the shirt was tucked into the waist band of the skirt that kept her from being even more exposed. Her actions excited the small crowd gathered around the stage and there was now a din of whistles and indecipherable words of encouragement coming forth.

I was now faced with a dilemma. Tell the dancer sitting next to me to leave and maybe see Charlotte’s aggressive actions stop or let her stay and see what my wife might do. Of course, the longer the girl remained next to me the more intense the retribution from my wife would be. However, since I knew already that I wasn’t going to get out of it unscathed I decided to let things progress.

The second song ended with no more exposure. She seemed content to dance seductively to her small, enthralled audience receiving their verbal support while avoiding looking in my direction. Just as it looked like she was moving to step off the stage, her supporters voices groaned in unison and she stopped. Their voices grew louder which energized her to continue.

The bass in the next song was even heavier and shook the building. Just as Charlotte was starting, a waitress brought the girl next to me a drink and I saw my wife had noticed. Enough, I thought to myself, and turned to the girl to tell her to leave but, as the words were coming from my mouth, I heard a small roar and turned to see Charlotte pulling her shirt off her shoulders. She removed it until it was hanging around her waist and then with a tug pulled it free from her waist and tossed it onto the floor on the side of the stage. Clapping erupted from the men as they now anticipated that they might actually see some skin although she was still in her bra and long skirt.

“Would you mind leaving?” I asked the young dancer.

“Just when it’s getting fun?” She replied no doubt understanding her role in the unfolding scene. My response was a silent nod and with a shrug she rose and walked away.

Now alone, I turned my attention back to my wife just in time to see her pull her bra straps off her shoulders. Either she hadn’t seen the dancer leaving or she wanted to rub my nose into it and make a point. However, I was soon truly stunned when she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra leaving it loose and dangling on her shoulders but still covering her breasts.

“Off, off, off…” Came a repeating chant from the excited men. I think they instinctively knew that this was more than just seeing a pair of tits.

In one quick movement it came off and was flung next to her shirt which brought a crescendo of cheers from the men many who were now glancing at me to gauge my reaction. I remained outwardly stoic although my emotions were racing with my desire to see where this might go outweighing my rational mind.

Charlotte’s breasts are very nice C-cups with tiny nipples, but after breastfeeding two kids, they are nothing like what they had once been. Still, the men, as if gazing at forbidden fruit, were ecstatic to see them. The room had become extremely raucous to the point that I wondered if it had gone too far but when I looked at the bartender and saw his grin I knew he had no intent to try and calm things down.

A woman must have an instinctive knowledge of how to present herself because Charlotte began moving and arching her back in a way that put her breasts and small nipples on erotic display. The strand of pearls, just reaching the top of her breasts, provided a lustrous counter to her creamy, smooth skin.

It had been several minutes since she looked towards me but finally she did with a defiant look that I guessed was intended to signal that I needed to purposefully put an end to the show or she would continue. I knew this meant going to her and collecting her from the stage, which would demonstrate to her and the others that it was my limits that were reached. For a moment, I contemplated doing so, thinking it was right and her victory was deserved. But, something stopped me and as the song began to come to an end I stood and then with my left hand signaled to her that she should unzip her skirt.

The DJ, working to keep things going, cut into the song and began another before it had finished. And, like the others, it had a solid beat that made it easy to catch the rhythm. Charlotte gave me a confused look when I mimicked unzipping her skirt and started to move towards her clothes but I waved my hand and showed her again. This time she understood the meaning and her look went from confused to shock to anger in a second. However, with just a brief hesitation, she started moving again much to the delight of her supporters.

It took another minute but I saw her hand reach to the zipper and while looking at me she pushed it down but held her skirt in place with her other hand. The men, realizing what she was doing, started a cacophony of yells and then ever so slowly it began to go down over her hips then dropped around her feet giving us an incredible look at the small red thong which barely concealed her slit. I knew that garment well and knew that it was partially see-thru. The men closest to the stage were likely getting a good look at her smooth pussy and, if she was aroused like the previous visit, it would also be wet and shimmering in the stage lights. Would they be able to see through the fabric and know how turned on she was?

I was instantly assaulted by a renewed mixture of emotions – shock, fear, pride, confusion, and arousal all fired into my brain like spark plugs powering a car. I became so focused on the stage that I actually got tunnel vision and it was only when the music ended and Charlotte was picking up her clothes that I realized she had finished the dance. The men certainly wanted more and several tried to approach her with bills to stuff into her thong but she avoided them and briskly walked towards our table covering her front with her clothes, while the room filled with applause.

“Wow!” I said to her with a big smile when she arrived. Although there were many thoughts running through my head, I was smart enough to know that right now I needed to be supportive.

“Yes, wow.” She replied with a nervous smile.

“You were incredible. I bet they have never seen a woman as beautiful as you before.” I said to her which made her roll her eyes but I could tell she liked the compliment.

“I’m going to the bathroom to put my clothes on.” She announced and left.

As Charlotte disappeared, our waitress approached the table with a thin smile and said. “Your wife really woke the place up. Les wants to know if she’ll dance again later.”

“No, I don’t think so. But you can bring us another round.” I replied and with a nod she left.

