The Poolhouse


I’m writing all of this down because I don’t want to forget any details. To say it’s been a strange couple of weeks is an understatement. Oh well, here goes.

It was our ten year anniversary, and my wife Amy and I both wanted to do something special for the occasion. I booked us a reservation at a really fancy restaurant. I even got a limo, even though we lived pretty close to town. It was a no expense too great type of night. When I got home from work yesterday I rushed upstairs to get ready. I didn’t want to waste a minute. My wife has, in the past, made special effort on our anniversary. What I mean is she usually does something special for me in the sex department. She’s no prude by any means, but on our anniversary she goes all out. One time she sat me in a chair and gave me a lap dance that would put any stripper to shame. Another time, she dressed as a naughty maid and made a show of cleaning the living room with no panties. Stuff like that always had me looking forward to our anniversary more than Christmas. As I came up the stairs I noticed the bedroom door was closed, so I knocked.

“No peeking until you get out of the shower babe!” Amy said from the other side of the door.

“Now you’ve got me curious. I guess I can reign in my enthusiasm.” I replied.

I went into the bathroom and started a hot shower. I had turned forty the year before and Amy was just off of her thirty-eighth birthday. My wife is a sight to behold on any given day, but I had a feeling she was going to turn it up a notch. She’s got long dark blonde hair and was blessed with a naturally thin body. Her breasts aren’t huge, 34 C I think, but on her petite frame they look bigger. The shower was the quickest one I could remember. When I made it back to our bedroom, the door was open, and Amy was nowhere to be found. I smiled, she was dragging out the anticipation for as long as she could, and I appreciated the effort. I dressed quickly; thanking god that my best suit still fit, and made my way downstairs.

“Well? How does your date look?” Amy said as I came off the bottom stair.

She was standing in front of a big window in the living room. The sun was going down and she was a sight to behold. Her hair was done fancily up on top of her head. She had long dangling ear rings with a matching necklace that hung down just far enough to focus your eyes on the swells of her breasts. Her dress was strapless and very short, almost scandalously so. It was a dark shade of blue that I can’t describe. It was black almost, but not quite. Her long legs ended in a pair of very strappy heels that matched the dress. I drooled for a few seconds before smiling from ear to ear.

“I’m a very very very very very, did I mention very, lucky man.” I said.

Amy’s glossy lips smiled and I knew I was in for a good night, I just didn’t know how good at the time.

Our limo arrived a few minutes later. Looking back on it, I think this is where the night started to change for me. The driver held the door open for us and I slid in first like a kid in a candy store. I mean, who doesn’t like a limo? I turned just in time to see my wife sitting down. Her dress was so short she had to do some careful maneuvering to avoid showing the whole world her panties as she sat down in the limo. I saw the driver glance down between my wife’s legs. It wasn’t overt, and I don’t fault the guy at all. He’d almost perfected the move, from lots of practice no doubt. The thing was, I got very turned on. The door closed and we were on our way.

“What’s got you smiling so much?” Amy asked a few minutes into our ride.

“Oh nothing.” I said.

“Oh no you don’t. I want to know, you know how nosey I am, I can’t stand it.” Amy said.

“Well, when you were getting in the limo I saw the driver take a peek, that’s all.” I said.

“A peek at what?” She asked clueless.

“He looked between your legs when you were getting in the limo. That dress of yours must’ve given him quite a view because I saw his eyes light up.” I laughed.

“He did not! Don’t mess with me!” Amy said playfully punching my arm.

“Oh yes he did! I’m not making it up. I don’t blame him, who could resist?” I smiled.

“Oh, so you’re fine with some strange guy glaring at your wife’s crotch?” She asked.

“If I’m honest, it kind of turned me on. It’s like he wants what I’ve got. It’s kind of exciting.” I said.

“Well this is not the way I expected the evening to start out, but whatever. Now pass me that bottle of bubbly you horny old man.” Amy smiled.

It didn’t take long for us to polish off the complementary bottle of champagne. We were just finishing it off when we pulled up to the restaurant. Amy leaned over and kissed me before winking at me. I gave her a questioning look just as the door opened. My wife turned to get out, but instead of the acrobatics I’d seen earlier to keep her dress from riding up too high, she put one leg out and held her hand out for the driver to help her. This caused her dress to slide up her thighs. I couldn’t see from the side, but the driver sure got an eyeful. He looked at me and I just smiled. He kind of grinned back and helped Amy out. As we walked through the parking lot I pulled my wife close and asked her what was all that about.

“I just thought you might get a kick out of a repeat performance.” She smiled.

“Who’s the horny one now?” I laughed.

As we entered the front door I noticed most of the men turn to look at Amy. I dropped back a few paces to let every guy get a good look at who I was taking home later. When we got to our table the host, a young guy with bright red curly hair, pulled out my wife’s chair. As she sat I saw the guy’s eyes glued to Amy’s ass. I chuckled a bit as I sat down. It seemed to me like everyone was as enamored with her as I was.

