A Professor Living Dangerously Pt. 01

Katherine Dennison-Kupersmith felt that a huge weight had been lifted from her being. A recent hire as an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Sciences at a prestigious southern university, she had been struggling for months to identify a field of research that would differentiate her from the rest of the younger staff, and put her on a solid tenure track. Finally, she felt like she had landed on something interesting and she was fairly certain there was little published research on the topic. In academia, it was publish or perish but, she hated the way her colleagues would regurgitate the same old concepts in slightly modified form to appease the beast.

Katherine realized how fortunate she had been to land her Professor position. She had been up against three other well qualified candidates any of whom would have been a solid selection but, it was a position she wanted badly so she had immersed herself in preparation learning about the department faculty and their individual areas of study and expertise. During the interviews, she was able to converse with each member of the search committee in depth on their interests, which she felt certain had been the deciding factor.

Since her husband of three years had a position as an attorney with one of the better firms in the city, landing the position had been even more of an imperative. There was no way he would have wanted to move, and given the difference in their incomes she knew it would have made little sense. She was thankful that it was an issue that had been avoided.

Katherine called her husband Jeff on his cell phone with a gushing voice and talked him in to leaving early to go to dinner. She loved her husband deeply but, the required work hours of a new attorney were outrageous and she had been spending way too many nights dealing with an exhausted man. However, now with her own mission she thought the free time might actually prove to be a benefit.

Katherine had been waiting at the table in their favorite restaurant for twenty minutes when Jeff finally showed up offering his apologies as he sat.

“I can’t wait to hear the news,” he said to her, with a sincere smile.

Her struggle with finding a direction to take her research had made living with her difficult for the past few months so, he was thrilled that she had apparently decided on something. Just as Katherine was about to speak, the waiter came for their drink orders, and it was all she could do to hold back until he finally left.

“Okay, so I think I’ve found something that’s interesting and fresh,” she said, bubbling with enthusiasm.

“Tell me. I’m dying to hear,” Jeff replied, equally enthusiastic.

“Okay, well you know I’ve been looking to link the work I’ve done in emotional intelligence with my interest in disadvantaged women’s issues?” she asked, knowing that he had heard her describe it many times before.

“Yes, go ahead,” Jeff encouraged.

“So, what I’m thinking is to research the lives of young women who participate in the sex trade. Now I know that others have looked at this before but, I want to look into the impact of emotional intelligence on outcome and modifications that may occur over time,” she explained.

“So you want to see how a woman becomes a better hooker?” Jeff replied. The instant the words left his mouth he knew he had screwed up and Katherine’s glare completely reinforced that view. She quietly took a sip of her Cosmopolitan before speaking.

“You’re not getting it,” she said, with dripping sarcasm.

“Look I’m sorry. That was a stupid thing to say. You’re right though. I’m not sure I do get it completely but, then I’m just an attorney not a PhD in these things,” he answered, trying to dig out of the hole.

“Don’t be patronizing,” Katherine said, and Jeff could tell she was growing frustrated.

“How are you going to research the topic? I mean how do you find subjects and how do you get them to talk to you?” he asked, trying to move past his faux pas.

“I’m not completely sure. It’s something I will have to work out,” she replied.

“But you think this is a new area. I mean something that hasn’t been picked over by others?” he asked, in clarification.

“Oh yes. I just looked some this afternoon but I found very little and there was nothing with the emotional intelligence angle,” Katherine answered, practically jumping from her seat as her enthusiasm returned.

The couple had a delicious dinner with Jeff staying away from any sensitive subjects so his wife could enjoy her evening. It seemed to him her concept had some flaws but, since he wasn’t an academic, and he felt it was logical there would be a process in the development of the idea he didn’t probe. After dinner, they went straight home and tore each other’s clothes off on the way to bed. Katherine could be an intensely passionate lover but, unfortunately she was often so consumed by work or studies that their love making would be flat. It drove Jeff crazy when she didn’t reach an orgasm and despite all his efforts it was starting to become the norm. However, this evening she was totally engaged and her body was sensitive and responsive. She climaxed with her arms and legs wrapped around him with whines of pleasure coming from her mouth then, quickly fell asleep in his arms.

Jeff and Katherine had met when he was a second year law student and she was starting her PhD program. Within three months they were living together, balancing their student life and the blossoming romance. When Jeff graduated and found a good job, he moved to the city ahead of her while she finished school and completed her dissertation. It had been a hard two years, only seeing each other about once a month but, it did make both feel that their relationship was worth continuing. A month after Katherine finished, they were married in a nice ceremony, and then she concentrated on finding a job. Landing the professor position had been an absolute dream come true.

Katherine had originally caught Jeff’s eye during a party at a friend’s place. He demanded an introduction from a mutual acquaintance, and he had managed to dominate her time for most of the evening. Even though she was in a relationship at the time, they went out the next weekend and after that were basically a couple. All their friends thought they made the perfect pair as both were very attractive, intelligent and ambitious, and they quickly became completely devoted to each other.

Katherine always attracted lots of male attention as a slender, raven haired beauty of 5’7″ with long legs and perfect C-cup breasts that stood high on her chest. A youngish looking twenty-seven, her dark brown eyes, cute dimples and full lips always made men melt.

She had been with three other men before Jeff. Two were long term boyfriends but the other was a one night stand as a result of too much to drink, and while she had told Jeff about the two boyfriends, she had not admitted to the third. With Jeff, she felt that he was a great combination of an attractive, physical person and a caring lover but, also a highly intelligent man that she could respect. He stood right at 6′ tall and weighed 180 pounds, his hair was medium brown, and he had a mischievous smile that usually worked to disarm her.

Over the next month, Katherine began developing her research plan outlining further areas of interest and data she wanted to collect. The one continuing problem was how to get cooperation and interaction with her subjects. She thought about putting ads in underground newspapers offering some money for participation in a survey but her mentor, an older woman that was a full professor, was adamant that the best way to collect the data was in the field.

“I know she’s right I just don’t know how to go about it,” Katherine explained to Jeff one evening.

“That sounds like it could be dangerous,” Jeff replied, worried that in her zeal she might lose perspective.

Another month went by and Katherine was becoming more and more frustrated. Every plan she came up with to gather the necessary field data had holes in it that she could not determine how to overcome.

“You have to help me,” she barked at her husband one evening, after she had spent over an hour describing all the difficulties she was facing.

“I would if I knew how. What do you want me to do?” he answered, sympathetically.

“I don’t know. Find me a contact I can talk to,” she replied.

“A contact?” Jeff asked, confused by what she meant.

“Yes. Someone that works in the sex trade. Someone that knows their way around,” She clarified.

“Well honey, I don’t know anyone like that,” he responded.

“Well you’re a lawyer aren’t you? Don’t lawyers deal with criminals?” Katherine challenged.

Jeff didn’t respond immediately. He knew she was very frustrated by her inability to move forward with her project so, he pulled her close, put his arm around her and said, “You know I’m a contracts attorney, not a criminal one. But let me think about how to do this.”

Jeff did think about it over the next few days and finally decided to reach out to his friend Clark that worked at a law firm that specialized in criminal defense. He explained what Katherine was seeking to do as best he understood, and asked for information on who in the city would be good to approach.

“Well the guy that comes to mind when you explain the goal is Little Sam Taylor. He owns a couple of strip clubs in town and the girls there also turn tricks. But damn Jeff, this is some really dangerous stuff. I would highly recommend that your wife find some other way to do her research,” Clark explained.

“I know. It worries me too. But she is consumed by this whole thing right now. Hopefully, when she sees what she had to deal with she will come to her senses. Do you know this Taylor guy?” Jeff responded.

“I’ve never met him but one of my colleagues has represented him,” he answered.

“Could you get me his contact info?” Jeff asked.

“Let me see what I can do,” his friend replied.

It took three days before Clark called back with Sam Taylor’s cell phone number. Once again, he explained to Jeff the dangers of what was being proposed and tried to talk him into dropping the idea and finding another way. Jeff thanked him and assured his friend that he was going to look into things before telling Katherine. Jeff didn’t immediately call but, after several more days of dealing with his wife’s miserable disposition, he reluctantly dialed the number.

“Yes?” a deep voice came over the line.

“Uh, Mr. Taylor…Uh you don’t know me but I was given your number by a mutual acquaintance and I wondered if I could bother you to meet with me and discuss something?’ Jeff said, stumbling through his words while realizing that explaining what his wife wanted to do would be difficult.

“Who the fuck is this?” Sam Taylor demanded.

“Uh, Mr. Taylor my name is Jeff Kupersmith and like I said I’m just seeking to meet with you for a few minutes to discuss something,” he answered.

“What kind of something?” he asked, suspiciously.

“It’s really difficult to explain over the phone but I promise it will only take a few minutes if we could meet,” Jeff asked again, able now to speak more clearly.

“Come to the club at nine,” he replied quickly to Jeff, and hung up.

Jeff’s friend had explained that Little Sam Taylor ran his business from a club on South Bayshore Blvd so; he assumed that was where the meeting would take place. He decided to work late then go to the meeting rather than go home and see Katherine, as he didn’t want to have to explain why he was going back out, and felt it was still too soon to let her know what was in the works. Jeff had been in the city long enough to know that the area where the club was located was seedy and frequented by a less desirable class of people, and on the drive he felt his stomach knotting with nervousness over what he might encounter. He had led a fairly privileged life and had experienced very few interactions with this level of society.

He found the club without difficulty and turned into the poorly lit parking lot. Since there were only a few cars, he was able to find a spot close to the door. Through the walls of the building, Jeff could hear a heavy bass beat playing that hit him like a wave as soon as he opened the heavy metal door.

“Five dollars,” an overweight Hispanic girl in a too tight dress said.

Jeff paid the cover then asked her over the music, “I have an appointment with Mr. Taylor at nine. Can you tell me where to find him?”

“Ask at the bar,” the girl replied, while smacking her gum. Jeff couldn’t help but glance at her large glitter covered breasts that heaved from her top.

As soon as he entered the main area of the club he saw that it was a large room with two stages. One was in the center of the room, and had a young black girl with a large ass dancing on it wearing a g-string and a bikini top. Like her ass, her breasts were large and spilled out from the covering. She seemed disinterested and oblivious to the few customers that were currently inside. The other stage was at the back, and while the lights were flashing from the rack overhead, it was empty. Scattered around the room he could see a half dozen girls in skimpy attire. Several were talking to the patrons while the others chatted at a table in the back.

