A Wife Turned



David was sitting in front of the women’s clothing store in the mall waiting for his wife. He had a few shopping bags with him and he was keeping himself busy playing a game on his phone. David disliked going shopping but his wife had made him come with her.

As David continued playing the game on his phone a Hispanic man carrying a Victoria’s Secret bag stopped in front of him. The hispanic guy looked at him as if trying to remember why David looked familiar.

And then his face broke out in a huge smile, “David Slaton!!…right?”

David looked at him, “Yes…and you are?…you look familiar.” He responded trying to remember who is the latin guy standing in front of him.

“Roberto man!…don’t tell me you have forgotten me.” He said.

“Oh yes, yes…I remember…no wonder you looked familiar.” Said David as he remembered Roberto, a casual friend from college. He got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he remembered the experience they had shared. Roberto had changed quite a bit from his college days. He used to have a fit body but it seems had let himself go and also had a receding hairline.

He used to be the tall, dark, handsome latino man that all the girls desired in college.

“Wow…it has been a long time since I last saw you…maybe 13 years ago.” David said uneasily as he thought how quickly years have passed by and he was now 35 years old. David thought Roberto must by 40 years old. It took Roberto a bit longer to graduate and he had started college before David.

“Yeah…I think you are right man.” Saying that Roberto sat down next to David and put his bag down next to David’s shopping bags.

“You have let yourself go man…it took me a minute to place you.” David said with a tinge of disappointment.

“That is what happens man when you get older, you get a pot belly, lose your hair.” He responded with a grin. “But it is nice to see that you have kept yourself in shape.” Roberto responded and then pointed at David’s wedding ring, “So it seems you are married?”

“Yep…seven years now…also have two kids, a six year old boy and a four year old girl.” David told Roberto. “So what about you?”

“Well been divorced a couple of times…now just have a girlfriend.” Roberto chuckled. “Once you get married to them, they think as they own you…no more marriage for me man…my two ex-wives, dumb bitches, they were lucky that I even married them.”

David thought that this guy has not changed much, still an arrogant prick. But meeting Roberto had brought memories of a particular incident in college and he hoped that Roberto would not bring that up at all.

“Came here to buy something nice for my girlfriend.” He said pointing to the Victoria’s Secret bag that he had put on the bench next to David’s bags and then he saw another Victoria’s Secret bag among the different shopping bags.

“It seems we both had the same idea.” David grinned.

As they a chatted beautiful, tall, blonde emerged from the clothing store. She momentarily glanced at them and went into the store next door. She had a hot body and the tight jeans she was wearing nicely accentuated her round, bubble butt.

“Man that is one hot piece of ass.” Said Roberto to David as he gestured towards her.

“Roberto that hot piece of ass belongs to me…she is my wife.” David told him with a hint of pride.

“I bet she is a hot one in bed.” Roberto said to him with a wink.

David has a very satisfying sex life. His wife was one of those women who truly enjoyed sex. One of the rare ones who loved receiving oral sex and loved it even more going down on a man. She was adventurous and did not mind getting dirty in bed.

As he thought about his wife enjoying sex, David grinned, “Well that is for me to know…and for you to guess.”

“Whatever man…but you sure know how to pick them.” Roberto gave him a sly smile.

David cringed as he knew that his wishful thinking did not come true. Roberto was going to bring up something he did not want to remember.

“Do you still remember that hot brunette you were dating in college…the hot threesome with her in that frat party is one my fondest memory of college.” Roberto said with a longing tone..

“Yeah…but that was a mistake, we just got too drunk and got carried away.” David said with a tinge of regret. That incident caused David and his girlfriend to split up. But just thinking about that threesome increased David’s heartbeat.

“So what do you do for a living?” David asked, trying to change the direction of the conversation.

“I answered my calling, I am a salesman…I was always good with words, convince people…so I became a car salesman.” Roberto answered proudly. “Make pretty good money of it.”

“That is nice…doing something you really love.” David said while thinking that for a liar and sly man like him, it is probably a good job. “Maybe next time we need a car, we will come to you.”

“Sure man…I will get you some great deal.” Roberto handed him a business card. “It is not one of those new car places, mostly we deal with used cars but I can get you some really nice car. So what do you do?”

“Well I am a Director at an IT firm.” David said.

“That is pretty good.” Roberto said, “What about the missus…does she work?”

“Yes…she is a manager at an insurance company.” David responded.

“I hope you keep her on a tight leash…women need to be put in their place man. That is wisdom I gained from my two bitch ex-wives. They need to understand that man is the boss. My current girlfriend completely understands it. That is the way to have a happy life.” Roberto sounded like a complete jerk.

Hearing the words coming out of Roberto’s mouth, David was completely appalled. But he was in no mood to argue with him and so decided not to respond.

“Give me your phone number man…we need to get together sometime, maybe go out to a bar, a club. Me, my girlfriend, you and your hot wife.” Saying that he winked at David.

David did not like the idea of hanging out with Roberto.

Roberto took out his phone, “Tell me your number.”

David reluctantly gave him his cell number and Roberto called him, “Now you have my number too…save it.”

“Hey babe, ready to go?” David’s wife Tracy was standing in front of them. “Who is your friend?” She asked.

“Tracy meet Roberto…we were in college together.” David did not want to refer to him as his friend.

“Hello Tracy…it is really nice to meet you. I have to say you are a very hot woman and David is very lucky man to have you.” He was trying to be very charming but Tracy saw right through him. She did not like the way he was blatantly staring at her, as if undressing her with his eyes.

“Oh…thanks. So you came alone to the mall? David hates shopping…he will never come to the mall all by himself.” Said Tracy smiling lovingly at her husband

“I thought that I will be nice to my girlfriend and buy some nice lingerie for her.” Roberto said pointing to the Victoria secret bag. “Just like David bought for you.”

“Come on you do not really mean that!…you really think David bought lingerie for me? or that you are actually buying lingerie for your girlfriend?” She laughed. “Women wear sexy lingerie just to please their men…so you and David are actually being nice to yourselves.”

“Hey that is not true…you mean to say women do not feel good wearing sexy lingerie?…the sexy lingerie does nothing for you?” Roberto asked arrogantly.

“No…I only wear it for David…because he likes it when I wear the sexy lingerie. So basically you did not buy anything for your girlfriend…you bought something for yourself. You like it when your girlfriend wears sexy lingerie…it turns you on.” Tracy said to him with exasperation .

“See now you are just making shit up. Women like wearing sexy things…they like to strut their stuff wearing sexy shit. Women like teasing men…turning them on. Like you are wearing that tight ass jean, tight top…showing off your tight, round ass, your fine small titties.” He said to her crudely. “Don’t tell me you do not like it when men check you out.”

Tracy blushed when he said that. Even though she will never admit it, she did like when other guys checked her out. It made her feel good about herself.

“You are such a neanderthal… and very obnoxious.” She said indignantly. “The kind of men who just objectify women…you don’t see that a woman is more than just an instrument of sexual pleasure.”

“Objectify women?” Scoffed Roberto. “You are the one strutting off your stuff in a mall…showing off your hot body in tight clothes. And you do it because you like it…just the way you will get turned on when you will wear the lingerie your husband bought for you. You like getting him hard, all turned on and that teasing gets you wet.” Roberto said with a self-satisfied, arrogant smile.

“You are such an arrogant prick…you actually think you know me better than I do myself.” Tracy said angrily and responded with a stubborn tone.”I do not get turned on that way…”David let’s go…I am tired of this enlightening conversation.” She said sarcastically.

“Alright sweetheart.” Saying that David stood and in the process managed to knock all the bags from the bench to the floor. He quickly picked up the bags and handed Roberto his Victoria secret bag.

“Thanks man.” Roberto said to him.” We should get together sometime and I have to say it you really know how to pick them.” He said with conspiratorial tone while gesturing at Tracy. “It was nice meeting you Tracy.” He said to her but she did not respond. Roberto walked away from them.

“What a douchebag.” Tracy said as she looked at Roberto who was walking away. “I cannot believe it you are friends with him. How come you did not say anything when he was spewing all that crap?”

“Well you are a big girl…I knew you could handle yourself.” He explained. “And yes you are right…he is a complete dick. But I am not friends with him…I just know him from college…I saw him today after almost 15 years.” David said to her as they started walking towards to mall exit that led to the parking structure.

“So what did he mean when he said that you know how to pick them?” She asked her husband curiously. “It seemed he meant something about me…and your previous girlfriend in college.” She said hesitatingly trying to guess.

“Yeah…he knew my GF in college…she was pretty good looking. I think he meant that you are also as hot as her. But for me you are much more hotter…the hottest woman I have ever known.” He said trying to flatter her and trying to divert her attention from what Roberto had said. He knew she was very perceptive.

“That and plus it seemed he meant something else, like he was trying to insinuate something…the way he said it seemed as if something secretive between you two.” She said to her husband accusingly. “Now stop flattering me tell me what else he meant.”

They had reached their car by now. David always had a very hard time lying to Tracy. He held the passenger door open as she sat down and hesitatingly said,”Well…this girlfriend in college…we were at frat party, got drunk, and ended up having kind of…a threesome with Roberto.” He sounded very sheepish. But his cock hardened just remembering the incident and he was filled with apprehension. He hoped that Tracy would notice his erection.

Tracy was looking up at him with her eyes at the level of her husband’s crotch and she immediately noticed the bulge develop at the front of his pants.

