Husband Encourages Wife



Jen walked into her bedroom, her face still flushed from the conversation at lunch. Her pussy throbbed. She didn’t normally masturbate in the middle of the day, but she needed relief, and the kids would be at the sitter’s for a few more hours. She lay on the bed and pulled up her skirt. She touched herself. Her panties were so wet. She slipped her hand inside her panties and rubbed herself, her eyes closed, remembering what Tina had told her at lunch.

“Wow, what’s this?” a surprised voice said from the doorway.

“Oh my god!” Jen cried in embarrassment, pulling the covers over her. “Michael, what are you doing home so early?”

Michael laughed, enjoying his wife’s embarrassment. “My meeting ended early, so I decided to come home. I’m glad I did.” Michael threw the covers off his wife. Her dress was still bunched around her waist, and he admired her long shapely legs. Even after 10 years of marriage, he couldn’t get over how fantastic her legs were.

“Stop!” she protested, trying to pull the covers back up, but Michael laughed again and batted her hands away. Jen covered her blushing face with her hands. “I can’t believe you caught me playing with myself.”

“So, what got you so excited?” Michael said as he put his hand on his wife’s knee. “Did you watch Dr. McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy?” he teased. But he suspected why his wife was so aroused in the middle of the day. “Or, did Tina tell you more about her sex life over lunch?”

“Oh my god, you won’t believe what she did last night,” Jen said excitedly. Tina and Jen had been best friends since high school. Tina divorced about six months ago, after catching her husband Bill cheating on her. Not yet ready for a serious relationship, but craving male companionship, she started going out with younger men about 2 months ago. Still pretty and desirable at 34, Tina pleasantly discovered that she didn’t lack for male attention, and soon she was sleeping with a new young stud every few days.

“She met a guy at a bar last night,” Jen said. “He was only 23, in grad school! She let him pick her up. He took her to his apartment, and his roommate was there. Both guys started flirting with her, and before she knew it all three were in bed! She ended up doing it with both of them!”

Michael pulled off his pants and climbed between his wife’s legs. “Did Tina like getting gangbanged by those two college kids?”

Jen moaned as her husband pushed into her. “She said it made her feel so slutty. She had one guy in her mouth, while the other was inside her. Then they traded places, and she felt so naughty tasting herself.”

“Did they make her cum?” Michael grunted as he pumped his cock in and out of his wife’s pussy.

“Yeah,” Jen gasped, her own orgasm near. “She said it was incredible. She’d cum with one guy, and then the other would take his place.”

“Oh god!” Michael groaned as he came in his wife. Jen came too, her toes curling and digging into the mattress.

“Wow,” Michael sighed a few minutes later. “That was great.”

Jen giggled and poked her husband’s side. “I bet you were thinking about Tina when you came,” she teased. “You like hearing about how she’s being so slutty. It turns you on. Come on, admit it.”

“Okay, I admit it, Tina’s attractive,” Michael said honestly. “But you know what really turns me on? It’s you, getting so excited hearing about Tina acting like a slut.”

“What?” Jen asked, surprised.

“I’m not kidding. I guess in my head, I’m thinking you’re wishing it was you, not Tina, getting fucked by those guys.”

Jen’s jaw dropped. “And that turns you on? Thinking about me with other guys?”

Michael laughed. “Come on, don’t be such a prude. There are a lot of guys with that fantasy. They even have a name for it, it’s called ‘hot wife’ fantasy.”

Jen glared at her husband. “I know what they call it, Michael, I don’t live in a fishbowl. I just never thought my husband was one of those prevents who wanted to see his wife fuck other men.”

“Hey, wait a minute,” Michael said, holding out his hands. “You’re the one beating off in the middle of the day.”

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore!” Jen said, getting out of bed and pulling down her dress. “Come on, the kids will be home soon.”

Chapter 2

“What do you think of Jason, isn’t he gorgeous?” Tina asked excitedly. Michael and Jen looked toward the restaurant door. Jason had gone outside for a smoke.

“Uh, yeah,” Jen said. She felt awkward talking about Tina’s new boy-toy in front of Michael. “Where did you meet him?”

Tina shrugged. “At a bar — where else?”

Michael laughed. “It must have been a college bar. What is he, 19?”

“Twenty-four, you jerk!” Tina said, playfully punching Michael in the arm. “And it wasn’t a college bar, it was a hotel downtown.”

“Excuse me,” Jen said, standing up. “I have to go to the bathroom.”

“I guess you don’t approve of my new love life,” Tina said to Michael as Jen walked away.

“That’s not true. I know Bill treated you like shit, and you’ve had a rough year. I’m happy to see you’re happy again.”

Tina broke into a big smile. “Thanks for being so understanding.” She reached under the table and squeezed Michael’s thigh. “It’s such a relief to hear you say that. I’ve been worried my friends would think less of me.”

“No, not at all,” Michael said, his voice caught in his voice. Tina’s hand on his thigh almost made him shudder with excitement. She was so different from Jen. She was a pretty brunette with large breasts. Jen, in contrast, was a petite blonde with CoverGirl good looks, with small perky breasts. Tina wasn’t leggy like Jen, but her legs weren’t bad. Thinking about this, Michael’s eyes wandered down to Tina’s legs. Michael admired how, since her divorce, her skirts had gotten shorter and shorter. He also liked the way she wore fuck-me pumps with high stiletto heels.

Michael noticed that Tina’s skirt had hiked up her legs. His eyes widened when he saw the lacy welt of her stockings. He realized she was wearing thigh highs! That surprised him; he didn’t think girls wore them in real life. He thought things like that (real stockings and garter belts) were incredibly sexy, but Jen never wore them, preferring pantyhose.

Tina followed Michael’s eyes, and realized she was flashing her stocking tops. “Oops, sorry,” she said, embarrassed. She pulled down her skirt. Tina shrugged. “Okay, I admit it, I’m a slut. But stockings are better than pantyhose — less fumbling and easier access.”

“Uh, no problem,” Michael managed to say, his throat dry. “Like I said, you’re entitled.”

Tina smiled, and again squeezed Michael’s thigh. “Thanks!” Tina let her hand linger on Michael’s thigh, only pulling away when Jen approached the table.

Jason returned a few minutes later. As they ordered drinks and then studied the menu, Jason’s hands were all over Tina. Tina giggled and pushed him away, but he was relentless, caressing her legs under the table. When the drinks arrived, he gulped down his beer, then stood up, pulling Tina up with him. “Come on, baby, let’s get a smoke.”

Giggling, Tina said “We’ll be right back,” then let Jason lead her outside.

Awkwardly, Michael and Jen continued to study their menus. Then Michael reached under the table to Jen’s legs. “Don’t,” Jen said as Michael moved his hand under her skirt. But Michael wouldn’t stop, and Jen gasped when he touched her pussy. She had soaked through her panties and pantyhose. Michael pulled his hand away when the waitress came to take their order. Michael told her their friends would be back in a few minutes, they went out for a smoke.

About 10 minutes later, Tina and Jason finally returned. They ordered, and then Jason got up.

“I need a smoke,” he said.

Jen frowned at Jason’s disappearing form. “I thought you guys just had a smoke,” she said, annoyed. Jen looked at Tina, who had a mischievous smile on her face. “What?” Jen asked.

Tina hesitated, debating with herself whether she should tell them or keep quiet. But she couldn’t hold it in. “Oh my god,” she said elatedly. “We just did it!”

Jen’s eyes grew wide. “You’re kidding?”

“No!” Tina almost shouted, her face excited and covered with a big smile. “He pulled me into the alley next to the restaurant, and he did me against the wall! Oh my god, we were right around the corner, I could hear the people walking on the sidewalk!”

“Oh no,” Tina said in a concerned voice.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can feel him running out of me. I’ll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom, I don’t want the back of my dress to get wet.”

When they got home from dinner, Michael paid the babysitter while Jen checked on the kids. Then, by silent agreement, they met at their bedroom. They groped each other like teenagers, practically ripping off each other’s clothes.

“Fuck me!” Jen pleaded. Michael pulled off Jen’s pantyhose and panties, then pulled out his cock.

“You so wet!” Michael growled as he penetrated his wife. “Did it turn you on, Jason fucking Tina in the alley like a whore?”

“Did it turn you on?” Jen answered as she pushed back against her husband’s thrusts.

Michael’s passion fueled words came out between pants. “It turned me on, imagining it was you instead of Tina. Imagining Jason was fucking you against the wall.”

“Oh god, you’re so bad,” she moaned.

“I’d like to watch you act like Tina. Become a cougar. Let young guys pick you up, and go home with them and let them fuck you.”

“Oh god, Michael,” Jen panted between moans. “You don’t mean that. I’m your wife.”

“I want you to be my hot wife,” Michael said lustfully. “Didn’t you see how muscular Jason was? Wouldn’t you like to feel a young hard body on top of you? Ramming his big cock into you? Shooting gallons of his cum into you, so it floods out of you and runs down your legs?”

“Oh Michael, would you really want me to do that?” Jen cried as she raised her hips to meet her husband’s thrusts. They were both so close, their passions fueled by their nasty fantasies.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s all I’ve been thinking about since Tina started slutting around! I’ve imagined you in her place, being a slut with all those young guys!”

“Oh god, oh god,” Jen cried as she came, Michael joining her just seconds after.

“You haven’t touched your lunch,” Tina said after she finished telling Jen about her latest date with Jason.

“I’m sorry,” Jen said. “I guess I’m distracted.”

Tina reached over and grabbed her friend’s hand. “What’s wrong? Are you and Michael okay?”

Jen looked up in surprise. “How did you know?”

“Jen, we’ve been friends since high school,” Tina said, concern in her voice. “I was your maid of honor. I think I can tell when things aren’t going right with you and your husband. So what’s wrong?”

“It’s just — god, this is so embarrassing. But I’ve told Michael some of the things you’ve told me. You know, about the dates you’ve had with younger guys. Lately, Michael’s told me about some things he fantasizes about.”

“Oh,” Tina said, her interest suddenly more than just concern for her friend. Has Michael been fantasizing about sleeping with her? She remembered the dinner the other night, when she put her hand on Michael’s thigh. She shouldn’t have, but she couldn’t resist. She could tell he was hard. It gave her a naughty thrill to flirt with her best friend’s husband. It was something she’d never have done while she was married, but she had embraced her new-found freedom since her divorce, especially since she’d started going out with younger guys.

Jen hesitated, considering whether to tell Tina. But then she realized she needed to tell someone, and who better but her best friend. “You can’t tell Michael I told you this.”

“I promise,” Tina said immediately, trying to hide her intense curiosity.

“Michael told me that — he has fantasies about — about seeing me with other men.”

“What?” Tina said, wide-eyed. “You and other men?”

“Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. He’s never mentioned it before. It’s only been since you’ve been going out with younger guys. He even said he fantasized it was me who Jason did in the alley.”

“Wow,” Tina said, shocked. She had heard some guys had this fantasy, but Michael seemed so straight-laced. Also, she remembered when Jen started dating Michael, over 10 years ago. Michael had been jealous of guys even speaking to Jen. She couldn’t believe Michael had changed so much, that now he’d like to watch Jen in bed with another man. “Do you think he really wants you to do it?”

“I’m not sure,” Jen said. “I don’t think so, but he always talks about it … I mean, when we’re in bed.”

“Well — okay, I know you’re going to think this is crazy,” Tina began, “but maybe you should hope that Michael is serious.”

Jen frowned at her friend. “You’re right, I think you’re crazy.”

“No, I’m not crazy,” Tina said, laughing. “You wouldn’t believe how great sex is with these guys. They’re so young and strong and gorgeous, and so hard! I’m glad Bill cheated on me, and we divorced. I really am! Because now I’m having the greatest sex of my life. He’s paying me alimony, and I’m using his money to get all dolled up for other men.”

Jen’s frown deepened. “So how does this all relate to me?”

Tina squeezed Jen’s arm. “Honey, I’m saying you can have the best of both worlds. You can be married to a great guy who loves you, and fuck other guys on the side. You’re the luckiest girl in the world!”

Jen shook her head. “Breaking my marriage vows isn’t something I want to do.”

“Jen, it’s not cheating if Michael wants you to do it,” Tina insisted.

“I don’t know about that,” Jen said skeptically. “Besides, I don’t know if Michael is really serious about this.”

“What if he is serious? Would you play along?” Tina smiled affectionately at her friend. “I mean, it would be fun to have someone to go clubbing with, like we did back in college.”

“I don’t know,” Jen said honestly. “Those days were a lot of fun. But I’ve been married for over 10 years, and I have two children. I love Michael. I don’t want to break my marriage vows.”

“But Jen, honey, Michael wants you to do this. You wouldn’t be breaking your marriage vows.”

Jen shook her head. “I told you, I don’t know if he really wants me to do this.”

“Okay, I have an idea,” Tina said. “Come clubbing with me Saturday night. Just you, not Michael. See what he says.”

“I don’t know,” Jen said warily.

“Jen, what’s the harm? This will help you and Michael figure out what he really wants. He probably doesn’t know himself. And it’s not like you have to let some guy pick you up. We can just go out and have fun, like we used to do in college.”

Jen thought about it for a few moments, then she found herself nodding.


“Can we talk?” Jen asked. “I mean, we haven’t really talked about the other night.”

They were at dinner, at a downtown restaurant. Jen didn’t want to talk about this in bed, or even at home. She wanted Michael to be thinking with his head and heart, not his penis.

“Sure,” Michael said, putting down his menu. “It probably seems like my fantasy came out of nowhere, but it didn’t. I’ve had these fantasies a long time, I just never had the courage to tell you.”

“Really, of watching me with other men?” Jen said, surprised.

“Yeah. It’s always excited me, watching guys flirt with you. Remember last year, at our vacation in Cancun, when that guy hit on you? He kept asking you to dance? My cock was so hard I thought I was going to burst through my pants.”

“Wow,” Jen said, wide-eyed with surprise. “Why didn’t you ever tell me about your fantasy?”

“I don’t know,” Michael said, looking sheepishly. “It’s hard to tell your wife that you fantasize about other men fucking her. But I guess, well … lately, whenever Tina told you about one of her dates, you got really excited. I’ve thought maybe you might be open to some games.”

Jen frowned. “What kind of games, Michael?”

“You know what I’m talking about,” Michael said.

“No, Michael, I want you to say it, tell me exactly what you want.”

“Okay,” Michael said. He was getting excited, and so he was trying to control his breathing. “I’d like you to go on dates with younger guys, like Tina does.”

“Just like Tina?” Jen asked. She wanted to find out how far Michael wanted her to go. “You know that Tina lets them kiss her, right? You’d want me to let another man kiss me?”

“Yeah, I would,” Michael said without any hesitation. “As long as that’s what you wanted.”

“What about touching me? Do you want me to let another man touch my breasts?”

“Yes,” Michael said, almost gasping with excitement. “I’d want you to let him fondle you.”

“What if he put his hand on my leg? Would you want me to let him do that? What if he ran his fingers under my skirt? Should I let him do that, too?”

“Yeah, god, I’d want you to let him do that,” Michael gasped. “God, you’ve gotten me so excited.”

Jen shook her head. “I don’t understand how this turns you on.”

“I can’t explain it, but it does.” Michael looked around to make sure no one was looking. Then he took his wife’s hand and lowered it to his crotch. “See?”

Jen’s eyes grew wide with surprise. Michael was rock hard. His excitement was starting to turn her on. Also, she couldn’t deny the naughty allure of a young, hard body. She massaged him under the table. “Tina wants me to go out with her Saturday night.”

“She does?” Michael asked. “I think you should go!”

“Why?” Jen asked, acting coy. She continued to massage him. “Do you want me to play your game?”

“Oh god, yes!” Michael said excitedly. “I want you to flirt with other men. I want you to kiss them, and let them touch you. God, I want you to touch their cocks, and suck them, and even fuck them!”

Jen’s breathing was heavy now. She was soaking wet. “Come on,” she said urgently. “Let’s pay the check, and go home!”

Chapter 4

Jen was going to be late. Tina was going to be there any minute, and Jen still wasn’t dressed. It had been a long time (over 10 years!) since she had gone out dancing without Michael, and she didn’t know what to wear. She finally picked out a silk, white blouse and a black skirt that ended a couple of inches above her knees. Underneath, she wore a bra, panties and pantyhose. She finished the outfit with black pumps.

Tina had already arrived when Jen finally came downstairs. She smiled when she saw her friend. “Wow, now I understand what husbands mean when they say it takes forever for their wives to get dressed,” Tina teased.

“Sorry,” Jen said sheepishly, kissing her friend on the cheek. “I couldn’t figure out what to wear.”

Tina stepped back and looked at Jen. “Hmmm,” she said as she studied what Jen was wearing. She motioned to her skirt. “Don’t you have anything shorter?”

“No,” Jen said, feeling uncomfortable under Tina’s scrutiny. She felt like a school girl being evaluated by the headmistress.

Tina frowned, but then shrugged. “That’s okay. Anyway, this will help.” Tina handed Jen a shoe box. “I thought you might not have any going-out-dancing-shoes.”

Jen opened the box and pulled out a pair of black high heels. “Dancing shoes?” Jen said, fingering the 3-inch stiletto heels.”

“Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of guys there to catch you if you fall,” Tina said, giggling. Then she playfully jabbed Michael in the arm. “Right Michael?”

“Uh, right,” Michael said. Waiting downstairs for Jen to get dressed had been excruciating, but exciting too. All Michael could think about was his pretty wife in the arms of another man while dancing at the club. He was so hard it hurt.

“God, you have great legs, I hate you,” Tina said admiringly as Jen slipped on the high heels. “Doesn’t she have great legs, Michael?”

Michael could only nod; his throat was dry from excitement. Jen did have amazing legs. They were her best feature next to her pretty face. He had always encouraged his wife to wear higher heels, but she always tended towards the more practical, low heel pumps. Now wearing the 3-inch stiletto heels, Jen’s legs looked even more incredible. His penis throbbed in his pants.

“Oh, you have great legs too,” Jen said to Tina. Then she tentatively began walking across the room. “How are you supposed to walk in these things?” Jen said exasperated as she wobbled in the high heels.

Tina giggled. “It just takes practice. Anyway, I told you, they’ll be plenty of guys there to catch you if you fall.” Tina smiled and then, after making sure Jen wasn’t looking, she teasingly ran a finger across Michael’s back, just below his belt.

Michael tensed at Tina’s touch, her finger sending an electric charge through his body. He had always been attracted to her, now more than ever. He wondered if Tina teased guys when she went clubbing. Of course she did, Michael thought. That’s how she picks up so many young guys. Michael’s cock pulsed as he imagined Tina teaching his wife all her tricks for teasing men.

Tina lowered her voice so only Michael could hear. “Anyway, when guys catch you, that’s the fun part, right Michael?”

Michael reddened. What had Jen told Tina? Did Tina know about his fantasy to see Jen with another man? Michael felt embarrassed. Men were supposed to be kings of their castles. They weren’t supposed to let other alpha males fuck their wives. Yet, that was Michael’s fantasy, and now Tina knew it. Why had Jen told her?

“I’ll wait for you at the car,” Tina said to Jen. As she left, she glanced again at Michael, a smile on her face.

“Are you sure about this?” Jen asked Michael. “It’s not too late to change our plans. All three of us could go to dinner.”

Michael looked at his wife. Her makeup was perfect, her shoulder-length blonde hair lush and soft. The stiletto heels seemed to turn her otherwise conservative outfit into something reeking of sexuality. He found her almost impossible to resist, and he was tempted to take her to bed. But he knew if she, his wife, had this effect on him, her allure to other men would be even greater. He was becoming obsessed by his fantasy of her with another man.

“Yes, I’m sure,” he finally said, his voice almost quivering from excitement. His earlier brief anger had been completely replaced by his lust. “I’ll be awake when you get home.”


“God, I can’t believe I’m here,” Jen said. She and Tina were sitting at the bar, sipping Cosmopolitans.

Tina smiled and squeezed Jen’s arm. “Don’t be nervous, we’re going to have fun.”

Jen frowned. “I know, but … I guess I’m disappointed. I hoped Michael would change his mind. Playing this game of his isn’t exactly what I imagined when we took our marriage vows.”

“Jen, you guys are just going through a phase, that’s all. Who knows what happens to guys as they get older. At least Michael isn’t trying to sleep with other women. I think you need to play this out, so Michael can get it out of his system.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Jen said after a few moments. “I just don’t know how far he wants me to go. Or maybe I do know, but I’m not willing to go that far.”

“So don’t worry about it. Just take one step at a time, and let things go where they go.” Tina hopped off the stool and grabbed Jen’s hand. “Come on, let’s dance!”

Tina led Jen into the middle of the dance floor. It was crowded, so they danced close together. Jen was having fun, she hadn’t been out dancing in years. The music changed to a slow song, and Jen was about to go back to the bar when Tina grabbed her hand. She leaned close to Jen’s ear and whispered, “Some cute guys are watching us. No, don’t turn! Just follow my lead.”

Tina moved close to Jen and danced slow. As she swayed, her fingers grazed across Jen’s skirt. At times she whispered into Jen’s ear, and as she did she allowed her fingers to trail down Jen’s back. She edged even closer to Jen, until their breasts almost touched. Tina put her hands on her friend’s waist, and they swayed to the soft music as one, Tina’s fingers lightly caressing just above Jen’s ass.

