Sharing My Love



“Oh God yes, that’s good. Are you watching Bobby? Are you? Oh yes, Charlie, faster, faster I’m almost there. Oh God yes, yes. I’m cummmmmiiinnnggg. Oh yes, yes. Bobby did you see that. What a wonderful orgasm. Are you watching and pulling your cock? Oh, oh another, I can’t stand it. Oh another yes, yes. Oh God Charlie, cum for me. Fill my pussy with your cum. Bobby watch his cum leak out of me while he fucks me. Please Charlie, cum with me. I am there again. Do it Charlie, yes, yes. Ohhhhohhohhh. That was great, “I screamed.

“You really get turned on by playing that you are fucking someone else, don’t you Janice?” Bobby uttered.

“In an out very gently for me, Bobby. I think I feel a little one on its way. Yes, it does turn me on. It feels so naughty. Oh, yes Bobby that’s good. I love you so much,” I said.

Bobby rolled off of me, and we held each other as tightly as we could. We were so much in love and our sex life was really enhanced by playing games. He had asked me several times if I would like to do it for real, but I have always been afraid that things would turn sour afterward. I know thinking about my fucking someone else really made him hot, but reality might be painful rather than exciting.

We had been married for six years. I was still under thirty and didn’t have kids yet, so I believed that I was still attractive to men. I am about five foot four inches tall and I weigh about 105. I am really slight, and I have very small breasts, but I make up for that with seductiveness. I flirt all of the time, and that really turns Bobby on.

“I want you to do this for real, Janice,” Bobby said. “I know that you would enjoy it.”

“Bobby, I just don’t know if I could make love to another man while you were watching, and I fear how you would feel after I was done. Maybe you would be hot for me, but maybe you would think I was dirty. Besides I really don’t know if I could cum with you watching.”

“Let’s do it first without me watching,” Bobby replied. “You can go out on a date and tell me about it after you get home. I would love for you to tell me about it while making passionate love!”

“OK lover boy, do you have someone in mind?” Janice asked.

“As a matter of fact I do,” he answered without hesitation.

“Who?” I asked.

“Zack Rogers, our CEO is coming to town for the first time tomorrow, and I would like to fix him up with a really good piece of ass. He is distinguished looking, and he is not fat,” Bobby answered.

“I thought you used call girls for that,” I said.

“We usually do, but this is special,” he stated.

“Special hell, you want to whore me out,” I exclaimed. I rolled over and refused to answer his pleadings: first for his cause and then for my forgiveness for this indiscretion. I was staring at the clock while seething with anger, but I must admit that the thought of another man tickled my imagination. I let him quiet down some, and then rolled over to face him.

In an indignant voice I blurted,” Ok, I will fuck his brains out, and I’ll love it, Bobby. If there are consequences you will have to bare them. Call me at work tomorrow and tell me where to meet him and how to recognize him. Now say no more, I don’t want to talk about it.” I kissed him and rolled over to sleep.

“Please honey,” Bobby started.

“Believe me Bobby,” I said, “Everything will be all right. I am not angry anymore because it might just be fun. If I have dinner with him, and I don’t like him do I have to fuck him anyway?

“Of course not.” Bobby replied.

“OK then, I will go and have a wonderful time,” I said. ” Good night.” I was actually getting to like the idea. I was so excited that I started rubbing my slit.


Our morning started normally. “Bobby, I want to take a change of clothes to work with me. Would you ask Zack if I could just come to his hotel room and take a shower there before we go out?” I asked.

“You want to shower in his hotel room before you even meet him,” Bobby replied.

“I just want to shower. What difference does it make anyway? I am to be his for the taking am I not,” I said.

“Ok,” Bobby said as he left the house.

I had a little time so I poured another cup of coffee, and I sat on the porch to think things over. I thought about the strange circumstances and the excitement I felt. This was going to be some day.

I went to the bedroom to get ready for work. When I got in the shower I thought that maybe I should do it up right. I showered, shaved my legs, underarms, and finally my pussy. I had never shaved my pubic area before, but when I was done it really felt good. Now I was really excited and moisture started to form on my pussy lips. I gave my clit a flick with my finger as I got out of the shower.

I threw a short black dress, a small black bag, and a pair of fuck me heals into a suitcase. I reached into the drawer and got out some really sheer panties, but I changed my mind and threw them back into the drawer. I thought for a minute, and then I and then threw in an extra set of clothes for work tomorrow. Maybe this would be a great date, and I wanted to be prepared for anything.


After work I went to Zack’s hotel and approached room 3235 as per Bobby’s instructions. I knocked and a very handsome gentleman answered.

“You must be Janice,” he said. “My you are beautiful, more so than I ever expected.

I blushed a little and said,” I am glad to meet you Zack. May I come in to shower and change?”