“I’m looking for Mr. Taylor,” Jeff announced, when he reached the bar.

The bartender, a heavy set man with his long hair pulled into a ponytail, didn’t respond and instead walked to the end of the bar and stepped into a side room. He was gone for several minutes and when he returned he nodded towards the room. Jeff walked to the end of the bar, and stepped into a small room that he could see was set up like an office with a desk and two chairs against the wall. Sitting at the desk was a large black man that eyed him up, and then motioned for him to sit in one of the chairs.

“Now, what you want?” the man asked.

“Are you Sam Taylor?” Jeff replied.

“I damn sure am,” he replied, gruffly.

Jeff was immediately struck by the misnomer of the use of the word “little” to describe the man. Even sitting, Jeff could tell he was well over six feet tall and in excess of two hundred pounds. Wearing black slacks and a dark blue silk shirt, he looked to be about forty and had a large barrel chest, thick arms, close cropped hair and a beard. His nose looked like it had been broken at least once and one of his cheeks had a rough texture that might have come from acne scarring. He gave Jeff a dismissive look like he was wasting his precious time.

“Mr. Taylor thanks for taking the time to meet with me. I know you’re busy and I promise to go fast. My wife is a professor at a local university and is interested in doing research on women that work in clubs like yours. I’ve come to see if letting her spend some time with the girls is something you would consider,” Jeff said, following a script he had thought through in his mind that he hoped would pique some interest. He had intentionally stayed away from mentioning prostitution as he thought it might scare him off.

“What the fuck? Are you fucking shitting me?” Sam Taylor replied, looking at Jeff like he was an idiot.

“Well no uh actually I’m uh..,” Jeff stammered, having lost his confidence with the outburst.

“How did you find me?” Sam Taylor demanded, cutting Jeff off.

Jeff explained that he was a lawyer and had been recommended by a friend at the firm that had represented him. He hoped he wasn’t out of line divulging his source but, Sam Taylor’s booming voice and physical presence made it hard to think. Fortunately, as he explained how he made contact, using the names of the lawyers at the firm, he seemed to soften.

“Now start over again and tell me what you want,” he directed Jeff.

Jeff started from scratch and tried to explain going slower this time and adding more detail. Sam just stared at him as he spoke giving no hint concerning what he was thinking. When he had finished, he remained quiet for a long time making Jeff uncomfortable before he finally spoke.

“Where’s your wife? How come she ain’t here?” he asked.

“Well as you can appreciate, I wanted to see things for myself before she got involved,” he answered.

“Well it’s her deal ain’t it? Taylor shot back.

“Yes, it is but…,” Jeff started, before he was cut-off again.

“Bring her here next Monday. Same time,” he stated, then turned away.

Jeff sat there stunned for several seconds then rose and left the office barely looking at the others as he exited the club. On the drive home, he debated whether to tell Katherine of the meeting with Mr. Taylor, and by the time he had pulled into the driveway he had convinced himself it was best to forget the whole thing.

Jeff found his wife in bed watching TV when he got inside. He could tell she was feeling depressed as she barely spoke to him as he passed her to go to the closet to change. He climbed into bed naked hoping to have some love making but, she pushed him away when he tried to embrace her.

“Please, not tonight,” she said, looking at the television.

Jeff flopped on his back and stared at the screen feeling resentment at her rejection and the impact her obsession with her research project was having on their lives. Finally, with a mixture of frustration and trepidation, he told her about Little Sam Taylor and the meeting he had just had.

“Oh my God, are you kidding? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Katherine said, almost jumping out of bed when she realized the extent of what her husband was describing.

“Well I wasn’t sure it’s the right thing. I’m still not sure,” Jeff replied.

“It sounds good so far. Keep going,” she demanded. Jeff continued explaining every detail until he ended with the demand from Sam Taylor to meet with her the following Monday.

“Okay, that sounds perfect. I can be done with work and run some errands and then we can go,” she said, showing no concern for the safety issues Jeff had tried to explain as he was telling her about the club.

Katherine snuggled in close to her naked husband and began rubbing his chest beneath the covers with her hand before letting it descend to his shaft. She fondled him softly bringing his cock to a full erection.

“Thank you sweetie,” Katherine purred in his ear, and then began kissing his neck.

Jeff was content to let her do the work for the time being and Katherine didn’t disappoint. She quickly pulled her clothes off then returned to his side, this time with her uncovered breasts pushed against his chest while she playfully stroked his cock. Then with a smile she disappeared beneath the covers until he felt her juicy lips sliding over his erection.

“Ummm…,” Jeff let out, arching his back as his wife’s wet mouth descended.

The next morning over coffee Jeff recalled the love making with Katherine thinking it had been some of the best sex they had ever had. Katherine was an equally enthusiastic giver and receiver of pleasure and he loved it when he could get her thoroughly turned on and see her let go. Last night had been spectacular and he was already looking forward to the next time.

On Monday, Katherine sat in the passenger seat, eager with anticipation, as they drove towards the seedy bar. Jeff had tried to explain to her the condition of the place, and the inherent danger she would be facing but, she would have none of it. To her, it was a chance finally to advance her research, and begin achieving the things in her academic career that she felt were important. Jeff noticed the distressed look on her face when they pulled into the parking lot and she got a look at the place but, she quickly pulled herself together, and they entered the building.

Inside, waiting for Sam Taylor to meet with them, Katherine was able to get a look around. When she saw the girls working inside, her spirits picked up as she felt they were exactly the data source she was looking for. There were fewer than she expected in number, so she might have a sample size problem but, at least it was a step in the right direction. After a ten minute wait, Jeff and Katherine were told to go to Sam Taylor’s small office. He stayed seated as they entered, and directed them to sit. Jeff had told his wife to wear simple clothes for the meeting and she had selected jeans and a white blouse. He was glad he had done so because now he could see that Sam was sizing up his wife.

“Now tell me again what you have in mind,” Sam Taylor demanded, with almost no pleasantries.

Jeff had told his wife how the previous conversation had gone so she had thought through a way to explain the concept to a less educated individual. Slowly and deliberately, she walked through her theory and plan for collecting data while Sam Taylor sat quietly listening. Jeff realized that it didn’t hurt that this time he was hearing it from a beautiful young woman instead of some lawyer but, to his wife’s credit, she was doing a good job with the explanation. When she finished, Katherine asked if there were any questions and waited while Sam Taylor quietly contemplated her words.

“Won’t work,” he flatly stated.

“Why not?” Katherine immediately responded, his brusque words catching her off guard.

“If the girls know why you’re here, they ain’t going to speak truthfully. They’ll tell you what you want to hear. That’s how they cope. How they operate,” he explained.

“Mr. Taylor the surveys I can create will help with that. I’m sure I can structure it so I can get accurate data,” Katherine replied.

“Well then just drop them off and I’ll see if they will fill them out,” the club owner said.

“No, that won’t work. It requires some interaction and follow up questioning,” Katherine clarified.

“No, no thanks. It will be a distraction. Sorry,” Sam Taylor answered, and with an air of finality turned from them back to his desk.

Katherine sat there stunned until she felt her husband take her elbow, and guide her out of the office and towards the door. She had been so excited, exhilarated really, when Jeff told her about the opportunity, and to now be dismissed like this was devastating. It was all she could do to not cry, and once in the car she did cry and was inconsolable all evening even though Jeff tried everything he could think of to lift her spirits. So close, she kept thinking to herself and then to be turned away. There had to be something she could do to convince the man.

It was the next day, right after she finished teaching a class, that an idea suddenly hit her. The more she thought about it the more sense it made, and after a while she had actually concluded that it would be a benefit to the study. She thought it addressed the concerns he had expressed so she was excited to talk to Mr. Taylor and see if she could convince him to give it a try. She thought about calling Jeff and getting him to arrange another meeting but, after consideration, she thought it might be best to talk to Mr. Taylor first. There was no reason to upset Jeff needlessly she rationalized.

That evening, at roughly the same time as the previous meeting, she pulled her car into the parking lot of the club. She felt like all eyes were on her as, alone now, she waited at the bar hoping that Mr. Taylor would agree to see her. She waited almost an hour, turning down several drink offers from the bartender, before she was told he would see her but only for a minute.

“What now?” Sam Taylor asked, with annoyance as soon as Katherine was seated.

“Well I think I have an idea on how to deal with your concerns,” Katherine replied.

“Go ahead, I’m listening,” the large black man said.

“Well I noticed you had a help wanted sign saying you were looking for a waitress and I thought if I worked here as a waitress then I could discreetly do the work I need to,” she explained.

“You have any experience?” he immediately asked.

“Uh, no. But I’m sure I can do it,” Katherine replied, with a bit of desperation in her voice.

“You know the hours? Its 6 PM to 2 AM,” Sam Taylor barked at her.

“That’s not a problem,” Katherine replied, feigning confidence while thinking she could get her work done in a few weeks.

Sam Taylor sat in silence for several minutes thinking about it. He knew this would probably end up a mess but she was a damn good looking woman, and he liked her persistence.

“Roland!” he yelled through the open door.

“Go get a couple of those waitress outfits. A size that would fit this girl,” Sam Taylor ordered the bartender, when he appeared.

Katherine felt her face flush when he spoke. She had not expected that there would be any special attire. Now she was worried what it might be in a club like this. Roland was gone for only a few minutes before he returned with three of the waitress outfits on hangers.

“Find one that fits and put it on then come back so I can have a look at you,” Sam Taylor told her, “Roland will show you where to change.”

Katherine felt like bolting to her car and driving back to her comfortable existence but, she was so consumed by the study that she dutifully followed Roland to an unmarked door at the back of the club. Just as he nodded towards the door, an attractive blonde that looked to be about twenty came out in a tiny miniskirt, tube top and platform heels wearing way too much make-up. She glanced at them briefly before continuing on her way.

Katherine entered and found that she was in a changing area that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years. There was a long lighted counter with several stools where she assumed the girls put on their makeup and opposite were lockers, many with broken doors, where they must store their things while working. There was no one currently in the room which pleased Katherine, and she found a bench near the back where she could set her things while changing.

Taking the first outfit off the hanger she realized it was a small black satin romper, like a Playboy bunny costume without the tail or ears but, with black fishnet hose. To put it on would require her to get fully nude, which made her nervous in the unguarded room. Katherine had come straight from work and was still in a knee length skirt and a white, long sleeve blouse, and she stripped down to her bra and thong carefully folding and placing her clothes on the bench. Then, as quickly as she could, she took off her undergarments and tried on the outfit.

