Angela Makes a Cuckold Husband Ch. 01


“Every woman just wants to get pounded by a big hard dick,” Jack proclaimed to the guys in the locker room. “That’s why every girl I meet wants to fuck when she gets alone with me,” he continued smugly.

“Jack, you are so full of shit,” I told him. “What about a happily married woman?”

“Married women are the biggest sluts of all!” he answered confidently.

“Well, I know one married woman who is definitely not interested in you or anybody except for her husband,” I taunted him.

“Who’s that?” he inquired archly.

“My wife Angela” I informed him with pride.

“OK Tom, put your money where your mouth is. How much do you want to bet I can seduce your wife?” he said with a smug grin.

“You’re on, asshole. How about a hundred dollars?” I said rashly.

“Only a hundred? Sounds like you don’t trust her very much,” Jack taunted me.

“OK, a thousand dollars then. How about that?” I fired back with anger.

“It’s a bet. There’s just one condition. You have to bring Angela to the party at my house this weekend and leave me alone with her. I bet I’ll fuck her before the night is over.”

I agreed with confidence. It was a deal and was witnessed by the guys at the locker room. We all worked for the same large sales corporation, which had its own gym where we worked out a few times a week.

What Jack didn’t know, I thought with a secret smirk, was that my wife Angela was frigid. I had never been able to bring her to orgasm. She told me not to worry about it, because she had never had an orgasm. She said she enjoyed sex with me, even though she never came.

The truth was, however, that she didn’t seem very interested in sex. She put all her time and effort into her work. After getting a Ph.D. in finance from a prestigious university, she was working now as an executive loan officer for a large bank. Only 27, she was being considered for an open vice-president’s position. There were lots of other people at the bank with more seniority, but I knew she would get the job because she worked much harder than any of them, and she was smarter.

The last kind of person she would be interested in was someone like Jack, a hotshot young sales manager with lots of charisma, but no education or sophistication. As far as that goes, Angela was kind of out of my league too, but I had met her when she was a hungry young grad student. She married me, and I helped put her through grad school. Now she was making 4 times as much as me, but she was perfectly loyal. I was already planning what I might do with the thousand dollars.

That evening, I told Angela about the party at Jack’s, and she was surprised that we were going. We didn’t usually hang out with Jack and the young single crowd at work. She knew Jack from some social gatherings that we had attended, and she shared my opinion of him as a loud-mouthed braggart.

“I don’t want to go to a party at Jack’s house,” she complained. “You can go by yourself if you want.”

I explained that some important clients might be there, and I needed her to accompany me. Pouting, she reluctantly agreed to go.

On the night of the party, I was pleased to see that she dressed very conservatively with a chinese-patterned padded-fabric blouse, red and yellow, that buttoned up to her throat, and a knee-length dark skirt. She looked very refined and elegant. The only thing even mildly risque was that her skirt was slit way up the side, revealing her long luscious legs. Her long, thick, shiny black hair was pinned up in a bun.

Her body was incredibly voluptuous, and she usually wore very conservative suits at work so that she would appear professional. Her breasts were very large and full, and she had nicely shaped hips. She was all curves, not one of your anorexic types. She was very health conscious though, and she worked out every day to keep her waist thin and her stomach trim and flat. Her skin was milky white, which contrasted well with her jet-black hair. Her dark eyes were almond-shaped, almost sultry, and she looked vaguely middle-eastern. Indeed, her mother was from Morocco, and her father was French. They had emigrated when she was 8 years old, and she still spoke with a slight French accent. She was the very model of a sophisticated international woman, refined and cultured. I thought to myself that Jack didn’t have a chance with her.

When we arrived at the party, we chatted briefly with Jack, who, as usual, was surrounded by foxy young women who were fawning on him.

“Angela, I see a client on the patio that I need to talk with. Why don’t you stay here and chat with Jack while I talk business” I said. Angela offered to accompany me, obviously uncomfortable with staying alone with Jack, but I told her that it would be boring to her.

“Don’t worry Angela” Jack said with a smile, “I’ll take good care of you.”

Angela rolled her eyes with a wry half-smile, but she acquiesced with a nod in my direction. I left her with Jack in the living room, and I went out onto the patio, where I could still see her through the sliding-glass doors. As I mingled with the other guests on the patio, I could see Jack fetching her a drink, paying close attention to her. As the night wore on, I saw her laughing and having a good time with Jack and his friends inside. Jack continued to ply her with drinks, which worried me a little, as she wasn’t much of a drinker. I guessed that Jack was mixing strong drinks for her.