“What are you laughing about mister?” Amy asked.

“That guy was staring at your ass when you sat down.” I said.

“What guy?” She asked.

“The host, the one who brought us to our table. He was eyeing you up and down.” I smiled.

“Oh my god! Really? He looked about twelve.” Amy laughed.

“He’s in his early twenties babe. Old enough to know a hot little package when he sees one.” I smiled.

Amy took a little sip of from a glass of water and smiled as she looked around the room. I think she liked being the center of attention. We chatted for a bit while we waited for the waiter to come take our orders. I was still looking at the menu when the waiter came over. I heard Amy talking for a second, and then I felt her kick my leg under the table. When I looked up I had to grin. My wife had the menu held up against her abdomen, with her back arched to push her breasts out proudly. The waiter’s eyes were hanging out of his sockets as he stared down at my wife’s breasts. She had to repeat her order twice before the waiter acknowledged her. After getting my order, he staggered away.

“Did he look?!?” Amy hissed after he was out of earshot.

“What do you think? I think he almost fainted.” I laughed.

“This is fun! It doesn’t bother you does it?” Amy asked with a concerned look on her face.

“Not at all babe, it’s kind of hot. Just remember who you’re going home with.” I winked.

She smiled and we went about having an absolutely wonderful dinner. She flirted a couple of times with the waiter as the night went on. As the drinks flowed, she got more comfortable, and we both felt like teenagers. Eventually we got back into the limo, with one more show for the driver, and made our way home. We made out for a bit and Amy told me when we got home she had one more surprise for me.

After we got back inside our home Amy kissed me passionately and told me to meet her in the hot tub. We don’t live extravagantly, but we did splurge after Amy’s father died. He left her a little money with instructions to enjoy it, not save it. So we had a hot tub, swimming pool, and a small pool house built.

I caressed Amy’s ass as we kissed. Then I told her I’d be waiting. I came out of my suit in record time and Amy tossed me some trunks down the stairs. I walked out into the back yard and hopped into the hot tub. I turned on the jets and leaned back with a shit eating grin. It had turned out to be a very good day.

Before I knew it, Amy came out of the house wrapped in a towel. Part of me thought she’d be naked under there, but I wasn’t disappointed, that’s for sure.

“Well, I hope you like this. It’s not like I’ll be wearing this to the beach or anything.” She said as she dropped her towel.

My jaw also dropped. She was wearing what I could only describe as a string bikini. It was neon yellow and looked trashy as hell, in a good way. It barely had enough fabric to cover her nipples and the little triangle over her pussy was laughingly small.

“Hurry up and get over here before my wife comes back.” I whispered.

Amy’s eyebrow raised and she smiled wickedly at me as she climbed into the hot tub. She slowly waded over to me and pressed her body against mine.

“Your wife won’t be back tonight, we can take our time.” Amy hissed as she nibbled on my ear and rubbed my cock through my trunks.

I was seconds away from putting my wife up against the side of the hot tub and fucking her senseless when I heard the gate to our back yard open. I didn’t know what to think because it was kind of late. Amy quickly sank down into the water.

“Who’s there?” I yelled.

“It’s just me guys! I’m sorry to barge in; I didn’t think you’d be back so soon. I was just taking a shortcut to my house.” Bradley said quickly.

Bradley was our neighbor’s son. They lived behind us and we knew him very well. He’d pretty much grown up in our back yard as well as his.

“It’s ok Bradley, we were just hanging out.” I lied.

“I’m really sorry guys; you won’t even know I was here.” Bradley said as he quickly walked toward the fence.

As he got closer I could tell something was wrong. Bradley was usually a happy kid, but he looked run down. I probably should’ve just let him go, but I had to open my big mouth.

“What’s got you down in the dump kid?” I asked.

“It’s nothing Mr. James. Just a crappy night. Don’t worry about it.” Bradley said.

“It doesn’t look like nothing honey. You want to talk about it?” Amy asked.

Bradley just stood there for a few seconds while looking at his shoes.

“I don’t know…” He mumbled.

I looked over at Amy and she just shrugged her shoulders.

“Go on into the pool house honey. We’ll make up some drinks and you can hang out with us for a bit. We’re guaranteed to cheer you up.” Amy said.

“I don’t think…”

“No ifs, ands, or buts mister.” Amy interrupted.

Bradley walked toward the pool house while Amy and I climbed out of the hot tub. I had to laugh when Amy started to walk after Bradley.

“Uh babe…you might want to cover up a little, or Bradley’s going to cheer up real fast!” I laughed.

“Oh shit!” Amy said as she turned around with a huge grin.

I tossed her a towel and she wrapped it around herself. Then we followed the kid into the pool house to try and help the guy salvage his night. Little did I know, but his and our night was going to be salvaged all right.

