Borrowing His Friend’s Wife


The Big Bopper

Chapter 1

Martin Johnson was a shattered man, his idyllic married life in tatters with the sudden death of his beautiful blonde wife in a car accident. Night after night, he sat in his empty apartment, with no sounds of life other than his own breathing. He had taken up heavy drinking that was so out of character for the previously one glass of wine a night man.

As he sat, night after night, in the semi darkness for hours on end, he wrestled, not only with the loss of his wife — the love of his life — but the way she died. As a passenger in the car of her boss, just after leaving an outer town motel at 1am in the morning. The motel manager had told investigating police that the couple had arrived around 4pm, checked into one room and didn’t even order dinner. Martin’s mind was filled with the thought of the pair in that room for nine hours.

Martin had no idea that she had been having an affair. Perhaps one could call him naïve, given what he now knew, but he just believed that she was working industriously on a new project at work. She had been getting home late at night about three times a week. But he had no suspicions because there had been no lessening of activity with her in their own marriage bed … or in the kitchen, the lounge, the bathroom, wherever. There had been no doubting her sexuality, his late wife Amanda had always verged on nymphomania.

Every night now, the same questions went round and around in his head. The two of them had been so sexually active in the four years that he had known her, and their activities had only increased after they were married two years ago. Why would she want to have an affair with her boss? If she was unfaithful to him with one man, had there been others? If so, who were they? Would it really help him to know?

He was becoming fixated on having to know. But why, what good would it do him now? She was gone forever, the woman he loved and adored, his soul mate. But instead of having fond memories of all the good times, of her statuesque beauty that turned male heads wherever they went, her cheeky and irreverent sense of humour, her unashamed sexuality, their marathon sessions of lovemaking. Yes, lovemaking with her, not just sex. They would spend hours — it was most nights, he reflected — on intense and romantic foreplay. So much so, that they usually didn’t get to sleep until well after midnight.

It would be nice if he could dwell on the good memories, as he sat alone in the apartment every night, his hand wrapped around his cock as he attempted to stroke his way to satisfaction. He was only 30, in the prime of his sexual capacity, having just had four years straight of constant mind-blowing sex, probably averaging six nights a week. Now, in the four weeks since her death, there had been no hot liquid velvet glove of his loved one’s cunt to slide his cock into, or of any other woman for that matter. There had only been the palm of his hand, softened and lubed with dabs of KY Jelly, as he attempted to maintain the satisfaction levels to which his body had become accustomed.

To accompany his intense sorrow, Martin wasn’t eating properly and he felt that his work was suffering. His boss had been very patient with him, telling him to take time off to complete the grieving for his wife, but Martin felt that he had to remain active, at least by day. If he spent all day and night in this apartment, just thinking about her, he would go crazy.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have many friends, such had been the relationship with his wife. They just didn’t have time for too many others in their life. The only couple they had become really close to was John Cooper, much older than Martin at 45 years. But John’s lovely wife, Deborah was 28, just a year younger than Amanda. Deb and Mandy had been best friends since school days, so that’s how Martin had met John four years ago.

Despite the 15 year age difference, Martin and John got on really well. They had a regular booking to play golf together every Saturday morning, and would often take in a football game too. The four would get together for dinner on either Friday or Saturday night most weekends. Now, Martin felt like a loose cog and had refused invitations from John and Deb to maintain the dinner engagements, although the two men were still golfing once a week.

John had noticed the sharp decline in his friend and discussed it with Deb regularly over the weeks since Amanda’s death. This Wednesday night was no exception as John and Deborah shared a wine and a quiet chat before dinner. “He needs a woman badly,” John again told Deborah. “He and Amanda had just been so intense in their sex life.”

“More than us?” Deborah would query as she playfully grabbed John’s cock through his trousers to emphasise her point.

“Yes, amazing as it may seem, more than us, my darling.” John couldn’t get over how fortunate he had been. When he had divorced his first wife five years ago, there had been no particular woman in his life. He had just wanted to be rid of a woman that he had married far too young and who had nagged him constantly over the years.

John stayed celibate for all of three months, but the day that he met the vivacious and attractive brunette, Deborah, he determined that he must have her. Within a week of meeting Deborah, she was in his bed and they had been devoted to each other in the four years since.

They coupled up well together, each managing to cater for the other’s sexual needs and while not as frequent in their sexual endeavours as Martin and Amanda had been, they managed to get it on frequently. How did they know that? Because Amanda had regularly talked about sex at the foursomes’ weekly get togethers. Amanda would regale John and Deb with tales of how insatiable she and Martin could be.

“What are we having for dinner tonight?” John asked Deborah.

“A roast, John … we’re having lamb and baked veges.”

“Would there be enough for another serve left over, Deb?”

“Should be, honey, I cut up heaps of potatoes and pumpkin. Why? Who are you thinking of inviting?”

“Nobody!” Then to Deborah’s utter bewilderment, John suggested, “How about you make up a serve and drive it over to Martin as soon as we finish eating. I’ll do the dishes here, so you don’t have to come back to a mess.”

“Why would you suggest that, John?”

“You haven’t seen him lately, have you?” John enquired of Deborah.

“No, not since the funeral.”

“Deb, that was three weeks ago, he has lost weight and he’s beginning to look dishevelled. You will be stunned when you see him.”

“But why do you want me to take dinner over?”

“Because I don’t think he’s eating right. Last Saturday at golf, he just looked terrible. He said he’s just cooking himself basic things, like omelettes and fish cakes. Crap food, Deb! He’s got to get some real nourishment.”

“Why don’t you take it over, John?”

“He still sees me every Saturday for golf. But as you said, you haven’t seen him since the funeral. I think you could cheer him up, he really does like you, and you’re always so good at counselling friends and family. You could probably straighten him out.”

“Well, I don’t know … but I guess so!” Deborah told John just a bit reluctantly.

“Be really nice to him, Deb, show some affection.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing, Deb, nothing at all. I just mean that just because I’m not there, don’t hold back. Hold his hand, give him a kiss and a cuddle, just like the four of us did when Amanda was alive.”

Deborah looked back at John a little suspiciously. She wasn’t sure why he was proposing this sudden midweek trip for her to see Martin on her own.

They ate dinner without further reference to Deborah’s impending visit to Martin. As soon as she had finished, she picked up the plate she had prepared, covered with foil to keep it warm, kissed John on the cheek, picked up her car keys and was out the door.

