Fantasy Fulfilled pt.1


Kavita was in bed with her husband Ravi, kissing and fondling each other. She took his semi erect cock in her hand and started to caress it with soft hands. He pulled her over him and kissed her lips.

“You look so fresh and lovely,” he caressed her long hairs.

“You know what happened today in office,” she spoke casually. He was all ears.

“Narang, my boss, you know how he is!! He was getting naughty with me,” she felt his cock twitch.

“Ohh, What did he do,” Ravi looked excited.

“Well I told you earlier also that he is always trying to get into my pants.”

“You never told me that,” he looked at her accusingly.

“Ohh haven’t I… Well… Ah… Umm… I had…,” she stopped as if not able to find words.

Ravi opened her gown and slipped his hand inside grabbing a handful of her titties, “you must have been giving him all the wrong signals.” Kavita squirmed at his touch and giggled.

“No I am not; he is the one who is coming on to me.”

He kissed her boobs and flickered his tongue around her tout nipples, “Keep telling.”

“Well he cornered me in the store room,” she spoke.

His cock sprang into life and was rock hard; he groaned and sucked hard on her nipples.

“Why you seem to like it, don’t you,” she spoke stroking his cock.

“Tell me everything, you naughty girl,” he grunted.

“Ouch!! Not so hard,” Kavita grabbed his hand trying to stop him from mauling her boobs.

“Tell me,” he gritted his teeth and pinched them harder.

“Uggg, Ahhh… he grabbed me in the store room during lunch hour… I was alone…” she kissed his head which was buried in her breasts and caressed his balls.

“He pulled my Saree above my waist and bent me over the table,” she continued her story, “and placed his hard cock on my pussy by pulling aside the panties.”

“Was he rough with you?”

“Yesss… he was very forceful, he forced his cock inside my pussy.”

“Was he big?”

“Mmmm… he was big and strong and he pinned me under him.” She pushed Ravi on the bed and climbed over him, she knew that he cannot continue to caress his cock or else he will cum in her hand. She guided his hard cock into her wet pussy and slides down on him.

“Ahhh… you are so hot and wet, ummm,” he moaned as his cock felt the warmth. Kavita started to slowly move her ass and fuck him while continuing to tell her made up story. Ravi was not able to take the teasing for a long time and threw her on the bed and climbed over her.

“I will fuck you so hard that your pussy will ache for weeks,” he gritted his teeth and started to ram his cock into her. Kavita closed her eyes and prepares herself to flow with the waves of the strong orgasm building inside her.

“Why don’t you do that for real,” Ravi spoke as they lay in each other’s arms after the very satisfying sex.

“That was real,” she teased him.

“Don’t bullshit me… you are so lovely and sexy,” he moved his hand across her nude body, “any men would be willing to kill for you.”

“I know that but I don’t want any bloodshed,” she laughed.

Ravi sighed; he knew this would remain one of his fantasies she will never agree to do it in real.

“At least do it once,” he pleaded but looking at her smiling face he knew it was all going to deaf ears.

Kavita had collage education and was working with a company as accountant. She got married to Ravi at the age of nineteen and now even at thirty eight years she looks stunning. She had not gained any extra flesh even after the birth of two daughters. Having an average height and a beautiful 36C boobs which look bigger than the size suggests, she turns head wherever she goes.

Ravi was also a smart looking guy but the middle age was catching up with him, a little bit of pot belly and greying thinning hairs tells the story. His father owns a jewellery shop and also a flourishing diamond business and he was the only son, so he joined the business immediately after completing the studies. Although financially Kavita doesn’t need to work but once her daughters were old enough to go to school she needed to do something.

Kavita remembered how naive she was when she got married. Although she was not a virgin at the time of marriage she had experienced sex couple of times but still she was unknown to so many facets of sex. She remembers how giving oral was a big issue for her and how every time Ravi has to bribe her to get that. As the years passed by she started to know the power she has over Ravi when it comes to sex. During the early days of marriage he was ready to do anything for oral sex, giving as well as receiving. Same was the case with anal sex or trying any other activity, be it sex in unorthodox places, taking nude pictures, filming them while having sex. Those times she felt very powerful having a hold on him and moreover the sex was still very exciting between them even after being married for over nineteen years.

Ravi always had a thing about Kavita with other men. He always felt excited when he notice any guy checking her out, he felt proud that no matter how much the other guys wish but she is always his. It took him years to realize this and then to admit to her.

At first Kavita was appalled, ‘how could he even think like this,’ she could not understand. When he continued to bring up the subject, she Googled it and was surprised to see tonnes of material on the net regarding this kind of fantasy. She was fascinated to read it and understood Ravi’s behaviour. Her point of view changed and she started to play along. She found her control increased manifold and now she has to just mention about another guy and he is hard as rock. The sex improved tremendously and she started to enjoy it although she never contemplated doing it in real. She would make up stories during foreplay and Ravi would be charged like a bull, although she has to be careful not to overdo it else he ejaculates prematurely.

Ravi woke up in the morning and saw Kavita already taken bath and was looking like a fresh rose.

“Good morning honey,” she smiled handing him a cup of tea.

“Good morning darling,” he pushed back on the bed rest and admired the beauty; she loves to wear Sarees and was wearing one today. Tucked far below the navel, her flat abdomen and belly button were presenting an exotic view. The blouse seems to be tight on her ample bosom and the crevice between the tities was tempting.

“What are you staring at,” she blushed. He attempted to grab her hand but she slipped back giggling, “don’t try to get naughty early in the morning, everyone is awake in the house and you have grown up daughters.”

“Just a good morning kiss,” but she giggled and moved back, “finish your tea and get ready you remember today we have to go to Delhi.”

He remembered the wedding of his cousin’s daughter at Delhi and the two of them were attending from the family as his daddy was busy with the business and daughters were busy with their classes. He nodded and watched Kavita’s ass as she walked out ‘I will get you in the train,’ he murmured.

It was a big fat Punjabi Indian marriage and they enjoyed their three day stay at Delhi. While returning to take a train to Mumabi they got a bit late in the Delhi traffic and by the time they reached the railway station the train was about to leave. His cousin who came to see them off, hurriedly pushed their luggage inside the AC first class compartment door as the train started to move. They waved good bye to them and the train picked up speed.

“My god just in the nick of time,” Kavita breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yeah,” Ravi breathed heavily, “now help me with these suitcases and pull them inside our coupe.”

Kavita pulled one while Ravi was behind her struggling with other two, she looked for ‘D’ and found a tall man standing on the door.

“Let me help you,” he got hold of the suitcase and dragged it inside.

“Thank you so much,” she smiled. Ravi manages to pull the other two and was breathless.

“Hello, I am Manoj Narang,” he extended his hand, “Travelling to Mumbai,” he enquired.

“Yeah, I am Ravi and she is my wife Kavita,” Ravi shook hands with him while Kavita greeted him with folded hands ‘Namestay.’

Kavita felt jittery as she heard his name ‘Narang’ his fantasy lover and boss, she looked coyly towards Ravi who was smiling sheepishly probably thinking same.

“See the vast difference in climate while it’s so cold and foggy in Delhi at Mumbai it’s hot and humid,” Narang spoke to start a conversation, “I was to travel by plane but last moment all flights cancelled due to fog.”

“Too bad, it’s always dicey taking a flight during winter season from Delhi,” Kavita spoke while Ravi was still catching his breath.

“I am SP (Superintendent of Police) in Mumbai police department,” he continued, “came to Delhi for a meeting… you belong to Delhi?”

“Wow!! SP… You don’t look like a policemen… you don’t have the big belly and ugly face,” Kavita exclaimed.

Narang didn’t seem to mind at all and burst out laughing, Ravi also smiled customarily, “You seem to be watching too many Bollywood movies.” He felt proud that at the age of forty nine also he was in good shape and don’t have that pot belly synonym to Indian police.

“We belong to Mumbai and came to Delhi to attend a marriage function,” Ravi explained. The small talks continued, Kavita and Narang soon started to chat like long lost friends.

The train coupe was a separate enclosure for four people, two sleeper opposite to each other and two sleepers on top of each one. They were three so they were expecting that maybe the fourth passenger would board the train from next station. Ravi dug out a book and settled down while Kavita moved to Narang’s side of sleeper and sat beside him.

It was four thirty in the evening and the train will reach Mumbai next morning eight thirty five, it’s a long journey but is comfortable in first class. Ravi glanced towards Kavita and was surprised finding her engrossed talking with Narang. The ticket collector dropped in to check the tickets. They handed over their tickets and after inspecting he enquired about the fourth passenger.

“Humm… must have missed the train,” he spoke, “well have a nice journey and keep the door locked from inside, the next station is Kota and will reach around nine.” He left and Ravi closed the coupe’s sliding door.

“This is my daughter,” Kavita had his mobile phone open and was showing family pictures to him almost leaning into him. Ravi felt odd at her behaviour she was not so talkative and does not open to strangers like this. Narang was showing all interest and also had his mobile phone on to show some of his own photographs.

“Ohh… she is your daughter… you don’t look like a mother of a grown up child,” Narang spoke while Kavita giggled.

“Asshole trying to use the same age old line of flirting,” Ravi thought and was surprised to see that Kavita was giggling. He pretended to be engrossed in the book but continued to keep an eye on their activities.