Around one o’clock, I glanced inside and noticed that Jack and Angela were not in the living room. I went inside, and entered into a bathroom that joined together two bedrooms. Jack and I had arranged beforehand that I could watch there to see if he was successful. The bathroom was dark, and through a half-open door, I could see and hear them easily without being seen.

Sure enough, he had lured her successfully into his bedroom and the door to the hallway was closed, giving them privacy from the other guests. He was showing her all his baseball trophies and pictures. He had been a first-baseman for a team in a Triple-A league before he started working in sales. He was bragging about his baseball adventures, and, surprisingly, Angela seemed interested. “Really?” she kept interjecting. I could see that she was slightly tipsy. They were laughing and talking, and so far Jack wasn’t making any moves on her. Jack then showed her some pictures of him flying a small plane.

Angela seemed surprised. “I had no idea that you were a pilot!” she gushed. “I’m very impressed.”

I couldn’t believe that she would be impressed by something superficial like that!

“Oh, it’s just a hobby” he said with seeming modesty.

“Well, I think it’s really great” she said with enthusiasm. “Maybe you can take me out flying sometime.”

“Sure baby, anytime” Jack said.

I couldn’t believe that he called her “baby” and she didn’t even object. What a smooth talker he was!

“You know Angela, you have such beautiful dark hair. Why don’t you let it down so I can see it better,” Jack continued. Somehow, he had maneuvered her into sitting down on the king-sized bed with him.

He was making his move, and I waited with baited breath to see how she would react.

“Thanks Jack” Angela said smiling broadly. She was obviously pleased to hear his compliments. “I guess I could let my hair down for you.” She reached up and took out the pin, letting her gorgeous thick mane down with a flourish. She shook out her hair, smiling proudly.

Jack reached out and ran his fingers through her shiny black hair, feeling her head and neck. She sat passively while he fondled her hair and neck. Her face was flushed and I heard her breath catch as he touched her. When was she going to stop him, I wondered?

“You know Angela” Jack murmured in her ear, “when I was getting you a drink, I heard some of the guys in the kitchen talking about how foxy you are.”

Angela nodded her head, listening intently to his praise.

“Do you mind if I ask you a really personal question?” he asked, suddenly earnest. I mean, if I’m out of line, just let me know.”

“No, it’s OK. What is it?” she asked with eager curiosity.

“Well, one of the guys said you must have breast implants, because they’re so large and firm. But I told him he’s wrong. I think your breasts are real,” Jack said.

Angela giggled with amusement when he said that. “They think my breasts are fake?” she laughed. “Well, I can assure you that they are just as nature has given them to me,” she said proudly, and she leaned back on her arms, her long thick hair flowing down around her shoulders, and pushed her sexy breasts out for his view.

“I knew they were real!” Jack said with a satisfied smile, sharing a laugh with her. “Well maybe you could let me see them, so I can tell those guys how full of shit they are.”

There was a pause in the conversation, as she took in what he had just said.

“You mean, you want to see my bare breasts?” she said tipsily, still smiling at him.

“Well, yea, I mean if you don’t mind. I won’t touch them of course” Jack said reassuringly, adding quietly, “unless you want me to.”

There was another silence as Angela considered what he had proposed.

She pursed her full and sensuous lips, and said seriously, “I don’t think my husband would like that.”

There was another pause; the sexual tension in the room was like electricity. Jack didn’t say anything; he just reached out and started slowly unbuttoning her blouse. He took his time while he undid each button deliberately, all the way to the bottom of her blouse. She stared back at him boldly, not smiling, but looking intently, as if waiting to see what he would do next. I could hear her breath coming ragged now with sexual excitement. She just sat there passively, her hands behind her on the bed, her breasts pushed forward.

She spoke not a word as he pulled her blouse off her shoulders, revealing a very thin, white-silk bra, very expensive and elegant, like all her clothes, and her deep cleavage. Her nipples were clearly seen through the thin silk, and her magnificent breasts strained to be free of the trifling fabric that enclosed them. Jack reached out and undid the tiny front clasp, and her breasts burst into full view. They were the size of large cantaloupe melons, full and heavy, yet firm with just a hint of sag, and her reddish-brown nipples were erect and excited. Even without a bra, they jutted out proudly on her chest.

