A Professor Living Dangerously Pt. 02




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The smell of the club and last night’s sex still filled her nostrils when Katherine awoke just after noon. She took a long shower then found her husband watching TV.

“Hi honey. Since this is your only day off, I thought we should do something,” he said with enthusiasm.

“Sound great,” she responded. She knew Jeff wasn’t getting much attention and she wanted to try and make it up to him.

They had a late lunch and then spent the afternoon at the zoo. It was an amazing time and the throng of young children with their parents helped clear her head from the whirlwind of events that had occurred in the past week. Later, they split a bottle of wine then made slow love, thankfully without any talk of the club.

By mid-afternoon Monday, Katherine was filled with trepidation wondering what was going to happen that evening. She had left early Sunday morning without speaking to Sam and didn’t know exactly what to expect. Fortunately, when she entered the club everything seemed to be relaxed, and she went directly to the dressing room and changed into her waitress attire. It was only when she finished and had approached Roland at the bar that he announced that Little Sam wanted to talk to her.

With deep concern, she moved the short distance to Sam’s office and cleared her throat before addressing the club owner, “Uh, Sam. Roland said you wanted to talk to me.”

“Sit down,” he replied, without looking at her.

Katherine sat on the couch with her legs squeezed closely together and waited for the black man to reply. Several minutes ticked by before he looked up and asked, “How was the other night?”

“It wasn’t what I wanted to do,” she replied, with some defiance in her voice.

“I know that girl, but you did it and you did a good job. I might need to call on you again and I need to know I can depend on you,” he said, in a not unpleasant voice.

“I don’t know…,” Katherine started, but was quickly cut off.

“Can I depend on you?” he asked again, this time in a stern voice.

“Yes, Sam,” she answered, looking at the floor. Her time at the club had taught her to deal with one thing at a time and she thought this was not the right moment. Just get through today, she repeated over and over to herself.

“Good, I knew I could. Now let me tell you something. Your dancing going to help you with the others. You’re one of them now. You spend more time chatting with them now and get to know them better then you can start getting your information,” he explained.

His words immediately lifted her spirits and with a quick nod and a hint of a smile she stood and left. Sam thought about her night of dancing and the reports he had gotten back. It had surprised him she had gone as far as she did, although he realized she had been full of surprises since she came into the club. His mind toyed with things he might try, however for now, he decided to leave her with some positive encouragement. It was something he learned long ago when dealing with club girls; take some, then give some.

The demand from Sam that she needed to be prepared to dance again tempered Katherine’s enthusiasm with his acknowledgement that she would soon be able to start gathering data. Surprisingly, she had been able to accept most of the night as a necessary task in achieving her goals. The last couple table dances were too much, but she knew it was her being pressed for time and the effects of all the alcohol she had consumed that forced it to occur. Still, it wasn’t like her at all, and she certainly didn’t want to have to do it again. Thus, it was important to progress with the girls as fast as possible.

For the rest of the week, Katherine worked as a waitress with renewed enthusiasm, and spent any spare moment purposefully seeking out the dancers to chat with and get to know. She thought she was making good progress, and also had to admit that Sam’s statement concerning “being one of them” was proving to be true as they were now much easier to approach. Also, she was pleased that Sam was not being demanding and, in fact, she had only seen him once since they talked and that was when he was just passing through the club.

Even Jeff seemed to be calming down. He did wait up for her Monday night, although for the last few days he had been asleep when she got home. She felt bad for hiding things from him, but she knew he wouldn’t understand and would force her to stop if she told him the truth.

Friday night was uncharacteristically slow at the club and Katherine was able to leave early. Before she left, she spoke for a few minutes with Sam who told her she could try her questions on a couple dancers he picked out the following week. This made her giddy and when she got home Jeff was still up, and they shared a snack and a drink before heading to bed.

That night, Jeff returned to his questions and in her good mood Katherine played along a bit getting him worked up by telling him some made up stories of her being touched. In reality, she had learned how to position herself to avoid most of the groping. Nonetheless, it got her husband excited which made her aroused and they had some hot sex before falling asleep.

Saturday started out slow as well and Katherine was hopeful she would be able to leave early once again. However, around nine a crowd started pouring in and within an hour it had reached the point that she was worried, with each new entrant, that she would be summoned by Sam. It was in that time frame that she noticed two of the girls leave with their customers through the back door. While working in the club, Katherine had seen it happen several times before, but a voice inside her had told her it was a subject to stay away from. It had just hit 10:30 PM and Katherine thought she might be out of the woods, when she was told to go see Sam.

“Need you to dance. Go get dressed,” he told her abruptly. Kat’s presence the last time had gotten the crowd going and the club had one of its best nights in months so, he was hopeful it might happen again.

“Sam…,” Katherine started to whine, but was cut short by his angry glare.

“No back talk. And, take your pill,” he barked, knowing the mixture of the drug and alcohol would help with her inhibitions.

With a defeated sigh and an affirmative nod, Katherine turned and left the room but stopped just outside, leaned against the wall and looked at the ceiling as she thought about what to do. So close, she thought to herself. Next week was supposed to be the start of the data gathering and now this.

“Shit!’ she finally proclaimed to no one, and headed towards the dressing room dropping her tray on the bar as she walked by.

“Hey!” Roland called after her but she ignored him.

Twenty minutes later, Kat stood in front of the long mirror making final adjustments to her make-up. She was dressed in a red sequined g-string and top with a black baby doll that tied in the front as a cover. On her feet were matching red heels with spaghetti straps that came partly up her calves.

At that moment, a larger girl that went by the name Sadie came in and said to her, “Better hurry baby, they been calling for you.”

“Thanks,” Kat replied, rolling her eyes with exasperation.

“Baby, you are going to make some money tonight,” Sadie responded, while looking her body over.

The DJ must have spotted her leaving the dressing room because he called her name as soon as she stepped out. Minutes later, she was on stage and like before the crowd’s attention was instantly piqued.

Kat was surprised at how much easier it was to get on stage, move and remove her top. She wasn’t happy about it by any means, however she forced herself to take on an air of indifference while thinking about how she might be able move forward with her work.

Dutifully, she stepped to the edge of the stage so the leering men could put the bills in her g-string, and when she finished her set she retreated immediately and caught her breath just off stage. Sam hadn’t put a quota on her like before so, she had no incentive or intention of working the crowd and for the next hour she was able to avoid sitting with a customer. It was just before midnight, after she had been on stage for a third time, that she saw Roland approaching.

“Sam wants you,” he announced.

Kat anticipated what the conversation was going to be about and cringed. She thought she had been clever by moving around and being noticeable while never settling, but it seems her plan hadn’t worked.

“What the fuck you think you doing bitch?” Sam yelled at her angrily, as soon as she stepped into his office.

In all her life, Katherine had never been spoken to in such a manner and her first instinct was to walk out. She actually did turn part way, however with a deep breath turned back and faced him.

“What do you mean?” she answered after several seconds, when she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Don’t you play that shit with me. You know damn well what I mean. Now you want to get out there and take care of the customers or do you want me to kick your skinny white ass the fuck out of here,” he said in the same loud voice.

Another short pause ensued before she answered, with her head down, “Okay, Sam.”

Kat walked out into the center of the club and within minutes was asked to sit with a man. For the next hour, she sat, drank and did table dances for the men. Fortunately, she had been able to remain in the main room for the dances as in her current mood, she didn’t want to deal with the aggressiveness she knew would occur in the back.

An hour later, when the guy she had been sitting with left, Kat took the opportunity to go to the dressing room for a break. Habit made her sit in front of the mirror and touch up her make-up as other dancers came and went, and she had just stood, intending to go back out, when Sadie and another dancer, a thin white girl, came up to her.

“Hey girl, you making money?” Sadie asked. She had clearly become inebriated since their previous meeting, and spoke in a deep, sultry voice.

“Some, maybe a hundred,” she answered.

“You should have started sooner,” she replied.

“I’m a good waitress but a horrible dancer,” Kat said with a laugh, hoping to reduce the situation.

“No baby. You’re a good dancer. You get everyone hot,” Sadie responded, and stepped closer to Kat until they were practically touching.

Kat gave a nervous laugh, unsure of what to say as Sadie’s intentions were becoming very obvious.

“Amber and I are going to go to my place and party when we finished. Why don’t you come too?” she asked, as she pushed her full breasts against Kat’s arm.

“Thanks but I need to get home,” she answered quickly.

“You got a man waiting?” it was Amber, speaking this time. Unlike Sadie, who was voluptuous with full hips and large breasts, Amber was thin, almost waifish with long red hair and a pale complexion. Like her friend, Amber moved closer until Kat was boxed in by the two seductresses.

“Yes,” Kat gave a simple reply. The situation was making her nervous and she could feel herself perspiring.

“Too bad. We could have fun,” Sadie said hoarsely, with her mouth close to Kat’s ear.

Suddenly, gaining control, Kat stepped away from the two girls and then turned to face them, “Sorry I can’t make it. I’m sure you two will do fine.”

“Next time girl, you’re coming,” Sadie responded, as Kat began to head towards the door. After several steps though, a thought came to her and she turned back towards the dancers.

“That door. The one that goes out back. What’s out there?” Kat asked, hoping these girls, that had come on to her, would fill in the mystery.

“It’s a special place,” the larger girl answered, with a drunken grin.

“What do you mean?” Kat asked, trying to get more information.

“It’s a place to party,” Amber blurted out.

“Yeah, you go back there with a guy to party,” Sadie added.

“What kind of party?” Kat asked with a confused look, still not understanding.

Sadie stepped forward and put her mouth to Kat’s ear and said slowly, “You go there to fuck.”

The sudden realization hitting Kat caused a surprised expression to cross her face and the two other dancers giggled for a second at her expense.

“But, only if Sam says you can,” Amber stated.

With that the girls drifted towards the end of the dressing room leaving Kat alone for a moment before she turned and left. Back inside the main room of the club, she stopped and contemplated the message she had just received. At first she was shocked, although the more she thought about it the less surprised she became, as she knew that these were troubled and often desperate women. Hell, in many ways, it was one of the key aspects of her study. However, the knowledge that these acts were really happening mere yards away brought with it a strange feeling of involvement to Katherine. It wasn’t necessarily good or bad, but it definitely felt different, and she found herself looking at the individual dancers wondering how prevalent it was and which ones had made that step.

As soon as she walked into the room and was spotted, Kat was quickly snatched by a customer and over the next hour she consumed several drinks and did three table dances, interrupted only by her turns on stage. At closing, she realized that other than Sam’s admonishment it had been a much less stressful evening than the previous time, and she was happy that she had been able to minimize the groping and stayed out of the back room.

On the cab ride home, slightly buzzed but not drunk, she was able to think about the club, the revelation she had learned and her second experience as a dancer. She tried to rationalize that Sam’s requirement for her to dance was almost a blessing, as she was gaining a perspective that a disengaged researcher would never appreciate. Despite the attempt, her morals couldn’t be completely set aside and feelings of embarrassment, shame and humiliation kept creeping back in. There was also the money. She knew she was being paid for sex and even if it was titillation instead of intercourse it put a knot in her stomach.

