Our Weekend at the Hunting Camp


“Are you about ready?” I called down the hall to my wife.

It was a cold Thursday afternoon in early January and we were about to start a four drive to the hunting lease I was a part of in South Texas. I had been going to the same place since before we were married but, Susie disdained hunting and so far had refused to go. The only way I had convinced her this time was when I explained we would be the only people there and I wouldn’t hunt. And, she would get a chance to see the beauty of the ranch, the wildlife and we could spend some quality time away from the bustle of the city.

Susie appeared with another small bag, handing it to me to add to the stack already loaded in the Tahoe, while she went to grab a Diet Coke. A few minutes later we were finally pulling away from the house just as dusk was settling in. For a while, we chatted with me spending a lot of time trying to pump her up about the trip by explaining what we might see. She seemed to be getting enthused but it wasn’t long before the darkness and the monotony of the drive started to take a toll. There were longer periods of silence in our conversation until I looked over and saw that she had her head back with her eyes closed.

I turned off the radio and for the next hour drove in silence thinking about Susie and how fortunate I was to be her husband. In fact, I still get occasional comments from friends wondering how I had been able to pull it off. You see, Susie is a natural beauty. She is tallish at just a shade over 5’7″ and slender with C-cup breasts that sit high on her chest and are quite pronounced on her frame. Also, she has blonde hair that she wears short which accentuates her long neck and deep violet eyes. However, it’s her fully juicy lips that I like the best and fortunately both of us love to kiss. Unlike Susie, I’m pretty plain although since we often work out together I have stayed in reasonable shape. My height is 5’11” and my weight fluctuates around 175 pounds.

Of course, my friends focus on my wife’s looks but she has many other positive attributes as well. First, she is quite playful and witty which makes her fun to be around. In addition, she is also quite intelligent which to me adds to her beauty. She works for a large specialty insurance firm and has done quite well, receiving several promotions in the five years since she graduated college. I am two years older and work for an engineering firm in business development. We met through a last minute blind date where I was the replacement for another man who had taken ill and somehow, much to everyone’s surprise, we hit it off. That date was four years ago and we got married after just a year together.

With her looks, Susie never lacked for men wanting to share her company. She had four intimate relationships before we met so she knew her way around the bedroom but fortunately, she has kept a sense of innocence too. We enjoyed each other and developed a great sex life but also valued the simple act of cuddling and kissing which we often did for hours.

The inside of the SUV was suddenly filled by the sound of my cell phone ringing and I grabbed for it quickly, hoping to answer before it awakened Susie.

“Hello?” I whispered into the phone while glancing at my wife. I was happy to see that she hadn’t stirred.

“Hey, Jeff. It’s Darryl Robertson. I wanted to let you know I decided to come out so I’ll see you tomorrow.” The voice announced. Darryl was one of the other men that shared the lease and, while disappointed we wouldn’t be alone, I had no right to ask him not to come out.

“Okay Darryl.” I replied trying not to let my feelings show.

“Good. Oh and my son is coming with me.” He added.

I let out a sigh of disappointment as soon as I hung up. Susie would not like the fact that hunting was taking place while she was there and Darryl would not have been my first choice if we had to have company. He was a bit odd and something of a loner always fiddling with something around the camp. Although his mechanical and electrical skills could come in handy at times, he just seemed to be over the top with it. I guessed that he was in his mid-forties which made it difficult to determine the age of his son.

Susie stirred several times during the remainder of the drive but each time she drifted back to sleep after moving positions. It wasn’t until I was stopped in front of the ranch gate, about to get out, that she finally became fully conscious.

“Are we here?” She asked in a fake little girl voice.

“Yes, sweetie. We’ll be at the cabin in just a few minutes.” I answered then stepped out.

Five minutes later, I was opening the door while Susie stayed in the warm SUV until I could open the house, turn on the utilities and the furnace. When everything was done, I unloaded the car and after dropping the bags into one of the two bedrooms, I gave Susie a quick tour. It was a simple setup; there were two sleeping areas, one on each side of the structure that could accommodate ten each. The sleeping style was bunk beds, except for one queen sized bed in each room, along with a simple bathroom and shower. In the center, was a kitchen and dining area along the back of the house and in front was a common living area with several couches and chairs. A satellite TV provided the entertainment connection to the outside world. A large porch ran the length of the front of the house and just off a corner was a nice fire pit with a stone skirt. This was the typical congregating spot for the hunters after dark where they could have a drink in front of a roaring fire.

“It’s still cold.” Susie announced with a shiver.

“I know honey but it will take time to get warm. Let’s just jump in bed.” I suggested.

Susie fumbled in her bag for some things then went to the bathroom while I turned down the bed. I was in the process of taking my clothes off when Susie came running by in her t-shirt and thong and slid quickly under the covers. With a laugh, I quickly got down to my boxers and joined her. We snuggled to get warm which took several minutes and even though we were both tired, I couldn’t keep my hands off her. After pulling her nightwear off then mine, I climbed onto my wife and began a gentle rocking motion.

“You need a condom.” She whispered.

We had discovered early in our relationship that Susie’s body didn’t react well with birth control pills. Her libido became markedly different, which I noticed quickly, and she constantly felt heavy. She wasn’t at all interested in some device inside her so we had elected to go natural. This meant a diligent counting of her days to know safe ones from bad. We hadn’t always been perfect but so far we had been lucky.

“It’s the last day.” She announced while I searched the bag for the condoms.

Finding the packages and quickly tearing one open, I rolled it on with a practiced hand then re-entered my wife.

“God, I hate these things.” I told her for the thousandth time.

“Would you rather me pregnant?” She replied with her standard answer.

“Yes.” I answered sarcastically.

“Not yet.” She whispered into my ear intentionally trying to get me more excited while her hands glided over my back.

I knew she was exhausted and making love for my benefit so I gave myself permission to cum and did so in short order. With that, I fell to her side and soon we were both asleep.

“No honey, it’s too early.” Susie whined when I shook her just a little before six.

“Come on now. You know we talked about this and you agreed to go out to a blind and see the animals.” I said to her.

“Come back to bed and let’s make love instead.” My wife suggested.

I would have none of it and after a quick snack in the now warm cabin, I made Susie put on the camo gear I had bought for her and we left in an ATV I had pulled from the storage shed. The cold air on our faces forced away any remaining sleepiness during the ten minute trek and I stopped the vehicle in a low spot then directed my wife towards an elevated blind a hundred yards away. Thirty minutes before sunrise, we were seated in the stand waiting to see what might appear.

“What do we do?” Susie asked too loudly which brought a scowl from me.

“Wait for the sun to come up. Now, I told you that you need to be quiet.” I whispered a rebuke which made my wife’s eyebrow rise.

Susie was quiet and still for a few minutes then, I felt her gloved hand land on the inside of my thigh. Turning to her, even in the dark, I could see the smirk on her face and at that moment she moved her hand until it was bumped against my dick.

“Stop it.” I scolded but she ignored my words and pressed harder.

Susie started to giggle which frustrated me since I had put so much effort into getting her in the field. Unfortunately, the harder I tried to get her to behave through stern looks and light slaps on her hand the more “giggly” she became.

“Susie if you don’t stop we won’t see anything.” I hissed.

“I can’t help it I’m horny.” She replied with a pouty face.

I realized that it was a lost cause so I decided to take the next best option which was to fuck her silly in the deer stand. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her to me then kissed her deeply. The kiss let her know where I was heading and with a smile she started massaging my groin which, although a rare aggressive move on her part, was certainly appreciated.

“Mmmm…” A soft moan escaped her mouth when my hand found her breasts and began to softly knead them.

