New Experiences



“Finally we’re here!” Linda exclaimed after we got out of the car.

“Yeah, about time, I’d say! Time to hit the spa!” Jane added.

There we were, entering the spa hotel.

Long had it been since my wife Linda and I had our last proper getaway from our everyday life, so one can imagine how excited we were, when Linda’s friend and colleague Jane offered us to share the royal suite of a top spa hotel together with her and her boyfriend Bill.

Normally, Linda and I couldn’t dream to go on such extravagant holidays, but since Jane’s father is a member of the executive board of a rather big and successful company, things turned out fantastically. As a birthday present for his daughter, he told her she and Bill could go on an all-inclusive vacation to this spa hotel and have a good time. Jane immediately called Linda and generously offered us to come along and take the second bedroom of the suite. She assured us her father wouldn’t mind at all.

Of course, no discussion was needed and we said yes. Luckily all had managed to get one week of vacation in July, and finally, after a little car ride, we arrived at the hotel.

I had been married to Linda for three years since we graduated from the same college. We had decently-paid jobs, and we had already started talking about having children.

Linda was 29 and I 30. To me, Linda is the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s about 1.75m, slender, has long, dark brown hair, pale skin, lovely B Cup breasts and a tight, little ass.

I’m 1.80m, my physique is rather slim and my hair dark blond. I do exercise a lot, but since most of it is cardio training, I’m not what one might consider ‘looking built’.

Jane, Linda’s colleague and 30 years of age, has a voluptuous figure. She’s about 1.65m, has very dark hair, C cup breasts and a curvy, round ass. I just don’t know how many men have fallen for that body, but Linda has suggested the number was pretty high.

Her current boyfriend Bill, 33 years old, is a personal trainer. At a height of about 1.85m and with his tanned skin, muscular body and handsome face (quote Linda), he could be the front page model of a fitness magazine.

After checking in, we took the elevator upstairs and entered the royal suite. “Jackpot!” I thought. Right after the hallway, we found the splendidly furnished and large living room, a big kitchen and two double rooms with king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms. The most amazing thing, however, was a master bathroom with a sauna installed.

“Oh my gosh, I say tonight we’re going to have a hell of a sauna session!” Jane suggested.

“Sounds like a plan, Jane, it’s been so long since the last time I was in a sauna. However, I’m totally starving right now, so can we please go down and have lunch?” Linda asked.

Since it was already midday, all four of us were hungry, so having lunch was a most welcome idea. We took our suitcases into our respective rooms, showered, changed into something appropriate to wear and went down to the hotel restaurant.

When hunger was defeated by an exquisite four-course menu, we were enjoying ourselves talking and opening the second bottle of red wine.

“Once again, thank you so much for taking us with you, guys!” I said. “This trip’s already been worth the drive. I can’t remember having a fillet steak as tender as today’s.”

“Your so welcome, Tom,” Jane responded. “I just love to have some company when I’m on holiday.” Turning to Bill she added, “No offense, dear, you know I’d never swap your company in bed, right?”

Bill laughed, “Non taken, baby, I totally get you. It’s just more fun when you have another couple to experience all this stuff with. I had met Linda before, and now that I’ve also got to know Tom here, I can say that I’m perfectly happy we’re here together. And as for the bed company: Neither would I swap your sweet, little ass. Not for its weight in gold!”

Linda and I looked at each other. We weren’t used to talking about such things so openly in front of others, but we didn’t mind. Especially not after all the wine.

“Thanks Bill,” Linda responded. “I’m so glad you and Tom get along so well. The only thing I was concerned about before the trip was that us four might not hit it off, but here we are.” She filled her glass with more wine.

After talking about all possible things like jobs, hobbies and even the weather, the conversation suddenly switched to sex, which isn’t an extraordinary thing when Jane has some alcohol.

“Guys, just one thing I wanted to ask you, ” Jane said. She had become a little tipsy. “You don’t mind loud noises at night, do you? I mean, just in advance, I wanted to let you know it usually gets pretty loud with Bill and me in the bedroom.” She giggled.

“What do you do at night? Sing operas?” I said jokingly.

“You know exactly what I mean, Mister,” Jane answered.

Of course I knew what she meant. “So you like to moan, or what?”

Jane winked at me. “You bet!”

“That’s kind of hot,” I said. “Never mind us, just go ahead and do what you have to do”

“Hell yeah, she moans like a little porn star,” Bill said, grinning at his girlfriend. She laughed.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we’re having this conversation right now, but have it your way, I don’t mind either!” Jane inserted. She had begun to blush a little.

“How about you, Linda? Are you a moaner as well or are you more of a quiet type?” Bill boldly asked.

I looked around us to see whether our conversation could be overheard from the tables around us, but as far as I could see, the other guests didn’t have a clue we were talking about our sex lives in the middle of the restaurant.

“You’d like to know that, don’t you, Bill?” Linda said laughing.

“Yeah, I’d like to know that,” he responded with a grin on his face.

“Or maybe Tom can tell us more about it?” Jane weighed in.

“Just wait until tonight, guys, and maybe you can tell from what you’re hearing… or not hearing!” I said, trying to sound as confident as possible.

Linda turned to me, “Hey, you’re supposed to be on my team here! Just for your information, guys: if you don’t hear anything tonight, it’ll either be because I’m not ‘a moaner’, or because Tom’s not getting any sex.” She didn’t make an effort in pretending to be serious.

As we were laughing, Jane said, “Alright, alright! Let’s go upstairs and have a go with this sauna before we ruin poor Tom’s plans for tonight!”

Upstairs we went.

