Kristen Taken on the Subway



It was the last night of our trip to New York City. After all the nights hitting the bars and clubbing, Kristen and I had decided to just go out for a nice dinner, have some wine and go back to our hotel and have a good night’s sleep before heading home the next day.

Kristen, my wife, is simply stunning: 25 years old, slender, long, red hair, round arse and beautiful C cup breasts. Although I don’t look too bad either, I consider myself the luckiest man on this planet for having such a beauty as a wife.

While we were waiting for the next subway to arrive, I became aware of the huge crowd of people also waiting to catch the next train.

“Should be a cosy ride,” I thought. I was to find out very soon.

When the train had finally arrived, the crowd tried to squeeze into the already packed passenger cars.

“Come on, Steve! Don’t let go of my hand!” Kristen tried to get us in, and against all odds, we made it. Inside we found ourselves trapped in a corner with a handrail between us. I was facing the corner whereas she was facing me. There was only one person behind her. It was a rather tall, well-built black guy, and by the look of his face I could tell he wasn’t too much upset to be standing behind such an attractive lady. At that time, however, that didn’t really worry me much since I was just glad we made it inside.

The subway started going and we were on our way. It was rather hot, and I began to feel like I were in a sauna.

“Wow, someone’s forgotten to turn the heater off,” I said to Kristen.

“Yeah, baby, if it weren’t for the crowd here, I’d take my dress off right now!” She giggled.

Immediately, I started picturing my wife standing there with all those people, covered by nothing but her black bra and panties. My cock began to get hard on that thought. I had always been a rather jealous guy, but thinking about Kristen being the centre of attention of all the men in there turned me on massively.

After three or four stops, it suddenly happened. The train stopped in the middle of nowhere.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m afraid we have a little maintenance issue here. Please remain calm. As soon as the issue is taken care of, we’ll be on our way again,” I heard the train operator announce through loudspeakers.

“Great! Now we’re stuck in this bloody tin being slowly steamed to death! Too bad I didn’t put on a bikini,” Kristen joked.

“Don’t worry, dear, it’s probably a matter of a few minutes.” I didn’t know if I was trying to convince her or myself.

Time didn’t seem to go by, and after a while, I didn’t have an idea whether we had been waiting for five minutes or half an hour. It wasn’t only the waiting that was slowly getting unbearable but also the heat inside the passenger car. I had already unbuttoned the first three buttons of my shirt, and although she was wearing a short black dress, I could see the sweat on Kristen’s skin. One of the straps of her dress was hanging down her arm, and she began to look like she had just finished a good workout.

The black guy behind Kristen seemed to have got tired of standing, so he leaned forward and grabbed the handrail between Kristen and me.

“I hope I don’t bother you, pretty lady,” he said to Kristen. His words were rather quiet but loud enough for me to hear.

Kristen responded, “Oh, it’s perfectly alright. It would be rather selfish of me to have the handrail all for myself, wouldn’t it? And besides, would it make a difference if I suffocated between my husband and the tube or between my husband and you?” They laughed.

I didn’t know why but the sight of her petite, white figure in front of this strong, black guy was just beautiful to me. Would I have ever thought this could possibly turn me on? No. However, he towering above her, his body touching hers was something that got my motor going.

“Are you alright, honey?” Kristen softly asked so only I could understand.

“Yes, I’m fine, and you? Is it really okay for you being trapped in front of him?”

She smiled at me, “Don’t worry, I’m okay. You know I like having a strong man behind me.” She smirked because she knew I got her sense of humour.

About five minutes later I saw the guy behind Kristen move. It looked like he tried to adjust himself better behind my wife. After he got still again, I suddenly noticed Kristen’s eyes open wide in alarm. She looked a little irritated but calmed down again very soon.

“What is it, dear?” I asked her.

She leaned forward and said to me, “He’s touching my arse!” She could tell I got upset so she quickly added, “But it’s very subtle. He’s stroking it with the back of his hand, I guess. Wait a second!”

She cleared her throat quite audibly. “Alright, he’s stopped. Please don’t do anything about it now, I’d like to pass this waiting time as calmly as possible,” she told me.

“Okay, love, as long as you’re fine!” I replied.

I tried to appear upset about it to her, but in reality it was quite the opposite. When she told me he was stroking her bottom, my cock began to twitch. I should have felt ashamed about that, but I just got turned on so much.