Also, Katherine realized that her responses and arousal were being muted with each passing day in the club. In many ways, it was like the shocking things were becoming learned, almost passé, and it made her think about the other girls and the long term impact of the work on their lives and relationships. While it wasn’t something she had planned on covering in her study, she thought that it might be an area to explore in future work.

Since it was Saturday night, she was certain that Jeff would be up and eager for sex, so she wasn’t surprised when she walked in and found him watching TV.

“Hi, Katherine. How did it go?” he asked, patting on the couch for her to join him, and in that instant she had a fleeting thought that he was another customer in the club looking for some company.

“Same as always. Hopefully, next week I can get things rolling and start the surveys,” she sighed, as she sat next to her husband.

Jeff turned her head and kissed her softly then said with a quick laugh, “I’m getting used to the smell of alcohol and smoke.”

“Good, then take me to bed,” Katherine answered, suddenly ready.

In less than a minute, they were naked in bed, and holding each other in a passionate embrace. She was ready to go but her husband, as was now the norm, wanted to hear her describe any touching that had occurred.

In the few weeks that Katherine had worked in the club, she had watched, and in some ways learned, how women could sexually manipulate men. With the more hardened and usually older men it could be challenging, although with the young, green ones she had been surprised at how simple it could be. Of course in the club, it was about getting money from a customer’s pocket into their own, although now in bed with her “green” husband, the goal was to see how excited she could make him.

“It was just more of the same,” she replied, purposefully being vague in response to his questions.

“What do you mean? Like what? Tell me,” her eager husband demanded. Jeff realized that he was becoming obsessed and in the bright light of day he often chastised himself for his perverse thoughts, but every time his wife arrived home and he smelled the club on her a strange feeling came over him that he struggled to hold back.

“Just like before,” Katherine repeated, as her fingernails lightly tickled her husband’s scrotum. The young wife knew the power she held over her loving husband both mentally and physically, and she wanted to toy with him a bit for her own amusement.

“Damn it honey. I feel like I always have to pull every word from you,” he cried out in frustration, repeating a common theme.

“It’s not a big deal. It’s just part of how things work,” she answered, once more with purposeful vagueness.

“Okay, enough Katherine. I want the details,” her husband demanded, suddenly sitting up in the bed.

Enjoying the game, she pulled her husband back down and took his hand.

“They touch me here sometimes,” she said in a sultry voice, as she placed his hand on her hip.

“Where else?” he replied with a gasp.

“Here,” she answered guiding his hand down her thigh. Jeff’s dick was now completely hard and pressed into her tummy.

“My God Katherine,” he said between breaths. He was smart enough to know that his wife was likely playing with him, but the mere chance that some of it might be true drove him mad.

“Here too,” she said, and placed his hand on her firm ass.

“Please tell me that’s all,” Jeff said in a shaky voice.

“Usually,” Katherine replied, still intent on teasing.

“What else? Tell me,” her husband practically yelled at her.

Slowly, she directed his hand around her leg and placed it on the narrow juncture where her leg met her abdomen barely an inch from her pussy. It was exactly where the material of her waitress outfit ended, and in reality several men had attempted to touch her there, although she had fended them off. Of course, Jeff didn’t know this nor was he aware of the small costume she wore. There were no words in her husband’s reaction, instead he pushed her onto her back, spread her legs and pushed his hard and aching member into her wet slit.

“Oh shit!” he cried out, when he hit bottom. His rapid entry caused Katherine to moan loudly too, and soon they had established a rapid rhythm. She was pleased with the way he had assumed control and wished he would do it more often.

“Slow down,” she pleaded with her husband soon thereafter, knowing that he had become too excited and wouldn’t last long.

“Okay,” he replied, and for a few seconds he did slow, however the thoughts of the strange men feeling his wife were too powerful and he returned to his fast pace.

Katherine’s body was just starting to respond when she sensed her husband was at the point of no return, and it wasn’t long before he began groaning loudly. Then with a few hard thrusts and a final yell he released his semen, and once again she was left very aroused but unfulfilled. This time though she wasn’t going to let it pass and as soon as he fell to her side she pushed him onto his back then climbed over him straddling his legs with hers until her pussy came into contact with his now half-hard dick.

“Did you like that?” she asked softly, as her hips moved seductively.

“Mmmm…yeah,” her husband replied, now feeling a bit awkward that he had become excited from his wife’s descriptions.

“They want to touch my breasts too,” Katherine whispered very softly into her husband’s ear.

“Huh? What?” Jeff responded, suddenly very alert.

“Yes, they ask to. Should I let them?” she whispered again.

Her words had an immediate impact on her husband. She felt his dick begin to swell and it was only seconds later that it became fully erect against her soaked pussy. Katherine took her husband in her hand and guided him to her opening, and with a satisfied sigh, she pushed back until she had become completely impaled. Now on top and confident that he would last longer, she began to ride him for her own pleasure and release.

“Katherine, you’ve gotten so wild,” Jeff said to her, staring up with a look of concern.

“Have I?” she answered, with an impish smile then leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips.

It didn’t take long for the magical feelings in her body to start to build. She could feel a warmth, centered deeply in her pussy, that began radiating outwards which was soon joined by a tingling sensation. Pacing her movements, she managed to stay near the point of release, and enjoyed the feelings knowing that she could tip over whenever she was ready.

“Do you want them to?” her husband asked after several minutes of not speaking. Katherine had been in a trance holding herself up with her hands on his shoulders, and she looked down at her husband’s face as the meaning of his words sunk in.

“What do you want?” she moaned back at him, still in the mood to tease.

“Will you tell me when they do?” he asked, giving her a strange look.

It wasn’t the response she expected. Her husband was basically giving her permission to be fondled by strangers but his words and the thought caused a jolt of electricity to quickly course through her body. Suddenly, she was past the tipping point and an incredible feeling swept through her as first her body became rigid then, stars appeared before her eyes and somewhere far away she could hear her voice crying out.

Jeff watched her have the biggest orgasm he had ever seen. Her mouth opened and she seemed to be screaming although no sound was coming out. Then, her eyes fluttered and rolled back in her head and finally the sounds escaped in a series of high pitched cries until she collapsed on top of him with her chest heaving for air.

“Katherine…Katherine…” she returned to consciousness sometime later, hearing her husband’s voice, and when he saw her eyes finally open he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Mmmm…hmmm…just hold me,” she replied in a faint voice, and Jeff pulled her tightly against his body until they were both fast asleep.

The young couple needed the day off, and they enjoyed doting on each other and hanging around the house. Unfortunately, it went by quickly and they were soon facing the new week. Thankfully, for Katherine, Sam was true to his word and with his help she was able on Monday afternoon to begin to go through interviews with several girls, and with each completed survey she became more and more excited with the quality of the data she was getting. Her only concern was the overall sample size, but for now she wanted to focus on the ones she could get.

The next few days went by quickly and before she knew it Thursday had arrived. She had completed one survey earlier that day and had been hoping to do another, however that girl had not come into work. Katherine was in the main room delivering drinks to a customer when she noticed a young black woman staring at her while seated on the knee of a man. They made eye contact that was more intense than normal, and even after turning away for a moment, the girl was still staring at her openly when she turned back. It was a bit disconcerting, however Katherine knew that many of the girls in the club were strange, so she dismissed it. However, thirty minutes later, when she dashed into the dressing room for a quick break, she came face to face with her.

They stared at each other awkwardly for several seconds and in that time Katherine got a good look at her. She was about her height and build with wavy hair that fell over her shoulders and luscious full lips. In addition, her eyes seemed to bore into Katherine with a fixed stare that, while non-threatening, still created some discomfort.

“Hi, my name is Chantal.” the girl spoke in a heavy, syrupy voice that Katherine found completely engaging.

“I’m Katherine,” she replied, and held out her hand. The young black girl took it and lightly stroked it as she maintained her hold. Katherine guessed she was in her very early twenties, but her mannerisms intimidated her.

“You are so beautiful,” Chantal said, while looking over her body stuffed into the romper.

“Please!” Katherine quickly responded, although there was something about this young girl that made her both nervous and excited. Maybe it was her lovely, smooth caramel skin, her voice or the penetrating stare. She couldn’t put her finger on it but she felt her nipples stiffen and a light tingling sensation between her legs.

“I want to know you. Let’s spend some time together,” Chantal said with passion, which made Katherine even more nervous. She wasn’t sure how to interpret the words so she turned and left, and although it made her feel childish, she needed the distance.

For the next couple hours, Katherine worked the room occasionally noticing Chantal sitting with a customer or going to the back room for a table dance. She tried to act detached, although there was no question the black girl had gotten into her head. She was just finishing a quick break and was touching up her makeup when she saw her walk up behind her in the long mirror.

“I’m in love with you,” the black girl declared when Katherine rose from the stool and turned.

“Don’t be silly,” Katherine answered. The girl’s sudden over the top, overt approach had suddenly broken the spell.

“I’m sorry. I know I’m acting crazy and I’m not a crazy person it’s just I’m so drawn to you,” she said in a very sincere way, that knocked Katherine off guard again.

“I need to go back to work,” Katherine replied, and quickly brushed past the black girl.

“Please. Let’s talk before you leave tonight,” she called out to her back, but Katherine kept walking without acknowledging her plea.

Katherine spent the rest of the night waitressing and purposefully not looking for Chantal. While she had to admit the girl was very beautiful and exciting, she was also strange and the professor in her wanted to stay focused on her work.

She was in front of her locker, changing out of her outfit, when she felt a presence behind her. Turning while dressed in just a thong, there stood Chantal still in her skimpy dancing outfit, and without speaking she stepped forward, grabbed her on the shoulders, and kissed her. Katherine’s stunned confusion allowed Chantal to slip her tongue into her mouth and for the next few seconds they were connected.

“What!?! No!” Katherine cried out when she finally broke away. Quickly looking around, she was relieved to see that no one was watching.

“Your lips are so sweet,” the black girl declared, ignoring her words.

“Please leave me alone,” Katherine requested, not wanting to cause a scene and eager to leave.

This seemed to have an effect on Chantal because she backed away, but remained staring while Katherine quickly dressed and departed. In the taxi on the way home, she thought about the strange girl and the surprising effect she caused in her body. Katherine had never had an experience with another girl, in fact had never even thought about it although, in the last few hours, she had definitely been pushed.

Jeff was waiting up when she got home and she teased him with innuendo about her being groped in the club that once again got him excited. He took her swiftly and emptied himself before rolling off and falling asleep. Exhausted from the long day, although still aroused, Katherine used her finger to slowly circle her clit while she thought about the evening and Chantal.

“Where are you? How many you got?” Sam asked the next day. He had called her to his office and asked for a run down on the status of her data collection.

“I’ve interviewed thirteen and have eleven to go,” she explained. Sam had been surprised with how fast she was working the girls, as he hoped to have her with him longer. First, she was good for business both as a waitress and especially as a dancer. Also, he still had hopes of enjoying her himself and knew it would take time.

“Well don’t bother them tonight. We’re busy and I don’t want distractions,” he said.

“But I need the girls that only work weekends,” she replied.

“Just hold off. You can do it next weekend,” he told her.

“Okay,” Katherine replied dejectedly. She was exhausted from the constant circle of school and club, and she was eager to get it over with.

“Oh and I will likely need you dancing tonight so be ready,” Sam said.

