Journey into Cuckoldry


We had been looking forward to the concert for months – Elton John in a live open air concert in the amazing grounds of Calke Abbey, a stately home in the English countryside. The tickets had cost a small fortune and Alice had spent many days researching how best to buy them to make sure we had good seats before getting up at 4am to book them online. But at last she had succeeded and there we were on our way to the big event.

There were four of us: my wife Alice, our married friends Carmen and Steve and me. We had decided to make a full day of it and our two kids had been sent to their Grandparents for the weekend so we could stay out as late as we wanted. Carmen and Steve didn’t have kids which on occasions made Alice and me envious — but only sometimes.

The concert was to be held about three hours’ drive from the town in which we live but would be well worth the long journey. And anyway, it gave me a chance to give our brand new seven seat MPV a good run — in fact, with the back bench seat pushed as far back as it would go, there was almost enough room from us to have our picnic inside if the weather turned against us.

But it hadn’t turned against us. It had been a great day with bright sunshine — something you can’t rely on in England at any time of year. It was hot and being midsummer would be warm and light late into the evening. The girls had given Steve and me permission to wear shorts with our T shirts and they themselves were dressed for the sun, Carmen in a short light summer dress, Alice in a short skirt and sleeveless top, both girls showing off their slim bodies and gorgeous legs — but in an acceptably British manner of course.

We had arrived mid afternoon after a boisterous but otherwise uneventful drive that had seen us murder most of Elton John’s greatest hits with our voices and, after parking up, had had a grand picnic spread out on a rug under a large shady tree in the beautiful grounds surrounding the Abbey – along with several thousand others of course. There had been champagne and smoked salmon and chilled white wine and coronation chicken and party cakes and… you get the idea.

Sadly, I had to watch my drinking because I had to drive us all home later but the others saw no reason to keep me company in my sobriety and were enjoying the day to the full.

My strikingly pretty, blonde, slim wife Alice in particular was getting quite tipsy and our friends, Carmen and Steve, were not feeling much pain either. Both shorter and darker than us, they had a cheeky, mischievous air to them which was infectious. An unconventional but attractive couple, Carmen as her name suggests, had the dark fiery eyes and full body of a gypsy; her husband Steve was thick-set and powerfully built. There was plenty of laughter and more than a little horse-play as we became kids again for the day and when the time came to go across the fields to take our seats for the concert, we were all a little drunk and giggling, even me!

Despite all that happened later that day, the concert itself must go down as one of the best I’ve ever seen. From the moment he stepped on the stage, all thoughts of sitting down were forgotten and when his hands hit the piano keys for the opening bars of ‘Saturday Night…’ the dancing began and continued unbroken for well over an hour.

We were all very thirsty at the interval but the only stall not mobbed out by the crowds only sold cold beer. I bought four and brought them back to our seats where they disappeared within seconds. The girls in particular had been letting themselves go and were hot and sweaty with their exertions.

The second half of the concert was even better than the first, with more and more energetic dancing in the aisles so that when, over an hour later and after many encores the concert finally ended, we left the field with ‘I’m still standing’ ringing in our ears and on a real high.

When we got back to the van Steve found nearly full bottle of champagne left which the three of them soon finished. I stuck to Diet Coke — I wasn’t sure I would pass a breath-test even without another drink — and we piled drunk and giggling, our ears ringing, into the van for the long journey home.

Perhaps the most sober of the three, Carmen had decided that she would keep me company in the front and had told Alice to join Steve in the back seat. I wasn’t exactly pleased with the arrangement — I always prefer to travel with Alice next to me and would have liked her to snuggle against me on the front bench — but she was beyond proper conversation and it seemed sensible to have the next most sober person somewhere where she could keep me, the driver alert. I fully expected Alice to fall asleep within minutes of hitting the road.

Anyway, our little group was still quite boisterous as we started out and Steve kept it that way by providing even more drinks in the car as we drove home, taunting me that I wasn’t allowed any. Despite this I had the odd sip but tried to be careful — I could not afford to lose my licence or I would lose my job too.