The first one she tried was too large and she had to use one hand to hold it in place. The second was better but seemed a size too small as her breasts bulged out of the low cut top, and it was snug in the crotch. Katherine tried on the third but it was the same as the first so she decided to go back to the second one.

She was standing in just the fishnet hose when the door suddenly flew open and an overweight black girl with short hair came in wearing hot pants and a halter top. Katherine covered her front as best she could with the romper as the girl came directly up to her.

“Who are you?” the girl asked, with a look that made Katherine think she was either drunk or high.

“I’m…uh…seeing about getting a waitress job,” she replied.

“Mmmmm…you’re pretty hot,” the girl sighed, making Katherine blush in embarrassment.

There was a period of ten or fifteen seconds, while they stood staring at each other, neither moving nor speaking, before the black girl turned and went to the mirror. Katherine waited, still covering herself, hoping the girl would leave but, after several minutes she summoned her courage and put on the outfit. As she was straightening it, she looked up to see the girl staring at her in the mirror. Without speaking, Katherine gathered her clothes and the extra garments, and went back to Sam Taylor’s office as instructed.

“Damn!” Little Sam thought to himself when she entered the room. He loved the look of her milky breasts lifted by the outfit and her ass and legs were better than he was expecting. She stood awkwardly waiting for him to say something but, he just continued to look her over without speaking.

“Turn around,” he said to her, in a commanding voice.

Katherine turned and Sam feasted on the look of her shapely legs and tight rear. He realized she had a better body than all of the dancers and would attract a lot of attention even if she was just waitressing. But, he was a cautious man and didn’t want to have to deal with any drama so, he decided to test her reactions.

“Bend over and put your hands on the side of that chair.” he said, nodding towards one of the folding metal chairs.

“Why?” Katherine asked, even though she knew what he wanted.

“Girl, just do it if you want to work here,” he fired back quickly.

Katherine hesitated for just a moment before doing as she was told, and Sam smiled as her ass was pushed back when she bent at the waist. Her mound, snuggly covered by the satin fabric, became more pronounced too, and there was just a hint of a camel toe. The sounds of the casters squeaking as Sam’s chair rolled towards her filled the room and Katherine started to rise.

“Be still,” he commanded, and she immediately stopped and returned to her position not knowing what to expect but, fearful of his intent.

“Huh!” Katherine gasped, when she felt his hand grasp the inside of her thigh.

“Now girl, you are going to get all kinds of attention in here and I don’t want you getting all freaky and start yelling and screaming. You know what I mean? You got to deal with it. Can you handle it?” Little Sam explained, while his hand moved up her thigh until the side of his finger was just barely touching her covered pussy.

“I can handle it,” she quickly replied, hoping her affirmation would get him to remove his hand.

Little Sam kept his hand on her leg, while sporting an unseen smile, as he reveled in her discomfort. He could feel her leg trembling and the warmth being generated from her pussy, and while he thought about pushing his hand hard against her mound to see her reaction, he decided against it. Finally, he let his hand drop but Katherine stayed in the position until Little Sam told her she could stand. Her willingness to wait until he gave her permission to move impressed him greatly.

“Now you get here in time to get dressed and ready by six. I don’t want no fucking around. Six means six and you stay all the way till closing. First time I hear any whining your ass is gone. Your husband ain’t allowed inside. If he comes to get you then he stays outside like the other boyfriends do. I don’t want you bothering the girls with your thing till I say it’s okay either. You understand?” he asked, demanding her confirmation.

“Yes,” Katherine replied, thankful to be getting started but, also feeling some dread as the reality hit home.

“That’s good then. Oh, and don’t be driving up here in some fancy car like you and your husband did. That attracts attention. You take a cab or find another car,” he added.

“Okay, I understand,” she answered meekly, and remained in place wondering what was next.

“Remember get here ready at six. The outfit stays here. You pay for getting it cleaned and bring a lock for your locker,” he said, then turned away.

Realizing he was through, Katherine grabbed her things and quickly went to the dressing room. Finding it empty, she changed then dropped off the outfits with Roland identifying to him the one she wanted. Minutes later she was leaving the parking lot and on her way back to her world.

When Katherine hit the button to open the garage door she saw that her husband was home. She had hoped to be able to shower and perhaps have a drink to calm her nerves before he arrived so she would be more prepared to tell him what had happened. Jeff could tell something was up as soon as Katherine opened the door but, rather than talk she walked past him to the bedroom. After a few minutes, he followed finding she had changed into her robe and was sitting in front of the mirror in the bathroom removing her makeup.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Yes, why?” Katherine answered, still not sure how to explain.

“You just seem to be acting a bit strange,” he told her.

She had tried hard to appear normal so it was unnerving to have her husband so easily see through her facade. Katherine didn’t immediately respond and tried to think about the best way to answer but, after an awkward silence and no good idea she spoke.

“Well there is something we need to discuss,” she stated, while using a cotton ball on her face.

“What about?” Jeff asked, and he tensed, sensing it wasn’t going to be good.

“I went back to that club today and met with Sam Taylor. I convinced him to let me work there as a waitress as, you know, something like a cover for collecting the data I need,” Katherine blurted out quickly. She had stopped working on her face and was now staring directly at her husband.

“Are you kidding me? You’re crazy!” Jeff responded, shaking his head in amazement at his wife’s foolishness.

“It’s not crazy. I need to make this work and I came up with the best idea I could. You know how much this project means to me,” Katherine fired back.

“I know it’s important to you honey but this is just too damn dangerous,” Jeff said, lowering his voice and taking her hand in his.

“At least let me tell you the rest,” she replied, surprised at her calmness.

“Okay, honey,” Jeff answered, with a sigh.

Katherine started at the beginning, explaining how she had come up with the idea and how she had met with Sam Taylor. She told him about having to wear a waitress outfit but, downplayed the description of it. She also neglected to mention the black dancer coming on to her, or Sam Taylor inspecting her body and placing his hand high on her thigh.

“Why didn’t you let me know so I could go with you,” Jeff asked when she had finished, feeling somewhat hurt that she hadn’t come to him.

“Honey I didn’t know if he was even going to listen to me, and I didn’t want to get you away from work just to find out he said no,” she explained. Although he understood her logic, it didn’t completely deaden the feeling.

“Well what’s next?” Jeff asked.

“I start tomorrow,” she replied, looking straight at him hoping to ward off any negative reaction.

“That’s quick,” he responded, with a stunned look.

“I know but I think its best this way. Get it going and see if it’s going to work. If it doesn’t I can always just walk away,” she said.

“Maybe. Are you sure the University allows you to have a second job?” Jeff asked. His legal mind was working through the scenario and the thought had struck him.

“I don’t know. I’ll check the policy manual but if there is a problem I just won’t accept any payment,” she replied, after considering his question.

“What are you getting paid?” Jeff asked.

“I don’t know. I didn’t ask!” Katherine answered, as she began to laugh.

“Nice,” Jeff replied, laughing too.

Katherine used the laughter as a segue to tell her husband more about the arrangement. She explained the hours and then the fact that she would have to take a taxi back and forth because Sam Taylor didn’t want her nice car in the parking lot. She finished by explaining that no husbands or boyfriends were allowed in the club but, that they could pick the girls up outside.

“You sure you can do this? You’re going to be exhausted,” her husband said to her, with true concern.

“I know but it shouldn’t last longer than a couple weeks,” she replied.

“I’m not sure about this taxi thing. I think I’d rather be there to pick you up at least,” Jeff said.

“Your car is too nice too. I’ll be okay,” she told him but, she could tell he was not convinced.

They continued talking about the job and how she was going to go about collecting the information she needed, and Katherine was happy that they had gotten past any argument around her doing it. She even felt that Jeff had switched to being supportive, as he was offering suggestions on certain things. Slowly, the discussion wound down and Jeff drifted away to pay some bills. She was in bed when he finally finished but, neither made an effort to initiate any love making, as both were too focused on their own thoughts.

The next day seemed to fly by for Katherine as she went through her duties at the University. At exactly 5 PM, she bolted for her car and drove home calling for a cab on the way. She had just enough time to park her car in the garage and change into some casual clothes before the taxi arrived. It was a twenty minute drive to the club, and she felt her heart begin to race in anticipation as she drew closer.

Katherine was allowed inside without question and she made her way quickly to Roland who gave her the waitress outfit. Ten minutes later, she was changed and had locked her clothes securely in a metal locker. She went immediately to the bar where Roland, obviously briefed on the situation, explained her duties then gave her a tray.

“I need $50,” he said when he was finished.

“What? Why? I don’t have that much cash,” she said in surprise.

“Waitresses are responsible for their customers and have to pay in advance,” he told her.

“Well what do I do?” she gasped, looking at him for help.

After a long look, Roland spoke, “Okay. This time I’ll cover you but, not again.”

With a sincere thank you that was well received, Katherine spoke briefly to the day waitress she was replacing then wandered to her area of the club. Since there were only six customers in the entire place and only two in her area, she felt awkward but, nonetheless took up position where she could be called upon.

While she waited, she took in the scene of a solitary dancer, like before, on the center stage while other girls roamed the club hoping to attract attention. The girl on stage was a skinny, dirty blonde with large fake breasts, wearing only a red thong, and she danced with an air of extreme indifference as if she expected nothing. Katherine was trying to figure out her motivation in such a stark economic situation when one of her customers nodded to her.

“Yes sir?” Katherine asked the large man with thinning gray hair, as she bent next to him.

The man looked her over liking what he saw and wondering why such a fresh looking woman was working in this place. Her creamy breasts were lifted and bulging in the tight outfit and the high cut around her hips left her long slender legs on full display.

“Honey. What in the world is your name?” the man asked, with interest.

“Katherine,” she answered, unaware of the convention about fake names.

“Well Katherine you look damn good. Can you bring me another?” the man asked, holding up his empty longneck.

Katherine nodded then scurried off to the bar excited to be serving her first customer. When she took the job, she knew that she needed to build her bona fides and this was the first step in that direction. Roland, with a silly grin, took the order and her money before handing her the beer.

Katherine took the man the beer and waited while he paid her in cash, tipping her two dollars. As soon as he took the beer off her tray, she felt one of his hands land on her butt, making her shiver. Despite the rude gesture, she remembered the words from Sam and ignored it but, quickly moved away. For the rest of the night, she served the customers who wandered in and out, and learned that light groping was standard fare. In fact, it was odd when it didn’t happen, and she actually found herself several times rationalizing why the man had not tried.