It was only a 15-minute drive over to Martin’s house. On the way, Deborah’s mind tried to speculate on why John had suggested this food drive and why she was the one to make it. She tried also to decipher the code of her husband’s suggestion to (how did he put it again, she thought) ‘Hold his hand, give him a kiss and a cuddle’. How bizarre, she thought.

Deborah pulled her car up outside Martin’s apartment block and climbed the stairs to the first floor. She tapped on the door and waited. There was no reply after 20 seconds, so she tapped again. Eventually, she heard movement from inside and the door opened. Martin’s face appeared around the half open door. John had been very accurate, Deborah barely recognised the usually well-groomed and good looking man.

Martin looked like he hadn’t shaved in days and his hair was unkempt and shaggy, seemed like it could do with a dose of shampoo. “Deborah, what on earth are you doing here?”

“Hoping that you’re going to invite me in,” she told him, holding the foil covered plate up. “I brought your dinner.”

“What … what dinner … what for?”

“John thought that you weren’t eating right after he saw you last weekend. It’s obviously been bugging him, so he suggested I bring over a spare serve of the roast we had tonight. Can I come in?”

“Deb, I’m so sorry, where are my manners.” With that, Martin flung the door wide open and Deborah stepped into the apartment. There was no entry foyer, the front door opened straight into the lounge room where a sofa faced the television and two individual chairs either side of the TV faced the sofa. “Please, sit yourself down, can I get you a drink?”

Having just come in from the dark night, Deborah’s eyes adjusted to the interior lights and as she looked around, she saw that Martin was wearing just a tee shirt and shorts, his legs and feet were bare. Deborah made her way to the sofa and sat down at the far end of it, placing the meal on the coffee table in front of the sofa, indicating to Martin that he should sit next to her to eat.

“I’ll have a vodka on the rocks, thanks Martin,” Deborah told him, looking up to see him turn in profile to go to get her drink. She gasped, but stifled a sound when she saw that his shorts were tented out in front by what looked to be a very impressive erection. Immediately, she recalled that several times her old school friend Amanda had told her how lucky she was in finding Martin because “his equipment is king size”. Deborah reflected that that had been Amanda’s quaint description of how her man pleased her.

She had forgotten all about Martin’s alleged size advantage until spotting it just now. Deborah was surprised that he hadn’t attempted to hide it from her. Its not like it was just a bulge. Seeing him from side on, it was extended straight out horizontally from his body. ‘By quite a long way’, she considered.

Martin reappeared with her drink. Once again, she was confronted by his tented shorts, but this time front on and from only a step away, as he placed her drink in front of her. ‘It can’t be me that’s caused his erection,’ Deborah thought. ‘He didn’t even know I was coming over. I hope I haven’t interrupted him with some woman in the bedroom and he’s too polite to say anything.’

Martin sat down next to her, perhaps a body space to her right and peeled the foil off the meal she had brought. “Wow, looks good. I haven’t eaten anything like this in a while.”

“Go for it, Martin,” she told him as he began eating. Then, wanting to find an answer for his obvious erection, she added, “I hope I’m not interrupting anything, Martin, I should have called beforehand.”

“No Deb, that’s fine, it’s so good to see you. Of course, I still see John every Saturday, but I haven’t caught up with you since the funeral.”

“Well, we have invited you over … to continue the weekend dinners, I mean.”

“Yes, I know. It’s just that I’ve felt like a loose cog since Mandy died. Not very social, I mean.”

“So what do you do with yourself here? Must be a bit lonely?”

“You can say that again. I just drink and drink and have a wank.”

She was stunned by his frank disclosure and felt just a little uneasy.

“Needless to say, I didn’t get finished tonight. You’ve probably noticed it by now,” he said, looking down between his legs as he sat on the sofa alongside her.

Deborah was just a bit taken aback. While the four of them had frequently discussed all types of sexual activity over the years, she had never had any intimate sexual discussions with Martin without Amanda and John being involved. Deborah felt herself blushing and Martin detected it.

“Sorry Deb, but I thought you couldn’t miss noticing it, so figured I should explain. That’s all I’ve got these days. Mandy and I were on such a steady diet of sex; I guess I was coming about ten times a week. Well, for a guy, you can’t just go cold turkey. I’ve been trying to cut back, but I’m still giving it a tug every night.”

Deborah coughed nervously. “It’s alright Martin, you don’t have to explain,” she told him, wondering why he was being so detailed, then realising that it was probably the alcohol talking. John had told her he was drinking quite heavily.

“Sorry Deb, probably a bit too much information for you, I didn’t mean to offend you. Just tried to explain why my shorts are sticking out so far.”

“So the memories are still there, Martin. You’re obviously missing her very much.”

He didn’t answer her, just sat eating his dinner, staring at the television. Deborah continued to watch him, from the side. She thought she saw a tear rolling down his cheek, then another. He had gone silent, attempting to control his emotions.

“I’m sorry, Deb. Maybe you better go, I’m not very good company.”

Deborah remembered John’s compliments about her counselling skills, she decided that she should at least try. She shuffled along the sofa, closing the gap between them so that her right thigh touched his left thigh. She put her arm around his shoulder and tousled his dirty hair. “Martin, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to bring all the memories back.”

“No Deb, it’s not your fault, it’s always there. I can’t think about anything else.” His head was lowered as he finished the last of the dinner she had provided. “I might have to move. Everywhere I go in this apartment, I can see her, smell her. I probably should try to let go, but she meant everything to me.”

“I know she did, Marty, and she loved you. She told me that time and time again.”

He turned his head toward her and stared straight into Deborah’s eyes. “Did she, Deb? Did she really? Then why did she spend her last nine hours in a motel room with her stinking boss? I can never forgive her for that.”

“I can’t answer that, Martin. It’s as big a mystery to me. We shared a lot, talked about who and what we liked, and didn’t like. She never mentioned being unfaithful to you, I still can’t accept it.”

He turned back to stare at the TV again and she continued to stroke the fingers of her right hand through his hair. Her left hand came over to rest on his left knee, recalling John’s suggestion to show Martin some affection.

Martin pushed his empty plate away from him, across the coffee table. His hands disappeared between his thighs and Deborah became apprehensive, not being able to see from the side what he was doing. Then he turned his face to hers, looking her directly eye to eye from barely two feet away.

“I hate to ask you this, Deb. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s probably the drink talking, so please forgive me if you’re offended.”

Deborah watched him curiously, not quite understanding the impact of his words. Then, slowly Martin turned, his left leg coming around and folding under his body so that his left knee was brushing her right hip. He was now half-turned toward her. He looked into her eyes pleadingly, “Please Deb!”