I was admitted and found him not only to be good looking but kind and considerate too. “I’ll give you some privacy, Janice,” Zack said. “I will meet you in the bar when you are finished.”

I showered and changed. It felt so good when I got to wash my newly shaved pussy. I rubbed for a minute, but I quickly realized that I had to save it for the evening. I was so horny and soooo sensitive. He wasn’t going to have any trouble getting into my panties if I had been wearing any.

After dressing I proceeded to the bar, and there I found Zack sitting at a corner table waiting for me patiently. He offered me a drink, and we sat quietly talking for about an hour. I was really warming up to him. He made no effort to hit on me, and he even told me that if I didn’t want to go through with this it would be all right. I told him that I liked him more by the minute, and that I was very happy right now. Occasionally I would lean a bit so he could get a good look at my small tits through my open neckline. His look of approval made me feel good inside.

“A friend of mine recommended a little bistro named Sam and Harvey’s,” he said. He said that it was a quiet little place with excellent seafood. Would you like to go there?”

“I have never been there, but it sounds good to me,” I replied. “Going to a strange place will only heighten the adventure for me.”

“I don’t have a rental car. Would you like to take a cab or drive your car?” he asked.

“My car will be fine if you will drive,” I replied. He smiled and we left the bar, hand in hand like a couple of kids.

We talked as we drove and found that we really had a lot in common. I was really enjoying myself. When we got to the restaurant we were ushered to a booth in the darkest corner. Rather than sitting across from me, he slid in beside me to be close. We ordered and ate. We talked and laughed. Both of us were having a lot of fun. Eventually he reached his arm around my shoulder and finding no resistance he kissed me lightly. I pulled him close and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He responded in kind, and we both understood that we would enjoy each other’s bodies that night.

“Would you like to dancing for a while?” he asked. “There is a little club in my hotel that looks rather nice.”

“Sounds great to me,” I answered. While we drove back to the hotel I wanted to put my hands all over him, but I didn’t want to seem too aggressive. He wanted to go slowly, so I let him establish the pace.


We had drinks and started to dance. That was when he committed to the first move. He pulled me close as we swayed to the slow music. He let his hands slide down to my ass and cupped my cheeks firmly. I pushed against him and felt his hard cock pushing against my stomach. I felt so good; so safe and warm in his arms. When we got back to our table the held me close and ran his hand under my dress. A smile came across his face as his fingers reached my bald uncovered cunt. I spread my legs a little bit to give him access and he began to trace my slit with his finger. I was really getting wet, and he knew it. Easily he pushed a finger into me. He found my sweet spot and messaged it softly, and then he moved to my clit. I started to moan.

“You are going to make me cum right here,” I said.

“Please do,” he replied.

I nuzzled my face into his chest as he messaged my pussy to the point of dripping. Suddenly a volcano erupted in my cunt sending spasms to my toes and head. I went limp.

“Are you going to come to my room with me?” he asked.

I squeezed his cock though his pants and smiled. “If we don’t get going we won’t be able to make it to your room,” I answered.

In the elevator he pushed me against the wall urgently. He put his hand under my dress again, but this time I unzipped his pants and freed his raging cock. It was really very long and thick with large ridges that were formed by big veins. It was the biggest dick that I had ever seen, and I couldn’t wait to get it into my body. We kissed deeply as we melted into each other’s being. He didn’t put his cock back in as we raced to his room. Inside there was an open bottle of champagne on ice waiting when we entered. He poured, and we sat on his couch petting some more while we consumed our drinks.

I had had all that I could take. I bent at the waist and consumed his generous cock into my mouth. God, it tasted as good as it looked. I tried to be patient and lick slowly, but my lust was betraying me. I slipped to my knees between his legs and took off his pants shorts and shoes without releasing his member from my mouth. I kissed and sucked his balls gently. I had to have his cum. I covered his love stick with my mouth and pumped him furiously with my hand. I could feel him expand, my hand could felt his balls contract. He tried to pull out to cum, but I held on tight until he moaned and started shooting jet after jet of his thick, gooey, white cum into my mouth. There was so much that I couldn’t swallow it all, and it spilled onto my dress.

“You are so good, soooo hot,” he said. “That was the best I’ve ever had.”

He reached under my arms and raised me to my feet. He licked my sticky lips and drove his tongue into my cum coated mouth. . He dropped to his knees and kissed my pussy. He arose again, unzipped my dress, and he allowed it to fall to the floor. He lifted me and carried me to the bed tenderly.

“Do you want to leave your stockings and heals on?” he asked.

“If you want me to be your whore leave them on, but if you want me to be your lover tonight take them off,” I answered. He gently removed both, and I smiled contentedly. He held me closely, kissing my eyes and neck. He slid down and kissed my nipples and began to nurse. His hand slid to my sloppy wet cunt, and his fingers started to trace the outline of my slit. He started to finger fuck me with one finger, then two. I opened my thighs as wide as I could to invite him to do more. He kissed me down my body taking time to lick my navel. Then he began a full assault to my pussy with his mouth and tongue. “Please fuck me,” I begged, but he kept on with his tongue. “I want you in me, God you are driving me crazy,” I cried.

