Snowed In




It was late January and I was packing up my studio apartment in Boston in preparation for my move back to my home state of Texas. I had finished my grad school program in December at a local University then flown down home for the holidays, and my fiancé had returned with me so that I would have company on the three day drive south. We had planned to spend a few days in Boston packing and cleaning up loose ends before hitting the road. Unfortunately, bad weather had begun moving in and the forecast was for a significant blizzard for most of New England.

There was really no way we were going to beat the storm so, we resigned ourselves to a couple more days in Boston. Anyway, after almost two years apart, we weren’t going to complain about more time alone. As we followed the storms progress, the forecast became worse, so in preparation we made a run to the market and liquor store to be well stocked just in case.

My beautiful fiancé, Jill and I have been a couple for five years. We met in undergraduate school, and after graduation she went to work in product marketing while I went to grad school. She is a slender 5’7″ with dark brown hair that she keeps shoulder length, deep brown eyes, long legs, a flat stomach and a tight behind. It’s her legs and butt that I think are her best features sculpted from a dedicated workout schedule. In addition, she has well proportioned breasts that she thinks are too small but, which I enjoy immensely because they are so sensitive.

Jill is one of those women that appears classy and sophisticated in public, and gives the impression of being conservative but, can become quite passionate behind closed doors, when the mood strikes. We started making love after only two weeks of dating, and have maintained our appetite for each other throughout our relationship. Our infrequent meetings over the past couple years have resulted in marathon session in the bedroom when we did get together.

Finally done with our shopping, we returned to the apartment just as the snow started getting heavy. My studio apartment was actually a walk down with the entrance off the street since, as a student, I couldn’t afford much space especially since I wanted to live in a good part of town with public transportation nearby. Basically, I had a room with a queen size bed, a small TV stand, a desk and a counter that served as a kitchen with a microwave, a hot plate and a small fridge underneath. There was a bathroom with a shower, and other than that, the only additional space was a tiny closet with the door missing. The apartment was cool in normal times and with the storm there was definite nip.

Jill and I made a snack tray, opened a bottle of wine, sat on the bed and watched news of the blizzard on the TV. We had barely started on our second glass when my hands began stroking her body, and within seconds we had shucked our clothes and were wrapped in a tight embrace as we enjoyed the feeling of each other.

I pushed her arms up and held them over her head as I kissed her neck and licked her small nipples, drawing appreciative moans from her slightly open mouth. Then downward over her tight tummy my mouth traveled, and skipping her vagina I moved to the inside of her thighs, teasing but not lingering, while causing her hips to roll with the light touch of my tongue.

“Mike, don’t tease me. You can do that when we get back to Texas,” she panted, as her legs tried to pull my waist towards her.

I grabbed a condom off the night stand, quickly put it on, and we both groaned loudly as I slowly fed my cock into her wet, shaved pussy. The feeling was so good that I lasted only a short time before I lost control and gasped for breath as I erupted. We lay there in each other’s arms cuddling and kissing, both thinking about the life together that we were about to start.

The cold drove us under the covers, and her warmth against my body soon had me hard again. This time we went slow and steady, and I had the joy of feeling her body spasm against me as she was engulfed by her orgasm. Afterwards, we lay side by side our gentle kisses drifting further apart as we fell asleep.

I was awakened later by a sound that I didn’t recognize. For some time, I remained in bed trying to figure out its source before finally getting up. The TV had lost its signal, no doubt from the storm, so I turned it off, and with less noise, it seemed the strange sounds were coming from outside. Unable to look out and worried about the conditions, I continued to try to figure out the meaning of the sounds without opening the door.

“Mike, what’s the matter?” Jill asked, still half asleep.

“Nothing, just some noise,” I answered, looking over and seeing her right breast uncovered.

The noise began again, this time louder, and it almost sounded like mumbling. Despite my concerns I figured I needed to open the door and see what was outside. I unlocked it and with my foot against the bottom, and with my hand firmly on the knob I eased it slowly open. The snow was falling heavily and the stairs down to my door were now partly buried. Lying mostly covered in snow was a dark mass, and only after reaching out and touching it did I realize it was a human.

“Shit,” I said out loud. Opening the door wider I reached out into the cold and used both my hands to shake the form.

“Hey. You need to get up. You can’t stay here or you’ll freeze,” I said over the noise of the wind howling around the building, hoping he or she wasn’t already frozen.

My shaking only resulted in eliciting more moans from the form. I rolled it over to get a better look, and a ruddy male face came into view with longish hair and a full beard on his face. Snow was caked into his hair and beard, and as I shook him again his eyes slowly opened but they were heavy and unfocused.

“Hey mister. Get up,” I said, shaking him harder.

“What’s going on Mike?” Jill asked, now sounding fully awake.

“Some guy is out here,” I replied.

“Is he okay?” she asked, her compassionate side kicking in. I heard fumbling behind me and Jill quickly appeared at my side in a long t-shirt.

“You better get him inside he doesn’t look good,” she stated.

Even though I knew it was the right thing to do, I was reluctant, fearing we would be starting a long process that might end up with police and an ambulance.

“Okay, stand back I’ll try to roll him inside,” I answered.

The snow had formed to the door and pulling him inside brought a mound in that I had to scoop and throw out so the door would close. After that, I had to half drag and half roll him to a place away from the door, near the foot of the bed. Jill began brushing away the snow from his coat and pants, and now in the light we could see that he was a big man, probably in his forties, with a large belly.

“He has a strong pulse,” Jill announced, while she held his wrist.

I bent down close to his face and slapped him softly.

“Hey, are you okay? Wake up,” I demanded.

His heavy eyes opened and he tried to say something, and as he did I caught a heavy wave of liquor from his breath.

“Shit he’s drunk,” I stated, now getting pissed as I thought about how he was ruining my night with Jill.

“Are you sure?” Jill asked.

“Where in the hell am I?” The man blurted out in an obviously intoxicated voice, then seemed to drift away again.

“Yeah, I would say so,” I replied, sarcastically.

“Wonderful,” my fiancé giggled.

“Call 911. Tell them to come get this guy,” I said, as I looked him over some more to make sure there were no injuries.

I heard Jill dialing then she stuck the phone into my hand.

“Hello please state the nature of your emergency,” a female voice said flatly.

“I found a drunken man on my doorstep. Can you please get this guy before he freezes?” I explained.

The operator fired off a couple more questions but, when she learned he was inside she stated that emergency services were almost shut down because of the storm and this was going to be very low priority. She explained that I needed to act like a Good Samaritan before finally asking for the information from his driver’s license. After a brief search of his pockets, we were unable to find any identification, and with that she hung up.

“Well, what did she tell you? Jill asked.

“You heard most of it. City’s basically shut down. Bigger emergencies. We are low priority and the guy will probably sober up before they get over here,” I said, angrily.

While Jill mopped up the melted snow, I took the guy’s jacket and shoes off, threw a blanket over him, and put a chair cushion under his head. Jill put on some sweat pants to go with her t-shirt then; we went back to bed hoping we had done the right thing.

Hours later, for the second time, I was awakened by this guy when he yelled out in a thick south Boston voice, “Ohhh…sweet Mary, my head.’

“Where am I?” he said seconds later in a louder voice, and I could hear shuffling sounds as well.

“Hey, you passed out on my doorstep. You’re okay,” I answered, hoping to quiet him down.

“Oh shit. What fucking time is it?” he asked.

I looked over at the clock and it showed 6:46 AM which I announced to him.

“Fucking great,” he said.

You good enough to get going?” I stated, more than asked.

“Yeah man. Where’s my clothes?” he said, and I pointed towards his jacket and shoes.

I could tell he was hurting but he finally got his clothes on and stumbled towards the door with me following. He swung it open quickly, and we both froze when the light showed that snow had filled the staircase at least to the height of the door. A few clumps fell inside but for the most part it stayed as a wall.