“What Martin, what is it?”

His eyes looked down toward his lap and she followed his gaze down. “Can you help me with this?”

Her eyes widened and she let out a gasp when she saw that he had untied the draw cord in his shorts and they lay open, exposing a rigid and very impressive erection, standing straight out from his body. Strangely, mingled with the shock, her first reaction was that she had to agree with her late friend, Amanda. It was a truly magnificent specimen. Circumcised, the smooth purply knob was oozing clear liquid while beyond it the magnificent girth of the shaft disappeared into a tangle of wiry black curls. ‘It was not that it was extraordinarily long,’ she thought. ‘It seemed to be about 7 inches, but it was the thickness of it. She had never seen one so thick through, a rigid mass of blood-engorged flesh.’ She was most impressed, but nonetheless shocked that he would reveal himself in such a way to his best friend’s wife.

“Please Deb, I know I shouldn’t be asking, but I do it to myself every night, and it’s getting harder for me to get off. The palm of my hand is not the most romantic object I know.”

She looked up at his face and he was looking into her eyes again. His eyes were filled with tears. “I just can’t do that, Martin, much as I would love to help you. It just wouldn’t be right, for John I mean.”

“He’ll never know, Deb. I promise I’ll never tell him. Please, I just need you to help me get off; your beautiful soft hand would get me over the top in no time. Please!” he implored her. “I was beating away for twenty minutes before you got here, and I was nowhere near coming.”

Deborah looked deeply into his pleading eyes and her compassion for him rose. Her initial resolve was weakening. “Martin, I shouldn’t do this, it’s so wrong.”

She had gone from ‘can’t do that’ to ‘shouldn’t do this’. Deborah stared at him again, her mind whirling, wondering if she should dare touch him, help him. ‘Would I be cheating on John?’ she thought, then wondered if John had this scenario in mind when he said to her, ‘because I’m not there, don’t hold back’. She considered could her husband have been that devious?

Despite her conscience telling her no, she really did want to. She wanted to touch this wondrous thick penis that lay exposed and ready before her. She still wasn’t sure if she would tell John if she went ahead now and helped Martin get his release. She was reasoning with herself, ‘what harm would it do?’ and she told herself that there were no positive harm answers to that. ‘And I so want to touch it, it’s not much longer than John’s, but oh God, look how much thicker it is.’ She pondered all of this as she looked at her fingers and decided that they wouldn’t even meet around its girth.

Martin’s voice was no longer pleading, but his eyes were telling her how much he wanted her touch.

‘I have to do this, damn the consequences,’ she told herself as slowly, her right hand that had been around his neck and in his hair, slipped slowly down his back and came around to touch his upper left inner thigh. Her hand held on his leg for a moment and her eyes searched his, seeking some kind of reassurance for what she was about to do. Tentatively, her fingers reached out and touched the fiery knob, one fingertip tracing the clear juice from the eye of his cock and spreading it all around the knob. Her eyes watched his face closely and saw his eyes almost close in delirium from her touch.

“Thank you!” was all he said in response to her silent commitment.

Her fingers went back for more clear juice from his tip and she spread that along the smooth underside of his shaft. When she was satisfied that she had sufficient lubrication between her hand and his penis, she began to gently stroke her palm up and down from the juncture with his balls to the prominent ridge behind the head.

‘My God, if I need any more moisture, I’m sure I could get it from the lips of my cunt,’ she thought to herself as she got into a rhythm on his shaft and Martin began uttering little moans with each stroke. Deborah checked to see that his eyes were still closed, then moved her left hand that had previously rested on his knee. She parted her thighs and slipped that hand silently up between her legs, pushing her skirt up with it, exposing her bare thighs almost to the top. Her fingers reached her panties and found them just as soaked as she had anticipated. ‘Wow, what a turn-on this is, I can’t believe it is having as much effect on me as it is on him, and I haven’t even been kissed or touched.’

Her right hand maintained that steady rhythm, mainly up and down the underside, but occasionally her thumb staying under and her fingers wrapping over the topside of his shaft, pumping him. Such was the mass of his organ that she just couldn’t get the fingers to touch the tip of her thumb.

He just sat still, moaning and gasping as each stroke of her hand thrilled him, driving the very beginnings of a release deep down in his sac. His breathing quickened a little and Deborah marvelled at the power of satisfaction she was bringing this man, this friend of four years standing … and she hadn’t even had to kiss him.

Her left hand had stayed at the moist crotch of her panties, just applying a little pressure to her outer lips through the thin nylon material. Again, she checked to see that his eyes were still closed, then her fingers slipped to the edge of the crotch of her panties and pushed them aside. Two fingers slipped across and parted her outer lips that were sopping wet. Her fingers came forward and lightly feather-touched her budding clitoris. A loud moan escaped her lips and her eyes shot open to see his eyes looking back at her.

“Can I do that for you?” he asked. “A man’s hand will feel much better.”

“No!” she said abruptly, disturbed that he had caught her enjoying this moment. Her hand on him stopped. She had told herself that this special thing that she had been doing for him was quite okay because she was only a detached person helping a friend. Now that he had witnessed her own participation, the guilt surfaced and she feared that she was betraying her husband.

“Don’t stop,” he screamed. “Please don’t stop,” he added breathlessly and he thrust his cock forcefully within her grip. “Stopping now will be worse than never having started.”

Deborah struggled with her guilt, her downcast eyes looked up to see his eyes imploring her to resume. Despite her misgivings, she began moving her fist again. Martin grabbed her other hand, the one that had been digging into her crotch and brought her fingers up to his nose, breathing in deeply her carnal aroma. She tried to pull them away, but he held her hand firmly, then dragged her fingers to his mouth and sucked on them.

“You have a beautiful taste, I wish that I could taste it more.”

“Martin, this is getting out of hand,” she rebuked him, although still maintaining her steady rhythm on his shaft.

He became very apologetic, he couldn’t have her stop now, before he could cum. “I’m sorry, I can’t help saying what I think. I don’t want to offend you, I won’t ask for anything more.” He moved the hand that he had held in his mouth, and pushed it back down to her legs, shoving it back up under her skirt, the hem of which now barely covered her magic spot. “I’m sorry that I broke the spell, you looked like you were really enjoying the moment.”

Placing her hand back there pushed her skirt up and he could see the dampened crotch of her panties, one side still pulled across and caught between her swollen outer lips. That image only hastened the work her hand was doing on his cock. He felt his finish was now approaching.

