Pandora’s Box (Long Cuckold Story)


Jen texted her husband Mike: “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this!”

Her iPhone vibrated a moment later. “Relax and have fun, I know you find this guy attractive” the screen said. She serendipitously glanced around the crowded bar. She didn’t see her husband, but knew he was watching. She nervously returned her attention to the man sitting next to her.

“Is everything okay?” Tony said.

“That was my husband.”

“Is he meeting you here?”

Jen knew this was the moment of truth. If she said “Yes, he’ll be here in a few minutes” then Tony would likely leave and look for another girl to hit on. But instead she stuck to the script she’d practiced with Mike. “Um, no, he’s away. He travels a lot for business. I just got off work and thought I’d have a glass of wine before going home.”

Tony smiled understandingly, although with a trace of delight and eagerness. “Hey, I get that. I’m on a business trip myself, been away for over two weeks now. It gets lonely.” He looked Jen up and down, and not for the first time. Man she was good looking! Blonde and petite, pretty face. Small tits from the look of it, but she had great legs, and he thought he saw the telltale bumps of a garter belt under her skirt. He adjusted in his chair to ease the discomfort of his hardening cock.

Mike’s heart pounded as he watched the stranger hit on his wife. It hadn’t taken long for Jen to attract male attention, but he’d known it wouldn’t. Only a mile from the airport, this hotel bar had the well-deserved reputation as a meat market for business travelers. With his wife’s looks, she always attracted male attention, and in a place like this it was like a pretty goldfish in a tank of hungry sharks.

He watched with growing excitement as the stranger flirted with his wife. It was obvious he was good with women, because he soon had Jen laughing and engaged in an animated conversation. The bar was so crowded and loud their faces practically touched as they talked. Seeing them like that, it wasn’t too hard for Mike to imagine them kissing, and the thought made his cock throb. The stranger stood up and spoke into Jen’s ear. Jen smiled and nodded, and let the stranger lead her to the dance floor. They danced a couple of fast songs, and then the DJ played a slow song. The stranger smiled charmingly and opened his arms, clearly inviting her to continue their dance. Jen nodded, and the stranger wrapped his arms around her waist. Mike was practically lightheaded seeing his wife in another man’s arms. Of course he’d seen her dance with friends at parties, but this was something entirely different. This was a pickup bar, and she was in the arms of a stranger who was obviously trying to seduce her and take her to his bed. Mike’s cock was so hard it hurt.

Tony liked the feel of Jen’s body. She was firm and tight. With his hands around her waist, he clearly felt a garter belt under her dress. Also, he’d brushed his fingers along her back, and he hadn’t felt a bra strap. A pretty blonde, braless and wearing a garter belt and stockings. He felt like he’d won the lottery! His cock was pitching a tent in his pants, and she didn’t pull away when he pressed against her. Clearly this married slut was looking to get fucked.

Jen’s body tingled, especially between her legs. Mike had guessed right, she was attracted to Tony. He was tall and ruggedly handsome, and as they slow danced she could tell he kept in shape because his arms and chest were muscular and hard. She hadn’t expected him to be so charming. She felt tipsy from the wine and aroused by Tony’s body and his hands on her. By now she was sure he knew what she was wearing (and not wearing ) under her dress. Going braless and wearing stockings had been Mike’s idea of course. Going braless had the added effect of stimulating her nipples as they brushed against the fabric of her dress.

As Tony pressed his erection against her he felt bigger than her husband. Jen had to suppress the sudden urge to reach between their bodies and touch him. Married women weren’t supposed to think like this, but they weren’t supposed to go to pick up bars alone either, or dance with handsome men not their husband. She felt like a coed again, dancing with someone she’d met at a frat party. She’d had a few one night stands … not a lot, but one or two — okay, four — and this felt like one of those times –slow dancing with a really hot guy after drinking too much. Tony pressed his cheek against hers, saying something into her ear. It was so loud she couldn’t hear, so she reflexively turned her head towards his, and as she did her lips brushed against his.

Not missing a beat, Tony leaned in and pressed his lips against Jen’s. He kissed her softly. The first one was brief, like putting a foot in the pool to test the water. When Jen didn’t pull away, he leaned in and kissed her again. This time his mouth opened, and after a moment Jen’s did too. He gently pulled her closer, and they explored each other’s mouths, abandoning any pretense of dancing. Jen put her arms around Tony’s neck (moving from his waist), and Tony caressed her back. His cock throbbed as he quickly confirmed the lack of a bra strap.

Jen felt lightheaded and dizzy. Things were going too fast. She hadn’t been with another man since meeting Mike over 5 years ago. And yet here she was, making out with a man she’d just met in the middle of a bar, and loving every second of it. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so turned on.

Mike clenched his fists. What the hell was she doing? Letting a complete stranger kiss her, grope her? In the middle of a bar? What if someone we know walks in? It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Just flirting, maybe a little touching. But not this! What the fuck?! He’s squeezing her ass. Now he’s reaching under her skirt. Isn’t she going to stop him? Fuck, he’s raising her skirt. Mike’s eyes bulged as his wife’s lacy stocking tops and then the straps of her garter belt came into view. This was too much, he had to stop it.

Tony caressed the heavy lace of Jen’s stocking tops and felt ready to explode in his pants. Then he ran his fingers along the straps of her garter belt, feeling the pretty blonde shiver as his fingers touched her bare skin. Normally he didn’t grope a girl like this in public, but he couldn’t resist with this hottie. She had a tight body and soft lips, and the fact she went braless and wore stockings made her irresistible. He couldn’t wait to sink his big cock into her pussy.

Just then he felt someone pull Jen away from his grasp. “What the fuck?!” he yelled.

“Get away from her, she’s my wife!” Mike barked.

“Mike …” Jen gasped as if coming out of a trance.

“I thought you said he was away!” Tony growled accusingly at Jen.

Mike didn’t give his wife time to respond. He roughly grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the bar. They’d earlier gotten a room in the hotel, so he dragged her there and threw her onto the bed. As she fell onto the bed her skirt flared up and bunched around her waist. Mike leered hungrily at his wife. Not only was she wearing stockings and a garter belt, but she wasn’t wearing any panties. Only the thin material of her dress had been between Tony’s hands and her most private parts, her breasts and pussy that were supposed to be exclusively his. “You slut!” he growled with passion and anger as he took his cock out of his pants. “You dirty cheating slut!” She was so wet he easily entered her with a single thrust. He growled profanities as he fucked her hard, calling her a slut, a cock tease, a cheat, a whore.

“Oh god yes, I’m so bad, I’m a slut,” Jen cried back, gripping the sheets as her husband fucked her hard. The married couple often talked dirty while fucking, especially when they role played about Jen with another man, although this had been the first time they’d ever actually done something for real, and they both were more excited than ever before.

Mike reached behind her and fumbled with the zipper, and then pushed the dress off her shoulders and down her body so it bundled like a belt around her waist. He leered at her braless tits. “Did you want him to feel your tits, is that why you didn’t wear a bra?” Mike sneered. “Did you want him to finger you, is that why you didn’t wear panties?”

“Yeah, I’m so bad, I wanted to feel his hands on me, I wish he had felt my breasts, I wanted him to, when he reached under my skirt I thought I would die, I wanted him to rub me, but you stopped him before he could do that, oh god why did you stop him?”

Mike’s dark lust clouded his misgivings about how far Jen had let the stranger get with her. “I wish I hadn’t,” he admitted. “I wish I’d let him get his hands all the way up your skirt. He’d probably cum in his pants when he found out you weren’t wearing panties.”

“He knew I wasn’t wearing a bra,” Jen said. “The way he touched my back, I could tell he was seeing if I was wearing one.”

“He probably could tell the way your hard nipples pressed against his chest.”

Jen moaned at the memory. “Yeah, he probably could, my nipples were so hard, and so was his chest, god he had a nice body.”

“You slut, you liked his body, huh, his hard muscular body, and what about his cock, could you feel his cock, did you rub him you dirty slut?”

“I wanted to, god I wanted to so much, he felt so good pressed against me, so big and hard, I could tell he was bigger than you.”

“Ugh god,” Mike groaned , grimacing and willing himself not to cum. From all their role playing Jen knew exactly how to push his buttons, knew exactly what turned him on, and the fact it was real this time thrilled him to no end. “You wanted to fuck him, didn’t you? You would have gone up to his room if he had asked, wouldn’t you?”

“God yes! I would have let him fuck me! I would have let him fuck me, and I wouldn’t make him wear a condom, I’d let him cum inside me and get me pregnant, and then you’d have to watch my belly get big with his baby!”

“Fuck!” Mike cried, and he lunged into his wife and came, shooting his sperm into her pussy, and his timing was perfect because just then Jen came too, her manicured toes curling in her high heels.

The married couple lay panting in each other’s arms. Mike pulled out and rolled to his wife’s side, and they looked into each other’s eyes, their faces serious as they contemplated the reality and consequences of what they had just done. Then suddenly they broke out into giggles and laugher.

“Oh my god I can’t believe we just did that!” Jen exclaimed in amazement.

“I know, god you were unbelievable! ” Mike thought about how, for years, they’d role played about Jen with other men, and how lately with increasing intensity he’d been urging her to make their bedroom fantasies a reality. “I told you it’d be fun,” he teased.

“Ok, I admit it, you were right,” she conceded.

A few moments passed, and then Mike said frowning, “I was kind of surprised by how far you let him get with you.”

Jen heard her husband’s judgmental tone and immediately got defensive. “What do you mean?” she asked warily.

Mike knew he was on shaky ground. Jen had a fierce, short fuse temper. “Well, I mean, dancing was okay, but you went way beyond that.”

Jen took a deep breath to control her anger, but she couldn’t hide her impatience or exasperation. “You’re joking, right? For years you make me role play, pretend you’re someone else while we make love, you make me read all those” — and Jen air quoted — “‘hot wife’ stories on the internet, and then you practically beg me for months to go to a bar and let a stranger hit on me while you watch, and when I finally give in and do what you want, now you get mad at me because I let him get too far? I mean, hello? Don’t you think you should have thought of that when you sent me alone to a pick up bar?”

“Okay, okay, you’re right. I’m just saying it surprised me. I mean, I thought it would be just some flirting. But tongue kissing? And letting him up your skirt? You weren’t even wearing panties and you let him up your skirt.”

“I wasn’t wearing a bra either!” Jen said frustrated, her anger boiling over. “And I wore a garter belt and stockings and fuck me pumps. And I wore a short dress that showed my cleavage! Why did I dress this way? Because you wanted me to! You told me what to wear! And you could have stopped it anytime! You saw him kissing me, you saw him moving his hands under my dress! You could have stopped him, but you didn’t! Don’t put this on me, Mike!”

“Okay, okay, you’re right,” Mike conceded, trying to calm her down. Silence followed, with Mike trying to reconcile his conflicting feelings of jealousy and lust, and Jen fuming about her husband’s hypocritical attitude.

“So …,” Mike began sheepishly, “would you really have slept with him?”

Jen scowled at her husband. “Yes, I would have!” she said immediately, hoping to make him feel bad.

“Really?” Mike asked wide-eyed.

Jen’s anger melted a little, charmed by the boyish expression on her husband’s face. She thought back to how she’d felt on the dance floor with Tony, how hot he’d gotten her, how it’d reminded her of her adventurous, carefree college days. “I don’t know,” she admitted contemplatively. “If I was still single … maybe … probably. ”

“And now?” Mike pressed excitedly, squeezing her left hand and twirling her wedding ring. “If I hadn’t stopped him?”

Jen heard the excitement in her husband’s voice and saw the tent he was making in the sheets. In an accusatory way she pulled back the covers to reveal his hard-on. “You can’t decide if I went too far with Tony, or not far enough, can you?” she said impatiently.

“That’s his name — Tony?” Mike said anxiously.

“Yes, Tony. Why?” Her annoyance was boiling over. “You think I’d let him kiss and touch me, without even knowing his name? You think I’m that much of a slut?”

Mike knew the conversation was going in a bad direction, but he didn’t know what to say. “I … I love you,” he said giving her a safe answer.

Jen narrowed her eyes. She wasn’t going to let him off that easily. “You love me because I’m a slut, is that it?” she asked like challenge, daring him to say something he’d regret.

“No, it’s not that!” Mike protested. He didn’t know how to explain it. His wife was a knock out. He saw how men always looked at her. He knew Jen was a few notches above him in the looks department, and to this day he couldn’t understand why she picked him over all the other guys pursuing her. Tonight had been thrilling, but it had also magnified his insecurities. The way she’d reacted to Tony, had so easily succumbed to him…. Finally he blurted out the question he’d been thinking about all night. “Have you ever cheated on me?”

The non-sequitur startled her. “What?”

“You’re so sexy. I see how men look at you. It’s always been that way. And the way you acted tonight … you were so easy …”

Jen’s eyes narrowed. “You think I’m easy?” she said with barely suppressed anger.

“No, of course not,” Mike said immediately. This was not going well at all. “It’s just –”

Jen looked into his puppy dog eyes and decided to give him a pass on this one. “Shut up!” she yelled. “Before you say something else stupid.” Then she softly pressed her finger against his lips to take the edge off what she’d just said. “Hush,” she said in a softer voice. It’d been a crazy, thrilling evening, and she didn’t want to end it in an argument. He was still hard. She ran her fingers across his chest. She was still annoyed with him, but took hold of his hard shaft. “You know you owe me big time after tonight, don’t you?” she said with a somewhat forced smile. “I think this week I’ll buy that Louis Vuitton purse I’ve been looking at, you know the really expensive one.” She smiled a real smile this time seeing the panic on her husband’s face — it was outrageously expensive but she had coveted it for a long time and she deserved it after tonight. Then she did the surefire act that women since the dawn of time did to their men to end an argument. She leaned over and took him into her mouth.

Chapter 2

By unspoken agreement they decided to go to church on Sunday. After what they’d done, they both felt the need for a return to normalcy, and a prayer for forgiveness wouldn’t hurt either.

Out of the corner of his eye Mike watched his wife get dressed. He loved watching her. After showering, she’d first brush through her wet hair, and rub moisturizer all over her body. Then she’d put on her bra, panties and pantyhose. Jen was under the impression Mike preferred her in real stockings (which she wore only on special occasions), but really he liked seeing her in pantyhose just as much. The way the silky material encased her long slim legs and went up to her tiny waist was a major turn on, especially with thong panties underneath (Jen always wore thongs because she hated panty lines).

After her makeup and hair, Jen would spritzed on perfume behind her ears and on her wrists, then she’d put on whatever outfit she’d picked out. Today she put on a tailored white blouse and pinpoint skirt that emphasized her slim figure. It was a simple outfit, but as always she looked incredible.

“Hi guys,” Ralph said as Mike and Jen entered the church. Mike and Jen had recently met Ralph and Alisha (Ralph’s wife) at a bible study class. They were older, 39 and 36 to Mike’s 30 and Jen’s 27, and had 4 kids.

As Ralph and Mike shook hands, Alisha (Ralph’s wife) kissed Jen hello on the cheek. “You look fabulous as always,” Alisha said as she struggled to get her kids into the pew. As usual she looked overworked and seemed to have a permanent look of annoyance on her face.

“Here, let me take Jamie,” Jen offered, moving past Alisha and taking their 2 year old into her lap. The service started , and immediately Jamie got bored and fidgeted on Jen’s lap. Jen reached over into Alisha’s diaper bag for a toy to occupy Jamie, and as she stretched to reach the bag her skirt rode high up her legs. Out of the corner of his eye Mike saw Ralph eyeing his wife’s legs. He tried not to be obvious, but clearly he was checking her out. After pulling the toy from Alisha’s bag, Jen realized her skirt had ridden up and she pulled it down. Ralph quickly took his eyes off Jen’s legs, clearly wanting to avoid being caught looking. Mike wondered — had his wife purposely flashed her legs at Ralph?

By the time they got home Mike had forgotten about what had happened in church. “We need to talk about the other night,” he said at dinner.

Jen had tried not to think about it, but now it all came back. “There’s nothing to talk about,” she said dismissively. “I did exactly what you wanted, and you thanked me by calling me a slut and accusing me of cheating on you.”

Mike knew he hadn’t handled the other night well. “I know, I know, I’m was a jerk,” he conceded taking her hands in hers. “I guess I wasn’t ready for turning our fantasies into reality.”

“You mean YOUR fantasies,” Jen countered. “Turning YOUR fantasies into reality.”

“Come on, admit it,” Mike grinned, “you had fun. Okay, you’re right, this started out as my fantasies, but you enjoyed yourself.”

Jen thought back to the other night, remembered how thrilling it had been, and smiled. She had a quick temper but always got over it quickly. “Okay, you’re right, I did have fun.”

Mike’s grin turned mischievous. “Enough to do it again?”

Jen eyed her husband warily. She could still feel the excitement of the other night. It reminded her of her life before marriage, but it had been even more exciting because she had known Mike was watching, it was like being on stage. But Mike had gotten so upset. “I don’t know … are you sure that’s a good idea?”

Mike sensed what she was worried about. “I admit it, I got jealous. But that just made it more exciting. I’ll be able to handle it better next time, now that we’ve done it once.”

At least he was acknowledging last week wasn’t my fault, Jen thought. Still, she was wary. “Are you sure you can handle it?

It didn’t escape Mike’s notice how his wife had changed from a reluctant participate to the one more sure of herself. His insecurities stirred again, but they were pushed aside by his lust. He couldn’t shake the memory of his pretty wife being fondled by Tony, and he wanted to experience it again. It was like a drug, the more he took, the more he needed more. He flashed a big excited grin. “Absolutely!” he said confidently.


They hadn’t planned it, and maybe that’s why it was so exciting. Mike sat next to Derrick in business class on a triple 7 out of Chicago. As they drank free booze they both joked about how great an expense account was, and how they could never afford business class with their own money. Mike was going home and Derrick was on the second leg of a multi-city business trip. Mike invited Derrick to dinner so he wouldn’t have to spend another night eating alone. Derrick declined because he had to prepare for a meeting the next day, but immediately changed his mind when he saw Jen, who was waiting in the terminal for her husband.

Derrick couldn’t keep his eyes off her. What a beauty! His opinion of Mike immediately went through the roof. He couldn’t figure out how a girl as drop dead gorgeous as Jen would ever have married him.

Jen pretended not to notice Derrick checking her out. She was used to her effect on men. It wasn’t conceit; it’d just been that way all her life. Also, it she was being honest, she’d admit she liked the attention.

Mike held the taxi door open for his wife. She carefully held her skirt as she slid in, but still her skirt rode up. Mike noticed Derrick checking out his wife’s incredible legs. He didn’t even try to pretend like he wasn’t looking, maybe because they both were still half drunk from the drinks on the plane. Mike got in after Jen, but then Derrick went to the other side so Jen was between him and her husband. There wasn’t a lot of space in the back of the taxi, and Mike was acutely aware of his leg touching his wife’s. Given how small the taxi was, he figured Derrick’s leg was also touching Jen’s.

Derrick had the charming banter of a salesman, which he was. He had both Mike and Jen laughing at his stories. He was one of those people who talked with his hands, and as he did he repeated touched Jen’s knee, often letting his fingers linger, once even palming and then briefly caressing her knee.

As soon as they arrived at the restaurant Derrick’s cell rang. He looked at the caller id. “Sorry, I have to take this, won’t be long.”

Jen narrowed her eyes at her husband as soon as Derrick left. “You know, I’d appreciate some warning if you plan to play this game of yours,” she said annoyed. “I mean, it’s my body.”

Mike hadn’t planned this, but he’d seen Derrick pawing Jen in the taxi. “I didn’t plan this,” he protested, giving his best look of innocence.

“Yeah, right,” she said with narrow eyes. Clearly she didn’t believe him.

He smiled like a kid in a candy store. “I didn’t see you pushing his hand away.”

She gave him a “you’re not understanding what I’m saying” look. As the maître’d arrived to lead them to their table, she said dismissively, “you should have asked me,” and then turned her back on her husband and followed the maître’d.

The maître’d led them to a square table. “Could we sit there?” Mike asked pointing to a round booth. He grinned as his wife rolled her eyes.

Derrick arrived a moment later and immediately slid in next to Jen. The white tablecloth was long and covered their laps. Derrick ordered an expensive bottle of wine and insisted he — or more precisely his expense account — was paying for dinner. The wine was good and Derrick told more of his funny stories, so soon Jen relaxed and began enjoying herself. Derrick was easy to talk to. He was also easy to look at, with his handsome face, nice smile, and broad shoulders.

Just as the appetizers arrived Jen felt Derrick’s hand on her thigh. It didn’t surprised her given what happened in the car, but still she tensed. She moved closer to Mike but Derrick didn’t remove his hand. She crossed her right leg over her left but that just caused her skirt to ride up her leg and Derrick moved his hand from her knee to her thigh. Throughout this dance Derrick kept up his merry banter and drank wine with his other hand. She firmly placed her hand over his and pushed him off. This caused him to interrupt his banter for a moment, but then he put his palm on Jen’s knee again and continued talking.

The waiter came to refill their wine glasses, and Jen took the opportunity to lean over and whisper in her husband’s ear. “He’s touching me,” she said.

Mike glanced down at his wife’s lap. Because of the long tablecloth he couldn’t see her legs, but he could see that Derrick’s left arm was underneath the tablecloth, and he could see the tablecloth moving, so it didn’t take much of an imagination to know what was happening.

“What do you want me to do?” Jen asked.

Mike thought quickly. Derrick had a lot of balls, trying to seduce his wife right in front of him. It sent a shiver down his spine. “You know what I want,” he whispered back.

Jen took a big gulp of wine. Okay, Mr. Brightside, if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get, she thought. Then she uncrossed her legs.

Derrick felt the pretty young wife uncross her legs, feeling triumphant inside. He moved his hand from her knee to her thigh. When she didn’t push him away, he moved from her outer thigh to her inner thigh flesh. He caressed her softly. He expected her to slap his face at any moment. But instead she turned her head to face him. He saw the unspoken question in her eyes: “Are you really going to do this to me here, with my husband right next to me?” He smiled lecherous, and pulled her leg towards him, causing her to part her legs. When she didn’t stop him, he softly drew circles on her inner thigh flesh. She took an intake of breath feeling his soft caresses on her sensitive skin, and closed her eyes.

Michael tried to concentrate on the food in front of him, but of course he couldn’t. How could he? His wife was being seduced right next to him. Derrick had stopped talking. Jen’s eyes were closed, and her lips slightly parted. Through her tight blouse Mike could tell she was breathing hard. He glanced at Derrick and their eyes locked. He had a superior smirk on his face, and his eyes clearly conveyed what he was thinking: “I’m taking your girl, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Derrick saw the expression on Mike’s face and knew exactly what he was — a cuckold. He traveled a lot and had met guys like him, guys who wanted to see their wives fucked by other men. Most times though the girls were dogs (although that had never stopped him getting some pussy). Jen was a real looker, though, one of the prettiest girls he’d ever seen in his life. He couldn’t believe Mike would let another man get within 100 feet of her. He decided to throw Mike a bone, because after all he could make a scene and stop this. So he pushed the table cloth passed their legs, exposing their laps.

Mike gawked when Derrick pulled back the table cloth. Derrick had pushed up Jen’s skirt high up her thighs. Her legs were parted, and Derrick’s hand was between her legs, caressing her inner thigh. A part of him couldn’t believe his wife had let Derrick get so far. He was little more than a stranger, and here she was with her legs apart, letting him caress her so intimately. But most of him was thrilled with what was happening.

At first Jen didn’t notice when Derrick pulled back the table cloth, so lost was she in what he was doing to her. He hadn’t shoved his hand up her skirt like she’d expected. Instead he softly drew circles on her inner thigh, slowing moving up to just below her pussy, but not touching her there, then slowly moving back down her thighs, and then repeating the process. He had a really nice touch, and his teasing technique was driving her out of her mind! But eventually she did feel the cold air conditioning on her thighs, and her eyes snapped open. She looked down at her lap. Seeing her legs parted with Derrick’s hand on her thigh sobered her, and she immediately closed her legs on Derrick’s hand.

Mike was lost in lust. Seeing his wife succumbing to another man’s seductions, being so close to it all, was too much. He wondered if she’d worn panties. Her skirt was so high up her legs he could tell she was wearing pantyhose, not stockings. That wasn’t surprising, she rarely wore real stockings, and she hadn’t known they’d be playing tonight. But had she worn panties? Sometimes she didn’t under pantyhose. If her skirt was just a bit higher, he’d be able to find out, and if she hadn’t wore panties, then her pretty pussy would be exposed to Derrick’s eyes. The thought made him lightheaded with lust. Without even thinking, he reached over to his wife’s lap and tugged her skirt up until it bunched just below her waist.

Jen felt Mike tugging at her skirt. He wants Derrick to see me, she thought. She saw the excitement in her husband’s face. He’s so into this, he wants it to happen. By now Derrick’s expert fingers had gotten her so worked up it was easy to give in to what her husband wanted, so she lifted her ass making it easier for her husband to tug her skirt up.

Derrick gawked at the blonde’s pussy. He could see it, because she hadn’t worn panties under the sheer nude pantyhose. She kept herself almost bare except for a small trimmed landing strip above her clit. Like her face, she had a sweet looking pussy. Her slit was tight and small, and the lips were smooth and slender, just a shade darker than the surrounding skin. It looked like a teenager’s pussy. There was a large wet spot in the pantyhose. Derrick traced a finger around the outline, making Jen moan because it’d been the closest he’d gotten to touching her most sensitive of flesh. He locked eyes with Mike, smirking with triumph. I’ve gotten your wife soaking wet, she’s mine if I want her, he conveyed with his eyes.

Derrick ran his finger up Jen’s slit, making her moaned. He touched her clit and Jen grabbed her husband’s hand. Derrick gripped the sheer nylon with two fingers and slowly began tearing it.

Jen squeezed her husband’s hand harder. She looked at him. “Is this what you want?” she asked breathlessly as Derrick tore a hole in her pantyhose.