The drinks had been delivered when Charlotte returned a few minutes later, once again looking like a stylish mom. I took her hand and kissed her cheek and we laughed about what happened while we quickly downed the liquor. Constantly, the men in the club would stare in our direction with many openly turning in their chairs to get a look at my wife. Charlotte noticed it too and while she expressed some nervousness I think in a way she also liked it.

I had expected that, like before, Charlotte would be approached for a table dance so I was surprised that we were left alone. As soon as the drinks were finished, we bolted from the club. For a brief moment, I thought about taking her in the SUV again but decided I would rather get her home as quickly as possible. All the way back, we talked about her performance with me giving a litany of compliments and both of us breaking out in giggles several times as we thought about the adventure.

As soon as we were in the house, I took her hand and led her to the bedroom where it took no coaxing from me to get her to strip. In less than a minute, we were under the comforter entwined like snakes in a passionate embrace. Neither of us needed foreplay and with mutual sighs I entered her which started a long lovemaking session that left us both spent but satisfied.

“Don’t you dare tell anyone.” Charlotte said softly as we cuddled and kissed in the afterglow.

“Of course not sweetie. I don’t want to ruin my deal.” I whispered back pleased with my clever selection of words.

“Very funny.” She answered but in doing so I noticed she hadn’t said no.

Like before, that night emblazoned our love making for months as we returned to our conservative world. Oftentimes, I would see her with the children and my mind would jump to a vision of her mostly nude on stage. It was like a split screen TV in my brain and the contrast of her as a woman never failed to excite me.

The biggest problem with the whole thing was what to do next. How do you repeat a night of sinful excitement like that? It was certainly something that stayed in my head but with work, kids and the daily demands of life there never seemed to be any free time. Plus, the previous adventures had been unplanned, crazy moments where alcohol had been a factor. Planning something, even if Charlotte were to agree which I knew was highly doubtful, might feel too contrived and forced.

It was eight months before another opportunity presented itself. We were meeting another couple early for dinner and then going to a concert. The venue for the concert was the NBA arena which is located in the industrial part of town not too far from the strip club. It didn’t take much prodding to convince Charlotte to let the grandparents take the kids so I was hopeful, that if the evening went well, I might be able to convince her to swing by.

Since our last visit, there had been a few times where I could have pushed a visit but I passed on these as the timing didn’t seem right and I didn’t want to link our time alone with the fetish that had developed in me to see my wife naked in front of other men. Now though, several things were lining up. First, going to a concert would hopefully be energizing and set a good mood. Second, the summer time change had just occurred so the days were long and the evenings warm. That time of year always seemed to make people feel a little better. And finally, Charlotte had several months ago become more deliberate in her workout routine and her body showed it. I thought before she was close to perfect but with the new emphasis she lost four more pounds and toned up too. She looked spectacular and was feeling very good about herself.

We drank all through dinner and I made sure she kept it up during the concert, volunteering to be the one from our group to run to the bar. It was a good concert and Charlotte was in high spirits so when we were finally out of the parking lot, just after eleven, I decided to give it a go.

“You want to go dancing?” I asked using the same tease as before. My wife instantly understood the meaning of my words and looked at me with feigned annoyance.

“I was wondering when you would try again. I’m actually proud of you for making it this long.” She replied trying to sound condescending but I could tell she wasn’t really irritated. The fact that she hadn’t flatly said no encouraged me to continue.

“Just a thought. We aren’t that far away.” I offered while fighting back a smile.

Without waiting for her reply, I crossed a major thoroughfare and continued in the direction of the club. With my peripheral vision, I saw her eye brow arch but she said nothing and we continued in silence. Three blocks away the lights of the club came into view and less than a minute later we were turning into the parking lot. There were more cars than before but we were still able to find a parking spot in the back.

“What exactly are your expectations?” My wife asked. After her long silence, the sound of her voice startled me.

“Uhhh…let’s just get a drink.” I stammered a reply.

“Just a drink.” She repeated as a statement that I knew was meant as a confirmation.

With that, we both got out and I put my hand on her back as we walked around the building to the door. Charlotte was wearing a denim skirt that came to mid-thigh and a long sleeve shirt that was tucked in with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. On her feet she had on simple, everyday white sandals. While there was nothing particularly sexy about the outfit, her natural beauty and slender, toned body I knew would attract attention. Plus, I suspected that by now she might have something of a reputation amongst the regulars.

We found a table in the same area we had sat before and after ordering drinks settled in to survey the crowd. There were definitely more people than the other times we had been there but it still wasn’t completely filled. A dancer was on the small platform swaying to a loud Rock & Roll song and surprisingly, she actually looked fairly decent. I saw one other girl sitting with a man but, other than that, each table had one or two guys who appeared casually engaged in the show.

At that moment a figure came around the bar that looked vaguely familiar. As he drew closer, I realized it was the same large man that had wanted Charlotte to do table dances for him over a year ago. The only difference in his appearance was an un-tucked work shirt in place of the t-shirt. He openly stared at Charlotte as he went towards the bathroom and looking at her I saw that she recognized him too.

“You’re admirer.” I teased when he disappeared into the bathroom.

“Yes, Frank.” She responded with a smile. The fact she remembered his name surprised me.

“Well that sounds chummy.” I replied in a teasing voice.

“He seemed nice enough.” She answered teasing me back.

It wasn’t long before “Frank” exited the bathroom and started walking past us on his way back to his seat. He was staring again, this time with a big grin, as he passed. He disappeared around the bar but shortly thereafter reappeared and came directly to our table.