“You guys are in for a sauna session, aren’t you?” Jane asked when we were entering the suite. “It’s been more than two hours after we finished dinner, and we’re just a little tipsy, so we should be fine.”

“Yeah, why not? That’s been the plan anyway, hasn’t it?” I replied.

“I’m in, too,” Linda said. Why don’t we all just go and have a quick shower and then meet in the master bathroom?”

Everyone agreed, and Linda and I went into our room. In the bathroom, we took our clothes off and stepped into the shower together.

“Wow, do you remember Bill asking me whether or not I moan during sex? Who asks their girlfriend’s friend such a question? In front of their girlfriend?” Linda asked with a chuckle as the tepid water started running down our bodies.

“Yeah, I know. However, I don’t think he meant to be rude. I guess he’s just quite an open person, don’t you think?” I replied. “And besides, who wouldn’t wonder how it’s like to have a sexy girl like you in bed?”

“Definitely no one with a girlfriend as hot as Jane,” Linda promptly answered. Was she really that insecure about her body? Or was she just after some more ego boost from my side? I decided to play along.

“Come on, babe, you’re freaking sexy and you know it! Jane may be a little curvier, but your the one with a model figure! Bill would be so gay if he didn’t think about getting your sweet ass into bed,” I told her.

“Do you really think so? I mean, not that I’d be interested in him. He’s with my best friend after all,” Linda said.

My cock made a little twitch. Had she really just told me that the reason she’s not interested in fucking Bill was that he was with Jane? And not that she was married to me?

“And of course I’m married to you!” She quickly added, probably after having seen a change of my facial expression. “Although I know you enjoy that cuckold porn, where men watch their wives sleep with other guys.”

The situation got a little uncomfortable for me. “Yeah, baby, I do watch that stuff, but as I’ve told you before, that’s just a weird fantasy of mine that I don’t want to act on,” I told Linda.

Indeed do I like to watch cuckold porn. It just gives me a powerful sensation watching someone’s wife or girlfriend give herself to another guy while her husband or boyfriend watches her.

One day, Linda walked in on me while I was jerking off watching some amateur cuckold porn on my laptop. Of course she asked about that and when I explained the concept of cuckolding to her, she got very upset. She didn’t quite understand and thought she wasn’t enough for me anymore and that I wanted her to sleep around so I could do the same. I quickly explained her that in cuckolding, it’s all about the woman and that the woman could expect absolute faithfulness from her husband. I also added that I certainly wouldn’t want to turn this into reality and that watching porn was enough, so she shouldn’t worry about it.

Over time Linda got okay with that fetish of mine, and she was even willing to include it as a form of dirty talk when we were at it. I couldn’t be sure, but I had started to assume that Linda had begun to like the idea of her taking a lover to bed with me watching.

“But yeah, I do think Bill imagines having his way with you – in a total, non-cuckolding way, of course!” I turned the conversation back to where it had left.

“Baby, just one question, out of curiosity: I told you not to tell anyone about my liking of cuckold fantasies. You haven’t done that, have you?” I asked Linda

She immediately made a confession, “Honey, I’m afraid I have. Please don’t be mad at me, but a while ago, when Jane and I were out for some drinks, we were talking about our sex lives and what really gets you guys going. That was when I told her about this cuckold stuff and our dirty talk during sex. I was sorry the moment I had mentioned it, and I didn’t want to get into details. Jane, however, was totally into it and kept asking me about it. So I told her and made her promise that she’d keep our secret safe.”

I stepped our of the shower. I couldn’t believe it. Linda had told her friend, with whom we were on that very vacation, about my kinky fetish! I felt so embarrassed!

“Are you sure she hasn’t told anyone? Not even Bill?” I asked her.

“Of course not! She promised!” Linda said. I asked myself whether Jane was as good at keeping promises as Linda.

“Alright then. Let’s put the robes on and go to the sauna,” I decided.

Linda seemed relieved that I didn’t make a scene out of this. Below the surface, however, my brain was working very hard. What exactly might Linda have told Jane? Has Jane told Bill? Were they looking at me with disgust? Or pity?

Jane and Bill, also in robes, were already waiting in front of the sauna. Bill had heated it up, and it was ready to go.

“Hey guys, you’ve finally made it! We were beginning to think you had better things to do!” Bill said, smiling at us.

“I just like to have long showers, that’s all,” Linda answered.

“I bet you do!” Bill said with a knowing grin on his face.

Somehow I wasn’t too much upset that the conversation seemed to be about Linda’s activities once more. After Linda’s confession, I was just glad that I wasn’t the center of attention, because I was feeling a little self-conscious about myself.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, you may now enter!” Jane said turning to the sauna door to open it.

“Uh, how are we going to do this? Do we leave the robes on, or do we cover ourselves in sauna towels?” Linda asked.

“Well, if you want to do it right, you should go European style. This means we are completely nude and use towels, but they are only there to sit on, so our sweat doesn’t touch the wooden benches and walls that much. We’re between ourselves, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Jane told us.

Linda and I were exchanging looks, but before either of us could say anything, Jane and Bill had slipped out of their robes and were on their way into the sauna.

There we were having to decide whether or not to get completely naked in front of other people. Were we going to be cool or prude? I was looking at Linda. I guess she was thinking the same as me, because she just shrugged and got out of her robe. I did the same and together we entered the sauna.

Jane and Bill were sitting on the middle bench right left of the door with Bill at the wall and Jane at the corner to the next bench. Linda and I went straight ahead and placed our towels on the middle bench opposite to the door, so that we were about 3m apart from them. Trying to avoid eye-contact at first, we sat down, leaned forward, had our arms crossed over our legs to cover as much of our private parts as possible, and closed our eyes. Linda was sitting to my left, with me closer to Jane and Bill.

