A Game Gone Wrong



Bryan Callahan had been a local town sports hero in high school. 8-1 on the mound his senior season of high school leading the Stoke Panthers to their first ever state championship in any sport. At the time the 6’1″, 180 pounder caught the eyes of college recruiters from all over the country. His dad, a local cop, had died years ago from a sudden heart attack, so Bryan chose the university closest to home to ply his trade. He wanted to stay close to home, to help out his mom, and his baby brother.

Unfortunately for Bryan, his pitching in college didn’t compensate for his lack of effort in the classroom. Even with tutors and all of the help the university could provide at the end of his freshman year, Bryan was done with college. In a small midwest town his choices were to be a cop or work in a local factory. He talked with his uncle, the local police chief and was told, “You have a job in this department, but you have to qualify and I can’t help you with that. Your grades won’t get you into the police academy, so you will have to take the other route, which is military service. Do your time, come out and transition with your VA benefits and you can complete the couple of classes you’ll need and come to work here, it’s a family tradition.”

It was a plan, probably even a good plan. Bryan loved his life in the Corp. Semper Fi, he qualified to be a Marine Sniper. Bryan was good. A good kid by everyone’s standard. He got into trouble, but never too much trouble. He laughed a lot, he was fun to be around. However, the Second Battle of Fallujah changed all of that. Too many of his friends died in that hell hole. Bryan was wounded, earning his Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. Mix in more combat in Afghanistan and more medals and Bryan returned home a conquering hero.

However, now the reality of combat had changed him. There was a monster lurking beneath the smile and the laugh. There was a darkness behind his dancing green eyes. A monster that Laura Branson would soon meet.

Laura was a long time friend of Bryan’s mom, Laura’s son was the best friend of Bryan’s brother. They played baseball and basketball together at the high school. Laura worked in a local school district and was married to Mark. Mark drove truck and made it to as many of the boys games as he could. These families ate together, had family bonfires together, they sat together at ball games – That’s where we pick up the story.

It’s a Tuesday night in the middle of summer, the two boys are playing a game on the baseball field and Mark is getting ready for a softball game a couple of fields over. Laura and Norma – Bryan’s mom are in the stands watching the boys game as Bryan walks up. There is general chit chat between the three of them about the game, about the boys, when Mark pulls up in his truck.

“Hey, Bryan – wanna play?”

Bryan looks down at Mark, who stands about 5’5″, “Softball? Man, it’s been a few years since I swung a bat.”

Norma looked at her son, “Go ahead B – it will be good for you, burn off some steam. Your brother is catching tonight, go grab his spare glove – have fun.

Laura piped up, “This game is almost over, the boys will run rule them at the end of the inning, we will all come down and watch you boys play.”

Bryan looked up at her sitting in the bleachers, “Boys? Really?” He smirked and his eyes twinkled as Laura blushed just a tiny bit. He looked at Mark, “Sure, just to show your wife how the men play.”

After the kids games, they and Laura and Norma headed down to the softball fields to watch the guys play. Bryan was playing center field and Mark was playing second base. Midway through the third inning they were both fixated on a shallow fly ball. Mark going out full speed looking over his shoulder and Bryan charging full speed focused on the ball. At the last second Bryan dove as Mark ducked just missing the muscular Marine coming at him full speed.

Mark looked at him, pissed, “Dude, fucking call me off, you don’t have to run over me.”

Bryan’s eyes narrowed, “How about you stay the fuck out of my way, that was my ball the entire way.” Mark stood up, his head barely coming to Bryan’s shoulders his eyes narrowed, Bryan just smiled, “Go ahead old man, take your one swing – that’s all you’ll get and your pretty little wife will see what happens when little boys like you take on a grown man.”

Mark turned and shook his head as he walked back to his position as Bryan jogged back to his. As the game got later, Bryan gunned down a runner going for third firing a laser from deep center. Folks began to hear that the local hero was on the fields and the crowds began to gather just to watch. (The joys of small town life)

In the bottom of the 7th with the team down by a run, Mark singled, before the next two batters flew out. Bryan came to the plate and Laura (and every other woman at the field) watched as his arms flexed in his t-shirt, his thighs stretched the legs of his shorts. He came to the plate as the first pitch crossed just outside the strike zone, “Strike” came the call from the umpire. Bryan stepped out and glared at him. The second pitch came in way outside. Finally the pitch came Bryan was looking for, a bit flat, just on the inner half of the plate. His hips began to uncoil as his arms flexed and the metal bat made contact with the ball. This was a no doubter as Bryan let out a grunt and stood and watched the ball sail far over the left field fence.