Susie put up no resistance when my hand snaked inside her coat and under her shirt. Minutes later, she helped me pull her pants down then moved to my lap with her back to me and guided my rigid cock to her wet opening. I used my hands to move her hips while she held onto the window ledge of the blind emitting soft purrs and whimpers.

“Damn you feel good.” I told her between my own grunts.

Unfortunately, she felt too good and it wasn’t long before I felt my balls tighten. The feeling of my wife’s snug pussy coupled with the strange location proved too much and, despite gritting my teeth to try and last, with a loud gasp I emptied my balls into her warmth.

Susie looked over her shoulder with a look of disappointment and a whine but kept pushing against my groin hoping somehow she could revive my shrinking member. After a minute, she slowed and then finally stopped.

“That’s twice.” She informed me with a look that let me know it better not happen a third time.

Now finished, the cold air reminded us quickly about our state of partial undress and we scurried to pull our clothes back on.

“Do we stay here and watch?” Susie asked when we were done.

“Honey, we’ve scared off everything for miles. We might as well leave.” I said with a laugh.

She didn’t protest as she was ready to return to the warmth of the house so a few minutes later we were walking towards the ATV followed by the cold ride back. Once there, I made coffee and a simple breakfast then Susie announced she was going back to bed.

I let her sleep for several hours while I did chores around the house then quietly slipped in next to her hoping to make up for my previous failings. I was pleased to find her in just a thong and my hands immediately went to her full, firm breasts.

“What took you so long.” She moaned as her butt pushed against me.

I let my hand wander over her body, exciting her; before I turned her head, kissed her hard then began an exploring her body. First I went to her neck where I gave it soft kisses and licks then I moved lower to her perfect breasts where I feasted on the soft flesh and tiny puckered nipples that had become pointed and hard. Susie loves for me to go down on her and I felt her hands on my shoulders gently pushing me towards her pussy.

“Mmmm…ohhhh…” She called out when my tongue began a teasing movement around her opening.

I could tell she was very excited by the way her hips were moving but I was in no hurry and continued to play, bringing more sighs and whimpers from her, until I let my tongue run the length of her now very wet slit. At the top, I started flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue and suddenly her legs were spread wide and the covers thrown to the side.

“Oh Jeff…ohhhh…ohhhh right there…” She moaned in encouragement while her hands clamped onto the back of my head.

She seemed to be very close so I was surprised when I felt her begin to pull on me then announce. “I want you inside me.”

Dutifully, I moved up her body until her hand found my dick and pulled it to her. It slipped in easily and we instantly started a fast, urgent movement. Susie’s excitement began to affect me and I had to concentrate and make myself slow so I could give her a steady, strong rhythm. Otherwise, I would soon find myself succumbing once again.

Susie always gets quiet and her body becomes stiff before she releases. Several times I thought she was priming for a climax but it must have drifted from her because her movements and sounds would return. The third time I thought for sure she must be ready and when little whimpers began to come from her I was certain but just at that moment a loud sound hit us.

“Hey Jeff, you here?” I heard Darryl voice call out behind the banging of the door.

“Huh?” Susie cried out in surprise. Followed by. “Nooo…”

“It’s okay.” I said trying to reassure her while I kept moving but I could tell the moment had been lost.

“I don’t believe it.” She announced in frustration and with her body now still, I slowed and finally stopped too.

“I’m sorry sweetie.” I said softly. I knew it wasn’t enough given how close she was but it was all I could think of to say.

“Jeff!” The older man called out again.

“Yeah, just a second.” I yelled back.

“Don’t move.” I said to my wife who looked back at me with an annoyed expression.

I got out of bed, threw on my jeans and a shirt and went out to greet Darryl before he came into the bedroom. I found him in the kitchen putting some bags on the counter.

“Hi Darryl.” I said as politely as I could muster while extending my hand which he took in his strong grip.

“Good to see you. How’s the ranch?” He asked.

“Hey it’s good. Look my wife came out with me.” I told him. I had let Susie know that morning about Darryl and his son although we expected them a bit later.

“Yeah okay. No worries.” He replied seemingly oblivious to the fact that his coming out might have impacted our plans.

At that moment, a younger man came through the door also carrying some bags. I took him to be Darryl’s son and this was confirmed when he was introduced as Donny. Donny looked to be in his early twenties, a few years younger that Susie and me. He was lean like his dad but not skinny and also about the same height at around six foot. However, unlike his father, he had an open face and smile and gave off the impression of someone that was gregarious.

A noise behind us caused everyone to turn and Susie appeared at the door wearing jeans and a simple blouse. Introductions were quickly made and I was pleasantly surprised when both Darryl and Donny acted both gracious and respectful.

Almost instantly, Donny engaged Susie in a conversation and while they chatted I went outside to help Darryl unload some more things from their pickup and was pleased to see my wife with a smile on her face, still chatting away when I got back ten minutes later.

“What’s y’alls plans?” Darryl asked when everything was put away.

“We didn’t come to hunt. We’re just out so Susie can see the ranch.” I explained.

“We came out to get some meat for the freezer but the weather is calling for rain so if it’s heavy we’ll probably head back.” He said which brought a glimmer of hope.

For the next couple hours, Donny and I helped Darryl do his normal piddling around the place while Susie watched TV. When we finished and went inside, Susie informed us that there had been a severe weather alert and we quickly switched channels to check it out. A heavy line of storms were headed our way which would likely hit us in about two hours.

“So much for hunting.” Darryl said turning to his son who had a clear look of disappointment.

“Can’t we go out for an hour or so before the storm his?” Donny asked.

“Hell, why not.” His father answered after a moment of thought.

It wasn’t likely they would see anything mid-day but you never know. They quickly started to prepare and twenty minutes later they were off.

“So we’re not going out again?” My wife asked as the roar of the ATV faded.

“Not today at least.” I replied.

I tried to get Susie guided back to the bedroom to complete our lovemaking but she declined telling me she wasn’t in the mood right then and for damn sure didn’t want to risk being interrupted a second time. So, we began watching TV and about forty-five minutes after their departure we heard the distant sound of a rifle shot followed a few seconds later by another. It was another twenty minutes when we heard the sound of the approaching vehicle and the outcome of their quick hunt was soon evident when they pulled underneath the cleaning A-frame and two does were hefted up.

The sky was starting to darken and distant thunder could be heard so Darryl and Donny briskly set to task. I warned Susie not to look but strangely, she stood on the porch, watching from a distant as the slain deer were systematically prepared. Donny was doing most of the work while his dad supervised. He had removed his coat and was working in just a white t-shirt that quickly became stained with blood. When they finished, they put the deer in the cooler then rinsed the blood off their arms and hands.

“So brutal.” Susie said to me as she turned to go into the house and I let her pass without replying.

When father and son came into the house, they went immediately to the back and we heard the shower starting. A few minutes later, just as the lightning and accompanying thunder were growing near, they emerged looking refreshed. Donny came over and joined us while Darryl went to the kitchen. We could hear the blender start and a few minutes later Darryl arrived with a pitcher of margaritas and four Solo cups. The drinks were damn good and I could see from Susie’s first sip that she found it tasty. We continued to chat while watching the line of storms approach on TV and thankfully the deer hunting was not brought up. We had polished off the first batch and were just starting the second when the TV was finally lost and then fifteen minutes later, just as the lightning and thunder became intense, we lost power too.

While Susie and Donny remained in the living area, Darryl and I fished out some candles and soon we were all back to drinking and talking. The flickering candle light provided a strange sense of protection from the violent storm and only twice did Susie squeeze my arm in fright. Fortunately, the worst part didn’t last all that long and, when it finally passed as dark set in, what remained was a steady light rain.

“No more margaritas and no power to run the blender. What’s everyone’s second choice.” Darryl asked the group.

“Oh, man those margs were good too.” Donny said disappointingly.

“They were very good.” My wife chimed in.

