The Aspen Vacation Ch. 02



Part 1 of the story 

We drove for almost two hours before we found a town large enough to have a pharmacy that carried the morning after pill, and as we stood there to pay, the clerk asked if we planned to use Medicaid. I guess this was a common way of paying in this part of the country, but I could see Erin bristle at the question before politely explaining should we be using her credit card.

Along the way, we sporadically talked about the night before repeatedly coming back to the subject from different directions, and each attempt at the conversation was awkward as if we were probing each other to understand our feelings.

“You can’t be mad at me. You made me do it,” Erin said defensively from out of the blue, starting one of these discussions.

“I know,” I replied without elaboration.

“I’m serious,” she implored.

“I know. I agree with you,” I answered more emphatically.

“So you’re not mad?” she asked, looking at me with those big eyes that always got their way.

“I’m not mad,” I said.

We drove in silence for several minutes.

“You said last night you were surprised,” she stated.

“I guess some,” I told her.

“What does that mean?” she asked nervously.

“Well I guess I didn’t think it would go so far,” I said, laughing to try and lighten the moment.

I had thought about how to answer this question knowing it would come up but it was still awkward.

“I know,” Erin responded, sounding a little confused but also happy that my response was light hearted.

“Much more than I expected,” I said stupidly continuing.

“Meaning?” she demanded quickly.

“Meaning that you are usually so conservative that I thought it was out of character for you to go so far. It’s okay though. Hell I was pushing you so I have nothing really to complain about,” I explained, after a pause.

“Yes, you did push,” she replied, attempting to get the upper hand.

“We can do it again sometime,” I said in jest, again trying to keep things from getting heavy.

“Oh you think so, huh?” she replied with a sound of annoyance, that I couldn’t gauge if feigned.

We drove through New Mexico and into Colorado leaving the freeway in Pueblo. The countryside was beautiful, but the road was demanding requiring my full attention leaving little time for casual conversation. By early afternoon we made it to Aspen and found the house without trouble. It was on the outskirts of town on about two acres, and had a secluded feeling as it was set back on a secondary road in a stand of trees. The house had two bedrooms, a master with a king size bed and a smaller one with twin beds, a very nice kitchen and a combination dining and living room. In addition, there was a deck that ran along the backside of the house that overlooked a small stream.

We rested that afternoon before going into town for dinner then spent the next two days exploring the town and going on several hikes on trails close by. In the evenings, we would sit on the deck as the sun set sipping wine and chatting before going to bed and making love. I thought the encounter with the truck driver had been left behind and I was happy to have it that way. However, on the third night, after the majority of a bottle of wine, Erin returned to the topic.

“I’m struggling with what happened and I know despite what you have said you must be disappointed in me,” my wife blurted out, in a slightly slurred voice.

The way she said it though made me think that she was fishing and wanting my validation.

“I’m not disappointed in you at all. If anything you should be disappointed in me. But, sweetheart I’m not interested in judging what happened. I love you totally and always will so please don’t be upset,” I said while reaching for her, and pulled her close to me.

“Please answer something for me and don’t hold back,” she requested, pushing me away gently and looking into my eyes.

“Okay,” I replied, trying to clear my mind quickly to be able to answer what I knew would be a difficult question.

“What were you thinking and feeling when uh…you know…when we were doing it,” she asked.

“Well let me see,” I said, buying time to develop a good answer before continuing and trying not to sound judgmental, “Truthfully there was some surprise and we have talked about that. I remember I was very nervous because I was shaking and trying to catch my breath. It was erotic too though, I have to admit, to see you get so aroused.”

“It didn’t bother you to have another man with your wife?” she asked, now looking down towards the floor.

“I don’t think bother is the right word. It’s like my mind was not completely connected. Part of me was very excited with what occurred but there was also a part that needed some time to think it through,” I explained, happy with my answer.

“And now, after thinking it through. Any regrets?” Erin asked.

“No, I don’t think so. We did it together,” I replied.

“You’re a wonderful man,” Erin replied, seemingly happy now, and she crawled onto my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me.

“Nothing wrong with a wife that’s a naughty girl from time to time,” I said, to break the tension.

“You liked me being naughty?” Erin asked, resting her hand on the bulge in my shorts and looking at me with a grin.

“I’ll admit I did to some degree,” I replied to her sincerely.

We cuddled and kissed while continuing to discuss the truck driver. In a strange way, the episode had brought us closer together as we were communicating in ways we had never done before. Fantasies and sexual interests had always been difficult for us to talk about with each other, but now it was like the ice had been broken. We weren’t there completely, but we had made a good start.

“Are you hungry?” I asked after a lull in the conversation, since it was now 7:00 PM.

“A bit. Maybe just something quick and simple though,” she replied.

“Agreed. Let’s go to that café at the end of the road. It seems casual and not too crowded,” I suggested.

Twenty minutes later we were seated in the café, although once entering it seemed more like a bar that an eating establishment. The friendly waiter who doubled as the bartender brought over some worn menus and took our drink orders. We stuck to wine and amazingly the obscure brand was not too bad. Unfortunately, the menu was lacking so we decided to split a burger as the safe alternative.

“What interesting things are there to do that tourists don’t know about?” I asked the waiter when he brought the check.

“Well there is a pretty good live band Thursday night at the Broken Yoke. Usually gets lots of locals,” he explained.

“Anything tonight,” Erin asked.

“Pretty quiet tonight but you can always hit the hot springs,” he said.

“Hot springs?” Erin and I asked, almost in unison.

“Yeah, Templeton Springs. Very nice and quiet spot a bit off the beaten track. Course you have to hike in about a mile and a half,” he explained.

“It’s open at night?” Erin asked.

“It’s always open. I’m not sure who controls it, but I’ve never heard it to be closed,” he laughed.

We got him to write down the directions to the trail head not sure what we were going to do but wanting to be prepared, then paid the check and left.

“Let’s check it out,” I suggested when we got in the SUV.

“Okay, but if the trail is too rough I may want to stop,” Erin said.

“Fair enough,” I replied.

We went back to the house and got our hiking gear, a backpack with more wine, and our swim suits then headed out following the map directions. The trail head was only about five miles away but to get there required several turns before we ended up on a dirt road that passed the landmark we had been given for the trail head. Parking the SUV in a small area barely off the road, we found the trail and headed out using flashlights to illuminate the way. The trail was narrow but not too difficult and after thirty minutes and numerous ascents and descents we came into a more open area with less vegetation and large boulders along the path. After the last turn, our flashlights illuminated several pools with vapor rising from the water.

There were in fact three pools. One fairly large perhaps thirty feet by twenty feet that fed into a smaller pool that was round and about twenty feet in diameter. The third pool was to the side of the large pool and was only ten feet in diameter and was separated by a barrier wall of only a few inches.

“Wow this looks nice!” I exclaimed, finding a dry spot to drop the gear.

Erin made her way to the large pool and tested the water then did the same at the other pools.

“This one is a little less hot that the other two,” Erin explained, pointing to the round pool fed by the large one.

I opened the backpack, pulled out our swimsuits and we quickly changed then entered slowly from the side of the large pool into the hot water.

“Whoa that will loosen your muscles,” I said with a sigh, as I dropped shoulder deep into the water.

“Ahhh..” I heard, and turned to see Erin right behind me with a big grin on her face.

We found the bottom of the pool then nudged up on the side until we found a good sitting spot next to each other. The outside temperature had dropped significantly and it was now around forty degrees, which was certainly cold enough to keep us in the hot water.

“Now this is why we came to Colorado!” Erin laughed.

We sat next to each other, chatting and relaxing in the therapeutic waters for several minutes.

“Get the wine. I’m going to check out the rest of the place,” Erin said as she moved towards the smaller pool.

I crawled up to the backpack and pulled out a bottle, opened it and poured some of the liquid into the plastic cups we had brought.

“Erin, come get your wine,” I said to her.

“Bring it here. This one is not as hot,” she proposed.

Erin was in the lower pool and I made my way to her holding the cups in front. I had to work my way over a natural wall of rock that separated the pools but when I got to her I realized that the water now was indeed less hot and more manageable. It made a nice contrast to the larger pool.

I went back twice to refill our cups as we continued to enjoy the water illuminated only by the natural star light, and midway through the third cup I started working Erin’s one- piece suit from her body, getting no resistance.

“Make love to me,” she whispered to me, as I pulled the suit off her legs.

“I’m going to,” I told her, pushing her back against the rock wall and kissing her.

Anyone who has ever tried to have sex in water knows that it takes away a woman’s natural lubrication. Also, being partly buoyant makes it difficult to find a stable position to connect. After several minutes of trying and frustration on both our parts I finally worked myself inside. Even then, I could only make small movements or risk separating.

“Up here,” I said, indicating a flat ledge that was covered in a few inches of water.

I helped her climb onto the flat rock surface and then followed her up. The air was cold but pushing her onto her back allowed the water to cover half her prone body. I on the other hand was exposed to the night air, but by now I was so horny I barely noticed. I moved between her legs and mounted her as she sighed into my ear.

We had never made love in the open and even thought it was a secluded spot it would still be considered a public place. I know it excited me and I sensed it did Erin as well based on her sounds and responses.