She gently put her hand on his crotch.”So it seems you liked sharing your girlfriend with that creep.” She stated as she looked into his eyes.

“It just only happened once but…” He hesitated.”I was very surprised by how it affected me…how much it turned me on. I simply could never understand it.” His voice was a mixture of arousal and confusion…I guess being young…exploring sex…it is something just happened at that time. Never have thought about it since college.” David added.

“Alright…let’s go home now. We have to pick up the kids also.” Tracy said softly. Their kids were with Tracy’s parents.

As David drove towards the home of Tracy’s parents, there was an uncomfortable silence between them.

Tracy was still deep in thought when they pulled into the driveway of her parent’s house.

As David stopped the car, she turned to him and asked “Have you ever thought…fantasized…about sharing me?” Being an intelligent and perceptive woman she understood her husband really well.

Hearing her question David realized with dismay that his cock had hardened and he knew that his wife will notice it. He was right, Tracy immediately noticed the bulge return to the front of her husband’s pants.

David hesitated, not knowing how to answer. “I had never thought of it like intentionally…sometimes thoughts have popped into my head but I never really dwelled on it.” He paused, “And to be honest running into Roberto gave those vague thoughts a bit more focus…and I don’t know it just seemed hot the idea of you with another guy…just for a few moments I intentionally thought of it but I was not going to try and make it happen..” He truthfully answered. It was clearly obvious to Tracy that her husband was completely perplexed by his own reaction.

“But you have always liked it when other guys check me out, hit on me, that is why you always encourage me to dress sexily.” She stated softly. They both were aware of it but had never actually talked about.

“Yes that is true.” David agreed. “You are so beautiful babe…so sexy. I just like it when other men notice your beauty, admire your hot body. I guess I felt proud that other men find my wife to be so desirable.” He said it so passionately that it brought a smile to Tracy’s face.

“But in the eight years that we have been together…seven of those as a married couple. How come you never intentionally thought of sharing me but today you did?” She asked.

“Well…when Roberto reminded me of my ex girlfriend, Jenny, the first thing came to my mind was the raw sex…it was so primal…just sex with no emotional connection. I could not help but imagine.” He said with a distant look.

“You imagined me in place of Jenny?” Tracy asked nervously.

“Yes sweetheart I did. I also imagined you having sex with other men…imagined them using your hot body for their sexual needs. The thought of you giving in to lustful cravings…having sex just for the sake of sex.” He blurted out lustfully.

She felt very anxious because her husband’s lustful utterings excited her. But the sensible part of her brain reined in her excitement and she said to him, “Baby you know I will never be able to have sex with another man…you are all I need.” She said to him lovingly. “But I do not mind dressing up for you…teasing other men for you. I like what it does to you. But I am not going to break my wedding vows..”

“I understand baby. I am lucky to have such a beautiful, understanding, strong woman as my wife.” He kissed her. “And I love showing off my wife.” His voice was filled with excitement. He was glad that everything was in the open now.

Tracy blushed hearing him say that. “We both are lucky to have each other. I am so glad that our relationship is so strong that we can freely discuss anything…be completely honest to each other. Let’s get the kids now.” Saying that she turned to open the car door but paused.

“Honey can I ask you something?” She asked.

“You can ask me anything.” David responded.

“Do you ever fantasize about having sex with another woman?” She questioned.

“No baby…you are the only woman for me. You are the only one I will ever need.” He smiled at her.

“I know you are able to imagine me with another man but I can never imagine you being with another woman or you thinking about being with another woman. I just wanted you to know.”

“You will have to never worry about that.” David said sincerely.

She happily smiled at him and exited the car.

As Tracy walked towards the front door, David looked at his wife and thought that she looked ravishing in the tight jeans and the fitted top. Even though she was 31-year-old and given birth to two children, she still looked like she was in her twenties. He admired her narrow waist, flaring hips, round ass, her firm b cup breasts, her svelte body.

His cock twitched thinking that this what the other men must see when they look at his beautiful wife. A hot desirable woman.

The kids were excited to see David and Tracy. Everything the two of them had been talking and thinking about was forgotten as soon as they were with their children. Both of them were loving parents and dotted on their children.

David loved watching Tracy interact with their children. She was amazingly patient and loving with both the kids. Once they got home, she asked asked the kids what they wanted to eat. As usual both the kids did not surprise her by asking for two completely different things to eat.

But she simply smiled at them and cooked the meals they wanted. By the time the kids finished supper, it was bedtime. David helped the kids brush their teeths and after which Tracy tucked them in bed. The younger one, their daughter, wanted Tracy to read her a story and she obliged.

In the meanwhile David went downstairs to the living room and watched a college football game. A little while later she came downstairs. She had wiped her makeup, freshened up and changed into the small cotton shorts with drawstring that she normally wore to bed. The shorts barely covered her delectable round ass, her ass cheeks peeked from underneath the hem.

David loved looked at her long, creamy, smooth luscious legs that were now on display. She was wearing a thin tank top which made it very obvious that she was not wearing a bra. But the small firm breasts did not need any support. Her small, hard nipples poked through the thin fabric.

“The kids are asleep. Are you coming to bed now?” She asked her husband as he stared at her.

“In a little bit as soon as the game is finished.” Said David as he continued staring at her hot


“What are you staring at?” She asked shyly.

“Staring at your hot body…I still cannot believe it that I have such a beautiful wife.” He said lovingly.

“Stop kissing my butt and come to bed soon.” She said with a smile.”I going to read my book…will wait for you to come up.” She winked at him and left as David continued to stare at her retreating ass.

As she read her book in bed, Tracy heard her husband’s phone ring downstairs but did not think of it much. But about half an hour later she heard a car pull into the driveway and then a knock on their front door.

Curious to see who has come to their home this late at night, she went downstairs.

When she reached the front door, she was shocked to see that Roberto was standing just inside their front door and David was handing him the Victoria Secret bag.

Hearing the sound of her footsteps both the men turned to look at her.

Looking at the beautiful blonde woman standing in front of him, attired in the small shorts and the thin tank top, Roberto’s cock twitched. He blatantly stared at her hot body, his eyes filled with lust. He smirked at her, expecting her to flee in shame to cover her exposed body.

But Tracy did not want to give this arrogant man the satisfaction of watching her feel ashamed and vulnerable. She stood there defiantly and asked, “What is going on?” She calmly asked.

David was very surprised that Tracy was still standing in front of Roberto while in the state of undress. But his pulse had quickened and his heart raced knowing that Roberto was seeing his beautiful wife this way.

“Oh honey…when the bags got knocked off the bench, we inadvertently switched our Victoria Secret bags. Roberto came by to exchange the bags.”Saying that David looked at Roberto but Roberto just kept staring at his wife with an intense look.

Before seeing Tracy downstairs, David had just wanted to exchange the bags and send Roberto on his way. But now he wanted Roberto to hang around, ogle his wife.

Without even thinking, David blurted,”You drove quite a bit distance to get here…do you want to have a drink?”

Both Roberto and Tracy were shocked to hear what David had asked. They both stared at him with wide open eyes.

After a moment of shocked silence, Roberto, “Sure man…I would love to have drink. Beer will be fine.” He said happily as he looked at Tracy.

“Sweetheart can you please get us two beers?” He said to her as he led Roberto to the living room. Roberto sat down on the armchair and David sat on the loveseat across from him.

Even though Tracy did not want to get the beer for the jerk Roberto, she still went ahead to got it since she did not want to make David look bad in front of him.

“Man even though your wife can be a complete bitch…she is a hot piece of ass.” Roberto said crassly. “Kind of reminds me of your girlfriend…Jenny…remember once I had my cock buried in that slut, she could not get enough of it.” He winked at David. “I still remember how turned on you were watching Jenny spreading her legs.” He said tauntingly.

David could not help but recall how Roberto had fucked his girlfriend. He had fucked her hard and rough, the way Jenny had never been fucked before. His cock twitched thinking about how much Jenny was aroused, wet, the number of times she came with Roberto.

“Tracy looks kind of similar to Jenny…pretty face…small, firm titties…nice round ass, long luscious legs. Only difference is that Tracy is a blonde…but I am not complaining.” He gave him a wicked smile as he casually talked about his wife while sitting in his home. “Is she a true blonde?”

David simply nodded.

David just sat there simply listening to Roberto’s crude words, his mind in turmoil and confusion. He was getting turned on but also felt a pit in his stomach hearing this jerk talking so obscenely about his loving wife, the mother of his children.

As soon as David offered him a drink, Roberto knew that tonight may end up to be a repeat of what had happened at the frat party 15 years ago. As long as he was able to push the right buttons of David.

“Tell me one thing though…does Tracy enjoy getting fucked as much as Jenny did?…is she a good cocksucker too?” Roberto asked David as he locked his eyes with him. Roberto understood that David was turned on but was still unsure about what his arousal meant. The sly latino man was cunningly pushing his buttons.

“Come on Roberto…you know better. You should not be asking me such a thing about my wife.” Said David with his voice wavering.

“You know…you want to tell me how hot your beautiful wife is…it is hot knowing how a pretty woman like yours loves taking care of a hard cock.” Roberto said lecherously. “Just like finding out how much Jenny truly enjoyed a hard cock…getting used like a slut.” Roberto smirked at David knowing fully well that the memory will arouse him. “So does she?” Roberto locked eyes with David after asking him the question.