By the time closing time came around, Katherine had been touched countless times, fended off several more serious advances, and had a couple conversations with the dancers that she thought would help in the future. She had also made $45 in tips.

By the time the cab had delivered her home it was 2:25 AM in the morning. Opening the door, she only made it a few steps inside when Jeff appeared in the hallway.

“How was it?” he confronted her, with obvious concern.

“It was a start. But I’m exhausted,” his wife replied.

Jeff took her in his arms and hugged her, immediately inhaling the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol that clung to her body. All night, he had thought about her alone in the club filled with horny men, and now wanting her badly, he tried to direct her to bed.

“I need to shower,” she said, wiggling in his grip.

“Later hon,” Jeff answered, acting more forceful.

Her husband’s aroused demands both excited and tickled her and she giggled as she let him have his way. Jeff undressed her while she stood then pushed her onto the bed.

“Why are you so excited?” Katherine asked, still giggling and enjoying the attention.

“I’ve been thinking about you and waiting for you all night,” he replied.

Jeff pulled his boxers off then moved between his wife’s legs and kissed her on the mouth while letting his chest rub against her nipples.

“Mmmm…,” they moaned in unison from the feeling.

The closer he got to her the stronger were the smells from the club, which only fueled his passion. In reality, he had worked himself into a state of extreme arousal fantasizing about Katherine in the strip club with all the horny men. In his mind, the place was full of exciting virile men who were constantly coming on to his wife. When he slipped his hard dick into Katherine’s ready, wet pussy it only validated his thoughts.

“Oh, hell yes!” Jeff exclaimed, and began moving in and out of his wife listening to her mews of pleasure and feeling her body respond beneath him.

“Oh Jeff,” Katherine cried out, after a particularly hard thrust.

He began moving even faster and soon he was slamming into her at a torrid pace. It couldn’t last long and within only a few minutes, Jeff began emptying his semen into his wife’s warm opening.

“Oh honey…oh yeah…yeah…,” he moaned in pleasure.

Katherine, who had been exhausted when she walked in the door, was now left excited and unfulfilled. Jeff, after a few gasps, rolled to her side and pulled her close realizing that he left the job incomplete. He took his hand and drove two fingers into her wetness hoping it would suffice, and within seconds, Katherine who was still aroused, rolled to her back and spread her legs giving him total access. A cock would have been better but now she was eager just to reach an orgasm. The squishing sounds of her wetness quickly had Jeff’s attention and he started asking questions.

“Tell me what happened,” he demanded.

“Nothing, honey,” she replied, while mewing in pleasure.

“What did the men do?” Jeff asked, not knowing what specifically to ask about.

“They watched the dancers,” she answered quickly.

“I know they looked at you. You’re too beautiful to ignore. I bet you had everyone’s attention,” Jeff said, unaware of how right he really was.

“That’s just because you love me,” Katherine answered, pleased with her husband’s words and getting more excited from his fingers.

“Baby, tell me more. What happened? I want details,” he begged.

“I served the men while the girls danced and uhh…ohhh…sometimes they put their hand on my leg…uhhh…on my butt sometimes…,” she described, as her body responded more to Jeff’s touch.

“Oh my God! They touched you. Tell me,” Jeff demanded, as he inserted a third finger.

“Oh Jeff…yes…but not much…just on the costume…,” she whimpered, getting close to her release.

“My God Katherine…that’s crazy…they touched you…,” Jeff whispered to her, not knowing what else to say.

“Ohhh Jeff…ohhh…ohhh…Jeff…ohhh yess…yesss…,” Katherine cried out, when the orgasm hit.

Her legs slammed shut against his invading fingers trapping them inside her soaked vagina while she whimpered and writhed. It lasted almost thirty seconds and when it began to ebb, with her chest heaving in post-orgasmic joy, Jeff snuggled next to her and held her until they both fell asleep.

The clock buzzing at 7 am woke the couple with both moving slowly from too little sleep. Katherine stumbled through her day, yawning so much that several co-workers asked about it. When she was done at school, she rushed home to change, but this time, after having watched how the other girls came and went, she merely threw on flannel warm up pants and a sweatshirt.

With Katherine’s lack of sleep, the evening at the club seemed to drag on forever. Like the previous night, she endured the light groping from the patrons as she served them drinks which reminded her of her husband’s excitement. It wasn’t something she had expected or been prepared for the previous night but, since his excitement had helped to fuel hers, she hadn’t probed him about it. Still, it was something she wanted to discuss at the right time.

What she didn’t know was that Jeff had spent a good portion of his day contemplating the same thing. Now, with the passion of the moment gone, he felt silly and a little ashamed about the questions he had asked and his reactions. It wasn’t at all like him, and certainly nothing he had considered before. It seemed to just have sprung from out of nowhere and that concerned and frightened him.

Katherine started to pay more attention to the individual dancers, their routines and tried to identify what characteristics made them successful. Certainly, looks played a big part but it wasn’t everything. She noticed that several less attractive girls did fairly well from what seemed to be a combination of persistence and attitude. She also became more aware of the club layout and patterns the dancers followed. Sometimes, the dancer would give a table dance for a customer right in the main room but, usually they went to a darker room on the side of the building that had several secluded sections. Katherine had only gone into this room once to take an order and deliver a drink but, she saw that the girl were much more aggressive in the semi-private space. Finally, there was the door at the back where she had seen a dancer leave with her customers but not return. Although curious, she hadn’t built up the courage yet to ask about it.

Fortunately, things were slow that night so Roland told her she could leave just after midnight. Katherine quickly changed and headed out looking forward to getting some rest. Jeff was waiting up and wanted more details but, she convinced him nothing interesting had occurred, and that they really should just go to sleep.

She spent the next day thinking about Sam’s requirement that she not speak to the girls until he told her it was okay. She realized it was a very vague demand from a time perspective, and she decided to speak with him about it that evening.

“Sam, uh Mr. Taylor can I ask you a question?” Katherine spoke nervously to the club owner’s back, from the open door.

“What baby?” he asked, looking up. She was relieved to see a faint smile on his face, as his eyes gave her costumed body a once over.

“You asked that I wait on speaking to the girls until you said it was okay. Can we talk about when that might be?” she inquired.

Sam was silent for several seconds while staring at Katherine. His smile had faded and she braced herself for a negative reaction but finally in a calm voice he spoke, “You got to make friends with them first. These girls, they’re all fuck-ups. Been used and abused. You go out there firing off questions you ain’t going to get shit. Might get an answer but it will be a lie. Take your time baby. It’s best that way and for your own good.”

Katherine nodded her head realizing that his words made sense and Sam turned leaving her staring at his back. Just as she started to turn Sam spoke, “Baby, you look tired.”

“Well I guess with school and working here I’m not getting much sleep,” she answered.

“Come here,” Sam said, turning half-way and pulling a drawer to his left open.

He pulled out a small tin that had a breath mint logo and opening it produced a small pill, “Take this it will help you.”

“Oh, Mr. Taylor I can’t do that. I don’t do drugs,” she immediately replied.

“Well good for you and if I caught you doing drugs I’d kick your ass out of here. I don’t care what the girls do on their own time but, here there ain’t no drugs. Now this thing is just a little thing like a Nodoz. More caffeine than drug so don’t worry about it. Just take it so you don’t spend all night yawning like you did last night,” he explained.

The fact that Sam knew that she had been yawning the previous night was disconcerting and although still reluctant, she reached out with her hand.

“Good. Now get back to work,” he said, shutting the tin and tossing it back into the drawer.

Katherine turned and left with Sam’s eyes glued to her tight, luscious ass. He thought about how good her pussy must feel and he felt his cock begin to stiffen. He smiled to himself wondering how she would react to the strong amphetamine she left with, and in fact if she would even take it. He decided he would check on her in an hour or so knowing the effects would be obvious.

Katherine put the pill on her tray and went back to work unsure about whether to take it. However, twenty minutes later as she fought to stifle a yawn she decided “what the hell”, went to the bar for some water and popped it into her mouth.

“What’s that?” Roland asked.

“Nodoz that Sam gave me,” she naively answered.

Roland resisted the urge to laugh and just nodded his head until she left. He wasn’t sure why Sam had let her hang around. She clearly wasn’t “one of the girls” and he had seen more than his share. But now, with this latest info, he speculated that Sam had a plan of some kind.

It didn’t take long for the drug to invade Katherine’s slender body. All of a sudden, her energy surged and she felt renewed, which was good as the Friday night crowd was large. No longer feeling like she was carrying a bag of rocks, she zipped back and forth amongst the tables serving her customers.

She also felt empowered to get closer to the dancers in the club. She made a point to introduce herself as the girls walked by and followed several into the dressing room where she had longer conversations. The girls, at first reluctant, started to open up some although Katherine could tell it was going to take some time. She was pleased that she had summoned the courage to speak with Sam and very happy with the advice he had given. Sam did check on her later and could easily tell she had taken the pill. It was a good start he thought to himself.

That night when Katherine got home it was she that initiated sex with her dozing husband. Jeff woke quickly asking for all the details of the evening like he had done before, and this time she was more forthcoming about the patrons wandering hands, which once again drove her husband crazy until he pushed her back, filled her and took her rapidly, until he was spent. Rolling off, he quickly fell asleep leaving Katherine once again unfulfilled and very horny. The young wife only rarely masturbated but, now it was absolutely a necessity, and she used her fingers lightly on her clit until she released with a nice climax while moaning openly. It took some time to finally doze off and she slept fitfully. However, since it was Saturday, she slept in and happily thought about the rest she could catch up on over the weekend.

The shrill ring of Katherine’s cell phone suddenly pierced the quiet of the couple’s house as they prepared for an evening out.

“Hello?” Katherine answered not recognizing the number.

“Hey, Katherine. Where are you? Sam is pissed off,” she heard a male voice state.

“What? Who is this?” she asked, confused.

“It’s Roland from the club. Why aren’t you here?” he said, with some urgency in his voice.

“It’s Saturday,” she replied, still confused.

“Honey the job includes Saturday. You better get down here fast if you want to keep it,” she heard him say, quickly followed by a click.

“Shit,” Katherine exclaimed, partly in exasperation but, mostly worried she would lose the job.

“What’s the matter?” Jeff asked, walking into the room.