“This is exactly what I want,” he moaned.

Derrick slowly ripped the crotch of Jen’s pantyhose, revealing her bare pussy. The lips glistened with moisture. She tensed as she felt his fingers on her bare pussy for the first time. Her ran his fingertips along her slit and then around her pleasure bulb. He’d been teasing her for so long, and this was more teasing. Her body craved something inside her. He sensed that, and finally gave her what he wanted, pressing one finger between her lips. Derrick was a bigger man than Mike, and he had thick fingers. She was so moist he slipped in easily, but then his finger immediately encountered resistance. “Man, your pussy is tight,” he said in a low voice, but not so low that Mike and Jen couldn’t hear him. He grinned demeaningly at Mike, as if saying “is your cock so small you haven’t been able to loosen your wife up?”

Jen flushed red at Derrick’s remark. She couldn’t believe another man was commenting on her pussy!

Derrick applied steady pressure until one, and then two of his fingers were inside the beautiful blonde. He slowly pumped her, at the same time rubbing her clit with his thumb. He was driving Jen crazy! She pushed back, subtlety humping his fingers.

Mike could barely breath. He couldn’t believe what was happening, what Jen was allowing to happen. Mike noticed how hard Jen’s nipples were, they formed dents in her blouse even though she was wearing a bra. Her pantyhose was starting to run from the tears made by Derrick. Somehow the laddering along her thighs made Jen’s wonderful legs look even more incredible.

Jen wanted to scream but suppressed the urge with great difficulty. She tensed and dug the spikey stilettos of her high heels into the expensive carpet. Her back arched and her head rolled back, her eyes closed, her mouth clenched forming an “O”, her body shuddered. “Oh god, oh god, oh god” she moaned softly, still aware enough not to cry out. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever, Derrick pumping harder, rubbing harder. Finally Jen gasped and grabbed his hand with both of hers. She breathed hard as her orgasm subsided. When she finally recovered she looked up and was horrified to see people staring and whispering, some even pointing at her. She became acutely aware of her legs still spread, Derrick’s fingers still inside her. She pushed his hand away, closed her legs, rummaged at her waist and pulled her skirt down, and then adjusted the table cloth so it covered their laps again. She smiled weakly at her husband, feeling guilty. His face was covered in lust and uncontrolled excitement. In the clarity that comes after an orgasm, it made her wonder about him.

“I’ve got a room at the hotel across the street,” she heard Derrick say. “Do you want to come up for an after dinner drink?” Jen didn’t know what she wanted. She’d cum, but her body ached for a real hard fucking. But this was all going so fast. She looked at her husband. “Do you want to go?” she softly asked.

Mike’s heart pounded. Had he heard right? Of course if they went up to Derrick’s room it would be for more than a drink. She would get fucked. She knew that. But clearly by her question she was willing to let Derrick fuck her. Mike couldn’t believe how much his wife had changed in so short a time. Still, the very thought of Derrick’s cock inside his wife’s tight pussy thrilled him to no end. He wanted to see that. He wanted to see his beautiful wife defiled by Derrick, to see her long legs wrapped around his waist and her tight married pussy pounded by him, and then he wanted to watch Derrick shoot his gooey thick sperm all over her pretty face.

Mike was about to respond when a woman angrily approached. “Derrick, if you’re finished with her, I’ll be in the lobby. If you’re not there in 5 minutes you can forget our meeting tomorrow.” The woman looked contemptuously at Jen and walked away.

“Shit, I forgot she was meeting me here!” Derrick said under his breath. “I’ve got to go, she’s my biggest customer.” Understanding hit Mike. This was the customer Derrick was meeting tomorrow, and he was going to close the deal by giving her a good fucking tonight.

Derrick looked longingly at Jen. It was clear who he’d rather fuck tonight. The woman was attractive, but she wasn’t in the same league as Jen. Derrick threw $500 on the table and then began to stand up. But then, as if changing his mind, he leaned into Jen and planted his lips on hers. He opened his mouth and Jen did the same, and Mike could see by their cheeks that their tongues were in each other’s mouths. Finally after what seemed like minutes, they stopped kissing. “You’re the hottest girl I’ve ever met,” he gushed at Jen, ignoring Mike. Then he kissed Jen again, and again she let him, and finally he left to join his customer.

Mike and Jen were all over each other in the taxi home. Unlike Derrick, he showed no patience shoving his hand up her skirt. Jen’s knee pressed against the back of the driver’s seat as her husband fingered her. Mike felt the torn pantyhose and then his wife’s pussy, which was soaking wet. The driver adjusted his mirror to watch the action. He envied the man, because the girl was so good looking. He’d trade his fare for 10 minutes with her, but he knew that only happened in Penthouse Letters.

In their apartment they didn’t even make it to their bed, instead falling on the sofa. Mike got between her legs, pushed her skirt up around her waist, and shoved his cock through the hole made by Derrick. “He got you so hot, didn’t he?” Mike taunted. “You would have fucked him, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes! I would have!” she answered falling into their normal pillow talk. “Isn’t that what you wanted?” Her question came out like a challenge.

“YES!” Mike cried as his orgasm neared. “I wanted to see you fucked hard by a big dicked stud! I wish that cow hadn’t showed up, we’d be up in Derrick’s room right now and you’d be on your back with his big cock inside you!”

Later after cumming, they lay on their sides in bed, facing each other. “You really were attracted to him, weren’t you?” He wasn’t just referring to the way she let him finger her, but also the way they kissed at the end. It bothered him the way she let Derrick kiss her so intimately — like they were lovers, not just a one night stand — but he didn’t mention it, and she didn’t notice his mixed feelings.

Instead she giggled. “Well, yeah! I mean, you’re getting really good at picking out men who are my type.” She was referring to how, when they were out, Mike would often point out a man to Jen and say “I bet you find him handsome, don’t you?”

He softly ran his fingers over his wife’s side. “You liked the way he touched you?”

“I think that’s obvious, don’t you,” she said slyly. Then her expression turned serious. “Did you really want me to have sex with him?”

Mike swallowed a lump in his throat. He felt conflicted, his big head saying one thing and his little head saying something else. Avoiding the question, he asked, “He looked pretty big, didn’t he? He had a big hard-on when he stood up.”

It didn’t escape her he was avoiding her question, but she couldn’t help giggling. “Honestly, Mike, I think you pay more attention to men than I do.” She paused dramatically and her face turned serious. “Mike, are you gay?”

Her question startled him. “What?! Of course not!”

“I’m just kidding!” she said laughing. “But you’re so predictable.” She thought back to all their pillow talk over the years. “With you, it can’t be just any handsome man who does me. It has to be a well hung handsome man.”

Mike smiled sheepishly. “I know it turns you on too.”

“Maybe,” she said teasingly, reaching under the covers and cupping Mike’s penis. “Especially since this is all I get from you.”

“You’re such a slut,” he moaned as she began stroking him.

“But that’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“You know I do.”

“What is it you want, Mike? Tell me.”

Mike felt intoxicated with lust. “I want you to open your legs to other men, and let them finger you and make you cum, and let them kiss you like you belong to them!”

“You liked that, didn’t you, when I let Derrick kiss me?”

“God yes!” he groaned. Her stroking and words had him so close to an orgasm.

“He’s a really good kisser,” she said almost dreamily. She kept stroking him, but in an absent minded way and her face took on an introspective look. “I’d forgotten how exciting it is to be with a really hot guy.”

Mike grunted and jerked, and then spurted his jism over his wife’s soft hand.

Chapter 3

Mike couldn’t believe how much his wife had changed. They’d role played for years, but she’d always resisted doing anything for real. That had change now, but he had mixed feelings about it. It was thrilling of course. But the excitement was mixed with feelings of jealousy and his insecurity. What she’d said – “I’d forgotten how exciting it is to be with a really hot guy”—was a stark reminder that he wasn’t a “really hot guy.” She attracted hot guys all the time because she was so damned beautiful. It made him jealous and aroused at the same time.

He glanced at his wife, sitting in the church pew next to him. Ralph sat next to her with his kids (he’d come without Alicia, who was visiting her parents). Jen had young Jamie on her lap like last time. The pastor had just started his sermon a moment ago, yet Jamie was already fidgeting. As Jen shifted to accommodate the 2 year old her skirt strained across her thighs. Mike casually looked down and then did a double take. He thought he saw the bumps of a garter belt. As Jamie squirmed in Jen’s lap her skirt inched up, and Mike’s suspicions were confirmed when he saw the dark welt of real stockings.

Mike couldn’t believe his wife was wearing a garter belt and real stockings. She wore them only on special occasions, like their anniversary. Just then Jen leaned over into Ralph’s diaper bag as she’d done the last time in church. Just like last time her skirt edged up, revealing more of her lacy stocking top and even the garter belt snap attached to the welt. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Ralph staring at his wife’s legs. Jen didn’t notice Ralph looking, or at least she pretended not to. As she settled back into the pew she demurely adjusted her skirt, covering up what she’d just been revealing. Once again Mike wondered if she’d purposely flashed Ralph. Is that why she’d worn stockings and a garter belt?

For the first time Mike thought about Ralph. He definitely fit the stereotype “tall dark and handsome.” Mike knew he worked out all the time. In fact, he ran a gym or something like that. He understood why Jen might be attracted to him; he definitely qualified as a “really hot guy” even though he was much older. The way Ralph gawked at her legs, it appeared their attraction was mutual. Ralph’s wife Alicia had been a beauty when younger (he’d seen their wedding picture). But her looks had faded, maybe because of age (Alicia was 10 years older than Jen) or the wear of having 4 kids. It wasn’t surprising Ralph’s eyes were wandering.

After the service ended the pastor asked Mike to help carry some boxes to the shed outside. When he returned, he saw Jen chatting with Ralph and a few others from the congregation. Jen and Ralph were standing close together and were talking and laughing. A stranger might think they were a couple. They both were really good looking, like models who’d just stepped out of the cover of GQ or Cosmopolitan. Mike felt his cock stir.

On the way home, Jen excitedly said Ralph had invited them over for dinner that evening. Alicia was returning home from her parents and they were planning a casual cookout.

When they arrived later that day, Alicia seemed to be in a bitchy mood. She always seemed moody, it was her shtick. Mike guessed her aloofness had added to her allure when she was young and pretty, but now it just made for a lot of awkward silences.

Jen wore a white tailored blouse, tight skinny jeans and high heels. While casual, she looked amazing and Ralph gave her an up-and-down look when he saw her (although Jen pretended not to notice). As Alicia put Jamie down for the evening Ralph gave Mike and Jen a tour of their house. One living room wall had a large bookcase filled with pictures. A few pictures of a younger Ralph with other women graced the shelves. All the girls had short dark hair, just like Alicia. Ralph said they were pictures of old girlfriends, which Mike thought was strange to have in your living room.

Jen got on her knees and leaned over to see Ralph and Alicia’s wedding pictures on the bottom shelf. Leaning over, the back of Jen’s thong crept up her back over her low rise jeans. Just a small amount of the pink lacy material came into view, but both Mike and Ralph’s eyes immediately focused on it. The men looked at each other, Ralph turning red at being caught looking. Mike smiled, and then they laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Jen asked as she stood up.

“Honey, I think you’re showing more than you mean to,” Mike said with a grin, motioning at her back.

Jen’s eyes grew wide and her hand immediately went to the small of her back. Feeling the lace above her jeans, she flushed red in embarrassment and ran into the bathroom to rearrange her clothes. Mike and Ralph laughed again as if making it into a joke, but seeing Jen that way had been highly erotic. Mike surreptitiously glanced at Ralph’s crotch and it looked like he had half a hard-on, so clearly he found the image of Jen just as erotic as he had.

When Mike and Ralph joined Alicia in the kitchen Jen was already there. “Don’t worry sweetie, boys will be boys,” Alicia was saying to Jen. Clearly Jen had told Alicia what had happened, and Alicia scowled at Mike and Ralph as they entered. Then she looked down her nose at Jen. “That’s what you get for wearing ass floss.” Jen momentarily looked shocked at Alicia’s harsh rebuke. She recovered quickly, forcing a laugh. Ralph gave Jen an apologetic smile. That’s how it was with Alicia, a lot of awkwardness.

Mike noticed Ralph looking at Jen a number of times through the evening. She was always good eye candy, but especially so tonight. It was possible to just make out the lace of her white bra through her blouse. Her skinny jeans and high heels really showed off her long legs, and knowledge of what she had on under the jeans only heightened her sexual appeal. On top of that, Jen and Ralph got along well, talking and laughing about a lot of topics. Alicia went upstairs to put their other three kids to bed. Mike was content to mostly watch, adding something to the conversation just now and then.

“I think Ralph’s attracted to you,” Mike said later that evening after getting home. “He couldn’t take his eyes off you.”

“You’re crazy,” Jen said with a girlish laugh. “They’ve been married forever and have 4 kids.”

Mike grinned and shrugged. “I’m just saying, he was checking you out all night long. He checks you out at church too.”

Jen avoided her husband’s eyes, looking a little guilty. “She HAD flashed him on purpose,” Mike thought. He felt excited and also bothered by it.

Later that night in bed, Mike stroked his wife’s shoulder. “Maybe we should add Ralph to our cast of characters,” he said with a playful, lustful grin, referring to the men they fantasized Jen fucking when they role played. The cast of characters included movie stars, some of Jen’s old boyfriends, Mike’s co-workers, and anyone else Jen found attractive. “I think Ralph’s your type.”

Jen smiled back playfully. “A man who looks like a Greek god,” she said teasingly. “Now why ever would you think a man like that would be my type?”

“So you ARE attracted to him,” Mike said triumphantly.

“Um, hello? Yeah! But come on, fantasizing about a man we go to church with? Who’s married and has kids? Don’t you think that’s crossing the line?”

“Hmmm, you’re got a point,” he said taking on a pretend thoughtful look. “Naaah!”

Jen punched her husband’s arm. “You’re crazy,” she said laughing. Then she snuggled up to him and reached down to his crotch. “Anyway, I didn’t think we needed the cast anymore.” She wasn’t surprised to find her husband hard. He always got an erection whenever they talked about her and other men. She thought it strange at first, but after so many years, she just accepted that’s how he was.

“You want to go out next weekend?” Mike asked excitedly. They hadn’t done anything since that time with Derrick.

“If you want to.”

“I could be up for that,” he said grinning. Laughing he rolled on top of his wife. “But tonight you can fantasize about Ralph.”

“Well, okay,” she said with a giggle, reaching between their bodies and guiding her husband inside of her. “Fuck me Ralph, fuck me!”

Chapter 4

“I met this great guy last night!” Tracy gushed. “He’s a lawyer, and soooo good looking!”

Jen and Annie rolled their eyes. “Let us guess, you went home with him,” Annie said.

“Well …”

Jen and Annie burst out laughing. “Tracy, you’re such a slut!”

Tracy smiled weakly, but then shot back at Annie. “What about the guy you met last weekend?”

Now it was Annie’s turn to blush. “That’s different! We’ve gone out on two dates since then!”

“You mean you’ve slept together twice since then,” Tracy challenged. “Those aren’t dates, they’re booty calls!”

All three girls laughed. “If you saw this guy, you wouldn’t be able to resist either, he’s so hot!” Annie gushed.

Tracy leaned in and whispered, “My guy – the guy I met last night – he had the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. When he took it out of his pants I almost fainted.”

Annie nodded authoritatively. “I told you size matters. Don’t look at me that way. I don’t care what all the magazines say. Seven inches is my minimum. If he’s not at least seven inches I don’t answer when he calls back.”

Jen gawked at what her friend just said. “How can you tell? Do you carry a ruler with you?”

Annie held out her hands, one fist on top of the other. “Two hands is my minimum,” she said seriously, and then all three girls laughed and blushed.

Tracy took Annie’s arm and led her away. “Come on Annie, you can tell me more about your measuring skills, Jen doesn’t need to hear this, she’s a happily married girl.”

Jen smiled at her two friends as they walked away. She turned back to her computer but couldn’t concentrate on work. Making sure no one was looking, she took out a ruler and measured her hands fist to fist. A little more than 6 inches, but Jen was more petite than Annie. Feeling foolish, she smiled and threw the ruler back into her desk.

Tracy and Annie were her age, 27, but while she’d been married for almost 5 years, they were still single. Most of her college friends were still single too. While she loved Mike, a part of her envied the carefree exciting lives of her single friends. Maybe that’s why she found Mike’s games so exciting. It was like being single again. She didn’t think Mike really wanted her to go all the way with another man. He said crazy things in the height of passion, so did she. So it was just a fun harmless game they played, to add spice to their marriage. She knew it wouldn’t last forever, she didn’t want it to. She wanted to have a baby soon and start a family. But for now it was fun and exciting.


Jason led Jen downstairs and then through a corridor. The farther they walked, the more the music of the dance club receded. Finally they pushed through a door and entered an alley. Jen could tell the main door of the club was just around the corner, because she could hear people talking.

“When you said you wanted to find someplace quiet, I didn’t realize we were going outside,” Jen said.

“Are you cold?” Jason asked.

“No, it’s just –” Jen knew Mike was inside, but of course she couldn’t say that. She looked into Jason’s face and felt weak kneed. He was soooo good looking. After entering the bar she’d politely declined offers to dance from the first guys who approached her. No one had caught her eye until Jason introduced himself and offered to buy her a drink. She’d been with him since then, for over an hour. As they flirted and danced she spotted Mike watching. She assumed he’d follow when Jason suggested they find a quiet place, but then Jason had led her here, outside the club. As she thought what to do Jason pressed his lips against hers. His lips were soft and experienced, and she found herself opening hers, then feeling his tongue slip into her mouth. His hands caressed down her back and sides. She lost herself in the moment and forgot all about Mike.

Mike frantically searched the bar. Things were getting hot and heavy with Jason (he found out his name later), and he didn’t want to miss anything. But Jen had disappeared with him 10 minutes ago and they were nowhere in sight.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jason gushed between kisses. He had one hand around her waist, and another between them, fondling her breast. The hot chick hadn’t worn a bra and he could feel her hard nipple through the thin material of her dress.

“Ugh god,” Jen moaned into Jason’s mouth as he rubbed her nipples. Her nipples had always been super sensitive, like there was an electrical wire between them and her clit. Jason turned her so her back pressed against his front. She raised her arms around his neck. Jason cupped both her breasts in his hands, rubbing both her nipples between his fingers. Then he moved one hand down her front, over her flat tummy, towards her skirt. Jen fleeting though of Mike, and hoped he was enjoying the show.

With one hand still fondling Jen’s tit, Jason reached under her skirt with his other. He moved up her silky thigh and then felt the heavy lace of her thigh highs. He inwardly smiled when he felt the bare flesh of her thigh above her stocking tops. If she’d been wearing pantyhose he’d still have gotten what he wanted, it would’ve just been a little harder. Since she wore stockings it would be easier. Then when he found out she wasn’t wearing panties he knew it would be really easy.

Like the other times, Mike had picked out her clothes. Black dress, black thigh highs, black high heels. No bra, no panties. She moaned as she felt Jason’s fingers on her bare pussy. He explored her, along her slit, around her clit, her small trimmed bush. Then she felt his thumb on her clit, and his finger enter her, and she felt in heaven. She hoped Mike wouldn’t stop them before Jason fingered her to an orgasm.

Jason couldn’t believe his luck. He’d gotten into a big argument with his girlfriend earlier. Okay, so maybe he had gotten her pregnant. Hadn’t she ever heard of abortion? That’s what his old girlfriends had always done. He’d even pay for it. But no, Lucy wanted to have the baby, and she wanted them to get married. Fuck that! He wasn’t getting tied down to one woman, and tonight proved why. This girl – Jen – was way prettier than Lucy, in fact, she was one of the prettiest girls he’d ever seen. He wasn’t going to get tied down to a girl like Lucy when he could fuck a girl like Jen. While still fingering her with one hand, he reached down with his other and took out his cock. He had a condom in his pocket but didn’t put in on. They cost money, so why use it if he didn’t have to. This chick was so horny he figured she wouldn’t ask. Besides, the thought of shooting his potent baby making juice into her tight body turned him on. Maybe he’d knock her up and she’d want to marry him, like Lucy. This girl was so beautiful he might consider that.

Jason turned Jen around, pressing her back against the wall. He wanted to look at her pretty face as he entered her. He pulled one of her legs around his waist and positioned his cockhead between her pussy lips.

Jen felt something pressing against her pussy. “Oh god, it’s his cock!” she realized immediately. She couldn’t believe how fast this had happened. Where was Mike? But then she understood, Mike wanted her to let Jason fuck her, he was hiding in the shadows and probably playing with himself right now. God, Jason had her so worked up, and he felt so big, she knew she’d cum as soon as he entered her, and she wanted to cum, her body was begging to cum! She was mad with lust! “Ok Mike, if this is what you want, then that’s what you’ll get!” she thought, and she wrapped her arms around Jason’s neck and kissed him, at the same time pushing against him, inviting him to enter her.

Jason felt the pretty blonde surrender to him and blood surged to his cock, making him harder if that was even possible. He pressed his cockhead between her pussy lips and got ready to push inside her.

“Jen, is that you?” Jason heard behind him, and then he felt a strong arm around his neck and pulling him away from the girl. “Get away from her!”

“What?!” Jason cried. “Is this your husband?!”

“No … what?” Jen said confused. Her head was spinning. Standing there wasn’t Mike. It was Ralph!

“Get out of here!” Ralph shouted at Jason. Jason calculated his chances. The interloper was a big guy, almost a head taller and he looked like he had a strong chest and arms. He decided it wasn’t worth it. He’d go back into the bar and pick up another chick, or worst case he could bang Lucy to get his rocks off. Taking one last look at the beautiful girl, he walked away.

“Are you okay?” Ralph asked concerned. “I’m here with friends, a bachelor’s party – that’s them over there – and I saw that guy mauling you. Are you okay? Do you want me to call the cops?”

“I’m fine,” Jen said, trying to regain her composure, her breathing finally returning to normal. “I, ah, thanks,” she said, suddenly realizing her skirt was still around her waist, and Ralph was looking at her nakedness. She pulled down her skirt. She looked away, absentmindedly brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. She felt so embarrassed, she wanted to find a hole and crawl into it.

Understanding hit Ralph. She’d been a willing participant, not a victim. “God Jen, I’m sorry, I should have minded my own business,” he said.

“No, it’s okay,” Jen quickly said, grabbing his arm. “What you did … that was really sweet.”

Ralph pointed to his friends. “We were leaving. Do you want a ride home?”

“No that’s okay,” she replied. She couldn’t bear the thought of riding home with his friends, the embarrassment would be too much. She looked around. Where was Mike? Then without thinking she said, “Mike’s inside.”

“Mike’s inside?” Ralph repeated shocked, his eyes going wide.

Jen felt like an idiot, and her cheeks took on an even deeper shade of red. From Ralph’s expression she knew she had to give some explanation. “Sometimes … well … sometimes Mike likes to play games with me.” Her cheeks burned with embarrassment. WHERE – WAS – MIKE?!!!!!!

Ralph’s expression went from uncomprehending, to shock, to amusement. “Ooookay,” he finally said, trying to hide a smile and not doing a very good job. “Then I guess we’ll take off, and leave you and Mike to your … games.”

She’d never felt so mortified. Mike was going to pay for this! As Ralph turned to walk away she grabbed his arm. “Please don’t tell anyone. Especially Alicia, please don’t tell her.” She couldn’t bear the thought of Alicia’s judgmental attitude.

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” he said reassuringly, but a smile was still painted on his face.

“WHERE WERE YOU!” Jen growled when she finally found Mike in the club.

“Where was I?” Mike answered. “Where were you?”

“Ralph saw me!”


Jen grabbed her husband’s arm. “You know, Ralph, from Ralph and Alicia. He saw me, with Jason.”

“That’s his name, Jason?”

“YES, THAT’S HIS NAME! Mike, focus! Ralph saw me with him! He saw everything!”

Mike look dumbfounded. “What was Ralph doing here?”

“Mike, it doesn’t matter!” Jen said exasperated. “I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life! You have to talk to Ralph! You! Explain to him this is your thing! You have to make him promise not to tell anyone! ”

“Okay, okay, I will.”

“Tomorrow, Mike! Promise you’ll talk to him tomorrow!”

“Okay, I promise, I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”


“So you guys are swingers?” Ralph asked as they sat in the bar.

“No, not swingers. I mean, I’m not looking to have sex with other women.” Mike smiled weakly. “I know this probably sounds weird, but I’ve always had this thing about seeing Jen with other men. ”

“Yeah, it’s hard to understand,” Ralph agreed. He hesitated, looking thoughtful. “But on the other hand I understand how important it is to keep your marriage interesting.”

From Ralph’s tone it sounded like he had more to say. “Everything is okay between you and Alicia, isn’t it?”

Ralph shrugged. “It has its ups and downs. Right now we’re at a down, but we’ve been married for a long time, so I’m sure it’ll get better. Anyway, you don’t have to worry, I won’t tell anyone, not Alicia or anyone else.”

That night Ralph caressed his wife’s shoulder and then cupped her ample breast. “Not tonight Ralph, I’m tired,” Alicia said.

“Come on, babe, it’s been over a week,” Ralph said, encouraged by the hardening of Alicia’s nipple.

“Ralph, it’s not my fault you’re horny after going to titty bars with your friends!” Alicia lashed out.

“It was a bachelor’s party, and we didn’t go to any strip clubs,” Ralph protested.

“Yeah, right, like you didn’t flirt with girls all night, just like you always do!” Alicia half sobbed and then rolled over.