After the game as the families sat around talking Mark spoke up, “Damn Bryan, hell of a game, even though you almost ran into me.”

Laura laughed, “Honey, look at him, he wouldn’t have ran into you, he would have run over you.”

“Yeah Dad,” his son chuckled, “This would have been a hospital trip for you.”

Bryan laughed, “Glad you enjoyed watching the boys play, Laura”

Mark feeling embarrassed started to walk to the car.

Laura looked up at the young striking man. “You played well, quite the Slugger”

Bryan looked at her, “Slugger, I like it, I may keep it.”

She blushed, “I may have to charge you for it.”

Bryan’s eyes took on a serious look as everyone began to head to their cars, as he was walking beside Laura he whispered, “Whatever the price, I’ll pay it.” The back of his hand brushed against her ass as he walked by leaving Laura to wonder what his intentions were.

Over the next few weeks Bryan would bring his brother over to Laura’s to drop him off and there was some general banter and flirting as she would stand by his truck. Soon, they started texting and the flirting increased. This went on for a few weeks, never overtly sexual but always flirtatious. Laura was having fun and enjoying the attention.

One day, Laura had taken the kids to her mom’s and driving back to the farm she passed Bryan heading uptown. She texted him and ended up asking him if he wanted to stop by for a bit. 5 minutes later Bryan was walking in her front door and without a word he kissed her, gently easing her back into the washing machine. Laura fought the emotions, she was kissing someone 10 years younger than her, someone not her husband, she hadn’t intended things to go this far, but she was curious. She had only ever been with Mark and with his job and his personality she was enjoying the attention she was getting from Bryan. She had watched him play in high school, she knew he was a player – in more ways than one. She had seen the hero’s welcome he got when he returned home, and she had to admit, she was flattered that he would be attracted to her.

She was in control though. A couple of kisses, nothing more than that. She lead him into the living room and sat down next to him, he was a bigger guy than Mark. There was some kissing on the couch, but through it all Bryan was as respectful as someone can be as he is making out with another man’s wife. His hands weren’t overly aggressive, he wasn’t forcing anything, just some kissing and some talking. They even talked about how awkward it was, that Laura was friends with his mom, and that Bryan’s younger brother was best friends with Laura’s son. At one point Laura got up to go to the bathroom, and Bryan took the opportunity to look around the living room a bit. Bryan didn’t stay long, but long enough to get what he needed. She walked him to the door and he pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply, his tongue dancing with hers for a few minutes before he stepped back and winked at her and said he hoped he would see her at the game tomorrow night.

As the days went on there was some more texting and more flirting. A couple of weeks had gone by and they had seen each other at baseball games, softball games, a couple of family events. They texted, talked on the phone a bit, and gave flirtatious looks but that’s as far as it went. Until one Tuesday night Laura had to pick her son up late from a friend’s house. Everyone at her house was asleep and she knew Bryan would be ending second shift so she texted him and asked if wanted to meet somewhere along the way. He smirked and agreed to meet and gave her the location of a fairly secluded road.

As Laura drove, she couldn’t’ believe that she was going to go meet him, but something in her was curious, frustrated at home, and at the moment losing the battle with temptation. Soon enough she saw his taillights in the distance, she pulled over, hearing the gravel crunch lightly under her tires. She took a deep breath as she saw the dome light illumine his silhouette as he stepped out of his truck and walked back to her car, opened the door, and climbed in. He waited and she reached over for a kiss.

He was more aggressive this time, his tongue finding hers, soon his hands were on her perky little breasts, and it didn’t take long before they snaked down her yoga pants.

“You’re wet,” he smirked as his fingers teased her clit and then plunged inside of her.

She was lost, overwhelmed, gasping she quickly became aware of where she was and who she was with. “Bryan, please no. I have to go, I have to pick the boy up.”

He was the perfect gentleman, stopping when she asked. He sat back and licked his fingers, “Damn, you taste good, Laura. Next time.”

She kissed his cheek, “Thank you Bryan, for understanding.”

He chuckled. “Not a problem hon. Talk to you soon.” WIth that he kissed her gently and walked back to his truck, driving off into the darkness leaving her to sit with her thoughts.

“Fuck” she thought to herself. “Come on Branson, you have got to stop this shit before it goes any further.” She drove to pick up her son and drove home. She didn’t sleep much that night, tossing and turning and forming a plan to stop this game before she got in any deeper.

The next morning she sent a text Bryan – we need to talk.

It took a bit and then he texted back, I thought you might want to, texting okay, or face to face.