“Are these what you wanted to see Jack?” Angela teased Jack, with her breasts exposed to his view.

“These are just what I want Angela” Jack replied, and he reached out to cup her ample bosom in his hands. He kneaded her gorgeous white breasts with his hands, and pinched her hard nipples, which caused her to gasp with pain and excitement. She was obviously turned on like crazy. The only question was whether she would let him go all the way.

“You said you just wanted to see them Jack” Angela objected breathlessly. She made no move to stop him however.

He continued massaging her soft breasts, pulling on her nipples, and she moaned quietly. “Stop, stop it Jack,” she murmured. But she obviously was enjoying his touch.

Deliberately, Jack stood up and, facing her, pulled down his pants, exposing his engorged penis to her view.

“Since you showed me your breasts,” he said, “the least I can do is show you my cock.”

She was sitting down, so that his large dick hung just at the level of her lips and only a few inches away.

She didn’t pull back or attempt to leave, as I expected. Instead, she just stared in shocked amazement, and said quietly “I can’t believe how big you are Jack.” As if mesmerized, she reached out and put her perfectly manicured hands around his dick. Jack was well-hung, about 10 inches long and very thick. “I’ve never seen such a huge cock,” she exclaimed, as she massaged him to full length. He grew rock hard at the velvety touch of her smooth fingers. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” she said seriously, but she kept massaging him with her hands. She acted as if she was hypnotized by the sight and feeling of his huge cock. I had a sinking feeling that I would be losing this bet.

Jack poked his dick against her full lips, and she responded by rubbing her cheeks against his hard penis. With his dick in her hands, she started licking it all over, taking each of his balls in her mouth in turn. Finally, she opened her mouth as wide as it would go, in order to take his penis into her mouth. She started sucking on it like she was starving for his cockmeat. Her sensuous lips were stretched to their limits, and her mouth was stuffed full.

“Does that taste good?” he asked her.

She kept sucking, and with her mouth full, she managed to say “Mmmnn hummn.” He pushed his dick into her mouth, back and forth, telling her what a good cocksucker she was. She grasped his balls in her hands and milked them gently as she sucked on his cock. This went on for a few minutes, until he pushed her back on the bed. They lay down together and started kissing passionately. He reached up through the long slit in her dress to rub her pussy through the thin panties. She gasped with excitement when she felt his touch on her mound.

After a minute of their passionate embrace, she suddenly tried to push him away. “Jack, we have to stop. We can’t do this. I’m a married woman. Please stop Jack.”

Much stronger and taller than her, Jack simply ignored her feeble efforts to push him off; he continued to kiss her passionately and pushed her dress up around her hips, revealing her thin white silk bikini panties. She clamped her legs tightly together, but he used his knee to wedge her legs apart, and then he placed himself squarely in between her legs. His huge dick was pressing against the thin fabric of her panties, and she tried to escape. I though of intervening, to prevent him raping her, but I noticed that her efforts to repel him seemed less than wholehearted.

Instead of yelling for help, she whispered in his ears, “No, no Jack. We can’t. Don’t. Stop.” While she protested with her words and pushed against his chest feebly, the tone of her voice suggested that she wanted it badly. They were both still half dressed. Jack had his pants and boxer shorts down around his ankles, and he obviously didn’t plan on stopping now to finish undressing.

Jack reached up and simply pulled her panties to one side; he lunged forward, impaling her on his huge cock. She had never taken a cock as large as his before, so his first lunge lodged only the cockhead in her tight pussy. He continued pushing his way into her like a wild bull.

“Oh wait Jack. It’s too big. It hurts. Stop!” Angela protested wildly. But Jack ignored her desperate pleas and kept thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into her little pussy. As Angela became accustomed to his girth, she stopped protesting, and instead she spread her legs wide to give him better access. His thick rod slowly worked its way into her wet soft slit. From my position in the bathroom, I could see when he finally had his entire cock in her, as his mammoth balls slapped against her ass cheeks.

He waited a few seconds for her to adjust to his length and width. Angela tried to catch her breath, and then she moved her hips against his eagerly, moaning, “yes, yes, fuck me Jack.” Jack complied with her urgent requests and started slamming into her. She spread her legs as wide as she could, and lifted her knees up to her chest, fully exposing her pussy to his hard thrusts. With her hands, she gripped the bed tightly at her hips and tossed her body about wildly, thrashing and moaning incoherently. I had never seen her react anything like this before! “Oh Jack, Fuck me yes. Oh, I think I’m going to come. Don’t stop, oh don’t stop. Yes, oh yes.” Suddenly her body stiffened, and she whispered fiercely in his ear, “I’m coming Jack. Oh I’m coming.” She bucked up against him in time to his violent thrusts as she came. He jackhammered her unmercifully with his huge rod. She seemed to come in waves; her orgasm went on for several minutes, until finally, she relaxed her body.