“How deep is this door?” he asked.

“Maybe three or four feet below street level,” I replied, using my hand to poke at the snow near the top of the door frame. It was solid implying we were buried pretty deep.

“Can we dig out?” I asked, thinking a native would know how to deal with this situation.

“Not from inside. Never get the door closed again,” he stated.

“Well then what?” I asked, growing more annoyed and frustrated.

“Got to wait for the city to clean up,” he replied then said, “Turn on the TV.”

“It’s out. But we have a radio,” I replied.

The radio was on the desk and as soon as I turned it on we found that the local station was providing 24 hour information on the storm. We learned that the state was under an emergency condition and no one was allowed out unless it was essential. That didn’t seem to matter much though as the blizzard had left all roads impassable. The worst was that more snow was predicted, and that it could be days before people got dug out.

My attention was on the radio, and it wasn’t until I looked at the man and followed his stare that I realized Jill was now awake and was peeking out from beneath the blanket. His eyes were clearly appreciative of what he saw but, when he caught me watching him he quickly looked away.

“Well hell. Might as well make the best of it. I need to piss though,” he stated.

I pointed towards the bathroom, and he shuffled the short distance to the small enclosure where, without closing the door, he dropped his pants to his knees, and moments later we were rewarded with the sound of his urine landing in the toilet.

“I feel like we’ve been shipwrecked,” Jill said, trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m sure it will be a good story to tell our grandkids some day but right now it stinks,” I answered, quite harshly.

The man came out of the bathroom with his pants back up, shed his coat then, flopped into the desk chair while I stood hoping the radio would provide some glimmer of hope.

What’s your names.” he asked, suddenly looking up.

“I’m Mike and this is Jill,” I said.

“My name is Liam,” he offered, without being asked.

After that, we sat there listening to the radio while make passing comments on the weather until Jill got out of bed and came up behind me.

“Think I’ll take a shower,” she whispered.

I nodded to her and I was hopeful the water heater was still functioning. Jill quietly made her way to the bathroom and closed the door, and I returned my attention to the radio. It was some time later that I looked up to see Liam’s eyes looking towards the bathroom, and turning I could see that the door had come open about a foot and Liam was feasting on the view of Jill, illuminated through the translucent plastic shower curtain by the dim bathroom light. It was an erotic scene, and I surprised myself by looking as well for a few seconds before moving over and closing the door.

“Beautiful lady,” Liam’s boldly replied, when I turned back.

“Yes, very,” I answered, deciding it wasn’t his fault, and rationalizing that any man would have looked given the opportunity.

“She knows what she’s doing,” he said with a snicker.

“What the hell does that mean?” I asked, with my voice rising. But, he ignored my question and returned his attention to the radio.

A few minutes later the water stopped in the shower and we could hear Jill moving around the bathroom.

“All fresh now?” Liam asked, as she stepped into the room.

“Yes, thanks,” Jill replied, shooting me a quick look to which I just shook my head.

“Well Mike and Jill we got a lot of time to kill and I’m still hung over. I’d like to try to get some more sleep and nothing new is likely to happen. Do you mind killing the light and radio?” he asked.

I had to admit he had a point, so I reached over and turned off the radio and light in the main room, while he kicked off his shoes, found a spot on the floor, and pulled the blanket over his large body. Only the dim bulb in the bathroom, through the half-closed door, provided any light. Jill and I lay back on the top of the bed, and listened to Liam’s heavy breathing becomes snores.

“I’m sorry this happened,” I whispered, when I knew he was asleep.

“Don’t be silly it’s not your fault. Let’s just try to get through it best we can,” Jill replied.

“I guess that’s all we can do,” I answered, disappointed by the impact of the stranger on our lovemaking.

I lay there holding Jill for what seemed a very long time, thinking about what I wanted to do to her which made it impossible to sleep. I sensed Jill was still awake too as her body was a bit tense and her breathing was quiet.

“Jill are you up?’ I whispered softly.

“Yes,” she answered.

“I love you,” I replied, kissing her ear and running my hand over her smooth tummy.

“I love you too honey,” she replied, pushing back against me.

My hand began caressing her through her clothes and Jill began to respond with soft purrs, which enticed me to reach under her shirt and play with her firm breasts – gently pinching and rolling her nipples. Jill loves nipple play and her breathing became deeper while her body movements against me grew more pronounced.

My hand explored down her body and pulled free the knot holding her sweat pants up. Jill’s opened her hips expecting my hand to go immediately to her slit but, instead I massaged and toyed all around which aroused her even more. I could feel the heat of her sex as I explored, and suspected she was very wet which was proved true moments later when I ran two fingers along the length of her opening.

“Ohhhhhhh….” she gasped, at the sudden contact.

“”Shhhh…” you’ll wake our friend I said.

“I’m sorry I can’t help it,” she replied, giggling and turning her head to give me a deep, wet kiss.

I continued using my fingers on her, teasing and arousing with first one inside her and then two, before I removed them and began gently massaging her clit. I wanted her hot but not satisfied because, I had decided I wanted to be inside her, and didn’t want her to say no.

“Sweetheart let’s make love,” I stated, when I thought she was ready.

“In front of him?” she replied, with surprise.

Fortunately, her response seemed to lack any real negative conviction which emboldened me to begin pushing her sweats down. Half-way to her knees, she pulled them the rest of the way off.

I rolled over to mount her when she grabbed my arm and said, “You need a condom.”

“They’re in the cupboard and I don’t want to get up,” I said, looking at her with pleading eyes.

“Okay, but you know the risks, I’m a Catholic girl and if you knock me up you have to marry me,” she replied, with a huge smile.

“Done,” I answered, then sunk my hard cock balls deep into her on the first thrust.

“Oh yes my love,” she called out, as we started a gentle rocking motion.

Our passion was so great that both of us quickly forgot that anyone was in the room, and despite the chill, within minutes the sweat on our bodies was making a wet slapping sound, as the old springs on the bed screeched in tune. The cover had fallen down to our waists, and I looked down to see Jill’s breasts doing a circular dance.

I tried very hard not to cum before Jill but, my balls were boiling and the more I tried not to the closer I got. The first shot was inside her before I was able to pull out and finish across her tummy and breasts. I was on my arms above her panting with drool coming out of my mouth before I collapsed back on top of her.

“God I love you,” I said, between gasps.

“You feel so good when you’re inside me,” she answered, gently stroking my hair.

I knew she needed an orgasm so, after catching my breath, I rolled behind her and pulled her against me in a way that allowed me to use my hand between her legs. I started slow and kissed her neck trying to get her back into the zone she needed to be in to relax and release.

On her side with her left knee up, she was giving me complete access to her pussy and slowly her body began to respond. Building on that, I gave her clit light strokes, and when she began to shudder, I increased the intensity until she started racing forward excited and ready.

“Pinch my nipples,” she suddenly blurted out, and my hand on her clit was replaced by hers.

I pinched and rolled her nipples as she masturbated, and in less than a minute her body stiffened, she exhaled hard, then slammed her legs closed and groaned loudly. Her body began experiencing short, random convulsions from the electrical aftershocks of her orgasm.

It had been a nice orgasm, and I held her firmly against me as her body slowly relaxed and her breathing returned to normal. But, as she quieted, another sound in the room became apparent; faintly at first, then louder and as it grew I realized it was close by. Now curious, I lifted onto one arm and looked around the room, and in the faint light from the bathroom spotted Liam on the floor with his pants around his knees masturbating furiously as he stared at Jill.

Looking at Jill, her eyes were transfixed on his cock, and I realized she wasn’t aware that I was watching her. His cock looked to be 7″ or so and fat and his balls were huge, hanging almost to the floor between his legs. The bed covers had fallen away so that Jill was partly exposed to his eyes, with his view only hindered by the angle from his position several feet below. She made no effort to cover herself, and as we both watched, his cock spit out its juices across his large hairy belly as he grunted and smiled.