Ralph sighed and looked blankly into the darkness. He was too charged up to sleep. Eventually he heard the steady breathing of Alicia. She’d fallen asleep. He took out his cock. As he stroked himself he closed his eyes and thought of Jen. She’d looked so incredible, her dress hiked up around her waist. She had the most incredible legs, and his cock throbbed at the memory of seeing her in thigh highs and high heels. But what made his heart pound was the memory of her pussy. She hadn’t been wearing panties and he had been able to see her clearly in the lamp light, a tight slit completely bare except for a tiny trimmed landing strip. She’d looked so different from Alicia, who didn’t shave or even trim, with big floppy lips that perpetually gaped open after having 4 kids. That incredible tight body, topped off by the most beautiful face he’d even seen. As his wife slept, Ralph beat off thinking of another woman.


Jen nervously approached the church for the annual charity bazaar. This was the first time she’d been at church since seeing Ralph in the club. She wasn’t looking forward to seeing him, but she couldn’t get out of it because she’d volunteered to help months ago. What made it worst was Mike was away on another business trip. She looked at the bazaar sign up sheet. Ugh! She’d been assigned to work in the same booth as Ralph, and she knew Alicia wasn’t coming because she was visiting her parents again. She couldn’t believe her bad luck.

She saw Ralph was in the booth already, selling cookies. She walked around the table and stood next to him, trying to avoid eye contact. He apparently didn’t feel the same awkwardness because he had a big smile on his face the entire time and kept trying to make eye contact. Finally after about 10 minutes he burst out laughing. She couldn’t help herself, she punched him as hard as she could in the arm. “Shut up, you jerk!”

“Ouch!” he said, but he didn’t stop laughing.

When he looked like he was about to say something, Jen growled, “JUST – SELL – COOKIES!”

This made Ralph laugh harder, and Jen couldn’t help a slight smile. But still she glared at him. “Just don’t talk to me about it!”

“Okay, okay,” he said rubbing his arm. “You pack quite a punch.”

“I kick hard too!” she warned. But as he continued to grin, she smiled despite herself.

An hour (and three dozen cookies) later, Ralph pointed at Jen’s t-shirt. “Did you go to Penn State?”

“Yeah,” Jen sighed. “I’m still depressed about Joe Pa. I haven’t been able to watch any football since it happened. Jerry Sandusky is such a pervert!”

“I know. I went there too, 20 years ago. I was even on the football team. So you like football?”

“I have three older brothers,” she said as an answer. She brushed a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, looking interested. “They went to Penn State, just like my parents. Mike and I get season tickets every year. It was my only condition for marrying him.” She giggled at the old joke. “You were on the football team? What was it like, tell me everything!”

“It sounds better than it is,” he said in a charming modest way. “Mostly I rode the bench. I started a few games my senior year, and even got drafted and played a season in the NFL. That didn’t last, but I saved enough money to start my old business.”

“What’s that?”

“I opened a gym, Manhattan Motion.”

Jen’s eyes grew wide. “I know that place! I was thinking about joining it. I minored in dance at Penn State, and I’ve wanted to start up again.”

Considering her fantastic legs, it didn’t surprise Ralph that Jen was a dancer. He gulped at seeing her smile and so excited, it was like seeing a beautiful sunrise. “You should definitely stop by,” he managed to say. “I can set you up with Brooke. She’s our best instructor.”

Later that week Jen stopped by Manhattan Motion after work. Ralph introduced her to Brooke, and they hit it off right away, and Jen signed up for a modern dance course. As Brooke showed Jen around the rest of the gym, they saw a group of women around Ralph. “He’s always surrounded by girls,” Brooke joked. Jen wasn’t surprised, he was so good looking and the Under Armour shirt he wore really showed off his biceps and muscular chest.

They went into the free weights room and saw some other girls lifting weights. “Now that you’ve signed up for a course, you can use the rest of the gym too,” Brooke said, seeing Jen’s interest in the girls bench pressing.

“Oh, I could never do that,” Jen said.

“Sure you can,” Brooke said. “You’re slim, but I can tell you have a strong core from all the dancing you did in high school and college.” She showed Jen how to lie on the bench. She took the weights off the bar, explaining that the bar itself was 45 pounds. Jen wasn’t really interested in lifting, but now Brooke had gone to so much trouble she felt obligated to try. Just as Jen was about to lift the bar, Brooke’s cell rang.

“Ooops, I’m sorry, this is my date tonight, do you mind if I take it?”

“No, go ahead,” Jen said. She continued to lie on the bench, feeling silly not knowing what else to do. Finally she lifted the bar off the supports, and was pleased to find she could do it. She lowered and lifted the bar 5 times, but then she tired, her muscles not used to the exertion. She struggled to get the bar back into the rack when she heard a deep voice above her. “Need some help?” the voice asked. She looked up and saw it was Ralph.

“Um, well, Brooke just needed to take a call,” she said straining under the weight.

“That’s okay, I’ll spot you,” Ralph said. “Come on, 3 more, you can do it. That’s right, lower it to your chest, then exhale as you lift.”

Jen managed to do the last reps, feeling good about her self-accomplishment. Ralph leaned over to help put the bar back into the rack. As he did, Jen had a clear view up his loose shorts. She gawked at what she saw. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his penis hung freely, and he was huge! She’d never seen anything so long and thick, and he wasn’t even hard.

She stood up, her cheeks flushed. “Thanks,” she said, avoiding eye contact with Ralph, the image of his cock burning in her memory. She didn’t notice Ralph looking at her chest, her erect nipples clearly visible through her sports bra and top.

Jen excuse herself and, after saying goodbye to Brooke, rushed home. Mike was still traveling. She tried to watch TV but couldn’t concentrate. Finally she took a bubble bath. As she often did in the bath, she let her finger tips trail along her body, over her breasts, around her nipples, down her stomach. She ventured down to her clit and slowly rubbed herself. She fantasized about all the things she and Mike had done lately. But her thoughts kept drifting to Ralph. He was so good looking. She kept thinking about what she’d seen up the leg of his pants. Jen thought about what it would feel like to have that big cock inside her. She came, her shuddering body causing ripples in the bath water. Afterwards, after catching her breath, she felt envious of what Alicia had to sleep with every night, and the thought immediately made her feel guilty.

Chapter 5

Getting invited to the party had been easier than Mike thought it would be. It only took an hour to find it on the internet. He sent an email, and after a short back and forth, directions to the party were sent to him. The deal was sealed when he emailed to the host a picture of Jen in a bikini from the previous summer.

Jen nervously fidgeted in the car. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” she said nervously. “A swinger’s party! I swear Mike, if you’re doing this just so you can have sex with another girl, I’m going to strangle you!”

Mike chuckled and squeezed his wife’s hand. “You know that’s not what this is about,” he said reassuringly. He’d explained everything to her. This party wasn’t for swingers, not really. Two types of people were invited, married couples and “bulls.” The purpose, of course, was for the bulls to fuck the wives while their husbands watched. The bulls were young, well hung muscular guys, almost all black. Mike had made it clear to the host they were going just to watch this time, and probably wouldn’t participate. The host balked at this, but then agreed after seeing Jen’s picture.

After the hubbub with Ralph had been taken care of, Jen had finally told Mike what happened with Jason, and how she’d almost gotten fucked. Mike was beside himself with excitement and fucked her non-stop that night, making her tell him over and over again what happened. Afterwards he felt jealous and bothered that she’d let things get that far, in fact, it sounded to him like she would have let Jason fuck her except Ralph had stepped in. Still, he couldn’t stop thinking about it and part of him wished she’d fucked Jason. He thought this party would be a good next step, and talked Jen into going.

They were met at the door by the host, who lecherously looked Jen up and down (she looked stunning in a black strapless cocktail dress) and invited them to tour the house. They went into the kitchen to get a drink. On the way they ran into two bulls. In greeting they each lightly kissed Jen’s hand and asked if she wanted to party. She politely declined but Mike could tell she was excited by the atmosphere. The bulls were cool about it and kissed Jen on the cheek, making sure to press their erections against her stomach (they were both nude except for tiny Speedos). “Maybe we’ll see you later,” they said. “Maybe,” Jen replied a little breathlessly.

In the kitchen a large black man was fucking a cute brunette on the kitchen counter. A tall handsome white man stood next to them, his dick in his hand as he watched the bull fuck his wife. The bull caught sight of Jen and immediately said, “I’ll be done in a minute if you’d like to dance.”

“Thanks, but we’re just, um, looking,” Jen said nervously, not knowing what to do with her eyes because he was stark naked.

The bull grinned a friendly smile. “That’s cool,” he said while still fucking the brunette. “If you don’t mind me saying, you’ve got great legs. Are you wearing a garter belt?”

Jen hesitated – it seemed strange to carry out a conversation with him while he was having sex – but then she nodded. The bull asked “can I see?” In a weird way his request seemed normal given the circumstances, so Jen raised her skirt revealing her stocking tops and garter belt straps.

“Very nice,” the bull said admiringly. The brunette’s husband thought so too as he shifted his gaze from his wife to Jen’s legs. “Maybe we can hook up later,” the bull said.

“Maybe,” Jen said. She pushed down her skirt but her flushed cheeks betrayed her arousal.

As they left , the husband caught up with Mike and Jen. “I’m Victor,” the husband said, offering his hand. Mike hesitated knowing where his hand had been a moment ago, but then realized he was being ridiculous and shook the man’s hand. “I’m Mike, this is my wife Jen.”

“That’s my wife Jacky in there, with Tyrone.” Victor was a tall muscular guy himself, and his penis (which was still erect and hanging out his pants) was an impressive size. He could have been a bull himself (albeit a white one). Victor didn’t try to hide his attraction to Jen. “Sometimes we swing with other couples. We’d love to get together with you, you’re incredibly beautiful.”

Jen didn’t know how to respond, and Victor took Jen’s silence as acquiescence. He leaned closer and palmed her thigh. “Tyrone is right, you have fantastic legs.”

Jen gulped as she felt Victor’s hand move under her skirt and caress her thigh. She tensed as his fingertips passed her lacy stocking tops and moved onto her bare skin above. She looked at Mike, but he made no move to stop Victor. His eyes were on her skirt, and Victor’s hand underneath it. She looked back at Victor and he smiled knowingly, rolling his eyes in the direction of Mike.

They heard Jacky call Victor’s name in the throes of passion. “I better be going,” he said, then leaned in and kissed Jen. She opened her lips allowing his tongue into her mouth. As they French kissed Victor moved his hand between their bodies and fondled her breast, and Jen let him. Jacky screamed again and Victor reluctantly pulled away. “Remember my offer,” he said, leaving Jen panting and Mike so hard it hurt.

The married couple looked at each other, both more aroused than ever before. After calming down a little, Mike took Jen’s hand and led her upstairs to continue their tour. All the bedroom doors were open, and there were naked bodies everywhere, black on white. In the master bedroom a black man was fucking a pretty red head missionary style. Three other black guys stood in line waiting their turn, all of them naked and stroking their cocks. One of the guys noticed Jen and approached her. “I’m Jerome,” he said with a movie star smile. “You must be Jen.”

“How do you know my name?” Jen asked startled.

The Jerome’s smile widened. “Word travels fast,” he said appreciatively looking Jen up and down. He noticed her flushed cheeks and erect nipples. “Having fun?”

“It’s … interesting,” she said, again not knowing where to direct her eyes. Jerome was complete nude and his big hard cock was pointing straight at her.

“That’s Sally on the bed, with Toby,” Jerome said pointing at the bed, like a sports announcer doing play-by-play. As he spoke he put his arm around Jen’s waist. “That’s Rich over there, Sally’s husband.” Rich sat a few feet from the bed, stroking himself as he watched Toby fuck his wife. In contrast to Victor, Rich looked the part of a cuckold husband. Balding, big gut, his pudgy fingers wrapped around a small cock. He looked so different from his wife Sally. Her belly was flabby and her big breasts sagged (both probably from childbirth), but her legs were shapely and she had a pretty face.

“Sally’s insatiable,” Jerome continued, caressing Jen’s back. “She can’t get enough.”

“I see that,” Jen replied seeing the line of bulls and feeling Jerome’s fingers slowly tracing up her side.

Jerome understood Jen’s meaning and laughed. “Oh, me and my boys aren’t waiting our turn. We’re letting Toby warm Sally up, then we’ll join in.”

“Oh,” Jen said, the idea of Sally taking on all 4 black men at the same time sinking in. She could imagine where three of them would go, but what would the fourth one do? The possibilities made her shuddered, and she forgot about Jerome for a moment, but then she felt his fingers trail up the side of her breast. Still watching Sally and Toby, Jerome cupped Jen’s breast with his large hand.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Jerome said smiling at Mike.

Mike looked frozen in place, and Jen realized he’d been watching Jerome and her, not the action on the bed. Mike shook his head. Jerome winked at Mike and then Jen felt him rub her nipple between his thumb and finger through the thin material of her dress (she hadn’t worn a bra). She moaned, at the same time seeing the look of complete lust on her husband’s face.

“Mike, Jen’s glass is empty,” Jerome said authoritatively. “Get her a refill, okay? I could use one too.”

It bothered Mike at being ordered around by Jerome, especially in front of Jen. But his face felt hot with excitement. “What are you drinking?” he heard himself ask.

“Red bull, what else,” he said laughing. “With a shot of vodka.”

Mike felt shamed walking out of the bedroom and leaving his wife with Jerome. Sally’s husband gave him an understanding look, which didn’t make Mike feel better, in fact it made him sick. “Is that where we’re heading, me playing with myself watching Jen get gangbanged?” he wondered.

In the kitchen, Mike was approached by 2 handsome black men. They were naked, had muscular bodies like NFL linebackers, and cocks that ran down their thighs like pythons. “Are you Jen’s husband?” one of them asked. When Mike nodded, they shook his hand. “I’m Kelvin and this is Butch. We’d love to get together with her. There’s room in the playroom right now. ”

Clearly word of his beautiful wife had gotten around the entire house. Mike wasn’t surprised, of the girls he’d seen in the house, Jen was by far the prettiest. “She’s upstairs right now,” Mike said without thinking, his head fogged with lust.

“Thanks dude!” Kevin said, slapping Mike on the back and taking his words as an invitation. He and Butch ran up the stairs.

Mike made the drinks quickly and rushed back upstairs. He didn’t know what to expect. Would Jen be on her back, a black cock in all her holes? As he turned into the bedroom he felt excitement mixed with dread.

More men had crowded into the bedroom. There must have been a dozen or more. Mike had to squeeze in.

Jen was sandwiched between Jerome and another black man. Other than Toby who was still on the bed with Sally, all the other men were watching the action with Jen, including Sally’s husband. All of them had their cocks out, stroking themselves. It looked like Toby was still inside Sally, but he was no longer fucking her, instead watching the men with Jen. Even Sally was looking at Jen, annoyed at all the attention she was getting.

Jerome faced Jen, and they were locked in a deep open mouth kiss. From their cheeks Mike could tell Jerome’s tongue was inside Jen’s mouth. Jen’s skirt was bunched up around her waist. Jerome’s hands cupped and squeezed her tight ass cheeks. The man behind her was kissing her neck, and his hands were on her breasts (which were amazingly still inside the bodice of her strapless dress).

Jerome began nudging Jen to the bed, and the other black man followed suit. While locked in their embrace, the three slowly moved toward the bed. Toby ungraciously pulled Sally off the bed, making room for his black brothers and the pretty blonde. Sally yelled “Hey!” but no one paid any attention to her, not even her husband. The other black men closed in around the trio, stroking their cocks and waiting their turn.

Mike knew this was it, he was about to see his sweet faithful wife fucked at last, and not just by one man but by many men, all of them black with huge cocks, and they would violate all her holes. He felt ready to cum in his pants.

But then something inside snapped. He moved forward and grabbed Jen, pulling her away from Jerome and the other black man.

Her blue eyes were glazed over and her cheeks flushed. “What, what?” she softly said disoriented, as if coming out of a daze.

“We’re leaving,” Mike announced pushing Jen’s skirt down. He looked around. They were surrounded by a lot of big muscular black men, and he wondered if they’d be allowed to leave.

Jerome sensed Mike’s concern and laughed. “Shit man, what do you think this is?” He looked disappointed but waved to the door, indicating they were free to leave whenever they wanted. Mike grabbed his wife’s arm and pulled her out of the room.

Mike and Jen had barely spoken the last 2 weeks. Mike didn’t know what to say. His emotions were so mixed he frustrated himself, so he was certain his wife must be exasperated if not infuriated with him. Also, it bothered him Jen let all those men fondle her, and seemed ready to let them fuck her. They’d agreed ahead of time they were just going to watch, but Jen seemed ready to do much more than that, to let them gangbang her. What had happened to his sweet, church going wife?

Jen was furious at her husband. She felt like he was jerking her around, encouraging her to do things, then changing this mind. He made her feel guilty, like she was acting like a slut, which was completely unfair because he was the one who started all this. “I’m done with this stupid game of yours, don’t ever ask me to do anything like that again!” she’d said angrily when he’d asked how she could have let the black bulls get so far with her. It wasn’t fair, Mike was putting her in these situations, how could she not get aroused? But then he made her feel like it was all her fault. At the same time, a part of her DID feel like she was acting like a slut, and she felt the same self-reproaching feelings she’d felt back in college the few times she had one night stands. She didn’t like feeling like that, she’d thought she’d gotten away from all that when she married Mike. All she wanted was to have Mike’s babies and be a good devoted wife, and his demented fantasies were ruining everything.

Still not talking, Mike and Jen entered church and immediately ran into Ralph and the kids. Ralph looked terrible. “What’s wrong?” Jen asked concerned.

Ralph sent the kids ahead and then quietly said, “Alicia left me last night.”

“Oh no!” Jen said startled. “I can’t believe it.”

Ralph and Alicia’s breakup seemed to snap Mike and Jen out of their funk. Mike apologized for making Jen feel like a slut. It turned him on when she acted that way. He assured her she’d done only what he asked, so if there was any blame it was all on him. He said the party had been too much all at once. In his fantasies Jen was with just one guy. He admitted he felt jealous and bothered whenever they played the game, but those feelings just added to his excitement. But having so many big black naked guys hitting on her all at the same time had just been too much.

Mike had never before been so open with his feelings about the game, and Jen softened. She admitted she’d been terribly excited, and the taboo of having sex with a black man had always been a fantasy for her. All the attention she’d gotten had thrilled her of course. But when he’d pulled her away she’d been relieved, because the thought of having sex with even a single black man had terrified her, and she’d been practically catatonic with so many black men around her.

They made passionate sex all night, re-living the party with their pillow talk and role playing. Mike purposely didn’t ask if she would’ve actually fucked the black men if he would’ve let her. He didn’t want to hear her answer. If she said yes, then he knew they’d eventually go to another of the parties –they were already getting invitations to attend again (and he knew it wasn’t because they wanted to see him again) – and if they did go again he knew Jen’d be gangbanged, and he didn’t know if he could handle that.

Two weeks later the phone rang. It was Ralph. “I’m sorry to ask this, but I didn’t know who else to call. Jamie fell down and I think she might have broken her arm. Could you or Mike watch the other kids while I take her to the ER?”

“Of course, I’ll be right over!” Jen said concerned. On the way over she called Mike to let him know what happened (he was traveling again).

Ralph was away for about 3 hours, and luckily Jamie’s arm wasn’t broken, just bruised. When he got home he looked stressed, so Jen found a bottle of wine in his cabinet and poured for both of them. “Have you heard from Alicia?” she asked.

Ralph nodded looking bitter. “She moved in with one of her old boy friends.”

“Oh Ralph I’m so sorry!”

He shrugged. “Maybe it’s for the best. We hadn’t been getting along well. Mostly I worry about the kids.”

The next day Jen couldn’t stop thinking about Ralph. He had to take care of their 4 kids all by himself. While there she’d looked into his refrigerator and pantry and there wasn’t much inside. Mike was still traveling and it was a slow day at work, so she left early and went to the grocery store. She loaded two shopping carts and went over to Ralph’s.

“What’s this?” Ralph said opening the door.

Jen stood smiling with 2 bags in her arms. “I just thought you could use some help.”

Ralph said she shouldn’t have, but he looked grateful. While Ralph brought in the bags Jen made spaghetti. Afterwards she helped him give the kids baths and put them to bed. “Thanks a lot for this,” he said looking embarrassed. “I’ve hired a nanny, but she hasn’t started yet.”

“I’m glad to help,” she said sitting down and crossing her long legs. Ralph looked at her legs, but she pretended not to notice. He opened a bottle of wine and poured them each a glass. She’d told him she was a dancer, and he believed it. She had the slim yet athletic body of a dancer, her posture was classically perfect, and all her movements were graceful. Even walking across the room she looked like she was dancing. She also was the most beautiful girl he’d ever met.

“Do you mind?” Jen said taking the remote control.

Ralph laughed when Jen turned the cable to ESPN. “Are you kidding?”

Jen smiled. “I told you I had 3 older brothers.” Her smile turned to a scowl when another report on Sandusky came on. “I hate him, he’s ruined this season. He got Coach Joe fired, it’ll never be the same.”

Ralph grimaced, but said reasonably, “It must be tough over there. I knew Coach Sandusky when I played, he was a good coach.”

“Are you kidding?” Jen said angrily. “He molested little boys! How can you defend him?!”

“I’m not defending him,” Ralph said quickly putting his hands up in surrender. “I’m just saying I knew him, that’s all.” He was getting used to Jen’s quick temper. He saw, though, she was just as gorgeous when her face was screwed up in anger.

Like always, Jen’s anger faded as fast as it flared up. “I feel sorry for the assistant coach. What’s his name? I don’t know if he could’ve done more than he did.” Jen didn’t mention she always thought he was cute.

“Are you going to church on Sunday?” Ralph asked wanting to change the subject from Penn State.

“Um … I think so,” Jen replied, caught off guard by the abrupt change in subject. She hadn’t been planning to go because Mike wasn’t getting home until Monday. She didn’t know why she said yes, but now she knew she had to go.

Sunday morning she had trouble deciding what to wear. She’d teased Ralph before in church, when they’d first met. But that was before she knew him, when he was just a hunky guy and she was playing a harmless game of seeing if she could get his attention. She’d always been a flirt, and it was a harmless game she played sometimes. But now she knew Ralph, they were friends, and he was going through a lot. Still …. she smiled impishly. She opened her drawer and picked out a garter belt and stockings, and started dressing.

At church she found Ralph standing next to the door. He was talking to the pastor, but she wondered if he’d been waiting for her. As always she took Jamie in her lap (her arm was in a sling but not broken). She made sure to “accidentally” flash her stocking tops at Ralph during the service. She’d carefully picked out her dress. It was made of a dark silky material, and sitting next to her Ralph would be able to easily see the dents in the filmy material formed by her hard nipples (she hadn’t worn a bra), but farther away no one would notice. She felt terribly sinful teasing Ralph in church, so she prayed to God for forgiveness, even while at the same time the delicious wickedness made her nipples even harder.

Ralph looked repeatedly at her legs and chest. She pretended not to notice. After service Ralph invited her over to watch football. She felt sorry for him. She knew it would help him out if she went over and helped with the kids. She agreed to meet him later, after she changed and picked up some food.

At home she called Mike but didn’t tell him about Ralph. She knew he’d go wild if she told him, and she wasn’t how she felt about adding Ralph as a regular to their cast of characters. Sure she was teasing Ralph a little, but that was just her flirting like she often did, it was all harmless, she didn’t want Mike to go crazy about it.

She took off her outfit until she was down to her thong. She pulled on black tights because it was cold outside. She usually wore tights or pantyhose under jeans during the winter. Then she put on a bra, jeans and a Penn State sweatshirt. She looked in the mirror. It was an okay outfit for an afternoon of watching football, but ….

Reconsidering, she pulled off the sweatshirt and found a light brown turtleneck that looked good with her blonde hair. She was about to put on the turtleneck when she glanced at herself in the mirror. Her bra was smooth and full coverage. She liked it because under the turtleneck it wouldn’t show any lines. But on impulse, she took off the bra and replaced it with a heavily laced, unlined bra. She put on the turtleneck and looked at herself in the mirror. As she knew it would, the texture of the lace showed through the snug turtleneck. The fashion gurus at Glamour magazine wouldn’t approve, but she knew men found it alluring to see the lines of a girl’s bra. The unlined bra also made her breasts look natural, and would do nothing to mask her nipples if they got hard. She fleetingly thought about wearing high heels, but thought that too much, and slipped into flats.

At Ralph’s, Jen made chicken fingers, fries and tacos. They played board games with the kids. Jen loved being around kids and had a great time, even with the TV locked on football all day long (despite what she said, she didn’t really like watching football if it wasn’t Penn State). After dinner Jen helped Ralph give the kids baths and put them to sleep. Jen felt Ralph’s eyes constantly on her. She wasn’t wearing her tightest skinny jeans, but the designer 7 For All Mankind jeans she wore were tight enough. Anyway, she looked at him a lot as well (he looked good in his jeans too), although she felt she was better at sneaking peaks than him.

Ralph poured Jen a glass of wine and opened a beer for himself. They talked more about Penn State, and realized they used to go to the same haunts. Before long they were talking about everything, laughing and having a good time. Jen had a hole in her jeans, and at one point Ralph playfully poked her knee through the hole. “Can’t afford new jeans?” he joked.

Jen pretended to be hurt. “It costs a lot to buy jeans with holes,” she said with a pretend pout.

She expected him to laugh at her joke and remove his finger, but he didn’t. Instead he brushed his finger back and forth over the nylon. “You wear pantyhose under your jeans?”

“Well, um, tights,” she said feeling awkward talking about her underwear and realizing he probably didn’t know the difference between tights and pantyhose. “It’s cold outside,” she explained pulling her leg away. An awkward silence followed. Jen liked to flirt, but she knew when flirting went from harmless to dangerous, and they were close to that point now. She pulled her legs underneath her, trying to think of a way to change the subject. As she did her flats fell off her feet and hit the floor. Ralph’s head jerked and he gawked at her stocking clad feet. “Shit, he has a foot fetish,” she thought realizing things were going from bad to worse. Trying to be as unsexy as possible, she sat back up and primly slipped her flats back on. “Um, is there any more wine?” she asked holding her empty glass and trying to change the subject.