Narang was surprised when Kavita sat beside him. He looked at her and found an extremely hot wife, draped in an elegant Saree. The long hairs neatly tied behind her neck and reaching upto her waist. The Saree was well below the navel and showing her flat abdomen while the boobs looks like ready to burst out of its restraints. She was sitting close enough for him to smell the sweet perfume she was wearing. He had a magazine in his hand but was hardly able to open it as she kept him engaged in talks. He continued to talk to her about his profession and she showed interest while telling him about her job and family in Mumbai. He glanced at the husband and found an average looking middle age guy engrossed in a book and paying little attention to his wife. Well he was not complaining, ‘the journey would be interesting,’ he thought. He showed pictures of his wife and son and continued to engage her in talk.

“This is my son, completed the CA course and would be joining a reputed firm in Mumbai soon.”

“He look nice, why he didn’t wanted to work in police,” she enquired.

“He has chosen to study accountancy,” he shrugged his shoulders.

Ravi was unable to understand the behaviour of Kavita, she has never done like this and he didn’t know how to respond. Suddenly his heart leaped out of his chest when he saw Kavita leaned onto him showing him something and her shoulder met his. He saw that she didn’t pull back but kept it pressed against him while continuing to talk animatedly. He felt excited; his cock grew in size and was making a tent in his pant. He quietly adjusted it and watched in amazement as she slipped closer to him and allowed her body to touch his. What is she doing? Is she flirting with this man in his presence, has she decided to make his fantasy a reality. He looked at the man, he appeared to be older than him but in good shape. He was a policeman and a masculine arrogance scintillates from his face. Then he remembered his name ‘Narang’ always the other man in the fantasies, he felt his gut wrench.

After sometime Narang excuses himself for a loo. ‘This woman is coming onto him or is she just a talkative woman stuck with a boring husband’, he thought, ‘but she isn’t realizing that she is sending all kinds of wrong signals.’

He walks in the corridor towards the toilets and dialled his office at Mumbai.

“Hey Sumeet,” he spoke as soon as the call connected, “you have to do a job urgently and very confidentially.”

“Sure Sir,” Summet was all attention; it is not every day that the big boss gave some direct orders. Narang give all the details of Ravi and Kavita and asked him to verify it urgently.

“I have forwarded you a picture of both of them, verify it urgently and come back to me in fifteen minutes,” he ordered. He forwarded the picture Kavita exchanged with him during the chat.

“But Sir!! Fifteen minutes, I won’t even be able to reach this locality in fifteen minutes let alone verify their identity,” he objected.

“Do it,” he ordered and ended the call. He looked satisfied, ‘I ought to know about them, if they are what she has told or is it some kind of trap, although I don’t mind falling into this hot and sexy trap.’ He entered the toilets, “the fourth passenger has very conveniently missed the train,” he murmured.

As soon as Narang stepped out into the corridor Ravi kept his book aside and looked towards Kavita enquiringly. She smiled mysteriously.

“What is this?” he enquired.

She walked seductively towards him, “isn’t this what you always wanted.”

He nodded foolishly.

“Well I have decided to fulfil you fantasy,” she whispered dramatically.

“But… but…” he stammered, “He is so ugly,” he made a bad face.

“He is much fitter than you and beside it’s me who has to sleep with him not you.”

He was shocked and speechless at her blunt approach. Suddenly she started to laugh hysterically. He looked at her not understanding while she continued to laugh then she hugged him tightly.

“O’ my darling husband,” she crushed him against her bosom, “I wanted to give you a real feeling of your fantasy, how did you feel when I was getting cosy with him.” He didn’t know what to say.

“I knew you would chicken out if I ever try it in real,” she continued to laugh.

“No… no… I didn’t chicken out… it’s just that this man does not appear to be my kind.”

“Well I told you already, I am the one picking the guy and I have picked him,” she smiled, “and you will never be able to approve any man I pick, that is why my darling… it is best that this remain a fantasy.”

“Off course darling, you can pick… it’s just that I was taken by surprise,” he realized that she was teasing him and he felt the thrill, “would you do it.”

“We will see,” she smiled mischievously and touched his groin, “O’ my god you are hard,” she chuckled.

“Please do it,” after the initial shock, he was feeling the thrill again.

The conversation ended as they heard Narang on the door. He had brought some sandwiches and coffee for all.

“No need to buy all this,” Kavita told him, “we have so much food packed,” she pulled out the bag from under the seat.

“His brother’s wife packed so much,” she explained and pulled out the sweet box. They shared the food like a nice fellow travellers and ate together. There was a lull in the coupe as each one was engrossed in his own thoughts. Ravi was on the edge not knowing if she is only teasing him or will actually try something. Narang was suspicious and was anxiously waiting for the call from his subordinate and Kavita was looking back at what she has started on impulse. She just wanted to tease Ravi a little bit and give him a real feeling of his fantasy and was not serious doing it actually. She was not surprised by his reaction; she knew he would be excited, jealous and hard at the same time. She glanced at Narang and felt ashamed, ‘what he must be thinking about her.’

Suddenly Narang’s phone rang; he looked at the caller and was happy that not in fifteen minutes but at least his subordinate had called him in one hour and fifteen minutes. He took the call and responded in ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ ‘ok,’ and then put down the phone looking satisfied. So they are real couple from Colaba, Mumbai, he was happy with the outcome of his enquiry. “It means that either this woman is really talkative and dumb or she is stuck up in a frustrating marriage with this guy,” he thought, either way he is not complaining, ‘I am going to have a nice journey,’ he stretched a bit and then realized that he has to make sure that the ticket collector does not allot the vacant seat to a fourth passenger.

He went out to look for him and asked him to allot the seat to him. He looked at him suspiciously, “you already have a seat.”

“It’s for my friend he will board from Ratlam,” he pulled out few thousand rupees notes and pushed them in his hand, “no need to issue a receipt,” he told him and this ensured that he is not bothered anymore as to why he wants another seat for himself.

He returned to the coupe and slipped beside her.

“Hey show me your palm,” he casually asked her.

“What!! You know how to read palm,” she responded on instinct and then realised that this is the oldest trick in the book to hold the hand of a girl. She was not sure if she wants to continue but he held her hand. She quickly glanced towards Ravi and he was pretending to be engrossed in the book not knowing what is happening around.

“Humm, you are well educated, married at a young age,” he started like he is reading from her palm.

“So suddenly you became a palmist,” she chuckled.

“Yes I know how to read palm,” he continued telling something from commonsense and caressed her hands looking directly into her eyes. She blushed.

Ravi stretched yawning and put his book down. He got up and walked out for a loo and Kavita became very nervous being left alone with him. As soon as the sliding door was shut Narang pulled her towards him. She fell face first over his chest and he moved his other hand around her taking her into his embrace. She instinctively tried to pull back but he held her firmly and placed his mouth over her lips.

Ravi stepped out into the corridor and walked toward the toilets feeling aroused. He felt a strange excitement like he has never felt before. Will this man try to take advantage of his absence; he wanted something to happen but was not sure what the possibilities in this situation are. He entered the toilet and started to take a leak finding it extremely difficult to piss with erect penis.

All the teasing since evening and the illicit nature of the activity had made Kavita extremely horny. Narang was grabbing her boobs over the blouse and was squeezing it hard as Kavita opened her mouth and kissed him back eagerly. She darted her tongue forward and let him suck onto it. She arched her body in pain and groaned as he pinched the nipples.

“Leave me… ugg… please… my husband will be back any second,” she pleaded as she realized that the things were getting out of hand. Narang continued to explore her body and only let her go when he heard some noise on the door.

As Ravi entered the coupe he looked at them and tried to figure out if anything happened between them, Kavita was silent and was not chirping like previously. After a pause of few minutes she moved back to his side and Ravi felt something amiss. Kavita announced that she is feeling tired and want to sleep so she asked Ravi to take the upper sleeper. Ravi took the sleeper opposite to her and directly above Narang, from this point he could see her preparing for the bed. She closed the lights and pulled the sheets over her.

In the dim light of night lamp she could clearly see both of them. She saw both of them looking at her as if expecting something. As her eyes met Narang he signalled towards the door indicating her to go out with him. She glanced towards Ravi; he had his eyes fixed on her as if begging her to cuckold him. She can still feel the taste of his tongue and the rough hand on her boobs, a tingling sensation ran between her legs. Several minutes passed and she stared at both of them blankly.

Ravi was nervously fidgeting, in the dim lights also he can clearly see her and the looks on her face was threatening him. Will she do it; he was trembling, waiting in anticipation. It seems like hours before he saw some movement and she got up from her sleeper. She covered the short distance between the two sleepers in one stride and was standing right in front of him. Her face was level to his face. He saw in horror as she stared to undress. He could not see but he knew Narang is on the lower seat watching her. His heart leaped as she threw the Saree on floor, next came the petticoat and she was standing in just a bra and panty. This is happening, this is real and she is going to fuck this man. ‘My wife would be taken by this man,’ it dawned upon him and it hit him hard, his body started to shake. He started to get up but Kavita placed a firm hand on his chest and pushed him back on the seat. Narang said something in a whisper which he was not able to understand.

“He is fast asleep,” she replied to Narang in a calm voice looking straight into Ravi’s eyes, “he has taken his sleeping pills and he needs drums to wake him up.” Ravi felt hurt his face was contorted as he looked into her eyes. Her hand on his chest felt so heavy that he was finding it difficult to breath. He wanted to say something but his voice failed him.

Ravi saw two hands came out from the lower seat and grabbed her by the waist. He watched in panic as the large hands grabbed the tiny panty and pulled it apart, ‘snap’ the elastic broke and the panty tore into two parts. He threw it over the heap of clothes and his hands were all over her naked buttocks. He heard her gasp; her eyes were wide open as she looked beyond him. Then she was gone, disappeared into the lower seat, pulled away by him. He stared helplessly into the vacuum.