Erin usually gets very quiet and still before she orgasms so I knew she was close when her legs rose and stiffened and her moaning stopped. Seconds later, her climax washed over her.

“Ohhhhhh yes, oh honey yes, yes….” she gasped and exhaled rapidly, while her body jerked beneath me.

Watching her cum is a huge turn on for me, so it was only seconds later that I emptied myself into her as my groans and body spasms took over from hers.

I pulled her off the ledge and into the water next to me where we cuddled in the sexual afterglow. However, the heat of the springs, the sex and the wine were taking their toll and we both quickly agreed it was time to head back. It seemed like slow motion putting on our clothes and gathering our stuff before hitting the trail back, and thirty-five minutes later we were back at the SUV.

When we arrived at the house, we went straight to bed. Too tired to make love again, we wrapped ourselves in each other’s arms.

“That was fun,” I said, describing the visit to the springs.

“Yes it was. This has been a good vacation,” she replied, and then started giggling.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked, thinking I knew the answer.

“A lot of firsts,” she replied.

“Anymore coming?” I teased.

“You never know,” she said with a yawn.

We slept in the next morning and didn’t get out of the house until almost ten. We started out with a three-and-a-half-hour hike then went to town for lunch followed with her shopping and me trailing along trying not to appear bored. By the time we returned to the house, it was after five.

“What’s the plans for the evening?” Erin asked, as she flopped onto the sofa.

“How about let’s go to the fancy restaurant in the centre?” I asked.

Now Erin loves good food and upscale places, so I was not surprised at all when she enthusiastically endorsed the idea. I called ahead and got a reservation for seven which gave us just enough time to clean up before heading back to town.

Erin had brought a simple but elegant black cocktail dress which she wore with heels and I wore flannel pants with a navy blazer. The dinner was very good and the wine we selected was nice as well so when we left we were satiated with a nice buzz going.

“Where are we going to make love tonight?” she asked, putting her hand on my thigh as I drove.

“City park?” I answered, smiling at her.

“You know where it is?” she deadpanned.

“No, guess we’re out of luck,’ I laughed.

“Let’s go back to the springs,” she suggested after a brief silence.

“Seriously? It’s late sweetie,” I replied to her, which brought a pout.

“It’s not that late. Don’t act like an old man,” she countered.

“Okay, whatever you want,” I acquiesced, as even though I was worn out from the day I was also very happy to see Erin letting go.

We went by the house, changed quickly and loaded the backpack before driving to the trail head. Like before, we parked the SUV in the empty space next to the road and headed towards the springs. Having a feel for the trail made the going easier, even after the wine over dinner, and a short time later we arrived. This time we didn’t bother with suits and just stripped and eased into the water.

We started off in the hottest pool and leaned back against the wall admiring the stars overhead that were unencumbered by clouds, and provided some illumination for the springs. After about fifteen minutes, we switched to the cooler pool and that’s when we heard the noise.

It was difficult to make out at first, but soon it became clear it was coming from the direction of the trail. Moments later the sound turned into voices and we knew that someone was approaching.

We had only made it as far as the hot pool when beams of lights broke into the area causing us to go neck deep into the water. There were four flashlights being carried, and one suddenly swept across us moving past then returning quickly.

“Oh, sorry,” a husky male voice said from a face that was hidden behind the glare of the flashlight.

“Well I guess that explains the car,” another male voice offered.

“Can you kill the light,” I asked, annoyed by its glare and the beam was turned off.

From the other lights moving on the edge of the pool we could see there were four people that had arrived — three men and a woman. Without saying anything to us, they began disrobing and then one by one entered the pool we were in completely nude. In the semi-darkness, two of the men looked to be of average height and build but the third was taller but thick with a barrel chest and large thighs. The woman had short hair and a slender torso but her hips flared out to a full butt.

Even though the pool was large enough to accommodate all of us with some privacy, the large guy made his way to the center followed by the others so that we were forced to acknowledge their presence.

“Nice night,” the large man said, in a slightly sarcastic way.

“Yes, it is,” I answered, trying not to show my displeasure at their arrival.

My name’s Dan, this is Carl and Wayne and she’s Penny,” he said as a form of introduction.

“I’m David and this is my wife Erin,” I replied.

“You’re not from around here are you?” he said rhetorically.

“No we’re not. Is that a problem?” I said, too defensively.

“Oh hell no. Just haven’t seen you two before. Not many tourists find this spring. We come up here every week. Usually more come. This is a quiet night,” he explained.

Erin was neck deep in the water being very still and staying close to my side. I could see the men’s eyes looking at her trying to gauge her looks, and whether she was nude I suspected.

“Wayne, get us some beers,” he commanded then asked, “You two want beers?”

“No thanks,” I quickly replied.

Wayne came back with the beers and they started talking amongst themselves, drifting to one end of the pool, which gave us a bit more privacy.

“Should we go?’ I asked Erin.

“Wait till they go to the other pool and then it will be easier,” she suggested.

After Dan finished his beer, he moved back towards us until he was only a few feet away, and now that he was closer, we could see better what he looked like. He had short sandy colored hair and his full face was covered by a closely cropped beard. His upper chest and shoulders were developed but from work rather that the gym I suspected. He had an odd way of curling his lip when he spoke which made it look like he was sneering.

“Do you guys smoke weed?” he asked bluntly.

Both Erin and I had smoked a few times with close friends but I really didn’t want to cross some social bridge with this guy.

“No, we don’t,” I told him.

“Mind if we do?” he asked.

“Not at all,” I answered.

I caught him staring at Erin again and his gaze was only broken when Wayne came up from behind and handed him another beer.

“Go get us a joint,” he told Wayne, who seemed to be his servant.

Wayne returned quickly with a joint and a lighter, and the marijuana attracted Carl and Penny to come over as well. Dan lit the joint then offered it to me and when I turned him down with a shake of my head he made the offer to Erin who did the same thing. Shrugging his shoulders, he passed it to Penny who in turn passed it to Carl. Wayne got it last, took a slow hit then handed it back to Dan. They continued the circuit until it was gone.

“I’m getting hot,” Penny said.

It looked like this would be our opportunity to depart once they moved to the smaller pool. But, instead of moving to the cooler water, Penny hoisted herself up on the ledge right next to us where Erin and I had made love the previous night. The move left her exposed to the rest of us and I got an eyeful of her naked form before I redirected my gaze.

Up close now, I could see she had light brown hair on her head and a darker full bush between her legs. Her breasts were on the smallish side and her flared hips looked more feminine now. She had nice juicy looking lips that seemed to be made for kissing. She wasn’t bad looking, but had that back country look of a woman that spent little time on her appearance. Perhaps in her mid to late thirties, by the look of her body I concluded she must be a mother.

Next Carl and Wayne lifted themselves onto the ledge, one on each side of her. Carl was balding, had a weak chest and a pudgy middle with a penis that seemed shriveled from the water. Wayne had dark curly hair, a more developed physique and several tattoos on his right arm. His cock was not impressively long but was quite thick. Neither of the exposed men seemed concerned about showing themselves to Erin.

Dan was the last to get up and before he did he motioned to Carl to move to one side so he could sit next to Penny. With a grunt, he heaved himself up with his arms and sat down. It was impossible not to notice his large cock which now was on display. It was thick and long enough that the head actually was under water. There was a mass of hair around the base of his cock and some extended up the shaft. The head was plump and much darker colored than the shaft giving him a two toned appearance. Dan and Carl looked like they were around forty, and Wayne was clearly the youngest of the four and I guessed he was our age.

When he first got up on the ledge, I thought I heard a faint gasp from Erin, and now as my wits returned and I averted my gaze I turned to see her looking down at the water in what appeared to be a forced effort to not look in their direction.

“Let’s move to the other pool,” I said to her softly.

I took her hand and moved towards it hoping we could drift away without a conversation but it wasn’t to be.

“Where ya going?” I heard Dan ask behind me.

“Going to this other pool,” I said, not looking back.

We arrived at the ledge separating the two pools, and unfortunately, there was no way to cross over without coming out of the water. The others were now twenty odd feet away and it was dark, still I wondered if Erin would want to expose herself. To my surprise, she moved across the ledge without hesitation while exposing her beautiful ass.

“Nice,” I heard the voice behind me, as I followed her over.

“Let’s wait a few minutes then we can circle to our clothes and leave,” I suggested.

“Just ignore them. It’s not that big a deal. Don’t let them ruin our time,” she replied, surprising me with her attitude.

“Okay, I’m fine if you are,” I replied, still a bit concerned.

“I’m fine,” she said, then leaned back and closed her eyes.

I pulled her around so she was floating prone across my waist while I sat on a submerged rock outcropping. I rocked her back and forth and the tips of her breasts, just penetrating the water’s surface, left a wake as they moved.

“Go get us some wine,” Erin requested after a few minutes, with her eyes still closed.

Without responding, I let her float away from me then got out of the pool into the cold night air and took the long way to the backpack. There, I got the cups and plastic container filled with wine and returned to my wife. Glancing over, I could see the group watching me. They had returned to the water and were formed in a tight group talking.

Erin and I were finishing our first cup when the others crossed over like a herd of cattle into our quiet spot.

“Thought we would cool off here too,” Penny said with a smile, as she lowered into the water up to her waist leaving her breasts on display.