“Been a while.” He said mostly to my wife. I caught a smell from him that I guessed was a mixture of cheap cologne and sweat.

“Yes, it has.” I said trying to take control.

“It’s not amateur night tonight.” He said looking at me briefly then returning to my wife.

“Oh, too bad. I was looking forward to dancing.” Charlotte said. I knew she was doing this to play with me and I gave her a fake annoyed look.

“There was a rumor going around a while back that you put on a hell of a show.” Frank stated. Surprised, I saw my wife blush and go quiet.

“Yes, it was a fun night.” I answered for her, unable to hold back a smirk.

“Well I still would like a table dance sometime.” He replied and it looked like he was about to leave.

“Maybe we can get her to dance later.” I said throwing out a challenge and phrasing my words in a way that brought Frank into the conversation. Charlotte’s teasing and playful look was replaced with real annoyance. I knew she felt I had violated the agreement we had made in the car.

“I think I’m more interested in the table dancing.” She said now throwing down the gauntlet. For several seconds there was silence as all of us, including Charlotte, were stunned by her words. I knew she expecting me to say no and, although I knew it was the right thing to do, I didn’t speak.

“Whatever you want lady.” Frank finally replied.

“Where do I do the dance?” She said looking immediately from me to Frank.

“On the other side.” He answered and gestured past the bar to a part of the club I hadn’t visited.

“That’s all there is to it?” She asked and I knew her words were meant as a verbal line in the sand. She was giving me a final chance but I remained silent.

“Follow me and bring your drink.” He said and held out his hand.

She took it without even looking at me and then with the other picked up her drink from the table. Frank stepped back to let her by and directed her through the tables.

“Charlotte.” I called out after she was halfway to the bar realizing she had called my bluff but both of them kept going without looking back.

He towered over her by what looked like a foot and she looked completely out of place with her beauty and fashionable clothes. Heads started turning as they walked and even when they disappeared from my view around the bar I could see people looking in their direction.

“Shit.” I thought, trying to stay calm and cursing myself for letting it go too far.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and moved to the end of the bar where I could see Charlotte at a table maybe thirty feet away sitting with Frank and another man.

“Miller Lite.” I said to the bartender as I sat on a stool.

“No trouble, okay?” He said when he returned with the beer and I gave him a nod.

From my vantage point, I could see that all the patrons within view of my wife were watching with interest what was transpiring at the table. In some ways it was embarrassing, but Charlotte had done this on her own and I didn’t want to play the jealous husband and make a scene. I suspected that before long she would come to her senses, feel she had made her point and come looking for me. The three of them just appeared to be chatting so I thought maybe she was explaining how she was teaching her husband a lesson.

I was just finishing my second beer when I saw them stand and walk towards the back of the building then disappear through an opening that was covered in a black curtain. Set against the dark wall I hadn’t even noticed it before but the thought of my wife being paid to dance for this stranger out of my view made me very nervous.

“Excuse me. What’s that room?” I asked the bartender pointing towards where they had vanished.

“VIP Room.” He replied loudly enough for several others at the bar to hear.

“How do you become a VIP?” I asked.

“$300 yearly membership or buy a bottle of Champaign for one night for $125.” He explained. Then he quickly followed as if reading my mind. “And you need a girl too.”

I knew I could pay for the Champaign with a credit card but I only had about $30 in my billfold and knew that wasn’t going to last long so I left the bar and quickly went to the ATM, that was close to the front door, and pulled out $200. It had old fashioned dial-up technology and seemed to take forever but finally I had the cash and returned to the bar and bought the bottle. Now all I needed was a dancer and on the other side of the bar, sitting against the wall, was a skinny, dirty blonde with big fake breasts. With barely a hello, I directed her back with me to the VIP room.

Several songs had been played by the time I opened the curtain and I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleased to find my wife fully clothed dancing in front of Frank with her back to me. The room was simple with a row of three mini-booths on each side that had separation walls of about four feet on either side, a low bench against the back and a small round table. Along the far back wall hung two heavy, dark curtains which helped make the room feel like a cave. There was no real privacy between the booths except for the fact that it was very dimly lit. Frank and Charlotte were in the last booth on the left so I chose the middle one on the right.

Frank spotted me and his look caused Charlotte to look as well. When she turned I realized that the top two buttons on her blouse were undone and I could see part of her bra. She glanced for just a second before turning back but made no effort to close her top. Frank’s stare lasted a bit longer and I could see the annoyance on his face. No doubt he had assumed he would have the room to himself and perhaps have some fun. There was several feet of separation between them which gave me further comfort that nothing had happened.

As soon as we sat, the blonde was pouring Champaign and let me know her name was Crystal. She was dressed in a thin red lace teddy, through which it was easy to see her breasts, and a matching lace thong.

The song soon ended and I expected Charlotte to move to the bench but instead she sat on his knee and one of his hands began stroking her lower back. Crystal must have been aware of the dynamics because she made no mention of this classy woman fully dressed across from us.

A waitress came in and took an order from Frank and returned quickly with two shots of tequila and the fixings. My wife needed some prodding but finally swallowed the liquor grimacing as it went down. I could see them talking, but with the music it was impossible to make out what was being said.

My goal was to keep Crystal engaged with the minimal amount of interaction and, when she started getting antsy, I handed her a $20 which settled her down. There was no further dancing from Charlotte and I thought my prescience had likely put a damper on Frank’s intentions.