“This is life, guys,” Bill said. “Just relax and feel the sweat running down your body.

“Yeah,” Jane added. “This is so good for your bodies. I bet you’ll love it!”

After about five minutes of silently sitting there, sweating, I tried to peek through my half-closed eyelids. I could see the blurry figures of Jane and Bill. When I was positive that they had their eyes closed, I dared to open my eyes and get a better view.

They were both sitting there, leaning backwards with their elbows on the top bench to support their weight. Bill really did have a well-trained body. From head to toe there was nothing but fine-toned muscles to be seen. Between his legs I saw a very big cock. Even from its non-erect state I could tell that it was both longer and thicker than mine, which isn’t short at all, but still average.

Suddenly, while staring at Bill’s member, I realized Jane was looking at me. When our eyes met, she smiled at me. I felt the urge to say something – anything to explain as to why I had been staring at her boyfriend’s cock. However, I wasn’t able to utter a single word, and instead I kept looking into Jane’s eyes like a deer paralysed by the headlights of an approaching truck.

Jane kept smiling at me, and all of a sudden, she raised her right hand, slowly led it over to Bill’s lap and gently wrapped her fingers around his cock. Although he must have felt his girlfriend’s fingers, Bill didn’t open his eyes. He just took a deep breath and seemed to relax even more as Jane began to slowly jerk his cock, her brown eyes still on mine, her gorgeous body in front of me.

The situation was just so erotic. Without even thinking of touching it, my cock quickly grew to its full size. Jane looked down at it. I could almost feel the vibes of anticipation she was sending me. Without saying a single word, she seemed to have taken total control over this situation. My right hand wandered down, grasped my own cock and started jerking it.

Minute by minute passed by with me masturbating while watching Linda’s best friend giving a handjob to her boyfriend.

“Wow, what’s going on here?” Linda’s voice broke the silence. Apparently she was going to confront me about jerking off in the sauna, but when she caught the sight of Bill’s now fully erect cock with Jane’s petite fingers wrapped around it, she went silent again.

Nobody said a word while Linda and I kept witnessing Jane’s handling of that big cock. She was deliberately doing it slowly, making sure every movement of her hand could sink in.

Then Jane said in a soft voice, “Linda, look! The boys seem to have a little issue. We should help them out, shouldn’t we?”

After that, she got up and placed her towel on the bottom bench, right below Bill. With elegant, tender movements she got on her knees, placed her hands on Bill’s thighs, and slowly lowered her head. When she reached the tip of her boyfriend’s cock, she gently parted her lips and let almost half of Bill’s member disappear in her mouth.

Both her hands wandered down to the lower part of his cock. Under occasional and soft slurps and Bill’s heavy breath, Jane started blowing him.

Having watched her friend pleasuring her boyfriend for several minutes, Linda turned to me, “What do you say, honey? Do you want that, too?”

I eagerly nodded, and Linda wasted no time taking the same position before me as Jane’s in front of Bill. Her mouth found the head of my cock, her hands found its shaft. It was heaven!

During the blowjob, I couldn’t take my eyes off Jane’s beautiful mouth, moving up and down Bill’s dick, her gorgeous breasts slowly moving to her rhythm.

It was when I almost began to wonder whether it was a little gay to keep staring at another guy’s dick for such a long time, when I saw that Bill himself was soaking in Linda’s oral talents working on my cock. The shame was gone.

The blowjobs went on, while the slurping got louder and our breathing heavier.

“I’m about to blow soon! How about you, Tom?” Bill suddenly asked.

Confused about the question, I responded,”Yeah, I’m very close as well.”

Bill whispered something to Jane and instantly both Bill and Jane came over and took positions next to me and Linda respectively. I wondered what this was all about, but that was when I slowly began to feel an orgasm building up.

Linda, completely focused on my cock, hadn’t paid them any attention and kept sucking while Jane was being busy on Bill’s cock again.

Then Bill’s voice filled the sauna room, “Oh my god, here it comes!”

He began to jerk his dick while Jane kept her mouth open at the tip of his cock, waiting. Under loud moans, Bill began to unleash thick spurts of come into Jane’s mouth. Although Jane tried to catch and swallow everything and because of Bill’s wild jerking, some spurts missed their target and found Linda’s face instead.

The sight of my wife’s face, stained with another man’s cum, sent me over the edge. Holding Linda’s head with my left hand, and jerking my cock with my right, I began to shoot my cum into her waiting mouth. She took it all and swallowed it with soft gulping noises.

When she was done, she let go of my cock, looked at me and then at Jane.

All of a sudden, Jane leaned forward and started to kiss Linda. I had no idea whether she was completely fine with this, but maybe because of reflex, maybe because of the alcohol and arousal, she was kissing her back.

Bill and I were watching them as their tongues kept exploring each other’s, exchanging saliva and cum as the final act of this naughty sauna session.

After breaking from the kiss, they sat down next to us. No one seemed to know how to switch back into conversation mode.

“I don’t know what you guys think, but I’m in need of a nice shower and a good little nap now,” Jane told us, leaning her head against Bill’s right shoulder.

“A very good idea indeed,” I agreed.

As we got up to get out of the sauna, Linda suddenly said, “Wait a moment! The guys have just had their fun! What about us?”

Jane gave her a kiss. “Just wait till later! It’s going to be our turn as well, I promise!”

Back in our room, and after having separate showers, Linda and I were lying on the bed, wrapped in our robes. We hadn’t spoken a word since the events in the sauna, and I was dying to talk about them, but I wasn’t sure how to start.