For the first hour or so Carmen talked incessantly, slurring her words quite a bit and using her hands to speak in true Latin style. I barely noticed that while she was talking she had gradually slid across the front bench to sit closer to me. By the time we were travelling at speed on the motorway she had draped one rather inebriated arm over my shoulder with the other patting me on the arm and leg as she chatted away..

I looked in the rear view mirror. It was dark outside but by the light of the motorway streetlamps I could see that Steve had moved similarly close to Alice and had an arm around her shoulder too. I suspected she would be asleep shortly and that I would soon be the only person in the car awake.

A short while later I realised that Carmen’s hand had not moved for a while and was resting on my thigh where she was lightly stroking my leg. Amused, I didn’t object, even when her hand gradually slid a little higher to my upper thigh and kept on stroking. I turned to her with what I thought was a puzzled expression but she simply looked straight back at me and smiled as her hand moved slowly but deliberately to my cock where she continued to massage me. It of course, responded to her manipulations by swelling and beginning to hurt within my rather tight shorts.

Feeling a little guilty but not quite able to put a stop to things, I glanced guiltily in the mirror to see what was happening in the back seat and whether Alice had noticed what was going on. I could see very little so casually adjusted mirror to give me a better view, fully expecting to see them both fast asleep. What I did see was Steve holding my tired and tipsy wife closely, his hand straying to her thigh as Carmen’s had strayed to mine. As I watched, Alice pushed his straying hand away with a giggle, but Steve was persistent and it soon found its way back to her thigh. She pushed it away a second time but within seconds it was back once more, this time sliding up slightly towards her crotch.

The two of them were giggling, and as Carmen was still massaging my cock through my shorts it seemed ridiculous for me to object to what was probably just a bit of harmless fun. I turned back to the road and tried to concentrate on my driving for a while but this was difficult with a tightly constrained erection as well as uncertain activities behind me. After a few minutes I looked back in the mirror to see Steve turning my wife’s face towards him and kissing her on the lips as I watched. Alice quietly told him not to and pushed him away and I tried once again to concentrate on the road ahead. Beside me, Carmen cannot possibly have been unaware of what was happening behind her, but when I looked at her she just grinned back and began to stroke my erection more firmly through my shorts.

To my shame, I actually felt relieved that Alice couldn’t see what Carmen was doing to keeping me in my highly aroused state. I glanced guiltily in the mirror again and was concerned to see that Steve had pulled Alice against him once more, and was again trying to kiss my inebriated wife. Alice’s was now apparently offering only token resistance and Steve’s lips were on hers. I started to protect but to my astonishment, Carmen immediately silenced me by pulling my head towards hers and giving me a firm, passionate kiss on the lips while still stroking my cock.

A car horn blared and I swerved back into the left hand lane. Jesus! That was close! I had better pay more attention to the road.

Sensing my anxiety, Carmen stopped massaging my cock for a while — although her hand remained on my groin — and for a few miles I drove carefully, trying hard concentrate on the road and not to think about things that might be happening in the back seat. But after a short while I could not resist having another look in the mirror and saw to my horror that Steve managed to push Alice’s skirt up and had managed to get his hand up to mid thigh. He was determinedly ignoring her admittedly half-hearted attempts to fend him off and her face looked flushed — probably I thought because of her arousal at his stroking of her bare skin. I was about to protect loudly but as if to forestall my protests, Carmen reached over and deliberately flicked open the waistband of my shorts and slowly pulled down the zipper. She plunged her hand into my open shorts and grabbed my cock, quickly freeing it from its painful constraints and letting it rise to its full erect height.

Leaning close she whispered in my ear

“Ignore them! They’re just having a little fun.”

I tried hard to drive as she slowly but firmly stroked me until I was so hard it almost hurt. I fidgeted in the driving seat in an attempt to free my cock properly. Carmen slipped her hands either side of my shorts and, as I raised myself a little in the driving seat, she slid them down and under my buttocks to mid thigh, leaving me fully naked to her amazing touch which she now applied with a vengeance, stroking all down my shaft and toying with my tip.

