Going Too Far


The warm, gentle wind swept playfully through the vibrancy of another summers night at Williams University. The dorm houses buzzed with excitement and anticipation for a night of celebration, and as tonight officially marked the end of another semester, it was definitely a reason for celebration. The campus was filled with beaming smiles and relaxed faces, a skip was found in the step of the most droll of people, it was difficult not to enjoy the relaxation for the weeks ahead, and as the hours rolled into the night and the last of the evening lectures ended, the dorms of the surrounding area slowly began to spring into life.

Despite a good majority of the inhabitants having already traveled away for the summer break, the Field House cried out in drunken elation. The building sat matured and proud in the midst of it’s modern counterparts. A passerby would have thought the entire house was in celebration from the noise emitted alone, but the lights from the top floor showed just how empty the building was. The common room of the top floor blared loudly with music, though despite this, conversation was flowing among the 20 or so house members and guests who had stayed back during the summer. It was quite early in the night, or at least for the students it was, and with the ample amount of alcohol remaining it could have seemed the party wouldn’t end at all.

Though among the inhabitants, there was one person who was hoping it would, or was at least looking for an excuse to pardon herself from it for a short while. Jessica Adams wasn’t agitated by the party, she was one of the few who kicked it off, but the blaring music and drunken yells around her wasn’t enough to distract her from a certain ‘tension’ she had the burn away. She wasn’t sure whether it was the elation of the semester ending, or the effects of the wine she was drinking, but her body was flaring with lust at that point.

Any straight man who looked at Jessica would be more than happy to help her relieve this ‘tension’. The stunning blonde attracted the attention of many men on a quiet day. Her slender, 5’6″ frame meant she wasn’t the tallest of girls, but this only emphasised her silky, slightly tanned skin and firm body. Her ass held high and tight against her skinny jeans and her breasts pushed teasingly against the shirt she wore, showing enough cleavage to cause the accident subconscious gaze from any male passerby. Unfortunately for every other straight man, Jessica only sought to be relieved by one other, her boyfriend, Harry.

Harry on the other hand was on the other side of the room of the party, impressing a couple of friends by downing his third consecutive beer bong without rest. A great mid-semester exam result spurred the party animal inside the 22-year-old boyfriend, and he was very quickly moving onto his 5th drink of the hour. Much to Jessica’s standards, Harry was a handsome guy, and while he wasn’t the tallest or strongest of guys, his defined face made him incredibly distinguished, though the way he looked was never particularly important to Jessica, she had found herself inseparable to Harry since they started dating almost 2 years ago.

Jessica watched as one of Harry’s friend pushed the beer-bong back into Harry’s hand and pulled out another beer, cracking it open and readying to drain the contents into the funnel. Relishing the hope that the pair could sneak away from the party for a little alone time, she moved from her secluded corner and darted toward her boyfriend, interrupting before the alcohol could be drunk.

“Hey baby.” Jessica greeted, smiling at her boyfriend.

“Hey gorgeous.” Harry slurred slightly, holding the beer bong up as he spoke. “Enjoying yourself?”

Jessica was originally hoping to make a far more flirtatious response to her boyfriend, but by this point, his friends were jeering him to finish another beer bong. Distracted, she responded far more casually than originally intended.

“Yeah, the party’s going great.” She answered, now toying with her shoulder length hair.

“Heya Jess.” One of Harry’s friends shouted in inebriation.

Jessica smiled and waved in acknowledgement, she was somewhat used to having guys try to grab her attention, and if anyone had mastered the ability to casually ignore a remark, it was her. She wasn’t particularly fond of many of Harry’s friends, it wasn’t that she hated them, but she hated the way Harry turned when he was around them. They constantly jeered him into every extra drink and stupid prank they decided to pull, which hindered any intimacy she could have hoped when they were all together. Out of the small group of Harry’s friends at the party, the only one she really got along with was his roommate, Tom.

It was odd that Harry and Tom got along so well, on paper they were worlds apart. When Harry first decided to make the move onto campus a few months back Jessica laughed at the pair being coupled in a room. Tom was a bit of a jock who sported short dark hair and a tall muscular physique, which came from natural to him from his work in the universities rugby team. Despite this, the study nerd and rugby player got on like a house on fire from day one, and while the friendship mainly consisted of guy-banter and competition, they were quite close.

“Sorry Jess, but Harry has a commitment.” Tom interrupted the conversation and gave Harry a playful punch on the arm to continue. No doubt this was another game between the two.

Harry didn’t need anymore convincing, he gave a fun smile to his 22-year-old girlfriend before sinking a little on his knees and lifting the long cord of the beer bong above his head, the funnel end meeting his lips. There was a jeer from his friends as Tom poured another beer into the funnel, the amber liquid gushing down to Harry. A very short moment later, Harry stood up, raising his arms and gloating to Tom.

“Tom, do you mind if I steal MY boyfriend?” Jessica joked as she grabbed Harry’s arm, pulling him toward her.

“The sooner you admit he’s mine the better it is for us all.” Tom laughed as he watched the pair walk from the room, his friends laughed.

Harry stumbled a little as Jessica dragged him from the noisy common room to the Houses’ stairway. At first he thought that he had done something wrong, though surely it couldn’t be for all his drinking when she had organised the party in the first place. After locking themselves in the stairway, Jessica turned to her boyfriend and pressed her lips to his. After the initial surprise Harry parted his lips, mashing them against his girlfriends as they kissed passionately. Jessica trying with every ounce in her body to show him just how horny she had been repressing for the last hour.

“Hey…” Harry smiled, greeting the different Jessica that just dragged him away from the party.

“I was thinking…” Jessica pressed her body up to Harry’s, her firm tits pushing softly against her boyfriends chest as she did so. Her hand met Harry’s crotch, squeezing against his now hardening cock as she parted her lips, moaning softly as their tongues danced together. She broke the kiss before finishing, trying to persuade her boyfriend with a sultry voice. “We should go to your room while we have the chance.”

Jessica had every reason to pounce on the opportunity. Ever since Harry’s recent move to the dorm it had become far trickier to get time to themselves. Jessica didn’t live on campus, and the move meant the couple were further away than they had previously been, not to mention the hassle they faced trying to get time alone now that Harry was sharing a room. If Jessica couldn’t sneak off with her boyfriend now, while Tom was at the party, she wouldn’t get a chance tonight at all. It had been a few days since she had been fucked by Harry due to finals, and it was starting to show, she felt a flutter in her stomach in anticipation at the mere thought of being taken on his bed. But that flutter was quickly extinguished by a response Jessica wasn’t expecting.

“In a bit?” Harry asked. “I’m just enjoying the party.”

“Please, babe.” Jessica actually started to plead her boyfriend at this point. The shock of the original rejection stunned any angry response from the 22-year-old blonde. “Tom will go downstairs soon, I’ve been wanting this for days.”

“A few more drinks?” Harry asked, eyeing over to the party. “I promise, I’ll fuck you nice and proper, but I’m just having a good time now.”

A surge of pleasure went to Jessica’s cunt at the promise of being fucked, she squeezed gently against the now hard bulge through Harry’s jeans. She looked up to him, her dirty-blonde hair covering her face slightly as she bit her lip, trying desperately to convince him to take her now.

Despite the attempt, Harry leant in and kissed his girlfriend one last time, before parting from her body and pulling her back toward the noisy party.

Jessica couldn’t help but feel frustrated at her boyfriend, but the promise of a good fucking from him later salvaged her mood, but this was if Tom hadn’t already gone to bed by then.

As the pair entered the common room they were hit by the wave of loud music and cheers from Harry’s friends of his return. Harry smiled and walked back over to meet them, happily taking another beer and a slap on the back from Tom as he came back. The banter between the boys flared back up as if it were never disrupted.


Seeking reclusion, Jessica found herself locked in thought in the corner of the common room, her back to the room as she surveyed the party. Her mind went from anxiously watching and waiting for the end of Harry’s banter to the illicit thoughts of what was sure to come the moment he was done. Jessica was definitely a girl of needs, and while it had only been a few days since the last chance she had to fuck Harry, her desire was greatly growing. She contemplated whether she would ride him or be taken from behind? Then again, maybe Harry should do some of the work after making her wait. It had been almost 20 minutes of detailed planning by the loving girlfriend before her train of thought was broken.

“Hey you.” Tom greeted as he waved his hand playfully in front of Jessica’s eyes to divert her attention. He lifted his foot up and pressed it flat against the wall behind him, leaning against it next to Jessica. “You’re awfully quiet tonight.”

“Your drunk squad has taken my boyfriend.” Jessica scowled back, though she instantly regretted the harshness of her words, she knew Tom quite well, and this was hardly his fault. Jessica gave a quick sigh before apologising, sounding far more welcoming the second time around. “Sorry, I just wish he was celebrating a little more with me.”

“Another great semester for him.” Tom said appreciatively. “He deserves to get blinded.”

Jessica gave a smile, though didn’t turn her eyes from her boyfriend. Tom was right, he had worked insanely hard to get to where he was, and this was his chance to suck in the gratification of his efforts.