“Get on your knees so you can straddle my face,” he said. “I want your juice to flow into my mouth. I want to drink your love.” I did as he asked and pushed my smooth juicy pussy into his face. I rocked back and forth relishing the wonderful sensations coursing through my body.

He tongue fucked me and licked my clit until I was out of my mind. “Oh God, ooowwwww ,oh yes, yes that feels sooooo good,” I screamed. I was almost smothering him as I came. The tremors grew within me, and the explosions rocked my soul. I relinquished my being to his love. As I cooled down he started to move away. “No please, there are more. Please don’t stop yet,” I begged. He continued to bring me two more orgasms before I slumped and collapsed on the bed.

I kissed him over and over again while savoring the taste of my pussy in his mouth. It was so erotic. He was so good. I wanted more. “Please, enter me now,” I asked. Do it slowly so we can last for a long time. He honored my request without comment, and we fucked for what seemed a long time. I exploded several more times, and then I asked him to cum inside me as I sobbed with joy.

“I want to feel your sperm in me, Zack,” I said, ” Please cum in me, please.”

” I want to cum in you, sweetheart,” he replied. I could feel his love tool expand even more. He drove deeply into my tunnel, pressing his pubic hair against my bare skin. He exploded releasing shot after shot of his warm soothing juice in me. I came again, writhing and bucking my hips. I was screaming in his ear, and was clutching his cock with my vaginal muscles as hard as I could. I knew that he was sensitive after cumming, but I couldn’t control myself. I kept humping until the last wave of pleasure passed, and I had no more strength.

“You are something else,” he exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around me. It felt so warm and comfortable, that I could have stayed like that forever. “Would you please stay the night?” he asked.

“I will have to call Bobby,” I answered. I started playing with his cock as a plan formed in my head.

“As soon as you can get hard again I will call,” I answered. “I would love to spend the night with you, Zack. You are a great lover.”

“Why do you want me hard to call your husband?” he asked.

“I want to play head games with him,” I replied. His cock was growing already. The prospect must have appealed to him because he was fully hard in a few minutes.

He pulled the phone to the bed. “Let me get on top and put your cock into me. I will call like this because I want my mood to be right. Remember, this is for fun.”

I dialed the phone. Since it didn’t even finish the first ring I assumed that he must have been almost sitting on it. ” Hello,” he said.

“Hi Hun, it’s me,” I replied.

“Janice, when are you coming home?” he asked.

“Bobby, I am having a wonderful time. I am so glad you set this up. Zack is so nice, and he has such a biiiiig cock,” I replied.

“I am glad you are having a good time, but when are you coming home?” he asked again.

“Bobby,” I said. Zack interrupted by touching my clit. “Oh, Zack, stop it I am trying to talk.” Zack didn’t stop but only made it feel better. “Oh, that feels soooo good. I am sitting on Zack with his cock in me. I am fucking him right now. God that feels good.”

“Janice, when are you coming home?” he asked insistently.

“Bobby, Zack has asked me to spend the night. I am having such a good time. You don’t mind do you Bobby?” I asked.

“I guess not,” he answered in a resigned tone.

” Thank you Bobby. Oh Zack stop for a minute so I can talk. God that feels good.” I said. “I will go straight to work from here I said so don’t wait for me in the morning. You did a good job of picking my date. Maybe you can do it again sometime.”

“Maybe,” Bobby said sadly. “Have a good time, sweetheart.”

“Laid it on kind of thick didn’t you,” Zack said.

“I am glad things worked out the way they did, but I would rather pick my own dates,” I replied.

We stayed like that for a while talking and laughing together. Occasionally I would lean over and kiss him, or I would squeeze his cock with my cunt muscles. Cum had run out of me all over his balls, and I reached behind me, and rubbed them covering my hand with our cum. I offered the hand for Zack to lick, and I licked too. It was so erotic.

His hips started undulating under me, so I knew that he wanted more. I leaned over to kiss him, and he started twisting my nipples. I started rocking, but the urgency of the moment required more. In seconds I was raising and lowering my body giving him full strokes inside me. I could feel the tension mount in my pussy as another orgasm drew near. I began to fuck him recklessly, and in seconds the thunder rolled in my head and the lightning flashed in my eyes. The first wave was smaller then those that to come, but another and another followed each with increasing intensity. I was pounding him and screaming wildly. I had lost control again as the pleasure wracked my entire body.

I was unaware of Zack’s impending orgasm until he started to scream with me. “Oh ya baby,” he gasped. I felt him tighten so I clamped his cock in my sex muscles, and milked him as hard as I could. At the same time I exploded again. I shook and shivered as tears ran down my face. It was so good that I didn’t think that I could stand anymore.