Deborah left her hand where he had put it, up against her mound, but she wouldn’t resume touching herself while he was watching. There would be time enough later for her to seek her own release, maybe she could get John to get her off when she got home. That is, if she could overcome the guilt she was now feeling.

She watched his face and listened to his breathing and knew his end was in sight. She moved the hand from between her legs and cupped his balls, gently massaging them.

Oh Deb, can you suck me please?” he pleaded.

“No, that’s taking this too far,” she told him bluntly.

“Please Deb, your mouth … that will do it,” he gasped.

“You’re almost there anyway … you won’t need it.”

“Sometimes … I get this close and my orgasm just fades. Please Deb?”

Already, Deborah was doing more than she ever expected to be doing with this man. She again wrestled with her conscience. This would be taking it to the next level. ‘Poor John,’ she thought, ‘what am I doing to him?’ as she slipped off the lounge onto her knees on the floor and leant over Martin, her two hands never missing a beat of the rhythm she had created.

She had never enjoyed fellatio, even with John. ‘There is no way he’s going to stick that thing down my throat,’ she told herself. She opened her mouth wide, stuck her tongue all the way out and her fisting hand moved his cock so that the underside of the head was lapped by her tongue, just the way a cat drinks milk.

“Oh my God!” he screamed.

Deborah turned her head sideways to avoid his release going down her throat. She just wasn’t ready to swallow any man’s cum just yet. Her tongue against his cock was all that he needed, Martin felt the mighty surge leave his balls, travelling up inside his long thick shaft.

“Yes … yes … yes!” was all he could manage to say as the first burst of his creamy discharge spewed from his cock and spurted skyward above Deborah’s head. She quickly pulled her head and tongue away, but continued her hand’s steady strokes on his cock as a second burst flew skyward. She watched, fascinated by the size of the object she held as Martin reached his ultimate satisfaction, his first release in more than a month that was not from his own hand.

Deborah knelt on the floor, her chin on his knee, just watching his cock dreamily. Her hand had slowed and now stroked gently and slowly as what appeared to be the last drops of a vast amount of cum oozed out of the top of his deflating cock. Her gaze lifted up to his face, a mask of pleasure written across it with his eyes shut and his lips slightly apart, still gasping out the last strains of his pleasure.

She at last withdrew her hand when she saw that his cock had slackened down to a flaccid state. ‘Still most impressive!’ she thought as she admired it even in its sleepy mode. ‘I wonder what it would feel like driving inside of me; I guess I’ll never know. That would be too big a step for me to take.’

Deborah stood up, her own legs a bit shaky despite not coming herself. She smoothed her skirt down with her dry hand to again look demure, looking around to see if she could see tissues to wipe the cum off the hand that had done all the work.

Martin opened his eyes and smiled at her. “Thank you so much, Deb. That was truly amazing,” he told her.

“All I did was masturbate you, Martin,” dismissing its importance in her mind as she prepared herself for going home to face John.

“That’s all it may have been to you, Deb. But the soft touch of your hands, compared to my old blistered hand, and your tongue … that magic tongue, that’s what got me there in the end.”

Deborah eventually found some tissues on top of a cupboard and she wiped away his semen, then touching her hair, feeling for sticky moisture, wondering where that first spurt went, the one that burst up and out and above her head.

“Deb, I’m sorry that I intruded on your own special moment back there.” She looked curiously at him, as if she didn’t understand what he was saying. “I mean, when you were doing yourself with your own fingers.”

She turned to face him, she had hoped that he wouldn’t mention that. Knowing that he had seen her doing herself while she was wanking him embarrassed her.

“You were obviously turned on too … I mean, to be doing that to yourself while you were wanking me. Can I do something for you now, Deb? To help you get a release too?”

“No Martin, I’m quite okay. I don’t need that, I was just … just…” She didn’t want to admit how turned on she was by seeing and touching such a gigantic cock. “I was just feeling the moment, it’s gone now.”

“Okay, Deb. Tell me, are you going to tell John about what you’ve done for me?” he asked her.

“I don’t know. Seriously Martin, I just have no idea. My mind is whirling, I’m full of guilt, I should never have done this, and I feel so disloyal to the man that loves me. But on the other hand…” and her frown turned to a smile for him. “I am so very pleased that I could do something nice for you just then, to ease away some of the hurt that you’ve been feeling.”

“Deb, what you just did for me … you will never know how much better I feel. To you, it may have been just a simple act, just a quick wank for a friend, but I feel so much better after that! You know, I’ve been doing that for myself every night for the past month but after you doing it for me, I’ve never felt like I do right now.”

“I should hope so, I’m a real live woman compared to a hand.”

“You sure are! Tell John that if he’s ever willing to lend you to me for complete sex, I will treat you so well … and I’ll respect you too, Deb.”

“I am sure you would, Martin, particularly with that,” and her head nodded toward his lap and his now flaccid penis. As soon as she said it, she wished she could take it back.

“You like the size of my cock, do you Deb?”

She didn’t want to go down this track and simply gave a non-committal “Ummm!”

“Have you ever had one that thick, Deb? Had it in you, I mean?”

“I don’t want to do that comparison thing, Martin.”

“No Deb, I’m not talking about John, I’ve seen him in the showers at the golf club. I know that his is nowhere near as thick as mine is. I just meant in the past, Deb, have you ever had one like that before, when you were younger.”

“Damn you Martin, no … no I haven’t! Never one that thick! Never one that I couldn’t get my fingers around! There, are you satisfied?”

“Very satisfied, thank you Deb,” he answered with a smile, referring instead to his feeling of wellbeing after an enormous orgasm. Then, going back to her meaning, he added, “It will always be here for you if you ever want to experience it. I know you would enjoy it.”

“That’s enough, Martin. I feel bad enough that we’ve just done what we have, now you’re being disrespectful to John.” She picked up her plate that had contained the meal she brought him. “I’ve got to go!”

Martin stood and walked toward her, but she could see a kiss or some affection coming and she backed away. “Please get yourself back into life, Martin. Have a shave, wash your hair and spruce yourself up. Life does go on.” She said all this at a distance as she backed toward the door.

“Deb, I promise you I will do all those things, all because of what you have just done for me. Not just for the great wank, but for dinner too. Thanks Deb, and please thank John for me!” He wanted to kiss her, but saw how edgy she was about that, as he stood there with his shorts now down around his ankles and his penis hanging limply, still an impressive size in its flaccid state. ‘If John wasn’t such a good friend, I am certain I could have her,’ he thought as she closed the door behind her.

Deborah wrestled with her thoughts on the drive home. As she parked the car and walked up to her front door, she still didn’t know what she was going to say to John.

