The Unaffordable Vacation



Now I’ve been told that when men say “Your wife is beautiful,” then she’s beautiful, but when men and women both say it, she’s hot. Well, Janet falls very much into the latter, but I think it’s much more than her outer appearance, she’s also a beautiful person to be around. She’s one of those gals who, even in the grocery store, women will just arbitrarily say “You have the prettiest hair, I love your nail polish, Gosh, you are such a cute couple, etc.”

Once while standing in a Wal-Mart check out line a forty something man just came out and said “I don’t mean to be disrespectable what so ever, but you have the prettiest legs I think I’ve ever seen on a human.” Now Janet is not the boisterous, “Hey look at me” type by any stretch. Actually she’s one of those women who try to down play herself constantly, one who doesn’t take compliments as genuine, almost as if she doesn’t deserve it. I truly think it’s because she was the middle child of three sisters, but what do I know. I do know that every day I tell her how gorgeous she is and how lucky I am.

To begin this adventure allow me to say something crazy obvious, a husband doesn’t just wake one morning and say “Hey, I’d love to watch another man flirt with my wife,” or “Hey I’d love to watch another man put his hands on my wife’s ass,” or how about “Damn, I’d love to watch my wife sexually experiment with another man with out limitation.”

I certainly wasn’t one of those Joe’s, no normal husband does that. However, the story you are about to hear is absolutely true, and no, we didn’t change anything to protect the identities of the characters being depicted, other than the names.

My recreation will not do the real events justice as they were beyond words, but I’m certainly going to try.


One never knows how well they have it until they graduate from their perfect college undergrad existence, hearing their mom and dad say “You’re on your own.” Actually I agree with that now, it’s just the motivation we needed, we meaning my wife Janet and I.

Janet had folks much like mine, once your four years were done in college, you were absolutely on your own. Janet and I were High School sweethearts whose parents completely approved of our relationship from the start.

Both of us hailed from Nazi “Make good grades, success insuring, A+ enforcer” type families, since the days of kindergarten. It had it’s benefits though, both sets of parents thought we’d be the next super couple, having everything they never had. That left us alone a lot to study. Oh yes we studied, but we also explored every chance we got.

Ever since freshmen year in high school we uttered “We’re going to the same college no matter what, we’ll be together forever, I love you, we’ll be married someday” and we actually meant it. It was almost like we were married in high school. I mean hell she and I had been sweethearts off and on since age six. Our parents basically shared raising us over the years.

After college graduation though we got “the wake up call.” In our lucid awakening, we both found ourselves in utter debt, broke, and living on love. We finally knew what it was like to rough it, big time. The part about “You can’t live on love,” My father invented the saying, so if you’ve ever heard it before, yep, came from my dad. Yes, our parents helped us get set up which we are now grateful for, but they absolutely bailed on us after that, and when I say “Bailed,” I mean after she and I married.

Three weeks into our masters degrees, we became Mr. and Mrs. Waters, at which time we instantly knew income was paramount, not to have a good time, but to live. Before the wedding we never had to worry about the little things like life sustaining protein and carbohydrates, you know, food? However, both sets of our parents took a hard stance on “You wanted to wed early? Deal with it.”

We tried to beg a bit at first hoping to squeeze the rind for its last drop of juice, but that soon dried up. No, they didn’t let us starve at first, but they laid it out in a way that told us we were on our own, grow up.

Now Janet had the upper hand in that as a Psychology major, she was sucked up by the State Hospital instantly when she applied. Yes, the pay sucked, but she brought down nine dollars per hour, and that was nine bucks we didn’t have the day before. It was a job, but very few people stayed there as a career, quite simply it was an internship with pay towards Janet’s PHD.

I on the other hand, had gotten a call from a well known grocery store warehouse, one I can’t mention for legalities sake, and was bringing down a whopping seven buck an hour. If you added our part-time pay together, we were still poor, but alive. It kind of worked out though. Janet was on third shift and I was on second, so I visited her nightly.

It was only a five minute walk to the Hospital from my work. Most times I stayed with Janet during her shift all night. Luckily, the orderlies and staff were quite cool with it. In fact, many of them were nonexistent during the night which was great. There were at least seven people on third shift at this place. However, I only ever met one, and that was quite by accident. When the patients were asleep, so was most of the staff except for Janet, she took it very seriously.

After only a few weeks, I felt much better about Janet being at the hospital alone those couple of hours before my shift ended, especially on the wing she monitored. She had inherited a guardian angel of sorts named Henry. Many times I worried about Janet being there in a place where most of the staff was absent during the wee hours of the night, but more importantly because some of the residence in this place were nuts.

Henry was by far the exception, the absolute coolest sixty year old guy on the planet. And go figure, he was actually a patient in this place diagnosed with manic depression and mild schizophrenia. Which was hilarious, after later finding out he had the system down, and was, not to put too fine a medical diagnosis on it, a horrendous faker.

This guy was as normal as anyone treating him, and perhaps smarter. Henry was a life long activist / Peace Corps man, having spent decades in countries you only want to hear about, never visit. Some of the stories he told of the Congo and Ruanda were too much to quote, yet he seemed the most pleasant “Good will towards men” type guy ever. Many times I thought if I had gone through some of the things he had gone through over the years, I’d have probably hanged myself.

Little did I know when we first met him, Henry had a reason to live, and not be depressed (Laughing). More accurately he had a reason to be elated, quite the opposite of his diagnosis. Down the coast he had a boat, not a bass boat mind you, a very large nice boat. When he first described it though, I thought “Yep, he’s nuts,” or “Oh I bet it’s a blow up raft with a sheet on a stick.” There was no way he owned a pristine, modern, 50+’ sailing yacht. He even went on about a Mercedes SL something, which I too thought was total bullshit. Regardless, I felt content that he watched over Janet before I got there. If Janet wasn’t finishing an assignment on her computer, he’d be there with her at the front desk playing cards, looking at photo albums, just being a good friend.

Henry was finally scheduled to get out in two weeks on a medical release, when it dawned on me why he was there. It was to secure his early SSI as a screwball by a few years. Being that he couldn’t be on SSI for being nuts and own a 50′ sailing yacht, I later found out it was in his sisters name, as was every penny Henry had made over the decades, which was as it turned out, substantial.

I mean think about it, a Masters Degree level horticulturist working for a world humanitarian organization for thirty five years, who yes, probably made under 60k, but didn’t spend any of it for three decades, none of it… Yes, he’d probably have a small fortune amassed.

After about a month of visiting Janet every night, I couldn’t help but notice Henry flirting with her big time. It was very much in a complementary and flattering way, but none the less big time flirting. Although Henry wasn’t your typical sixty year old, rather a well taken care of ,distinguished, six foot two inch tall man, It still didn’t bother me at all, I just wrote it off as funny, as did Janet.

When it came to Janet though, she could turn the head of a ninety year old. To top it off, She always worked out just before going on duty in the hospital physical therapy room, usually showing up in just spandex shorts, a tank top, and running shoes. She truly loved that on third shift a dress code was nonexistent. They gave her hospital scrubs to wear, but there was never anyone there to say “Wear it.”

All that aside, Janet is a knock out no matter what she wore. I did worry a bit about her being there by herself though because Henry would have protected her even though she could kick almost any mans ass with a hand tied behind her back. At 5’3″, 119 lbs, brunette, very physically fit, and a beautiful face and smile, she couldn’t help but be the elation of most of the male residence at this place, even the ninety year old fellas.

The wing where Janet worked was more like an extended stay hotel, where by some of the patients came and went as they pleased. Again though, Henry was always there to guard her at these hours of the night, and pretty much had the run of the place.

One evening I showed up and true to form, Henry was sitting across the table where Janet was typing on here lap top. It was always funny too because Janets conversation was much like “Yep, Umhum, Oh wow, yep.” She just continued to type as he spoke, basically hearing every other word and focusing on her assignment. However this night was a bit different, I didn’t notice right away, but I swear it looked as if Henry had about half an erection in his sweat pants as he sat there.

It wasn’t like it was sticking straight up or anything, but off to the side, however there was no doubt he was thinking dirty old man thoughts. Besides his regular medication, Henry applied twice a day, a Testosterone Gel prescribed by his doctor, which I’m sure made him hornier than the average sixty year old by a long shot. I just ignored what ever erection he might have had. I mean what the hell, he was fantasizing. If I got upset over every guy who thought wild thoughts about my wife, I’d be in this institution with Henry.

We all sat there and shot the bull for hours most nights. This night though Henry point blank began asking “When are your finals over?”

Janet quickly replied “Next week, thank God.”

Henry in turn asked “How would you guys like to take a cruise with me around the Gulf and the Caribbean, about a month long?”

Janet looked at me with a mouth half opened blank expression replying “Gosh, that sounds amazing, but we have to work this summer to help with next semesters expenses. I so very much wish there was a way, but we’d have to pass, just our luck because we sure can’t afford a cruise, any cruise.” At the time I couldn’t have agreed more.

The instant she replied, he quickly asked “How much would you guys make in a month?”

Janet laughed and said “Not much.”

He kept on “No really, how much?”

We both replied “Maybe $2400 with a few extra hours of OT, if they allowed us to, but safely around $2000.”

Now here’s where we both about hit the floor. Henry rebutted “I tell you what, I’ll pay you both $1400 for helping me do things around the boat. I will give you some cash to go grocery shopping for the trip, you can run some errands for me before we go, just little stuff. The other 99% of the trip you can just enjoy yourselves.”

Janet put both hands over her face, but the expression on her face was unmistakable, she wanted to go. She glanced at me and said “Um, now this is just me talking, but how exactly do we refuse something this cool?”

I replied “Henry you had me at Cruise.” We all chuckled and it was agreed we would leave in ten days.

I was still wondering how a guy with Henry’s diagnosis could legally operate a boat, let alone one of this size. I even asked Janet about it and she explained that thousands of people have this diagnosis and they drive cars, trucks, basically leading normal lives. My only comfort was that I knew Henry was absolutely faking it anyway.

Ten days later, we had ran some small errands for Henry, did some shopping, and got ourselves ready, and when I say got ourselves ready, I mean Janet just had to have a few new swimsuits, go to the tanning bed, get some new shoes, etc, all of which Henry insisted on buying, and we happily didn’t refuse. Before we left Henry told us “Now I don’t want you spending any of the money I’m paying you. Lets face it, if you spent it on this trip, you’d come back with nothing, and then what’s the point.”

Again, we couldn’t refuse, and turns out Henry was very loose with his money. It was almost as if he had sacrificed his entire life for others, and now it was his time. Just so happened that spending time with us, and spending his money on us, were both great reasons to be alive.

The trip was amazing, right from the start. Although we were supposed to be helping around the boat, we found ourselves just having a great time. This boat was so automated, it took care of everything. You simply plot the course, and it does the rest. As it turned out Henry just loved our company. I think we made him feel young again.