As our passion subsided I leaned over and held him close “You are the best,” he said. “I could stay like this and fuck you for the rest of my life. If you were mine I would keep you so busy with me that you would have no time for anyone else.”

“You are great too, Zack,” I said. “Hold me tight.” We lay together and muttered complements to each other while we kissed. We pressed our bodies against each other as if we would never see each other again. I knew that I still loved Bobby, but I would come to cherish these moments.

Passion was again building in my soul. I moved my mouth to his tool and started licking the area clean of our cum. In minutes he was hard again. He rolled me over and raised my ass off the bed. In an instant he was driving his piston in and out of me.

“God, I love doggy,” I wimpered as I groaned with joy. He reached around and started rubbing my clit, and in an instant he sent me into orbit again. I don’t know if it was one long orgasm or a lot of them, but I thought that the orgasm would never end. It was ecstasy. I was smashing my ass against his pelvis savagely. Since he had come so much already he pumped me for a long, long time, and I thought I was going to die from the magnificent rumblings in me. Finally he groaned, and I felt his warm seed spurting into me, and we collapsed again. My pussy was so open and sloppy. I was so content.

Both of were exhausted, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I felt as if Zack’s spirit had been burned into my existence, and I hoped that the reverse was also true. I still loved Bobby with all of my heart, but I had a special thing for Zack too. In the beginning I was afraid that an affair would break up our marriage, but now I knew I could handle the feelings that I had for both men. I knew that I could never be satisfied with a monogamous relationship again, and I hoped that Bobby could accept this as part of our lives


I awakened in the morning before the wake up call. I wanted Zack so much that my pussy started to moisten again. I rolled him onto his back and started to suck his dick.

“Wow,” he exclaimed, “what a way to wake up.”

“I want you Zack, please,” I said.

Without a word he pushed me onto my back and moved between my legs. His motion was so smooth and gentle. He slid into me and slowly began the trek to ecstasy. This wasn’t a fuck, it was lovemaking. He held me and kissed me so softly that it melted me. His motion made me feel wanted and loved. Gently we entered a new consciousness, enjoying each other’s emotion. Our orgasms came at the same time, and we reveled in our mutual enjoyment.

After a cool down period I got out of bed, and I went to shower and dress. When I finished he came to me and hugged me as though he never wanted to part. “You were wonderful, sweetheart,” he said. “Can you come back tonight. I could stay in town another night if you would.”

I started to cry. “Oh Zack, I really couldn’t hurt Bobby anymore than I did last night. I will never forgive myself for that,” I said. “I still really love him and I don’t want to end our marriage. Do you understand?

“Sure I do,” he answered. “I wouldn’t want to break up your home. May I see you again, when I come back to town?”

I shook my head yes with tears rolling down my cheeks. I turned and left.


While driving home from work my mind was whirling in confusion. How would Bobby react? How could I explain? I was so afraid, and I was really sorry, not because of the evening, but because of the way I hurt Bobby on the phone.

When I arrived home Bobby’s car was in the driveway, but the house was dark, except for a dim light in the dinning room. As I walked in I could smell supper cooking, heard soft romantic music playing on the stereo, and saw a candle burning on the dinning room table. Bobby came out of the kitchen holding a bouquet of roses. He approached me and kissed me tenderly while saying nothing.

“What is going on,” I exclaimed.

“This is to show you how sorry I am,” Bobby replied. “I hope that we can repair our marriage after all of the harm that I have done.”

“You are saying you are sorry for giving me one of the most wonderful nights of my life?” I questioned.

“Aren’t you mad at me for setting the date up, honey?” he asked. “After our phone call I thought that you had fallen for Zack, and I was out.”

“I am sorry for that,” I replied. “I was digging you for the way the date setup was done, but I laid it on a little thick. I am the one who should apologize. I am truly sorry. I love you all the more for being unselfish enough to let me go. I really did have a wonderful time, but I love you Bobby, and one night or many nights with another man will ever cause that to change. Do you understand?”

He grabbed me and kissed me while hugging the life out of me. “Is it alright to smile now?” he asked.

“Sure,” I answered. “Let’s turn this into fun, can we?”

“Are you too tired or sore for me tonight?” he asked.

“If you are going to let me have this much fun, I will always be available to you Bobby,” I answered. “I have been looking forward to fucking you all day long. Let’s eat and have an evening that is even more romantic than last night. Before dinner I am going to change in something sexy to get us in the mood.”

I showered and changed into a short skirt with sheer blouse. I skipped the underwear. When I got to the dinning room Bobby had dinner on the table. I started to tell all of the events of the preceding evening but intermingled other conversation so that I could make the details last into the night. We ate, danced to the soothing music, and had some drinks. Bobby stood it as long as he could, but he finally gave into the urge to feel me up. He almost went mad when he felt my smooth hairless pussy.