She exhaled, Either is fine, this just has to stop. It’s crazy. You need to have your life and I need to get back to mine.

Bryan chuckled to himself, Whatever you think is best Laura – see you around.

Laura put down her phone and took a deep breath, then poured a glass of wine. She was able to relax and get back to her life.

Things went well for a week or so, ballgames, family activities. Running into Bryan seemed like nothing had ever happened. They chatted, smiled, and moved back into that comfortable friendship.

All of that changed early one Tuesday afternoon as Laura sat on her back deck enjoying the sun, dreading the days coming up soon when she would return to the classroom full of rambunctious 4th graders. Her son was with Bryan’s brother and daughter was at visiting at her parents for the week.

Laura had just opened a beer, enjoying some bikini like August weather when her phone buzzed. Expecting it to be her friend Jill she picked up her phone.

Panic gripped her her heart as she saw Bryan’s name and then read, Laura, we need to talk, face to face. Now. I’m on my way.

Bile rose in her throat and anxiety gripped her as she fought down the fear that someone had seen them on the road that night. It only took a few minutes for Bryan’s tires to crunch the gravel in the long driveway and she heard the truck door shut and his boots on the sidewalk. It felt like it took forever, but in truth it was only a few minutes.

He walked up, the look on his face was serious and a bit angry. He nodded to the door, “We need to talk, NOW. Inside.”

Laura got up and led him inside, the fear rising in her heart.

When they got inside Bryan pushed her against the wall in the laundry room and tried to kiss her. She smelled the bourbon on his breath. “Bryan,” she shouted, “I said we were done, we had to get on with our lives.”

Bryan stepped back and smiled, “You said we were done, but I don’t think so. I think I’m going to fuck that tight little pussy, as often and for as long as I want.”

Laura pointed to the door. “Get out!”

Bryan walked instead into the kitchen and smiled.

Laura shouted, “I said Get the fuck out of my house.”

Bryan calmly pulled up his phone. “Fine, I’ll leave, but first let me forward this to your principal, your husband, my mother, and ah yes, I have your son’s number too.”

Laura stopped, “Forward what?”

Bryan pulled his phone away. “Not so fast.” He turned his phone around and showed her a picture of her bedroom as she was walking into her bathroom. He showed her texts, including the one admitting an illicit relationship and saying it needed to end. “Laura, this is a small town, and I’m the young hero and you will be painted as what? The town slut, seducing a younger man? A whore? A harlot? Do you think Mark will keep your ass around? Do you think your son will ever forgive you for asking me to meet you when you were going to pick him up? How about the scandal at the school?”

Tears welled up in her eyes, “Bryan, please. Not this. You wouldn’t do that to me. I’ve known you forever.”

Bryan’s gaze narrowed, “I’m not the same Bryan and you are a cock tease. I don’t tolerate cock teases. So, you are going to stop teasing my cock and give it what you wanted since the first time you invited me over. That’s right, I have the texts of you inviting me over and wanting to stop and meet. I know how little happened and so do you. But, nobody else does and it makes you look like a greedy slut.” He laughed, “And that’s what I’m about to turn you into, a cock hungry greedy slut.”

Laura looked at him pleadingly. “Bryan, please. I’m begging you.”

He snarled, “Begging from your knees? Go on. Let me see you beg after you played your silly game with me. Get on your knees, beg, maybe I’ll just delete everything and be on my way. Go on, Laura, get the fuck on your knees.”

Haltingly, Laura knelt her tears flowing freely. “Please, Bryan. It was wrong, I enjoyed the attention, I’m sorry I played the game. I’m sorry for texting, for the kisses.” She sobbed, “I’m so sorry.”

As she was speaking suddenly she heard her own voice as he hit the play button on his phone. He had been recording her. He laughed, “There it is, the final nail. You on your knees, and I have your confession recorded.”

Her eyes went wide as she knew she had made another mistake. As she looked through the tears he took a step towards her and began to pull the buttons on his jeans. “Take it out,” he commanded. “My cock, take it out of my fucking jeans, Laura”

She sobbed, so he reached down and took her hand as he snarled. “I said, TAKE MY COCK OUT. Now.”

She hesitated and he stepped back. He started to button his jeans and she sighed in relief. “Thank you, Bryan,” she whispered.

He laughed a cold laugh, “Oh, don’t smile. I’m not going to force you, I’m not stupid enough to leave a bruise. I’ll just send this shit to Mark and your kid and your boss. You win have it your way. It’s your life.”