Two days into the cruise and about a thousand photos later, we all found ourselves up late on the deck drinking a bottle of Crown Royal, which surprisingly Janet was doing shots of while Henry and I sipped. Janet was a serious light weight drinker. At around midnight we broke out the camera once again and began taking goofy photos of one another once again.

A few times I asked Janet to sit on Henry’s lap, and she did. On one photo, Henry put his arm under her right leg almost as if he was going to pick her up. The instant he did she looked as if she lost her balance a bit. As she quickly positioned to keep from falling off his lap, instantly spreading her left leg out to brace herself against a shelf of the main cabin, I snapped the photo.

We were all cracking up over it afterwards. She damn near hit the deck. After a few minutes and several other photos later, I began going back through the camera memory and came across that particular photo. I didn’t know it when I snapped it, but she was utterly spread eagle, with her swimsuit crotch wedged tightly inside and between her pussy lips. It was accidentally one of the most erotic photos I had ever witnessed.

I’m not exactly sure why, but it turned me on seeing her on his lap, with his arms under her legs as she spread them. If you didn’t know the situation, just looking at the photo, it very much looked like he was spreading her legs and looking at her crotch. It wasn’t like I was dwelling on it or anything at the time, but for a brief moment I was truly aroused by it. I think it was mostly because I wasn’t threatened by Henry because age, but was in some way aroused by Janet having another mans hands on her.

Upon finding it in the cameras memory though, I wasn’t sure what to do with it because it was Henry’s camera, not ours. I eventually just left it alone, and we continued drinking and having a great time. Later that evening we all went to our own cabins and went to bed. Henry always stayed up a bit later than us, making sure the boats systems were performing, making slight corrections, etc.

When we got to our cabin, Janet fell onto the bed and we played a bit, but I could tell she was minutes away from passing out. It was at this time I began thinking again about that photo and her on Henry’s lap, his hands on her, her crotch sitting directly on his cock separated by only thin pieces of cloth. I was actually beginning to question my sanity. The more I though about it though, the more erect my cock became.

My fantasy kept getting more and more out there as the minutes passed. It went from just getting turned on by an accidental erotic photo, to imagining Janet on top of him wildly taking him inside her. After about a half hour more of this, I woke her and took my sexual frustration out on the moment coming harder than I ever had inside her, and in embarrassingly record time.

She asked what had gotten into me, and I just chuckled and told her it must be the ocean air.

Janet quickly replied “Wow, we’ll have to bottle some air to take home.”

A couple more days passed as we continued having the time of our lives, finally arriving in Mexico in the late afternoon. As we did Henry suggested that we just anchor just off the coast and wait until morning to go exploring, that there could be some bad elements patrolling around in the evening.

It was no big deal to us. We had a great time on the boat no matter what. We were constantly grilling on the deck, taking the twin Seadoo’s out, drinking frozen margaritas, sipping on Crown, etc. As usual out came the cameras.

This time I had a bit more to drink, almost on purpose. It was as if rather than taking accidental erotic shots, I might even playfully get some by asking. I mean by this time, we all knew each other quite well, so if I were to say “Baby, give me a sexy pose,” she’d do it just being funny. Granted, if I had too much to drink, it was a safe bet everyone else had too.

After a few photos and joking around, I asked Janet “Let me get one of you and Henry.” Janet hopped up as usual and sat on Henry’s lap, but this time I said “Awe, come on give me a sexy pose.”

“Sexy?” she exclaimed chuckling. “Am I not sexy just being me?”

Henry quickly laughed saying “Sweetheart, that’s an under statement. You’re what men call smoking hot, even sixty year old ones.”

She laughed as she pushed her hair up in the back with one hand and raised her legs up together with a sexy grin. I snapped the photo and quickly began joking around acting like a professional photographer. I began with “Okay great, now more sexy.”

Janet at one point replied giggling “Okay are we talking sexy or sleazy.”

Henry and I both laughed when he and I both began with “Oh yeah, sleazy. Woe, yeah sleazy, Baby.”

Now Janet is the joker, make no mistake, but I knew at some point she’d stop and tell us we were just drunk and to shut up. On the other hand I wasn’t used to Janet drinking like she had been, almost every day including this one. She was definitely on her way to inebriation. The more we heckled her, the more she played along.

She would occasionally pull down her top slightly to show some cleavage, or turn around and stick her butt out. After several minutes of this I again said “More Baby, more, talk to the camera.”

She then got a grin on her face and shocked me a bit. She laid on the back deck wrap around bench seat, spread her legs up in the air and said giggling “Okay am I sleazy now?”

I snapped the photo saying “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.”

She immediately jumped up from that one, now almost trying to see where my limit was, as she got on her elbows and knees and stuck her crotch right at Henry and I, with her back arched, ass sticking up in the air, she said “Okay, I’m done being sleazy.”

Henry chuckled replying “Lord, I could watch that all night, but maybe it’s a good idea to stop before my heart does, or before something in my pants begins to embarrass me.”

Janet quickly laughed saying “Okay, no more lap photos for Henry.”

I was floored that Janet had done what she had. Not in a million years would she have done anything close to that sober. Henry was right though, something in my pants was in fact embarrassing me too.

We all sat around bullshitting and carrying on, telling stories, and passing the evening away, and with out a doubt had consumed more this evening than we had since our departure. As it got late, we all decided to hit the sack. Janet was saying how tired she was. I said the same thing, but really wasn’t.

After being in the cabin a bit, Janet brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed, I told her I wanted to go back topside. She quickly said “If want to play a bit, you’d better not be too long.” In my already buzzed state, I realized I hadn’t drank enough, and figured Janet would get curious and come back up herself.

I quickly agreed not to be too long, quietly exited the cabin, and tip-toed down the dark hallway. As I did, I noticed Henry’s cabin light was on. I figured I’d see if he was getting ready to hit the sack or perhaps wanted to sip on some more Crown and fish of the deck. I was actually hoping if Janet’s curiosity got the best of her, we’d all stay up and party all night.

As I got closer to Henry’s cabin I poked my head up to the port hole of his door and got the shock of my life. Henry had one of Janets photos blown up on his nineteen inch monitor, the one where she laid down and spread her legs. Now lets get one thing straight, I’m not a peeping Tom, but I didn’t expect to see what I was seeing either.

Henry was jacking off looking at her photo. I was in shock over the entire thing, but the true shock was noticing the size and thickness of his dick. His cock had to be three inches thick. His large uncircumcised shaft had veins as thick as my pinky finger running all over it. The head looked like a medium sized apple about to bust as he strained and squeezed it.

I looked away for a few seconds, almost as if I might look back and it would all be a hallucination, but it wasn’t. Again I began fantasizing about Janet and him, but now it was intense to the point that I could have swung the door opened and asked him to fuck her.

After several minutes, he stopped and grabbed a condom. I had no idea what he was doing with it, but right then and there he put it on and began stroking again. This time though, his face and body said it all. He was about to blow his load. was really fucking his hand and stretching the end of the condom over that bulbous cock head. Right out of the blue, he thrust against his hand, clinched and held it, arching his back and squeezing his cock like it was a huge slippery pipe, and bam. The condom exploded from a clear flesh color to a thick white blob. I could not get over the fact that he just kept ejaculating.

His hand moved back to the base of his cock and I was floored with how absolutely flooded it was with semen. You couldn’t even see his cock it was so full of semen. For a split second I thought I had to get me some of that testosterone gel, no way a guy could shoot out that much come with out some kind of medical help. I wasn’t sure whether his cock was naturally that big or if it was from the gel, but I continued thinking there was no way any human male could shoot a load like he did with out some sort of testosterone medication. It just wasn’t natural.

Henry began carefully taking the condom off, so I quickly and quietly crept back towards our cabin. Just as I did, and only seconds later, Henry came out of his cabin, walked a couple of steps towards the galley trash, lifted up some bags and papers, and placed the condom midway down the trash can. I stood motionless as it was pitch dark at the end of the hallway. Henry then calmly walked up the stairs and out onto the deck.

Yes, here’s where you’ll think I’m nuts, and probably am for doing it.

I stood there for a few seconds when my hormones and my fantasy about Janet hit high gear. I was psychotic with the fantasy at this point. Pretty sure Henry would be up there for a while, I crept to the galley trash, lifted up the top trash, and in my psychosis, grabbed the opening of the condom being careful not to get it on me or spill it all over the place. As I grabbed it, I laid the trash carefully back down and walked back to mine and Janets cabin. When I entered the cabin, I quickly noticed that Janet was fast asleep, so I crept to the stand up restroom in our cabin.

As I flipped the light on, I was again in utter amazement. I held the condom up for a better look, and noticed the bottom inch and a half was a huge tear drop shaped reservoir of semen. It would have easily filled and even overflowed a smaller sized shot glass. I ejaculate as normal as anyone, and it was about four to five times the semen volume I would be able to muster.

The wheels in my head continued to spin, as I slowly exited the restroom stall. I then carefully laid it on some cloths at the side of the bed so as not to spill it. After that I pulled the sheet off Janet and began kissing her neck and slowly pulling her panties off. As I got them past her knees, she woke and said “I thought I told you not to take too long.”

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I just knew I was so horny I’d probably come thinking about fucking her. I realized though that seventy-five percent of my feeling was from the fantasy that kept running through my mind. As she woke, she quickly began to get into me fingering her. I then whispered to her “I want to watch you come.”

We kissed and groped each other for a few minutes longer when she said “Get my toy.”

I knew what that meant. It was her guaranteed way of coming. and she knew as I did, that the toy did the trick fast and assured. In the back of my mind I also knew that once she was midway through using the toy she was a hundred times more likely to try something new. Once she hit her horny threshold, anything could be asked or confessed. I frantically went through one of the bags, finally finding it. Before I handed it to her, I asked “How much do you trust me?”

She got a very serious look on her face and replied “Oh my, that could be good or bad.”

I then said in my drunken unbelievably horny state “If I had a fantasy that was driving me more sexually inane than anything I’ve ever experienced, would you think about it?”

She replied reservedly “Wow, okay, you have me interested. No matter what it is I’d think about it. I’m sure I’d do it if it turned you on that much, or at least I’d try it. How crazy could it be?”

I replied “Um, pretty crazy.”

I then began fingering her and once she was very wet, I grabbed the dildo and began pushing it into the entrance of her vagina. Janet sighed and began helping me get it into her. As I began pushing it slowly inside her she again began asking “What is it? Gosh you’re driving me crazy now, tell me. You don’t say something like that and not let it out.”

I again asked her “No matter how crazy it seems, you’ll at least try it?”

Just as the last word left my mouth, she sprung up on her elbows and asked “How fucking crazy can it be? We are in the middle of the fucking ocean with limited access to anything? What, is it?”

I replied “Now remember, we’re just talking about trying it, it’s not like you’d have to keep doing it, hence the word, try.”

She then said “If you don’t come out with it I’m done, and the word is NO.”