“I can’t believe what happened in that sauna,” Linda broke the silence. “I mean, I’ve just sucked you off in front of Jane and Bill. How weird is that?”

“Not too weird for me. It was hot like hell! Getting a blowjob from you while watching Jane sucking Bill was totally amazing! Weren’t you turned on as well? Come on, I saw you stare at his cock!”

“Yeah, I do admit that I was turned on, and not just a little bit. But that was because of the whole situation, and not because of Bill’s penis!” Linda quickly said. She seemed to get a little defensive. I wondered whether I had touched a nerve, but I didn’t want to push this topic any further this way.

While I was still thinking about the sauna events, Linda suddenly turned to me, “You enjoyed watching Jane, didn’t you?”

“Of course, I did! The whole scene was just incredibly hot!” I replied.

“Yes, it was, but that’s not what I meant. I want to know if Jane turned you on. Would you have liked to be in Bill’s position?” Linda asked. She looked very serious, so this obviously wasn’t some kind of dirty talk.

Of course I would have liked to be in Bill’s position! Jane is smoking hot! However, I wasn’t sure if I could say that in Linda’s face. I was scared she might get jealous and make a scene about that. Then a new thought came to my mind. Maybe I could get her to talk more openly about Bill if I talked about Jane’s attractiveness.

“Well, yeah, she did turn me on. I mean, she’s an attractive woman, there’s no point in denying that. Would I have complained if I had been in Bill’s spot? I guess I wouldn’t have…” I told her, trying to sound as casual as possible.

Linda looked at the ceiling, “She surely is attractive, isn’t she? I guess she could have any man she wants with no more than a wink.” She sounded a little self-conscious.

I quickly reacted, “Yes she is sexy. But so are you! Did you see how Bill was watching you, on your knees, completely naked, your lovely, perky breasts out on display? I bet he was imagining it was his cock that your lips were wrapped around!”

Linda turned away from the ceiling and looked at me, “Do you really think so?” Her breath seemed a bit heavier than usual.

My right hand slid down her left leg. When it had found the end of the robe, my palm touched her bare inner thigh. She breathed heavily.

“Of course, I do,” I said as my hand was slowly wandering up her thigh. “I think you were the center of his thoughts, when he came.” My hand had found her opening and was teasingly caressing her naked pussy lips. To meet my fingers, Linda started circling her hips. I could sense the sexual tension building up inside of her. Her movements were a clear sign she wanted me to go further and touch her properly.

Going on caressing, I continued, “I guess your mouth is not the only place he would’ve like to see his cock in.” Her hips were moving more eagerly now.

“Do you know what he would’ve liked to do to you in that sauna?” I said, looking at her face with her eyes closed.

“Tell me!” Linda answered, breathing ever more heavily. I felt her juices slowly starting to run out of her pussy.

“He would’ve liked to let his cock slide in your naked, beautiful pussy!” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh my god,” Linda whispered as she couldn’t take it any longer, reached down with her right hand, and started sliding her middle finger up and down between her pussy lips.

This was so amazing to watch. Usually it would be the other way round: Linda would be the one doing the dirty talk about her screwing some stranger, while I would be enjoying some manual stimulation.

This time, however, it was quite the opposite: I was telling Linda how she’d get fucked while she was touching herself. And for the first time, we included someone that we personally knew in this fantasy. I was rock-hard, but all my focus was on Linda at that very moment.

“You liked his cock when you saw it in the sauna, didn’t you?” I asked her.

“Yes, I liked it.” She answered, her eyes still closed.

“You would’ve liked to suck him, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes!” Linda started moaning.

You would’ve liked him to put his cock in your pussy, wouldn’t you?” I went on.

“Yes, baby!” She gasped, moving her finger ever more quickly.

“And you would’ve liked to feel him shooting his cum in you, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh my god, yes! Baby, yes!” Linda was moaning very loudly. Her belly and hips were shivering while she was having an intense orgasm running through her body.

I gave her a deep and passionate kiss as she slowly came to relax. While our tongues were gently playing with each other, I pulled the blanket up and covered ourselves with it.

I broke from the kiss and whispered, “Let’s have a little rest now, my sexy wife!” She nodded and with me spooning her, we fell asleep.

I woke up from a knock on the door. It was Bill, who asked us if we were in for ordering some food to the suite and have dinner in the living room. We agreed and got ready.

The whole time, I had been wondering whether Linda really meant what she said about Bill earlier. Was it only dirty talk or was there some real desire behind it? Maybe she thought the idea of sleeping with him to be sick and only played along with me in bed for my sake. Maybe she’d actually be okay with it, but out of concern about our relationship she would never dare act that way.

Another thing that was troubling me was my own desires. Experiencing Linda cum so hard on the thought of her friend’s boyfriend fucking her turned me on extremely. However, I couldn’t make up my mind whether this should only be some hot dirty fantasy in bed, or whether there really was some longing within me to turn this fantasy into reality. Would I be able to handle the fact that another guy did to my wife what only I should be allowed to do to her? Could I bear the thought of Linda getting pleasure from another cock? Could our marriage continue unspoiled after something like that?

“Tom, can we talk?” Linda was sitting on the bed with a rather worried facial expression. I felt that something was bothering her, so I quickly sat down next to her and took her hands in mine.

“What’s the matter, baby?” I asked her, already fearing the plain and straightforward discussion of the topic that had caused such pleasure just a while ago.

“Are you sure that cuckold stuff is just a fantasy of yours? I mean, it’s got so intense now with all the talking, the things in the sauna and between us earlier on. Is it possible that you really want me to sleep with someone else?”