He turned to walk to the door, he heard her scream, “Please, NO!” as he walked out of the door and got into his truck.

She was a mess all afternoon. She called and her calls went straight to voicemail. She went to his house to look for him and he wasn’t around. It was time for a bit more wine before her son and Mark got home. Around 4, Laura was cooking supper and her son and his buddy came walking from being at his friends. “Mom, Bryan brought us home and he said he needed to talk to you.”

She walked to his truck. He smiled as she walked over towards him. It was a smile that made her think that he was going to delete the texts and pictures and let her get on with her life. As she got closer her hopes were quickly dashed. Through the smile he said, “I own you – it’s your choice how this goes. You either finish the fucking game you started, or I finish it. The boys are going to be at mom’s tomorrow helping her with some things. I’m picking them up from here at 10, I had better not see a bra on those perky little tits, and when I come back here at 11 you will be shaved, naked, and on your knees – or I start forwarding texts and pictures.”

She began to speak as he barked, “I didn’t give you permission to speak, you’ve played your game, now we play mine. Don’t you dare let that little dicked shit of a husband fuck you tonight either, I want you ready for Owner. Step back from the door.”

As she stepped back he opened the door, careful to hide her from the road and the house. “Come closer,” he ordered. Without thought she stepped closer and he took her hand and put it on his cock through his jeans.” Her eyes went wide, she had only ever had sex with her husband and what she held in her hands was a hell of a lot more cock than Mark had ever given her – and Bryan was still soft. The look on her face caused him to smirk, “Yes, eventually you will beg me for this cock, it will ruin you, that limp dicked fucker you are married to won’t ever measure up again. Be careful when you play a game, you don’t always win. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With that he closed the door and drove away, leaving Laura mortified. She was still standing there watching Bryan drive off as Mark pulled up the long drive. Mark spoke as he got out of the car, “You okay hon, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

She was shaken out of her shock, “Yeah, hon. Just talking to Bryan after he brought the boys over. They are going to stay here tonight and then are going to help Norma out at her place.”

Mark chuckled, “It’s good for them, and it gives you a free day to do whatever you want before you have to head back to school.”

+ + +

At 9:50 the next morning Laura’s phone buzzed with a text from Bryan I’ll be there in ten minutes to get the boys. It would be good for you to be outside, no need to rush the boys and remember your rules – no bra my slut.

Laura took her coffee and moved out to the back deck. She had on a pair of shorts and an oversized t-shirt – but she didn’t have a bra on. She sat with her feet up on the deck railing as she heard Bryan’s truck on the long driveway. She was a bit surprised to see the door open and Bryan begin to walk up to the deck. She noticed just how big of a guy he was, his 6’1″ frame, filled out to over 220 pounds, broad through the chest and narrow through the hips. She knew why she had been flirting with him, why she had played the game – but the panic quickly rose in her chest as his eyes went straight to her tits, “Such an obedient little slut, aren’t you going to offer me coffee?”

“You know where the pot is,” she tried to be brave.

He scowled, “Fine, have it your way.” He called out for the boys, “Come out here guys, I have something on my phone you both need to see.”

As the boys came out of the house he held up his phone for them to see. Her eyes looked like a deer in the headlights. The boys gathered around and looked at your phone. Her son’s eyes got huge and he shouted, “Mom, I’ve never seen you like this. Bryan, how did you get this picture?”

Laura almost threw up as all three of the males looked at her. She tried to be calm as Bryan spoke, “I was going through some of mom’s pictures last night and found this picture, I thought it would be fun to show you a picture of your mom all pregnant with you, this must have been 14 years ago. Now, guys get into the truck, we don’t want to be late for what’s going to be an full day.”

The boys jumped in the truck as Bryan turned to Laura, “I’m not fixed and I won’t pull out or wear anything on my cock – if you aren’t on the pill maybe I’ll see you like this again Laura, because..” he checked his watch… “I’ll be back in 45 minutes and I am going to fuck you until you can’t remember your name. Or the next picture that kid of yours sees will be this one.” He turned his phone around and showed her a picture he took getting into her car on that abandoned road, she hadn’t seen his phone due to the glare of the dome light. “See you soon, my slut.”

True to his word, 45 minutes later Laura’s heart sank as she heard the truck door slam, and Bryan’s boots move across the deck. This time there was no knocking, he walked in like he owned the place, like he owned her. For the briefest second she wish she had hidden a knife or that they owned a gun. She knew it wouldn’t have ended well, but at least she would get some satisfaction at wounding him.