Both men just stared at each other for a minute and the David just caved in, “Yes…she is really hot in bed…truly likes sex with me. But I don’t think she is like Jenny.”

“Don’t worry we will find out.” Said Roberto smugly as Tracy walked into the living room with the beer.

“So what will you find out?” She asked Roberto as she handed him the beer and then she handed her husband a beer. “Never mind…I don’t want to know. I am sleepy, I will go to bed.” Tracy turned to leave.

But David grabbed her hand, “Come on sit with us for a bit.”

She looked at her husband with a confused look but then sat down with him on the loveseat. Understanding dawned on her that he wanted to show her off to Roberto.

“So since you asked…it was about the enlightening conversation we were having in the mall…your husband was wondering who is right.” He lied to her. “I was telling him it is easy to find out.”

“I would rather not talk about it…I don’t really care.” She just wanted him to finish the beer and leave. She had no inclination of chatting with the guy, he gave her the creeps. Roberto was blatantly running his eyes over her scantily covered body as if undressing her with his eyes.

“Oh come on…don’t tell me you do not have confidence in what you you believe.” He said to her challengingly. “You seem like a strong, independent woman…the kind of of woman who would not mind proving herself correct.” Roberto was playing her.

“Yeah but I have known guys like you…there is no reasoning with you. You are just too thick headed to reason with you.” She said with annoyance.

“But I really want you to prove to me that I am wrong…show me once and for all that the sexy lingerie does not do anything for you.” He said with a sly smile.

“So what are you proposing?…or should I ask what do you want me to do to prove that I am right?” She raised her eyebrows in suspicion. She was very leery of this man.

“Do not worry it is very simple.” He grinned at her. “I saw what David has bought for you…why don’t you put that on and then strut your stuff in front of David and I. See what kind of an affect you have on us…and then find out what it does to you.”

“Forget about it!…I am not going to stand almost naked in front of you so that you can get your rocks off.” She said with annoyance. “You are a very disgusting man.”

“Hey no need for so much hostility just because you are too chickenshit to do what needs to be done to prove yourself right.” He said mockingly. “You know that what I am asking you to do is the best way to prove yourself right.”

“Whatever…I am going to bed now.” She said dismissively and stood up.

As she turned around, Roberto looked hungrily at her 5’7″, 125 lb frame, the smooth creamy skin, long luscious legs, her delectable ass and licked his lips.

He looked at David and said,”I guess you are not going to find out who is right. Your wife has to help prove it.” He winked at him conspiratorially and gestured towards Tracy as if telling him to go after her. He was betting that David was hooked now and will help.

David stood up and went after Tracy who had gone towards the kitchen to have some water before heading upstairs.

“Honey…he is giving you an opportunity to shut him up. Do it…prove him wrong.” David said to her gingerly.

Tracy turned around putting her hands on her hips and stared at him,”Oh…so that is what you want? You want me to prove him wrong?” She asked him sarcastically. “Sweetheart I know you really well…you just want to show me off to that creep to satisfy your kink.”

David smiled at her sheepishly,”Yes but I also do want you to prove him wrong. Give him a case of blue balls and send him home. It will serve him right.”

“I do not like that douche bag at all…if it was someone else maybe I would have done it.” She said to him with hesitation.

“Don’t think about that jerk…you will be doing this for me. Please do it, you know I will love it.” He said to her lovingly. “And you don’t have to like someone to tease him…in fact it is better this way. Just a purely physical thing without any kind of deeper connection.” Tracy detected the excitement in her husband’s voice which aroused her. She turned her back towards her husband not wanting him to notice the signs of arousal on her face.

David hugged her from behind, pressing his hardness into her and grabbed her pert breasts. She leaned back on her husband and sighed in arousal.

“And you know Roberto was right about what he said in the mall…you like it when other men check you out, admire your hot body. Strange men…men you don’t even know. Just think of Roberto as one of those unknown men who hungers for your hot body…lusts to ravish you.” He whispered lustily into her ear.

He kissed the nape of her neck and pinched her nipples. Keeping one hand on her left tit, he pulled up the hem of her tank top with the other hand. He felt her bare flat stomach, touched her navel, inserted his fingers under waist of shorts to feel up her abdomen. She moaned softly due to her husband’s ministrations. He was touching the erogenous zones that drove her insane with arousal.

“Will you do it baby?…strut your stuff wearing the sheer teddy and the tiny panties that go with it. Let me show off my wife properly to this man…a man you barely know.” He kissed the side of her neck and cupped her heated pussy through the shorts. She moaned again and started breathing hard.

Her husband was driving her crazy with lust by his ministrations. “Yes…I will do it.” She said to him softly.

The desire to please her husband and her arousal forced her to overcome her religious convictions and her conservative nature. Her heart beat erratically and she was filled with nervousness as she said yes.

“Just make sure he does not move from that armchair. I cannot believe I am going to do such a naughty thing while our children are sleeping upstairs.” Tracy said with embarrassment.

“I love you so much.” David took her into his arms and kissed her,”Wear your strappy, open-toed heels, fix your hair and put on a little make also. I want you to look really hot for that jerk…put you on display for a man you barely know” He whispered lustily to her. She just nodded.

“Now let’s go and you tell him that you are going to do it.” David said to his wife.

Roberto was waiting expectantly while sipping on the beer. He smirked when he saw Tracy come back with David. Right away he noticed her flushed face and her hardened pink nipples that looked more prominent now through the top.

Watching the smirk on Roberto’s face really irked Tracy.

“Okay…I will do it and shut you up for good.” She said with annoyance. “But you better not move from that armchair.” She warned him.

“That is perfectly fine.” Roberto responded. “So to show you the affect you are having on us…both of us will get naked and wait for you. You know that is the easiest and only way to see what you are doing to us when you strut in front of us wearing that sheer babydoll and thong.”

Tracy was completely shocked by what Roberto had proposed and did not like what he was proposing but did could not think of any alternative way. She just nodded feeling excited.

Roberto was pleased that the beautiful blonde wife had agreed to his proposal. He knew that what he was going to propose next was going to be tricky to get Tracy to accept.

“So how will we know what is going on with you once you see that you have given us a serious case of blue balls?” Roberto asked with a grin.

“I think you will be the only one with blue balls.” She said as she looked at David and smile. “And about knowing how I will be affected…I will tell you how I feel.”

Roberto snickered and said,”No I do not think that will work…how would I know that you are being truthful. I think one of us needs to touch you and see if you are wet. That is the only way to be sure.” Roberto proposed.

“No, no…you are not touching me. In fact you have to give your word that you will not move from the armchair.” Responded Tracy with alarm.

“Alright…I won’t touch you or move from the armchair.” He said with a self-satisfied tone. “But your husband can touch you…but I need to see his fingers after they have been inside you.” Roberto said.

“Fine…but David will not touch me in front of you.” said Tracy.

“That is not good…It needs to happen right here…in front of me. just turn your back to me while he puts his fingers inside you.” Roberto was thinking that he had her.

Tracy shook her head in disapproval but suddenly David said, “That is fine sweetheart, you just turn your back to him…lets us get it over with.”

“Alright…if that is what you want.” Tracy said reluctantly while looking at her husband.

“You know I am going to really show you how wrong you are.” Roberto snickered.

“Whatever…we will find out soon enough.” Saying that Tracy left. She was feeling aroused and was not worried if she was about to be proved wrong. She just wanted Roberto to leave so that she could make love to her husband.

“You know there is a good chance you can watch your wife get fucked tonight if you help. I know you like watching your woman get fucked.” He whispered to David. “It will be hot watching your pretty wife getting fucked by another man under your own roof.” He was pushing all the right buttons.

David’s cock twitched hearing the words.

“We both know you want it.” Roberto pressed on.

“What do you want me to do?” His throat felt dry and his heart was beating wildly as he asked Roberto.

Roberto smirked at him. “When you touch her…don’t simply touch her. Put at least two fingers all the way inside her cunt…rub her clit. Finger fuck her and kiss her hard. You know she will be wet…just get her more wet. Make her cum on your fingers right in front of me and I will do the rest.”

“Okay.” His depraved desires were completely controlling him now.

Both of them proceeded to get naked. Both men were turned on by thinking what was about to happen.

David could not help but notice the latin man’s big beer belly and his hairy body. Even his back and buttocks were covered with hair. He had seen Roberto naked before but did not remember him to be this hairy. Roberto’s cock was darker and uncircumcised unlike his cock but was almost the same length, except that Roberto’s was a bit thicker. His hairy balls were big and hung low like a bull’s.

As he stared at the Roberto, his cock twitched thinking that this will be the first interracial cock for his wife.

Roberto caught him staring and snickered. “Soon you will see this cock buried inside your wife…I am going to make her my slut…married white slut.” He said as he grabbed his hard cock.

They both sat down and sipped on beer while waiting for Tracy.

After about thirty minutes they heard Tracy come down the stairs. When she walked into the living room both men could not keep their eyes off her. Their hard cocks twitched seeing the vision of hotness in front of them.

The sheer light blue babydoll just came down down halfway to her round bubble butt and with it she wore a light blue thong. Her long, smooth, creamy legs looked sexy with the strappy open-toed heels she was wearing.

Roberto liked that she had taken time to fix her hair and put on makeup.

She felt embarrassed standing almost naked in front of a man she barely knew. Without even looking at Roberto, she turned and faced her husband with her back towards Roberto. Her husband was rock hard and his face was a mask of lust.