She had the first orgasm of her life, and I was humiliated that I had not been able to give it to her. Jack stiffened, and fucked her even harder as he climaxed, filling her pussy with his come. They relaxed in each others arms for a few minutes, and finally he pulled out. I could see clearly his come dribbling down her ass.

Angela climbed out of bed to use the bathroom, her pussy dripping with his come, and I quietly sneaked out through the other bedroom that adjoined the bathroom.

The party was winding down now, and I went back out to the patio. I was shaken by the events I had witnessed, but I tried to act normal, and engaged in conversation with the other guests. After about 15 minutes, Angela emerged from the house. Her hair was down and disheveled, her lipstick and mascara were smeared, and she looked still flushed with excitement. Her blouse and skirt had been restored, but her skirt was rumpled and come-stained. Jack was nowhere to be seen. She smiled sweetly, and asked if I was ready to go.

“Sure” I replied. “Where have you been?” I asked her. “I was looking for you a little while ago, but I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

“Oh,” she replied innocently, “Jack was just showing me some of his baseball trophies in his bedroom. You know, he’s a pretty interesting guy. I never appreciated him before tonight.”

“I bet,” I thought to myself wryly. But I didn’t say anything and we drove home. After we got home, she took a shower, and crawled into bed naked. Watching her get fucked earlier turned me on, and I rubbed my hard dick against her soft butt. I tried to get her interested, but she just pushed me away and said she was tired. A few minutes later, she fell asleep. I was so excited and frustrated by what I had witnessed earlier that I had to go to the bathroom to jerk off.

The next Monday after work at the locker room, Jack teased me unmercifully. He boasted to all the guys from work how he had seduced my wife, what a hot number she was, how he had her begging for more, and so on and so on.

“I guess you owe me a thousand dollars cuckold,” he taunted cruelly.

“Jack, I don’t owe you a penny. You got my wife drunk and took advantage of her. That doesn’t count for shit” I retorted.

“What?! She wasn’t drunk. You aren’t going to pay me? Do you want me to seduce her again?” Jack replied angrily.

“Listen Jack. You can try again, but you won’t succeed. She was drunk, and she’s never going to let you near her again” I told him.

Jack laughed, and said, “Ok, cuckold, since you insist, I’ll take her again. But you better get ready to pay up.”

“Sure, sure” I said sarcastically. “I’m not going to help you out this time by bringing her to your house. You’re on your own this time.” And with that I walked out of the locker room and went home.

On Friday night when I got home from work, I asked Angela what she wanted to do tonight. She replied that she was going out with some of the women from her work.

“It’s girl’s night out Tom,” she informed me. “Don’t worry. I’ll be in safe hands. We’re just going to have dinner and hear some music at a local club. I’ll probably be back by midnight.”

I was laying on our bed watching TV while she was getting ready to go. She put on some new, very sexy black underwear that had me drooling, but when I tried to touch her, she just pushed me away and said she had to get ready. Then she put on a tiny new black dress that was not her usual style at all. The dress was very short, all the up to her panties, which could be easily seen when she bent over. And it showed off the deep cleavage of her large breasts, which strained to be free of the thin fabric; only a couple of thin straps held it up. I was amazed, to say the least.

“When did you get these new clothes?” I asked her nervously.

“Oh, I bought them a couple of days ago” she replied breezily. “I got them for you honey” she said innocently, “but I wanted to try them on tonight.”

That made a lot of sense, I thought to myself. After she put on her makeup and arranged her hair carefully, she gave me a peck on the cheek and waltzed out the door, looking like she was ready for a hot date. I lay around watching TV while she was gone. 12 o’clock came and went with no sign of her. I was dosing lightly when the telephone rang. I looked at the clock; it was 1 in the morning. I answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Shut up and just listen, cuckold” the voice on the phone said abruptly.

I recognized Jack’s voice. There was silence for a few seconds, then I heard voices and laughing getting closer. I thought I heard the sound of kissing and giggling.

“Oh Jack, you’ve been teasing me all night. I’m so horny.”

