Kay Starts an Adventure



I watched Kay as she floated past me , her wavy shoulder length hair swirling as she walked , hips swaying as she carved a path through the crowd on the lawn heading towards the makeshift bar on the terrace. The eyes of other husband’s followed her catching every movement of those sexy hips, taking in her shapely calves as she strode purposefully towards her goal. Breasts full and seemingly bursting to be free as they remained fettered within the tight confines of her white gypsy blouse. The skirt was mid- thigh in length giving a teasing glimpse of her tanned legs and led many to wonder what lay above, more than one pair of eyes were fixed on her that day.

It was a warm evening, one of those balmy ones after a really warm day where the air cools just enough to be really comfortable on bare skin. We were all stood in the garden of our new neighbour’s house under one of the pergolas in the large landscaped garden. A group of neighbours and some of the new owner’s friends stood sipping their cool drinks and generally mingling as we were introduced to the new owner of the property.

The new owner, Stan was a tall man, a great swathe of silver hair that contrasted with his tanned face and obviously the rest of him. He was a very fit looking man for his age, 67, a divorcee with a sparkle in his eye that instantly attracted the attention of the women in the group.

He moved round the gathered group of neighbours and friends chatting easily and at ease with everyone it seemed, it was hard not to like him. A self- made man, retired and comfortably off living on the proceeds of his lifetimes work in industry of some sort or another. It was hard to pin him down exactly what he did but he had influences and interests in many different areas although there was the hint of something a little on the darker side too.

Stan sidled up to the bar alongside Kay, he nudged her and introduced himself I watched as she turned towards him and offered her hand but Stan leant over her and kissed her on the cheek. I could see Kay was taken aback by his forwardness but in seconds had broken into a huge smile as he was obviously working his not inconsiderable charm on her. For the next five minutes they chatted animatedly until she eventually pointed across to me as I sat in the shade, he raised his glass and smiled in my direction but neither made a move to join me as they continued their chatter. I sipped my cold JD and relaxed by taking in the view of one of my neighbour’s wife who had a fair amount of her cleavage on display that was not going unnoticed, I adjusted the growing bulge in my jeans as I looked from behind my sunglasses.

At the bar Stan was looking into Kay’s eyes as he paid her full attention, she blushed as she felt his eyes wander over her taking in every detail of the younger woman’s appearance.

“Very pleased to meet you at last” he smiled at her, his eyes looking into hers, she felt him almost invading her soul as he looked at her with his dark brown eyes.

The chat was light hearted if not a little flirty as he seemed to have the women all vying for his attention.

“You married Stan? ” Kay asked casually if directly.

“Oh no Kay, why would I need a full time wife when I have the choice of all you beautiful women at my disposal?”

“OH, well I have never thought of it that way before.” She smiled back coyly, the words ringing through her mind as she tried to make full sense of them.

“No Kay I am divorced, have been for some years now but I do enjoy the company of women whenever the opportunity presents itself. I will have to make some new acquaintances now I have moved to the close.”

“Well I am sure you will get many opportunities to introduce yourself to the neighbours, we generally arrange parties and BBQs that sort of thing especially through the summer and then there is the Christmas season too of course.”

“Yes Kay I am sure that will be a lot of fun, I look forward to it, as long as you are there too of course.”

Blushing again, “Yes of course I love a good party and going out, not that we get much chance of that of late though.”

“Well, we will have to see what we can do about that.” He said, his hand stroking her forearm as he looked at her.

I approached the bar area and saw Kay blushing but had not heard the conversation.

“Hi baby” I leaned in kissing her cheek and slipping an arm round her waist.

Stan shook my hand warmly, I felt him look me in the eye as if he was weighing me up, I smiled at him looking directly into his eyes, and a tingle went through me almost instantly.

“I was telling Kay that I am not married, as I haven’t found the right woman after divorcing years ago, I prefer to keep my options open.”

“Yes that sounds sensible to live and have some fun.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” He smiled at me then at Kay.

“You are a lucky man to have the best looking wife here if I ever need a wife I know where to come.” He laughed at his joke, but his eyes were on Kay, she blushed again I had an uneasy feeling that he was already making plans to flirt with my wife.

One of the other wives, Shelley, swung by and grabbed Stan by the arm pulling him away.

“I am sure we will meet again soon Kay, oh and you too of course Dan.”

Sipping our drinks we watched him saunter away, with his “hostess” on his arm smiling and chatting amiably as he toured his property.

“He seems a nice guy don’t you think honey?”

“Yes Kay I think he is OK, maybe a little full on though.”

“Well he seems sort of, interesting.”

I watched as she looked across the garden at Stan as he was shepherded through the groups of people by the self- appointed hostess Shelley. I did notice how when they stood together and he slipped an arm round her waist how it looked sort of natural somehow, not in any way sexual outwardly at least. Odd though I thought there was something about him I was unsure of.

My mind starting to become enveloped in the fog of Jack Daniels as the evening wore on, I didn’t think to ask but when Stan had leaned over Kay he had whispered something, yet she had not mentioned it, which further added to the mystery my mind could not be bothered to wrestle with through the JD.

Next morning I awoke with a very large hangover, somewhere between enjoying my JD and this morning I had over indulged, big time. I crawled downstairs. Kay was in the kitchen making coffee, Oh my, did that smell good too.

“Hi honey, how are you this morning?” she breezed as she moved around the kitchen, completely unaffected by the previous evenings drinking.

As I held my head she handed me a large glass of cold water, I gulped it down, she took the glass and refilled it.

After the second glass I could move my tongue and start to use words.

“What happened? I was OK one minute now I don’t recall getting drunk.”

“Typical, you and a couple of the neighbours were doing that macho thing and drinking, mind you Stan was partly to blame he kept the JD flowing and there are a couple of other heads like yours this morning, serves you all right.”

“Oh my God, I feel like I am dying here.”

“No sympathy, if it weren’t for Stan I think you would still be laying on his lawn.”


“Yes honey, he helped me get you home and up to bed, he was the perfect gentleman.”

“Remind me to thank him when I work out if I am alive or not, OK.”

Kay laughed, enjoying my discomfort.

“You can tell him yourself he will be popping round in a few minutes.”

She moved round the kitchen as I noticed she had a short navy skirt on rather like a gymslip and a white tee shirt as she moved her thighs were displayed to best effect, her heels were smaller than those she wore the night before but still her strappy heeled sandals looked great on her any time of day.

She bent over and I got a lovely view of her ass covered in sheer white knickers.

“Now there’s a lovely sight to perk anyone up.” I leered.

Kay wiggled her ass at me knowing full well what was on display.

As I enjoyed the view of her gorgeous round butt in her sheer underwear and the way she moved, I noticed something in the corner of my eye. Turning my head I saw Stan filling the doorway enjoying the view too. My mind froze for a second I didn’t say anything as Kay continued to gyrate her hips suggestively.

“Morning, now that is the way I like to be greeted, perks me up for the entire day!”

Kay stood bolt upright hearing Stan’s voice.

“Oh my why didn’t you say anything Dan?” she pulled she skirt down blushing, before moving to the other side of the breakfast bar.

“Oh sorry Stan I didn’t hear you come in.”

“That’s OK I will have to come round the back way more often if that’s the welcome I will have.”

Something in his eyes and the tone of his voice made it obvious he had enjoyed the show.

“Just kidding Kay” he laughed patting me on the shoulder as he passed me and sat the other side of the bar.

“How is that head today, you certainly were packing it away last night, hope you don’t mind me helping get you upstairs though. Took some shifting I can tell you, we needed a drink after that didn’t we Kay?”

Kay blushed. She hadn’t mentioned that before.

“I was just telling him when you came in Stan, thanks again.” She placed a coffee in front of him as she slid onto the seat next to him opposite me.

“We had a coffee last night and chatted as you were sound asleep, lightweight!” she chided.

“Yes was interesting meeting all the neighbours at once like that and especially nice to finish the evening off in the company of such a lovely lady.”

Kay blushed and poked him in the side, I could see the chemistry between them, it sort of made me feel jealous and if my head wasn’t pounding so much I am sure I would have been a little turned on too.

We had often shared pillow talk about Kay with another man, in fact it was the main arousing factor for sex between us it seemed. Although we found it really exciting neither of us had entertained ideas of making it a reality but something was being lit in Kay’s eyes and I could sense she was lapping up the attention of this new man in our lives.

I watched as my wife sat up straight on her high stool, her breasts pert and full in her tee shirt as Stan chatted and sipped his coffee taking every chance to cast his eyes over her. As he finished his coffee he stood to go.

“I will have to make this a regular thing, popping round for a morning coffee especially if I get the same reception, ha ha.” He smiled broadly as we all laughed, he shook my hand.

“Hope the hangover clears soon Dan.”

I just mumbled as it was painful to think too hard.

Kay went with Stan to the door as I buried my head in my arms on the bar in the vain hope of relieving the pounding. As Kay stood at the door to say good bye Stan leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. Shocked Kay did not move, staring at him.

“Thank you for the coffee and everything, see you tomorrow maybe.” With that he smiled, turned and walked off towards his place.

Kay stood at the door watching him go, he turned and waved before blowing her a kiss, she returned his wave something she knew she shouldn’t have done but she was mesmerised. Stan smiled to himself.

Kay sat at the bar drinking her coffee deep in thought, she could kick herself for waving back at Stan like that and he had kissed her on the lips too! Maybe it was accidental? Was she making too much of it? The tingle than ran through her was excitement, she looked down and could make out her nipples were showing through her tee shirt, the bra she had on was rather thin and she realised what Stan must have been looking at while they had coffee!

Sipping her coffee with these thoughts revolving through her mind, a sense of arousal was building inside and she felt the first stages of a need growing inside, one that if Dan was capable he could satisfy, as it was that was out of the question as she looked at him with his head in his hands. She reached between her thighs and could feel the heat already! What was happening to her, all that had happened was their new neighbour had sort of kissed her politely is all but she knew it was more than that he was flirting with her and she liked it too.

By the time she had finished her coffee Dan was almost showing signs of life as he shuffled around the kitchen before declaring he was off back to bed. Kay waved him away.

“Go sleep it off. That will teach you I hope.”

She sat at the bar thinking of the events of last night and Stan, and then this morning too, how embarrassing was that? Her faced reddened as she thought of it.

As she thought of Stan getting a view of her knickers and how she had suggestively been teasing Dan, she blushed, but felt excited too and very naughty at the same time. Smiling to herself she rinsed the breakfast things and went upstairs to get changed, she had decided to go shopping today, she needed some retail therapy.

Kay changed to go out as Dan lay snoring in the bed, as she twisted and turned in front of the mirror she smiled at herself.

“No wonder he was looking at you Kay, you are hot!”

She turned checking her butt in the mirror, smiling satisfied.

“Oh yes, you have still got it babe.”

The short mid-thigh white skirt and the blue shirt did look good on her and she knew it, her 3″ strappy heels accentuated her legs, pleased with the overall look she finished her hair and make-up. Adding an extra layer of lip gloss which always made her feel sexy, her dusky wet look pink lips looked even sexier that way.

Kay called Marcie and arranged to meet for coffee in their usual bar, they enjoyed each other’s company and had known each other since they were teenagers, sharing everything, even boy friends in the past before marriage and being grown up came along. Marcie was the more adventurous of the two women, with experiences outside of her marriage that she had shared with Kay, some of her stories shocked and at times aroused Kay. Her curiosity overriding her feelings of how could she do that to her husband, but Marcie said that her husband had strayed a few times also, indeed if anything it had livened up their sex life no end. This was strange to Kay, although a very sexual woman she had not cheated or strayed during her marriage to Dan, they had shared fantasies of 3 somes and her being with other men many times but never thought to make it real.

They sat in the bar surrounded by store bags filled with the result of their expedition through the department stores, a veritable whirlwind of spending.

“What will Dan say when he sees all this Kay?”

“Well maybe I did go a little overboard, but its all stuff I need for the summer anyway so he will be fine, he is always saying I should splash out and get some new outfits.”

“Yes of course but did he say you needed all that new underwear too? Or do you want to surprise him?”

Blushing, Kay looked at her friend.

“I just thought I needed a something fresh and new is all.”

Marcie looked at her sceptically. “No other reason?”

“Oh my! It’s a man! Kay are you seeing someone?” she quizzed excitedly.

“No, of course not!”

“Well if you are getting new lingerie it must be for a man, if not Dan then who?” she looked at Kay as if interrogating her, looking for a sign a weakness, waiting for her to crack which she knew she would eventually.

“There is no one else.”

“Tell me about you new neighbour, I hear he is quite the macho type, so Shelley says anyway.”

Wrong footed Kay looked at her friend, she could feel her cheeks redden and knew her friend would notice.

Marcie smiled, she had her now.

“So you have the hots for your new neighbour? mmmm do tell me all about him.”

Caught, Kay retold the events of the garden party and then what had happened this morning as well.

“Oh my Kay, he has it bad for you that’s for sure, or he is stalking you, ha ha.”

“Marcie don’t be so daft what would he see in me?”

“Are you kidding me? You are gorgeous, you have a great figure, you are sexy and for 34 I am sure most men would want a crack at you!”

Blushing again Kay fidgeted in her seat as she sipped her coffee.

“Did you say anything to Dan about the kiss or what he said?”

“Oh my no I couldn’t it would make matters awkward I think.”

“You told me before that he seems to get off on other men lusting after you though.”

“Well yes but that’s only in bed, it’s not real though.”

“Maybe if it were real it would be even hotter?”

“No way, he wouldn’t go for that.”

“But you are thinking of it I am thinking?”

“Why don’t you tell Dan what Stan did and see how he feels about it, maybe he will like it and want you to go further.”

Kay thought for a minute, the idea was exciting and her thoughts were racing, the items she had bought today were already backing up her deep thoughts that she had not yet admitted to herself, that she found the attention exciting and a turn on too.

“They ordered a real drink and sat chatting excitedly about Kay’s new neighbour for the next hour before they had to make their way home. They kissed in the car park as they loaded their shopping into their cars.

“Don’t forget, make sure he is really turned on when you tell him, he will do anything you want then Kay, oh and do tell me what happens of course.”

“I will think about it, anyway see you for drinks at the weekend at ours OK?”

With a wave Marcie pulled out of the car park and was gone, Kay sat in her car for a moment or two before keying the ignition and easing out of the car park her mind filled with the excited chat they had just had.

During the drive home Kay was thinking about what she was considering, some sexy pillow talk was one thing but to go further? Well maybe this could just be confined to fantasy too if she just wanted to keep it that way, but how would Dan take it? Knowing their neighbour had made a pass at her? She decided to play it cool and see how Dan reacted to pillow talk about Stan.

When she arrived home Dan was in the lounge nursing a strong coffee.

“Hello you” he smiled, “been shopping I see, get anything nice?”

“Oh this and that really, how are you feeling now?”

“I am much better, Stan dropped over one of his recipes for hangover, mixed me something and made me drink it, God it was awful but seems to have hit the spot, he said I should drink as much fluid as I can, be right as rain in no time.”

“Stan dropped by again? Twice in one day? We only met him yesterday.”

“Yes I know but he felt responsible for last night and wanted to make amends, besides he also felt bad about creeping in this morning and catching your show so wanted to apologise.”

“Well that was nice of him I suppose.”

“Yes, seems a nice sort really, he is really taken with you as if you didn’t already know.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just that he thought you were the best looking woman at his party yesterday and that you seemed nice with it, so I took that as a compliment on your behalf.”

“Anyway you going to show me what you bought? I can see my favourite store bag there so I have an idea already.” Dan rubbed his crotch as he looked at her.

“Now? You in any fit state?” she chided as she got up and swept out of the room and upstairs with her bags. Dan followed a couple of minutes later, he always gave her a head start so she could arrange herself for him.

Entering the bedroom Kay was laid on the bed in one of her new lingerie sets, a dark blue lace bra and tiny knickers, sheer and see through, she looked hot and she knew it too as she smiled seductively at him.

Dan pulled at his clothes as she pouted at him, her glossy pink lips so inviting, naked in a flash, his cock ramrod stiff he approached the bed. Kay swung hers legs over the side and grabbed her prize, his cock hard in her hand as she kissed and licked the head, her tongue swirling all over him as he threw his head back moaning. She was so good at giving head, he would do anything for one of her blow jobs mmmm his mind filled with the swirling and sucking going on over his cock. Pictures flashed of her bent over this morning, her see through panties exposed, and Stan watching her, his cock stiffened in her mouth. He could not get the thought out of his head as he had watched Stan looking at his wife’s ass as it gyrated suggestively in front of them. He could have said something in time to stop her embarrassment but he didn’t, he wanted her to be seen by Stan, his cock in her mouth on the verge of exploding, she felt it too, so she squeezed his shaft hard.

“Oh no you don’t, I want some of that now.”