Narang pulled her sharply into the bed with him. He was horny for a long time and went berserk watching her undress. There was no room for any foreplay, he threw her on the sleeper and climbed over her. His hands moved expeditiously over her body, a hard tug at nipples, a squeeze of buttocks and then yanked her legs apart. As his hand explored the hot snatch a long grunt emanated automatically from her throat. ‘Yeah she is wet.’ He pulled her both legs up bending her into half and lined his cock over the labia.

“Ahhhh…my god,” she squealed and her eyes opened wide as the hot cock slipped inside spreading her cunt. Entire cock was impaled in one swift stroke and she cried out loud feeling the girth of it.

“O my god… O my god… O my god… O my god…” she covered her mouth with her hands as she screamed with every thrust. Narang put all his weight over her grabbing her underneath him and started to fuck her in earnest. Kavita had her arms around his shoulders and was digging her nails into him.

Ravi was lying on the top sleeper unable to move even an inch. ‘This is my fantasy,’ he thought, ‘then why am I not enjoying it? In my fantasy she was always fucked hard and she always enjoys the other man’s cock, so what’s wrong now.’ The realisation that your wife wants another man hits hard and it hurts. The other man fucking is making her scream and howl in ecstasy. He felt waves after waves of jealousy and yet his cock was hard. The low muffled grunts of his wife were increasing in intensity. He has never heard her scream so hard and was worried if her voice could be heard into the next coupe.

Kavita was lying prone after the intense orgasm she had and was still breathing hard. Narang was cuddling her and his strong body felt soothing to her. ‘So it’s over,’ she thought, she had finally cuckolded her husband. Beads of sweat fall from her forehead even in the cold AC environment. It was fast, it was furious and it is over leaving behind a lingering sense of fulfilment. She wanted to go back to her sleeper and get dressed, but he held her.

“You are wonderful,” he spoke turning her head towards him and softly kissed her lips. His strong hands caressed her nude body and she felt so good. She opened her mouth and kissed him feeling his hot breath on her face. She felt it wrong, there should be no room for any feelings, she should be going back. But she was unable to get up rather snuggled closer.

“You have a lovely set of boobs,” he caressed her globs which were standing tall on her chest needing no support. They were fat from the base and tapering as you go up to the nipples with slightly dark pink areolas around the nipples. He played with the nipples and rubbed the fluffy areolas with his thumb and finger.

Ravi was expecting Kavita to come out of his bed but time passes by and she was still with him. The silence was making him mad; he looked below and found her clothes lying in a heap, torn panty on top. This was the designer panty that he has bought for her; he felt a pang in his heart.

Kavita felt the hardness against her thighs ‘is he getting hard again.’ Whenever she told the made up stories to her husband her lover would always have a big cock and she had fucked this man and not even taken a glance at his cock. This made her chuckle.

“What is so funny,” he enquired, she shook her head.

“You have torn my panty,” she complained.

“I am sorry about that,” he spoke and patted her ass, his hardness now poking at her. She slipped his hand between them and touched it. It felt hard, unconsciously she compared it and found that it is almost the same size as of her husband but much thicker. She stroked it and clutched his balls in her palm. He was onto her again this time slowly making his moves, enjoying every bit of her body. She was not complaining, his body is new to her and it is exciting to feel a strange and strong body on top of her.

Unintentionally she started to notice the difference between his lovemaking and her husband’s. While her husband was soft and loving, Narang was rough, his nudges and tugs were hard making her squirm. He was now using her for his pleasure, digging his nails and teeth on her cheeks, breasts and thighs. She was never handled this way before. She threw her head back on the pillow and presented her body to him to use as he pleases.

Ravi was jolted out of his trance as he heard a moan from below ‘they are not finished,’ he was terrified. His imagination run wild thinking what this man must be doing to make her moan in such a fashion. Listening to the deep animalistic grunts he felt envious as well as felt deeply satisfied that this man is ravishing her in a manner that he was not able to do.

Kavita spread her legs wide to allow his manhood to have free and uninhibited access to her pussy. She clutched him as he started to pound her with slow but hard thrusts. The thick cock has stretched her pussy well and she cried, as he was pinching her flesh hard with each thrust. He grabbed one of his boobs and placed his mouth over it sucking in a large part.

“Uggg…Mmmm…” she arched her body in pleasure and felt her pussy clinch his cock tightly. His slow and hard thrusts were frustrating her and she nudged him to go faster but he continued his way and dug his teeth deep into her flesh.

“Ahhhh… maamm…Ugg… Ugg.”

“I want to mark you,” he whispered. She looked puzzled.

“I want to leave my mark on you,” he groaned and dug his teeth hard on her soft boob.


Her eyes spread wide and she pushed him back by his hairs but the teeth dug deep into the flesh and stayed there. A sharp pain flashed through her body, she kicked her legs in despair but he kept sucking with his teeth deep into the flesh. In a while her body got used to the pain and then an itching sensation started from her nipples and spread fast to her pussy. She bucked her groin and held his head tightly wanting him to ram harder and he did exactly that.

“Now the other breast,” he spoke letting go the boob in his mouth.

“Ummm… Maaa…” she felt an orgasm building inside her and she wanted to cum. She groaned even before he placed his mouth over her right breast.

“AHHHHHHHHH… MUMMMMMMMY… AHHHHHHHHH,” she cried out once again clutching his hairs. She panted and endured the pain waiting for it to subside and the sensation to spread inside her. He started to ram her hard and fast now.

“AHHHHHHHHH… AHHHHHHHHH…AHHHHHHHHH… AHHHHHHHHH,” she shuddered into a loud orgasm as Narang also released his cum deep inside her pussy.

She slept, too tired to move and got up early in the morning when it was still dark outside. She quietly dressed as both the men were sleeping and entered into her bed. Morning was very awkward and they sat quietly.

Ravi was not sure how to react when they reach Mumbai and Narang wished good bye. He hesitated for a moment then shook hands.

There was silence during the ride home; they found that except the maid no one was in the house. Kavita walked straight to her bedroom followed by Ravi. He looked at Kavita with pain in his eyes, not knowing what to say. She knew what kind of feelings he was going through. She started to undress and then walked nude to the shower. She turned her neck to look at him and found him standing dumbfounded, she nodded her head asking him to accompany him to the shower.

He quickly got rid of his clothes and rushed to the bathroom; Kavita was already under the shower. She pulled him close to her, the cold water splashed over him. He was overwhelmed with emotions and hugged her tightly showering kisses on her face. Then he took the soap and started to rub it all over her. She moved her hand below his stomach and found his hard cock, she started to massage it.

“Are you alright,” finally he manages to speak. She nodded and continued to masturbate him. Suddenly he started to tremble as he saw the bite marks on her breast.

“This…this,” he was shaking.

“He has left his mark on me,” she spoke softly and moved her fist faster on his cock, “Kiss it, this is for you.”

He shuddered as he placed his lips on her boobs and started to spray his cum over her hands.

For Kavita nothing was as before; she was anxious not knowing how Ravi would take it. She started the whole thing on the notion that she will only tease Ravi and will give him a real feel of his fantasy but she got involved in it and could not stop herself. First time alone with Ravi after that night, she found out that he is indeed cuckolded; she can see it written all over his face. It was confirmed when he was obsessed with her boobs which have teeth marks left by Narang. They had a long talk over it and Kavita was relieved to find him happy and realised that he was going through all the emotions of a true loving cuckold. Kavita had a wonderful experience and knew it would be difficult for her to forget it.

She could not help compare the two men. On one side was her husband whom she loved so much and who is so loving and caring towards her and on the other hand was this unknown guy who brought out the raw lust in her. She felt loved and cared with her husband but longed for the hard touch of a man, a man who could fuck her with animalistic rage and use her body for his pleasure.

Almost fifteen days passed and they were in the bed.

Kavita grabbed Ravi’s hairs and moaned softly as he licked her pussy, “Yesss… good boy…”

Ravi moved his tongue between the pussy lips and lapped eagerly feeling her arousal, he too was excited beyond control as they were in sixty nine positions and Kavita was slowly licking and stroking his hard manhood.

“Was he rough with you,” he spoke in hoarse voice, slightly lifting his head from her crotch.

“Don’t stop…” she pushed back his head.

“Yes… he was…” she flicked her tongue over his shaft, “he took me very forcefully,” she spoke arousing him further.

Ravi knew this is not just some made up story from her this actually happened right under his nose. He witnessed her loud moans and cries when Narang fucked her. He started to eat her with renewed vigour while Kavita stroked and licked his cock with utmost care to prolong the pleasure as much as possible. Ravi kneaded her buttocks and drove his tongue deeper into the pussy and urged her to take him into her mouth.

The whole scene played and replayed in his mind, how till last minute he was not sure if Kavita would only tease him or will actually do it with Narang. He could not believe it when she undressed and went to his bed. He knew he could not last long and thrust forward his cock. Kavita too stopped teasing him and slurped in a large part of the cock inside her hot mouth. Almost instantaneously he started to cum.

After having his pleasure he concentrated in pleasuring his wife who held her head with both hands and guided him. Kavita closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment, craving for the strong hands of Narang on her body, his mouth on her breasts, pinching and biting her. She grabbed one hand of Ravi and placed it over her boobs and moaned.

“Harder…” she groaned, “take me…ugggg…” she bucked her groin and convulsed into a hard orgasm.

“You know Narang called today,” Kavita spoke to her husband after they finished eating each other and lay panting.

“What he want,” Ravi was all ears.

“He called earlier also as I told you, he wants to continue… you know,” she put her head on his chest.

“What did you say,” his breathing increased.