It was the voice of Angela!

“What’s the matter, honey? Doesn’t your hubby take care of you?” It was Jack teasing her.

“Are you kidding?” she laughed incredulously. “His dick is so small I can hardly feel it! I need a big dick like yours lover.” Then I heard the unmistakable sound of a belt being unbuckled and a zipper being pulled down.

“Take off your clothes, Angela. I want you naked when you suck me” Jack commanded her. I heard the sound of more clothes being taken off and falling to the floor, along with kisses.

“Oh yes Jack, suck my breasts. God that feels so good.” She continued moaning, and after a minute I heard her say, “I want to suck on your dick” It sounded like they laid down on the bed, and then I heard her slobbering over his cock like a cheap whore, telling him how your cock is so big and delicious and so on. I was sick with humiliation, but I listened in silence to the sounds of my wife sucking off my worst enemy.

“That’s a good little cocksucker,” Jack said. “Are you my cocksucker, little girl?” Jack asked her.

Between mouthfuls of his giant cock, she mumbled, “yes Jack, yes, I’ll be anything you want.”

“Are you going to be my slut?” he continued to humiliate her.

“Yes, oh yes. I’ll be your slut,” she answered. I couldn’t believe that my sophisticated wife was being so submissive, letting him debase her like some cheap whore.

“Are you going to be my sex slave, and let me take you anytime and anywhere I want?” he continued to tease her.

“Yes Jack,” she answered passionately. “I want to be your sex slave, your cocksucking slut. Just let me suck your big cock.”

For a few minutes, the only sound was the sound of my wife’s mouth on Jack’s cock.

“OK slut,” Jack proclaimed. “Here comes your reward. Are you ready to drink my come?”

Her only reply was “mmmph ummm hummn” because her mouth was obviously full.

Jack let loose a yell, and said, “Oh yes, suck it, you little slut, drink it all down.” With disgust I could imagine my wife sucking down his come.

“Keep sucking little girl,” he ordered her. “Get me hard again.” Apparently she kept sucking as I continued to hear the sounds of her blowing him.

After a minute, my wife said in amazement, “Oh my god! You’re hard again already!”

I heard them rearranging themselves on the bed, and then my wife begged him to fuck her. “Fuck me Jack. Fuck me now. Yes, oh yes. That’s it. That’s just what I want.” He apparently complied, because then I heard the bedsprings setting up a steady constant motion, the sounds of my wife getting pounded by that asshole Jack! She continued to talk dirty to him, begging him and so on. He responded by calling her “a good little slut.”

The rhythm increased, and then my wife yelled “Oh, Oh, Jack, Yes I’m cummminngg! Don’t stop. Fuck me. OHHHHH yes. It’s so good Jack.” She was obviously getting off on his big dick.

After they both finished coming, I heard someone get up. “I’m going to the little girl’s room. I’ll be right back Jack. I want to fuck you all night long.”

Then Jack picked up the phone and said to me, “Are you satisfied now cuckold?” He put down the phone, but he didn’t hang up. I wanted to hang up, but somehow I couldn’t stop listening.

Angela came back in, and I could hear them kissing each other noisily.

“I just had a funny idea Angela” Jack said with a laugh.

“Tell me lover” she replied.

He chuckled softly for a few seconds, and then he said, “when you get home to your cuckold husband, why don’t you let him eat you out and he can clean up all our come!”

Angela exploded into laughter. “That’s so perfect! That’s just what I’m going to do. He’s such a little perv that he’ll probably enjoy it. But first you have to fill me up again with some more of your come. I want little hubby to get his face covered with your jism when he goes to eat me. What a surprise he’ll get!”

They continued fucking for a couple of hours, as I listened helplessly. Somehow I was fascinated. About 4 in the morning, Angela finally left Jack’s house, and I hung up the phone. A few minutes later, I heard Angela pull up in her car. I turned off the lights and pretended to be asleep.

She came into the bedroom and got undressed for bed. She had taken now to sleeping nude every night. She crawled into bed and when I tried to kiss her and touch her breasts, she took my head roughly and pushed me down to her pussy, forcing me to lick her. I couldn’t believe what a sloppy mess her cunt was! I got a faceful of come, a combination of her juices and a man’s cream, but I licked eagerly, even knowing that I was eating the jism of the man who had cuckolded me. Her pussy was all stretched out from fucking such a huge cock all night.