There was a low muffled sound from the back seat. I looked into the mirror again to see my wife with her skirt and slip now pushed right up to the point where I could see her lacy white panties. Her hands were on Steve’s wrist, apparently offering some resistance to his progress, but she was very definitely not resisting when before my eyes he kissed her again, holding her mouth against his for a long time.

Very much aware of my own increasing pleasure at Carmen’s hands, I wondered how far my very aroused wife would let Steve go before calling a halt. I was sure she would stop short of letting him touch between her legs, but the alcohol was clearly making her more pliant than I had expected.

But things in the front took a turn which diverted my attention away from Alice as, close by my side; Carmen brazenly raised the hem of her dress and, taking my free hand, placed it on her bare thighs just as her husband Steve had done to my wife. With my wrist in her hand, she spread her legs wider and eased my willing hand deep between her thighs till my delving fingers encountered the wet crotch of her panties.

Oh my God! What was going on?

There were more soft sounds coming from the back seat suggesting things were moving forward there too. My hand still on Carmen’s damp crotch, I glanced in the mirror to see that Steve had now unbuttoned Alice’s thin blouse and was in the process of pushing up her bra, exposing her breasts. My wife didn’t seem to be putting up any real resistance at all as before my eyes he caressed her exposed nipples which rapidly stiffened and her chest rose and fell deeply.

As I watched, desperately trying to keep one eye on the road, her flushed face lifted and her eyes met mine in the mirror. For a second we just stared at each other; then she lowered her head and leaned back against the seat. I looked across at Carmen, whose knowing smile told me she was very much aware of what was going on behind us. Lifting her hips slightly, she slid her panties down to her thighs, exposing her naked vulva then spread her legs more and pulled my hand firmly up against wet slit. I moved my fingers over her wetness, caressing her hairy lips then sliding my middle finger into her vagina. Carmen moaned softly as with her hand she continued working on the shaft of my cock. Above the road noise I could hear the wet slushy noise of my fingers in her pussy and the smell of her arousal began to fill my nostrils

A minute later, a glance in the mirror showed that things in the back had moved to a new level. Alice’s legs were now stretched out along the bench seat, her thighs still exposed right up to her panties, and Steve was perched alongside her, his mouth on her erect nipples. She was still ostensibly resisting his advances, but was obviously becoming more and more aroused as his mouth and tongue did their job. I could hear her moaning softly, as if trying to keep the sound of her arousal from my ears, but she was clearly no longer in full control of her responses.

I was now so distracted that the MPV seemed to be driving itself. In my lap, Carmen continued her amazing ministrations on my cock, carefully keeping me just below the threshold of climax. I had now slipped two fingers deep into her wet pussy and was moving them around inside her. She moaned softly when I finally found her tiny clitoris and stroked the stiff bud with my thumb.

Looking in the mirror I saw that Steve had now pulled Alice’s slip and skirt right under her, fully exposing her sheer nylon panties. As I watched helplessly, he gripped the waistband of her panties, urging her to lift up her bottom so he could pull them off. She shook her head at him as if to say that it had gone far enough already and pushed his hands away. But I now understood he wasn’t going to stop trying to seduce her. He had already got perilously close to my wife’s modesty, but I breathed a sigh of relief at her reaction, hoping and expecting that was as far as she was going to go.

Next to me, Carmen had spread her legs as wide as she could but her panties were stretched tightly around her thighs. She quickly leaned forward and pushed them over her knees, down to her ankles then spread herself grotesquely wide, giving me unimpeded access to her swollen, wet and now slightly gaping pussy. She moaned softly now as my fingers delved deep with her body my hugely swollen cock still in her hand, still just below the point of ejaculation.

Deep down I knew I should pull over and stop the car, then stop both Carmen and protect my wife’s fidelity from Steve’s determined assault. But there was no rest stop and no other place to pull off and even deeper down I knew I had to see how far things would go so I tried to concentrate as best I could.

My fingers deeper in Carmen’s wet and sticky hole, I looked back in the mirror to see that Steve’s hand was now caressing the crotch of Alice’s panties as he continued to kiss her lips and work on her firm breasts. A strange feeling came over me and I quietly flicked a switch on the dashboard, turning on the reading lights in the back. My wife’s soaking panties were suddenly clearly visible, as was the pink flush in her cheeks. Steve smiled an almost triumphal smile and, as if sensing that Alice’s resistance was weakening, and thinking the timing was right, he gripped the waist-band of her panties once again.