“Can’t be helped.” The older man replied in his normal brusque way.

“Let’s go to Mexico.” Donny suggested from the blue. This brought dismissive laughter from Darryl and me while Susie looked on.

“It’s too dangerous these days.” I finally said when my wife gave me an odd look.

“How far is it?” Susie asked seemingly ignoring my concern.

“About an hour.” Darryl responded.

“We can stay on the main street that’s close to the bridge. You know. Where those couple places are next to each other. I mean you can see the bridge from there. It can’t be that bad right there.” Donny said clearly not wanting to give up on the idea.

Darryl looked at me and when I looked at Susie she had a hopeful expression. I knew Susie wasn’t having much fun and being stuck inside due to the rain with no electricity or TV made it worse. Even though I had serious reservations, I felt my head nodding.

An hour later after getting cleaned up and changed in the dark we were on our way in the Tahoe with Darryl up front with me and Donny and Susie in the back. Donny kept us talking on the way and I had to admit he had an uncanny ability to get people engaged and relaxed. We parked in a lot then took a taxi across the bridge and went into the most upscale looking place. Since it was just barely eight, the place was only half full and we were able to get a good table near the back. A small band was setting up on a slightly raised stage and when a heavy waitress came up we all ordered margaritas.

For the next three hours, we drank, snacked and listened to the band. The drinks were quite strong which made everyone but Darryl more talkative. They seemed to have the opposite effect on him as he became quieter, even sullen in a way. The band played a variety of Mexican music and occasionally Donny or I would dance with Susie if the song had the right rhythm. I was happy to see that throughout the night, despite the flow of alcohol, he always acted the gentleman.

Finally, everyone had had enough and we started the trek back to the ranch. Unlike the ride over, it was quiet in the Tahoe and we were barely out of the parking lot when I noticed that Darryl had his head against the window and his eyes closed. The brightly lit streets of the city on the American side slowly gave way to darkness as we turned onto the highway. At that hour, there was only a small amount of traffic and, with people sleeping I couldn’t use the radio, so I resigned myself to a silent drive back.

We had been underway for about fifteen minutes when a sound I couldn’t place came from the back seat. At first, I thought it was just Susie or Donny trying to find a comfortable position but when I heard it again, this time with another sound I couldn’t place, my curiosity was piqued. Turning for a quick glance, I got the shock of my life. My wife was sitting right next to the younger man and they were kissing in a tight embrace. Strangely, my first reaction was to look away as if I was some voyeur or peeping tom. It was only when I was back looking at the road that I realized the absurdity of that thought but by then other feelings were attacking my senses. I realized my hands were shaking on the wheel and although I tried desperately to make it stop I couldn’t. There was also confusion as I tried to figure out what to do. Should I pull over and throw him out? Should I yell at my wife and acknowledge her behavior? Should I engage them in conversation so they would have to stop? In less than a minute these thoughts must have raced through my mind a hundred times each. In the end, it was denial at what I had seen that made me want to look again, but even that took several more minutes for me to gather the courage.

This time, my rapid look saw nothing as there was nobody there and it quickly dawned on me that they were now prone on the back seat, deeper in the darkness. This meant there was no way I could do a quick glance and, if I wanted to see, I would have to partially turn. Finally doing so, I saw Donny had my pretty wife pushed against the back seat and was lying alongside her as they continued to kiss. Her arm around his neck provided the room to see that his hand was on the outside of her blouse massaging her breasts.

I had to turn back or risk a wreck and was glad to see that Darryl was in his same position, oblivious to the seduction his son was working on my wife. My eyes returned to the road and for the next few minutes I fought the thoughts in my head and the overwhelming desire to look again. It was during this time, I realized that I was hard. It was also when I realized that mixed with my shock was a curiosity about how far Susie would go.

I made the decision not to look for ten minutes and it seemed like each minute took an hour. On top of that, I could now hear soft sighs comings from behind me that made it clear that my wife was being pleasured. Finally, the time came and I prepared myself for what I might see.

They were in the same basic position but now my wife’s blouse and bra had been pushed up releasing her breasts and Donny was hungrily sucking on a nipple. His hand was kneading her ass through her jeans and she had her arm still wrapped around his neck with her eyes closed and mouth partially open. It was a wanton display of illicit sexuality and something I would have never dreamed Susie would consider. But there was no denying what I was seeing or her reaction. Was it the liquor? Was she so far gone she didn’t know what was happening? If so, then I was an ass for not intervening but she hadn’t seemed that drunk when we left Mexico.

We were now just about halfway back to the ranch. Again, I had to force myself to focus on the road while the sounds from the back continued to become less muted. My wife was clearly aroused and I began to wonder if he would try to fuck her. Ten minutes later with twenty minutes to go I looked again. Now Susie was turned and facing the back seat with Donny spooned behind her. At first, I thought that this meant she had disengaged and was rejecting him, although her breasts were still exposed. But, looking closer, I realized what was happening. Her jeans were loose and I could see the black strap of her thong. Donny’s arm was snaked over her hip and his hand was pushed inside her jeans. He had turned her so he could have better access to finger her pussy. Susie’s eyes were still shut and she was biting her lip but while I watched she suddenly whimpered and bent her knee. Instinctively, I knew this likely meant his finger was inside her snug pussy.

Lights from an approaching car alerted me to get back to driving. Up ahead, was the turn off the highway to the secondary road which meant we were about ten minutes away. At the gate of course, I would be getting out which meant it would all come to an end. Ten minutes wasn’t much time so I thought nothing more could occur but, just before making the turn, I heard the distinctive sound of a metal belt buckle coming loose. I knew I had to look but this road was smaller and twisting so several minutes elapsed before I could.

Susie was still turned so she was facing the back seat but Donny’s hand was back on her breasts and he was nibbling her neck. However, it was their lower bodies that drew my attention. They were spooned tightly together and I could see his belt hanging loose and my wife’s jeans partly off her butt. Still, it looked like both were covered enough that intercourse wasn’t possible although their collective silence made me very nervous.

“Ohhh…” I heard Susie moan just as my foot went to the brake for the turn into the gate and in that moment I wondered if she had been penetrated.

I stopped with the headlights illuminating the gate and left the vehicle without looking back. Less than a minute later, when I returned, my wife had her top back in place and was sitting at one end of the seat while Donny sat on the other. Darryl had awakened too and was rubbing his eyes when I got back behind the wheel. A few minutes later we were at the house and as soon as we stepped inside there were quick goodbyes as we split to our respective rooms.

Susie tried to go to the bathroom but I pulled her to the bed, ignoring her protests and pushed her backwards then fell on top of her. My mouth found hers and it took only a few seconds until she was passionately returning my kisses. From there, we pulled each other’s clothes off and despite the chilly room we were soon naked on top of the bed panting excitedly as we engaged in foreplay that we both knew would be short lived.

“I’m ready.” She stated, almost as a demand, as she pulled on my stiff dick.

I pushed into her wet opening, finding no resistance, until I was completely inside. Her hands quickly found my ass and with urgency she pulled on me to move faster. For a while, I tried to hold back and assert control but her whines and writhing proved too much and I started a fast, hard pace. Susie’s arms were around my neck pulling me tightly into her and her legs were wrapped around my waist while she met my thrusts with her own. It was a different feeling than our normal lovemaking and I knew that, at least partially, it was a response to Donny’s attentions. Still, I went with it, thrusting hard until the wetness of her pussy could be heard in the room. It was when I lifted onto my arms to look down at her that across the room, near the half open door that I was certain I had closed, I saw the tall shadow that I knew was Donny. It drove me to fuck her harder, forcing the moans and whines from Susie that I knew would drive him crazy. And when she came, practically screaming in joy, I knew he would be thinking about it for a long time.