Erin had tried to sink into the water on their arrival, but had to keep her arm raised because of the cup which left the top of her breasts visible. It was no worse than how she would look in a bikini I rationalized even though she was getting stares from the men.

Dan had come up with another joint from somewhere and lit it with his lighter. He passed it around once and as it was going by the second time something in my said “what the hell” and I reached out. I took a long hit on it then turned and offered it to Erin who took it with a half-smile and did the same. The joint was quickly gone and Dan sent Wayne back to get another, and we passed it around until it was gone too. It seemed that Dan and Co.’s pushy attempt to socialize had finally succeeded.

It had been so long since we smoked that it hit us fast and hard. My head was spinning and looking at Erin she seemed to be in the same way. The disorientation was also making her forget about her position in the water, as she was now standing in a way that left her breasts exposed to just above her nipples. Glancing around I could see the all of them looking at her mounds no doubt hoping they would get a chance to see the rest.

Erin suddenly realized how exposed she was and dropped further beneath the surface of the water. But, less than a minute later she bobbed up and this time her nipples momentarily were revealed.

“Those are some damn nice tits,” I heard Dan say through my buzzing brain, and Erin’s only response to the comment was a silly grin.

We chatted aimlessly with the group interspersed with what felt like long periods of silence as each person dealt with the drug’s effect. During one of the quiet periods, I caught myself with my eyes closed drifting away and had to force my way back to the moment. Looking up, I was shocked to see Wayne had moved to one side of Penny and was openly fondling her breasts while Carl had positioned on her other side and had her head turned to him and was kissing her. Even more surprising was catching Erin staring intently at the scene, and off to one side, not participating in the foreplay, was Dan who was watching Erin.

I had to admit that the erotic nature of it all made it difficult not to watch and as much as I tried to look elsewhere my eyes kept returning to the threesome. The two men traded tasks and now Carl was playing with her breasts while Wayne kissed her neck and lips, while Penny emitted soft purring sounds of pleasure.

My weed influenced concentration had been so intent on the show before me that I hadn’t noticed that Dan had worked himself closer to Erin.

“You like what you see?” I heard Dan ask Erin softly before he laughed, “Penny likes attention.”

She didn’t respond but a few seconds later I felt her fidgeting in the water and again just for a moment her breasts rose from the water providing us a view of her small nipples pointing upward.

I was now feeling the same way I had with the truck driver. A deep feeling of concern existed in my gut that was being overpowered by an intensely erotic act playing out before me that was clouding my judgment. Penny had become very aroused and was squirming which made it even more difficult to turn away.

I looked at Erin again and her eyes were half closed and her breathing was coming in short irregular gasps, and I realized that she must be getting effected by the scene too. I moved my hand over until I found the side of her leg which startled her and she turned and looked into my eyes.

“Are you okay? Should we go?” I whispered to her.

Erin turned briefly and looked at Penny between the two men then looked back at me and nodded her head yes.

“We’re going to call it a night,” I announced, as I took Erin by the arm.

“Night’s young man,” Dan replied, as we turned.

Ignoring him, we climbed into the cold night air with Erin in the lead and as she stepped onto the rock ledge her legs spread giving everyone in the pool a perfect view of her small shaved pussy. I knew Dan was feasting on Erin’s beautiful body and rather than making me angry it actually excited me. I felt my cock stiffen and I had to hurry to hide it from view. Because of the pot, we took longer than normal getting dressed, but finally we were done and started towards the trail.

“Nice meeting y’all. Especially you sweetheart!” Dan shouted, as we left them behind.

We made our way down the trail talking about the surreal experience and occasionally breaking out in giggles. I was happy Erin hadn’t gotten upset and in fact I suspected she had been a bit turned on. We reached the car and went straight to the house going to bed almost immediately feeling the impact of the wine and pot.

Despite my drowsiness, as soon as Erin’s naked butt was snuggled against me I knew that I needed to make love to her. My hands began running over her legs and then over her tummy before arriving at her breasts where I lingered, massaging them gently and softly rolling her nipples between my fingers.

“Umm…that feels good,” she moaned.

“I need you,” I whispered to her, letting my hand run down between her legs and finding her very wet.

“I know honey…me too,” she sighed, turning to kiss me.

Foregoing preliminaries, I rolled on top of her as she spread her legs and found her opening. Her hand took me and rubbed my dick over her cleft getting the head wet before bringing me to her opening where with a gentle push I slid easily inside.

“Damn you feel good,” I gasped.

“Mmm….I forgot what sex was like while high,” Erin giggled.

We began a slow, gentle motion. My dick which was completely inside her was sliding in and out just a little as I rode her, but the feeling of us coupled and moving in unison was still very exciting. We kissed and fondled each other as we writhed slowly, but our passion started to rise and before long I was pushing into her faster and her legs started to open.

“You are so damn beautiful,” I said to her sincerely, feeling the need to speak.

“You just say that because you’re in love with me,” she giggled in reply.

“Well I am in love with you, but you’re beautiful too,” I answered, not wanting my words to be diminished.

“Oh baby…make love to me,” she sighed, letting her nails trace their way down my back and over my ass which made my back arch and my cock to go deeper.

I started moving faster pulling almost all the way out then dropping hard into her. I could tell she was getting close, as was I, and I hoped she would get there soon as it was feeling to good to slow down.

“Oh David. It’s all yours. Don’t stop,” she begged.

I knew she was right on the edge. Erin likes it very hard when she starts to climax, so I began moving with deep forced strokes making her grunt but also taking her over the top.

“Oh yes…oh yes it!” she called out, as her body tensed then released and she started jerking and thrusting against me.

In the process, my dick came out of her and with a squeal she found it and brought it quickly back to her swollen pussy. Leaving her, even for just that moment, had allowed me to gain control and when I was back inside I was able to ride her through her orgasm and then continue for a minute with a furious pace before letting loose.

“OH SHIT ERIN! Damn! Damn!” I forced out of my mouth between deep breaths, as I felt my balls being drained.

I closed my eyes and threw my head back and reveled in the wonderfully feeling of my wife. Finally, with a final last push and wiggle of my hips to force the remaining semen from my dick I collapsed on top of her letting my head fall into the crook of her neck.

“I love you,” I said, and her arm came up and wrapped around me.

We stayed that way until we had both caught our breaths. As I lay there cuddling and gently kissing her neck and ear, the thought of our time at the hot spring came back and I snickered to myself remembering her nude in front of the strangers. I had to admit, in retrospect, it was a turn on to see how much attention she had received.

“I wonder what happened to Penny?” I said, laughing a bit.

“I think she did just fine,” Erin answered, laughing too.

“All three?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Probably,” she replied.

“And you’ve only had two.” I said in sarcastic way, referring to our time with the truck driver.

As soon as I said it, I regretted it and braced for a bad reaction. Instead, I got an equally smartass reply.

“Yes, too bad you made us leave,” she countered, and since I couldn’t think of a good answer, after several seconds of silence she started giggling then said, “I win.”

“Funny,” I said, pretending to be annoyed but she just kept giggling.

“I doubt that was Penny’s first time,” she said when her giggling ended.

“But they wanted you,” I whispered into her ear softly, then kissed her neck making her squirm.

“Why do you say that?” she asked.

I suspected she knew I was right and was just fishing for my response but I played along, “The way they looked at you. How they looked when they saw your breasts. Didn’t you see how the big guy, Dan, kept trying to get closer?”

“Yes he did move close,” she agreed.

“Close enough to touch you,” I replied, and I felt Erin flinch ever so slightly, almost imperceptibly, and she got quiet.

I sensed there was something she was holding back and not saying.

“Did you want him to touch you?” I finally asked, fishing for the secret, and my dick, still inside her, started to tingle anticipating her answer.

“Mmm…well he did touch me some honey,” she responded slowly stroking my hair nonchalantly.

“WHAT?” I replied, lifting myself up on my elbows and looking down at her smiling face.

“Just for a few seconds,” she said in a way that let me know she was in control.

“Where? How?” I asked, stumbling to ask a coherent question, “Are you serious?”

“On my leg under the water,” she answered in a soft voice.

“Where on your leg?” I asked, frustrated that she was making me pull every piece of information out.

“Right here,” she said, taking my hand and placing it on the top of her thigh only inches from her pussy.

“You let him? How long? Did he get closer?” I shot back.

“Maybe ten seconds…maybe a bit longer. It was just there and then you said we were going so it didn’t make sense to make a scene,” she explained.

I realized my cock had become completely hard again and had journeyed deeply into her tunnel. In addition, my hips were twitching and beginning to move. I was a bit stunned and at a loss for words, and my mind went back to the pool and the three hungry men who would have eagerly taken her one after the other if they had the chance. And the large man, Dan, who had the nerve to reach out and touch her. Did he know that she wouldn’t push him away or cry out for help?

When my mind returned to Erin, I realized I had her hands clasped above her head and was holding them with one hand balancing myself with the other. My dick was now moving faster into her our combined juices making the going easy.

“You were naughty again,” I said.

“I’m sorry honey,” Erin said, staring into my eyes as her breathing became labored.

I lost control of myself and began wildly thrusting into Erin driven by the vision of Dan’s hand on her leg. There was something else too. I had felt it after the truck driver fucked her. Something in my brain, likely primordial, demanded that I take her back — that I reestablish my position. What I was doing was about power and not about making love. I could see Erin beneath me with her mouth open emitting cries that sounded like a mixture of pleasure and pain, but instead of being caring and responsive to her needs, I was on a race to deposit my seed.