Kay lay back on their bed, legs spread as Dan kissed and licked her legs and tummy, he pulled her bra off her boobs and suckled hard on her already swollen nipples, she arched her back as he sucked. His tongue swirling as he sucked pulling her nipple deeper into his mouth as his fingers searched for her pussy. Moans filled the bedroom as her panties were pulled unceremoniously aside and his fingers slid inside her honeypot, his thumb ribbing her clit as he fingered her soaking pussy. Kay moved her hips in tune with his fingers as her arousal grew to fever pitch.

Unable to take any more Dan pulled her panties off and spread her legs wide, his cock ready to burst as he thrust hard inside his wife, her wet folds enveloping his hot shaft, wrapping tightly around it, massaging him as he stroked in and out. Their lips locked in a deep passionate kiss as they fucked.

“Ohhh baby you feel so wet, so sexy.”

“Fuck me Dan, hard, do me hard.” She moaned.

“I bet Stan loved your show this morning.” He whispered.

“Oh my!” her mind rewinding to this morning.

“I know he would love to see that every morning too love.” Dan’s passion building as he thought of Stan seeing his wife.

“Well maybe I will have to wear something like that again.” She played along, her mind secretly enjoying the fantasy of flashing her neighbour again.

“Oh my, would you? Go on do it again, I am sure he would love it and it was a turn on.” Dan added excitedly, his cock ramming faster and harder into his wife’s willing pussy.

“But, it was an accident.” She chipped in, wanting Dan to push her further.

“Yes but we both had fun with it, he was really looking at your butt in those sexy knickers love, he would love to see more.” His thrusts becoming more urgent as he could feel himself losing control.

“But Dan are you sure?” she asked as she gyrated her pussy on his cock squeezing him as she could feel he was so close.

“Oh my God yesss love please do it, it will be fun.” His thrusts faster now.

“OK maybe just a little then.” She could feel him ready to cum, so was she now too at the thought of Stan seeing her again.

“Yes, show him your panties again, maybe more” he grabbed her hips and rammed deep inside her his cock swelling as it prepared to explode.

“He kissed me at the door Dan” she let out as she felt her orgasm starting, her pussy tightening round him.

“Ohhhhh my!” he groaned as his cock exploded and thick spurts of cum spewed inside his wife’s pussy as she pulsated round his shaft milking him as she collected his semen. They collapsed spent drenched with sweat their lips locked together as they kissed deeply bodies moving slowly together as they bathed in the erotic afterglow of a traumatic orgasm.

A few minutes later as they lay there Dan looked at her.

“He kissed you?”

“Yes, just a peck really, but it caught me by surprise, I am sure it was accidental.”

Kay looked at him nervously, this was one of those moments when things were either going to be said or not, it was a crossroads.

“Did you mind him kissing you?”

Unsure how to answer she blushed and looked away.

“It’s OK Kay, I am Ok with it if you did, after all we have fantasised about that for ages.”

“You don’t mind that he kissed me?”

“No as long as you are OK with it, why not? I think it is sexy and a turn on that he would want to kiss my wife, after all I know he fancies you that’s obvious and you seem to like him too.”

“Yes but that’s not the point Dan what about us?”

“We are OK, and it is just a bit of fun.”

Kay lay back, Dan’s semen oozing from her pussy as she thought about where this conversation was going.

“Are you saying it’s OK for our neighbour to kiss me when he wants?”

“Well yes as long as that is what you want too of course.”

Kay looked into his eyes, she could see the excitement and lust filling him, was he serious?

“What if it were to go further? How would you feel about that? After all Stan is a man of the world and has needs you know?”

“We have both got off to that scenario in the past Kay, so what if it actually did happen? I don’t know how I would handle it but I know I would be really turned on by it that’s for sure.”

Kay looked at him, her heart pounding, breathing faster as she realised Dan was encouraging her to “get together” with their neighbour!

“I think we need to discuss this when we are not so turned on Dan, really this is a big step.”

They looked at each other, kissed and wrapping their arms around each other drifted into a post orgasmic slumber.

Next morning Kay got out of bed and wandered down to the kitchen in her short blue robe, she was naked underneath and contemplated a shower after a coffee. The previous night’s antics with Dan ran through her mind.

Was he saying it was OK to cheat? Did she want to go that far? Could she be sure he would be OK with this big step from fantasy to reality? Could they both stand it?

Sipping her mug of coffee as she thought of Stan and how he had seen her yesterday, there was no doubt that they were attracted but isn’t that dangerous? She sat confused as she played various scenarios in her head, the thought was exciting and appealing, Stan was a good looking older man too, there seemed to be so many reasons to go for it as she searched for a reason not to. Her own moral thoughts of infidelity had mellowed as she had grown older, a better understanding of how couples enjoy sex together and even in some cases with others and yet remain together. All these thoughts went through her mind as she tried to make sense of this new and fast developing situation.

The tap at the door shook her from her reverie, she turned and saw the cheery face of Stan at the window, she smiled albeit nervously and stood before she realised she was naked under her short silk robe. The feeling of being caught again caused her to blush as she waved as he beckoned her to the door. Cautiously she moved to the door and opened it trying to appear confident and untroubled, he smiled and swept in, a cursory kiss on the cheek again heightened the tension she felt inside already. He produced a large bouquet of flowers from behind his back.

“For you Kay, by way of apology for my intrusion yesterday, I do hope it will not affect our friendship in any way.”

“Oh Stan, you shouldn’t have.” She gushed as she took the flowers, “they are gorgeous, I don’t get surprises like this every day, thank you.” She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. There it was again that tingle running through her.

“Where is Dan?” Stan asked casually.

“Still in bed, he is out for the count.”

Kay brewed the coffee as Stan sat on the stool at the bar watching her, she was conscious of how short her robe was and that it was obvious she was naked under it too yet the feeling was exciting and she could feel the tension in the air as he watched her move round the kitchen. She placed his coffee in front of him when it happened.

The tie on her robe got caught in the arm of the stool and pulled her robe open, she squealed but too late her boobs were exposed as she quickly covered up but not before Stan had a good view of her breasts and her tummy.

“Oh my now that is lovely, really Kay you must stop flashing at me or I will have to put you over my knee.”

Kay blushed, her face reddened as she pulled the robe tight round herself again, this time the silk material hugged her boobs and showed off her erect nipples that belied her excitement.

“I should go get dressed Stan.”

“No Kay, I have to run in a minute anyway, these things happen, but I am wondering what I will be treated to tomorrow when I come over for my coffee.” He smiled at her trying to make light of the situation.

Kay stood the opposite side of the bar feeling even more exposed as her nipples grew harder, Stan feasted his eyes on her, she was gorgeous all over and he wanted her.

Licking his lips as he sipped his coffee he drank in her curves and envisaged being between her legs making love to her, deep and slow, not rushed at all he wanted to enjoy this wife.

After a couple of minutes Stan stood to go.

Kay stood too, following him to the door, she was wary this time of the kiss of yesterday but as he went through the door Stan slipped his arm round her waist pulled her close and kissed her on the forehead and patted her shapely butt! Then he sauntered off towards his house whistling merrily.

Kay looked after him in disbelief, what was that? Kissed me on the forehead like a little girl! Disregarding he had patted her ass. She sat down not knowing what to make of it all, as she finished her coffee Dan stumbled into the kitchen, he looked like death and went straight for the water cooler. As he drank his second cold glass he looked at Kay staring at him.

“What?” was all he could muster. Her face a mix of perplexity and anger.

“Has Stan been over already?” he saw the mug in the sink.

“Yes, and I wasn’t expecting him, I am naked under this robe!”

“Wow!! Did he notice?”

“Yes he bloody did! My robe caught and fell open.”

“Oh Kay, you are naughty, I think you like teasing our neighbour.”

“That’s not fair I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Mmmmm that’s what you tell me, I think you liked our little chat last night and wanted to check him out, you minx!”

“Yeah right, dream on buster! There is no way you meant any of that last night.”

Dan reached for her grabbing her boobs, his fingers tracing her swollen nipples sending shivers down to her pussy.

“Ah ha, there you are been showing your nipples to the neighbour, naughty, naughty.”

Dan noticed the flowers too.

“Oh he brings you flowers now too mmmm.”

“He was being nice.”

“Yes and he wants to be a whole lot nicer too Kay.”

“So what are you going to show him tomorrow babe?”

Kay dug him in the ribs.

“Well maybe something sexy instead, whet his appetite.”

“This is a dangerous game you want me to play Dan.”

“No, it will be fun love, trust me.”

Kay wondered why her husband seemed intent on encouraging her to display herself to their neighbour in this way, she rationalised that they had been having fun fantasising about it for so long that maybe this was a logical step to take, she felt it was risky and although she was hesitant she was also excited.

Lunchtime came and Marcie dropped by for a chat.

The two women sat in the lounge sipping cool drinks as Marcie looked at Kay she could see she had something on her mind.

“OK hun what is it?”

“It’s Dan he keeps going about Stan next door, you know.”

“Well why don’t you just go with the flow give it a try, see what happens, of course nothing at all may happen but then again it might.”

“That’s what I am afraid of, what if Dan hates me if something were to happen?”

“Well if he gets off on it, it is likely he will be ok, but then there is no guarantee, you need to be sure it is what he wants, as well as you too of course, do you?”

“Well he is rather dishy, and I do like him.”

“There you go then so maybe some form of date may be best way forward rather than a casual encounter.”

Kay looked at her, the excitement in her eyes told Marcie she was definitely very interested no matter what her head was telling her, there was a reaction inside her that was obvious to her friend.

“How about you leave that to me I will set something up, Dan will know about it but at least you will know for sure if he wants you to go ahead or not.”

“Well Ok, I suppose I can pull out any time then.”

“Good girl.” Marcie smiled.

They spent the next hour chatting about men in general and Stan in particular, Marcie seemed to be getting really enthused with the idea of her friend playing away with her neighbour. Marcie had always been rather liberal and enjoyed the attention her ample figure brought her, she had many boyfriends before she married and a few here and there afterwards too. She and her husband, Tom, were having fun in an open marriage and it seemed to work for them.

Suggestions on what to wear to attract men flew back and forth, interspersed with a lot of giggling as the wine flowed until they reached a point where Kay had agreed to go shopping for a new outfit for a dinner party that Marcie was organising where she had suggested she invite Stan also.

Sitting in the lounge that afternoon waiting for Dan to arrive home Kay’s mind was in a sort of dreamlike state where scenarios were playing like videos where she imagined the dinner party at Marcie’s and the chit chat and all the time she k new what the ending was going to be. Stan was going to have sex with her that night, she knew it was going to happen, her body knew it too, and her panties were more than a little damp at the thought.

Would Dan agree to this or would the reality bring him to his senses? The problem now was that since Kay had been thinking more and more of the idea of sex with another man the more she realised she wanted it too, not just as a fantasy but for real.

The door slamming broke her reverie, the noise startling her enough to make Kay jump up from her seat. Walking towards the lounge door she heard Dan’s voice calling her, as she walked her mind readjusting to reality after the mental playback of scenarios started to fade to the back of her conscious as real life beckoned.

“Hello love.” Dan’s cheery face filled her vision as she almost ran into him in the doorway, his hands on her hips he looked into her eyes, straightaway he could sense rather than see something was on her mind.

“You OK?” he questioned concerned.

“Oh yes of course, I’m fine.”

“Did you see Marcie today?”

“Yes, we had lunch.”

Dan busied himself making coffee as Kay stood in the doorway unsure how to proceed or what to say. Could she tell Dan what she and Marcie had discussed? Would it be a turn on or maybe reality would kick in and he would think her the bad guy for talking to someone about it. Confused thoughts raced through her mind, she was in a strange place where the idea that started as pillow talk was now mushrooming into her daily thoughts. How could she be sure Dan wanted this? Was she sure she wanted it too? The way she had reacted when chatting with Marcie was like a schoolgirl with a crush, they had giggled their way through lunch, but this could get real she thought. The pounding of her heart told her she found it exciting, the response inside her panties agreed.

“She called me a little while ago actually” he offered, as if trying to prompt her to elaborate on their lunch meeting.

Kay felt a sort of panic building inside her tummy.

“Oh really, what did she have to say?”

“Only that she was organising a dinner party for next Tuesday and invited us.”

“That’s nice, come to think of it she did mention it but no date or anything.”

“Well, I accepted on your behalf anyway but I have an important client in town next week so I will not be able to make it.”

“Oh well I won’t go then.” She breathed a sigh of relief that Marcie hadn’t said anything more.

“That’s OK love, you go I am sure it will be a fun evening, Marcie said she would invite a couple of other people too, you go it will be fine.”

Kay breathed deeply, she hadn’t expected things to move this fast but here it was, an invite to a dinner party as Marcie had promised, it seemed as if things were now moving towards the inevitable. Her heart was pounding in her breast as she took it all in, thoughts started to mobilise in her mind, who else would Marcie invite? Could she go through with it? What to wear?

“Well Ok if you are sure then I will go, if you are going to be busy anyway. Did Marcie say who else she had invited?”

“No, but she did ask about Stan, I told her I am sure he would like to meet her so she may invite him, I don’t know about anyone else though.”

“Oh my, are you sure that’s a good idea for me to go if he is invited too? After all we have already had a couple of incidents haven’t we?”

“Oh don’t be so silly! These things happen and after all we have talked about it often enough he is a man who finds you attractive, you know how that excites me. So I am cool with a little flirting here and there.”

“But what if it gets out of control? Or he wants things to go further?”

Dan wrapped his arms round her sensing her indecision.

“Go with the flow love, have some fun if that’s what you want, I am happy with however far you want to take things. You know we have always fantasised together about involving other people so we both know how it turns us both on, this could be the right time for us to experiment.”

He kissed her softly on the lips.

She felt his erection pressing against her as confirmation of what he was thinking.

Kay looked at him, her green eyes boring into his looking for any sign of indecision but all she saw was lust which was reinforced by the erection now pressed firmly against her.

“OK but let’s take things a step at a time, a little flirting is one thing but men like Stan want more than that, he has already seen my boobs and even kissed me once!”

“Yes I know and I also know you liked it too.” Dan looked into her eyes, he could see what he said was true, that excited him further.

“Well yes I know but he caught me off guard this is different.”

“You mean deciding to go for it you mean?”

“Yes, to put myself in a position where things could get out of control.”

“Does that excite you love?”

She paused for a second, again looking into his eyes, not wanting to hurt him but seeing only excitement.

“Yes it does, I can’t help myself it does turn me on knowing he wants me and he does sort of make it obvious too.”

“Let’s go to bed, I am so hard for you know, I want you.”

Dan took her by the hand and led her to their bedroom where for the next hour they made love, frantically yet deeply and passionate. Each with their own thoughts but of the same thing. Kay imagined sex with Stan, Dan imagined her being fucked by Stan also. Their lovemaking building steadily to a huge climax as they both went through their respective dreams. Dan’s cock swelled inside Kay’s eager and soaking pussy as she pulsated round his shaft that triggered his orgasm which caused jets of sperm to flood her cervix. Powerful spurts of cum sprayed her contracting vagina as they held on to each other panting.

As the warm afterglow of orgasm coursed through them, they lay together knowing they had crossed a line and that whatever happened next they were both in agreement and excited at the prospect even though neither wanted to appear too eager.

Next morning Kay was up early. She buzzed around the kitchen making coffee feeling a sense of excitement as she recalled the sex the night before, it was so hot they hadn’t had sex like that in ages. She blushed as she thought of how horny they both were and at the reason why.

As she stood at the counter with her mind replaying last night’s sex, she was aware of a presence behind her. Turning she saw Stan standing at the back door which was open.

“Hello Kay, you are looking gorgeous as ever, thought I would drop by early and let you know about this.”

He held a card in his hand.

“It’s a dinner invitation from your friend Marcie for next week, I have already called her and accepted, she seems very nice too so I am looking forward to that.”

With that Dan came into the kitchen.

“Oh hi Stan, how are you? Up and about early as usual.”

“Yes just dropped by on my way out actually, wanted to thank Kay for the dinner invitation from Marcie, very nice of you all to think of me like that, I appreciate it, thanks.”

“That’s OK that’s what friends are for.”

“Are you both going too?” Stan asked.

“Unfortunately I have a heavy week at work, so I can’t make it but Kay will be going.”

Stan’s eyes seemed to light up for a second at the news although it was something he was already aware of from his telephone conversation with Marcie earlier. His eyes met Kay’s, just for an instant, he watched as she nervously diverted her gaze, he smiled inwardly. The conversation with Marcie had been very interesting, she had let a few things slip, firstly that Dan wouldn’t be able to come and secondly that Kay was rather taken with the new neighbour which pleased him immensely. The chat between them revealed that Marcie was a party girl and that she had been trying to get Kay to widen her horizons so to speak but thus far had been unsuccessful. However she indicated that there had been a shift in her attitude lately. This came as music to his ears as he opened up to Marcie that he thought Kay was gorgeous, the chat ended with both laughing and looking forward to the evening which would now be a foursome at her home.

“That’s too bad old man.” Stan smiled, “I know what that was like when I was married, having to disappoint the lady because of work commitments, you will have to make it up to her of course. In the meantime if you will allow me to escort her for that evening the pleasure will be all mine.”