I had to take a few moments to let her words sink in. I had always known that, eventually, we had to have this talk. Yes, I had told her that it was nothing but a fantasy, but of course that wasn’t entirely true, and she must have felt that. I had been wondering what it might feel like to watch Linda give herself to another man. Right then it seemed that the moment of truth had finally come.

After a few seconds I found my voice coming back to my throat. “Baby, I don’t know. To be honest, I think a part of me does want it. A part of me wanted you to straddle Bill and sit down on him back in the sauna. Just right there in front of Jane and me.”

That confession just poured out of me. I wasn’t sure what Linda would make of it, but inside, I was strangely relieved that she had heard it. I knew that at this point, it was up to her how all of this would continue. Was she going to bury this cuckold thing or not?

“So if there was an opportunity to come, be it here with Jane and Bill or something else: do you want me to seize it?” Linda asked directly.

I couldn’t believe it. Was she really going along with it? The thoughts were racing through my mind. I was at crossroads with two options: either I’d tell my loving, innocent wife to go and let herself be taken by another, or I’d tell her everything should stay as it was.

“Yes,” the words came out of my mouth without any further thinking, “Yes, I want you to do it.”

Linda was staring at me. From the look in her eyes I could tell she was having an internal conflict. Would she agree? Would she be upset?

The time until she responded seemed to last a lifetime. “Okay.”

“Really? You’re going to do it?” I was surprised by her short and clear answer.

She took a moment. “Honey, if you don’t have a problem with that and really want me to sleep with someone else, I’ll do it. That might be quite unconventional for a marriage, but I love you more than anything in the world, and if it turns you on, then why not. It’s sex, not a kidney surgery after all, and I can’t deny that I’ve never been attracted by other guys.”

I heard the word the words, but the whole situation was just unbelievable in my mind. I had asked Linda to have sex with someone else, and she agreed. Yes, I had known those cuckold fantasies were a turn-on for her as well, but there was my petite, sexy wife uttering those words that would change everything. The excitement got my heart racing.

“I have some conditions though,” Linda went on, “This is something between us, so I don’t want to do anything that you’re not okay with. I don’t want to do some humiliation stuff or anything like that. We are a team and both of us have an equal say in what’s to happen. Furthermore, I ask you to stay faithful to me. I know that we’re opening our marriage for me with your consent, but I don’t think I could bear the thought of you being with another woman. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes, baby, I am!”

Right after my answer Bill was knocking again. “Guys, are you coming? Food’s here and we’re ready to eat!”

Linda and I got up. Since none of us seemed to find the right words to say, we instinctively leaned forward and shared a deep kiss.

“Let’s go, honey! I’m starving!” Linda said, and out we went.

When we got to the living room, we found Jane and Bill sitting at the dining table, which was between the living room and the spacious, open kitchen, and sat down opposite to them. Food had already been served and a bottle of red wine had been opened.

The atmosphere was rather odd to me. During dinner, we were chatting and laughing as if nothing had happened. No one mentioned that just a few hours ago, the four of us were in the sauna with the guys’ cocks deeply buried in their partners’ mouths. Not a word.

Instead we enjoyed good food, wine and a good conversation, as if nothing had ever happened.

Dinner had long been finished when Jane poured the last bit of our fourth bottle of wine into her glass. By now all of us had become a bit more than tipsy.

“Wow, what a day! It’s been so long since I had this much fun! We totally have to do this more often. I mean, as long as my father’s going to cover all expenses!” Jane said.

‘Yeah, and as long as we can have steamy sauna sessions like today’s!’ I thought, having the image of Jane’s naked breasts, bouncing back and forth, clearly in my head.

“Let’s take this party to the couches, shall we? That should be more comfortable than these hard chairs we’re sitting on.” Jane took Bill by the hand and lead him to one of the three couches that were positioned around the TV table, and Linda and I followed and sat down on the couch next to theirs.

Linda was sitting closer to them with my arm around her shoulder while Jane, who was closer to us, was sitting next to Bill with her legs on his lap.

“Ah, isn’t that nice? A perfect start for a perfect holiday! And I know how to make it even more perfect!” Jane said, and with that she leaned forward and started making out with Bill. It didn’t take long before their hands were going up and down their bodies, turning the scene rather into a soft porn movie than a couples evening.

“What do you say, baby? Shall we show them how a married couple does the job?” Linda whispered in my ear. I looked in her eyes, and I could see that the alcohol had taken control of her. That look and the sweet smell of wine in her breath contributed to my own growing arousal, so I took her head into my hands and started kissing my wife.

The room was totally silent except for the kissing sounds and soft moans coming from the four of us. My mind was almost exploding from all the thoughts I was trying to process. Were we going to have a repetition of the sauna incident? Would it go further? Would anything happen what Linda and I had discussed in the bedroom?

I was so occupied with my thoughts that it took me some time before I noticed that Jane was working on Bill’s trousers. They had already been unbuttoned, and Jane was pulling down the zipper. After few movements, I could see his semi-hard cock coming free. Even at that state it was both longer and thicker than mine.

Of course Linda had also heard the sound of Bill’s zipper, so she broke from our kiss and turned her head to see what was going on. Her right hand was caressing the back of my head as she kept staring at Bill’s crotch while Jane was stroking his cock with her lips tightly locked to her boyfriend’s.

The atmosphere at that moment was just incredible! Never before had felt such thrilling anticipation. How far would this go? Who would make the first move?

My left hand wandered around Linda’s back to gently cup her left breast. While I was playing with it, my right hand cupped the other breast for a moment and then started wandering down her body. My hand slowly glided on her tummy and then, with a moan from Linda, down to her sweatpants-covered crotch (only Jane and Bill had cared to put on trousers and a top and t-shirt respectively while Linda and I had opted for sweatpants and t-shirts to complement our underwear.).