“UGGGHHH…UGGGHHH…FUCK!” I bellowed as my balls tightened again, and the small amount of semen I had left me and entered Erin.

Drenched in sweat, I immediately fell onto her, but unable to catch my breath I broke free and rolled to her side.

“Are you okay?” she asked, turning to me and stoking the side of my face.

“Yeah,” I answered, unable to say more.

Erin shifted closer to me and we silently began to drift to sleep. During that peaceful time of exhaustion right before sleep I thought about my reaction and what Erin must think. She had to realize that my uncontrolled taking of her had been provoked by her admission of being touched by Dan. How would she reconcile all of it in her head I wondered?

I was up before Erin the next morning feeling quite rested and was showered and ready with fresh coffee by the time she stirred. We drank a mug together, talking about what was in store for the day, before she got up and had a light breakfast of granola and yogurt. Afterwards, she went to the bathroom to shower and get ready while I cleaned up the house.

We spent the morning hiking then drove to a nearby town for lunch followed by Erin browsing the quaint shops in the downtown area for several hours while I had coffee and read a newspaper. That evening, I made dinner for her at the house. Erin didn’t seem to be interested in talking about the night before, and I didn’t want to either as there were still some things I was trying to get straight in my head. That night, we went to bed early and fell asleep quickly, forgoing any love making.

Thursday morning came and after breakfast we sipped on coffee and tried to make a plan for the day. We had already done all the hikes we had researched before coming up and Erin was tired of shopping, so we piddled around the house and read some before walking into town for lunch. Later, we read some more and then took a nap that lasted into the late afternoon.

“It’s been a relaxing day but I’m getting bored,” I announced.

“What do you want to do honey?” Erin answered.

“I don’t know. Got any ideas?” I asked.

“We can go to the Sushi place in town in a bit. You can have some Sake,” she said, grinning at me.

It was an inside joke between us that Sake had no effect on me. Of course it did quite a bit, but I would always comment while I was downing it that she shouldn’t worry. After one monumental hangover, she started the joke and it stuck.

“That’s a great idea!” I said, not willing to acknowledge her dig.

We got to the restaurant at seven but there was a wait so we didn’t get seated until seven-thirty. Of course, while waiting, I started in on a small bottle of sake, so by the time we ordered I was very relaxed.

“I’m going to take you to bed tonight,” I whispered, leaning over the table.

“Well I hope so. You kinda failed last night,” she replied with a big smile and a sparkle in her eyes, letting me know she was in a good mood.

I leaned back in my chair accepting my rebuke which caused her to start giggling.

“This has been a bizarre vacation,” I said, looking at her with a grin.

“Very bizarre,” she replied with her expression changing for a moment before her smile returned and she asked, “Are you having fun?”

“Of course. I always have fun with you,” I said in a sincere but matter-of-fact way, and the effortless way it came out actually was received by Erin as a huge compliment.

“I love you,” she announced to me, and the tables nearby.

We ate slowly savoring the good food and enjoying each other’s company so it was almost nine when we got up to leave. I had a nice buzz going and Erin seemed to as well so I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere.

“Do you want to grab a drink before we head back?” I asked.

“Sure, where do you want to go?” she replied.

“How about the bar in the old hotel on the corner?” I suggested.

We walked to the end of the block and entered the hotel but the bar was completely dead. In fact, there was no sign of the bartender.

“This is not very inspiring,” she commented.

“No kidding. Any other ideas?” I asked.

There was silence for a moment while we thought and then Erin spoke, “What about that live music place that guy told us about the other night? Didn’t he say Thursday was the big night?”

“Right. The Broken something, I think,” I replied.

“Broken Yoke,” she corrected.

Fifteen minutes later, after stopping for directions, we were standing at the door paying the $5 cover. The place was basically just one big room with a long bar covering about half of the wall opposite the stage. Definitely not a place for the Aspen glitterati, rough finished unpainted wood panels formed the walls and these were covered with old partially rusted metal signs and lighted beer signs. The tables and chairs were made from cheap metal resembling what you might find in a 50s diner and the stage was a wood platform raised about a foot off the main floor. Each of the bartenders and waitresses were dressed as they liked with most of them in jeans and t-shirts. It was warm and smoky inside as apparently this place didn’t cater to the smoke free crowd.

The band had just started at nine and the place was only partly filled, so we were able to pick from several tables. Selecting an out of the way one on the far wall, we sat down and ordered drinks.

The band was decent, mostly playing old country standards with an occasional progressive country song or folk song thrown in for variety. Slowly the place began filling up predominately with couples and small groups, so that by the time the band took their first break all the tables were taken and the bar was crowded too.

Preparations on the stage were just starting for the second set and the waitress had just delivered us a fresh set of drinks when across the room I spotted Dan standing and surveying the crowd. Behind him stood Wayne and just a few seconds later Penny came into my view as well. Great I thought to myself, just what we need.

They moved in a group to the bar as the band started playing and I watched Dan get the attention of the bartender. Erin was watching the stage and hadn’t spotted them yet nor had they seen us, as I watched them get their drinks then turn and watch the band.

I was discreetly keeping an eye on them when I saw Wayne elbow Dan and together they looked in our direction. Almost immediately, they headed towards us stopping in an open spot along the wall just behind our table.

“Well looky here,” I heard Dan call out from behind me, and his words made Erin turn and look followed by her shooting me a startled glance.

I tried to ignore them but I felt a nudge on my shoulder, and was forced to turn and acknowledge their presence.

“Hey there,” I said to Dan, trying my best to look undisturbed.

“Good to see you,” he said then nodded behind him, “You remember Wayne and Penny.”

I nodded to them and as I was doing so I saw Dan looking past me no doubt to Erin. For about the hundredths time since that night at the springs, I thought about his hand on her leg inches away from her pussy.

“How did your evening end up?” I asked Dan over the music, not wanting to appear intimidated.

“Real good. Course the next morning sucked,” he replied, laughing a little.

I just nodded my head in reply and there followed an awkward silence. I turned back to Erin and for the next ten or fifteen minutes we tried to focus on the band. Suddenly, the waitress appeared and she set another beer and glass of wine on our table to go with the ones we had still half full. When I looked at her she just nodded towards Dan, Wayne and Penny.

“Your boyfriend,” I said sarcastically to Erin.

“You’re complaining about free drinks?” she replied trying to be funny, while I turned and raised the beer towards the group and they smiled and raised their drinks to us.

A few minutes later, I had to hit the restroom. Of course, I was worried about leaving Erin alone, but when I returned and saw that they had let her be I relaxed some and allowed myself to be brought into a conversation with Wayne and Dan. After a few minutes I realized they weren’t really bad guys just rough around the edges. Somehow, Penny slipped by me because when I looked to check on Erin I saw that she had settled at the table in my chair.

“You mind if I dance with Erin?” Dan asked, when Wayne had left for the bathroom.

“I don’t think that a good idea,” I said to him, as my body stiffened, as despite my softening in my appraisal of him, I still didn’t want him touching Erin.

“Look man I know we were a bit strong at the springs but that place has a reputation for partying. I thought you and her knew that. We didn’t mean nothing,” he tried to explain.

“No, we didn’t know that,” I replied, and with this knowledge, there actions made much more sense.

“Yeah we figured that after you left,” Dan continued, “Sorry about that.”

Of course he neglected to mention that he had put his hand on Erin’s leg. I didn’t want to bring it up though so to change the subject I said to him, “We aren’t really dancers.”

“Hey if its going to bother you I understand. No worries man,” he came back.

Wayne returned and brought Dan another beer. We chatted for a bit longer and I found out that both of them were carpenters mostly working on the homes of the wealthy residents of the area. It was the busy time for them as they had to make most of their money during the summer. The rest of the year that would just try to stay busy doing small odd jobs. They explained that Penny was a secretary at the local hospital, and that all three of them had grown up in the area.

“You can ask her if you want,” I said quietly to Dan, when Wayne had stepped away.

Dan just nodded and stood there for several minutes until the band finished their song then stepped over the table and leaned down to Erin. She looked at him as he spoke then looked towards me, and when I shrugged, I watched her speak to him some more. At first, I thought she was politely declining, but suddenly she stood and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor.

It really wasn’t a dance floor, as the place people were using was just a small empty area between the stage and the front row of tables. Although the place had become crowded, there was just three or four couples dancing. It seemed the bar was more about drinking and listening to the music rather than dancing, so it was easy to watch them and I was pleased to see that Dan was holding her respectfully.

Not planning on going out, Erin had dressed down wearing everyday jeans and a simple blouse, but she still looked very good. In fact, with her natural good looks she was easily the best looking woman in the bar.

Wayne engaged me in a conversation on what Erin and I did and Penny stood and joined in too. Before long, I realized that several songs had been played and Erin and Dan were still dancing. Finally, they came back to the table and I could see that Erin had a light sheen of perspiration on her neck.

“Let’s go smoke a joint,” Dan suggested, when the conversation had slowed.

“I’m ready,” Wayne replied.

