Brian’s Wife’s Tale



I was looking forward to the camping trip. Brian had been talking about it for a while. His friends Johnny and some girl were coming. We’d known Johnny got a while. We’d never met the girl. It was going to be nice to get away, work had been crazy and with Brian in the military his schedule was erratic. To finally get away together would be great. Truthfully I was dying to have some fun. It had been a while and this plan to get away was perfect.

Johnny called me Wednesday and asked if I wanted to go shopping for supplies with him. Since we were going together we decided to do all the cooking and lack together so we didn’t over,ap supplies.

I agreed to go shopping. I liked Johnny. He was smart, funny, and a flirt. He was fun to be around. Brian would not be home till late so we could get stuff done.

Johnny said he’d pick me up at our house and we’d go from there. It sounded good and we made plans.

I thought about Johnny. We’d known him for 10 years. He was a good looking guy. We often flirted, it was all in fun. A lot of teasing and sexual innuendo. There was no thought anything would really happen. Just light fun.

I laughed to myself. If only he knew.

While dating, Brian and I had done a little swinging. 3somes, 4somes, group sex. When we got married we’d quit that lifestyle. Truthfully I wasn’t enjoying it that much. I didn’t feel a connection with people. I would fuck someone I just met and maybe never see them again. It was empty and boring. I didn’t regret what we did but I lost interest in pursuing it.

Brian was disappointed. I’m pretty sure he wanted to continue, but I was done. He grudgingly agreed. Every once in awhile he’d bring it up, he’d even suggest I have an affair, but I’d always say no.

However, that didn’t mean I was dead. I still enjoyed the flirting. I liked looking good for Johnny. He was always quick with the compliment and they were sincere. I also liked the way he looked at me. There was always that look of ‘I’d do you’ along with a funny compliment filled with innuendo. I’d usually respond with a lime innuendo or, “You wish.”

Johnny would be there in 30 minutes. I was in a t shirt and jeans, but, I always tried to wear something to peak Johnny’s interest and get a response when I was around him. Nothing to crazy, but at least show a bit of cleavage.

I went in my room and stripped to my panties and bra. I pulled out a pair of jeans I thought I looked really good in and started looking for the tight top.

As I was looking the doorbell rang. I looked at the clock. It had to be Johnny. He was a little early. I grabbed a robe and went to answer the door.

Sure enough it was Johnny. When I opened the door he checked me out in my robe. The robe was not too revealing. It was a nylon robe and It came down mid thigh. However, when I went to answer the door I didn’t tie the sash, I was just holding the robe closed.

Johnny, smiled, “Hmmmm, looks like we’re dressed for separate things here,” he joked. “I like your idea better.”

I laughed. “You wish,” I said. “I’ll be dressed in a minute.”

“Please, don’t get dressed on my account. In fact I’d prefer undressed.”

I laughed again. “You perv,” I said. “Do you want anything while I go change?”

“Can I watch?” he joked.

“I’ll be right back,” I said.

I headed back to my room. I knew he was watching me walk away. I had the urge to drop my robe and continue to my room in my bra and panties. I wondered what he’d do. The thought made my pussy tingle.

I got back to my room and pulled on my jeans. I decided on a loose red top that showed a lot of cleavage. I brushed out my hair and went back to Johnny. He was sitting in the living room with a beer. Not unusual, we’d been friends for years. He was always comfortable enough to help himself.

He looked up when I entered the room. “Well, not what I was hoping for, but you look nice,” he said.

“Oh? What were you hoping for,” I flirted back.

“That you’d come back without the robe?” He teased.

“Well, I’m not wearing the robe.” Two can play at this game.

We both laughed and headed to his car.

He opened the door for me and. as I shifted in. he got a great view down my top. I caught him looking.

“Enjoying the view?” I teased. I actually liked that he was looking. After all, I wore a low cut top for a reason.

“Well, I’d like to see more, but what I see is perfect,” he replied.

We went shopping. The whole time we flirted and laughed. I was enjoying myself. He made me feel attractive. Not that Brian didn’t, but a little extra attention never hurt. Some of the flirting included touching. He’d pat my ass, or put his arms around me and hold me. He’d even get behind me, put his arms around my waist, and pull me into him. I’d laugh and grind my ass into him a bit just for fun. Once I bent over to get something and he stood behind me and pulled me into him like he was fucking me from behind. It was all fun.

We got everything and headed home. It had been fun. Brian still wasn’t home. Johnny helped me carry everything in. When we were done I offered him a beer. He accepted and we sat joking and talking for a few.