“Baby you look so hot…turn around…let Roberto see you.” David said to her.

Reluctantly she turned and faced the swarthy, pot bellied latin man. She was astonished to see the amount of hair on his body. Never before she had such a hairy man. It was also the first time she was seeing a dark-skinned man naked.

Her attention was drawn to Roberto’s dark, uncircumcised, hard cock which he was gently stroking. His foreskin was getting stretched over the thick, bulbous dark cock head. Without even thinking she compared his cock to her husband’s. The cocks were almost similarly sized except that Roberto’s cock seemed a bit thicker. Also his cock had thick veins running all over it. His balls were bigger than her husbands and were hanging low like that of a breeding bull.

She was mesmerized by his hard cock and started breathing a bit hard as she felt moisture seep into the folds of her pussy. Without even realizing thoughts came into her mind how the cock and his balls will feel in her hand, in her mouth.

“Like what you see?” Roberto asked as he continued stroking his hard manhood.

His question brought her out of her reverie. She realized immediately that she needs to stop this madness.She was getting a bit too aroused.

She turned sideways and looked away from Roberto. “Okay guys you had your fun.” She hesitated and then said shyly,”And I am willing to admit that I was wrong…wearing sexy lingerie does make me feel good…it turns me on seeing the kind of affect it has on a man.”

“You have proved yourself correct Roberto…now you should leave.” Saying that she turned her back to him.

“It seems you have gotten wet seeing our hard cocks.” Roberto seemed completely unperturbed by what Tracy had just said. “But we still need to make sure that you are really wet…that is what you had agreed to. You have seen us get hard watching you display your hot body…now we need to see also that you are wet.” He said to her bluntly. “Do you agree David?”

David was filled with apprehension hearing the question. He was filled with anxiety thinking about this man again ravishing his woman but at the same time the thought excited him as well.

Tracy looked at her husband. She was afraid that her husband would agree with Roberto. She had never before had seen so much hunger, lust, desire in her husband’s eyes.

Her husband locked eyes with her and said,”Yeah…you are right…we need to see if she is wet also.”

Tracy bit her lower lips gently as her husband stood up. She turned to face him and noticed his hard 7 inch cock wobble as he stepped towards her. He took her into her arms and grabbed her round, fleshy, ass cheeks. He kneaded her ass lustily as he started kissing his wife hungrily.

“Are you wet baby?” David asked her hoarsely.

“Yes I am wet…send Roberto away and we can go to our bedroom.” She whispered to him with excitement.

“You have seen what affect you have on him…now he should also get to see what kind of affect his hard, dark cock has on my wife’s pussy.” She shivered involuntarily hearing David’s lustful response.

“Baby…please no…let us stop now.” She pleaded but her voice betrayed her excitement.

He cupped his wife’s pussy over the gusset of the panties. The gusset was wet with her secretions and he could feel the heat emanating from her sex.

David looked into the eyes of his wife and moved the gusset aside exposing her smooth, completely shaved pussy. He ran his fingers between her pinky pussy lips and felt her clitoris which was swollen and hard and very sensitive. He rubbed her clit making Tracy moaned softly.

She gasped when he gently inserted two fingers inside her. The fingers slid in easily which inflamed his arousal even more.

Locking eyes with her, he slowly withdrew his fingers and shoved it back in his wife’s pussy making her gasp again. She was panting now and her face was flushed with excitement.

“Honey…no…please no…don’t do that.” She pleaded with a quavering voice.

“Why?…you like being finger fucked.” David was breathing hard with excitement. He again withdrew his fingers and shoved them back inside her wet, receptive fuck hole. She gasped and moaned loudly and her mouth remained slightly open. Both the men could smell her arousal now.

As David continued finger fucking his wife, tremors of pleasure coursed through her body and she moved her feet further apart to give better access to her husband.

Roberto could not hold himself back any longer. He stood up and got behind her grabbing her hips. He kissed her long slender neck.

She was startled by his touch but too aroused to stop him. Her husband was making her lose control by his ministrations.. She looked at her husband and then turned her face sideways to look at Roberto.

But even through her haze of arousal, she protested, “No Roberto…please no…you promised…you were not going to touch.” She said with labored breaths.

“Well…I lied.” Saying that he locked his lips with hers. She tried to resist but the lusty latin man grabbed her tits over the flimsy babydoll and pinched her sensitive hard pink nipple. She moaned and her body completely capitulated to the ministrations of both the men.

She hungrily kissed back this man she barely knew. Both of their tongues dueled, sucked on each others tongues, lips. A lusty, hungry, sloppy kiss.

Watching his loving wife being kissed by another man drove Dravid crazy with lust and he started finger fucking her harder, making squelching noises. Soon she moaned loudly into Roberto’s mouth, she convulsed and then her body went rigid as she came hard on her husband’s fingers.

She tightly held on to her husband as she came down from the orgasmic high. David withdrew his fingers from his wife’s pussy which were drenched with her fuck juices. He licked his fingers, tasting her as his wife looked at him through glazed eyes.

David then gently moved his wife’s arms from around his neck and sat down on the couch. She gently bit her lower lip as she stared at her husband. A shiver went through her body at the realization that her married pussy was going to be used by another man for the first time.

“Enjoy the show man” Roberto smirked as he grabbed Tracy’s tits from behind and she felt his hard cock on her bare ass cheeks. “I am going to enjoy fucking your wife…turn her into my slut.” Tracy flinched hearing the crude words.

Roberto then proceeded to taked off the babydoll and threw it at David. Then he squatted behind the blonde beauty and pulled down her thong.

“I love taking off the panties of married women.” Roberto grinned lecherously at David.

“Damn man…this bitch has the finest bubble butt I have ever seen.” He said to David as he took off his wife’s panties.” Tracy put her hands on David’s hairy shoulder as she stepped out of the panties. “The bitch is really creaming.” Said Roberto as he felt the wetness on the panties and then threw them at David.

“So how does it feel watching another man take off your wife’s clothes?” Roberto questioned with a snigger.

“Man this bitch has a fine body…even after two kids…damn man…flat stomach, firm titties, nice ass, toned long legs, creamy smooth skin…this body is made to be used as a cum dump.” He said as he admired the hot body of David’s wife. “I like it when a woman keeps her pussy completely shaved…smooth.”

Tracy felt completely humiliated by the way this crass man was inspecting her body. She felt like a piece of meat which was being evaluated to serve the only purpose of satiating a man’s sexual needs. Despite her disgust her pussy released more moisture.

After admiring her body, Roberto hugged her from behind. His pot belly touched her back and she felt the tip of his hard cock on the upper swell of her ass. She felt a slight tickle as Roberto’s extensive bodily hair touched her smooth, creamy skin.

“You like seeing your naked wife being held by another man?” Asked Roberto as he watched David over the shoulder of his wife.

David gently stroked his cock watching the svelte body of his wife being embraced by the swarthy, pot bellied man with a receding hairline.

It was arousing to see the contrast between his wife and Roberto. The hairy, pot bellied, out of shape, swarthy man with the creamy, smooth skinned, svelte, blonde beauty.

“Yes…it is hot seeing my wife with another man.” He huskily said.

“Just wait till you see your slut wife stuffed full of my dark meat…making the bitch moan with pleasure.” Roberto said crudely. “You are just going to lose it.” He grinned.

Roberto started kissing her neck making Tracy whimper. “I am going to mark your wife.” Roberto said lustily as he started sucking on the juncture where her slender neck met the shoulder. He grabbed her small, firm tits and started squeezing them, pinching the hard pink nipples.

Tracy whimpered loudly and started breathing hard due to the pleasurable sensations that started coursing through her body. Her eyes glazed over as more and more moisture was secreted by her pussy.

When Roberto removed his mouth David saw a hickey on his wife’s neck. He groaned seeing that his wife had been marked by another man.

“Slut…now it is time for you to take care of my cock.” He growled at her and he roughly turned her around and pushed her down.

Tracy submissively got on her knees and took his hard, dark, uncircumcised cook in her dainty hands. She gently moved her hands up and down on the hard cock, felt the thick veins on it. She was mesmerized by the dark cock, it was unlike any other cock she had ever held in her hands. The cock skin felt so velvety.

Pre-cum dribbled out of David’s cock when he saw his wife’s left hand on the hard, dark cock. Seeing his wife’s engagement ring and wedding band on another man’s cock was very arousing.

Tracy pulled the foreskin down exposing the thick cock head which was leaking pre-cum

“Lick it bitch.” Roberto said to her.

The crude and degrading way he was talking to her was actually turning her on. She stuck her tongue out and licked the leaking pre-cum. Then she proceeded to take the fat cock head in her mouth.

As she started sucking on Roberto’s cock, David noticed her puffy pussy lips peeking between her thighs. The pussy lips were glistening with moisture. It was a very erotic sight and he was overcome with lust. He wanted to touch his wife’s wet pussy.

He quickly got down behind his wife, on his knees, and cupped her wet sex. He ran his fingers between the swollen, wet pussy lip, eliciting a moan from his wife.

She stopped sucking on the cock and looked back at her husband. Her face was flushed with arousal. A strand of saliva trailed from her lip to the dark cock head.

Without even thinking David suddenly locked lips with her as his fingers penetrated her pussy lips.

