Peter Becomes A Cuckold



My name is Peter. I have decided to record recent events and am hoping to persuade my wife Barbara to add one or two comments from her own point of view. Until recently we have been a fairly average, normal couple with a rather normal sex life, (some might say vanilla).

Well, you might question the word normal. I’m not sure what is normal for a married couple our age. It’s not something I discuss with my male friends. I’m in my late fifties and Barbara is five years younger. To me she is in her prime. Regular visits to the gym and a carefully controlled diet have kept her body trim. She’s a petite five feet four inches tall with B cup firm breasts. I adore her and find it hard to believe that she still wants me in her bed after all these years. I still find her sexually attractive and have never been particularly interested in other women. I love her shoulder length blonde hair and the way her nipples become prominent when she becomes aroused.

We are still sexually active but we don’t fuck as often as I would like, maybe on average about twice a month. I worry that Barbara finds me less attractive since I started going bald and putting on a bit of weight. My cock still responds when sex is on the agenda but I’m aware that it doesn’t get as stiff as it used to get. Barbara has learned that I perform best after I’ve gone down on her. Having me lick her wonderful cunt is an enjoyable preliminary for her too so she will usually put her hand on my head when I kiss her as we lay together in our bedroom. She pushes lightly in the direction of her nipples which I suck before descending further. We usually fuck missionary style these days.

We both have challenging full time jobs. I’m an investment banker and she’s one of the executives with a well known advertising firm. The nature of our jobs means we live and work in London.

It started with a comment Barbara made to me one night over our evening meal.

“Peter darling, I’ve had an email from a valued client. He’ll be in town for a few days from Edinburgh. I may have mentioned him before. He’s called Jonathon. The thing is, er, well, he’s asked me to meet him for a meal one evening whilst he’s here.”

I was a bit taken aback as Barbara wasn’t in the habit of having restaurant meals with men from out of town. I thought of suggesting she have lunch with him instead but something made me say;

“Okay dear, if he’s a valued client I think you’d better go.” I placed emphasis on the word “valued” and, having said it, flushed a little, hoping Barbara hadn’t noticed. I thought to myself that a man on his own, away from his home city, will be after only one thing—sex. I found the idea thrilling and resolved to persuade her to accept his invitation.

“You really wouldn’t mind dear?” Barbara said, surprised. “I was about to reply suggesting we meet up in my lunch hour instead.”

“No dear, he wants to buy you dinner.” I said firmly. “You’ll be doing him a good turn. I expect he doesn’t have any friends around this neck of the woods.”

Barbara stared across the table at me. “You mean you want me to go?”

I stared back trying to keep my face blank. “I wouldn’t go that far darling. But I bet you’re flattered that he asked aren’t you?” Barbara nodded. “Well then, go. You’ll enjoy him flirting with you a little. It’ll be good for your ego.” I said, worrying that in my attempts to make her agree I’d gone too far.

Barbara’s face reddened a little but her puzzled look vanished and was replaced by a broad smile. She picked up her smart phone and tapped out a reply to Jonathon.

Over the next day or so I could tell that Barbara was in a good mood. She was giggly and bubbly and I caught her singing along with a song on the radio.

“Peter.” She said on the Monday.

“Yes dear?”

“I’ve fixed up to have that meal with Jonathon on Friday night. I’ve arranged to have my hair styled on Friday afternoon so I’ve taken the afternoon off. Is that okay darling?” she said smiling. I could see she was looking closely at me.

“Of course it is dear.” I said. “I hope this Jonathon feller appreciates your efforts to look nice for him. By the way, you seem in a very good mood at the moment. Has it anything to do with your date on Friday?”

“What’s that? Did you call it a date? Aren’t you getting just a teeny bit jealous dear? He’s just a work colleague.” She’d avoided my question but was grinning as she said “work colleague” and was making it fairly obvious that she’d come to see him as more than that. Were they exchanging text messages over the last few days? I’d love to read them if she was.

“You know I’m not the jealous type dear. And I’m delighted if it’s him who’s put a spring in your step lately.” I replied. I was feeling a little jealousy but also strong arousal. I had read a few cuckold stories. Was I about to experience the real thing?