I looked down at Jill and she was now looking at me, and as our eyes met, a look of panic crossed her face before she looked away and grabbed the blanket to cover her exposed body.

I put my arm around her and pulled her to me without speaking as I thought through things. Had he seen her orgasm? Hell, had she cum from watching him? This guy was middle aged, fat and hairy. What possible attraction could she have for him?

“Jill?” I asked, turning her to face me.

“I’m sorry,” she said, before I could say anything else.

“What happened?” I said, our faces now inches from each other.

“What do you mean?” she replied, in a nervous voice.

“Was he watching us the whole time?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I only saw him when you were playing with me,” she answered.

“So, he saw you orgasm?” I continued.

“Maybe, I think so,” she replied, after a pause.

I was about to ask some more question when I heard Liam moving. He got off the floor and went to the bathroom, and as he did, I felt Jill stiffen in my arms. Again, we were treated to the sounds of him peeing through the partially open door.

Liam came out soon and after clearing his throat a little too loudly lay back down. I continued to hold Jill quietly as my mind raced wondering if her guilt would bubble up but, after a few minutes when she hadn’t reacted, I started to think about what had occurred, and surprisingly I was more curious than upset. In fact, I was feeling a bit aroused thinking about it happening to my normally reserved fiancé.

Everyone fell asleep and it was sometime later I awoke with a start from sounds of movements in the small apartment. It took a few moments for me to remember the circumstances and surmise that the sounds were coming from Liam. A quick look at the clock informed me that it was 5:26 PM.

“Damn, I need a drink,” I heard Liam mumble, and saw his large shape, illuminated by the bathroom light, moving slowly about.

Without speaking, I slid out of bed, slipped on my boxers, and flipped on the radio, while adjusting the volume to not wake Jill. After a few minutes of storm information, the announcer informing us that there was at least another 24 hours of snow to which we both groaned.

“Shit, going to be stuck here forever,” he said.

“Can’t you just go back to sleep,” I asked.

“Been sleeping. Now I’m damn bored,” he replied and I followed his gaze to see that Jill was now awake.

“You got any booze in here?” he followed, still looking at Jill.

“It’s in the cupboard to the right of the sink,” Jill answered, before I could reply. She seemed to show no shame from being seen by Liam or seeing him which surprised me.

Liam opened the cupboard and fumbled with several bottles, selecting more by feel than by sight, until he withdrew a quart of Jack Daniels with about with about half left that I had planned to throw away. He found a small glass next to the sink, rinsed it, and poured a healthy amount. The alcohol had a calming effect on him, and we watched him sit down against the wall and sip his drink.

The radio crackled with repetitive information interspersed with stories on unique human interest situations being caused by the storm. The news was on a 10-15 minute cycle and we sat through four rounds and two refills of Liam’s glass before I got up and turned it off.

“Am I going to have to drink alone?” Liam demanded, more than asked.

I was about to answer that we were not in the mood to drink when Jill stated, “Honey, why don’t you open a bottle of wine? I could use something to drink too.”

“That’s the spirit,” Liam exclaimed, “It will make the time go faster.”

“When do you think we can get out?” Jill asked.

“Probably be a while. Whole city is going to be a mess,” Liam replied, before I could.

“I never realized how irritating doing nothing could be,” she replied.

“Well a drink will help pass the time. If nothing else, will help you sleep later,” he told her as I moved to the counter.

With trepidation but, without speaking, I found the corkscrew and a bottle of Malbec we had purchased. I opened it and poured two glasses assuming Liam would stick with his whiskey. Jill accepted her glass and sipped from it slowly while sitting on the bed with her back against the wall. She had slipped back into her sweats and t-shirt, and you could just barely make out the points from her nipples through the fabric.

At first, everyone was mostly quiet, sipping their drinks in silence, but Liam began talking and occasionally asking questions, and before I realized it Jill and he were in a conversation.

It started out as one word questions mostly initiated by Liam but progressed to more involved discussions. Jill, always the friendly type, was asking questions about his life and family still showing no apparent shame from being watched by Liam. Liam would respond then ask her similar questions which she readily answered. For my part, I was quietly stewing, wishing this storm would end so we could rid ourselves of this loser and be on our way.

After she finished her glass, Jill excused herself to the bathroom and was gone for almost twenty minutes. The conversation died for a while until Liam decided to bring up the earlier event.

“Very beautiful woman,” he suddenly stated.

“Yes,” I answered, knowing he had some agenda.

“A good climax I have to say,” he said.

“Shut up asshole,” I demanded.

“You know that was for me, right? She was looking at my cock when she let go,” he said, not heeding my statement.

“Bullshit old man. Now shut up before I throw you out,” I replied, angrily.

“Hell, your one of those dumbasses that thinks all women are saints!” he said, beginning to laugh.

“I know my fiancé,” I replied sternly, trying to shut him up because I was unsure about how she had behaved.

“You’re such a young shit you can’t understand it. It’s going to fuck with your head though. Missing a big chance college boy,” he replied, with an air of wisdom and confidence incongruent with his circumstances.

“What chance,” I blurted out before thinking, stepping into his game.

“See what’s really in her head. What turns her on. Most men married to a woman their whole lives never know it,” he answered.

“And you think some old fat bastard like you can get that to happen?” I replied, intending my words to be insulting.

“Already did once wouldn’t you say,” he shot back.

I stopped responding, singed by his words, and a few minutes later Jill came out looking refreshed, and announced how much better she felt after cleaning up and brushing her teeth. She sat back on the bed with her back against the wall supported by several pillows, still in her sweat pants but now sporting a new t-shirt. Liam, acting the gentleman, poured her a fresh glass of wine.

After a trip to the bathroom myself, I returned to the room surprised to see that Liam had boldly seated himself on the bed near Jill’s feet. Jill didn’t seem to be concerned, and they continued their conversation as I sat in the chair at my desk. Jill and I were sipping our drinks slowly but Liam was hitting the whiskey hard.

“The lady needs another glass,” Liam announced, slurring his words some when Jill finished her second glass.

Jill looked at me with a silly grin and held her glass, and I dutifully took it and poured another drink. Liam refilled his glass then beat me back to the bed, and got back into his spot again, relegating me to the desk chair. They picked up the conversation, which was now flowing freely and Jill, pressing him on personal details, was able to get him to explain that he was a longshoreman, had been married twice and had seven kids. He went on to say how he had started out with some buddies at a bar the previous night, and when it closed he couldn’t get his car started. He stumbled down the street trying to find a cab and somehow ended up here.

“You like to play cards? Let’s play some cards. Mike you got any?” Liam suddenly blurted out. I had two decks in the desk drawer but I didn’t respond unsure of his intentions.

“There are some in drawer,” Jill said, pointing to the desk as I tried to get her attention.

“We’ll play hearts to pass the time. Mike grab them,” he demanded.

I paused for a moment then opened the drawer and took out a deck. We played for about an hour with them talking and me mostly silent, lost in my thoughts, and wondering how she could be so carefree with a stranger who had seen her orgasm only a short time before. Without warning, we were dropped into pitch darkness.

“Shit. Power’s out,” I said, stating the obvious.

“Could be out for a long time,” Liam offered, “Hope we don’t lose the heat.”

He was right about the heat. It was probably 55 to 60 degrees in the apartment, and without the heat there was no telling how low it might plummet. I felt around until I located the flashlight then lit a candle in the bathroom and two on the counter in the main room which provided just enough light to play then, returned to the game.

“We need a bet,” Liam announced, as I sat down.

“What bet?” Jill asked, now experiencing a buzz from the wine.

“Whoever ends up with the queen of spades has to take a shot,” he decided, after a pause.

Liam got up and went to the cabinet with the liquor and returned with a full bottle of tequila.

“No, that’s not a good idea,” I said.

“Don’t be a party pooper,” Liam said in his rough English, “Besides, what else do we got to do?”