Jen knew what Tina was doing, of course. They had done this back in college, a little dirty dancing to get guys’ attention. But that had been long ago, and Jen wasn’t used to the singles scene. She felt uncomfortable, but she played along with her friend (although she didn’t touch Tina, the way Tina was touching her). She had to admit, though, that acting so sexy and drawing so much male attention was starting to turn her on.

Jen was relieved when the song ended. Not waiting for Tina, she made her way back to the bar. She didn’t want to give Tina a chance to dance another song. When Jen looked back, she saw Tina surrounded by guys. They all looked well under 25.

Most of the guys were in suits. Jen guessed they were attorneys just out of law school, or maybe Wall Street brokers. They were cute, but nothing special. Jen was about to take a sip of her Cosmo when she saw him. He was tall, with thick wavy black hair, slicked back off his face. He had a dark complexion. Jen guessed he was Greek or Italian. He was ruggedly handsome, and had a bad boy swagger to him. He wore a black turtleneck, jeans and boots. With a start, Jen realized she was staring at him, and was about to turn away, when he turned towards her and locked eyes with her. His gaze was so intense it startled her, and she almost dropped her drink. Embarrassed, Jen expected he would laugh at her, but he didn’t. He just kept staring at her from across the room. After a few moments, Jen turned away, but it took a force of will to escape from his intense gaze. Jen found herself almost trembling, and she realized she was aroused. She finished the Cosmo and ordered another one.

A few minutes later Tina came back. “Come on, let’s dance!” Tina said, dragging Jen off the stool.

“Wait,” Jen said, and she quickly gulped down the martini. Then she let Tina drag her back onto the dance floor.

The martinis were working their way through Jen’s body, and helping her to lose her inhibitions. She was having fun, so when the music slowed, she didn’t object when Tina moved closer for another round of dirty dancing. “We got those guys so hot the last time!” Tina whispered gleefully into Jen’s ear as they danced. “I thought they were going to drag me into a booth and rape me!”

As they danced, Tina reached lower so her fingertips trailed up Jen’s legs. She didn’t stop when she reached Jen’s skirt, instead tracing up her thighs and bringing Jen’s skirt up as she did so. Jen wondered if Tall-Dark-and-Handsome was watching her, and that thought combined with the two Cosmos made her more daring. As they danced close, Jen lightly ran her fingers down Tina’s back (she soon discovered Tina wasn’t wearing a bra), then along Tina’s hips. Their faces were so close their lips were almost touching. As they slowly swayed back and forth, sometimes Jen’s breasts would brush against Tina’s.

The song ended, and as Jen and Tina stepped apart, the crowd applauded. Tina smiled and did a curtsy, but Jen was embarrassed and blushed. She quickly went back to the bar and ordered another Cosmo.

Jen looked back and saw that Tina had disappeared. Some of the guys were gone as well. Jen wondered if she’d see Tina again that evening.

Jen ordered a Cosmo, and was searching in her purse for her wallet when she heard a deep, husky voice behind her.

“I’ll get that,” the voice said, and Jen turned to see Tall-Dark-and-Handsome giving the bartender a twenty.

Jen’s heart did a back flip as she looked into his dark eyes. “Oh, that’s not necessary,” she stammered out.

“I insist. I’m Darius,” he said, holding out his hand.

“Hi,” Jen said, taking his hand. Darius’s hand was so large, Jen’s hand disappeared within his. For some reason, it didn’t surprise her that his hand was rough and calloused. “I’m, ah, I’m Jen. Darius — that’s an unusual name.”

“Yeah, it’s Greek.” I was right, Jen thought. He’s Greek.

Darius made no move to release Jen’s hand. Jen began feeling uncomfortable so she pulled her hand back. Darius didn’t stop her, but he extended his fingers so his fingertips traced along her soft palm as she pulled her hand away. The feeling almost made Jen shudder. To hide it, she quickly took a drink of her Cosmo.

“You’re a great dancer,” Darius said.

Jen blushed again. “I guess it got a little bit out of control.”

Darius smiled. “Well, you looked great out there. You should lose control more often.”

Jen laughed. “Thanks … I guess.” Then they both laughed.

“So, do you come here often?” Jen asked, but then she immediately put her head in her hands in embarrassment. “Oh god, I’m sorry, that’s such a cliché.” Why was she so nervous, she was acting like an idiot.

“That’s okay,” Darius said, laughing. “Yeah, my friends and I come here every couple of weeks. It has a reputation for being a meat market, but we like the music.”

Jen eyed Darius skeptically. “Soooooo, you’re not here to pick up girls?”

Darius smiled mischievously. “That all depends on the girl. Like you, for instance.”

“Not so fast, cowboy,” Jen said, laughing and shaking her head. She couldn’t believe how forward this guy was, but she guessed that’s how it was nowadays. “First of all, I’m way older than you. What are you, 24?”

“Twenty-five,” Darius corrected. “And I prefer older women. I told you how good you look. You’re the best looking girl in here.”

“Yeah, well, whatever,” Jen said with a dismissive brush of her hand, but inside she was beaming from the compliment. “Second, I’m a married girl.” Jen held up her left hand, showing him her wedding ring. “See?”

Darius frowned. Then, looking serious, he waved his hand around the world. “Look around here, Jen. Most of the girls are married. And I can tell you, the guys they’re with aren’t their husbands. This is how things are now. 9-11 could happen again tomorrow, or next week. We’re all living on borrowed time. Life is too short to be limited by old-fashioned boundaries like marriage. We all need to embrace every second of our lives.”

Jen eyed Darius. Then she frowned. Then she started to laugh. “Oh my god, that has got to be the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard!”

Darius started to laugh too. “Hey, I worked hard to come up with that!”

“Well, I think you better go back and start all over,” Jen said, still laughing. “And it’s horrible to use 9-11 to try to pick up girls.”

Darius held up his hands in mock surrender. “Okay, okay, you win, I have been properly chastised.” Then he offered his hand to her. “So, do married girls dance?”

Jen considered for a moment. Tina was no where to be found. And Darius seemed nice enough. She took his hand, making a snap decision. “Sure, why not?”

Darius was a good dancer. His movements were slow and smooth, yet perfectly paced with the music. Jen couldn’t believe a man as big as him could dance so well. He was well over 6 feet, and broad shouldered. She felt tiny next to him. As he moved to the music, Jen could see the muscles of his chest and arms rippling under his black turtleneck. His broad shoulders narrowed to a lean waist, and from what Jen could tell, Darius filled out his jeans really well.

Darius danced close to her, with barely any space between them. But he never touched her, never even brushed against her. Somehow, this close but non-contact, for song after song, was more of a turn on than if he was grinding his body against hers. She could feel herself get wet between her legs.

Eventually, the fast songs changed into a slow song. She expected Darius to pull her into an embrace, but he didn’t. Instead, he stood there, so close to her but not touching her, looking at her with his intense black eyes, waiting for her to make a move. With a force of will, Jen stepped away. “Ah, well, thanks for the dance. I guess I’ll go try to find my friend.”

Jen walked through the crowd looking for Tina, feeling a mix of disappointment and relief. She was aroused. Her nipples were hard, and she was soaking between her legs. For the first time since she started talking to Darius, she thought of Michael at home. He’d probably be disappointed that Darius didn’t pull her into his arms and dance a slow dance.

She was getting frustrated looking for Tina. Where was she? Jen walked into a secluded, darken part of the club, far away from the lights of the dance floor, when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned and there was Darius, standing just inches from her. “Oh, hi —”

Darius took her into his arms and kissed her. Jen tried to pull away but he held her firm, his tongue pushing between her lips and exploring her mouth. His kisses were so different than Michael, who even after 10 years of marriage still kissed her softly, almost tentatively. Darius kissed her roughly, with an urgency, like kissing her was the most important thing in his life, like he wanted to own her.

Darius reached between them and cupped her breast. Even through her bra and blouse he found her hard nipple, and he roughly rubbed it with his thumb as he continued to kiss her. Jen again tried to pull away, but Darius held her firm. With his other hand at her back, he pulled her into him. His crotch was pressed tightly against her stomach, and he felt huge.

Eventually Jen stopped struggling. Her body couldn’t resist what he was doing to her. Jen wrapped her arms around Darius’s neck and began kissing him back, swirling her tongue around his. Jen felt terrible for returning Darius’s kisses, but she told herself that Michael wanted her to do this.

Then Jen felt Darius pull up her skirt. “No,” Jen protested.

“It’s okay,” Darius said. “There are rooms in the back. We can go to one.”

Suddenly, Jen knew where Tina was. And she knew she wasn’t ready to take that step, not now, maybe not ever. “Please stop,” Jen said, pushing Darius away with both hands.

Darius let her go. They stood in the near darkness, inches from each other, both panting. Jen pulled down her skirt. “I’ve got to go,” she said.

Darius grabbed her arm. “I’ll call you.”

Jen pulled her arm away and again showed him her left hand. “Married, remember?” Then Jen hurried away, and caught a cab home.

Chapter 5

The phone rang, waking Jen. She was still sleepy, tired from all the drinks the night before (she was probably a little hung over), and also because Michael kept her up, fucking her as she told him what happened.

“Hello?” she said into the telephone.

“You bitch!”

Jen winced at the shoot in her ear. “Good morning Tina.”

“Don’t good morning me!” Tina growled. “God, I can’t believe you hooked up with Darius last night. I’m so jealous! Do you know how long I’ve wanted that hunk?”

Jen frowned. “Nothing happened, not really. Anyway, he started it, not me.”

“Oh, that makes me feel sooooo much better. God, I can’t believe it, it’s just like in college, you ALWAYS get the best looking guys.”

“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation. Are you really mad at me?”

“Yes, I’m really mad at you! And you’re going to apologize by buying me lunch.”

Jen didn’t want to go to lunch. She wanted to go back to bed. “Um, I’m not sure I’m up for lunch today.”

“After last night, you owe me lunch! And you’re going to tell me every detail of what happened with Darius!” Then Tina hung up the phone.

Jen rolled back into bed and hugged her pillow. All she wanted to do was take two aspirin and go back to sleep. Sighing, she threw back the covers. After telling Maria, their nanny, that she was going out for lunch, she went into the bathroom.

Jen paused to look in the mirror. Even after 10 years of marriage and 2 babies, her body was still firm. Her breasts were small, but perky, and her legs were long and shapely. Her stomach was flat, and while she had gained a little weight around the hips, she liked it because it gave her some curves that she didn’t have back in college when she was stick thin.