Kay blushed as the two men seemed to be discussing what to do with her without her having any input at all, yet it was sort of exciting at the same time.

“Oh yes of course I will have to finds some way of making it up to her, as long as she has a nice evening I am happy with that.”

The smile on Stan’s face said it all as he realised that the two men had just agreed albeit it tacitly that Dan was OK with Stan taking his wife out for the evening. The double meaning in both their words was not missed by either. Stan knew that Dan was getting off on his wife being out with him, he wondered now how far this would go, for his part he had already made up his mind, he wanted her, to have her, possess her even. He had watched her at his party and knew instantly he wanted her.

The chat fell silent as Kay thought of what seemed to be going on around her, Marcie had been true to her word and arranged something, Dan seemed to have fallen in with her plan and the sex last night pointed to him being OK with this. Whatever this was.

“Well I do have to go , have some things I need to do today, I will see you both later maybe , if not is it alright if I pick you up around 6.30 on Tuesday for our date?” Stan smiled as he saw the look on Kay’s face. “Just kidding Kay, you are sweet, 6.30 then it is.”

He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek as his hand slipped round her waist and gently smoothed her ass.

“See you later Dan, keep up the hard work.”

They watched as he left.

“There you are see, now you have someone to go with on Tuesday.”

“Yes but he is calling it a date!”

“So what, it is in a way, don’t you think it is exciting?” Dan’s face was flushed with excitement as he looked at his wife.

“Dan you better be sure you are OK with this before we go any further.” Kay eyed him for the second time looking for any sign of indecision, she saw none, and in fact he was probably more visibly aroused than she had ever seen him.

Dan leaned in to her kissing her lips, his hands fondling her boobs gently. Kay sighed as they kissed as she felt her nipples react to the light touch of her husband, he knew exactly how to touch her there and soon she was feeling the arousal in her panties too. Dan started to pull at her top and in a moment had it over her head and off as his mouth searched for her rosebuds, his lips wrapped round her swollen nipples as he licked teased and suckled each one. Dan could feel his wife’s arousal now as she ground her pussy against him, his hand slipping under her short skirt and pulling them down to her knees as his fingers rubbed along her wet lips , slowly probing and seeking her clit.

“Imagine Stan doing this to you babe, sucking your tits and fingering your cunt.” He whispered.

Kay’s mind started to feel with images of her neighbour having her in her kitchen.

“You want him to fuck you Kay? I know you do really.”

Kay bit her lip as the assault on her nipples and pussy kept going.

“Tell me you want him to fuck you Kay.” Dan nibbled at her sensitive nipples as he teased.

“Ohhhhhh “she moaned.

He sucked harder his fingers inside her wriggling and twisting as his thumb rested on her clit, her moans telling him she was really hot now.

“Tell me babe, tell me you want Stan to fuck you.” Dan pleaded.

“Yesss OK, I want him to fuck me!” she moaned

Dan turned her round so she rested her elbows on the counter and pulling his rock hard cock free he slammed inside his wife, his hard cock enveloped by her soaking wet pussy gripping him tightly as he rammed in and out.

“Tell me again Kay, who you want.” He panted as he slammed her pussy.

“I want Stan to fuck me!!” she moaned.

Dan pushed in as far As he could and his cock exploded, spurts of cum like ropes flooding her cervix for the second time in 12 hours. She felt her pussy pulsate round his spewing cock, Dan fell on her back her boobs in his hands as he kissed her neck. He lay still as did she, panting as they felt their orgasms overwhelm them.

Dan stood and his cock slid from her wet pussy, Kay felt the coolness of the air on her lips as a sliver of cum slipped from her and ran down her upper thigh.

“Oh Kay that was hot babe!”

She stood pulling her skirt down, her panties wrapped round her ankle, she stepped out of them and kissing Dan on the cheek handed them to him. He looked at the small bundle in his hand, as she turned and headed to the bathroom he held them to his nose. Her aroma was sooo sweet, he realised that they had crossed another line today.

Kay ran the shower and stepped in, the warm water cascading over her body, her eyes closed as she soaped herself. She thought to herself that the sex they had earlier was electric, it was so intense as if somehow a switch had been turned and she was now so sensitive and aroused, she felt alive and very sexy. The soap suds covering her felt good as she massaged her smooth skin refreshing her body for what was sure to come.

The weekend came and Dan’s arousal seemed endless, he was horny all the time and excitedly kept mentioning Stan to Kay and her forthcoming date. Stan had not been seen for a couple of days thus allowing Kay to cool down a little from the high she had been on previously, but it didn’t stop Dan, he seemed to get more turned on by the day.

Saturday morning Marcie called round, the two women were to spend the day shopping, as Kay finished dressing Marcie was left chatting with Dan in the kitchen over coffee. She came down the stairs and heard the tail end of their conversation.

“. . . .yes of course I will, I will make sure Kay has a good time, I am sure it will be a fun evening.”

They stopped talking as she entered the room, she eyed them nervously as if they were plotting something.

“What were you talking about?”

“I just said for Dan not to worry and that you will have a nice time at ours, I will make sure of it.”

“Are you worried Dan?” Kay asked him directly.

“No, of course not, I just want you to enjoy yourself is all, let your hair down a little, have fun.”

“There you go Kay, Dan is fine about your date night, and maybe you should do it more often?”

The atmosphere was changing, things were again moving on and Kay could feel it happening. The way Marcie used the phrase “date night” was asking Dan to deny that was what was happening at the same time signalling that if he said nothing he was consenting for it to become a regular thing. Kay waited, Dan said nothing, and he just smiled at her.

“That’s settled then,” Marcie announced, “I am sure we will all have a fun evening.”

With that she jingled her car keys at Kay.

“Come on hun, we have some serious shopping to get done.”

Kay again looked at Dan for any sign that he wanted to halt this roller coaster. He leaned forward, kissed her gently on the cheek.

“Make sure you get something nice.” He squeezed her ass as he kissed her again.

The two women swept out of the house in a hurly burly of chatter and giggles, Dan sat down in the kitchen contemplating his erection that was an almost permanent feature in his pants at the moment. His hand rested on the bulge, slowly he found himself thinking of Kay stretched out on their bed with Stan fucking her senseless, he imagined her screams of passion and could almost see her legs thrashing wildly either side of Stan’s waist as he pounded her. As he did so his hand was busy sliding up and down on his cock. Pre cum lubricating his shaft as his thoughts centred on Kay and Stan, the vivid pictures in his mind heightening his arousal. Within a couple of minutes he was bursting to cum, he held back wanting to savour the thoughts, his hand slowing down as he extended his masturbation. The arousal was just too much as hard as he tried he could not and did not want to stop himself cumming , his hand speeded up and he felt the rush as his orgasm exploded. Spurts of spunk flew over his hand and thighs, spattering the chair and floor as he milked his cock, his minds visualising his wife spread eagled on their bed as Stan rammed his spewing cock deep inside her as they both orgasmed.

Marcie opened her front door, squeezing inside laden with store bags.

Tom was sat at the computer tapping away at the keyboard as she barged past the open door to the study.

“Been shopping I see.”

“Yes love, I will tell you all about it in a minute, I must get my heels off first.” She pulled off her eels and surveyed the bundle of bags on the floor around her as she rubbed her feet.

A few minutes later she padded into the study carrying two drinks, handing one to Tom she wriggled onto his knee in front of the screen.

“What are you up to?” she asked looking at the screen.

“I was just messaging a couple of friends about maybe getting together again soon, it has been ages since we played.”

“Mmmm naughty boy! Well I am hoping we will be playing again soon too.”

Her hand rested on his crotch, she could feel he was aroused as she smiled at him. Tom sipped his drink waiting for her news, he was eager to find out how it went, that was the reason for his partial hard on.

“So, what did you buy?”

“We bought a few new lingerie outfits, once Kay got into the mood she was fine too. I think she is really starting to look forward to our evening too.”

Tom smiled. His thoughts were filled with images of Kay, her gorgeous curvy figure was something he had lusted after for some time now. She had firm and full breasts, he had imagined her nipples many times as Marcie had teased him about them when they had sex, was his dream of having sex with her about to become a step nearer?

“I can see you like that idea Tom, seeing Kay dressed sexily and maybe even naked for you too, poor baby, you will have to wait your turn Stan is going to be her first I think.”

Her hand moving rhythmically on his bulge as she whispered in his ear fuelling his fantasy.

“I can’t wait for her to get started Marcie, I am sure she will be a great fuck, God I am so hard baby.”

Marcie eased off his lap and knelt between his legs her hands stroking his thighs as she ran her tongue along the covered swelling of his thick cock. Slowly she unzipped him and easing his cock free she looked up at him smiling, her tongue dancing across the head of Tom’s cock as he imagined Kay doing the same thing to him.

“Yes baby imagine Kay doing this to you, how good would that feel? Mmmmmm.”

Marcie opened her mouth and enveloped his cock clamping her lips firmly round his shaft as she maintained eye contact with her husband before easing up and down on his cock. Tongue swirling around the head and along his shaft as she kept up the suction, her hand caressing his balls. She knew exactly how to pleasure Tom, she had sucked many before they married and just as many since, he had grown to accept her need for adventure and somehow along the way he had enjoyed several other women too as they had ventured into the swapping scene.

Tom closed his eyes as she sucked him expertly, his mind filled with images of Kay’s face, her lips stretched round his cock as his wife fuelled his fantasy. Marcie could sense he was getting close so she speeded up her sucking and tongue teasing as her fingers trailed across his sac. Tom panted as he came closer to spewing his load, his cock swelled in her mouth, her tongue wrapping round the sensitive head as she sucked drawing him closer to losing control. Tom’s hands rested on her head as he thrust his cock deep in her willing mouth, she relaxed as his cock hit the back of her throat before the pulsing started at the base of his shaft. Throbbing hard as his orgasm grew, spurts of his warm cum filled her mouth and drained into her throat, she gagged and swallowed using her tongue washing over his cock as she sucked and drained his spunk. His hands gripping her head in place as his body shook through his orgasm. Finally as Marcie kept up a soft sucking motion on her husband’s cock, she felt him soften and he relaxed and laid back spent.

“You are fantastic Marcie, the best.”

“You like the thought of Kay sucking you like that?”

Tom looked at her, his face still flushed, his mind filled with images of their friend sucking his cock.

“Oh yes definitely, she has such a sexy mouth and what makes her so sexy is that she is not a slut or a hot wife.”

“Yet darling” Marcie smiled at him, “not yet she isn’t.”

Kay whisked through her front door and without stopping she carried the two bags straight upstairs to her bedroom. Dan heard her come in and called out to her.

“Hi hun, all spent out?” he was sat watching sports on the large screen TV in his den, somewhere he could have his alone time and where he spent a lot of time on his desktop or watching sports.

“Be down in a minute love.”

She had placed one of the bags in her wardrobe, it contained two new lingerie sets, bra, panties and suspender belt with a couple of different colour pairs of stockings as well. She blushed as she hid the underwear thinking of how Marcie had cajoled her into going for the racy undies. Resisting at first until she saw she could not fight the force of nature that was Marcie, who was determined to shake Kay from her normality and encourage her on this new path. Kay soon started to see how sexy and pretty the underwear Marcie was suggesting and every time she held up a new tiny item she mentioned Stan being there to see them reinforcing the link between being sexy and doing it for Stan.

Kay padded down the stairs to the den and kissed Dan softly on the lips.

“So when do I get to see your new outfit?” he asked excitedly.

“Oh no buster, no fashion show till I am ready, it is a nice dress, and I will show you later, Marcie said it would be appropriate for a dinner party anyway so that’s OK with me. It isn’t what I would normally choose but it does look great.”

Dan’s mind filling with anticipation and excitement at the thought his wife had bought a new outfit to wear on a date with another man, his cock started to stir again.

“Did you get any new underwear to go with it?”

Kay blushed and that was a sign that she had, Dan knew that.

“No I haven’t gone that far, do you think I should though?”

“Well yes I do, it would make you feel special and sexy of course you should.”

“OK I will think about it.”

Her face flushed indicated to Dan that either she had already done it or was thinking of it, he said nothing, the thought of her thinking along these4 lines was a turn on too.

Sunday followed the pattern of the week with both Kay and Dan on a sexual high and incredibly sensitive around each other with both their thoughts filled with the dinner party. Sex on Sunday was slow and passionate with Dan almost constantly hard for her. Kay seemed to have an internal need for reassurance and wanted to know he still loved and wanted her even though they were both aware that things could change in the next day or so.

Monday and Dan went off to work, kissing Kay deeply as he left, he had a busy week ahead but he was having trouble concentrating lately, in less than a week his world had moved on and now he was on the verge of realising his fantasy for his wife to possibly take a step towards having sex with another man. Although he wanted this to happen he was not sure if Kay would go through with it or indeed if it was all too fast and maybe would take time, either way things were happening and the sexual tension between them was incessant. Kay felt the tension also as they kissed, as she waved him off her thoughts were on the dinner party and the fact that Dan had not seen her wearing the dress she had chosen or indeed the underwear she had decided to wear with it.

She made herself another coffee and sat thinking, she hadn’t seen Stan all weekend but her excitement was still heightened, Marcie had called and mentioned that both she and Tom were really looking forward to tomorrow evening. Marcie also said that Stan had sent over a large bouquet of flowers as a thank you and on the card he added Kay’s name to his! Her thoughts racing to catch up with her bodily reactions, she seemed to be constantly in a state of arousal, sometimes it was really obvious but other times more subtle with her nipples tingling or her pussy filling with an ache, either way she knew she was excited as the anticipation she felt in her tummy filled her with tension and yet more arousal.

The day passed slowly, she had tried on her new dress, it was a beautiful shade of blue, figure hugging, a little on the short side without being slutty. The front was low cut, revealing and inviting as it plunged between her silky smooth breasts, the bra Marcie chose was small enough to do its job and yet not be on display, the cups were a little small and barely covered her nipples but fitted with the dress nicely. Panties were tiny also, and sheer too, on their own they looked very sexy but when the matching suspender belt was added, looked really special and hot too. Marcie had helped her select a couple of pairs of stockings to match in different shades so Kay tried both to see which suited her dress best. She settled on a dark tan pair that showed off her legs best, she looked in the mirror and was satisfied she looked not just great but very hot, her shapely legs and heels accentuating her round bottom and the curve of her breasts seemed even perkier than before. Maybe it was the excitement within her but she looked great and felt sexy, she blushed as she thought of her date tomorrow with Stan.

A long soak in the bath with a glass of wine helped relax her, the warm bubbles coating her smooth body, caressing her as she sipped the wine causing an all over glow. She looked at her pussy, her hair was always kept quite neat but she started wondering what Stan would think of it, she decided to shave and shaper her pubic hair into a thin strip, that would look better in the new tiny pair of panties she had now.

Shaving and preening complete she stood in front of her full length mirror in her bedroom, she looked glowing and sexy she could not believe what she was contemplating, the tingle in her pussy started again, she wanted to rub her clit so much but decided to hold off, in effect building her need even further.

Tuesday arrives, Kay felt flustered as she woke, preparing coffee and breakfast for Dan before he left for his important day with his client.

“Relax sweetie, it will be OK.” Dan said concerned that she was letting her nerves get the better of her.

“I am fine Dan really, just nervous is all.” Her face showing how nervous she felt.

“Are you really sure about this though?” she asked still searching for any sign of indecision.

Dan could see and feel her nervousness, placing a hand on her arm he looked into her eyes.

“It is OK if nothing at all happens, you will be having a dinner with friends, have a good time, enjoy yourself I am happy with whatever you want to do, really I am so have fun.”

Kay felt the enormity of Dan’s words realising he seemed to be OK with however far things go and whatever happens.

“Oh my! Just what will happen? How far will things go?” she wondered.

Dan got up to go, he hugged his wife tightly, their eyes met before he kissed her hard, a loving and tender yet passionate kiss as they both knew this was another of those moments.

They walked to the door hand in hand, another long hug and kiss before Dan smiled at her seeing how she was still searching for reassurance.

“You have fun this evening, I won’t be able to get back till after midnight, tell me all about it then, OK?”

She stood watching again as he drove away, her mind and her body in conflict yet overall she was filled with excitement.

An hour or so later Marcie rang.

“Hi Marcie, you OK?”

“Yes I am fine, are you looking forward to this evening?”

“Oh my yes I am but feel so nervous too.”

“I will pop round in a bit see if we can get you relaxed a little.”

“OK, see you then.” Kay put the phone down feeling in the need of some moral support and Marcie would do that she always was so upbeat about things.

As she put the phone down Marcie was concerned that Kay was ready to bail out of this evening, in less than an hour later Marcie was at the door.

“You Ok love?” she smiled at Kay as she let her in.

“Oh yes I am fine, just a little nervous.”

“Nothing to be nervous about sweetie, excited maybe yes, you are gorgeous and I am sure you will knock his socks off when he sees you.”

“Yes but he isn’t my husband and it looks like we are going on a date.”