“Jill has had enough already,” I told him.

“Honey, I’m fine. Besides I don’t plan on losing,” Jill replied as Liam smiled at me. Jill was very competitive and it was not out of character for her to take on a challenge. Yet, she was not used to being around men like Liam, and I was concerned.

I just shook my head as Liam picked up the cards to deal. Fortunately, for the next three hands, Liam ended with the queen and each time took a swig from the bottle. The next time it was me and then on the fifth hand Jill had to take a shot for the first time. Liam handed her the bottle and she tipped it quickly, and with a grimace, she forced the liquor down as her body shuddered from its effect

After that, it seemed we all were equal losers. The game continued but as we drank it was hard to maintain any focus on the cards. For a while, Liam kept us distracted from our drunkenness with his non-stop chatter but, finally we reached a point that we were so smashed it no longer worked. Surprisingly, Jill was in the best shape and tried to pick up the slack but, it didn’t last long before she faded and we all grew quiet.

Liam was still sitting on the end of the bed but was slowly falling over onto his side, and I was in the desk chair trying to fight the alcohol but losing. Jill after a while either grew tired or gave up and leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

I wasn’t how sure long I had been out when I woke from my alcohol stupor with drool falling from my mouth and my back and shoulders sore from my position. Jill had slid down so she was sleeping comfortably in the bed and Liam was still half-on and half-off the bed, and was now fitfully snoring. Standing up slowly, I checked my watch to see it was 2:20 AM.

Grabbing Liam by the shoulder, I pulled him off the bed and onto the floor. Thankfully, he was too far gone to fight my efforts, and I was able to get him settled, kill the candles, except the one in the bathroom then slide in next to Jill. So far, the heat had somehow stayed on and the room was still at the same temperature, chilly but tolerable.

Pulling her close to me without waking her I snuggled into her neck then, unable to help myself, ran my hands over her breasts through her sweatshirt.

“Mmmmm,” she purred, pushing her butt against me.

“Thought you were asleep?” I whispered.

“I was,” she whispered back.

Reaching beneath the shirt, I started rolling her small nipples through my finger tips and kissed her ear, expecting her to tell me to leave her alone so she could sleep. Instead, I felt her butt move against me in an attempt to make contact and arouse my cock. God how I loved her sensitive breasts.

Jill loves to have her neck kissed so when I started on her with small gentle ones she turned her head to give me better access. After a minute or so, she tried to turn in my arms to kiss me on the lips but, I held her firm not wanting to give up my position that allowed my right hand to roam her body.

“Be still sweetie, let me play,” I said to her.

Her reply was a sensual moan and I spent the next five minutes exploring her body, caressing her breasts and tummy, and pushing the sweat pant down low in the front. I could tell Jill was getting excited from her purrs and the movement of her body, and I thought maybe I would play with her pussy until she climaxed, and if I was lucky she might reciprocate.

Working my hand down, I found, as expected, a well lubricated opening. I took her leg and pulled it over mine spreading her open and then began a slow but determined toying and teasing. Jill has never been a real vocal lover so it caught me off guard when her moaning started getting loud.

“Sweetie, you might wake him up. If you don’t quiet down I’m going to stop,” I threatened.

“Don’t stop. He won’t wake,” she panted and as if on cue, Liam let loose with a big snore.

Under the blanket, Jill’s bottoms and thong had been worked down almost to her knees, and she was now so wet I could hear the smacking sounds of her juices, as I worked her with my fingers.

“I need to feel you.” she exclaimed breaking my hold and turning to work my pants down.

“Damn woman, that wine made you horny,” I giggled.

“The tequila,” she replied, now acting a bit frantic with her efforts.

Soon, she had my pants down to my knees, and her head disappeared under the blanket. Jill has a natural gift when it comes to oral sex, as she has nice full lips and knows how to make it nice and juicy. When her mouth found my cock, I had to stifle my own gasp caused by the incredible feeling.

She was hunched low on her knees, with her pussy close enough to me that I could still play with it, and my tickling and teasing must have had an effect because it was only a few minutes later she turned back.

“I need you in me,” she said, and in the faint candle light emanating from the bathroom, I could see a hunger in her eyes.

“He might wake up,” I said, sincerely concerned about our confined situation.

“He won’t wake up. He’s plastered. Listen to him,” she answered, as her hand stroked me. In reality, I was damn horny too, and didn’t need a lot of convincing.

“Okay but be quiet,” I said, half scolding.

“Okay, okay,” she replied

I tried to roll on top of her but had to wait while she kicked off the sweat pant from one of her legs. She was so ready and wet I literally fell into her. The soft warmth was overpowering, and I had to moan into the pillow to dampen the sound. I went very slowly, rocking gently and savoring every millimeter of feeling as my cock entered and withdrew.

“I love you,” Jill whispered.

“I love going slow and feeling you,” I told her.

“I like it too darling,” she answered.

We continued in our slow deliberate love making trying to keep as quiet as possible. I lifted up on my arms slightly so I could see her face, which always excites me when we make love, and saw that her eyes were shut and her lips half parted. She was holding her breathe then forcing it out in soft gasps in time with my motion.

Despite the thrill of our lovemaking, I found my mind going back to our last time, when Liam had seen her. In my experience with Jill, lovemaking was the time to find out her true feelings, as it was like a truth serum for her. In the past, it’s been when I learned truly why she was mad at me or what her opinion was on something where I felt she had been evasive. It was a lousy trick in this intimate moment but, I really wanted to know.

“Sweetie, did it turn you on?” I asked her, immediately feeling bad for bringing it up.

“What, honey?” she panted, in reply.

“Him watching you and playing with himself,” I explained. Jill stiffened and I thought she was going to be angry. The moments ticked by before she finally answered.

“Maybe some,” She admitted.

“What does that mean?” I asked, not satisfied by her answer.

“Let it go Mike,” she counseled.

“No, I want to know. I’m not mad. I’m just curious,” I told her, honestly.

“It did some,” she repeated.

“What does that mean?” I queried, again hoping she would answer honestly.

“It was exciting because he wanted me,” she explained.

“Sweetie, all men want you,” I said, still confused by her answer.

“Not watching while we are making love. Not naked. Not locked into this tiny space with us with no way out,” she said, losing her breath in the process.

It was quiet as we gently rocked while I processed this information. Its times like this that you realize how different men are wired from women. Jill could have any man she wanted. Wealthy, successful, athletes…and yet this old out of shape drunkard had gotten into her head in a way that no other man had to my knowledge. Certainly part of it was the bizarre situation but still….

“Maybe he should watch again,” I threw out.

There was a quick almost imperceptible gasp from her and also, even less discernible but still there, a quick spasm almost like a pulse in her pelvis.

“Not a good idea Mike,” she replied

“Why not?” I pushed.

“Just not. Hush and let’s make love,” she answered, pulling my head back into her neck.

“I will but why not? I now needed to know.

“He’s not the kind to take no,” she told me, after a pause.

My only response was to kiss her passionately and tell her, “I am so in love with you.”

“You better be,” she replied, with a smile.

We continued on in silence for a few more minutes then, it was time for a change.

“Roll over and get on top,” I told her, which happens to be one of her favorite positions.

Jill got on top and I pulled her down against my chest. She worked her hips taking me in and out but, with her now in charge of the pace. We could still hear Liam snoring away loudly with an obvious case of apnea, and there were times his breathing would stop for what seemed like a minute then, a large grunting snore would erupt.

“That’s the man that turns you on,” I said, trying to mock her previous admission.

“He has a big dick,” she shot back. A reply like this from her was so unexpected I was speechless. Sensing my shock she whispered in my ear with a giggle, “I win.”

“Hush and fuck me,” I said, having no other come back.

“I need to stretch,” she replied.

As she straightened up on top of me the blanket, caught under my legs, fell away and she arched backwards now fully exposed from the waist up. Both of us glanced at the same time towards Liam. Jill could see but my view was blocked by the edge of the bed, and I had to rely on his sounds to confirm he was still asleep.