It wasn’t long before Crystal was eager to dance again and unfortunately she started while I was watching my wife.

“I love this song.” She announced and when I looked towards her the teddy was already coming off.

“Wait.” I whispered hoarsely trying to stop her but it was too late.

She got close quickly and I found her large fake breasts pushed into my face. Now normally, this wouldn’t bother me but I knew Charlotte wouldn’t be happy at all. When Crystal turned and began grinding her ass into my crotch I could look over her shoulder and see that my wife was giving me a disgusted look and Frank was grinning widely. When Crystal finally finished she started to sit on my lap with her top off and I had to tell her to sit on the bench and get dressed; something I’m sure she had never heard before.

Charlotte had turned so that her back was to me which made it impossible to see her expression and gauge her feelings. More songs went by without her dancing but just when I thought it might be over for the evening she stood and moved between Frank’s open legs. Noticeably closer than before, she began swaying to the beat and within seconds Frank put his hands on her ass, which she made no effort to remove.

I was sure it was in response to Crystal’s dance but it didn’t keep my dick from getting hard. Following on what she had witnessed, my wife leaned against the back of the booth with both hands bringing her covered breasts within inches of Frank’s face. He quickly moved one of his hands to her back and pulled her to him until his face appeared to go between the open folds of her shirt.

“You’re wife would have more fun if she got undressed.” Crystal said turning to me with a knowing smile.

Charlotte pulled away then turned with her back to him facing me but kept her gaze directed towards the floor. Through the opening in her shirt I could swear there was a wet spot on the top of her left breast which made me think his mouth had been on her.

Frank placed his hands on her hips and tried to pull her into his lap. At first she resisted but he persisted and I watched her relent and lower her bottom. He used his hands to grind her against him and she gave me a look that started out as worry but turned into defiance. He pulled her shoulders back until her head was tilted back next to his and one of his hands went to the remaining buttons on her shirt. There were two showing and I expected her hand to grab his and stop him. The first one came undone with no reaction. Certainly, she would stop him on the next but it too was released without interruption followed by him pulling the tail from out of the skirt revealing one final clasp. To my surprise, it too was quickly undone and I watched dumbfounded as his large beefy hands pulled open the shirt so it was just barely on her shoulders fully revealing her bra covered breasts. Even in the dim light, her small nipples, which had nursed our children, could be seen through the gauzy light blue material.

At this point, it had turned more into a more of a disrobing than a dance and I was happy to hear the song come to an end thinking she would put her shirt back on. That didn’t happen. Instead, she returned to sitting on his knee with her now opened shirt and her customer put one hand on her waist inside the shirt. Despite the odd circumstances, unlike Crystal and I that remained mostly silent, in between dances they continuously talked. I wondered what he could possibly be discussing with her that would hold her interest.

“Do you want me to get nasty?’ Crystal leaned close and whispered.

I immediately shook my head telling her no. At first, my mind told me it had gone far enough and it was time for us to leave and return to our normal conservative life but as I continued to watch Charlotte chatting and laughing with Frank with her shirt open a fresh wave of emotion suddenly washed through me. And, moments later, when I saw his large hand begin to stroke her back under the shirt I knew where he was heading. I didn’t have to wait long when suddenly her bra became loose on her breasts. Charlotte clamped her arms to her side and glanced my way but I was quick enough to avert my gaze pretending I hadn’t noticed. Sneaking peaks, I could see that she had turned some so that I could no longer see her front but was making no apparent move towards re-snapping her bra or buttoning her shirt.

“Fuck it.” I said to myself. If she wanted to play the dirty girl I wasn’t going to intervene. I knew that it was very likely that if I let Crystal “get nasty” that my wife would take it as another challenge. It was a another “moment of truth” but I only waited a couple seconds before deciding.

“Think it’s time you get nasty.” I said to Crystal. The way she looked at me made me think that she knew what was in store.

As soon as the next song started, Crystal peeled off her teddy throwing it on the bench then pulled her thong down until it was half off her ass and just barely covering her slit. She straddled my waist and began humping me while pushing her tits into my face. It was only after she climbed off and turned, leaning against me with her head next to mine that I could see my wife. She was staring straight at me with her eyes burning with rage. When Crystal pulled my hands to her tits I thought she might jump from her chair but instead she turned away having seen enough. Crystal ended the song with the top of her head rubbing into my crotch and her right hand massaging my balls.

During the middle of the dance, the waitress had returned with two more shots ignoring Crystal’s actions, no doubt having seen it all before. Before the waitress had even left, they downed the shots.

“Did she watch?” Crystal asked after taking a position on my knee. This time, I let her keep her cover off.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“This is making me so horny.” She giggled while pouring more Champaign.

At that moment, Charlotte stood, looking at Frank without moving, but I could see that their eyes were locked. When a new song started, without hesitation I watched her take off her shirt tossing it next to Frank. She tried to start dancing with one hand on her bra but Frank lifted slightly from his seat and with his left hand pulled it from her body putting her beautiful creamy breasts on display. I was instantly rock hard and I realized that Crystal was now squeezing on my dick while we both watched.