We made our way into the main area of the pool house. I sat on my recliner while Amy and Bradley sat on the couch opposite of me. When my wife sat down her hastily tied towel came undone and came to rest on her lap. I glanced at her expecting her to quickly tie the towel back in place. She just gave me a, what the hell look, and I couldn’t really complain about seeing her breasts on display.

I could tell the kid was bummed. I reached into the mini fridge beside my chair and grabbed a beer, which I then tossed to Bradley. Amy gave me a look, but I quieted her worry with a little saying my dad used to say.

“If you’re old enough to get drafted, you’re old enough for a beer.”

“Thanks Mr. James, it’s been a tough day.” Bradley said as he popped the top of his beer.

I fished two more beers out of the fridge for my wife and me, before telling Bradley to fill us in. Every time Amy took a drink of her beer she would lean her head back. Bradley’s eyes almost fell out of his head, every single time. I grinned a little to myself at his obvious dilemma. My wife’s breasts were on full display thanks to her little string bikini. If she didn’t have so much alcohol in her she would’ve been a little more modest, but tonight was the kid’s lucky night.

“Jeez, where do I even begin? You guys know that I just turned eighteen, right? Well, this party that I went to tonight was the last party of the year before I leave for college. I’m not really into partying as much as your average teenager, but I figured what the hell. To be completely honest…man this is hard. Are you sure you want to hear this?” Bradley asked looking very pitiful.

“Go on Bradley, we won’t judge.” My wife smiled before taking another drink and giving Bradley one more eyeful.

“Well…I went mainly because there’s this girl that I like, and I knew she’d be there. Anyway…I show up a little after the party started. I walked around for a bit, talked to a few people. After a while I hadn’t seen the girl, Rebecca, anywhere. So I ask around and some guy tells me she’d been at the party since it started. He told me she was upstairs and then he winked at me. I don’t know what was running through my head at the time, but I didn’t understand what he meant. So, like an idiot, I walked upstairs to go and find Rebecca.

“She was the only reason I came to the stupid ass party to begin with.” Bradley finished before pausing to take a drink.

“Go on sweetie, but I think I know where this is going.” Amy said.

“I wish you’d have been there to talk some sense into me. Anyway…I walked up the stairs. There were only two rooms so it didn’t take long for me to find her. I knocked lightly, but didn’t get any answer so I slowly opened the door just enough to get my head in. That’s when I saw her. Rebecca, the girl I’ve had a crush on for years, was on her knees, with her head bobbing up and down in some guys lap. That was when I left.” Bradley finished with his head lowered.

“Ouch…sorry to hear that kid.” I said.

“Poor baby, don’t be sad. There are other fish in the sea.” Amy said as she rubbed Bradley’s shoulder.

The beer must’ve loosened Bradley’s tongue a bit because he wasn’t through venting.

“That’s the thing though, there might be other fish in the sea, but I apparently suck at fishing. Guess how many dates I’ve been on?” Bradley asked.

“Ummmm…I don’t know. Five?” I said reluctantly.

“Ha! Not even close. I’ve been on zero dates. Guess how many girls I’ve kissed?” Bradley asked looking at my wife.

“Bradley, I can tell this upsets you. You don’t have to…”

“If you guessed zero you would be correct.” Bradley said interrupting her.

“Awww…If there was anything I could do to help I would. You know that Bradley.” My wife said.

Amy had leaned over to console Bradley and her tits just hung there inches from his face. She wasn’t aware of it, but Bradley sure was. His eyes were glued to them. Amy was drunk for all intents and purposes so she didn’t catch on. Speaking of drunk, I was pretty close myself. It might’ve been the alcohol, or just my twisted way of thinking, but an idea popped into my head. At the time, it made perfect sense. Before thinking it through I blurted out:

“You CAN help him babe.”

“What?” Amy said.

“It sounds to me like Bradley just needs a kiss from a “hot chick” to salvage his night. We just so happen to have such a chick right here.” I smiled.

“Don’t even play like that Mr. James…that’s not even fair. Ms. Amy is way too hot for me.” Bradley said excitedly.

“Thanks for the compliment Bradley, but James is just trying to be funny.” Amy said like it was nothing.

“I’m serious, we’re all adults here. If a kiss will help the kid feel like his day was not the worst ever, I say go for it.” I said.

“Oh man…wow! Really?!? I mean this is…”

“Hold on a minute! You can’t be serious. You get this idea in your head and get Bradley’s hopes up. Now if I don’t do it, I look like the bad guy.” Amy said looking right at me.

“It’s just a kiss babe, it’s no big deal. I mean, look at this guy, he feels awful. It’s in your power to salvage his shitty day. Just look how happy he’s gotten in the last few seconds.” I said trying not to smile.

“I don’t know about this…” Amy said looking back and forth between me and Bradley.

“Please Ms. Amy…I mean…it would be the most awesome moment of my life. You’re so hot…I mean…you’re gorgeous…I mean…”

“I get the idea Bradley, calm down. Are you sure about this babe?” Amy asked.