I heard him whisper “Lift up!”

This time Alice did as she was told and as she raised her hips, Steve deftly pulled her panties from under her, sliding them down her thighs. As they passed her buttocks she apparently had second thoughts and made a futile attempt to grab her vanishing panties, but Steve simply pulled them firmly down her legs over her feet and off, leaving my flushed and aroused wife naked to her waist behind me.

I saw a broad and definitely victorious smile cross Steve’s face as he tossed her panties into the front of the car where they landed in Carmen’s lap. She giggled as she glanced at them as if proud of the progress that Steve was making with my wife then, to my astonishment she took the lacy panties, wrapped them around my cock, and continued her stroking, seemingly untroubled at her husband’s attempt to seduce my trembling wife.

At the moment he appeared to be succeeding, but I still didn’t think Alice would let him go all the way. She did look vulnerable though, lying there, highly aroused with her breasts fully exposed, her skirt and slip pulled up above her waist and stark naked from there downwards.

Steve, obviously believing she was helpless and his for the taking, slid his trousers and shorts down below his knees, exposing, a very large, very thick and hard cock. I gulped at the sight, thinking that if I didn’t do something at this point he really was going to fuck her.

He moved towards her, his cock in his hand. To my relief I saw my wife shake her head and clearly say:

“No! No more! I can’t do this!” She pressed her long and beautiful legs tightly together.

It was now almost impossible to drive safely, my eyes constantly gazing into the rear view mirror to see what they were doing in the back seat and with Carmen controlling my cock while I still had two fingers deep in her. The car wandered in its lane and kept hitting the rumble strip at the side of the road but by now it was well part midnight and there was next to no other traffic.

As if spurred on by her resistance Steve continued his assault on my wife’s exposed body, kissing her lips and nipples, stroking her breasts and thighs, and judging by her soft moans and sighs Alice was beginning to respond to his caresses clearly weakened by her obvious sexual arousal, and the alcohol she had consumed.

While Carmen’s attentions to my cock did indeed keep me highly occupied I was still able to see in the mirror Steve’s determined attempts to get between Alice’s legs. After several half-glimpsed attempts he eventually managed to separate her long legs and get his hand deep between her thighs. I heard a long low familiar groan from my wife and guessed his fingers had straightaway found her sex. Carmen must have heard this too because she glanced into the back seat and, seeing what was taking place, smiled to herself.

Alice’s moaning continued and I watched spellbound as Steve’s fingers worked hard on her vulva as mine had done on his own wife’s — indeed were doing at that moment. When I heard Alice gasp aloud in surprise I knew that he had found her clitoris and started hard in the mirror. Alice’s eyes met mine again, her chest flushed pink with arousal and a look almost of fear on her face as if imploring me.

Did she want me to intervene? Was she helpless? Had she completely lost control?

Her eyes widened and she moaned again then a little cry escaped her lips as Steve’s muscles contracted and I guessed her had slid a finger deep into her. Alice dropped her gaze from mine, her eyes glazed as she gave herself over to the illicit moment. I could tell that Steve was now completely in control of my wife — as indeed Carmen seemed to be of me – and that she was perilously close to submitting totally to him.

If I had been a stronger person I suppose I could have stopped them there and then. Truly I can’t explain why I didn’t. Perhaps I was too fascinated at seeing my own wife in another man’s hands. Perhaps Carmen’s ministrations to my own cock had turned my brain. All I know is that I drove and watched, my cock in another woman’s hands, my fingers in another woman’s pussy, as Steve began inexorably to take my wife’s fidelity away.

Alice whimpered as Steve forced her legs further apart, relentless in his attempts to take her, her body now helpless to resist. I watched, also helpless as, sensing the ultimate victory, Steve gripped Alice’s knees firmly and pulled her till she was lying prone on the rear seat. He pressed her legs wide open with his hands then moved up, mounting her, directing his swollen cock against the wet lips of her pussy. As I watched dumbstruck, she gasped as she felt his huge cock moving between the lips of her pussy, moistening the head.