For the first time in years, she studied herself and wondered if men still found her desirable. The thought made her feel guilty. She was married, she shouldn’t be thinking about other men. But it was Michael who was encouraging her to be with other men. Last night, he was all over her as soon as she got home. He fucked her twice and seemed to stay hard the entire time as she told him what happened, the dirty dancing with Tina, and her naughtiness with Darius. She felt so guilty. But Michael had kissed away her tears and soothed her feelings, and assured her over and over again that she had done exactly what he wanted her to do. He said, in fact, he wished she had gone farther with Darius.

Earlier that morning, with the good sense that a new day brings, Jen had worried Michael would be upset with her. But instead, Michael had awoken with a hard-on, and he fucked her again before he had to go to his office to get some things ready for a meeting he had on Monday.

She didn’t know how she felt about Michael’s fantasies, and this game they were playing. It was exciting, yes. But she knew this was wrong. She was no longer single. She was happily married, and happily married wives aren’t supposed to act like she did last night.

But then, husbands weren’t supposed to encourage their wives to be with, and even have sex with, other men. So where did that leave her? Shaking her head, she stepped into the shower.


“So, how was Darius, and don’t leave out anything,” Tina demanded as soon as Jen sat down.

Jen told her. It was awkward at first. After all, she was married, and here she was talking about kissing and being fondled by another man. She couldn’t believe how fast things had changed.

Tina leaned back in her chair as Jen finished. “Wow, I still can’t believe it. You hooked up with Darius on your first try.”

Jen shook her head. “I told you, I wasn’t trying, he started it.”

Tina scowled at her friend. “And I told you, you’re not making me feel any better. Well, I guess I never had a chance. He likes young, leggy blondes, not voluptuous brunettes like me.”

“I’m not exactly young. I’m 34.”

“Oh Jen! You still look as sweet and innocent as you did back in high school! You look like you just stepped out of Barely Legal, for god’s sake.” Tina scowled at Jen again, and then the two friends started laughing. Then Tina took on an inquisitive look. “So, what happened when you told Michael?”

Jen shook her head. “He loved it. He said he wished I’d gone all the way with Darius.”

“You’re kidding?” Tina said incredulously. “Wow, I never would have believed it, Michael’s so straight laced. Well, I guess that answers the question. He really does want you to have sex with other guys. It’s not just a fantasy.”

“I don’t know …” Jen said doubtfully. “I don’t think he knows what he wants, not really.”

Tina shrugged. “Things have changed, Jen. If my divorce has taught me anything, it’s taught me that. Nothing’s certain in life. Live for the moment.”

“Oh my god,” Jen said laughing. “You sound just like Darius. He used a pick-up line on me that sounded just like that.”

Tina laughed too. “Well, it sounds like it worked!”

Jen sat back in her chair. Oh my god, it did work, she realized.

“Come on,” Tina said, getting up. “We have shopping to do.”

“Shopping? What about lunch?”

Tina shook her head. “No lunch for you or me. We’re competing with twenty somethings. We need to watch our figures.” Tina eyed Jen’s petite body. “Well, at least I do. God, I hate girls like you who are naturally thin. Anyway, if you’re going to play this little game of yours, you’re going to need a new wardrobe.”

Three hours later, Jen could barely carry all the shopping bags, full of short skirts and dresses, sheer blouses, lingerie and high heels. “Michael’s going to kill me when he sees the bill for all of this,” Jen said with a worried expression.

“Oh, don’t worry, I think Michael’s going to love everything.”

At home, Jen had just finished checking with the nanny and the kids when the phone rang. “Hi honey,” Michael said, “Let’s have dinner at Campton’s tonight.”

“Wow, what’s the occasion?” Jen asked, surprised.

“Do I need an occasion to take my beautiful wife to dinner? I’ll meet you there at 730.”

Jen excitedly got dressed. Campton’s was the most romantic restaurant in town. She hoped this was a sign that Michael had come to his senses, and they would stop playing this game. Jen dressed in her new clothes. She wore one of the new dresses that ended above mid-thigh, and new high heels she had bought that afternoon.

“Wow, you look incredible!” Michael said awestruck as Jen approached their table.

Jen beamed from her husband’s compliment. “Tina and I went shopping today. Do you like?”

“I love it,” Michael said enthusiastically. He eyed the room. “I think there’re a lot of guys in this room who like your new clothes.”

Jen glanced surreptitiously around the room, and noticed a lot of male eyes on her. A sexually charged tingle went through her from all the male attention. “Well, I guess you’re the lucky one because I’m your wife,” she said smiling.

“That’s right, and I love you, so I bought you this present.” Michael handed his wife a small rectangular box.

Jen excitedly opened the box. “Oh, it’s beautiful!” she said, taking out a thin golden chain. She started to put it around her wrist, but Michael stopped her.

“It’s not a bracelet, it’s an anklet,” he explained. “It’s a symbol of our new lifestyle.”

“New lifestyle?” Jen said, not understanding.

“I mean, with you being a hot wife. You can’t believe how happy and relieved I am. I mean, I wasn’t sure if you’d enjoy it. But last night went so well, and now you’ve bought new sexy clothes.”

“Wait, Michael,” Jen said. “You’re going too fast. Last night was exciting, okay, I admit that, but I’m not sure I want to go any farther, or even play the game again. Don’t you think this is weird? You’re my husband, but you want me to have sex with other men. That’s not what a marriage is supposed to be.”

Michael took his wife’s hands in his. “Honey, I’m not saying we’ll do this forever. But this is something I really want. And I think last night proves that you want it to. I think you still have some wild oats you need to sow. So, can you put on the anklet? It goes on your left ankle.”

Jen looked doubtful. Then, shrugging, she leaned over and put on the anklet.

Later that evening, on the way home, Michael pulled into a parking lot. “Michael, why are we stopping?” Jen asked.

Grinning, Michael gestured across the street to a nightclub. “I thought we could play the game a little, before going home. I’ll blend into the crowd and watch as you flirt with some guys.”

“Michael, we just played the game last night,” Jen said warily. “Anyway, it’s late. Don’t you have a meeting tomorrow morning?”

“Come on, just for a little while,” Michael insisted. “It’ll be fun. You go first, and I’ll follow in about 10 minutes.”

Jen shook her head. She had misgivings about this, but she could tell Michael wouldn’t change his mind. They’d get home faster if she just played the game for a little while.

The bouncer eyed her from head to toe as she approached the club. She reached inside her purse for money to pay the cover, but the bouncer waived her in. “Ladies’ night,” he said. The bouncer was muscular and black, and Jen felt uncomfortable as his dark eyes openly roamed over her body. “Nice legs,” the bouncer said as she walked by.

“Um, thanks,” Jen said, hurrying into the club to get away from the bouncer.

Jen found an empty seat at the bar and ordered a glass of wine. The club was crowded, and Jen felt male eyes turning her way. She felt uncomfortable. This was clearly a meat market, and she was here alone. “Michael doesn’t realize how hard this is,” she thought to herself, fidgeting nervously in her chair.

Michael watched his wife anonymously from a dark corner of the club. His heart pounded in his chest. He had long fantasized about this moment, of watching his pretty wife flirt with guys at a bar. He watched her fidget in her chair. She crossed her legs, at the same time pulling her skirt down. He loved the new dress; it showed so much of her long, shapely legs. He could tell she was nervous. But clearly she was into this game, otherwise she wouldn’t have bought the new dress. Michael’s breath caught in his throat as he watched a man approach his wife.

The guy was tall and broad shouldered, with blonde hair. He struck up a conversation with Jen. The conversation seemed awkward at first, but he must have been good at this – of picking up girls at bars – because soon Jen seemed to relax, and even smile. Jen finished her wine, and the man motioned to the bartender. As the bartender refilled her glass, Jen again pulled down her skirt. Michael wished she would relax and stop fixing her dress. He took out his phone and texted a message to his wife.

“Excuse me,” Jen said as she pulled out her ringing phone from her purse. She frowned as she read the message: “Relax – stop fixing your dress.”

“Are you alright?” the man said. He had introduced himself as Keith. He was handsome, and had the deepest blue eyes Jen had ever seen.

“No, um, everything’s fine,” Jen said, thinking about what Michael had just texted her. She re-crossed her legs, and then realized her mistake as her dress hiked higher up her legs. She instinctively moved to pull down her dress, but then stopped herself.

Keith couldn’t keep his eyes off Jen’s legs. Fuck, this chick had great legs. He inwardly smiled as Jen uncrossed and then re-crossed her legs, incorrectly interpreting the maneuver as her desire to expose more of her legs to him. He had seen this before, married chicks looking for some action on the side. In fact, that’s why he had approached her. A pretty blonde with long legs, sitting all by herself, and sporting a rock on her left hand. A no-obligation fuck, that’s what he wanted. As he charmed her with his movie-star looks, he put his hand on her knee.

Jen almost jumped as she felt Keith place his hand on her knee. She covered her alarm by taking a gulp of her wine. “Is this what you want Michael?” she thought to herself, “To watch another man with his hand on me?” Jen took another drink, finishing the wine, suppressing her natural instinct to push Keith’s hand away.

“Another one?” Keith asked, and his smile grew wider as Jen nervously nodded her head. It was obvious this was the first time she’d stepped out. The possibility turned him on. He liked fucking married women. There was something special about screwing another man’s wife. And fucking this beauty wouldn’t be a sacrifice, that’s for sure. She was so pretty! He wondered if she’d let him cum on her face. Keith inched his hand higher up Jen’s thigh. The thought of shooting his jism all over her pretty face and into her silky blonde hair made his cock throb.

“Are you enjoying this, Michael?” Jen thought as she felt Keith’s hand move up her thigh. “Watching this stranger move his hand up your wife’s leg?” Keith’s hand was large, matching his large muscular frame. But his touch was soft, feeling like almost a tease as he drew circles on her thigh. Jen found it easy to talk to him. He was funny and charming, and really good looking. His blonde hair was a little messed up, and with his deep blue eyes, he was adorably cute. She made no move to stop Keith’s hand as it advanced up her leg. “This is what you want, right Michael? You want me to let him touch me.”

Jen heard her phone ring. She looked at the screen, and again the message surprised her. “Uncross your legs,” the text message from Michael said. “And reapply your lipstick.”

Jen’s heart pounded. Keith’s handsome looks and skillful caresses were getting to her. She couldn’t help but be aroused. She glanced into the crowd. “This game is getting dangerous, Michael,” she thought, trying to send a silent message to her husband. “Are you sure you want me to do this?” Jen reached into her purse and pulled out her lipstick. As she fixed her lipstick, Jen uncrossed her legs, pressing her thighs tightly together and resting her heels on the stool’s footrest.

Keith couldn’t take his eyes off Jen’s face as she reapplied her lipstick. The red lip gloss gave her full lips a silky luster. He imagined those sexy lips around his hard cock. Keith moved his hand higher up Jen’s legs until his finger tips touched the hem of her skirt.