I waited reluctantly for about ten seconds as she stared into my eyes with anticipation, when I blurted “I’ve been, um, the truth is, I’ve been fantasizing about watching you fuck another guy.”

She then uttered “Let’s see, we’re married, and yes, gotta give you the fact that it’s, what did you say…WILD, my word would have been psychotic, but continue, where were we husband, continue on at, another mans sexually aroused penis moving around in my vagina?”

I then replied “Don’t ask me to explain it because I can’t. I just know it would be the turn on of a lifetime just to watch it, even if it were just once.”

She then fired back “We are in the middle of the ocean, and I know you don’t mean our vacations benefactor, Henry?” She then got a funny look asking “What in the world makes you think Henry would want to fuck me? I’m almost a third his age, and he looks at me as a good friend John.”

I then said “Trust me, he would love to fuck you, and he sometimes looks at you differently.”

She then replied “Oh, so it is Henry? Wild isn’t the word John. Even if I knew absolutely 100% for sure he would try your fantasy without kicking us off the boat in Mexico, for being nuts, I don’t know, I might think about it. Yes, I’ve said in the past I wanted us to try new things, but this isn’t even in the same universe. I’m not opposed to you having insane fantasies, but this one is out there, baby. There’s no way of knowing how he’d take it, so there’s no way we’re ruining this trip for your fantasy.”

I then rebutted “If I could prove to you 100% that he would want to fuck you, then you’re saying you’d try it?”

“I might, I’d think about it, but I know it’s impossible John! So, no we can’t risk him thinking we are a couple of fucked up people and putting us off this boat. How would we get home?”

I then said “Remember this evening when I said I wanted to go back topside?”

“Yes, and? What? Did you bump your fucking head on the main sail?”

I then replied consciously “Listen, you went out like a light, so I left the room, went down the hallway, went over to Henry’s cabin to ask if he was going back topside, and well, he was jacking off, and I mean big time.”

She then replied “Why would you look? Don’t all men do that John? That’s your proof he wants to fuck me?”

I said “Wait! I didn’t go to his room to spy, but since you ask, yes, he was jacking off, but it was to that photo of you spreading your legs up on deck. He had it up on his monitor and was stroking his cock like crazy. Then for some reason, he put on a condom and filled it with come as he blew his load.”

Now I’ve seen Janet dumbfounded before, but never like this. She had said about everything possible to debunk even the possibility of my fantasy up to this point. Her mouth was half opened with a deer in the head light look. She held it that way for at least a fifteen seconds. It was like an “I told you so” bomb went off. She then snapped out of it and asked “You’re absolutely sure it was a picture of me? He didn’t have some porn photo pulled up? It was actually me? He ejaculated looking at a picture of me?”

I said “Yep, I swear on our marriage.”

She then gave a glance out of the corner of her eye and said “I’m not sure if I can believe that. I mean yeah, he flirts a bit, but nothing suggestive. That has to be bullshit. Why would a guy put on a condom to come?”

I then said “Perhaps he didn’t want to come on his computer monitor, but hey, I figured you might say that. Being that I thought you might say something like that, I’m going to show you something, and I don’t want you to think I’m more nuts than you already do.”

She then giggled saying “Trust me, you’re about as nuts as you’ll get with me right now.”

I then leaned over the end of the bed, carefully grabbed the opening of the condom, and held the semen filled condom right in front of her.

Her mouth flew wide open as she instantly raised up in the bed and saying “Oh my God John, what are you doing with that? Did you ask him if you could have it or something, to show me?”

I quickly explained laughing “No, my God no, now you’re nuts. I was in the dark hallway as he threw it in the galley trash and walked up topside. I didn’t exactly feel like asking him if he wanted to go up and go fishing so I hid in the dark hallway towards our room.

I have no idea what I was thinking. I figured telling you about my fantasy was hard enough, but figured you’d also think I made it all up. I thought of it as proof.”

She didn’t say a word as she clinched the sheet to her mouth. She just kept staring at the condom as I held it up. She then took the sheet from her mouth and was about to say something. Just when I thought she was about to let me have it with a “You’re out of your fucking mind speech,” she said “How is there so much semen, did he come a few times in it?”

I said “Trust me, he wouldn’t stop squirting semen, this is from one ejaculation.”

To my utter surprise she then took her fingers and began touching the come filled part of the condom, rubbing the latex filled semen back and forth between her finger tips saying “There’s no way, look at how much there is. He had to come a few times?”

I replied “No, he did this with one single ejaculation.”

She continued rubbing the condom between the tips of her fingers with her eyebrows canted in a look of deep concentration and disbelief. She did this for around a minutes and a half, and must have said twenty times “There’s so much… I can’t believe how much there is… It’s so thick and slippery.”

She then rose up in bed, put her arms around her knees and looked towards the wall with her cheek on her knees. She sat that way for a few seconds when she sprung her head up, put her chin on her knees, and asked “Well? How will we do this? Do I just go up to him and say… Excuse me Henry, if it’s not too much trouble, could you please fuck my brains out? Oh, I almost forgot, is it okay if John watches?”

I chuckled replying “No, of course not. One of these nights when the time is right and we are all messing around, I will come below, and you can stay up top with Henry… and well, if we’ve had enough to drink, maybe, yes you could just say… John and I have talked and I’d like to ask you if you’d like to have sexual intercourse with me. John is okay with it.”

“Woe, wait a minute, what was this about you wanting to watch?”

I replied “Trust me, I do, more than you know, but there’s no where on the boat that I couldn’t see it from a window below.”

She then giggled “I’m very worried about you, now you’re a perv voyeur too? So your fantasy isn’t about me having sex with another guy, it’s about you watching it happen.”

I replied “Yes, I can’t explain it, but the vision of another mans erect penis inside you turns me on, there, I said it.”

I leaned up and began kissing her when slowly we got back to intense groping. I was in total shock that this was transpiring, that she was entertaining it at all. The thought that it could happen began to really hit me. Much of my fantasy was just that, the pure fantasy of it, now it was becoming a real possibility, and Janet was on board with it. My only safety net to my fantasy was that she probably wouldn’t. I was now realizing she probably would.

As I fingered her, she stated “He has to wear a condom.”

I didn’t say a word. She stopped kissing for a moment as I continued kissing her neck and asked “You actually expect that much semen and sperm to shoot inside me? John, do you want him to use a condom? John, answer me, does your fantasy now include him inseminating me? You actually want a man to squirt that much sperm inside my body?”

I then began kissing her mouth when I uttered “Yes.”

Just as I said yes, she gasped and began kissing me more erotically. As we kissed, and for some insane reason I reached and grabbed the condom which was now laying beside her. She saw what I was doing, but by this time, there was no more shock and awe left in my fantasy. She didn’t say a word.

We stopped kissing and I began rubbing the opening of the condom against her pussy Her eyes rolled back in her head as she softly said “John, are you really going to do what I think you are about to do?”

I didn’t say a word, I just cupped my middle finger under the rim of the condom opening, and slowly pushed it inside her vagina. I kept pushing at the condom feeling the opening cupped around her cervix and my middle finger. As I circled my finger around her cervix I looked down and the huge semen sack was the only thing sticking out of her.

She then said “John you’re drunk, do you realize what you are doing? Just the little bit of his semen on the opening has already put millions of sperm inside me. Is that what you want? Damn it John, we both need to be psychological help.” She then went on to exclaim, and I knew she was using the one thing she thought would deter me, saying “You do realize I’ve skipped a few pills this month, you do realize that right? Not smart John.”

At the same time she was saying it, I began suggestively pushing at her to lie down off her elbows. As I did, I will never the look on her face as she slowly lowered to her back. It was that same look I’d witnessed her give before once jumping off a forty foot cliff into a lake.

As she softly lie on her back, I grabbed what was hanging out of her vaginal opening, and began squeezing the sack of semen. As I squeezing it and began working it inside her with my two middle fingers, I immediately stopped kissing her glancing down, noticing that half of the come was gone from the reservoir.

I then leaned up and kissed her saying “Come Honey, It’s just experimenting. It’s something brand new.” She just gave me the same jump look.

We continued kissing with her eyes wide open as I fumbled for the vibrator. Once I had it in my hand, I touched it to her pussy when she blurted “You need to take the condom out John, it’s been fun.”

As she was speaking, I raked the head of the dildo from the tip of the condom to her vaginal opening, and slowly began to push. As I did, all the semen in the large bulb pushed inside her. I knew if I pushed the toy further inside her, it would spill all of Henry’s seed deep inside her against her cervix.

She reminded that she had missed taking her pills multiple times as I slowly pushed the dildo inside her, and in my drunken state I reasoned that if she had missed five out of fourteen, it was probably still doing it’s job, actually reason went out the window for both of us.

In a contorted way, I leaned and began kissing her as I pushed the toy. As I pushed the toy, it began stretching the condom. As I held the tip of it, I felt the toy pop effortlessly inside her about an inch, and the tightly stretched condom completely relaxed in my finger tips.

The second Janet sharply inhaled with her eyes jumping wide opened, I knew the semen had spilled and emptied deep inside her. Very soon after it did, I froze, as did she. I quickly began kissing slowly moving the toy back and forth inside her. It was effortless when the mass of come spilled into her. Knowing that most of it had spilled against her cervical opening, I slowly pulled at the tip of it. As I pulled, I effortlessly began stretching it out of her with the dildo fully buried inside her. As I pulled at it, my esotericism enhanced. Every centimeter I pulled out was empty of sperm.

She was carrying the entire content of it. Janet abruptly put her hand on mine, the one holding the toy, and said “John I’m not supposed to have another mans sperm in my body.”

In my state, I simply replied “It’s okay Baby.”

She then rolled her eyes and said “Oh, it’s okay? Henry’s sperm artificially inseminated into my uterus?”

I then turned on the vibrator switch and pushed it completely inside her. The second I did, I raised up to one elbow and witnessed a glob of his come on the underside of the toy which began to leak from her and down her ass.

As I continued, now slowly thrusting the entire length inside her vaginal canal, more and more of the come began leaking from her and sticking to the toy. After about thirty seconds, she grabbed my hand removing it from the toy, and began moving it herself.

As she did I began softly repeating “Yes Baby, do it, you can do it, I want to watch you come.”

This went on for another three to four minutes as I stroked my cock watching her arouse herself with the seminal mess. As she moved it inside her, she took her other hand and was splitting her fingers across the top of the toy rubbing the sides of her semen glazed vaginal opening.

I had to stop stroking multiple times knowing I would come had I continued. Just into about the fifth minute, she arched her back and raised her knees towards her breasts, and let out a very bone crushing strained “NNNNNNOOOOOOOO, MY GGGGOOODDDD.”

After a few seconds into her orgasm, she sharply removed the dildo, clinched her legs together as she rolled to her left side, and took both hands, pressed her fingers to the top of her vaginal opening and jerked her body in orgasm.