Charlotte had taken a step back but Frank took her by the arms and pulled her closer. I could tell she was still very self-conscious and was barely moving to the music but he had a huge smile on his face. Frank let go of her, as if to see how she would dance in front of him, but when she still wasn’t moving much after a few seconds, we watched his beefy hands rise and take hold of her breasts. I expected a reaction from her, in truth I desperately wanted one, but she only stopped moving for a moment and never turned my way.

Frank started using his thumbs to tease her small nipples while he continued to hold her breasts and it seemed to have the effect of getting her hips to sway more. His hands left her breasts and took her arms pulling her forward until her chest was in his face much like Crystal’s had been in mine. But, unlike my embarrassed response to Crystal’s tits, Frank was happy to have them in his face and quickly found a nipple with his mouth. That proved too much for Charlotte and she tried to pull back but his grip was too strong and he was able to hold her still until I saw her body give up. I watched as he suckled on each nipple and tongue lashed them while she stared straight ahead.

While still mouthing her nipples, Frank’s hand went to her hip and after a bit of fumbling I saw he was trying to pull the zipper to her skirt down. She must have been focused on his mouth because he got the zipper down and with a firm pull had the skirt over her hips and bunched at her feet before she realized what was happening.

Both his hands went to her ass which released Charlotte who stood, separating her nipples, now wet from the attention, from his aggressive mouth. Her hands went to his arms and tried to push them away but he wouldn’t let go. Finally, she turned towards me but when she saw Crystal rubbing on my crotch and my hand now on her tits her mouth fell open and she turned away.

Not only did she quit fighting him, but she stepped out of the skirt and used one of her heeled feet to kick it out of the way. She was now standing just a few feet away from him nude except for her see through thong that looked a great deal like Crystal’s. For the next thirty seconds, she swayed her body some while Frank held her ass until the song ended. With no fuss, she dropped onto his leg making no effort to cover up.

“Your wife is hot!” Crystal exclaimed.

“Dance. And be nasty as hell.” I said to her as my head throbbed.

Crystal delivered on my request and by the time she was finished she had unbuttoned my shirt and rubbed her tits over my chest, pushed my hand into her thong, and used her mouth on my dick through my pants. I was way too aroused by now to turn back even though I was going to pay mightily for it later. What my occasional glances told me was Charlotte was watching and Frank’s hands were now freely roaming her near perfect body.

“She’s not going to quit unless you do.” The dancer said to me, slurring her words a bit when the song was over and she was back on my knee.

Crystal was having a good time drinking champagne, making some money and participating in this exhibition and voyeur thing that was playing out between husband and wife. I suppose the time she spent figuring out how to get money from men had made her something of a reader of people.

“There’s nothing more to do.” I replied.

“Oh hell yeah there is. He can play with her pussy. Maybe even fuck her.” Crystal announced.

“She’s not going to have sex with him.” I said in a condescending tone.

“Don’t be so sure. I bet she’s wet as hell. Look at her legs all open.” She spoke into my ear and I did see that Charlotte had her legs partly open which must have given Frank a nice view.

“Let her have a good time. Frank’s a good fuck.” She said.

“Have you been with him?” I said in a surprised voice before I realized I shouldn’t be surprised at all.

“Yeah. Couple times. He’s big too. Fat.” She explained lowering her voice as she spoke as if she was imparting top secret information.

For just an instant, I had a vision of my wife on her back, her dark hair splayed out around her and Frank’s large body on top thrusting hard forcing from her sounds of sexual excitement.

Just then a new couple came into the room. It was a man I hadn’t seen before and with him was a slightly overweight Hispanic looking girl with too much makeup. They walked through the room, between Charlotte and I, and when they reached the end, the man pulled back the heavy dark curtain revealing an alcove. Together they stepped inside and disappeared from view.

“What’s back there?” I asked Crystal instantly curious.

“The special rooms.” She answered with a now drunken smile.

“What happens in the special rooms?” I delved but suspected I knew the answer.

“Anything you want.” She explained then quickly followed with. “If you have the money.”

My wife had noticed too and was having what I suspected was a similar conversation with Frank. Soon an odd look crossed her face followed immediately by a shaking of her head and I guessed that Frank had just asked her to join him back there.

“Want to go back? There are two rooms.” Crystal explained but I shook my head.

“Have you watched your wife with another guy before?” The dancer asked.

“No, never. Of course not.” I said after a few seconds.

Her question had made me flash in anger but after thinking I knew she wasn’t trying to be inflammatory and it was a legitimate question given the circumstances. It also made me consider what was taking place once more. By now I was drunk and I knew that my wife must be too. I was also excited by watching Charlotte and the bizarre sexuality of what was taking place. But, I also knew that at some point we would have to leave and deal with the reality of what had transpired. My intelligent, thoughtful brain told me to stand, approach me wife, help her gather her clothes and leave. That this was the right thing to do wasn’t even in question. I knew it was far better to let her win some husband-wife game of one upping than risk our marriage. Several times I felt my muscles tighten in preparation of standing. But, each time, the thought passed, my body relaxed and I found myself staring at my wife wondering how far she would go, how decadent she would become.

It had only been a short period of time since the couple had passed us and disappeared behind the curtain when the re-emerged from the room. With the girl in front, once more they moved between us and went into the bar.

“That was quick.” I said to Crystal with a questioning look.

“Blowjob.” Came her immediate, simple reply. And, just like before I saw Frank and Charlotte talking. No doubt, he was explaining the same thing to my wife.