The pair leant against the wall for a short while making idle chatter between them. Jessica never felt awkward hanging around with Tom, he was just the sort of guy she could happily talk to without the need to force conversation. For short whiles the conversation died and the pair used the time to appreciate some friendly company, only to flare up now and again with heated bursts of perverted conversation, only too typical for Tom.

“Treat him well tonight.” Tom nudged Jessica playfully with his muscular arm. “My boy deserves it.”

“You could just blow him yourself.” Jessica joked. “We all know you’re so proud of him.”

“I think we both know you’d do a far better job.” Tom laughed before propping himself off the wall and standing before Jessica. “Good job with tonight, Jess, but I’m off to bed.”

“What!?” Jessica asked, shocked and irritated by Tom’s decision to go to bed so early, it was barely midnight, Tom usually was showing up to parties about now. “No, come have a few drinks.”

“Nah.” Tom shrugged. “I’m pretty tired and I’ve got a couple of things to get sorted tomorrow anyway.”

Jessica wasn’t sure if she was more disappointed or furious at Tom’s decision. She knew full well if he had gone to bed then she wouldn’t be able to take Harry down there herself. The entire nights anticipation and burning lust for her boyfriend would be pointless if she didn’t have a chance to relieve herself of it with him.

“Come on, just a little longer.” Jessica pleaded, trying not to sound too desperate.

“You have enough people here to keep the party going.” Tom smiled, raising his brow at Jessica in speculation of her motives. He was right, a few members of nearby dorms had joined in the celebration and the top floor was now heaving with party-goers.

“You’re no fun.” Jessica sighed in defeat, though trying to sound casual about his parting.

“Then you won’t mind if I go!” Tom laughed before turning around, he gave a short wave to Jessica as he made his way across the room.

Jessica watched him move across the room, giving his goodbyes to friends. His arrival in other areas caused a couple of cheers followed by some loud disappointed groans at the news. She watched him give Harry a slap around the back before making his way to the stairway door. Jessica was certain her night couldn’t get any worse from her on out. Irritated by the prospect of another night of sexual repression, she decided to grab herself a drink.


Another half hour had passed, a very productive half hour for Jessica in terms of alcohol consumption. As majority of her friends tended bars to earn a little extra cash during their studies, she was easily subjected to exotic cocktails and fusions that distracted her from her irritation. Moving onto what was her fifth cocktail in short succession, Jessica was shortly distracted by the reappearance of her boyfriend, who had made his way over toward the couch she was sitting on to greet her.

“Hey you.” Harry slurred slightly as he slumped down next to her.

“Hey.” Jessica slurred in response, now realising just how much effect the alcohol had had on her. She wasn’t drunk, but she was considerably more ‘merry’ than before.

“What are you drinking?” Harry nodded to a fluorescent pink drink that shone from the glass Jessica was holding.

“A creamy berry.” Jessica said after a moments thought. “It’s actually quite nice. Here, try it.”

Harry took a healthy swig from the cocktail glass, regret quickly swamped his face.

“I’ll stick to beer.” Harry groaned, causing his 22-year-old girlfriend to give a laugh.

The pair were obviously in a far better mood, and the hassles and worries of the argument before had completely slipped their minds. Before long the couple had stacked up a healthy pile of discarded glasses and beer bottles in front of them. Their conversation flowed, charged with relaxation, only broken by the odd bathroom break.

Jessica could barely remember the hassle that had happened only an hour ago, not due to the effects of the alcohol, but due to the charming distraction of her boyfriend. The couple moved closer, pressing softly up against each other on the sofa, the growing party around them a mere diversion to one and other. It wasn’t long until Harry had resurfaced Jessica’s illicit plans from before by placing his hand more firmly on the inside of Jessica’s thigh.

Paying no attention to the many people around them, Jessica simply parted her legs a little, welcoming Harry’s hand as it slowly dragged up toward her pussy. The openness of the display spurred Jessica on, she had always had a thing for fooling around in public, and Harry knew this. She knew full well that he was using this against her, but at that point she didn’t care if the whole room was watching.

Jessica closed her eyes as Harry’s middle finger pushed against her pussy, rubbing gently at it through her jeans. As her loving 23-year-old boyfriend’s finger rubbed against her clit, she realised just how wet she was by that point. Uncontrollably, she let out a soft moan, causing her to open her eyes in panic that anybody had heard, though her mind was read by her loving boyfriend, who removed his hand and leant in closely to her instead.

“Let’s go downstairs.” Harry whispered as he took Jessica’s hand, standing up and leading her out of the room.

Jessica obediently followed, the effects of the alcohol clashing with the heavy and uncontrollable horniness caused by her boyfriend, causing her head to spin as she stood up quickly, but this didn’t distract her from leaving the party as quickly as she could.

The pair gave a rushed set of goodbyes to remaining friends before rushing out of the common room and down the Field House’s stairways towards Harry’s dorm on the bottom floor. They rushed as fast as the two lust filled lovers could after heavy subjection to alcohol, and the fact that the entire bottom corridor was dark and empty didn’t help this. Before long Harry had Jessica pinned to the outside of his dorm room, lifting one of her legs slightly as he grinded into her, their lips meeting in heated passion as they finally found themselves alone.

“Fuck me.” Jessica said playfully, giving a cheeky smile to her boyfriend as he opened the door and led her into his room.

The room was pitch black and empty, though this was quickly disrupted by the loud entrance of the heated lovers. A quick succession of loud kisses and ripping of clothes followed as the pair made their way toward Harry’s bed on the far side of the dorms room. The room lit up as Harry flicked on the light of a lamp, though after a moment or two, gave the room a dim-lit feeling.

Jessica looked around the empty room as her boyfriend proceeded to take off his jeans, he was already shirtless by this point. Books and papers were piled against a couple of desks near a spare TV. Besides this, the only other addition to the room was Tom’s bed, sitting empty on the other side of the room. Though before she could inspect the room any further, a pair of hands met her hips.

Jessica looked up as her boyfriend lifted her onto the bed. She was reduced to her bra and panties now, an impressive sight to behold. Her silky, slender body heaving in anticipation, pushing her breasts firmly against the confinements of her bra. She looked up to Harry and bit her lip, cooing him onto the bed. The gorgeous dirty-blonde laid so willing on her back as she dipped her thumbs into her panties and began to slowly drag them down her thighs, inch by inch exposing her soaked pussy. She looked up to Harry, smiling playfully at the apparent bulge coming from his boxers.

Harry didn’t need anymore convincing. The 23-year-old boyfriend started to pull down his boxers and stepped out of them, showing his bare cock to his girlfriend. He saw Jessica give a smile as his firm cock came into view, 6 inches and hard, so, so ready to fuck her. Harry quickly fumbled in a nearby table draw and pulled out a condom wrapper, quickly ripping into the packet and putting it onto his hard shaft.

“Come on, fuck me.” Jessica begged as Harry crawled onto the bed. She parted her legs slightly to accommodate Harry’s frame, before bucking her hips and arching her back, her body so willing and so ready to be fucked.

Harry leant in to his stunning 22-year-old girlfriend and pressed his lips to hers. Their tongues mashing together as their bodies met. Harry felt Jess’ bra push against his chest as he began to lay on top of her, her tits were almost begging to be freed. Harry looked up to meet his loving girlfriends eyes and with a cheeky smile, he started to slide inch by inch of his hard cock into Jessica.

Jessica instantly let out a moan as all 6 inches of Harry’s cock slowly started to sink into her hot and willing pussy. She felt like she hadn’t been fucked in years, and as the bed beneath them slowly began to rock back and forth with every thrust, her hunger to be fucked grew greater and greater. Jessica lifted her silky, slender legs, wrapping them around her boyfriend as he began to drive his dick inside her, pulling him closer with every thrust he made.

“Ohhhh goooood… yes.” Jessica squealed in appreciation as Harry began to thrust harder and faster. “Oh fuuuuuck… I’ve wanted this so bad.”

Harry groaned through gritted teeth, his hands resting either side of Jessica’s head as he continued to pump into his stunning girlfriend. Every inch of his cock being squeezed by Jessica’s hot, wet pussy. Jessica had always been a great fuck, even if she always made him wear a condom. Harry’s eyes met Jess’ and the couple stayed staring at each other, faces inches apart and breathing heavily as Harry continued to drive his dick relentlessly into Jess’ welcoming pussy.

Jessica stared back, her mouth open as she breathed heavily, staring absently into her boyfriends eyes. All she could focus on now was the hard dick driving into her, her need, her absolute desire to be fucked like this for days, and all the while the intensity of her orgasm began to build.

“Come on baby… uhhh… fuck me…” Jessica moaned, begging to be fucked rougher. She tightened her grip around Harry’s waist with her legs and began to thrust upward, her pussy meeting Harry’s dick with more intensity after each thrust. She moaned loudly, arching her back, trying desperately to get fucked as hard and fast as she could.

“You like that?” Harry growled as he picked up his pace, the bed began to rock more violently with every hard thrust he made into his stunning blonde girlfriends pussy.