Now this was beyond words. I could write a story on this event alone. As she lay there, I watched her vaginal opening, her ass, and her body convulse in a tense clinched motion. As her body was completely orgasmic, I witnessed every rhythmic vaginal contraction push a small leak of Henry’s seed out as I watched it run down Janet’s right thigh and onto the sheet.

I was frozen as I watched her orgasm. Looking upon her tensed jolting body, her glistening crotch and thigh, her beautiful feet, the slick drain of milky white semen running out of her, the come on her red fingernail polish. I was in a trance.

Just as she was beginning to relax and only sporadically jerk her pelvis against her clinched hands and fingers, I roller her knees up, spread her legs, and lowered my cock to her vagina. Just as the head of my cock began to enter her soaked warm vagina, I began to well up with a mind blowing orgasm. I had never felt come jet from the head of my cock lie it was at this moment.

I’m not sure what turned me on the most, my insane orgasm, or the fact that my cock pushed inside her completely with one slow effortless messy thrust. As I pushed that first thrust as hard as I could, she pulled my face towards her and gave me a wildly sexual kiss. Either way, our crotches were an absolute mess when I finished. My pubic hair was white at the bas of my cock with come. She was soaked and coated from her pussy to several inches out on her thighs.

When I had completely finished, normally we’d lie there or I’d remove myself and we’d lay for a bit, but this time was quite different. She held me inside her with her hands on my ass well after I was finished ejaculating.

In an instant after coming, I felt so very guilty. I began saying “Baby, maybe it’s not such a good idea, maybe we should just enjoy the vacation and not do something stupid.”

Before I could complete the sentence she rebutted softly and very sarcastically moving her hips “Oh, what? Really? Really? We’re done now? Oh, so you don’t want Henry to fuck me now? You don’t want him to inseminate me? What? You don’t want him to squirt his sperm in my uterus after he fucks my brains out? Why not? Maybe since I skipped a few pills this month, he could knock me up. Wow, I was hoping he would fuck me every few hours for the next few weeks, that way I have a better chance of conceiving.”

I just lowered my head into her hair and neck saying “Okay, got the point.”

She continued “Oh God, Henry fuck me,” as she forcefully thrust her hips taking me deeper inside her. Several minutes went by as she barraged me with the intentional comments, moving her hips and smearing the semen between our bodies.

She wasn’t at all finished with my lesson or punishment, but little did she realize, after my initial ejaculatory “Damn, bad idea feeling,” her comments began to turn me on. The more she tried to make her point, the more I began to imagine what she was punishing me with.

She continued on as I raised my head and began slowly kissing her. In fact, I think it began to piss her off as she heated up the banter. As I began moving slowly with her hips, she said “Are you listening?”

I quickly replied “Yes.”

As I did she continued with speak as the dick inside her wasn’t mine at all, but Henry’s. I tried not to let her know it was becoming such a huge turn on, rather occasionally saying “Yes, I get it. You can stop now.” That fueled her on to really drive the point home. I knew she was waiting for me to cave and tell her what a mistake we’d made.

However, the more she poured it on the more it turned me on. She kept on with “Oh yeah Henry, do you like being inside me? Do you like feeling yourself inside my body? God, you feel so good. What? You’re about to come? Yes, I want your semen inside me.”

She just kept on and on with it as she pulled at my ass taking me as deep as she could inside her flooded pussy.

“It’s okay, you can finish inside me. John is okay with it, in fact, it’s okay if you get me pregnant. Let’s fuck until I’m carrying your baby, several times a day. I’ll stop taking my pills completely, that way we can better our chances of getting me pregnant. Henry, do you want to have a baby with me? Do you want me to be carrying your child? It’s what I want.”

I then said “Okay, enough, you’ve made your point. But hey, I didn’t have family planning in mind with my fantasy.”

She quickly replied “Um yes, but you thought just enough to empty a condom full of sperm inside my vagina, hum, are you shitting me? I have you and Henry inside me now. If I were to become pregnant, I wouldn’t know if was yours or his.”

As I sheepishly withdrew from her, an enormous load of come rolled out of her behind the head of my cock and down the crack of her ass. As it did, she said “Oh my God, John.”

I simply replied, “It’s okay, Baby, it’s just semen.”

As she laid there with her legs spread, a thick leak of semen running from her vagina to the sheets, she said “Are we done with this?”

I hesitated not knowing how to reply, because the simple truth was, I began to revert back to my fantasy more than ever. I believe now in hind sight that had she kept quiet after I came, we’d have stopped and moved on. However, he comments about semen, Henry, pregnancy, etc, had me more into the fantasy than ever before. Now don’t get me wrong, all of this was my doing, my fault utterly. She was simply trying to lay it on so thick, I’d learn from it. Well, I learned from it, but not in the way she intended.

Because of my hesitation in answering, she raised her eyebrows and said very sarcastically “No problem, you’re right, we should explore our carnal instincts. I mean, hell, there are two sperm producing men on this boat, why shouldn’t I take advantage of the potential. Betters my chances of having a baby. Is Henry up on deck? I couldn’t pick a better time for us to fuck. I mean he’s already inside me. I can just say, Hey Henry, why masturbate into a condom looking at my photo when I have a perfectly fertile vagina and uterus for you to ejaculate into?”

I embarrassingly replied “Okay Janet, it was nuts. I’m sorry. I lost my mind, but, I mean, it wasn’t that bad…”

The instant I said, but, she interjected saying “Damn it John, let’s say you went to shore for groceries and came back. When you did, we went below and you found out Henry had fucked me, and I mean his semen was in me? You’re okay with that?”

I emphatically told her it was wrong, and that I had made a mistake. Everything that had happened this evening was an alcohol induced fantasy that was way out there. She and I both passed out asleep in each others arms a half hour later. As the night passed, I woke her three times entering and fucking her thinking about my fantasy.

The last time I woke, I had her legs spread as wide as I could about to come, when she asked “Is that you fucking me or Henry?”

By this time, I didn’t have any lie left in me regarding my fantasy, I was utterly spent, yet the psychotic fantasy was still with me. I watched the sun peek through the port hole of our cabin when I said “Tell me again about Henry coming inside you.”

The instant I did, she loudly replied as she thrust her hips against mine saying “God Damn it, If you want it you, you got it John. I hope his dick is big and you regret it. Hell, I might even like it. Didn’t think of that did you?”

I was shooting my load inside her as she said it, which pissed her off eve more. We neither said a word after that. She rolled away from me, and we fell asleep. At around nine AM, I woke and left Janet to sleep as I went top side. One of the first things I did every morning was take a SeaDoo wave runner to shore or run the coast line with it.

This particular morning, I woke to Henry already being gone. He was a very early riser. Henry had already taken a wave runner to shore and I had no idea when he’d return. Having our complete freedom on the boat, I didn’t worry about asking before I took the SeaDoo.

I grabbed a protein bar from the galley, put on my shorts, and off I went. It was a gorgeous morning. You could smell the fresh ocean, it was already eighty one degrees, no humidity, just beautiful.

After spending a half hour running the shore line I came back and found that Henry had returned just before me. I could smell the gas grill a hundred yards from the boat as the wind blew into my face. Upon my arrival I noticed that Henry had fired up the grille as he sometimes did in the morning. We had all joked that some of the fish we had caught and grilled was good enough to eat for breakfast, so Henry made sure we had some basics to go with it.

Janet was very health conscious about what she ate, but twice had mentioned she’d love to have those little heat and eat sausage links and scrambled eggs for breakfast. She had mentioned this when we were in the middle of the Gulf. Henry remember this particular morning, riding to shore to get the sausage links and fresh eggs, fixing them just for her as I rode up on the back of the boat.

As I rode up, Henry said “Hey, you’re right on time. Go get pretty girl up, she wanted a real breakfast.

I quickly replied “Damn Henry, you’re gonna have the locals swimming out to the boat with how good that smells.” Henry just chuckled as always and reiterated “Go get Miss Prissy, I made this so she’d stop missing an American breakfast. For someone who talks about flaxseed and green tea so much, she sure wanted to have her eggs and sausage links, took me an hour inland to find Jimmy Deans.”

As I looked in the mirror at my crazy ocean blown hair, I noticed behind me that she already had a pair of panties on. She raised her butt of the bed and pulled them from her ass. As she did I asked “When did you put panties on?”

She replied “Damn it John what does it matter? Geeze, you must have been drunk, you watched me put them on before the sun came up. Remember? Before you fucked me that last time, not make love to me, fucked me?”

I quickly blew it off saying nothing. As she laid in bed, I exited the cabin and walked towards the breakfast smell. As I hit top side, Henry had a pile of food on a platter that was unreal.

I quickly replied “She on her way.” As I did, Janet emerged from the main cabin walking up the stairs and I was speechless. She wore a pair of Victoria Secret panties, not swim suit bottoms mind you, but panties, ones you could easily tell she kept her private parts shaved. Other than that she wore a bright orange tight tank top.

Now don’t get me wrong, Henry had seen Janet in her workout garb back at the retirement center, but this was very, very different.

I mean there is a huge difference between wearing spandex shorts with running shoes, and wearing practically see-through panties and a top with no bra. She glanced at me out of the corner of her eyes and said nothing to me as she emerged.

She then walked directly to Henry who didn’t see what she was wearing at all. Henry was busy rolling the last of the sausage links onto a plate. As she walked towards him, I was enamored with how amazing her ass looked in those panties. I was actually beyond my fantasy at this point, but she wasn’t through making me pay for it as it seemed.

Now Henry was a very “Roll with it guy,” but upon spinning around he quickly said “Oh shit honey, did you forget your shorts?”

Janet just went with it and replied “No, my God, what’s the difference, Panties, bikini bottoms, is there that much difference?

Henry quickly said “Absolutely not. This is your boat honey, and you wear what you want, anything you want, anytime you want, this is your boat.” I knew Janet was pouring it on thick at this point. She was trying to arouse Henry in front of me. It was a fact that she obviously didn’t hear the reasonable apology from me she wanted to, and she was laying the ground work for me to craft an apology equal to none, one that would make me think twice before bringing up such a fantasy.

Janet knew I was ordinarily a very conservative man, very conservative, but this wasn’t just any fantasy, and it wasn’t just any circumstance.

Janet then walked from Henry after hugging him, thanking him for making her favorite breakfast. Afterwards, she slowly walked towards the back bench couch on the back of the boat, glancing at me only briefly. She knew at this point I was completely aware of what she was doing, but at the same time it was killing her that I hadn’t reacted. It was almost like a game of chicken.

As Janet got to the bench, she sat, casually put both feet up onto the edge with her legs spread about two feet apart, laid her head back and said “God, I’m still so tired.”

She really had me at this point, I mean her crotch was completely exposed, and the crotch of her see-through dark navy blue panties was wet with a dark almost black slit about a half inch wide and sunk so tightly against her crotch. I knew it was from her still leaking come.

You have to know Janet, her point was not made.