“Okay,” she answered looking at the floor, knowing it was pointless to argue with him.

“Here. You look tired,” he said, and pulled two of the small pills from the drawer.

“Two?” she asked with concern.

“It will be fine. You’ll be fine,” Sam replied. Routinely, she would go to Roland for a pill if she was feeling rundown so she wasn’t sure why Sam was doing this, but she let him place them into her open palm.

Outside, she went to the bar for some water and Roland saw the pills in her hand.

“Two?” he asked.

“I guess. Sam said it was okay,” she told him.

“Look, take one now and keep the other for later,” Roland advised.

With a nod, Katherine accepted his advice and swallowed one and handed him the other. Fucking Sam, Roland thought to himself. He’s going to push this too damn far. He knew Sam always had an angle and wanted her in a bad way, however he had grown to like Katherine and had become somewhat protective of her.

At exactly nine-thirty, Katherine was called in to see Sam and told to get ready to dance. It wasn’t really a surprise and on the way out she stopped and told Roland.

“Here. Now’s a good time,” he said, handing her the second pill knowing it would help.

Without questioning him, she took it quickly then went to change. Twenty minutes later she was back and was immediately called to the stage. As she danced, she noticed Chantal seated with two burly men, and saw her pointing towards the stage as she spoke to them. During her second song, with her naked breasts on display, one of the men stood and moved to the front of the stage, and as Kat approached him she could see he was clearly a working man with a broad chest and bulging arms. Dutifully, she stooped to let him put the bill in her g-string, and looked up to see him looking at her with a thin smile.

“I’d like you to come over when you finish,” he said.

“Okay,” she answered. Kat knew Chantal had likely put the man up to it, but the lesson she had learned last time about avoiding customers was still fresh in her head.

She was unable to avoid eye contact with Chantal who gave her a smoldering stare when she joined the group. Quickly, a round of drinks was ordered, and she joined the conversation while learning that the man who had approached her was named Mark and his friend was Ed. While rough, the men were still respectful, and with Chantal safely across the small table from her, she was able to relax.

Over the next hour, they had several drinks and Chantal and Ed left twice to the back room. Mark seemed content to drink and talk, and Kat didn’t press him instead, she kept up the conversation as best she could while the effects of the drug and alcohol kept her buzzing.

Finally, Mark decided it was time and rose while lifting Kat to her feet. She briefly thought about trying to convince him to stay in the main room, but since his friend and Chantal had used the private one she decided to let it go. In the back, there was only one other couple and Mark directed them to the opposite side of the room and settled into a dark corner. He nodded to her on the first new song and she began dancing. During their time chatting in the main room, she had developed a certain level of trust with the man, so she was fairly relaxed as she danced.

During the first two songs, Mark’s hands stayed in safe places on her body; her hips, the front of her legs and her shoulders. Kat moved between his legs and when she looked down at him he was staring back at her with a contented smile. After the second song ended, Mark told her to stop for a bit, and had her sit on his knee with her breasts uncovered. Kat’s back was to the door, however she noticed Mark’s eyes staring behind her and quickly turning she saw Chantal and Ed coming towards them. Within seconds, chairs had been pulled up to create a loose circle, and Chantal began dancing.

Unlike his friend, Ed was much more aggressive, but Chantal didn’t seem disturbed by the attention. His hands moved from her ass to her breasts, and he licked and sucked on her nipples when she bent forward. Then, when she had her back against his chest with her arm draped around his neck he let his fingers rub over her g-string covered mound. Looking towards Mark, Kat saw that he was watching intently and she became concerned that his friend was planting ideas in his head.

Her concerns were well founded because when soon thereafter he told her to dance, his hands were now much bolder. It didn’t help that Chantal too was dancing, so he was getting real time visual instructions on what to do. His hands started on her ass, kneading the firm muscle and soon moved to her breasts where he maintained contact despite the attempts she made to break free by moving her shoulders. Fortunately, his touch was fairly gentle and wasn’t causing any pain, and in fact, Kat had to admit he knew what he was doing.

By now, Ed had his fingers beneath Chantal’s g-string and was stroking her pussy while she moaned sexily. Mark tried to move Kat into a position where he could do the same thing, but she recognized his intent and stayed standing.

“Looks like I got the wild one,” Ed said when the song ended.

“But, she’s the beautiful one,” Chantal replied.

“She’s fine and she is damn beautiful,” Mark stated, and the sincerity in his voice touched Kat. In fact, she had a strange feeling of pride that didn’t seem to fit in the decadent club.

Both girls were perched on their men’s knees waiting for them to buy another dance, and it wasn’t long before Kat felt the man’s hands slowly and gently work up to the top of her leg then move to the inside. Closer and closer, while tracing small circles with his fingertips, he moved towards the juncture of her legs. She let it continue, waiting for the moment to come where he got too close and she would have to stop him, however the gentleness of his touch and the anticipation was having an effect on her too and she felt goose bumps wash over her body. Finally, he was at the point where the fabric of her g-string met her leg, and with the small garment any further movement meant contact with her sex. She braced herself to stop him, however the movement of his fingertips ceased.

A new song started and Chantal rose to her feet between Ed’s legs. Soon his hands were all over her and it became more of a groping session than a dance. Kat wasn’t oblivious to the site of the pretty caramel skinned girl writhing beside her, and she felt her nipples stiffen.

It wasn’t long before Chantal put her ass into the man’s crotch and started humping against him in an obvious attempt to get him to climax. It was all so real and so close that Kat couldn’t look away, and she felt her pussy tingle, joining her nipples in mild arousal.

Mark chose that moment to let his fingers move over her g-string covered mound. With a gasp, Kat looked at the man while her hand grabbed his arm, but his stare was strong and persistent and she slowly eased her grip. He started moving his fingertips in the same slow circles and soon found her slit through the fabric and began to trace it up and down. Surprisingly, he guessed correctly the location of her clit and would give it a flick on each upward movement, which soon had Kat biting her lip to keep from crying out as she watched Chantal and received Mark’s attention.

“Keep going I’m almost there,” she heard Ed say when the song started to end, and Chantal transitioned seamlessly to the next one.

Her movements stayed deliberate and Kat watched as the man’s face contorted and then suddenly his mouth opened and he grunted while thrusting his hips forward. Just a few seconds later, he slumped back in his chair and a satisfied smile came to his face.

Kat realized she had just witnessed the man ejaculating into his pants which were no doubt now messy with his semen. She had never experienced anything remotely like it, however the decadence of it and Mark’s manipulation of her pussy had combined to make her excited. The realization that she was very close to an orgasm frightened her so, she was relieved when the man spoke.

“I want that,” he stated, and used his hand to nudge her hips.

Kat let him move her body between his legs and suddenly she was moving her hips to the driving base beat of the music. With her eyes closed, she searched for his cock until she felt it pressed against her mound.

“Fuck yeah,” she heard Mark groan, as they got a good rhythm going.

The man’s fingers that had been rubbing her through the g-string moved to the edge of the fabric and seconds later were beneath it. For some reason, she let him have his way and the tips of his fingers quickly found her wet slit. Then, he was touching her clit in just the right way and she was back in the place where she knew she might climax at any moment.

“What’s that pussy feel like?” she heard his satiated friend ask, and rather than offending her she found it exciting.

“Let it out baby,” she heard Chantal whisper to her, which inflamed her even further.

“Go baby,” she heard the man’s voice speak with urgency, and knew he was very close.

It was only seconds later that she felt him push against her and then, like his friend, he grunted loudly as his cock exploded inside the confines of his pants. The man’s fingers somehow never stopped moving on her clit, and when he pinched her nipple with his other hand, suddenly her climax was released.

“Ohhhh…ohhhh…ohhhh…” she cried out openly, as the wave of pleasure hit her.

The man kept after her, massaging her clit and extending the orgasm until she became too sensitive and she grasped his wrist.

“No more, please,” she begged, with her body now sprawled against his.

Kat opened her eyes and saw the others looking at her and instantly the reality and shame hit. She sat up straight and nervously pulled her clothes into place.

“I’ve got to go,” she cried out, fighting back the tears as she left, practically running to the dressing room.

Katherine was sitting in front of her locker changing when Chantal joined her a few minutes later. She knew things had gone too far and she needed to get away. This wasn’t her and no job was worth the complete abandonment of her respectability.

“Baby, are you okay?” the black girl asked in her sweet voice.

“I…I don’t feel well. I need to go,” she replied, while pulling on her clothes.

“Well here,” Chantal said recognizing it was best to leave her alone, and placed a stack of twenties next to her then, with a last look that expressed her concern, walked away.

Like many nights before, the cab ride home offered time to reflect on things that had taken place, and tonight she was mostly disgusted by her behavior. She had let a stranger manipulate her to an orgasm in a public place, and had taken money to make him climax which essentially made her a prostitute. It was one thing to tease, but a big line had been crossed and on top of it all was her own arousal. She had wanted to orgasm and she had wanted to please the man that was helping her get there, which made her little more than a cheating wife.

To emphasize the point, when the cab pulled up to drop her off, Katherine reached into her jeans and realized she was paying him with money she had earned from her sordid act. It brought a fresh welling of emotion, and she had to stand outside for several minutes to calm down before she entered the house. Once inside, she told her husband she wasn’t feeling well, and retreated to the bathroom where she took a long shower before going to bed.

Monday morning, Katherine had a meeting with her mentor at the University, Professor Helen Dominguez, to review the status of her project. After listening to the synopsis then going over the collected source data the older woman, who was fully tenured and held a Chair, leaned back and with a deep breath spoke.

“Katherine this is really good work. I mean really, really good,” she stated.

“You think so?” Katherine replied, practically shaking with excitement.

“Yes, I really do. Just…I mean it’s all real right?” the woman asked.

They had been through the data, the survey forms and Katherine had described the setting where she was collecting the information, however she had left out the details concerning what she had been required to endure in the process.

“Yes, it’s all real,” Katherine replied instantly.

She knew her mentor would be distressed if she knew about her waitressing and stripping, but she had spent hours contemplating the impact of it on the quality of the data and had convinced herself there was no conflict. She felt strongly the data was sound.

“When will you be through with the collection?” Professor Dominguez asked.

“Uhhh…a few weeks I think, but do you feel…I mean is there a way that what I have is enough?” she answered.

“The issue is sample size like we have discussed before. I’ve always felt that you needed more than what you thought you could get so, anything less won’t work. Why, is there a problem?” she followed.

“No, it’s available and I guess…I mean there is the potential to expand to other sources if you think it’s really required,” the young professor responded, hoping that it would not be needed.

“Katherine, it might be the difference between a paper, a good paper that is published and something that is award winning,” she explained. Her words caused a surge of adrenalin to shoot through the young woman’s body as she considered the ramifications of the statement. An award winning paper at her age and status at the University would launch her on the fast track.

The women discussed the project for several more minutes with the older woman continuing to praise the work, and by the time they broke, Katherine was both very excited and nervous. She had struggled all weekend with what had happened and had not gone to work Saturday, so she wasn’t even certain if she would be allowed back. And did she want to go back?

For the rest of the day, she was in turmoil with her thoughts. That afternoon, as she did every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she taught a junior level class in sociology. It was a good group of students which made it her favorite class and it was there, while interacting with them, that she realized how important the University was to her and how she needed to succeed.