“Yes… OH FUCK… yes.” Jessica moaned as she closed her eyes, her mind focusing on the wonderful tingling sensation building inside her, her orgasm was going to be incredible.

All the drama of the night barely surfaced her mind, all she could think of now was how good this hard fuck was, how so-fucking-good was every inch of her boyfriends hard dick driving into her. She no longer cared that Harry had rejected her originally, that he left her alone while he drank with his friends, all she cared about was the ever building orgasm brought on by his relentless thrusting. She didn’t care about how stupid Harry acted around his friends, or that Tom had ruined her plans by going to bed early…

Jessica’s eyes shot wide open in shock. Her stomach fluttered and she almost let out a loud gasp. She had completely forgotten Tom had gone to bed early, and here she was, practically naked as she was being fucked hard by her boyfriend, moaning loudly and begging to get it harder. She hesitantly turned her head on the pillow it was rested again, looking across the room towards Tom’s bed, praying by chance that he had decided to go out.

The stunning 22-year-old girlfriend gasped when she saw the blankets of the bed across from them formed into the shape of a body. She followed the formed outline up toward the top of the bed with her eyes, all the while having her legs wrapped her boyfriend, being fucked ruthlessly toward an amazing orgasm. Closing her eyes, she was almost praying that Tom was asleep, but as she opened them, she saw from across the room a pair of eyes staring back.

Tom was laid on his bed, his blanket draped across his muscular body exposing his bare chest. His head was turned to Jessica, watching her side on wards as she stared back.

Harry watched his girlfriend turn her head and open her mouth in a gasp. By this point, he thought her reaction was due to his relentless fucking, but little did he know exactly what Jessica was staring at.

Jessica stared across the room toward Tom, an overwhelming sensation of exposure filled her. Here she was, staring into the eyes of her boyfriends roommate as her boyfriend fucked her ruthlessly. She saw a smug smile break out from Tom’s mouth as he stared back before mouthing the words ‘You dirty bitch.’ to her from across the room. Jessica let out an uncontrollable moan as a wave of pleasure shot to her pussy at the sight of this.

The pair continued to stare at each other from across the room. Jessica’s body felt like it was going to overload with excitement, while she always fantasized about being watched, she never thought something like this would ever happen. Crazed thoughts flooded her mind as the pleasure from her boyfriends heavy fucking filled her pussy, his dick now pounding harder and harder into her hot, wet cunt.

Tom stared back, taking in the view. The dirty-blonde pinned onto her back, her slender legs lifted in the air as they wrapped around her boyfriends waist. He watched as the bed moved, shaking back and forth with every hard thrust. But all the while he focused on the stunning girlfriend, her horny face contorted with pleasure as she stared back. Even though she was being fucked by her boyfriend, all they could focus on was each other. He knew full well how Jessica loved the aspect of being watched, she had told Harry, which naturally meant that his best buddies would find out, and as Tom laid there he had every intention of taking full advantage of that.

Jessica turned her head back up to her boyfriend, breaking her fixation from Tom. She looked up into his eyes, now filled with ecstasy, straining in great concentration as he drove his hard shaft harder and harder into her blazing, lust filled pussy. She could tell he was close, but there was no way she could ever get herself to cum with Tom still in the room, despite how erotic the scene had become for the pair of them. Jessica leant up, her lips mere inches from her boyfriends ears before speaking:

“B… baby… uhh fuck… T-Tom is in the room.” Jessica said through moans, hesitant of Harry’s reaction. “He’s watching us.”

While he slowed his speed in consideration, Harry didn’t stop, and all the while Jessica continued to drive her pussy against his cock with every thrust he made. He was close now, and this stunning fuck was far too good to lose. But besides all this, Harry had noted a heavy change in Jessica’s mood ever since she looked across the room, and now it made sense. But besides the fact that his best friend was in the bed on the other side of the room watching, he had never seen Jessica so turned on in his life. He knew she had a thing for fooling around in public, or being watched, but he had no idea it had this effect on her.

Jessica’s eyes lit up in shock and eroticism as the loving 23-year-old boyfriend began to pick up his pace and continued to fuck her. Was he okay with this? His best friend was on the other side of the room watching his girlfriend get fucked ruthlessly and he wanted to keep fucking? No doubt Harry was close and wanted to cum, but was he finding this as hot as she was?

“Oh god… baby.” Jessica gave moaned whispered again, she wanted to make sure he had heard her. “Tom’s watching me get fucked.”

To Jess’ surprise again, Harry started to fuck her even harder than before, causing the blonde 22-year-old girlfriend to fall onto her back. Her head spun in pleasure, her stomach fluttered at just how exciting this whole unexpected situation was. She never knew she would be so turned on at the thought of being watched, but here she was, being pounded hard into her boyfriends bed while his best friend watched on. Holy fuck, Harry was just as into this as she was. The thought of this caused her to moan loudly.

A noise came from the other side of the room and Jessica turned to see what it was. She watched while on her back, her boyfriend still ruthlessly pounding into her soaking pussy, driving them both closer to mind-blowing orgasms. It was apparent Tom knew that they knew he was there, and much to his plans before, he intended on taking full advantage of the sensational situation.

But little did Harry know just what his best ‘friend’ had in mind for his gorgeous blonde girlfriend.

As Harry stared at his stunning 22-year-old girlfriend below him, she stared across in the room in excitement as Tom slowly began to lover the sheets of his bed, inch by inch revealing his naked chest to her. Jessica’s mouth opened instinctively at the realisation of what he was doing, and a loud moan escaped her lips as the blankets passed his stomach and started to move down to his crotch.

Not daring to blink, Jessica stared at her boyfriends friend, who still stared back at her the whole time, slowly revealing his muscular physique to her as she was fucked ruthlessly at the same time. The thought alone could have made her cum, but that was nothing compared to what her boyfriends roommate had planned. Just as the blankets crept to Tom’s crotch he stopped, causing Jessica to move her eyes back up to Tom’s face. She stared at him for a moment before he mouthed words hotter than before:

“Do you want this dick?” He whispered to her, his words inaudible but meaning clear through the movement of his lips.

Jessica instinctively bit her lip and nodded toward the muscular 23-year-old, her body still rocking back and forth as she was being fucked. She saw Tom let out a smug smile, sending a surge of pleasure to her cunt.

“Say it.” He spoke a little louder, causing Jessica to stir in shock at how forward he was being. She couldn’t believe Harry was okay with her being watched by his roommate, but saying she wanted to see his dick was another thing.

“I can’t.” She mouthed to him before nodding toward Harry.

Tom simply shrugged at this and started to pull the blanket up, much to the disappointment of Jessica. The entire situation was sending her over the edge of pleasure, and Tom knew that full well.

“Show me it.” Jessica quickly said in reaction, a moan breaking her lips as her boyfriend fucked started to fuck her with even more force as she spoke. She wasn’t sure whether it was because Harry was close to cumming or whether it was because of the words she spoke, but her boyfriend didn’t seem to be phased about her asking to see his roommates cock. Whatever the reason was, they were in the midst of the most mind blowing fuck they had ever had.

As Harry continued to pound into his gorgeous blonde girlfriend, he had no idea how out of hand the events of the evening were going to get. But at the moment he was close to cumming, and not even his own parents in the room would stop him from pounding hard into his hot, horny girlfriend. The fact that she was getting off so badly to this only set him more on edge, he had never seen her so turned on, and it just made everything hotter. He told himself he didn’t care if Tom was watching, or even if he did tease Jess with his cock, at the end of the day he was the one fucking her. But little did the so accepting boyfriend know what he was about to get himself into.

Jessica didn’t break her eyes as Tom started to drag the sheets of his bedding down his body again. She watched intently as every inch of his firm stomach came into view, knowing all the while his eyes pierced the illicit fuck between her and her boyfriend, the thought of his made her buck her hips harder, fucking herself rougher than before against her boyfriends 6 inch dick. After much teasing, and so much anticipation, she watched her boyfriends roommate drag the blankets down past his crotch, and as he did so, his bare, now hard cock came into view.

A smug smile rose on Tom’s face as he watched Jessica’s mouth open in shock. She watched as he continued to drag the blanket down, showing inch after inch of what seemed like a never-ending cock. Before long, Tom’s incredibly hard, incredibly thick cock came into full view, sending chills through Jessica’s body as it stood up before her. She couldn’t take her eyes off it, it must have been 10 inches in length. While she had always thought her boyfriend to be quite large, Tom was in a whole different league.

“Like what you see?” Tom laughed before moving his hand to the base of his cock. His hand grasped it firmly before he started to stroke the length, pumping it hard for Jessica’s eyes. He had every intention on getting her attention, and he was more than confident he had it now.

Jessica could only nod, her mouth still open as moan after moan escaped her lips to the rhythm of her boyfriends fucking. She could hear every rushed moan he made, and no doubt he was nearing his orgasm. The bed continued to shake, the pleasure of Harry’s dick continued to fill her hot pussy, but Jessica’s attention remain fixated on the thick, hard cock on the other side of the room.