“Off course I refused,” she spoke quickly, “but you know I feel very bad, I have leaded him into this.”

“He thought that I am in a bad marriage with you,” she continued, “that is why all that happened and he was insisting that we should meet. He was not able to understand why I am saying no… so I told him the truth.”

“What!!” he exclaimed, “You told him everything?”

“Yeah, I have to make him understand that everything is fine between us and that I am happy with my husband… he seems to understand and was even laughing at himself to be fooled so easily.”


“So what do you say, should we meet him,” she asked.

His heartbeat quickened as he realized that his wife is asking to be with another man. He snuggled closer to her and kissed her softly on her lips.

“I don’t know what you think.”

“I never thought that I would ever do it but it happened… Moreover I thought that you never let it happen in real although you were always excited about it… but you did… and you are pretty cool about it,” she spoke slowly, caressing his hairs. “Now he is insisting for one more time… last time.”

Ravi’s heartbeat quickened as he listen to her, “do you want to do it,” he spoke with a lump in his throat.

“I think one last time won’t hurt… if you are OK with it,” she whispered almost choking.

He felt a pang of jealously; meeting a man who has fucked your wife was never in his fantasies, but the thought that she wanted another man to fuck her, aroused him. The thrills from the fact that his wife was well fucked by a man were all that he ever thought. In his fantasies the other man never had a face or a feeling, its only sex, but now Narang is a real man about whom his wife is talking. Everything that happened or would happen would be for real and she likes it.

Whenever he was in bed with his wife the ‘other man’ was always between them, not physically, but in his mind. It drives him crazy and he simply cannot get Kavita’s word out of his mind ‘He has left his mark on me.’ This is what he wanted all the while, his hot wife and mother of two grown up daughters, to be taken by some stud while he watch. He cannot forget the lust on her face when she went to Narang. He kissed her all over her body. He was unconsciously being extra caring towards her as if protecting some precious thing, which belongs to someone else.

Kavita has told Ravi that she had done it one time and would not consider repeating it, but her resolve weakened when Narang called her. She was reminded of how erotic the experience was but she managed to somehow stall him. However, just fifteen days passed and she was considering letting the lust guide her instead of her mind, ‘one last time and then never again, she will be a regular wife again.’

So it was fixed and Saturday night they were meeting Narang at his house for dinner. Kavita came out of the shower wrapped in a towel, water dripping from her wet hairs. She smiled and sat in front of the dresser drying her hairs. No matter how many times Ravi has seen her like this still it never fails to arouse him. She removed the towel and picked up a yellow panty from the drawer. He watched her slipping on the tiny panty over her buxom buttocks. The panty looks even smaller over her curvy frame, just the two triangles in the front and back. The front triangle was barely able to cover the fluffy and swollen cunt. He was mesmerised watching the mound hidden behind the tight fitting.

“What are you looking at,” she blushed, “go out and wait for me,” she lovingly admonishes him and he reluctantly walked towards the living room.

Ravi settled down in a sofa finding his daughters and father enjoying the highlights of Cricket World Cup match.

“Wow!! What a shot,” suddenly Neha their elder daughter shouted pointing at the TV. Ravi was snapped out of his trance and glanced at the TV.

“Where were you lost daddy,” she asked, “you never saw that shot.”

“I was thinking about the business and I can always look at the replay,” he pointed at the replay of the shot being played.

“Since when did you start thinking about business,” his father looked at him in an amused manner.

All of them stared laughing including Kavita who just got into the living room and heard what her father-in-law said. Ravi knew it was all in good humour and he also laughed sheepishly. He looked at his wife and found her the same loving wife, mother and daughter-in-law who took care of the entire family. It’s hard to imagine that she was the same women that day with him in the train and who is ready to go out with him to meet her lover.

“Wow Mom!! You look great,” Neha shouted excitedly as Kavita stepped out of the bedroom dressed in her usual saree, a blue one this time.

Kavita smiled at her daughter’s compliment, “and you don’t wear this short pant when you go out, these are too short,” she instructed her while Neha made a bad face.

Neha was their elder daughter eighteen years old and was in last year of her school while Priya the younger one was sixteen. Both of them were after their mother and past their puberty, especially Neha who has grown up into a woman, her ass filling up the shorts and the breasts were barely able to be contained in the top she was wearing. She watched as her parents walked out for a dinner with a friend.

Neha knew they won’t be back till morning as her mom has already told her that if her dad drinks too much, she won’t be driving back home late in the night. Neha smiled as she knew that the house would be her tonight, the granddad would soon retire to his room after having early dinner due to his health problems and the maid would leave around eight, which leaves Priya, who is no problem to manage. She intended to slip in her boyfriend to her bedroom tonight.

Ravi drove the car and frequently glanced at his beautiful wife sitting on the front seat. She pushed her long hairs back and continued to look ahead on the street. Ravi was fighting the urge to turn around the car and drove back while Kavita was torn between the emotions of lust and love and could not bear to look at her husband. They arrived as per schedule around 7.30 in the evening.

“Hello!!,” Narang greeted them at the door. He was smiling and pushed his hand forward to Ravi. He shook hands with him mumbling something of a hello as he ushered them inside the flat.

They stepped into a large living cum drawing room area and were seated on the sofa. Ravi fidgeterd nervously not knowing what to say under the situation, he felt intimidated. He looked at his wife for support but found none, she was also a bit blushed and looked around the neatly decorated hall.

“Wow man!! You are great,” suddenly Narang spoke to Ravi, “you are one hell of man to dare something like this,” he spoke enthusiastically and Ravi managed to smile sheepishly.

“That is a very bold step for both of you to act out the fantasy in real,” he continued, “you fooled me well that night,” he laughed out loud. The smile and laughter appears to be friendly and Ravi felt a bit relaxed as he didn’t find those cocky looks which say ‘I am the man who fucked you wife.’

“It was not our intention to fool you,” Kavita explained, “it just happened on an instinct,” she spoke self consciously. Ravi felt being left out as they continued to talk among themselves.

The house was quite and Neha was anxiously waiting for her boyfriend’s call while Priya idles in front of the TV. Riyan, her boyfriend was one year senior to her in school and now he was doing BTech. Neha hope to join BTech with him in another six months. They were good friends since childhood and as they grew up the opposite sex had some sparks. She had never allowed him to go any further than kissing and a bit of petting, although he had been insisting for sex. Tonight Neha decided that she will give him what he wanted; she wanted to lose her virginity tonight. Riyan seems to be the perfect guy to her for giving her most valuable treasure.

Neha was nervous about tonight, she had not told Riyan about it and wanted to let the things take its own shape without her planning for it. She had talked to her few experienced friends and also searched on the internet about first time sex, but whatever she learned didn’t gave her much confidence. Finally the mobile rang and she talked quickly in hushed tone. Priya noticed her sister’s behaviour and was suspicious when she quietly opened the front door. Riyan was already waiting outside, he hesitantly slipped in. Priya’s eyes widened but Neha shushed her by putting a finger on her lips. She giggled as she knew about them while Neha begged her to be discrete.

Ravi played a good host and served drinks while Kavita took only soft drinks, Ravi was happy as he needed a strong drink to calm his nerves. They had drinks and food which he has ordered from a restaurant and continued to talk while Ravi mostly kept to him. Narang managed to bring the topic back again and again on the night spent in the train. He showered her with praises, how bold she is, how beautiful she is. Kavita seem to enjoy the compliments and slowly started to open up.

“It would be really exciting for you,” suddenly he spoke to Ravi, “how do you feel that now you are a cuckold.”

Ravi was abashed by such a direct question and was not ready for it, he glanced at Kavita who was blushing. He didn’t know what to say his face turned red with embarrassment.

“But I must say it’s very unfair to me,” he spoke, “while the two of you know what was happening I was in the dark thinking that I am a big stud who is able to seduce a married beauty,” he spoke in such a voice as if he was the victim.

“Are you complaining,” Kavita asked.

“How can I complain,” he smiled, “It was a night I can never forget,” he moved beside Kavita.

“I must say I have never seen such a beautiful and adventurous woman,” he held her hand. Ravi felt hurt as he was half expecting that Kavita may push his hands away but she did nothing. What is he thinking, this is the reason they are here… she is here to fuck him. He found her glowing in excitement and looked heavenly. But all of it is for this man. He breathed hard and took a big gulp of the drink.

Riyan could not believe his luck that he was alone with Neha in her bedroom, the door was locked from inside and she was in his arms. He kissed her full lips and caressed her curves; his hand slowly reached inside the small tshirt onto the heavenly globs. He was half expecting that she will stop him but he was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t object and he cupped a handful of her tits. The flesh felt so soft and cushy, the erect nipple brushed against his palm. He greedily sucked on the lips and pumped the boobs.

“Ouch…” she groaned as he pressed hard.

“Ah… sorry… I am really sorry,” he released his grip and was fearful that he has hurt her.

“Stupid,” she giggled loud while Riyan looked at her foolishly. She quickly pulled off her tshirt and her firm young breasts were on display as she wore no bra. Riyan’s eyes went wide as he saw her topless, the white globs with pinkish areolas and very erect nipples. She held both his hands and put them on her breasts.

“Not too hard… Ok,” she whispered feeling shy. This is the first time he has seen and felt the breasts of a woman, he was very happy that his persistence with her had helped her to move a step ahead with her. He massaged them, licked them and nibbled the tout nipples between his teeth. She moaned hard and pushed her head back on the pillow but this time Riyan, wiser from his recent experience didn’t stop, but went on to suck them harder.