He started kissing her hungrily as he finger fucked her. He was out of mind with lust as he sucked on the tongue and lips that just had been wrapped around a another man’s cock.

It was just too much stimulation for Tracy as she orgasmed the second time on her husband’s fingers. She loudly grunted into her husband’s mouth as her pussy ejaculated for the first time ever. She let go of Roberto’s cock and tightly grabbed his hips as her body convulsed due to the intense sensations. David held her body, preventing her from collapsing on the floor.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, she looked at her husband through her heavily lidded eyes and whispered, “I love you baby.” And then kissed him lustily.

Suddenly Roberto grabbed her silky blonde hair and roughly jerked her head, making her break the kiss. “Bitch you had enough fun…now service my cock.” He sneered at her. Then he gave David an angry, hard look.

David got angry seeing the rough way Roberto treated his wife. He looked back at Roberto angrily also.

“Baby it is okay…I am fine. Go sit on the couch.” Tracy said to him in a husky voice. She was breathing hard. Looking at the look on her face David was shocked to realize that his wife was getting turned on by the rough treatment and the crude language.

“Now slut show me how you suck cock.” He said to her.

She licked his hard cock up and down and then took his uncircumcised cock into her pretty mouth. She bobbed up and down on his hard dark meat. David looked intently as his wife pleasured another man with her mouth. He knew that his wife was really good at giving head. In fact she truly enjoyed having a cock in her mouth.

Soon she had more than half of his cock inside her mouth and was trying really hard to deepthroat. Roberto was really enjoying the cock sucking.

“Yes slut…suck it good. That’s it. You love my dark cock…you married whore…don’t you?” He growled at her. “Take it completely in.”

She kept bobbing up and down with her hands also moving with her head. Slowly she was able to take his whole cock inside her mouth. David noticed his wife was able to slowly control her gag reflex and relax her throat muscles. His cock twitched seeing Roberto’s entire cock buried in his wife’s pretty face. Her pert, cute nose buried in Roberto’s thick curly pubic hairs at the base of his cock.

“Damn man…this bitch is one fine cock sucker. A true slut.” Roberto said ecstatically as he looked at David. “Not bad at all.”

Then he grabbed her hair roughly and pulled her off his cock. “A beautiful face like yours…it looks better while getting face fucked.” He said aggressively. “Remove your hands from my cock and keep your mouth open. Hold on to my ass…I am going to face fuck you.”

David felt uneasy about what Roberto was about to do but he just sat there waiting for him to face fuck his wife.

Tracy did as he asked and put her hands on his hairy ass.

Roberto kept holding her hair and slowly inserted his cock into her open mouth and then withdrew it. He slowly moved his cock in and out of her mouth a few times and then he got aggressive with her.

He started using her mouth like a fuckhole.

It was like he was pounding her pretty face with his cock. Making her gag and choke . She spit every time she choked on his cock and he would pull out giving her an opportunity to catch her breath. But then he would ram his cock right back down her throat. Roberto kept on fucking her mouth brutally as her face got flushed and tears ran down from her watering eyes.

David was initially was concerned when she choked and gagged for the first time and then he realized that his wife was not distressed. He stroked his cock as his wife was being used like a slut by a man she barely knew. The mother of his children looked like a two bit whore as she was roughly face fucked by a man whom she had known for less than half a day. His prim, proper, well-educated wife turned into a slut. He watched in astonishment as her beautiful face got coated with the slimy mix of saliva and pre-cum.

“Your wife handles cock better than paid whores…she is the best cocksucker I have ever had…even better than Jenny.” Roberto taunted David. “Look at your wife’s face…looks like a disgusting fuck pig. She acted like she was better than me…now I am going to fuck her off her high horse.” He said vindictively.

Then he pulled her off his cock and said,”Suck my hairy balls now.” He held his cock up as Tracy bent down to suck on his hairy, wrinkled, nut sacs. She licked his balls, took his balls one by one in her mouth and sucked on them. Roberto moaned with pleasure.

After some time he made her stop sucking on his balls and barked at her,”Look up bitch…open your mouth. ”

She did as he told her and opened her mouth. Roberto spit into her open mouth.

David was shocked seeing this depravity but his cock twitched when Tracy did not object and swallowed his spit.

“That is like a good little slut…do you like sucking on my cock bitch?” He snarled at her.

She just kept looking up at him and did not respond. Roberto slapped her and her right cheek instantly turned red. Tracy was stunned by the stinging pain but instead of getting angry, she felt humiliated and even more aroused.

David was shocked too and felt angry. He stood up while continuing to stroke his hard cock. He felt as if he should do something but simply froze.

“Pinche perra…puta…answer me…you like my cock?” He asked aggressively using spanish expletives.

She was panting hard and did not answer. Roberto again slapped her. This time her left cheek which also turned red instantly. She felt her pussy pulse.

“Roberto…you better stop.” David said angrily as he stepped forward.

But Roberto was completely unruffled. “Relax man…this dumb bitch likes it rough.” He was enjoying humiliating the pretty, blonde wife. “Look at her…look at the fucking cunt” He said to David.

When David looked at her, he was shocked to see his wife rubbing her pussy. His hard cock throbbed as he sat down on the couch.

David grabbed her hair and jerk her head back roughly. “Tell me fuck slut…you like my cock?” He snarled at her.

“Yes.” She responded.

“Yes what bitch?…say the complete thing…tell me like you mean it. Tell me how much you like my dark, Mexican cock.” Saying that he slapped her again.

She felt completely humiliated and all her self-respect was gone now. She looked up at him and said,”I love your dark Mexican cock…I love having it in my mouth.”

“Dumb slut…open your mouth.” She submissively opened her mouth and Roberto again spit in her mouth. Then Roberto turned around and sat down on the armchair.

“Bring your worthless ass over here.” He ordered. “Fucking married white whore…crawl to me on your hands and knees…like a dog.” He was completely humiliating the proud woman.

Tracy’s intellect was completely repulsed by the arousal coursing through her body. It seemed as if her body had a mind of its own. She did as Roberto had ordered. She crawled to him as he sat arrogantly on the armchair.

“What you waiting for you dumb cunt?…start servicing my cock.” He said aggressively to her and again slapped her. Without showing any reaction she started sucking on his thick cock. After sucking on his cock for a little bit, he ordered her to suck on his balls.

She bent below and started pleasuring his wrinkly, hairy balls. She swirled the tip of her tongue around the ball sac. Licked his dark, almost black balls like it was cone of ice cream. Took each ball one by one all the way into her mouth, sucked on them. Licked the vertical line in the middle of his scrotal sac.

Roberto moaned loudly with pleasure. “Damn David…your wife is the finest cock sucker and ball licker known to man. See how much effort she is putting into it. You are married to a true cock lover.” He snickered.

“Go further down…lick below my balls slut.” She was completely worked up with lust and without even a second thought she bent even further. Roberto scooted to the edge of the seat and raised his legs in the air. “Lick my grundle bitch…suck on it…suck my hairy, sweaty grundle you married whore.” He hissed at her.

The position of Roberto made his perineum very accessible to the blonde beauty and his disgusting hairy butt crack and asshole was clearly visible to her. His butt crack was almost black like his balls and very hairy.

Again she shocked her husband my doing as he ordered. She licked his perineum, sucked on it as Roberto enjoyed the intense sensations.

He looked at the shocked face of David,”What a nasty bitch you have married man.” He taunted David. “But we both know she can be much more nastier.”

David’s pulse quickened as he realized what Roberto intended to do. A part of his screamed at him to stop it but another part of his mind wanted to see his prim proper wife completely debase herself.

Roberto put his hand on the back of her head, pushing her face down and snarled at her, “Lick my ass you dumb whore.”

She felt disgusted looking at the hairy butt crack of Roberto. She smelled the pungent odor emanating from his butt crack but instead of being put off by it, it inflamed her arousal. It made her feel dirty.

She resisted but then let him push her face into his ass. “Lick my ass bitch.” He forcefully pushed her face more into his ass and she started licking his disgusting ass.

“Your wife is the nastiest white slut I have ever known…no woman has ever licked my ass…your wife is the first. ” Roberto had now removed his hand from her head and Tracy continued to lick his ass.

“Ah…yeah…lick my dirty shit hole you nasty cunt…pinche puta…pinche pera.” Roberto was being driven crazy by the intense sensations.

David could not believe his eyes. The enthusiasm that Tracy was showing while completely debasing herself was shocking. His beautiful wife, the mother of his children was holding Roberto’s ass cheeks open with her hands as he licked his hairy ass. She kissed his hairy ass cheeks, sucked on them, ran her tongue up and down his ass crack. Roberto kept on moaning and a steady stream of expletives kept pouring from his mouth as he called Tracy all kinds of filthy names.

After enjoying the ass action for couple of minutes, Roberto stopped Tracy and stood up. He grabbed her blonde hair and roughly jerked her head up. “Stand up…you ass slut.”

She submissively did as he asked. Roberto dragged her by her hair to where her husband was sitting and threw her face down on the seat cushion next to him. She fell down clumsily with her face on the seat, her knees on the floor. She looked so undignified.

David’s heart sank watching his sexy, elegant wife being man handled so roughly. She was truly being handled like a piece of meat. When he looked at her face all he saw was lust. She was very aroused.

Suddenly Roberto slapped her ass. “Bitch on your feet…stand up and bend down…keep your legs straight and your face needs to be on the seat cushion.” He ordered.