Harry watched as his girlfriends face stirred to a mask of ecstasy. Her lewd moans and erotic cries set him on edge, he was getting closer and closer to blowing his load, and as odd as it seemed, his friend wasn’t going to stop that. The loving boyfriend naturally assumed Jess’ cries and moans of pleasure were because of the hard fucking he was giving her, but little did he know the mistake he would make by feeding his girlfriend her fantasy.

“It’s so… uhhh… big.” Jessica moaned, her voice shaky with every thrust her boyfriend made. She sat fixated, watching her boyfriends roommate continue to pump what had to be the biggest cock she had ever seen so vigorously.

The shaking of the bed and the movement of their hard fucking meant Jessica could only see the thick cock through a blur of illicit sex. She propped herself on her elbows, lifting her back as she did so and lowering her legs from her boyfriend.

She didn’t notice how uninterested this made her look to Harry, but he was far too close now to say anything, and far too turned on to get Tom to stop. Whatever Tom was doing, he was setting his girlfriend on edge. The loving boyfriend lifted himself and moved to his knees, holding Jessica’s knees apart, he began to thrust into her. He looked down at his stunning blonde-girlfriend, now completely on her back, her legs parted by his hands as he continued to sink his 6 inch dick deep into her pussy, spurring him closer and closer to cumming.

“Need a better view?” Tom asked, raising his brow. He had every intention on pushing his further, whether her boyfriend agreed or not.

Jessica could only nod. She was fixated on how big Tom’s impressive dick was, but with all the shaking of the bed she couldn’t get a decent view. Fortunately for her, Tom had come up with a solution to that. She watched closely, confused at first, as Tom sat up and lifted himself from the bed. She watched up as his towering, muscular figure stood before her, his massive dick standing hard and firm in front of him. Jessica let out a moan, but to her surprise, Tom had intended on giving her a much better view, and still stroking his thick cock, he began to slowly walk toward the bed in which Jessica laid.

Jessica’s stomach flipped, her head spun, but most noticeably, her pussy began to surge with an incredibly tingling pleasure. The knock-out 22-year-old girlfriend could not believe that this was happening, she turned to her boyfriend, looking up at him with a confused look on her face. She was unsure what to say, what to do, but all the while her body flare with incredible pleasure. By this point though, she was unsure whether it was because of the fucking her boyfriend was giving her, or the excitement of Tom bringing his cock toward her.

Harry looked down at his girlfriend, his orgasm so, so close. He watched Jess’ body shake in pleasure, her tits bounce uncontrollably within her bra as he continued to drive his dick into her. He knew that Tom was coming over, but he didn’t stop. He didn’t want to ruin the orgasm, this amazing fuck, the incredible look on his girlfriends face. He convinced himself that his girlfriends new founded eroticism was coming from his fucking. So Harry continued to pound his cock into his stunning 22-year-old girlfriend, unaware of the mistake he made by not stopping Tom there.

Jessica waited and waited for Harry to say anything, but nothing. She couldn’t believe just how turned on she was from all of this, but most importantly, she couldn’t believe Harry was getting off to this. Her orgasm was getting closer and closer and the fucking was getting harder and harder, and before long, Tom stood in front of her.

Jessica looked over to see the tall, dominant figure of Tom towering above her. His muscular frame standing firm as he continued to stroke the shaft of his cock, which was now only a foot away from Jessica’s face. She could not believe this was happening, being fucked so ruthlessly by her boyfriend as his roommate jerked off in front of her, the thought made her want to cum, and by that point, she was so close.

“Ohhh FUCK.” Jessica moaned, still resting against her elbows. Her eyes didn’t move from Tom’s dick, and instinctively, she opened her mouth slightly at the sight.

“You’ll have to open wider than that.” Tom laughed in reaction.

Jessica’s mouth opened wider, this time in shock. Did he really mean that? Her question was answered when Tom stopped stroking the shaft of his cock and began to move towards the stunning blonde girlfriend, his hard, thick cock moving closer and closer to Jessica’s face. Jess felt like she could have cum then and there, she couldn’t believe Harry was going to let this happen… part of her hoped that he would.

Harry watched nervously, unsure but still so lost in the moment of his ever building orgasm. He looked at his stunning girlfriend whose eyes were wide open in shock at what was happening. He was so close, he didn’t want to stop now, he couldn’t believe how hot this fuck had become, and at the end of the day, Tom was only going to get inside her mouth. Harry stared, fucking his girlfriend relentlessly as his roommate, his best friend, pressed the tip of his thick, hard cock against his girlfriends lips, Jess’ lips kissing at the end as he did so. He watched as Tom smugly rubbed the head of his huge dick against Jess’ lips, all the while the shocked, yet aroused expression never leaving her face.

Looking deep into her eyes, Harry hesitantly nodded to his girlfriend. He watched as Jessica eyes widened even more in shock, in absolute disbelief he was okay with this, before she parted her lips and dragged them down the head of his roommates dick. He felt his orgasm stir ever closer as he looked down, shocked by the sight. Here he was, holding his girlfriends legs apart, fucking hard into her hot, soaking wet pussy as she so willing sucked on the cock of his best friend.

“Mmmmmmm.” Jessica moaned loudly as she started to suck hard against Tom’s dick. Her eyes still fixed on her boyfriend.

Tom couldn’t believe his luck. Expecting to have an early night, he instead found himself on the edge of his roommates bed while his stunning blonde girlfriend bobbed her head up and down dick. He placed his hands on a bedside table for leverage and began to slowly thrust his thick cock into the stunning girlfriends mouth. He had no doubt she was a brilliant cock sucker, but right now she was far too shocked to do anything but stare up at her boyfriend. With a little more command, he watched as his dick slowly began to sink into Jess’ mouth, before hitting the back of her throat and sucking hard.

Jessica gagged slightly, still looking into the strained, pleasure filled expression of her boyfriends face as he continued to pound all 6 inches of his hard cock into her pussy. Her body was set ablaze in pleasure, her heart fluttered and stomach felt light. She could not believe any of this was happening. For right now the 22-year-old girlfriend was laid on her back, being watched by her loving boyfriend of almost 2 years as he drove his cock into her, all the while propped onto her elbows to allow her to suck on his roommates thick cock. She felt the hot, thick shaft of Tom’s dick slide deep and lustfully into her warm, wet mouth while she instinctively sucked back.

“Damn Harry.” Tom groaned as he watched more and more of his cock starting to sink into Jess’ mouth. “Your girl’s pro at sucking cock.”

“Mmmmmppphhhh.” Jessica moaned at this, there was something so smug and cocky about Tom that set her off.

Harry didn’t respond, he didn’t know what to say at this point. Part of him wanted Tom to stop, but he had never seen Jessica so animate and turned on during sex before. A strong tingling sensation filled Harry’s cock and he knew he was going to cum soon. So instead of saying anything, instead of asking his roommate to take his thick, hard cock from his loving girlfriends mouth, Harry continued to drive his cock into his girlfriends pussy, building her lust and extreme horniness in ways she hadn’t felt before. Though his choice to savour his own orgasm would soon prove to be bittersweet.

The bed began to shake harder than before. The loving couple’s bodies flew back and forth in the fury of the hard fuck. All the while Jessica laid in intense pleasure, watching her boyfriend pound into her cunt, taking her closer and closer to the point of cumming. She could no believe he was so turned on by this, so turned on that he let his roommate slide his thick dick into her mouth. Drawing closer to her orgasm, Jessica became a little less hesitant and let herself go. She moved her eyes from her boyfriend to his roommate, staring up at his muscular frame as his cock penetrated her throat, she must have had 8 inches of him by that point.

Tom looked down at the stunning girlfriend before stopping his thrusting to enjoy the view. Her body continued to rock back and forth from the hard fucking she received, her eyes lost in horniness, yet piercing him all the while. Tom watched as a seductive, cheeky smile broke from Jess’ lips, her mouth still stuffed with his hard, thick cock, before she started to drag her lips further down, and after a little gag, taking all 10 inches of his dick down her throat.

“Fuck!” Tom growled in appreciation and surprise, nobody had taken his dick that well before. He stood there, stunned in amazement as the gorgeous 22-year-old girlfriend started to suck hard against his dick by herself. “That’s it slut, suck that cock.”

“Mmmmppphhh!” Jessica gave a muffled moaned, not stopping to suck. She bobbed her head faster and faster, moving her entire head from the tip to the base of his cock, speeding up as her orgasm increased. Her mind was completely flooded with lust it made her hazy, and unfortunately for her boyfriend, that meant she was a little more open.


The illicit sucking sounds fused with the loud moans of the three. Jessica gripped the sheets of the bed as her incredibly powerful orgasm drew near, she was SO close. She had never been so aroused in her life. Here she was, having the life fucked out of her by her boyfriend, while sucking a much bigger cock. She felt dirty, slutty, and she fucking loved every moment of it.

But Tom knew this all to well, she knew the kind of slut that Jessica could be turned into if used in the right way, and he had every intention of exploiting that.

“You like sucking that cock while your boyfriend fucks you?” Tom growled through clenched teeth, damn this girl could suck cock.

“Mmmhmmm!” Jessica moaned, still bobbing her head around Tom’s cock, her eyes now closed in focus of her building orgasm.