He played on with the breasts for a long time not knowing when she would stop all this. He caressed her flat abdomen and fiddled with the zipper on the shorts. He knew he was pushing his luck when he pulled down the zipper, half expecting that there would be a whack on his back and his dream would end. But no interruptions and his fingers met the cotton panties, wet and stuck to the hot crotch. He glanced at Neha’s closed eyes and trembled with excitement.

Without wasting time he pulled out her shorts and panty and also got rid of his clothes. He climbed over her putting her knees on her either sides and tentatively placed her hand on to his throbbing cock. Neha opened her eyes as the hot meat filled her palm. She looked at the rod of flesh in her hand and gently pulled the foreskin back to reveal the pink bulbous head.

“Bring the KY Jelly and a towel,” she whispered pointing towards the bathroom.

Kavita was feeling nervous as Narang started to pull her closer and she glanced towards her husband. She knew that this is going to give him pain but he has to go through this suffering to achieve what he is craving for. The true contentment of being a cuckold is in the agony of watching your wife in lust for another man and knowing that she enjoys him using her for his manly exploits. Kavita relaxed in his arms.

There was a silence in the room except for the noise of the air conditioner. Narang caresses her soft body in his arms moving his palm over her hairs, cheeks and neck. Ravi fidgeted with his glass and tried not to look directly at them. He felt angry with Narang for caressing her so lovingly and with Kavita for falling for his smooth tricks. ‘Why don’t you just fuck her,’ his mind screamed, ‘take out your big cock and just put it inside her pussy.’ He was further annoyed when Narang turned her head and placed his mouth over her quivering lips.

He watched in anguish as Narang kissed her full lips and Kavita’s eyelids slowly shut and mouth opened to kiss him back. Ravi felt difficult to breathe as he watched their tongues meet and exchanged saliva. He realized in horror that he has no control over this reality, Narang is not just going to put his cock inside her, he will also explore his wife’s entire body very intimately, the way only he should be allowed to do. He is not just going to fuck her but will make love to her. Narang’s one hand was now on her blouse and he was cupping her firm boobs. He could not bear it anymore and almost jumped up from his seat. His sudden movement distracted Kavita and she opened her eyes to found him standing facing against her.

“Are you OK, honey,” she was alarmed.

Ravi could not speak and he walked a step away feeling helpless. Kavita realized that he is hurt; she wiggled out of Narang’s grip and ran to him and hugged him tightly showering kisses on his face.

“I love you honey,” she cooed several time and continued to kiss him.

Narang was enraged as his fuck toy slipped out of his hands. He gritted his teeth, “asshole… why he need to come along,” he was not able to control his temper at this unwanted interruption and wanted to kick his ass.

Ravi was surprised and also happy when he saw that she is so concerned about him. He felt elated and knew Narang is nothing but a fuck toy for her and that he is Kavita’s real love. But his happiness was short lived as she touched his hard cock and giggled, “You… you… you scared me… you naughty.”

“Darling, I know it’s very difficult for you to watch,” she caressed his hairs and spoke seriously, “why don’t you wait in the spare bedroom.” Ravi was crestfallen, his heart leaped out at the suggestion.

“I will tell you everything in morning,” she whispered secretively.

‘Morning!! She is planning to stay the night with him,’ Ravi didn’t know what to say. Narang, who was listening to everything, stepped closer as he doesn’t want to let go of the golden opportunity. He hugged Kavita from behind poking his cock on her ass.

“Why are you getting so impatient,” she giggled while Narang pulled her away from Ravi. He turned her around and clutched her in his strong arms like a hawk grips his prey. Ravi watched her as she wiggle and giggle in his arms.

Narang didn’t want to delay things further or to give them any chance to reconsider the matter. He quickly placed his mouth over her lips and started to pull her Saree. Kavita fidgeted feeling shy in front of her husband, but Narang managed to expose her thighs.

Ravi watched the slow surrender of his wife into this man’s strong arms and the pain slowly turned into a tingling sensation. He wanted his wife to have a good time and was no longer agitated as before. Narang raised her saree further and exposed the yellow panty, the tiny fabric barely covering the swollen pussy. His firm hands spread her smooth thighs apart and pinched the flesh making her squirm.

“Isn’t she hot… would you please take her panty out for me,” he asked Ravi wanting to take control of the proceedings.

Undressing his wife for this man to fuck, the thought itself sent ripples of lewd sensation in his body, he saw his wife looking at him intently. He stood undecided for a full minute and then slowly stepped towards them.

“Hold the saree and don’t let it fall back,” Narang asked Kavita who meekly complied.

Ravi knelt in front of his wife and untied the knot holding the tiny fabric. He peeled if off revealing a very wet vagina. He was so close that he can smell her arousal and he kept kneeling in front of her mesmerised by the beauty of the freshly shaven pussy.

“Thanks a lot Ravi,” Narang spoke, “now you can rest here while I take your wife to the bedroom, its better if you leave us alone… she would not be able to enjoy much in your presence.”

Ravi wanted to watch him fuck her, wanted to watch his cock slide in and out of her pussy, but he didn’t speak a word as Narang slowly walked her inside the bedroom. He felt so alone, so abandoned as the door closed.

Kavita relaxed once she was alone with Narang as in the presence of her husband she felt inhibited. Narang pulled her along with him on the bed and she traced the outline of his hard cock through his pants. She was waiting for this moment for last so many days, she eagerly unbuckled him and pulled his pants and underwear down and off. She drew in breath at the sight of his exposed dick.

He pushed her on the bed and climbed over her, tugging and mauling her breast firmly. She exhaled at his hard touch and immediately the lust took over as she saw the manly urges in his eyes. She felt the difference of raw passion from the tender love making as Narang took control of her body. Without further adieu he raised her legs high and wide and pushed himself all the way in.

“Ahhh…mummy,” she threw her head back in ecstasy.

He started to pound her pussy hard. Kavita lay with her legs wrapped around her waist enjoying every thrust. Narang was in no hurry and he fucked her hard and fucked her long. Kavita enjoyed giving in completely to him and cum twice in quick successions which she didn’t remember doing in a long long time.

Ravi was staring blankly at the closed door of the bedroom. He was shaking with unknown emotions, something which he has never experienced before. His cock was painfully hard since long time and he adjusted it before sitting down on the sofa. He mixed himself another drink and took the glass to his lips with shaking hands. Waiting alone gave him an opportunity to think what he has done. He has brought his wife to her lover so that they can fuck. He has never seen his wife so aroused and he felt content knowing that she will be fucked well by this man; her beautiful body will be ravished by this man. He was on a high, a sexual high and he didn’t want to masturbate as he doesn’t want to come down from that high. He knew that this won’t be the last time, there would be many more.

After the intense sex they lay exhausted in each other’s arms. Kavita felt guilty as she knew that she is doing this not for her husband’s fantasy but for her own sexual fulfilment. She was scared as she cuddled with him, she didn’t want to develop any feelings for him apart from raw sex but she could not help it and enjoyed being wrapped by his strong body. She kissed his smooth chest feeling the afterglow of sex and knew he will be hard soon. He nudged her to continue kissing him and pushed her head lower on his abdomen. Kavita knew what he wanted.

She slipped lower all the way kissing and licking his body and stroking the semi-erect cock. With her big eyes she looked upward towards him before taking him in her mouth.

“Ahhh…,” Narang moaned as the hot mouth engulfed his cock head. He felt a power over this beautiful woman who was stretching her pretty lipstick adorned lips around his wide cock. He placed a hand on the back of her head and slipped his cock deeper in her mouth. The cock quickly expanded to its maximum and stretched her mouth. She knows that what she is doing is way beyond the call of duty of a loving wife but felt a perverse pleasure and brushing aside all the thoughts, feed on to the thick cock.

“AHHHHH… MAAHHH…Slowly…,” Neha stuffed the sheet into her mouth to muffle her cries as Riyan pushed inch by inch into her tight vagina. He felt his cock was gripped tightly by the pussy and was not able to control himself as he slammed home his six inches. Once in he slowly started to move and the well lubricated pussy provided little resistance.

“Ahh… no…mummy…,” she felt the pain surged through her body with every movement. She tried to push him away but he was now in frenzy and cannot be stopped. He grabbed her legs and started to pound her faster and faster. Couple of minutes and her pussy accepted the assault, sensations vibrating through her body. As she started to feel good Riyan grunted and bucked harder spurting his semen deep inside her.

He lay panting over her while she hugged him.

“Sorry I didn’t have any condoms with me,” he apologized, “I love you…” he kissed her, “If you get pregnant we will get married.”

She laughed forgetting her pain, “and what if I don’t,” she asked.

“Still we will marry, but it will be sometimes later,” he spoke. Neha smiled knowing that she already had a morning after pill to take care of this. As he got down he saw the towel under her, soaked with blood.

“Ohh my god… so much blood,” he was aghast. She folded the towel and used it to wipe her pussy.

“Are you happy now that I have given you what you wanted?”

He hugged her tightly, “I love you Neha.”

First light of the morning started to pour in from the open window and Kavita got up with a start. She looked around and realized she was still in bed with Narang who was sleeping oblivion to the whole world. She quickly got up and pulls his shirt over her nude body as she opened the door. Ravi was stretched out on the sofa itself.

She sat beside him and caressed his hairs. Ravi slowly opened his eyes and saw his wife beside him. Her hairs were dishevelled and she was wearing a loose fitting shirt. He realized whose shirt it is and where from she is comming. She kissed him on forehead, “I love you honey.”

“I love you too,” he hugged her.

“Let’s go home.”