“Well now that you mention it; I’m not getting anything out of this deal am I? It is kinda late and the yard needs mowing tomorrow…”

“I’ll mow your yard all summer!” Bradley shouted.

“Well then, it’s settled. But before we start, this calls for a celebration. It’s not every day a guy gets his first kiss.” I said as I stood up.

I walked over to the far corner of the pool house and grabbed a fifth of tequila off the shelf. I poured a shot for Bradley and myself before pouring two for my wife. Tequila always get’s Amy’s motor running and I wanted her to really get into my little game.

Bradley slammed his shot down and sat there with a shit eating grin. Amy got the first shot down easily but the second made her gag a little. It dawned on me that my wife still had her hair arranged fancily, and her makeup was still flawless from our date earlier tonight. Bradley was in for a treat.

“Bleh! Alright….let’s get this done before I lose my nerve. I can’t believe I’m about to do this…” Amy said as she sat straight up and turned toward Bradley.

Bradley stared at me for a second; it was like he was asking for permission. I nodded and he moved just a bit closer to my wife. Amy leaned forward and planted her lips right on Bradley’s. She inhaled sharply and I didn’t know if it was for show or not. Bradley just sat there stiff as a board. I really couldn’t blame the kid. If it was my first kiss I’d be about ready to explode in my pants. The kiss went on for about ten seconds or so. There was no tongue but my wife changed positions a couple times, and when she did, she did open her mouth. Just as the kiss ended, the tequila must’ve started to work its magic, because she gently pulled Bradley’s bottom lip with her teeth. It was at just that moment when this little game I’d come up with took a different turn in my mind. I was very turned on seeing my wife kissing someone else, and her teasing the limo driver earlier didn’t do anything to cool my jets.

“Well? How was that for a first kiss?” Amy asked smiling.

“I…just…I mean….it was…” Bradley stopped to catch his breath.

“I think he liked it babe.” I laughed.

“Well, I’m glad I could help make your day a little better sweetie.” Amy said taking a long drink of her beer.

Bradley was still shell shocked by what my wife’s lips had done to him. But I wasn’t about to let the momentum die. I knew Bradley would be game, but I needed just a little bit more lubrication with my wife.

“This is a momentous event in a young man’s life. I’d say one more round is in order.” I said as I poured up another round of shots, making sure to fill up two glasses for Amy. I remembered a couple times in the past having to drag my wife off the top of a few tables she was dancing on. Tequila and my wife got along all too well.

“Hell yeah Mr. James! Maybe today wasn’t a total wash.” Bradley shouted before pounding back his shot.

I followed his lead and slammed down my shot and made a show of slamming the glass down on the table. Amy, for her part, got sucked up in the moment. She finished her beer with a huge gulp, and then, one right after the other, downed both her shots. We all sat there for a few minutes just shooting the shit while I gave the alcohol time to work its magic on my wife. When I couldn’t take it any longer I decided to see if there were any fruits from my labor.

“You know babe, I’m not quite sure I feel right about earlier.” I said before handing a beer to her and Bradley.

“What?” Amy asked a little slurred.

“It’s just that, I don’t feel right about getting an entire summer of work out of Bradley for just one little kiss.” I said.

Bradley’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Amy just sat there for a second before opening another beer and taking a big drink. There was tension in the air for me. My whole plan hung on this moment. If she shut me down now I was out of luck. I really didn’t have a backup plan.

“Maybe you’re right…that is a lot of work. I guess I can kiss you again if you want Bradley.” Amy said.

The excitement I got from hearing her say that was tremendous. I was hoping to see some more action between my wife and Bradley, and now it looked like I was going to get my wish.

“That seems fair to me!” Bradley said not trying to hide his excitement at all.

Amy sat up and scooted right up next to Bradley. This kid took his queue and leaned forward with his eyes closed. Amy glanced in my direction. I smiled wide and nodded my head. Amy smiled back and pressed her lips to Bradley’s. I could feel my pants get tighter. The kiss was much like the first one and after about ten seconds or so I was worried that it would be over too quickly.

“C’mon babe, make it worth his while. It’s an entire summers worth of work.” I teased.

“Oh really? I hope you’re enjoying the show, you perv.” She smiled.

That was all it took for the damn to break apparently, because the next thing I knew, I saw my wife’s tongue dart into Bradley’s mouth. The kid groaned and I wasn’t sure that he didn’t just cum in his pants. This went on for a few seconds, before the kid earned some respect in my eyes. He reached over and put his hand behind my wife’s head, and pulled her tighter against his face. They weren’t kissing anymore; they were full blown making out.

“I think you’re getting the hang of this…” My wife hissed as Bradley ravished her lips.

“I…. can’t believe I’m……this is… oh god.” Bradley groaned.

This kissing was hot and heavy for another couple minutes and the sight had me breathing hard. I reached a hand into my pants and slowly stroked my cock.