“I’m supposed to be at the club,” she replied, looking at him with sad eyes.

“Tonight? But its Saturday,” Jeff responded, equally surprised and annoyed.

“I know but I’ve got to go,” She answered, quickly changing clothes.

Katherine was ready in five minutes and had Jeff drive her to the club as there was no time to wait on a taxi. The couple was quiet at first but Jeff’s mind started wandering to the descriptions she had given and unintentionally he began goading her.

“You think you’ll get touched tonight?” he asked, with an anxious look.

“It’s not what you think. It’s casual if that makes sense. Most aren’t trying to really feel me up,” She explained.

“Most?” Jeff followed.

“Well some are jerks but I stop them,” she responded.

“What if you didn’t?” her husband asked, after a lull in the discussion.

Katherine gave him a questioning look and before she had a chance to speak they pulled into the parking lot of the club. She directed Jeff to stay at the far end, away from the front door so the nice car would not be noticed, then with a quick peck she jumped out and moved quickly towards the entrance. She barely glanced at Roland as she shot by towards the dressing room thinking there was a higher chance of being allowed to stay if she was confronted in her waitress outfit. Changing quickly and touching up her makeup, she emerged into the crowded club and went up to the bar.

“How much trouble am I in?” she asked.

“A lot. He wants to see you,” Roland answered, with a look that didn’t give her much hope.

With a sigh, Katherine took the short walk to Sam’s office then, tapped lightly on the door frame as she entered.

“Mr. Taylor I know I screwed up and it won’t happen again. Please give me another chance,” she blurted out, in a mea culpa.

Sam turned and just stared at her with a stern face while she stood nervously. He was impressed that she apologized. The girls he was use to dealing with always had an excuse and never accepted responsibility. Still, she had fucked up and he needed to make a point.

“You damn right you fucked up girl. Why the fuck should I let you stay if you can’t be trusted?” Sam suddenly fired out.

“I know. I’m sorry,” Katherine said, letting her eyes fall to the floor.

“You want to stay?” he asked, in a loud voice.

“Yes,” she replied meekly.

There was another long pause as Sam let the tension build then he finally spoke, “We’re short dancers tonight. I need dancers not waitresses right now.”

A chill raced through Katherine’s body as she realized what she was being asked to do. A waitress was one thing and although it required a skimpy outfit it was more cover than people had on the beach. But, a dancer? She realized she was being given an ultimatum and refusing would mean the end of her work.

“Mr. Taylor…uhhh…I don’t know how…I mean I’ve never done it and …uhhh…wouldn’t know what to do,” she replied, trying to remain in control of her emotions.

“That’s your choice. Dance tonight or get the fuck out of here,” he answered.

Katherine shuddered at the thought of leaving. Her research was so important to her, and she had developed some angles and ideas she was very excited about. Plus, there was Jeff who undoubtedly would take an “I told you so” attitude. But, my God, she would be topless in front of this crowd of rough men. Several times she started to turn and leave but her feet just wouldn’t move. The silence in the room became very awkward.

“Please Sam,” she finally croaked, as one last final desperate plea.

“No begging girl. You fucked up. I’m going to give you just ten minutes to go change and come back here for inspection,” he explained, loudly.

Another long silence ensued before Katherine spoke, “Where do I get the outfit?”

“In the dressing room there’s a long rack. Take what you want but make it sexy. And no damn covers. You come back here dressed in heels, a g-string and top ONLY. How you look is going to determine if you stay. And, you better damn hurry. The clock is already ticking,” Sam told her, fighting back a smile at his good luck. Katherine slowly turned and left and although Sam wasn’t sure she would return the possibility alone was causing a swelling in his groin.

She was late by several minutes but when Katherine appeared in the doorway all thoughts of admonishment vaporized. If there was an intersection of beautiful, hot and slutty that’s what the young wife looked like in a powder blue g-string and matching bra with three inch white heels.

“Damn! This girl keeps delivering,” Sam thought to himself.

Each time he got to see more he was impressed and now he got to see how her flat yet feminine tummy merged into her hips and long legs. Next, it was her tits that he wanted to see.

“Take the top off,” he demanded.

Katherine knew that the top would come off at some point but it still seemed too soon and she swallowed several times trying to get some moisture in her dry mouth so she could speak. Finally giving up, she slowly reached back and undid the clasp. The top fell forward dangling on her shoulders and with trembling hands she pulled it off.

Sam was fully hard now as he stared at the best set of tits he had seen in a long time. They were full but didn’t sag a bit and the nipples were small, barely dime sized, and pointed upwards. He thought about telling her to take the g-string off but figured it might be a step too far, for now.

“Turn around,” he demanded, and dutifully she slowly spun giving him a full view of her lovely ass and feminine shoulders. Her beautiful, creamy skin was unblemished making her look almost virginal. Sam knew as soon as he turned her out into the club the men would be forming a line for dances.

“You shave?” he asked, matter-of-factly. Katherine couldn’t bring herself to voice an answer so she just nodded.

“I don’t like those shoes. Go back and get you some platform ones and pick out a cover but don’t put it on yet,” he commanded and without speaking Katherine started to put the bra back on but was stopped by Sam, “Leave it off. You need to get comfortable showing your tits.”

She fidgeted for a moment and acted like she wanted to speak but instead turned slowly and left. Alone now, Sam finally let the smile hit his face, quite pleased with his manipulation. He spent every day looking at mostly naked women but this was different. This was a nice educated wife who he convinced to bare herself. He knew that her presence would be good for business, which was enough in itself but, a piece of his brain told him that if he played his cards right, he might get some of her pussy too.

It wasn’t long before Katherine returned wearing 3″ white platform heels and carrying a gauzy white material in her hand.

“That’s better baby. Sit down now,” he instructed her, then buzzed Roland.

Roland entered the room with a big smile having already watched the young wife walking back and forth to the dressing room. He had to take his hat off to Sam. It had only been a few days and he already had her mostly naked, and the way things were going Sam might be in her pussy soon. Hell, maybe he would give him some sloppy seconds.

“Bring us some vodka and some orange juice on the side. And tell Craig to get Celeste on stage,” Sam commanded.

Roland left the room and Sam turned to Katherine, “I want you to have a few drinks to relax and I want you to watch how Celeste dances. Just do what she does.”

Roland came back with the vodka, orange juice, glasses and a bucket of ice. He made two drinks, while getting a good look at Katherine’s breasts, then handed the drinks out before flipping on a TV that was mounted in the corner of the room. Just as he was leaving, the DJ announced that Celeste was up next. The first sip of her drink caused Katherine to catch her breath, as she realized that Roland had made it very strong. From the monitor, Sam could see Celeste coming onto the stage and he directed her attention by pointing towards it.

“Now baby, watch this. Watch how she moves and I want you to do the same thing,” he said.

Katherine saw a young slender blonde wearing a red corset come to the front of the stage swaying her hips and immediately begin moving to the heavy base beat of the song. The stage had a pole in the center but the girl ignored it for the moment and swayed sexily near the front.

“Now what I want you to see is she uses the whole stage not just one spot and she always keeps that same sexy movement to the beat,” Sam explained, and as he spoke Celeste moved to the back of the stage then the sides staying in each spot for a bit before moving. Along the way, Sam continued to coach her on the hows and whys. She finished at the pole using it as a prop and swinging around it several times before the song ended. Katherine had watched the girls dance while waitressing but, had never noticed the things Sam was now pointing out.

The first song transitioned to the second and Celeste quickly removed the corset leaving her in just a red g-string and black heels. Katherine knew it was coming, but she still cringed thinking about having to remove her clothes, and wondered if she could. The young dancer was more animated now, and Sam pointed out various things along the way including how to let patrons put money in her g-string. Finally, the song was over and the dancer quickly left the stage. Looking down at her glass, Katherine saw that is was now empty.

Sam still had half his drink to go but he set it down and made another for her. When he was finished, he opened his drawer and got the tin with the pills. He pulled one out and then handed it to Katherine along with her drink.

“Take it. It will help,” he told her, which she did without argument.

Together, they watched the next dancer who was not near as good as Celeste and Sam continued to make comments although, now they were more about what not to do. When this girl was done, Sam again buzzed Roland.

“Roland sit down in that chair. We’re going to teach this lady how to give a lap dance,” Sam explained, which brought a huge smile to Roland’s face and a fearful look to Katherine’s. He nodded towards her and said, “Stand up now.”

Katherine hesitated which brought a loud rebuke from Sam and brought her to her feet. Sam instructed her to position herself between Roland’s spread legs and to start moving to the beat.

“Good. That’s good. Now run your hands over your body. Start at your legs and finish on your tits.” He instructed. The young wife did as she was told with trembling hands but stopped short of her breasts.

“Damn it. Lift your tits and play with your nipples. That’s what the men are paying for. And keep moving too!” he demanded.

Feeling totally humiliated, Katherine ran her hands over her breasts and tickled her nipples lightly with her fingertips. Roland loved the contrast of colors between the flesh of her nipples and the nail polish, and hoped things would progress so that he could touch her. He didn’t have to wait long.

“Now put your hand on the wall behind his head and lean forward so your tits are in his face,” Sam stated. His words horrified her and she began to cry softly but, did as she was instructed.

Katherine’s breasts were now hanging deliciously just in front of Roland’s face. She was trying her best to keep some separation, which teased him, until he finally leaned forward and slid his tongue over her right nipple.

“Huh?” The young wife gasped, instantly jumping back and continuing to sob.

“Quit your damn crying or you can get the fuck out of here. Now let Roland suck on your titties. The customers will want to and you need to get used to it,” he told her, with no hint of sympathy.

Once again, Katherine weighed the decision of whether it was worth it. On the one hand, she was sure she was on the track towards some interesting and original research. On the other, she was being used and humiliated with all her values forced aside. Despite her circumstances, the allure of professional recognition proved to be too powerful and Katherine leaned forward until she felt Roland’s lips on her nipple.

“That’s it baby. Let him suck it,” Sam said in a low, soft voice, “Yeah, let him suck it.”

Katherine picked a spot on the wall and stared at it as Roland sucked on one nipple and then the other running his tongue over her firm breasts along the way.

“Move your ass baby,” Sam said, slapping her lightly on her bottom. Realizing she had stopped moving, she began swaying again to the music

“Now turn around,” Sam told her. She lifted up and turned so that her back was to Roland then Sam continued, “Sit in his lap and rub your ass over his cock.”