Jen’s breathing was heavy as she felt Keith’s fingertips inch under her skirt. Her dress had so hiked up her legs, his fingers were just inches away from her pussy. “Should I open my legs, and let him finger me?” Jen silently challenged her husband. “Do you want this handsome boy to make me cum in front of everyone?”

As she thought this, Keith leaned over and pressed his lips against her ear. “You should wear thigh highs, not pantyhose,” he whispered into her ear, his fingers almost touching her pussy. “Easier access.”

Keith’s hot breath in her ear sent an exciting charge through her body. Her pussy tingled. Keith was so adorably good looking. A part of her wanted to feel his finger against her clit. But with a force of will, she brought her hands down to her lap, over Keith’s hand. “Please, stop,” she said, her eyes glancing around the club, looking for Michael. “The game’s gone far enough, let’s go home,” she pleaded silently to her husband.

Keith followed Jen’s eyes, misinterpreting her intent. “You’re right,” he said smiling confidently. “It’s crowded here. My place is down the street. Come home with me. I’ll give you what you need.”

Jen looked at Keith. “What? You don’t know me. How would you know what I need?”

Keith looked deep into Jen’s eyes. “I can see it in your eyes. You’re hungry. Your husband isn’t giving you what you need. You need something more. Something different. That’s why you’re here, with me, instead of home.”

Jen couldn’t speak. What Keith said sounded like a pick-up line. But something kept her from dismissing it. Something in what he said. Just then, her cell phone rang. She looked at the screen, and read what Michael had texted her: “You’re magnificent. Let’s go, I’ll meet you outside.”

Jen hesitated, then looked up at Keith. “That was my husband,” Jen said, almost apologetically.

Keith grimaced. “He got home early, huh? That sucks.”

“Yeah,” Jen said, surprising herself by agreeing with Keith. She slipped off the stool. “I guess I better get home.”

“Give me your number. I’ll call you.”

Jen shook her head. “I shouldn’t.”

Keith reached into his pocket and handled Jen his card. “Here. Call me.”

Jen hesitated, then took the card and put it into her purse. She was left staring into Keith’s blue eyes. She felt awkward. Just moments ago, this handsome stranger had had his hand under her skirt. Finally, reaching up on her tip toes, she kissed Keith on the cheek, then hurried out of the bar.

Chapter 6

“Hi guys, this is Tony,” Tina said as she approached the table with her new boy toy, a handsome twenty-something aspiring artist she had met a week ago at a party. Michael had to suppress a grin. Nowadays, Tina always had a new younger man with her whenever they went out on a double date.

“Hey, nice to meet you,” Tony said as he folded his tall, lean body into the chair facing Jen. Michael noticed that Tony’s eyes lingered a moment too long on Jen. He couldn’t blame him, Jen looked really good tonight. She wore a white, off-the-shoulder blouse, black mini-skirt, black hose and high heels. For the past few weeks, she had been dressing more suggestively. Michael couldn’t believe how his wife had changed in so short a time.

He had always had the voyeuristic fantasy of seeing Jen with other men. He never thought it would come true, but that had all changed when Tina divorced and started dating younger men. It was obvious Jen got excited hearing Tina talk about her new life as a cougar. At times, it seemed like Jen envied Tina. Michael had seen his chance, and had started to encourage his wife to be more like Tina.

He thought about the other night, the way Jen had flirted with the young blonde guy (Jen told him later the guy’s name was Keith). Michael had been able to see everything, hiding among the crowd. Jen was still uneasy with it all, but it clearly excited her. She was soaking wet when they got home, and their sex had been great.

Michael shook Tony’s hand. Then Tony offered his hand to Jen, and after a slight hesitation, Jen took it. As he did with his eyes, Tony held Jen’s hand a moment too long. Jen finally pulled her hand away. She glanced at Tina, blushed, then demurely looked down at her lap. Tina noted Tony’s obvious attraction for her friend and Jen’s discomfort with an amused expression on her face.

“Tony, come buy me a drink,” Tina said, pulling her new boyfriend to his feet. “We’ll be right back,” she said over her shoulder as she walked with Tony to the bar.

“I see you like my friend Jen, you couldn’t take your eyes off her,” Tina said to Tony at the bar. She looked admiringly at Jen across the room. “I don’t blame you, she looks really hot tonight.” Tina saw Tony’s look of alarm and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m not jealous. Jen and I are really good friends.” She hesitated, then added, “Maybe someday I’ll share you with her.”

Tony’s eyes grew wide. “You’re kidding, right? A threesome with you and Jen? That’d be great, but what’re you going to do with Michael? He doesn’t look your type.”

Tina smiled mischievously. “You never know. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Michael likes the idea of his wife fucking other men.”

Tony’s jaw dropped, making Tina giggle. “She hasn’t really done it yet … screw another guy, I mean. Michael wants her too, and he’s pressuring her to do it. Maybe if you play your cards right, you might get lucky tonight.”

Tony eyed her warily. “And you wouldn’t mind?”

Tina giggled again. “I think it’d be fun. Just play along, and we might both get lucky tonight.”

Returning to the table, Tina made a point of sitting next to Michael, clearing the way for Tony to sit next to Jen. As Tony slid into the booth next to Michael’s pretty wife, Tina smiled and winked at him.

As they talked and drank wine, Michael noticed how Tony edged closer to Jen in the booth. Jen seemed to be enjoying her conversation with the younger man. The bar was so loud they had to almost touch to hear each other. Tony said something to Jen that caused her to hesitate. Then she looked at Michael with a neutral expression, and said “Tony asked me to dance.”

Michael’s heart leaped in his chest. He tried to say something, but his throat was so dry the words didn’t come out. He took a drink of his beer, then said, “Sure, that’s alright with me, go ahead.”

Tony took Jen’s hand and led her to the dance floor. Jen looked back at her husband. She seemed to shrug, then went with Tony. It was a slow song. Ignoring the fact that her husband sat just across the room, Tony pulled Jen close, wrapping his arms around her. Jen hesitated, glancing again at Michael. Then she put her arms around Tony’s neck.

Michael grew hard, watching his wife dancing with the younger, handsome man. They weren’t dirty dancing, but Tony held Jen close, his chest almost touching her breasts. He wondered if Tony was hard, and whether Jen could feel his erection. The possibility made him lightheaded.

Tina’s voice in his ear almost made him jump. He had almost forgotten she was there. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Tina smiled, a mischievous look in her eye. “I said, you really like watching Jen with other men, don’t you?”

Tina’s question took Michael by surprise. “Well, ah, that is, ah …,” Michael stammered, his face growing red from embarrassment.

Tina jabbed him playfully in the ribs. “Don’t be embarrassed. I think it’s incredibly hot.”

“You do?” Michael asked, genuinely surprised.

Tina extended her leg under the table, and ran the pointy toe of her heel down Michael’s calf. “Yeah, I do,” she said in a sexy, husky voice. “I think it’s really hot. I wish Bill had been like you. We might still be married.”

“I thought he cheated on you?”

“He did, the bastard. But even before that, we had stopped having sex.”

The music changed, and Michael looked back at his wife. It was a fast song, but they still danced slow. Tony had pulled her closer, pressing their bodies together. One of Tony’s hands rested on Jen’s shoulder, caressing the bare skin above her strapless top. His other hand rested on the small of her back, his fingers on her skirt, his thumb on her blouse.

Michael noticed the little things. The way Jen sometimes had to extend on her tip-toes to stay with the much taller man, the act causing her pretty feet to arch out of her high heels, and also causing her skirt to hike up, exposing more of her long legs. The way Jen sometimes ran her fingers over Tony’s muscular arms as they danced. The way Tony had his leg between Jen’s, pressing into her. Michael wondered again whether Jen could feel Tony’s erection. A lump formed in Michael’s throat as he realized that Jen hadn’t danced so intimately with another man since their wedding over 10 years ago. He felt a sudden flash of jealousy, and had the urge to rush over and take his wife away from the younger man. But god, it was so exciting to see Jen dancing so closely with another man.

Tina seemed to read Michael’s mind. “They look good together, don’t they? Are you thinking about how they’d look in bed, naked, with Tony on top of your pretty wife?”

Tina’s words were like gasoline on a fire, increasing Michael’s lustful desires. “Tony’s really good,” Tina said into his ear, her hot breath sending chills down his spine. “Jen would like fucking him.”

“Oh yeah,” Tina continued, again running the pointy toe of her heel up Michael’s calf, “in case you’re wondering, he’s big. Huge.”

“Please, Tina, stop,” Michael gasped, pulling his leg away. Tina’s words, and the feel of her toe against his leg, were threatening to make him cum in his pants. “It doesn’t matter. Jen would never go that far.”

“I don’t know about that,” Tina said teasingly. “I think she wants to. She just needs to be certain you’d be okay with it.”

“I’ve told her already. What else can I do?”

Tina smiled. “I’ve got an idea.”

The DJ began playing fast songs, and another couple barreled into Jen and Tony. The collision brought Jen out of her daze, and she pulled away from Tony. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and her body was tingling. She felt moisture between her legs. She hadn’t felt so turned on since … well, since that time in the bar a couple of weeks ago, when she had met Keith, that twenty-something Adonis. Tony was even better looking than Keith, and she felt weak-kneed looking at him, much less in his arms on the dance floor.

“Thanks, but I think we should be getting back,” Jen said, nervously looking through the crowd towards their table. She wondered if Michael had seen how close she was dancing with Tony, and what he thought. Would he be turned on, or think she had gone too far?

“Where’s Michael?” Jen asked when she got to the table.

“He left,” Tina said.

“He left?” Jen said, shock and concern in her voice. “Was he mad?”

“No, he wasn’t mad.” Tina took Jen’s hand and led her to a quiet corner. “He told me to give you this,” she said, handing Jen a note.

Jen read the note:

“Honey, I really want you to go the next step. I can tell you want to do this too. But I sense it may be hard for you to do this if I’m there, so I’ve gone home. I hope you’ll fulfill my fantasy. I think this is your fantasy too. If you do sleep with Tony, don’t clean yourself up, just come home, I’ll be waiting. I love you — Michael”

Jen slowly lowered the note, both shock and resignation on her face. “I can’t believe it. He really wants this. He wants me to have sex with another man.”

Tina shrugged. “I told you so. That’s all he talked about while you and Tony were dancing. He was practically panting. He wants it to happen. I told him I don’t care if you do it with Tony, he and I are just fuck-buddies, we’re not serious.”

Jen couldn’t take her eyes off her husband’s note. “What does he mean by not cleaning up?”

Tina smiled. “He said he wants to see you freshly fucked.”

“What? That’s what he said?”