She was sitting at the kitchen table, wearing the same t-shirt and shorts she had on earlier. He growled from deep in his chest. “I thought I said naked and kneeling.”

She looked up with tears, “Please, Bryan. Don’t do this.”

He didn’t hear her, the darkness grew from deep within and he walked over to her, rage written all over his face. Laura winced, expecting him to strike her, or slap her, but he didn’t. He simply knelt and took her face in his hands. His voice almost a whisper, “You started this little game, and you are going to finish it. I don’t want to hurt you, I’ve never wanted to hurt you. But, baby girl, you are going to learn if you poke the bear, sometimes the bear pokes back.” Before Laura knew it, he had stood, picked her up and placed her on the dining room table, he moved the chair, Mark’s chair at the head of the table. Before she could react Bryan’s large hands had taken off of her shorts. Again he growled, “Not fully shaved, but the little tuft of hair looks cute on you.”

She pressed her eyes closed and didn’t notice that Bryan knelt, pulling her knees to his shoulders as his mouth began a sensual assault on her pussy. He licked from her tiny puckered hole, up her lips, until he found her clit. He sucked gently, flicking his tongue over the growing button, then moved lower and plunged his tongue into her. Mark hated oral sex and it seemed as if Bryan loved it. Laura was disgusted at the things this man was doing to her body. Her stomach tightened, her legs quivered as pleasure began to build deep within her. Soon, he focused all of his oral attention on her clit, sucking, lightly biting, using his tongue as one finger and then two found a flood of moisture and slipped into her.

He knew all of the right spots to touch, the spongy tips of his fingers, pressing into that soft spongy G spot causing grunts of pleasure to escape her mouth. Beads of sweat covered her forehead as she fought off giving him the pleasure of an orgasm, but the fight was in vain. Soon, the need primal need for release overcame its battle with her mind. Her hips buck, her core tightened, her pussy walls gripped his fingers and a flood of wetness escaped her body, covering Bryan’s beard and t shirt. As she began to calm she imagined that he would fuck her, to her surprise he simply took off his t-shirt, revealing his tattoo and his broad chest and shoulders and returned his mouth to her pussy, this time using his tongue to gently fuck her, and finally returning to her clit leading her right back to that place of no return. This time she cried out as the orgasm tore through her, the flood of moisture again exploding from her.

Bryan stood up and smiled, “I never knew you were a squirter, what other surprises do you have for me my little cock slut?”

He took her hand and placed it on the front of his jeans. What she felt actually scared her, he was much larger than she had ever had with Mark. She wanted to pull away, but something primal in her was taking over. She bit her lip and tugged at his button. Again he laughed that low throaty laugh. “I told you that I’d make you want it.” Her hand pulled away as the reality of what she was doing hit her. This time his laugh was more boisterous. “I don’t care if you want it or not Laura, I am going to fuck you, that pretty little mouth and then that tight little pussy. I’m going to do it right here, so when you sit down to dinner tonight, and Mark takes his seat right here at the table, you will remember, I own you, I own that pussy.”

He slid his jeans down his thighs revealing a majestic cock, a large purplish head and a well differentiated crown. He stood at the table and pulled her face close to him. She hesitated as he spoke. “Suck my cock, Laura”

She shook her head, “I don’t do that.”

Before she could close her mouth the large head disappeared behind her lips, “You’ll learn quickly enough.” She held suction, not that she had much choice as the large piece of meat stretched her jaw. His hips began to move, sliding into her throat right to the edge of her gag relflex before pulling out. Slowly he began to fuck her face. She was so engrossed in this large cock in her mouth she didn’t feel his hands until the two finger once again slid easily into her drenched pussy.

She hated him, but he was fucking magic. In only a couple of minutes he had her thrashing around on the table, having an orgasm that looked like one of the fake ones in a porn movie, but hers was real, damn real. As she was cumming her head began to move on its own. She was taking his cock deeper into her throat, something primordial taking over her body, she needed more, wanted to feel filled. Before he could cum, he pulled his fingers and cock away from her, leaving her empty. Her hips were writhing on their own, she was mortified at what was happening to her. Her body was taking over, drowning out the screams in her mind.

He finally moved between her thighs and ran the tip of his cock up and down her lips. He used the head to tap on her clit causing jolts of electricity to coarse through her body. She whispered, “Be gentle, please.”

He smiled, “Please, I like that word coming from you.” As the sentence trailed off his cock entered. Slowly, stretching her, filling her, pushing deeper than she knew possible. She felt it slip past the G spot that Mark barely reached, she felt stretched and full. Soon, she felt a bump as the head of his cock touched her cervix. He didn’t move, he just flexed and squeezed his kegel muscles and filled his cock with more blood. The stretching and filling sent Laura over the edge with yet another mind blowing orgasm.