“Say it like you mean it.” Tom said smugly. He then pulled his hard cock from Jessica’s mouth, much to both of their disappointment. He knew just how turned on Jessica was now, and he wanted her to really let herself go.

“I love sucking… uhhhh… your dick.” Jessica moaned as she bit her lip, looking up at Tom.

“I know.” Tom said with a smile, he placed the tip of his cock to Jessica’s lips and stroked it against them. Pre-cum spewed from the tip of his dick, lacing her lips with his white, sticky seed. “Let your boyfriend know how much you love it.”

A jolt of excitement went to Jessica as Tom’s dick spewed it’s heavy pre-cum against her mouth. She couldn’t believe just how much came out, it could have been any other mans cum shot there was so much of it. She opened her mouth slightly and felt the warm, salty mixture spew against her tongue, her lips practically coated with his cum. God, what was a real cum-shot like for him? Her pussy blazed as her orgasm was within grasp, and she looked up to her boyfriend, her whole body alight at just how fucking hot this was, before she spoke, much more openly than her boyfriend may have liked.

“Ohh… b-baby…” Jessica moaned, her body still shaking in excitement as she was being fucked. She couldn’t believe she way saying this. “Your friends dick is so… UHHHHH… big… I love sucking him while you fuck me… uhhhh.”

Harry was sent over the edge by the incredibly hot words of his girlfriend. He knew he couldn’t hold on any longer. He stared down at his loving girlfriend, her lips covered in the pre-cum of his roommate, her entire body quivering in excitement as they double teamed her against his bed. He felt guilty at just how hot his girl looked. Harry’s hesitance flew out the window as he started to pound harder, his 6 inch dick sliding in and out of his girlfriends hot pussy, slowly sending him over the edge and erupting the most powerful orgasms he had ever had.

“Fuck… I’m cumming.” Harry groaned, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.

Jessica’s eyes widened, she knew he was close but she thought he would have lasted a little longer. She felt shocked at how hot Harry had found the illicit fuck, amazed that he had been so willing to watch her suck hard on his friends dick. Relishing the moment, savouring this hot fuck that would surely end soon, she lifted her head and pressed her warm, wet lips to Tom’s cock, sucking hard before dragging her head down his shaft, taking every inch of his dick in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

Harry looked down after a moment, his orgasm causing him to moan loudly when he caught full view of his girlfriend, sucking so deeply against the thick cock of his best friend, moaning loudly. He thought of how horny she sounded when she told him how much she loved sucking his cock, and with that, Harry began to cum.

While Jessica couldn’t feel his cum through the condom, she knew he was cumming. With her mouth still filled with his roommates dick, she met his eyes and sucked hard, teasing him with the thick cock that stretched her mouth into an illicit ‘o’ shape. Her cheeks hollowed as she continued to take Tom’s dick into her throat, sucking for all she was worth as her boyfriend came hard.

“MMMMMPPPHHMMMM.” Jessica moaned hard against Tom’s dick, spurring her boyfriend on.

After a few moments, and a few final thrusts, Harry practically collapsed on the edge of the bed. He had had no idea why watching his girlfriend suck his friends dick had made him so horny. All he knew was that he had just came harder than ever before, and whether it was the lack of sex over the last few days or the way Jessica seemed to love the dirty situation, it had made the entire fuck mesmorising. But little did the boyfriend know that it was yet to be over, that he played a very risky game cumming so early. He knew Jessica hadn’t cum yet, and she was in an incredible state of horniness and desire. He had made a mistake assuming that his loving girlfriend would not be tempted by the still hard, 10 inch cock of his roommate, now placed inside her mouth. Little did he know just what effect Tom had had on her.

Getting up, Harry surveyed the erotic aftermath as he stood up from the bed, taking a few steps back. Jessica was absolutely flushed, her face was red from where she had been sucking, her hair was a mess and her pussy was absolutely soaked by this point. He watched from afar and could visibly see the quivering and wanting nature of his orgasm-denied 22-year-old girlfriend. She was still on her back, and as Harry got up she dragged her lips from around the hard, thick cock of Tom, looking up at him.

Jessica didn’t say anything, but instead gave an upset look, showing her lack of satisfaction. She had been SO close, why did Harry have to cum just then? If only he had held out just a little bit longer. Jessica felt anger rise in her as her orgasm began to fade away, despite how erotic the fuck had been just before, despite how naughty and cheeky she felt sucking her boyfriends roommates cock in front of him, and despite the fact that his dick, by far the biggest she’s ever seen, was mere inches from her soft lips.

“Poor form, man.” Tom joked to Harry. Tom didn’t mean these words, things could not have gone better for him. Harry had left Jessica without an orgasm and the stunning blonde was lying practically naked, legs still spread in front of him, desperate to cum. He wasn’t stopped getting his dick in her mouth, and he wasn’t going to be stopped getting between her legs now.

“Yeah, that was surprisingly hot.” Harry joked in response, trying to give reason. But no matter the excuse, he didn’t expect what Tom was about to say next.

“Well, I’m more than happy to finish her off for you.” Tom said without a tone of joke in his voice.

Jessica’s heart skipped a beat at these words. Her pussy jolted with pleasure and she could have cum there at the words. Here she was, lying after receiving the fucking of her, while her boyfriend and his roommate casually talked about sharing her around for sex. She had never thought about sleeping with anyone else while she was with Harry, but the eroticism and kinkiness of this whole situation completely warped her mind. She needed to cum, so… so badly after being used naughtily before, but she knew there was no way Harry would agree to that, though every fiber in her body was praying that he would.

“Ha, Tommy man.” Harry started nervously, as turned on he was by watching his girlfriend suck a cock while fucking her, this was something else. He fumbled for an excuse. “You don’t have a rubber.”

“I’ll pull out.” Tom smiled, now looking down at the gorgeous girlfriend, his cock pressed against her lips. “The slut looks like she could swallow a good load of cum.”

“Oh fuck.” Jessica moaned softly, though still loud enough to be heard by Harry.

Tom gave a smug smile at the stunning blonde girlfriend. He knew just how hot this whole situation was for her. To get fucked by two guys at once, to be watched, to be talked to like a whore. But the fact that her boyfriend was here was the biggest thing for her, the promiscuity and dirtiness of him watching her set her body on fire. He had her exactly where he wanted her.

“Or I could blow all over your girls face.” Tom added, making sure he referred to her as Harry’s girlfriend. The naughty smile that came out of Jessica’s face showed just how much she was loving this.

“I don’t know man.” Harry said nervously, not sure how to approach the subject. He realised just how far the situation had gone, he was partially to blame for being so open with his girlfriend. After all, he had just let her suck his roommates dick, he couldn’t blame him for trying to get in her.

“I think Jess needs to cum.” Tom answered, still looking down at the gorgeous 22-year-old girlfriend. He moved the head of his cock and pushed it against Jess’ lips, parting them as he thrusted a few inches of his hard dick into her mouth.

Harry was now a few feet away from the side of the bed. He nervously looked toward his loving girlfriend of almost 2 years, her mouth being gently teased by the thick, hard end of Tom’s dick. The same incredible look of pleasure and desire came over her face as she sucked playfully on the tip of his dick. Harry stared for a moment before Jessica’s eyes met his, he could see just how badly she needed this. He had made a mistake by teasing her this badly. He tried to tell himself this was just a one night thing, something that got out of hand, all the while he didn’t speak.

Jessica looked back, staring at her boyfriend as she so obediently sucked on the thick head of his roommates dick. She was turned on beyond relief, having her boyfriend watch her as she sucked another guys cock, it was so naughty, and much more erotic than any public sex fantasy she had ever had. As she stared she looked with such lust, such desire, as if silently trying to beg him to let her fuck his best friend.

After a moment of silence, Tom slid his cock out from the lips of the loving blonde girlfriend and moved toward the end of the bed. He wasn’t going to be stopped now, he was dying to get inside this blonde stunner.

Jessica looked between Tom, who was now getting onto the bed. She watched in anticipation and unbelievable lust as her boyfriends roommate parted her legs around his muscular frame, his entire body leaning over her. She couldn’t believe this was going to happen. This was by far hotter than anything she could have imagined for the evening. She was about to get fucked by a much bigger cock while he boyfriend was just feet away, watching the whole thing. She turned her head, her face masked with ecstasy and excitement.

“You sure?” She mouthed to her boyfriend. She needed this so badly.

Harry watched on as his roommate leant his hands either side of his girlfriends heads. He watched as her slender, silky legs instinctively rose up and wrapped around his muscular frame, squeezing tightly and pulling him towards her. A feeling began to burn inside the loving boyfriend, the same feeling he felt when he watched Jess suck hard against Tom’s dick. He felt his cock harden slightly while he watched the scene unfold, anxious about it, but all the while begging for it to go ahead. After a while, he gave a nod to Jessica, he wasn’t sure why he was getting so turned on at the sight of his girl soon to be fucked by his friend, but he decided to go with it. This was just a one night thing, he told himself, one superb fuck that got a little kinky.