If bringing his wife to her lover was a painful experience, watching her in his arms was worst, but along with the pain comes the gut wrenching feeling which numbs his mind. If giving away his wife for the night to her lover brought out the hidden masochistic sexual desires in him, claiming her back in the morning was intoxicating. Watching the telltale signs of sexual activities, her dishevelled hairs, smeared mascara and a bruise or a hickey on her body, would stir the most salacious cravings for more. The only thing that comes to Ravi’s mind is to grab her and not let her go till eternity.

It was Eight O’clock in the morning and their flat looks like a battle ground as almost every member of the family was rushing to get ready, have breakfast and make a dash for their respective engagements. Only Ravi’s father was relaxing in the living room with a newspaper. He was almost retired due to his deteriorating health and the responsibility of the entire business was on Ravi, although he uses to guide him and spend few hours every day at the office cum showroom.

“Goodbye Dadu,” Neha and Priya shouted almost together as they leave for the school and shortly afterwards Ravi and Kavita rushed to the parking.

“Sorry, but you have to drop me to the local station,” Kavita spoke.

“No problem,” he murmured.

“I would be late tonight,” she spoke as they drove towards the station, “you have dinner with kids, I would be back by ten.”

Ravi nodded knowing well her plans for the evening. He dropped her and then drove to the showroom. He was very busy these days taking care of the entire business. However, apart from business his mind was also occupied by other thoughts, the thoughts of his wife with Narang, her lover. His mind drifted towards the night he spent on a sofa in Narang’s flat while his wife was with her lover.

He remembered how relived he was to see her in the morning as if she returned safe from a battleground. How delighted he was to receive her back. They returned home immediately and Ravi spent the whole afternoon loving each and every part of her body. No words were spoken as he passionately mounted her. It was not required to be told that she had a wonderful night with Narang. He understood it and loved every moment of it.

They talked later that night when she lay naked with him.

“Was it as good as the night in the train,” he spoke pulling her closer.


“Is he so good in bed?” he spoke in a hoarse voice. Kavita was expecting this.

“Yes he was good… I enjoyed fucking him… but don’t torture yourself by comparing with him, you are also good… I have been with you for nineteen years and he is new… that is it!! He is not hung like a stallion; he is almost same size as you, slightly thicker and he does not fuck for hours. He is just different than you, the sex is different and it excites me,” she spoke quickly in one breath, “and don’t you derive any sadistic pleasure in undermining yourself,” her voice was raised.

“Ok…Ok…” he smiled sheepishly, “I am not undermining myself, I just wanted to know ah… a…” he could not find words to continue.

“But I can see that it was very painful for you,” she spoke kissing his chest.

“It caused pain… yes… but was worth it… when I got you back in my arms, knowing that you are mine,” he hugged her tightly, “knowing that you had the time of your life, nothing is more satisfying than this.”

“Humm, but we shall put an end to all this now,” she spoke.

“Why!! Both of us enjoyed it.”

“Because I love you and can’t see you suffering.”

“Even though I like it.”

She lifted her head and looked into his eyes with anger, “don’t tell me you want to be one of those cuckold husbands found on the internet.”

“No… No… I don’t want that… but whenever you go to him I feel jealously, excitement and pain all at the same time and then when you are with him I feel lust for you, I want to snatch you from him and fuck myself but I don’t, as I derive satisfaction from the fact that you are getting what you deserve, the best. I don’t want you to miss on the good sex in life and when you enjoy, I love it automatically.”

“I don’t understand all this but one thing I know that it is not going to be a zipless fuck, not if we continue this, I am certainly going to develop some feelings for him. I know I can’t love him but still I will feel attached.”

“That is the point, love, you love me and I feel it even more when you come back to me,” he caressed her hairs.

“Humm, so what are you suggesting,” she spoke.

“I am not hinting at having any specific relationship with him, it could be just some more casual encounters with him or with any other man and you can end it whenever you feel like,” he try to convince her.

“Any other man!!” she looked strangely at him, “what do you think I am?”

“Just saying, in case you feel uncomfortable with Narang and found someone else, like I told you it’s about your pleasure first,” he explained and looked expectantly at her.

“I don’t know, I will think over it… now let me sleep it’s already very late,” she closed the discussion.

Kavita took the local train for her office after her husband dropped her to the station and was lucky that she got a window seat in the jam packed compartment. She was lost into thoughts and reminisces about the changes in her life since that fateful train journey. She felt a totally different woman now, her views about sexuality and the beliefs she carried, changed. She loved her husband and cared for the family as a wife and a mother, but with Narang she was a woman only. She loved the tender and soft love making with her husband and the raw wild sex with Narang.

It was very difficult for her when her husband suggested continuing the relationship; she knew it would mean giving Ravi more pain and humiliation as a cuckold. But it also meant more freedom for her to have uninhibited and guilt free sex with Narang. She thought she would love Ravi more to compensate for his sufferings and will enjoy the variety with her lover. Shivers ran down her spine, as she thought about Narang as her lover.

She agreed to give it a try, again wrongly thinking that it would be just a few times until the variety will fade away and she can be content with her husband only. However, the taboo nature of the act only increases the thrill.

Kavita reached Narang’s flat in the evening. She quickly took the elevator trying not to be seen by any neighbour as she didn’t want to be the cause of any gossips. Their romps included full night stay as well as few hours depending upon the opportunity or the time they can spare. Ravi accompanied her on few occasions, though he was not able to watch them having sex as Kavita still feel inhibited in his presence. He waits for them in the living room or spare bedroom while they fuck.

Narang opened the door and let her in.

“You look great sweetheart,” he hugged her and she relaxes as soon as the door closed. It has been fifteen days since they last met. The fear that someone known might find out her visits to his flat kept her on the edge whole day and now once inside the apartment, safe and away from anyone’s preying eyes, she felt relaxed.

“I am always scared that someone might see me coming to your apartment,” she spoke.

“You need not be scared; nobody can dare gossip about you and me, have you forgotten I am the law,” he laughed and placed his mouth over her succulent lips for a passionate kiss, he nibble her lips with his teeth and pushed his tongue inside. Her eyes closed and she darted her tongue forward to meet his. His touch never failed to arouse her.

Neha entered the park nearby her school with Riyan, her boyfriend. The park was mostly used by teenage boys and girls to meet and to have some fun with each other and was best known and love garden. Riyan took her to a secluded place under the tree and grabbed her in his arms.

“Wait… wait,” she looked around nervously, “you are very impatient these days… it’s a garden and anyone can see us.”

“No one bothers,” he whispered trying to kiss her. Neha fidgeted anxiously trying to keep him away but he managed to put his mouth over her lips. She looked around feeling nervous as he kissed and sucked the sweet lips. He pushed her back to the tree and kissed her lips, cheeks and neck.

“Ok… enough… this is not the right place…” she tried to stop him, “we can sit and talk,” but Riyan was not listening he wanted to make the best possible use of the opportunity. Neha finally gave up, she knew that he can only kiss and have a feel of her body in this open park.

“Stop it!!” suddenly she pushed him away with full force as he entered his hand inside her panty.

“Ever since I had allowed you to have sex with me, you only want that,” she looked at him angrily.

She pushed him and walked away, “Come on…” he rushed behind her trying to stop her.

“I thought you love me… but all you want is sex…” Neha walked out of the park.

“It’s not like this… Neha listen,” Riyan ran after him trying to appease her but she ran fast and took the bus for her home. Riyan watched feeling helpless.

Neha felt like a fool, she thought he loved her but now only thing that he wants is to have sex with her. ‘I will never meet him,’ she angrily threw her school bag on her bed as she entered her bedroom.

Ravi knew his wife would be with her lover tonight and that knowledge was giving his cock a twitch, he couldn’t wait for her return, to take her to the bedroom and worship her body. It was ten thirty and she was already half an hour late, Ravi anxiously looked at his watch again.

“Hey!! Mummy has arrived in a police jeep,” suddenly the younger daughter Priya shouted excitedly, she was looking outside the balcony and spotted Kavita getting down from Narang’s Jeep, “Ohh, uncle has come to drop her.”

Ravi was overwhelmed with the feelings of shame as if caught stealing but when he lifted his head up he found that neither Priya nor Neha find it objectionable, it was his own guilt feeling that made him ashamed.

“Yeah, he must have met her while she was returning from office,” he sheepishly spoke.

Kavita entered the flat few minutes later looking tired.

“Mommy, you are very late,” Priya complained.

“I know darling but what to do I have to finish work,” she confidently lied without blinking an eyelid.

Ravi watched her spend time with the children and take stock of their progress in school like a loving mother. He looked at her impatiently to finish with the girls; she glanced at him and smiled mischievously knowing how he must be feeling. Finally they were alone in the bedroom and Ravi was restless while Kavita took time to shower and change into night dress.

He pushed his hands inside the flimsy gown and caressed her supple boobs.

“Ouch, easy,” she groaned, “you know he is always hard on them.” Ravi nodded and nuzzled the tender skin ever so carefully. He placed his lips over them and gently brushed his tongue over the tout nipples. Kavita push back her head on the pillow and let him open her gown exposing the titties.

“You love it that he is cuckolding you again and again,” she spoke caressing his head and he let out a moan, his mouth never leaving the tender flesh.

“He is already been introduced to our family, as your friend and now he is slowly taking control of your wife, he is slowly replacing you,” she shook his head, “don’t you want to do something about it, don’t you want to stop it.”

Ravi didn’t speak but his heavy breathing made it clear that he was getting excited listening to his wife.

“I am always a bit afraid of being seen with him by someone known, when I told him about this, he deliberately came back to drop me home in his police jeep attracting attention from our neighbours.”