“Kay, it is a date, both you and Dan know that. It excites you both, Stan seems a lovely man and obviously fancies you so if you are all happy with the situation then why not?”

“Yes of course it is just a bit of fun and no one will be hurt by it all, so yes Ok I am being silly, just nerves is all.”


Marcie handed Kay a drink, Kay took it and gulped it down.

“Oh my, that was strong!” she smiled, her eyes watering.

“Just what you need hun, now have another and we will start thinking about getting ready.”

As they sat sipping their drinks, the mood changed and they both broke inti giggles as they speculated on the evening ahead.

By 6.00pm Kay had showered and was ready to get dressed, she watched the clock as it seemed to speed towards the hour when Stan was to pick her up. She applied moisturiser all over her body as she towelled and pampered herself, feeling an all over glow as she walked round her bedroom naked, not something she did normally.

She caught sight of herself in the mirror, twisting to check her bottom and smiling to herself, she looked hot for sure. Even the newly trimmed landing strip complimented her curves, she slipped into her new lingerie, fastening the bra and forming her breasts to be contained in the tiny cups, she saw how it lifted but the outline of her nipples was just visible. The panties fitted snugly, she pulled then up so it encased her mound, and she turned to get a rear view.

“Oh yes that will do.”

The thin material barely covering her cheeks and see through leaving nothing to the imagination, definitely slutty but very sexy too. Kay held the suspender belt up in front of her waist.

“Seems to be a bit over the top really .” she thought and contemplated not wearing it, but as it was part of a set she stepped into it and pulled it up slipping the suspenders under her panties before rolling the silky stocking up her legs. She purred as she felt the silky nylons slide up her legs and her thighs, she stood and attached each one before looking in the mirror again. She stepped into her heels to get the full effect.

“Ohh wow!” she whispered seeing herself looking sooo hot and so very sexy in her lingerie.

The next twenty minutes flew past as Kay finished dressing and applying her make-up, as she finished she thought she hadn’t taken so much trouble in a long time to go out to a dinner party. Still this wasn’t just a dinner party it was a date, and she started to feel like it was special too.

The doorbell rattled and woke her from the trance like state she was in, her heart now pounding as she approached the door knowing what lay beyond.

Stan stood there, a large bouquet of flowers in his hand, smiling as he took in the sight before him.

“Ohh wow don’t you look gorgeous!”

He stepped inside as she took the flowers, as she did so he swept her in his arms and kissed her hard on the lips.

Kay surprised, shocked and excited all at the same time, found herself returning the kiss in the doorway. Stan kicked the door closed as he continued the kiss.



Kay heard the door click as it shut, her head spinning as she found herself in the arms of this older man, clutching a bouquet of flowers as he kissed her, not a polite hello how are you kiss , but a full on passionate kiss. As she opened her mouth to say something but Stan had taken her by surprise, yet again, and took it as a sign for his tongue to probe between her lips. His hands wrapped round her pulling her close he could feel her curves through the material of her dress, she was gorgeous! He broke the kiss off realising he was in danger of going over the top far too fast for this sexy woman.

“Oh Kay I really am sorry , I didn’t mean to do that, it’s just that you look so goddamn lovely, please forgive me for being so inconsiderate.”

Kay stepped back, her face flushed, she could still feel his lips as if imprinted on hers as she panted for breath, her chest heaving giving more cause for Stan’s eyes to be drawn to the perfectly rounded orbs barely contained by the thin material.

As she looked at him, for a moment he thought he had blown it, then he saw her smile at him and turn away towards the kitchen.

“I had best put these in some water.”

Stan followed her watching her hips sway in front of him, the swelling in his trousers apparent and testimony to how he lusted after her. Kay knew he was watching her as she walked and smiled to herself, satisfied that her efforts to look good had been appreciated. The kiss had taken her by surprise but after the initial shock she relaxed and allowed Stan to kiss her at his leisure, it felt so different from Dan. That excited her and she could feel a familiar tingling in her panties as well as a tightening in her tummy as she thought of what could lie ahead, thoughts of guilt seemed to be overtaken by an ache of anticipation inside her now.

They left the house a few minutes later, Kay had checked her make-up before they left making sure she looked just so and there was no damage to her lipstick, she applied another layer of lip gloss making her lips shine even more, she smiled at herself in the mirror as Stan had stood watching. He guided her to the waiting car with a driver stood with the door held open for her.

“Oh my word, this is very plush.” She smiled as she slid into the full leather seat and felt it envelop her.

“I thought it would be best not to drive of course and this is available for me to use when I feel the need, we can go anywhere we want just say the word.” He smiled at her remembering her softness as he kissed her, her curves were imprinted on his hands as he had held her, now he wanted that again but he held back not wanting to pressurise her yet.

Stan sat in the car his mind filled with his lust for his companion, then he gave a thought to the fact she was a married woman, something that added extra spice to the situation. He had been with several married women before but Kay was different to the others, she presented a challenge to him, she was gorgeous, sexy and at the same time innocent. He had seen signs in her that she was ripe to be aroused and have things inside her awakened, maybe she had thought of other men previously but he doubted she had ever acted on those thoughts and feelings. Yet here she was going on what was a date with him, he wondered about Dan, how he fitted into this, was he OK with him taking her out? Did he in fact like the idea, he had known other husbands who were into that, maybe he was that way also. The more he thought about it he became surer that he had cuckold tendencies. Smiling to himself as he felt Dan’s wife sat next to him, well if that is the case this could really work out well for them all.

The car pulled up in the driveway to Marcie and Tom’s home, the driver slid smoothly out and opened the door, Kay stepped out and thanked him, he smiled at her without replying.

Tom strode quickly out of the door and greeted them both.

“Hi Kay, how are you? You are looking great I must say.” His eyes taking in her outfit and lingering over her curves. Tom had admired and lusted after Kay for some time, they had flirted a lot in the past but he had never managed to crack her, then she had met Dan and married. He felt that if all went well he would get his wish sometime soon, maybe.

“Hello, you must be Stan, Marcie has told me a lot about you, pleased to meet you.” He smiled and they shook hands.

Stan weighed Tom up as they shook hands, Marcie had already led him to understand they had an open relationship so he deduced he would have designs on Kay also, well that wasn’t going to happen any time soon at least not until Stan had the pleasure.

“Very nice of you both to invite me to dinner, everyone has been really friendly since I moved here, I hope I can return the favour too one evening.”

“Yes that would be really nice, thanks.”

Tom led them into the house, Stan slipped an arm round Kay’s waist and she allowed him to escort her through the door. Marcie was in the kitchen, Tom called out to her as he led the guests into the spacious lounge area. There were two large sofas and a pair of armchairs with thickly carpeted flooring and an expensive looking rug in the space between the furniture upon which sat a large glass coffee table. Tom indicated for them to take a seat and asked what they would like to drink.

“Scotch for me Tom, thanks.” Smiled Stan.

“Small white wine for me please Tom.” Kay smiled.

As Kay sat down, smoothing her dress as she sat, her legs crossed forcing her dress to ride high and show a little of her slim thighs. Stan slid next to her, his arm around the back of the sofa, looking very much at home.

Tom handed them their drinks, just then Marcie entered the room wearing a rather slinky black lace dress, low cut enough to show off her breasts and only barely decent and short enough to raise eyebrows too. She tottered across and exchanged kisses with Kay and then Stan apologising for not meeting them at the door.

“So glad you both could make it, how is Danby the way? I assume he is fine with you starting to date now?” Marcie asked pointedly, to deal with the elephant in the room so they could all move on.

“Er yes , he is fine, he couldn’t make it so was happy for Stan to escort me this evening.” Kay sipped her drink hoping that was the end of the subject.

Marcie was in a mischievous mood and wanting to push things a little more as she eyed Kay, seeing her friends discomfort but not letting up. She sipped her drink as she sat opposite Stan, crossing her legs slowly as she smiled broadly.

“Kay has been thinking for some time about starting dating again, but hasn’t had an opportunity until now, so thank you Stan for helping my friend take her first steps into the big wide world.”

She sat back looking at Kay who was blushing and starting to wish she hadn’t agreed to this, Marcie winked at her.

Kay was not amused, inwardly she was in turmoil thinking of Dan who was working and yet he had agreed to her going out this evening knowing she would be in Stan’s company. It all seemed so innocent yet so exciting, risky too and she knew there was some truth in what Marcie had said but she wished she hadn’t been so open about it.

Stan, smiled at Marcie realising this was his cue to defend Kay and act as protector.

“I am sure a woman as beautiful as Kay would have many opportunities to stray should she feel the need and nothing I could do to lead her astray would influence that. However should she want to then I would of course be more than pleased to offer my services.”

With that he took Kay’s hand and kissed the back softly in a very gallant manner.

Kay smiled at him and stuck a tongue out to her friend.

The mood lightened as Stan smiled at her.

“Any time.” He said as he looked into her eyes. Kay felt her face flush in response.

The four all laughed off the subject and relaxed, it was a few moments before Kay realised Stan still had hold of her hand as they all chatted, something that Marcie did not miss. She could feel his big hand wrapped round hers, his little finger stroking the back of her hand as they chatted, it seemed such an intimate thing to be doing with a man other than her husband. As she sipped her drink she relaxed a little more enjoying the attention and the company.

Dinner was wonderful, Marcie had really gone to town with a full three course meal, plenty of wine and drinks to accompany the meal meant that once finished the four returned to the sofas to relax with their brandies. More than a little relaxed Kay tottered towards the sofa, Stan took her hand and pulled her onto his lap as she giggled trying not to spill her brandy. She felt him wrap his arms round her as Marcie and Tom snuggled up opposite. Suddenly it was quiet, as a break in the background music seemed to cut across the evening, bringing her mind into focus Kay looked at the clock, it was just past midnight, the evening had flown by. She had been enjoying the flirting and the chatter and had not given Dan a thought until now.

“I really should be going, it is late.” She looked at Stan searching for his support in her indecision of the moment.

Stan wrapped his arms round her, pulled her to him and kissed her. She felt his mouth cover her lips, his tongue teasing her lips gently as he enveloped her. The brandy had lit a fire inside her that momentarily had died down, now Stan was relighting that fire. His arms held her tightly as he kissed her, a different kiss from Dan’s but so very thrilling, sending tingles through her body, her mind spinning with the battle between her mind and her bodily reactions. Slowly Stan sensed her relax and then as if submitting to him her lips parted and his tongue invaded her warm mouth. He could taste the brandy on her tongue as they kissed slowly, deliberately, tasting each other, his hands caressing her back now as he fondled her. Kay could feel him under her as they kissed and noticed his bulge steadily growing this added more fuel to her inner fire as she started a slow rocking movement. The kiss carried on, all thoughts of stopping gone from her mind as pleasure built and flowed through her.

Moans from the other sofa indicated that Tom and Marcie were getting busy too. Kay looked across she could see Tom had Marcie’s breasts bare and was kissing her nipples, a shudder went through her as she knew she wanted that too. Stan’s hands caressed and fondled her breasts over her dress, his fingers stroked the orbs but never went as far as to expose them. Kay was wanting and needing him to touch her but he held off. As Kay looked at Tom and Marcie he whispered in her ear.

“I think we best leave them to it don’t you? We don’t want to intrude and I have no intention of sharing you.”

Kay blushed as she watched Tom with his hands on Marcie’s breasts pinching and pulling her nipples, she saw her legs splayed open as a hand slipped between them, her moans encouraging Tom further, oblivious to who was watching. Stan watched and noted the effect on Kay, her breasts rising and falling as she watched, she was aroused, really aroused.

Kay looked down sensing something on her breast, it was Stan’s hand gently massaging her breast as they watched the couple opposite, he could feel her nipple responding and swelling under his palm as he moved his hand slowly, he wanted to add to her arousal and not scare her off. Kay looked back as Marcie her legs spread crudely now as Tom slipped fingers inside her smoothly shaven pussy, she gasped at the thought of that happening to her.

Stan’s words slowly permeated the aroused fog in her mind, she looked at him, his hand still massaging her breast.

“Er yes I think that would be best they look like they need some privacy.”

The growing bulge beneath her was suddenly apparent, it felt good, exciting too, she leaned in and kissed Stan of her own accord. Stan smiled at her seeing the change.

“Come on, let’s go, it’s late we need to get you home before you turn into a pumpkin.”

Kay stood, blew a kiss to Marcie as Tom was between her spread thighs, she smiled through half closed eyes.

“Next time Kay, have fun.”

Stan led her from the lounge, his arm wrapped round her waist, outside into the cool air where the car was waiting as the driver held the door open Stan pulled her close and kissed her passionately, she responded and they teased each other’s tongues. The kiss just added to Kay’s arousal, she could feel herself so turned on, skin tingling as Stan held her, she could feel him pressed against her, his bulge pressing against her tummy. The sensation of his closeness stirring an ache inside as her body responded. Stan could feel her moulding in his arms as he kissed her deeply, his tongue dancing with hers, his cock swelling with each passing moment. He wanted to fuck her and soon, but maybe tonight was too soon?

Gasping, Kay broke off the kiss, fanning her face and smiling.

“Oh my!”

The driver stifling a smile as he held the door to the car, he had seen this before, Kay was another wife ripe for the fucking as he thought, his eyes wandering over her long legs and pert breasts, his own cock twitching as he imagined fucking her himself. Who knows he thought, maybe.

Kay slid into the large leather seat, Stan slipped his arm round her shoulders and pulled her close, she melted into him as the car pulled away slowly. Thirty minutes later they pulled up outside her house. It was then that it started to sink in with Kay where she had been all evening, she knew Dan would be home by now after working late. He may be in bed waiting for her she couldn’t be sure, nervousness crept over her as she stepped out of the car. Stan escorted her to the door, she turned and faced him.

“Thank you for a lovely evening Stan, I really enjoyed it.”

“I am glad you did, so did I.” he stepped closer, his arms wrapping round her as he looked down at her face.

“I want to do it again if Dan is OK with it of course, maybe?”

She felt indecision and excitement conflicting inside her.

“Yes I would like that, but I need to talk to Dan of course.”

With that she turned and opened the door stepping inside, Stan followed, she looked at him unsure as they entered the lounge.

Dan was just pouring himself a drink as they came through the door, he turned greeting them both with a smile.

“Hey, you have a good time baby?”

Kay went and hugged her husband, a mix of relief and guilt maybe prompted her reaction.

“Thank you for letting me go, I love you.” She whispered.

“We had a lovely time Dan, shame the evening had to end really but I wanted tomake sure I brought your wife back safe and sound.”

“Thanks Stan, I knew you would look after her, nightcap?”

“Yes, OK, maybe a quick one before I leave you two lovebirds, thanks.”

Dan poured a scotch, Kay took the glass and handed it to Stan, who sat on the sofa next to her. He leaned back relaxing, his arm round the back of the sofa behind the young wife.

“You work late a lot Dan?”

“Yes, at the moment anyway, not much time for a social life with so much pressure at the firm.”

“It is tough, all work and no play. I used to be that way but learned my lesson there, life is for living and enjoying. You need to make sure your lovely wife has some fun now and then, like tonight, it’s the secret to a happy marriage believe me.”

“Yes Dan was a fun evening, Marcie and Tom were on form which made it fun, they made Stan feel at home which was lovely too.” She didn’t mention how hot they had gotten after dinner though, something Stan picked up on as a positive sign.

“They are a hot couple that’s for sure.” Stan added.

“Yes we know they have been a little wild in the past.” Dan mused.

“Well, they seem like they are having fun and made me feel very welcome, you must come over one evening and I will fire my new hot tub up, it looks great but I haven’t used it yet.”

“That sounds like fun Dan what do you think?”

“Well that would be great but I have a full schedule for the next two weeks.”

“That’s a shame the weather is fine for the next week, would be lovely sitting out under the stars with some good company.” Stan offered.

“You could always pop across love, give it a try.”

Kay looked at Dan, then at Stan, she felt in one way caught but didn’t want to seem to eager to accept even though the thought of it was exciting.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe we will go together in a couple of weeks.”

Stan watched her , he could sense she wanted Dan to give his permission for her to spend another evening with him, he waited.

“No , you go ahead, I am sure Stan will look after you and you have fun I have so much on anyway, really it is fine.”

She looked at Dan again, he was almost daring her to say yes, then at Stan who was wishing she would agree too.

“Ok then I will, if you are sure that’s OK Stan.”

“Yes of course it is I will drop by in the morning and let you know when is best, oh Dan , thank you for letting me take your wife out this evening, I hope we can do it again soon too.”

With that Stan downed his drink and stood up, Kay rose with him.

“I will see you to the door.”

“No need love, I know the way.”

He placed his glass on the table and leant across to shake Dan’s hand, his grip firm and powerful. Then he wrapped an arm round Kay’s waist and leant in and kissed her full on the lips!

Dan watched, his cock twitched in his trousers as Stan blatantly kissed her in front of him, Kay returned the brief kiss and as they broke she looked at Dan, her face flushed with excitement.