So far, everything my wife had done had been in response, real or believed, to what Crystal and I had done. Thus, I was surprised when I saw her stand and take a position between Frank’s legs as a new song started. She put her hands on his shoulders bringing her breasts close to his face and started to move seductively. She stayed that way while his hands moved over her taut ass then moved up until he was massaging and teasing her breasts. Halfway through the song, he flipped her around and pulled her onto his crotch. Her movements didn’t stop and now she was grinding her ass against his cock. I had begun to think that things were winding down so this turn of events caught me totally by surprise.

“She wants to fuck him.” Crystal whispered.

“No, no way.” I responded. It sounded like a statement of denial.

“I bet she is so wet. She wants his big cock.” The dancer replied while her hand felt my hard dick. I felt so guilty as I knew she realized that watching Charlotte was turning me on.

Frank’s hand, which had been on my wife’s hip moved slowly to her firm tummy and then slowly started to work lower. When he reached the thong, I noticed two things. Charlotte’s eyes were squeezed shut and Frank was staring at me. With his fingertips, he lifted the edge of the thong and with blurry eyes, a pounding head and a dry mouth I watched as very slowly his fingers disappeared beneath the fabric.

The bulge from his hand distended the material but the loud music kept me from hearing any sound from Charlotte. It was her body that finally told the story. Her back arched and her feet raised off the floor and I knew that Frank’s fingers had found her clit.

“That is so fucking hot. She’s going to cum hard.” Crystal stated in a grunting whisper. For some reason, I felt betrayed by her. She was supposed to be on my side making me happy but she had started empathizing with my wife.

“I want a blowjob.” I announce to Crystal and started to stand.

“It’s $80.” She responded letting me lead her to the back room.

It was going to be anger driven sex. I knew it and Crystal knew it but neither of us cared. I would get pay back for the sordid actions of my wife and she would make some cash. As soon as I was seated on the bench that was similar to the one in the main room, Crystal went to my button and, with her practiced hand, quickly had my pants at my knees.

“Shit!” I cried out when her warm mouth engulfed my leaking dick. Her fingernails started teasing beneath my scrotum causing me to raise my legs and groan in joy.

Crystal launched into a sloppy, wet blowjob using her hand to stroke the bottom half of my dick while her mouth concentrated on the head. She was clearly well practiced and knew what she was doing. It wasn’t long before she had my head spinning.

“Go ahead and cum baby. It will be okay. Let her have her fun.” Crystal coached me. One again, I was amazed at her understanding of the dynamics of the situation.

Despite her efforts and her words it took a while before I felt my balls start to tingle and tighten. Then, with one hand grasping the bench and the other on the back of her head I grunted loudly as my semen fired into her waiting mouth. Crystal accepted my fill and when I finished, she dropped her head and spit it onto the floor.

“It’s $80 honey.” She reminded me. After pulling my pants up but still feeling weak, I pulled the money from my billfold and paid.

“Thanks Crystal.” I told her feeling I needed to say something.

“Don’t go all crazy on your wife. She’s just looking for some fun.” The dancer counseled me again.

Her words brought me back to the moment and I slowly stood to check on Charlotte. Now, my idea of sneaking behind the curtain with Crystal seemed much less sound than it had fifteen minutes ago. Peaking out, the room we had been in was empty. I assumed my wife had returned to the main bar and was probably waiting to destroy me as soon as I showed up.

“If you see my wife, don’t tell her about this.” I told Crystal. She nodded at me with a smile.

“Are we done?” Crystal asked. I’m sure in 99 percent of the cases a blowjob marked the end of the interaction but I was impressed she bothered to ask.

“Yeah, I just need to face my wife.” I replied with a concerned look.

Crystal opened her mouth to speak but at that exact moment we heard a faint but recognizable moan that made us both go quiet. As we faced each other in silence trying to locate the source of the sound, it appeared again.

“Shit!” I exclaimed recognizing the voice.

“Told you.” The dancer replied with a smile that aggravated me.

“Fuck me.” I said and pulled the curtain back to leave the room.

“Don’t. Just…I mean just don’t. Calm down.” Crystal said. Here was a girl who had just sucked me till I climaxed who was now trying to give me direction on how to react to the sound of my wife’s arousal.

For some very strange, very bizarre reason I listened to her and stayed in place while I collected myself.

More sounds filled our ears and I looked towards the young dancer for guidance.

“They’re in the next room.” She announced.

With that, I walked to the curtain and slowly pulled it back then stepped half way out and pulled the next door drape back slightly until I had a sliver of a view into the adjoining room.

The scene before me made my body go numb. Charlotte was on the bench naked with her legs pulled back and Frank, who was naked too, was between her spread legs with his mouth on my wife’s pussy. Her head was tilted back, her eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth was partly open leaving no doubt about what she was feeling. Her hands rested on the padded bench but they were flexing as if she was struggling to keep them still.

I stared in shock for several seconds but when I felt Crystal bumping against me I quietly moved to one side so she could see too.

“She’s going to fuck him.” She said making my brain explode with emotion.

Could I really watch another man sink his cock into my wife? Could I watch another man ride her and give her his seed? Plus, this wasn’t someone like us, a professional guy our age, and it wasn’t sex with another couple where we were experimenting. Instead, it was a large, older working man who just wanted to sport fuck her.