Jess gave her boyfriend a dirty smile, she needed this so, so badly. Her body shot up in anticipation as she felt the heavy, thick tip of Tom’s cock press to her soaking pussy, it’s end teasing her cunt and causing her to let out a moan. She kept her eyes fixated on her boyfriends, watching his cock twitch with excitement as his roommate teased her with his thick cock. She knew Harry was enjoying this, he was a little reluctant, but part of him felt the same way about the illicit fuck that she did. The same sensation of unbelievable excitement and primal lust in having another man take over. She stared into her boyfriends eyes, biting her lip as she felt Tom’s incredible, huge dick start to slide so pleasurably into her warm, tight pussy.

“Ooooohhhh FUCK!” Jessica moaned loudly, spurring herself on. She stayed fixated on Harry, watching him as his roommate slid his cock into his girlfriend. She moaned loudly, her voice dripping with sluttiness to spur on all the sexual energy coming from the three.

Tom gave a smug smile as he sunk into the stunning girlfriends hot pussy. Damn this bitch was tight, he felt her soaking pussy squeeze hard against his dick as he slowly began to thrust within her. He couldn’t help but admire the view. As underneath him now was his roommates knock-out blonde girlfriend, writhing in the sheer pleasure caused by his cock. He knew Jessica was loving every moment of this, and his dick was just going to help him make this a far more regular occurrence.

Jessica gripped the blankets on the bed, her knuckles now pale white as she held on for dear life. She could not believe how good Tom’s dick felt, she had never taken one so big or thick before. She breathed heavily as Tom began to pick up pace, driving inch after wonderful inch of his dick into her pussy, driving her ass into the bed as he did so. The bed began to shake again, and the illicit horny cries rung out louder and far more passionate than Jessica had ever given before, but this time, it wasn’t with her boyfriend.

“Oohhh fffuuuuck!” Jessica shouted uncontrollably as Tom lifted his entire length and thrusted it back into her pussy with great force. He was giving her the fucking of a lifetime. “Jesus… uhhh… you’re big.”

Harry stared on, completely shocked by what he was witnessing. He stared on, all the while his stunning blonde girlfriend of nearly 2 years was being fucked for all she was worth by his roommate, his best friend. Every moan she made sent a shiver of excitement through the loving boyfriends body, his cock now standing fully hard in front of him. He had no idea why he was enjoying watching his girlfriend being fucked so ruthlessly by another man, but he couldn’t help but watch on in awe. He wasn’t sure if he was nervous, jealous, turned on, or an extreme mixture of all three.

As Tom gripped tightly to the sheets beside Jessica’s head, he started to pick up pace, driving every thick inch of his massive cock within the stunning girlfriend, driving her ass deep into her bed with every hard fuck me made against her. He could believe how differently things had turned out tonight. He expected to go to bed and have an early start in the morning, but now he was giving his roommates girlfriend the fucking of her life, all the while her approving boyfriend watched on. He knew just how bad turn Jessica was loving the fantasy, the dirty, slutty eroticism of it all. He wanted to make this fuck unforgettable for the pair of them, and the words he spoke next started doing just that.

“Do you like that cock?” Tom groaned through gritted teeth, he could barely keep his voice level, damn this bitch could take a dick well.

“Ohh shit!” Jessica moaned loudly, now turning up to look at Tom through a blur, her entire body was shaking furiously through every powerful pump Tom gave into her pussy. The air left her lungs every time he pounded into her, causing her voice to go shaky. “I… l-love… it… ohhhh fuck!”

The stunning girlfriend looked up at Tom, watching him as he gave her a smug smile. There was something so primal about being fucked by him. He fucked her ruthlessly, he used her like a complete whore. As good as the sex was with her boyfriend, this was something else… and the fact that her loving boyfriend was watching on all the while made it even more incredible. Tom felt like the lead male, the alpha of the pack, making Harry stand aside while he fucked the life out of his girl. The thought made Jessica moan loudly, who’d have thought this fantasy could become so incredible!?

Jessica was slowly losing control. Her orgasm was building and this unbelievably pleasurable dick driving into her was sending her over the edge. The eroticism of the whole fantasy made everything so much hotter. She was getting fucked, hard, by the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life, and all the while her boyfriend watched, almost as turned on as she was. Instinctively, Jessica started to lift her hips up and down, grinding hard against Tom’s cock to guarantee every inch of his massive dick filled her.

The room was filled with illicit sounds of the horny couple fucking for all they were worth. The bed creaked louder than ever before. The heavy breathing and loud slapping of Tom’s dick against Jess’ pussy were soon to be drowned out by the slutty, sultry words of the gorgeous 22-year-old girlfriend. She was slowly losing control.

Jessica’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, her head rolled back into the pillow in a haze of uncontrollable urge. FUCK, she needed this so badly. She had never been fucked so well before, not even by Harry. The sheer size and power of Tom’s dick sent her over the edge. She opened her eyes to see her boyfriend staring back at her, his mouth opened slightly in awe at just what he was watching. His dick was harder than ever, and his hand was gently stroking his shaft as he watched on.

“T-thank you… oh fuck.” Jessica moaned loudly, staring at her boyfriend as her orgasm approached, her body was on fire! She watched as her boyfriend began to pump a little harder against his cock as she spoke, spurring the loving girlfriend on to let her true feelings go. “Ohhh FUCK! Yes, Tom! Oh Jesus, fuck me!… T-thank you sooo…. uuuuuuuh… much, baby! Thank… OH FUCK… you soooo much for… oooooh… UHHH… letting Tom fuck me!”

“Is it good?” Harry asked backed, his voice strained as he started to jack even faster against his dick. He couldn’t believe how hot this was. The doubt and hesitance in his mind were slowly being pushed aside from the powerful lust emitting from the hot fuck.

“SO GOOD! Baby he’s fucking me so good!” Jessica moaned, every word that erupted from her lips spurring all of three of them on. She felt her pussy blaze as Tom began to fuck harder and Harry’s hand began to fly faster and faster as he stroked his dick, losing himself in the eroticism of the fantasy. All of it urging Jessica to tease a little further, her words shaky as she spoke full of lust. “B-baaaby… uhhh yes! Your friend is fucking me! Your roommate is fucking me soooo good! Ohhh fuck! Oh fuck, fuck! Just like that! FUCK ME! Uhhh… His dick is soooo fucking good, baby!”

Jessica closed her eyes for a moment, relishing the feel of the unbelievably good dick now sliding in and out of her for all it was worth. She had never been fucked by a dick like this before. Her pussy tingled with excitement as all 10 thick inches of Tom’s cock pounded in and out of her, fucking her for all she was worth. Her tits bounced around violently in her bra, her whole slender body moving as she was fucked hard into the bed. She was so fucking full! She couldn’t believe just how good Tom’s dick felt!

Harry’s head was practically spinning at that point. He watched, mesmerised as his knock-out blonde girlfriend was continuously pounded time after time after time into the bed he slept on. His hand flew up and down his cock as he watched his loving girlfriend lift her ass over and over to fuck herself hard against his roommates dick. He had never seen her like this before, and any sane man would have tried to stop the incredible fuck if they had seen their girlfriend enjoying it that much, but foolishly, Harry did not. He was warped by horniness that he could do nothing but stare, enjoying the insanely hot fuck that was taking place in front of him. All the while telling himself that it was just a one time thing, that Jessica was only enjoying the fuck this much because she had been teased by him, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Little did Harry know just how much his stunning girlfriend was enjoying his friends huge cock. So little did he know of the mistake he made by letting Tom get anywhere near his girl. Though none of that mattered now, this was just an amazing fuck session.

“Damn Harry.” Tom growled, using the silence as a chance to spur Jess on even further. “Your bitch is fucking loving my cock.”

“OOOOOH FUCK!” Jessica screamed in pleasure. Hearing him taunt Harry set her on edge, even if she had thought he was just going along with the fantasy.

Though he was hardly playing along with the fantasy. He was taunting Harry, he was fucking his girl right in front of him, and he was going to make her tell him just how much better than him he was. As he continued to pound every inch of his incredible 10-inch cock into the horny, blonde girlfriend, he was making her closer and closer to doing that.

“Does your… uhhh fuck… boyfriend fuck you like this?” Tom groaned back at her. Damn this bitch was an incredible fuck, he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer if she kept going on the way she was.

“Ohhhhhh fuck… no…” Jessica moaned instantly in response, her eyes were clenched shut as she lay against the bed, relishing every incredible inch of Tom’s dick as he drove it into her.

“Am I fucking you better than him?” Tom asked very clearly and dominantly.

“Yes! Ohhh fuck, yes!” Jessica moaned through a soft squeal, this wasn’t because she didn’t want her boyfriend to hear her, but it was all she could manage as she was being fucked so ruthlessly.

“Tell him.” Tom replied again in the same strong tone.