“I have to see this Janice,” he said as he knelt before me. “When did you start to shave your pussy?”

“Yesterday,” I answered.

“Well,” he said, “I guess that I can really enjoy the fruits of last night then.”

He started worshiping my womb, kissing and caressing it. I spread a little for him and he started licking the length of my crack while lingering a little at my clit. “Is this how Zack did it?” he asked.

“I don’t want you to imitate him,” I stated. “Be yourself Bobby, you are the man that I love. I like the way you make love to me.”

I was really getting wet and juice started dripping down my thigh. I pushed Bobby to the couch and started sucking on his beautiful cock. I really wanted it in me, but I also wanted to suck him off. I felt like I owed him that pleasure. I gave him the best blow job ever, and as he shot his cum into my mouth he babbled about how much he loved me, and how much he was enjoying the aftermath of last night.

I climbed on the couch with him and we kissed and rubbed each other while enjoying the warmth of our love. He pushed me on to my back and started licking me. I was so hot that I came almost instantly, squeezing his head between my legs and screaming my emotions. After I cooled a little he picked me up and carried me to the bed. Candles were already burning, and the bed was turned down, waiting for us.

“God Bobby, I want you in me,” I begged. I want your beautiful, cock in my pussy now. Please Bobby, please.”

“Get on top,” he said. I did and rode him while telling him how Zack fucked me. I was crazy with desire and came four times before he finally unloaded into me. We rested and talked and laughed at each other’s jokes. Soon, he was ready again. He got on top and I told him more about Zack and me. Rather than slowing down he shot into me quickly and I exploded in another wild orgasm.

“You are really good Bobby,” I said. “Let’s go to the kitchen for a snack.” I stepped to the counter and reached for a plate. In an instant Bobby was behind me, and I felt his cock pressing at my pussy.

“Zack didn’t do this did he,” Bobby said while laughing.

“No he didn’t. Oh, oh,” I cried as he shoved his meat in hard. “God that feels good.” He fucked me harder that the other times, and it took a long time since it was so soon after the last fuck. He fingered my clit as he pumped, and I exploded again and again. My legs were getting wobbly when he emptied his load inside me. It was so warm, and I had so much in me that I was running down my legs. I reached down, wet my hand, and smeared cum all over my chest. That drove Bobby crazy with lust, so he licked me clean.

I made each of us a sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate. Concentration was difficult because Bobby had his hands everywhere on my body the entire time. We went to the bedroom and sat up against the headboard while we ate and I told Bobby the last of my encounter with Zack. I had never seen Bobby like this before. He was hard already and was anxious to fuck me. He had already cum four times, and I never realized his potential before. My description was exciting him more than I had ever imagined.

“I love you so much,” Bobby exclaimed as he started rubbing my pussy again. “I have never wanted you so much, and I have never enjoyed sex with you this much. Maybe your night with Zack was just the spark we needed to ignite our passions like this.” He kissed down my body and started licking my slit. He didn’t just lick my clit, but he tongue fucked me too, lapping up the cum inside me.

“God I love you too, Bobby,” I answered. “That feels so good. God I am cumming again.” The wave of pleasure started slowly, but it erupted violently inside me. Bobby was so tender with me that I could not control myself. I crushed his head with my thighs, and I gyrated my hips wildly. I don’t know if I had one long orgasm or many short ones again, but it seemed as if the feeling would never stop. I lost my breath, and thought I would pass out.

Bobby kissed up my body until he reached my mouth. He was so gently as he inched his tongue in to touch mine. He gave me no rest before he crawled on top of me and penetrated my tunnel. He moved so slowly, raising my passion to new levels .I was overwhelmed as he coaxed my being into his spirit until we became one. Slowly, gently, we both rubbed our organs together until the final burst of pleasure wracked my soul. My body stiffened and went numb from the joyous feelings within me. His cock throbbed in me and stiffened as he spilled his love juice into my awaiting pussy.

We just held each other for a long time without a word. Our emotions had spoken volumes. After a while I asked, “Should I try to do another man again?”

“If it is going to be like this for us, I think so,” Bobby replied. “What do you want to do next? I don’t want to pick your next date.”

“Let me think about it, and I will devise a plan,” I said.

“That sounds great,” Bobby said. We kissed some more, but we were both too exhausted for more lovemaking. We soon fell asleep in each other’s arms knowing that our lives would never be the same again.

As the sun arose in the morning I awakened to find Bobby licking my clit. He must have been doing it for a while because I was really aroused and dripping. I grabbed his hair and pulled him to my face. We kissed deeply. I smiled at him and said, “Ready for another go round lover.”