“Come back to me,” I said, taking her hand and pulling her to my chest.

“Leave the blanket off for a while, I’m hot,” she said.

“You just want to be seen,” I said, pushing my hips up now to meet her rocking.

Jill matched my thrust and we started going faster until the bed started squeaking. Nervous, we slowed until it stopped and with the silence we both realized something else at the same time – the snoring had stopped. I grabbed the blanket and quickly covered Jill up to her neck.

“Stop for a second and see if he starts snoring again,” I whispered to her

It was like hiding in the bushes when playing hide and seek as a child. We were barely even breathing trying to determine if he was really awake and if we had been spotted. It didn’t take long to get the answer.

“You two are like rabbits. Every time I lay down you go at it,” Liam spoke, definitely still feeling the liquor. We remained quiet, neither responding at first.

“Don’t pretend to be asleep. Go ahead I don’t mind. In fact it will make a good show,” he chuckled.

I was about to roll Jill off me when I felt her hips rock just a little. Our eyes met and I saw in her an odd look. Playful, but also needy and she opened her mouth to speak then stopped and instead pushed down hard on my cock. When I put my left hand on her ass and grabbed her breast with my right she kissed me hard on the mouth and started moving faster.

“That’s it kids,” Liam said.

Jill started fucking me so fast that the bed started squeaking again, and this time we ignored the sound. I was now getting caught up in the eroticism of the moment, and bizarre thoughts would fly into and out of my head. Our movements caused the blanket to fall a bit but Jill was still low, with her body close to mine and out of sight.

“Jill how’s it feel?” he barked out.

Jill’s body stiffened against me and she caught her breath. She gave me an odd look and opened her mouth to speak and then stopped. Then, we both heard a zipper being opened and knew Liam was pulling his cock out.

“Tell him,” I told her.

She gave me a strange look staring into my eyes for a few seconds then said, “It feels really good.”

“I hope Mike gets you off again. I like how you look when you cum,” he answered, egging her on. Again there was no reply from Jill but some demon was now putting bizarre thought in my head.

“Show him your tits,” I said into her ear.

As I whispered the command, it seemed like it came from another person standing in the corner, and this odd person wanted Jill to be seen, to be on display. Up until then, Jill was bent close to my chest, with the blanker hiding most of her and the only evidence of our lovemaking was the movements beneath the blanket, our moans and the noisy bed.

“He’ll want more,” Jill said, but it seemed more a statement than a warning.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“What do you want?” she quickly shot back.

For a moment I thought about the risks. I thought about just pulling her to my side and going to sleep. But, she had opened a window with the way she responded when Liam saw her climax and I had to see what else was out there.

“Show him your tits,” I said again.

Jill slowly sat up straight in the bed without missing a beat on my cock, while staring at me the whole time. The blanket fell around her hip and she arched her back and tossed out her hair. I knew part of this was not my command it was her genetic need to act like a peacock – to be on display.

“Well if you’re going to give a show I’ll get a front row seat,” Liam said, and within seconds he was sitting in the desk chair next to the bed no more than four feet away. His pants were open and he was stroking his fat cock. Jill looked over at him for just a second too long before she closed her eyes again.

“Those are damn nice tits, Jill. My first wife had ones just like those. Liked them pinched hard. You likes yours pinched?” he asked.

“Damn Mike, don’t lay there having all the fun, pinch on em,” he demanded after several seconds when Jill didn’t respond.

For some reason, I did what he said. I had done the same thing dozens of times before when we were making love but, this time Jill started going crazy. Her mouth fell open and a long moan escaped. She started tossing her hair around and her pussy seemed to get even wetter.

I was so enjoying Jill’s show that it wasn’t until Liam was pulling the pants off his legs that I realized he was getting naked. His shirt was already off and when he was done he sat back in the chair. His body was completely covered in thick hair like some man-bear, and his large belly hung so low that all I could see was about 4 inches of his cock protruding from below with its fat head. Jill saw him too and tried not to look but I could see that her eyes kept going back to him.

Before long, I could see him getting antsy, and with his eyes locked onto my fiancé I feared he was going to reach out.

“Liam, stay in the chair,” I told him, trying to regain some control.

“Whatever Jill wants,” he replied, staring at her.

“Just stay there,” I demanded.

He didn’t stay still for a minute before I saw him lifting his naked body from the chair.

“Stay there,” I tried to command, but he ignored my words and moved behind Jill.

From his spot, I realized he could watch her rising and falling on my cock. He was also in a position where neither Jill nor I could see him easily, which had the effect of increasing the sexual tension in the room even further.

“You are one hot woman,” I heard him hiss to my fiancé, “Mike you’re going to share, aren’t you.”

“Just watching Liam, no touching. Get back in the chair,” I called out but, my demands got no response. At the same time, the feelings from Jill’s pussy were too incredible to stop.

I could see Jill looking over her shoulder trying to keep an eye on Liam but from my position I could see nothing except an occasional fat thigh when he moved to the side. Suddenly, her back went stiff and she pushed her chest against my hands.

“What’s wrong? What’s he doing?” I asked.

“He’s touching my back,” Jill replied.

Leaning as far as I could to the side without losing Jill, I looked around her and saw that he was leaning forward from the end of the bed and was using his right hand to rub on her back.

“Cut it out Liam or we are going to stop,” I threatened.

“Calm down. No ones being hurt,” he replied, not stopping his touching.

Jill’s motions on top of me were getting erratic and when I looked up her eyes were almost closed and her mouth was hanging open. She licked her lips and took her breaths in short gasps, and it was clear that the scene was making her very excited.

My God I thought, here is my girlfriend, my fiancée, the future mother of my children getting turned on by an old fat hairy dock worker. Maybe Liam was right, maybe there were some things to learn about her.

Jill stopped her movements and for a moment the room went dead quiet, and I cringed thinking this was where she was going to launch on me in a tirade about not protecting her.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” She said allowing me to breathe again.

She climbed off me, and showing amazing modesty given the circumstances, got out of bed and moved swiftly to the small bathroom. As soon as the door was closed, I looked at Liam who was smiling widely with heavy alcohol affected eyes.

“Don’t fuck it up Lad,” he counseled. When I didn’t respond he went on.

“You know what I said before. You’ve seen a bit now but there’s more for sure. No one will ever need to know too,” he said, while chuckling a bit at the end.

“This is freaking me out,” I said to him. It was an honest answer but one that showed him some opportunity.

“Just get it started than let it go on its own,” he replied, with his hand now fondling his large balls.

“No way,” I said, shaking my head trying to find some clarity. The toilet flushed and the water started in the sink.

“Don’t fuck this up or you’ll always wonder. No one will ever know,” Liam said again, as the door opened.

Jill left the door open and the dancing light behind her illuminated her slender, naked body as she moved the few feet to the bed. Liam gave out an admiring whistle as she stepped past him, and surprisingly he didn’t try to make a grab. She sat down next to me, her legs tightly together, before I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her onto her back in the middle of the bed and covered her with the blanket.

“Mike, you asshole,” he exclaimed.

“Show’s over,” I replied.

At first, we lay still next to each other but there seemed to be some sensual pulsing between our bodies, and I pulled her closer to me squeezing her hard. I began to kiss her and whisper to her how beautiful she was while I thought about Liam’s words. She pulled my hand to her breasts, and I began massaging them as we continued kissing.

I was truly torn. Part of me wanted to push the envelope — to challenge Liam’s view but it was frightening too. After his initial outburst he had gone quiet, and I sensed he was in the chair watching but I didn’t lift my head to look.

Jill couldn’t keep still. Despite Liam being only feet away her body was undulating against mine sensually.

“I’m so horny,” she whispered, into my ear.

“Let him go to sleep first,” I whispered back.

“Okay,” she replied but, in a needy way.