Jessica opened her eyes, her vision was blurred for a moment from having them shut so tightly. Her whole world shook as her ass bounced up and down, her whole body shaking as her boyfriends roommate continued to drill every thick inch of his huge dick deep inside her. Her warm, wet pussy flared as she came closer and closer to cumming. She was so… so fucking close now. She turned her head and her eyes fixed on her boyfriend. He stared back, his hand pumping against his cock harder and faster than before. He was loving watching her get fucked, and Tom’s dominance turned Jessica on even more. A cruel, sultry smile broke from Jessica’s mouth as she stared at her boyfriend. Jessica Adam’s was letting go…

“B-baby… ohhh fuck… Y-your friend is… oohhhhh… fucking me so good. Ahhhhh, fuck! YES!” Jessica began to breathe heavily, her orgasm creeping nearer and nearer. She saw Harry watch on, his pace quickening as she talked, tempting Jessica to say ever hotter and crueler things to her loving boyfriend. “Your roommates dick is… uhhhh… so fucking amazing! He’s fucking your girl so good… OHHHHH, GOOOOD! HE’S FUCKING YOUR GIRL, BABY! OH SHIT, WATCH YOUR FRIEND FUCK YOUR GIRLFRIEND!”

“Is… he good?” Harry blurted out through a strained face. He couldn’t believe he was pushing his girlfriend to say more. He had just heard his girlfriend tell him how good his friend was fucking her and he wanted her to keep going! He may not have been so willing if he had known just how honest his gorgeous girlfriends words were, but to him, this was all part of the incredibly hot fantasy.

Jessica smiled back. Even her boyfriend was tempting her now. She knew he was no longer playing along to her fantasy, that this was far beyond that. All the reluctance and doubt in her boyfriends mind had been pushed aside for the time being, tempting the slutty girlfriend to tease him even further.

“YES! Oh baby, I’ve never… uhhh, shit! YES! FUCK ME TOM!” Jessica shouted in passion, her large tits rocking back and forth as her entire body shook with pleasure, all the while the incredibly dick pounding in her, working so relentlessly to make her cum. “I’ve never been… uhhh… fucked this good before! He’s f-… ohhh fuck… he’s so much bigger than you! His dick is… uuuurgh… sooo much better than yours… fuck… YES… Ohhhh shit! BABY HE’S FUCKING ME SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU.”

Tom felt his balls begin to tighten, he knew he was close. But he still had so much more work to do. He had made this stunning blonde admit that he was fucking her better than her boyfriend right to his face, but he had every intention on getting back inside this dirty bitch, and he wanted her boyfriend to know that.

Jessica’s mind raced as her orgasm was getting closer and closer. The incredible build up of hot pleasure was about to go off inside her like a wildfire any… moment… now. She opened her eyes, staring absently as Tom’s dick continued to stuff her pussy full, fucking her so ruthlessly to the point of cumming. After a moment, she looked up as Tom began to lean a little further in. His chest was now pressed against Jessica’s heavy, bouncing tits, holding them firm as their faces were inches away. She saw the look on his face, he was close, he was going to cum. The thought alone could have made her cum then and there. She no doubt was about to have her pussy filled by another mans cum, right in front of her boyfriend, a man she had never even let fuck her without a rubber before.

As Tom leaned in, Harry suddenly stopped stroking. He realised what was about to happen. His stomach felt like it was going to flip, yet his cock exploded with pleasure at the thought of it. He couldn’t let his roommate cum inside Jess… he wasn’t protected, and his girlfriend wasn’t on the pill. The same sickeningly arousing sensation of jealous and horniness flooded the boyfriend.

“T-Tom, remember to pull out.” Harry pleaded as he continued to watch the now incredibly intimate fuck. But his words were interrupted by Tom, who spoke very clearly over him.

“Do you want me to fuck you… uhhh… again?” Tom groaned, now on the verge of cumming.

Harry looked on in shock as his loving girlfriend nodded, her eyes clenched in fixation of her ever building orgasm. His cock twitched with excitement, though an overwhelming sensation of regret came over the loving boyfriend. His girlfriend of almost 2 years was being fucked mercilessly by his friend, and he had just made her admit that she wanted to get fucked by him again. But all the loving boyfriend could do was watch on, his hand creeping back to his cock and stroking as they all came closer to incredible orgasms.

“I said, do you want me to fuck you again?” Tom growled more dominantly, he wanted her to say it.

Jessica couldn’t believe this was about to happen. She was pinned down on her back, her slender, delicate legs flailing around the strong, muscular physique of her boyfriends roommate, all the while her boyfriend watched. She couldn’t help but feel so horny, so slutty and dirty for loving this so much, but nothing was going to stop her from cumming. Cumming… cumming around her boyfriends roommates dick… to have him fill her with his cum… all while her boyfriend watched… Jessica’s pussy shot ablaze as she was mere moments away from the incredible orgasm she had been working toward.

“Y-yes! Oh fuck, yes!” Jessica moaned, opening her eyes and staring at Tom as she spoke, her words shaky and filled with sluttiness as she screamed. “I never want you to stop fucking me… ohhh fuck! I want you to fuck me again and again… please… fuck me whenever you want! Uhhhh! I’m your little slut to fuck… OOOOOOOH, YES… your little whore to fuck whenever you want! Ooooh… don’t stop… oooooooh, fuck… fucking me! OH GOD! OHHH SHIT! TOM YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM! YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME… OHHH FUCK… CUUUUUUUUUM!”

Jessica felt her entire world spin. She clenched her legs tight around Tom’s waist, squeezing him as she felt her pussy erupt in pleasure. Her whole body trembled amid the forceful rocking of their sensational fuck as the most intensely powerful orgasm Jessica had ever had exploded inside of her. She felt Tom’s fabulous dick continue to pound into her, sliding faster and faster than before inside her, pushing her orgasm to new lengths. Her legs began to quiver, her head rolled back, her mind spun through the incredible fantasy of having her boyfriend watch her cum against another mans dick. But all she could do at that moment was clench hard against the blankets in her hands, holding on for dear life as her boyfriends roommate fucked her further into her bone-chilling orgasm.


As Jessica was pounded, her orgasm growing and growing, lasting longer and feeling tenfold more powerful than any other she had ever felt, her loving boyfriend sat watching in disbelief a few feet away. His hand pumped hard against his dick, unable to hold back from his own orgasm for much longer. He watched and listened, mesmorised as his girlfriend screamed in ways he had never heard her before, her whole body rocking in ecstasy as she screamed about how she was his roommates slut, his personal whore to fuck whenever she wanted. As per the entire night, Harry took little notice of this, convincing himself she merely said it in woes of passion.

But just as Jessica’s loving boyfriend of almost 2 years was about to stroke himself to orgasm, he witnessed something far more dirty than anything he had seen that night.

Tom’s face strained, his mouth opened in a loud groan as he fucked harder and faster into the loudly screaming girlfriend, who was still writhing in uncontrollable pleasure beneath him. He was able to hold on any longer, and began to feel an incredible tingling sensation in his balls as they tightened. His entire cock began to throb and the head of his amazing 10 inch dick grew.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Tom growled.

“Ohhh fuck!” Jessica shouted as her orgasm peaked. Tom was about to cum inside her. She was about to be filled by the load of another man while her boyfriend watched. Her orgasm shot up at the thought.

And with that, Jessica clenched her gorgeous legs around her boyfriends roommate as his incredible dick began to cum inside her unprotected pussy. With every thrust he made, squirt after squirt of hot, thick, heavy cum spewed from his massive cock, shooting hard and deep within her cunt. She felt her orgasm spring back into life at the feeling alone, as load after load of his potent seed began to coat her entire pussy, filling her up with his hot, sticky cum.

Harry watched on in shock. He couldn’t believe he had let this happened, he should have made Tom pull out. But all the while, he continued to pump his cock, so aroused by the view in front of him that it caused his own orgasm to spur. He stroked hard, watching his girlfriend moan in pleasure, an incredible shocked look of lust covering her face as Tom’s thick cock continued to spew his potent cum into her pussy. Harry saw Tom’s balls rise and fall, pulsing as it pumped incredibly heavy squirts of his hot, sticky cum inside his girlfriend, filling her up like only he should have.

Jessica looked up at Harry, his face now writhing with ecstasy as he stroked himself through his incredibly guilty, yet powerful orgasm. The feel of Tom’s powerful thrusts and hot cum filling her pussy while she stared into the eyes of her boyfriend was too much. She moaned loudly at him, growling in appreciation as Tom dumped more and more of his thick cum, filling her in ways she had never thought possible. Damn, this guy was a cumming machine! She didn’t want this to end, she wanted him to keep cumming inside her forever, and uncontrollably she spurred him on with incredibly hot words.

“BABY, OH FUCK… BABY YOUR FRIEND IS CUMMING INSIDE ME! HE’S CUMMING INSIDE YOUR GIRL!” Jessica moaned, feeling her pussy being filled by the incredibly large dick. She watched as her words set Harry over the edge and he began to cum, a few white squirts shooting from his dick onto the floor. She gave out a cheeky smile and teased them both a little more, relishing this incredible cum for all it was worth. “Ooooh baby, his cum is filling your girlfriend up… he’s cumming so much more than you can… ohhh fuck! More… OH FUCK, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM! YES!”