I looked at Erin and she shrugged and I was about to decline when Penny spoke, “Come on out with us. I need someone else to talk to besides these two.”

Her comments made everyone laugh and I replied, “Okay, what the hell.”

Dan called the waitress over and said we would be right back and as we moved towards the door I heard her say to him, “Don’t get caught again.”

We walked to the back of the parking lot where Dan’s old partially rusted pickup was parked, and when we got there he opened the door and pulled out a baggie with several joints already rolled. He lit one and passed it around and when it was gone started another that was also quickly gone. After the effects from the other night, I had intentionally gone easy on it, but I noticed that Erin had not held back and I made a note to myself to keep an eye on her.

Going back inside, while I ordered a round of drinks Wayne found a couple chairs so everyone could sit at the table. The table was positioned against the back wall, so there were three open sides. I was sitting with my back closest to the stage, to my right was Penny and then Wayne, Dan and Erin in a half circle, with Dan having made a point of positioning himself so he could sit next to Erin. We continued chatting although with the effects of the pot kicking in the conversation was becoming more stilted. Also, the place had become packed, and between the band and the crowd noise we had to raise our voices to be heard.

“I wish we were at the springs,” Penny blurted out, while the rest of us were discussing local celebrities, and it caught everyone off guard and stopped the conversation.

“Why is that girl?” Wayne asked her, with a snicker.

“I want to get naked and wet,” she announced loudly, also laughing.

“You don’t have to go to the springs to get naked and wet,” he replied, with a suggestive implication.

“You ass,” Penny replied, hitting him on the arm as she got his meaning.

I started a conversation with Wayne about their current work project, and soon Dan had joined in and together they were describing it in detail.

“This guy is from New York and only comes out a couple times a year but his place is huge. It’s up a secluded road and overlooks a nice valley. He’s got six bedrooms, an infinity pool, and big living areas. He’s never satisfied with the place though. Wayne and I have been doing projects out there since it was first built. We’re doing another big remodeling now that is taking most of the summer. I wish I had money to just play with like he does,” Dan told us.

“Does he have a family? Erin asked.

“Don’t really know for sure but I’ve never seen anyone but him. And we rarely see him. Mostly we deal with his architect. I tell you though there’s not pictures of anyone, wife or kids, like you normally see in houses,” he responded.

“It would be nice to see,” Erin replied in a casual way, showing signs of being quite high.

“Well hell, why not?” Dan responded immediately.

I don’t think Erin had intended for her comment to be a request. Rather, it was said in a way that I took to just be part of the back and forth of the conversation. However, Dan had taken it as a formal request from Erin.

“I don’t think Erin meant that we should really go see it,” I stepped in.

“Nah, it’s no big deal. We work there late all the time. No one’s going to notice. Anyway, there’s not another house for half a mile,” he answered quickly, with enthusiasm.

“Let’s go. I’d like to see it and I’m bored here,” Penny stated.

“You guys go ahead. We’re going to stay,” I told them, as it just didn’t feel right to go traipsing through a stranger’s house.

“Oh, come on. It’s not a big deal and you’ll be impressed. Trust me. Plus, it has the best view of the stars in Colorado,” Dan said, turning to Erin as he spoke.

“I wouldn’t mind having a look,” Erin said, looking at me to gauge my reaction.

“Well there you go!” Dan said, attempting to close the debate.

He turned towards the bar and waved at the waitress, signaling to get the bill. As he was doing this I took the opportunity to confirm things with Wayne.

“You sure it’s okay?” I asked him.

“Yeah it’s fine. We’ve been working there for two months and seen no one but the architect and the pool man and they only come mornings,” he laughed.

Erin’s interest had caught me by surprise so now, feeling outnumbered, I just shrugged and decided to go along. We paid our bills and headed out stopping in the parking lot to get rough directions from Dan and Wayne.

“It’s off of Terrell Road on the other side of town. Wayne why don’t you ride with them so they don’t get lost,” Dan said.

Wayne got in the front seat and Erin climbed into the back and we followed Dan in his beat up pickup out of the parking lot. I had the odd feeling that something was amiss and that maybe we were being set-up, but had no tangible basis for it. With Wayne in the car, Erin and I couldn’t talk about it so we settled for idle chat.

We drove for about fifteen minutes, leaving town and traveling up a canyon road, then turned onto a small lane before pulling into a drive with an expensive gate. Dan must have had the automatic opener because the gate started swinging slowly open and we followed him up the drive to a large two-story home. The outdoor lights were on, illuminating the beautiful property well, and I cringed at the cost it must take to keep a place like this up.

“You sure this is okay?” I asked Wayne again, and he just gave me a firm nod.

There was a long parking apron and we pulled into it and got out of the vehicles looking up at the large edifice rising before us.

“Glad to see someone is doing something right,” Penny exclaimed, as she walked up.

Away from town, the temperature seemed even colder, and we quickly followed Dan through a locked gate to the back of the house where we saw the infinity pool that he had mentioned. Around it was a large entertainment area that included an outdoor cooking pavilion and a spa that was attached to the pool. The whole area overlooked a tree covered valley and beyond that we could make out several snowcapped mountains. There was no furniture and I assumed it was all in storage. While we stood there, Dan opened a door to the house, worked the security code and disappeared returning a minute later with five beers.

“Hey this pool is warm!” Penny cried out, after having put her toes in.

“Yeah. No idea why they keep the heater on but they do,” Wayne said, shaking his head.

We sipped on our beers and looked at the night sky, which I had to admit, lived up to Dan’s comments. The stars were brilliant, stretching across the entire sky, and I had to agree that it was the best night views I had ever seen.

“Ready to look inside?” Dan asked after a few minutes, and we all nodded our assents and followed Dan into the home.

He began by taking us down to the basement where there was a living area, a bar, a pool table and card table along with a utility room that had the washer and dryer. Then back to the level we started on we found a formal dining room with a twenty seat table a gourmet kitchen, a large informal living area with a huge stone fireplace on one end and a bar, a study/library, another less formal dining room and two well appointed bedrooms. The whole back side of the house was sheathed in glass to maximize the view, and going up a floating stair case which provided an outside view, we came to the second floor with three large bedrooms and then a stunning master suite with the largest bed I had ever seen. In addition, the glass in the master bedroom extended partly up the roof line allowing someone to lie in bed and see the stars. Of course, there were amazing bathrooms everywhere too.

Dan and Wayne’s project was to rebuild the bookcases in the library using a different type of wood, and as we walked through they described the process and explained that they were about seventy-five percent complete. When we finished the tour, we settled in the couches in the informal living area while Wayne went to grab more beers.

“It’s breathtaking,” Erin said, sincerely.

“Dude’s loaded for sure,” Penny added.

Dan reached in his pocket and pulled out another joint and lit it just as Wayne returned, and although Erin declined the beer, she took her turn with the weed as it made the round.

“This is the most I have ever had,” Erin said, referring to the weed.

“How is it making you feel?” Wayne asked her.

“Relaxed.” she answered, with a silly grin.

“It’s making me horny,” Penny stated, which made us all laugh.

“Penny do you have children?” Erin asked her, and immediately I sensed it was a bad subject.

“I have three. The live with their dad in Denver. I’m not much of a mom,” she replied, tensing for a moment before letting out a forced chuckle to which we joined in.

After that, things got quiet for a spell and with the silence came a certain sexual tension. I knew it would be wise to thank them for the tour and leave, but the tension had a certain narcotic feeling to it that made me want to let it continue. My mind went to the encounter with the truck driver and how incredibly excited that had made me. Then too was my feelings and reactions when I learned that Dan had touched Erin’s leg in the hot springs. I had almost assaulted Erin with my lust after she told me. I didn’t know where it was all going but I wanted to continue with the feeling for a while.

“Can we get in the pool?” Penny asked Dan and Wayne, breaking the silence.

“Hell, why not?” Dan replied.

“Good now I can get naked and wet like I wanted,” Penny said, looking at Wayne.

I stood with Penny having made a snap decision that I wanted to see Erin naked with Dan and Wayne again, and we walked outside with Penny leading the way as everyone started to strip down. Penny and Wayne were the first in the water and I was right behind them. Dan had gone to a cabinet and come back with a stack of towels so he was a bit behind, but was shucking them fast.

Erin was bringing up the rear and was going noticeably slower which at first I thought was reluctance. But, when she was down to her sheer red bra and matching panties she stopped, looked towards me and said. “Honey, I need to lie down for a minute. My head is spinning.”

“Do you need some help?” I asked, moving towards the steps.

“No, I’m just going to back to one of the couches,” she said, and then put her top back on.

Dan was standing naked next to her and took her arm and started with her towards the door, but she said something to him that I couldn’t hear and he slowly let go. As she left, carrying her jeans over her arm, I saw her glance down at his large cock hanging flaccid between his legs.

The narcotic euphoria that I had been feeling quickly evaporated and for a few seconds I felt sorry for myself that it was all over for the evening. Then, my better sense hit me and I became concerned for Erin and hoped it would pass quickly. I decided to stay in the pool for just a few minutes then say my goodbyes, collect Erin and leave.

Dan got in the pool and seemed to have lost energy just like me with Erin’s departure. Wayne did some too and only Penny maintained her buoyant attitude. The water was pleasantly warm and we rested our arms on the edge of the pool and looked out over the valley while we chatted about random things. Penny was just to my left and her leg kept coming in contact with mine, a few too many times to be considered accidental.