Jill’s hand found my dick and started squeezing and stroking it slowly. I was hoping the alcohol would overcome Liam and he would go back to sleep quickly.

“Why don’t you suck on him a bit?” Liam spoke, startling us both.

“Liam, go to sleep,” I demanded. Almost as soon as the words left my mouth Jill’s head started down my body, stopping to kiss my nipples, and then continuing.

“Jill!” I exclaimed, truly surprised by her actions.

Jill, in her horny and inebriated state, inhaled my dick into her warm and wet mouth. She swirled her tongue around my head on each stroke which had my back arching in no time.

“Goddamn son you can’t have all the fun,” I heard Liam speak, which brought me back to reality.

“Go lay down and jackoff,” I told him, hoping he would leave us alone.

Jill’s mouth was driving me crazy and I was getting close to cumming, reaching that point where nothing else matters. I had my hands on the back of her head guiding her up and down when she suddenly tried to pull away.

“No not yet,” I implored her. The more she squirmed the harder I held her head until with a sudden jerk she pulled away.

“Oh my god, Oh shit. He’s licking me!” Jill exclaimed.

I looked quickly over her shoulders and saw that in moving down to suck on me her body had become positioned on the bed in such a way that her butt was near the edge. The covers were off her lower half and the top of Liam’s greasy hair behind her ass was all I could see.

The first thought that flashed through my brain was how this fat old man had gotten there so deftly without causing the bed to move. That thought was quickly replaced when I saw Jill trying to use her legs to squirm away from his invading mouth. But, before she could make progress, he grabbed her ass and flipped her onto her knees.

“Mike his tongues in me,” she exclaimed, looking to me for help.

I looked into her eyes for several seconds then pulled her up to kiss her. At first she turned her head but I grabbed her chin and forced the kiss and she accepted it passively.

“You’re beautiful,” I told her.

“Do you love me? Tell me you love me,” she implored.

“I love you Jill,” I said sincerely, and kissed her again.

I began to plant soft kisses on her forehead, cheeks, ears and lips all the time whispering how beautiful she was and how much I loved her. I could tell Liam’s efforts were taking hold as she began to breathe in short quick breaths, struggling to be still. I had never been big on giving oral sex only doing it a few times for Jill, and I’m sure not very well. Her reactions certainly seemed more intense than I was used to, which made our kissing difficult.

At that moment, he flipped her onto her back, spread her legs and dove head first into her wet pussy. Jill grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers and we kissed deeply as she whimpered into my mouth. We broke our kiss and I lay next to her now the complete voyeur and watched her other hand, the one that I had been holding, move down to Liam’s head. His tongue played her young taut body like a musical instrument finding every chord and hitting every note. The whole time, his shaggy head and full beard filled the space between her legs never stopping, never lifting to catch his breath or look around.

I could see Jill’s legs start to stiffen and her neck muscles begin to strain, and it was obvious he was taking her towards an orgasm. She had been quiet throughout, which is her nature, but as the climax approached she started getting vocal. Softly at first with soft sighs and moans that then turned louder and urgent as she pleaded.

Just when Jill was about to let go, Liam stopped. He lifted his head and I saw him smile but he made no movement for several seconds.

“Don’t stop. I’m so close,” Jill begged, as her hands pulled at his hair and her body writhed seeking contact with something.

Liam lifted his belly showing the full length of his fat cock with its large head. He stroked it several times while looking down at my fiancé.

“I know you want to feel this,” he stated.

Jill’s hip continued to move still feeling the tongue that was no longer there. This was the moment of truth and with all my power I remained silent, deciding it was Jill that needed to make the decision.

“Mike?” she whined, seeking guidance. The tension in the room was profound and my silence left her alone and vulnerable.

After several more seconds she asked again, “Mike, what do you want me to do?”

I stayed silent and despite Jill searching my face for an answer I remained expressionless. Then with a barely perceptible movement Jill’s head moved up and down, and Liam immediately lifted his large, heavy body over her.

“Put it in you.” I heard him tell her, and saw her hand fumbling between them.

“Ohhhhhhhh..,ohhh God yes!” Jill suddenly exhaled.

“Damn that’s good.” Liam pronounced at the same time, and I knew that he was inside her.

Liam body was so big that all I could see of Jill was her legs from the knees out and her arms from the shoulders out which were wrapped around his large torso, and her face was completely blocked by his large head and greasy hair. Slowly at first, then faster, his hairy ass started its back and forth motion causing the fat to ripple in waves. It looked like some wild beast was taking Jill.

“Uhhhh, uhhh..” She responded to his deep thrusts, as his heavy body and fat cock forced the air from her lungs.

“You like it?” I asked, her no longer able to be quiet.

Rather than a verbal reply, her legs rose so that her feet were touching his large ass and her hands gripped his shoulders tightly. Liam pounded into her relentlessly and the time ticked by. I had tried several times to speak with her but was unsuccessful, as her voice seemed only able to communicate, through whimpers and moans, the joy she was receiving from his cock.

Soon, the short gasps and continuous whining let us know that Liam was bringing her close. All the time, he was quiet seemingly completely focused on driving his cock deep inside Jill.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Jill demanded, as her legs stiffened and her hands pawed at his broad shoulders indicating she was close.

“OHHH YES, OH MY GOD YES. FUCK ME. DON’T STOP. FUCK ME GOOD.” Jill wailed, as her body was consumed by a powerful orgasm.

Her legs kicked into the air and her pelvis slammed against Liam’s meeting him wetly on each thrust. Her hands were pawing his shoulders and back as if searching for something and, although I couldn’t see her face, there was a wailing sound from her like a hurt animal. In all our lovemaking, I had never seen her react so powerfully. Liam slowed but didn’t stop and Jill’s moans turned to whimpers and then I heard soft crying.

“Oh so good, so good,” she cried several times.

Finally he did stop and it became quiet in the room except for their breathing, and I lay there next to her in shock from the power of their mating.

“Get off her,” I said, prodding Liam on the shoulder.

“I haven’t got my nut yet,” He replied, and although I wanted to call him all kinds of four letter word names, I managed to stay calm wanting only to get to Jill.

Liam reluctantly rolled off her and I couldn’t keep from looking between them as his large cock slid from her now gaping hole. When she was free, she looked up at me with heavy eyes, her body covered in a film of sweat.

“Do you love me?” she whispered.

“Yes, of course baby,” I told her, stroking her hair.

“Make love to me,” she panted, now pulling me to her.

I let her have her way and seconds later we were joined. Me, flat on my back and her on top, with her naked form on display, glistening in the flickering candle light.

She rode me fast and leaned forward to kiss me.

“I love you. Tell me you love me,” she demanded.

“I love you Jill,” I replied sincerely. I wasn’t sure how we would deal with tonight but knew it wasn’t the time for confrontation.

Liam’s cock had done a number on Jill, stretching her pussy so its normal snugness was not there, and Jill’s eyes were boring straight into mine as if she was searching for some sign of anger or contempt. Strangely, I didn’t feel either. Rather I felt a lot of confusion but also arousal. Liam had been right after all and I was struggling to process that reality.

From nowhere, Liam appeared standing to one side of the bed alongside Jill and I could see his large cock, now wet with Jill’s juices, hanging from below his belly. His big meaty and calloused hands reached out and took Jill’s nipples between his fingers.

“Ohhhh…don’t,” Jill exclaimed, moving her shoulders to try and break free but at the same time I could feel her pussy tightening on my cock.

“Bet she’s squeezing on you ain’t she?” Liam asked, as if reading my mind.

My answer was to grab her hips with both hands and pull her tighter against my cock. Jill continued to stare into my eyes but now hers were glazy and her mouth was partly open.

“Fuck her good Mike then I want some more,” Liam announced.

I wanted to cum badly but, for some reason, I couldn’t get there as my mind was still locked into the sight and sounds of their coupling. It seemed Liam was reading my mind again.