Harry looked on as his girlfriend taunted him, causing his balls to stir and cum to erupt harder than before from him. He watched, hands still flailing as his orgasm slowly died down, as thick globs of white, oozing cum spewed from his girlfriends pussy, despite still being full of Tom’s dick. He had completely filled her with his cum, and all the while he had just sat back and watch. But this was nothing compared to what was going to happen next…

The loving boyfriend stared, stuck in ecstasy as his roommate pulled his 10-inch cock straight from Jess’ pussy. At first he had thought he had finished cumming, after all, it seemed like forever since he started filling her, but he was so, so wrong. Harry watched with a gasp as Tom moved up on his knees, his cock still shooting thick cum that landed over Jess’ belly and tits, before straddling just in front of her face.

What happened next was nothing like the loving boyfriend had ever seen before. He stared into his girlfriends eyes as she bit her lips, staring directly back at him as Tom began to stroke his cock above her face. It was then he noticed just how hard Tom had been cumming inside her, as he stroked his cock, more of his incredibly thick, heavy, hot cum erupted from his dick, landing all over his girlfriends face. Harry watched as Jessica instinctively opened her mouth as huge, heavy, hot globs of Tom’s potent white seed began to cover her face. Cum began to cover her cheeks, her chin, strings of his white, hot load being plastered all over her face. String after heavy string of the hot seed shot straight into her mouth, coating her tongue in his pearly white load.

“Fuuuuck!” Tom groaned at last, still stroking his incredibly large cock as a few globs of his cum landed into Jess’ hair, before he pressed the tip of his dick to her lips, watching the loving girlfriend sucking back instinctively, before shooting the last few loads deeper into her throat.

“Mmmmmmmppphhhh.” Jessica gave a winding moan in unison with her orgasm as it at last died down, her lips still wrapped tightly around the head of Tom’s cock.

The pairs orgasms had felt like they had gone on for a lifetime. Their bodies trembled, quivering uncontrollably from the aftershock of the incredibly powerful, ruthless and erotic fuck session. Tom lifted himself up after a short moment, before doing so looking down one last time to admire the view of the unbelievably sexy, horny girlfriend. Her face was completely plastered in his thick, pearly cum, globs of it pressed stickily to her face as she looked back up at him… this bitch was too good to not fuck again.

As Tom got up from the bed he walked past Harry, giving him a friendly slap on the back as he did so. The loving boyfriend edged forward to the bed a little slightly as Tom began to put some clothes on. Harry stared down at his loving girlfriend, her eyes now shut, savouring the incredible satisfaction that consumed her body. He watched her lay there, an incredible, lustful smile beaming from her face uncontrollably, barely visible under the creamy, hot, white cum that had covered her face. His eyes wondered down, following the trail of cum that had landed all over her, a few globs resting on her bra and stomach. Harry’s heart skipped when he saw his girlfriends pussy, now visible as her legs still laid spread, her cunt stuffed with his roommates cum, he could even see the hot, sticky seed seep from her as she laid there, she was absolutely filled.

After a moment, Jessica opened her eyes. Her dirty-blonde hair covering part of her face as she turned her head and smiled to her boyfriend. The seductive salt in the wound came as the loving girlfriend opened her mouth, showing her cum covered tongue to Harry. She saw in reaction as his cock twitched at the sight, despite having already cum twice, before she gave a cruel smile and swallowed loudly.

Harry watched Jessica’s throat gulp as his best friends thick, hot cum slid down his girlfriends throat. He had not known why he had enjoyed this so much, why he had been so willing to watch his girlfriend be fucked so roughly by his roommate, his best friend, before he filled her tight pussy up with his hot cum, plastering her face and mouth at the same time. Then again, he had never, ever seen his girlfriend so turned on in her life, and no doubt that had been the reason he had been so willing to watch her get fucked. This was a one time thing, an incredible, unbelievable fuck the three of them shared, sparking a wonderful fetish his girlfriend had always had, and more.

“Have fun?” Harry broke the silence, still perving over the sight of his utterly changed girlfriend.

Jessica didn’t respond straight away. The realisation of what had happened was starting to sink in, and while she didn’t regret a single pleasurable second of it, she couldn’t tell what would be going through her boyfriends head right now. He had just watched her get fucked by his friend! He had just stood there and witnessed him cum inside her and over her face! Jesus, just thinking about it sent a jolt of pleasure to her now stuffed pussy. She had thought he was okay with it, after all, he had practically emptied his balls touching himself as she was fucked. After these thoughts, she responded:

“Yeah…” The cum covered girlfriend said breathlessly before nervously asking in return. “Did you?”

Much like his girlfriend, Harry thought for a moment. What sane man would be okay with watching his girlfriend getting fucked so roughly, to hear her say the things she said to him in her incredible waves of passion and pleasure? There was a slight feeling of jealousy, he wouldn’t lie. But every cruel word, every dirty sight, every guilty thought were outweighed by each incredibly horny look from his girlfriend, by every dirty, teasing word she spoke, by every amazing, cock tingling moan she gave. Tonight had not been expected, but all three were unbelievably happy that it had.

“Pass me a towel, would you?” Jessica smiled, now sitting up as the still hot cum began to slide down her face.

As Jessica took a towel from her loving boyfriend to clean the heavy mask of cum off her face, the man who had covered her with it was now dressed and looked like he was ready to go. He turned to the couple before leaving.

“I’ll let you guys chill here tonight.” Tom smiled as he made his way to the door.

“Are you sure?” Harry sounded surprised, it was awfully thoughtful of Tom to do that for them, but then again, he had just gotten to fuck his girl, he did owe him to an extent.

“Yeah, well I was planning on driving down state today anyway.” Tom started, now leaning on the door on his way out, juggling his car keys in his hand. “I won’t be able to sleep after that, so I’ll get a start on it.”

“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to wake you up so badly.” Jessica joked in a sexy tone, wiping the last globs of cum from her hair as she spoke.

Jessica awaited a response, but didn’t receive one. She watched the muscular figure of her boyfriends roommates as he made his way out of the door, before giving her a very noticeable, smug smile as he left. The intimate moment between the two was broken by the loud shutting of the door as Tom left the dorm.

A silence filled the now emptier dorm room, though it wasn’t awkward. The couple sat there for a moment, staring at each other, absorbing each others thoughts on the aftermath of the incredibly out of control fuck. Harry kept staring down to his girlfriends pussy, watching time and time again as thick cum continued to ooze out of it. After a horny stare and intimate moment between the two, Harry spoke, though a little less light-hearted than before.

“Did you mean what you said?” Harry asked.

“W-what?” Jessica asked. He could have been referring to so many things she had shouted in throes of passion. Her face burned in embarrassment, and at first she thought Harry had started to regret their passionate fantasy.

“What you uh… said to Tom.” Harry started, sounding a bit hesitant before continuing. “About letting him fuck you again…”

“Oh god, no!” Jessica lied instantly, before putting her hand onto her boyfriends thigh in comfort. “Baby, it was just something I said, it didn’t mean anything. I just saw how much you were enjoying it all… how much you enjoyed it when I teased… so I sort of pushed it.”

Harry smiled at his girlfriend, putting his finger under her chin and lifting her head so she looked up at him, an incredible look of guilt swamping her face as she talked.

“Baby, I promise…” Jessica started again, she was practically on the verge of tears.

“I believe you.” Harry smiled back, an air of relaxation filling the room again after the curious questioning. “It was hot… I don’t know why… but I just wanted to make sure it was just part of a fantasy… a one time thing”

“Of course, baby.” Jessica agreed immediately, despite merely saying it for the sake of saying it. She looked nervously at him for a moment, a cheeky smile breaking from her face as she did. “You found it hot?”

“Y-yeah…” Harry said shyly. “I’m not sure why… but you just seemed so… different… it was hot having you ‘tease’ me a little.”

“Because your friend has an incredible cock, that’s why.” Jessica smiled back, her hand rubbing his thigh as she teased him a little.

The smile the couple shared with each other curled into something far more seductive. As the loving, 22-year-old blonde invited her boyfriend onto the bed she was still laid against, her heart continued to race at just how close her boyfriend was to realising just how honest her words had been as she was fucked by his friend. Though it had been shouted in the moment of passion, she had truly meant what she had moaned to Tom about being his whore, his slut to fuck at his will. Fortunately, her boyfriend had thought it had been fuel for the fire of their incredible fantasy, and nothing more.

As Harry snuggled up to his very satisfied girlfriend, a plethora of thoughts raced through her mind. Harry had seen this as a one night thing, and while even now as Jess was rested up to him, disappointment began to overcome her, though she wouldn’t cheat on her boyfriend, no matter how wonderful the fuck would be… or so she told herself. Her pussy burned on in pleasure, all the while the hot, thick cum inside her continued to swirl in her cunt and belly.

As the loving girlfriend gave out a smile, the exhaustion of such an energetic, powerful fuck began to overcome her. She looked over to her boyfriend who was already on the verge of sleep, before her eyes began to grow heavy, slowly shutting. There the wonderfully satisfied and renew couple lay for a moment, broken promises and hidden urges flowing through them as they drifted off into an unbroken sleep.

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