Barbara smiled secretively. “Have you seen my little scissors dear? I thought they were in the bathroom cabinet.”

A few minutes later she shouted down from upstairs. “It’s okay dear, I’ve found them.” I heard her close the bathroom door and bolt it.

Barbara is not in the habit of locking the bathroom door so I was curious to know what she was doing in there. Was she masturbating perhaps? I knew I couldn’t ask her.

Later I had a look in the bathroom and noticed a small pile of light brown curly hairs on the floor in front of the full length mirror. I knelt down on one knee to have a closer look.

“What on earth are you doing Peter dear?” Barbara said standing in the doorway. She was bare legged and wearing her dressing gown.

I blushed crimson and stood up. “Nothing, I er, dropped something.” This appeared to satisfy her although I had nothing in either of my hands. I noticed that cheeky smile again and couldn’t help thinking she was playing some kind of game with me. I was certain those were pubic hairs on the floor.

Barbara takes over the story

As we had that conversation about Jonathon’s email I couldn’t understand why Peter was so keen for me to accept the invitation. I love Peter dearly and would never want to hurt him. He’s always been a bit quiet so his behaviour was quite out of character.

Then the penny dropped. Peter actually wants me to fuck Jonathon. Of course he would never actually come out and say so. He’s not the type. We’ve never discussed sexual matters although we’ve been sexually active ever since we first met. Fucking is something we do in the moment when we both feel like it. It’s never planned or discussed.

I’d met Jonathon before at conferences and I was certainly attracted to him. He’s much younger than me, probably still in his thirties. Did I want what Peter obviously desired? Hell yes, if he’s interested. Even if Jonathon has no ulterior motive in inviting me out to dinner I thought Peter might enjoy a bit of teasing before I have my night out and it might spice up our sex life afterwards.

The night after the pubes trimming incident I put on my sexiest nightie and lay in bed facing Peter. He kissed me and began stroking my breasts. My nipples hardened, a sure sign that I was turned on.

“I’m sorry dear, I’m not really in the mood tonight.” I told Peter. His penis was erect, I could feel it against my leg. I saw the look of disappointment and felt a bit sorry for him. I wanted him to get the message that I was saving myself for Friday night. He turned away from me. I then did something I’d never done since our courting days. I reached around him, my breasts pushing into his back and began pulling on his cock.

As I was wanking him I whispered in his ear.

“You don’t mind if do a bit of shopping for new clothes this week do you, darling? It’s okay you don’t have to come with me, I’ll go in my lunch hour. I thought I might buy a new dress. What do you think?”

“That’s fine, dear. I’ll let you have the credit card.” Peter said, panting a little.

I had a good idea what Peter was thinking about as I pulled. I slowed down to give him more time with his thoughts. His erection was stronger than usual so I reasoned that the teasing was having the desired effect. I felt him pulse and managed to catch some of the semen in my hand.

“Hear, lick this off for me,” I said putting my hand in front of his mouth. I spoke more loudly than the earlier whispered comments. It was an order rather than a polite request. Peter did it without turning round, holding my hand in both his hands, gently and lovingly.

“Thank you,” was all he said.

At the shops the next day I spent all of my lunchtime trying on dresses and none of them seemed quite right. Then a sales lady suggested the obvious, a little black dress. I wanted one that was very short and tight and found one that was perfect. I arrived back at my desk with only a couple of minutes to spare. My boss likes punctuality.

On the Wednesday our credit card again took a hammering. I went to a nearby specialist lingerie shop. Over the years Peter had let slip numerous times his predilection for me to wear stockings and suspenders rather than pantyhose/tights so I was determined to splash out on the sexiest underwear I could find. Starting with a pair of nude coloured stockings with contrasting black seams and welt to show off my legs, I then picked out a deep waisted 8 strap suspender belt in black to hold them up. Matching to this I bought a very sexy quarter cup bra which would show off my uncovered breasts in the low cut dress and allow my prominent nipples to show through its thin material. The final item to complete the ensemble was a naughty little crotchless thong.