“How often do you and your wife have sex?” Penny fired the question at me, from out of the blue.

“Excuse me?” I answered her, laughing at the way she had asked.

“Come on. Tell us. Wayne and Dan want to know and I do too,” she tried.

“Why do you want to know?” I asked.

I wasn’t upset. In fact, for some reason I kind of liked the subject. Whether it was the pot and alcohol or the remnants of the sexual euphoria I had been feeling I didn’t know. Still, it would be weird to just answer a question like that so I played dumb.

It was Penny who answered again as Dan and Wayne seemed happy to let her do the heavy lifting. “These two think your wife is hot and they saw her naked the other night and in her undies just now. They’re probably going to jackoff later thinking about her. You need to throw them a bone.”

All of us got a laugh from her choice of words, and I decided there was no harm in answering the question so I told them, “Three or four times a week.”

“Does she like sex?” she asked quickly.

“Yes,” I replied.

“She cum every time,” the question came as soon as I answered the previous.

“Usually. Not every time,” I said.

“She like oral?” and like before, the question came immediately upon my reply.

“Penny, you’re out of control,” I said, chuckling to ease the tension.

“Does she?” she repeated.

“Enough of the questions Penny,” I said, ending the exchange, and as I floated in the warm water wondering what was coming next, I realized I was completely hard.

Minutes later, Wayne moved towards the steps and grabbed a towel.

“Where ya going?” Penny asked.

“Take a leak,” he laughed as he gave the crude reply.

“Well check on our beauty queen while your in there,” Penny directed him, and a second later her leg once again brushed alongside mine.

I thought about telling him not to bother, and that I would go in and check on her, but I stayed quiet as the narcotic feeling started to build in me again. My body started feeling numb, like I was on a good high, my breathing quickened and it was hard to focus my thoughts, as the visions of her with Merle and naked at the springs came firing back rapidly through my brain.

I think everyone was surprised when I didn’t say anything and Wayne no doubt took this as my concurrence with Penny’s directive. I heard the door to the house open and close while I continued to look at the stars.

The minutes ticked by in silence while we waited for Wayne to return. Everyone knew what the other was thinking and everyone knew the meaning of time, and it’s funny how in times of stress time will play games with your mind. It seemed liked ages since Wayne had left, but when I forced myself to really focus and think it had only been a few minutes. I figured that eight to ten minutes would not be an unreasonable period to hit the bathroom and stop and check on Erin. I had come to that figure by analyzing every step and turn in the process and now was gauging how much time had elapsed.

When I thought it had hit six minutes, Dan suddenly spoke, “I’m going to grab a beer. Who wants one?”

“I’ll take one,” Penny answered.

“Uh, no thanks,” I finally stammered out, after Penny nudged me.

Over my shoulder, I saw Dan pick up a towel and walk towards the door before he left my sight. The sound of the door let me know that he too was now inside the large house with Erin, and although I knew that beer was the last thing on his mind, I couldn’t move.

“Mmmm…” came the sound from Penny when her hand found my erection.

“What are you doing?” I asked in shock, her action catching me completely by surprise, and I tried to move my hips away but her hand held me firmly.

“Stop,” she commanded, and for some reason I did.

Her hand began a slow massaging of my shaft, and despite the turmoil in my head I had to admit that it felt very good.

“I better go check on Erin,” I said to her once again, attempting to break free.

She held me firmly by the base of my dick with her strong hand and pulled me closer to her the said, “You don’t want to do that.”

“I need to to. She might be ill,” I replied.

“Let her have her fun. You have yours. It’s what you wanted,” Penny countered.

“I don’t know what you mean. I need to check on her,” I restated.

“Honey, you just let two horny men who want to fuck your pretty wife go in with her alone. Don’t tell me you didn’t know where it was headed,” she said, laying it all out on the table.

“Erin doesn’t want them,” I said, trying to find some firm footing.

My words brought a big laugh from Penny who finally stopped and replied, “I’ve seen her looking at their cocks. I think she’s a firecracker looking to go off.”

I finally had enough and used my hand to wrest Penny’s hand off my dick. Getting out of the pool, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me quickly.

“Wait!” Penny implored, catching up behind me, “Go in quiet and see for yourself.”

She took the last towel and wrapped it around her wide hips, and for some reason I stood and waited for her then together we went to the door. Penny took the knob and twisted it slowly, trying to be quiet as we stepped inside and then with equal care she closed it.

We made the short journey down the corridor to the room where Erin had gone to rest. It was illuminated by the outside natural light and a light on somewhere deeper in the house. The room was in shadows, but across the way we could see the top of three heads close together visible over the back of a leather sofa.

I was about to tell Penny “I told you so” when the head on the left leaned in close to the one in the middle in what looked like a kiss, and at almost the same time Penny’s hand found my dick again and she whispered to me, “Let’s go find a bedroom.”

I shook my head mesmerized by the thought of what might be happening, or beginning to happen with Erin. I stepped into the room ignoring Penny’s hand and moved so that I could see them on the couch from the side. Sure enough, Erin was sitting between Wayne and Dan and it was Dan who evidently had just kissed her. The men’s towels were bunched around their waist’s and Erin looked to still have her blouse on and I assumed her panties were still in place too, but I was too far away to be certain.

Just then, Wayne leaned down to kiss her, but she fended off his advance turning her head to one side, and it made me wonder if she had done the same when Dan tried. I moved into a large leather chair that allowed me to sink in low and watch Erin. So far, I hadn’t been spotted by any of them, but when Penny walked up and dropped to her knees between my legs I thought for sure we would be seen. Surprisingly, none of them looked over and I put my finger to my lips trying to indicate to Penny to be quiet. While she did stay quiet, she also pulled my towel loose and with a quick motion sucked my dick into her soft mouth. I gasped in surprise, but let her continue thinking it would keep her occupied while I spied on Erin.

For the next few minutes, I watched intently as Erin fidgeted on the couch sometimes accepting the kisses from Dan and Wayne and other times rejecting them. Their hands were also busy trying to touch her sensitive spots and remove her blouse but she refused these efforts using her hands in defense.

It was becoming harder to ignore Penny’s attentions as she was very good with her mouth. She had inhaled me and was moving her head with a nice pace while keeping me well lubricated with her incredibly warm and soft mouth. She had me squirming and I was now splitting my time between Erin and watching Penny’s head bob on me.

“Ugh…” I let out too loudly, when from nowhere Penny slid a finger into my ass.

Looking over I could see that all three heads were now lifted and looking towards us while Penny continued unaware. Erin stood to get a better look and I could now see she was still in her panties. The look on her face was one of confusion and she continued to watch while Dan and Wayne rose to stand beside her. Just like that, the tables had been turned.

Penny’s mouth on my dick and finger massaging my prostate had become too much and I realized I was now breathing heavily and struggling to keep my eyes open as my balls began to boil. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Ugh…ugh…umm…shit!” I let out in poorly muted grunts as my balls suddenly contracted and the juice shot out through the small opening and into Penny’s warm, waiting mouth.

Penny kept a vacuum suction on me until the sensitivity became so high I had to push her mouth off me. After a bit, like coming out of the fog, I came back to the moment and realized I was sunk down in the chair taking deep breaths with my hands on Penny’s head which had settled on my thigh. She was looking at my face and when our eyes met I couldn’t help but give her a smile which was immediately returned. My mind then went to Erin, but when I looked in her direction all three had disappeared.

“I need to find my wife,” I said to Penny, nervous that she wasn’t in sight.

“Why? Let her have some fun,” she replied, still convinced that Erin was a ready participant.

“Let me up,” I replied, and used my arms to move her so I could stand then pulled her to her feet and handed her a towel while I wrapped the other around my waist.

“Let’s get to a bedroom and fuck. I need some cock,” Penny announced, no doubt feeling she had done her job and now it was her turn.

Without responding, I looked around the room trying to determine the most likely direction the three had taken. My instinct said to go to the first floor bedrooms but after looking and finding them empty I headed towards the stairs with Penny still close behind.

Taking the stairs two at a time, I made it up quickly and went straight to the master suite. When I got to the open door, I could see from the natural light filtering through the vast windows, that Erin was in the middle of the bed in just her bra and panties. Her blouse lay discarded on the floor next to several pillows that had been tossed off the bed. Dan was on her right, naked, and was alternating kisses between the top of her breasts and lips while Wayne, naked as well, was on his knees between her open legs, and was licking her panty covered pussy. Erin was responding to their attention with slow movements and moans of pleasure.

Penny arrived behind me and pushed her breasts into my back and used her hand to try and remove my towel. I put my hand on hers to stop her and held it in place while my mind processed what I was seeing.

“Leave her alone. You’re just in the way,” Penny whispered at me in frustration.

Standing there, my mind vacillated rapidly between jealousy and the desire to see how far Erin might go. Several times, my brain told my feet to go to her and take her from this place, but each time that thought was immediately countered by one telling me to let it go just a little further. It was almost like I was experiencing an erotic high and it seemed to be based on not knowing what to expect. Like with the truck driver, I was seeing her in a different and unexpected way, although a part or me wondered if she was truly turned on by Dan and Wayne or if she was responding in anger to what she had just seen with me and Penny.