Other than that one awkward moment, they both had a great time, talking and laughing about everything. Finally Jen looked at the clock and her eyes widened. “It’s past midnight! I’ve got to get home, I have to go to work early tomorrow!”

Ralph gave her a hug goodbye and then kissed her cheek. It looked like he was going to kiss her so she quickly pulled away and left.

The next day Mike got home, and in bed Jen told him what had happened. Mike got excited and made her put on exactly what she’d worn the night before. He rubbed her nipples so he could see what Ralph had seen. He stood behind her as Ralph had done as she pretended to wash the dishes, so he could see her tight shapely ass the way Ralph had. Over and over again he made her describe how Ralph had caressed her knee, and then he put his finger through the hole saying, “like this, he touched you like this?” He went wild when she described Ralph’s reaction to when her flats fell off. “You shouldn’t have put them back on!” he chastised her. Finally he peeled off her jeans and ripped a hole in her tights. “The next time you see Ralph I want you to wear these pantyhose!” he hissed as he plunged his cock into her.

“You want me to see him again?” she whimpered as he fucked her.

“Yeah,” Mike moaned. “Next time I want you to tease him until he’s cumming in his pants.” He grabbed Jen’s jeans and ripped the hole larger. “See, I’m helping you seduce him, he’ll love seeing more of your hose!” Mike grabbed Jen’s hair and pulled her head to the side, then he plunged his tongue into her ear.

“Ugh god,” Jen cried. For some reason her ears had always been super sensitive, so sensitive that when Mike did this it actually hurt. Mike knew this so he did it only when he was completely out of control with lust. “Mike don’t,” she pleaded, grimacing at the pleasure/pain.

“You slut! You dress like a slut and you go over there and tease him like a slut, but then you don’t even given him a hand job, you’re a cock teasing slut, admit it you’re a cock tease!”

“Yes, I’m a slut!” Jen agreed, but at this point she just wanted Mike to cum so he would take his tongue out of her ear. “I’m a slut, I purposely dressed like a slut to turn Ralph on, I took off my shoes so he could see my feet, I wiggled my toes in my tights right in front of his face, I got him hard but I didn’t go down on him or let him fuck me because I’m a slutty tease!”

“Just like at the party, right? You got all those black guys hot but then you didn’t fuck them, you didn’t even touch their cocks did you, did you, because you’re just a cock tease!”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s right!” Jen pleaded as Mike repeated darted his tongue into her ear. “Mike, please stop …”

“You’re a cock tease, a slutty cock tease! Just like tonight! You teased Ralph, you slut, didn’t you? But you wouldn’t give it up, would you, you slutty cock tease?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m a cock tease, yeah!” Jen felt her husband’s body tense, and then he finally came. As they lay panting, Jen wondered what had just happened. She hadn’t cum, and it seemed Mike didn’t seem to care. Instead he’d done something he knew she hated. In a way she felt violated. But he’d been away for a week, and then he’d gotten so excited about what had happened with Ralph. Maybe his passion got the better of him. She felt confused but she missed him, so she snuggled into his arms and fell asleep.

Mike felt chipper the next day. Their sex had been fantastic, and he couldn’t stop thinking about Ralph’s pass at his wife. Okay, it wasn’t much of a pass, but what could you expect from an older guy who’d been married for 20 years? While on his business trip he’d thought about Jen constantly, and he finally figured her out. She was a natural flirt and liked male attention (he’d known that since meeting her), she got hot and excited by their games, but she didn’t have it in her to go all the way with another man. She was too religious and straight-laced to break her marriage vows. If that wasn’t true she would’ve been fucked by now, given the games they’d played. The evening with Ralph confirmed all that. His wife was a cock tease but she wouldn’t fuck around on him. At least, not unless he gave his permission. The power he had over his wife’s pussy made him feel secure, and made him more enthusiastic about their games and the possibility of going the next step.

The next Sunday they went to church, but to Mike’s disappointment they weren’t able to sit next to Ralph because his pew was full. Jen didn’t wear a skirt, but a blouse and slim pants that made her ass and legs look fantastic. After the service Mike and Jen got caught in the crowd, and Ralph and his kids were gone by the time they got to the door. The pastor hurried past, looking around. “Have you seen Ralph?” he asked holding up a diaper bag. “I think this is his.”

“Oh, it is,” Jen said recognizing the bag immediately. She took it from the pastor. “We’ll bring it to him.”

They drove a couple of miles towards Ralph house when Mike pulled over. “Why don’t you go over to Ralph’s place on your own?” he said a lecherous grin on his face.

At first Jen didn’t understand but then it hit her. “Mike, you’re insatiable,” she said a playful smile coming to her pretty face.

This was something Mike loved about Jen. She was carefree and always up for an adventure. “I’ll take a taxi home and meet you there later,” he said. “But take your time, as much time as you want, even dinner. You can tell Ralph I had to go to the office.”

Jen shook her head like she couldn’t believe his one track mind, but still she wore a smile. “You’re crazy, you know that?”

Mike leaned towards her and whispered hotly into her ear. “Take off your bra first,” he said as he began unbuttoning her blouse.

Alarmed, Jen’s eyes darted around. “Mike, stop, people will see!”

He grinned lecherously. “So hurry up and take it off.”

Jen thought about it. Her blouse was silky and a dark cream color. The dark of her nipples and areola probably wouldn’t show through if she was careful where she stood. If her nipples got hard they would poke through the silky material but she’d done worst things. Also, she knew Mike wouldn’t stop until she took off her bra. So she did a Flashdance move and took off her bra without taking off her blouse, teasingly putting on a sultry face but then giggling. “You are so demented!” she said playfully to her husband, dramatically dropping her bra in his lap.

“I’ve got something for you too,” he said putting the bra in his pocket and reaching into the glove compartment. He pulled out 3 square packages. Jen immediately saw they were condoms. “Just in case,” he explained. “You know Ralph has 4 kids, so clearly he’s pretty fertile. And you’re not on any birth control now, right?”

Jen hesitated. Then she said “Right,” looking at the square packages. She’d gone off the pill a few months ago. They both wanted to start a family soon (probably her more than Mike), so they decided to let nature take its course. “Mike, you are so demented,” she repeated rolling her eyes this time.

Mike dropped the condoms into her purse and kissed her cheek. “I’ll see you at home later,” he said getting out of the car. “I hope you have good stories to tell me.”

Thirty minutes later Jen knocked on Ralph’s door. “Hey!” he said clearly pleased to see her.

“Hi,” she replied smiling. She held up the diaper bag. “You left this at church.”

“Thanks!” he said gratefully, relief on his face. “But you didn’t have to come all this way.”

“That’s okay, Mike had to go to the office.”

“Well, come on in,” he said enthusiastically. Jen stepped in, being careful where she stood because if the sunlight hit her profile Ralph would get an eyeful of her braless breasts through her blouse. She suddenly became aware of what Ralph was wearing. Or not wearing really, because all he had on was a white bath towel around his waist. He had a smaller towel in his hand which he used to rubbed his wet hair. Clearly he’d just got out of the shower.

“Oh, I’m sorry, you’re getting ready to go somewhere,” she said turning to leave.

“No, no, don’t go yet, let me get you a soda,” he said. He got a Coke from the refrigerator.

“Um, do you have a Diet Coke?”

Ralph looked again. “I’ve got Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Coke Zero.”

Jen scrunched up her face. “That’s okay, I’ll just have ice water.”

Ralph opened his hands in a “what the heck?” gesture. “They’re all the same,” he said grinning.

“No they’re not.”

Ralph laughed. “They’re all diet soda, they all taste the same.”

Jen crossed her arms stubbornly. She hated being disagreed with. “You’re wrong,” she said with finality.

Ralph kept smiling but decided to drop it. He was getting to know her, and knew she had a stubborn streak and a quick temper. He found it all charming though, and it didn’t hurt that she looked so damn cute when she got angry.

As Ralph fiddled with ice and water Jen took the opportunity to look him up and down. She liked what she saw, dark complexion, a well-defined chest, broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs. Soft dark hair ran from below his belly button to around his biceps, and the sight made her shiver (Mike’s chest was almost hairless). She looked away just before he turned with the ice water, pretending to study the pictures in the shelves. “Why do you keep pictures of all your old girl friends?” Jen noticed they all looked like Alicia: curvy with big chests and short dark hair.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “I guess that’s just how I am. I like to remember my past.”

“But didn’t Alicia get mad?”

“Yeah, sometimes, but I always told her it was okay with me if she put up pictures of her old boyfriends.” Jen thought that strange but didn’t say anything more, although she didn’t see any pictures of Alicia with her old boyfriends.

Just then the phone rang. He saw the caller ID and looked apologetic. “I’ll just be a minute,” he said picking up the phone. As he looked away she snuck a look at his crotch and saw what appeared to be a thick snake running down his thigh. She remembered Annie’s measuring technique. At least 3 hands, she thought with a smile.

“Alicia just picked up the kids,” Jen heard Ralph say. She couldn’t make out what the person on the other end of the line was saying, but she was certain it was a woman’s voice. “That’s great. I can’t wait to see you too. Bye.”

“Alicia’s back?” Jen asked, processing what she’d just heard.

Ralph nodded. “Just got back last week. We saw a judge this week and worked out joint custody.”

“So, what, you’re going out on a date?” Jen asked, a smile planted on her pretty face but her question coming out like an accusation.

“Well … yeah,” Ralph said warily, noticing Jen’s sudden coldness. Then he added flippantly, “I mean, life goes on.”

“Life goes on,” Jen slowly repeated as if analyzing every word. “Well, have a good time,” she said tersely, walking towards the door. Then on impulse she paused in front of the window next to the door, pretending to look in her purse for her car keys and turning slightly to show Ralph her profile. With the bright sun making her blouse almost transparent, she knew her braless, perky breasts and upturned nipples were clearly visible for Ralph to see. She got some satisfaction when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw him trying to hide a growing hard-on.

Jen opened the door and was startled to see a young woman standing on the stoop. “Oh,” the girl said just as surprised to see Jen. She was younger than Jen, maybe 22 or 23, and very pretty. Like Alicia and Ralph’s old girlfriends, she had short dark hair and a classic hour glass figure. Jen’s minor victory over teasing Ralph with a flash of her breasts was short lived when she saw the huge chest of Ralph’s date. “Does Ralph live here?”

“Yes, he’s inside,” Jen replied feeling awkward. For some reason she felt the need to explain why she was there. “We go to the same church, he left something there and I just brought it to him.” She flushed with embarrassment and hurriedly added, “Anyway, I’m leaving now, goodbye.”

“Jen wait,” Ralph said stepping onto the stoop. “Sophie, can you wait inside? I just need to talk to Jen for a minute.”

Sophie looked chagrined and flashed Ralph a petulant inquiringly look (he was still wearing just a towel around his waist), but she stepped into the house. Ralph closed the door and turned to Jen. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Jen snapped her short temper flaring up. “Ralph, you’re standing in a towel and your date is waiting, don’t you think you should go back inside.”

“Wait,” Ralph said grabbing her arm. “You never told me why you came by. I mean, not just to return the diaper bag?”

“I told you,” Jen said impatiently. “Mike had to go to the office, so I thought we could hang out, maybe watch the football game again.”

Ralph’s face brightened. “That sounds great!” he said enthusiastically. “Come back in!”

Jen looked at him like he was crazy. “Hello? Sophie?”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll get rid of her,” he said immediately. “Don’t give me that look, I’ll make up a good excuse like I have to pick up the kids or something.” He leaned in and whispered conspiratorially. “To be honest, I think she’s too young for me.”

Jen rolled her eyes. “Ya think?!” she scoffed. She scowled at him, but then they both laughed.

Just then they heard a car horn. “Hey Jen is that you?” Jen turned and saw it was her friend Annie from work. She glanced worriedly at Ralph and then ran over to Annie’s car.

“What are you doing here?” Jen asked.

“What are you?” Annie replied, then looked over her sunglasses at Ralph who was still standing on the stoop, obviously waiting for Jen to come back. “And who is your friend over there? What’s his name, Mr. Hunk?”

Jen knew what Annie must be thinking. “That’s Ralph, he’s from church, and has 4 kids,” she quickly blurted out. She grimaced inside knowing she probably sounded guilty.

“I see,” Annie said overly dramatically, drawing out the I. “And his wife?”

“They’re separated.”

“I see,” Annie repeated, again drawing out the I like she was Sherlock Holmes and had just heard an important clue to a mystery. “And where is Mike?”

“Um … he’s at work.”

“Aaahhhhh, I see,” she said as if she’d just figured out whodunit.

Jen grimaced. The last thing she needed was for Annie to blab about this at work, she was the biggest gossip. “I know Ralph from church,” she explained. “I returned some things he’d left at church. That’s all. In fact, his date is in his house, and I’m leaving.”

Annie looked disappointed. “He has a girlfriend?”

Jen shrugged to her single friend, giving her a “sorry he’s already taken look.” She was pretty sure Sophie wasn’t Ralph’s girlfriend, especially the way Ralph had been willing to blow her off, but she didn’t correct Sophie because it seemed like a good way to escape this situation. “See you later,” she shouted to Ralph, waving her hand. Ralph looked disappointed as she got into her car and drove away.

“How’d it go?” Mike asked when she walked in the door, disappointed she was home so early.

“Come on,” Jen said grabbing his arm. Entering their bedroom, she pushed him onto the bed. She took off her high heels and then her pants.

Mike smiled as his wife straddled his chest. “So you had fun with Ralph?”

“Shut up,” she snapped, pinning his arms with her knees. “This is what you like, isn’t it?” she hissed ripping a hole in her pantyhose. “You want this?” she taunted pulling her panties to the side revealing her wet pussy. “Lick me,” she ordered lowering herself on his face.

She rolled her head back as Mike tongued her clit. The meeting at Ralph’s had been humiliating. She’d made a fool of herself, practically throwing herself at Ralph and then finding out he had a date. She’d acted like an idiot prancing around Ralph’s house and giving him a peek at her small breasts, when clearly what he wanted was the double Ds of Sophie. She felt so foolish.

But god, he’d looked so good in that towel. He’d gotten her so hot. Just being in the same room with him made her skin tingle. But she’d never been so embarrassed or felt so rejected opening the door and seeing Sophie, and it had all been Mike’s fault. He was the one pushing her to do these things, and she’d decided in the car she was going to make him pay. So she grabbed his hair tight so it hurt and rubbed her pussy against his mouth. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she moaned. Mike had always been good at eating pussy. She clamped Mike’s head between her strong dancer’s thighs, and roughly rubbed her cunt over his face, moving his head where she wanted by roughly pulling his hair not caring whether it hurt. “Yes!” she grunted as she came grinding hard on Mike’s face.

She rolled off Mike and saw the confused look in his face. She immediately felt bad. It wasn’t his fault. Yes, he was pushing her to do things, but she was a willing participant, more than that really because she found the games terribly thrilling. She was about to mount him to give him relief – she’d fuck him really good to make it up to him — when the phone rang. She would have ignored it but she saw it was Annie. She decided to talk to her to further head off Annie blabbing at work and starting rumors she’d rather not have to deal with.

“Okay Jen, give me the 411, who is Ralph!” Annie said as soon as Jen answered.

Jen was about to repeat her earlier story when she thought of a better way to make it up to her husband. She smiled slyly at Mike and pressed the SPEAKER button on the telephone. “I told you Annie, Ralph is a guy I know from church.” Jen stood up and put her heels back on, smiling at Mike the entire time. He loved it when she pranced about in hose and high heels.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Annie said impatiently. “Now give me the good stuff. You said he’s separated right? Usually I stay away from guys like that because you never know, they may get back together with their wives, but Ralph is SOOOOO good looking.”

“Well ….,” Jen began as if deciding whether to let Annie in on a secret. She sat on the edge of the bed next to Mike and ran a finger nail along his chest. “He used to be football player. Now he owns a gym. He works out all the time, you can really tell.”

“That’s what I’m saying!” Annie said excitedly. “He has an incredible chest, his biceps are so hard.”

“Yeah, Ralph has a muscular chest,” Jen cooed, teasingly poking Mike’s soft chest and biceps to emphasize the different between him and Ralph. Mike moaned.

Jen stood up because she didn’t want Annie to hear Mike’s moans, and to prolong his torture (she knew he was loving this!). “Don’t you think Ralph is soooo handsome?” Jen giggled into the phone like a schoolgirl while she looked into her husband’s eyes. “Usually he has this sophisticated GQ look going on where he combs his hair back, but today he’d just gotten out of the shower and his hair was all tussled like a boy. He looked so adorable!”

“Yeah, I told you, he’s Mr. Hunk!” Annie replied, then became disheartened. “But how do I snag someone as good looking as him?”

“Oh, I don’t know, there are things you can do,” Jen said, moving in front of the window and showing Mike her profile just as she’d done with Ralph. Mike gasped as his wife’s perky tits became clearly visible through the blouse, knowing she’d done the same thing with Ralph.

Annie smiled realizing there might be something more going on between her friend and Ralph. “Come on Jen, fess up,” she said intrigued. “Are you doing the nasty with Ralph? Don’t worry, I won’t tell Mike. I mean, most married people cheat at least once.”

“Are you serious, most people cheat?” Jen said feigning innocence, sitting back on the bed. She covered the phone and ran her finger along Mike’s lips. “Is that what you want, for me to cheat on you?” she whispered. Mike couldn’t take his eyes off his wife. She was marvelous!

Jen pulled her husband’s hands to her breasts. Still covering the phone, she said, “Were you hoping Ralph would touch me here?” she whispered.

“Jen are you still there?” Annie asked. “Come on , tell me, are you having an affair?”

Jen laughed merrily. “No, but it sounds like you think I should.”

“Well, yeah!” Annie said. “No offense, Mike is a nice guy, but if you have a chance to shag a man like Ralph you take it! I mean, from the look of him in that towel he’s probably got 3 hands going.”

Jen saw the incomprehension in Mike’s face and smiled, teasingly wrapping her hand around his erection. “I think you’re right,” she giggled into the phone. “Definitely 3 hands, at least.”

“Come on, Jen,” Annie said seriously. “Guys like that are rare. At least white guys.” Annie giggled at this. “Fess up, how big is your Mikie?”

“Well …,” Jen said with a wicked grin, squeezing her husband’s cock. The head of his cock barely cleared her fist. “Mikie is only about one hand.”

“Oh,” Annie said awkwardly. “Sorry girl friend.”

“That’s okay,” Jen said cheerfully. “That’s why God created dildos.” Just then Mike lurched and came, ejaculating over his wife’s hand.

“What was that?” Annie cried. “Jen, is Ralph over there? Is he doing you right now?”

“I wish,” Jen said longingly, with more feeling than she intended. “I’ve got to go Annie, Mike just got home.”

“You are so bad,” Mike said as soon as she hung up the phone.

Jen gave him her best sultry look. “You have no idea how bad I can be,” she purred, bringing her fingers to her lips. She was about to lick off his jism, but suddenly Jen laughed gleefully and flicked her finger across Mike’s nose, leaving a small dollop of sperm behind.

“Why you!” Mike shouted playfully and wrestled his wife to the bed. He tickled her and she laughed and kicked, both of them tumbling across the bed.

Chapter 7

Jen fumbled with her keyboard. She couldn’t concentrate. She hated her job, marketing assistant in a big multinational. Her dream had been to dance, but she’d given that up when she married Mike. She couldn’t stop thinking about Ralph and the day before. She’d been teasing Mike when she’d gushed about how great a body Ralph had, and how adorably cute he’d looked right out of the shower. But really it was all true. He was soooooo hot. It bothered her he’d had a date. Hadn’t he just separated from Alicia? What was he doing going on a date so soon? With practically a teenager no less! Jen didn’t know if she was bothered more by Sophie’s age, or her big breasts.

In retrospect, Jen remembered how Ralph was always surrounded by girls at his gym. Almost always they were cut in the same mold: young and curvy, pretty with short dark hair, and big breasts. It annoyed her to no end how so many men salivated over big mammary glands. Didn’t they realize how gravity worked? In 10 years Sophie’s would be sagging down to her belly button, whereas her small tits would still be perky and perfect. And what was Ralph’s thing about brunettes? Didn’t he know blondes had more fun?

The problem was, Ralph was exactly like the hunky guys she always pined over and dated in high school and college. That had stopped when she met Mike, but Mike wasn’t helping any with his kinky fantasies and the way he brought up Ralph all the time.

The next Sunday Jen wore a conservative knee length dress and heels, as well as a full coverage bra and pantyhose. She’d decided she wouldn’t tease Ralph anymore. While she liked him a lot and wanted to continue their friendship, she thought platonic would be better.

At church Mike and Jen sat next to Ralph and his kids. Mike expected to see Alicia. He’d heard she was back, and even thought they were still separated, he assumed she’d attend church with her kids. But she didn’t show up.

For once, Jen didn’t have Jamie on her lap. Her focus seemed to be on the pastor’s sermon. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed men sneaking peaks at her. It was always that way, and it wasn’t just her beauty. She had an air about her, an elegant ballerina sitting in a pew. Of course, a lot of it WAS her looks. Her face was flat out gorgeous, and she regularly wore wet silky lipstick that made it hard to take your eyes off her mouth. Her natural blonde hair was lush and long. Mike would rather she grow it longer, but Jen had limits because long hair was harder to deal with than short hair. So they had an inside joke, called the “bra-strap” length. During the summer, Jen could wear her hair shorter, but it had to at least hit her bra strap. Jen often joked, “what do you want me to do, take off my blouse so Danny can make sure not to cut above my bra strap?” Danny was her stylist, and her suggestion might be exciting except he was gay.

Jen shifted and crossed her legs, and a dozen pairs of male eyes followed her movement. Mike wondered sometimes if his wife knew her full impact on men. Sure, she noticed men looking. She was a natural flirt and liked the attention. But he doubted she noticed all the subtle male looks going her way all the time. And then there were the little things. Like right now, with her left leg crossed over her right, Mike watched as Jen arched her left foot. A few times he’d seen her dangle her high heel off her toe on purpose, when she was intentionally trying to tease. But now, as she arched her foot, she wasn’t doing that to tease, she probably wasn’t even aware she was doing it. But seeing her pretty stocking clad foot slightly arch out of her high heel, it was incredibly erotic.

Mike noticed Ralph stealing glances at his wife. Clearly Ralph was captivated by her long legs and pretty feet. By the way Ralph acted, Mike could tell Jen had him wrapped around her little finger, and the thought got him so hard it hurt. The idea of Jen having sex with Ralph – a married man – aroused him to no end. Especially if Ralph and Alicia ultimately got back together, because then Ralph would think of Jen whenever he had sex with Alicia.

Two weeks later Mike packed for another business trip. “Why don’t you call Ralph while I’m away,” he said with a lustful smile. “You could bring over dinner.”

Jen scoffed. “Mike, I told you what happened last time. Ralph likes busty teenagers. Besides, he’s our friend now. I don’t want to play games with him. Real life is one thing, the game is something else and I want to keep them separate.”

“Well, just think about it,” he said disappearing into her closet, and then emerging a few minutes later and dropping a small bundle of clothes on the bed. “If you decide to go, wear this. Email me a picture, okay?”

Jen rolled her eyes and didn’t even touch the clothes to see what he’d picked out. He laughed. An hour later he was on his way to the airport.

She tried not to think about her husband’s idea, but it kept creeping into her head. Why did he have to keep pushing her with Ralph? Finally, she picked up her phone but hesitated at dialing. “I’ll make a casserole and bring it over, he and the kids will probably be happy to have a home cooked meal instead of Dominos again,” she thought. “I’ll only stay for a little while, and just go with what I have on now, I won’t change into Mike’s outfit.” Satisfied with the deal she’d made with herself, she dialed Ralph’s number.

“Hello?” Ralph answered. Jen’s heart did a flip at hearing Ralph’s deep masculine voice.

“Um, hi, um, it’s me,” she said nervously. She chided herself for sounding so idiotic and quickly added, “I mean, it’s me, Jen, you know, from church.” She squeezed her eyes shut trying to control her nervousness. ” Mike just left on a trip,” she finally got out, “and, well, if you and the kids aren’t busy, I thought I could bring something over for dinner.”

“Hey Jen!” Ralph said enthusiastically. “I’m so happy you called! This is Alicia’s weekend with the kids. I was thinking about going out for dinner. Do you want to come?”

“Well … yeah, I guess. Should I meet you there?”

“No, absolutely not, I’ll come pick you up, no sense having 2 cars. How about at 8?”

“Um, okay, 8 is good.”

“Great! Hey Jen, I’m really glad you called. See you.”

Jen hung up the phone, feeling dumbstruck. She hadn’t expected that. She got up and looked in the mirror. She had on jeans and a Penn State hoodie. She’d forgotten to ask Ralph where they were going, but most likely if she didn’t change she’d be under dressed wherever they went. At least, that was her excuse as she started thinking about what to change into.

She looked through what Mike had laid out. A brown cashmere sweater, brown flared wool skirt and off-white wool cable knit tights. The skirt was really short, but they’d be okay with the tights underneath. No bra or panties (how predictable!), but he’d included a lacy camisole (she’d need it because the sweater was loosely woven). He’d also picked out her brown ballet flats, the ones with satin ribbons that tied around her ankles (not what she’d have picked, but at least not 4 inch fuck me pumps). Jen was surprised, she thought Mike would’ve picked out a sluttier outfit, but this one was okay, almost … school girlish. After showering, she put on the outfit, blow dried and brushed her hair and did her makeup, then took a picture of herself and emailed it to Mike. “We’re going out to dinner,” she said in the message. “Have fun playing with little Mikie. LOL!”

“Hi” Ralph said when Jen opened the door. He gave her a quick up and down look. She couldn’t read his impression. He’d probably hoped she’d wear a tight see thought top and micro mini, or something like that. Well, too bad, they were just going out as friends. She picked up her lipstick, ID and credit card, but then realized she didn’t have any place to put them. She didn’t want to bring a purse (she was notorious for losing things). “Could you hold these for me?” she asked, and Ralph gladly took the items and put them in his pocket. Walking to his car, he opened the door for her and she slid into the car, crossing her long legs.