The faint light of dawn was peaking into the room when I woke to the feeling of Susie pushing against me. It took me several minutes to fully awake but when I did I realized we were face to face and she was staring into my eyes.

“Good morning.” She said softly.

“Morning.” I responded realizing something was about to happen.

“We need to talk.” She said flatly in a way that sent a chill through my body. Despite our wild love making, her actions on the drive back were clearly weighing on her mind.

“Ok, what’s wrong?” I replied feigning ignorance.

“I…I did something bad.” She said and I could tell by the cracking of her voice that she was close to tears.

“What? Tell me?” I answered forcing myself to act confused. It was damn hard as all my instincts told me I should be screaming at her.

“I…I…in the car…we…I mean Donny and I kind of made out.” She forced out. She began sobbing softly as soon as the words were out.

“I don’t understand. What do you mean?” I asked actually reveling in her discomfort.

“Well, we kissed…” She started then stopped.

“Why did you let him kiss you? Were you that drunk?” I asked pretending I didn’t know the truth and that a quick kiss was all that had occurred.

“I guess so…” She replied and her sobbing became more pronounced.

“Don’t be so upset.” I said to her as I pulled her close to me and stroked her hair. Then after several seconds I asked. “Is that all that happened?”

“No.” Came her reply mixed with tears.

“What happened?” I asked softly.

For the next few minutes, she described what had occurred while occasionally stopping to cry. I was pleased that she seemed to be telling the truth and was sincerely ashamed by her actions. She admitted to having her breasts fondled and even described how he had reached into her pants but, she stopped short about his pants becoming unbuckled and what happened after. Now, I was left to try wonder why she was hiding that detail.

“Did it excite you?” I had to ask even though I knew in doing so I was showing something of myself.

“I guess some.” She admitted after a short silence.

“Did his finger go inside you?” I asked unable to hold back.

When she nodded her head affirmatively, I had to turn my body so she wouldn’t feel my dick that was now getting hard. I continued to stroke her hair in silence as I thought about what she had admitted and how I was expected to react.

“What else?” I finally forced out.

“Nothing.” She said, not aware that I knew she was lying.

For some reason, knowing my wife had been seduced and was now hiding the depth of her indiscretion from me was strangely exciting. I turned her and kissed her soft lips and she instantly responded with passion finding redemption in my olive branch.

“It was the margaritas.” I said as soon as we broke giving her a way out.

She quickly kissed me again and from there we started to fondle each other until several minutes later I was over her, finding her entrance.

“Do you still love me?” She asked with a pleading look.

“Of course Susie. It wasn’t your fault.” I replied. For some reason, I knew it wasn’t the time to be judgmental. Not yet.

“I love you. You’re so special.” She responded.

We moved together in silence, save for her purrs, for a few minutes while I showered her lips, neck and ears with kisses. When I knew she was completely aroused, I decided it was time for some more questions.

“Did it feel good?” I asked.

“Mmm…yes, you feel good.” She answered.

“Not me baby, Donny last night.” I probed wondering what reaction I would get.

Her response was to go quiet, I’m sure hoping it would just go away but I pushed. “Did it?”

“Why?” She finally responded.

“I want to know, tell me.” I said in a voice that I tried hard to make even.

“I don’t want to talk about him.” She replied trying to avoid the question.

“Tell me.” I demanded. I had stopped moving and was raised over her looking into her face.

“I was drunk.” She said in defense using the out I had given her.

“I know. But did it feel good?” I pushed.

“I guess, some.” She finally answered and as a reward I pushed hard into her which elicited a gasp and a moan.

“Did he nibble on your nipples?” I asked knowing how much she liked it when I did it lightly.

There was a silence that lasted for what must have been twenty seconds while I made slow, firm thrusts before she finally replied. “Yes.”

“And you liked it.” I challenged her quickly.

“Yes.” She answered almost immediately which surprised me.

“Did he make you wet.” I followed thinking I was making progress.

“Jeff, I’m sorry I was bad.” She blurted out as we moved together.

“It’s okay to be bad every now and then.” I answered without thinking.

Suddenly, she stopped me and took my head in her hands so that I was forced to look directly into her eyes. We stared at each other for several seconds before I forced my head down until I could meet her lips in a kiss. At first, she held back but within seconds she was kissing me back passionately.

“We kissed in the bar.” She offered from the blue.

“When? Where?” I asked. Now I was the one caught off guard.

“Outside the bathroom.” She explained.

“That’s all?” I asked.

“Yeah, I was startled.” She replied between the gasps I was forcing from her with my renewed thrusts.

“But you let him in the Tahoe. You wanted him to.” I stated more than asked.

“Yes.” She whispered softly while nodding her head. Then, seconds later she said in the same soft voice. “Fuck me, Jeff.”

Susie rarely used curse words and never the “f” word so when she said it an instantaneous feeling of surprise and excitement coursed through my body. I was torn between my carnal desire to reach a climax that I knew would be huge and the interest I had in exploring every part of my wife’s indiscretion.

“Did he make you wet?” I asked returning to the question I had asked previously.

“Yes.” She answered and the tone in her voice let me know that she enjoyed admitting it.

“Did he push his finger in you deep?” I asked now wanting specifics.

“Yeah, it felt good.” She answered and I wondered whether she now felt comfortable with the questions or if she was toying with me.

“Did he try more?” I asked already knowing the answer but wanting her to admit he had undone his pants.

“Yeah.” She admitted but offered no details which excited and annoyed me at the same time.

“How baby?” I asked with urgency in my voice.

“He told me to meet him in the living room when you fell asleep.” She said and instantly I knew it was true. I thought it might have been why she was reluctant at first with me. Maybe, she was thinking about him and surprisingly, I found the idea arousing.

“He came looking for you. He watched us make love.” I told her and I felt her body shudder beneath me.

I felt her hand on the back of my head and she pulled it next to her mouth then whispered. “You got me first.”

With that, all talking stopped and we fucked hard. Just as I was reaching the point of no return, Susie’s body got rigid and I knew it would be a race to see who would cum first. She beat me by seconds and then I joined her as we traded cries of pleasure and moans until we finally became still, exhausted physically and mentally from the shared revelations.

Even though I had mentally prepared myself for seeing Donny that morning, the interaction was still awkward. He quickly realized I knew enough to be pissed at him so he disappeared after a few minutes. Conversely, Darryl showed no outward signs of awareness and acted his usual pleasant but strange self. When Susie joined me, we had coffee and cereal while discussing how we wanted to spend the day. Unfortunately, the ground was soaked from the rain which limited our options and the look in the sky didn’t give much comfort that it was over. In the end, we decided to go for a short walk along the road just to get out of the house.

An hour later, we were back, shivering from the cold dampness of the air having seen nothing of interest. We poured some coffee and flopped in front of the TV and I felt disappointed at the fact that Susie was not able to get out. Given the events of the previous night, I thought about packing up and leaving but two things made me stay. First, since hunting was going to be difficult, I hoped that Darryl and Donny might leave. Second, there was something about the awkward situation and my wife’s discomfort that intrigued me. I didn’t know why but I wanted her to come face to face with him. It was shortly after lunch when it finally occurred.

Donny had been staying outside working on the ATVs but came inside to eat. Whether it was for Darryl’s benefit or just the fact that denial was the easier path, it was funny watching the two of them attempt to act normal. He made a sandwich and sat in the kitchen to provide some separation and when he was finished he started talking to his dad.

“I got the Polaris fixed up.” He stated. The Polaris was a two seat ATV that was quite fast, too fast really, that the more adventurous liked to use to speed about the ranch. It had been pulled out of a ditch or the brush more than once as a result of someone being too aggressive which is why it needed repair.

“You going to take it out?” Darryl asked.

“Yeah, you want to go?” His son replied.