They made out for what seemed like ages. Amy moaned a few times letting me know that she was enjoying herself almost as much as Bradley was. I was content to watch all night, but Bradley had other ideas. As I was watching, he slowly let his hand drop from my wife’s head to her shoulder. It only stayed there a moment, before it dropped down even further, until he was grabbing her upper arm. I didn’t think he had it in him, but the kid surprised me again. Without much hesitation, he reached over, and gave my wife’s breast a squeeze. The little string bikini barely covered her nipple, so Bradley got a good handful. Amy tensed a bit, and I thought the jig was up, but she continued her lip lock with the kid. Bradley was emboldened by my wife’s lack of resistance. Moments later he slid the straps of Amy’s bikini top to the sides of her breasts and fully exposed my wife’s breast.

“Well, you’re not so shy after all…” Amy said as Bradley caressed her breasts.

To his credit, the kid took his time, and he appeared to be gentle. I was so taken away with what I was seeing that I just now noticed the huge bulge in Bradley’s pants. I smiled, not blaming the kid in the least. He was making out with a gorgeous woman, while having a handful of her breast. Just after that I thought Bradley made a critical mistake. He broke the kiss and started to kiss down my wife’s neck. I thought for sure that he’d given her the perfect opportunity to stop. The kid slowly kissed down Amy’s neck. My wife’s head was tilted to the side, and she looked at me only briefly before her eyes closed again, and she went on enjoying the young man’s efforts. Once Bradley got to her collar bone, he dove straight in and took my wife’s nipple into his mouth.

“Oh baby…that feels sooooooo good.” Amy groaned.

I froze when my wife looked over at me. I was sitting there with a huge grin on my face, with my hand in my pants. I didn’t know what she was going to do, but she looked at me and licked her lips. At that moment I thanked god for tequila and its effect on my wife.

“That’s it ….that’s just how I like it…” Amy hissed.

Amy deftly slid the bikini top off as Bradley sucked her tits. Both breasts were fully exposed now, and the kid was in tit heaven. He greedily switched back and forth between my wife’s breasts, sucking a flicking his tongue across her nipples. My wife had a look of ecstasy on her face as the kid enjoyed himself. I slowly started jerking my cock again as my wife watched me. Amy seemed to get the idea because she smiled at me as I enjoyed the show. After a few seconds more, she used her free hand to grab the bottle of tequila off the table, and took a long pull from the bottle. After setting it back down on the table she pulled the kid off her breast and began to really get into making out with him. She made a show of licking his lips, and moaning while they kissed.

I don’t know what was going through the kid’s mind exactly, but he must’ve been about to explode. I saw him slowly unzip his pants and lift his butt just enough to slide them down to his knees. The game had just gotten very real. Bradley’s a pretty tall kid, but he’s pretty skinny. So I have no idea how he got a cock as big as he did, but the proof was bobbing there in his lap. He was uncircumcised, and he had a cock that would make any man jealous. My wife finally noticed something had happened, so she stopped her make out session to see what was up, so to speak.

“Oh my god Bradley!” Amy said staring at the pillar of flesh.

“Ms. Amy….I’m so…. hard right now….please. I’ll do anything…” Bradley said breathlessly.

“I don’t know honey; this might just be a bit too far…” Amy said still staring at the kid’s cock.

“Go on babe, it’s ok.” I said not wanting her to stop.

“Are you sure? I mean look at this thing.” Amy giggled.

“Please Ms. Amy… I can’t stand it…. Please…” Bradley said.

My wife was drunk, but she still had some of her faculties. She probably couldn’t believe what was happening. I was too crazed with desire to say anything. Thankfully the kid wasn’t about to just sit there. He grabbed my wife’s hand and pulled it onto his cock. Amy’s hand slowly closed around his monster of a cock, eliciting a long moan from the kid.

“Jesus…Bradley! Where do you hide this thing? It’s so hard…” Amy said slowly starting to stroke the kid’s cock.

My wife jerked Bradley’s cock slowly for a moment or two before pulling down to expose the head of the kid’s cock. It looked smooth as glass and had a blue tint. My wife’s jaw was literally hanging there as her hand slid up and down on the kid’s hard cock. I was really jerking off now, as I let the sight before me soak in. My wife was leaned back on the couch with her tits out, while she jerked off a very big cock.

“Ms. Amy…that feels so fucking good.” Bradley moaned.

My wife kept jerking the kid’s cock for a few moments before he pulled her head down to his lips again. Amy moaned loudly as her tongue wrestled with the kid’s. A large string of precum made its way down to her hand, and made it easier for her hand to slide up and down the kid’s cock. She was really jerking the kid off now. They stayed at it for another minute or two, and I thought the kid was gonna blow his load at any moment. It turned out that all this action was having a profound effect on my wife as well.

“Your cock is….oh my god, it’s…. it’s amazing.” Amy said.

“You really like it Ms. Amy? You’re not just saying that?” Bradley groaned.

“Umm…. not on your life…” Amy smiled.

Hearing her say it made me really fucking lose control. I pulled down my pants and really started to jerk my cock. I wasn’t hiding it anymore.