She locked her warm thighs around my head so I couldn’t escape even if I wanted to, and she moaned with pleasure. After a few minutes, she came with a passionate groan, and her pussy squeezed out even more come all over my face. It was the first orgasm I had ever given her. Jack had definitely cured her of her frigidity.

I continued sucking her and after half-an-hour, she came again. Finally I cleaned all the come out her abused pussy. After she had used me to clean her cunt, she pushed me aside impatiently and turned over. I was so horny now that my balls ached. I tried to turn her over and mount her, but she pushed me aside angrily, and went to sleep. I had to go to the bathroom to jerk off.

A few days later, at the locker room again, Jack told everybody what a cocksucking slut my wife was, and then he demanded his money.

“I have no proof that you fucked my wife,” I said defiantly.

“What?!” he said incredulously. “But you heard it with your own ears over the phone in my bedroom.” He explained to the guys in the locker room how he had called me, and then left the phone off the hook so I could hear them fucking.

“I heard you fucking someone, but it wasn’t my wife. It was probably some whore you picked up off the street.” For some reason, I felt compelled to lie shamelessly. I couldn’t stand the idea of Jack getting over on me.

“Well, where was your wife while you listening on the phone?” Jack asked.

“She was out with some girlfriends from work” I replied.

Jack sighed and shook his head. “Do you want to see me fuck her again? Is that it?”

“No, because I know you can’t. The only time you touched her was when she was drunk, and that doesn’t count,” I answered stubbornly.

“OK cuckold. I’ll prove it to you, but you’re not going to like it.”

Then he turned away from me and spoke to some of other guys from work. The four members of his sales team were there; together they covered the northeastern part of the state. “Guys,” he said ostentatiously, “you’ve been working hard and bringing in lots of contracts. For that, you deserve a reward. Come to my house this Friday night, and I’ve got a surprise for you.” The guys wanted to know what it was, but he refused to say, just that they “wouldn’t be disappointed.” Then he winked at me and walked out of the locker room.

Sure enough, that Friday Angela said that she was going out with her girlfriends again. She put on yet another new outfit, including new sexy underwear. This time she wore a short black miniskirt and a see-though white blouse. Her tits could be clearly seen through the thin fabric of her bra. She practically looked like a whore! She had never dressed like this before. She kissed me on the cheek, and said, “don’t wait up hubby.”

I lounged around the house, wondering if Jack was going to call me again. But he didn’t. I didn’t hear anything until Angela came home around 3 in the morning. When she stripped off her clothes I could see that she was covered with sweat and come, her breasts were bruised, and her pussy was a mess. She came to bed and forced me to eat her out again. I licked and sucked her for an hour and she came twice. After I had sucked all the jism from her pussy, she rolled over and went to sleep.

On Monday morning, I found an unlabeled DVD in my mailbox at work. I went to my office, locked the door, and put it in the drive on my computer. Soon what was obviously a homemade movie began playing on the screen.

It was Jack’s living room, and Jack and his four sales associates were sitting around drinking beer. There was a knock on the door; Jack answered, and in came Angela, wearing high heels, black stockings, a tight black miniskirt and see-through blouse. She was obviously surprised to see so many guys there. Jack stood behind her and reached around to fondle her ample breasts, showing them off to the appreciative gaze of his co-workers. She seemed uncomfortable, and whispered to Jack, “Not in front of all these guys. What are they doing here?”

Jack ignored her, and told the assembled guys, “You guys have been working hard, and now, as a reward, Angela here is going to service all of you.” The guys cheered, and Angela looked shocked. She obviously didn’t know how to react, and she just stood there looking bewildered. Jack put on some sultry music, and said, “OK, Angela, why don’t start things off with a little striptease for the guys.” He sat down in a big easy chair and waited for her to obey him.

There was an awkward pause, and my sophisticated European wife stood there looking around. “I don’t know Jack. I wasn’t expecting this,” she said.

“Come on you slut,” he told her brutally, “you know you want to show off for everybody. Just do what comes naturally for you.”

She looked at him in silent amazement. She seemed strangely passive, completely unlike her professional persona, or the way she was around me at home. She obeyed him submissively. Slowly she started dancing sensuously to the music and unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her large soft breasts, barely restrained by the thin sexy bra. She discarded her blouse, letting it fall to the floor. As she danced, she unclasped her bra, letting her luscious breasts spill out. She held them up for everyone’s gaze, and she turned around the room, bouncing her tits in the face of each guy individually. They grabbed at her breasts, but she teased them by pulling back before they could reach her.