It was Bill, who spotted the action between Linda and me first. How much he must have enjoyed my pretty wife staring at his cock while er pussy was being massaged by her husband!

He turned to Jane and whispered something to her on which she turned her head to look at us. When she saw Linda a grin appeared on Jane’s face. She turned back to Bill, whispered something in return, and Bill just nodded. What were they up to?

“Hey Tom, you are a strong man, aren’t you? Would you be so kind as to remove that TV table and replace it with one of the mattresses?” Jane asked.

I couldn’t hide my surprise about such an odd request. “Uh, why do you want me to do that?”

“Just dot it, man! Jane says you’re gonna like it!” I heard Bill’s voice say to me. I didn’t know what it was, but there was something in me that was deeply curious about what was going to happen, so I decided to go along with their request.

While Jane and Bill were continuing their action and Linda was beginning to massage her pussy watching them, I took the TV table and placed it into a corner, and then I went into the bedroom of Linda and me, took the mattress, brought it back to the couches and carefully placed it on the ground so that it was right in the middle of the three couches.

Jane waited until I was sitting next to Linda again before she addressed my wife.

“Linda, sweety, I have to ask you to do us a big favour. As you’ve probably seen, I could need some assistance getting Bill’s cock to its full potential. I know he thinks your a hottie, so please get on that mattress and show him that perky body of yours!”

Linda and I froze on hearing those words. The only sounds came from Jane’s hand stroking Bill’s member.

Had Jane really just asked my wife to strip to get her boyfriend hard? Of course I had imagined a situation like that, but the bold directness of the two was quite irritating to me. However, I could feel both arousal and jealousy rising up in me. What would Linda do, especially regarding our conversation earlier?

Linda turned to me, “What do you think?”

Was she asking for my approval? Did she really plan on doing this? And if so: would she go all the way?

“If you want to do it, then you should,” I answered her.

Somehow I got the feeling that she had anticipated the answer. She smirked at me and got up. With slow and careful steps she got on the mattress facing Jane and Bill, who were looking at her.

Jane gave me a wink and then turned back to Linda, “Begin!”

With that, Linda began. She started to lightly dance on the mattress. Her hands were gliding up and down her body as her hips were moving in a beautifully rhythmical and sensual way. I had never known she was able to do that, but then and there I was to learn not only that but also other things about my darling wife.

Before I knew it, her hands started pulling her t-shirt up, revealing inch by inch of her lovely flat and toned tummy. Soon her black bra, holding her perky B cup breasts in place, came into view as Linda pulled the shirt completely over her head, letting her long, dark-brown hair fly in an incredibly sexy manner.

Jane’s and Bill’s eyes were completely fixed on my stripping wife. Jane had already been stroking his cock for some time now, and his hand now opened his girlfriend’s trousers and wandered inside, which Jane greeted with a deep moan.

At this point, I would have loved to get my own cock out and start jerking off, but although the hard-on in my sweatpants was already aching to be dealt with, I somehow resisted the urge and continued sitting there as a silent spectator of the scene.

By now, Linda’s hands had found the waistband of her sweatpants. She turned around while she was slowly pulling them down, giving Jane and Bill a good view of her tight, little ass that was getting revealed in front of them.

Linda’s show seemed to have the intended effect, because Bill’s cock had now reached its full, impressive size, and Jane wasted no time and leaned forward, taking it into her mouth.

Although I hadn’t quite figured out whether I could cope with the pace of the events and my guts started to ache, my head wanted more.

Lost in my mind, I suddenly heard a soft ‘clip’ noise. When I looked back at Linda, I saw what that was. She had unsnapped her bra and let it fall on the mattress. There she was, dressed only in her black panties.

Staring at her best friend giving head to her boyfriend’s massive cock, Linda’s hand found the way into her panties and on her pussy. It was amazing. My almost-nude, sexy wife was fingering herself while watching Jane’s head going up and down that cock.

Then it happened. Jane let go of Bill’s cock and held her right hand out to Linda.

“Linda, please come here. I really need some help with this thing,” Jane asked.

Linda looked at me. It was obvious she wanted to go, but she wanted to see if I was okay with it. Of course my silent nod was easily interpreted by her, and so, with all the eyes in the room following her every move, she went to the couch and knelt down on it so she was to Bill’s right.

She had hardly finished getting on her knees when Jane just took Linda’s head in her hands and pulled her lips close to her own. Their lips met, their tongues touched, and I couldn’t do anything but imagine how exciting it had to be for Linda to taste another man’s cock out of her best friend’s mouth.

“Are you ready for this?” Jane asked looking deeply in Jane’s eyes.

“Yes, I am” was all Linda replied.

After hearing that, Jane took Bill’s cock into her right hand, holding it upright, and placed her left one on the back of the head of Linda. Then she started gently guiding Linda towards the head of the cock that was awaiting her mouth.

To me all that seemed to be happening in slow motion. The distance between Bill’s cock and Linda’s lips got less and less. When I thought I couldn’t take this tension any longer, Linda’s lips finally met the tip of it. She wasted no time playing with it or licking it but instinctively parted her lips and let the head of the cock slide into her mouth.

One just can’t imagine the fireworks in my head at the sight of my wife accepting this large dick in her sweet, innocent mouth. The Rubicon had officially been crossed. I couldn’t help it any longer and started to rub the hard bulge in my sweatpants since all the tension had almost brought it to an aching state.