Stan noticed the look and also the reaction from Dan to him kissing his wife, which was another small step. He closed the door and walked briskly to the car, sliding in the seat he smiled at the driver as he adjusted his semi hard cock to a more comfortable position. His mind filled with the planned seduction of his neighbour’s wife.

Ass the door closed, Dan grabbed Kay, kissing her hard, she could feel his cock solid against her, she returned the kiss as he ran his hands over her back down to cup her cheeks pulling her even tighter against his erection. Kay could feel her pussy already very moist starting to tingle even moere as he groped her ass and pressed his cock against her. Hands pulling at her clothes as Dan seemed to be out of control , his lust and visions of Stan and his wife together fuelling his ardour.

In the space of two minutes she was down to her underwear, Dan was pulling his own clothes off as he kissed and mauled her he was so turned on.

“Ohhh my! Dan I will have to go out more often if this is the response I get.”

His mouth fastened onto her nipple, his tongue working round and round as he suckled, her eyes closed as she recalled Stan’s hands on her boobs earlier and how she now wished he was the one sucking her nipples.

Dan slid his hands up her silk covered legs and touched her tiny thong, he smiled, it was soaking!

“Stan had you a little turned on for him?” His fingers slowly working under the tiny piece of material.

“And if he did? “She taunted him as he pulled her thong off holding it to his lips.

“Mmmm you smell hot baby.” His tongue tasting her juice.

Dan stroked her thighs playing with the straps of her suspender belt, feeling the smootness of her skin as he kissed and licked his wife. She moaned and held his head as she ground her so willing pussy into his face.

“Oh Dan , yesss lick me baby, do me , fuck me , fuck me hard!”

His face wet with her juices as she climbed towards her eagerly anticipated orgasm, she bucked her hiops at him as she felt her pussy contract and pulsate as his tongue licked, teased and probed her wetness.

Dan kept licking, slowly now as she came down but still highly aroused as she pushed him off her pussy.

“Fuck me Dan, fuck me hard, do it now!” She demanded, she lay back legs spread obscenely wide as she bared her wet pink slit to her husband, as she imagined baring herself to Stan.

Dan entered her hard and fast, his cock sinking easily into her silken tube, she gripped him inside as he fucked her fast, his mind filled with thoughts of his wife prone with Stan fucking her, making her moan and cum for him. He had been imagining it all evening, wondering what was happening, now he wanted to cum, he had resisted the temptation to wank and now he needed release. His cock was fit to burst as he rammed Kay hard, she held on , gyrating her hips and needing her own release when he started to cum. Dan hunched over her as he spewed his cum deep inaside her. She felt his cock throb and the warm jets of cum flooding her, all too quickly, she held on to him tightly as she ground her pussy against him, stimulating her clit as she felt herself go over the edge. He looked down at her as she orgasmed, he could feel her pussy contracting tightly round his softening cock.

They lay together for a minute or two until Dan’s cock slipped free of her glorious hole, she felt the cool air on her wetness as she laid still , legs splayed as she looked at him. Her mind filled with the mind blowing sex they just had and also with apprehension of where this seemed to be leading.

“That was hot baby.” Dan smiled.

“You want to go see Stan’s hot tub?” he asked as his fingers toyed with her nipples.

“I am not sure, tonight was fun but you saw how he kissed me in front of you, it could go further.”

“Yes it could if that is what you want too of course, is it?”

“I am not sure, yes the idea is really exciting but he has this way about him that makes me go all weak and I fear he will take over and things will get out of control.” She looked at Dan looking for some kind of concern to show.

“So what happened this evening? Did he try anything?”

“Well not exactly.” She looked at him wondering how or what to say. ” It was nothing really, he just kissed me a couple of times is all, and when Marcie and Tom started making out after dinner in front of us we thought it best to leave.”

“Is that all that happened?” Dan played with her pussy as he looked at her.

“I was sat on his lap at the time, we were sort of making out too but nothing heavy you understand. Tom and Marcie started to get really into it, you know what they are like so we left them and came home.”

“Nothing else?”

“No, only that I could feel him as I sat on his lap is all, and I mean I really could feel him.” Her eyes wide to emphasise the point.

“You mean he is big?” Dan’s fingers rubbing her clit slowly.

“OMG yes he definitely has something special in there!”

“Were you tempted to go further love?”

“Yes I was but Stan was kissing me and making me feel sexy I couldn’t help feeling horny watching them, I know it turned Stan on too I could feel that.”

“I am not sure I could have stopped him if he did go further, it was the drink and the atmosphere, it was very exciting Dan.”

Dan’s cock was rigid again at the thought of his wife sat on Stan’s lap like that watching their friends, it must have turned her on knowing Stan was getting hard too. Her pussy had been very wet when he had felt her.

She felt his cock as he gently teased her clit as she told him what happened.

“Ohh my! Seems like you liked what happened too.”

Grinning, he pulled her on top of him, spearing her with his rock hard cock, she slid down him, engulfing him once again, her silken tube tightly wrapped round his shaft. She rode him slowly, as he played with her nipples, massaging her breasts as he thrust up inside her. Kay moaned as she felt him deep inside her, gyrating her hips and driving him crazy, she wanted him to last this time.

“Fuck me Dan, fuck me baby, fuck me like Stan would.”

The idea of Stan fucking her in both their minds as they fucked slow and deliberately.

“Are you going to see Stan again?” Dan asked as he worked his cock in and out of her.

“Only if it is OK with you, do you think I should?” Her eyes partially closed as she searched for his permission.

“Yes, I think you should love.” Dan thrust up into her hard and fast now as he built towards his release, he came hard for the second time, his sperm flooding her cervix, each pulse forcing a jet of cum deep inside her. Kay, hearing his consent exploded round his cock in tune with his orgasm, her body shaking with the force of her orgasm shuddering through her body. Breathing heavily as she collapsed onto his chest, they kissed deeply, both filled with the afterglow of another erotic coupling but also consumed with thoughts of what now lay ahead.

Bright and early the next morning, Dan lay in bed slowly stirring when he heard voices from downstairs, as he sat up he could make out Kay and a man’s voice, must be Stan he thought. Slowly he slipped out of bed and quietly moved to the top of the stairs where he could hear more clearly.

“..yes of course I had a good time, although Marcie and Tom seemed to be getting very hot I haven’t seen her like that before, I knew she was wild and she has had several; affairs and man friends but that was hot to see.”

“Yes I agree, I found it very erotic seeing Tom sucking her tits like that, I could tell you were affected by it too.”

“Well yes if I am honest it did turn me on some.”

“I could feel that when your nipples were rock hard.”

Dan heard the conversation, his cock reacted at the thought Stan had found her nipples were hard, but he wondered how he knew that, did he touch or see them?

“You can talk! You were really starting to get hard too, I could feel you as I sat on your lap!” Kay giggled obviously enjoying the flirty chat.

“Maybe next time when you come over to try my hot tub you will really feel how hard I can get!” He winked at her making her blush.

Dan was hard.

“Anyway love I have to run, thanks again for the coffee and last night, I look forward to seeing a lot more of you.”


Then a muffled moan, Dan held his breath, the sound of a kiss, then another soft sigh before the door closed and he was gone. Dan breathed again, his hand on his now solid cock, he had heard what sounded like his wife being kissed by his neighbour downstairs. Slowly he started down the stairs his hand still on his cock which was tenting in his boxers. He entered the kitchen to find Kay at the breakfast bar seated on a stool, she was wearing her shortie dressing gown, tied at the waist accentuating her curves, she looked hot and a little flushed too.

“Hi sweetie.” She smiled as she sipped her coffee.

Dan grabbed a mug and poured himself a coffee, he noticed Kay must have been up a while as she had already showered and dried her hair, she looked fresh and pink. He also saw the mug on the counter.

“Did I hear voices just now?”

“Oh yes that was Stan, he dropped by to see if I was OK after last night is all, we had coffee as he was asking about me going round to see his hot tub later, that is if it is OK with you Dan?”

“Oh yes of course, no problem, you go , have fun.” Dan sipped his coffee, Kay smiled seeing his tented boxers, she reached out and squeezed his cock.

“Now be a good boy Dan, save it for later.”

“Did Stan say anything about last night at all?” He asked probing.

“No, just said he had a nice time, so did I, it was fun we both enjoyed it.”

“He didn’t mention anything about how you looked or anything?”

“No, he said I looked hot last night and I looked as good this morning too.”

Dan looked at her in her short silk robe, he knew she had only panties underneath and Stan would easily have noticed that too.

“Well I think you look hot too, did he ..?”

“Kiss me? Yes he did.”

Dan’s cock twitched, he was wanting more and more, the fantasy of being a cuckold was really getting a grip on him. It was all he thought of. He realised he was pushing his wife towards his neighbour but it turned him on so much, he couldn’t seem to control it. He was in a constant state of arousal, his hand on his cock every time he thought of Kay and another man, in this case Stan.

Kay saw the reaction on her husband’s face as she told him of the latest episode in her adventure with Stan, she couldn’t quite understand how Dan could be so turned on by her getting involved with another man. Although when they had played out the fantasy in bed it had always gotten her really turned on too, now it seemed as if the fantasies they had imagined could easily be coming true, that thought made her tingle.

“He asked if I would be free to visit tomorrow evening, I said I would discuss it with you first though.”

She looked at Dan as her words sank in. His eyes lit up at the news, his mind racing ahead and conjuring visions of his neighbour fucking his lovely wife as he looked on.

“Oh yes of course, well I am really busy this week as I said before so if you want to go over then I think you should do it.” She detected the excitement in the speed of his reply, his eyes wide as he looked at her.

“Are you really sure Dan? This is getting serious now, flirting is one thing but we are crossing boundaries now, he has kissed me several times already.”

“Yes of course I am sure, I want you to have fun and we have fantasised about this sort of thing for ages now, I know it gets you horny so why not go with it? See what happens. If you want to stop at any time then you can. I want you to know I am OK with whatever you want to do.”

She looked at him, seeing in his eyes he was really into the whole idea now, she could tell he was turned on as he spoke. Her own mind was coming to terms with the idea of making their fantasy a reality and if she was honest, she did find Stan rather attractive and he had something about him that made her feel very sexy too.

“So are you OK if I pop over to his tomorrow evening?”

“Yes definately, I will not be home till late again so, you have fun.” Dan’s cock stirred again.

“Will you take a costume over in case he gets the hot tub running? Which one will you take?” His mind racing as he thought of her in one of her swim suits.

“I hadn’t thought of that really.” She lied. She had thought of it, even to the extent of trying on her suits earlier but none seemed right somehow. She wanted something that made her feel really hot and something that would really make Stab’s eyes pop out too. Finally she had called Marcie.

“I suppose I could get something new, maybe I will; go shopping later and see if I find something.”

“That’s a great idea, get something new, something hot too, and can’t wait to see it. Take Marcie along she will know what to get.”

“OK, love I will call her.”

Kay smiled but felt a little pang of guilt about her lie, but it was only a small one and she wanted Dan to suggest it, she needed that.”

An hour or so later Marcie barged through the door, excitedly heading straight for the kitchen where she found Kay still in her dressing gown mulling over another coffee.

“Hi love, that was a hot evening, well for me it was anyway, sorry about that, I was soo horny at the whole idea I couldn’t wait to get fucked.”

“Hello to you too.” Kay looked up as her friend sat on a stool beside her at the bar.

“Oh yes, yes of course,” she replied waving her hands at Kay.

“Hi to you too, now tell me what happened, did you?” She looked at her excitedly as she helped herself to coffee.

“No , nothing like that, Stan was a gentleman, we did share a kiss or two though. I was worried he wanted more but he behaved impeccably. He is a great kisser too!”

“So when are you seeing him again then?”

Kay blushed.

“Don’t go all coy on me sweetie, it’s obvious there is an attraction between you both, so as long as Danny boy is happy with it then go for it.”

“Yes, I feel it too, but you know what comes after kissing right? Things could get very heavy, he has already had a good feel of my boobs and bum. He asked me to go over to his this evening to try out his hot tub!” She giggled.

“I have heard it called something before but a hot tub? Does Dan know?”

“Oh yes he knows I told him earlier, he is fine with it too.”

“Listen Kay, you like Stan, he likes you OK? Dan is OK with you seeing him it seems, yes? Then I don’t see what the problem is, you lucky thing.”

Kay thought for a moment as she sipped her coffee looking at Marcie. It was her fantasy coming true. Her pussy tingling at the thought of someone new and the fact Dan seemed really OK with how things were moving just helped her make her mind up.

“OK, let’s do this!”

“Ohh right girl!” Marcie high fived her friend as they both giggled at another step taken.

“So what are you wearing later?”

“I have a couple of dresses in mind, Dan won’t be back till late again so I have all day to choose something.”

“What about the hot tub?”

“I don’t know, I do have a couple of swimsuits but I am not sure.”

“Get dressed, we are going to find you a new one, something that will grab his attention for sure.”

Thirty minutes later the girls were at the mall sifting through the racks of tiny swimsuits and lingerie, what started as a quest for a bikini ended up with a full set of new and very sexy black lace lingerie. Something that Kay would previously only worn for Dan. They left the shop with two small bags containing a tiny bikini and some very sexy sheer underwear.

Kay stood in front of the mirror, she had bathed and oiled her skin, it shone in her reflection, and she had slipped into the new lingerie set and was checking how she looked. The tiny black lace bra supported her breasts but didn’t cover her nipples which were standing proud with arousal. She sipped a glass of wine as she took in the tiny matching thong and the lace top black sheer hold ups. She turned and took in her rear view, satisfied she took another sip and smiled.

Looking at the clock she realised she had to get going, she was already late for her “date”, she smiled at the thought of that and keeping Stan waiting would add to the arousal she felt inside already.

She slipped a very thin dress on, low cut enough to be sexy and just covering her nipples, short enough to be decent yet sexy too, it hugged her curves and added to her heels she looked dressed for a hot date.

She put a short coat on and walked the short distance to her neighbours place, as she approached the door she looked round nervously as if checking to see if anyone was watching. She pressed the doorbell and in a few seconds Stan appeared at the door.

“Wow! Hello you, glad you could make it.” He beamed.

Kay smiled and stepped inside the door, as she did so Stan leant in and kissed her softly on both cheeks as he wrapped an arm round her waist and guided her inside. She felt his arm round her as they walked into his lounge, she recalled it from the party but it seemed so different today with no one else around. She could see it was spacious, tastefully decorated and furnished, larger than her own home as she looked around the room taking in some of the details she had missed before.

“Let me take your coat love.” Stan reached out slipping her coat off her shoulders, enjoying the moment as he revealed her bare shoulders.

“Wow! You look great, love that dress suits you.” His eyes taking in her curves and fixing on her cleavage.

She blushed but at the same time allowed a smile to form as she saw him looking at her, she turned away knowing he would be looking at her rear too.

“Does Dan know you are here?”

“Oh yes he knows, he is working late again all week though.”

“How do you feel about him knowing?” Stan asked pushing her.

“I am fine with it, he is OK about it too.” She blushed again as she said it.

“Have you ever dated another man before since you married?” He asked pointedly.

The word date rang in her ears, sending important signals through her mind and body as she realised this was more than two friends having a quiet drink together.

“No, I have never done anything like this before.” Was all she could find to say, not denying the date or that she didn’t want it too.

Stan noticed her reply didn’t contain a refusal or a denial of the situation which pleased him. Stan hung her coat up and offered her a drink, she took the glass looking at it.

“Vodka and coke, right?”

“Er yes that’s lovely, thank you.” She sipped the drink, it was very warming as it coated her tongue and lips which were suddenly very dry. The heat slipped down her throat as she sat on the large sofa, Stan slid next to her.

“Cheers!” He chirped clinking glasses.

Kay smiled, looking round she realised there was music playing she looked at him quizzically, he pointed to a remote control on the coffee table. She giggled and sipped her drink.

Stan sipped his scotch and placed a hand on her thigh as he smiled at her thinking.

“So, you both reached that point where a little excitement is needed then?”

She felt her face flush as she took another sip of the vodka, giving herself time to think of an answer to this leading question. He saw her indecision.

“I would like to be the one to help you both and maybe take you out and have some fun if you would like that.”

Kay suddenly thought of Dan and what he would think to this conversation. It was one thing to do something without thinking too much about it, but it seemed that Stan wanted it to be completely open.

“We have fantasised about it a lot and Dan does get off on the idea of me with another man and so do I as well really. To make it real is a big step, I know things have seemed to happen so far, by accident really and it has been fun so far, that I can’t deny. I know id Dan were here he would say yes and go for it.”

“Well? What do you say Kay?” Stan fixed her eyes with his, he knew the importance of this moment, he had seen it before, the teetering on the edge of a decision, he knew it wouldn’t take much to sway her either way. As he looked at her he tried to make light of the situation and smiled at her, his eyes seemed to twinkle as she looked at him.

“I say yes Stan.” Her eyes holding his gaze as they both felt the gravity of her answer.

“Good, would you like another?” Stan indicated her glass which was empty. Kay felt her mouth was dry again but at the same time she was filled with an excitement that coursed through her making her tingle.