“Those were his exact words — freshly fucked.” Tina laughed. “God, Jen, I never knew Michael was so kinky!”

“Neither did I,” Jen said, shaking her head. “So, what should I do?”

“That’s so obvious. You should come back to my house, and let Tony fuck your brains out. Don’t look at me like that. You know you want to. You were practically humping his leg out there. And trust me, Tony is really good, you’ll love it. Michael’s okay with it. He’s more than okay, he wants you to do it, it’s his biggest fantasy. So what’re you waiting for?”

“What AM I waiting for?” Jen thought to herself. “Michael wants me to do this. Why shouldn’t I do it? I have needs. Why should Tina have all the fun? Would it really be wrong? No, it wouldn’t, because Michael wants me to do it. I wouldn’t be cheating on him … not like before. But no, that wasn’t cheating, and it was so long ago. I’ve been a faithful wife, and I’ll still be faithful even if I have sex with Tony, because Michael wants me to do it.”

“Okay,” Jen said as she finally made a decision. “Let’s go to your house.”

Chapter 7

Michael sat in the basement of Tina’s house, in what Tina called the video room. In the bar, Tina had explained that her ex-husband Bill had installed video cameras throughout the house. Bill liked to video people having sex, both him and Tina, and their guests. Apparently Tina and Bill had been swingers before their divorce. Tina had gotten the house in the divorce settlement. She didn’t use the video equipment anymore, but this seemed like the perfect way to help Michael achieve his fantasy. Jen would feel more comfortable being with Tony if she thought Michael wasn’t watching. Unbeknownst to Jen, Michael could watch all the action from the video room. Tina told him he could even record it if he wanted.

Michael watched the front door open. Tina and Jen walked in, unsteady in their high heels and giggling. Clearly they were feeling no pain. Michael later learned they had shared two bottles of wine on the way home (in addition to the martinis at the bar). Tony was in the middle, an arm around each girl. Michael’s pulse quickened seeing another man’s arm around his wife.

They moved from the foyer to the living room, and Michael quickly pressed the button to shift to the living room camera. It was easy, all the buttons were labeled on the control panel, and he could zoom and pan. Bill had also installed high end microphones. Tina had promised Michael he’d be able to hear every word, even whispers.

“Come on, finish the story,” Tony said. “Tell me the other things you two did in college.”

“Down boy, down!” Tina said, still giggling. She handed Tony a beer, and poured wine for herself and Jen. “Stop panting on my sofa, I just had it cleaned!”

Jen laughed. “Anyway, why does it matter?” she asked, downing her wine in a single gulp and holding her glass out for more. Michael hadn’t seen his wife so drunk in a long time. He watched her take another big gulp of wine. “That was so long ago, over 10 years.”

Tony scoffed. “Ten years — Big deal! By then I had lost my virginity.”

Jen and Tina both stopped laughing, and stared at the twenty-something Tony. “You’re kidding?” Jen asked incredulously. “How old were you? Thirteen?”

“Twelve,” Tony said proudly. “I nailed my best friend’s mom.”

Jen’s eyes grew wide, and she brought her hand to her mouth. “Oh my god, that’s so bad!”

“Jen, you’re one to judge,” Tina said, laughing. “You’ve done some bad things yourself! Doing your best friend’s mom? That’s nothing!”

“You be quiet,” Jen said, kicking Tina. The life long friends shared a knowing look, and the silent message from Jen (even in her drunken state) was clear: “Don’t go there!”

Tony shook his head. “I don’t believe it. I can tell by looking at you. You’re not a bad girl, you’re too goody-goody.”

“Uh oh, Jen, I think he’s challenging you,” Tina said, laughing.

Jen smiled at Tina, a knowing twinkle in her eye. She took another sip of her wine, then put the glass down. She looked back at Tony, a sly smile on her face. She slowly leaned back into the chair and crossed her legs. Her short skirt hiked up her thighs, exposing most of her long shapely legs. Jen tilted her head slightly so her hair fell across her face. Then, with heavy lidded eyes looking through strands of her blonde hair, and in a husky sensuous voice, she said, “Oh, you have no idea how bad I can be.”

Michael gaped at his wife’s performance. He had never seen her like this, acting the role of the seductress. Is this how she used to act before they met? It was hard to believe this shameless flirt was the same girl he had married 10 years ago, and who gave birth to his two children. And what were they talking about, the bad thing Jen had done in her past, that was even worst that Tony’s sleeping with his best friend’s mom?

Tony stared at Jen, unable to take his eyes from the incredibly sexy woman sitting in front of him. He couldn’t believe the transformation. With her pretty, youngish looks, blonde hair and blue eyes, and bubbly personality, Jen came across as the sweet girl-next-door. Now, suddenly, this sweet looking girl had turned into a sexy long legged vixen. Tony finished his beer, took off his shirt and walked towards Jen.

Jen looked alarmed as Tony approached. Seeing this, Tina quickly stood and intercepted him. “Slow down cowboy, you belong to me, I haven’t decided if I’m going to give Jen a turn.” Tina sat Tony down on the opposite sofa and nuzzled next to him. With the high quality audio gear, Michael heard Tina whisper into Tony’s ear, “Slow down, or you’ll scare her off.”

Tina took off Tony’s shirt, revealing his muscular chest. “God Jen, isn’t he gorgeous?” she said as she ran her hands over his well defined chest. Tina kissed Tony and he eagerly responded, and soon they were heavily petting each other. Tina made sure not to block her friend’s view of Tony’s crotch, which by now had formed a huge tent in his pants.

Tony pushed Tina onto her back, and pushed up her skirt. He spread her legs and moved his mouth to her pantyless pussy. “Oh gaaaawd,” Tina groaned as Tony’s tongue touched her clit. “Oh god, Jen, he’s sooooo good at this.”

As Tony ate Tina out, Michael focused on his wife. Her eyes had an intent, aroused look to them as she watched Tina with her young lover. She was breathing hard, her nipples forming dents in her top. As if desiring physical stimulation, but too shy to openly play with herself, she rubbed her thighs back and forth. Michael’s breath caught in his throat as he heard the swish-swish sound of her nylons rubbing together. Finally, needing more, and with her inhibitions lowered by the alcohol, Jen reached a hand into her skirt.

Tina suddenly grabbed Tony’s hair and urgently pulled his face against her pussy. “Oh god,” she moaned as her body convulsed into a long orgasm. She lay on the sofa, catching her breath, and finally looked over to her friend and smiled. “Oh honey, don’t do that, Tony’ll take care of you, won’t you Tony?”

Tony looked over at Jen. His cock got even harder as he saw the sweet looking blonde with her hand down her skirt. “It’d be my pleasure,” he said, standing up and wiping Tina’s pussy juices from his mouth. He walked over to Jen. This time she didn’t pull away, but instead locked her eyes on the huge bulge in Tony’s pants.

“Take off his pants,” Tina urged her. She looked directly into one of the hidden cameras, so Michael felt like she was talking to him. She smiled wickedly. “You won’t believe how big and hard he is.”

Jen’s hands were quivering as she reached towards Tony’s pants. She unbuckled his belt, and then undid the snap. “Hold on, hold on,” Tony said. “Rub me first.”

Jen looked at Tina, who smiled and nodded encouragingly. Then Jen cupped Tony’s crotch. Her small hand covered just a portion of the huge bulge. She slowly rubbed him through his pants, following the outline of his shaft. Michael couldn’t believe his wife was fondling another man’s cock. He got lightheaded as he noted that Jen was rubbing Tony with her left hand, the diamonds of her wedding and engagement rings sparkling as her hand ran up and down Tony’s shaft.

Jen was mesmerized. He felt so big and hard, even through the heavy fabric of his jeans. She couldn’t believe it when Tony seemed to grow even bigger. Abruptly she pulled her hands away. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said, laughing nervously.

“It’s okay, Michael wants you to, remember his note,” Tina quickly assured her, again smiling and stealing a glance into the camera.

Tony reached down and cupped Jen’s breast over her blouse. Jen was so intent on Tony’s crotch she didn’t seem to notice.

Jen tried to unzip Tony’s pants, but she couldn’t get over the huge hump formed by his erection. After two tries she again laughed nervously, covering her face with her hands. “Oh god, I’m so out of practice,” she said embarrassed.

“That’s okay, I’ll do it for you,” Tony said. “But I want to do something first.” He reached behind Jen and expertly unzipped her blouse, pulling it off her arms and tossing it onto the floor. Then he pushed Jen onto her back. He hooked a finger in the thin material connecting the cups of her strapless bra, and pulled down, exposing her breasts. “I’ve wanted to see these beauties all night long,” he said excitedly, his eyes feasting on the blonde wife’s small shapely breasts. He cupped both breasts and rubbed the hard upturned nipples.

Michael unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis, but he didn’t touch himself. He didn’t want to cum too quickly. It was so exciting to watch another man fondle his wife’s naked breasts.

“God, you have a nice touch,” Jen moaned appreciatively as Tony expertly rubbed her nipples. He lowered his face and took one of her nipples between his lips. “Oh gawd, that feels so good!” Jen cried as she arched her back to meet his face.

Tina came over and sat next to Jen. “Here, let me help you with this,” she said, reaching behind Jen’s back and unsnapping her bra. Tina pulled the bra off and tossed it onto the floor next to Jen’s blouse.

Tina’s hands went to Jen’s skirt. “Honey, raise up so I can do this.” Her eyes closed, all of her attention focused on what Tony was doing to her breasts, Jen did as her best friend asked and raised her hips. Tina quickly unzipped Jen’s skirt and tugged at the waistband. “Help me Tony,” she said, and Tony smoothly pulled the mini-skirt down Jen’s legs. In a moment it was lying on the floor next to Jen’s blouse and bra.

Michael gaped at what his wife wore. On her legs were thigh high stockings. He couldn’t remember the last time Jen had worn something other than pantyhose. He always encouraged her to wear stockings, but she never did, saying they were too much trouble for a mother of two. Questions ran through Michael’s mind. When had she bought the stockings? Why had she decided to wear them tonight? Michael remembered what Tina had said about the virtues of stockings and fast fucks. “Less fumbling and easier access.” The thought excited him immensely, but also gave him a feeling of trepidation.

Tony got on his knees and placed his hands on Jen’s inner thighs. He gently pushed her legs apart, but she resisted. Despite her obvious arousal, an uncertain look appeared on her face. Seeing this, Tina gently pulled at her friend’s leg. “Trust me, he’s really good, and remember, this is what Michael wants.” Jen last resistance melted away at her best friend’s words, and she let Tony open her legs. “That’s it, honey, you’re going to love this.”