Alice looked me straight in the eye as she felt the pressure of his cock against her entrance. Her face was soft and her eyes dreamy with her arousal. Did she want me to call a halt? Could I defend my wife’s honour? Did I want to?

I tried not to meet her gaze in the mirror my eyes firmly fixed on her pussy and the huge cock that was about to penetrate it. I was immobilized, unable to utter a sound as Steve pressed forward and into her yielding flesh.

Alice groaned, giving a hoarse cry as merely feet from me, her helpless husband, Steve’s cock entered her body. I watched as, almost in slow motion, her inner lips parted and stretched as he thrust his mighty rigid cock into the depths of my wife’s vagina, her resistance to his invasion now completely vanquished. Alice groaned again as he filled her, her knees raised and her legs spread as wide as the van seats would allow, crying out in sheer lust as she was fully impaled.

A pain flashed through my chest and my blood ran cold. It was done. My wife was on her back with her legs spread, our friend Steve between those legs with his swollen cock fully embedded in her. All semblance of fidelity had gone. I was watching another man fuck my wife!

My eyes barely focussing on the road, I watched as Steve began to fuck her properly, thrusting into her with slow deep strokes, his barely visible cock shiny with her juices in the car’s light. I was mesmerized, almost faint with excitement, seeing my pretty, innocent wife with her legs spread wide and another man’s bare buttocks rising and falling between them.

Carmen had turned her head to watch too, her face also flushed with arousal as her husband worked away between my wife’s legs, fucking her mercilessly. Alice’s eyes met mine as she was pounded, moaning almost continuously and getting louder all the time, gasping when he thrust deeply into her, fucking my wife in front of his own.

Carmen was clearly enjoying the scene on the back seat because she momentarily stopped her activity on my throbbing cock to watch her husband’s conquest, her eyes shining with excitement as his cock plunged deep into my trembling wife. Steve increased his thrusting and I knew he was going to cum soon. Despite my dazed condition, the thought of Alice getting pregnant flashed momentarily through my mind. She was not on the pill, that I knew for certain but once again I was paralyzed, unable to do anything but watch.

From the pace of his thrusting I was sure Steve had no intentions on pulling out and would ejaculate deep into the depths of my wife’s pussy as if his conquest would only be complete if he could fill her with his semen with me her husband watching as she willingly received his seed.

For her part, it was clear that Alice had lost all control. She had surrendered completely to him, all her senses focused on the throbbing, pounding cock which was driving her to a shattering climax. But still something prevented me from intervening. Another man was about to inseminate my wife and yet I was unable to register even the slightest protest.

Both of them were rapidly approaching orgasm. Steve’s thrusts grew faster and faster until at last he let out a raw animal groan as he pushed himself one last powerful time fully into her, driving Alice’s her head hard against the inside of the rear door as he began to cum inside her. Beneath him, Alice cried out as his semen flowed into her body. Her legs gripped his thighs and her hands grasped his hips as her body stiffened in climax then shuddered as she was overwhelmed with her own orgasm.

Carmen’s face took on a strange, satisfied look and, turning back to my painfully hard cock, she increased the pace of her stroking faster and faster until with an intensity I cannot ever remember experiencing before or since, she brought me to a massive, messy climax as the last waves of my wife’s climax washed over her, covering Alice’s already damp panties with semen and making me shake my own orgasm. The van swerved left then right and very nearly ran off the road as I ejaculated, making both Steve and Alice squeal and giggle behind me.

Once the vehicle was under control, we drove for a while in awkward silence. The smell of sex was overpowering. I could hear noises coming from the back seat. I hardly dare look in the mirror but felt compelled to see it all through to the end. I was just in time to see Steve finally removing his shrinking cock from my wife. Her cunt — for surely that was the only word for it now — was open and wet with their juices. He perched on the edge of the seat while Alice, stunned and dizzy, lay where he had left her there with her legs spread and moisture seeping onto the seat from her gaping pussy.