“Nah. Things to do.” His dad answered.

“Okay, well I’m going for a spin.” He said and began walking towards the door avoiding eye contact as he passed us.

“Susie, why don’t you go?” I heard the words leave my mouth without thinking.

“Why?” Came her awkward answer which was delivered with a confused expression. As she spoke, Donny stopped and turned.

“Well it’s the only way to see the ranch as wet as things are. Plus, you seem to be bored.” I answered actually making more sense than I thought I would.

“Yeah, come on it will be fun.” Donny threw in before she could respond.

My wife turned and stared at me communicating in on a non-verbal way her questions and concerns but I held her gaze until finally she gave a simple shrug and said. “Let me change.”

The rain had actually brought moderating temperatures and so it was currently around 50 degrees. Still, with the wetness and the wind I knew she needed to be prepared. Without much talking, I helped her dress in several layers ending with her insulated camo hunting pants and a long sleeved camo shirt.

“This makes no sense.” She stated flatly as she stood ready in the bedroom.

“It’s just an ATV ride.” I replied.

“You know what I mean. What are you doing this?” She asked taking me by the chin and making me look into her eyes.

“Susie, it’s just an ATV ride.” I repeated. It wasn’t an answer that appeased her but she let me go and turned.

Donny was dressed similarly and had pulled the ATV near the door. He held in his hand a helmet and another was placed on the passenger seat. I watched as he helped her fit it and strap her in the seat then quickly they were off accompanied by the roaring noise of the engine. As soon, as they disappeared, I turned to see Darryl looking at me from the shed where he was preparing for some more tasks. I walked over to him and for the next hour we did various fix up activities while idly chatting. However, as if by agreement, the subject of Donny and my wife was avoided.

We had long since finished the chores and were watching a football game while sipping beers when we heard the ATV returning. During all the time they had been gone; my mind envisioned numerous scenarios of what might be occurring in some quiet pasture. Now, I was eager to see Susie return and find out.

The machine pulled up to the front just as Darryl and I stepped onto the porch. The first thing I noticed was that both of them were completely covered in mud. Clearly, they had not taken the quiet path.

Both got out and stood at the same time and after fumbling with her helmet, Donny stepped over and helped her take it off. He set off towards the shed and that’s when I noticed that, like a line had been drawn down his body, his front half was covered in mud but his back half was clean. However, when Susie stepped onto the porch sporting a grin I noticed her backside was nowhere near as clean.

“How was it?” I asked as my mind raced to determine the meaning.

“Fun…exciting at times.” She answered and moved past me.

After giving her several minutes, I went to find her and located her in the bathroom with the shower running and her dirty clothes in a pile outside the door. I picked up the shirt and then her pants finding, that upon closer inspection, they indeed had mud on the back. But, unlike the front, rather than being splattered and wet these marks were streaky and partly dried. The only answer I could come up with was that Donny had been behind her and through holding or hugging he had transferred the mud. Did this mean more had occurred? Kicking the pile with my foot, her bra came into view and when I saw the streaks across the white fabric I knew his hand had been there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find her panties to do a similar inspection.

“Susie, let me in.” I said softly when I found the door locked.

“I’m in the shower.” Came her reply but I kept knocking and several seconds later the door lock clicked and I opened it just in time to see her naked butt sliding back behind the curtain. Her panties lay in a ball in the corner and, like the bra, there were marks.

“What happened?” I asked instantly realizing how needy I sounded.

“We went for a long ride. It was very fast and exciting. Actually, scary at times.” She replied from behind the curtain and her choice of descriptors made me think she was intentionally toying with me.

“You know what I mean.” I followed.

There was a pause before she responded. “Why did you push it?”

Now, it was my turn to be quiet as I didn’t really have a good answer. Before I could think of what to say, the shower stopped and seconds later the curtain pulled back revealing my beautiful naked wife. Instinctively, my eyes scanned her for signs of activity which brought a knowing, annoyed look from her. As soon as she stepped out, I pulled her into my arms and tried to kiss her. At first, she turned her head and avoided my attempt but when my lips finally found hers she eagerly responded.

“What happened?” I asked again in a soft voice when our kiss broke.

“I told you. We had an exciting ride.” She answered. I was almost totally certain she was toying with me but the tiny likelihood of something happening fueled my eagerness and made it something I had to know.

“Did he get you?” I replied. Immediately, I knew it was a poor choice of words.

“Did he get me? You mean did he like throw me in the mud and fuck me while I screamed in pleasure and scared all the animals away?” She replied sarcastically while pushing me away.

“Sorry, that’s not what I meant.” I answered hastily.

“I think it’s exactly what you meant. I don’t know what’s gotten into you. The ride from Mexico was a mistake – my fault and I admit that but it’s certainly bringing a different reaction than I expected.” She stated and turned to the mirror.

“Susie…” I started but was cut off.

“Let me get changed.” She said dismissively. Deciding not to push, I turned and left.

I was sitting outside next to the fire pit as the sun set with Darryl and Donny when my wife finally appeared. The rain had ended and, while it was still quite damp and humid, we had decided to start a fire. Susie joined us wearing jeans, a long sleeved shirt and a light jacket and while she settled in I went inside to get her some wine. When I returned, the heat of the fire had already enticed her to take off her jacket and she sat between father and son looking fresh with her tight top accenting her lovely breasts.

Surprisingly, now together, my wife and Donny spent the next hour entertaining us with an account of their ATV ride. They had covered a good proportion of the ranch and had several close calls. During the description, I tried to pick up where along the way they stopped for the encounter I was sure had occurred in some form. However, nothing they said provided any clue which left me frustrated.

We had polished off several rounds while the adventure was told and along the way the last vestiges of cloud cover disappeared leaving a star lit sky. We decided on steaks for dinner and Darryl went off to make preparations while I took some coals from the pit to the grill. With that done, I went inside to help again leaving my wife alone with her young seducer. For some reason, it was something I just couldn’t leave alone. After every period of recovered sanity, my thoughts would return to their encounter and before I knew it I would be excited again.

We had a good dinner then returned to the fire followed by some time in front of the TV before calling it a night. Despite the drinking, it was all very polite with neither father nor son showing anything but the utmost respect for my wife.

Like always, I was in bed first while Susie went to the bathroom then she joined me in her thong and t-shirt.

“You’re naked. I guess you have some expectations.” She said when her leg bumped against my exposed dick.

“Yes.” I stated simply while my arm pulled her tightly against me.

My hand went inside her shirt and found her nipples which I pulled on and rolled between my fingers until they were rigid. This made her begin to move and soon she was grinding her ass against my hard dick. I could tell by her moves and her soft sounds that she was as excited as me. Suddenly, Susie pulled her shirt off and then pushed her thong down until she could kick it off her feet. Now naked, she turned her head to find my lips and for the next few minutes we kissed passionately while I continued to tease her breasts.

After a very long embrace, my wife turned in my arms and with an impish smile pushed me onto my back and began a slow descent of my body until her soft lips came into gentle contact with the sensitive head of my dick. Now Susie is not adverse to oral sex, but it’s still something I view as a treat so, in my confused state, as her lips wrapped around my shaft, I immediately thought that she must be feeling guilty. I had been avoiding questioning her about the afternoon with Donny but now I had to know with the result being I couldn’t enjoy the wonderful blowjob she was giving.

“Cum for me.” She whispered looking up with an incredibly seductive look.

“I want to cum inside you.” I replied, which was true.

“Why?” She asked.

“I just do.” I replied. The truth was my answer was so bizarre that it would be impossible to explain. For some reason, I had to make sure my semen was in control of her vagina. On the off chance that Donny had ejaculated in my wife, I wanted my sperm to be in there going to war.

With a final lick, Susie climbed my body and pulled me to her opening then fell back and with a combined sigh we were connected. She starts rocking her hips very slowly while she stayed elevated above me staring into my face.