“Sam?” she said softly, while standing behind the black man who was busy at his desk. She was dressed in her waitress outfit hoping she could explain her absence Saturday.

“Yeah?” he said turning, and looking at her with a scowl.

“I’m sorry I missed Saturday, but I was very sick,” she told him.

“Why didn’t you call in?” he challenged her.

“I meant to…I took some medicine and went to sleep,” she lied.

Sam had found out from Chantal what had taken place so he knew she was lying to him, although in reality, he hadn’t expected her to return. The fact she did he knew was a good sign so, he was happy to let her return although he needed to make a point.

“How many last chances you going to ask for? You come in here and ask me to help you and then you fuck me around. What the hell girl? Let me tell you I better see a good attitude from you and no damn back talk. You understand?” he scolded.

“Yes, Sam,” she answered, feeling some exhilaration she was going to be allowed back.

Instinctively, the black man knew that she had given him the leverage he needed to push things, and his cock stirred thinking of sinking it into her sweet pussy.

Monday went by uneventfully and on Tuesday she was able to get another survey done which pleased her. It was also the first time she saw Chantal who shadowed her in the club before finally cornering her in the dressing room during a break.

“Baby, I’m glad you back. I was so worried.” she said, which came out like a seductive whisper.

“Thanks Chantal, I didn’t feel well Saturday,” she replied.

“I know,” the black girl said, and started to stroke her shoulder then whispered, “I’m here for you.”

The soft touch of her hand and the mellow sound of her voice began to hypnotize Katherine and she closed her eyes.

“Thanks, Chantal,” she said with a shudder, catching herself.

“It’s all okay baby,” the girl answered, and began to move away. She was halfway to the door when a thought hit Katherine.

“Chantal, I’m doing this thing for school and I wondered if you would let me ask you some questions?” she asked. Katherine had been purposefully holding off on surveying her because of their initial interaction. She had felt it would be better to wait and see if the awkwardness they had encountered might go away.

“If you come home with me,” the black girl said with a smile, then turned and left.

Katherine let her go without responding deciding she would try again later. She quickly finished up then returned to work serving the smattering of customers that had come in on a Tuesday night. Few girls were getting much attention, and it seemed like every time she looked Chantal was staring at her from a spot she had staked out near the back. It was several hours after their last interaction when Katherine saw the young girl headed for the dressing room and decided to try once more to get her to do the survey.

“Chantal, can we talk?” Katherine asked when the girl stepped from the bathroom.

With a smile, she moved seductively towards the professor then took her arm and led her to the alcove where the lockers were located. She moved to kiss Katherine, however the young professor turned her head to avoid the dancer’s lips.

“Chantal, please,” she whined, but made sure to do it playfully to not upset her.

“Ssshhh…” the dancer whispered in her syrupy voice.

Their lips met and this time Katherine allowed it intending to accept a quick kiss from the black girl before asking her again to help with the survey, but her soft lips felt good and before she knew it she was kissing back. Suddenly, she was being embraced by the black girl, and with their bodies pressed together she let her mouth be invaded by her probing tongue. Soft moans were coming from Chantal and she could hear her own whimpers as they remained connected. Somewhere nearby she could hear the sound of heels on the floor, and despite knowing they could be easily seen, she let the dancer passionately kiss her until she too was pushing her tongue back in a seductive dance.

“You are so hot. I want you in my bed,” the black dancer said when they broke. She was loud enough that anyone close by could hear which sent a shiver through Katherine.

“Chantal…” she tried to speak, but was cutoff when the girl’s lips pressed against hers again.

Katherine’s body was pulled hard against the young dancer and they kissed deeply. She could feel her body trembling and between her legs it felt like a faucet had been opened. Although she had never been attracted to women before, there was no denying that something powerful was happening.

“Please…” she whispered as a plea for mercy, when they broke again.

With her head tilted down, she could see the dancer’s barely covered breasts heaving with excitement which stimulated her even more. She allowed herself to be kissed again, and it was equally long and passionate.

“You coming home with me,” Chantal demanded.

“I…I can’t,” Katherine replied, finally slipping from her arms.

“Baby, you can,” the dancer declared and reached for her again, although she was able to avoid the embrace.

With the kissing, all thoughts of the survey had fled the professor’s mind, and after a few more minutes of talking the girls split to continue their respective roles in the club. However, for the rest of the night they made constant eye contact and on the way home Katherine pushed her head back against the seat and thought about the encounter. She couldn’t deny she had liked feeling Chantal and had enjoyed the kissing, and it made her wonder what it all meant. Her well educated mind knew it was too easy to jump to simple labels, however the views on her own sexuality were definitely questioned.

“Remember I have the retreat coming up,” Jeff reminded her over coffee the next morning.

“How long are you gone?” she asked.

It was an out-of-town team building event for the law firm that Jeff had told her about over a month ago however, with everything going on in her world, she had forgotten it was coming up.

“Thursday thru Sunday,” he replied and after a pause added, “Maybe you shouldn’t go to the club while I’m gone.”

“Jeff, you know I have to go. I’m getting close to finishing and I can’t risk things now,” she answered, and her husband responded with a nod.

Katherine had decided to stay well clear of Chantal. It was decision borne of her desire to complete her work and her own insecurities concerning her response. She would keep her survey for last or perhaps forego it all together if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Fortunately, the black dancer didn’t work Wednesday which allowed her to relax, and on Thursday she made sure she tracked her movements staying on opposite sides of the room and never going into the dressing room when she wasn’t occupied. Still, their eyes met numerous times and the lust in the girl’s eyes was obvious, making Katherine wonder if she was giving off a similar signal.

Jeff and Katherine had rarely been separated since they got married so it felt strange to return from work that night to an empty house, and even though they had made love the night before, she felt anxious and a bit horny which made it difficult to fall asleep. She tried to think about being snuggled close to her husband, but for some reason, visions of Chantal and her lovely body kept dancing in her head.

She could tell by the early crowd on Friday that she would be asked to dance that night, so it came as no surprise when she was summoned to Sam’s office. Acceptance had replaced reluctance in her psyche, and it was only twenty minutes later that she stepped onto the stage. Dressed in a surprisingly cute baby doll outfit, she quickly attracted the attention of the bulk of the patrons, and was immediately corralled when she finished.

Fortunately, she sat with a very pleasant fortyish man that seemed happy to just buy her drinks and talk. Since, unlike the other girls, she wasn’t seeking to make money this was fine with her, and she actually enjoyed the conversation. It was almost eleven when he left after two hours and two dances, and Kat made her way to the dressing room for a break.

“Baby,” she heard Chantal’s voice behind her, and turning she was quickly embraced by the black girl. Kat had seen her sitting on the knee of a guy and thought she was safe, however evidently the dancer had seen her go to the dressing room and followed.

“Chantal…” she replied wiggling to get free, but the black girl’s mouth found hers. They were in the open area of the dressing room, and other girl’s were sitting in front of the mirror able to witness their kiss which terrified Kat.

“No, please,” she was finally able to say, while breaking free.

“Come with me,” the black girl demanded, and led her into the same alcove they had made out in before.

Kat was surprised she had followed the dancer, as she knew it was a dangerous spot, however there she was and it wasn’t long before Chantal tried to take her into her arms.

“No, Chantal,” Kat whispered, remembering she had been warned about making a scene.

“Just one kiss, baby,” she whispered back in her sweet voice, while looking at her with seductive eyes.

Rationalizing it would be easier to let the young dancer have her way, Kat let her move forward until their lips met. The black girl went lightly at first just barely touching then slowly advanced her efforts until her tongue was gently tracing the professor’s soft lips. Ever so slowly she pushed it forward and Kat let it enter her mouth and explore, hearing soft mews in the background that took her awhile to realize were coming from her. Chantal wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her until their breasts were mashed together. Then, the dam burst and Kat was no longer fighting. Instead, her tongue moved with the dancers and they purred in mutual pleasure as they enjoyed a powerful and passionate kiss.

“Wow, can I join?” Kat heard a girl’s voice say although she was too far gone to respond.

They continued together for several more minutes with Kat now completely engaged before the black girl said, “Come sit with me.”

Struggling to speak, she nodded her affirmation and together they left the dressing room and returned to Chantal’s guy. The dancer immediately placed herself on the man’s knee while Kat pulled up a chair and sat beside him. There was a questioning look in his eye that disappeared when Chantal spoke into his ear and soon they were settled in. He was a large white man with a full beard dressed in a fairly typical way for the industrial part of town they were in, and before long his hand was high on the black girl’s leg, inches from the g-string.

Chantal maintained a conversation with the man that was difficult for Kat to hear, and after finishing his beer, she saw them began to stand in what she assumed was going to be a trip to the back room. Kat was preparing to move on when she saw the black girl reach out her hand.

“You’re coming too,” she said, and together they walked to the back.

They moved to the dark corner where Kat had been manipulated to orgasm the previous week which brought conflicted thoughts to her head, however she pushed them aside with determination to maintain control. Chantal immediately started to dance and when she was finished the man looked at Kat and with a nod directed her to do the same. While his hands had been aggressive with the black girl, he was more reserved with her so she was able to complete the dance without issue. Now with Chantal back on his lap, the man ordered a round of drinks when the waitress came by, and they sipped them while chatting.

“Let us dance together,” Chantal said to the man, when the drinks were almost gone.

With a nod, the man indicated his ascent and quickly the two girls were up with Chantal splitting her attention between the man and Katherine. By his look, the girls could tell he was enjoying the show although when the song ended he indicated for them to stop, and soon thereafter he left. The club had mostly emptied and the girls retreated to the dressing room.

“Let me ask you the questions,” Kat begged, after they finished a long kiss. Once more, they were in their spot in the alcove.

“If you come home with me tonight,” the black dancer replied, repeating her previous demand.

The soft look Kat gave her was encouraging and Chantal once again took her into her arms while gently stroking her hair. When she pulled away, with a tiny voice the young married professor answered, “Okay.”

They were barely out of the parking lot of the club when they began kissing on full display to the East Asian taxi driver who kept glancing at his mirror. It wasn’t a long trip; however, Katherine became nervous when they pulled into a very rundown apartment complex. Even at this hour, there were some men hanging out, and she stayed close to the black girl as she moved to a second floor unit after paying the driver.

Inside, she found a very unkempt single bedroom apartment that looked like it hadn’t been maintained for years. A dirty couch, covered in clothes was on one side of the room facing a battered TV, and the kitchen was dirty with plates filling the sink. Further back was the bedroom, and on the floor was a large mattress with no springs or frame and rather than a dresser, clothes were stacked on cardboard boxes. The only nice thing she saw was a pretty comforter that was haphazardly thrown on the mattress. Chantal tossed her things into the corner then turned to the young professor and took her into her arms.

“Let’s make love,” she declared, while tugging on her sweatshirt.

“Chantal,” Katherine cried out in mild surprise. She had come with the girl expecting to have sex, although now facing the reality, it seemed very awkward.