He drove downtown but he kept getting lost, making silly wrong turns. “Are you okay?” Jen asked.

“Yeah … yeah,” he said distracted. He found it hard to concentrate with Jen sitting next to him dressed like she was.

“Well – you said we were going to the Starlight Club? I think you turn here.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right.”

They parked and the maître-d led them to a table. As Ralph followed Jen his heart pounded, his eyes looking from her blonde hair to her tight ass and then down her long shapely legs. He’d never been out with a girl so beautiful. He’d seen her dressed a lot of different ways – in church and work clothes, clubbing outfits, casual jeans. But he’d never seen her like this, dressed, well, like an angel. He knew she was 27, but in this outfit she looked much younger, like an innocent coed. He pounded down 1 beer, and then another, hoping the alcohol would calm his nerves.

“Are you okay?” Jen asked seeing him drink so fast.

He nodded, and the alcohol did help. Pretty soon they were talking and laughing about everything, just like before. Both were thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.

“So how is Sophie?” Jen asked, an impish grin on her face. “How old is she anyway? 21?”

“I’ll have you know she’s 22.”

“Oh, that’s sooooo much better,” Jen said laughing. “Seriously Ralph, where do you even go to meet 22 year olds? Do you crash college frat parties?”

“Noooo,” he said acting indignant. “I met her at the gym.”

“Ahhh, ” Jen said. Now that Ralph mentioned it, she remembered seeing Sophie there. “Soooo … are you dating a lot of girls from the gym?”

“A few, but I wouldn’t say I’m actually dating any of them.”

“Oh I get it,” Jen said giggling. “You’re just sleeping with them.”

Ralph grinned awkwardly. He didn’t deny it, so Jen knew she was right.

“So what about you?” he asked wanting to change the subject. “Exactly what do you and Mike do? He said you’re not really swingers.”

Jen felt uncomfortable talking about it, but she knew turnabout was fair play. “I don’t know,” she started nervously, “I mean, well, it’s hard to describe. I mean, it’s not really hard to describe, but …” She covered her blushing face with her hands and laughed nervously. “Do we really have to talk about this?”

“Come on, tell me, what do you do?” he urged her. “Mike watches you — do what? How does it work?”

“Well …,” Jen said. “Usually I just sit alone, and Mike’s someplace watching, and, well, guys come up to me.”

That didn’t surprise Ralph at all, she was gorgeous after all, but a part of him wanted to see it in action. “So show me how it works.”

“What?” Jen asked uncomprehending.

“Go to the bar over there. I’ll sit some place and watch.”

“You’re kidding?” Jen said, giving him a “what the fuck” look.

Ralph grinned. “No, come on, I want to see for myself.”

Jen didn’t like his presumptuous attitude, and felt he was making fun of her. “Well, maybe I don’t want to,” she said testily.

“Why not?” Ralph asked challengingly. He didn’t know why, but he felt bothered and angry. “Does it only work when you’re dressed like a cheap whore, like that time I saw you with a guy’s hand up your skirt?” He knew it was a cheap shot, and regretted it as soon as he said it, but his anger still burned so hot he didn’t apologize.

Jen’s face went from shock, to hurt, to anger. “Fine,” she said coldly. She held out her hand. “Can I have my lipstick please?” Ralph reached into his pocket and handled the small tube to her. She fixed her lipstick, Ralph’s cock growing as he watched her purse her lips. He took out her credit card so she’d be able to pay the cover and buy drinks, but she said without emotion, “I won’t need that.” Without saying another word Jen got up and went into the bar. He saw the bouncer look her up and down and wave her in, not asking for the $40 cover charge.

Ralph gave her a minute and then followed her into the bar, paying the cover. The bar was crowded and smoky. He took a seat at a table a couple of rows away from the bar. He had a clear view of Jen. It didn’t take long before men began approaching her. She politely sent them away until a handsome dark haired man approached. She let him buy her a drink, and soon was talking and laughing with him. He offered her a cigarette, and she accepted. Ralph was surprised, he didn’t know Jen smoked, but then sometimes he had one or two in bars.

Ralph watched as the man touched her as they spoke, first on her arm and hand. Then he touched her knee briefly. Jen didn’t touch him back, but she didn’t stop him from touching her or pull away. Finally the man put his palm on her knee and left it there. Ralph watched as he began caressing her knee, moving slowly up her thigh. Still Jen didn’t stop him. Finally when the man was an inch or so from her skirt, Jen said something to him. The man looked disappointed and tried to change her mind, but eventually he stood up and left. Ralph saw the man had a disappointed look on his face and a tent in his pants.

The man hadn’t been gone long enough for his stool to cool before another man took his place. Ralph saw the process repeat, Jen letting the man buy her a drink, touch her up to a point, and then sending him away. He saw this happen again and again, and from the look of the crowd other men were getting ready for their chance with the beautiful blonde. Each time it happened Ralph got angrier and more bothered.

Finally enough was enough. After the latest man left he quickly approached. “Come on, I’ll take you home,” he said anger and annoyance in his voice.

Jen gave him a dazzling smile. “Wow cowboy, you don’t waste any time, do you? Shouldn’t you at least buy me a drink before asking me to go home with you?”

“Come on Jen, I’m not in the mood for games.”

“Why not? Games are soooo much fun,” she said with a wicked smile, running her finger along his chest. His breathing quickened at her touch. He hadn’t seen her touch any of the other guys at all.

“You’re drunk,” Ralph said noticing her slurring her words.

“Am I?” she asked teasingly. “Are you my protector? Saving me from all those men who would take advantage of me? I think you deserve a kiss for that.” Jen leaned over and kissed Ralph’s cheek, running her hands over his chest. “You’re so strong, I think you could protect me,” she whispered huskily into his ear.

“Jen, come on,” he said breathing hard.

“Oops,” she said softly running her finger across his cheek to rub off the lipstick she’d left. Then she fixed her lipstick, taking her time, forming an O with her mouth and slowly applying the wet silky lipstick. Ralph couldn’t take his eyes off her mouth.

“Jen, please …”

“What’s wrong, is it my chest?” she asked with a pout, arching her back as if putting her chest on display. “I know mine aren’t big like Sophie’s …”

Ralph stared at Jen’s chest. The weave of her sweater was so loose he could see right through to the camisole underneath. The camisole was tight and molded to her body, like a second skin over her breasts and hard nipples. Yes, they were small, but they looked so perfect and tantalizing. “Yours are perfect,” he said admiringly.

Jen acted like she hadn’t heard him. “Anyway, maybe there are some things about me that are nice,” she said pressing the toe of her ballet slipper against his ankle. He looked down and saw her petite foot pressed against him, the satin ribbon sexily wrapped up her slim ankle and shapely calf.

“Jen, stop,” he groaned, his erection feeling uncomfortable in his pants.

“Do you know what Mike likes to do? He likes me to show him how the men touched me. Would you like me to show you?” She took his hand and placed it on her knee.

“Jen, no,” he said making as to pull his hand away, but he didn’t try very hard and Jen kept hold of his hand.

“Come on, you’re the one who said you wanted to see how it worked,” she said with heavy lidded eyes. She brought his hand back to her knee. With her hand over his, she ran his hand up her thigh. Through the wool tights he felt her firm, toned thighs. “One man felt me here,” she said slowly moving Ralph’s hand along the inside of her thigh. “Another man reached under my skirt before I stopped him.” She pulled his hand underneath her skirt until his fingertips almost touched her crotch. She left his hand there. He could practically feel the heat from her pussy. Looking into his eyes, she parted her legs slightly. Not much, but just enough that he could touch her pussy if he wanted to. He felt perspiration beading on his forehead, he’d never been so turned on.

She put her hand on his knee. “You know what happens next?” she whispered. She moved her hand up his leg. “Do you want to know?”

“Yeah,” he said hoarsely.

Jen smiled, as if pleased Ralph wanted to know. Then her expression turned urgent. “After those men have touched me and gotten me so hot” — she continued slowly running her hand up his thigh — “Mike takes me home and fucks me.” She put her palm over Ralph’s erection, and very softly squeezed him. “Do you want to fuck me Ralph?”

Ralph didn’t have to be asked twice. He stood up in a flash and practically dragged Jen from the bar. He registered the envious looks from all the men in the bar. In the car he drove home like a maniac. He was so hard he felt like he was going to burst through his pants. Just then he felt Jen’s head in his lap. She’s so horny she’s going down on me right here! He braced himself for her mouth, he knew he’d cum as soon as he felt her lush lips around him. But after a few moments he realized she wasn’t doing anything. “Jen?” he asked touching her head. He didn’t hear anything except her steady breathing. She’d passed out.

Chapter 8

The next morning Jen woke with a wicked hangover. She took two aspirin and drank a huge cup of water. Her memory of the previous evening was spotty, but she remembered enough to be mortified by what she’d done. She had on only the camisole and tights, so somehow she’d undressed herself. Or had Ralph undressed her? She shivered at the possibility.

Ralph called that day and the next, but she didn’t answer. Mike got home and she told him what happened. Of course it got him turned on beyond belief and he fucked her non-stop. Afterwards to Mike, his wife appeared reticent about it and refused to talk to Ralph, either over the phone or at church. Mike could tell she’d been turned on, and she had been. Running her hands over Ralph’s hard chest and actually palming his erection had been incredibly exciting. But she had so many conflicting thoughts and feelings. Yes, it had been exciting, and she was terribly attracted to Ralph. But she’d acted like a slut and it embarrassed her. Also, she sensed Alicia wanted to get back together with Ralph, so she felt like she was betraying her friend. Finally, she worried about Mike and whether he could handle it if their game went much further. She had her own mixed feelings about that, too.

But Mike was insistent. He constantly talked about Ralph, how he was a friend and it wasn’t fair to give him the cold shoulder treatment, how he was the perfect guy to further explore their fantasies. He explained how the fantasy of her getting picked up in a bar was powerful for him, but in the end the thought of her getting fucked by a perfect stranger was too much for him. The bull party was the same problem, just 100 times worst. Someday he’d probably be ready for that, but not the first time.

Ralph was perfect. Clearly she was attracted to him. But also he was a friend and married (like Jen, Mike sensed Ralph and Alicia would eventually get back together), and much older. Thus, Mike wasn’t threatened by Ralph. After weeks of being harassed and cajoled, Jen finally agreed to meet up with Ralph. “To talk, that’s all,” she said, agreeing with Mike it wasn’t fair to give him the cold shoulder especially after they’d become such good friends.

They invited Ralph over for dinner. Mike wanted to pick out Jen’s clothes, but she refused. Instead she picked out a turtleneck, jeans, bra, pantyhose and flats. She didn’t wear makeup or even any perfume. She also wore her hair in a ponytail. Mike’s face dropped when he saw her, but she didn’t change.

Dinner went great. It was awkward at first, but eventually the friends laughed and talked like nothing had happened. They shared two bottles of wine. Then Mike pulled out a bottle of tequila and they did shots, laughing and giggling. “I’ve got a surprise,” Mike said showing them a small baggie.

Jen looked surprised. “Is that grass?”

Mike smiled and nodded as he rolled a joint. “I bought it from a guy at work.” He lit it and took a deep drag, then handed it to Jen.

She giggled. “Oh my god, I haven’t gotten high since college!” She took a drag, holding the smoke in her lungs, then finally letting it out. “Oh my,” she said, already feeling its effects.

Mike took the joint from her and handed it to Ralph. As he took a drag, Mike turned on soft music and pulled Jen into his arms, moving in a slow dance. Ralph finished the joint and rolled and lit another, handing it to Mike. Mike took a long drag and then so did Jen. All three were feeling the effects of the alcohol and grass.

Mike and Jen continued to slowly dance, the married couple looking into each other’s eyes. “What’s happening?” Jen asked with an uncertain voice.

Mike didn’t answer. He took another drag and then so did Jen. He maneuvered Jen to where Ralph stood. With a casual grin that belied the seriousness of the moment, he handed his wife to Ralph. Awkwardly, Ralph put his arms around Jen’s waist. She looked at Mike uncertainly, then looked at Ralph and put her arms around his neck. They began to dance, slowly moving from side to side, looking into each other’s eyes. Mike sat in a chair, mesmerized.

Ralph was rock hard. Jen felt so good in his arms. She looked more beautiful than ever, and without makeup she looked so young, like a princess. As they danced, he didn’t smell her normal perfume. Instead he smelled baby powder. He was so completely captivated by her, and looking into her face was hypnotic. As if in a dream, he heard himself ask Mike, “Can I kiss your wife?”

Mike gulped, knowing this was the moment. He’d wanted this for so long. He felt overwhelmed with lust, lightheaded with excitement. Jen turned to look at him, an uncertain expression on her face. “Please do,” he said looking into his wife’s eyes.

A moment later Jen felt Ralph’s lips on hers. He started slow, just little kisses on her lips, then he placed his mouth fully on hers. He probed with his tongue, and she opened her mouth, and then his tongue was inside her mouth. They kissed for minutes, and when they finally parted both were panting.

Still in Ralph’s arms, Jen looked over at her husband. He had taken his cock out and was slowly stroking himself. “Sit down,” she said turning back to Ralph. She got on her knees between his legs and unbuckled and unzipped him. She pulled down his jeans and saw the huge tent in his shorts. Her hands practically shook as she pulled down his shorts. Her eyes went wide. “Um … really?” she said to herself in amazement as she gawked at the gigantic thing sticking up at her. It was huge, at least three hands long and very thick, with big veins running up the sides. She wrapped both hands around him. It was hard like granite, but the skin soft like a baby’s skin, a darker shade of Ralph’s dark complexion and completely unblemished.

She looked again at her husband. He was still stroking his cock. She looked into his eyes. “Are you sure?” she silently asked. Reading her mind, Mike nodded eagerly. Seeing him like that, his face a picture of frenzied lust, Jen understood what her husband wanted. For the first time she truly understood the wild extent of his demented fantasies.

As if making a decision, she looked back at Ralph’s cock. Then she opened her lips and took him into her mouth.

Ralph moaned as he felt Jen’s lips envelope him. He could tell she wasn’t used to his size, but she was doing a good job, better than good. He’d never had any girl so beautiful go down on him, it made it even more exciting. He wanted to wrap his hands around her head and thrust into her mouth, but he held back not wanting to hurt her. He’d done that to other girls, roughly fucked their face, to Alicia, and to the many girls he’d bedded since they separated, but he didn’t want to do that to Jen, she was too special. But he couldn’t resist touching her, so he reached down and fondled her breasts.

Jen could barely take any of Ralph’s cock in her mouth, he was just too thick. She loved the smell of him, the musty man smell. She felt his hands on her breasts and it felt good. She wanted to feel his hands on her bare skin. She released Ralph’s cock and took off her turtleneck. She pulled off the hair tie and shook out her long blonde hair. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. She looked over at her husband. His pants and shorts were around his ankles, showing off his thin, pale legs. Crazed lust filled his face, his lower lip drooping as he panted excitedly. His hand was wrapped around his penis. She noticed his hand completely engulfed his penis, she couldn’t even see it. She’d known Ralph was bigger than her husband, but until now it had been an abstract thought. Now though, their immense size difference became real to her.

Jen took off her bra and let it drop to the floor. She turned back to Ralph, seeing him stare at her chest. She waited for him to say something. When he didn’t, she said timidly, “I guess not as big as Sophie’s, huh?”

Ralph finally tore his eyes from Jen’s tits and looked into her blue eyes. “They’re the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen,” he gushed sincerely, reaching with both hands and cupping her almost reverently.

Jen was taken aback, and realized she’d been holding her breath. Until that moment, she hadn’t realized how much it mattered to her what Ralph thought of her small breasts. She smiled bashfully, blushing from Ralph’s compliment. She wrapped her hands around his rod and again took him into her mouth.

Ralph gasped at the sensation of his cock once again in Jen’s soft mouth. His instinct was to roll his head back, but he couldn’t tear his eyes from Jen’s beautiful face, her mouth open wide around his shaft. As her head moved up and down her long soft hair fell onto his thighs. He gripped the armrests at the sensation. He had never felt anything as good, her soft blonde hair swaying across his thighs as she sucked and licked him. He’d always been partial to girls with short hair, but now he realized what he’d been missing all his adult life.

“I’m gonna cum!” he groaned suddenly. He assumed she’d pull off and finish him with her hands – most girls (including Alicia) did that — but instead she swallowed more of his rod. “Ugh, god!” he cried at the welcome surprise, and then he came, his hips bucking with every ejaculation, his hands instinctively gripping the back of Jen’s head and shoving more of his thick rod down her throat.

Jen wasn’t prepared for the amount of cum shooting out of Ralph’s cock, and then he shoved more of his cock into her mouth. She thought she was going to gag. Then she felt his hands behind her head and he shoved more of his cock down her throat, and tears rolled down her face. But somehow she held on, and finally she felt him softening in her mouth. When she finally let him drop from her mouth, all she could say was “wow.”

She wiped her wet hands on her jeans and rubbed the tears from her cheek. She looked back at Mike. He had cum too, his sperm on his hands. She went over to him and knelt at his feet. She softly stroked his cheek with her hand. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he answered, but she saw hurt in his eyes.

“It’s okay,” she said softly, taking Mike’s hand and lovingly licking the cum from his fingers.

Mike had felt jealous watching his wife go down on Ralph, especially since she was so clearly enthralled by Ralph’s cock. Mike had known it was big, but he’d never imagined it would be that long and thick. It made him feel insecure but excited him at the same time. Even though he’d just cum his lust still overwhelmed him. “Lay down,” he commanded. He got on the floor and pulled off his wife’s jeans, leaving her in just her black tights. He felt her crotch. She was soaking wet. He got between her legs and tore a hole in her pantyhose, exposing her glistening pussy. He went down on her. He heard her moan, and it made him feel good. He wanted to be the man who made her cum.

Mike heard Jen moaned again, and he licked harder, knowing how she liked it. But he felt her body writhe and sensed it wasn’t due to what he was doing. He looked up. To his surprise, Ralph was kissing Jen. He was fondling her breasts, rubbing her nipples between his fingers, and she was stroking his cock which was hard again. Jen continued moaning even though Mike was no longer eating her, so he knew it was Ralph she was responding to, not him. In fact, he got the feeling Jen hadn’t even been aware of what he’d been doing. Ralph’s lips left Jen’s and he took her nipple into his mouth. Her body writhed as he sucked her nipple, and then Ralph’s hand moved over her flat stomach and cupped her pussy. With annoyance, Mike wondered what Ralph would’ve done if he’d still been eating her, push him out of the way? Jen moaned and arched her back as Ralph pressed his thumb against her clit. Mike rose from between his wife’s legs and sat back into the chair, feeling like a third wheel. Ralph immediately got between Jen’s legs. Mike knew he was about to see his wife fucked.

This was what he wanted, right? What he’d fantasized about for years? But his heart felt about to burst. He wanted to shout STOP! He wanted to pull Ralph away from his wife and kick him out of their house. But he knew he couldn’t do that again to Jen. It would be worst if he tried to stop it. So he sat there dumbly, feeling as if in shock, like watching a train wreck happening.

Ralph grabbed his big dick and aimed it at the opening Mike had ripped in his wife’s pantyhose. He pressed it between her slim pussy lips and then leaned down on her. Jen groaned and spread her long legs wider as the big head of his cock penetrated her.

“Ugh you’re big!” Jen grunted her eyes clenched shut.

“It’s alright, just relax, I’ll go slow,” Ralph said soothingly. He gently pushed against her over and over, slowly pushing in and then out, each time pushing a little more of his cock into her. Jen grunted and her nostrils flared with each of his thrusts. She couldn’t believe the incredible sensations of having something so big pushing inside her and how wonderful it felt. She’d had a few other men before marrying, and most had been bigger than Mike. But nothing like Ralph. This was a totally new unbelievable experience.

Ralph took his time, patient and gentle, supporting himself on his muscular arms. Clearly he’d done this many times before, knowing how to indoctrinate his big cock to a girl for the first time. Finally with one of his thrusts he stayed in a push up position above her. He had enough of his cock inside so he could simply apply constant pressure until Jen’s pussy relaxed and gave way and that’s exactly what happened as he expertly pushed himself balls deep into Jen’s pussy.

“Ugh!” Jen grunted as she took the full length and thickness of Ralph’s manhood. “God you’re so big!”

“Are you okay?” he asked gently kissing her lips.

“God yes!” she gushed. “It feels wonderful!”

Ralph smiled with satisfaction. He lifted himself up off of her and then pushed back down, impaling her with his long thick cock. He did it over and over, Jen’s nostrils flaring each time he plunged into her, but she was becoming accustomed to his size. Sensing this, Ralph started fucking her harder with each thrust. It wasn’t long before Mike heard their bodies slapping together. Despite his mixed feelings, he was hard again and began stroking himself.

“Oh god oh god oh god,” Jen cried, her voice beginning to breakdown, no longer able to speak clearly. Her cries rose over the rapid slapping noise and Ralph’s own grunts. Ralph’s penis size and his sexual prowess were taking her to a new sexual level. Jen whimpered as Ralph continued his assault on her body, and then she began to sob ecstatically. It was obvious Jen was experiencing something she’d never before had with any man, including her husband.

Ralph kept up this brutal pace for an extraordinary length of time, and he had Jen screaming his name over and over. Then Ralph lifted Jen onto the sofa. Mike saw Ralph was going to have even more leverage with his feet on the floor and God only knew what he was going to put her through now. He found out immediately as Ralph began rapidly humping between Jen’ s legs. He could clearly see his enormous phallus slicing into his wife like a battering ram. It looked like a thick pipe made from a shiny marble as it glistened with Jen’s excitement. Then Ralph put Jen’s legs over his shoulders, giving him even more leverage. He licked and rubbed Jen’s tights-covered calves across his cheeks as he pounded away. Her moans and sobs of ecstasy were continuous, and her pretty stockinged feet flailed helplessly in the air with each of Ralph’s thrusts.

“Cum for me baby!” Ralph urged her.

“Oh Ralph!” was all Jen could muster. Mike knew his wife was on the verge of a huge orgasm.

“That’s it, let it happen, cum on my cock!”

“Oh Ralph, oh god!” Jen cried as her orgasm hit. Her body shuddered from the thunderous orgasms that overtook her body. Ralph released her legs from his shoulders and leaned down, planting his lips over hers and kissing her through her orgasm. Mike’s jealousy peaked at the intense intimacy of the gesture, yet his body betrayed him and he lurched and once again ejaculated over his hand.

As Jen writhed underneath him, Ralph kept up a relentless rhythm. His endurance was incredible. To Mike’s dismay, her orgasm seemed to go on forever. Still kissing him, Jen wrapped her arms and long legs around Ralph, hugging him so close it was like they were a single person. Finally Ralph slowed his pace, sensing Jen’s orgasm subsiding. He moved her to lie on the sofa, but they remained in their intimate embrace. He kept fucking her but slowed so he could talk softly into her ear. They held each other and kissed as they talked. Mike could hear the whispers but couldn’t make out what was being said. Occasionally Jen would smile and nod her head, then they’d kiss some more.

Jen’s legs were draped around Ralph. Her tights were laddered and drenched with sweat. She untangled herself from him and let him climb off of her. His penis withdrew from her making a suction noise as it popped out of her pussy. Ralph stood up and held out his hand. Jen gave him a stunning smile and took his hand, and he helped her off the sofa. They held each other for a moment, his hard cock pressed against her flat stomach.

Jen stood on her tiptoes, held Ralph’s head in her hands and kissed him. Again, the intimacy of the gesture made Mike’s heart sink. Smiling, she gently squeezed Ralph’s hard cock, acknowledging he hadn’t yet cum. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom she shared with Mike. She didn’t even glance in Mike’s direction, and he felt completely forgotten. Worst, he felt like he’d lost his wife. Ralph had already cum in her mouth and down her throat, now he was going to cum deep inside her womb and then who knew where else during the night. Mike’s guess was Jen wasn’t going to get much sleep this night.

With horror Mike remembered Jen had gone off the pill months ago, and she hadn’t made Ralph wear a condom. Ralph was clearly extremely fertile; he had 4 kids with Alicia. Mike leaped to his feet, he could still stop this. But getting up so quickly made him dizzy, especially with all the alcohol and grass in his body, and he staggered and fell. He finally got up, but he couldn’t move very fast.

When he finally entered his bedroom he saw Jen on her back, Ralph between her spread legs. Suddenly Ralph moaned and his muscular back arched, and he pumped again and again into Jen each time with a shuddering groan, and then finally he slowed down. Like before they kissed and spoke softly to each other, Jen’s arms around his neck, softly playing with his hair.

Ralph was still inside her but his cock softened, and Mike’s heart sank as he saw a thick milky cream leak from her pussy and coat her black tights. Mike knew in his heart Ralph had just impregnated his wife. He staggered from the room, fell on the sofa and passed out.

Sometime in the middle of the night Mike woke. He was barely awake, still drunk from the alcohol and pot. But his foggy brain registered he was in bed. How had he gotten there? He felt something sharp stabbing into his thigh. No, he wasn’t in bed, he was in a boat, he felt the waves. He opened his eyes. Everything was blurry. Then he began making out shapes. Jen lay beside him. On her back. Ralph on top of her, between her open legs. Her bare legs, she’d taken off the tights. Ralph moving back and forth. Jen’s moans and whimpering. Ralph was fucking her again. Not waves, the bed moving. Ouch. What was pressing into his thigh? A high heel? Jen had on heels, and the stiletto dug into him as Ralph fucked her. Then the pressure disappeared. Jen’s legs went on Ralph shoulders. He bed shook harder. He grunted. His back arched. He pumped over and over. More baby making juice in his wife’s fertile womb. Then Mike passed out again.