I could hear her whimpering softly, her eyes wide with shock as if she had just realized the full extent of her surrender; step she had been seduced, stripped, thoroughly fucked, and with her husband watching. She began to sob and real tears appeared.

Steve put am arm around her shoulders but she shrugged him off and hugged herself tightly, pressing her knees hard together like a small child. After a while they began to get dressed clumsily.

In the front, Carmen wiped spattered semen from my legs and shirt with Alice’s panties. There were drops on the steering wheel and the dashboard too. She wiped one large glob up with her finger and ostentatiously sucked her finger clean before leaning leaned over and whispering in my ear.

“I think you’ve just discovered something about yourself you didn’t know, haven’t you?” I didn’t reply. She went on as she wriggled my shorts back under my buttocks and tucked my flaccid cock back into them.

“You were really turned on watching Steve fucking Alice, and cumming in her weren’t you?” Again I didn’t respond, my head still swimming with images of my lovely, unfaithful wife.

“You know there are some men who enjoy watching their wives being fucked by another man.” She went on. “They’re called cuckolds.”

I tried not to listen to her words, obviously true though they were. Her voice was hard, almost cruel and with an air of triumph.

“You do realise that Steve stuck it to you as well as sticking it to your pretty, goody-goody wife. How does it feel to be cuckolded? To know your own wife has another man’s sperm swimming about inside her? And that she loved having his great big cock in her? How does that make you feel, Cuckold?”

To my amazement and shame, far from making me jealous and angry, I found Carmen’s words even more arousing.

“It’s going to be a long time before she forgets what it was like to be thoroughly fucked by a real man.”

With that, Carmen wiped her own pussy clean with a tissue and pulled her panties back on, then wriggled her dress back down under her bottom. She stared out of the window with a contented look on her face.

The rest of the journey passed in awkward silence, the van full of the scent of recent sex.

Finally we arrived at Steve and Carmen’s home and parted from our smiling partners. They both suggested that we should get together again soon but I didn’t think that was likely considering what had just happened. We didn’t kiss each other goodbye, just in case…

Just before we drove away, Carmen handed Alice’s semen-soaked panties back to her, saying with a knowing smile that she was sorry about their condition but that I was responsible for their sticky contents.

We drove home in silence, then went into the house and for a while tried to behave as if nothing had happened — but that was of course impossible. If nothing else we both needed showers to remove the evidence of our sins. We unpacked the day’s baggage, still in almost complete silence, the feelings of guilt weighing heavily on both our shoulders, unable to look each other in the eye.

Alice had sobered up by the time she had showered and changed for bed. We had undressed separately and got into bed, lying stiffly as far apart as the mattress would allow. I turned out the light and lay eyes wide open in the darkness listening to my wife’s slow breathing.

Eventually I heard what sounded like soft sobs coming from her side of the bed.

“Are you ok?” I whispered.

“I… I… I’m so, so sorry…” She croaked.

I reached across for her hand and squeezed it.

“It was my fault too… “I said softly. “I should have… done something… I don’t understand why I didn’t…”

“I don’t know why I let him do it…” She said, her voice a little stronger. “I know I was drunk but… ”

“But you wanted it too…” I finished her sentence for her.

And then it was as if a dam had burst, and we both began talking at once in the darkness.

“I can’t believe that happened!” Alice began. “At first I thought we were just fooling around, sort of a kissing and petting party. I never thought it would go that far… And I kept thinking that you would stop him if he went too far… Before I knew it I was naked and wet and his cock was pressing against my pussy. By then it was too late, and I was too wet and too turned on to stop him from fucking me.”

Something had changed. My pretty, innocent wife would never have used the ‘f’ word before tonight. I looked across at her beautiful face. Her eyes were wide, excited and surprisingly defiant for a woman who had cuckolded her husband as he watched. I felt an unfamiliar excitement within me too. Alice was clearly aroused again and, though feeling guilty, was not prepared to take all the blame.

“And what about you? Cumming in my panties?” She continued. “I suppose Carmen was jerking you off as Steve was screwing me. I guess you were pretty excited watching him fucking me and cumming in me.”