“Let her suck on you why I do her doggie,” he suggested.

“Suck on me,” I said to her, my lust and curiosity now stronger than my sense.

“Mike?’ Jill questioned.

“Suck on me,” I said to her again.

This time without hesitation Jill dismounted and moved down and took my cock in her mouth. She tried to lie flat but Liam grabbed her by the hips and lifted her to her knees, and when he got her into position, he lifted his belly and pushed himself into her very wet pussy.

It didn’t take long for me to lose her. She struggled to keep a rhythm on my cock while Liam stroked her. After several minutes she gave up and just rested her head on my stomach, drool coming from her mouth along with the whines and grunts caused by his movements. Liam’s words were again coming true and taking a page from his book; I reached down and took her nipples between my fingers pinching softly and then harder.

“That’s right. Keep it up. She’s squeezing my cock now,” he stated.

“Don’t cum in her, she’s not protected,” I told him, suddenly remembering the situation.

“Okay man,” he answered, between grunts.

Liam grabbed her hips firmly in his hands and was pulling her forcibly against him on each thrust, and Jill lifted herself onto her elbows, still straddling my body with her head slowly shaking back and forth inches from my stomach.

The couple began moaning together, almost in chorus as Liam’s fat cock reigniting her passion. Jill came first. It wasn’t as big as her first but I could feel her body spasm as she moaned and whimpered. Her orgasm must have set him off because soon thereafter his moves became more pronounced and his grunts louder.

“Pull out,” I reminded him, but it was too late.

“Ughhhh man, damn, damn…it’s fucking good. Sweet fucking pussy,” he exclaimed struggling to catch his breath.

Liam stayed connected to her for a few seconds then with a plop his cock exited and he flopped back into the chair. Jill with labored movements slid up on me until her head was next to mine.

“Mike, that’s first class pussy. You’re a lucky man,” he said, still breathing hard.

I was suddenly taken by a burning need to add my semen to Jill’s pussy. Rather than respond to Liam, I flipped her over and slid my dick effortlessly into her sloppy hole. Jill’s body was so limp I had to reach down and pull her legs around me.

“That’s it Mike, we’ll keep her filled till we get rescued,” Mike laughed.

For some reason, rather than anger me, his words inspired me to fuck her harder. Unlike last time, I soon felt that familiar feeling in my balls and quickly added my cum to Liam’s. Jill had regained some energy and held my shoulders with her hands as I finished but remained quiet.

After catching my breath, I rolled off and pulled her into a spoon position against me. I kissed her neck and told her I loved her but she stayed quiet. I wasn’t sure whether she was upset, exhausted or both so I continued holding her tight thinking it was the best course to take.

I felt the bed move and looked up to see Liam crawling next to Jill. It seemed pointless to argue the point, so I stayed silent as he slid in next to her, and fortunately, it wasn’t long before he began snoring – the alcohol and the exertions from the sex evidently taking hold.

“Are we still getting married?” Jill suddenly spoke, in a very soft whisper.

“Yes, don’t worry. Just go to sleep,” I said to her, pulling her tighter to me.

For some reason, I lowered my hand to her pussy and gently prodded her to spread her legs so I could feel inside. She was unbelievably wet and when my finger entered I could feel the gooey wet cocktail of mixed semen. It was very erotic to me for some strange reason and my cock hardened against Jill’s butt.

“Did it turn you on?” she whispered in the same soft voice, probably inspired by my new erection.

“Yes,” I answered without elaboration, knowing what she meant.

Soon thereafter I fell into a fitful sleep struggling to find a good position in the crowded bed. Later I awoke to the sound of voices speaking softly.

“Don’t.” I heard Jill say with a gasp. Pretending to be asleep, I could see that Jill was now close to Liam in the crowded bed. “Had he pulled her over or had she moved on her own?” I asked myself.

“You’re a good fuck,” he told her.

“Thanks,” Jill replied softly. Normally, I would have expected that type of statement to generate a negative response from her but the tone in her voice seemed to have an element of pride.

“You ever had one this big?” Liam asked.

“No,” she answered, after a short pause.

“Don’t,” I heard her say again, but her voice lacked conviction.

There were slow movements under the cover but I couldn’t make out what was happening. They were facing each other on their sides so I assumed that Liam was trying to fondle her somewhere, and I continued to feign sleep now very curious how Jill would react and deal with the attention.

“You’re wet again, baby,” Liam stated, removing the question about where his hands were. Jill didn’t respond and after a brief silence Liam followed, “Open your legs.”

There was some more movement and then Liam said, “Yeah like that.”

I heard Jill suck in her breath and then she started emitting barely audible moans. I could see Liam’s shoulder moving and assumed he was working her with his fingers.

“Mmmm,” the sound came from Jill, now louder.

“Feel good, baby?” he asked, and after several seconds with no answer he repeated himself.

“Yeah,” She replied with lust in her voice.

“Do you want me to fuck you again?” he asked boldly.

“Suck my nipples,” she demanded, and I saw Liam’s head move to them.

“Ummm…uhhhh….yes,” I heard Jill responding, and I could hear the sound of Liam’s lips kissing and sucking.

“Let’s fuck,” Liam stated, again.

I had to force myself to remain quiet listening intently, very interested in how Jill would reply. I knew she was more aroused than she had ever been and wondered if she had any control at this point. Had she had enough or was there more to come I wondered? Was she worried about our future?

“Mike’s asleep,” she replied, not really giving an answer.

“We’ll be quiet he won’t wake up,” Liam replied, answering what was probably her real concern.

“We can’t,” she answered, but again her voice lacked conviction.

“Yeah we can. He already let you once,” Liam said.

“Not in bed. In the bathroom,” she finally answered, after a long silence.

“Okay baby that sounds good,” Liam replied, and I immediately felt the bed move as he got up. Jill was slower getting up, and clearly trying to get out without waking me. When she did, they left hand in hand leaving my eyesight as they moved towards the bathroom behind me. I heard the door creak as it was closed slowly taking away the dim candlelight. When it stopped, I turned over still feigning sleep until I could tell they were not watching. Getting up, I moved to the closed door feeling my way in the dark.

“You suck a mean cock,” I heard Liam announce, just as I arrived.

I pictured Jill on her knees in front of Liam’s heavy, hairy body with his fat cock sliding through her full lips. A couple minutes later Liam announced he was ready to fuck her and there was some rustling behind the door then a grunt from him and moan from Jill. The sounds started coming in rhythm and I knew he was taking her.

There was a trick to closing the door and making it stay and suddenly it creaked open about six inches causing me to freeze in panic. I fully expected to get busted when they looked out to check on me but they must have been too deep in their lust because they just kept going. The door opens facing the shower and they were not in view so I moved quietly so I could look in the crack around the hinges.

In the candlelight, I could see Liam had Jill bent over the countertop pounding her from behind. She was on her toes and his hands were cupping her breasts and pulling on her nipples. They were using the mirror to look at each other.

There was no denying that Jill was enjoying it. Her mouth was open and her eyes wild with excitement. Liam was thrusting slowly but hard and deep forcing a moan from Jill on each stroke. Liam took one hand, turned her head and kissed her sloppily on the mouth to which she passionately reciprocated. Amazingly, it was the kissing that upset me more than their sneaked sex.

“Have you ever had it this good?” he asked her the followed when she didn’t reply, “Tell me.”

“No, never like this,” she finally answered, and he kissed her again.

“I’m going to fuck you ever hour till we get out,” he said to her.

“Okay,” she answered. It was a simple reply but one that communicated her complete submission to Liam.

They continued mating with Liam steadily prodding her with his words along the way, building her arousal. I saw her biting her lip to try and stay quiet, and she fell forward putting her hands on the mirror to maintain her balance but, her body began to shake and despite her efforts she couldn’t hold back her moaning as another orgasm swept through her.