The guys clapped and urged her on. She smiled sexily in response to their encouragement. She undid her tiny miniskirt, wiggled her butt provocatively, and her miniskirt fell to the floor. Now she was wearing only her black stockings, high heels, a garter belt, and a black thong, a tiny triangle of thin fabric that barely covered her furry mound. Wisps of soft black hair poked out from the edges of the tightly stretched fabric, tantalizing the men with what was surely to come. I hated to watch her performance, but I couldn’t stop watching in fascination. This was a completely new side of Angela’s personality. Apparently, she secretly enjoyed exhibiting her body for men.

The men called for her to take off her panties, yelling, “Let’s see that pussy.” She responded by undoing the garter straps and belt, discarding them. Slowly and sensuously, she peeled off her thong, revealing her neatly trimmed bush, while the men watched in eager anticipation. Her pussy slit was clearly visible through the thin wisps of her black pussy hair. She was naked now except for her black stockings and heels, and she danced seductively for the watching men. The men were obviously getting excited, and their hardons tented their pants. She went around to each guy individually, dancing for him, and then sitting on his lap while he fondled her breasts and pussy. She responded by rubbing his hardon through his pants with her hands.

“OK,” Jack pronounced to the eager men, “Peter has the best sales record of our team, so he gets the first piece of Angela’s slutty ass.” He pointed to one of the men sitting on the couch. Angela went over to him, sat down on his lap, and they started kissing passionately as he rubbed his hands all over her curvaceous naked butt and tits. She rubbed her naked ass against his hardon as if she couldn’t wait to fuck him. Then she got down on her knees in front of him and undid his belt and pants. She pulled down his pants and boxer shorts to his ankles.

Peter just sat back, with his hands behind his head, watching her in fascination. She was doing all the work. His enormous boner sprang out to view. His thick cock has a pronounced crook in it, and it was about 9 inches long. She cooed delightedly when she saw it, and immediately started stroking it out to full length and hardness. She took each of his balls in her mouth one after the other.

Then she opened her mouth wide to engulf his enormous cockhead; she sucked his long meat into her mouth, wrapping it with her thick sensuous lips, which were stretched out by size of his thick penis. His cockmeat was so thick that she could barely get her mouth around it, but Peter helped her by grabbing her head and pushing her down firmly on his rock hard cock. She gagged a little, but then she started breathing through her nose, as Peter forced her to deep-throat him. Slowly he forced his dick down her throat, inch by inch, until her nose was buried in the hair at the base of his cock. Peter then took his hands off her head, and she obediently began fucking his dick with her mouth, back and forth, while Peter groaned with pleasure. She fondled his balls like she was an experienced whore, expert in bringing a man off.

Angela moaned “Mmmnnn hummnn ummmnnnn,” as if she was starving for his thick cockmeat. Peter was obviously getting off on the sounds she was making around his hard penis. She ran her tongue around the sensitive head of his cock. His body stiffened, and then he fucked his cock further into her mouth as he came violently, filling her mouth with his jism. Angela swallowed it eagerly like a little kid sucking down some delicious whipped cream, but there was too much for her to swallow, and the white cream dribbled down her chin onto her full breasts. She rocked back on her heels and rubbed his come all over her white breasts and reddish-brown nipples, erect and excited.

The other guys had all stripped down naked, and they were eagerly waiting their turn. Further down the couch sat Ron with a huge 12-inch hardon sticking straight up in the air. He had by far the biggest cock among all the well-hung men there. She went over to him next and straddled him with her muscular white thighs, pushing her breasts against his hairy chest, and rubbing her pussy up and down against his long hard penis. She was obviously dying to get fucked, like some kind of wild animal in heat. She raised herself on her knees, and reached down to hold his cock steady while she screwed herself onto him.

As his mammoth rod entered her pussy, she started moaning, “Yes, Yes, Oh it’s so good.”

She had obviously never taken a cock this large before, and it took several minutes for her to twist and turn herself all the way down. But finally she took it all in, and she pressed her mound firmly against his, rubbing it madly to create some friction. Ron was very tall and muscular, and he lifted Angela effortlessly by her hips and plunged her down on his massive cock, over and over again, as he groaned with pleasure. Angela used her strong thighs to help him by bouncing up and down on his cock, and her perfect tits jiggled in his face. He buried his face in her breasts, biting her erect nipple as she yelped with mingled pain and pleasure.