Penny had finally got the towel loose and when it dropped her hand went to my dick which was once again fully erect. She tried to pull me away by it, but I grabbed her elbow and held her in place.

While we had our short struggle, I saw Wayne try to pull Erin’s panties off, but she used her hands to hold them in place. Her efforts made me think she wasn’t completely in to this and again I started thinking about intervening. Seconds later though, I heard a deep sigh followed by a series of whimpering sounds and at the same time her legs spread wider. With Wayne’s head covering her pussy, it was difficult to make out exactly what had happened but he had clearly managed to touch something sensitive.

Her sounds and body movements became more pronounced and it was just a minute later that Wayne tried again to take her panties off. This time, she lifted her hips and let him slide them down her beautiful, slender legs, and as soon as they were off, Dan went for her bra and she let him take it as well. Wayne’s mouth went quickly back to her pussy and Dan’s to her nipples, and my wife’s movements started to become so animated that the men had to use their hands to hold her in place.

“She’s going to fuck them both,” Penny stated crudely, causing me to cringe although I suspected she was right if I didn’t intervene.

Wayne’s hands were on the inside of her thighs pushing her legs wide apart and his tongue was buried in her smoothly shaved pussy while Dan was alternating his attention between her breasts sucking and licking on her very sensitive nipples. I could tell the attention she was receiving, coupled with the effects of the alcohol and pot, was causing her to build towards a sexual crescendo. However, just when I thought she was about to hit the point of no return, Wayne stopped, rose on his knees and crawled forward lining his cock up with her now soaked pussy. Because of the angle, as he moved forward, we couldn’t see his cock but it had to be very close to her entrance.

“No don’t! Where’s my husband? Where’s David.” Erin cried out and we watched her hands move to her pussy, then she cried out again, “David?”

“I’m here Erin,” I replied immediately, not wanting her to get upset.

Dan and Wayne turned to look at me and I could now look directly into Erin’s face which even in the dim light looked to have equal parts lust and worry.

“Is this what you want?” She asked, seeking my validation.

I knew it was important to her to feel she had permission yet it seemed very strange to verbally announce to another man that he could have my wife. I tried to clear my voice to speak, but nothing would come out.

“Let her, she needs it,” Penny prodded.

“David, is it what you want?” Erin asked again, after several seconds.

I watched as Dan’s hands slowly kneaded her right breast and I saw between her spread legs her wet pussy shimmering in the reflected light. I had to clear my voice again before I could answer. “Yes, honey.”

Erin’s face took on a strange look that seemed part relief and part surprise while Dan and Wayne broke out in big smiles. Penny’s hand gripped me tighter no doubt feeling she would now get what she wanted.

“Stay with me.” Erin pleaded as Wayne moved back into position. She held his hips in her hands until I had moved to the side of the bed where we could see each other then she softened her grip. Wayne moved closer between her legs and leaned forward.

“Ohhh…” Came the telltale gasp from my beautiful wife announcing that Wayne had penetrated.

“Oh fuck yeah. Fuck yeah,” Wayne grunted in pleasure, throwing his head back.

I knew exactly what he was feeling and again, for an instant, the jealousy shot through me. He started a slow in and out savoring the feeling of my wife’s wet pussy. Erin’s hand reached out to me and since there was a lot of extra space on the bed I crawled on to it and lay on my side holding her hand in mine. We looked into each other’s eyes but before long I could tell she was starting to drift away. Her eyes lost focus and her mouth became slack, and the thrusts from Wayne caused her body to move with his rhythm and as he picked up the tempo her breasts started jiggling in a circular motion. Dan turned her head towards him and placed the tip of his cock against her lips and I watched as her tongue slowly came out and began sliding over his fat head. At that moment, I wondered if she even realized what she was doing or whether it was just her body responding to the sexual stimulation.

Penny had had enough and rolled me onto my back and then spryly climbed on to the bed and on top of me using her hand to guide me inside.

“God, finally,” she exclaimed, and started rocking her hips with some urgency.

Her feeling was very different from Erin but still very good. Her wide hips and plump belly seemed to engulf my groin and her hairy pussy was surprisingly quite snug. While Erin and I were still holding hands, she was concentrating her attention on Dan and Wayne and I was finding it difficult to ignore Penny.

“Dan this is damn good pussy. You’re going to love it,” Wayne spit out between labored breaths.

“Stretch her some for me,” Dan replied.

Erin was a making low whining sound now and only occasionally licking Dan’s cock. She seemed to be thoroughly into the fucking she was getting from Wayne and I doubted whether she even realized we were still holding hands.

Wayne started moving even faster and had his arms under Erin’s legs giving him the ability to go deep. It was not a position that she had enjoyed in the past but now, with Wayne, she was responding well. There was a constant stream of pleasurable sighs and groans coming from her as Wayne pounded her and her hand suddenly broke from mine and grasped his tattoo covered bicep.

It wasn’t long before Wayne announced through gritted teeth, “I can’t hold it. Damn!”

He started moving very fast and seconds later with a series of deep grunts he thrust hard against Erin’s pelvis and held himself there crying out, “Fuck yes…oh fuck yes!”

Even though he wasn’t in the best of shape, I could see the muscles in his thighs and ass clench then release and then clench again as he pushed his cum into her unprotected womb. I realized that we would be making another trip to a pharmacy in the morning, and after a final grunt, Wayne collapsed on top of my wife. He had left her on the edge and she tried to wiggle her hips and seek contact to reach a release but he was too much dead weight. After a brief bit of trying, she slowed then stopped. Dan tapped Wayne on the shoulder then when there was no movement he took his arm in his hand and started pulling him off.

“Get off. It’s my turn,” he demanded.

Wayne sluggishly began to move and finally rolled off Erin giving us a view of her pussy partially open and wet with a mixture of their secretions coating her opening. She turned and looked at me vacantly at first then with surprise when she saw Penny on top of me. When Dan started moving on the bed, her eyes went to him and then to his large cock.

“You ready for it?” Dan asked her crudely, while holding his cock at the base so that a good four inches extended past his hand.

Erin nodded her head once then spread her open legs even further giving him a clear invitation. Dan crawled into position and used his hand to guide his cock up and down her wet slit while she looked down and watched. He seemed to be in no hurry and I was amazed to see her move her hips to try to capture him. Finally, he stopped and put the large head at her entrance.

“UGGGHHH…!” she cried out and arched her back as his hips suddenly flexed. He was still for a moment, but then he pushed again eliciting another similar response, “UGGGHHH…OH…OH!”

“Is he in you?” I asked, stupidly.

“Not all the way,” Dan gasped, in a way that made it clear he was enjoying the feeling.

All this time, Penny had been riding me, but the scene beside us was having an effect on everyone. She started moving faster with more forceful thrusts against me as we watched Dan continue to feed his cock into my wife and listened to her cries.

“You’ve got it all baby. How does it feel?” Dan announced, smirking above her.

Because of the size of his body, I couldn’t see much, but my mind envisioned his thick hairy cock grossly stretching my wife’s heretofore small opening.

“Go slow,” Erin gasped with her hands on his hips in defense.

To his credit, he did go slow and soon her body relaxed and her sounds changed from cries of discomfort to long sighs and moans of pleasure. Watching it all had made me horny as hell and I needed to fuck Penny harder so I flipped her over and reentered. This was fine with her and she spread her thick thighs as I started to set a fast pace. Immediately, she started reacting to my movements with return thrusts and her own sounds of enjoyment.

“I told you she’d fuck them both. She’s no angel,” Penny whispered, which made my dick even harder.

Looking next to us, I could see Dan had started moving faster too and had his head bent down to lick and suck on Erin’s breasts. First, he licked over both her breasts, lapping them like a dog might, then he sucked each one almost completely in his mouth in turn. Erin’s arms were now wrapped around his shoulders and her legs were spread wide to give him complete access. Her groans, sighs, moans and gasps left no doubt how she was feeling.

It wasn’t long before I saw her feet rising higher until they were pointing straight up in the air. This was the normal position that Erin would move to when she was heading towards an orgasm, so I knew it wouldn’t be long. In addition, her sounds now had a tone of urgency and her hands were gripping his shoulders hard. When she started emitting continuous whines of “ohh…ohh…ohh” I knew she was almost there.

“OHHH YES, OHHH YES…DON’T STOP DAN!” Erin cried out, as she sucked in air and kicked her feet into the air.

In addition, I swear I saw in the dim light her body changed color for a moment flushing a red hue before just as quickly reverting to its normal tone. For some reason though, it was use of his first name more than anything else that brought another pang of jealousy.

Dan fucked her through her orgasm not slowing at all. Her climax ebbed and her body relaxed momentarily but her legs and arms soon wound around his large body and her passionate sounds returned although now they were slightly more muted. He wasn’t done and it seemed neither was she.

Erin’s orgasm had had a positive effect on Penny too as she was now making her own passionate cries. She pulled my head down close to hers and whispered in my ear, “I’m almost there baby.”

After all that had transpired she was certainly deserving of a release so I concentrated on giving her full, firm strokes and before long I could feel her body start to tense. She was more vocal that Erin and also nastier.

“I’m almost there baby…keep fucking me hard. Fuck this pussy…fuck it! FUCK ME!” she practically screamed, then seconds later followed with, “Your husband’s going to make me cum.”