Bill, on the other hand, seemed to be completely enjoying life. His head leaned backwards on the couch, his girlfriend was stroking his cock, and my wife was treating it with her sweet mouth.

While the girls were working on his cock, Bill, who had kept finger fucking Jane, used his left hand to first get a good feel of Linda’s breasts and then let it disappear in her panties to meet her sobbing pussy.

The scene was better than any porn video I had seen on the internet. A perfect love trio working on each other under the hottest moans and slurping noises one could imagine.

After several minutes, Jane suddenly let go, got up and accompanied with hot and deep kisses, she dragged Linda on the mattress with her. The two were lying there, facing each other, and engaged in a very hot and steamy make-out-session, while Bill, stroking his cock, and I, rubbing mine through my sweatpants, were watching.

Linda had her hands in a passionate embrace around Jane’s head while Jane was rubbing Linda’s pussy. Linda’s panties were gone. Her soft moans in Jane’s mouth sent an exciting thrill through my body. She was really enjoying this. Her whole body wanted that to happen, and it wanted it bad.

When it began to seem as though the two girls had forgotten about us, Jane suddenly gave Bill a wave with her hand and signalled him to lie down behind Linda, who was facing her.

He wasted not time and got up, undressed completely and lay down behind my wife.

At that point there was no doubt left that at this day I was to become cuckolded for the first time. I was to witness another man penetrating the womanhood of my darling wife, that actually belonged only to me, her husband. I was to witness Linda feeling pleasure by another guy than me. And I wanted it to happen.

When he was lying behind Linda, Bill immediately went to kissing her back. During all the action with Jane, Linda must have been oblivious to her surrounding, because Bill’s presence behind her seemed to surprise her. However, she quickly focussed her attention on the kissing with Jane again.

Meanwhile Bill began grinding his cock against Linda’s ass cheeks, which she immediately met with matching movements of her hips.

All the action on the mattress started producing a sweet scent of sex, which was quickly filling the air. Combined with the alcohol, that scent seemed to have an intoxicating effect on all of us, especially the three on the mattress of course.

Under my watchful eyes, Jane moved her hand away from Linda’s pussy and further back between Linda and Bill. She grabbed his cock and carefully pulled it down so that it was now lying between Linda’s opened legs, touching her soaking wet pussy. My wife immediately took notice of that and went to moving her slit up and down that big pile of flesh that was obtrusively waiting at her entrance.

That was the point when a worrying thought hit me: Linda wasn’t on any form of birth control. The two of us had always used condoms, but here was a bare, unprotected cock, just fingertips away from my wife’s pussy and about to enter her. But although I should have been freaked out at this point, I strangely couldn’t find any willpower in me to intervene. I didn’t know whether it was carelessness, caused by the alcohol or whether it was the thrill of the risk, but I just kept sitting there and watched.

By now Jane, who was still making out with Linda, had taken hold of Bill’s cock and started sliding the head of it up and down Linda’s entrance, every now and then teasing her as if it were about to enter, only to withhold the ultimate sensation at the final moment by going back to sliding it up and down on the outside.

When Linda seemed she couldn’t take it any longer and her movements and moans could only be interpreted as a desperate call to get fucked by that big cock, she lifted her head and looked me in the eyes.

“Honey, I know you have given me the permission to do this, but is this really what you want? If you don’t want this, just say a word, and I’ll stop it right here and now, but if you do want it, just tell me that you love me, and I’m going to make your fantasy come true right here in front of you.”

The turning of the focus on me caught me off guard. All three of them were suddenly looking at me, waiting for my reaction. Couldn’t they have just started? Now all the attention, all the responsibility was promptly weighing heavily on my shoulders. Did I want it to happen? Did I really want to witness my Linda being taken by Bill’s big, unprotected cock? Yes, I did, and without even thinking about it I heard my mouth utter those three words that normally symbolized the love between a couple, but now they symbolized the opening of our marriage. The opening of Linda’s legs for another man, to be precise.

Linda gave me a meaningful nod before her head went down facing Jane again. They immediately started kissing again. Jane, on the other hand, reached down again, grasped the waiting cock, slid it along Linda’s slit one last time and then positioned it directly at her entrance. When nothing happened, I heard Linda’s voice, “Do it, Bill! Please push it in now!”

Needless to say Bill complied instantly and started to slowly move his hips upwards. Under deep breaths and gasps from Linda, which were silenced by Jane’s loving mouth, I saw Bill’s cock sinking into my wife. Inch by inch disappeared in her, and it seemed to last for ages, until he was finally in her balls-deep.

“Please be gentle! I need some time to adjust to your size!” Linda pleaded.

“Sure thing, babe. I don’t want to hurt you. You just go ahead and set the pace that’s comfortable for you!” Bill answered.

His right arm went around her, covering her breasts and pressing her firmly to him, and with slow and gentle thrusts he started fucking Linda from the side.

His cock sliding in and out of her, his arm around her as though he was claiming what was rightfully his, and their combined moans and breaths were just hypnotic to me. I was sitting there and I was sure that I wanted this to go on forever. Never would I want them to stop.

When the act begun, Jane gave Linda a long and deep kiss, got up and sat down to my left where Linda had sat before.

She placed her right arm around my shoulder, like a guy would do with his date in the cinema, and whispered in my ear, “You know, I think its so great of you to let Linda do this. I’ve known about your fantasy for quite a while now, and not once have I thought about you in a negative way. On the contrary, I think you’re very confident guy if you have that much trust in your wife and your marriage. Bill thought so too when I told him about your craving yesterday, although you can probably imagine that the prospect of doing Linda was quite a motivation of his. And to be honest, I couldn’t wait to share this big cock with my best friend, so I guess tonight everyone’s a winner.”