I quickly said as she laid her head back “Hey honey, why don’t you go below and put your shorts on, we’re thinking about parasailing up the coast.”

Janet slowly raised her head and replied “I think we should just have fun on the boat.”

She had me dead bag, I was utterly paid back, only problem, she wasn’t done. Henry spun around with the breakfast, and instantly looked away saying “Okay, Wow! Sorry, get comfortable, it’s all good.”

Janet then rose up and said “Henry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get too comfortable.”

It was at that very moment I realized she was trying to pay me back for my fantasy, and embarrass Henry for jacking off to her photo. I mean she didn’t care if Henry kicked us off the boat and she had to swim back. The freakishly odd part was that I was fine with being paid back at this point, just hoping it would end, but Henry had no clue someone watched him jack off to her photo and I was thinking she might say something, but she didn’t.

Henry put the breakfast plate down in front of her trying to be a gentleman, but Janet caught it. She lowered her legs and said “Henry, I want a photo of you sitting on my lap.”

Now Henry is an enormous guy, three times the size of Janet in every way. He just laughed and replied “Okay, here we go,” and jokingly acted as if he was going to sit on her lap.

As he did, Janet grabbed at the side of his shorts and he fell onto the back bench seat. Once he hit the seat, he said “Wow, lets get this photo. I’ll try not to crush you.”

I then grabbed the camera hoping after a snap or two, we I could do damage control and tell her how much of a mistake my fantasy was. The first couple photos were pretty benign, but then Janet said “Let’s get a sexy one.”

Henry jokingly broke into a pose as Janet jokingly hugged his left leg as he stood in front of her. As I snapped it she said “Sit down Henry.” and he did.

As he sat, Janet said “Let’s get a very sexy pose.”

She knew she was killing me with it, but wasn’t done proving a point. As Henry sat, and was up for anything, she swung her right leg over his lap. He put his hands on her upper thighs to keep her from falling off, and she took his hands up to her ass. Henry just jokingly said “Okay, if that’s a better.”

As I snapped it, she continued “Let’s get more shots.”

Just as Henry got a bit nervous and confused as to what was happening, Janet leaned down as she was spread legged across his lap and began kissing him. Henry instantly said “Oh No, Wow, is this okay? This probably isn’t okay, is it?”

Janet just kept kissing him replying “I don’t know, is it okay? In fact, I think it very okay.”

As she was saying it I watched. I snapped a few photos and point or no point, she was driving me erotically insane. I knew she was ready for me to say “Hey, fuck this cruise, let’s get off the boat and go home,” but I didn’t say that at all, rather it wildly turned me on.

Just as she leaned down and kissed Henry’s cheek, with her crotch over his, I sat the camera down, walked up behind her, and forcefully grabbed at the back of her panties. As I did, she spun her head around and I wildly began kissing her as she began to say something.

I have no idea what she was about to say. As we kissed Henry just sat there with his hands now down on her legs in utter shock. About four to five seconds into kissing her, I slid my right hand down the back of her panties, and pushed my middle finger inside her warm soaked vagina. The second my finger went inside her, she gasped.

As she did I stopped kissing her and pulled her off Henry’s lap. Once she stood, I had her panties to her knees. Henry said nothing.

Once I released he panties, I began nudging her ass towards the bench seat off to the right side of Henry. As Janet sat, her panties went to her ankles, with her right leg coming out of them. I expected her to say something, anything, but she didn’t.

Upon getting her to her back, I again began kissing her forcefully. The moment she was completely on her back I moved myself up and between her legs. The instant my cock hit her come filled vaginal opening the head of my throbbing cock touched her warm slick pussy lips.

I my excitement I rapidly moved my hand to guide the head of my cock inside her. I then leaned forward. As I leaned in my cock was slowly going inside her on one continuous thrust. There were no four to five short thrusts to insure everything was thoroughly lubricated. My nuts were on her ass in three seconds. On that first thrust I pressed against her very forcefully and held it like that for a few more seconds. Janet had her head arched back into the pillow gasping buy trying to keep quiet.

Just before I Withdrew for a second thrust, I raised up and looked down at my cock completely inside her. I then slowly withdrew and was unbelievably turned on by how shiny wet and soaked my cock was. I also noticed sticky threads of come stretching from my nuts and pubic hair to her vaginal area. It was the most erotic feeling of my life. The feeling of her warmth, seeing come all over both of us. Suffice to say, I lasted about two minutes, and only that long because I stopped a few seconds here and there to keep from coming.

As I came, I saw stars. I think I just about passed out I held my thrust so long and hard inside. Every shot of my semen that exploded from my cock was the strongest I had ever felt up to this point in my life. It was a mental fuck every bit as much as a physical one, knowing she had two men’s sperm mixed inside her vagina.

As I finally wound down from my ejaculation, I slowly withdrew and just sat there for a few minutes watching a flood of semen slowly leak from her. It looked as if she had been gang banged by five guys. Anyone would have swore to it with that much semen and a few pieces pubic hair stuck to her shaved pussy and inner thighs. I had never witnessed such a mess in real life, only ever in a porn.

Janet then raised to her elbows and just stared at me for about ten seconds with a look of ” I can’t believe we just did this.

She then uttered “I need a roll of toilet paper.”

I jumped up and replied “I’ll roll off a bunch.”

She replied again “No, I was the roll.”

I then took a roll from under the sink and brought it to her. As I handed it to her she began to roll of about three feet. She then took it and held it to her crotch. After a few seconds she slowly scooped against her pussy and handed it to me. I quickly walked to the rest room and threw it in the toilet. She did this for about three minutes more handing me about four more wads to throw away. Now, she could have just sat on the toilet, but I think she was trying to make some sort of point.

After this she put on a pair of panties and we didn’t speak a word about it. She was actually giving me a bit of the cold shoulder, I think because on one hand she was freaked out by my sexual insanity, but I think she was a bit mad at herself for allowing me to do it. To this day, I can’t say for sure.

The next morning, I caught that unmistakable whiff of grilling. I looked at the clock and it was 6:27 A.M. I slowly got up and put on my shorts leaving Janet to sleep. As I got top side, I saw Henry at the grill with smoke wafting all over the place. In typical fashion, Henry said “Good morning sunshine! Hope you and Janet like sea bass. No I didn’t catch it I thawed it from the freezer.”

I then replied “Mr. Henry, you could cook macaroni and cheese on that grill and it would just taste better for some reason.”

We sat out there for about thirty minutes by ourselves when I noticed Janet stick her head up from below. She was yawning and putting her hair in a pony tail. As she snapped the band out of her fingers, she finally walked up the last two steps jokingly saying “Oh you guys did all this for me?”

Henry chuckled replying “Anything for you sweetheart.”

As she stood on the bottom step of the galley I didn’t notice, all I could see was a white tight tank top she had on, very normal, but as she got up the stairs I noticed she that she only had on her panties, the same ones she put on about five hours before. I mean there’s little difference between a swim suit bikini bottoms and panties, but one also unmistakably knows the difference.

I don’t think Henry noticed right away, but I certainly did. They were very tight white cotton panties that were very low cut and barely covered her. The dead give away was the bright yellow cartoon smiley face just above the crotch that had a goofy look with it’s tongue hanging out. I mean I knew the panties, I bought them for her as a gag gift once.

I just played it off a bit, but her point of making me jealous or getting my attention worked. Now once Henry’s mind left the grill he instantly said with a grin “Those might be the cutest panties I’ve even seen.”

Janet grinned and glanced at me replying jokingly “Oh Henry, thank you sweetie, a woman just has to make her men happy I guess.”

Henry again replied chuckling “Honey this is your boat, you wear what ever you like anytime you like, or nothing at all as far as I’m concerned. It makes me happy that you both seem relaxed and having a good time. I don’t know what I’d do with out you guys. You are very special people to me.”

After an hour or so of us munching on sea bass and sipping on OJ, oh and of course Janet sitting with her feet up in her seat, driving me nuts with the occasional crotch shot, we got dressed and went ashore. I was sure that after Henry witnessed that show for an hour that he’d be stroking his cock off later in the evening. There’s nothing like seeing a woman with her feet on the edge of her seat, bright read toenail polish, tanned feet and legs, and the crotch of her panties looking as if they were painted on to wake you up in the morning.

At shore, we shopped like crazy, not with our money, but Henry’s. As always, he insisted on buying what ever Janet wanted, to the point that he was offended if we tried using our own money. She was becoming spoiled rotten too. He truly loved us and would have done anything to make us happy. He jokingly said once “You guys are my best friends.” I think in hind sight he really meant it. Henry had been so isolated in his career from friends and family, plus never marrying or having any children, the only people he knew were either still overseas, or had passed away. So basically in this short time we’d become his family.

Once we had to come back to the boat just to drop off Janet’s trinkets, hats, shorts, new swimsuits, etc. As the day wound down, we found ourselves at a gulf side bar on the patio. Janet at one point asked “Are we becoming alcoholics? I’ve caught a buzz almost every day for the last three.”

Henry replied “Hey, this is vacation time, not work, not trying to put on airs, we’re just having a good time, so no, we aren’t alcoholics. Look at it this way, there’s no way to sail to Mexico and not drink margaritas or kick back alcohol.”

Janet laughed and said “Well, if we are, you are my perfect enabler. I feel much better now. I’ll just stay drunk off my ass and you guys can take care of me.”

We sat there drinking for about two hours talking about everything under the sun. Finally we all decided to return to the boat. There was a big party planned at this same bar later in the evening, and Janet said she’d like to get a shower and change before we attended. We returned to the boat, hung out for a spell, and began getting ready for the party. It was going to be a rather big bash, as it was the tenth anniversary of the place’s opening.

After returning to the boat around 7:00 P.M. We hung out for a bit and then decided around 9:00 P.M. to begin getting showered and dressed. I was showered and ready in ten minutes, Janet too quite a bit longer.

Henry and I sat on deck waiting for Janet to come up. We had the dingy at the back of the boat ready to go ashore the moment she came up. Just as I got up to go check on her, she came up from below, and absolutely blew mine and Henry’s minds.

Now, I had seen Janet fixed up and very hot looking a thousand times, but this set a whole new standard. She had on a mini skirt she had on one of the outfits she had picked out earlier that day, and was it smoking. Her top was a white cotton knitted top that was absolutely see thru, but tasteful. Yes, you could see her bra, but it was hand crafted and made that way. The flowery print mini skirt was what really set it off. I mean it wasn’t smutty what so ever, it just hugged her ass and hips in a way that made you look. She must have put baby lotion on her legs because I had never seen them so beautifully smooth, shiny, and tanned. Her shoes topped it off. She wore these four to five inch heels that completely showed off her incredibly sexy feet. There was just one strap over the tops of her toes, and one at the top of her ankles. She looked like twenty million dollars. Henry immediately said “You look, you look, um, you look breathtaking.”