Mike felt the sun on his face. He opened his bloodshot eyes. He felt terrible, his head pounded. The bed was moving. He looked over. Ralph was on his back this time, Jen on top, slowly moving up and down, rocking back and forth. As she moved up, Mike saw Ralph’s long thick cock, glistening with the excitement of his wife’s pussy. He wasn’t wearing a condom, which was no surprise. Each time she moved down on Ralph’s cock, Mike heard her whimper and moan. Ralph reached up and gently cupped her breasts, gently rubbing her nipples and making her moan even more. Jen leaned down and kissed him, their kiss lasting a long time as she slowly rocked back and forth, then she slowly drew back, her long soft blonde hair rolling over his chest, and Mike heard Ralph moan. Mike loved it when Jen did that to him, when she was on top and swayed her long blonde hair over his chest, it felt so incredibly good. Ralph had never experienced that with Alicia or his short haired girlfriends, but now he was discovering that wonderful sensation from his wife.

It wasn’t the frantic fucking of last night. It was slow. It was considerate. With a sinking heart Mike realized Jen wasn’t fucking Ralph. She was making love to him.

He got out of bed, disheartened. They didn’t even notice, Jen didn’t notice. He thought about killing himself. What did he have to live for? He’d lost his wife. No doubt she was pregnant from Ralph’s fertile sperm. He had a gun and bullets in the desk. All he had to do is put it in his mouth and pull the trigger. Maybe then Jen would notice him again, at least for a minute. But he didn’t have the guts to do it. He was a wimp letting another man fuck his wife, and a coward too. He made coffee and sat at the kitchen table.

He could hear their moans of passion and ecstasy. He knew he should leave the house, maybe take a drive, but he was frozen in place, like an insect attracted to flame. He heard Jen cry out in orgasm, and then moments later Ralph’s groans and the bed slammed up and down against the floor, over and over again, Ralph depositing another big load of his fertile seed deep into his wife’s womb. Was there any chance he hadn’t impregnated her by now? His cock twitched at the thought and he experienced another wave of self-disgust.

He heard bare feet on the hardwood floor and then the shower being turned on. The shower curtain opening and closing. Laughing and giggling. Then silence. Then moans and whimpering. God, were they really doing it again so soon? He heard banging against the wall, and imagined Jen pressed against the shower tiles, her long legs wrapped around Ralph’s waist, the two kissing as he pounded her again with his big cock. Mike couldn’t help himself. He reached into his shorts, and came after just a few tugs of his cock, barely catching his sperm with a tissue so at least he didn’t soil himself. Finally the pounding stopped, and then the shower turned off, and he heard people dressing. Mike felt like he wanted to cry.

Five minutes later Jen emerged from the bedroom. Freshly showered, she wore only the Penn State t-shirt she normally wore to bed. Seeing Mike sitting at the table, she smiled hesitantly, looking a little guilty. Moving behind him, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I wondered where you went,” she said kissing his cheek.

Feeling a flood of emotions, Mike didn’t know what to say. So he went with the practicalities. “I’m not sure how I winded up in bed.”

“I found you passed out on the sofa, so I helped you get into bed.”

“Oh,” was all he could think to say. Was that before or after you let Ralph fuck your brains out some more? he thought bitterly. Probably both. Had they gotten any sleep at all? Or had they fucked all night long?

Jen sensed her husband’s dark mood. She sat next to him and took his hand, studying his face.

Ralph came into the kitchen a few minutes later. He had the good graces to look embarrassed and awkward. Jen smiled at him, and told him to sit down. She got him a cup of coffee, and then made a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. Even without makeup, her hair brushed back wet, and wearing just an old t-shirt, she looked gorgeous and sexy, especially as she reached up on her tiptoes to retrieve the pancake mix and plates. Ralph couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Jen served Mike first and then Ralph, and she sat close to Mike. But as they talked and laughed over breakfast it was clear the conversation was more between Jen and Ralph, with Mike mostly left out. Again he felt like a third wheel. Eventually Jen and Ralph sensed this and they stopped talking, a long awkward silence following, and this made Mike feel worse.

Ralph thought this was a good time to leave. He got up, saying, “I better get going, Alicia will be bringing home the kids soon.” He shook Mike’s hand. “You’re a better person than me. I could never do what you do.” Mike took his words as an indictment, not a compliment.

“Um … I’ll see Ralph out,” Jen said to Mike, getting up. They turned the corner into the foyer. Mike couldn’t see them. But he heard soft voices, and what sounded like a lengthy hug, and then a long kiss. Then the door opened, and he heard Jen say, “Call me.”

Then Jen came back into the room. She looked like she was daydreaming, a contented smile on her face. Then she seemed to remember where she was and she refocused on her husband. She offered her hand and he took it. “Come on,” she softly said. She led him to the shower. Turning it on, she undressed him and then herself. She soaped him up, and then got on her knees and put his hard cock in her mouth. He came almost immediately. Jen couldn’t help noticing how little he came, but she didn’t say anything of course (she didn’t know Mike had cum only an hour before, but then he always came just a little). They dried each other and got into bed, not bothering to put anything on.

“I know we have a lot to talk about, but I’m so tired,” she said. “Will you lie with me?” Despite Mike’s heartache and the strong emotions he was feeling, he spooned his wife and they fell asleep.

Chapter 9

Mike woke before Jen. While sleeping she’d thrown the blankets off, giving him a clear view of her body. Her nipples and pussy lips were swollen. Hickeys marked her neck, bite marks on her breasts. Additional evidence of her passionate night of sex with Ralph was all around them. The bed smelt like sex. Jen’s torn and laddered pantyhose lay on the floor.

Jen opened her eyes. “Hey you,” she said sleepily.

“Hi,” Mike said, his one syllable reply carrying the weight of all his emotions.

Jen smiled weakly. “It got really intense last night.”

“Yeah. Really intense.”

Jen tried to read her husband’s face. Not able to, she snuggled close to him. After a few moments of silence, she asked, “Was it good for you? Everything you wanted?”

It was a fair question, given how much he’d talked about it over the years, how much he’d encouraged and coaxed her to play his games. He made a snap decision not to reveal how much he hurt. He wanted to keep his wife. If he had any chance at doing that, he couldn’t act like a wimp or a whiner. “It was great!” he said forcing a smile and trying to sound enthusiastic. “You were wonderful!”

She looked relieved. “I was afraid there. I know I got out of control a little. Sometimes you didn’t look too happy.”

He shrugged, but he kept the smile planted on his face. “You know, I’ve told you, sometimes I feel jealous, but that just adds to the excitement.” He forced a chuckle, trying to sound lighthearted. “You did get out of control there. I guess you really enjoyed yourself.”

“Well – yeah!” she said laughing. “I mean, Ralph is incredible! I know you’ll want to know how many times he made to cum, but honestly I lost count. I mean, it was like one continuous orgasm! And each one got more intense! He’s so amazing! I can’t believe Alicia let a man like that go!”

Mike kept the smile on his face, but her words were like daggers in his heart. They were silent, Mike thinking about how to say the next thing. He had to be careful, he didn’t want Jen to lose her temper. He said tentatively, “You know, we didn’t make Ralph wear a condom last night …”

“I know, and he came gallons,” she giggled. Then she realized the implications. “Oh my god …”

It was telling how much Jen had gotten completely caught up in Ralph’s body and cock that, until now, she hadn’t realized the possible consequences of letting him fuck her bareback and cum inside her.

Mike quickly took her hands. “It’s all my fault,” he said. “I got so caught up in the moment I wasn’t thinking. But … I think we need to get you a morning after pill.”

Jen’s face dropped. “But … we’ve been trying for months to get pregnant. We’ve been having so much sex lately, I thought this might be the month.” The reality of having to take the morning after pill and aborting what could be Mike’s baby hit her, and she started to cry. She so wanted to have a baby and start a family.

“Shhhhhh, it’s okay, it’s okay,” he said taking her into his arms and comforting her.

Later that day Mike took Jen to see her doctor, Irene. “Well, that’s wasn’t fun,” she said emerging from the doctor’s office and into the waiting room. “Irene knows we’re trying to have a baby, so when I asked about the morning after pill she asked me if I’m having an affair.”

Mike felt bad for her embarrassment. Irene had been Jen’s doctor since she was a little girl. “I’m sorry honey.”

She shrugged, not looking at Mike. “Whatever,” she said giving Mike the cold shoulder. She was mad because she felt he’d gotten her into this. Mike went into the Long’s drug store while Jen waited in the car. Morning after pills were over the counter, but Jen had wanted to see her doctor to make sure there weren’t any side effects, especially with her ability to have children later. Mike intended to get just 1 pill. Hopefully they’d never need it again after this time. But then he thought … who knows what could happen, they might need more of these. But how many? Two, three? He shrugged and just bought five. When they got home Mike took out one of the pills, putting the rest in his medicine cabinet. He handed the pill to Jen, and she looked at it like it was death. Then quickly she put it in her mouth and swallowed it with a big gulp of water.

Jen was too sore for sex that evening, and anyway the morning after pill had put a damper on everything. It wasn’t until a few days later that she recovered, both physically and emotionally. Mike’s cock was bursting, he was dying to fuck and re-live the night with Ralph. The ordeal of the morning after pill brought them closer, and his insecurities of the experience had faded, leaving only his lustful fantasies. “Did you get any sleep, or did you fuck all night long?” he groaned as he fucked her.

“I think I passed out once,” she said, pushing her pelvis up to meet her husband’s thrusts. “It was right after we both came. But he stayed in me while we slept, I think. I woke up with him inside me. He was soft but he’s so long and thick I still felt full. I started kissing him and rocking on him, and he got hard, and then he woke up and we fucked again.” Mike came thinking of Ralph spooning his wife, both of them sleeping, with her still impaled on his long cock.

A few weeks later, Mike and Jen saw Ralph at church. He was alone, so they assumed it was Alicia’s weekend with the kids. Mike steered Jen to Ralph’s pew. He couldn’t stop thinking about their evening together. He’d gotten jealous and bothered, but survived it. Strong emotions were sure to follow after watching your wife get her brains fucked out by another man. But that’s a big part of what made it so exciting, and he wanted it to happen again.

As the service ended, Mike whispered into Jen’s ear. “Do you want to go home with him?”

“Mike, no,” she whispered back. “It’s too awkward.”

“I can talk to him.”

“Mike …”

He could tell she wanted to. After the service ended and they were walking out, Mike looked questioning at his wife. She gave him a non-committal shrug. He gave her a lecherous grin and caught up with Ralph while she waited.

“Ralph, wait up,” Mike said catching up. He motioned Ralph to an unoccupied corner of the church’s foyer. It was the first time they’d spoken since that evening, and he could tell Ralph was feeling awkward. He gave him a friendly smile to put him at ease. “Do you have plans today? Picking up the kids or anything?”

“No, Alicia has the kids until tomorrow morning.”

Mike lowered his voice even more, looking around to make sure no one was within earshot. “Interested in coming over?”

Ralph looked surprised. “Are you serious? You’re not upset about the other night?”

Mike smiled. “No — I told you what I’m into.”

Ralph slowly nodded, as if coming to grips with Mike’s crazy fantasy. “Are you sure Jen wants to?”

Mike grinned. “Yeah, she does.” Both men looked over to where Jen stood.

She blushed as they looked at her, looking down at her feet to avoid their eyes. She couldn’t imagine a more awkward situation. Mike annoyed her with his one track mind. But to be honest she’d thought about that night – and Ralph — a lot. It’d been incredible, and she wouldn’t mind trying it – and him — again.

Outside in the parking lot, Mike held the door open for Jen. “Do you want to follow us?” he asked Ralph.

“You know, I actually have to be close to home. Alicia said she might drop the kids off early. I think she might have a date.” More awkwardness followed. Alicia might have a date, but that was nothing compared to what they were doing.

Mike spoke up with an easy solution. “Why don’t you two go over to your place? Honey, I’ll be at home. Just call me when you want to be picked up.” As the three of them split into two cars and drove away, they didn’t notice the person watching them from across the parking lot.

Ralph and Jen rode in silence, and the awkwardness continued when they got to his house. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. “Want a drink?” Ralph finally asked.

“I’d love one!” Jen said immediately. They looked at each other, and then burst out laughing.

“Are you okay with Alicia dating?” Jen asked as Ralph handed her a drink.

“I don’t care. I think she’s doing it to make me jealous.”

“Are you jealous?”

“No,” Ralph said immediately with an air of finality.

Jen thought he was being callous, but didn’t say anything thinking it wasn’t her business. She sat down with her wine and crossed her legs. Ralph sat next to her, his eyes going to her legs. “I have to admit something to you,” he said tearing his eyes from her legs and looking at her face. “Remember that time you came over to watch football, and you wore those holey jeans? I kept looking at that hole the entire day.” He blushed in embarrassment. “I’ve never met a girl who wears pantyhose under jeans.”

Of course Jen remembered. His confession made her blush. “I guess I got in the habit in college. Freshman year, my business class was all the way across campus from the dance studio. So sometimes after dance class I had to pull on jeans over my tights to get to class on time.”

Ralph smiled lustfully. “You look incredible in leotards.”

“How would you know?” she asked with a sly grin. She took a dance class at Ralph’s gym, but she didn’t remember him ever seeing her in dancewear.

He looked embarrassed again. “Sometimes I use the security camera to watch your class.”

Jen’s eyes went wide. “Oh my god, you’re a stalker!”

He grinned, hearing the playfulness in her voice. “I am when it comes to you.”

Jen got on her knees on the sofa and leaned into him, his arms immediately going around her waist. “Well, maybe I’ll have to come over here sometime in my leotard and tights.”

“I’d love that,” he said as he kissed her, his hands cupping her firm ass cheeks. He was treated to the feel of a garter strap.

Jen smiled sensing his excitement. “Do you like what I’m wearing?” she asked as she felt his hands disappear under her dress and explore her lingerie. “I thought the day might end this way. Mike’s been talking about that other night a lot.”

“He’s different, that’s for sure.”

“You’re being too nice,” she said giggling. “I think perverted is the right word. Maybe obsessed.”

“Well, whatever it’s called, I’m just happy I get to spend time with you,” he said trying to be nice. He ran his fingers along the lacy stocking tops, her bare skin above, the straps of her garter belt. “You wore this for me?”

“Yeah,” she said huskily, getting turned on by his caresses. “Just for you.”

Ralph’s heart leaped. She’d been thinking about him, and even dressed special for him. He kissed her and rolled her onto her back, pulling her skirt up as he did. Jen’s hands went to his chest, pulling off his tie and then unbuttoning his shirt. As he reached around her and unzipped her dress, she reached to his pants. In moments they were both completely nude, except Jen still had on her bra, garter belt, stockings and heels (she hadn’t worn panties). Neither needed any foreplay, they were too hungry for each other. Ralph got between her legs and aimed his cock at her pussy. He was about to push into her when Jen remembered.

“Wait Ralph,” she said pushing on his chest. “In my purse. A condom.”

Ralph hated condoms. “Come on, we didn’t need that last time.”

“I know, but we have to.” She reached over into her purse and pulled out one of the packages. “Sorry,” she said as she tore open the package and rolled the condom onto his cock. Even though the condom was extra-large she still had difficulty getting it around his girth, and it went down barely half way down his long shaft.

Their sex was fantastic. Like before he fucked her long and hard, and when she came her orgasm seemed to go on forever. Ralph loved it too, her pussy was so tight, and her body was incredible. Also, looking into her gorgeous face as they fucked was hypnotizing, something he could easily lose himself in. After they both came and caught their breaths, Jen reached to his cock and pulled off the condom. She’d never done this before, but it fascinated her. She held it from the opening and the thin sheath strained downward from the weight of the large amount of thick milky cream inside. “Wow, I can’t believe how much you cum.”

He laughed. “Alicia always called it my super power.”

Jen smiled at the joke. She remembered how many times he’d cum inside her that first night, each time shooting a huge load like this into her unprotected womb. It was a good thing she’d taken the morning after pill. If she hadn’t already been pregnant from Mike, Ralph surely would have impregnated her.

“Are you hungry, I can order Chinese food,” Ralph said. He took the condom from her and tossed it in the trash.

“That sounds good.” She held out her arms inquiringly. She still wore the bra, garter belt, stockings and ankle strap heels. “Um … would you like me to keep this on?”

He gave her a crooked smile. “Would you mind?”

She giggled, charmed by his adorable boyish expression. “Of course not,” she said giving him a quick kiss. “But do you have a robe I could wear … I’m kind of cold.”

“Yeah, sure,” he said looking around.

Then Jen saw his shirt and picked it up. “Oh, I can wear this, if that’s okay.” She put it on. It comfortably draped over her. She liked it, it smelled like him.

“Sure,” he said. He liked seeing her in his shirt. Also, she looked incredibly hot, the shirt just long enough to cover her stocking tops, but short enough to show off the rest of her shapely stocking clad legs.

After eating they fucked again. Their sex was fantastic (once again her orgasm lasted forever), and after their breathing finally returned to normal, Ralph pulled out. He was careful, but as he pulled out the condom ripped leaving a large glob of his sperm in her womb. “Damn!” she said alarmed seeing the ripped condom.

“I’m sorry, I tried to be careful.”

“I know you did, it’s not your fault,” she said stroking his cheek with her hand. But she felt panicked, looking down and seeing the milky cream leaking from her pussy lips.

“I don’t get it, you didn’t seem to mind last time,” Ralph said.

“I’m not on any birth control,” Jen explained distractedly as she hurriedly shed her lingerie and heels and went into the bathroom. She got into the shower and tried to clean up as best she could.

Ralph stood in the door of the bathroom, watching her frantically cleaning up. “So I guess we were lucky,” he said.

Not thinking, Jen shook her head and blurted out, “I took a morning after pill.”

Jen’s words hit him like a physical blow. “What?” he said harshly.

Jen looked up, hearing his angry tone. She dried herself. “Ralph, I had to. Mike and I are trying to have a baby. That’s why I stopped taking the pill. We couldn’t take a chance.”

“So you killed what could have been my baby?” he asked angrily.

She tried to reason with him. “Ralph, listen to what you’re saying. I’m not married to you.” She picked up her dress and put it on. “I better go.” She picked up her phone and called Mike. “Can you pick me up? Yeah, it was. Um, I can’t really talk now. 10 minutes? Okay, love you.” Jen looked back at Ralph. “Mike’s at a Starbucks down the street, he’ll be here in a few minutes.” She stroked his cheek with her hand. “I’m sorry I’ve upset you. I had a great time, you’re wonderful. ”

She stuffed her lingerie in her purse and picked up her heels, holding them by the ankle straps. She turned to go but Ralph grabbed her arm. “Jen, I know what I said was crazy. I’m just saying … if you were my wife, I’d never let another man get within 10 feet of you, much less touch you or have sex with you. Mike doesn’t deserve you. He’s a pervert. You deserve a lot better than him.”

Jen pulled away. “Ralph, I don’t want to talk about this.”

Ralph took both her arms and looked into her eyes. “Jen, just think about this. You say you’re trying to get pregnant, right? Then why’s Mike letting me make love to you? Not once, but twice! What kind of man is he?”

Jen pushed against Ralph’s chest. “I’ve got to go,” she pleaded. Ralph let her go. She opened the door and, looking once more into his eyes, she left.

Mike fucked Jen later that night, but she didn’t seem into it, just going through the motions. He sensed she’d had a spat with Ralph, and that gave him a sense of comfort. Sure, Ralph was a good fuck, but at his core he was just a big dicked jock, not someone Jen could be happy with long term. Ralph was like all the guys Jen dated before she met him. They were all handsome and good in bed, but she’d fallen in love with him, not any of them. But this confirmed to Mike that Ralph was the perfect man to help further their fantasies. Clearly she was enthralled by Ralph’s huge penis and sexual prowess, but turned off by his personality.

Jen worried about the ripped condom (luckily she hadn’t been ovulating). She decided not to tell Mike. He’d want her to take another morning after pill, and she couldn’t bear to. She was religious, and had a problem with the idea of abortion (although she didn’t judge what other women did). The morning after pill was too much like abortion to her, and she couldn’t do that again. She and Mike had been having a lot of sex, so if she got pregnant it was just as likely his as Ralph’s. She decided to pray a lot, and leave it in the hands of God.

A week later, Jen went to happy hour with Annie, Tracy and some other friends from work (it was Annie’s birthday). “Isn’t that your friend Ralph?” Annie asked. Jen looked across the room. Yes, it was Ralph. He was in a small booth with a girl Jen recognized from the gym. At first Jen thought it was Sophie, but she quickly realized it was another girl. What a surprise, Jen thought somewhat annoyed — the girl had short dark hair and was very pretty, very young, and very busty. They left soon after, with the girl’s arms around his neck and Ralph’s hands all over her. Jen was certain they were going back to his house to have sex. It bothered her, although she knew she had no reason to be. Still, he hadn’t called her all week (granted, she hadn’t called him either).

Jen got her period, and said a silent prayer to God. Later that month Mike prepared for another business trip. “Why don’t you give Ralph a call while I’m away,” he suggested. They hadn’t played the game for weeks (since the last time with Ralph), and his obsession craved more excitement.

“I don’t know,” Jen said without any enthusiasm. She’d avoided Ralph since seeing him the last time. What he’d said bothered her, because it fed into her own growing doubts about her husband. But what really hit Jen was when Ralph referred to their sex as “love making.” She didn’t want to think of it as lovemaking. It was just fucking, right? Right?

Mike grinned. “Just think about it,” he said light heartedly. He disappeared into her closet. A few minutes later he came out with an outfit and dropped it on the bed. “Wear this if you change your mind,” he said with an easy smile. “Remember to email me a picture.”

Something inside Jen snapped. She couldn’t believe Mike’s nonchalant carefree attitude. He treated sex like it was as casual as shaking hands. He didn’t see any consequences from it. “Fine,” she said with barely controlled anger. “Well, if I’m going to do this then I think I should go back on the pill.” She narrowed her eyes, saying it as a challenge.

Mike was oblivious to her signals. Instead, he was delighted. If Jen wanted to go back on birth control, she must really be getting into this. That was completely okay with him. He wasn’t ready for a baby yet, as that would completely put a kibosh on their game playing. “That’s probably a good idea,” he said enthusiastically. “It won’t help this time, but you still have the condoms, right?”

“Right,” Jen said hollowly. She’d assumed Mike would back off the game if it meant delaying starting a family. Clearly though he had his priorities elsewhere.

Mike finished packing, excited at the prospect of another adventure between his wife and her big dicked lover. He knew condoms weren’t 100% guaranteed, but he still had four of the day after pills in his medicine cabinet.

Jen resolved not to call or see Ralph. She had issues with Mike – maybe they should go to counseling — and seeing Ralph again wouldn’t help things. Sometimes she caught herself thinking about him. That wasn’t good. She threw the clothes Mike had picked out into her closet. No, she wouldn’t see Ralph.

While in her closet, she glanced at her lingerie drawer. She opened it. Underneath her panties she found the birth control pills. One pack was full. She thought about where she was in her cycle. With a heavy heart, she punched out the right tablet and swallowed it. She and Mike had too many issues to work out to think out having a baby right now.

On Friday Annie and Tracy invited her to another happy hour. She decided to go. Mike wouldn’t be home until Sunday evening, and it was lonely at home. They went to a trendy bar in the Meat Packing district. Good looking guys repeatedly approached Jen and hit on her, ignoring Annie and Tracy. Tracy looked at her sourly. “Jen, don’t take this the wrong way, but this is the last time you’re coming to happy hour with us.” Jen smiled trying to look modest, but deep down she loved the attention.

“Jen, there he is again,” Annie said pointing across the room. Jen looked, and she saw Ralph. Once again he was with a new girl, but she looked the same as the others: short dark hair, pretty, young and busty. “God, I wish I could get a man like that to notice me. What’s she got that I don’t?”

Jen and Tracy looked at Ralph’s date, and then at Annie, trying to hold back laughter. Finally Annie smiled sheepishly. “Okay, a couple of bra sizes,” Annie said, and then all three girls burst out laughing.

By that time, Jen was already feeling tipsy from two Cosmopolitans, and some girlish prideful part of her wanted to show Annie and Tracy that she could hold her own against a busty 21 year old. “I think I’ll go say hi,” she said getting up, then she walked over to Ralph’s table.

“Hey you,” Jen said as she caught Ralph’s eye.

“Hi Jen!” Ralph practically shouted excitedly when he saw her. He noticed her flushed cheeks, and the way she seemed unsteady on her feet. He grinned. “Are you drunk?”

“Absolutely not,” she said definitively, slurring her words a little. Then she brazenly took the Guinness from Ralph’s hand and took a big gulp. “Okay, well, maybe now.” Then the taste of the dark bitter beer hit her taste buds. “Yuk! What is this?!” she exclaimed, screwing up her face and looking at the bottle like it was poison.

Ralph laughed and pulled her to sit next to him. “Cathy, can you move over a little?” he said moving his date so far over she barely had any room in the booth.

Cathy recognized Jen from the gym. She’d seen her there, parading her tight body around in her Danskins, tights and ballet slippers, getting the attention of every male eye there. She’d heard rumors there was something going on between her and Ralph. She knew Jen was married (she didn’t try to hide it, she always wore a wedding ring and an engagement ring with a big diamond). She didn’t have much respect for Jen, she didn’t like women who cheated on their husbands. But she was mature and self-aware beyond her 21 years, and she knew she didn’t stand a chance if a girl as pretty as Jen was after the same man as her. So as Ralph pushed her over on the booth, she just kept going. She stood up and left. So happy was Ralph to see Jen he didn’t even notice Cathy leaving. If Jen had been sober, she’d never have allowed Cathy to leave, and later when she remembered she’d feel terrible.

Ralph watched with affection as Jen gulped down water, trying to get rid of the bitter beer taste. He ordered himself another beer and her another Cosmo. This was the first time they’d spoken since their argument over the morning after pill. Normally things would’ve been awkward, but meeting in a bar both acted like nothing had happened and they were soon laughing and talking. Tracy and Annie stopped by to say hello, and tell Jen they were going to another bar. Annie whispered in Jen’s ear, “Remember what I said. White guy – three hands — rarity.” Jen giggled and blushed. Ralph asked what Annie said, but Jen wouldn’t tell him.