By this time I’d had enough of wearing my bra. I did that thing where you pull your bra out through your sleeve. Johnny joked not to stop there. I don’t know why, but I’d been having so much fun, I pulled up my shirt and flashed him.

“There, happy?” I said.

Johnny was stunned for a second and then quipped, “Happier than I’ve been all week.”

I laughed we talked a bit more. Brian came home and we all chatted a bit about the weekend and then Johnny left. Brian went to our room. I walked Johnny to the door.

Johnny opened his arms to hug me goodbye, he’d done that plenty of times. The difference this time is instead of kissing my cheek, he gave me a quick kiss on the lips and when he pulled me in, both hands were on my ass. I laughed and pushed him away. He waved goodbye and left.

The phone rang. I heard Brian answer. “Hey there, oh she did? Well, that’s too bad. Then why don’t you still come. How long have we been friends? You won’t be a third wheel. Come anyway.”

They talked a bit more, and Johnny agreed to come. Turns out the girl Johnny was dating broke it off. It hadn’t been that long. Something about that made my heart beat faster. Alone in the woods with Brian and Johnny? It was funny, I’d done 3 somes before but that’s not what I was fantasizing about. I was thinking about me and Johnny. Nothing graphic, just a fun little fantasy. The kind we all have.

It was Friday, the day we were supposed to go. I got stuck at work grading papers and was running late. I suggested Johnny and Brian get everything ready and come get me. I told them I could change when we got there.

About 6:00 I was done and the guys showed up. They were ready for camping. I was dressed for work. I had on a pullover light shirt, that overlapped the waist of my skirt, and appropriate above the knee skirt. I got in the passenger seat, Johnny climbed in the back seat, and we headed off chatting pleasantly like friends do.

As we rode along Johnny was leaning forward chatting with us. All of a sudden I felt his hand on my side. The one towards the passenger side. I didn’t say anything. One, I didn’t want to freak Brian out, two, I liked it.

Since I didn’t do anything Johnny’s hand took more liberties. I felt his hand run from my hip to my bra line on my side. It tickled a bit but I liked it. It was about a 2 hour drive to the campground. The sun was already going down. It would be dark when we got there.

Brian and Johnny continued to talk. I felt Johnny’s hand slide under my blouse. Now Johnny’s hand was caressing me from the waistline of my skirt to the bottom of my bra. I could feel his hand on my skin. It felt electric. I was enjoying it. The fact that Brian had no idea what was going on was making it even hotter.

Every once in awhile I’d turn away, or slap Johnny’s hand, or give him a dirty look, but it was playful in nature. As the sun went down it made it harder for Brian to see what was happening. Johnny’s hand slipped up and cupped my breast. I had been working so I was wearing a fairly utilitarian bra, but still I could feel his fingers on my nipples. He’d never done that before, but the situation was kind of turning me on.

As his fingers touched my nipple I gave a sharp intake of breath. Brian heard me.

“Are you ok?” He asked.

‘Yes I’m ok, your best friend is just playing with my tits’ I thought.

In reality I said, “Yes I’m fine. Just dozed off I guess.”

“Well, I’m going to stop in half an hour. Why don’t you close your eyes and rest,” he suggested.

I smiled inwardly. I turned with my butt towards Brian and rested my head on the passenger door. This gave Johnny complete access to my boobs. He slid his hand up under my bra and started playing with my nipples. It felt good. I turned back facing forward in my seat.

“Ugg, this bra is killing me,” I said. As with a lot of women, it was not unusual for me to get out of my bra as soon as I got home. I reached behind me, unclasped it, and pulled it out though my sleeve.

Johnny made a joke about ‘Letting those babies loose’. We all laughed and I threw the bra at him in the back seat. He made another joke.

“If you catch a garter at a wedding, that means you’re next to get married. If you catch a bra does that mean you’re the next to feel them?”

Again we all laughed.

“You wish,” said Brian. “She doesn’t let anyone touch them but me, but I assure you they’re great.”

Knowing that Johnny had just been playing with my nipples, I smiled inwardly.

“Well, I’m going to close my eyes again,” I said and turned back towards the window. I was pretty sure Johnny’s hands would be all over my tits. The anticipation was making me wet.

Sure enough, as soon as I turned my body, Johnny’s hand was playing with my tits and pulling at my nipples. The whole time he was leaning forward and talking to Brian in the front seat. Sometimes he made little jokes that only I would get.

“It’s going to be a little nippley outside when we get there.”

“It would be nice to go camping and explore the Grand Tetons someday.

I pretended to be sleeping and tried to keep from giggling. I was totally enjoying the sensation of his hands on my tits.