She pranced over in her heels and hugged Henry saying “Thank you Henry, that makes me feel good.” I too threw out my compliments as she hugged me. After helping her into the dingy, off we went to shore. I was amazed at how many people were already at this place, you could hear the pounding music and the flashing lights half way to shore.

Upon arrival Henry gave some teenagers twenty buck to watch the boat as we always did. Henry explained that this was ten times safer than going to the marina, as the folks at the marina would probably be the ones to steal it. He said that these teen guys would protect it with their lives because they wanted you to bring it back to them every time you came ashore, they had a little business of sorts doing this.

Before we got out of the boat Janet took off her shoes, and off we walked to the bar. Upon arrival just outside the bar, Janet began putting on her shoes. I know that sounds minuscule, but when she raised each foot up to strap them around her ankle, it was powerfully erotic seeing her panties flash us. Henry didn’t say anything, just small taking, but it was so obvious he looked, several times.

We eventually made it inside the bar and found a table, and yes, as usual we began drinking. After about an hour Janet asked “Whose going to dance with me?”

We both waved our hands commenting much the same “Oh no, let’s wait a while, too many people on the dance floor, yadda yadda, anything to keep from making fools out of ourselves. She continued to on when finally I said “What the hell.”

As we got out there, Janet immediately began with making me nuts. She really knew how to mover her body, and with a bit of alcohol plus what she was wearing, had an instant audience. She out shined any woman there. Half a dozen guys eyes were glued to her, I mean you couldn’t help it.

As we danced, I pulled her to me, and she began moving her ass in a “I’ve had plenty to drink” manner. I was facing where our table was with Janet’s back to it. Henry couldn’t take his eyes off her, but played it as best as he could glancing at his drink or somewhere other than her ass.

About thirty seconds into this, I reached down and grabbed her ass and pulled it to me. She just went with it. I could tell with my fingertips that I raised her skirt up an inch or two in the back, still she just went with it. At one point, I had half my hands on her skirt and the last half on her ass. Henry at this point didn’t even try to glance away, afraid he might miss something. It wasn’t until I pulled her skirt up almost over her ass that she stopped me, and pulled it back down.

I knew Henry’s mind was blown. As the song wound down, back to the table we went, guys eyes following her every move. It was quite hot in this place, probably because of all the people. Janet wiped the sweat from her forehead, and was a bit flushed. As we sat at the table, she took Henry’s beer and wiped the frosty bottle all over face. She then leaned against me and put both her beautiful feet on Henry’s lap saying “These shoes hurt.”

Henry then chuckled and said “One second.” He then began un-strapping them. As he did, Janet spread her legs wide opened so he could get to the tiny buckle on the inside of her ankles. I was out of my mind with erotic thoughts, not just because she was blatantly flashing her crotch to him, but because she still carried millions of his sperm inside her uterus, and he had no idea.

Over the course of the evening, with Janet driving Henry and I both wild with her subtle yet very flirty actions and her beautiful body, we decided to head back to the boat. Janet was hardly ready for bed, she was on an all nighter it seemed. At least twenty times she said “No way we’re all going to bed, lets keep the party going.”

Henry, for age sixty had endurance like a twenty year old. I’m sure it was because of the testosterone gel he regularly used, but after a few times of Janet saying what she had, he replied “Hey, that’s why we’re here.” We arrived back at the boat, and Janet was in very rare form. It was my assumption she was going to punish me with my wild ideas, eventually having me tell her to calm down and / or stop the overt flirting, that I’d learned my lesson.

The fact is, she was inadvertently fueling me on with a vengeance. It wasn’t like she was rubbing her crotch on Henry’s face or anything, but she knew how to make incredibly sexual flirting look accidental. I very recently realized that it was a gift she possessed.

Not more than a few minutes upon arriving, we all broke out the tequila. Now we were all quite buzzed to begin with, the tequila simple put the cherry on top making us a bit inebriated. As the minutes passed, Janet’s conversation went into a realm even I wasn’t sure about. I’m not even sure how the topic came up.

Janet began with simple curiosity questions like “Why didn’t you ever marry? Don’t you want to settle down with a woman?” to “When’s the last time you kissed a woman? When’s the last time you had sex with a woman?”

Henry simply went with it, not actually answering her questions, but rather replying with things like “Oh, let’s just say it’s been too long.”

It wasn’t that odd, in that we all knew each other quite well by this time and joked with one another frequently, but I wasn’t sure where it was going. Janet finally got off the subject, but by the time she did, I was a wreck with dirty thoughts. Several times I went below as if using the restroom, but actually jacked off for a few seconds imagining very erotic things involving Janet and Henry.

After about the third time of me going below, I came back up, and found Janet getting her feet rubbed by Henry. It was nothing at all, just something Henry would have done. As he rubbed her feet, Janet began making very, and I mean very erotic sounds. Not like a porn mind you, but just soft “Oh yeah, Oh God yeah, Oh my God that feels so good.” He had used some sort of aloe gel on her feet and she was in heaven over it.

As he rubbed, we just small talked as we always did. Henry occasionally squeezed a bit more into his palm, and went right back to rubbing her feet. As time passed, Henry was rubbing her calves, and working his hands back to her feet. She was thoroughly enjoying it. After twenty minutes or so, Janet’s skirt was about two inches above her panties because occasionally she’d spread her legs a bit or scoot around. Even that wasn’t too out of the ordinary, being that Henry has already seen her fully in her panties, and about five different skimpy swim suits.

However the more he rubbed, the more Janet got into it. I know she was trying to go for a wake up call to me, but at the same time, she was genuinely enjoying it. Eventually Henry was above her knees with the gel heavily on her legs. Just the sight of it was enough to make most men come. A few more minutes into it, Janet began putting her thumbs under the sides of her skirt and making an uncomfortable face, as if it was cutting into her sides when I went for what I though might be the start of something.

The third time she did it, I said “Why don’t you take it off, it’s not like we haven’t seen your panties before.”

She then looked at me with a “Okay, you want to go there? Fine.”

Henry said nothing, he simply reached for his drink trying not to drop it from his slick hands and gulped. Janet quickly leaned to her side, unzipped her skirt, raised her ass off the seat, and scooted out of it. Henry was trying to act as normal as he could, but you could tell he was a bit out of his element, but then again, all of us were.

The sight of Janet laying there with her tight panties was undeniably sexual. After a brief time longer, Henry now rubbing her legs and feet, Janet rose to her elbows, took a drink from the bottle of tequila, paused for a few seconds as if trying not to puke and said “Gosh, you are the massage master buddy, how long has it been that you kissed a woman?”

Henry tried to play it off chuckling as he replied “Oh I’m happy to do it, you’ve had a tough day.”

Janet again asked “How long has it been that you kissed a woman.”

Again he laughed and replied “Let’s just say a while.”

Janet then came back with “Well after this you deserve a kiss buddy.”

Henry quickly smiled and said “Well, then I accept as long as your hubby is okay with it.”

I instantly replied “Hey, I think you deserve one too.”

As Henry finished up rubbing her legs and feet, Janet glanced at me for a split second and rose up to her knees and leaned towards Henry. In a matter of a second or two, she had her mouth to Henry’s. Now Henry went for the quick peck, but Janet went for the open mouthed kiss. After an awkward split second, Henry began kissing her like she intended.

Henry quickly with their mouths pressed together murmured “Oh wow.”

As she continued kissing him, I went on auto pilot. After about twenty seconds, I said “Wow, that’s some good massage payment. Can I get a kiss too?”

Henry quickly laughed and said “Wow, thank you, you better go kiss your man before he throws me overboard, or before I have a heart attack.”

Janet giggled in return and replied “I don’t think he’s worried about it.”

As she walked towards me I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. The instant she leaned to kiss me. I swung her down beside me as we continued kissing. The instant I did, I leaned and pulled her to me. As I did, I reached between her legs and put my fingers to the crotch of her panties and pressed into her crotch. The instant I did, she exhaled into my mouth and for a split second reached for my hand, almost as if to push it away, but then just raised it to my face and continued kissing me.

Not two seconds later, I reached to the top of her panties and slid my hand down under them. The instant my fingers reached her pussy, they slid into a warm thick wetness I will never forget. It absolutely set me off with how slick she was. I began fingering her with my two middle fingers and I didn’t care who saw it.

As I did, she began loosing it. She was inhaling and exhaling like she was being fucked. I didn’t even look up. After about thirty seconds of this, I began pushing down my shorts. I expected Janet to say or do something, but she didn’t. Other than Janet’s gasping, it was so quiet. Once I had my shorts and under wear off, I began taking her panties off as we wildly kissed.

Once I pushed them down past her knees, she lifted her legs and kicked them off her feet. Bar none this was the most sexually erotic feeling I had ever had. I was so worked up, I wanted to fuck her in front of Henry. Everything about it was a sexual turn on, from the smell of the aloe gel on her legs, my glistening wet fingers, her gasps, I mean everything.

I’m not sure how, but we continued to kiss as I spread her legs and positioned my cock at her vaginal entrance. Once the head of my cock was splitting her pussy lips, she looked me straight in the eye and whispered “God I love you.”

As she was saying it, I forcefully pushed and again, I entered her with more ease that I was used to, going completely inside her with only one slow methodical thrust. As I did, she let out a moan that was like a mating call. Still I hadn’t even glanced at Henry. I just continued in my sexual trance.

After about twenty seconds of fucking her and looking at my glistening cock, I glanced at Henry. He had his hand on his cock, grabbing at the cloth. I then jokingly said with my cock still inside Janet “We’re usually not like this.”

He stuttered a bit replying “Hey, it’s like I said, this is your boat too, do what makes you feel good. Don’t you worry, no judgment here. Please, Please, continue.”

For some reason at that very moment, I said “Henry you can get to your goods better if you take your shorts off.”

He laughed and replied “You’re probably right,” but just chuckled and sat there.

Janet said nothing, she just stared at me gasping. As I leaned down and slowly moved my cock around inside her vagina, I could see that Henry was indeed taking his shorts off out of the corner of my eye. I was already about to shoot my load from everything leading up to this.

Again after a few seconds, I stopped kissing Janet and glanced towards Henry. The moment I did, I said with out thinking “That is a huge dick.”

Just as I said it Janet turned her head and looked. Henry sat there with his cock fully erect. The night I saw him jacking off didn’t tell the whole picture at all. His cock was huge and as thick as Janet’s wrist. His cock looked to be bigger than Janet’s forearm. He was so hard you couldn’t even tell he was uncircumcised, and his nuts were enormous too.

His cock was standing straight up with the bulbous head of his cock pointing towards the sky. I couldn’t get over the proportions. I mean Henry is a big fellow no doubt, but ordinarily you think that the male genitals even on a large six foot three inch guy are somewhat normal like the rest of us, but not in this case.

As Janet looked I knew she was floored with the sight of it. Basically I knew she had seen dick’s before mine, even if in a photo, but this was a sight. It wasn’t “John Holmes” long, but the thickness was mind blowing.