She had put extra hard stress on the words ‘fucking’ and ‘cumming’. She appeared to think for a second then said. “My God, he came a lot, he really filled me! “It’s still leaking out of my pussy now!”

The thought of my wife’s pussy still leaking another man’s semen was more erotic than I could comfortably imagine. But with Alice having got it all off her chest I felt able to respond.

“Baby, I was as helpless as you were! I never believed he would end up fucking you. I thought you would stop him yourself, but when he actually managed to get your panties off you I guess lust took over.”

Alice was about to interrupt but I went on.

“I suppose did think there he might try to do get into your panties but with Carmen working so hard on my cock and me fingering her. I just wasn’t able to intervene. I felt paralysed. Not even when I knew he was about to fuck you – especially as you seemed to really want him to do it.

“I guess I just had to see how far it would go. When he positioned himself at your pussy and pushed his cock into you, it was too late, and I was caught up in the whole erotic show. Watching Steve fucking you and with Carmen stroking me at the same time I just lost it! And when he started cumming inside you – it was just… just… like nothing on this earth.”

There was a moment’s silence before Alice continued.

“By the time I realised he wasn’t going to pull out it was too late! And the thought that he might make me pregnant made it so much more erotic – even more so knowing you and Carmen were watching me being fucked.” She was clearly getting excited again as the fresh memories filled her mind.

“God! It was as if my whole body was centred on his huge cock. And I was helpless – I wanted him to cum inside me, whatever the consequences. When I felt him swelling and spurting into me it was overwhelming. I just came and came!

“And still you didn’t even try and stop it…”

There was silence for a full minute.

“So do you forgive me?” She asked, calmer now. “I’ve cheated on you! I’ve never done that before.”

“Of course!” I immediately replied. “I’m at least partly to blame. I should have stopped things when I had the chance. Do you forgive me?”

She burst into tears and rolled into my arms. Before either of us knew what was happening we had torn off our night clothes and were making love more passionately than we had for many years, Alice coming quickly and noisily.

As I rose above her I saw her vulva was still red and engorged from Steve’s penetration. It drove me crazy with desire. As I entered her she was still loose from his fucking and I could imagine the remains of his semen still within her body.

It was simply unbelievable! As long as I live I will never forget that feeling. I came harder and more passionately than I can ever remember.

We slept soundly in each other’s arms.

The following day Alice went to the pharmacy (in a town about forty miles from where we live to avoid being recognised) and bought the ‘morning after’ pill. Although the risk of pregnancy had greatly increased both of our passions we did not want another child — and certainly not one whose fatherhood was in any way in doubt.

About a week later Alice told me she had bumped into Carmen at the grocery store and that they had gone for a coffee together. I said that it must have been awkward for them but Alice said that Carmen had been all smiles and had asked if Alice had recovered from ‘her little adventure’ as Carmen put it.

When Alice didn’t say anything, Carmen had apparently told her not to worry — that it would be their secret. Then, with an air almost of pride Carmen had boasted that Alice was by no means the first wife that Steve had fucked. She wasn’t even the first wife he had fucked in front of her own husband, and Carmen had often helped in the seduction as she had with Alice and me.

It seems that Carmen is pleased and proud that her husband is attractive enough and masculine enough to take the ultimate prize from other men’s wives in front of their eyes. The more he does it, the more Carmen is attracted to him. Of course she would never let another man cum in her though — they were looking for victory not fair exchange!

Getting a reluctant wife to fuck you willingly is a Good Victory. Inseminating her is a Great Victory. Inseminating her in front of her husband is Total Conquest, and Alice and I had been truly conquered.

Yes, they had planned Alice’s seduction and my humiliation. They hadn’t expected me to enjoy it as much as I obviously had though, and Carmen had asked if we wanted to get together again for a repeat performance.

I told Alice that I didn’t think we should and to my relief she agreed. We had recovered our relationship quickly and shouldn’t take the risk of a repeat threatening our marriage. Of course the real reason was that I didn’t want Alice to get used to his cock, and want to get fucked by him on a regular basis.

We both re-lived that experience in our minds many times, and the memory did add a level of excitement to our coupling, but we didn’t do that scene again.


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