One of the other men, Stanley, stood up behind the couch and stuck his penis in Angela’s face, and she responded by sucking on him eagerly. She was taking two cocks at once now, and she seemed perfectly happy to be a whore for these men that she had never even met before tonight.

Slowly she increased the pace of their fucking, as she grew more and more consumed with lust. Suddenly she started yelling, “OH, OH, YES. OHHHHH, I’M COMMMMINNNGG!!” She thrashed around, impaled on his huge dick. She just kept coming over and over again, as she bounced up and down on his dream tool. As she yelled in passion, Stanley’s cock slipped out of her mouth, and he kept rubbing it against her face as she came.

When she recovered from her powerful orgasm, she remembered the cock pushing against her cheek and pumped it expertly with her fist. The incredibly arousing sight of this black-haired naked sex-goddess fucking herself onto Ron’s cock, her perfect breasts bouncing up and down as she thrashed around in her orgasm, helped bring Stanley to a climax. Angela pumped his cock vigorously and she received a plenteous cum shower all over her hair and cheeks and breasts.

Ron came then too, and I could see his balls tighten up to the base of his cock as he pumped her full of his jism. His balls must have very full of come, because he just kept pumping her with more and more of his thick cream. I could see clearly his come dripping down out of her tightly stretched pussy. His orgasm seemed to go on forever, and she obediently kept fucking him up and down, until she finally drained his massive balls of their heavy load.

Angela was almost out of breath, her body covered with a fine sheen of sweat and spattered with come. After she caught her breath, she raised herself up and disentangled herself from Ronald’s still half-hard rod.

Tyrone, the fourth sales associate, positioned her in the middle of the plush carpeted floor on her hands and knees. What a sight she was, with her sexy ass sticking up in the air, her legs still encased in black nylon stockings, high heels on her feet, and her long thick black hair draped around her head to the floor. She wiggled her curvy ass, her knees widely apart, begging Tyrone to fuck her. He got down on her knees behind her, and plunged his long hard cock into her wet hot pussy in one swift motion, plunging it up to the hilt.

“Yes, Yes,” she moaned. “Fuck me, Fuck me hard with your big cock. I love it. Fuck me hard and fast. I need it so bad. I love your big dick.”

He responded by pounding her soft, well-rounded ass unmercifully. She pushed back against him in time to his thrusts, her heavy breasts swaying with the motion of their fucking. Jack kneeled down in front of her and stuck his massive cock into her face, and she immediately started sucking him. Back and forth she swayed as they fucked her between them. They were using her like some kind of cheap slut, and she was clearly enjoying it.

With her mouth on Jack’s huge penis, she mewed with pleasure, “Huuuummmnnn, Muuuummnnn.” Taking her mouth off Jack’s cock momentarily, she yelled with passion, “OOOHHHHH, YESSSSSSSS, YESSSSS, I’M COMMMMINNNG. FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER!” She pushed back insistently at the long hard cock pounding her from behind. Then, when Jack kept poking against her lips, she opened wide and starting sucking him again. Soon, Tyrone came with a yell, pumping her full of his thick cream. I could see the come dripping down her legs. Then Jack got off also, filling her mouth with his juice. I remembered then how I had eaten out her pussy after she had come home from this very gangbang.

For a girl who seemed frigid, having never had an orgasm, she was certainly making up for lost time, I thought to myself with disgust. The DVD went on for several hours, and the men took her in every imaginable position, each of them coming in her at least 3 times. Angela seemed to enjoy being used like a cheap whore, and she came innumerable times through the night. Finally the DVD was over. I was shaken, and I tried to go back to my work, but the images I had seen kept appearing in my imagination.

That evening in the locker room, I wrote Jack a check for a thousand dollars while he gloated in triumph, and then I left in disgust. I still couldn’t believe that my conservative oh-so-professional wife had turned out to be such a slut. But I was resigned now to being a “cuckold” as Jack called me, since there was nothing I could do about it.

I thought that since my wife had gotten over her frigidity, at least we could enjoy some good sex now. But what was even worse than being cuckolded, she refused to have sex with me at all, except for letting me eat her cum-filled pussy after she went out with Jack. In fact, she treated me quite arrogantly, calling me a “little boy.” When I tried to have sex with her, she told me, “I don’t want your tiny penis in me. Go jerk off in the bathroom little boy.” I was humiliated at home as well as at work.


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