All I now needed was a pair of shoes. I only get an hour for lunch and it was now Thursday, my last chance. I went in every shoe shop in Oxford Street. Eventually I selected a pair of Tory Burch patent black leather pumps with a five inch heel and a one inch platform. They looked fantastic (although I was hoping I wouldn’t be doing much walking in them). They only cost me £102 which I considered a bargain as I’d been prepared to spend far more. I was doing all this for Peter’s benefit, I told myself, but the wetness between my legs revealed a different story. Arriving back at work five minutes late I thought that if my boss noticed I could always offer to model my purchases for him. Probably not a good idea, a sexy one – but I have enough going on in my life right now!

Peter continues the story

I arrived home a bit earlier than usual on Friday. As Barbara was eating out I took some food out of the freezer for myself to make a meal of later. She was upstairs in the bath so I took her up a glass of white wine to drink whilst she was having a soak. She’d put bubble bath in the water so I was unable to get a look at her pubic area.

“Thank you darling, I may need a bit of help later getting into my new dress. It’s a bit on the tight side.” She said. I saw that cheeky grin again and her nipples were quite prominent. Her lady shave was on the side of the bath so she was obviously planning to shave her legs.

“Okay, no problem, give me a shout.” I mumbled. My penis was behaving in the same way as her nipples.

I closed the bathroom door and had a quick look in our bedroom. She’d laid out what she was going to wear on the bed. I picked up the bra and thong and was astounded. This was a totally new Barbara, but a large part of me was glad and a hundred per cent of me was excited. There was a suspender belt that looked like it came from a fetish shop. I found an opening in the front part of the thong. I became very aroused. I looked around for stockings and found them still in their packaging. I realised she had got these items because I have a thing about stockings and suspenders. Were they for me or Jonathon? I realised the answer must be both of us.

I crept downstairs and waited, pretending to watch TV but unable to concentrate. This was all my doing. I had told her she must go. Barbara never does things by halves I thought. It was clear she was looking forward to her night out. One look at her and Jonathon would know he was on to a good thing.

“Can you help me with my zip dear?” Barbara shouted from upstairs. I realised I wanted to help prepare her for her date. I would have gladly put every item of clothing on her if she’d asked me. I’d never considered myself a submissive person and as I scurried upstairs to obey her request I suddenly thought how humiliating it felt to be helping my wife to play the slut for another man. My face felt hot, I was blushing again, and yet I knew it was what I wanted. I adjusted my trousers hoping my erection was not too obvious.

Barbara looked absolutely ravishing. She now had her full makeup on, bright red lipstick, false eyelashes, she was looking ten years younger.

“You were so quick dear, so kind of you, I think the zip may be stuck.” Barbara said. “You are so good with these little things. You have such dainty hands. Ah, thank you, you’re such a dear.” There was a twinkle in her eye as she sat down on the bed. “Bring me my new shoes darling, perhaps you’d like to put them on for me.”

Barbara knew exactly what she was doing and was making no secret of it. This was teasing par excellence and she could tell I was loving it. I knelt down in front of her and slid the shoes carefully onto her feet. Her legs were slightly apart and I paused on my knees to look beyond the tops of her stockings to the creamy white skin above and the sexy panties above that. What a sight! I would have loved to take an up skirt photograph but was afraid the moment would be spoiled if she said ‘No’.

Barbara stood up. “Peter dear, can you check that my seams are straight?” She’s fairly small but with her heels on she towered over me. Of course I was still on the floor. She turned her back to me. The seams were perfect and the view I was getting almost took my breath away.

“They look wonderful darling. You look wonderful. Jonathon is a very lucky man.”

“I expect he’ll spot these little bumps on my upper thighs where the tops of my stockings are as soon as he sees me won’t he dear? Then he’ll know I’m not wearing tights.” Barbara said, still teasing. “You don’t mind him knowing they’re stockings do you?”

I looked at where she was pointing. The little black dress pulled tight across that area and, sure enough, you could just see the fastenings outlined there.