The kid reached over and grabbed my wife’s leg, and pulled her over on top of him.

“Whoa there Don Juan!” Amy laughed.

She was straddling the kid with only a g string on. Bradley’s big cock was leaning against her ass as he made out with my wife. The kid’s cock was wedged firmly between the globes of Amy’s ass. I watched in awe as the young man kneaded my wife’s ass. It seemed to me as Bradley had found his favorite new toy. My wife was enjoying herself as well, every few seconds Amy would grind her ass against Bradley’s pelvis. The motion would cause his cock to slide up and down between my wife’s ass. I watched this scene play out for a while, but Bradley wasn’t satisfied with dry humping, and I couldn’t really blame him.

Amy had her back arched and her head turned to the side. Her breasts were right in front of Bradley’s face and the young virgin was absolutely stunned. But he wasn’t going to settle. Slowly Bradley brought his hands down to Amy’s waist and lifted her up just enough for him to angle his cock toward my wife’s pussy. His plan would’ve worked, but the thin strip of fabric from her bikini bottom blocked his advance. The sudden pressure against her pussy didn’t go unnoticed, because I heard my wife gasp. Bradley thrust his cock forward again eliciting another groan from my wife. I almost got up and pulled the bikini bottoms off myself I was so turned on. Thankfully Bradley wasn’t at a total loss. He grasped the little knots holding my wife’s bottoms together on the sides, and pulled them both apart simultaneously. The bottoms fell away easily, and before I could take a breath, Bradley pressed his engorged cock against my wife’s bare pussy. Amy’s tight hole didn’t yield right away. I watched closely as the lips of her pussy stretched to try and accommodate the kid’s big cock. After a few seconds the engorged head of Bradley’s cock emerged from the foreskin, and slid just inside Amy’s pussy.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuuuck!” Amy moaned.

Bradley groaned loudly and pressed another few inches into Amy’s tight pussy. My mind was blown at the sight before me.

“Oh fuck….its soooo big.” Amy said. I didn’t know if she was talking to Bradley or me, and I didn’t care.

“It feels so good Ms. Amy….I can’t even….” Bradley groaned.

My wife had just about a third of his thick cock inside her when she lifted herself just slightly, before sliding back down to take almost all of Bradley’s young cock. She made a sound I hadn’t heard before. Then, after a few seconds she started to really ride his cock. Bradley couldn’t do anything but sit there and get fucked. My wife leaned down and passionately began to make out with the stunned young man. His hands were at his sides before Amy brought them to her breasts. Bradley took her lead and began to caress her breasts as she fucked his brains out. I had to applaud his control, but I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Just as the thought crossed my mind I saw Bradley whispering something into my wife’s ear.

“It’s ok Bradley… I want you to…” Amy moaned.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, Oh god Amy!” Bradley screamed.

Amy leaned back with her hands and Bradley’s thighs and slammed her pelvis against his. Bradley grabbed her waist and gave her two or three hard thrusts before pulling her down hard onto his cock. I could see his balls contract up tight against her ass, and I knew he was filling my wife’s pussy with cum.

“Ummmmmm…..oh fuck…….” Amy groaned as Bradley’s cock pulsed inside her tight pussy.

“Oh my god…..I don’t even….” Bradley mumbled.

My wife started to slowly ride the kid’s cock as he came deep inside her pussy. Bradley just sat there with his head leaned back on the couch. He was officially not a virgin any longer. Amy rode the kid for what seemed like a long time, a really long time. I didn’t think Bradley could still be coming, but apparently I was wrong.

“How much more is there Bradley? I still feel it…throbbing.” Amy asked.

“I don’t even know… it feels so much better than I thought.” Bradley replied.

“Well I don’t know about you Bradley, but I think your night was salvaged.” Amy laughed.

“It feels so damn good.” Bradley moaned as my wife sat on his cock breathing heavy.

“No argument there.” Amy laughed.

Bradley gave a couple more slow thrusts with his hips.

“I don’t think you can get any more inside me baby…. It feels like you’re in my stomach.”Amy smiled.

After a while Amy pulled herself off of Bradley’s still hard cock, turned to me on shaky legs, and smiled. I had just made eye contact when I saw a large amount of cum begin to drain down her thighs.

“Can you get me some tissue Bradley? I seem to have sprung a leak.” Amy asked.

The kid got up and staggered slowly to the bathroom.

“Well? Did you enjoy your show?” She asked.

“I don’t know what to say babe, it was amazing.” I said.

I still had my cock in my hand, and somehow had managed not to cum. Amy must’ve known what I wanted, because she took a step toward me, and bent over at the waist. I looked over at Bradley as he came back into the room. He was staring at my wife’s pussy and was stroking his cock. At that age I remembered being able to stay hard forever, so I wasn’t surprised. For the second time that night I took a chance and waved him over. His eyes lit up and he was standing behind Amy in a heartbeat. My wife leaned forward and just as her lips touched my cock, Bradley groped her upturned ass.