As they left, Tracy whispered to Annie, “Is she having an affair with him?”

Annie nodded. “I’m pretty sure. But look at him. Wouldn’t you?”

A few times guys approached Jen and hit on her. Ralph couldn’t believe it. She was with him. She wore a wedding ring. For all these jerks knew, she was married to him. Yet they hit on her, right in front of him? “Is it always this way?” he asked irritably right after another guy hit on her.

“Um … I don’t know,” she said innocently, the room spinning a little. She was on her forth Cosmo. She got up to go to the rest room, and coming back she was intercepted by a tall handsome guy who’d been eyeing her all night. They danced, the man’s hands on her waist and drifting down to her ass. The man liked what he saw and felt. This girl knew how to dance even in the high heels she wore, and she was drop dead gorgeous. She wore a simple blouse and skirt, but she had a tight body, and she had fantastic long legs that went on forever.

There was a commotion on the dance floor. A lot of shouting and shoving. In her drunken stupor, Jen realized she was in the middle of it. She felt a strong arm practically drag her from the bar. She almost screamed but then saw it was Ralph. “What’s wrong? What happened?” she said as he pushed her into his car.

“Why do you do that?!” Ralph shouted angrily. He had his keys out but was too agitated to drive, so they just sat there parked.

“What? What did I do?”

“In there! The bar! You left me and danced with another guy!”

Jen felt confused. “No I didn’t,” she insisted. “That was you … wasn’t it?”

Ralph realized Jen was drunk. Maybe she hadn’t known what was going on. But the way men came on to her constantly … and the way she reacted to them. He knew she was a flirt. He could live with that, it was part of why he liked her, she had an adventurous bubbly personality. But the games she played, that was too much.

Jen seemed to read Ralph’s thoughts. The walk in the cold from the bar to Ralph’s car had sobered her a little, as had his harsh words. “I only do those things because Mike wants me too,” she said. “I know most men aren’t like him. I’d never do that to you. I swear, in the bar I thought he was you.”

Ralph scoffed. “But you play those perverted games of his, don’t you?” he shot back bitterly.

“He’s my husband,” she answered simply.

In the moonlight Jen saw the contempt in Ralph’s face, and she softly put a finger to his lips to stop him from saying anything more. “Please, let’s not go there again,” she said.

But Ralph couldn’t stop himself. “But Jen, you fuck other guys!”

She put her finger on his lips again to calm him down. “No, only you. Since I married Mike, you’re the only man I’ve been with besides Mike.” She paused, then made a decision. She lowered her head into his lap.

When Jen put her head in his lap, Ralph thought she had passed out again. But then he felt her open his zipper, and take out his cock. Then he felt her soft lips around him. Feeling her go down on him, he rolled back his head and gripped the back of her head.

After cumming in Jen’s mouth, Ralph took her home and they fucked all night long. Once again Jen lost track of the times Ralph made her cum. It was like one long orgasm lasting all night. They used condoms at first, but Jen only had 3 (and one ripped as she rolled it over his shaft). Ralph offered to run to the drug store, but by that time Jen’s lust was so great she was like a bitch in heat, so she just made him promise to pull out. He promised, and she never regretted the risk she was taking because the feel of his bare skin inside her felt so incredible.

They finally fell asleep as dawn broke, and they slept until 1pm. They fucked again, and then showered together, then Jen made Ralph a big brunch with the odds and ends in his refrigerator and pantry.

Jen looked at her cell and saw Mike had called 25 times. She felt guilty. She’d completely forgotten about him, and knew he must be worried out of his mind. “Can you do me a favor?” she asked putting on her blouse and skirt. She didn’t bother with underwear.

“You’re not leaving are you?” Ralph said alarmed.

“No,” Jen said distracted, looking for her high heels and finally finding them. She put them on and brushed through her hair, then put on lipstick. She looked back at Ralph, then grinned giving him a “you’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you” look. “Mike likes me to send him a picture when I go out with you.”

Ralph didn’t understand at first. Then he did and laughed. “Oooookay,” he said, but he held his tongue on the other things that came into his mind about how much of a loser and wimp Mike was. He didn’t want to risk Jen getting angry and leaving. But then he had an inspiration. He went into his closet and came out with a shirt. “Why don’t you put this on?” he said showing it to Jen. It was his Penn State football jersey.

“Wow,” Jen said fingering the number 47, and then Ralph’s last name along the top. She loved Penn State, especially the football team, and the jersey reminded her that he’d been a player. She also knew what Ralph was thinking. If a girl wore a boy’s jersey, it meant she belonged to the boy. She should know, she’d worn her boyfriends’ football jerseys in high school. She knew Mike would love it. It would make him jealous, but he was the one always saying how jealousy made his fantasy even better for him. And if it did bother him – well, good!

She took off the blouse and skirt, then put on the jersey. She thought about how best to pose. Deciding, she brushed her hair again until it showed off its natural luster, but swung it over her shoulder so it didn’t cover Ralph’s last name. Then she tied the jersey at her waist to it ended right above her ass. She left the high heels on. Ralph took the picture of her back, with her smiling mischievously over her shoulder at the camera. She emailed the picture to Mike, and he called seconds later.

“You’re with Ralph?” he asked excitedly.

She giggled. “Since last night.”

He started asking questions but she impishly decided to torture him. “I can’t really talk now,” she said in an urgent whisper, but she was smiling at Ralph. He was so near her phone he could hear everything, and he looked like he was trying to keep from laughing.

“Is he about to fuck you again?” Mike moaned into the phone.

Ralph jerked his hips back and forth, pantomiming like he was fucking her from behind. Jen had to look away to keep from laughing.

“Are you playing with yourself right now?” Jen asked.

“Tell me what he’s doing to you,” Mike moaned.

“You ARE playing with yourself.” Jen glanced at Ralph. He had both hands at his crotch, rapidly moving up and down, pretending like he was beating off.

This time Jen couldn’t keep from laughing. But she covered for it by turning her laugh into a pretend moan. “He’s fucking you right now, isn’t he?”

“Ugh, yeah,” Jen said pretending to moan. Ralph covered his face with a pillow so Mike couldn’t hear his laughter.

“Leave the phone by the bed, so I can listen.”

Jen felt bad for making fun of Mike, so she said, “I can’t – my phone’s out of power. I’ll tell you all about it later. Bye.” Then she hit end.

Jen threw a pillow at Ralph, and he laughed and jumped onto her. They wrestled and tickled, and then they fucked again.

After another long fuck session, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. When they woke it was dark and they were both starving. Ralph wanted to order pizza but Jen insisted on cooking. She didn’t like fast food and anyway it was too fattening. She grilled Ralph a steak and made him pasta with olive oil and spices, while she ate a salad. After dinner they relaxed drinking wine. Jen wore his jersey. He liked seeing her in it. She pointed at the pictures on the shelves. “Why do all your girls have big breasts?”

He laughed. “That really bothers you, doesn’t it?”

Jen frowned and crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s just a question,” she said testily.

Ralph knew her well enough now to realize she was about to lose her temper, so he backed off. “If I tell you the reason why, you have to promise not to laugh or get mad.” As he hoped, Jen relaxed and nodded her head. “You’re going to think this is a typical guy thing, but sometimes with a girl with big breasts, you know, I can, I mean …”

He struggled to find the politically correct words when Jen blurted out, “You can fuck her tits.”

He exhaled. “Well … yeah …”

“Well then just say it. You like big boobs because you like tit fucking. It’s not like it’s a big guy secret.”

He looked wary. “You said you wouldn’t get mad.”

She scowled at him. “I’m only mad because you’ve never tried to fuck my tits!”

“Ah … what?” Ralph looked at Jen’s breasts. In his jersey she looked flat chested.

Jen got up and grabbed his hand. “Come on,” she said dragging him to his bedroom. She pointed at the bed. “Sit!” she commanded. She grabbed her purse and a few clothes and went into the bathroom, closing the door. When she emerged 15 minutes later the sight of her took Ralph’s breathe away. She’d done her hair and makeup and looked incredibly beautiful. She’d taken off the jersey and wore only her bra and pantyhose from last night. Her long legs looked simply incredible in the hose, and he loved it the way the nylon went over her flat tummy, ending just below her belly button. As Ralph watched she sat and put on her high heels. As she leaned over to buckle the thin ankle straps, her long blonde hair brushed across the hardwood floor.

Jen got on the bed, on her back. “Come here,” she beaconed softly. Her commanding tone of a moment ago had disappeared. On his knees, Ralph moved towards her head. “Straddle me,” she said, and Ralph did as she asked, his hard cock between her small breasts. She reached up and ran her fingers over his chest, tracing along his muscular biceps and the ridges of his 6 pack. The feeling was exquisite and then it got even better as she replaced her finger tips with her long manicured finger nails, lightly scrapping enticingly across his chest.

Finally she took his shaft in her hands and softly stroked him, looking into his eyes. She barely held him, her hands around his shaft but barely gripping him, teasingly moving back and forth like a feather on his sensitive flesh, all the while looking at him with her sweet blue eyes. He wanted her to grip him tighter but she refused, continuing her slow tease.

He had the urge to move down her body and shove his cock into her pussy, wanting to feel her tight pussy around him instead of the light grasp of her hand. But before he could do anything she slid underneath and put the head of his cock into her mouth. Just the head, nothing else. She licked across the head, and his eyes rolled back at the sensation. But she did no more than lightly lick across the head. She didn’t suck him or stroke his shaft. And even her licks were light, barely touching him. It was enough to deepen his cravings and desire for orgasm, but not enough to bring him any real pleasure. She was driving him crazy!

With him panting, she took his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it across her cheeks, her lips, even across her closed eyes. He looked down at her as she did this, seeing her rubbing his manhood across her gorgeous face. He’d never seen anything so alluring. His pre-cum and her own saliva smeared across her face. She left it there. It made her look even more sexy.

“Touch me,” she said. She’d bent her knees to form a back for Ralph. He leaned back, careful not to put too much weight on her (he probably outweighed her by 100 pounds). He excitedly felt her nyloned legs press against his back, and he reached back and caressed her slim ankles, then his fingers moved across the smooth surface of her patent leather high heels, tracing down the 4 inch stilettos. The entire time she looked into his face with her blue eyes, running his cock across her beautiful face.

Even though she wasn’t stimulating his cock he felt ready to burst. She sense that, and gripped him tightly at the base of his shaft. She stayed that way until his panting calmed down (but not his longing). Then she slid underneath him further until her face was directly below his cock. She reached with her tongue and slow ran the tip along his long shaft. As she did she ran her nails across his ass and down the back of his muscular thighs, making him shiver. She trailed her tongue down his shaft to his balls, softly licking and sucking each one. Then she went back up his shaft, starting all over again. She did this over and over until he felt about to cum again, but then like the last time she gripped the base of his cock hard.

Once he calmed down, he felt her tongue on his shaft again, but this time she moved passed his balls to the sensitive skin between his balls and asshole. No girl had ever touched him there, much less licked him. He was so turned on he felt the room spin. His chest beat so hard he felt like he was going to have a heart attack. As she licked him she continued to grip the base of his cock hard, preventing him from climax even while driving him mad with lust.

Then she did the unthinkable. She flicked her tongue over his puckered asshole, making him gasp with pleasure. She did it only once. There was a pause. Then he heard her lovely voice coming from underneath his ass. “If I touch you here, will you still kiss me?” she asked, like a little girl asking her father if he’ll still love her if she does something wrong.

“Yes!” he said immediately.

“Do you promise?”

“Yes! Yes! I swear to God!”

Then he felt her tongue on his asshole, tentatively at first, then more confident, more urgent, moving around it, across it, pushing into it. At that moment he fell in love with Jen. He probably already loved her, but now he was sure. He’d never met anyone like her, and never would again in the future.

She felt him ready to cum, and again she gripped the base of his cock. He sensed her doing something, he didn’t know what. Finally she slid back up and he looked at her face. Her lips were a glossy silky bright red. Somehow she’d fixed her lipstick. He was mesmerized with her beauty.

Now his cock was over her tits again. “Take off my bra,” she asked him. He immediately reached under her and expertly unsnapped it. A part of his brain registered she’d worn the bra only so he could take it off of her. But she didn’t take it off completely. She let the straps fall to her elbows and the bra slid to her tummy, the lacy material making her breasts even more alluring.

“Please,” she begged. “Fuck my tits.”

Ralph wanted this more than anything else in his entire life. He moved his cock between her breasts. They were perfect, two full mounds topped with perky nipples that pointed towards the sky. But they were so small, tiny really. She couldn’t be more than a 32A, maybe 32b. How could he do this?

But then she squeezed her tits together with her hands, forming a tight pussy around his cock with her hands and breasts. “Please fuck my tits,” she begged.

Ralph didn’t have to be asked twice. He rocked back and forth. It felt as good as any tight pussy his cock had ever been in, any big tits his cock had ever been between. It didn’t take long. His back arched and his pelvis lurched. Just before he came Jen took his shaft in her hands and pointed his manhood at her face. He looked down on her beautiful face just as thick milky globs of his cum shot from his cock. Jen aimed his cock so his cum coated her all over her face and in her hair. By the time he was done her gorgeous face and lush hair were soaked with his jism.

He panted, catching his breath, amazed at what had just happened. It was simply the greatest sexual experience of his entire life. He looked down at her. Her pretty face was completely soiled with his seed. The sight stirred something deep inside him, something primal, something at his core. She belonged to him now.

She said something. Her mouth and lips were so covered with his jism bubbles formed between her lips as she spoke. “I guess you can’t live up to your promise right now,” she said throatily. “Put I’m not letting you off that easy.” She licked off her lips. Then she rubbed his cock across her cheek, pushing his cum to her mouth and swallowing it, licking his cum off his cock. She did this all over her face, swallowing and licking up all his cum. When she was done her face was clean, and his cock was hard again. “Will you kiss me now?”

Ralph immediately leaned down and kissed her hungrily, at the same time taking hold of his cock and pushing it between her pussy lips. He forgot she wore pantyhose, so he frantically ripped a hole and then shoved his cock into her. Even though he’d just cum he felt frantic with lust. He penetrated her balls deep with a single thrust. Jen cried out in pain but she didn’t push him away. He fucked her like a madman, slamming her so hard and fast her head hit the headboard, and she clutched the mattress and held on for dear life. She started cumming, and he did his Yoda sex trick again and her orgasm lasted forever, or maybe it was a bunch of orgasms spaced so closely together it felt like a single incredible orgasm. Whatever, she flung her head side to side, her blonde hair flying in the air, screaming Ralph’s name over and over. For a fleeting moment she remembered Ralph wasn’t wearing a condom, that his super power was shooting huge gobs of baby making juice when he came, and she was ovulating and at her most fertile time of her cycle. But she didn’t care, it felt too fucking good!

Ralph put Jen’s long shapely legs over his shoulders. He licked and sucked her stocking clad calves as he pounded her as hard as he could. He wasn’t going to pull out! He was going to cum inside her as deeply as he could! Just as he covered her face with his cum, he’d shoot her fertile womb full of his seed. He was going to make her completely his. He’d impregnate her, and then force her to choose between him, the father of her baby, or wimp limp dicked Mike.

When he came, he ejaculated once, twice and then three times into her, each time delving as deep inside as possible. It wasn’t as much as he usually came, but it was probably enough. He kept his cock deep inside her as he lovingly kissed her lips and cheeks, and softly told her how wonderful she was.

Feeling the comfort of post orgasmic bliss and being completely satiated, Jen felt herself drift to sleep. They’d fucked almost non-stop for 24 hours, stopping only to eat and for short naps. She softly played with Ralph’s hair, then fell asleep.

He gazed at her beautiful face as she slept, keeping his cock deep inside her, preventing his seed from escaping. He carefully rolled off her, turning her to her side, keeping his cock inside her. He was soft but even still his cock was thick and long enough to keep his cum locked up inside her. He held her in his arms and drifted off, their legs intertwined together and Jen still impaled on his cock.

A few hours later Ralph woke. It was just passed 1am. He was still inside her. He gently kissed her lips and cupped her tiny breasts, fondling and rubbing her nipples. He slowly rocked back and forth. He quickly hardened to his full length and thickness. Although still sleeping, Jen’s body responded to him, her nipples hardening, her body rocking with his. Finally her eyes open. “Hey you,” she said sleepily. He realized she used that phrase as a term of affection, and he loved it when she said it to him.

“Hi,” he said, kissing her and rolling on top of her. He felt her legs wrap around him. He realized she still wore the pantyhose and ankle strap heels. Even her bra still hung from her arms. It got him hot and he fucked her faster. She responded to him with growing passion, and she gripped his muscular arms with her hands, digging her nails into him. He loved the feeling. Her back arched and she cried out in orgasm. He covered her lips with his, feeling her moans in his mouth. He worked her hard and long, rotating his hips, changing the angle of his cock, using all the tricks he’d learned to extend her orgasm. Finally he couldn’t hold it any longer and he shot inside her, ejaculating this time 5 times inside her. He felt her body shudder as the sensation of his cum hitting her walls gave her another mini orgasm.

“You give me the best orgasms,” she said softly, her eyes closing and drifting back to sleep, smiling contentedly.

Like last time, Ralph carefully rolled to the side, keeping her pussy plugged up with his cock. He woke up two hours later and did it again. “Ralph, no, I’m too tired,” she whined, cranky. But soon her body responded and they slowly fucked, and he made her cum again, and he shot inside her again. “Can you help me with my bra and shoes?” she asked just before drifting off to sleep again. He took off her bra but left her shoes on, because he couldn’t reach them without risking pulling out of her pussy.

Jen woke first. It was passed 9am. Their legs were still intertwined, and he was still inside her. She looked at Ralph’s face, at his muscular chest and arms. He was handsome and sexy. Annie was right, he was Mr. Hunk. Then she thought of Mike and felt guilty. Especially how they’d made fun of him the day before, without him even knowing. And she thought of how she and Ralph had fucked almost non-stop for a day and a half, and how he’d fucked her bareback for most of the time, and how he’d cum in her the last times. And then she felt again Ralphs’ cock inside her. Even though he was soft she still felt so full. And she thought again of how much Ralph had cum inside her.

Ralph opened his eyes. He smiled seeing her.

“Hey you,” she said with a smile. And then she saw his smile get even bigger.

She motioned to their legs. “Have we been like this all night?” she said with a giggle.

“I guess I can’t get enough of you.”

She smiled at him, but then moved to disentangle their legs. He held her. “One more time?” he said hopefully.

“Ralph, I can’t, I’m so sore,” she said begging off.

Jen pulled away and Ralph’s shaft pulled out of her, like a long snake sliding out. It felt good and she was tempted to take Ralph up on his offer, but she had to get going. His cockhead emerged with an audible pop. She looked down at herself. Her swollen pussy lips remained gaping open. “I’m not sure Mike is going to like that,” she joked.

“You probably won’t be able to feel him in you,” Ralph replied. He smiled like he was joking too, but there was an edge to his voice. Jen decided to let it pass.

“I have to get going. Can I use your shower?”

“Why not stay longer? You said Mike isn’t getting back until tonight?”

She shook her head. “He’s not, but I have some things I have to do.” She realized what she’d said came out abrupt, so she kissed him on the lips to take the edge off. She looked at her blouse and skirt. They were a mess.

Ralph read her mind. “You can wear my jersey.”

She looked at it, looking doubtful. Thinking fast, she said, “Um … I can’t take that, it’s too important to you.” She went into the bathroom and started the shower. She hesitated. She didn’t want Ralph to get in the shower with her. She really had to do something, and she wanted to get it over with. But she knew it would be rude if she locked the door, so she left the door unlocked and just tried to take a quick shower. She was happily surprised when he didn’t try to join her.

She found out why when she came out with a towel around her. He stood there grinning, showing his jersey to her. He’d spent the time taking off the letters of his last name. “I figured you couldn’t wear my jersey if it had my name on it.”

He’d guessed her thinking. “Ralph, you’re so sweet, but you shouldn’t have ruined your jersey, and I really can’t take it, it must be too special to you.”

“Don’t worry, I can always sew the letters back on, and you can give it back to me when you’re done with it.”

Jen was tempted. She had a Penn State football jersey, but not an authentic one. “Okay!” she said excitedly, the Penn State groupie in her taking over. She dropped the towel (they’d done so much together she was no longer bashful in front of him). She pulled on her pantyhose even with the hole in it and the laddering, because it was cold outside. She pulled on the jersey, then her heels (because they were the only shoes she had). She liked the jersey, but it was so big and loose around her she was afraid a gust of wind would puff it up and show everyone her private parts. So she scanned the bedroom and saw a scarf Alicia had left behind. She used it like a belt, silently promising to have it dried cleaned and return it the next time she saw Ralph. She rolled her bra, skirt and blouse into a small bundle and looked at Ralph, ready to go. “Um … I left my car at the bar. Can you give me a ride?”

Ralph had watched Jen get dressed. He knew she wasn’t trying to dress pretty or sexy, but still she looked like she had just stepped out of the sexiest Maxim cover imaginable. Belted the way it was with the scarf, the jersey only went to her mid-thigh, and her fantastic legs looked even sexier in the laddered pantyhose. And of course he knew there was a hole in the pantyhose over her pussy with the nylon caked with his sperm and her juices. And wearing a football jersey with ankle strap stiletto heels was any football fan’s wet dream. Add to that her beautiful face and lush blonde hair. His cock got hard.

Jen saw his erection and sighed playfully. “Ralph, not now, I really have to get going,” she pleaded. “Can’t you – I don’t know – take a cold shower or something?”

He laughed, and then pulled on some clothes. “Let’s go,” he said grabbing his car keys.

Jen sat at home after getting back from the drug store (she’d gone there right after Ralph dropped her off at her car). She knew she had to do this, but she felt paralyzed. Already, so soon, again. She felt like a slut, an irresponsible Christian, someone destined for hell. And what if it hurt her chances to conceive in the future? Irene had said that was a possibility, they just didn’t have a lot of experience with it. But she didn’t have a choice. Ralph had cum so much, and she was ovulating. It she got pregnant she could lie to Mike, tell him it was his, but they had too many issues to work through to get pregnant now, and she wondered about how Ralph would react if he saw her pregnant. Would he claim the baby as his? She shuddered at the nightmare that would cause. So she put the morning after pill in her mouth. This time, though, she washed it down with a glass of vodka. She needed the alcohol, she was an emotional wreck. The tears came, and she curled herself in a ball. This was why she needed to leave Ralph’s early. She needed to buy one of these pills and take it, and then have time to pull herself together before Mike got home. Because she felt so guilty she had to do something special for him, even though her heart wasn’t into it.

Mike’s plane touched down. He couldn’t wait to see his wife. He hadn’t spoken to her since their brief call yesterday when she’d been in the middle of fucking Ralph. He couldn’t wait to sink his cock into her. He wished he’d seen her fucking Ralph, but hearing about it was something.

He turned on his phone. Although almost out of power, it beeped with a text message. It showed a picture of Jen, her hair and makeup perfect, wearing one of his favorite outfits. The text said: “I’m at the hotel by the airport.”

Mike’s pulse quickened. It was the hotel they’d first played the game. He texted back, “I’ll be right there,” and then rushed to a cab.

Midway his phone beeped again. “You better hurry or you’ll miss it.” He told the cab driver he’d pay an extra 20 if he stepped on it.

The bar was crowded when he arrived. He scanned the crowd and saw Jen at the bar. She wore the red lycra dress he’d bought her last Valentine’s day. It was like a second skin on her with a scooped top and back, and scandalously short. She’d sworn she’d never wear it outside their bedroom, but here she was sitting at the bar, her legs crossed and the skirt so short her stocking tops were clearly visible. She was with a tall broad shouldered man, someone you’d describe as ruggedly handsome. She was laughing and giggling with him, seemingly enthralled with his every word. His hand rested on her knee.

She saw Mike, glancing his way just a second. She picked up her phone, typed something, then put it in her purse and whispered into the man’s ear. He smiled and took her hand, leading her onto the dance floor. His phone beeped and he read the text: “How bad do you want me to be?” His heart caught in his throat, and he turned back to the dance floor. They were dancing slow, her arms around his neck and his hands around her waist. His hands moved to her ass, and she didn’t stop him. As he fondled her, she looked up at him, and he kissed her. She opened her lips and let him stick his tongue into her mouth.

With shaky hands Mike texted back a one word reply: “BAD”.

Jen and the man went back to the bar. Her cheeks were flushed and her nipples hard and poking through the tight lycra material of her dress (clearly she’d gone braless). She picked up her phone and read the message. She smiled. She made eye contact with Mike momentarily, and glanced towards the back of the bar. She whispered something to the man. She kissed him briefly and walked towards the ladies room.

Out of sight from the man, they embraced and kissed. “How far do you want me to go?” she asked excitedly.

“All the way!” Mike moaned, his cock so hard it hurt. “But what happened with Ralph?”

“Forget Ralph,” Jen said dismissively. She stepped back so he could see all of her. “Do you like?”

He took her all in, her gorgeous face, her hard nipples straining against the lycra, the too short skirt showing her fantastic legs, the stiletto heels. “God yes!”

“What about these?” Jen asked, taking his hand and running it along her thigh. He felt runs in her stockings. Then she raised her dress a little and he saw – and then felt – the heavily laced stocking top, and he gasped as he recognized it.

She smiled impishly. “It’s the stockings I wore on our wedding day,” she said confirming what he’d figured out. Even back then he’d role played with her. He’d talked about how hot it would be if she fucked another man on their wedding day. Back then she’d thought it was just her new husband’s wild fantasies, she never imagined so many of them would come true. But Mike had made sure to keep her stockings from that day. “Is that what you’d like, to see Greg fuck me wearing these?”

“That’s his name, Greg?”


“God yes, I want to see him fuck you!” Mike pulled her to him and kissed her hungrily. “I want to see him cum all over your stockings!”