Before I think she even knew what she was saying, Janet blurted “That doesn’t even belong on a human.” Henry laughed with a bit of embarrassment as Janet continued “Good Lord Henry.”

The entire we spoke, My cock was still all the way inside Janet. If I had moved an inch I would have came right then and there. I quickly withdrew to keep from coming, and just withdrawing almost made me come. As I did Henry said “Please don’t stop on my account, Oh God please don’t stop.”

Janet again pulled me down to her and began kissing me. As she did, she took her face and slid it odd to the right side of my face away from the direction of Henry and whispered “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, right.”

I didn’t reply, I simply continued kissing her. I knew if I entered her at this point, I’d come in seconds, so I jokingly rose up and said “Okay, break time. I need a shot of tequila after all this.”

As I rose up and walked to the table in front of Henry, with my cock wet and sticking straight out in front of me, I noticed Janet just laid there. As I brought the bottle of tequila up to my mouth I glance back and my mind was completely blown with how amazing Janet looked laying there. She just lied there with her legs still spread, one foot on the floor, and one leg raised up on the back of the bench seat. As she laid there, she put her arms over her head just relaxing, saying nothing.

Henry couldn’t take his eyes off her, and at this point still had his left hand on his cock as I swigged at the bottle of tequila. It’s safe to say that by this time, I was comfortably drunk. After a few seconds, Janet swung her leg off the top of the seat, spun around and stood up. God, It was amazing looking at her with just that knit white top and bra on. She looked absolutely amazing.

The instant she got over to where we were, she plopped down beside Henry and grabbed her drink she had earlier. She tilted it up and killed the last third glass. As she finished it and made another cute beer face, she wiped her mouth and looked right at Henry’s now slightly drooping cock.

To my utter amazement she asked “Can I touch it.”

Henry laughed nervously and said “Gosh, are you guys sure this is okay. Sure you can, absolutely.”

Janet began biting her bottom lip as she did when she became focused on something and reached with her right hand and softly gripped it. It was unbelievable how it looked, with her petite tanned hand and red fingernail polish. She just giggled and said “My God, it’s really big.”

She just held it there for a few seconds, when she spun herself more towards Henry, and slowly moved her hand to the top of his cock towards the head. Just as her hand got to within an inch of the top, a clear drip of liquid squeezed out of him. Henry couldn’t help it when he said “Oh my God.”

Janet glanced at me for a milisecond when she then slowly began moving her hand at the top of his cock. Within seconds she had smeared the preseminal fluid all over the head of his cock. In no time at all he was completely rigid again. Janet just stared at his cock as she moved her hand over the head of it. Around twenty seconds into it, Henry leaned suggestively towards Janet’s face, and they began to kiss.

By this time, my cock was firmly in my hand. Every few seconds Janet would let out a slight pent up exhale. I watched them do this a bit longer when Henry took his left hand, reached between Janet’s legs, and inserted his big middle finger inside Janet.

The instant he did, Janet let out the same pent up exhale, but this time she let out an “Ahhh” sound with it. That drove me as nuts as it did Henry. The more he fingered her, the more she got into jacking him off. I wasn’t sure what to expect next at all.

Just as I was really getting into watching, Janet stopped kissing Henry, slowly lowered onto her back, and spread her legs open. As she did I will never forget all she uttered. She simply and calmly said “Just don’t come inside me.”

This time Henry didn’t do the customarily ask for permission, before she even had it out of her mouth, he was raising up and getting himself between her legs. Before it could even set in, Henry positioned the huge head of his cock at Janet’s vaginal opening and pushed like he might not ever have another chance.

As he did, I was in utter shock at how Janet’s pussy spread around the head of his cock as he pushed. Just as the head of his cock went inside her, she arched her back and moaned deeply “Oh my God.” This must have driven Henry out of his mind, because right away, he began really pushing. Her opening was stretched in the most powerfully erotic way imaginable. Every thrust he went one to two inches deeper inside her.

After about a minute, he was all but an inch and a half inside her. The way she was gasping and moaning, I felt like I didn’t even know her. Henry continued thrusting inside her as she moaned loudly. The way she gripped the top of his thighs and moved her ass was driving me nuts. It wasn’t like she was moving it in a way to get more feeling, it was more like she was trying to keep the head of Henry’s cock from going in too deep.

I know it sounds like this went on for an hour, but it didn’t. After about three minutes, Henry began moaning and starting to jerk his body in an unmistakable way, one in which I knew he was close to exploding. He continued in this erratic way for about twenty seconds more when Janet began gasping “Be careful.”

The thing was, as Janet said it, I wasn’t sure if she meant it. She was moaning and pulling at Henry’s legs in such a way, you’d have to be a Zen Master to ignore it. As Henry was seconds from shooting his come, Janet began saying “Don’t stop, keep going.”

I think she was out of it and just into the moment when she was saying it, but I also think it was implied that she still wanted him to pull out. Either way, she meant it, Henry went with his own interpretation of what she was saying. The last few thrusts were unmistakably the last few before he shot his massive load. Just as he began tensing up and shaking, he thrust inside her like he would never come again. He let out a thunderous roar, as Janet also tensed up. In about a second after he held his breath and his body went wildly rigid, Janet forcefully inhaled, and kept on doing it.

Henry then began jerking his hips and moaning like a wild man with his cock now buried inside Janet. I knew when he went rigid and Janet sharply inhaled, she felt a powerful jet of his seed shoot point blank against her uterus. It was one thing for us to act crazy the night before with a condom full of come, but this time it was very different. He was delivering his sperm inside her with his huge cock spitting it out in forceful shots. It was beyond words watching my wife take his seed.

Janet continued gasping like she wanted him to just keep inseminating her fertile uterus. It was without a doubt the most intense act of human procreation. It went from watching two people fuck, to watching a man and a woman engage in a breeding frenzy. I didn’t even think it was possible for her to orgasm, but the more he ejaculated and forcefully moved his ass, the more she moved with him inside her.

Janet more and more became vocal, and wildly moving her ass. I knew she was building to something, I just didn’t know what. Then right out of the blue, she arched her head back so hard it looked as if she would snap her neck, and let out a moan that was not of this world. In my utter amazement, Henry seemed to be ejaculating again after a couple of minutes. I knew then as did Henry, she was having an earth shattering orgasm.

I was trying to wrap my mind around all of it. I realized I had never witnessed Janet having a real orgasm until this night. It was fifty times more than I had anticipated in my wildest erotic imaginations. I must say that it bothered me a lot seeing her strain during the deep quaking orgasm she experienced. I mean I had watched her get off on her toy a few times, but this was a true natural orgasm. I could actually see the waves of orgasm going through her body as she tensed up and relaxed between waves of ecstasy.

Even after she orgasmed they stayed in this impregnating embrace for several minutes. Finally as they both wound down, it was as if they snapped back to reality. Henry quickly jumped up saying “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I would never jeopardize all our friendships. God please tell me if I messed up.”

As he rose off Janet, a large plug of his semen rolled out of her vagina following the head of his cock. I was still in an erotic coma. Nothing could have ever prepare me for it. I mean all the time I spent fantasizing about it, paled in comparison to watching it all unfold.

Henry was a nervous wreck when he removed himself from between her legs as he paced a bit catching his breath. Janet continued to lay there with her legs still spread for about a minute, panting and slowly winding down. The thick leak of semen from her slightly gaped pussy was mind blowing.

She then slowly rose up on her elbows and jokingly said “If I’m pregnant this will be my boat to pay for the year I will be out of school.” She giggled again saying “What about that little part of don’t come inside me did e get wrong.”

Henry profusely began apologizing saying “I was confused, I remembered you saying it, but, I don’t know, it, well, at one point I, I, thought you may have wanted me to, or that it was okay.”

Janet quickly replied “Relax, I’m a big girl. We fucked, ejaculated, and that’s it.”

I was a bit perplexed and confused by that response, but relieved that she didn’t fly completely off the handle. Janet then stood with semen sticking between her upper inner thighs and quickly put her panties on. She then rose and said “I’m going to bed.”

I waited a few minutes before heading down. I wanted to give her a moment without me saying or doing something that could get me smacked. I continued consoling Henry who got the dream of his life, and in a gentilemanly way regretted how it went down. Let’s face it, I orchestrated everything with Janet and Henry, so they way they were feeling right about this time squarely fell on me.

After a bit, Henry calmed and I told him I wanted to go check on Janet. He immediately agreed, and down I went to find her. As soon as I opened the door to our cabin, there she sat on the edge of the bed. I slowly shut the door, leaned up against the wall and said nothing.

I think that bothered Janet as she soon asked “A bit more than you expected, right? You’re upset with me, right?”

I wasn’t what so ever, other than the fact that she had her first real orgasm with another man, but again, I could only be upset with myself in that I created the entire stage for it. As I stood there staring at the ceiling, she rose up and walked to me. When she did, she continued asking “Answer me. It went horribly wrong, yes. I didn’t know it would happen like that either. I’m sorry, it was just so taboo, so wrong. So many things were running through my mind.”

I quickly ask “What caused you to orgasm like that?”

She inhaled and sighed slowly replying “I don’t know, everything, like I said it was so taboo, wrong, almost animalistic. I was nervous, upset, horny, it even began to turn me on knowing you were watching us fuck, him being inside me without a condom, feeling him push against me, seeing you masturbate as it was happening, all of it. You realize when he suddenly stopped after a couple minutes, he squirted a little bit of semen inside me then. I’m not sure, that, plus all that was going on, it was like an outer body experience or something. I didn’t know I would orgasm. It wasn’t just one thing that caused it, it was everything.”

She began to say something else, but I cut her off as I began to kiss her. Just seconds into kissing, she backed towards the edge of the bed, and said “I want you so bad. God, I want you.”

I then slowly eased her to the bed, and pulled her panties from under her ass, as she raised her legs to assist me. The moment they cleared her pussy, I just about came. The crotch of her panties were flooded with come. It was sticking and clinging from her pussy to the crotch of the panties. I had never witnessed her pussy so engorged with glistening slick semen before. It looked as if she had been gang banged by several guys.

I was so worked up that I already had my shorts to my knees when I guided my cock into the spermy mess. As the head of my cock touched her soaked pussy lips all I could feel was her warmth, she was so lubricated it was as if the head of my cock was floating between her pussy lips.

I was so worked up, I began speaking out of my mind. Within a few words, I noticed Janet really getting into it. As I just moved the head of my cock between her pussy lips I began saying “God he shot you so full of sperm. You’re so full. I loved watching his big dick stretch you. I just about came when I watched him inseminating you. I bet you could feel it shoot against your cervix, taking all his seed into your uterus. Did you want his come inside you?”