“Again? Already?” Amy laughed.

Amy looked at me with a look of anticipation. Seconds later her eyes closed and her mouth opened in a silent scream as Bradley pushed his cock back into her well fucked pussy.

“Oh fuck…..” Amy hissed.

With all pretenses aside, Bradley started to really pound my wife’s pussy. It was all she could do to stay standing; she was being fucked so hard. She gave up trying to suck my dick, she just stood there with her hands on my knees as Bradley fucked her senseless.

“Oh god honey…. his cock……. Ummmmm….” Amy moaned.

Bradley pulled his cock from deep inside my wife and took her by the hand. Apparently he wasn’t quite done. He led Amy back over to the couch and laid her down on her back. She looked over at me for a moment; all I could do was smile. Well, I could smile and stroke my cock.

Bradley climbed between my wife’s legs. She reached out and grasped the kid’s huge cock and guided it back to her pussy. Amy groaned deeply and wrapped her legs around the kid’s waist. Bradley leaned forward and my wife leaned her head up just a bit, to meet his lips for another passionate make out session. Bradley began to hammer his cock in and out of my wife. Amy dragged her nails down the kids back as she writhed underneath him.

“Oh fuck… Bradley… don’t stop….don’t stop….” Amy moaned.

Hearing my wife beg the kid to keep fucking her had my cock rock hard again. I started to slowly stroke myself marveling at how the night had ended up like it had.

“Fuck Ms. Amy….it feels soooooo goddamn good….” Bradley groaned.

“Fuck me Bradley…..fuck that pussy…oh fuck…oh fuuuuuuuuuck….” Amy said as her orgasm reached its peak.

Her legs shook and she was taking short rapid breaths. I’ve seen her orgasms before and I knew this was a big one. Bradley slowed his thrusts, but didn’t stop. He reached down and grabbed Amy’s breasts as he slowly fucked her. My wife’s orgasm went on for a solid minute before her eyes opened slightly. She glanced over at me quickly before looking back up at the kid.

“Bradley…. I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like that…” Amy said.

Hearing her say that didn’t hurt me at all. I thought she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Seeing her ravaged by the kid was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

“Really? Oh man….thanks. I’m trying to do the right things…I’m new to all this.” Bradley said.

“Oh you’re doing the right things all right….” Amy smiled.

“I’m gonna cum soon…. Can I… I mean will you maybe….let me do it…in your mouth?” Bradley asked.

Amy leaned up on her elbows and let the kid give her a few more, long, slow thrusts.

“I would love for you to cum in my mouth Bradley…..” Amy smiled wickedly at me.

Apparently my wife was really getting into this little game of ours. I nodded quickly as I jerked my cock vigorously. Bradley pulled his cock out of my wife and helped her kneel in front of him. Amy reached out and wrapped her tiny hand around the thick shaft of Bradley’s cock. She pulled back the foreskin to expose the shiny large head of his cock, before greedily sucking it into her mouth. The room was filled with sucking sounds. As awesome as the sight was in front of me, it didn’t go on for very long. My wife could tell the kid was about done because she picked up the pace. She sucked loudly and her hand caressed his balls. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled his cock from my wife’s mouth, and tilted her head back with a fistful of her hair.

“Easy there Romeo! Be gentle.” Amy said

“Sorry…I didn’t…. ” Bradley mumbled.

“Shhhhhh… just give it to me…all of it…” My wife said looking straight at me.

His cock erupted and the first shot landed diagonally across my wife’s face covering her from chin to hairline. Amy cupped her breasts and looked right at me.

“Ohhhhhhhh, that’s it baby!” Amy moaned.

My wife opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out wickedly. The next thick rope of cum went right into her mouth.

“Oh wow….ummmmmmmm…” my wife hissed.

The following eruption of thick cum coated Amy’s tongue before sliding into her waiting mouth, as she caressed her breasts. Bradley wasn’t quite done yet. He apparently wanted to give my wife something to remember him by. The next spasm from his cock plastered my wife’s chin before dropping obscenely onto the upper swells of her breasts. I thought for sure the kid was done but he kept cumming. He must’ve been pent up for years. He jerked his cock hard a couple more times and sent a rope of cum over my wife’s head.

“Jesus Christ! How much more is there?!?” My wife said with a look of astonishment.

Bradley adjusted his aim and sent another blast of his juice into my wife’s mouth. The final bit dropped down between her breasts. Bradley stood there hyperventilating for a few seconds and my wife just sat there with her mouth full of his cum.

“Oh god Ms. Amy.” Bradley stammered.

Amy looked up at Bradley with her mouth full of his cum. She swallowed deeply before sucking Bradley’s finally deflated cock back into her mouth for one last time. I came right then as my wife cleaned the kid’s cock. When I finished, Amy popped Bradley’s cock out of her mouth with a loud pop.