Tony lowered his face to Jen’s pussy. He tugged the thin material of her panties aside, and smiled admiringly at the sight. Jen’s pussy was smooth and tight, with lips that were thin and just a shade darker than the surrounding skin. God, he couldn’t believe this woman was a mother of two, her pussy looked like a virgin’s! He was a little surprised she wasn’t hairless. Most of the cougars he fucked, like Tina, kept themselves completely bald like porn stars, and he (and his friends) preferred that. Then he remembered this was Jen’s first time, and he inwardly smiled. He loved fucking other men’s wives, there was a special thrill about taking a pussy that belonged to another man. He didn’t understand why Jen’s husband would want to share her. If he had a wife as good looking as her, he wouldn’t let other men get close to her. Well, that was Michael’s problem, not his. He intended to fuck her so good she’d never want her kinky husband’s dick again.

And he was going to enjoy screwing this girl. Fuck, she was good looking! Much prettier than Tina. He was actually starting to get bored with Tina. Tina’s face was showing her age (despite all the makeup she wore), and her big tits sagged. Jen, though, was something special. Tight body, perky tits, firm stomach and ass, and incredible long legs. Her body could pass as a coed’s, but with softer curves. And her face — youthful and so pretty, with an innocent look to her. He wondered if she’d let him cum on her face. Yeah, he’d like that, to shoot his thick jism all over her sweet, pretty face.

Beads of sweat formed on Michael’s brow as he watched Tony’s head disappear between his wife’s thighs. A moment later he heard Jen moan, and he knew Tony’s tongue had found her clit. Tony pushed her legs farther apart, giving him complete access to her pussy. He reached up and fondled her tits as he ate her.

Michael felt he was good at eating pussy, but Jen had never responded to him the way she was responding to Tony. Her moans were continuous and pleading and her body twisted and writhed with each flick of Tony’s tongue. Suddenly, Jen dug her heels into the sofa. “Ohhhh gawwwwwd,” she moaned as her body arched and convulsed in an overwhelming orgasm.

Seeing another man make his wife cum was too much for Michael. Without even touching himself, his cock jerked and shot his cum onto his chest.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god” Jen gasped as her orgasm peaked, then slowly receded. Tony got up and wiped his mouth on Jen’s blouse. Michael expected Tony to enter her, but instead he moved up Jen’s body and kissed her. Jen immediately returned Tony’s kisses. For some reason, seeing his wife kiss Tony with such passion bothered Michael even more than seeing Tony go down on her. In the emotional clarity that comes after an orgasm, Michael felt like he had made a mistake, letting another man (especially a man as young and good looking as Tony) have access to his wife’s body.

But Michael knew he couldn’t do anything about it, not after the deception of his note, not with him secretly watching the action from Tina’s video room. So he watched as Tony French kissed his wife, as he explored her mouth with his tongue, as his hands fondled her breasts. And he watched as Jen returned his kisses, as she ran her fingers through his hair and over his sculpted body, as she wrapped one of her stocking-clad legs around his muscular thigh to pull him closer against her eager body. He felt himself growing hard again.

After 10 minutes, Tony pulled away, gasping for air. “Shit, Jen, you can really kiss!” he said admiringly.

“You can too!” Jen gasped, her heart pounding. She had cum only moments ago, but already Tony had aroused her again. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve been kissed like that.”

Tina, sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the action from a sofa across the room, looked into the camera and winked.

Tony stood up and reached for his zipper. “I promised I’d do this for you,” he said grinning.

“Wait, let me try again,” Jen said. She pulled once and then twice, but still the zipper wouldn’t budge. She frowned, but couldn’t hide a smile. “Do you have to be so big and hard?” she said with mock irritation. Then she pulled again, harder this time, and finally the zipper opened.

“Hurrah!” Tina teased. “See, Jen? It’s just like riding a bike.”

Jen smiled at her friend, but then, as she pulled down Tony’s pants, her eyes focused on his crotch. Tony’s boxers sported a huge tent, but because the boxers were loose fitting, Jen couldn’t discern much details. Her lust-fueled curiosity was killing her! Biting her lip, she hooked her fingers in the waistband, and pulled down his boxers.

“Oh my,” she said awestruck, her eyes growing wide. Tony’s cock was long and thick. As if mesmerized, she wrapped her hands around it. The shaft was so thick she couldn’t touch her finger tips to her thumbs, and it was so long she couldn’t hold the entire length, even with one hand on top of the other. It was rock hard, yet the skin was so soft. She had an immense urge to kiss and lick it. She scooted to the edge of the sofa, and tentatively kissed the head, and then the shaft. Encouraged by Tony’s moans, she raised his cock so it pointed upwards, then licked the sensitive underside of the long shaft, once again causing Tony to moan.

Michael excitedly stroked himself as he watched the action. Tony’s size excited him. In all his fantasies, the men Jen fucked had huge cocks. Michael was below average, he knew that. Even rock hard (as he was now), he could hold his entire penis in one hand. If they sat side-by-side, Tony’s cock would tower over his, both in length and girth. For reasons he couldn’t explain, the unfavorable comparison turned him on.

Michael shifted the camera to a side view. Jen was sitting with her ass on the edge of the sofa. Tony was standing between her parted legs. Jen was completed naked, except for her black thigh high stockings and black high heels. She was holding his shaft with both hands. Her wedding ring sparkled in the overhead lights as her hands moved back and forth, stroking him. She seemed mesmerized by his huge cock. She parted her lips wide, and took him into her mouth. Michael had never witnessed a more erotic sight.

Michael saw Tina look at him in the camera, then say, “It’s been a long time since you’ve held one as big as that, right Jen?”

Michael gritted his teeth as Tina teased him. She was clearly trying to get his wife to compare him to Tony. He expected Jen to defend him, as she always did when Tina teased him about his graying hair or growing waistline. Instead, he saw his wife give her friend a mischievous smile.

“Yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve had something this big and hard,” Jen cooed. Her beautiful eyes looked into Tony’s. “So big” — Jen teasingly ran her manicured nails over Tony’s well defined chest — “and so hard.”

“Oh fuck!” Michael groaned as his body convulsed in another orgasm. He sat bent in the chair as secondary waves of pleasure spasmed through his body. Finally, after regaining his breath, he sat up. He reached for tissues and wiped himself. A wall length mirror hung to the side. He looked at himself and frowned. He had to admit, he had let himself get out of shape. He was at least 20 pounds heavier than in college. The expensive suits he wore hid his soft body, and Jen always told him how handsome he was. Now, seeing how much she admired not only Tony’s huge cock but his hard body, Michael wondered if she was telling him the truth.

Michael looked back at the screen. Jen’s attention was focused on swallowing Tony’s cock, but he was so thick she could take only a few inches into her mouth. She still held most of his shaft in her hands. Realizing she had no chance of deep-throating him, she slid him out of her mouth, and then swirled her tongue around his cockhead. Tony moaned appreciatively. Looking into Tony’s eyes, Jen swallowed him, and again pulled him out, but this time she let a thread of his pre-cum trail from his cockhead to her lips. She let the pre-cum thread hang for a few seconds, then expertly scooped it up with her tongue and swallowed it.

Tony moaned at the performance. “Fuck, you’re a bad girl!”

Jen smiled, and rubbed Tony’s cockhead along her cheek, leaving a glistening coat of his pre-cum. “I told you so,” she said with a sly smile.

Tony liked the feel of his cock on Jen’s pretty face. He grabbed the back of her head and rubbed his cock over her other cheek, her nose and closed eyes. “Are you going to let me cum on your pretty face?” he asked eagerly.

Jen smiled, her eyes still closed. She liked the feel of Tony’s cock on her face. It was so hard and menacing, yet the skin was so soft. “Sure, if that’s what you want,” she answered. Anyway, it was better if he didn’t cum inside her, she thought. She wasn’t on birth control — Michael had had a vasectomy after their second child — and it was her fertile time of the month. Having sex with another man was one thing, but she wasn’t going to take a chance of getting pregnant.

Abruptly Tony pulled his cock from Jen’s hands, and picked her up like she was a bundle of feathers. “I’m taking her upstairs,” he said to Tina. “Can we use the guest room?”

“Sure,” a smiling Tina said. “I’ll be up in a minute.”

After they disappeared upstairs, Tina looked into the camera. “Michael, this is your last chance,” she whispered in a serious tone. “You’re the only man Jen’s been with since your wedding. Are you sure you want to go through with this? If you want me to stop it, I will.” She gestured to the telephone on the table. “Call me now on your cell if you want me to stop Jen from doing this.”

Michael listened to Tina, conflicting emotions raging through him. Tina was giving him an out. But did he want to take it? Seeing how Jen acted with Tony — he had never known his wife was such a bad girl! He burned to see her fucked by Tony. He had never wanted anything more in his life.

Tina looked at the silent phone, and realized Michael wasn’t going to call. She looked back at the camera. “Are you sure, Michael? I understand how exciting this is for you. But there’s something good about your wife’s body being exclusively yours. Sharing her with another man might be exciting, but — well, I think you’re playing with fire. You saw how big Tony’s cock is. And believe me, he really knows how to fuck.”

Michael’s heart pounded in his chest. He knew Tina was trying to warn him, but instead her words were fueling his dark desires. The thought of Tony’s cock penetrating his wife’s pussy, a pussy that had belonged exclusively to him for over 10 years, made him lightheaded with lust. He imagined Jen getting fucked by that cock, a cock that towered over his, a cock that would stretch her and reach places he could never hope to reach. It made him so hot, he had to will himself not to cum.

Not hearing the telephone ring, Tina sighed and looked disappointed. “Okay. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She turned and walked up the stairs. Knowing there were no cameras in the stairwell, she smiled, pleased with Michael’s decision.

Michael switched to the camera in the guest bedroom. He was relieved to see they weren’t fucking yet, because he wanted to watch his wife’s face as Tony pushed his thick cock into her.

Jen was on her back on the bed. She still wore the black thigh highs and heels. Tony was between her legs, which were bent at the knees, and spread wide to accommodate Tony’s large muscular body. She writhed as Tony sucked her nipples.

Jen reached between their bodies and took hold of his cock. She rubbed his cockhead between her pussy lips. It felt so good. She desperately wanted to feel him inside her. “Do you have a condom?” she asked him. She groaned with frustration when he shook his head. “Tina, do you?”

Tina shook her head. “You know I like skin on skin.”

Jen frowned at her friend. That’s easy for you to say, she thought. Tina learned years ago that she couldn’t have children. She looked back at Tony, who shrugged apologetically. “I do too,” he said.

It was too late to stop now. Jen’s body ached to feel Tony inside her. “Okay,” she said. “You can fuck me without a condom, but you can’t cum in me, okay?” She took Tony’s face in her hands to emphasize her point. “I’m not kidding, you can’t cum inside me.”

Tony grinned, once again admiring Jen’s innocent, pretty face. “That’s okay with me. You said I could cum on your face, right?”