The guy seemed oblivious to us, gazing at some distant things and holding on to the handrail with one hand when I saw Kristen looking uncomfortable once more.

“Is he touching you again?” I whispered.

She nodded. “Yes, he is. He’s cupping my arse cheeks this time. Oh my god, this shouldn’t be happening!” she said.

“Is he hurting you? Shall I stop him?” I offered her.

“No, it doesn’t hurt. Please don’t make an issue out of this; I’m going to be fine!” she replied.

I watched her try to remove his hand, but it seemed to be futile. During the struggle he still appeared to be uninvolved, looking away. She gave up the resistance and let him continue. The confusion on her face was obvious, and I knew it was time for some action from my side, so I acted. I don’t know why, but I just leaned forward and started kissing her.

What a wicked situation it had to be for her. There she was, trapped in a subway corner, with her husband kissing her and a black stranger fondling her arse. Maybe it was the confusion, maybe the wine from earlier, or maybe it was the combination of all those strange events that made her relax and kiss me back.

She broke from the kiss. “I’m surely mistaken, but does this turn you on, darling?” she asked me after discretely feeling my hard-on through my trousers.

“I don’t know why, but yeah, it does turn me on…” I confessed to her.

“Who would have guessed…” she smirked at me.

The black guy suddenly looked at me. I couldn’t help but give him a nod. I had no idea why I did that. Maybe it was just the reflexive response after all of this strange events. He himself couldn’t be sure of my response either. It could have been a husband’s approval of a public erotic session with his wife, or it could have been the naïve greeting of a husband ignorant to his wife’s situation. He just winked at me and carried on.

After some time I noticed Kristen moving her hips. I couldn’t believe she was really going along with this guy’s ‘massage’. Her eyes were closed, and she looked a bit dreamy. This whole scene was so incredibly hot, I just didn’t want it to stop.

All of a sudden, he removed his hand from her behind and placed it on her tummy, firmly locking her to him. At this point, his crotch was firmly locked to her arse. Both of them were looking at me, one with confusion and one with a grin on his face. His hand was slowly moving downwards. Kristen was looking at me, trying to read my facial expression. As I wasn’t saying anything, and his hand was going further and further, she just opened her legs.

All three of us knew what that meant. The sexual tension in the air was getting enormous. She was looking in my eyes as his fingers raised her dress and found the top of her panty covered pussy. I didn’t show any reaction; I just kept staring at her. She closed her eyes again, held herself with both hands on the handrail and let it happen.

There she was. My beautiful wife with a total stranger massaging her sweet pussy right in front of me, her husband. I should have intervened. I should have put an end to this absurd situation, but I did nothing. I was so turned on by this erotic moment. In fact, I began to hope it was going to go even further; much further.

So far, the other passengers hadn’t seemed to have noticed what was going on. Most of them were busy killing time chatting and complaining about the situation.

When I couldn’t take Kristen’s quiet moans any longer, arousal took hold of me. Slowly my hand wandered up her left leg, right to her panty covered pussy that currently was under siege. I put my hand on his, giving him the signal to stop, which he did. While Kristen was looking at me in surprise, I gently pulled her panties to the side. Never before had her pussy been as wet as then – at least not to my knowledge.

The stranger didn’t take long to get the hint. His hand moved back to her pussy. Since I had my hand quite next to his, I could feel most of the action. Slowly he moved a finger up and down her running pussy before he gently entered her. Kristen stared at the ceiling, trying her best not to moan and get all the attention of our fellow passengers.

When she got her head back down and looked at me, I gave her a passionate kiss.

“Are you still alright, darling?” I asked her.

“Uh-huh! So alright, oh my God!” was all she could say at that moment before she closed her eyes again.

On and on he kept pleasuring her, fingering my darling wife right in front of me. And she was enjoying it, enjoying every bit of it.

When her legs started trembling, I knew she was about to cum. I locked my mouth to hers, trying to stop her from moaning while an intense orgasm was going through her body. Never before had I felt so alive as at that moment.

When Kristen’s orgasm had subsided, she turned to me, “Baby, aren’t you angry? Don’t you hate me now? Look at what I let him do to me!”

“You have never been as beautiful as you are at this very moment, my darling wife!” I whispered in her ear. She kissed me.

She was ready to be taken. Right then and there. The only question was: how should it be done? How to commence?