“Yes I know, Priya has also seen him dropping you,” he raised his head.

“God!! That’s the last thing I wanted,” she sighed, “even our neighbour Mrs Banerjee saw us and was looking strangely.”

“It’s not a big deal, let them watch,” Ravi spoke getting horny every moment.

“If I am seen with him often they will start talking nonsense,” she kissed his head, “and you will be shamed.”

“I don’t care.”

“I know that… you are only thinking from your dick… all you want is to watch me with him,” she spoke.

“Yesss… and when is that happening… watching,” he replied happily.

“Don’t be so impatient, both of us have to be ready and Narang is insisting that if you want to watch than it should happen in our house, right on this bed,” she pointed to the bed under them.

“Ugmm,” he grunted picturing them on his bed, “then why don’t you call him.”

Kavita looked at him strangely, “are you out of your mind, girls are here, daddy is here.”

“He can always have a night cap in our house,” he winked and Kavita gave him a smack on his back. Ravi meanwhile inserted his hand inside her gown and moved his palm over her smooth abdomen. Suddenly his hand touched hard metal; he looked questioningly and saw a mischievous smile on her face.

Ravi quickly pulled her gown up and saw a metal waist band around her midriff. It was worn tightly below her navel and a part of it was also hidden under the knickers. He felt excited touching it and pulled down the knickers to reveal a beautiful flower design in the centre and small chains hanging down upto her pussy.

“He has gifted this to me,” she smiled, “when I wore it the chains touch my pussy.” Ravi was mesmerized and moved his palm across her pussy making the chains rub the clit.

“Ohh,” she clasped her legs.

Ravi quickly got rid of his boxers and spread her legs wide. He pulled the chains aside and lined his cock on the wet opening.

“He has chained your wife,” she whispered and Ravi banged the entire length inside.

“Yes and I got a permanent scar,” Narang pulled his sleeves up and showed the girls a three inches long scar just above his elbow. He was telling the story of his heroism as a policeman and Neha and Priya were keenly listening to every word. Ravi watched as Narang talked with his daughters, his heart was beating fast as Narang was here to spend the night with them.

They had the dinner together as a family and the girls were really mixing up with ‘Narang uncle,’ he had even promised them to bring them to police dog show.

“Daddy!! You can have only one drink,” Kavita pulled the glass out of reach of her father in law as he was signalling Narang to pour another one.

“Common they say one drink is not even for enemies,” he tried to get back his glass.

“No,” Kavita kept away the glass firmly while the others giggled, “you know daddy your health is not good, so one is enough,” she lovingly placate him.

“You are a stubborn girl,” he raised his hand helplessly, “ok I am done and I will move to my room you two can carry on,” he pointed to Ravi and Narang.

After the dinner the two of them settled down with a bottle of whiskey in the living room.

“Hey!! If you guys want to drink more them please move to bedroom,” Kavita spoke with mock anger. Both of them were looking for an opportunity so they quickly moved to the bedroom.

“Once in a while let him indulge,” Kavita smiled to the girls and put an end to their curiosity.

Ravi pours drinks for both of them and handed over a glass to Narang. They sipped the drinks in silence waiting for Kavita to join them. Ravi was desperate to see them together but now he started to feel nervous.

“So it’s the night you have been waiting for,” Narang spread comfortably on the bed while Ravi sat on the edge.

“You are only going to watch… right,” he asked and Ravi nodded in affirmation.

“Neha and Priya are very sweet kids,” he spoke, “I always wanted to have a daughter, you are a lucky guy.”

Ravi nodded.

“But tonight I will be the lucky guy, I will be the lucky husband and father of your daughters,” he continued. Ravi felt strangely excited listening to him trying to replace him not only as a husband but also as a father.

Kavita was thrilled knowing that two horny men were waiting for her; she quickly finished the chores and sent the girls to their rooms. When she entered the bedroom she found them sitting on the bed sipping their drinks.

Narang got up immediately and walked towards her. He hugged her from behind as she turned around to lock the door.

“You are looking so sexy in this pant and t-shirt,” he whispered, “this is the first time I am finding you in something other than saree.”

“Have some patience, at least let me lock the door,” she giggled flirtatiously. Narang moved his hands over her stomach and then slipped them inside the t-shirt. She felt his hot breath over her neck and his hands crawled towards her breasts. Kavita glanced hesitantly towards her husband and found him looking at them in awe.

“Ravi I suggest you sit down in a corner… quietly…,” Narang spoke finding Kavita glancing towards her husband, “and I hope you are not going to interfere.”

“Yes… yes… off course,” he moved away from the bed, “as if I am not in the room.”

Narang turned her face towards him, “you have got a very co-operative husband… like he says, he is not in the room… kiss me now.” She placed her lips over his and started kissing him tentatively. His hands freely roamed inside her t-shirt playing with the soft breasts.

Ravi watched as she twitched every time he pinches the boobs, her soft kiss was slowly turning into an open mouth exploration. He let out a gasp when he heard her first moan of the evening and adjusted his erect cock into a more comfortable position. He started to undress her, slowly taking her t-shirt off and then the pants, finally he unclasped the bra and let it fall on the ground. He moved his hand from behind cupping both the orbs and pumped them as if a butcher is trying to ascertain the meat in his stock.

A fire was kindled inside Kavita as he was kneading the boobs like a dough, she scans through the room and found her husband sitting on a chair and she smiled timidly as their eyes met, still feeling shy.

“Tonight I am her man,” Narang turned her to face Ravi, “I am going to fuck her senseless and she likes it… don’t you sweetheart?” He patted her voluptuous ass then moved his fingers between the crack and probed the asshole.

Kavita groaned but didn’t say anything.

“Tell him you like to fuck me,” he nudged.

“He knows that… now let us move to the bed,” Kavita spoke feeling awkward at his behaviour.

“No… Tell him… you want my cock and I am better than him,” he whispered.

“What’s got into you…” she slipped out of his grip and stared at him, “why you talking like this?”

“Then tell me why are you fucking me?” he questioned. Kavita didn’t know what to say, she looked helplessly towards him and then her husband.

“You want to do it for your husband…You love him… and that makes me what?… a fuck toy for you… a dildo which you can use anytime and your husband can watch the show,” he looked in rage.

“You know if I were to be your husband I would have not allowed anyone near you let alone fuck you… in this relationship I feel like a cuckold where this man is fucking my lover,” he pointed at her husband.

“No… no… it’s not like that,” Kavita was baffled.

“Then what it is like,” Narang challenged her. Kavita looked at his enraged face and felt a twinge in her heart, she never thought that it would be so heavy for him to handle. All the time she was worried how her husband was feeling and never thought that even Narang could be jealous. She rushed to him with over flowing emotions and started showering kisses on his face.

“I love you… I love you…” she jumped over him and swing her arms around his shoulder and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Ravi was dumbfounded watching the melodrama unfolding before him. He had never thought of something like this, all he was dreaming of throughout the evening was how horny Narang would be to find her in sexy lingerie and how excited she would be. Now he sees his wife loving him.

“Tell him this,” Narang nudged her.

“Don’t be childish,” she laughed out loud but he moved her in front of Ravi.

“Ok… ok… I love this man,” she spoke to Ravi with a hint of humour still in her voice, “no one needs to feel cuckold here.”

“Seriously,” he kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe between his teeth.

“Seriously,” she placed her mouth over his lower lip and sucked it hungrily.

He carried her to the bed and placed her softly on it with legs still high in air. Narang moved his hand over her abdomen she smiled as he fidgets with the metal waist band. Unhooking it he slowly pulls it away from her.

Narang quickly got rid of his clothes. He was not muscular but had a strong build with broad shoulders and flat abdomen. His cock was erect pointing towards her, foreskin fully pulled back revealing a round and large pinkish cock head. For the first time Ravi got a view of his nude body and he felt dwarfed, the cock look huge to him with balls matching in size, dangling below.

Kavita took the hard cock into her fist and caressed it slowly glancing towards her husband, still feeling a little bit hesitant. Narang stroked her hairs and nudged her head towards his cock.

“Ugg,” she moaned, the look of raw lust on her husband’s face making her go wild, she stuck her tongue out and licked the bulbous head.

“Yesss,” Narang groaned and pushed his cock into her mouth.

Ravi saw the thick cock slipped easily over her tongue as she stretches her mouth wide. It’s not a porn movie that he was watching; it’s his wife of nineteen years whom this man is feeding his cock. Narang breathed hard as she sucked and he pushed her hands away from his cock to have uninhibited access to her mouth, he pumped her head back and forth, impaling his shaft deep into her throat.

Ravi was glued to his seat watching him use his wife’s mouth for his pleasure; he could not believe that she could take that much of cock into her. Kavita’s muffled groans and gasps filled the room joined by Narang’s loud grunts. Ravi finds it hard to control his own erection which was making an awkward tent in his pants. He feared that if they continue like this he may cum into her mouth. After like eternity Narang pulled out his cock and pushed her back on the bed.

Ravi saw a smile on her face as she wiped the saliva with the back on her hand. Narang stood in front of her, his cock glistering in her saliva. He put both her legs on his shoulders and brushed his phallus across the crack between the pussy lips. The smile left Kavita’s face and was replaced by a desire which soon turned into agony as he kept up his teasing. Ravi waited, holding his breath, for him to plunge it deep inside her.

Narang has other intentions as he moved his palm across his smooth thighs and pinched the white flesh making her squirm.