Chapter 2

Entering her home, Deborah checked herself in the hall mirror, looking to see if there was guilt written all over her face. She couldn’t tell! “Hi honey, are you still up?” she called out. The response sounded as if it came from the kitchen, so she walked that way. “Ah, there you are,” she said as she went over and gave John a kiss on the cheek. He was standing at the kitchen sink, washing the dishes.

“How did it go?” asked John.

“How did what go?” she answered nervously.

“Seeing Martin, silly. Did he appreciate the dinner you took over?” John looked at her with exasperation, but Deborah read it as suspicion.

Err … yes … yes, he did. He ate it all, look here’s the plate.”

“You seem hesitant, darling, is something wrong? Was Martin okay?”

No … well, that is … you were right.”

“Right … what was I right about, darling?”

“About Martin, honey. About how he looks. You know, he was always so well groomed, so handsome. But he’s … he’s sort of let himself go since Mandy died. He needs a shave, his hair is dirty and uncombed. He’s lost that vibrant, happy way of his.”

“You seem nervous, Deb … is something the matter?”

“No John, it was just … just Martin. I was so surprised at how he’s let himself go.”

“The poor bugger’s doing it tough in the sex department too.”

“Oh really?” Deborah answered, trying to look curious and interested, but not too much.

“Yeah, told me at golf last Saturday that he wanks off every night, has done every night since Amanda died. Can’t stop himself, misses her dreadfully and misses the regular sex they were having.”

“Yes, he told me too!” It had just slipped out before she could weigh up whether her knowing that would seem be too much information for her own good.

“Did he? He told you about wanking himself?” Now it was John’s turn to look curious, genuinely curious.

Her mind spun as she debated how much more to say. “Yes, it was odd that he said it. I think he was just trying to explain away why he had a massive hard-on when I arrived.”

“He did … how do you know that?” quizzed John.

“He was only wearing a tee and shorts, and the shorts were tented, it was just standing straight out.”

“Did that turn you on, honey?”

How would she answer that? Would he want to hear his lovely wife admit it? Deborah paused, not sure what to say, whether to tell him the truth. “Oh yes, I guess so, you know me, I’m always impressed by your hard-ons.”

“Martin’s got quite a solid one, hasn’t he?” his eyes studied her reaction closely as he asked.

“How would you know?” Deborah answered his question with a question of her own.

“I’ve seen him in the showers at the golf club.”

“What is it about you guys? Do you two go checking each other out at the golf club?”

“No, why? Did he say something similar?” There was a pause while the realisation hit John. “What happened, did he ask you to compare sizes? Did he say that he’d seen mine at the club and mine was smaller than his?”

“No … no, nothing like that,” she responded nervously.

“So what did you say to him when he told you about wanking off every night?” John was staring at her intently, watching her reaction closely.

Her eyes darted, not knowing how to answer. By the time she did speak, her body language had probably given her away. “I just said … err, I said … I said that was awful for him.”

“You didn’t offer to help him with that, did you?”

“No!” she almost shouted the response, trying to be emphatic.

“It would have been alright if you had, I wouldn’t mind. You know, helping a good friend of ours. That would be okay with me.”

Deborah was stunned; she didn’t know what to say. She just stared back at John disbelievingly before she eventually said, “Why … what do you mean by that?”

“I just mean that Martin has lost the love of his life and you and I have been best friends with he and Amanda for four years. So, if you felt that you needed to offer him some comfort … even if it was very personal and intimate comfort … you know, at this time, then I would understand perfectly. It would not affect our loving relationship one bit.” He paused. “So long as you told me about it, you know, all the details of what happened … of what you might have done for him. You know, at his time of need. Like, I’d hate to find out somewhere later on that it had happened and you hadn’t told me.”

Deborah felt pushed into a corner. She knew she had to confess now, all of it, every salacious moment.

“John…” she said very tentatively.

“Yes, my darling,” he responded, moving closer to her, his arms going around her, pulling her close to his body.

Deborah was now tight up against him, her face against the collar of his shirt. That helped her because she didn’t have to look directly into his eyes. “John, if I did help him tonight … you know, with his wanking problem … would you really be alright with that. I mean, you won’t get mad at me, you know, for not asking you first.”

“Of course not, Deb. I just told you, I would perfectly understand if you did something intimate to help such a good friend of ours in his time of need.”

Deborah pulled her head back from his collar and looked up into his eyes for confirmation of his verbal reassurance. When she was satisfied with what she saw in his eyes, she spoke. “Because I did, you know?”

With her body pulled tight against his, her revelation drew an immediate reaction as she felt a twitch in his groin, pressed hard up against her tummy.

“I thought you might have, Deb. So just what did you do for him?”

“I … I gave him a release with my hand, John. I … sort of … masturbated him with this hand.” She held it up to show him like it was some kind of trophy.

“How did it happen, Deb. What made you start doing it?”

“Well, I took his dinner to him and I sat alongside him on the sofa. I told you how I’d noticed his erection tenting his shorts out in front. Anyway, he obviously knew that I’d seen it. I mean, the lights were on in the room, so you couldn’t miss it. So he started telling me how he was having a wank every night, just because he missed the regular sex he’d been having with Mandy.”

“How were you feeling at this stage?”

“Well, I must say I was a bit uneasy being alone with him while he was talking about wanking and sex with Mandy, and with his big thing just sticking out. Anyway, he finished eating his dinner and he was, well, he was … like just a bit emotional. I saw some tears on his cheek. He turned around to face me and he asked could I help him with something. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but then I looked down and he’d opened his shorts and there it was.”

“Tell me Deb … tell me what you were thinking at that moment.”

“Well, first of all, I was shocked … you know, that he would just get it out in front of me, in front of his best friend’s wife. But more shocked probably that he was asking me to help him with it.”

“But you knew what he meant by help him with it, didn’t you?”

“John, I’m not stupid. There’s our friend Martin with his bloody cock out, erect as a damn stallion, pointing straight up at me. What else would I think he wanted me to do with it?”

“So what did you say?”

“I told him I couldn’t do it. I said to him that it wouldn’t be fair to you, and that I just couldn’t.”

“Did he persist?”

“Oh yes, he swore that he’d never say anything to you, that it would just be between us. He was pleading John … he must have felt so humiliated to have to beg me like that. I felt so sorry for him that my reluctance began to fade.”

“Surely you were just a bit impressed with the size of him too, Deb?”