She was getting on her feet slowly when Roberto again slapped her ass. She yelped loudly and lost her footing. She fell down on the floor clumsily. David had never known his wife to look so unlady like.

Ever since David has known his wife she has always exuded class and elegance. A woman with high morals and high self-esteem. Everyone knows her as a loving wife and a wonderful mother, a respectable member of her church.

David thought that his wife even managed to look elegant when she got down and dirty with him in bed.

But tonight a crass and arrogant man was treating her like a cheap whore.This man heaped humiliation on her and she accepted it without any protest. He had slapped her around, spanked her, spit on her, dragged her by her hair but she did not even tried to stop him. It seemed that this woman David was seeing had no self-respect and dignity.

Roberto bent down and slapped her face.”Bitch you can’t even stand up…you ass slut.” He said angrily and again slapped her. He then grabbed her hair again and pulled her up roughly by it. She looked like a complete mess, like trash, David thought. Even through all this his wife did not lose the cum on face. The horny look she had on her face.

Roberto held her as he forced her to bend at her waist with her face on the seat cushion and turned sideways towards her husband. Her face had turned completely red due to being slapped so many times. The horny latin man positioned himself behind the bent blonde beauty. He felt her pussy which was leaking copious amounts of her fuck juices.

“Damn man…your wife really wants to be fucked.” He said to David. He lined up his fat cock with her wet slit and with one savage thrust filled her up with his pelvis smashing into her fleshy, creamy, round ass.

Tracy gasped loudly and her mouth opened wide. Her hands reached out desperately to grab something. She got hold of her husband’s hand and the other other hand clawed at the cushion cover. She was cumming hard. She stretched out on her toes, her body writhed and she groaned loudly as waves of orgasmic pleasure coursed through her body again and again.

“Damn bitch you must have been right on the edge.” Saying that Roberto smacked her ass hard making her yelp. She moaned loudly and buried her face in the cushion as she started squirting. Another intense orgasm coursed through her body. She squeezed her husband’s hand so tightly that it hurt.

Fluid from her pussy started leaking out from around the embedded cock of Roberto. Her body convulsed as she struggled to stay on her feet. Roberto held her in place as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her mouth stayed wide open and she kept making unintelligible noises. Roberto could feel her pussy pulse and clamp around his cock.

“Your wife really needed my cock man.” Roberto said to David while grinning. Both men watched in amazement as the the carpet got soaked due to the fluids ejaculating from Tracy’s pussy.

Slowly the intense sensations subsided and Tracy stopped convulsing. Roberto had kept his dark cock buried in the blonde wife. He slowly withdrew his cock, keeping just the tip of his cock and savagely slammed the entire length of his 7 inch cock inside her. She gasped loudly as Roberto bottomed out in her pussy and his pelvis slammed on her ass again. He then again slowly withdrew his cock and Tracy whimpered in anticipation as she looked back at Roberto. He gave her an arrogant smile and again slammed his hard cock into her pushing her face into the cushion.

After repeating his actions few more times, he started fucking her hard and fast. Again and again his pelvis slammed into her ass. The living room was filled with the noise of flesh hitting flesh and the loud moaning, groaning and grunting emanating from Tracy’s mouth. She was being thoroughly used like a slut. David just sat there stroking his cock while another man used his wife like his personal slut. He bent down and gently kissed her reddened right cheek as his wife was lost in the ecstasy of a lusty fuck. She was writhing as the animalistic mating went on unabated.

Soon she was in the throes of another intense orgasm and Roberto kept fucking her through the intense sensations.

“Please stop…please stop…Roberto please stop…I need a break.” She said through labored breathing. “Ah…Ahh…hmmmph…I am cumming.” She tried to move but Roberto held her in place.

She raised her head up and Roberto immediately grabbed her neck and pushed her face back down onto the cushion. Her face was again on the seat cushion turned towards her husband.

“You fucking worthless whore…keep your face down.” He said breathlessly and then raised his right foot and planted it on her face. Now Roberto’s left foot was on the floor and his right foot on Tracy’s face. Her husband just sat right next to her face looking at the humiliating sight while continuing to hold his wife’s hand.

Roberto kept fucking her roughly. “What a nasty whore you have married David…she is worse than Jenny. A fucking tramp.” He taunted.

“You worthless piece of fuck meat tell your husband what you are.” He snarled at her and spanked her ass.

She yelped and submissively said,”I am a slut.” Another orgasm was about to engulf her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she pushed her ass back onto Roberto.

“Yes you are…all you are good for is for men to stick their cocks in your holes…you are just a cum dumpster…a fucking dumb whore.” He growled. He was close to cumming.

He suddenly removed his foot from her face, withdrew his cock and grabbed her hair. He roughly dragged her off the couch.”Get on your knees slut…I am going to cum in your mouth. You are going to drink my cum…open your mouth dumb cunt.” His uncut cock was coated a slimy, white colored fluid mix.

She opened her mouth and he stuck his cock in which start erupting immediately. “Drink all of my baby making juice you cum dump whore.” He said to her lustily.

David watched his wife’s throat muscles work hard to swallow Roberto’s cum and also noticed Roberto’s balls pulse and contract as he ejaculated. It was a heavy load and some of the sticky fluid leaked out of his wife’s mouth onto her chin.

After Roberto emptied his balls, he pulled his cock out her mouth and stumbled back collapsing on the armchair. He basically sprawled out on it. He was out of breath and his body was covered with sweat.

“Damn…this slut really drained my balls.” He said while breathing hard. For all three of them it was one of the most intense sexual experience, especially for Roberto and Tracy.

They both were completely worn out.

Tracy had also collapsed on the floor. She had laid down on the floor on her back with one arm over her eyes. Her beautiful svelte body was covered in a sheen of sweat. Her breathing was ragged.

David went to his wife and removed her arm from her eyes. She gave her husband an ashamed look. Looking at her David was shocked to see how red her cheeks were. He noticed the sticky cum on her chin and a pubic hair stuck on his wife’s lip.

He removed the coarse, curly hair from her lip and asked, “Are you alright sweetheart?” His voice was filled with tenderness. “You look so beautiful.”

She smiled at her husband awkwardly and just nodded. Her silky, blonde hair was all disheveled. He gently pushed the hair away from her face and moved forward to kiss her.

She stopped him with an alarmed look on her face,”What are you doing?…I am not clean…you saw what he did.” She felt humiliated.

“I don’t care…I just want to kiss my wife.” He said lustily and locked lips with his wife. He kissed her passionately and moved on top of her. His cock throbbed with arousal as he tasted Roberto’s cock and cum on his wife’s mouth.

Tracy spread her legs for her husband and grabbing his cock she guided it to her sopping wet pussy.

“Make love to me sweetheart” She whispered. David gently and lovingly made love to the love of his life. But he was just too aroused and did not last long. After two minutes he erupted inside her.

“Sorry sweetheart…I was just too aroused.” He said to her.

“That is okay…don’t worry.” She lovingly responded as David rolled off her. Roberto just watched the husband and wife lazily from the armchair.

Tracy stood up shyly while cupping her pussy. She did not want David’s cum to leak onto the carpet.

“I will clean up and check on the kids.” She said with an embarrassed tone while completely avoiding to look at Roberto. David’s heart sank thinking about his children sleeping upstairs while their mother was fucked like a cheap whore downstairs.

Both the men watched her delectable ass undulate as she walked away from them.

“Your wife is a hot ass slut man…damn what a fine ass.” Roberto’s voice was filled with desire.

“You really went overboard Roberto.” David said through clenched teeth. “You hurt her.”

“Whoa…back up man. In case you did not notice the bitch loved it.” Roberto sat up straight and locked eyes with David. “Plus you knew that I am a rough fucker…I like it giving to a woman hard and rough.” He kept his eyes even with David. “Especially when fucking another man’s woman…you know you should also try be a bit rough with her, she likes it.” He smirked.

“Whatever man…don’t you have to go home to your girlfriend.” David said with an edge to his voice.

“Yeah…I will…just need to ride your slut wife one more time…riding that bitch just once is not enough.” He said with a smirk. David did not respond but his cock twitched hearing Roberto’s intention.

“I don’t think you will mind watching me fuck that dirty whore…watching your wife take my cock one more time.” Roberto said with a sneer. Then both men stayed quiet waiting for Tracy to return.

Tracy came back into the living room twenty minutes later. She was surprised to see that Roberto had still not left. Her pulse quickened seeing his naked body.

She had cleaned up and was wearing a small robe that came down to her mid thighs. Her face had been washed and hair tied in a neat pony tail.

David noticed that her face did not look as reddened as before. She again looked like a prim and proper wife and his cock twitched thinking that Roberto was again going to fuck her again.

She gave a questioning look to her husband and then decided to just simply talk to Roberto,”It is late…you should leave now.” Her voice quavered..

“Is that anyway to talk to your lover…I am not done with you yet.” He said arrogantly as he stood up.

“You had your fun Roberto…leave now.” She said nervously.

“Come on don’t tell me you did not enjoy my cock stretching your married pussy…you cunt.” He hissed at her as he came and stood in front of her. She felt humiliated hearing his crude words.

“So are your children sleeping?” He asked her.

“Yes.” She responded.

“Good…I don’t want them to walk in on us while I am fucking their slut mother.” He said with a sneer.

Tracy felt the heat rising to her face hearing his words. Roberto pulled the tie on her robe that was holding it close and then pushed the robe off her shoulders. She felt a tingling in her pussy and let the robe fall around her feet.