“Ahh… Ohh… Maa,” she squealed as he tweaked the flesh harder. But Narang didn’t stop, his hands roamed across her body pulling and scratching the soft flesh. Ravi felt his lungs will stop breathing, his sweat wife was wailing and he felt glued to the chair. The cries started to turn into moans of pleasure when he slowly pushed his cock inside. He spread over her like a cloak, covering her voluptuous body under him and slammed home, trying to mingle the two bodies into one.

“Ugg… Ugg… Ugg… Ugg…” she moaned as his strong ass fall again and again between her thighs.

Ravi never saw her so aroused and moaning so loudly, that is what he wanted, his wife to be taken and fucked good by this man. Narang was doing exactly that, he was fucking her, not like a whore, not like a slut but like a beautiful women should be. He felt deeply satisfied and happy to watch her having a good time.

The look of lust on her face stirred an insatiable arousal in his groins; he felt he will ejaculate even without touching himself.

Narang clutched her body into his arms and hammered in an animalistic rage, as if trying to prove himself while Kavita cried loudly and thrust her pelvis to meet his strokes.

“Harder… harder…” she cried and grabbed his shoulders as the first orgasm hit her. She cum hard over his cock, which was still hammering inside her pussy. When the passion subsided, she caressed his back and smiled as the cock continued to slip in and out of her lubricated pussy sending sweet sensations all over her body.

“I want to cum,” Narang spoke slowing down his pace.

“Cum inside my pussy…,” Kavita’s voice was hoarse, she stretched her legs wider.

“No… I want to cum on your tits.”

“Uggg… Ohh… Ahhh…I cannot stop you…” she groaned and spread eagled.

Narang was already on the edge and as she presented her body he pulled out his cock and aimed at her breasts. The first stream of fizz hit her chin, leaving a trail over her breasts. The second and third landed on the mark. He squeezed out the last drops on her stomach.

Kavita closed her eyes and lay still on the bed letting the hot cum turn cold and trickle down her sides. Narang stumbled back on his feet and walked slowly to pick up his half finished drink. Ravi was dazed and sat motionless on his chair, he looked at his wife’s bosom, rising and falling with each breath and the satisfied look on her face. He fell in love with her all over again and all he wanted to do was to take her into his arm and kiss her.

In a trance he walked to her and watched her spread on the bed, he kneeled beside her when she opened her eyes and saw him trying to bend over her.

“NO…STOP…,” she screamed and pushed him back.

“What do you think you are trying to do,” she shouted, jumping out of the bed.

“I…I… just wanted to kiss you…” he stammered finding her so annoyed.

“You want to kiss me? … Now? … When I am covered in cum?” she stared him with disgust in her eyes.

“No… no… I don’t mean that… It is not what you think,” he panicked.

Kavita was furious and she stared him with fire in her eyes. She was pained finding her husband act like a defeated man, a humiliation loving cuckold or a serving slave to her wife, trying to love her when another man’s cum is on her. She felt humiliated in front of Narang. Ravi stood dumbfounded, not knowing what to do, he so much wanted to explain to her that he was overcome with the feelings of joy and love for her. He never wanted to act like cum worshipping cuckold.

“Kavita… please… I …” he tried to explain but Kavita stopped him.

“Just shut up and leave… Please,” she rushed to the bathroom.

He stood like a statue, watching the door of the bathroom where she disappeared. He felt a hand on his shoulder.

“I think you should leave…, you can sleep in the guest bedroom,” Narang spoke. Ravi looked at him strangely, ‘this is my house, my bedroom and he is asking me to get out.’

“She is upset right now,” Narang explained, “don’t try to talk to her tonight… you can speak to her tomorrow.”

Ravi nodded and glanced at the closed bathroom door, then slowly dragged himself out of the room. Kavita finished a quick shower and stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, he looked at Narang who was closing the door and enquired about Ravi.

“He is sleeping in the guest bedroom,” Narang spoke cheerfully as he closed the door.

“Why?” Kavita looked upset.

“Well you asked him to leave,” Narang looked surprised.

“Yeah, I asked…” She slipped into a night gown and slowly climbed on the bed, thinking about her husband’s behaviour, ‘I asked to leave and he left… just like that…’ she felt annoyed.

Narang slipped beside her on the bed and took her into his arms.

“Please… Narang… I want to sleep now…”

“Yes… off course… take rest,” he was cautious sensing her bad mood.

Neha tossed and turned in her bed, her sleep was disturbed for no apparent reason. She woke up feeling thirsty and looked for the water bottle on the bedside table.

“Shit,” the water bottle was empty. Reluctantly she got out of the bed and in her drowsy state walked to the kitchen. As she was drinking she saw her daddy came out of his bedroom and walked towards the guest room.

‘Still drinking with Narang uncle and mommy must have kicked them out to the guest room,’ she giggled. She started to walk back to her room, water bottle clutched in her hands. As she was walking through the living room she saw Narang at the door of her parent’s bedroom. Neha could not believe her eyes when she saw that he was only wearing boxers and her mother walked behind him wrapped in a towel. The door closed and she stood in a shock, trembling, not wanting to believe what she saw.

Must be dreaming, she pinched herself and stared at the close doors. ‘My god,’ this is not a dream, what is she doing with uncle and why is dad in the guest room. She has no answers but whatever her mind tells her she was not ready to believe it, ‘it can’t be true.’ She stood there in the dark for good five minutes hoping some activities which will be contrary to what she saw, but none… finally she walked back to her room, not knowing what to do.

Kavita could not sleep; her mind was playing and replaying the events of the night, feeling melancholy. Narang was caressing her long hairs as she rested her head on his chest. She was unhappy the way Ravi behaved, she never wanted him to feel a second citizen in his own house, to be a less of a man. All she wanted was that all three of them should enjoy like equal partners to a fun filled night.

She glanced towards Narang and felt strange knowing that he was falling in love with her and she too was feeling attached to him. This should not be happening, but she has no control over it. She absentmindedly moved her hand over Narang’s almost hairless chest slipping it lower until it touched the cock hidden in the boxers. It immediately twitched and started to grow hard.

“You always had two times whenever we do it… so why break this rule tonight,” she smiled and grabbed his meat.

Narang was pleasantly surprised and kissed her lips, “You are so sweet.”

Kavita opened her mouth and sucked his tongue and hungrily kissed his lips. She stroked the cock to full erection and brushed her lips over his face, neck and then moved lower to his chest and abdomen. Narang gasped in pleasure and relaxed on the bed letting her pleasure him with her mouth.

Kavita quickly moved to his cock and started to suck him in earnest. Narang held her hairs and enjoyed the soft lips on his cock; he bucked his groin to push it as far as possible.

“You always wanted to cum in my mouth,” she spoke raising her head and Narang looked into her eyes not believing what he heard. She smiled mischievously and lowered her head back onto his shaft.

“Yesss… ahhh…” Narang could not believe his luck, he let himself go and enjoyed the sweet sensations caused by the hot tongue and the soft lips. He took his time fucking her mouth, pushing all the way to her throat and then pulling back, letting her breath. The thick cock stretched her mouth to maximum and slipped in and out easily. Narang always wanted to have a full blowjob and to cum in her sweet mouth, so now when he got the opportunity he wanted to make full use of it. He grabbed her face in his hands and watched his cock disappear inside her.

“Ahhmm… uggg…” he groaned as large amount of pre cum oozed out and spread over her tongue. She lurched back as the thick cum splashed into her mouth, instinct caused her to pull back but she wanted to take him so she shut her eyes tightly and bobbled her head onto his shaft, sucking hard, determined to milk every drop of cum.

Ravi tossed and turned on the bed in the guest room. He was so happy to watch them fuck but then he cursed himself for spoiling the moment in the end. He was so satisfied to watch Narang stretch her pussy with his thick cock and the satisfaction on her face, he just wanted to express his love to her. ‘Anyway I will explain to her in the morning,’ he thought.

His sleep was disturbed at the noise of opening of the door, he was surprised that he was able to sleep through the night, early morning sun was shining outside. Kavita was on his bedside with a cup of tea. He saw she had only one cup, usually they both had tea together in the morning, but he understood today maybe she wanted to have it with Narang.

“Narang left in the morning… have your tea and freshen up,” she spoke casually and quickly walked out. He knew she is still upset, no problem I will make her understand, he smiled. Then all hell broke loose.

Kavita asked Narang to leave early in the morning as she doesn’t want him to meet Ravi. After he left she prepared the tea as usual but she was in no mood to have it with her husband so she handed him his cup and went to her father in-law’s room. The old man was up and sitting in his bed, when Kavita wished good morning and placed the cup on bed side table she noticed him in pain. He was having a heart attack; she was stunned for a moment not knowing what to do then she rushed outside to call doctor.

The entire family was outside the operation theatre as the old man was rushed to hospital where he was given the primary treatment and then bypass surgery was advised. Neha and Priya were sitting on the bench just outside the door and their red eyes were witness that they have been crying. The doctors have expressed little chance for the success of the operation.

Kavita was standing some distance away from them, with Ravi and was not able to stop her tears. After the death of her parents, he was like a father to her. Ravi was keeping up a brave face and caressed her head to calm her. She prayed to god and believed that nothing will happen to him whatever the doctors say, she wanted to lay her head on Ravi’s shoulder and relax.

“He will be alright,” suddenly Kavita heard Narang’s voice. He placed a firm hand on her shoulder, “he is a strong old man… don’t worry nothing will happen to him.” Kavita turned around and was happy to find him; she slipped into his open arms, wetting his chest with her tears. Narang caressed her back trying to comfort her.

Neha watched her mother into the arms of this man while her dad looked on worriedly. She shivered remembering the event of the last night. Ravi saw them moving away from him and didn’t know what would be more painful, losing his father or losing his wife.

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