Eventually we reached the rest area. We all got out and stretched. It was getting a little chilly out and my nipples stood out against my shirt. Johnny poked Brian and pointed to me, “See, nippley just like I said.” We all laughed.

It was time to go. I told Brian I was still tired and was going to sit in the back seat to stretch out. Brian looked concerned and suggested Johnny come sit up front. Johnny said he wanted to push the passenger seat all the way forward and stretch out too.

Brian had a strange look on his face and looked from Johnny to me and back. Then he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Ok, let’s go.”

Brian got in front. Johnny climbed in the passenger side. I got in behind Brian. By this time is was a pretty dark out. Johnny moved to the middle and started talking to Brian. At the same time he slid his hand up my thigh under my dress. He didn’t even pretend to go slow. He slid it right up to my panties and started playing with my pussy through my panties. I sighed.

“Everything ok back there?” asked Brian in a concerned voice. He tried to see through the rear view mirror. Johnny was still in the middle leaning over the seats so all Brian could see was Johnny’s face.

“Yes, I replied “Just tired.” Then I said, ” Can you turn up the radio? I love this song.”

Brian turned up the radio. Johnny kept up a conversation with Brian while his fingers rubbed my pussy through my panties.

This was so naughty. I’d never really gone beyond flirting, teasing, and light touching before. I knew I was really at the very limit of teasing at this point. The next step would pretty much say he could have my body. I thought about Brian. He was always trying to get me back into swinging, but this was different. Brian didn’t know and I didn’t want to tell him. I knew I should stop, but I didn’t. I liked the naughtiness of it. I spread my legs to give Johnny easier access.

Johnny took the opportunity. He slid his fingers under my panties and into my pussy. I was very wet. They went right in and I let out a moan. Again Brian heard me.

“Are you ok back there?” he again looked in the rear view mirror but all he could see was Johnny.

“I’m fine,” I replied. I just had a kink in my neck.”

Johnny did not stop playing with my pussy while I was talking to Brian.

Brian looked concerned. “If you need me to stop, let me know.”

Talking to Brian while being fingered secretly in the back seat was too much. I came. I tried to muffle it and answer Brian at the same time.

“Uhn, umm , no, umm I’m, (pause, breath) OK,” I finally responded.

“You sure,” Brian asked again.

I’d come down off the orgasm. “I’m sure,” I said.

Johnny chirped in. “We must be coming close by now.”

I silently slapped him on the arm.

Brian, thinking it was a serious question’ said, “About 25 minutes.”

Brian got back to driving. Johnny pulled his wet fingers out of my pussy and brought them to my mouth. I sucked them in and licked them clean. Johnny reached up and grabbed the waistband of my panties and tried to pull them down. With the way I was sitting there was no way he’d get them off. Instead, I raised my hips and pushed them down from the other side. I pulled them off my feet and stuffed them in my purse. From there I just spread my legs. I must have had 2 more orgasms by the time we reached the campground.

The boys started setting up and I went to the restroom to change into something camping appropriate. We figured they’d set up camp while I made dinner. We were all working when Johnny exclaimed, “Shit.”

“What’s wrong?” asked Brian.

“I think I forgot my tent poles,” Johnny replied.

They both went to the car and started looking. Sure enough Johnny had forgotten them. It never occurred to me he might have done it on purpose. Later he swore to me he hadn’t.

Johnny looked around. “It’s ok,” he said. “Using a rope and some tarps I can make a tent.”

“Nonsense,” I said. “We have a four man tent. Just share with us.”

Brian was not thrilled with the idea. I think he realized that would ruin any chance of him getting any that weekend. “I’m sure Johnny does not want to share our crowded tent,” he said.

Truthfully he was right. When they say a four man tent, they mean four skinny guys packed like sardines. Still I was not letting Johnny sleep outside.

“We’re not making Johnny sleep under a tarp in the woods,” I said.

Brian realized there was no sense in arguing. They finished setting up and I finished making dinner.

Dinner was nice, good conversation, a few beers, and a conversation that mellowed to nothing around a warm campfire. A perfect night.

After a while I started yawning. “I think it’s bedtime for me.”

The guys agreed we were all tired.

“I’ll go in and put on my pajamas. Then I’ll come out and you guys can change,” I suggested.

“I didn’t bring pajamas,” said Johnny. “I usually sleep nude, but I can sleep in my boxers.”

I laughed. “Ok, let me go change.”

It was cold so I had brought long pajamas. They had ducks on them. I stripped out of my clothes and underwear and put them on. When I was done I called the boys in.