“Get down and clean my cock.” He said to her while pushing her down onto her knees. His cock had a dried, crusty, whitish coating. She gingerly took the dirty looking cock in her mouth. Even though she felt disgusted taking his dirty cock in her mouth but it aroused her that she was being so nasty.

“Lick my shaft properly…lick it up and down.” He said to her and she did as he told her. She cleaned his cock up and started sucking on it properly. This time without even asked she bent down and licked his black, wrinkly, hairy balls and sucked on them.

He looked at David who was hard again and gently stroking his cock. “Your wife sure got some mouth on her…she insulted me with this mouth and now has my cock buried in that same mouth…what a slut you have married.” He said to David as his wife deepthroated Roberto’s cock. David’s cock twitched seeing his loving wife’s nose buried in the curly pubic hairs.

“Remove your hands from my cock…I am going to face fuck you…married sluts like you love getting face fucked.” He contemptuously.

She did as he ordered and opened her mouth to receive his hard cock. Roberto grabbed her head with both of his hands and started face fucking her hard. Soon she was choking and gagging on his thick cock. She was spitting and her eyes were watering but she did not try to stop his onslaught.

“I love fucking a woman in front of her husband, under his own roof.” He said tauntingly to David as he continued to face fuck Tracy.”Turning them into sluts…using them like cheap whores.”

David just listened to him stroking his cock watching his beautiful wife slobbering all over the dark cock. She looked like a cock hungry slut as the mexican man fucked her mouth brutally and she took it without any complaints.

After face-fucking her for a couple more minutes Roberto stopped. “You like having a hard, thick cock stuffed in your mouth, don’t you?” He jerked her head up and asked her.

She looked up at him with lustful eyes without saying a word.

He slapped her and snarled,”Tell me you fucking worthless whore.” He slapped her again.

“Yes.” She said with a quavering voice.

“Yes…what?” He slapped her again.

“I like having a hard cock in my mouth.” Her voice a mix of shame and excitement.

“Suck my cock…take care of my balls. Show your hubby how much you love cock.” He said to her contemptuously. “Show him what a cock hungry slut you are.”

He groaned with pleasure as she started sucking on his uncut, dark, Mexican cock. Her cheeks stung due to the slaps but she did not care. She was still surprised by the discovery that the rough treatment and degradation actually turned her on.

Her intellect was completely disgusted by her actions but her body’s carnal desires were completely controlling her. The more dirty Roberto made her feel, the more it aroused her. She was completely loathing herself but she was unable to stop herself from getting aroused. She was in complete disbelief that how a woman like her, a strong, well-educated, well-respected woman let a man she barely knew slap her around, spit on her.

But all she cared about at this present moment was taking care of the hard cock and have it stuffed in her wet, aching, married pussy.

She hungrily slobbered over the hard cock, licked it from top to bottom, played with balls and then proceeded to lick the dark balls and suck on them.

“Aah man…your wife is an excellent cock sucker.” Roberto groaned lustily as the blonde beauty deep throated him. David watched with rapt attention stroking his cock watching his wife pleasure Roberto.

“Enough of this…get up bitch.” He grabbed her hair and jerked her up.”I need to fuck you now…go bend over your husband…I want you to see into your loving husband’s eyes while you take my cock in your married pussy.” Roberto pushed her towards her husband.

Tracy shyly looked at her husband as she bend over him and put her hands on his shoulders. She looked at her husband’s hard cock and her pussy got even more wetter knowing that her husband was enjoying her debauchery.

Her face was a mess with saliva coating her face and her cheeks red. But she still looked so beautiful thought David. He lovingly took hold of her face and said to her,”I love you sweetheart!!”

“I love you you too baby.” Responded Tracy as she assumed the position to allow another man to mount her. Bent at her waist, legs straight and spread apart, her back arched, sticking out her delectable round ass.

Roberto groaned as he saw her glistening, puffed pussy lips peeking underneath the globes of creamy, fleshy orbs. It was very hot the way this prim and proper woman was presenting herself to be fucked by him. He was amazed that he was actually fucking such a beautiful woman. He had no doubt that this blonde woman was a loving and faithful wife but he was enjoying the fact that he had brought out the slut in her.

It was a night of revelations for all three of them.

“Yes baby position yourself properly…let him use your pussy properly.” Saying that David locked his lips with his wife. As he kissed her, his wife gasped into his mouth and her body was pushed into him. His cock leaked pre-cum realising that his wife’s pussy has been filled up by Roberto again.

Roberto spanked her hard a couple of times as he pounded her hard and his pelvis smashed on his round ass again and again.

Tracy broke off the kiss and yelped and moaned loudly as she was fucked and spanked by the arrogant, Mexican man. Her mouth stayed open and eyes rolled back in her head.

David’s cock twitched as he watched the expressions of ecstasy on his wife’s face. His living room was filled with squelching noises and flesh hitting flesh as another man mated with his beautiful, loving wife. The mother of his children.

As he brutally pounded her, she came hard on Roberto’s cock. Her body convulsed and she dug her nails into her husband’s shoulder as she struggled to contain the intense sensations of orgasmic release coursing through her body.

She grunted and yelled and said to her husband through labored breathing.”OH…baby…I am cumming again on your friend’s cock…that is what you wanted…right honey?”

“Yes…that is what I wanted…you look so beautiful cumming…cumming on another man’s cock.” He responded breathlessly and kissed her hard.

Even before the intense sensations stopped, Roberto grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair roughly jerking back her head. He withdrew his cock out of her and dragged her by her hair away from her husband. He roughly threw her down on the carpeted floor.

She clumsily fell down face down on the floor. “Get on your knees…you worthless fuck slut…face down ass up.” He barked at her. She submissively did as he ordered her to do.

Roberto stood above her upturned ass his legs on her sides. He smirked at David who just sat on the couch with rapt attention slowly jacking his cock.

“I am going to fuck you wife like a dog now…a bitch in heat.” He said to him aggressively. “I like it how she presents herself to be fucked right under her husband’s roof…right in front of her husband.” He taunted David. “I bet you like it how she positioned herself like a tramp.”

He bent his knees and shoved his cock into Tracy’s open, waiting, wet pussy. She moaned and grunted loudly as Roberto bottomed out.

“You see how your wife’s pink pussy lips are wrapped around my dark, mexican cock.” He said lustily to David. “Damn man…she is got a tight pussy even after having two kids.”

He started fucking her hard and Tracy started moaning and grunting.

“You like hearing your wife moan like a whore while getting fucked by another man.” He smirked as David continued to stroke his cock.

Roberto fucked David’s wife nice and hard making her cum couple more times before emptying his balls in her pussy.

He kept his cock inside her pussy until his cock stopped ejaculating. Looking at David he slowly withdrew his shrinking cock. Tracy was exhausted and she let herself go, laying down on her stomach. Her legs obscenely open with cum leaking out of her pussy.

“I am late…my girlfriend is waiting for me. I gotta go man…thanks for sharing your pretty wife.” Saying that he quickly put on his clothes.

As he was leaving, he said to Tracy, “By the way Tracy…it was really nice meeting you…you are really lucky to have such an understanding husband like David.” He grinned at David.

David locked the door behind him and came back to the living room. His wife had not moved at all. He laid down next her and slowly turned her over.

“Let me see you baby.” He said lustily and got between her legs on his knees. He groaned looking at his wife’s well used pussy.

“Oh…sweetheart…he fucked you real good.” His voice was filled with desire and arousal. He was completely mesmerized by his wife’s pussy and just starting licking her pussy.

Tracy moaned and put her hands on her husband’s head. She pushed his face into her pussy. “Ah…baby…eat me…lick me.” She sounded delirious.

David lapped on her pussy, sucked on her pussy lips and her swollen clit. He stuck his tongue all the way inside her gaping open pussy. As soon as he stuck his tongue inside her, she shrieked and came hard. She convulsed and bucked up desperately grabbing the carpet and her toes curled up.

After she stopped cumming David got on top of her and Tracy gave her a shy, sheepish smile. David kissed his wife tenderly all over her face and then locked lips with her.

He slowly made love to her. This time he lasted longer.

After getting in their bedroom, Tracy went straight to the bathroom. She wanted to take a shower before going to bed.

When she got on the bed Tracy was surprised to see that David was still awake.

“Are you okay honey?” David sounded very concerned.

“I don’t know…I feel really terrible.” She sounded unsure about what to say. “Do you still love after seeing me act in such an abhorrent way. It was like I had no dignity, no self respect. I completely lost control.”

“I have never stopped loving you and I never will. I do not want you to feel bad or have any regrets.” He said lovingly. “Everything happened because I let it happen…I could have stopped it but I did not want to. And I am glad it happened…it was one of the most intense and hottest experience of my life. I lost count how many times you came today…I just love watching you cum.” He said earnestly.

Getting reminded about her orgasms made her blush in embarrassment. She had never cum so many times in one night before.

“I broke my wedding vows…I had sex with another man. What if after some time you resent me for what I have done.” She was very worried.

“I will never resent you for what happened tonight…please trust me…I am the one who wanted it to happen.” He assured her.

“Do you think you would ever want to sleep with another woman because of what happened tonight…I can never share you with anyone else baby.” She burst into tears.

David hugged her and calmed her down. “I told you before also…you are the only woman I want. You are all I need. You will have to never worry about sharing me.”