“What do you want?” She finally asked.

“Just what I’m getting.” I answered purposefully avoiding her meaning.

“You know what I mean.” She followed quickly.

“What did you do with him?” I asked once again trying to deflect her question.

“Jeff, I’m not going to tell you until you explain what it is you want.” She replied. With that, her hips stopped moving but she maintained eye contact.

“Susie, I honestly don’t know. It changes every second. One second I find him seducing you exciting and the next second I’m terrified. I don’t have a good answer.” I told her honestly.

“You want to cum in me because you think his cum is in there. You would never turn down a blowjob otherwise.” She guessed and with my look she knew she was correct.

“I…I…don’t know…maybe.” I stammered.

There was silence for almost a minute while we looked at each other before she spoke. “We stopped several times.”

“What happened?” I asked hoping this time she would be forthcoming.

“He said he needed to stretch his legs. We took our helmets off and he tried to kiss me.” She explained.

“Tried?” I asked to clarify.

“Yes. I said no but he said it was what you wanted. He said he saw you look over the seat in the car and that you knew he was watching from the door later when we made love.” She said and suddenly, with the revelation, I felt very small.

“Uhhh…” I started trying to buy time to think up an explanation but she cut me short.

“Did you look over the seat?” She demanded.

“Yes.” I answered in a tiny voice.

“And you did nothing. Then the next day when I was feeling guilty and cried because I felt so bad you didn’t say anything.” She followed with her tone becoming stronger.

“I…” I tried to speak again but once more she interrupted.

“I knew when he told me that he was telling the truth.” She said.

“What…what happened.” I asked with my mouth quickly becoming bone dry.

“What do you think?” She countered.

“You…you and him uhhh…had sex?” I forced out.

Again, there was a long silence before she spoke. “No, Jeff. We didn’t. But, I thought about it.”

“Then nothing?” I asked and my voice betrayed a hint of disappointment.

“I let him kiss me after he told me you saw us. And he’s a very good kisser. We kissed for a long time.” She explained. Her hips had once again started a slow, deliberate rocking motion.

“That’s it?” I asked.

“Yes, for the first stop. But we stopped again later and thinking about you not telling me that you knew about the car had upset me. So, I let him do more.” She said.

“What more?” I blurted out and pushed my hips up involuntarily.

“He touched me. And, he got me very excited and I touched him too. I came close Jeff. Very close. His penis was close.” She described and now it seems her words were giving her some excitement as her movements became more pronounced.

“How close?” I practically yelled. I no longer tried to hide my excitement and was now actively pushing against her thrusts.

My wife leaned down until her lips were next to my ear and whispered. “It was touching me and it was dripping.”

“Shit Susie…SHIT.” I exclaimed and flipped her onto her back while maintaining our connection. She spread her legs wide to take my rapid thrusts but kept my head buried in her neck.

“What should I have done Jeff? What baby? Did you want him to fuck me? Tell me.” She grunted in rhythm to our movement.

“YES! YES! I wanted you to. I wanted you to come back full of his cum.” I cried out in voice I didn’t recognize.

I lasted only seconds after my lust filled admission shooting ropes of semen into my wife at a velocity I never before experienced. Susie hadn’t reached a climax but she dutifully stroked the back of my head and kissed my ear until I was able to catch my breath and rolled my sweaty body to her side.

“I’m sorry.” I finally whispered. There were multiple things to be sorry for but I left it non-specific.

“Shhh…be still.” She replied.

“I love you.” I told her.

“I know you do.” She answered quickly and kissed my head.

The room became silent and minutes went by while I recovered from a powerful climax. Susie has quit stroking my hair but I sensed she was still awake.

“How did you leave it…I mean what did you tell him?” I asked.

“He wants to meet in the den like he asked before.” She replied softly.

“What did you say?” I asked needing to know the answer.

“I said I would think about it.” She responded.

“Do you want to?” I asked as the dry feeling in my mouth returned.

“It’s your decision Jeff. You’re pushing it. You need to tell me what you want when you’re not horny.” She stated.

That question was very difficult to answer and unfortunately the warmth and closeness of her body coupled with the lingering images of her in the back seat fought with my rational mind that knew I was playing with fire. After a long silence, I answered. “I need to think about it.”

The emotional and physical toll from the day soon had me fighting to keep my eyes from closing. It was a battle I lost and it was only some time later that I half-awoke and reached for Susie but found the bed empty. A quick glance to the bathroom let me know it was empty too and with that I instantly knew where I would find my wife. It was knowledge that both excited and terrified me but with slow, deliberate movements I climbed from the bed trying to remain quiet while I pulled on my boxers then moved towards the bedroom door.

It was firmly closed and I stood there for several seconds trying to recall whether it made any noise when it was opened. Finally, knowing I had no choice, I slowly turned the knob then pushed gently thankful that it eased open quietly. The main room, with everything off, was illuminated only by the ambient outside light. This provided just enough to see objects in the room and from where I stood I could just make out the head and shoulders of my wife centered in the middle of one of the couches facing backwards. She was making a slow rocking motion and I realized she was riding Donny who was no doubt sunk down further out of my sight.

At first there were no sounds which seemed odd and I fought, just like in the Tahoe, with my response.

“Damn baby you feel good.” Donny announced in a voice that I could clearly make out.

“Shhh. You need to be quiet.” My wife quickly rebuked him.

Not wanting to be seen and knowing the attention would be on the bedroom door I quietly closed it then moved to a position closer and to one side of the mating couple. From, there I could make out my wife straddling Donny’s waist and slowly fucking him while his hands guided her ass and he sucked on her breasts. I was also close enough that I could make out the whispered conversation they started.

“I’m glad you finally gave it up.” He said to her when his mouth left her nipple.

“Me too.” She whispered back.

“You think you can cum again.” He asked making me realize they must have been fucking for some time.

“Maybe. It feels really good.” She replied.

“Does he know about the pictures?” Donny asked.

“Know and don’t you dare show them to anyone.” She replied quickly. Certainly, by this admission more had occurred on their ride than she had admitted.

They went on for a few more minutes then; my wife suddenly stopped and announced she needed to rest. She climbed off Donny’s cock and fell next to him on the couch where they began to kiss. Fearing I would be caught if they got up and realizing the main event had already occurred, I made my way back to the bedroom, flopped onto the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Alone in the quiet, I contemplated the last two days and the guilt I undoubtedly shared with Susie. So much, so fast with little discussion and understanding made me wonder if our marriage would survive. Was she really the woman I thought I married? Was I the man she thought she married? I thought about the ride home and the discussion we were going to need to have. I also thought about the hunting lease. How would I ever be sure that Donny wouldn’t blab? How would I face the others knowing that they knew Susie has been fucked by Darryl’s son?

I guessed at least thirty minutes or an hour had elapsed since I left the main room when I heard a loud noise, then a short silence followed by more noises that sounded like talking. Had they become so into their lust that they no longer cared if I knew? At first, I tried to ignore it but the sounds persisted so once more I climbed from the bed and went to the door. This time, when I looked it was easier to see as the opposite bedroom door was ajar and light was streaming out. It made it easy to take in the details of the sordid scene that was occurring before me.

My wife was positioned on the couch on her knees propped up by her elbows on the far armrest. Behind her, Darryl, naked from head to toe, was pounding her pussy mercilessly. The sounds I heard were her mixed cries of pain and pleasure and his occasional remarks. His son, looking spent, was flopped in a stuffed chair still naked, watching and idly stroking his cock.

“I knew you were hot for a fuck. Didn’t take Donny long to get your panties off.” He called out to Susie making no attempt to hide his voice.

The only response that came from her was a series of loud grunts and whines that let me know she was a willing participant in the sex.