I tried to process what I had just heard: all that was planned by Jane and Bill. They had wanted that to happen long before I talked to Linda that day. And was she really admiring me for letting my wife fuck someone else?

All the while we heard the moans of Linda and Bill. They seemed to get ever louder, just like Bill’s thrusting into Linda slowly got harder. With his hand he turned her head back to him and kissed her passionately. Their lips were exploring each other as Linda’s moans and her sweet breath were directed to him.

“Aren’t they beautiful?” Jane asked. “I can’t remember the last time I was that turned on as I’m now. Give me your hand, Tom!”

Without further questions or any waiting for a response, Jane took of her trousers, grabbed my left hand hand guided it into her panties, which had already been soaked with the juices of her pussy. Pressing her middle finger on mine, she showed me how to touch her.

“Keep going, please. I really need an orgasm now!”Jane said.

Her other hand pulled the waistband of my sweatpants down, freed my aching cock and quickly started stroking it.

“You scratch my back, I scratch yours, alright?”

I just agreed and kept massaging her clit. Jane’s hands around my cock felt wonderful. I couldn’t quite tell how, but her grip around it and the way she was stroking it were very different from I knew from Jane.

Every now and then my finger tried to explore her further and enter her, but Jane would always guide my finger back on her clit. Her stroking, on the other hand, turned out to be treacherous, because every time she felt I might be getting close to cumming she would soften her grip and slow her movements down to prevent any orgasm on my side, only to properly go on again as soon as I had relaxed a little. I was wondering whether she wanted to keep the level of my sexual tension intact until the very end.

Back on the mattress, Linda and Bill were changing positions. He was lying on his back now, and Linda straddled him with her back towards us. While she was slowly lowering herself back on his cock, I felt Jane starting to shake. She had a very intense orgasm watching her boyfriend’s cock penetrating her best friend. Linda’s moans would have made me cum as well, but unfortunately, Jane had felt that and lowered her grip again.

Jane’s moans during her orgasm had caused Linda to turn her head to see where the noise was coming from. When she saw the two of us with our hands on each other, she gave us a wicked grin and turned her attention back to Bill.

After having started riding him, it didn’t take long until Linda was struck with a violent orgasm. Jane and I watched in delight as Linda heavily rocked her hips back and forth in order to feel as much of the cock inside her as possible while the orgasm caused her to scream so loudly that the entire hotel must have heard it.

Linda collapsed on Bill, breathing heavily.

“Oh my gosh, what are you doing to me?” Linda said

“Giving you what you’ve wanted since you saw it in the sauna, babe!” Bill answered. It was one of the few times he was talking at all during all the action.

“I think I won’t take very much longer now. Get on your knees and face your hubby, Linda.” Bill commanded.

I have never known Linda as a submissive type, but to my surprise she did just like she had been told without a word of complaint about how Bill said it. She just obeyed, got on her hands and knees and looked at me.

Bill got down behind her. Never will I forget the look of her eyes when he entered her again. How they widened, how she moaned, and how she closed her eyes again to focus all her senses on the sensations happening in the lower part of her body.

When Bill’s thrusts started getting ever more intense, Linda, in return, tried to meet them by thrusting back to make it even more intense.

I should have taken a video of the scene. Jane and I, sitting on the couch and watching our partners engaging in the wildest fucking session right in front of our eyes.

After some minutes we heard Bill’s voice, “Oh man, I think I’m gonna cum soon!”

Linda immediately looked at me, “Tom, honey, please come down to me. I need you to kiss me when it happens. Please!”

Instinctively, I went down on my knees, bent forward and locked my lips on Linda’s. She broke from my kiss and asked me, bouncing back and forth under Bill’s thrusts, “Honey, shall I let him finish inside me? I know it’s so dangerous, but it seems all my body is longing for it at this moment. Can I let it happen?”

I didn’t answer her question and just got back to my hands and knees and started kissing her again, which she gladly returned, letting her soft moans fill my mouth.

Meanwhile, Jane had positioned herself next to me and started beating me off. Her hands were quickly running up and down my cock, knowing that the big final was about to come.

Then it all happened. Bill’s thrusts grew ever harder and faster. Over Linda’s heavy moans he finally exclaimed, “Oh god, Linda! I hope you’re ready for me! Here it comes!”

Bill screamed, and with a deep and hard thrust, he suddenly came to a total standstill behind Linda with his cock deeply buried inside of her. He was completely still except for hie heavy breathing.

I could only imagine how his balls were pumping wave after wave of cum into my darling wife as she was kissing me passionately, softly moaning.

That sent me over the edge, and as Jane was directing the spurts of cum out of my cock on the mattress, I experienced the hardest orgasm of my life.

We all collapsed on the mattress and for about five minutes no one said a word while Linda was lying in my arms and Jane in Bill’s.

There it was. I had finally experienced what it’s like to give one’s wife to another guy, but I tried to postpone the process of evaluating the events. For now, I just wanted to think of nothing and say nothing.

Linda was the first to get up and put on her panties and bra. A thick stream of cum was slowly running down her right leg. I got up, kissed her and after Jane and Bill had got up themselves, I took the mattress, wished the two a good night and made my way to our bedroom. I was glad that neither Bill nor Jane had felt the urge to say anything.

I didn’t have to wait long until Linda, dressed in her underwear, entered the bedroom. We were just standing there, looking at each other. She was smiling at me.

Then I couldn’t hold it any longer. I ran to her, took her in my arms, planted a kiss on her lips and said, “I love you, my darling wife!”

A tear was running down my cheek.

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