Stan refilled her glass, as he handed it to her he leant over and kissed her gently on the lips, Kay did not resist or move away, it was as if now it would be normal for them to kiss in that manner. Another step taken.

“What time is Dan expecting you back?”

“Oh, he is working late so won’t get in till after midnight I expect.”

“That’s good, so we have all evening together, I hope you brought a bathing suit with you as I have cranked up the hot tub, will be a lovely evening and would be lovely to share it with you outside and look up at the night sky.”

“Yes actually I did have something in my purse.”

She saw him raise his eyebrows.

“Really? It must be very tiny then, I can’t wait to see it.”

She blushed.

“You can use my bedroom to change later if you would like.”

Stan slipped his arm round her shoulders pulling her clos , as she looked up at him he kissed her fully on the lips. The kiss was like when he kissed her at Marcie’s, full on with his lips and tongue moving and testing her resolve, looking for an opening. She found herself relaxing and opening her mouth to let his tongue probe her again, her arms wrapped round his neck as she kissed him back, her body seemed released somehow as she gave into her inner desires.

After they broke the kiss, Stan looked at her and without a word took her hand and led her upstairs to his bedroom. Kay allowed herself to be led, her mind filled with excited thoughts, nervousness and apprehension as she neared the bedroom door. Inside she looked around the room, it was sumptuous, and the bed was large, big enough for four or more people it looked like. Stan turned to her and kissed her again, another full on passionate kiss, Kay responded which made his cock swell in his pants. Not wanting to waste another moment his hands worked on her ass, massaging forcefully as he pulled her close. She felt his strength as he handled her, his hands seemed so much bigger than Dan’s too.

Stand reached for the zipper at her back as she submitted to him , he felt her melting as she became more aroused. Fingers gripping the zipper as he kissed her feverishly, slowly easing it down, Kay could feel her dress loosen as he did so. Stans slipped a hand inside and felt her bare skin, holding her tight, not wanting to break the spell as he used his other hand to slip the straps off her shoulders. Their kiss broken as they both gasoped for breath, he smiled and looked down seeing her exposed nipples in the lace platform bra.

“Ohh baby yes, they look gorgeous too.”

She shimmied out of her dress as he stood back taking her body in, feasting with his eyes as his cock grew harder. As he looked at her he loosened his pants and let them fall, her eyes wide as she saw his bulge.

Stan saw her looking so he immediately pulled his underwear down and stepped free showing his stiff rod, so thick and hard for her. Kay sighed at the sight, she wondered how anyone could take something so big, then she realised she was soon to find out.

Stan pulled her close , his hot cock pressed against her tummy, he guided her hand to it wrapping her fingers round his monster as they kissed.

“Ohhhh my you are sooo big!”

His fingers reaching for her thong, he tugged at it forcefully, she squealed as the thin material gave way and she was exposed to him.

“I will buy you more don’t worry love.” He smothered her breasts with his lips , sucking and nibbling her sweet nubs as she moaned and felt herself getting engulfed by his passion, her first time in so long with someone other than Dan. She moaned as his fingers found her wet pussy lips, he slowly teased them apart as he sucked on her nipples.

“Ohh my!” She sighed as he guided her backwards onto the large bed, picking her up he laid her in the centre as he looked down at his prize. She felt his eyes on her, taking in the detail of this new wife, loving the way her breasts stood proud even when laid down, her shapely legs as she pulled her knees together covering herself. She was special this one he thought.

Gently he pulled her legs apart and slid onto the bed between her thighs, he could smell her arousal as she watched him approaching her sex. His fingers toying with her clit as he looked directly at her, showing her he was in control. Then he used his tongue on her, she shuddered at his touch, then again, he kept flicking across her sensitive clit until her felt her move her pussy to meet his tongue. Her head swimming as she gave herself to the pleasure of his tongue licking, teasing and probing her wetness, her hands reaching for his head as she started to move her hips slowly to meet his mouth .

“Mmmmmmm.” She moaned, Stan could feel her arousal now as he slipped a finger inside her and heard her sigh as her silky tube gripped the intruder. Slowly he worked in and out coating his finger with her juices, sliding in and out twisting and seeking her G spot as she arched her back , willing him to go deeper. Her first orgasm came suddenly, almost from nowhere she sensed the building pressure inside and the need for release as her mind filled with images, seeing herself with this older man. Then she looked up at the ceiling her eyes wide with lust. She saw herself! She hadn’t noticed the mirror, now she saw it and herself sprawled on the large bed with the back of Stan’s head buried between her spread eagled legs. The sight was what tipped her over as she looked at the image of a very sexy women in the act of sex with this stranger. Her pussy started to pulsate, starting deep inside then cascading outward it seemed, her juices flooded Stan’s mouth as he continued to lick her clit. He knew as she orgasmed this was a special moment for Kay, he also hoped it would be the start of many more fun couplings, with him.

She panted, her chest heaving as she shook through the first orgasm. Stan’s cock was now rock hard. He didn’t want to wait any longer he wanted to feel her pussy tight on his cock , he would have her suck him later but for now he wanted to possess her. His mouth leaving her pussy as she lay panting, moving up her tummy and over her breasts, moving slowly as his hands fondled her silky skin, pinching her nipples as she purred softly. He looked into her eyes as his cock touched her wet pussy for the first time, he wanted to watch her face as he entered her. Kay felt it too, her eyes locked with his as she sensed the bulbous head of his cock press against her wetness, he hooked his arms under her shoulders as he moved forward, watching her face as the head of his cock slowly parted her lips and stretched to allow him inside. He saw her eyes widen as he pushed slowly inside, feeling her warmth envelop his cock, he resisted the temptation to ram fully inside, he wanted to savour and enjoy her. They kissed, he lips on hers as she wrapped her arms round him, he sensed her hips moving now as he eased further inside. She grunted as he stretched her. She thought how different he felt to Dan, as he moved in further.

“Ohhhh my!” she moaned as he slowly eased back and then in a little more, he could feel how wonderfully tight she was and how his cock was being gripped so tightly beckoning him in further. Slowly as he looked at her again he slid in and out easing more of his thick old cock inside the young wife, after a minute or so she felt his balls rest against her. She felt so full! Stan was so much thicker than her husband and he was giving her such different sensations. Stan groaned as he felt his cock bottom out in her, unable to hold back any longer he started to fuck her, slow and deep at first before speeding up as she became used to his size. She moaned loudly as he fucked her soaking pussy, gyrating her hips to meet his thrusts, all thoughts of her husband and any doubts now gone, only the pleasure Stan’s cock was providing her with remained, consuming her totally as she bucked and wriggled in response to his thrusts.

His lust building as he hammered her pussy, the moans from the young wife ringing in his ears as he thrust faster and harder, forcing her to cum for him, her moans grew louder and higher pitched as she felt her pussy tighten round his cock. Her arms wrapped tight round his neck as he covered her mouth with his as she started to cum, pulsating and contracting on his thick cock taking him over the edge at the same time. Panting as he kept thrusting in her as she orgasmed, Stan could no longer contai9n himself and felt his balls tighten before the warmth of his release. Strong spurts of cum from his cock sprayed inside her, she felt every spurt as she gripped him with her silken pussy, he looked at her, eyes closed as she savoured the orgasm, he smiled to himself as his cock felt so good inside her. He slowed as his cock emptied inside her, kissing her lips gently as he came off the sexual high. Slipping slowly out of her he held her in his arms as she lay panting her body still replaying the past few minutes.

“You are fantastic.” He said as he gently massaged her breasts.

Kay looked at him still not sure how this had come to pass but she did know she had just had the best sex for quite some time, she tried not to think of Dan.

“You were pretty fantastic yourself.” Her cheeks flushed with the afterglow of their sex.

“I think we could do with a drink don’t you?” He said as he rolled off the bed and walked naked across the room pulling a dressing gown off a peg on the wall. He smiled at her seeing hers till laying on his bed, she felt self-conscious all of a sudden as she felt him looking at her.

“Come on, let’s have a drink and maybe a soak in the tub.” He passed her a short wrap around gown so she could cover herself as she sat up. He left the bedroom as Kay wrapped the short dressing gown around herself, she had slipped her remaining underwear off and padded down the hall after Stan into his lounge. When she entered the lounge he held a glass out towards her, she took it, the taste of champagne filled her mouth and the bubbles evaporated tingling her senses.

Stan took her by the hand and led her outside to his deck, the covered area was dimly lit, there was an ice bucket on the side of the tub, and she could see the steam rising from the water.

“Let’s get in and have a soak.” Stan slipped his dressing gown off and undid the sash opening Kay’s exposing her curvaceous breasts to his eyes again. Kay didn’t feel nervous this time and allowed him to strip her before he helped her into the tub. The warm gently bubbling water felt heavenly on her glowing skin. She sat back as Stan slipped in the tub beside her naked, their bodies warm as they pressed together, his arm wrapped round her shoulder.

A picture of tenderness as he kissed her gently, she responded. Her lips pressed to his as they shared a long loving kiss, all thoughts of Dan gone for the time being as she submitted to her desires and her charismatic neighbour.

What next?

Dan arrived home at around 11.30, the house was in darkness except for the security lights, he parked his car and walked nervously to his front door. His heart pounding as the signs were that Kay was not home yet, unless of course she had come home early and was waiting for him in bed. His mind had been working overtime, visions of his wife with another man all evening, he imagined all sorts of things. Different positions, his wife being fucked in so many different ways as the neighbour made her cum so many times as she succumbed to him.

His cock stirred in his pants as he approached the door and fiddled with the key in the lock, his hands were shaking as the key sought the lock, twisting it he eased the door open and entered the silent house. His heart sank, no sign of Kay. He looked at his watch, almost 11.35, she had to have been at Stan’s for over four hours! A lot could be accomplished in that time, his cock stirred, it was painful he was so hard. Slipping his jacket off and tossing it over the back of one of the chairs, he slumped in front of the TV, firing the remote at the screen he procee4ded to channel surf. Unable to settle on anything he found himself at the adult section and his eyes feasted on the bare breasted girls encouraging lonely guys to phone in for a “chat”.

Dan’s hand rested on his bulge, he tried not to touch it but it felt so hard and so good to gently stroke it. His eyes on the screen as the girl massaged her ample breasts, twisting and pinching her swollen pink nipples as his hand worked steadily on his bulge. The more he rubbed, the more he wanted, his mind filled with Kay and how she must be enjoying herself with another man tonight, he wondered what they were doing right now. A strange tightening feeling deep in his stomach welled up inside as he thought of his wife with another man. It was what they both had wanted he rationalised, his cock agreed with him, pulsating in agreement under his fingers, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that things were now so different and would never be the same again.

What if she wanted more? He thought, or other men in preference to him? Panic started to flow through his mind as his hand kept the steady rubbing of his cock, his eyes still fixed on the breasts on the screen. The feel of his hand now on his exposed cock shocked him , he hadn’t realised he had unzipped, but there it was , his hand moving nicely up and down his cock as she pouted and gyrated in front of him like a personal lap dance he watched her as she performed. Suddenly he was filled with an urgency to speed up, he wanted more of her, he needed her and urged himself to cum for her as she pouted for him. The feeling of panic was beaten back by his lust for the model and his wife as he moaned out loud, his hand now a blur as he beat his cock faster, pulling and twisting as he wanked, his shaft wet with his pre cum.

The pre cum he had been oozing all day was copious and making his cock slippery. His balls tightened, he knew what was coming. The head of his cock swelled as he squeezed and it erupted, spraying a long jet of spunk into the air. He watched in slow motion as it shot from his cock, his hand on autopilot as he milked and sprayed further jets following an arc through the air to land on his trouser legs, the arm of the chair and the carpet too. He was too much in the moment to stop or care, he savoured this cum, the cum he had promised himself all day, he rewarded himself with the biggest cum he had in ages. His cock felt so good as he eased down from his high, still rock hard, he massaged cum into his cock.

“Oh my, that felt so good.” he thought, then slowly he returned to reality, the model was still beckoning him to call from the TV screen and his thoughts moved to his wife. Kay was still at Stan’s. That thought filled him with an almost sad feeling, apprehension and nervousness too. It was now 12.05.

The water in the tub was bubbling around them as they kissed and cuddled close together in the dimly lit deck area. Stan held her close, his big bear like arms wrapped round the young wife as his lips covered hers, their tongues teasing and swirling together. Kay’s mind filled with a constant arousal, the sensations coursing through her body like never before making her tingle and respond to this older man’s touches. She was filled with the moment and that was all that mattered, it was what they had discussed many times in bed, now it was happening. She still didn’t quite get what Dan got from it but since he had floated the idea she had thought more and more about it until it had become her fantasy also. Now this was her moment, or maybe one of many moments to come as there seemed no end in sight to this night. His fingers played across her nipples, she shuddered as they had become super sensitive, he smiled inwardly at her reaction, and he knew she was so aroused every fibre of her was alive with sensations.

“Come to bed.” He whispered.

She looked at him, eyes wide as she let him take her hand and guide her from the tub, they walked slowly naked back inside and to his bedroom again. The room was still filled with the scent of sex from their earlier passion. Kissing deeply as they fell onto the large bed for the second time. Stan took it slowly this time he fondled and teased the young wife, pinching her nipples as they swelled up in response before sucking them hard, using his tongue round and round and over the sensitive nubs. Her moans started slowly and became more urgent as he used his mouth and fingers on her pussy. She was soaking wet as he rubbed her clit, his fingers straying along her slit to her small tight hole. He sensed her tighten as his fingers neared her ass, he smiled, knowing it would take a little time before he got there, but he was determined he would, eventually.

He lay on his back as he pulled her across him guiding her down to his cock, she eagerly grasped his cock and sucked him, engulfing him as deep as she could. He rested his hands on the back of her head as she bobbed up and down. She felt his cock filling her mouth and hitting her throat making her gag, as she gagged he held her head still and a little more of his cock went in before he let her back up. Slowly he was teaching her to deep throat him. She gagged again and again, but she kept going knowing she was pleasing her man, his moans coming each time she went a little deeper encouraging her to keep going. Stan moaned with each movement of her sweet mouth on his cock, she was good at this he thought as her tongue swirled and teased the head of his cock as she pumped his shaft slowly with her hand. He watched as he saw her wedding ring glisten with wetness as she sucked, his balls tightening steadily as he so wanted to fill her mouth with his jizm, he held off that, it was too early, that would come later he felt sure as he watched the young woman’s lips stretched round his cock.

“Ohhh baby you are so good at that.”

She almost smiled were it not for his cock in her mouth, nonetheless she felt pleased that he felt good about her performance, she sucked a little harder, faster too until Stan pulled her off his cock. She looked at him as if she had done something wrong.

“You will make me cum Kay that felt so good.”

Stan laid her back on the bed as he kissed her deeply, his fingers seeking her pussy. She was so soft and puffy lipped as he teased them apart and gently rubbed her clit. Kay’s back arched immediately he found her clit, she moaned into his mouth as she moved against his fingers. His thick fingers toyed with her soft pussy lips rubbing round her clit as he sought to drive her crazy with lust, he lowered his head to suckle on her nipples.

“Ohhh my god.” She moaned as she wriggled to force her nipple into his mouth.

He licked and suckled on her swollen nipples, they were so hard and on fire she needed his warm mouth on each one to cool the fire of lust within that was building. She held his head to her breasts as he brought her to a climax, her hips bucking to meet his fingers as she tried to encourage him to probe inside but he kept rubbing her clit as she orgasmed. Her body shaking as she moaned loudly, the bedroom filled with her moans.

“You look so sexy when you cum baby.” Stan whispered as she lay panting, his fingers gently stirring just inside her pussy.

Kay blushed at the thought he was watching her at that moment, her pussy felt so good and very wet too as she looked up at him, the post orgasm glow making her face feel flushed. Stan kissed her gently his lips soft on hers, gentle pressure as he rolled his lips beckoning her to return his kiss, she responded. Slowly the passion built again, the kiss becoming more urgent as his hand cupped her breast, his thumb on her nipple. A soft moan escaped her as he pinched her nipple, she felt his body shifting as he slid on top of her, spreading her legs as he guided his thick cock towards her willing pussy again. She felt the sensation of the thick head of his cock push against her wet pussy lips, he looked into her eyes as he pushed inside, her lips parting to allow the thick purple head of his cock inside. Her pink folds parting easily as they wrapped round his shaft.

She moaned, eyes closed as she felt him slip slowly inside again, filling her, he watched her face as he eased inside, her silken tube wrapped tightly on his cock. He moaned as he felt himself fully inside the young wife, he held his cock still for a few seconds savouring her. Slowly he withdrew half way, not wanting his cock to leave her warmth before pushing back inside again, with each thrust inside her she grunted a little as his cock filled her. He hooked his arms behind her knees bringing them up and wide as he started to move in earnest, Kay moaned as she felt herself being spread wide open allowing his cock it seemed even deeper access to her. Stan’s hips moved like a machine, pistoning in and out as he fucked her, Kay held onto the sheets on the bed tightly as she could do no more than have him fuck her like this. She was a passenger as he fucked her relentlessly completely at his mercy as his cock drove in and out of her fucking her hard and like never before. He heard her moans increase as she had another orgasm.