As he was saying this, Roland’s hands found her hips and guided her back into him then helped her move erotically against his groin.

“Find his cock with your mound and use it to jack him off. That’s what the customers pay for,” Sam said, using the same reasoning.

Roland directed her with his hands until suddenly she felt a thickness pressed into her sex, barely covered by the thin material. Once there, he moved her over his erection seeking and finding firm contact. Katherine’s body flushed red with profound embarrassment. Never in her wildest dreams would she have ever thought she would be in a situation like this, and yet here she was letting all this happen for her career and rationalizing that it was worth it.

“Okay Roland. I think we’ve done all we can for our girl,” Sam said, when the song ended.

Roland released his grip on her hips and Katherine rose until she was standing. She was happy to be free if only for a moment so she could catch her breath and her wits.

Sam handed her the drink but left her standing while he spoke, “Finish that drink now and for you tonight the drinks are on the house. Now you’re going to go on stage and then work the crowd. If you want to come back you need to do ten lap dances tonight. I don’t want no drama either. If a customer wants to play with your tits you let him. If he wants to suck your titties you let him. The only protection you have is that g-string over your pussy. You can say no if you want or you can say yes if you like the man but only for his fingers. Anything more, mouth or dick requires my permission. Now get out there and get to work. Roland, she’ll go by Kat.”

Roland nodded and left while “Kat” put on her top and then pulled on the white gauzy top that provided a translucent covering to just below her pussy.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. I hope you’re happy,” She said like a last gasp of defiance which brought no response from Sam. She turned to leave and as she exited the room she realized that she was very wet. It was further humiliation and she stopped and stared at the stage with her thoughts beginning to reach the conclusion that this was all too much despite the promise it held for her career.

Just as she was about to go to the dressing room to change the DJ announced, “Kat please come to the booth.”

She walked slowly towards the dressing room with every intention to leave but at the last moment she turned right and approached the booth. The DJ leaned over and recognizing her as a waitress showed some surprise before asking, “Hey what do you want me to play?”

Katherine gave him a confused, almost mystified look. Fortunately for her, it was a look he had seen many times with first time dancers.

“Don’t worry. I got it,” he said to her, then pointed towards the stairs she needed to go up to get ready.

Kat stood in the shadows while the other girl finished her turn on stage. Time seemed to fly by and soon the DJ was announcing her, “Please give a big hand for the amazing Kat!”

Despite the intro, there was no clapping or cheering, and she stood just off stage for several seconds in one last argument with herself on the insanity of her situation. Then, with two steps she was out in the lights, above the men this time instead of amongst them serving drinks. The difference in her looks and freshness was instantly apparent to the customers, and almost to a man they sat up a bit in their seats and looked towards the stage.

Kat went to the front of the stage and then closed her eyes and began moving to the music trying to recall and mimic the things that Celeste had done. When she thought she had reached the right point in the song she moved to the back and then the sides trying to always keep moving and to sway her body. She could feel the white cover moving over her skin which seemed to heighten the tension in her body, then, finally she was at the pole with one leg wrapped around lowering and raising her body hoping she had done things mostly correct.

When the song ended, there was a roar of approval from the crowd which brought goose bumps to her skin. The effects of the alcohol, speed and crowd reaction gave her a feeling of exhilaration despite her humiliation and reluctance. It fueled her on and when the DJ transitioned to the next song, Kat dropped her cover and unclasped her bra then re-took her position on stage. She felt every eye on her and sensed that each of them was fixated on her breasts and could see through her fabric covered mound. At first, it terrified her and even though her body was moving she felt like she was stiff, almost like a statue. Then it passed and she was back in the moment and in control, and her competitive nature required that if she was going to be on stage she be the best dancer in the club. She sensed she must be doing something right because first one man and then several others approached the stage holding bills in their fingers, and she followed the training that Sam had given, kneeling to allow them to slip the money beneath the string.

When it ended, there was another roar of approval and Kat quickly exited the stage pausing just out of site to catch her breath and to put on her coverings. Then, despite motions from several men for her to come over, she hastily went to the bathroom where she sat and collected herself then used some tissue to clean her soaked pussy with trembling hands. She found herself staring at the wet tissue as she tried to make sense of her arousal. It shouldn’t be happening and yet she knew that she had indeed become excited both in Sam’s office and on stage.

Ten minutes later, she was out in the main room having determined that the best thing to do was to perform the ten dances and leave as quickly as possible. She had only taken a few steps when a large man wearing coveralls waved at her and pointed to an empty chair.

“Honey, are you new here?” the man asked, when she was settled. Up close she could see he was in his forties and although he was sporting a full beard he had a nice smile and an easy going way that came through.

“Yes I am.” Kat replied.

“Well I sure like how you looked up there. Can I buy you a drink?” he asked.

“Uhhh…okay sure,” Kat answered. She really wasn’t a big drinker and when she did drink it was usually nice wine. Still, she knew it was probably best to keep a buzz going.

“Screwdriver,” She said to the waitress, when the man called her over. It was a girl she knew named Kelly who gave her a big grin.

The man ordered and the waitress left then promptly returned. While she was gone, Kat learned that her customer was named Frank and that he was a shift foreman at a chemical plant a few miles away. It was difficult to chat over the loud music but they were able to keep something of a conversation going while they went through their drinks. When they were almost done, Frank leaned close to her and said. “I’m ready for some dances. Let’s go in the back.”

“How about here?” Kat answered, fearing the privacy of the back room.

“Nah. I like it back there,” Frank replied, nodding towards the rear.

Katherine knew she had no choice and rose with her customer, following him through the doorway and to a table with high back chairs. There was one other couple in the room that paid them no attention as they passed. Frank flopped his large frame into one of the chairs then pulled Kat onto his knee before she could sit in the other chair.

Katherine, still holding her drink, took a large gulp before the man said, “I’m ready.”

Kat started dancing just as a new song began and stood between his open legs trying her best to appear sexy as she swayed to the driving beat. Within seconds, Frank had his meaty hands on her smooth thighs while she moved. The semi-privacy of the room partly alleviated her earlier worries at being on display as she danced, and now she thought she might be able to do the required ten dances with almost no one watching. The other couple in the room was not even looking in her direction which helped give her comfort.

“You going to take the top off?” Kat’s customer suddenly asked. She had seen enough of the dancers to know that they removed their tops but was not sure of when it was expected.

“Okay,” she answered, feeling embarrassed, then removed the thin covering followed by the top.

Frank used his hands to pull her closer then took each of her breasts in a hand, lifted and squeezed them gently then used his fingers to roll her nipples. His actions brought a tingling sensation to her body that rocketed from her breasts to her toes then back to her head. Stunned, she turned to break his touch but his hands went to her hips and helped her move to the music until he pulled her back until she was sitting on his crotch. His hands returned to her breasts bringing the tingling sensation with them and without prompting Katherine moved her butt against him until she felt his swelled member pressed into her thong.

“That’s it girl. Just like that,” Frank whispered, now pulling gently on her small nipples.

Katherine didn’t even notice when the song ended and merged into the next one and Frank kept up his light but seductive touch while giving her verbal encouragement. By the time he was done, four songs had gone by and Katherine had become very aroused. It was a completely new experience for her, both mentally and physically, and she was both relieved and disappointed when he announced he was done.

Kat put on her top and slipped the covering over her arms then sat down while Frank pulled out his billfold and retrieved four $20 bills. The site of the money made her feel humiliated again but, she took it then followed him out where he patted her on the ass before leaving the club.

Katherine made her way quickly to the dressing room where she put the money in her locker then freshened up, and for the second time that night, she had to use toilet paper to remove the wetness from her slit. It scared her to think of the effects this unwanted attention was having on her body, and for the millionth time, she had to tell herself it was all for the good of her research and her career.

“Kat to the stage. Kat you’re next,” the DJ’s voice boomed.

Sam had noticed the impact she had on the crowd during her first dance, and had instructed the DJ to put her on a short cycle. Katherine went to the stage and did her two song set, this time with less nervousness. Like before, she got a good number of men to come to the stage to put money in her g-string, and she was actually able to look at them and smile. When she finished she left the stage and was immediately approached by one of the waitresses who told her a customer had requested her company.

“The man at table seven.” The waitress explained to Kat.

Kat looked and saw that he was an older guy that she guessed was in his 50s. He had an overall unkempt appearance wearing old jeans, dirty boots and an un-tucked flannel shirt. He had a bald head and a short gray beard, and as she was checking him out his eyes caught hers in a fixed stare. Katherine’s first reaction was to walk away but, knowing that she needed to achieve the ten dance standard that Sam demanded, she moved towards his table.

“Looking for company?” Kat asked, using a line she had heard the other dancers employ frequently.

“Yeah,” he replied tersely, while offering her a seat by pushing a chair back from the table.

Kat took the seat and immediately the man leaned forward and placed his rough hand on her thigh before speaking, “You want a drink?”

“Sure, I guess. A screwdriver,” She replied then, watched as he flagged the waitress.

The drink came quickly which was relieving because the man barely spoke and seemed to Kat to be creepy. The tension caused her to drink very quickly and as soon as her glass was empty the man called for another. It wasn’t long before she was sipping on her second drink but the pill she had taken earlier kept the alcohol from acting as a depressant, and instead, she found herself feeling very buzzed, but alert.

She knew Little Sam meant what he said about the ten dances and, having rationalized that following his instruction was necessary to achieve her goals, she wanted to be done with it as quickly as possible. Still, she felt uncomfortable pressing the man to buy dances and hoped he would make the request. The man’s hand had left her thigh several times but always returned to a spot just a few inches above her knee. It wasn’t really threatening so Kat had decided to ignore it.

“Would you like a dance?” she heard herself finally say, after sitting with the man for over thirty minutes. It was surreal to hear her voice ask the question but, she was growing impatient.

“Sure go ahead,” he man replied, in a gravelly voice.

“Don’t you want to go to the other room?” Kat asked.

“Here’s fine,” the man responded, in his normal short, staccato way.

“I’d really prefer the other room,” Katherine tried once more.

“Here,” the man repeated, now sounding annoyed.

Realizing she had no choice, Kat stood at the beginning of the next song and started dancing. She felt like all eyes were on her and it brought a strange feeling of nervousness and humiliation mixed with some excitement. She tried to focus on the man and avoid looking around the room but, when she took off her top she couldn’t help but glance around and saw that all the men at the nearby tables were watching. She felt her nipples instantly stiffen and for some strange reason she felt like she needed to show that she could give a good dance. It must be the alcohol she thought but deep down inside she knew that wasn’t completely true.