I tried to answer but my voice cracked and was barely audible. “No dear, I don’t mind.” There was a much more obvious outline higher up her body—her nipples, which appeared to be doing their best to pierce the dress material but I was far too embarrassed to mention it. Barbara is turned on by this teasing, and also by what’s in store for her, I thought.

As I dropped her off at the restaurant and our heads moved together for a kiss she pointed to her cheek and I dutifully kissed her there.

“Sorry darling, I don’t want you to smudge my lipstick.” Barbara said. “I’ll kiss you when I get home if you’re not fast asleep.” She put her mouth close to my ear. “I may be back very late.” She said in a sexy whisper.

I drove back to our house in quite a state asking myself what I had unleashed. This normal married couple were not normal any more.

Back at home there was just one thought spinning around in my head. Barbara is out tonight and she’s making me her cuckold. She’s making me her cuckold. She’s making me her cuckold.

I wanted to be there in the restaurant. A fly on the wall watching and hearing all that was said and done. Impossible obviously so how do I fill the hours until her return? Deep down I knew they would be together for hours. Maybe he’d take her dancing after the meal. I imagined her in his arms on the dance floor, their bodies touching, his erection rubbing against her body, both looking forward to what was to come.

Once I’d prepared and eaten my meal, I tried watching TV, reading my book, playing a game on my ipad. I even had a look on Facebook, something I rarely do, but it was no use, nothing captured my attention.

I was feeling strangely submissive, almost feminine and this drew me to performing household chores. I’d read that some cuckolds take over all the traditional female roles and putting myself to work somehow seemed appropriate. In fact I pretty much share these jobs equally with Barbara. I pride myself that I am not the kind of husband that expects their wife to do a demanding full time job then come home and be a full time drudge as well. As I worked through all the usual chores another wave of humiliation hit me. Here I was having a busy night working at home whilst my darling Barbara was out enjoying herself. Finally I looked at the clock, it was 11pm.

I wandered up to bed and undressed. My cock had been erect or semi-erect all evening. It would have helped a bit if I had masturbated but I had succeeded in holding back.

Thinking again about submissiveness and femininity I pulled Barbara’s nightie out of the washing basket that we keep in our bedroom. It was the one she’d worn the night she’d brought me to orgasm with her hand. I was naked and for some reason I pulled it over my head, breathing in Barbara’s personal perfume. She hates to wear shop perfume and that’s the way I like it. The silky material felt so good. I’d never been into cross dressing, but it did wonders for my erection. I crawled into bed wearing my wife’s nightie, masturbated and eventually fell into a fitful sleep without really planning to.

I can’t have been sleeping very deeply as I had a string of lurid dreams and got up to pee once or twice. For some reason I’d kept the nightie on.

At 3am I was wide awake. There was no sign of Barbara so I put the light on and switched on our bedroom TV. I lay there tossing and turning for an hour until I heard a car door slam. I peeped out through the curtains and saw Barbara paying a taxi driver in the driveway. I quickly pulled off her nightie and got into my pyjamas.

I sat on the bed and waited for her. At that moment my thoughts were in a mess and as she came through the door in her stocking feet she must have noticed my anguished face.

“Come to mummy, you adorable cucky,” she said holding out her arms to me. We stood together hugging and kissing then she said.

“You’re my cuckold now darling and I love you for it. Now you can sit on the bed whilst I perform a sexy strip tease for you. Then I’d love it if you could give me a long slow rodgering whilst I tell you about my night out with Jonny.”

Barbara describes her night out

Peter was looking so forlorn as I entered the bedroom that I wondered if he had been crying. I just had this overwhelming feeling of love for him at that moment and drew him to me for a hug and a kiss. He was now my cuckold but I didn’t want anything else to change about us.

I thought it might be nice for my cuckold to watch me take off the “fuck me” outfit I had worn for my date. I undressed slowly, my cuckold’s eyes never flickered, he was clearly entranced. Once the dress was off I relished the moment he spied the love bites on my breasts. Undoing the fastenings to my stockings took me a long time but I knew my cuckold would find that part especially thrilling. He has always loved stockings and suspenders, bless him. The bra came off and I paused with just my thong panties on doing a slow twirl then drawing them slowly down my legs. I put them near his face so he could see that another man’s fluids had puddled at the front.