“Sexy,” Johnny said. We all laughed.

We started to lay out the sleeping bags. Brian suggested we zip ours together. That always makes me claustrophobic and I said no. Then Brian suggested he sleep in the middle. I told him that was stupid as I was the smallest and that would give them more shoulder room. Honestly, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

We laid the sleeping bags down, the boys got undressed, and we climbed in. I fell asleep.

I’m not sure what time it was but I was woken by a tugging at my sleeping bag. Brian was snoring, so I knew it was Johnny. It seems the zipper of my bag was on his side and he was undoing it. I pretended to be asleep. He pulled the zipper all the way down.

When it was down his hand snuck over and started playing with my tits. There was no way I could pretend to be asleep. I looked at him. He put his finger to his lip and shushed me.

I was torn. I wasn’t sure how far I wanted this to go, but it was making me horny. Having Brian right beside me made it even more of a turn on. I closed my eyes and let him do what he wanted. I could feel my pussy getting wet and my nipples were hard.

He then started moving his hand south. He slipped it under my PJ bottoms to my pussy. I spread my legs to give him access. It didn’t take long for me to cum. One hand I put on top of my pajama bottoms over his to hold/push it in place . I bit on the sleeve of my other arm so I wouldn’t make too much noise.

I listened to the sound of Brian snoring. He was still asleep.

Next Johnny nudged me to roll over on my side facing Brian. I did. Brian had his back to me. Johnny grabbed the waist of my pajamas and started pulling them down. I raised my hips to help him. He pulled them down just past my ass and pussy. I felt him move, then I felt something against my ass. I realized he’d pulled his cock out.

He scooched down and placed his cock against my pussy. I pushed my ass back to give him a better angle. Because I was so wet from my orgasm he slid right in. I couldn’t help much in the position I was in, but with my legs squeezed together like this I could feel the pressure in my clit as well as his cock in my pussy.

He slowly started pumping in and out of me. I tried to stay as still as I could. I felt so naughty. I was scared Brian would wake up and wondering what would happen if he did. I also couldn’t believe I was doing this and was loving his cock in my pussy. It was fucking hot.

Just then Brian’s breathing changed. I lay perfectly still. He was no longer snoring. Johnny stopped for a second then started fucking me again. Was he crazy? What if Brian woke up? What if Brian was awake? The thoughts were so exciting I came again. This time with a moan.

Without moving Brian said, “Are you ok?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Just felt a rock under me and had to move.”

As I said that I could feel Johnny start to cum. I could feel him filling my pussy. In the position we were in, some cum leaked out. I came again.

“Ahhhhhhh,” I moaned.

“I take it you found a better position?” said Brian.

I could feel Johnny’s cock slide out of me leaving a sticky mess on the back of my thighs. I rolled back on my back, pulled my PJs up and went to sleep. I dreamed of Johnny fucking me while Brian was looking for me.

In the morning we got up and had breakfast. Brian wanted to go fishing. I thought I’d go for a hike. Brian asked Johnny if he’d like to go fishing with him but Johnny said he thought a hike was a great idea. Brian suggested we all go hiking then. Johnny convinced him to go fishing and we’d all meet at the campsite for lunch.

Brian grabbed his gear and headed off. Johnny and I headed the opposite way. We were about a half mile from camp when Johnny pushed me against a tree, pulled my shirt and bra up and started playing with my tits. I laid my head back against the tree. While he was playing with my tits I realized he’d never kissed me. Somehow that made it dirtier and more exciting.

“You can’t just grab my tits or fuck me,” I said.

Sure I can,” he replied. “Say stop and I’ll stop.”

I didn’t say stop.

“That’s what I thought,” he said.

He unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans and panties down to my knees. Then he pushed me to my knees.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Yesterday it was hard to really tell how big it was. We were in an awkward position. Today I could tell. It was about an inch longer and much thicker than Brian’s.

“Suck it,” he said.

I wrapped my lips around it and my hand around the shaft. I had always loved giving blowjobs. Somehow Brian and I got out of the habit.

I could taste the pre cum at the tip of his cock. I loved it. As I sucked his cock he grabbed my hair and guided my mouth on his cock. At one time he pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed its saliva covered head all over my face. I just tilted my head back, mouth open, enjoying the sensation and waiting for him to stick it in my mouth again.

After a while he pulled out of my mouth. He got behind me and pushed me down on all fours. He lined his cock up with my pussy. Again I was so wet he slid right in.

This time it was different than last night. Then he moved slowly. This time he pounded my pussy.