“Oh my god, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me!” She moaned loudly as she usesd her pussy as best she could to assist in her own fucking. Stan kept pounding her through her orgasm, his cock still rock hard. He knew he couldn’t last much longer he wanted to cum and flood her pussy so much but he also wanted to show her what fucking was about, he wanted her to remember this night and want more, much more too.

She felt it starting this time, as her own orgasm subsided yet kept rolling through her body, she felt his cock swell inside her, it seemed to thicken and stiffen even more as he sped up, he rammed deep inside her and held his cock still as he spewed his seed inside her triggering another full bosdy orgasm in return. Her pussy pulsating in tight rings round his throbbing shaft, milking him as he covered her lips with his in a deep passionate kiss. They lay joined together for some minutes as they savoured the climax together kissing tenderly as they shared the moment, a private and intimate moment.

He watched them cum together, it was the hottest thing he had ever seen. His cock was so hard in his hand now, he needed to cum so badly but not here, not now. Dan stood on the deck outside the bedroom window and stroked his wet cock, covered in pre cum as he saw his wife laid out on his neighbour’s bed, his breathing seemed so loud to him as did the pounding of his heart. He tried to hold his breath in case he was heard, totally irrational as the couple were so engrossed in what they were doing they had no idea he was there or how long he had been watching. Dan had been unable to settle after watching the TV at home, he thought he would get a breath of air. He hadn’t meant to head over to Stan’s but he found himself at his back gate anyway.

His heart pounding he listened and thought he could hear muffled sounds from the back yard. Slowly he had crept through the gate until he saw them together in the hot tub, it was then he ducked into the shadows as they left the tub and walked to the house. He watched as Stan and his wife walked naked together into the house through the double patio doors. Dan didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t follow them inside, he crept round the building towards the patio doors. This wasn’t an area he had noticed when they were at the party previously. He watched as they entered the doors and saw Stan drawing them closed behind them. Sliding to the door he peeped through the window, he could see from his position the large bed and the dimly lit room.

He also saw his wife and Stan as they kissed. His cock stirred at the sight counteracting the pangs of jealousy he felt in his gut. He couldn’t take his eyes of this beautiful woman who was giving an expert deep throating blow job. He held his cock as he watched them, he was rock hard! For the next 20 minutes he watched as they had sex, he was amazed at how sexy his wife was and how much noise she made as he fucked her. He was torn between exhilaration and anxiety as he watched he stroked his cock slowly. As the couple laid together he could see Stan’s cock was still inside his wife that seemed to trouble him somehow. The couple eventually rolled apart, that was his cue to creep away, and he did not want to be caught here. Slipping through the back gate he headed home, his cock still hard, his mind filled with images of his wife and her lover.

Dan opened the door and heard the quietness of the house, a low murmur from the TV in the lounge was the only noise. He went and poured himself a large drink, he gulped it down and refilled, the scotch burned the back of his throat, he shook his head trying to shake the images in his mind. He looked at the TV the model was still trying to attract callers. He switched it off, he was still horny but didn’t want any distractions. He looked at the clock, it was after 1am. She had been over there for hours and from what he had seen it didn’t look like they were finished, how long? he wondered.

Stan rolled away from Kay, he looked at her smiling.

“You OK?” he asked.

“Oh yes I am fine thank you.” She smiled and cuddled up to him, his arm wrapping protectively round her shoulders as her head lay on his chest.

“I really do have to go you know.”

“You can stay if you wish.” He said almost imploring her.

“No, I have to go Dan will be expecting me I don’t want him worrying.”

“Yes of course whatever you think best.” He kissed her gently.

Stan got up and walked naked to the shower, she joined him a minute later and they soaped each other liberally all over.

“You were amazing.” He said as he soaped her breasts.

“You were fantastic too.” She blushed.

“I do hope we can do this again, or maybe something else, I had a great time Kay and I really do like you a lot.”

“Thank you, I will have to see how Dan is of course, but maybe OK?”

She dressed and he offered to walk her home.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, too many prying eyes even this late.” She kissed him and then stepped out the door, her heels clicking on the path as she walked. He watched her walk away.

“She has a great ass.” He thought as he watched.

Stan went out to the tub and fished out their swimwear, he held her tiny bikini up recalling how hot she looked in it, and out of it too. He was smitten.

Kay entered her home, it was quiet, she wasn’t sure if Dan was even in, but he must be it was almost 2am. In the lounge she found him dozing in a chair, it was dark but he had an empty glass beside him. She worried he had not handled this well and had maybe gotten drunk, then she saw the stains on his trouser leg. She prodded him gently, he stirred.

“Wake up sleepy head, are you OK?”

“Er oh yes love I am fine, just had a scotch and must have dropped off, did you have fun?”

“Yes, it was fun, you are OK Dan?” She looked at him closely.

His eyes met hers, taking in her flushed face in the dim light, his mind filling with the images he had seen through the window, she looked so different now like a different person.

“Tell me, was it as good as we had both imagined?”

Kay saw he was getting turned on again.

“Yes, it was fantastic, but I am not sure if I should do it again though.” She said trying to gauge his reaction.

“Why not? You had fun didn’t you? I am cool with it too so if you want to go ahead, really hun I am fine.”

She looked at him searching his eyes as he poured her a drink, he handed her the glass.

“You showered?” he asked seeing her damp hair.

“Yes, thought it best didn’t feel right to walk home well you know what I mean.”

He did, but that was what he had been hoping for, he covered his disappointment smiling at her.

“You look fabulous, I am sure Stan appreciated you too.”

“Yes he did, actually he asked if we could do it again sometime too.” She wasn’t sure how Dan would take that, she bit her lip nervously.

“Do you want to?” Dan asked pointedly.

“Well only if it was OK with you of course, nothing heavy though just go out or something maybe.”

Dan looked at her closely as he sipped his drink. They had obviously discussed something he thought, his cock twitched again at the thought of a repeat performance.

“Well I suppose would be fine as long as that’s what you want love.” He smiled as she had noticed his growing bulge as his aching cock still yearned for release. Kay reached out feeling his need.

“Come on lover we need to deal with this.” She smiled as she led him to their bedroom.

In the bedroom Dan almost ripped her dress off, he saw she had no bra or panties on, she saw his look.

“They are in my purse.”

He pulled his clothes off and she marvelled at how hard and erect he was. Dan could not wait his cock was rigid, the head was swollen and very hot he was in need of being inside his wife to bathe ibn her juices. He wanted to fuck her brains out.

He slid easily inside her, as she lay spread on their bed, she could not help comparing his size with Stan who had fucked her so well just a couple of hours ago. She moaned as she felt his hardness filling her, he felt similar in size to Stan, although Dan wasn’t quite as thick. He covered her mouth with his as he fucked her in his effort to reclaim his wife, his cock sliding easily in and out of her pussy. He noticed the difference but that added to his arousal. Kay felt him inside as he ground against her clit, she loved that and responded by wrapping her legs round him pulling him in as she gyrated her hips. Their lovemaking was hot and frenzied as they both replayed the events of the evening, the room filled with their panting and moans as they moved towards their climax.

Kay held on to her husband as he took his frustration out on her pussy which was feeling a little tender but she needed to cum with him too. Without a word said they moved together, each with their own images in their mind as their bodies united and finally reached what they sought together. Kay felt her pussy start to pulsate for the fifth or sixth time in as many hours as she orgasmed round his cock. Dan could feel the rings of her pussy tighten round him as she climaxed, his cock throbbed and swelled before spurting jets of his cum inside his wife. Dan collapsed on her kissing her wildly, she accepted his cum and returned the kisses, she was exhausted.

They drifted off into a satisfied sleep.

Morning broke, the sun sprayed through the bedroom window lighting up the room with a pale yellow glow. Kay opened her eyes and blinking glanced across the bed for Dan, he wasn’t there! A sudden panic filled her, knotting her tummy, she slid out of bed naked, grabbing her short dressing gown and padded quickly down the stairs in her bare feet. She heard movement in the kitchen, then voices!

“Oh my! Who is there?” She thought.

She stopped in the doorway, her mouth fell open. It was Stan! He was sat at the breakfast bar with a mug of coffee, Dan was sitting across from him, and they were chatting. Her mind was racing as they both turned to look at her, she suddenly felt the knot tighten inside her not knowing how this was going to play out. She looked into Dan’s eyes for any signs but there was nothing out of the ordinary, just the normal smiling eyes shining back at her. Confused she looked at Stan, he just smiled as if this was completely normal for him to drop by and be chatting with the husband of the woman he had been fucking the night before. She stood looking at them for what seemed ages, Stan stood and walked towards her, Dan looked on. Kay seemed frozen somehow as she tried to take in the scene.

“Morning love, how are you this morning?” Stan asked calmly.

Kay looked at him, he was smiling as he leant closer and kissed her gently on the cheek, his arm on her waist. She couldn’t work out how or why this was happening, she and Dan had not had a chance to talk very much about last night yet and this was going so fast now. Dan watched as Stan left his hand on his wife’s waist.

“How are you this morning love?” The words cut through the confusion and seemed to waken her from the trance. She looked at Dan but it wasn’t him who asked.

“Er yes I am OK thanks, a little tired of course, it was a late night.”

Dan poured her a coffee, she took it gratefully at least having something to do as she tried to make sense of the surreal situation in front of her. She sipped the coffee which further woke her from her confused state.

“I thought I would pop round see if you two were OK after last night, seems Dan is fine so how about you love?” That was twice he had called her love in front of Dan.

Kay looked at Dan questioningly wondering what has passed between the two men over coffee.

“Yes, oh yes I am OK too just need more coffee is all.”

She then realised Stan still had his hand on her waist as she stood next to him, she looked at Dan, he had noticed too.

“Why wasn’t he saying anything?” She thought. “I am his wife.” Then it struck home that of course he couldn’t say anything as she had been with Stan the evening before in far more intimate positions than this. Her face started to colour as she thought they were in some way reading her mind.

“Last night was fantastic” Stan said, “I was saying to Dan that we should do it again sometime too.”

Kay stared at Dan, he smiled at her uncomfortably, as if he had been caught out.

“What do you think Dan? After all we haven’t really spoken about it have we?” she snapped at him her eyes wide as if trying warn him to tread carefully.

” Well I ..” he started.

“Dan told me he was really cool with the way things turned out Kay, in fact he really got off on it too.”

Kay looked at Dan with daggers in her eyes. “He told him that?” she thought.

“We need to discuss it some Stan,” she smiled at her neighbour, “I need to process it myself too.”

A Stan looked down at her smiling. “Yes of course love I understand, it was a big night for us all that’s for sure, so I will leave you to it, hope to see you both later though, I will say bye for now. Oh by the way I will be away for a couple of days on business but be back for the weekend.”

He leaned in and kissed the young wife on the lips softly and then he left.

She sat at the breakfast bar looking at Dan.

“What did you say to him?”

Dan could see Kay was pissed but couldn’t understand why, after all she had a great evening over at Stan’s and so did he in truth too, so as far as he was concerned all was well with their first steps into reality.

“I just said that we had both enjoyed last night is all.”

“But we hadn’t spoken about it Dan!”

“Did we really need to say anything after last night? It was obvious you had a great time and I was so charged when you came home, well you know what happened there.”

“Yes I know but…” She started.

“Kay, it was much more exciting than I dared hope for, I thought I would be jealous and driven crazy with worry but I was so horny all evening, it was fantastic. As long as you were OK and having fun it was fine with me and I knew Stan would look after you.”

She looked at him, she couldn’t deny the sex was fantastic and even when she got home and Dan was so ready for her which made her feel so good as they reconnected after her time with their neighbour. She also thought Dan was right about the fantasy being made real, just made it more exciting for them both. Sipping her coffee she eyed her husband and not for the first time she was searching for any hint of doubt or concern, she didn’t find any sign.

“So, what next?” She asked looking at him.

Dan looked back, searching in her eyes for any signs of regret or just anything that would tell him to stop this. He only saw a reflection of his own desire and lust.

“Stan mentioned a posh party he has been invited to attend in a couple of weeks’ time, he needs a date to go with him, he just said it would be a fun evening but he hadn’t accepted the invitation yet, so maybe that is what he has in mind as the next step.”

“Oh did he?” Kay’s mind whirling and now caffeine fuelled was getting into normal mode. She couldn’t help wondering what sort of party it was and what to wear. She realised she had already accepted the invitation without being asked! She didn’t push Dan on it.

“Do you think he has it in mind to ask me?” She looked over her mug at her husband.

“I don’t know but why else would he mention it? I would say yes of course. Would you go with him?”

“I don’t know Dan, we both need to be sure we are OK with this going forward. It was a big deal what happened last night, are we both really sure we can handle more of the same or even more than that?”

Dan heard her words, he knew he should act cautiously but he was gauging his response from Kay’s. They were sounding each other out slowly and not wanting each to hurt the other so they were both treading carefully. His cock was semi hard as they talked, he had been that way since Stan knocked on the back door earlier.

When he had opened the door to Stan earlier, the initial embarrassment he felt led to a sort of silence that started to fade as soon Stan took control of the conversation. He had been so open about what had happened that it disarmed Dan and in some way made it easier to deal with his neighbour cuckolding him. Stan had openly complimented Dan on his wife and how sexy she was and had been for him the night before.

“She is a hottie, you are a lucky guy Dan.”

Dan had listened as Stan had complimented him and of course Kay as he made them both coffee. By the time he placed the mug in front of his neighbour he was semi hard. Stan had noticed and smiled inwardly to himself seeing the evidence he needed to push things further or at least keep things bubbling. That was when he mentioned the party and his need of a “date”, he only gave the barest of details and of course as soon as Dan and Kay had agreed, which he knew they would, then he could tell them the rest.

“Kay, I know you had fun last night that is plain to see, answer me honestly do you want to have that experience again?” He looked at her as he waited.

Kay felt on the spot, he was asking her first! That wasn’t fair. She had wanted to ask him first but he had beaten her to it.

“Well I am OK if you are with this, whatever this is of course. I can’t deny the sex was fantastic, but that’s what it was just sex, nothing like what we have. As long as we are clear about that Dan, ok?”

She lifted her mug, sipped more coffee, the mug hiding her blushes at this moment. Dan saw the move and was not fooled. He could tell his wife was blushing and smiled back at her.

“I am OK with this, whatever it is like you say it is. I have always had the fantasy as you know and now it is becoming real. We are both enjoying the experience for however long it lasts, as long as it is just sex then that’s OK with me.”

He reached for her across the bar, they held hands as they stared into each other’s eyes, connecting and knowing this was another special moment. They both put down their coffee mugs and in less than a minute were back in bed kissing passionately hands all over mauling each other in their lust. This time their lovemaking was just as intense but tender also as they sought to rekindle their intimacy as a couple as if trying to repair any damage they both felt had been done to their relationship. An hour later they lay back sated, wrapped and entwined across their bed.

“So what do you think? Are we OK?” Kay asked.

“Yes love of course.” He kissed her forehead softly.

“So if Stan asks me to go to this party with him, should I say yes?”

“Do you want to go with him?”

“Yes I think it could be fun.”

“Then yes I think you should go.” His cocked twitched at the thought, Kay felt it and giggled at him as she wrapped her hand round his shaft.

“Oooooh I think you really do like the idea a lot too lover.” She stroked him slowly, as they kissed she climbed on top of him guiding his cock back inside her soaking pussy.

They had another vigorous session during which they both seemed to be really high on the excitement from the previous encounter but more importantly by not having long to dwell on things this morning Stan’s early appearance had encouraged them to go further, accepting what had happened and they now found themselves moving on and looking forward to future escapades.

An hour later Dan and Kay slipped out of their destroyed bed and headed for the shower. They both felt exhausted but the tiredness was purely physical, their minds were still sharp and willing and needing more. Dan had never seen his wife so ready for sex, in such a short space of time she had moved on to being a real tiger in bed. For his part the idea of sharing his wife with another man had always been a really hot fantasy but he could never haver envisaged it becoming a reality in the way it had up till this point. The dilemma he now faced put his emotions in conflict with his libido, this could get really serious or out of control, he wondered if they should call a halt now before that happened. But if he wanted to pull out what about Kay? He had never seen her looking so sexy, she was glowing, she radiated sexiness. What would her reaction be if he got cold feet now? Confused but at the same time horny and wanting more he soaped his wife all over as she stood under the stream of water. His hands gently massaging her all over, noting a few little marks that he had not noticed before and that could only have come from her sex with Stan last night or maybe he had done it earlier. On closer inspection he saw her pussy lips were still puffy as he soaped her gently there she watched him.

“I am a little tender there love.” Was all she said, his mind filled with images of Stan pounding away at her beautiful pussy, the image of what he managed to see through the window replayed in his mind.

“Did he hurt you?” He asked softly.

“No, not exactly, but he is different to you, maybe a little thicker too, it was just the new sensations and the way he did it too.” Dan didn’t want to push it any further, he didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable talking about that, her mention of size was already something that irked him.