“You would?” she said reaching down and rubbing his hard-on. “And then, would I wash them, or just let his cum dry on them?”

“You’ll leave them just like that!” He hissed into her ear. “We’ll go home with his wet cum all over your stockings. His cum will dry on them and stain them like that!” Mike couldn’t resist, he stuck his tongue into Jen’s ear. Jen grimaced at the sudden pleasure/pain, but she didn’t complain, she just endured it. “Then you’ll wear the soiled stockings on our next anniversary! You’ll do that, right?”

“Yeah, I will,” Jen promised, enduring the pleasure/pain of Mike’s tongue in her ear. “I promise.”

But then Mike had a thought. “Did you bring a condom?”

“No,” she said, relieved he finally pulled his tongue from her ear. She pulled his hand to her breast. “But they have a machine in the bath room. Should I buy one?”

“Yes, I mean no,” he said kissing her again and rubbing her tits. Her nipples were so hard. “I’d love to watch him fuck you bareback! Did Ralph fuck you like that?”

“No,” she lied. “Stop talking about Ralph, okay? I want you to tell me what I should do with Greg!”

“I want you to fuck him!”

“Without a condom?” she said. She undid his belt and unsnapped his pants and reached down into his pants.

“Yeah, fuck him bareback!”

She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked him. “And let him cum inside me? That’s what you want, don’t you, you want me to let him cum inside me?”

“God yes!” he cried.

“You know the pill isn’t working yet, right? And I’m ovulating. So if he cums inside me he’ll get me pregnant. Is that what you want? You want me to cuckold you, and have another man’s baby?”

“Oh god yes!” Mike cried and he lurched and came.

They held each other as Mike’s breathing returned to normal. Making sure he was looking, Jen wiped her hand on her stockings, leaving it wet with his cum. “My god you’re incredible,” he gushed.

“Welcome home darling,” she said wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

Chapter 10

They arrived at the decision without even talking about it. They didn’t need to talk about it, they both wanted it.

Jen knew she was safe. It’d been over a month of being on the pill again. Mike watched out of the corner of his eye as she got dressed for church. Her makeup and hair perfect. Lacy demi bra and matching panties, garter belt, and stockings. A slightly too tight blouse, a slightly too short skirt. Her favorite ankle strap heels. Silky wet red lipstick.

They saw Ralph in the pew. He’d saved space for them, and they moved towards him. It was Alicia’s weekend with the kids. Mike knew his schedule as well as he knew his wife’s fertility cycle. As Jen slid next to Ralph, he saw them briefly squeeze hands. The gesture bothered Mike, but excited him to as a prelude for what was to come later.

About half way through the sermon, Jen sensed someone in the aisle. She looked over. It was Alicia, and she had the four kids with her! They quickly scooted over to make room, and as they did Jamie hooped on Jen’s lap. The combination caused Jen’s skirt to hike up, revealing a glimpse of her stocking top. It was only a momentary flash as Jen quickly pushed her skirt down, but Alicia saw. She scowled and whispered judgmentally at Jen, “Is that really appropriate?” Jen blushed.

After the service Jen spoke briefly with Alicia. “Are you okay?” she asked with sincere concern. She hadn’t seen Alicia since their separation.

She looked sad. “We’re going to marriage counseling, to try to work things out.” Alicia left soon after with the kids. Mike, Jen and Ralph lingered, drinking coffee and chatting with the pastor. They didn’t want people to see them leave; see who was leaving with who.

Ralph drove away with Jen. Mike went to the Starbucks 10 minutes from Ralph’s place to wait. This was part of the thrill for him, a big part, thinking about what Ralph was doing to Jen. The delicious torture of sipping coffee, waiting until another man finished with his wife’s body. He opened his computer and looked at pictures of him and Jen, back in college, at their wedding, on vacations, just hanging around at home. He looked at older pictures of her, as a child, in high school. He twirled his wedding ring as he looked. His erect cock hurt in his pants. His heart hurt in his chest. His fantasy was an obsession, exciting and self-destructive. He hated it, yet couldn’t resist it, like heroin, it wasn’t enough to just take it, he had to increase the dosage to get the same high.

Ralph loved it she’d dressed up for him. He undressed her, leaving on just her garter belt, stockings and heels. He reached for a box of condoms he’d bought, but she caught his hand. “That’s okay,” she said with a smile, eager to tell him the news. “I went back on the pill.”

His eyes grew wide with surprise and joy. “You did that for me?”

She’d thought of Ralph a lot the last month. She imagined kissing his handsome face, touching his wonderful body, feeling his incredible cock inside her, experiencing the non-stop intense orgasms he gave her. “Yeah,” she said pulling him into her. “Just for you.”

Ralph couldn’t believe it. He knew how important it was to her to start a family, yet she put that on hold for him. He paid her back by fucking her harder than ever. He did everything he could to make her orgasms last longer. When she finally got up to go back to her husband she was so sore she could barely walk. He’d fucked her three times and given her incredible orgasms. She called Mike to pick her up.

The following week Mike wandered aimlessly at work, feeling jealous and insecure. He’d thought he could handle Jen’s affair with Ralph, he thought Ralph was the perfect guy to turn his fantasies into reality. If it was just physical, he could handle it. But he suspected it was more than physical. The way they held hands in church and looked at each other. The way they whispered on the phone during the week. The way Jen daydreamed in the evening.

It didn’t look like Ralph and Alicia were getting back together. They went to counseling, but Ralph seemed to consider it just an obligatory prelude to divorce. Mike was concerned Ralph intended to seriously go after Jen after his divorce with Alicia was final.

In his lucid moments, during the periods of clarity after cumming, he admitted to himself he’d been an idiot to let Jen go back on the pill. He should have stopped playing the game and gotten her pregnant. She’d be his forever if she had his child. She would never allow her baby to be without its father. But outside those moments of clarity, he was controlled and betrayed by his demented and self-destructive fantasies.

Later that week Jen rushed into the locker room of the gym. Her dance class had gone over and she was late for a date with Ralph (Mike was traveling again). She quickly showered and dressed. She put her long hair up in a loose bun, not wanting to spend the time to blow dry her hair. She left the locker room and saw Ralph across the big room, pretty girls surrounding him. She frowned inside. Then she noticed he wasn’t holding court like he usually did, where he flirted with all the girls like each was a potential bedmate. Instead he seemed more business-like, standoffish. In retrospect, she realized he’d been acting like that for other a month. She wondered what was up (but felt pleased). She didn’t know Ralph had lost interest in other girls, he only had eyes for her.

The girls around Ralph frowned and scattered when they saw Jen approached. They didn’t know exactly what was going on between her and Ralph, but they all knew they didn’t stand a chance against Jen’s gorgeous face and tight body. Ralph gawked at Jen when he saw her. He’d never seen her with her hair up. Jen realized what had drawn his attention. “Be still, will you,” she whispered smiling, hoping no one saw his reaction to her, although she wondered why she’d never thought of wearing her hair up given Ralph’s love of girls with short hair. She briefly pressed his hand, and they walked out trying to keep a respectable distance between them.

They went to her place because Jen had a busy day the next day. As soon as they walked in the door Ralph was all over her, frenzy with lust over seeing her with her hair up. She almost giggled over what drove men crazy, but she didn’t, enjoying what he was doing to her body. By now for Mike she would’ve shaken her long hair out, but of course she left it up for Ralph, he was enjoying it too much.

Ralph tore off her clothes, leaving her in just thigh highs and high heels. It was always the same with Ralph (and Mike), but she didn’t mind, she felt sexy being completely nude except for her legwear and heels. He was an animal today, bending her over the arm of a chair to take her from behind. She loved it! He spread her legs apart with his knee, her heels scraping across the hardwood floor, and then impaled her with his monster cock with a single thrust. She was getting use to him but it still hurt. Still, it didn’t hurt as much as before, so she assumed his constant fucking of her and keeping his cock inside her while they slept was stretching out her pussy. She briefly thought how that might affect her sex with Mike, but then her attention was drawn back to the huge thick cock ramming her from behind.

He fucked her hard, and it felt glorious. Then he leaned over her and reached around and roughly groped her tits, and it felt even better. She felt her first orgasm approaching. She felt his mouth and tongue on her neck, his cock relentlessly pounding her from behind. Suddenly she felt his lips and tongue on her ear, and she cringed. “Ralph, wait!” she said. “I don’t like that!”

But then his tongue snaked into her ear. She clenched her eyes preparing for the intense pleasure/pain. But to her surprise, the sensitive pain never came. Instead, all she felt was pleasure. Unlike her husband, Ralph gently probed her ear, flicking lightly here and there, being so gentle in her most sensitive erogenous zone while continuing to pile drive her pussy from behind. She’d never felt anything so incredible, his big cock pounding her, his fingers rubbing her nipples and clit, and most of all his tongue doing wonderful things to her ear. Her orgasm hit and it was so incredible her feet practically arched completely out of her high heels.

The next thing she knew she was on her back in bed. Ralph was above her looking concerned when she opened her eyes. “What happened?” she asked.

“I don’t know. We were making love, and then you went limp.”

“Wow. I think I came so hard I must have passed out. That’s never happened to me before.” They kissed, soft and slow, not the frantic kisses of lovers, but the patient caring and soft kisses of love. They stopped, their lips so close they breathed into each other’s mouth, looking into each other’s eyes. “Hey you,” she softly said.

“Hi,” Ralph said, then he kissed her again.

She softly stroked his cheek. “Make love to me some more, okay?”

Ralph’s heart leaped. “Okay,” he said beaming.


After waking and making love again, Ralph left to give Jen time to get ready for her busy day. She had 2 stressful meetings scheduled at work, and then right after she had to run to see Danny her stylist. She brushed her hair in the mirror, in her stockinged feet and wearing her skirt and bra. Her hair reached at least three inches past her bra strap. She considered telling Danny to shorten her hair by a few inches – long hair took so much time to take care of – but she knew Mike would go ballistic if it didn’t fall passed her bra strap. His silly winter bra strap rule. It annoyed her, which she knew was odd because usually she considered his rule silly but endearing. She realized a lot of things about her husband annoyed her lately. She found herself wishing Mike could be more like Ralph, but the thought bothered her and she forced herself to stop thinking about it.

She looked in her medicine cabinet for her brown lipstick. It wasn’t a color she normally wore, but she thought it would look good with her outfit. Not finding it in her side of the bathroom, she moved to Mike’s and opened his medicine cabinet. As she looked a small square package fell out. She was startled when she read the label. Five morning after pills. Dated the day she took the first one, after that first time with Ralph. Four pills were left in the package.

The implications staggered her. Mike had bought 5 pills, not just 1. She sat down, thinking. Mike had expected she’d sleep around so much with Ralph or other men she’d need 4 more pills. Did he think so little of her, think she was that much of a slut? She remembered it was her idea to go back on the pill, not his. Maybe the risk of her getting pregnant by other men was part of his sick fantasy. Maybe he was disappointed she’d gone back on the pill, maybe he got excited at the prospect of her having unprotected sex and then having to take another morning after pill. Yes, they fantasized about it when they role played, but was it real for him, did he really want her to do that? Didn’t he understand the emotional cost and heartache it took her to take one of the pills? The fact she had, in fact, had to take a second one just made it all worse. Could she love or trust a man who treated her that way?

Something snapped inside. It was more than anger. She wanted to hurt him.

She finished dressing and got in a cab. On the way she called in sick at work. She went straight to Danny’s salon in mid-town.

“Jennifer!” Danny said happily when she entered. He was flaming and always pronounced her name “Jen-Knee-Fuur,” drawing out each syllable.

“You’re very early, but I can take you now.” He shooed her into a chair. “What is it today? A little cut-cut in the back?” He giggled. “Don’t worry, I won’t violate Michael’s bra strap rule, I know how the silly boy is.”

“Cut it short,” Jen said curtly, bypassing the normal banter she had with Danny when she saw him. She pointed to just below her ears. “To here.”

Danny’s eyes grew wide with surprise, then he got excited. “Really?! Oh how wonderful, this will be so much fun! I’ve told you so many times, I can do so much more with short hair!” Danny gripped her hair just below her ears and opened a large scissors. “Are you sure darling? Last chance.”

“Just do it,” she said without any emotion.

With glee, Danny cut her hair, the long blonde locks falling to the floor. “Do you want to donate your hair to Locks of Love? They’re more than long enough.” The charity required donated hair to be at least 10 inches, and what Danny had cut was over a foot.

“Sure, whatever,” she said distracted, looking at herself in the mirror. She was going to be a different girl now. Not the girl with long blonde hair Mike adored so much.

Danny went about layering what remained, when Jen interrupted him. “Danny –”

“Yes darling?”

“I want you to color my hair black.”

Chapter 11

Jen waited for Mike. He was getting home that evening. She looked in the mirror. Danny had argued against the jet black she wanted. He finally managed to convince her to go with a dark brown color. He said it would look as natural on her as blonde hair, and she had to admit he was right.

Mike couldn’t wait to see Jen. He knew she went out with Ralph the night before. His doubts remained, but this was his payoff, hearing about how Ralph fucked her good and hard, and how she loved it.

He opened the door and saw a woman sitting on the sofa. He didn’t recognize her, he thought he must have entered the wrong house. But then he realized it was Jen and his eyes grew wide, his heart stopped. She cut off all her hair! More than that, she dyed her hair dark brown, almost black!

“What have you done to yourself!” he yelled angrily.

“What were you planning to do to me!” she yelled back, throwing the package of morning after pills at him.

He looked at the package and realized what they were. “Jen –”

“What were you planning?” she angrily yelled. “Were you going to pimp me out? Get a bunch of black men to fuck me? Then get me to take more of those disgusting pills? Has that been your plan all along?”

“Jen, no!” Mike protested, her hair forgotten. “It wasn’t like that. I was at the drug store, and I thought, just in case …”

“Just in case?” she said mockingly, hurt written all over her face. “Just in case I had to take another one?” Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Well I DID have to take another one you shit! Because YOU pushed me to have sex with Ralph again! What kind of man are you Mike? What kind of man wants his wife to have sex with other men?”

Sobbing, Jen ran into the bedroom and slammed the door, locking it. When Mike knocked she screamed “Go away!”

Mike didn’t sleep all night. All he could think about was how he’d royally screwed up his marriage. The next morning Jen didn’t come out. He finally had to go to work. When he got home, she was still locked in the bedroom. He couldn’t tell if she’d come out at all, but he heard her moving in the bedroom. He’d thought about this all day, and he had some anger for Jen. He knew he was wrong about the pills, but he suspected there was more to it than that. He decided to wait until she came out.

Finally she did. She looked stunning. He had to admit the short brown hair looked fantastic on her. It looked full and lush and perfect. It gave her a sexy sassy sophisticated look. Her makeup was a little darker than she usually wore. The short hair showed off her elegant neck and slim shoulders, which were further emphasized because she wore a black strapless dress. She completed the outfit with black stockings and black high heels.

She stood there silently, letting him look at her. It was like she wanted to taunt him with her beauty. “I’m going out,” she finally announced.

“Where are you going?” he asked, an edge in his voice. But she didn’t answer. She didn’t need to. They both knew where she was going.

Her face held no emotion. It was like he didn’t exist, like he didn’t matter anymore. If she was trying to hurt him, she was succeeding royally.

“I was wrong about the pills, you have every right to be angry,” he said. “But that’s not the real reason you did this, is it?” he added bitterly, motioning at her short brown hair. “Ralph likes girls with short dark hair, and that’s what you are now. You did it for him.”

Jen’s expression didn’t change. “Don’t bother to wait up,” she said simply, and left.

Mike couldn’t sleep, even though he’d been up for almost 2 days straight. Daylight broke out, and still Jen hadn’t come home. He didn’t bother to go to work or even call in. It didn’t seem to matter. Finally around 3pm he heard a key in the door. The door opened and Jen walked in. She didn’t seem surprised to see him. She didn’t say anything. She looked tired. Her hair was tussled, her makeup gone. She wore the strapless dress but it was wrinkled and creased. Her black stockings were laddered. She held her heels in her hand.

She stood in front of him, not saying anything, expressionless. It was like she was throwing it in his face she’d let Ralph fuck her all night long and most of the next day. And Mike knew Ralph had. She looked it. She looked freshly fucked. She probably let him fuck her right before coming home.

He looked at her neck. She wore hickeys there, and on her shoulders. Ralph had marked her, claimed his property. Her new short hair emphasized Ralph’s brands on her, as did her strapless dress. He remembered at that moment she’d worn that dress that time Ralph had caught them playing at the club. She must have been thinking of Ralph all day long yesterday. Cutting her hair short for him, dying her hair almost black, picking out just the right outfit. All for him.

Mike looked into his wife’s face, his eyes wet. “Are you done torturing me now?”

Finally emotion showed on her face. Hurt and regret, maybe even some love. “Don’t ever do that to me again,” she said. She took his hand and led him to their bedroom. She curled up and he spooned her, and they fell asleep.

Mike and Jen made up, but she didn’t change her hair. Every month like clockwork she went to see Danny and told him to cut it short again, just below her ears, and to re-colored it dark brown. Once Mike asked her what Ralph thought. She didn’t answer. But Mike knew Ralph loved it. Jen did her hair for him now, not Mike. Why wouldn’t Ralph love it?

Jen saw Mike’s hurt. One night she tried to make him feel better. “Maybe someday I’ll grow my hair long again and let it go blonde,” she offered like a lifeline. Then she smiled playfully and took his hand and moved it to her small trimmed bush above her clit. “Until then you have this to remember I’m a blonde.” She said it to make him feel better, and it led to sex. But in fact her words made him feel worse, because they just reminded him Ralph saw and used her pussy whenever he wanted.

Her hair was just a symptom of what was wrong with their marriage. Their relationship had changed and would never be the same again, and Mike knew it was his fault.


Mike packed for another business trip. He’d come to hate being away from home, but he had no choice, not if he wanted to keep this job. Before he left he sat down with Jen and took her hands. “I know I started all of this,” he said earnestly. “But I want to go back to the way we were. No more games, no more fantasies. I want us to have a baby and start a family. Will you think about it?”

She hesitated, and then said, “Alright. We can talk about it when you get back.”

Mike smiled weakly, figuring that was the best he could hope for right now. He added, “While I’m away … I’d like it if you didn’t see Ralph.”

She hesitated again for a moment, and then agreed. “Okay, I won’t.”

Mike planned to be back Saturday morning but a colleague got sick so he had to go to a trade show in Vegas. He wouldn’t be home until Monday night. Friends from church were having a Super Bowl party, and Mike was disappointed to miss it. Jen asked if it would be okay if she went without him. He said yes even though he knew Ralph would be there, but he couldn’t ask Jen to spend Super Bowl Sunday all alone.

Jen felt relieved Mike’s trip had been extended. She needed the extra time to think about what he said. She still loved him. He was so different from all the other men she’d ever dated. Unlike other men, he looked beyond her looks right down to her soul. She still remembered one of their first dates, when they sat in an all-night diner and talked forever. They talked about everything, not just superficial things like sports and movies like most men did, but religion, politics, science, everything.

But Mike’s fantasies had distorted everything. She loved him, but … as a husband? And then there was Ralph. If he hadn’t been in the picture, maybe things would be different. Ralph was such an amazing man, and Mike, well … he wasn’t Ralph.

She looked forward to see Ralph at the party, but true to her promise to Mike, she resolved not to go home with him. On impulse she put on Ralph’s Penn State jersey. No one would think it usual, everyone knew she loved Penn State, and no one would recognize it as Ralph’s old jersey. She knew Ralph would be flattered if she wore it, and Mike would never know.

The party was crowded, with people clustered around the food and the TVs (the hosts had rented 4 big screen TVs). A big smile came to Ralph’s face when he saw Jen wearing his jersey. Ralph moved up close to Jen and gently squeezed her hand, making sure no one was around to see. Jen beamed inside.

Ralph was smoking a cigarette. He only smoked at parties like this, a social smoker like Jen. “Want one?” he asked smiling, offering her the pack.

“Okay,” she said, then playfully took the cigarette from his mouth and put it to her lips.

“Brat,” he said smiling. She smiled back at him. The people around them noticed the exchange and it touched off some whispering. People had noticed Jen and Ralph together a lot lately, and many speculated they were having an affair, especially with Ralph separated and Jen home alone so much with Mike traveling. Everyone agreed, thought, they made a very attractive couple.

It took every IOU he had, but Mike managed to get out of the trade show. As the plane touched down at LaGuardia he checked his iPhone – out of power. In the terminal he ran through the airport and managed to snag a cab right away. He paid the driver extra to high tail it. When he arrived at the party he rang the doorbell but no one answered. Then he remembered the hosts had rented a big tent that would cover practically the entire backyard, with a lot of space heaters. Everyone must be there. He went around the house and literally ran into the tent. He entered through a flap/door and almost ran into a huge bush.

He stood behind the bush. The tent was crowded, but he saw Jen immediately. His heart leaped at the sight of her. She looked beautiful with her sassy new haircut, dressed casually in jeans and her Penn State jersey. Mike saw Ralph approach his wife and he got angry. Can’t leave her alone, can you Ralph, even at a church party. Jen was in a circle of people, all talking and laughing, and Ralph walked right up and stood next to her.

Ralph was smoking, and he watched as his wife flirtingly took the cigarette from Ralph’s lips and put it between hers. Mike’s heart sank. Somehow, the gesture was as intimate as a kiss. Then he looked again at the Penn State jersey she wore. He recognized it. She was wearing Ralph’s old jersey, as if they were going steady. He slumped, like someone had punched him in the stomach. He went back out the door, and walked aimlessly until he noticed a lone cab sitting at a light. He flagged it down and went home.

Jen got home around midnight. She was startled to see Mike. “When did you get home?” she said coming up to him and giving him a kiss. “Why didn’t you go to the party?”

“I was there,” he said emotionally drained. “I saw you and Ralph together.”

Jen noticed the dried tears on her husband’s cheeks. “Mike, I didn’t do anything with him, I swear.”

“I know you didn’t,” he said, and he believed her. “But …” He touched the jersey she wore.

Jen’s face dropped. She felt guilty and ashamed.

“I’ve completely messed us up, haven’t I?” Mike said. “We’ll never be the same.”

She sat down, also feeling emotionally exhausted. She tried to look in his face, but she couldn’t. “I don’t know,” she said softly.

He nodded, understanding. “It’s all my fault, I know. I want you to know that. I don’t blame you at all. But …” Tears rolled down his face. “I can’t share your heart, Jen. I just can’t. It would kill me.”

Now Jen was crying. “What are you saying?”

“I need to go,” he said.

He got up, but Jen grabbed his hand. “Mike, don’t!”

“I’m sorry,” he said, taking her hand off his. “I’m sorry, but … I’m so sorry.”

Jen sobbed, putting her head in her hands. She sat on the couch like that for an hour. Then she got up and grabbed her car keys. She needed to talk to someone, and the only person she could think of was Ralph.

It had started snowing. She drove madly, almost getting in an accident as her car slid across the road. At his house, she ran up to the door and rang the bell repeatedly. Finally the door opened. But it wasn’t Ralph.

It was Alicia.

Alicia studied Jen’s crying face, and invited her in. “Come on, get out of the snow. I’ll get you some coffee.”

Jen felt numb. She sat, and took the coffee from Alicia. Alicia hadn’t seen Jen since that time in church. “You did your hair,” Alicia said bitterly. Jen’s hair was just as short and dark brown as Alicia’s.

“Where’s Ralph?” Jen asked.

“Upstairs, sleeping with the kids,” Alicia answered simply. Silence followed. Then Alicia looked at Jen. Now Alicia had tears in her eyes. “Ralph cheated on me,” she said. “More than once. That’s why I left him. But I love him so much. I know I’m a bitch. But I know deep down he loves me too. We’ve been married 20 years. We have 4 little kids. I want him back.”

Alicia looked beseechingly into Jen’s eyes, one woman pleading with another. “Jen, will you let me have my husband back?”

Alicia’s words hit Jen like a physical blow. Suddenly she understood the ramifications of her actions. She put down the coffee, her hands shaking. “I’m sorry,” she said tears welling up in her eyes. “I’m so sorry,” she repeated as she raced out the door.


Jen stayed with her brother Bobby until she found a job. She couldn’t stay with her parents. They’d barrage her with too many questions. They loved Mike like a son. She told them they broke up, but she couldn’t deal with their questions right now.

Jen got lucky. A college girlfriend managed a dance studio in LA, and they had an opening for a ballet and modern dance instructor. Her girlfriend also had a spare bedroom, and offered to rent it on the cheap. Jen immediately accepted both the job and the room, and bought her ticket to LA.

Jen wrote Mike a note. She’d tried calling a few times, but he didn’t answer. It was actually a relief not to talk to him. Not yet, it was too soon. There were too many emotions out there. She wrote: “Dear Mike: I’m going to LA. I’m going to try to be a dancer. It wasn’t all your fault. I’m sorry. Jen.” She put the note in an envelope and slipped it into the mail.

Bobby drove her to the airport. He hugged her. “You’ll be okay, sis.”

“Thanks,” she said with a weak smile, not sure if she would. Then she remembered. “Can you put this in the mail for me?” she said pulling out a package and handing it to Bobby.

“Sure,” he said taking the package. He gave her another hug and watched her walk away.

A week later Ralph went into his office in the gym. He’d just been to another marriage counseling session with Alicia. He’d been calling Jen constantly, but she wouldn’t answer or return his calls. He tried calling her again, and got a “not in service” message. She’d changed her telephone number.

He sat in his chair, wondering what he should do. He understood his responsibilities to Alicia and his kids. But he’d give all that up if he could be with Jen. He wished he could talk to her.

Then he noticed a package on his desk. It must have arrived in the morning mail. His heart leaped when he saw the address. It was in Jen’s handwriting. He eagerly ripped open the package. There was no note. When he saw what was inside he slumped back in his chair, knowing it was over.

It was his Penn State jersey.

~~ the end ~~

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