“I love you so much David…I agreed to wear the babydoll in front of him to please you. I saw how much it was turning you on…but then after that I lost control. I feel so guilty letting him have sex with me..” She was regretting her actions.

“Don’t feel guilty…I made you lose control…for some weird reason which I do not even understand I wanted him to have you.” He said to her. “It was hot to see you lose control and just enjoy sex purely as a physical thing…give in to your sexual needs…completely submit.”

“Now sleep…no regrets. We just had some fun and don’t think of Roberto as using you. Think of it as we used him to create some nice depraved memory.” He kissed her gently and held her. Tracy felt reassured by her husband’s words.

“Does it hurt?…he slapped you a few time.” David asked her nervously.

“My cheeks do not hurt…I think he was being careful not to hit my face hard…but my ass stings a little bit.” She responded shyly.

“Okay…when he hit you…slapped you…I tried to stop but then I saw that it was turning you on…so I backed off.” He seemed very hesitant talking about it.

“Can we please not talk about this…let us sleep…we have to go to church tomorrow morning.” Tracy said shyly while reminding him that tomorrow was Sunday. But her heart rate quickened thinking about Roberto being rough with her, pulling her hair, spanking her, slapping her. It was a shocking discovery for her that she got turned on by a man being so rough with her, degrading her, using her like a fuck toy.

They both were tired and fell asleep quickly.

When woke up in the morning, Tracy was not next to him and he heard the kids making noise downstairs. After taking a shower, he headed downstairs.

The kids were sitting at the kitchen dining table having breakfast while their mother hovered around them, taking care of their needs.

David admired how beautiful his wife was looking. Once again she was the dotting, responsible mother, a respectable woman.

Dressed in an elegant conservative dress which ended at her knees. She looked like her normal proper self. Nothing like the wanton hussy last night. The memory made his pulse quicken.

“Good morning kids…morning honey.” He smiled looking at his children. They also wished him good morning. Tracy gave him a cute, shy smile which made his heart soar. He felt very lucky that she was his wife.

He sat down with the kids to have breakfast also. He bantered with them making them laugh.

After finishing the breakfast, children wanted to watch TV and went to the den. Tracy and David were now alone in the kitchen.

Tracy looked at her husband and asked, “Are we alright honey.”

“We are not simply alright…we are doing great. We love each other beyond measure and completely trust each other.” He responded confidently. “Don’t you agree?”

“Yes I do…just wanted to be reassured again.” She said with a guilty smile.

She picked up the empty utensils to put in the sink. David followed behind her and hugged her from behind as she stood at the sink.

“The makeup does a pretty good job of hiding the hickey.” He said to her.

“Yes…only if someone is very close, they will notice it.” She responded nervously. “The kids were asking about it and I told them that it is just an insect bite.”

“Yeah a very creepy, disgusting, and large insect.” He nuzzled her nape. Tracy felt her husband’s hardening cock on her ass. He grabbed her tits over her dress and her nipples hardened.

“Stop honey…the children may come back to the kitchen.” Her heart was beating hard with excitement.

“You are just so sexy.” He said and kissed her neck. “What are you wearing under your dress…what kind of panties?”

“My normal bikini panties.” She told him.

“I want you to change your underwear…wear your thigh high stockings with garter belt and a thong.” He lustily whispered into her ears as he squeezed her tits.

“But we are going to the church baby.” She protested.

“It would be hot knowing that you are wearing sexy underwear in church…you will feel sexy too.” Saying that he kissed her.

“You know people may notice the garter clips in this jersey dress I am wearing even though it is not tight fitting…but the fabric is thin and clings to my body…if someone is watches closely and in the right light…will know I am wearing a garter belt.” She said nervously.

“Don’t worry…only the men who ogle you will know…I want them to know that my wife is wearing sexy underwear. You have quite a few admirers who try to chat you up…let them chat you up.” He was feeling very excited. “And I have always liked this dress…it such a proper dress but can be so teasing and naughty too…when the light is quite right and the fabric is sticking to you…a person keeping a close eye on you can see what kind of panties you are wearing. It is a hot sexy dress yet so casual and conservative.” David grinned.

“Honey…the children are with us.” She was feeling very apprehensive.

“You know as soon as they see my parents…they will go to them and like every Sunday, my dad will take them home.” David’s parents also attended the same church. They adored their grandchildren and the children also loved spending time with the grandparents.

“We will not sit with my parents today…maybe we will sit with one of your admirers.” Hearing his excited words, a tremor went through her body.

“David…even though I do not like what we did last night…but I do like what it is doing to us” She said softly.”I have not felt this excited in a long time, it is like a new spark…I just feel as if I am much closer to you than ever before.”

“Yes…I feel the same way.” He truthfully said. “I really liked what happened last night…just loved it that we were so bad…loved it that we completely gave in to our carnal desires, our baser instincts…you liked being bad, right? letting another man who is not your husband use your hot body, your married pussy to satiate his sexual hunger, you liked being a complete slut…didn’t you?” He lustfully growled at her.

“Yes…baby…I did…I know it is wrong but I liked turning you on…be a slut for you.” Tracy said shyly with her voice betraying her excitement. She was accepting her desires, her need to please her husband and any other man her husband wants her to submit to.

David was amazed by the transformation in his wife within the last 24 hours and he was very pleased with it. His prim and proper wife wanting to be a wanton hussy to please her husband.

“Good…I want you to be bad…really bad.” He said huskily as he pushed his cock into her ass and kissed her neck.

“On the way to church we need to stop at a pharmacy…even though it was kind of safe time of the month for me but I don’t want to take the risk… I need the morning after pill.” She said to her husband seriously. Last night they completely forgot that Tracy was not on any kind of birth control ever since David had a vasectomy three years ago.

Hearing that Roberto may have impregnated his wife, David’s cock twitched which Tracy right away felt on her ass and then he lustily squeezed her small, firm tits.

Tracy’s eyes opened wide in shock realizing her husband got turned on thinking of her about being impregnated by another man.

“I cannot believe it that you are turning out to be such a perverted and kinky man…you actually are getting turned on by thinking of me getting impregnated by another man.” She said incredulously and felt her pussy get wet.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me…but the brains that are in my balls are getting aroused by thinking my wife being inseminated by another man.” He said sheepishly.

“You are getting really bad. You know this is wrong…my sane mind wants to run away from it all but I want to be soooo bad for you sweetheart.” She said playfully and then turned around to kiss her husband.

“Go…change your underwear and wear the garter belt.” He swatted her ass playfully. “And remember to wear the panties over the garter belt suspenders…just in case I want to take them off.” He winked at her.

Tracy blushed and went upstairs to do what her husband had asked. As she pulled up the tiny g-string over the stockings and garter belt suspenders, she felt nervous and excited due to the naughtiness of her actions.

He waited for her at the kitchen dining table.

“What do you think?…can you make out I am wearing garter belt with the stockings.” She asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Only if I look closely…like your admirers will look…they will be able to make out the small bumps of the suspender clips on the front of your thighs.” He said with a grin. “Bend over that corner of the dining table.” She did as he asked. “In this light I can even make out that you are wearing a thong with a garter belt.” David said while rubbing his hardening cock looking at his wife’s luscious ass to which the dress was sticking.

A shiver went through Tracy’s body thinking about other people being able to make out what kind of underwear she was wearing.

“Stand up and turn around facing me…let me take a picture of you.” Saying that he took a picture of his beautiful wife with his phone.

Then David pulled out a chair from dining table and asked his wife to sit on it.

After she sat down, David said,”Pull up your dress…show me the stocking tops.”

She smiles mischievously at her husband and pulls up her dress,”Like this baby…this is how you want to see me.” Her stocking tops are visible and the creamy skin of her thighs above the stocking top is also visible.

He looks at her with appreciation and takes a couple of pictures. “Yes…you look so sexy.” His voice was filled with desire. “I want other men to see you this way…see how sexy my wife is.” He locked his eyes with her. She gently bit her lower lip as she looked at her husband.

“Pull up your dress a bit higher…and spread you legs a little also.” He said. She did as he asked her to do. Now more of her creamy thighs were exposed and the black triangle of her tiny panties was visible between her creamy thighs. David took more pictures of his wife.

She looks so sexy, erotic and enticing sitting with her dress pulled up, so provocative and teasing. Her face was flushed with excitement.

“Get up and bend over the table keeping your legs straight and pull up your dress up to your waist. Show me that fine ass of yours.” David huskily said to his wife.

She bent over the table and bunched up the dress around her waist. Now her delectable ass was on display framed by garter suspenders and the tiny thong disappearing between her creamy, reddened ass cheeks. Tracy heard her husband’s sharp intake of breath and looked back at him.

David came close to her and tenderly touched her reddened ass. “Does it hurt baby?”

“No…just feels tender…a bit sensitive.” She responded shyly.

“Did it turn you on when he spanked you.” He asked out of curiosity.

She stared at him, hesitated and then said,”Yes…it did.” She felt very embarrassed thinking about what she let Roberto do to her and her own depraved actions.

“David…please do not ask me any more questions about last night…you already know I was very aroused and completely out of control. I did things…that I never even imagined I could do.” David understood that his wife was feeling ashamed about her depraved actions.

He nodded, “I won’t ask.” He gave her an understanding smile.

She straightened her dress and they left for the church after dragging the kids away from TV.

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