“Maybe it did hurt a little but in a good way if that makes sense.” She looked at Dan as he rinsed the suds from her hoping she hadn’t said the wrong thing.

“That’s OK I get it” He smiled at her causing relief to fill her eyes.

They slowly dried each other off and dressed before going back downstairs to the kitchen. Kay saw the cup left by Stan on the counter, as she took it to rinse it she glanced at Dan he saw it too. They exchanged awkward smiles then the moment passed.

The rest of the day was spent round the house doing routine chores and slowly a feeling of normality crept back into their world. By the evening they were curled up on the sofa watching tv together as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

That evening in bed they lay quietly each with their own thoughts before drifting off to sleep. Stan laid across his large bed his mind filled with the thoughts of his neighbopur and last night, his cock twitched at the thought of her again.

“God she is gorgeous.” He whispered to himself.

He sat up on the bed as if he had a sudden thought. There was something about the way Dan had reacted or said earlier that was causing an itch in his brain. He couldn’t pin it down but there was something about him that morning that was bothering him. He looked at the clock it was 10.37, he got up and padded down the stairs to his basement den. He made himself a drink at the well-stocked bar, a large JD on the rocks fuelled his brain some. Picking up the remote he pointed it at the large screen TV and flopped into one of the three sofas that adorned the room, one on each wall essentially so all could see the wide screen. The screen burst into light brightening the room. He selected a programme on the remote and it took him to a live picture of his garden area, he scanned the different cameras which gave him a good all round view of every inch of his property. The low lights from the garden provided good enough lighting but when they were dimmed or off the cameras had night vision. He had insisted on a good surveillance system as he was mindful of security especially in his line of business. Flicking through the programmes he found the images from the night of his party, he searched the crowd until he found Kay. He watched as she moved around the neighbours, so casual, confident even yet vulnerable. He again thought of her in his bed, he knew he had to have her again and soon too. It was a habit of his to check his discs every now and then to ensure he had not had any “uninvited visitors”. He sipped his JD savouring the warm taste as it flowed over his tongue, his fingers working the remote and scanning the cameras on the screen. There were eight in all and they were positioned so as to capture any movement around and inside his perimeter. He saw there had been an activation last night, he hit enter and the screen started to fill with video of the action from last night around the hot tub area. Stan’s eyes feasted on the nubile young wife as she ended up naked with him, his cock twitching as he remembered how good she felt naked and wet with him. He watched as the couple on the screen walked slowly inside the images picked up from one camera to the next almost seamlessly.

His eyes watched the screen couple move from one camera to the next then as if on auto pilot he stopped the replay. Something had caught his trained eye. His finger hit play again only slowly this time, it was there somewhere on one on the screens but there was definitely something. Twice he replayed the recording and then he saw it.

“Well I’ll be blowed!” His eyes locked on to his target now.

“He was there!”

Stan played the recording and saw Dan in the shadows at his patio doors watching as he fucked his wife. He also saw him stroking his cock as he watched too.

“That’s a good boy cucky, you enjoy yourself, with a little luck you will get to see some more of that pretty soon too.”

Stan actually rather liked Dan although he couldn’t understand why he would allow a man like him to use his wife but, he reasoned if he didn’t then where would he be? In effect cuckolds need men like Stan and vice versa. He would not do anything to harm either one of the couple it was purely about having fun while it lasted, although Kay was special , he had already seen and experienced that. He felt she had a lot of untapped potential as regards her sexuality was concerned, Stan was going to try to liberate some of that.

Downing his drink he clicked the wide screen off and headed up to bed, he settled for the bedroom downstairs where he had fucked Kay, there was some residual scent of hers in the room that was comforting somehow. He drifted off to sleep, his mind on his business trip to Dubai in the morning.

The next couple of days passed uneventfully as Dan and Kay went about their normal routines and with no visits from Stan a semblance of normality returned although the lull in activity gave the couple time to assimilate what had happened and become comfortable with whatever lay ahead.

On the third day as they sat at the breakfast bar chatting over coffee the letter box clanged and Kay slid off her stool to go to the door to collect the mail. She returned with a bemused look on her face holding two envelopes. She handed one to Dan and sat to open the other.

“Thanks, another bill.” He ripped the envelope open and frowned.

Kay opened the one addressed to her, it was an invitation.

“Dan, it’s an invitation to a party, must be the one Stan was talking about.” She went quiet as she read the card.

“Well?” he muttered irritated.

“Hold on, I am trying to read!”

A minute went by before she spoke.

“It seems Stan has invited me to a swanky cocktail party at the Hilton, in the penthouse suite no less!”

“Does it mention me?” Dan asked trying not to sound concerned.

“No, it doesn’t love, just me.” She read the card again excited, Dan could tell from her facial expression she was imagining the prospect of this party.

A little dejected he tried to take in what was happening as Stan had now formally invited his wife on a date, he wasn’t sure how he felt about that yet. The stirring in his loins answered one question but, he knew he would not be able to creep round the hotel and watch so that frustrated him.

“Will you go?” He asked directly.

Kay looked at him.

“We did sort of agree that I would go didn’t we love?” she looked into his eyes, Dan knew she had made up her mind already. Part of him was disappointed but another more important part was overjoyed, the reaction from his cock was testament to that.

“Dan? Well? Is it OK if I go? Are you OK?”

“Yes of course it’s OK babe, you go have fun, yes we did agree and it will be exciting for us both, I just wish I was invited too.”

She saw the disappointment in his face.

“I am sure it will be nice but there obviously will be other people there so could just be a normal cocktail party and as we don’t know any of Stan’s crowd it would be rather intimidating and possibly boring too.”

Dan saw sense in what she was saying and nodded.

“Yes of course, take no notice I was just hoping to be there with you is all.”

Kay thought for a moment.

“It would be the same as the other night when I went to Stan’s hun.”

“Yes of course, it will be fine you go have fun, just the thought of you being there will have me on edge all evening.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” She purred. Her mind already racing with thoughts of what the evening may bring, what to wear, the invite said formal wear, her face flushed at the thought. Dan could see her reaction, his own was more basic as he recalled Kay on her back on Stan’s bed as he fucked her. His cock responding to visions of her dressed to impress and other men’s eyes on her devouring her, and his wife lapping up the attention. He hadn’t seen her so glowing in a long time, he knew this adventure was good for her but he wondered how far he could cope with it going. Again his cock answered for him.

“Yes of course, it is exciting, a massive turn on for us both I think. It is time we did spread our wings a little and enjoy things.” Even as he said it he felt a pang of jealousy as he watched his wife’s face react to his words. He knew she wanted to go, he had in his way helped and encouraged her to take the plunge, now the first signs of regret were being born inside him, maybe?

“Thank you Dan, I do love you!” She got up kissed him hard on the lips as she swung onto his lap, as she did she felt his erection.

“My oh my! what have we here?” as she wriggled on him.

“Seems like you are happy about things at the moment Dan, come on make me happy, lets go back to bed.”

“No!” he said looking deep into her eyes.

“Here, right now!”

She squealed as he lifted her off his lap and freed his cock, he pulled her head down and she willingly opened her mouth and started a lustful blow job. Her head bobbing as she sucked his cock, fast, her tongue swirling round and round the head as she sucked trying to force him to cum it seemed. Dan was as turned on as she was and in a bid to stop himself cumming her pulled her off his cock before almost ripping her robe off exposing her nakedness. He mauled her breasts, her hard nipples in need of sucking, he did, hard too. She moaned loudly as his fingers found her wet pussy, teasing her lips apart and toying with her clit before plunging inside. She moaned as her worked his fingers inside her, twisting and sliding in and out. Dan covered her mouth with his as his passion overflowed kissing her hard, his tongue forcing inside her mouth, he was rough with her, he wanted to repossess her, make her his again. He spun her round pushing her against the breakfast bar, she went with it lost in the moment of lust as he poked his rampant cock inside her wet pussy in one shove.

“Ohhh my God!” She moaned as he fucked her hard and fast, not stopping to offer her pleasure Dan was only thinking of his own pent up feelings as he rammed her mercilessly.

“Oh my God, oh my God!!” Kay panted as Dan forced his cock in as deep as he could go, his hands gripping her hips tightly as he held her firm, his cock swelling inside, she braced herself as her own orgasm began. A strong pulse from Dan’s cock spurted a long stream of cum inside her, bathing her cervix as her pussy walls pulsated round the throbbing cock. Kay leant panting against the counter Dan’s cock still inside her, she could hear his breathing as they stayed joined for some time before slowly moving apart.

“Oh my God Dan, where did that come from?” She looked at him, still panting but also happy.

“It’s all this stuff with Stan, it really does turn me on, I can’t help getting so turned on and possessive too. Sometimes I just need to have you. I think it’s like making sure you are still mine in a way.”

She turned, wrapping her arms round him, looking into his eyes.

“I love you Dan, so don’t forget it. This thing with Stan is fun, but that’s all OK, as long as we both enjoy it we will be fine but, as soon as one of us wants it to stop we stop agreed?”

“Agreed.” He kissed her deeply, lovingly.

“Anyway you will be late for work, off you go.” She dismissed him and pulling her robe back on poured another coffee, as she sipped the coffee she picked up the invitation and read it again. Her mind filling with ideas of what to wear although in truth she had no idea, she decided to call Marcie for some ideas.

An hour after Dan left for work Kay pulled up outside Marcie’s home as she clicked the remote and locked her car Tom opened the door and called out.

“Hi Kay, lovely to see you again.”

Kay was taken aback, Marcie didn’t say Tom was at home when she called.

“Hi Tom, good to see you too.” He met her half way to the door and greeted her with the customary kiss and a hug, which seemed a little tighter and longer than normal, she shrugged it off and Tom led her inside his arm round her waist.

They went inside, Kay looked round for Marcie then at Tom.

“Oh Marcie had to pop out, she wont be long, will give us time to chat anyway Kay haven’t seen much of you since we had our dinner here.”

Kay blushed remembering how he and Marcie had got it on front of her and Stan.

“How is the boyfriend by the way?” Tom asked pointedly.

“He isn’t my boyfriend Tom, just a friend is all.”

“Well he looked like a pretty close friend that evening that’s for sure, lucky guy.”

Kay looked at him wondering if she should deny or ignore his assumption.

Maybe Marcie had said something to him she wondered.

“We are just good friends is all Tom.”

“Well anytime you are looking for another boyfriend, let me know I would be happy to take you out or whatever else you wanted.” He smiled at her.

Tom’s flirting was starting to get her flustered and she wished Marcie was here to deflect Tom’s attention from her although it was pretty clear he had designs on her himself. She always got along with Tom and knew he fancied her but this seemed different as if he was turning up his flirting a notch or two. Maybe he saw an opportunity, maybe Marcie had told him about Stan, she shuddered at the realisation.

Tom offered her a drink, Kay gratefully accepted. Tom poured her a coffee and handed it to her, she gulped at it, grateful for the opportunity to break the conversation.

He looked at her expecting a response from his earlier offer, she avoided eye contact with him.

The front door crashed open.

“Dammit!” Was all they heard as Marcie careered through the doorway carrying something.

Marcie spotted Kay as she passed the lounge door, “Hi hun, won’t be a minute just need to drop these in the kitchen!”

She entered the lounge exchanging glances with Tom as he stood to go get Marcie a coffee too.

“What’s up love?” She asked, “You OK?”

“Yes I am fine, just needed to pop round for a chat is all ,I didn’t know Tom was going to be here though.”

“Oh, I see, so it’s something personal then?” Marcie looked at her curiously, interested and eager to know what was on her friend’s mind.

“Stan has invited me to accompany him to a cocktail party, I am unsure what to do or what to wear my mind is spinning with all sorts of things, even if I should go or not.”

She showed her the invitation.

“Did Stan give this to you?”

“No, he is away on business for a few days, this came through the mail this morning.”

“That’s cool hun , so he has thought to organise this while he is away, mmmm, when is it? Oh yes I see next weekend, doesn’t give you much time to get a dress and prepare yourself.”

When Tom came back in the room and served Marcie her mug of coffee the talking stopped, he sensed they had things to discuss.

“I will leave you girls to chat about whatever is so secretive.”

“Yes, good idea Tom.” Marcie smiled at him.

“See you later Kay, and don’t forget to say hi to Stan for me , and Dan too of course.”

Kay blushed but smiled as he left the room.

“So, what has happened? It was obvious the other night Stan has the hots for you, sorry by the way if we got a little out of control but you know Tom likes to show off a bit.”

“That’s OK, I think I was glad to break it up as it was getting rather hot with you two going at it and Stan getting em all hot too, I wasn’t ready for that.”

“And now?”

“It has all happened so fast, I am unsure but I don’t regret what has happened.”

“What has happened?”

Kay went on to tell her friend about what happened at Stan’s place the other night, Marcie sat open mouthed as she listened to her until now so conservative friend relating in some detail of her exploits with her neighbour.

“How is Dan with this?” Marcie asked as she was brought up to date.

“He is fine with it, we have had the best sex ever since this started.”

“What about this invitation? Is he OK with that too?”

“Oh yes he said I should go and have fun, Stan came round the next day to see if we were OK and asked him about it anyway!”

“And how about you? Is that what you want to do?”

“The sex was fantastic, so different from Dan, I never thought it could be so wonderful and exciting, yes I want to go of course I am just wary of where it will lead I think.”

“Go with the flow, love, he has obviously woken something inside the two of you that needs satisfying, so go for it, have fun, you only live once. Anyway seems like you have made a great start if what you said about Stan and the other night is even half true.” She laughed.

She saw her friend taking her advice in and thinking as she sipped her coffee.

“So I take it we are dress hunting again?”

Kay smiled.

“Yes, looks that way.”

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go.”

Kay almost fell through her front door under the weight of the bags she was carrying. The girls had hit the shops hard this afternoon, there were three new dresses in different lengths and styles as well as a several new sets of lingerie to match each outfit which included suspenders and stockings, some with seams and some hold ups too. She looked at the items on her bed as she unpacked. This was the second time this had happened in as many weeks now, it seemed her wardrobe was changing. Looking at the dresses as she hung them up she envisaged wearing any one of them for the party, but as Marcie had advised each one had a different underwear requirement, hence the large pile of lingerie on the bed. She always liked nice lingerie but never in these quantities but her friend advised covering all bases.

Marcie arrived home to have Tom meet her at the door.

“Well?” He asked, his curiosity had been eating at him all afternoon, he wanted to know what was going on and if Kay was seeing Stan or not. The bulge in his trousers showed his interest.

“I need a drink.” Marcie dumped her bags as Tom reached for the scotch, pouring them both a heavy slug each.

“I didn’t believe it would happen but it has.” She took a gulp of her drink, the heat sliding down her throat as she thought.

“What ffs!” Said Tom impatiently waiting.

“Kay went to Stan the other night! They had sex for hours! What do you think of that?” She watched her husband’s face as her words sank in.

“You are kidding? Really? What about Dan?”

“Apparently they discussed it and he is OK with things!”

Tom sat back sipping his scotch, his bulge apparent now as Marcie knelt between his legs rubbing him slowly.

“That turn you on honey, thinking of Kay getting pounded by naughty old Stan?” Her fingers gripping his erection through the material.

“I am sure she is going to do it again too that’s why we went shopping. Stan has invited her to a party at the weekend, seems Dan is fine with it too. I think she is getting into the idea a lot more suddenly, maybe having a taste of someone new has gotten her interested in trying more?”

Her hand rubbing his cock slowly, which she had now freed from his pants, it was erect as she stroked him slowly.

“Wouldn’t you like to be the next one to fuck her baby?”

Tom moaned as she covered the head of his cock with her mouth, soft sucking him as her tongue swirled round the sensitive head.

“Oh my God yessss.” Marcie sucked slowly taking him deeper each time till his cock was made wet with her saliva.

“I don’t think it will be too long lover, she is almost cumming at the thought of this party already.”

Tom held her head as he thought of Kay, fucking his wife’s mouth before she pulled off him.

“Oh no you don’t buster, come on and fuck me, I need some relief too.”

She pulled her skirt up as he pulled her blouse open ravaging her tits, she reached for his cock and guided him into her wet slit, pulling her thong aside and wrapping her legs round him. In seconds they were fucking furiously each with images in their mind spurring their lust. Tom rammed his wife hard and fast until at the critical point she clamped her legs round him pulling him in and holding him as she came hard round his cock. She loved the thickness of his cock especially as it pulsed and spat his sperm inside her, the spurts were always so powerful. She felt his orgasm explode and then spray her inside with his large wad of cum. They lay on the sofa for a few minutes before he slowly peeled off her.

“You really think she will do it again?”

“Oh yes, definitely and she told me she loved how he fucked her too.” Smiling she picked up her drink and gulped the last of it down.

Kay meanwhile was tidying her new lingerie away, she would show Dan the dresses but hadn’t decided on the underwear yet. She held each item up in front of herself again looking in the mirror trying to imagine how she would look to Stan, or anyone else.

Where did that thought appear from?

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