When he started to move she lost control, so caught up in what her body was feeling. Bryan was touching places that Mark physically couldn’t touch, stretching her in ways Mark never could. Bryan never rushed, just kept with long, deep, slow strokes. Making her whimper when she thought he’d pull out, and then gasp when he fully entered her. Laura swore she could only cum once, but with Bryan it felt like one continuous orgasm. He never hurried, and never seemed to tire. He just kept stroking her, moving her legs over his shoulders, then sliding her onto her side – he just kept ravaging her body. Each new position, each new angle bringing forth different feelings and intensities. Each stroke igniting new nerves. Laura was lost, one orgasm rolling into another. After what seemed like an eternity he stopped, she tried to catch her breath as he slowly pulled his cock from her. She opened her eyes breathing heavily, “Did you cum?” she whispered.

Bryan chuckled, “No, not yet, but soon.” He gently helped her up, her legs were like jello, he kissed her and she responded to his kiss. Slowly he turned her around and bent her over the table. Lining his cock up with her dripping wet pussy he pushed forward. She gasped as he filled her again. Now it was his turn, he thrust, feeling her pussy grip him. Her back arched, her head moved from side to side as he picked up his pace. Soon, she began to growl and scream and a growl came from deep inside him. He slammed into her one last time feeling his cock pulse and his cum fill her. She shuddered, her legs shook, he held her hips close to him to keep her from collapsing. They stayed like that for a few moments until both of their breathing returned to normal. Eventually, he pulled out of her as she whispered, “Wow.”

Then Laura shocked both of them as she turned and knelt and began to clean his cock, tasting both of them mixed together. Bryan just chuckled, “I told you I’d make you my slut, and soon you will beg me to come take care of your needs.”

He pulled his jeans on and walked out, leaving Laura on her knees wondering what the hell had just happened to her.

Laura spent the next couple of days in a daze. She couldn’t believe what Bryan did and she couldn’t believe how she had responded. She had sex with Mark and found herself even more frustrated than usual. With Mark, if she could use her fingers or find the right spot to grind while on top she could find a small orgasm, as long as she could find the right image in her mind. Now, when she closed her eyes all she pictured was Bryan’s thick cock sliding out of her, of what it felt like to lose herself with his tongue. She KNEW it was extortion, she knew it was rape, and she was embarrassed at how her body responded, how she submitted to him, and how all she could think of was his long, thick, hard cock.

The weekend finally arrived and she hadn’t heard from Bryan since he told her to clean herself up and walked out of her house. The boys were playing in a baseball tournament and she was nervous as she and Mark drove to the field. She knew she would see Bryan and didn’t know how they would react. As she got out of the car she saw his truck and immediately began scanning the crowd. Finally, she caught sight of him, and he was talking to one of the mom’s from the other team. She saw them laughing and joking and when the other woman reached out and touched his shoulder she found herself jealous.

“What the fuck, Branson?” she thought. “He blackmailed you, he raped you – and now you see him talking to someone else and you are jealous?” She couldn’t deny the feelings though, she looked at his jeans and saw his distinctive bulge and she felt her pussy immediately start to get wet. She took measure of the woman, the woman was larger than Laura, probably C cup tits and a thicker ass. Laura thought about Bryan fucking the woman and she couldn’t deny that she was jealous, and horny as hell.

Finally, Bryan walked away from the woman and back to their side of the field. Laura was sitting between Bryan’s mom Norma and her husband Mark. They had their chairs pulled up along the 3rd base line, just into the outfield. Laura had her sunglasses on so nobody could tell that she was watching Bryan walk around the field towards them. She felt an ache – a genuine ache deep in her core. God, she hated him – but fuck she wanted him, she wanted his cock. As Bryan walked up to the group he stood behind them, definitely flexing his alpha presence. They made small talk until Norma asked who he was talking to.

Bryan chuckled, “Her name is Lisa, I met her at one of the tournaments Brett played in this summer. Her husband travels a lot for work, so I helped her son Cody with his curve ball a few times.”

Laura felt her heart sink as he talked about Lisa and her husband travelling. She knew he was fucking her and it made her ache with lust and jealousy. Bryan leaned in a very subtle way and allowed his cock to brush against her shoulder. He smirked as he felt her suck in her breath.