Still, she let the girl remove her top exposing her perfect breasts and watched while Chantal did the same then they fell onto the mattress together. Somehow as they embraced and kissed their other clothes came off until they were writhing naked in each other’s arms like mating snakes. To Katherine, feeling her breasts pressed into the soft mounds of her lover was so sensuous and arousing that she found her pussy throbbing with excitement. Back and forth they went until she felt Chantal’s hand on her shoulders pushing her onto her back.

“I’m going to fuck you,” she said from her position above Katherine, with her legs straddling her waist.

The only response came from the needy look in the professor’s eyes as the dancer leaned forward and began kissing her neck softly before descending and taking her small nipples into her mouth, where she sucked and nibbled on them. She took her time and the minutes ticked by, as she excited her lover until she traced her tongue over her tummy and nudged Katherine’s legs apart.

For a moment, the decadent situation made Katherine question what she was doing, however when the tip of the black girl’s tongue began tickling her all doubts vanished. Katherine loved oral sex and she quickly realized that receiving it from a woman instead of a man was like the difference between a virtuoso violinist and a high school student. Chantal not only knew where to touch, but how and for how long and when to return. Soon, she had turned Katherine into a quivering sexual being on the brink of orgasm.

“Chantal, please…” she called out, and her begging actually heightened her own arousal.

“Not yet, baby,” the black girl responded, looking up with Katherine’s juices covering her mouth.

She played and teased with the young wife for a few more minutes enjoying her moans and squeals of pleasure before deciding it was time. Then, with focus she started on the special spot that she knew would send Katherine into orbit.

“Oh God…oh my God…OH GOD…OH GOD,” she cried out rapidly as the orgasm hit her, and Chantal held the thrashing woman in place while continuing her assault on her nub until she couldn’t take anymore.

It was Katherine’s lips that sought out the dancer’s, and she tasted her own juices as she used her remaining strength to wetly kiss the girl. Chantal pulled Katherine close, feeling her body still trembling, and snuggled so that her guest would feel content and safe.

“Thank you,” Katherine whispered, and kissed the black girl softly once more.

“I love you,” the black girl whispered back, which brought a soft purr from the professor, and within minutes they were both drifting to sleep.

Katherine was awakened from a deep sleep by the sounds of movement in the outer room. For a moment, she was disoriented and confused wondering where she was, and once her mind registered her situation with her new lover beside her, she became nervous thinking an intruder was in the apartment.

“Chantal, someone’s here,” she said in an urgent low voice, while prodding the black girl’s naked hip.

“Mmmm…” she initially responded, but when Katherine continued her pushing she replied with a sigh, “It’s just Myles.”

The sounds continued for several minutes making Katherine subconsciously pull the comforter close to her chin. Suddenly, a form appeared in the doorway then stepped into the middle of the room, and by the light filtering in around the curtains, she assessed that he was a tall, slender black man wearing dark pants and a light colored pull over shirt. He looked down at the bed for a moment then began to remove his clothes until he was standing naked just a few feet away. When he turned in profile, the young professor’s eyes were drawn to his large cock that was draped in a slow arc over a fat set of balls. It was easily the largest organ she had ever seen, much larger than Jeff’s, and as he moved around the room she could see it gently swinging back and forth.

Myles lowered himself and slid under the comforter next to Chantal who immediately put her arm around him. Their embrace intensified, and it turned into a kiss that lasted for a long time. Katherine thought about leaving, however she was too nervous at the late hour, so she tried to ignore the movements next to her that she realized were rapidly heading towards sex. She turned so that her back was to the couple although she couldn’t block out the sounds that were building in intensity. Finally, she decided she would get up, find her clothes and go to the other room, however just as she was about to move she felt Chantal’s hand grasp hers.

“Ohhh…” the black dancer moaned loudly, and Katherine knew she had been penetrated.

Then they began moving, which she could feel through the mattress and the comforter, with their passionate sounds keeping time. Chantal pulled on her hand which made her partly turn before she was able to break her grip, and now she could see Myles on his arms above the young woman thrusting his hips forward powerfully. For some reason, she didn’t turn back and for the first time in her life she watched two people have sex with the scene only inches away.

“Ohhh…fuck me baby. I need it,” Chantal cried out in a needy voice, which sent a chill through Katherine.

While the black girl moaned in pleasure, her lover grunted with each thrust, and the erotic sights and sounds worked on Katherine making her nipples harden and her pussy flood. Before she knew it, she was flat on her back, openly watching, and using all her willpower to keep her fingers from going between her legs.

Chantal’s orgasm quickly arrived and Katherine watched in awe, wondering if she looked like her when she climaxed, as it was an incredibly erotic sight. She saw the look of abandon come to her face, and knowing the feelings that were coursing through her body, she became strangely jealous. Myles fucked her through her release, never slowing, and shot his seed into her with a series of deep thrusts and grunts.

It instantly became quiet except for the breathing of the couple, and once more Chantal’s sought out and found Katherine’s hand. The young dancer’s head turned and made eye contact with her and seconds later Myles did the same making her feel like a discovered voyeur, however she didn’t look away, and they remained that way until the black man rolled between the two women. As soon as he was in place, Chantal pulled on Katherine’s until they met over his chest where they swapped a quick kiss.

Katherine’s married body was now pressed against the black man, and she had to twist her hips to keep her wet pussy from coming into contact with his leg. His arms went out in both directions wrapping around each girl’s shoulders, which brought them even closer together and instantly made the professor feel trapped. Unsure what to do, Katherine became still, and before long the sound of Chantal’s heavy breathing indicated that she had gone back to sleep.

Katherine’s nerves kept her awake despite the heaviness she felt from the long day, the drinking and the sexual release she had experienced earlier. She didn’t think Myles was asleep either, but she was reluctant to look at him, so she kept her eyes focused down and to her side which put her gaze on the comforter hiding the black man’s torso. Finally, after several minutes, she looked up and saw that he was staring intently back at her which caused a small shiver to pass through her body and her eyes to quickly look away.

“Baby,” he said in a deep voice, that instinctively she knew was meant for her. When she didn’t respond he continued, “Look up here. I ain’t going to bite.”

Slowly, Katherine’s eyes traveled upwards until she was once again looking at the black man’s face.

“You want to fuck too?” he asked.

Katherine had been hit on countless times in her life, from light flirting to full on attempts at seduction involving candlelight and wine, but she had never been propositioned so straightforward and deliberately. It caused her to gasp and her body to tense, although there was something else too that was centered in the pit of her stomach.

“No,” she whispered back.

“Baby, I see you watching and know you horny and wet. Try on this dick,” he followed, not ready to give up.

“No,” Katherine stated again, however as she was speaking, Myles removed his arm from behind Chantal and turned his body so he was now looking down at her.

Besides frightening her with his look, his movement resulted in his large cock coming into contact with her leg, and she could feel the wet remnants of his recent coupling. Katherine felt intensely vulnerable both from his physical presence and his knowledge of how turned on she had become while watching. She could feel her body begin to shake partly from fear, but partly due to her arousal, and recognizing this fact made her feel guilty and ashamed.

“Huh?” she gasped when he used his arms to pull her closer, followed with another plea, “No…”

In the new position, the man’s organ had taken position against her abdomen, and she could feel it rapidly hardening. The black man looked at her with a thin smile that made Katherine think he was reading her mind. Slowly, his hand snaked beneath the cover and moved to her breasts where she tried to shrug it away.

“Don’t,” she called out.

Her demand was ignored and with a surprisingly gentle touch Myles hand moved between her mounds teasing and tickling her nipples with his fingertips. Back and forth he went and Katherine’s discouraging words slowly waned and were replaced with heavy breathing.

“No, not there,” she spoke out, when the black man’s exploring fingers descended towards her pussy. Like before, Myles’ touch was insistent and he fought her clenched legs until she felt his finger split her lips making her try to wake her friend, “Chantal…”

“I’m here, beautiful,” the girl responded, and looking over Katherine could see that the young black girl was on her side watching.

“Chantal, I can’t. I’m married,” she said, hoping she could get help with the man.

“It’s okay baby. It will feel so good,” she whispered back softly.

Chantal reached over and took Katherine’s hand and Myles used the moment to move between her legs. With his knees, he opened the married professor’s legs and she could see his cock, now fully hard, hovering inches above her opening.

“He’s your boyfriend,” Katherine said as a plea to Chantal, while squeezing her hand.

“He’s our boyfriend,” she replied then a moment later added, “Take it girl, it will feel so good.”

Myles lowered his body so that she could feel his rigid shaft against her body, and moved his hips in a sawing motion. There was quiet in the room for almost a minute while he did this until he put his mouth next to her ear.

“Put it in,” he whispered.

Myles had successfully aroused Katherine’s body to a very high level with her deep breathing and occasional sighs giving her away, however his words were still startling to her.

“No…” she responded, although the word came out more like begging.

“Put it in,” he demanded again.

Katherine looked at Chantal again hoping for some support, however the girl’s smile told her she would receive none. As if her hand belonged to someone else, she realized it was moving between them and then it was on the black man’s cock; longer and fatter than any she had held before it seemed to pulse in her hand like it was a separate living creature.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned loudly when the fat head touched her wet entrance then when he pushed his hips gently forward and the head entered she gasped, “Ohhhh…Oh God.”

Myles had broken in many women to his heavy cock so he knew how to be deliberate but patient in his efforts, and for the next few minutes, he worked the shaft into the married white women while she moaned and whined in pleasure.

When he had a few inches inserted, the shock of realizing she was an adulteress hit Katherine. This wasn’t dancing in the club where indecent touching sometimes occurred nor could she claim it was for the benefit of her research. However, there was no question that it felt incredible, so she decided to let a bit more go in and then she would stop. Indeed, several times she was on the cusp of stopping, but the feeling continued to build and she let it go on until he was all the way there, filling her in a way that she had never dreamed of. When he pulled halfway out then pushed back in, she knew she was on the brink of an orgasm that she wanted badly.

When fully inside, Myles went slow on the first few strokes until he felt her lubrication was well spread then he began moving with a moderate, deep movement that he knew was working from the continuous sounds coming from her.

“It’s…ohhh…so good…never…oh my God,” she whimpered.

Katherine had an intense feeling of fullness that was far different than anything she had experienced and the fat shaft stretched her opening bringing her clit in direct contact with the heavily veined skin of the black man’s thick cock. Each stroke was equal to ten of anything from her past lovers, and she knew she was experiencing something for the first time. Adding to the uniqueness was the lack of emotional connection with her partner that made it completely about the raw, physical aspect.

“He’s fucking you good,” she heard Chantal’s voice whisper.

“Uh…uh…uh huh,” Katherine answered, no longer wanting to deny her arousal.

“I knew she was hot to fuck,” Myles added, which surprisingly only increased the young wife’s excitement.

Katherine only lasted a minute more before she was cumming with her nails biting into the black man’s shoulders and a loud wail coming from her open mouth.

“OH GOD…OH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD…PLEASE…OH PLEASE…MAKE ME CUM…” she called out like a complete harlot, in a huge release.

The feeling of her pussy gripping his cock in a series of spasms coupled with her wails excited Myles and just as she was beginning to come down he released his seed into her stretched hole.

“Fuck yeah baby…fuck yeah…take the baby juice…take it…” he grunted, as he arched his back and thrust hard with his eyes closed tightly.