“Fuck yes,” I moaned. “God that feels good. Fuck me. Oh god, fuck me.”

I was loving it. He didn’t let up he just kept pounding me. I kept moaning.

I looked up for a second. I saw something move a distance away. Oh my god, it was Brian. He caught us. I was just about to stop Johnny when I noticed that Brian wasn’t coming towards us. I could see that he was trying to hide, watching us, and jacking off. I knew Johnny didn’t see him.

That set me off. I could feel my orgasm riding. “Oh god, yes, fuck me, harder.” This time I made sure it was loud enough for Brian to hear. “Oh my god. I’m cumming.”

I came hard. Johnny slowed down for a moment letting me catch my breath. Once I did, I started again. “Don’t stop, I want your cum. Fill my pussy. Fuck me. Cum in me.”

Johnny started banging me hard again. I could still make out Brian where he was.

I felt Johnny stiffen up. As I felt his cum fill my pussy I came again.

“Oh my god, yes, give me all that cum. God that feels so good, so hot.”

I could feel the last spurts as his cock started to slide from my pussy. I stayed on my knees for a moment and let some of the juices drip out of me onto my thighs.

Johnny then pulled my face to his cock and said, ” Clean me up.”

I sucked his cock into my mouth sucking the cum and my push juices off of it. I loved the way it tasted. When I was done, Johnny just said, “Let’s head back.”

I stood up, pulled my pants up and straightened my clothes. We headed back to camp. Brian was there before us.

“How was the fishing,” Johnny asked, oblivious to the fact that Brian had been watching us.

“Nothing biting,” Brian answered. “How was the hike?”

Johnny answered in typical Johnny fashion, “You know, birds singing, animals humping, the usual.”

I snickered. Brian looked bemused.

“Sounds like the usual to me,” he said.

The rest of the day and evening went nicely, reading, some card games, dinner and then relaxing around the fire. Again I started yawning.

“Looks like bed time,” said Brian.

I went into the tent to change Brian came with me. I put on the same duck pjs I had on the night before. We called Johnny into the tent. He stripped down to his boxers and got in his sleeping bag. Almost immediately Brian turned his back to us and started breathing regularly. Usually he snores a bit, but not always.

Johnny and I were laying on our backs. I snuck my hand down, pulled his cock out of his boxers, and started jacking him off slowly. We all just laid there for a while.

After about 15 minutes I figured Brian was asleep or faking it. Assuming he was watching earlier I figured what the hell. I didn’t want either of them to know I saw Brian but it made me bolder.

I turned on my side again. This time I pushed my bottoms all the way off. I positioned myself so Johnny would have a much easier time entering me. As usual my pussy was soaking wet. Johnny slid his cock in me and again started fucking me with long slow strokes. I let out a few moans. Brian didn’t move.

As Johnny fucked me I felt my orgasm grow. I started almost whimpering. All of a sudden Brian said, “Are you ok?”

All movement stopped. As he said it, I came, hard, I kind of stammered out, “I’m sorry, I must have been having a nightmare.”

“Sounded more like a dirty dream to me,” he said.

He then closed his eyes. Johnny started slowly pumping me again. After about 5 minutes he pulled out of me. He rolled me on my stomach away from Brian and climbed on top of me. He position his cock against my pussy and started fucking me again. I pushed my ass up a bit to give him better access. He was quiet, but fucking me harder. If Brian had woken up he definitely would have caught us. But Brian didn’t wake up.

I felt Johnny start to stiffen. His body started to shudder as I felt his cum shoot into me. I muffled my face in my pillow as I came again.

We were soon both asleep. When we woke up Brian was out of the tent. My ass was uncovered by the sleeping bag. I realized I forgot to put my bottoms on. I panicked a bit. I pulled my bottoms on and stepped out of the tent.

“Hey sleepy head,” said Brian. “Want some coffee?” He came over, handed me a cup and kissed me.

The rest of the day went pretty normal. We hung out, packed up camp and headed home. I sat in the front, Johnny in the back. He still made his jokes, but he didn’t touch me. It was like nothing happened.

Life has pretty much returned to normal. We still hang out with Johnny. He still flirts with me. Even in front of Brian, just like always. However sometimes, when we make plans with Johnny, Brian calls and says he got stuck working and can’t make it. I always suggest we cancel, but he always insists Johnny and I go out.

Brian still tries to get me back into swinging. He’s suggested 3 somes, even with Johnny, he’s even suggested I take a lover. I always say no and that I’m not into it anymore but I admit, that on the days I’m alone with Johnny, I let him fuck me any hole he wants.

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