“Ohhh…,” Kat gasped, when she felt the man’s hands grab her breasts.

He had turned her so she was facing away, with her butt in his crotch, and his unseen hands had startled her. They lifted her breasts and massaged them with surprising gentleness then his fingertips started rubbing rapidly over her nipples making them harden even further. Next the man dropped one hand landing it on her upper thigh with his fingers so close to her g-string covered mound that she knew that if he barely moved a finger he would be stroking the side of her vagina. Mercifully, the song ended and since the man didn’t indicate he wanted her to continue she returned to her seat.

“Thanks,” he said dismissively, while handing her a $20. She was somewhat surprised and felt a sense of rejection as she thought she had danced quite well so, part of her wondered why he didn’t want more.

“Baby,” A voice called out to her as she was leaving the table.

She looked towards the voice and saw it had come from a group of three Hispanic men that had been watching her dance. They all looked to be in their early twenties, and she took the few steps over. When she arrived, one of the men stood and said, “I want to buy a dance from you.”

With no more formalities, they walked to the back and Kat followed the man to a table he selected.

“Baby, you are fine. Is there anything else on the menu?” he asked with a heavy accent. She wasn’t sure exactly what he meant but thought the prudent thing was to say no so, she shook her head.

When Kat started dancing, the man’s hands were instantly all over her and she had to fight him off several times when he tried to touch her g-string. In addition, he was rough and squeezed her breasts too hard and pinched her nipples in a way that made her cry out. She had decided she wasn’t going to stay with him when the song ended and fortunately he had a similar intent.

“Wait here. My friends want a dance too,” he said, then turned and left.

Seconds later, one of his buddies arrived with a big grin on his face. He was carrying a long neck beer bottle, and was happy to drink from it, leaving her alone, until the next song started. Like his friend, he was aggressive with his hands pawing at her almost from the start. When she turned her back to him, she was startled when something wet slid over the back of her leg and when she turned she saw his tongue was out, licking her.

“Don’t,” she said, stepping away.

The man just looked at her with a stupid grin so Kat resumed her movement. After that, he seemed content to let her do the work and kept his hands in safe places until the song was done. Like before, she was told to stay for the next guy who showed up quickly. Kat didn’t bother to put her top back on as she wanted to get things over quickly and be done with them.

“My name is Javier. What’s yours?” the young man informed her, speaking over the loud music.

“Kat,” she stated simply as she had no interest in starting a conversation. Unlike his friends, who were thin, this one was heavyset.

“Kat, you look so damn good. Much better than all the others. Do you shave your pussy?” he asked, loudly. Another girl who Kat had talked to several times was with a customer at another table and she was concerned that the man’s voice could be heard by them.

“You’re too loud,” she said to him.

“Sorry man. Do you shave?” he asked, again.

“Are you ready?” Kat asked, ignoring his question for the second time.

The heavy man nodded and she started dancing trying to keep her distance as his hands continually tried to pull her close. Unfortunately, he was successful in guiding her to a spot within arm’s reach between his thick legs. His hands had been mostly on her hips and legs so she thought she could make it through and just for an instant dropped her guard. At that moment, the man gripped her wrists and pulled her forward until she had to put her hands on his shoulders for support which brought her breasts directly in front of his face.

“Ugghhh…don’t!” she cried out as loudly as she thought possible without attracting attention, when his mouth found her breast. It felt like he had sucked half of it into his mouth but in her awkward position she struggled with how to break free.

The man feasted on her firm orbs, moving between the two, while Katherine felt a mixture of anger, confusion and shame. She kept telling him to stop, still hoping to avoid a scene but, he ignored all her pleas.

“Ayyyeeee!” she cried, out when a sudden pain hit her, as the man bit her small bud.

Her reaction to the surprise and pain had been so strong that she was able to move away from him although he still had a firm grip on her wrists. She saw Javier looking at her with a dangerous smile as he started to pull her back to him. Too late, she realized he had closed his legs so as she got closer she was forced to straddle him and eventually sit on his knees. When he spread his legs, it forced hers to spread as well until she felt the material of her g-string stretched tightly over her mound.

“I want to see that shaved pussy,” Javier said, looking at her g-string.

“Fuck you. Let me go,” Katherine replied, now both angry and scared.

“Not till you show it,” He demanded.

“I can’t. You have my hands,” she replied, hoping that somehow if he released her she could get away.

Quickly the man’s hands changed position. One went to the small of her back and the other to a spot between her shoulder blades. She realized she was still under his control and knew that either she had to scream for help or do what he asked. If she screamed for help, she knew that it was likely that Little Sam would force her to leave. She weighed this against the sordid request that the fat jerk was demanding, and with a deep sigh she lowered her hand, found the edge of the material and pulled it slightly to the side until her smooth slit came into view.

“You look ready to fuck,” Javier said, staring with a look of hunger.

“Let me go,” Kat replied, while trying again to wiggle free.

When Javier released her, it was so unexpected she almost fell off him backwards. She stood and while she was gathering her things, she saw him flip a bill onto the chair and walk off.

“Kat, you’re up next. Kat,” she heard the DJ announce.

It couldn’t have been a worse time and she thought about giving up but, somehow forced herself to the stage. Fortunately, it all seemed to go by very quickly, and although she felt like she was just going through the motions, a good number of men came forward to tip her. When it was over, she decided she needed a break and headed towards the dressing room.

“Hey. Here you go,” Roland called out when she passed the bar, while pushing a drink towards her.

“Thanks,” she said to him with a disappointed look, as she still remembered what he had done in Sam’s office.

Katherine found a stool at the far end of the vanity and silently sipped her drink, contemplating all that had occurred, while various girls came and went. Was all this worth it just for some damn job she wondered? Maybe she had become too focused and lost perspective. These thoughts and her husband’s warnings ran through her brain over and over as she sat alone.

“Hi.” She heard a squeaky voice call out and looking up she saw a young, thin blonde that couldn’t have been more than nineteen. There were tattoos on one arm, her abdomen and her leg and her skin looked pasty like she never got any sun. Katherine had seen her several times before when she had been waitressing but they had never spoken.

“Hi,” Kat responded, doing her best to give a smile.

“It’s a good night,” the girl remarked.

“Yes, I suppose,” Kat answered.

“I thought you were a waitress. I didn’t know you danced,” she continued.

“My first time,” the young wife told her, with a shrug.

“Really, well you looked really good and the men liked you. I think you got them all going so all of us had a good night,” the girl stated. Her words actually buoyed Katherine’s spirits some and she sat up straighter on the stool.

“What’s your name?” Kat asked.

“I go by Ginger,” she announced.

“Well Ginger, thanks for the kind words,” she told her.

They continued talking for about thirty minutes, with surprisingly little being about the club. Finally, the girl said that she needed to go back to work and left Katherine to finish her drink. Two more dances she thought to herself and I get to live to fight another day. Tipping the glass back until it was empty, she rose and started back.

As soon as she emerged, she realized that she may have made a mistake. The room that had previously been crowded now only had a smattering of men, and in fact, it looked like there were more dancers than customers.

“Where did everybody go?” Kat asked Roland, when she returned the glass.

“Always clears out at the same time on Saturdays. Where have you been?” he asked.

“I needed a break,” Katherine answered.

“How many dances have you done?” Roland asked.

“Eight,” she told him.

“Uh oh. You better get to work then. Sam isn’t fucking around,” Roland responded, with a concerned look.

“What do I do?” she asked, noticing his look and now getting worried.

“Hustle like the rest of the girls. It’s not long until closing,” he replied.

Kat knew what he meant but didn’t relish the thought of trying to sell herself. She could see that the other girls were already working the floor hard but, with little success. It seemed like the men in the room were either already engaged or had shut things down for the night. Still, it had to be done, so with a deep breath she joined the others.

There were four tables currently occupied without girls so it took Kat only a few minutes to summon her courage and make the rounds. Unfortunately, in each case she was turned down. Some were nice about it while others didn’t even bother to make eye contact. She found it to be disrespectful but, like the others, she had to deal with it.

She found a spot off to the side and stood and watched the scene while contemplating what to do. A few minutes later, she saw one of the dancers leave a table occupied by a solo man, and as she was walking away, the man looked right at Kat with an extended stare. Just as she was about to go to him and try her luck, she saw another girl, who was closer, reach him. Kat watched as the man spoke to her for several seconds then, the girl moved away. Once again, the man’s gaze was focused on her so she made her way to him.

“Would you like some company?” Kat asked, in her most charming voice.

“Well, I was thinking about leaving,” he replied but, also flashed a broad smile. Kat could tell he was probably in his late thirties and seemed to be dressed better than most of the patrons.

“Can’t you stay a little longer?” Kat asked, with a faux pouty face.

“Okay, well maybe for a bit,” he said, and motioned for her to sit in a chair.

A waitress came up and asked if anyone needed a drink and the man looked towards Kat, raising his eyebrows in a form of a question. Kat nodded and told the girl what she wanted and soon she returned with their orders.

“What’s your name?” Kat asked.

“Jason. What’s yours?’ he replied.

“Kat,” she informed him.

“Are you new here? You really don’t look like you belong. I would expect to find you in a downtown club but not here,” the man asked.

“I’ve been a waitress for a while but it’s my first time dancing,” she informed him.

They chatted some more and Jason killed his drink, waved the waitress over and ordered them both another even though Kat’s was half full.

“I don’t come here very often. Got to be in the right mood,” he explained, after downing half his drink in one go.

“What do you mean?” Kat asked.

“The clubs downtown have much better looking girls but, here things are wilder,” he explained. Then followed with, “Drink up. You’re falling behind.”

Hoping to maneuver him into buying the last two dances from her, Kat finished her first drink and took a sip on the second before replying, “Would you like a dance?”

“Not now, maybe later.” he said curtly.

Disappointed, Kat took another sip and looked around the room to see that it was even emptier than it had been just a while ago. She had a sinking feeling that it was going to be Jason or the wrath of Little Sam that she would be dealing with. The nervousness brought on by this dilemma led to her quickly finishing the second drink.

“Another?” she said, raising her eyebrow and looking at him hoping to keep him around until she could muster a plan.

Jason ordered again and they chatted some more. She actually found him very easy to talk to and he seemed to be educated although he fended off any questions that were too personal. There was no ring on his finger so she thought he was likely divorced based on his looks and easy mannerisms.