“I want to come in your mouth,” Liam announced, after her breathing slowed.

He turned her and pushed her to her knees where Jill used her right hand to stroke him and suck on his head, concentrating on the first couple inches. Slowly, she worked more into her mouth until most of it disappeared as she bobbed her head. It wasn’t long before Liam’s grunts became more urgent and with a muffled roar he emptied himself inside her pretty mouth

“Damn, a good fuck and a good cocksucker!” he exclaimed.

I rushed back to the bed and got back into position but, it was quiet for a while, and I thought maybe they were going to have another round before I finally heard the movement of their return. Jill climbed in very slowly and waited for Liam to get in bed as well before she pushed herself close against me. Liam’s snoring came first, and then Jill’s heavy breathing indicated she was sleeping, and finally I drifted off as well.

The sound of the radio woke me and I checked to see that it was 10:23 AM. Liam was sitting in the chair listening to the latest news report covered by a blanket. I could feel a bit of a hangover but overall felt better than I had feared. Jill was still curled up next to me but I sensed she was awake as well.

“Storm’s clearing,” Liam announced. “But they are saying in may take a couple days to dig out.”

Jill’s eyes opened and she stared at me for several seconds before speaking, “Think I’ll take a shower.”

Her statement prodded me to notice that she reeked of sex.

“How are you feeling?” I asked as she crawled over me and shamelessly walked naked towards the bathroom.

“Little headache but, I’m okay.” She said, answering about the drinking instead of the sex. I stared at her ass as she made the few steps to the bathroom.

Jill didn’t bother to close the door. She started the water and waited for several minutes for it to warm before stepping into the shower. As soon as she did, Liam spoke.

“Lad, you’re going to have good fun with that woman if you don’t fuck it up,” he counseled.

“Liam why don’t you join her in the shower?” I replied to him. My suggestion brought a big smile to his face.

“Now you’re getting it,” he said, and headed to the shower throwing the blanket off along the way.

It had now reached a point where I wanted to determine Jill’s limits. Where was she going to say no or would she?

Liam stepped in and shortly after Jill pulled the curtain back and looked at me. I was propped on an elbow and just stared back. We held each other’s gaze for several seconds before she let the curtain go leaving me just a slight view. I could see Liam’s hands through the steam soaping her up spending lots of time on her breasts and pussy as she leaned back against him. Then he turned her and kissed her deeply. She didn’t fight him and instead her arms went around his neck and she kissed back, and I knew his big cock had completely conquered her.

They rinsed and then Liam put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her onto her knees. Her body blocked the view of his cock but I could see her head moving back and forth slowly. This went on for a few minutes until he lifted her to her feet and turned off the water. They toweled dry quickly and Liam led her back to the bed. I got up, grabbed the blanket Liam had discarded and sat in the chair as Liam positioned Jill in the center of the bed.

Rather than pushing himself into her, Liam began kissing her belly and thighs as she spread her legs open for him. His tongue danced around and teased her causing her to squirm before centering and tongue lashing her with long strokes. He used his hands to push her thighs back and began licking from her anus to her clit.

Jill grabbed his head pulling him hard against her. As far as I know she had never had her ass played with but she was clearly enjoying it. Liam lifted up long enough to instruct her to play with her nipples which she did, and I caught her eye for a few moments but when Liam pushed a finger into her pussy she arched her back and I lost her again.

Liam assaulted her pussy with his tongue and fingers until he pushed her over the edge. As she came, her hands went back to his head and she cried out loudly while her legs jerked in the air. One wave passed through which was followed by a second after that she began pulling on Liam.

“Put it in me now! I need you!” she begged.

Her language continued to surprise me but it was a huge turn on too. Liam obliged and raised himself over her then fell heavily down driving a deep moan from her. Like before, she was buried beneath his large body and I watched his big ass rise and fall as she cried out in joy. His cock in her seemed to extend her orgasm.

“Oh it’s so fucking good!” She suddenly exclaimed, again, her language being so out of character.

“You tell him baby.” Liam encouraged her not missing a beat, “She likes this big cock, Mike.”

“Don’t stop. I might cum again,” She panted.

He had worked her pussy over so well that I could now hear it slurping with each stroke.

“I’m not sure I can cum again right now Mike. You might need to take over,” Liam announced after several more minutes.

He took a couple more strokes then rolled off her falling on his back breathing hard. I immediately took his place and picked up where he left off but not filling her like he had.

“I love you sweetie,” she whispered into my ear.

“Are you having fun?” I whispered back.

“Yes, I feel so naughty but it’s exciting,” she answered quickly.

“You are naughty,” I replied.

“Are you angry?” she answered, her body pulling back from me.

“No baby, I like you naughty. I’m going to let him fuck you all he wants,” I told her.

“Okay if it’s what you want.” She gasped, “I’ll do it.”

Liam had been quiet. Whether he couldn’t hear, or chose to stay silent, I wasn’t sure. I had just about forgotten about him when I felt his arm snake between Jill and me. Rising higher on my arms, I let him play with her breasts while I continued fucking her. First he just rubbed them but when he started pinching her nipples I could feel her pelvis jerk against me and her muscles tighten.

“Nothing like sharing a beautiful woman,” Liam announced.

Next, he turned her head to him, and began kissing her while still plundering her nipples.

“Let’s change again,” Liam suggested, with clear lust in his voice.

I’m not sure why, but I went along with his suggestion and rolled off Jill with Liam right behind me taking my place. Jill didn’t say a word and accepted him back into her with a deep moan. Liam got into his rhythm quickly and this time seemed to have more of a purpose. Jill’s legs wrapped around him and her hands gripped his shoulders.

“Pinch her nipples like I was doing. I want to feel her squeezing,” he said to me.

I moved up into position and started pinching them lightly and then harder as her moans got louder.

“Oh yeah, good feeling isn’t it Mike,” he said, and I knew his big cock was getting squeezed.

Jill was letting out continuous gasps and whimpers as her pussy and nipples were assaulted, and looking closely I caught her looking at Liam with passion on her face.

“It feels so good!” she exclaimed.

“I’m going to cum soon,” Liam grunted.

“Do you want his cum baby?” I asked Jill, so completely aroused that I couldn’t help myself.

“Yes, yes, I want it,” she answered, without hesitation.

Less than ten strokes later Liam came inside her with a roar, pounding so hard against her I thought he might break the bed.

“Take it, take it all,” he forced from his mouth.

“Yes, I can feel it,” Jill gasped, with her eyes closed tightly.

Liam’s remained on top of her with his body rigid and his breathing labored. When he finally flopped to her side, I looked down to see her pussy completely wet and still gaping open from his big cock. It was frightening and arousing at the same time. Had he launched his semen directly into her cervix? Was she right now being impregnated?

Jill made no move to cover up until she saw me staring, and then pulled enough of the blanket from underneath Liam to hide from the waist down. Liam thrashed about the bed until he was partly covered too. I went to the chair and wrapped the blanket around me and digested what was happening some more while looking at the lovers as they rested.

Jill and Liam fucked four more times until we were finally dug out a day and a half later. Liam was insatiable; I suppose realizing that getting a woman as beautiful as Jill at his age was a rare gift. Although Jill became sore from the constant sex, she never denied him, and put on her own wanton display of lust urging him with her words, using her mouth aggressively and receiving his seed inside her each time. I stayed the voyeur which seemed fine to them as neither challenged it or encouraged my participation.

Within an hour of the door being cleared, Liam was gone, stopping only long enough to give Jill a deep kiss while he held her nude body against him. The following day the roads had been cleared enough for us to head south. It was a week before Jill’s body recovered enough that she was ready for any sex.

Amazingly, Jill didn’t get pregnant and six months later we were married. We never really talked about those few days. Each time we tried the conversation would get stilted and difficult quickly. Before long, we had moved on with our lives and it seemed to be forgotten although, sometimes when we make love and her eyes are closed I wonder what she is thinking.

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