I shot a look at Erin hoping it hadn’t pissed her off but I needn’t have worried because she was locked in a deep passionate kiss with Dan. Her hands had left his shoulders and were now on the back of his head.

As Penny climaxed, she began slamming back against me which made it hard to maintain the rhythm. Finally, her body first got very tense then she slammed her pelvis hard into mine and held me firmly against her then with a grunt she repeated it twice more. Amazingly, at the end she was very quiet as she let go apparently lost in her own thoughts. However, her pussy, which was already wet, got even wetter and I could feel her juices running over my balls.

“Finally,” she stated simply, and I slowed before coming to a stop, and although I stayed inside her, I turned all my attention to my wife.

Wayne, apparently rejuvenated, tried to do like Dan had and put his cock to her lips but Dan used his hand to shove him away. Dan, who had been using a steady rhythm, since her orgasm, started pushing harder and as he did we could hear the wet slapping sound coming from their union. The increase in intensity also came with more vocal interaction between them.

“You like this?” he demanded.

“Yesss…” she answered instantly.

“Ever had one this big?” he demanded again.

“No…,” she whined in reply, between her moans.

Dan started moving fast like he had on her first climax which brought a fresh round of sighs from Erin before he spoke again. “You want me to fuck you till you cum again?”

“Yesss…yesss…I want to cum…I’m almost there…” she answered in a high pitched voice, that sounded like a plea.

Dan kissed her again and when they broke Erin was struggling to catch her breath. Her legs left his waist and started to rise in the air again and her head started rolling from side to side with her eyes closed.

“Ohhh…ohhh God do it….do it. Fuck me!” She begged in a soft voice in rhythm to his motions.

In all our time together I had rarely heard Erin use the word but now in less than a week she had twice urged her new lovers on by invoking it. I wondered if I had truly lost my mind and where it was going to all end, and I also realized I was once more moving in and out of Penny.

Her chanting definitely urged Dan on and he put one hand under her ass pulling her tight against him with each stroke. Erin opened her eyes and she had the same look of abandon I had seen when the trucker was taking her over the edge. Dan was holding himself up with one arm extended above her using the position to go deep. Erin looped her arms around his neck and her face turned into a grimace – tensed and focused. Her entire body became rigid and I could see the muscles in her neck get taut. For several seconds it looked like she couldn’t breath until with what looked like a superhuman effort she screamed loudly as the wave hit her and her body spasmed.

“AHHHHHHHHH! UNNNGGGGG! OHHHHHHH GOD HELP ME!” her face contorted with what looked like excruciating pain.

After her wail, her body got rigid once again and like before it suddenly released, but this time the scream was replaced by her sobbing.

“Her pussy is milking my cock,” Dan announced then after several labored thrusts told her, “Shit here it comes baby.”

His body too got rigid and he plunged deeply once, then again and then on third thrust he held himself inside her, “Take it…take it all baby!”

Erin’s hands were covering her face as she wept. Dan’s body continued to twitch on top of her letting every drop of seed leave his large shaft. When he was finally done, Dan moved her hands and then leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. Erin returned the kiss – slowly at first but it turned more passionate and once again she wrapped her arms around his neck.

I had been watching Erin while fucking Penny, but when she took her finger and began rubbing between my balls and anus I lasted less than a minute before I emptied into her accompanied by several deep grunts. I immediately rolled off of her hoping Erin hadn’t noticed. I needn’t have worried because she was still embracing Dan and after several minutes I could see him start to move his hips again.

“Dan, I can’t take anymore,” Erin sighed, placing a hand on his hip.

With a smile at her and then towards me, he lifted his body and slid his large cock out of her now very well used pussy.

“Ummm….” Erin sighed as it left her leaving a wet trail over her thigh.

“Erin we need to go,” I said.

With my climax, I was now devoid of any erotic feeling and just wanted to get out of there.

She turned to me and scooted closer taking my hand in hers and I could see tear streaks across her cheeks. With a faint smile she said, “I’m not sure I can move. Let me rest for a bit.”

“Okay honey. I’ll go get the clothes,” I said, hoping to speed up our departure.

A few minutes later, climbing the stairs with an arm full of clothes, I could hear groaning coming from the bedroom. Fearing the worst, I burst into the room grateful to see Wayne taking Penny from behind. Erin was on her side watching them and Dan was sitting on the edge of the bed, behind her, softly massaging her breasts.

“Are you ready?” I asked, ignoring Dan’s fondling.

“Are you sure you don’t want a little more, baby?” Dan asked, before she could answer.

“I can’t take anymore,” Erin said, turning and looking at him with a smile, and the look she gave him left no doubt that she had enjoyed their coupling.

She climbed off the bed as Penny and Wayne continued, collected her blouse from the floor, took her jeans and shoes from me and went into the bathroom closing the door behind her. I threw my things on and waited for her to come out, as time dragged by as I recalled the events of the evening while watching and listening to the mating couple.

Dan, who was now standing on the side of the bed naked watching too turned when Erin appeared and took her in his arms without resistance, kissing her again fully on the lips while holding her in a long embrace. When they finally broke I took her arm and we muttered goodbyes to Wayne and Penny, which were not acknowledged, then left. Twenty minutes later we were at the house. We both decided quick showers were in order and stripped from our clothes leaving them in a pile on the bathroom floor. I was stunned to see Erin’s panties. As she pulled them down her legs, I could see they were coated with thick deposits left by Wayne and Dan.

“My God Erin. We’re going to have to get another pill,” I said, with a bit of shock.

“Please David. Let’s just shower and go to bed,” she sighed.

I washed her lovingly then toweled her dry before taking her to bed naked and pulling her body close to mine.

“Do you want to talk?” I whispered in her ear, as I nuzzled her neck.

There was a long silence and I thought she was ignoring the question and just wanted to sleep but finally she spoke. “I’m worried about what’s happened. A week ago I would never in my wildest imagination thought something like this would occur. Now it’s happened not once but twice! Do you realize I’ve been with more men in the last week than before we were married! What’s next? How do we return to a normal life?”

“It’s my fault Erin. Don’t get upset,” I replied, trying to be gallant.

“It’s not your fault David. I’m a grown woman. Yes, you are pushy, but I could always say no,” she answered then continued after a pause, “But, I’m still not sure I understand why you want your wife to be having sex with other men. Aren’t you afraid I might like it too much?”

“I know. I’m not sure I understand either. It’s there but hard to explain. You looked so beautifully erotic.” I told her truthfully, as my free hand having found her naked breasts and was now massaging them softly and gently rolling her nipples between my fingers.

“You do know a woman will usually have some feelings?” she replied, placing her hand on my arm.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked, truly confused by her statement.

“Never mind honey,” Erin said, then moved closer snuggling against me in a leading way.

Almost instantly, my dick got hard and from behind her laying on our sides I lifted her top leg up and she guided me to her opening. Unbelievably, even after the shower she was still wet. She worked my dick up and down her slit a few times then let me enter. She felt different, more open than normal and warmer as well.

“Easy,” she gasped as she reached behind and grabbed my leg, “I’m sore.”

For some odd reason, knowing that two strangers, one being well endowed, had brought my normally conservative wife to multiple orgasms and left her pussy raw was more exciting than revolting. The memories of the past several hours came rushing back and just like with the truck driver it was an odd mixture of fear and erotic intrigue. Maybe I was getting used to it though, because I found myself wanting to be provocative.

“You liked that big cock didn’t you?” I pushed her when I was fully inside, and when Erin didn’t reply I pushed even harder, “Tell me baby, tell me the truth.”

“I thought it was what you wanted,” Erin answered, sounding nervous.

I stayed still with my dick buried inside her hurting pussy driven by the desire for her to admit her carnal desires. Usually, I treated her like a princess never wanting for her to feel upset and always giving her a way out of any discussion. But this time, something in me wanted to hear her admit her lust and the pleasure she had received.

“It’s what you wanted,” I declared.

“I didn’t like you with Penny,” she stated, taking her hand and putting it on the side of my head and making me look straight into her eyes.

“But you…” I started.

“No David. Don’t go there. If this is about you getting with other women, then never again. You put us in these spots and I’m going along with it for you even though it seems crazy but if its so you can be with other women forget it,” Erin explained.

“So you can but not me?” I foolishly asked, realizing that I was now on the defensive.

“I don’t want you with another woman ever again. You decide whether it’s worth it,” Erin said.

“Okay.” I answered sheepishly and not knowing what else to do continued moving slowly in and out of her. I could see her wincing occasionally as I moved so I slowed and then stopped.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“You’re hurting,” I replied, then kissed her softly on the neck.

“It’s all very confusing isn’t it?” Erin said after we had stopped, and been silent for almost a minute.

“Very,” I agreed.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“Like you said. Lot’s of confusing thoughts running through my head,” I answered.

“Are you mad at me?” Erin asked.

“You keep asking that. No I’m not mad at you. It’s my fault. I’m trying to understand my own actions,” I explained to her in an exasperated voice.

“You’re supposed to be jealous,” she said softly, pulling my arm more tightly around her.

“I know,” I whispered back, then after a pause asked, “Did you like it?”

“You know the answer,” she replied, and as she spoke I felt her push back against me ever so slightly.

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