He gave no answer; he just pushed his cock into my waiting pussy. He was not patient or gentle this time. There was urgency to his action. I felt the urgency too, and I pushed back against him hard and fast. In no time the explosion tore through me with an intensity that was beyond description. Bobby tensed and I felt his seed flow into me. I was so contented that I didn’t think I could make myself to go to work.

“Where do we go from here baby?” he asked.

“Do you want to continue a lifestyle like this?” I questioned. “Do you think that you could stand watching another man fuck me. Think before you answer.”

Bobby hesitated a minute then answered, “After last night I think this lifestyle would suit me just fine. I really think that I would like watching better, but you can have anything you want, I just want you to be happy. Do you have a plan yet?”

“There is a guy in my office building that has been hitting on me for a while, maybe I will try him. He seems to be a nice guy. Should I try to set him up for Saturday night, or is that too close.” I questioned.

“Please do,” Bobby answered.

When I entered the building Donald was waiting by the elevator. He greeted me with “Good morning sweet thing. You are as beautiful as ever.”

“Hi Donald,” I responded. “You have expressed an interest in seeing me sometime, do you still want to?” I asked.

“Do I want to,” he exclaimed. “This is like dying and going to heaven.”

“Would it be convenient to meet me for lunch today?” I asked.

“It sure would,” he answered.

” Meet me here at twelve thirty and we can go to lunch and discuss it,” I answered. That morning just dragged by. I mulled over what I was going to say to him. I had never been this forward with any man, but there was always a first time for everything.


I smiled when I said to him, “Let’s go to the market, get a sandwich, and take it to the park, It’s such a nice day.” He agreed. We got our lunch and found a shady bench in the park. The place we found was secluded, so we had a lot of privacy. When we sat down he moved very close to me. I could feel the excitement in his body.

“So, what made you change your mind?” he asked.

“My husband,” I replied.

“Does he want one of those threesomes?” he asked. “I don’t think I want that on our first date.”

He took me a little by surprise. I thought carefully to devise a plan, and suddenly it came to me. “Suppose you come to dinner on Saturday night, and he leaves us alone afterward. Would that be ok,” I asked. ” I really don’t know you well enough to go out with you alone since no one would have knowledge of my whereabouts.”

He leaned over and kissed me gently, and I responded by wrapping my arms around his neck. He put his hand on my thigh and slowly rubbed his way up to my bare, uncovered pussy. He could feel the wetness on his fingers and I could see his pants rising from the strain of his expanding cock.

“Wow, this is nice,” he exclaimed. “I love bare pussy. Do you always shave?” he asked.

“I do. It is so erotic I think,” I answered.

He continued to trace my slit as far as he could reach, so I spread my legs a little to give him access. “Oh, I can’t wait to get into this,” he exclaimed. I opened my legs a little more, and he slid one finger into me and began to finger fuck me. “Please let me have you alone the first time, then we can consider adding your husband.”

” Oh Donald, that feels so good,” I said. “Please keep it up. Oh God that feels soooo good. He started rubbing my clit, and I felt and approaching orgasm. The public place made it so much more erotic and naughty. Slowly it came over me. My cunt gripped his fingers while his thumb rubbed my clit harder. I shook and bit into his shoulder to keep from screaming. I held him tightly as I quivered and convulsed. As I came down I kissed him all over his face and clutched him with all of my strength. It was so warm and comfortable in his arms.

“I will see what I can do, you plan to come to our house Saturday at six.” I said.

I opened his fly and started pumping his cock through his shorts. I undid his buttons to free his raging cock. It was big and thick, not smooth but rippled by his veins ridging under his skin like Zack. The shaft was bigger around than the head, giving it a spear like look, and it curved slightly toward his stomach. It was absolutely beautiful. I leaned across him, and I kissed him hard and deeply. Our tongues met and played like snakes mating. I sucked his tongue, and he quivered with excitement while I continued to pump him.

” I am going to cum,” he exclaimed. “We can’t mess up your clothes can we?” I asked, not expecting an answer. I looked around to insure our privacy and leaned over to take him in my mouth. I sucked only the head as I pumped. His cock hardened even more, and his seed spilled into my greedy mouth. Stream after stream struck the back of my throat. After his eruption I sucked to devour every drop.

. “MMMM that tastes soooo good,” I said. I smiled at him again and kissed him softly. ” If Bobby is going to be good enough to let us enjoy each other, I think we should let him set the rules, don’t you.”

Driven by desire he accepted defeat as he said, “I guess you are right. He can watch, but he can only fuck you after I am finished.” I was so happy because I really wanted his cock inside me. I knew that Bobby would go along with anything I wanted, but he might be hurt if he wasn’t there.

“Here is my address,” I said. We walked back to our building and said our good byes. I so wanted to clutch him again, but others would see us, and my co-workers knew that I was married.

I was content and very relaxed at work for the rest of the afternoon. It felt so good and so naughty getting off in the park. All I had to do now was tell Bobby of my plan.