The black man collapsed onto Katherine and they stayed connected while their breathing slowed. When they moved to uncouple, Chantal was there to take her by the arm and pull her to the middle of the bed, so that she was now between her two black lovers. Katherine was so shattered from the orgasm that she had no energy to stop the black girl when she began licking her sweaty body then descended to her flooded, gaping vagina where she eagerly lapped at her with her tongue.

Twice more during the night, Katherine was fucked hard and brought to a powerful climax by the black man, and in the last encounter, he took her powerfully from behind while she buried her head between Chantal’s thighs, tasting pussy for the first time. She drifted off to sleep as the morning light began showing around the curtains realizing she had experienced something that would change her life forever.

The young professor didn’t get home until just after noon having to turn down multiple attempts by the black couple for more sex. She drew a bath and stayed in it for over an hour appreciating the feeling of the warm water on her worn genitals. So much had occurred and most of it was completely different than anything she had experienced before or thought about herself. The fact that she had so powerfully responded confused and frightened her, although she knew she couldn’t deny the amazing pleasure she had experienced.

That night, by the second time that Chantal and Katherine were spotted in the dressing room kissing, Sam was aware of it, and after consideration, he was pleased by the information as he thought it brought to him another lever that he could use. Since things were slow, Kat wasn’t called on to dance and she was able to leave early after turning down an invitation to return to Chantal’s apartment. After a glass of wine and a text to Jeff that went unanswered, she went to bed where she fell asleep quickly.

Katherine had several hours to herself on Sunday morning before she picked up Jeff at the airport and she spent that time contemplating everything that occurred and what it meant for her personally and professionally. With regards to her work, she didn’t think there was a conflict and in some ways felt it increased her credibility with the other girls. Personally though, it was a completely different story especially, the sex with Myles, however after debating things in her head, she decided it was something best kept from her husband. Maybe at some point in the future the time would be right and she could open up, but there was too much going on at the moment and she knew he would demand she cease her job at the club. Then, there was Chantal and the clear interest that both girls held for each other. She considered ending things with her, although she knew it wasn’t something she felt confident she could do, so in the end she basically decided to play things by ear.

As soon as they returned from the airport, Jeff wanted his wife in bed and dutifully she let him take her. There were several moments where she wondered if he could tell anything was different, however he was quickly inside and although the young wife tried not to, she couldn’t help but compare him to Myles. Her trained analytic mind quickly realized she was dealing with a spectrum of love and intimacy versus physical sex and the two men sat on opposite ends of the curve. She loved the tenderness of her husband and the intimacy they shared, although there were moments when her mind went to the hard penetration of Myles’ big cock.

By the following Thursday, Katherine had only two girls left to survey, although with her sample size issue each one of them was extremely important. Adding to her dilemma was the fact that both these girls were notoriously unreliable, so she wasn’t sure exactly when they would be available or if she would get to them before they were fired.

“I got a special assignment for you tonight,” Sam told her when she appeared in his office.

He had sent Roland to find her and when the bartender had told her she was needed she wondered why as the club was not very busy.

“What’s that?” she asked with trepidation.

Sam felt she had answered with some insolence and for a moment he considered giving her a rebuke, but he let is pass then said, “Some special guests are coming by and there is going to be a party out back. I want you to be the waitress for them. You don’t have to worry about the rest of the club.”

Katherine knew what he meant by “out back” and that it meant she would be in close proximity to acts of sex taking place. It in no way appealed to her nor did it add to her professional needs so she wanted badly to decline however, she knew with Sam there was never any discussion so with a slight nod she accepted the disgusting assignment.

It was thirty minutes later that she noticed two scruffy Hispanic men enter Sam’s office. A few minutes later all three exited, and after a brief stop at the bar, Roland led the two guests out the back door.

“Follow Roland and make sure they get what they want,” Sam said ominously to Katherine, after closing the short distance to where she was standing.

Professor Kupersmith reluctantly went through the door and stepped outside. Seeing a small detached building nearby and hearing loud rock music, she walked to it and opening the door found that she was staring into a medium sized room with couches against two walls and a coffee table separating them. The Hispanic men were already seated with one engaged with two of the girls from the club while the other sat next to Chantal. It both shocked and surprised Katherine and forced a wave of strange emotions to sweep through her.

All eyes were on her as she stepped through the door and the look from the two men made her feel practically naked. Avoiding eye contact with her friend, she took the drink order from the other group then turned towards Chantal quickly received their request while refusing to acknowledge the dancer’s smile and probing eyes. As she turned to leave, she saw that on the table was a large tray that held packs of cigarettes along with a pile of condoms. In addition, sitting next to it was a baggie that contained some white powder that she assumed was brought by the men.

“Shit, I don’t want to do this,” she said to Roland when she reached the bar.

“No choice,” he quickly replied while he filled the order, and when he was done he added, “Just get through it.”

Katherine stepped into the room with the drinks just as one of the girls was finishing snorting some of the drug off the table top through a rolled up bill. She flopped back in the couch, and the young professor passed out the glasses then quickly left assuring the men she would check back in a few minutes.

“Bring some tequila. Good stuff,” one of the men shouted and with a quick nod she acknowledged his request.

Returning just a few minutes later carrying a bottle of liquor and a tray with the accoutrements, she was a bit surprised to see that one of the girls was already completely naked and that Chantal and the other one were topless. In addition, the men’s shirts were unbuttoned and they were receiving close attention. She set everything down, noticing more drug residue and was about to leave when the man with Chantal spoke.

“Hey baby, pour me a drink,” he demanded.

Biting her tongue, she opened the bottle and poured the liquor into the five shot glasses then arranged a lemon next to each. When she handed the man his requested drink, the other’s stopped their cavorting and she passed out the rest.

“Salud!” he called out, and everyone downed the liquor. Quickly, he followed with, “More!”

Katherine took the bottle and stepped towards him and when she got close his hand reached out and grabbed her crotch making her jump back.

“Ruben! Be nice,” Chantal cried out coming to her defense.

“I’m not here for that,” Katherine added, thinking she needed to say something.

“You can be. We got money. Take that shit off and join us,” he stated.

“Baby, let her pour the drink. She’s a waitress not a dancer,” her friend tried again, while taking his arm.

That seemed to settle him down and Katherine proceeded to circle the room refilling the small glasses. After this, she received several more requests for drinks and left thankful that things had not become ugly.

“Who are those guys?” she asked Roland, when she arrived at the bar.

“Drug guys. Dealers, smugglers…probably some of both. Sam has something going with them and wants to keep them happy,” he explained.

Katherine purposefully took her time in getting back so by the time she stepped outside almost fifteen minutes had elapsed. When she entered, she could see the threesome had disappeared to one of the other rooms, however still present was Ruben who now had Chantal’s head between his legs sucking his dick. Katherine felt a wave of jealousy mixed with anger sweep through her body, and she quickly placed the drinks on the table and prepared to leave.

“Let me see your tits,” Ruben called out in his heavy Latin accent.

He had one hand on the back of Chantal’s head and his arm was resting on the back of the couch while he smoked a cigarette and received her attention. The smile on his face belied the evil in his eyes, and after pausing for just an instant, Katherine once more turned to leave.

“Wait,” he said, and his hand left the back of the dancer’s head, fumbled with something beside him, and as it appeared holding a $100 bill he spoke again, “Show me your tits.”

A fresh surge of anger swept through her as she looked into his smirking face that was compounded by the fact that Chantal was providing him with pleasure. It took all her strength to turn and leave without throwing her tray at the man or saying something that she knew would get her fired. Once outside, she stopped and collected her thoughts before she entered the club knowing she needed to calm down, and after regaining control she realized it was the jealousy that bothered her more than the man’s rudeness. She knew she couldn’t blame Chantal as it was just part of the reality of her life and that it wasn’t a reflection on them – their new relationship.

Katherine was coming out of the dressing room when she saw Sam exit through the back door and instinctively she knew it wasn’t a good sign. A few minutes later he reappeared as she was talking to Roland and with a nod of his head directed her to his office.

“Why the fuck you acting like a bitch?” he asked with no preliminaries.

“What? What are you talking about?” she answered, although she had a sinking feeling in her stomach.

“Those motherfuckers say you acting all high and mighty,” he stated.

“Sam, I…” she started, before being cut off.

“Girl, I don’t care what the damn excuse is this time. Those two are important to me which means they are damn important to you. They want to see your tits then you drop your top and show them,” he yelled.

“Fuck no Sam. Fuck no! I’m not a prostitute!” she yelled back.

Her voice and anger surprised the club owner, however he managed to control his temper and soften his voice some, “No one is saying you’re a whore. And I ain’t saying to fuck them. But, this is a strip club not a church and seeing some tits is normal. Hell, you’ve shown them before so what the fuck is the problem?”

“Sam…they’re assholes,” Katherine said softly, using language that surprised her.

“I know they assholes. That don’t matter. I need them so you got to be right…and you forget your girlfriend Chantal. She needs to do her job,” he replied. His reference to the black girl caught her off guard and she stared at him unsure of how to respond.

“I’ll try to be nicer,” she finally said, thinking it was best to just get through the evening.

“Good. Now you go change into a dancer outfit for the rest of the night,” he said.

“Why Sam?” she shot back quickly, now confused.

“Best way to keep everyone happy,” he replied dismissively.

“Everyone but me!” she exclaimed.

“Listen, you close to being finished here. Don’t fuck things up now. You ain’t being asked to do something you haven’t done before. Now, no more mouthing and come back when you change so I can have a look,” he replied in a scolding manner.

Katherine’s anger had returned and once again she had to force herself to remain quiet and walk away. She ignored Roland as she walked by the bar on the way to the dressing room, and she took her time changing so it was almost twenty minutes later when she finally got back to Sam. He turned when she stepped into the small office and she could tell he was upset although he said nothing. She was dressed in hot pants and a halter top that was sexy, although it showed no more than her waitress outfit.

“Try again and you got five minutes. You won’t get another chance,” Sam said and turned.

Five minutes later Katherine was back wearing a red lace halter dress with matching red three-inch platform shoes. A small thong covered her bottom although her breasts were easily discernible through the gauzy material.

“Now, I don’t want to hear about any trouble,” he warned, acknowledging his acceptance of the outfit.

Katherine turned and left feeling humiliated, but lacked any idea of how to deal with the situation. After picking up her tray and ignoring a questioning look from Roland she walked out the back door towards the small structure, certain trouble was ahead.

The small room was empty when she stepped inside although from the sounds emanating from the bedrooms she could tell that things were in full swing. She started picking up empty glasses and cleaning the mess on the table making sure to work around the spot where the drug was laid out. She left then returned ten minutes later with more tequila and a round of drinks. After placing them on the table, she was just about to leave when Ruben’s friend emerged from one of the back rooms completely naked with his fat, uncircumcised dick, shiny with wetness, flopping back and forth between his legs as he walked towards her.

“Fucking nice,” the young man said, making her instinctively turn to hide her barely covered body.

For a moment, she thought he was coming for her, but instead he took the bottle of tequila and without ceremony tipped it back. After a grimace, he directed his gaze back to her and looked her up and down before focusing on her breasts.

“Need anything right now?” Katherine asked, eager to leave.

“Nah,” he replied still looking hard at her body through the translucent material.