“Christ, what do I do?” I said mostly to myself.

“Baby, just calm down and watch. She wants it bad.” Crystal replied thinking it was a question for her.

Just a few seconds later, we saw my wife’s body jerk and her hands went from the bench to Frank’s hairy shoulders. In fact, his entire body was covered in hair particularly, his broad ass and thick thighs where it was heavy. Her hands rested there for a while but when her body jerked once more, suddenly she was using them to try and get him to raise up.

He got to his feet, still positioned between Charlotte’s legs, and just for a moment turned enough that I got a look at his heavy cock. It was uncircumcised and had to be seven or eight inches long with a very thick base that tapered to the head. He had a thick nest of dark pubic hair that extended partially up his length. The head was fully extended but, whether it was age or heaviness, his shaft protruded almost perpendicular to his body rather than point upward. Despite this, I knew he was certainly hard enough.

My wife had her hands back on the bench but her eyes were glued to his cock. Frank moved closer and started to bend down to penetrate her but he needed to stoop to get at the right level. It was an awkward position and before he touched her he stopped, turned and sat next to her on the bench then lifted Charlotte until she was straddling his waist.

I still had thoughts that she wouldn’t go through with it so I was stunned once more when it was she who lifted herself up, found his cock with her hand and brought it to her wet opening.

“Uggghhhh…” Came a clear, loud cry as his cock penetrated. Her hands went to his shoulders and instantly her nails dug into his flesh while his hands went to her ass. My wife was now an adulteress riding this stranger for nothing more than her carnal pleasure.

“Fuck that’s so hot.” Crystal said in a breathy exhale. “I knew she wanted to fuck him.”

I turned quickly to look at her and saw that she had a hand under her g-string and was rubbing rapidly. It also made me realize that my cock was again hard.

“Fuck it.” I said to myself and ignoring Crystal’s pull on my arm I stepped into the small room. Charlotte had her back to me riding the heavy cock and Frank’s face was buried in her breasts so it was several seconds after I sat against the opposite wall before I was noticed. The heavy drape acted as a sound barrier so once inside it was far easier to hear.

“Don’t stop.” I said when Frank’s eyes met mine.

“Wasn’t going to.” He instantly replied.

Charlotte, hearing my voice, flinched and turned but Frank’s hands kept her moving.

Our eyes locked and in an instant all kinds of emotions passed between us. I could see fear and guilt but also an intense arousal.

“Let me up.” She said turning back to her lover.

“Don’t stop Charlotte.” I said before he could respond.

“Oh…are you? Are you sure?” She asked.

That’s when Crystal walked in and sat next to me. Instantly, the regret my wife was feeling vanished. She turned back to Frank and when he started licking her nipples she whined in pleasure.

Crystal was still rubbing her pussy but with less urgency. With her free hand, she reached over and started working to get my pants down again. My concentration was on my wife and I neither helped nor tried to stop her but in just a few minutes she had them down to my ankles followed quickly by my boxers. Her hand found my hardness and started jerking me off in time with the fucking my wife was getting.

Charlotte looked over her shoulder and when she saw the dancer with my dick in her hand it seemed to relieve her of guilt because she turned back and started to become more interactive with Frank. In addition to her lusty sounds, the movement of her body, particularly the rocking of her hips, became more pronounced.

Frank’s mouth was all over her breasts licking all around the globes and sucking her nipples eagerly into his mouth. She loves being suckled and likes some nibbling too if it’s done with just the right amount of force. Somehow she had communicated this to her lover who was apparently doing it just right.

A new sound started in the room too. It was the wet slurping and slapping sounds of my wife’s open and soaked pussy against Frank’s cock. From all this, I could tell that she was as excited as I could ever recall. When she looked down and lifted his head, then kissed him in an open and wanton way I knew that she had lost all control.

“Baby, you are hot.” Frank grunted when the kiss ended. When there was no response he added. “This is the best pussy I have had in a while.”

“Just don’t stop.” She grunted in reply.

“I want you to cum all over me.” He answered and pulled her head down for another sloppy kiss. Even though my wife was naked fucking a stranger it was the kissing that felt most unnatural.

“Uggghhh…ohhh…it feels good…” Charlotte whimpered softly.

Frank started to whisper to her so that we couldn’t hear what was being said. But, my wife’s head nodded up and down indicating her acceptance.

“Fuck her good Frank.” Crystal suddenly called out. From the feel of her hand and her tense look I could see she was close to reaching her climax.

Charlotte too had the look of an impending orgasm. She was pushing back against his thrusts fully and her moans were getting louder. It seems it was going to be a race between the two woman to see who got there first.

My wife won.

“Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh…please…please…yes…oh please…” She cried out. She was now pushing hard against his crotch, holding herself there for a moment while she breathed heavily, then repeated the movement. Her entire body flushed a bright red while her fingernails dug into Frank’s large biceps.

It was a huge orgasm for her and it lasted a long time. Every time it seemed to be waning she would slam against him and make it continue. He let her do the work and watched with a smile on his face as he conquered my beautiful wife.

Just as Charlotte was finally starting to slow Crystal exploded. She lost contact with my dick and fell to her knees at my side with her hand between her legs and a high pitch squeal coming from her mouth. It didn’t last long and when she was done she turned and rested her upper body on the bench while she recovered.