“I’m gonna die now….a happy man. I hope I did ok Ms. Amy.” Bradley said.

“It’s ok baby… tonight was fun for me too. You were great. So…I guess we’ll see you tomorrow for yard duty?” Amy smiled.

“You bet your sweet….uh…I mean.. sure thing!” Bradley said before grabbing his clothes and slipping out the door with the biggest grin I think I’ve ever seen.

My wife sat down next to me and looked at me quizzically. She was still quite drunk, and as sexually satisfied as I’d ever seen her. I wasn’t quite sure what she was going to say.

“Well? That was… interesting.” She said simply.

“Babe, that was a fantasy come true. I think you’re so gorgeous, and I’ve always wanted to see you having sex. I’m sorry if you’re a little weirded out by all this.” I said honestly.

“Oh I’m not weirded out at all… it was…great.” She smiled.


The next couple of weeks went by pretty uneventfully. The yard never looked better, and I was pleased to see Bradley keeping up his end of our little deal. Amy seemed to be taking everything in stride. We talked a few times about what happened in the pool house, mostly pillow talk. Each time we both got so turned on that we’d fuck like rabbits. Things went along pretty smoothly until one Friday night. I came in a little late after staying at work to finish up a few last minute projects before the weekend. Amy seemed a little off to me. I couldn’t really say what, but she just seemed preoccupied all throughout dinner. Later that night while we were lying in bed I asked her if everything was all right. It didn’t take long for her to tell me exactly what was bothering her.

“I was outside earlier watering the flowerbed and Bradley showed up. I didn’t think anything about it at first. I just thought he’d shown up early to do the yard work. After a few minutes I looked up and he was weed eating along the fence. Then I noticed his bulge.” She said with a smirk.

“The kid probably couldn’t help himself babe. He didn’t do anything inappropriate did he?” I asked.

“No, he was a perfect gentleman. Yes ma’am and no ma’am. At first I thought it would go away after a while but the entire time I was out there he walked around with this tent in his pants. He tried to hide it, but you can’t hide that thing very well.” Amy laughed.

“He’s probably still processing what happened to him babe. You really rocked his world.” I smiled.

“I just feel so sorry for him. He’s over here working his butt off and having to walk with a limp because he’s hard as a rock when I’m around. Maybe we should let him out of the deal.” She said.

“A deals a deal babe. I do love not having to do the yard work.” I said.

“But it’s almost torture honey…. I really feel bad for him.” Amy pouted.

I wasn’t about to let my yard guy off the hook. But maybe we could find a compromise. The idea of some more hot action between my wife and the kid had me turned on almost immediately. Amy noticed almost as quickly.

“What’s gotten into you? I thought we were having a serious conversation.” She asked.

“Well, it’s just that I was thinking about a way for me to keep my yard slave, and for you to ease you’re conscious.” I smiled.

“How can we do that?” Amy asked.

“Well…. You could help him out with his problem.” I said bracing myself for her reaction.

“Really? That’s your solution? You know…. I thought you might say something like that. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it myself. Are you really ok with this babe? I mean…you want me to let Bradley fuck me again?” Amy asked with a very serious look.

“It’s totally up to you babe, but anything you want to do is fine with me. I’ll have to ask Bradley if he’s ok with it. I mean it is a tough decision.” I smiled.

“Well, I guess there’s no harm in it if you’re ok with it.” Amy said.

“Babe, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love watching you have sex. It’s a real turn on for me. This is all only if you want to. I don’t want you to feel pressured in any way. I totally understand if my new…way of looking at things has you apprehensive. You do as much or as little with the kid as you see fit babe. Just so long as I get to watch when I can, or you tell me all the details if I’m not around.” I said honestly.

“It is kinda fun being naughty… I never thought I’d ever do anything like this.” Amy smiled.

“As long as it’s fun for the both of us, I say we go for it.” I laughed.

The next morning I awoke to the noise of a lawn mower and knew Bradley was to blame. I couldn’t be too mad at him though. I glanced over and noticed that Amy must’ve already gotten up. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep so I decided to get up and take a shower, then may hit the golf course for a bit.

The shower slowly woke me up and before long I was drying myself off with visions of nine holes and some beer dancing through my head. I walked into the bedroom and got almost all the way dressed when I noticed the lawnmower was silent. I hadn’t been in the shower that long. I put my shoes on and walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I looked around for Amy and just then the mower started back up again. I poured a glass of milk and just as soon as I’d taken the first sip I saw my wife come through the back door. She had on a pretty, bright yellow bikini with some flip flops, and her hair in a pony tail. She had her back turned to close the door, but when she turned around I almost dropped the glass of milk I was holding.

“Good morning sleeping beauty. If you want, I can make you some breakfast, but I’ve already had something.” She said smiling.

My wife was plastered with what was obviously cum. There was just a small drop on her chin, and a larger amount on the side of her neck. Her breasts and stomach were glistening with drying cum. I could only smile and think about what an interesting summer this was going to be.

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