“I would be lying if I didn’t admit that. I had never seen one quite like it. You know, he’s circumcised so it’s all there in front of you, all smooth, nothing hidden, and my God, he is just so thick. I couldn’t get my fingers and thumb to meet around it.”

“So you gave in and did it for him?”

“I am so sorry, John. I just feel so guilty that I’ve let you down, broken our marriage vows.”

“Deb, I’ve just told you it’s quite okay. I don’t love you any less. In fact, I probably love you a lot more for what you did for our friend.”

Deb pulled back to look at him squarely in the face. “I am feeling that, John.”

“Feeling what, darling?”

“Feeling that maybe you love me more.” One of her hands reached down between them and she grabbed a hold of him through his trousers. He was fully erect. “What’s this all about? Are you turned on by hearing that I touched and fondled Martin’s cock?”

He looked at her sheepishly. “I have to admit that I am, Deb. Very turned on!”

“Yes, I can feel it, you haven’t been that hard in ages. What is it, are you sick or something. Does the thought of me being with our best friend do it for you?”

“I’m afraid it does, Deb. I have to have you now.” John suddenly spun her body around so that she was pressed up against the kitchen table, the top of her thighs pressed against the edge. Then he put his hand on her back and bent her forward so that her upper body was laying face down on the table, her breasts squashed flat.

Deborah felt his hands lifting her skirt, pushing it up above her bottom, to bunch up around her waist. Then those same hands were yanking her panties down, baring her bottom as they fell around her ankles. His foot trod on the crotch of her panties and she willingly lifted one foot to free it from their hold.

Then this same foot was nudging her feet apart. She sensed what he was trying to do and she complied, spreading her feet well apart, surprised but actually loving this rare display of impulsive sexual desire from her husband. She felt his two hands roaming softly over her arse cheeks, fondling her soft skin.

One of his hands came around the front and traced a soft line up her slit, parting the folds of her outer lips, revealing to him some moisture there. Was it left over from her experience with Martin, or was this freshly stirred by John’s sudden carnal desires? Deborah sighed contentedly.

His other hand softly fondled both cheeks of her arse before one finger insinuated itself between those cheeks that were now lewdly spread apart. One finger ever so gently touched her anal ring. She had never liked being touched there, her upbringing told her it was dirty. Deborah gasped and her cheeks clenched in reaction, gripping his finger briefly.

His fingers at her cunt were busy now, drawing the juices amazingly quickly from her body, then coming up to the top of her slit and uncovering her sensitive clitoris. Two fingers swirled around it and Deborah’s attention was diverted from her arse, her clit reacting, all of her sensations pent up from her earlier arousal with Martin coming forward.

Deborah, her upper body flat on the table, managed to turn her head half around and she whispered huskily at her husband, “Yes, do me now. I want you, John. I love you, John.” She was so relieved that revealing her infidelity with Martin was bringing such a good reaction from John.

The fingers at her cunt left her momentarily. She heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled and a zipper sliding, then his fingers were back, separating the outer lips and then his rock hard cock nudged between her thighs and slid into her sopping slit, lapping up her juices and contributing some of its own. She was ready so quickly.

His shaft made several thrusts along her slit, each one nudging her clit while in her arse, just one finger continued to gently circle her exposed anal ring. Deborah was so delirious with the sensations she was getting that she was overcoming her prior dislike of having her anus intimately touched.

John knew that this could not be a marathon effort, he must tend to his wife’s needs quickly before he lost it. He was just so turned on. Several more thrusts along her slit from back to front, each one culminating in his knob pausing at her clit and Deborah’s breathing had quickened. She was moaning out her pleasure, unashamed to reveal how rapidly she had become aroused.

At last, John pulled back far enough along her slit and adjusted his body slightly and with the aid of his fingers, his next stroke nudged inside of her. It was only the head at first and he paused there and Deborah cried out, “Oh yes, give it to me now!” Her arms reached forward and her hands gripped the edges of the table, bracing herself for his full entry.

With the knob of his cock embedded, the fingers that were wet from their juices now strayed around to her bottom, pushing his dry hand away. John stroked the wet fingers around and around her anal ring while his cock held just inside her cunt.

Then together in one slick movement, he slowly pushed his cock in deeper … gaining ground, sliding smoothly into her cunt while one wet finger forced itself past her sphincter and pushed inside her rectal passage to the first knuckle. Deborah screamed out with the double penetration and she clamped all her muscles tight, holding John’s cock hard up inside her cunt while his finger was trapped up her arse.

They held like that for a long moment, then slowly Deborah released her muscular grip and John began to withdraw his shaft right back till only his knob was inside her. Then, harder and stronger this time, the shaft of his cock drove in, filling her all the way up inside.

A rhythm began and John didn’t hold back, thrusting himself solidly into his wife’s cunt. There was nothing subtle about his lovemaking, it was intended to bring them both to near instantaneous pleasure, and it was working. The finger he had insinuated into Deborah’s arse was gentler, just wiggling a little and she loved the new sensation of that.

He had been inside his wife for barely a minute when he heard and felt the telltale signs of her impending orgasm. She was getting to it in record time and John was relieved that she appeared to be going to make it ahead of him, because he knew that on this occasion, there was no holding him back. From the moment his cock entered her, he was driven to achieve his release.

Deborah was rapidly panting and gasping now, her lower body thrusting back at her husband, meeting his inward strokes to draw maximum satisfaction from the release that she knew could only now be seconds away. John never missed a beat, the strong steady rhythm of his powerful thrusts extracting a major orgasm out of Deborah. As her body continued to be shoved hard into the table, the magical fireworks display went off throughout her whole body as waves of throbbing pleasure washed through her and her whole abdominal area spasmed around the still thrusting cock.

Despite her release, John never missed a stroke and in less than twenty seconds more, he joined her as a powerful jet of semen spurted from within his shaft, coating the insides of Deborah’s intimate passage. John held himself wedged up tight inside his wife while his cock continued its spasming releases into her. Her muscles again gripped him tight, holding him there for as long as he could remain rigid enough not to slip out.

At last, Deborah felt his finger slowly withdrawing from her arse, then as her anal ring snapped shut behind it, she felt John’s now only semi-hard cock withdrawing from her soppy cunt, the juices spilling out after him, matting her sparse pubic hair and dribbling down her thighs.

John pushed himself up off her back and stood up shakily. For a moment, Deborah just lay flat on the table where she had been pinned. Then slowly, she used her hands to push herself upright, her legs also so shaky that she grabbed for a chair and sat down, facing her husband.

They looked at each other and both began laughing. “Where did all that come from?” asked Deborah. “That was awesome!”