Saturday evening came quickly. Bobby started dinner, which consisted of grilled steaks, while I prepared for the fun to follow. I washed my hair, shaved my legs and pubes, and carefully applied my make up. I selected a very short dress red with a low neckline so both guys could see my cunt as I bent over and my breasts as I leaned forward. I planned to do both often. I wore no underwear to make them even more excited, and I donned a pair of fuck me red heals. I looked like a streetwalker, and my cunt was wet already.

There was a knock at the door as I entered the living room. “Hi,” I greeted Donald. I hugged him and kissed him hello. “Bobby. Donald is here, come on in.” Bobby came in and they greeted each other with smiles. Bobby then returned to the kitchen to finish dinner and Donald and I sank into the couch to begin our excitement. When Bobby re-entered to tell us that dinner was ready, Donald and I were kissing. Donald had his hand up my dress finger fucking me. I looked for a reaction from Bobby, but I got only a smile. It felt so good that I didn’t get up right away. Donald played with my clit until I gushed juice on his hand. “I guess I am ready.”

After dinner Bobby cleaned up while Donald and I danced to the soft romantic music on the stereo. I pressed against him to feel his hardness against my stomach. He had his hands under my dress kneading my cheeks and tracing his fingers over my crack. Bobby came back in. I wanted his reaction; I didn’t want to hurt him. He walked toward us and unzipped my dress. I guess I had my answer.

We separated for a moment as I released Donald’s belt and undid his button. He reached and pushed my dress off of my shoulders, and with a little wiggle I made it fall to the floor. Donald’s pants fell and his marvelous cock was freed. My pussy quivered at the sight of his gorgeous member. I edged to the couch and pushed him down. I took off his shoes and his pants and looked in wide-eyed wonder as his cock jumped with excitement. Bobby sat in his chair as I took Donald’s manhood into my mouth. I looked again at Bobby and he had his tool in his hand, stroking gently. Everything was ok.

“That is sooo goood,” Donald said in a whisper. That compliment drove me to new heights, and I started sucking and licking in earnest. I felt him stiffen but I wasn’t ready yet. I stopped sucking and started licking his balls. I kissed inside his thigh and licked around the base of his cock, nuzzling my nose into his pubic hair.

“I have got to cum,” he whimpered as he grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth back over his pole. I took his length into my throat and sucked as hard as I could. I moved his skin as I jerked him off with my thumb and two fingers. With my free hand I cradled his balls. I felt his balls tighten, and his body stiffen as he started to cum. I wanted Bobby to see, so I took my mouth off and let his cum stream over my lips. Shot after shot erupted into my mouth and over my face. When he finished I took him in and sucked out the final precious drops. I looked at Bobby again, and I saw that he had taken off his shirt and opened his pants. His was jerking furiously, and he came all over his stomach and chest. My pussy convulsed as I saw the gooey white cum running down his body. His face showed a happy excitement that I had never expected.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I suggested.

“Your bed,” Donald said uncertainly. He must have felt uncomfortable about taking me in our marriage bed.

“It’s ok,” Bobby interjected.

I led the way to the bed and lay down beside Donald. We kissed hard and long as we ran our hands over each other’s bodies. Then Donald slipped down and sucked my breasts. As he kissed around the fold under my breast I quivered, then he pulled my nipples and circled each of them with his tongue. He moved down kissing my stomach and licking my bald pubes. He licked around my slit, but he never touched it. He progressed to my thighs, which were sticky with my juice from the living room activity.

“MMMm good,” Donald said, as he tasted my juice.

“Please Donald, lick my slit,” I said. “I really need to cum baby. Please.”

He licked the length of my crack and then plunged his tongue into me. I held his head with my legs as hard as I could as he flicked his tongue over my clit. Then he began to suck my clit hard until I was writhing on the edge of orgasm. Then he quit, and he started kissing my stomach again, being certain to maintain contact between my clit and his chest. I was going out of my mind with desire.

“Donald, I need to cum badly, please make me cum, please,” I screamed. He moved down my body and started to lick my clit again. I felt the marvelous sensations as my orgasm began to build again. I was thrusting my pussy at his mouth and grinding as hard as I could.

He stopped again and started sucking my toes. He licked the bottom of my foot and up my leg to the area behind my knee. I tingled all over. “Donald stop torturing me. I have to cum,” I screamed.

He started on my cunt again. I prayed that he wouldn’t stop. At the moment of explosion he stopped again. I continued to writhe, almost in pain. He looked into my eyes and smiled. He held his mouth inches from my sex and blew his breath over me softly. I tried to push toward in the hope of one touch, but he kept out of reach. I reached toward him and grabbed his hair and pulled him to my cunt I ground myself into his mouth while holding his head as if my life depended on it. Then he relaxed and sucked my clit into his mouth. The explosion was hard. Bright lights flashed in my eyes blinding me to reality. The sensations of ecstasy coursed through me from head to toe. It was long and breathtaking.