Slowly, I eased forward to get a better view until I entered the peripheral vision of Darryl who looked at me expressionless for a moment before returning his full concentration to the fucking he was giving my wife. If he was concerned about my reaction, it didn’t show and that reality both angered and confused me. Still, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Susie and the look of lustful abandon that was on her face.

“Whack!” The sharp sound of the older man’s hand slapping my wife’s ass filled the room followed by his demand. “Squeeze that pussy baby.”

Her reaction was a series of moans and whines accompanied by a smile from Darryl that indicated she was fulfilling his demand. At the same time, the sound of her pussy slurping in time to the pistoning of his shaft became apparent.

“Whack!” His hand hit her ass hard again for no reason other than he could. Amazingly, it had the effect of making Susie cry out in passion.

“Ohhh…ohhh God…ohhh…do it…” She whined.

“Feel good baby?” He demanded more than asked.

“Yess…yess…oh yes…oh yes…” She replied until she saw me standing and watching. Instantly, a look of panic hit her face but she made no effort to separate from Darryl. We held each other’s stare for several seconds while her body moved from the force of her lover’s thrusts until she finally looked down as squeals of pleasure escaped her half open mouth.

Darryl started moving faster and the wet slapping sounds grew louder. It was clear to me that it was going to be a race to see who realized their release first. At first, I thought it would be Darryl but Susie’s back arched and her sounds became louder turning in to begging whines. When her ass started thrusting back, I knew her orgasm was imminent and sure enough, seconds later, she cried out in a high pitch voice, almost a scream, and her body stiffened. Then, a series of moans escaped her mouth and her body started to shake before it stiffened again and once again she cried out loudly.

I had never seen her have such a powerful orgasm and while Darryl continued to fuck her hard it lingered for her and almost a minute went by while the room was filled by her cries of sexual abandon before Darryl came, filing her with his semen, in a quick series of deep grunts.

“Damn woman. You are a good fuck.” He announced then backed away while gasping to catch his breath. As he did, I could see his cock leaving her and inch after inch came into view before his fat head finally appeared and his heavy member fell downward.

I was stunned by his size. Now only partly erect, I guessed he was 8″ or 9″ long and very thick. It didn’t seem possible that this monstrous tool had only seconds before been buried inside my slender wife. With only a quick look to me and a nod he turned and walked towards the bedroom leaving Susie draped over the arm rest with her body still twitching. Just as he disappeared, she fell to her knees on the floor next to the couch with her head and shoulders draped across the seat cushion. Seeing her that way brought out the compassion in me and I moved next to her, helped her up and then half carried her to our bedroom.

“Make love to me.” She called out as soon as she was on the bed. I knew she was really seeking forgiveness and reassurance but I stayed standing, denying her redemption.

“My God Susie. What happened?” I demanded.

“Please.” She whined while reaching her arm out.

Her hand found mine and our fingers entwined. Despite what I had just witnessed, I couldn’t bear to see her so distraught. Thus, I let her pull me towards her until I was next to her on the bed. She tried to move in a way that would put me on top of her and at first I rejected her attempts but, like most times, eventually she was successful and I found myself halfway between her legs.

From there, it was easy for her to push my boxers down, find my dick and guide it to her oozing slit.

“Ohhhh…” She called out just a little too loudly as my dick wormed its way in. I could tell her passage was stretched and I thought her response was purposefully emphatic. At the same time, her hands went to my ass and deliberately encouraged me to push deeply inside.

Without speaking, I started to fuck my wife while feeling the results of her previous couplings with father and son. Her usually snug pussy was now quite open and very wet from her own flow and the deposits she had received which soon brought forth a noticeable slurping noise in time with our movements.

“Did you like it?” I finally asked. It was a question brought forth by the awkwardness of the situation as much as anything. I was confused and angry but at the same time, my culpability made me hold back too.

Susie didn’t respond. At least not at first. It took twelve strokes into her before she said. “I’m sorry.”

“Bullshit. You’re sorry you got caught. You’re not sorry you left me to fuck Donny or let Darryl fuck you down with his big cock!” I challenged no longer feeling sorry for her.

“That’s not true. It’s not!” She quickly replied while starting to whimper.

“Just spread your legs.” I said to her rudely but rather that argue she did what I demanded allowing me to get further penetration.

We copulated in silence with only the grunts from our exertions filling the quiet room. However, as my anger at Susie’s deceit began to subside, it was replaced with a strange feeling that made me want to add my semen to the father and son cocktail that had been left in her pussy. Suddenly, my balls were tingling, then tightening and soon thereafter, through gritted teeth, I tried to hide my climax as my seed shot forth.

“Did you cum?” My wife asked. No doubt, my muted sounds coupled with the loss of muscle control in my body had given me away. Still, I refused to answer.

Susie’s hands began stroking my back, ass and neck taking my release as a sign of forgiveness. I was too far gone to argue so I allowed her to position me on her side and accepted her soft lips against mine without protest. Even with her infidelity, her soft pussy had once again milked me to a point of submission. I wanted to be angry and I wanted to reject her but my head resting against her breast was so comfortable I allowed myself to settle.

I must have never really fallen asleep because I felt the bed move and opening my eyes I saw Susie’s slender waist and tight backside walking away from the bed. At first, I thought she was going to the bathroom but when she reached the bedroom door she made a turn and exited from my view. Now, I suspected the worst and thought she was sneaking off to get once again with Donny. After counting to 500, I eased out of bed and quietly padded to the door but looking out, I could see no sign of her in the living room. Thinking she was laid prone on one of the couches, I moved closer but all I saw was Donny sleeping with his head back emitting a soft snore.

For an instant, I actually felt happy but then the reality hit me as to where she must have gone. Again, walking softly, I made my way to the door of the opposite bedroom where I stopped, took a breath and gained my bearings before looking around the corner.

The light was dim but it was enough to see Susie on the bed with Darryl. The bed sheet was pulled down exposing his naked body and my wife had a firm grip on the base of his heavy cock. As I watched, her head dipped until several inches of his cock disappeared into her mouth. At the same time, he arched his back and groaned appreciatively while his hand went to the back of her head.

“Suck it good baby.” He demanded. Then, when she lifted off he said to her. “Lick my fat balls girl.”

She quickly did as she was told and began lapping at his oversized gonads. For several minutes she alternated between his shaft and his nuts until he pulled her face to his and kissed her hard.

“Why are you here baby?” He asked when they stopped.

“I…I wanted to be with you…” She replied.

“You want more cock, don’t you?” He asked. Susie nodded without speaking but it wasn’t good enough for Darryl. He demanded an answer. “Tell me baby.”

“I want it.” She said. It was normal answer for her as she always struggled with being too provocative.

“What do you want? If you really want it you better ask for it.” He replied obviously enjoying her discomfort.

There were several seconds of silence before Susie answered. “I want you to fuck me.”

I watched as Darryl moved to the side then slapped the bed indicating where he wanted Susie. When she was in place on her back with her legs spread he rolled over her.

“Ohhhh…uggghhh…” Susie cried out as I saw his hips fall into place. Her sensual groans left no doubt that he had sunk his big cock into her once again.

His ass started a rolling motion as he moved his cock in and out while the rest of his body stayed amazingly still. My wife’s hand moved all over his shoulders, back and ass in a seemingly random pattern while tiny squeals of pleasure escaped her mouth.

“I knew you’d want more.” He spoke to her roughly after he found his rhythm.

“Uhhh…uhhh…uh huh.” She finally forced out.

Darryl started moving faster and the squeaking of the bed joined the wet sounds of their coupling in filling the room. Suddenly, I realized I was standing naked slowly tugging on my dick and a wave of shame and self-consciousness swept through me. I thought about hurrying back for some clothes but, just as I was turning to go, Susie let out a sharp squeal of joy and her legs wrapped around the older man’s waist.