“Let’s get under the covers, darling.” I said. I put my hand on the top of his head and pushed it down.

“Taste my cunt first dear, eat some of Jonny’s spunk for me.” I knew this would be humiliating for him but it was what he had signed up for. I gave it a couple of minutes then said;

“Bring some up to my mouth dear. I love the taste, don’t you?”

My cuckold nodded gravely, his cock standing proud.

I wanted to start slowly so we lay on our sides, slightly awkwardly, my cuckold behind me, his cock partially inside my cunt, me with one leg bent, making a miniature mountain in the duvet. The plan was that we could both jiggle about from time to time as I talked. I was hoping that my cuckold had been wanking earlier thinking about what I was doing. That way he would last a lot longer.

“Jonathon looked very dashing and was the perfect gentleman helping me into my seat before sitting down himself opposite me. He had arranged for us to sit in a secluded corner of the restaurant and was clearly at ease in that environment. I had seen his eyebrows raise when he set eyes on me and throughout the meal he was smiling like someone who had had a big win on the horses. We shared a bottle of wine and I think I took the lion’s share because I was so nervous.

He started off by saying ‘Why don’t you call me Jonny– all my close friends do. Do you like Babs or Barbara?’

Nobody ever calls me Babs. I used to hate it but on his lips it sounded, somehow, cool. ‘Babs will do fine. You think of me as a close friend do you, Jonny?’ I said smiling at him.

He reached across the narrow table and took my hand. ‘Well I’d like to think so. Over the next hour or so we may get even closer.’ He said stroking my hand. I felt a tingle run down my arm and all the way to my cunt.

‘That would make me very happy.’ I said, making eye contact. I took this exchange to mean, ‘Can I fuck you,’ with my reply being ‘Yes, please’.

We ordered food but neither of us seemed very hungry. I wanted him to be sure I was available although all the signs were there. It’s been a very long time since I seduced a man and I was scared I was reading the signs wrongly. I excused myself to go to the loo in the middle of the main meal. I’d deliberately left my tiny handbag on the table. Pretending I’d forgotten it, I turned back and bent from the waist to pick it up. I was hoping he would get a glimpse of my nipples. I paused as I leant forward, and said, ‘I’ll be back in a minute’.

He became more confident from then on although still behaving impeccably. He has such a cultured Scottish accent. Just listening to him talk was making me wet. I moved one of my knees forward and slowly rubbed it against his knee. We’d both stopped eating by then. He put a hand under the table and stroked my knee just as the waiter came over to ask if we wanted desserts. We both said ‘No’ simultaneously and burst out laughing together. I didn’t want to come right out and say, ‘let’s go back to your hotel room’, so, with the waiter only just out of earshot, I said to Jonny,

‘Why don’t you move your hand a bit higher up darling.’

As we finished off the rest of the wine Jonny took my advice. He was soon fingering me to a delicious orgasm, the first of the evening. It seemed so daring to be doing that in a public place, but I doubt if anyone noticed. We kissed in the taxi on the way back to his hotel, his hand feeling my breasts and my hand stroking his erection.

I couldn’t wait to get up to his room. We were kissing and fondling in the lift and I would have taken his prick out but he stopped me. ‘You’ll see it soon enough’, he said laughing at me, and I suppose he was right.

Once inside his room he wasted no time. He grabbed the little black dress by the hem and pulled it quickly upwards and off me. He took hold of me roughly around the back of the neck forcing me forwards until my face hit the bed. My bum was sticking up in the air, at the level of his crotch and within seconds his cock was inching its way through the slit in the thong panties as I opened my legs wider to take it into my wet and willing cunt. I’ve never told my cuckold this before but doggy style is the position I like the most. The man has easy access to my nipples and my breasts and the phallus seems to penetrate deeper, giving more satisfaction. I loved the feel of Jonny’s cock as he repeatedly thrust into me. I was in such a heightened state of arousal that my flushes were coming thick and fast, one upon another. I wouldn’t say Jonny’s was any thicker or longer than my cuckold’s willy but I think his youthful virility made quite a difference to my enjoyment that night. After he’d spurted his spunk deep inside me we got into the bed. Jonny was naked but he insisted I keep my stockings on. We just lay together chatting in each other’s arms, catching our breath after the wild sex earlier.