She left quickly and now felt she could wait a while before returning so she stayed close to the bar and talked with Roland, ignoring his leers. It was almost thirty minutes later that she returned and this time Ruben, his friend, Chantal and one of the other dancers were all sitting on the couches completely naked. The other man had the dancer on his lap and by their position Katherine thought it was likely his dick was inside her, but she couldn’t tell for certain. Chantal gave her a broad smile while Ruben looked her over much like his friend had.

“Bitch, that’s better,” he stated rudely.

Chantal instantly reached over and took his hand in an attempt to distract him, however he shrugged her off and continued.

“Come closer so I can see those tits,” he followed.

“Baby,” the black dancer tried again to divert his focus, but was once again ignored.

“You can see them from here,” Katherine finally answered, and turned to leave.

“Bitch, I ain’t through. You want me to make another call? Why the fuck you think you dressed like that? Cause I made it happen! Now move your ass over here!” he shot back, with his words escalating in volume.

Katherine, seething in anger, stopped her movement towards the door and stood still for a moment before turning and stepping closer to the drug dealer. She was shaking slightly in rage as she stepped in front of him, and was surprised and angry to find that the adrenalin had made her nipples stiffen.

“Take it off,” Ruben demanded.

“No,” she quickly responded.

“Bitch, take it off,” he said again.

“Why? You can see everything,” she asked, fighting back her tears of frustration.

“Take it the fuck off,” he said even louder as he began to lift his naked body from the couch.

“Baby…,” Chantal said, trying once more to defuse the situation.

“Damn you!” Katherine called out as she lifted the gauzy top over her head and off.

It took all her willpower not to cry and now stood in only her thong and shoes before the man. Ruben looked her over without speaking as a smile came to his face then quickly he plucked the garment from her hand and tossed it on the floor next to him.

“Get us some more drinks and when you come back I’ll titty fuck you,” he laughed, as he gripped his dick in his hand.

“Sam, they’re scaring me,” she said to his back, after retreating from the structure.

“They ain’t going to hurt you…” he started to speak as he turned, then stopped when he saw her uncovered just a few feet away. For a moment, he thought about throwing her flushed body down and taking her, but with a deep breath he leaned back and continued, “What happened?”

Katherine explained the event and the nervousness she felt and his demeanor made her feel she was sympathetic to her plight however, that thought was killed when he finally spoke.

“It will be alright. He just wanted a look,” Sam said although, for the first time since she had known him she sensed doubt in his voice.

When the young professor returned to the room, she found it once more empty, and after setting the drinks out she made a hasty exit still uncovered from the waist up.

The Hispanic men didn’t leave until three in the morning with only Sam, Roland, Katherine and the three dancers staying past closing. It was only when they talked just before leaving that Katherine learned that Chantal had put all her efforts into getting Ruben drunk and sexually satiated so he would leave her alone. It was an amazing show of friendship and it made the young professor’s bond with the dancer grow even stronger.

Fortunately, she received no calls or texts from Jeff which indicated to her that he had gone to sleep, and when she finally got home, she quietly went to bed and was successful at slipping in without waking her husband.

Amazingly, the final two survey happened the following Tuesday afternoon when the two straggling girls showed up at the club within minutes of each other. Normally they only worked weekends so, she was thrilled to catch them and within forty-five minutes she was done, and with a huge feeling of accomplishment she went to tell Sam.

“Sam, I got them. I’m done,” she announced to his back.

“Well, don’t you leave me hanging. You need to work tonight,” he replied not looking around.

“I will,” she responded feeling it was a fair request.

Sam was disappointed that the opportunity to get a taste of her never worked out. He was certain he was going to get there when he learned about Chantal, however she proved to be more industrious than he expected and took care of her business. Inside, he had to admit he was going to miss her too. Besides, being a boon for the club, especially when she danced, he was drawn to her beauty and spirit.

“Chantal, I’m all done. I got the other surveys,” she told the young black girl during a break.

The look of disappointment on the girls face instantly removed her own euphoria and she allowed herself to be drawn into an embrace.

“You can’t leave,” the dancer whined, close to tears.

“You knew I was just here for work,” Katherine answered.

Now that she was finished, her rational mind was quickly returning, and she knew she needed to make a clean break with the club. However, she was very fond of Chantal and certainly didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“I know, but…” she girl started, then became quiet.

“Chantal, we’ll stay in touch. Leaving here doesn’t mean we can’t,” she said, while trying to figure out how it could work.

“Okay, baby,” she answered and hugged the young professor tighter.

With the data all in, Katherine set a time with her mentor to review her preliminary findings. Since the data collection had taken so long, she had worked to advance her paper and had already prepared a solid outline along with a full write up of the opening sections and a bullet point synopsis of her findings. Fortunately, the latter surveys had not altered the direction of things so she felt that, after receiving the blessing from Professor Dominguez, she could finish up in a matter of weeks.

The email she sent requesting a meeting was almost instantly returned and she could sense the excitement from her mentor who informed her she could meet the following Monday. Katherine knew she would need to spend some time cleaning up some loose ends to be ready, but accepted the suggested time. So, less than two business days later, she found herself in Professor Dominguez’s office excited, yet nervous to present her case.

Helen Dominguez let the younger woman present all the material then peppered her with a litany of questions that Katherine felt she handled well. Two hours later, with a smile and a sigh, the full Professor leaned back in her chair and spoke.

“Katherine, I can honestly say I have never seen work of this quality in someone at your stage in their career. You have set the bar quite high for your peers and yourself I must say,” she stated, and Katherine found herself choking back tears.

“It’s so exciting. You know it was exactly the type of thing I was interested in researching,” she finally was able to respond after several deep breaths.

“Look, Katherine…” the older woman started. She paused for a moment when she saw her look startled then continued, “You know we talked before about sample size and I just feel that it will be the area where your work gets attacked. You know as well as I that the community will focus on something to go after. Isn’t there some way you can get more surveys?”

“I…I don’t know. It will be quite hard,” she replied softly while looking at the floor.

The enthusiasm her mentor had shown to this point had made her feel that she was passed the sample size issue, so it took the wind from her sails. She knew it would mean begging Sam, and even though they had parted on good terms, she didn’t trust him nor did she want to.

“Katherine I can say this with some confidence. If it weren’t for the one issue I believe your work would get you promoted to Associate Professor,” Professor Dominguez said.

“Are you kidding?” she responded with surprise. There were fairly strict rules concerning time in roles and something like this, while not unheard of, was very rare.

“I’m not kidding,” came the firm response.

“Let me look into it,” Katherine replied, with her mind suddenly alive with ideas.

She had come so far, overcoming so many obstacles and compromising her values, that she just wasn’t ready to deal with any negativity. Thus, she called Jeff and told him the good things about the meeting and agreed to his suggestion for a celebratory dinner. They went to their favorite restaurant and over a bottle of wine and several after dinner drinks had a good time reminiscing about the past few months.

“I still can’t believe you did it. It was so bold!” Jeff exclaimed with a proud smile.

“I can’t either,” she replied, letting her mind wander just for a moment to all the craziness and the things her husband didn’t know.

“Well, I’m glad it’s over although I will miss your stories,” he said, with a little boy grin.

“Oh really? Maybe there are some I haven’t told you yet,” she teased, then laughed when she saw the look on his face.

Later that night in bed, while she sucked on her husband’s dick, she told him enough to get him to explode in her mouth then, after giving him a few minutes to rest, she started again with the teasing that quickly brought back his stiffness. It was something she had learned that allowed them to both be satisfied and she climbed on top and rode him until she reached a nice climax of her own.

The following Sunday, after going to church for the first time in weeks, she brought up the subject of needing more data.

“Jeff, there’s something I’d like your input on,” she started.

“What’s that?” he asked with enthusiasm.

“Well, when I met with Helen and went through my work she was very enthusiastic, although there was one thing she felt was a little weak,” she said.

“Okay, well nothing is perfect. What is it?” he asked.

“It’s the sample size. The number of surveys. She thinks I should get more,” she explained and cringed inwardly.

“Oh,” Jeff replied.

He was smart enough to understand the implications of her description, and the thought of losing his wife again for who knows how long was not appealing.

“Jeff, she said that if I didn’t have that issue I would get promoted because my work is so good. Promoted to Assistant Professor at my age is unheard of!” she explained, hoping he would see the compelling case.

Her husband knew enough about the academic world to understand that what she was saying was significant. So, he fought the urge to get flippant and replied, “Seriously? She said that?”

“Yes!” Katherine answered, feeling he appreciated her motivation.

“Darling, I hate the idea of losing you again for weeks, but I’m not going to get in your way on something this important to you. You would never forgive me,” he told her.

An immense weight was instantly lifted from her shoulders and she felt grateful to her husband for being so unselfish and supportive, however at the same time a wave of guilt washed over her as she thought about her infidelities. She made a pledge to herself that this time round she would stop well short of any adulterous behavior.

Katherine left school early the next day and was at the door of the club at two where she hoped to have a productive conversation with Sam. He certainly didn’t owe her anything so, she was relying on the small relationship she felt they had built to carry the day.

“Hi Sam, do you have a second?” she spoke to his back, while he sat at his desk. She had bypassed Roland so he had no idea she was in the club.

The club owner had no idea why she was there as he expected never to see her again, however he was quick enough and clever enough to know that her presence likely meant she needed something from him. He took his time to think through the situation then very slowly turned in his chair.

“Well, well…did you forget something?” he asked, seeing some distress in her eyes.

“Sam, look…uhhh…I think I may have told you before about the number of surveys being a problem,” she began before realizing that he was likely completely unfamiliar with rules of statistics so with a sigh she started over, “In research you have to have a certain number of data points to validate your findings and well…after going through my work with my supervisor she…we…think that the number of surveys I have is at the low end of requirements.”

The black man remained silent and she wondered if he understood. She was just about to try again to describe the situation when he said, “So you need to talk to more dancers?”

“Yes,” Katherine blurted out instantly, happy that the subject was now on the table.

“And you need my help,” he followed, while his mind considered the possibilities.

“Yes,” she replied once more, although this time in a lower voice.

Sam purposefully stayed quiet letting the young wife’s nervousness grow before he finally spoke, “And what is it you want?”

“Uhhh…you have the other club and I wondered if I could work there and do the same thing I did here,” she said.

“That’s a nude club and the waitresses are topless. You ready to be topless every night and nude when you need to dance?” he asked.

Katherine was aware it was a lower end place, and she didn’t know the details so his description took her aback. For several seconds, she tried to determine a solution that would work, but failing to think of anything, she finally responded, “No, I guess not.”

“Then I guess we’re done,” he replied and started to turn. He knew he had his fish on the line, but needed to play it well to land it.

“Sam, please. Can’t you make those girls available in some way? I can go there before the club opens and interview them or they could come here. It would be over quickly and wouldn’t cause a problem,” she begged.

“Girl, I told you before these dancers will lie unless they know you and get comfortable. Is that what you want? A bunch of bullshit?” he asked, reminding her of why she had dealt with the ordeal of working in the club.

“Fuck Sam…FUCK! What can I do?’ she let out in frustration.

Sam knew she wasn’t using her normal language and that she was quite upset however, he didn’t let it bother him and stayed focused on his goal.

“How many more you need?” he asked, giving the young professor a glimmer of hope.