“You’re liking it.” Darryl said, stating the obvious.

“I’m so full.” My wife replied with a satisfied sigh.

“You like this big cock?” He followed.

“Yesss…” Came here simple but revealing reply.

“Be careful or you’ll be hooked.” He told her. All the time he kept his steady and full motion going.

“I am.” Came her barely audible answer in the form of a whisper.

“I know sweetheart…I know and you’ll want more. Who owns this pussy now?” He challenged her.

“You do. It’s yours.” She replied slightly louder now.

“I know.” He answered and started thrusting harder.

“Oh yes, oh yes…fuck me.” She called out as her hands landed on his ass.

Susie’s normal verbal interactions during our lovemaking were soft moans and expressions of love. She had never been naughty or provocative but now, stuffed with a fat cock, she was acting like a hot slut; a quivering mass of sexual flesh taken to a base level. In fact, she didn’t resemble in any way the woman I knew, my loving wife.

“Jeff fuck you too?” Darryl asked out of the blue.

“Uh…yes.” She answered.

“Lot of cock for one day. He know you’re back getting more?” He asked.

“No.” She replied in the whispered voice.

“Fuck yeah baby. You need it bad.” He said stating the obvious.

“Uhhh…yes…uh huh.” She whimpered in reply and I could tell by her tone she was close.

“You on the pill?” He followed making me wonder why he picked this moment to ask.

“No…” She answered meekly.

“Nothing?” He responded with surprise.

“No…” She said louder, almost defiantly.

“Damn girl you’re going to get knocked up. Maybe already are with all the cream in you.” He said.

“It’s okay.” She answered quickly.

Darryl grew quiet and concentrated on fucking my wife. He had pulled her legs back so that they were wrapped high around his waist giving him the ability to go deep which brought squeals and groans of pleasure from Susie. His head was next to hers and he looked to be kissing her ear and neck and I suspected she would have a nice hickey to show tomorrow.

I could see that he was now talking to her but in a voice I couldn’t make out. But, her response gave me a good idea of the subject.

“Yes, yes…I want it.” She cried out. Then a few seconds later followed with. “Yes, knock me up…give it to me. I want you to.”

Her words seemed to excite them both because he began slamming into her very hard which quickly pushed her over the edge and then she was there.

“OHHH…OHHH YES! Fuck me…it’s so good…so good…” She called out loudly as her body began to spasm and thrash.

For the next several minutes a litany of grunts, whines and moans came from her as her orgasm lingered, helped no doubt by the fact he continued to pummel her pussy. Finally, I sensed he was reaching the point of no return when I saw his back stiffen and just as she was calming down his release arrived.

“Yeah…here it is…here it is…you feel it? Damn you’re making me cum. Your belly’s going to swell for sure.” He panted.

With a final strong push that drew a loud moan from Susie, his body became rigid with his back arched and he held that position for a long time before, with a large intake of air and a satisfied sigh, he collapsed onto her. Her hand began to stroke the back of his head in an intimate gesture while her other hand pushed on his ass encouraging a few small movements.

I left them there thinking that Susie would follow me soon but, after waiting in bed for over thirty minutes, I finally fell asleep. The morning light was just peaking through the curtains when I was awakened by the sound of the bathroom door opening and the shower starting. It had been hours since I had left her and my immediate thought was that she had been with Darryl all night getting fucked who knows how many times. When Susie appeared from the bathroom, she came to bed naked and I could see that her eyes were red and she had an exhausted look.

“How many times?” I asked when she was next to me.

“Three.” She answered. Then, when I tried to climb on top of her to get my turn she said. “Jeff, I can’t I’m tired and very sore.”

Instantly, her words incensed me and it took all my willpower to contain myself. She had had plenty of time, actually gone out of her way behind my back, to fuck father and son but was now denying her husband.

I got up just before nine and was thankful to find that Darryl and Donny had already left. When Susie hadn’t appeared by noon, I went in to check on her and found her just beginning to stir. As I feared, there was a quarter size hickey at the base of her neck, several more on her breasts and her pussy was red and quite swollen. When she stood, I could also see the remains of Darryl handprint on her butt cheek. We quickly packed, mostly in silence, closed up the house and hit the road.

“You going to explain to me what happened?” I asked when we pulled up to the gate. Susie was curled up in the seat sipping coffee and my question startled her. I suppose she expected a longer reprieve.

“I don’t know what to say right now. I’m very ashamed.” She said softly.

“Susie you were begging Darryl to make you pregnant.” I challenged her.

“I know it’s bad but it was just dirty talk. You know it can’t happen.” She replied.

“Well I hope your count was accurate.” I said and got out to open the gate.

In the short time it took me to unclasp and swing it open, I had a surge of emotion hit me. I was shocked and angered by her actions but there was something else too. The next thing I knew, I was opening the passenger door.

“Get out and turn around.” I demanded.

The wild look in my eye must have warned her not to argue because she did as instructed and I positioned her so that she was standing just outside the cab then pushed her torso face down onto the seat.

“Jeff…?” She started when my hand went to the button on her jeans.

“Shhhh!” I commanded.

It was an easy motion to push her jeans and thong down to her ankles. Then, I made her kick her shoes off and used my foot to push them completely off. I used my hand on her slit to generate some lubrication, while listening to her whine from the soreness, and when she was ready I stepped forward and pushed my way in.

As soon as she was slick enough, I started pounding her hard not caring if she was receiving any pleasure. With my hands, I pushed her top and bra around her neck and started mauling her breasts. A car whizzed by and I’m sure if they looked close they could tell what was happening but, it never slowed.

Whack! I slapped her ass hard like Darryl had right on top of his still visible handprint.

“Ughhh…” Came the quick gasp from Susie but I ignored it.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want my baby?” I asked then slapped her ass again.

“Jeff…?” She began but I cut her off with another hard slap.

“If you’re going to be a slutty wife then I’m going to get mine too.” I yelled at her.

“I am not a slut! Let me up!” She demanded and tried to use her arms to push me off but I held firm until she gave up.

“Yes you are.” I said in an even voice.

“Jeff, I’m not. Don’t say that.” Her voice now was pleading.

“You fucked two strangers in one day. A father and son and went back for more. What’s that make you.” I challenged her.

“You wanted me to!” She cried out and even though I never specifically said so I couldn’t deny the truth of her statement.

“Yes, and now I’m taking what I want too.” I grunted. I was coming close and struggling to hold off.

“Tell me you wanted me too!” She cried out again and I realized it was important I say the words.

“Susie, I wanted you to. I wanted you to fuck them and come back to bed with your pussy full of cum.” I answered.

“Oh Jeff, I’m yours. I’ll always do what you want.” She moaned. I could tell my words had provided her some relief but, I wasn’t through pushing.

“Mine? You offered Darryl your womb.” I said reminding her of her plea to be impregnated.

“Oh baby…do it…knock me up. Give me a baby.” She let out in the same soft, whimpering voice she had used with Darryl and at the same time, I felt her push back against me.

Suddenly, my balls were tightening and the familiar feeling radiating from my groin appeared and seconds later I was indeed emptying my semen into my wife’s well used and raw pussy.

We talked all the way back and for weeks after. We both agreed we had been wrong in going about what we had done and we recommitted ourselves to each. But, our sex life changed dramatically as we both had learned something about ourselves.

The texts and emails form Donny started within a few days but Susie made sure I knew about them and read. I even saw the pictures he had taken which showed her topless next to the ATV with her small nipples hard from the cold air. She politely answered some of them but gave him no reason to believe anything more was forthcoming. However, there is an email from Darryl that she doesn’t know I’m aware of that has me concerned. For some reason, she hasn’t shared this contact.

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