“What do you do here that’s wild?” Kat asked. She knew it was dangerous turf but, she was getting desperate as time went by.

“Depends on the girl but, let’s just say that most here are accommodating,” he replied.

“Have you had some dances tonight?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, I was just about to leave when you came over,” he said laughing.

“Don’t you want some more,” Kat asked demurely and placed her hand on Jason’s leg. It had been the first overt act from her all night and it made her feel strange.

“I like the experienced girls. Sorry,” he replied.

“You won’t know unless you try,” Kat responded, now stroking his leg. She knew she was all-in on Jason.

“Let me see your tits,” he demanded after a few seconds of silence. Knowing it was likely a test, Katherine quickly removed her top.

“Lovely. Lovely, and all real,” he said, as he gazed at them.

“Let me dance for you,” she said to him, leaning close and speaking softly.

“Finish your drink,” he replied with just enough gruffness that Kat thought they were through. She started thinking about the story she was going to tell Sam.

A minute later, Jason reached over and took a breast in his hand and gently lifted it, as if he were weighing, then squeezed lightly. Kat, although nervous, forced herself to maintain eye contact until he finally spoke.

“I’ll try one but don’t disappoint me,” he said.

“How would I disappoint you?” she asked.

“By saying no,” he answered locking his eyes to hers.

Outside, Kat did her best to maintain an air of confidence. Inside, she felt like she might pass out from nervousness. She could feel her heartbeat in her ears, and her vision seemed fuzzy as she led him on wobbly legs towards the back room. Kat picked a table in the corner with the least amount of light which seemed to please Jason. After a minute or so of sipping the remains of their cocktails, Jason told her it was time with a nod of his head.

Knowing she had no room for error, Kat stayed close to him and swayed as seductively as she knew how, letting her body rub against him as much as possible. All night long, she had been doing the opposite, trying to just get through the ordeal as quickly as possible. Now, she was truly a dancer, trying to please her customer and earn his favors.

She was between his spread legs with her shins against the chair looking at him over her breasts that she held high in her hands when he made his first demand.

“Pull your thong down to your knees,” he instructed, which made her body shiver from the decadence of the thought.

After only a moment’s hesitation, her hands pushed the strings over her hips and she slid the tiny garment down until it was wrapped around her knees. Kat never quit moving, swaying in time to the music and seeing the broad smile come to her customer’s face.

“That’s a sweet looking pussy,” Jason said in a way that let her know that he was excited. He watched for several seconds then spoke again. “Turn around and bend over.”

Kat knew what she was being asked to do and the view she would be offering but, having no choice can be a freeing situation and she was using it as a justification for her actions.

“This pussy is soaking wet,” he announced when she had thrust it back so it was only inches from his face. With her hands around her calves, she even wiggled her hips some feeling naughty but also very excited.

“Ahhhh…mmm…,” she whined when she felt his fingers tracing the outline of her sex. They stayed in that special place between leg and vagina that Katherine found so sensitive, teasing her but not touching her prize.

Then, he took her by her hips and pulled her back onto his crotch. One hand continued to tease her groin while the other went to her breasts and found her nipples at taut attention.

“Wiggle your ass. Find my cock and hump against it,” he commanded.

Kat tried to do what he demanded and did find what she thought was his cock but the rough texture of his pants against her uncovered pussy caused her to tilt her hips so that it was mostly her ass that was in contact. The song ended and almost instantly Jason released his hold on her allowing her to stand and pull her g-string back into place. Kat realized she was breathing hard from a combination of exertion and her own arousal. Turning back to her customer, Kat saw that he was slumped in the chair with a smile on his face.

“You are a find,” he said to her.

“Ready for another dance?” Kat asked, with a smile.

“Sure. Go ahead,” Jason answered. He had been doubtful that this beautiful, first time dancer would be any fun but she had proved him wrong.

Kat started dancing again more comfortable in doing so but, also happy that she had achieved the ten dance requirement that Little Sam had demanded. When Jason began kissing then sucking her nipple she made no effort to stop him now accepting that this was just part of the job. She was almost able to ignore the effect it had on her body by separating the physical contact from an emotional connection but, there was still something, a gnawing feeling, that wouldn’t completely go away.

Like before, Jason pulled her ass into his crotch and told her to use her ass to rub his dick. However, this time, his hand wasn’t content to tease along the edge of her pussy began and began probing along the edge of her g-string then snaked beneath the material until it found her wet slit. She wiggled trying to stop the contact but his fingers were insistent and eventually found her clit.

“Uhhh…,” she gasped, when he touched her swollen nub.

“Damn. You are ready!” Jason exclaimed.

Kat’s motions against his cock became more pronounced as she tried to throw his hand and bring his attention to his own pleasure. It partially worked but still she was feeling a growing fire develop that was radiating down her thighs. Fortunately, although her pronounced movements were making her tired, she made it to the end of the song and with a deep breath pulled away.

“Next song we are going to have some fun.” Jason declared.

“Another time. I need to go now,” Kat said, leaving him with a stunned look as she fixed her g-string and put on her top.

After talking to Roland, getting him to confirm that she had done ten dances and tipping out, she quickly changed then left for home in a cab. On the way, still feeling the drinks, she thought about the night and the drastic departure it had become from her normal reasoned and conservative life. Inside her brain was a battle between humiliation and exhilaration that vacillated back and forth. Eight hours ago, the idea of being groped by strangers for money was something she would have never anticipated. Now, she was a titty bar dancer with all the connotations that went with it. The humiliation she understood; it was certainly in keeping with her nature. It was the exhilaration that troubled her and the undeniable fact that her body had become aroused. She knew she wouldn’t solve that issue on the way home in the filthy cab, so she set it aside and concentrated on how to deal with her husband. After considering all angles, she decided it was best not to tell him what she had been required to do, rationalizing that it was necessary and Jeff would never understand.

It was 2:05 AM when she opened the door and found that all was quiet in the house. Katherine tiptoed to the bathroom and undressed down to her thong then slipped on a t-shirt, went to the bedroom and silently crawled between the sheets. She had just put her head on the pillow when she felt her husband’s hand grab her waist and pull her to him.

“My God Katherine, I can really smell the club on you,” Jeff said, sounding completely awake.

“Same as before,” she answered, trying to deflect him.

“This is the worst it’s been,” he countered.

Jeff slid his hand beneath her t-shirt and began gently fondling her breasts. Although her husband was just one of many that had touched her there that evening, the fact that she no longer had to keep her guard up brought both a nice feeling of relaxation and a pent up response. She pushed her chest against his hand while moaning to signal her pleasure.

“Tell me what happened.” Her husband asked.

Jeff had been waiting all evening to ask the question, although his concerns about his reactions had convinced him to temper the tone. It had been sheer torture waiting alone and thinking about what his beautiful wife was doing or being subjected to in the low end club. He had tried to work then met a buddy for a beer before finally returning home sitting and waiting until he finally fell asleep well past midnight. It was only the movement of the bed that had alerted him that she was home, and now that she was in his arms he struggled to hide his excitement.

From the previous nights, Katherine knew that Jeff got somewhat aroused by the thought of the men in the club looking and touching her but, they still had not had the conversation she knew was needed to understand where he was coming from. Of course, he thought it was only light incidental touches while she was waitressing and certainly not the touching she had endured during her night as a dancer. She wondered how he would react if he knew the full story.

“It was like the other nights.” She lied.

“Did anyone touch your legs? Your butt?” her husband asked, as his hand became more furtive.

“Some,” she answered and felt him flinch. Then, his hands were pulling at her clothes until she was naked and he had shucked his boxers.

“Tell me details. Who touched your ass?” her husband demanded, while his hand became more forceful with her breasts.

“Just a man,” she told him, starting to get excited herself.

“Old? Young? Big? Small?” he shot back at her quickly.

“Late thirties and average,” she answered thinking of her customer, Jason.

“Come on honey tell me. Do I have to pull out every word?” he demanded, in frustration.

“He looked like he was almost forty and was average looking and he put his hand on my butt when I was taking his order,” she replied in a husky voice.

“That’s it?” Jeff asked. His hand was now between her legs rubbing her lightly.

“He squeezed my butt and when I was bent over I think he saw my nipples,” she responded, deciding to tease him.

“Damn,” Jeff replied and slipped his finger into his wife’s wet slit.

“Oh Jeff,” she called out. Her husband had suddenly brought back her arousal and he rolled on top of her and she took his dick and guided it inside.

“God you feel good,” Jeff declared, with a heavy breath when he penetrated.

“Oh Jeff,” she called out again, then took his head in her hands and pulled him down for a kiss.

He began grinding against her in a slow, circular motion while she looked at him through half closed eyes. The smell on her body from the club acted as an intoxicant that brought visions to Jeff’s head of her among the hungry wolves.

“Did he touch you more?” he suddenly asked.

“Later he did,” she said, getting into the excitement she was bringing to her husband from her story. Of course the reality was far more explicit but she wasn’t prepared yet to tell him.

“Where?” Jeff asked. His dick was so hard now that it hurt.

“On my leg,” she replied, whispering this time.

“On your knee?” he tried to clarify. His slow grinding was working against his wife’s engorged clit and she was building very quickly.

“Higher,” she teased again.

“How high?” he responded immediately.

“Very,” she replied.

“Did he touch you…there?” Jeff asked, building almost to frenzy.

“No, but close,” she moaned.

“And you let him?” her husband asked, in surprise.

“Yesss…oh Jeff don’t stop,” she whined to him as the feeling started to become overwhelming. The sordid night at the club along with the teasing of her husband had made her very excited.

“You let him?” Jeff asked again.

“Yes,” his wife answered again, and this time when she answered he began thrusting fast and hard.

“God Katherine,” he grunted.

“Oh Jeff…oh Jeff…faster…do it…don’t stop,” she wailed as her body began to stiffen and the tingling started radiating from her pelvis.

Jeff began moving even faster and suddenly she was there crying out as her hands pulled on his ass, and then she was falling, drifting away as waves of exquisite pleasure swept through her. Above, she could hear her husband cry out, announcing his own release and she felt his pulsing shaft spewing its seed before he collapsed on top of her.

It felt like hours but it was only a minute later when Jeff, still breathing hard, rolled to her side and pulled her body tightly against his. Katherine, now full of her husband’s semen and feeling secure and complete, quickly fell into a deep, contented sleep.aec173f53507d29e39e3852cc1093c58



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