An hour went by and I found myself stroking Jonny’s muscular upper body then kissing his nipples. I wanted more, so I kissed my way down past his flat stomach to his genitals. His penis was in a state of semi-hardness so I got hold of it gently and brought it to my mouth and began to lick and kiss it. It stirred and began to grow. I had not sucked a cock for years but I felt so grateful to Jonny and it seemed right to take into my mouth this meaty part of him that had given me so much pleasure. I see cock sucking as subservient, almost a symbol of worship before a man who has authority over you especially if you do it on your knees.

‘Jonny, I want to suck your cock. Can you sit on the edge of the bed for me please.’ I said. It almost felt like pleading.

‘Yeah, Babs, go for it. I’d like that very much.’ He said manoeuvring into position with his legs open. I kneeled in front of him and took him in my mouth. This is so good I thought, I must do this again. It seemed so bizarre and sexy to think like this that I must have had a kind of mini flush almost before I’d started. I suppose I’d seen this as a way to get him up to fuck me a second time but I quickly realised that I wanted to carry on until he spurted and taste his lovely cum in my mouth then swallow it down.

Jonny had his hands on my head. He was gentler with me now after the frenzy of that first wonderful fuck. He was stroking my hair lovingly whilst I bobbed up and down getting into a nice rhythm. My hands were on his bare buttocks. Minutes passed and I thought he was not going to cum until he started to shout.

“Suck me Babs, that’s it. I love your mouth around my cock. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh! Oh!’

His moans became unintelligible until I tasted the first spurt of spunk, then more and more arrived. I thought I might choke but hung on to his manly buttocks until I had swallowed all of it. I stayed on my knees for another minute. Jonny leant forward and kissed me.

Back under the duvet again we kissed and cuddled. Jonny was spent for the moment, he’s just an ordinary man, not some kind of sexual athlete. We chatted in a dreamy post coital kind of way.

‘I’d like you to suck hard on my breasts Jonny dear, I want my hubby to see plenty of evidence of our date. In a sense I’m doing it for him, he was very insistent.’ I said at last.

“You want him to see love bites do you? At least I can do that’. He set to work with a will and soon my tits were covered. I was feeling horny again but I didn’t say anything. I wanted to explain about hubby’s desire to become a cuckold. Jonny found it very funny. Recounting the details of the last week made me even hornier.

‘Jonny dear,’ I said.

‘Can you do for me what I just did for you? I know some men don’t like it but it might be nice to have another orgasm.’

‘You’re insatiable!’ Jonny said but he was smiling broadly. ‘No problem at all’.

I doubt if there are university degrees in cunnilingus but if there are Jonny would graduate with honours. I think I had three more flushes before I begged him to stop. My moans were loud and long, enough to wake up the whole hotel but I didn’t care.

I fell asleep after that but didn’t want to stay there all night. Fortunately Jonny, the lovely man, woke me about 3am. He told me he’d taken a little blue pill. His prick was standing up like a soldier on parade so we fucked again, in bed this time, first me on top, then him on top, then me on top again. This was entirely different but I think I enjoyed it better.

He is such a considerate lover you know darling.” I said to my cuckold.

We hadn’t been lying, me with my knee up in the air and my cuckold’s cock half in and half out of my cunt, throughout the whole of my story. Towards the end I lay on my back and my cuckold entered me properly. He told me he loved putting it into a well fucked cunt. I asked him not to come inside me and he was happy to obey. I instructed him to catch the spunk in his hand then swallow it down. He did so and has agreed to do the same in future whenever he masturbates.

I had another night with Jonny before he returned to Edinburgh. My cuckold is hinting that a weekend away in Scotland on my own would do me a power of good.

I have to admit that I fully agree with him.

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