The game was the first of two the boys would play that day with a few hours between. As game one winded down Mark said to Bryan and Norma, “Why don’t we grab the boys and go get some lunch, there is that TGI Friday’s just up the road. ” Laura felt sick, but knew she couldn’t say anything to let anyone know of her discomfort.

At the restaurant Bryan sat across the booth from her, they were the closest to the wall. Midway through lunch Bryan lifted her foot with his and gently placed it in his hand. Laura’s eyes went to his as she felt him lift her leg and place her foot between his legs. She had slipped off her sandal earlier and now he pressed the ball of her foot against his bulge. She felt his cock get hard and her pussy actually had a spasm. Her stomach tightened and her brow furrowed as she realized that the spasm was probably as much of an orgasm as she had with Mark 12 hours ago.

Bryan held her foot there as he asked her about back to school, getting her room ready, teaching. To everyone at the table except for the two of them. She actually found herself absently rubbing her foot on his cock as he looked at her and winked.

As lunch wound down and they headed back towards their cars Bryan walked up behind Laura and growled. “You need to work on your room tomorrow – I expect you at my house by 10, and remember slut, no bra.”

Laura almost had an orgasm on the spot, but she kept walking. As the second game was going on, Laura needed to go to the get water from the car and took that long walk, feeling an ache in her belly and a wetness in her pants. On her way back, she passed Bryan who was heading to the bathrooms. He didn’t stop or even look at her as they passed, just spoke quietly, “Don’t you dare fuck him tonight, I want my pussy fresh.”

Laura was disgusted as she felt that ache deep within her grow.

That night, Laura enjoyed beer around the fire pit until she was drunk enough to go to sleep and ignore Mark’s advances. The last thing she thought as she drifted off to sleep was a thought of Bryan’s cock and an awareness that she was being obedient.

Sunday morning saw Laura getting up and telling the family that she was going to head to school to work on her room. She tossed on a pair of yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt. Her daughter tried to go with her, but she found a reason to leave the girl at home.

At the moment she hated herself, lying to her family and going to see… hell, who was she going to see? Her lover, the man blackmailing her, her rapist? As her brain was thinking she suddenly remembered his rules, “No Bra.” She pulled to a side road and quickly slipped her bra off. As she started to drive her body reminded her brain who she was going to see, or what she was going to see, that majestic cock of his.

She looked around to make sure nobody was watching as she headed up on his porch. She knocked and heard, “It’s open, slut”

She blushed but opened the door and stepped inside.

He came walking from around the corner, his boots echoing on the hard wood floors. He smirked, “Good girl, nice to know you can be obedient.” He unbuttoned his jeans and freed his cock. Her pussy dripped but she found strength.

“Bryan, how long are you going to blackmail me.”

He laughed, “Probably only one more day, then you will be begging for my cock, just like that slut Lisa you met yesterday.”

Her eyes narrowed, “So, you fucked her?”

He laughed again, “You bet your ass I did, she’s a wild woman.” He pulled his phone out and showed her a picture of the beautiful brunette on her knees sucking his cock. He looked at Laura, “I had already deleted her texts, so she wanted me to take a picture last night so I could “blackmail” her some more.

Laura was jealous, genuinely jealous. Something inside of her almost broke. Bryan looked at her, “If you think you can be a better slut than her, then kneel like a good girl and suck my cock.”

Laura clenched her jaw, “I told you, I don’t do that.”

Bryan growled, “Then fucking learn slut. You don’t have a choice. Because of your careless stupidity, I own you until I say so. If I want to fuck your mouth, your pussy, or your ass, I will. Or, I’ll forward the texts and pictures, your choice Laura. I’m tired of your fucking games. Face it, you are a slut – if not why would you have been texting the son of your best friend, someone ten years younger than you. If you aren’t MY slut, why the fuck did you come here today?” With those words came Laura’s tears. Bryan stepped forward and pinched her nipple, aching to be touched pressed against her shirt. Then he kissed her as he pushed her against the door, he shoved his hand down her pants and two fingers dove deep into her dripping pussy. “Holy Shit, slut, that’s a river out there. Tell me again how you aren’t my slut.”

Laura whimpered as his fingers found their mark, rubbing deep inside of her, past the G spot to that tender area right against her cervix and her knees went weak. An orgasm came rushing through her body as he just laughed and kept fingering her. As another orgasm ripped through her she started to pant and her knees went weaker and he let her slide to the floor. There she was now staring at his cock, hard and thick. Bryan growled, “That’s it, worship it slut.”

Laura remembered the picture of Lisa that Bryan had showed her. “Give me your phone.”

Bryan looked puzzled, “What?”