Donald did not stop. I was so sensitive that I could hardly stand it, but he would not let go. I tried to pull away, but he kept on, oblivious to my wonderful pain. I exploded again with greater intensity than the first time. “Yes, yes,” I screamed. “Oh God, that’s sooooo goood. Keep it up, please keep it up.” I clutched his head between my legs and rubbed my dripping cunt against his face for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally I collapsed, exhausted.

After the waves subsided I smiled at him and said, “I am sorry this date took so long to happen. You are great. God, you are soooo great.” I kissed and licked all over his face. I sucked his nipples, kissed his neck and rubbed his precious cock. He rubbed my breasts and pinched my nipples. I was ready for more.

Suddenly I remembered Bobby. I looked into his eyes and said, “Are you ok baby?” He was staring at my with a blank look on his face. He held his hard penis in his hand, but he had not cum anymore. I hoped that he was saving it for me.

“That was the most incredible thing that I have ever seen,” he replied. “I am out of breath from watching you. Janice that was great, and I’m glad to see you so happy.” I rolled toward him and kissed him gently, and I touched his cock. It jerked instantly.

I rolled back toward Donald. I kissed him hard and started to rub his member. “Fuck me, Donald,” I demanded. “Fuck me hard, now.”

Donald rolled on top of me and started pushed himself into me. He moved slowly at first, but my orgasm was at hand immediately. Sensing the impending explosion he started driving into me hard. I convulsed again and again, screaming at the top of my lungs. The neighbors must have known how much I was enjoying this. I came over and over again for what seemed to be hours. I had no idea how, but I had lost control of everything. Finally, after a heroic attempt to hold off, Donald spewed his seed into my love tunnel. I orgasmed again, harder than before if that was possible. “You are great, Donald!” I exclaimed. He remained hard and slowly the slid in and out of my nest. Again I exploded, trembling and screaming, totally out of control.

Donald tried to roll me over but I hesitated and looked at Bobby. “May I do it another time, honey?” I asked.

“Anything you want,” he replied.

I got on top of Donald and slid his beautiful cock into my slick hole. My conduct was outrageous. I pounded him wildly without a care for his body. He pinched my nipples and rubbed my clit. In seconds I was over the edge again. I paused only for an instant and began again. I came over and over in a continuous pleasure filled fuck. Donald emptied his balls into me again with a groan of absolute pleasure. Donald touched me and I got off. I turned to Bobby and showed him my pussy. “How does it look?” I asked.

“It’s swollen and red with cum leaking out like a river. It looks worn out,” he answered.”

It’s not baby, I want more and so does he,” I said.

Donald pulled me to my knees. He jammed his rod into me hard, without regard for tenderness. He pounded me as I had pounded him only minutes before. I opened my eyes and saw Bobby watching the ravaging of his love object. His face held an excitement that was almost unbelievable. He was really enjoying this. I don’t think that I had ever seen him so hard.

I started cumming again and didn’t stop until I felt Donald release his last load maybe twenty minutes later. I was exhausted and fell to the bed with Donald on top of me. We lay together and cuddled for a while. We kissed passionately and continued to rub each other’s genitals. Bobby rubbed me too. I guess this was his was of joining in.

I got out of bed and helped Donald dress. I put on his shoes for him. At this moment I couldn’t do enough to please him. I didn’t want him to go, but it had to be. We kissed several times on our way to the door, and when we were away from Bobby I whispered,” I love you. Come back soon.”

He left and I turned my attention to Bobby. He grinned, “Is it my turn now or are you too tired?” he asked.

“Will you eat my pussy?” I asked. “I am full of his cum.”

“Anything to get into your warm, slick cunt,” he answered.

He carried me to the bed and started licking my slit and thighs. He sucked out cum by the buckets. I got so excited that I started cumming again. Without missing a beat Bobby crawled into me. He was slow and loving, as he kissed me over and over again. He was giving me absolute love, and we both came at the same time. Bobby didn’t even soften, and he kept messaging my tunnel with his beautiful cock. I felt him swell again in anticipation of his climax, and that drove me over the edge again. He dumped his last load into me. I gave him my soul.

“Could you stand to do this again sometime?” I asked.

“It was so great, and you seemed so happy, Janice. Certainly we can do this again,” he answered.

“I told him that I loved him,” I confessed.

“Do you?” he asked.

“I don’t think so,” I answered. “I think it was just the emotion of the moment. I don’t think any woman can have an experience like this without feeling something.”

“As long as you are still mine everything is ok,” he said.

“I am Bobby. I love you more than anything. I love you more now than I did before this evening began, or before the night with Zack,” I said.

We cuddled and kissed until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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