“I guess … I mean, I have to admit that the thought of you being with our best friend just turned me on.”

“But I’ve never known you to be so … so…”

“Such an animal,” suggested John.

“Yes … I suppose so. It was just like you had to have me here and now, no matter what … and nothing was going to stop you. I think that’s what got to me, the overpowering nature of how much you wanted me. I could not have denied you … not that I wanted to. How can we bottle that passion?”

“Send you over to Martin once a week,” answered John with a laugh.

“What … no way!” shot back Deborah.

“No … just kidding, darling. Just kidding.”

There was silence between them for a while as they both continued to regather their normal breathing, then Deborah spoke. “That does appear to have been the spark, John.”

“What’s that, Deb?”

“I mean, I went over to Martin, did something I should never have done, and never have wanted to do. Then I have so much guilt that I tell you about it, and the next thing, you are having me on the kitchen table. You couldn’t even wait to get me to bed.”

John walked over to his wife, his legs now steadier. He put an arm around her shoulder, His cock was still hanging flaccid from the open fly of his trousers and she lifted one hand and gently stroked her fingers down the top of the shaft. “I have to admit, Deb, that I was so turned on by your description of what happened and by my picturing you doing it all to him.”

“That sounds a bit sick, John.”

“No it’s not, I have heard that many men … I mean, heaps of men … are turned on by either watching or having described to them, what their wives do with another man. It’s not a minority thing, Deb.”

“Well, I think it’s weird, John. Whatever happened to marriage vows?”

“It’s like swinging couples, Deb, they just do it to spice up their marriages. If the couples love each other, then the marriage remains strong and the casual sex with another partner just becomes another element in their lives together.”

“I don’t know if I’d want us to go down that path, John,” she told him, still stroking his cock.

“It could be worth it for us if it led to the type of sex we’ve just had. I don’t know if we have ever been that uninhibited, that intense. I mean we always do it in bed for a start.”

Deborah felt his cock had grown just a little, so her fingers wrapped right around his cock. ‘No trouble getting my fingers and thumb to join around this one,’ she thought. ‘Even though he’s not fully erect, I know that I can still hold him fully when he is.’

“Deb, we actually didn’t finish talking about your time with Martin,” said John, feeling the effect that his wife’s fingers were having on him.

“Oh, yes we did, there was nothing else,” she answered.

“We only got up to where you weakened in your resolve and began to touch him.”

“Yes, I told you I masturbated him with my hand.”

“But I know what a man in that position would feel like, he would have been so horny that he would have wanted more than just your hand. Did he ask you to suck him, Deb?”

“No!” she told him emphatically, then again felt guilty for not being entirely truthful. ‘What if Martin told him the full story some time?’ she thought. “Well, not really, he did ask and I didn’t want to, so in the end, I just licked the head of it to help him finish off.”

She felt his cock jerk and stiffen as she made that revelation and again she was amazed at how telling him these intimate details of her time with Martin gave him such a reaction.

“Did he come in your mouth?”

“No, you know I don’t like that. I didn’t want him to, so I pulled away.”

“Did you like the feel of such a big cock on your tongue?”

“Yes!” she answered huskily and he looked into her eyes and could see that she really did.

“Did he touch you down there or offer to help you cum too?”

Deborah felt uneasy at this inquisition. She was having to give up more and more information and it made her appear to be more complicit in what had, to her, been simply masturbating a friend for his benefit.

By her not answering immediately, John jumped to a conclusion that wasn’t correct. “He did, didn’t he?” and Deborah again felt his cock jerk in her hand. It was nearly erect again.

“No John, definitely not, he didn’t, really!”

“Okay, okay!”

Feeling she needed to clarify her position more, she added, “He did ask me if I wanted him to, but I told him no. And I think that he only asked because I did get caught up in the moment and I had begun touching myself, under my panties, and I opened my eyes and he was watching me. I was so embarrassed that I stopped, and I couldn’t do it any more in case he caught me again.”

“So that’s why you were already wet when I touched you here before?”

“Yes, that’s why. I had been turned on, John.” She knew that he wanted to hear that and the reaction in her hand confirmed it.

Deborah was now holding his rigid cock, it was standing straight out horizontally and she felt moisture oozing from the tip. “My God, you are ready again, I can’t believe that.”

“Let’s go to bed, darling, I want you again!”

“I’m all for that,” she told him as she rose and they left the kitchen, turning off the downstairs lights as they headed up the stairs to their bedroom.

John watched the movement of his wife’s arse under her skirt as she climbed the stairs in front of him and he reached out and caressed her bottom. Deborah turned her head and smiled at him as she reached the top stair. She paused there, her hands unclasped the waistband of her skirt and it fell in a pool around her feet. Her blouse didn’t quite cover her bare arse, her panties still left discarded on the kitchen floor. From two steps below her, he leaned forward and planted a kiss on each arse cheek.

“Come on,” she said and held out her hand. They hurried into the bedroom and she went straight to the bed, collapsing on her back and holding her arms out to him. John quickly dropped his trousers, then his underpants and he dropped down beside her. Although his arousal was again massive, all of it driven by her description of intimate moments with Martin, he was determined that this time their lovemaking would be longer.

It was … almost an hour passed before they switched out the bedside lamp and spooned together, having both achieved another earth-shattering climax after a long period of foreplay. As they each drifted off to sleep, both were amazed at how much arousal could be evoked by such a simple act occurring between Deborah and Martin.

Chapter 3

John and Deborah were very romantic and clingy with each other the next morning with lots of gentle touches and lingering kisses, although being a working day, there was no time for any further torrid sex together.

As John left for work, he kissed his wife goodbye, surprising her by saying, “I’m going to call Martin today, see if he’ll come over Friday night. You know, resume our dinners.”

“Oh John, I don’t know if I’m ready to face him after what I did. It might be a bit embarrassing.”

“No, that’s nonsense Deb. You’ll be fine, see you tonight.” With that, he was gone and Deborah was left with her thoughts. She recalled the two sessions of lovemaking with her husband — one of them spread over the kitchen table – and was amazed at how deep and fulfilling they were. But she also thought of her brief intimate encounter with Martin. She was ashamed because when she pictured Martin in her mind, it was that massive tool of his that dominated her thoughts.

That evening when John came home, Deborah was delighted that the newfound affection and romance in their lives was continuing. He brought her flowers and a bottle of wine, which they consumed with and after dinner. They sat together on the lounge, his arm draped around her shoulder and each with a glass in their hand.