Laura said, “No more ammo to extort me, give me your fucking phone, no pictures.”

Bryan shrugged, “Fine, just get to work.” He handed her the phone and she started to suck him, trying to take him deep, using her hand as she had seen in porn movies. As she was sucking Bryan sighed, “You know, Lisa was able to take all of it down her throat.”

Laura tried and gagged, tears forming at her eyes as she tried. Again and again she tried and failed. Bryan grew frustrated and began to thrust, soon he was growling as she felt his legs flex. Then it happened, he came. Spurt after spurt of cum filling her mouth, sliding down her throat, causing her to gag again. “Swallow it, slut – Lisa does.”

Laura did her best as she swallowed all she could. He gently pulled her to her feet and kissed her, tasting his cum on her tongue. He pulled back, “Good girl, it’s good to taste you, Lisa’s pussy and cum, and my cum in your kiss.” Laura looked shocked, “What? You think I washed her pussy off of me? Hell, she loved tasting your pussy on my cock the other night, the smell of your cum on my skin. Yes, she knows about you, I pointed you out to her yesterday. She knows my cock is worth sharing.”

He lead her to the couch and pulled off her yoga pants. He physically lifted her and placed her pussy over his face. He began to work the magic with his tongue, teasing her lips, her clit, tongue fucking her hole and even rimming her ass. In just a few minutes she forgot about being at school, her husband, and even that whore Lisa. She was lost in bliss as her legs shook, her core tightened and he gave her orgasm after orgasm. She ground on his face unti he lifted her off of him and moved her down his body.

She knew what he wanted, and what she did too. She lowered herself onto his cock. Easing herself lower, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate his girth. About half way down he flexed that cock and caused her to cum again, that marvelous head and ridge pulsing on her g-spot. She wanted more, to go deeper but he wouldn’t allow it. He started to thrust into her, but holding her so only about half of his cock was inside. She knew a huge orgasm was building, what he was doing to her was amazing. He knew it too and kept up the tortuous thrusting until her eyes closed, he felt her legs shudder, and he drove deep into her. The eruption from her lips was nothing she had ever heard come from her throat.

Bryan didn’t let the orgasm fade, he began to thrust up into her. Driving the wind from her, driving the will to resist from her, driving conscious thought from her mind. He owned her body, he was dominating it. She could feel nothing other than the electrical jolts coming from her pussy and overtaking her entire body.

He finally tired and let her sink down on him, to relax, and collapse against his chest. He never fully stopped moving, just little thrusts as his cock bent up into her exhausted body. She didn’t know how many times she had cum, but she didn’t think she could take any more.

“Please,” she whispered, “No more.”

Bryan scowled, “I’m not done, we are done when I say we are done, and we aren’t done until I fill that pussy.” He rolled her off of him and sat her on the edge of the couch and got on his knees. He looked into her eyes as he began to use his cock to tease her pussy. Sliding the head up and down the slit and letting the massive head slip inside before pulling it out and tapping her clit. He repeated this over and over, always varying the tempo and time spent. Her body once again craved more as her hips started to move on their own.

He slid his cock half way in and all the way out. Again, he just kept this tease going, Not letting her hips get what her body craved. He looked at her, “Tell me, what do you want.”

She shook her head and bit her lip as he drove his cock into her and quickly withdrew causing her to whimper again. “Tell me what you want, Laura”

Again, no response so he continued to tease her with his cock. Once again he told her, “Tell me, slut.”

She wasn’t going to respond and actually shocked herself when she heard her own voice, “Fuck me, please.”

He smiled and filled her, driving wildly into her now very willing pussy. It was relentless, he was like an animal, pistoning in and out of her, causing one orgasm to roll into another. Again she was lost in her feelings. Her body betraying her willpower as her hands went to his biceps, holding on, urging him on. Sweat was pouring out of him as she felt his cock get even harder and grow even more. She knew what was happening and she growled, “Fill me, claim me, fuck me, Bryan. Make me your slut.”

With that he growled and arched his back, filling her again with his cum. As he shook to a stop he laid back onto the floor, letting his cock slip from her pussy. Without hesitation Laura moved to the floor and lovingly began to suck his cock, licking him clean. She moved up his body and kissed him. He growled as it was her turn to smirk, “It tastes better without that whore’s pussy, now doesn’t it?”

She rolled over and took his phone. Delete, two of those texts Bryan, you promised.

He smiled and deleted two texts. He took ahold of the back of her head and pulled her close. “Go home to your family, I don’t think I’ll need these texts for long, I own that pussy and soon, I’ll own your ass too.”

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