Frank started a whispered conversation with my wife again and I could tell he was getting close too. Charlotte, somewhat recovered, tried to help him by grinding her pelvis into his cock. But, apparently it wasn’t enough because suddenly he stood, while still connected to my wife, and with her wrapped around his waist pushed her against the back wall and started hammering hard.

“Yeah…you want it…you want it don’t you baby..” He spoke as his thrusts became urgent.

“Yes…yesss…” Charlotte whined.

“Oh yeah there it is…fuck yeah…take it…take it all…” He grunted loudly with his cock buried deeply into my wife.

I knew at that moment he was shooting a huge amount of his semen into my wife. Her sweet, married mommy pussy had been totally ravaged and was now receiving her lover’s offering.

He kept her pushed against the wall and when his breathing slowed kissed her again. It was a long, soulful kiss with her arms wrapped around his neck. Their embrace would end but seconds later start again and it was probably five minutes before she finally slipped from his arms and her feet found the floor.

“I want you again.” I heard him whisper to her as she stepped towards her pile of clothes.

I stayed seated just long enough to see a streak of cum rolling down the inside of her thigh as she stepped into her thong. Then, I began pulling pants up and getting straightened, finishing just as Charlotte was buttoning her blouse.

“Fucking great night.” Crystal laughed from her place on the floor as we turned to say goodbye.

“We’ve got to go.” My wife said in an awkward voice. I knew she was at a loss about how to deal with this sordid situation.

We left and walking through the main bar that was now almost empty. Just as we reached the SUV, Frank caught up with us.

“Can I talk to your wife for a minute?” He asked suddenly acting courteous.

“Why?” I responded rapidly with annoyance. At that moment I just wanted to return to our world.

“It’s okay honey. It will just be a second.” Charlotte interjected and together they moved out of earshot and spoke for about a minute.

Finally, my wife returned to the car and we climbed in and headed towards home. We drove in silence with Charlotte curled up in the passenger seat with her legs under her.

“What did he want?” I finally asked when we were almost home.

“Nothing.” She answered then with a quick look at me and seeing my reaction said. “He wanted me to go home with him.

I didn’t respond and we drove the rest of the way without speaking. Once inside, Charlotte bolted for her bathroom and I used the kids bathroom to clean up then climbed into bed. It was another fifteen minutes before she joined me. She had put on a long t-shirt and panties and curled up looking away from me.

“Charlotte?” I called out softly.

“Yes?” Was her even softer reply.

“Come here.” I said wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her to me.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered.

For some reason, I had an incredible desire, a need really, to cum inside her. I suspected it was some evolutionary best male passing of genetic material code programmed in my DNA but at that moment I wasn’t interested in the scientific basis. Still, I knew I needed to tread carefully and not just jump her body.

“Do you want to make love?” I asked.

“Do you?” She replied defensively.

“Yes, very much.” I answered. First, it was true and second I thought she needed to know I did.

She turned towards me and we began kissing. I love kissing her and, even though my thoughts went back to her passionate embrace with Frank, we did so for several minutes. During this time, I pulled her t-shirt off as well as her panties, noting that she had put on her most conservative pair. With her nude body against me, I let my hands wander, lightly stroking her breasts and the soft, sensitive spots on the insides of her thighs.

“Did you fuck her?” She suddenly blurted out. When she said it, I could tell how much the thought was weighing on her.

“No.” I replied then thinking full disclosure would be best I said. “But, she did give me a blowjob.”

Charlotte’s body stiffened for an instant then she replied. “Really?”

“Yes, really.” I said. Another period of silence ensued during which I continued to let my hands explore her body but I purposefully stayed away from her pussy.

“Then why…I mean why didn’t you stop it. Why did you let him…” She spoke trying to carefully pick her words.

“You were already with him when I found you.” I told her. This time I lied but I felt like she was being at least partially dishonest in her attempt to make it seem her actions were because she thought I had fucked Crystal.

“You should have stopped it.” She replied after another short silence.

“You didn’t look upset. I thought you wanted to.” I answered. I knew my words were putting the monkey on her back and I was very interested in seeing how she responded.

Her response was to go completely quiet and we stayed that way for several minutes until I was certain she wasn’t going to speak without some prodding. However, I decided the best prodding would be to make love to her so I let my hand drift to her pussy where I found it just slightly wet. My teasing fingers soon had her lubrication flowing and I rolled between her legs and entered.

Charlotte always feels heavenly and even with Frank’s cock taking her just hours before I couldn’t tell a difference. It took a dozen strokes to get her fully wet and then I started a very slow and deliberate movement.

“You feel so good.” I said softly to her.

“You’re really not mad?” She asked in a whiny voice.

“I don’t want to be mad. It is what it is but I don’t want to be mad.” I explained.

“Do you still love me?” She said in an even more whiny voice.

“Of course, Charlotte.” I said then kissed her gently.

This calmed her greatly and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. For the next few minutes we rocked gently, not speaking but giving loving sighs until our movements slowed and finally stopped all together. Exhausted, physically and emotionally, I slipped to her side and was soon asleep.

The sun was beaming through the gaps in the curtains when I woke the next morning. Charlotte was beside me with her eyes closed and a peaceful look on her face. The night before suddenly felt like it might have been merely a dream. However, when I stepped into the bathroom and saw the folded wad of $20 bills on the vanity and her thong filled with Frank’s cum on the floor I knew it had been very real.

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