I whispered in Kristen’s ear, ” Darling, I want you to open his trousers and get his cock out.”

She gave me a deep kiss and with his finger still going in and out of her she said, “I love you.”

I saw her hands go behind her back and to the area where the zipper of his jeans was. By the look of surprise on her face I figured that she must have succeeded and that she must have been impressed. She put one hand back on the handrail and left the other on the black guy’s cock, obviously stroking it.

By now I noticed that some people directly around us had taken notice of what was going on. One or two men were trying to capture the scene on video with their smartphones whereas others were just watching in disbelief, arousal or shock; some were even touching themselves. I could swear a woman was subtly trying to grind her crotch against a handrail. Nobody said a word. Us three, caught in all the heat, were indifferent to them anyway.

I took Kristen’s hand off the stranger’s cock and placed it to her other one on the handrail.

“Bend over a little for me, my love!” I told her.

She complied. With a nod I gave the stranger a sign to stop fingering her, which he understood. He adjusted himself behind her, waiting. As the tension was ever growing, I couldn’t take it any longer and reached between Kristen’s legs. I felt the black cock touching her panty covered pussy. He was making soft thrusting motions to tease her.

An issue I was trying to avoid discussing in my mind was the fact that Kristen was not on birth control. We usually used condoms, which we didn’t have with us on the subway. Somehow, the thought of a condom covered cock inside my wife wasn’t that much of a turn on as a bare black cock was. I decided to let it be.

Then I did what I had believed I was never going to do in my life: I grasped another man’s cock. To say it was huge would have been quite an understatement. It was massive, and Kristen was meant to have it.

I let go of the stranger’s cock, went up, looked Kristen in the eyes and asked her softly, “Are you ready for this? Are you ready to be taken by this black cock?”

She bit her lip and nodded. Lust had taken away all reason. I got down a little and grasped that black cock once more. I was stroking it softly while using my other hand to push Kristen’s panties aside. Slowly the stranger pushed his hips forward with me guiding the tip of his cock towards the opening of my wife’s dripping pussy. When the head of his cock was resting right at her opening, I let go and got up to my wife again.

“If you want to do this, if you want to get fucked by another man, push backwards on his cock!” I told her.

Kristen gave me a nod. Looking deeply in my eyes, my beautiful wife started pushing herself back on that stranger, back on his cock. With her eyes wide open, she slowly went back inch by inch. It seemed she was so wet that she didn’t have too much trouble adjusting herself to a cock as huge as his.

When he was inside of her balls deep, he started gently thrusting in and out of her. The look in her eyes was so incredibly sexy that it almost sent me over the edge. The black guy then took both his hands up on Kristen’s on the handrail and started fucking her. Kristen had now lost her inhibitions and began to moan passionately.

It didn’t take long before she had another orgasm. I didn’t care if the whole subway could hear us. Lust made me do things no reasoning could ever explain. Most people around us seemed to be approving anyway. Some were even cheering at them.

When the black stranger let go of Kristen’s hands to grab her arse cheeks, she turned her head to me and whispered, “Please, hold my hands! Please, hold them while he is fucking me!”

I obeyed instantly and held her hands.

He whispered something in her ear, and she whispered something back.

Turning to me she said softly, “He’s going to cum soon, and he’s asked me whether he could do it inside of me. I told him I had to ask for permission first since I’m not on any birth control. What do you say, baby?”

I took a moment to let the information sink in and replied, “Do you want him to shoot his load into you?” Kristen closed her eyes and nodded.

“Then go ahead and let him do it. Let him fill you up!” was all I could answer.

The black stranger’s thrusts got harder and harder, Kristen’s gasps ever more intense. Suddenly he began to moan. Kristen and I were looking in each other’s eyes, we told us that we loved each other and began some passionate kissing. While we were kissing, the black guy let out a deep moan and started cumming inside of Kristen. Spurt by spurt, thrust by thrust he kept pushing his cum in her. During our kissing, Kristen was moaning softly in my mouth. This sent me over the edge and I unleashed the biggest amount of cum of my life into my trousers.

When the sexual tension began to subside, and under the stares of many passengers, the stranger pulled his cock out of Kristen, causing thick streams of cum running down her legs. He was just grinning at me. Kristen adjusted her dress and clung very closely to me.

I was about to say something to her when all of a sudden the train started moving again.

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