Jen giggled. “Well, maybe if you’re a good boy,” she teased.

“Oh, I’m very good,” he said as he leaned in and kissed her. As they French kissed, Jen again reached between their bodies and took hold of Tony’s cock. She guided him towards her pussy. “Just go slow,” Jen breathed between kisses. “You’re bigger than I’m used to.”

Tina, back to teasing Michael, smiled into a camera, silently saying, “Your wife’s telling her lover that his cock is bigger than yours.” Then, after checking Jen wasn’t looking, Tina raised her left hand, wiggling her ring finger. Michael had seen it too. Jen had used her left hand — the hand wearing his wedding ring — to guide Tony’s cock into her married pussy, the pussy that was supposed to belong only to him.

Michael shifted to a split view, half of the screen on Jen’s face, the other on her pussy. “Oh god!” Jen groaned through clenched teeth as Tony penetrated her pussy with his bulbous cockhead. Her hands clutched the sheets. “You’re so big!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” Tony assured her as he pushed his cock into her.

“Fuck, your pussy’s tight!” he exclaimed. “You feel like a virgin!”

“I haven’t — had — something — so big — in a long — time,” Jen grunted as Tony pushed more of his cock inside her. “Oh gaaaawd,” she cried as more of his thick cock disappeared inside her. Her hands were shaking uncontrollable at her sides.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No!” she said immediately. “It feels good!”

“Are you sure? I’m only halfway in.”

Michael focused on the image of Jen’s pussy. Her lips were stretched grotesquely wide to accommodate Tony’s thick cock. Tony was only halfway inside her, but the half not yet in was still longer than his entire erect cock. Feeling sick, Michael realized Tony was already giving his wife more than he could ever give her, and much more was yet to come.

Michael looked at his wife’s face — her eyes clenched shut, her cheeks flushed, her nostrils flaring. “Oh god, yes, I want more, I want all of it,” he heard Jen say, begging Tony to go deeper. He felt sick seeing his wife beg for another man’s cock, but her pleading fueled his dark kinky lusts. “Yeah Tony, give it to her,” he panted under his breath as he stroked his hard, 4 inch penis. “Stick your long thick cock into my wife’s pussy. Let her see what a real cock feels like.” Michael’s self-degrading thoughts pushed him over the edge, and with a lurch he came again.

With his lust temporarily sated, Michael immediately felt regret. But he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen. “God, oh god, oh god,” he heard his wife moan as, inch by inch, Tony’s cock disappeared inside her. “It feels so good!” With self-loathing, Michael felt arousal stirring within him again.

“There!” Tony said triumphantly. “It’s all in you now, all 9 inches!” He began to slowly rock back and forth.

“Oh god yes!” Jen moaned. “Oh fuck me, fuck me!”

Tony’s pace quickened. “You want it hard, is that it?”

“Yes, yes!” Jen begged. “Give it to me! Fuck me hard!”

Tony lifted Jen’s stocking-clad legs over his shoulders, smashing her legs against her tits, and began to really pound her. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she cried, her hands gripping the sheets as if holding on for dear life. Then her body tensed and she came. “Ahh ahh ahh,” she moaned, simultaneously wrapping her arms around Tony’s neck and bringing his lips to hers. Her manicured nails dug violently into Tony’s muscular shoulders, her orgasm peaking with her young lover’s tongue swirling in her mouth. In the basement, the sight of Jen cumming on Tony’s cock pushed Michael over the edge, and he came once again.

Tony’s pace slowed, but didn’t stop, the gentle rocking helping Jen extend the pleasure of her orgasm. He released Jen’s legs from his shoulders, and they fell back to the bed, bent at the knee, her heels flat on the bed. During this time, as Jen’s orgasm peaked and gradually faded, Tony kept his lips locked on Jen’s, gently kissing her and exploring her mouth with his tongue. Gradually he quickened his pace, but their fucking was not as frantic as before. Tony rotated his hips, searching for Jen’s g-spot. He knew he had found it when she moaned and grimaced from the painful pleasure, and then he focused his cock on that magical spot inside her, making sure to rub it with each stroke. At the same time, Tony leaned into Jen so as to rub the shaft of his cock against her clitoris, back and forth, over and over.

Jen felt an amazing thing. She had just cum, but she felt another orgasm building in her. She had never experienced this before. “Oh god, what are you doing to me?” she said with a mixture of surprise and awe as trickles of pleasure began tingling through her body. “Oh my god, oh god, oh god,” she moaned as an orgasm unlike any other she had ever experienced built inside her. Tony brought his mouth to hers and she willing accepted his kiss and his tongue, returning his kisses, twirling her tongue with his.

Michael’s heart sank as he watched Tony bring his wife to the brink of another orgasm. His cock lay limp in his hand, his lust sated for the moment. “Why did I do this?” he asked himself, watching Tony masterfully pleasure his wife’s body. “How could I have let a man like Tony get near my wife?”

Michael remembered Tina’s words: “Tony really knows how to fuck.” His heart sinking even further, he watched as his wife’s body convulsed with yet another massive orgasm that seemed to shoot through her entire body.

“I’ve never — never — felt anything like that,” Jen gasped between breaths, marveling at the intensity of pleasure she had just experienced. She finally caught her breath. “Here, roll over,” she said to Tony, knowing he hadn’t cum yet. On top, Jen moved on his shaft, riding him up and down, over and over. Tony reached up and rubbed Jen’s nipples. She pushed his arms away and pressed them to the bed, above his head. Then, as she continued to squeeze his cock with her pussy, she ran her nails down Tony’s muscular arms and sculptured chest.

“Oh yeah baby, that feels great!” Tony moaned, both at the feeling of his cock in Jen’s tight married pussy, and of her nails running down his body. She squeezed her pussy muscles on each downward stroke to increase his pleasure. She learned to do this years ago with Michael. She couldn’t squeeze as hard with Tony’s much larger member, but judging by his moans he liked what she was doing.

Jen leaned over and kissed Tony, then worked down from his mouth to his neck, then up to his ear. As this was their first time together, she paid close attention to his reactions, sucking and licking when his body reacted, moving on when it didn’t. She licked around his ear, then flicked her tongue into his ear. “Ugh fuck!” he groaned immediately, his back arching so violently he almost tossed her off him.

Jen smiled. “You liked that?” she asked mischievously, kissing him again, and continuing to move up and down on his thick shaft.

“Oh god baby you’re good!” he said appreciatively, wrapping his arms around her neck and returning her kisses. They stayed like that for what seemed like minutes. Michael’s cock had returned to life, and he was stroking himself. Seeing his wife work so hard to please Tony made him heartsick with jealousy, but it aroused him too. It was incredibly erotic to watch his wife straddling Tony, impaled on his long thick cock, her beautiful stockinged legs tensing as she fucked him. Once again, seeing her intimately kissing him, sometimes passionately, other times tenderly and even lovingly, was worst than watching them fuck, but it also turned him on in a masochistic sort of way.

“Oh god, I’m close to cumming,” Tony warned. Jen immediately got off Tony. They changed positions, with Jen on her back, and Tony straddling her chest. Tony pointed his cock at Jen’s pretty face, rapidly stroking himself. She looked at him expectantly, her hands caressing his muscular thighs.

Tony looked into Jen’s blue eyes, and he had the overwhelming desire to cover her pretty innocent face with his gooey spunk. Then he felt her reach under him and scratch her manicured nails under his balls. “OHHH FUCK!” he growled, and then he came. Waves after waves of Tony’s thick cum shot from his cock and landed on her cheeks, her mouth and chin, over her eyes, and in her blonde hair.

When he was done, Jen’s face was coated with his cum. She held her hands to the side in a helpless gesture, and started to giggle. “Oh god, that’s a lot,” she said marveling at the amount of Tony’s cum. Her words formed a bubble of Tony’s cum covering her mouth.

“Sorry about that,” Tony said grinning.

“Here,” Tina said helpfully, handing Jen a towel. Jen wiped her face. “Don’t wipe it all off,” Tina said smiling. “Remember what Michael said.”

Jen grimaced at the memory. “I want to see her freshly fucked,” her husband had told Tina. Well, he had no worries there. Short of taking a shower, she couldn’t possibly clean all of Tony’s cum from her hair.

“I better get going,” she said, sliding out of bed. Suddenly feeling modest, she covered her almost naked body with a sheet. She picked up her blouse and skirt and headed for the hallway, intending to dress in Tina’s master bedroom.

Tony gently grabbed her hand. “Can I see you again?”

Jen hesitated, not knowing what to say. Now that it had happened — after really having sex with another man — she didn’t know how Michael would react. “I’m not sure,” she answered honestly.

Jen got dressed, and found Tina waiting for her in the foyer. Michael had already left, Tina knew. The video room was empty when she had checked a moment ago.

“Come on, I’ll drive you home,” Tina said.

As they drove in the darkness, Tina asked, “What are you going to do? I mean, with Michael.”

Jen looked uncertain. “I don’t know. I guess I’ll tell him what happened. I guess we’ll find out how he feels about his fantasy, now that it’s really happened.”

Tina looked concerned, and gently held Jen’s arm. “Can I give you some advice? Don’t hold anything back. Tell him everything, answer all his questions. Don’t hold anything back, even if you think it might hurt his feelings.”

“What?” Jen said quizzically. “I don’t understand.”

Tina looked embarrassed. “I never told you this, but Bill liked playing games with me, too.”

“He liked watching you with other men?” Jen said shocked. Tina nodded. “But, honey, you two got divorced.”

“You don’t understand. I wanted to stop playing the game. That’s when our marriage fell apart. I’ve regretted it even since. I mean, I had everything. A loving husband, and sex with as many gorgeous guys that I could want. I still have the sex, but … well, I guess I still love Bill, and now I’ve lost him. He divorced me so he could find a new wife who would play these games with him. I don’t want the same thing to happen to you. I know you love Michael, and don’t want this to hurt your marriage. You have to understand that men who have this fantasy — guys like Bill and Michael — they like a little humiliation. I don’t know why. It goes with the fantasy, I think. You’ll see. Tonight, Michael will ask you questions, try to get you to compare him to Tony. Go ahead and tell him, tell him everything, even if you think it might hurt his feelings. That’s part of his fantasy, it’s what he wants to hear. Believe me, I’ve learned this. I had a hard time being honest with Bill — I loved him, and I thought he would be hurt if I compared him with the men I slept with. That’s when our marriage starting going bad. I didn’t give him what he wanted, so he left me.”

They arrived at Jen’s house. Michael’s car was in the driveway. Jen wanted to think about what Tina told her. She had a million questions. But she knew Michael was waiting for her. “Well, thanks for the ride … and the advice,” she said, and went into her house.

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