“A dozen,” she shot back.

“Then your best chance is to keep working here and talk to the new girls that come in,” he stated.

Katherine knew from her experience that the dancers came and went with regularity. Still, she felt that following Sam’s suggestion would take at least a month.

“Sam, that will take weeks,” she responded.

“Likely,” he said, but offered no sympathy or alternate plan.

There was silence in the room and the club owner could tell she was running the idea through her head. Finally, she replied, “Well, I guess I have no choice.”

The tone in her voice pissed him off and he quickly went off on her, “Baby, you have a choice. You can walk the fuck out of here and leave me alone. That’s your damn choice.”

“I’m sorry Sam. I didn’t mean it like that,” she replied, realizing she had been sarcastic.

“Now look girl. I let you come in here even though I thought it would be a problem. You did mostly good, better than I expected, and I did what I said. Why do I want to start all this again?” he asked.

Katherine knew he had a point, however she wasn’t willing to let him dismiss her hard efforts so she said, “You know I was a good waitress and that when I danced it helped. The other girl’s told me.”

“Maybe, but not enough,” he replied, and once more began to turn.

“Sam, what do you want?” she asked, before thinking.

The older black man quickly seized the opening and said, “What do I want? I want you to strip out of those clothes and bend over this desk.”

The words stunned Katherine. She knew exactly what he meant and it wasn’t to merely see her nude body. After several seconds of silence with their eyes locked, Katherine stood and walked out the door.

Interestingly, the confrontation provided her motivation and on the drive home she considered other ways she could source the data. After all, Sam’s club wasn’t the only one in town by any means and she decided that when she got home she would create a list of other places. With her experience, she felt she was much better prepared to discuss her goals with the owners than she was as the naïve girl with Sam.

When she got home, she saw she had a text from Chantal that said, “Baby, I want to see you.”

She had hoped that the separation from the club would provide some distance that would allow her to let go of the girl, however the message brought pangs to her body and she knew that she wasn’t ready to give her up.

“Soon,” she messaged back, wanting to get her work organized before she allowed herself some play.

It took her two weeks to locate potential clubs and arrange meetings. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as she hoped as she was almost raped by one Middle Eastern man and the other two laughed openly in her face when she described what she planned on doing. Despite her efforts and lessons learned with Sam, it just wasn’t working and she found herself in a depressed funk. For days, she considered other ways of collecting the information, but each approach eventually proved undoable or risked biasing the data. Her husband could see that her euphoria had evaporated although she didn’t want to explain the details to him and bottled things up inside. It was on a Sunday afternoon, after killing almost an entire bottle of wine by herself, that she realized she was defeated, and she consoled herself with the understanding that a good paper was better than nothing even if it meant foregoing the promotion.

It was mid-afternoon on the following day when Sam heard footsteps behind him and turned to see Katherine standing in the door frame wearing a simple dress. Without speaking, she closed the door, pulled the dress over her head and continued with her bra and panties until she was nude. Then, she stepped forward and bent over his desk presenting him her beautiful, firm ass.

Sam wasn’t the kind of man that dallied with emotions, however he was pleased and excited by what he saw and rose from his chair and stepped behind the young wife. Seconds later, Katherine heard the clinking of his belt buckle as it came undone, and as more time went by without contact she became even more nervous with anticipation. She had coached herself relentlessly to approach it as a purely physical act – no joy, no emotion and had her head resting in her hands with her eyes tightly closed.

Sam could practically feel his blood rushing through the veins to harden his large cock. Still, caught completely off guard, he needed some time to get fully erect. While stroking his length, he gazed down on the beautiful women and knew instinctively she would be a good fuck. His experience had taught him that there were women that had sex mechanically but were not truly engaged and there were those that really enjoyed it. He felt Katherine would be the latter and he was certainly going to find out.

With his fingers, he probed her folds to gauge her arousal and found her to be only slightly damp so, he stepped closer and pressed the fat, spongy head of his cock against her slit. Back and forth he moved it knowing that given time her body would respond no matter what her mind was telling her.

It took all her willpower not to jump when she felt him make contact and she bit her lip as he began moving along her opening to make her aroused. Katherine knew, as he did, that she would eventually get wet, although she was determined to maintain as much dignity as possible by being an indifferent participant.

With four inches of cock extending past his meaty hand, the black man directed his assault, and after several minutes he could feel her wetness. Still, no words had been spoken and when Sam pressed forward, penetrating the young wife with his fat head, Katherine shivered and drew blood from her lip with her teeth.

Sam pushed more in and when he felt resistance he would back out very slowly then move forward again. The technique was slow and relatively gentle, but after several minutes his dark black, heavily veined cock was completely inside and he could feel her moisture on his ball sack.

“You got it all, baby,” he announced, although Katherine remained silent.

Three times, Sam pulled out and pushed back in slowly getting her fully lubricated then, he began moving faster with a deep, deliberate motion. His hands started on her hips, holding and guiding her, and he took one hand and snaked it beneath her to feel her breasts and torment her small nipples. While doing so, he assaulted her senses with a litany of comments about how hot her ass looked and how good her pussy felt.

Katherine concentrated on staying detached, hoping he would finish quickly. She had convinced herself that she was being forced, that she really had no choice and therefore it was practically rape. She was angry with herself that her body had so easily submitted, although she knew it was basic physiology.

Suddenly, Sam changed pace and began to hammer his cock into her now very wet pussy with a rapid rhythm. It caught Katherine by surprise and she was barely able to catch herself before she cried out. She felt completely filled like she had with Myles, although that was consensual and this was something different. She knew it was wrong to feel good, to enjoy it, however she was being challenged to fight back and remain quiet.

“Ohhhhh…” came the sudden, unwanted sound from her mouth. She couldn’t maintain the tension in her body and mind and it slipped out.

With a smile, Sam took his hand from her breasts and slapped her hard on the ass causing a loud “whack” to resonate in the room.

“Uhhhh…nooo…” she moaned.

“Whack!” he slapped her again.

For some strange reason, the pain from his hand coursed quickly through her pussy and nipples like an electric current bringing with it an amazing feeling. Katherine had never been spanked before, so it was new and different and she couldn’t deny the feelings.

“Noooo…” she moaned without conviction as she realized, as Sam did, that she was losing the battle.

“Whack!” the sound filled the room once more.

“You like that baby?” Sam asked rhetorically.

“Stop, it hurts,” she replied, although her words came out more like a horny plea.

Sam could tell her pussy had become almost sloppy with wetness and she was, very slightly, pushing back into his thrusts. He rarely cared if the women he was fucking achieved an orgasm, however with Katherine he knew it was important to his victory and her submission, so he renewed his rapid assault while slapping her ass every few seconds.

With one last attempt, the professor tried to regain control, however the feelings were too overpowering and she surrendered, letting her body and mind experience the pleasure of the raw sex. Near the end, she began openly moaning and whining while her ass forcefully pushed back against Sam’s invading cock.

“OH GOD…OH GOD…FUCK…FUCK YES…YES!” she cried out loudly, and her thrashing body knocked a lamp and multiple stack of papers to the floor.

Sam fucked her through her orgasm, extending it and enjoying the complete abandon the young wife was experiencing. Her passionate moans and whines slowly faded and were replaced with a soft sobbing which signaled to Sam that she had been truly conquered. Finally, with a series of deep grunts he pushed hard into her and held it in as he deposited his thick juices in a spot well past where her husband’s semen had ever been placed.

Sam collapsed into his chair and with Katherine still bent over the desk he was treated to an incredible view of her open pussy surrounded by a frothy mixture of their combined juices. His fat cock had completely destroyed her pussy and he felt immense pride in that fact.

It was several minutes before Katherine slowly stood, and while avoiding eye contact put on her clothes sniffling several times along the way.

“I…I’m going home,” she announced when she was fully dressed.

“Bullshit, you go get changed and ready for work,” Sam replied, still with his pants around his feet and his fat cock sprawled over his thigh.

He had purposefully wanted her to see the weapon that defeated her and was pleased when she stole several glances.

“Okay,” she replied with a deep sigh, too exhausted to argue.

“Get yourself cleaned up,” he added.

“Sam, I’m not…I…I’m not doing this again. You made me and…not again,” she stated, showing courage that impressed the black man.

“Don’t give me that shit. You’ve wanted it since the day you walked in,” he countered mercilessly.

Katherine’s eyes flashed with anger, however she turned and left without speaking and after she left, Sam pulled his pants up and reflected on the encounter. There was no doubt that he had conquered her and that she had climaxed hard despite her efforts not to. For him, it had been the best fuck he had had in a very long time, and while he knew he would want more, he wanted it to be the right way. Getting a nut for Sam was as easy as getting a drink of water. The club was filled with skanky girls that knew how to get a man off, but getting an educated, professional woman like Katherine to give in was unique. He would absolutely fuck her again, however he would wait for her to come ask for it.

As soon as she entered the dressing room, she made a beeline for the bathroom stall where she cleaned up her soaked pussy, stunned it was still so wide open as Sam’s cum drooled out. When she finished, she dropped her head in her hands and had a good cry as she thought about the adultery she had committed not once but twice with the black men. What made it even more difficult to deal with was her own wanton reactions and intense orgasms. She wondered if her field of study had something to do with it. Maybe the sex trade was too provocative for her and she would be better off working in a different area of research.

In addition, she knew she had become consumed by the idea of success and was compromising so many of her values for the carrot of recognition and promotion, however something inside her just wouldn’t let it go. So, after finishing her cry, she committed once again that she would get the remaining data as quickly as possible and leave the club forever.

It was several hours later that Chantal spotted Katherine and she crossed the club rapidly then pulled her lover into the recesses of the dressing room where she embraced her in a deep kiss.

“Are you back?” the young black dancer asked with excitement.

“Yes, for a few weeks,” Katherine answered. She had allowed the girl to kiss her although she still felt strange after everything that had occurred.

“Baby, are you okay?” the girl asked sensing something was wrong.

“I’m okay. Sam made it difficult to come back,” she replied.

“Did he fuck you?” she asked, and the boldness of her question caught Katherine off guard and made her blush.

“Yes,” she whispered in reply. She felt like she needed to confide in someone and for some reason she wanted it to be Chantal.

“It’s okay baby. He fucks all the girls. I knew he would be after you,” she said, while pulling the professor’s head against her bosom.

Amazingly, the interaction with Chantal helped calm her and she was able to return to work with a better feeling. Being a Monday, it wasn’t very crowded and the two girls were able to sneak off several times to the dressing room to kiss, hold each other and talk.

“Did you cream all over Sam’s big dick?” Chantal asked during one of their sessions.

“Chantal!” Katherine exclaimed and lightly hit her on the arm.

“Girl, you’ve gone full black. Me, Myles and now Sam. You must really like it,” she laughed.

Initially, Katherine was a bit offended by the girl’s comment, although as she thought about it, she had to admit that there might be some truth to her statement. She had some of the biggest orgasms of her life with the three of them even though she still clung to the view that the encounter with Sam had been forced.

Later in the evening, just before closing, Chantal tried to convince Katherine to go home with her, although she knew it was impossible with Jeff at home. After hearing the black girl whine about not seeing her, Katherine agreed to try and meet on Saturday for a few hours before they went to work at the club.


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