The instant she said “Yes,” which I thought she would, I eased all of my cock inside her warm flooded pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off my cock going inside her. The more I thrust, the more semen squished and stuck between our crotches. The feeling of our slippery crotches and gentiles sliding, with me completely inside her was mind blowing.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be shocked more, Janet began giving back the same erotic banter with “Did you like watching him fuck me? Did you like watching him put his sperm inside my body? How does his semen feel inside me? God I could feel it shooting inside me, it just kept squirting. Do you like knowing I’m carrying his sperm. Oh my God, this is so fucking forbidden. You just watched a man fuck and inseminate your wife. He fucking made me orgasm. When I was sure you were okay with it, I really did want his semen inside me.”

I’m not even sure if she continued to speak, I practically blacked out when I began to come. She was jerking her hips with every wave of my semen that I shot inside her. I must have came for a solid minute, every time I thought it was over a new rush of hormones hit the head of my cock as it desperately pumped a drip or two more inside her.

I then withdrew and watched a semen flow leak out of her once again as I quickly inserted myself back inside her. We laid there like that, softly kissing and occasionally sliding the slippery cocktail of mine and Henrys semen between our crotches.

After several minutes of this, Janet grabbed my face and kissed me between words saying “I will admit when I’m wrong.”

I quickly asked her what she meant as she replied “You were right, I really really enjoyed it, a lot.”

Now I couldn’t remember everything leading up to these events, and wasn’t sure if I had mentioned how much she would enjoy it or not. I especially didn’t remember the “Really Really” part.

In my curiosity I replied “Enjoy what?”

She got a wide eyed playful expression and said “You know, silly.”

Again I asked jokingly “No, what? Since I was right, you have to tell me.”

She paused and looked into my eyes as she said “Fucking Henry silly. That’s what you wanted right? For me to enjoy it?”

I quickly said, in I’m sure a dumfounded way “Oh absolutely.” Trying to know the extent of where she was going with it, and realizing I hadn’t even entertained it happening beyond a one time event, I said “It was incredible. I’d love to watch him fuck you three times a day.”

There was a part of me that wanted her to say “Nope, once is enough,” but she didn’t. She got a mouth half opened look and said “Oh my God John, I know you loved it, but there’s no way I’d fuck him that much. You really liked it that much?”

Once she said it, it’s almost like she snapped into reality when she kissed me saying “I don’t think we should do it again. Let’s not even talk about it any more tonight, remember, we’re married, I’m not supposed to be having intercourse with other men, and you’re not supposed to enjoy watching a guy fuck me, especially without a condom. I mean, hey, you enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, he enjoyed it, everyone was sexually aroused and orgasmed, let’s just leave it at that.”

As I wound down, I of course knew she was right, we were married and it should indeed end with this one time thing. It was going to be difficult enough to act normal around one another as it was after everything that had taken place.

We eventually went to bed. I didn’t even go back top side as I customarily did, I just laid there wondering how to face Henry the next morning. As we woke, I momentarily went to fuck Janet, and she promptly rolled out of bed and into the restroom.

It was at that moment I decided I’d go topside to perhaps smooth over any weirdness there might be between Henry and us. As I broke through the deck, I instantly saw Henry on the back scuba deck. Before I could even utter a word, Henry said “Hey, Good-morning, I caught some red snapper you guy’s will love.”

As he was saying it I began with “Henry, about last night, I hope you don’t think poorly of us, we just…”

He interrupted with “Hey, listen, it was the ocean air, alcohol, crazy circumstances, you name it. Everything is fine. I’m elated you didn’t come up here to throw me overboard.”

I then confessed that I had way too much to drink and that I had let a pent up fantasy get away from me, that Janet was just a victim of it, etc, etc.

As it was, Henry was actually consoling me about how okay it was, how things happen, that it didn’t make us bad people, in fact, how it made us such a strong couple, and how much he respected us. I felt like a house had been lifted off me, but knew we’d have to start the whole conversation over once Janet came up.

After ten minutes or so, Janet did finally come up on deck, and to my utter surprise didn’t even mention it, didn’t seem embarrassed, didn’t seem oddly turned about anything. It was like it never even happened. I was a bit confused by it, almost hoping she get some closure saying something, but quickly surmised that she was more mature about it than I was, and given the circumstances’, that was perfectly fine.

We started the day much like any, breakfast, going ashore, taking a tour of some ruins. Later that evening as we got to the dingy, about to return to the boat, Janet said “Gosh, let’s get a room on the beach, take real showers, and have food and drinks brought to us, wouldn’t that be a great break?”

Henry instantly said “Damn, I was hoping someone would suggest that. I would have already mentioned it, but thought you guys preferred the boat. I never spend that much time on the boat once I port somewhere.”

Janet replied “Settled, let’s go get some things, and come back.” Janet gave Henry a big hug and said “Thanks for having us on this trip buddy.” As she did, she gave that beautiful smile, and put her gorgeous feet on his left leg. The entire day, I was trying to forget everything that had happened, but every little subtlety swerved my mind back to my fantasy.

Henry quickly chuckled saying “I think the world of you two, you’re like family. The pleasure is all mine.”

It took about thirty minutes to get back to shore and once we did, Janet began feeling her second wind saying “Let’s all go out. I want to wear my sun dress we bought today.”

Henry was a true “Yes man” so the answer to him was always “Yes.”

I had little choice in it, but also wanted to get out and relax at a sea side table and unwind. I was still hung over and thought Janet would be too, but she didn’t show it if she was. As usual, Henry and I were ready in minutes, but it took Janet a bit longer to get ready. Now you wouldn’t think it, but her having a full bathroom, a real full shower, etc., must have made a difference.

She emerged from the bathroom in that mini sundress, with slip on four inch heel’s, and I was blown away as was Henry.

Janet looked at both of us and said giggling “Oh my God, I can practically feel you guys staring at me, I guess that’s a compliment?”

Henry said “Sweetheart, you drive men nuts.”

She then giggled and said “Not trying to drive all men nuts, just my two special men who love me.”

We all laughed, but it slightly bothered me that she included Henry in that comment, but I didn’t dwell on it. We finally left the hotel arriving at the bar downstairs and made our way to the back patio where we started out very slowly with drinks. There were no waitresses so we had to pretty much go to the bar and get our own drinks and take them back to the table.

After finishing up a round and bull shitting for a while I went to the bar for a round. As I waited at the bar I noticed Janet taking off a shoe and putting her foot in Henry’s hand, almost as if he asked for her to. I couldn’t hear a word they were saying as I was about thirty feet away, I just knew that this was how it all began last time.

As I watched, it was innocent enough, but I knew somehow there was more to it than sore feet. All I could see was their mouths moving. I had no idea what they were conversing about, but I could see Janet giggling shaking her head “No.”

The more I waited, the more it drove me nuts. I then moved to the opposite side of the bar and waited for the drinks. I could see Henry and Janet through some plants separating us, but they had no idea where I was. The table we all sat at was quite secluded, so I figured if they were actually messing around it wouldn’t be difficult.

I noticed Janet raise up a bit and look towards the bar where she had last seen me, and their conversation looked something like “I’m not sure where he went.” I watched for a few minutes more when Henry covered his mouth towards the bar and was saying something to Janet. As he was speaking, Janet’s mouth opened half way in a slight smile, as she giggled shaking her head “No.”

He kept speaking to her, and her expression went from a giggling “No” to very straight faced look. Janet again raised up and looked for me, when she too took her hand to her face and began saying something to him. Once she said it, Henry just waved his hand and they both went back normal conversation, almost as if I were there.

In my gut, I knew they weren’t wondering what drinks I would be bringing back. Upon arriving back at the table Janet quickly asked “Where’d you go baby? One minute you were there, the next you weren’t.”

I replied “Oh I had to run to the boys room, it’s all good.”

We sat there and drank our drinks for about an hour when Janet said “Let’s turn in early if we’re going to do a tour marathon tomorrow.”

Henry quickly agreed, and following suit so did I. I was a wreck thinking that Janet was hatching a plan to get with Henry. It was eating me alive. We eventually left the bar and went back to the hotel, this time no one was incisively drunk, just pleasantly relaxed.

I was so ate up with wondering, I made a plan to test it. It wasn’t my ultimate plan to all be in the same hotel room, but it was a rather large room, and Henry elected to take to fold out couch in the living room of the suite. I must be twisted, but I began opening drapes and blinds, not to let the breeze in, but to be able to see in.

I decided to come up with a reason for them to be alone. I had to know. It was now driving me insane. I was very upset with myself at this point thinking that regardless of what Janet would do, it was all my fault. If I had just let things be normal, then they’d have been normal. She wouldn’t have fucked him at all had it not been for me.

With my paranoia driving me nuts, I quickly said “Oh shit, I left my running shoes on the boat. I need to run grab them. I can’t trek the Mexican hillsides in flip-flops.”

Henry being the nice guy he was replied “No, no, I will go get them, I need to make sure we are all secured back there anyway.”

I cut him of saying “I got it, I’ll lock back up, not a problem at all.” Before leaving the room, I asked Janet “You want to walk me down?” She immediately said she would, and off we went.

Just as we entered the stairwell, I pulled her to me and began kissing her like a mad man. My hand instantly went under her dress and began fingering her pussy under her panties. As I fingered her she said “Oh my God, you need to hurry back baby. Please don’t be long. In fact, maybe you shouldn’t even go.”

I then replied almost as if to get reassurance that she’d never do anything without me being there. I thought of the wildest thing I could say, something I was sure she’d damn near slap me over. I needed to have her say “No” at this point. As I fingered and kissed her wildly I uttered “I want him to fuck your brains out while I’m gone. I want you full of his come when I get back.” She didn’t utter a word, I just continued kissing her and fingering her. I went on with “I want you to orgasm on his big dick when his sperm it squirting inside you.”

She still said nothing. I thought she was going to orgasm on my hand as I spoke. She just gasped and moved her ass with my hand as she looked into my eyes. Now desperate for a response, any response, I began going off the deep end. I was insane needing to hear her say “No, Are you fucking nuts? Kiss my ass! You need help..” something, anything.

I then began very forcefully putting three fingers inside her, and I can tell you now, she was gasping, having a look on her face I’ll never forget, one of total confusion and unbelievable ecstasy. I continued on with “I’m not even going back to the boat, I want you to fuck him now, and after he inseminates you, I’m going to take you down to the beach where those guys are watching the dingy, and watch you fuck that nineteen year old guy and his friends. Let’s see how many men you can make ejaculate.”

Just as I was about to continue on with more “And then I want to watch them…”

She closed her eyes and gasped “God that so nasty dirty… Henry first right?”

I can’t begin to tell you what a mind job that did on me. I know Janet better than anyone, and the way she said “Okay,” and the way she looked at me, she meant it.

I then replied in shock “Yes, uh, let’s start with Henry.”

She then replied “Oh my God, I love you so much John, I thought you were fucking insane baby, but I can’t believe how much it turns me on that you actually, really, really, want it, I mean you seriously want to watch me do it, that it turns you on so much. It’s just so fucking wrong, so nasty dirty, were not supposed to do this baby… I can’t even look at relatively normal guy now without imagining him inside me while you watch. That’s still okay right?”

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