“Deb, I called Martin today and he said he’d be delighted to come for dinner.”

“Oh damn, you didn’t.”

“Yes, I told you I was going to.”

“But I said I’d rather you wait. I’m going to be so embarrassed.”

“No, you’ll be fine. Just be yourself, you’ll be able to handle it.”

“I don’t think I better handle it again,” she said to him with a wry smile and John laughed uproariously.

“It certainly hasn’t done us any harm,” he told her when his laughter subsided.

“No and I love it … I mean how much more intimate we seem to be.”

“We’ll have to keep stoking that fire.”

“What does that mean, John?” she asked, her head lifting off his shoulder to look directly into his eyes.

“Maybe we need some more intimate moments between you and Martin to spark our fires.”

“No … no we don’t! I’m quite happy with just you and me.” She paused, still looking at him. “What are you up to, are you planning something … something that I may not like?”

“No, just inviting our old friend to resume our Friday night dinners … that’s all, Deb.”

“What was said on the phone today, John? Did you or he mention my being over there with him?”

“Well, I didn’t bring it up … he just said that you and he had a great time last night, and he thanked me for sending you over with dinner.”

“And that was all?”

“Oh, he said something about you being over there with him had inspired him to move on with his life, and he was now going to put Amanda in the past. He was very complimentary, credited you with putting his life back on track.”

“Wow, that’s great!”

“Yeah, all from one five minute wank. You’re damn good.”

She playfully punched her husband on the arm. “He didn’t say that?” she queried.

“No, I put that bit in.”

When they went to bed that evening, they again made love for nearly an hour. John gave her a pounding climax by going down on her, then he allowed her some time to come back down from that before he gave her another while they enjoyed a long intercourse.

The next morning was Friday, the mood was, once again, intimate and romantic over breakfast. Just as John prepared to leave, he told her, “I might have to go out tonight, Deb, leave you to entertain Martin on your own. That’ll be alright, won’t it?”

“What … what are you saying? No, it won’t be. If you can’t be here, you’ll have to cancel Martin. I don’t want to be alone in the house with him.”

“But it will be a chance to see his big cock again, Deb. Maybe even feel it inside you.”

“What … have you gone stark raving mad? What are you suggesting?”

“Deb, let’s face it. You did seem to enjoy wanking and licking him the other night. Remember, you said you were even touching yourself, so you were obviously turned on by it all. And look at what it has done for our love life, we can’t keep away from each other, but the memory of that one wank won’t last forever. We need something else between you and Martin to inspire our own sex life.”

“I don’t think we do,” said Deborah, calming down just a bit. “John, really I don’t want to be alone in this house with him tonight.”

“Well darling, actually you won’t be. I’m only going to tell him that I’m going out. I thought that I’d set up inside our wardrobe, leave the door open just a crack so I can watch you two do it.”

“What?” She was angry again, incredulous really. “You must be crazy, I couldn’t do it with him, knowing you were watching me.”

“Yes you could, and you will, darling. What could be better than you telling me what you two did? For me to actually see it, watch and hear every moan, every groan, hear and see every time you come. Watch you worship his big cock, see the first time you take it up inside you. Then, when he goes home, you and I can re-live it all over and over again. We could probably go on till dawn. It’s Saturday tomorrow, I’ve cancelled my golf game, so we can sleep until lunchtime, then wake up and do it again all afternoon.”

“I can’t believe that you’ve planned something like this. How long have you been working on this?”

“Only since you took Martin into your own hands. Deb, you’ve created this, by choosing to bring Martin into our marriage.”

“That is most unfair, John. You know why I did it. I told you how guilty I felt by doing it. Now you’re trying to turn it back on me, make it look like I started it.”

“Darling, I just know that you and I have never felt such intense love since you wanked Martin two nights ago. We weren’t even this close when we got married. Your being with Martin has made us both want each other more. It’s obvious that the size of his cock impressed you, got you interested in something more, you can’t deny it. I just think that if you can take this next step – no more after that – just have one big night feeling him fucking you and having me watch it. Well, these new intense feelings between us will just go on and on.”

She did seem to waiver slightly. “John, I don’t know. I’m afraid we’re messing with something dangerous. I don’t want it to break us up.”

“It won’t Deb, I can promise you that.”

“I’ll think about it, that’s all I’ll promise, John. I will think about it. It’s probably all I’ll think about all day, it would be such a big step.”

“That’s great, darling. Have a good day, I’ll see you tonight. I’m gonna come home early, a bit after five. Martin’s due at seven, so I’ll run you a good hot bath and I want to lay out a nice outfit for you, something that will really turn him on.”

“I haven’t said yes, John.”

“I know, not yet. Bye Deb, see you tonight,” he kissed her and was gone.

Deborah was right, she thought of nothing else all day as she wrestled with her conscience. Should she or shouldn’t she? She had to admit that she was greatly impressed with Martin’s magnificent 7 inches, although it was the width more than the length that appealed to her. She figured that after a session with Martin, she would know that she’d been well fucked, having had that monstrous thing of his up inside her.

But could she handle her husband watching every moment of her intimacy with Martin? Telling him about it was one thing, but having him see it all, watching her having sexual pleasure with another man was something else again. ‘What am I going to do?’ she pondered. She had girlfriends, but none that she would feel comfortable discussing this option with. Ironically, she would have been able to talk to Amanda about this. She presumed that Amanda being so sexual would probably have approved.

Chapter 4

When John walked in the door at 5.30, Deborah still hadn’t reached a decision and she told him so immediately.

“That’s okay, Deb. You don’t have to make up your mind until Martin arrives.”

“But won’t you have to tell him that you’re going out if I decide to do it?”

“No, I’ve already told him.”

“What? But I didn’t agree yet.”

“Doesn’t matter. I called him today, told him that I was sorry but a meeting had come up, but I insisted that he should still come over.”

“What did he say?”

“Said he’d still love to come. Said something about how he’d rather see you than me anyway.”

“But what if I say no now?”

“No problem. If you decide that you really don’t want to do it, I’ll just tell him when he gets here that the meeting got cancelled. The three of us will just have a normal night together. I’m not putting any pressure on you, Deb. You have to want to do it too. I’ll just tell you that I’d very much like this to happen and I have no doubts about it. I think it will be a great turn-on for us. But it’s your call. I’m going to run your bath for you now, then I’m going to lay out two complete outfits for you on the bed, right down to underwear and all. I bought a little dress for you today.”

“Really, how did you know my size?”

“I checked the labels on some of your other clothes, I think it will fit, although there’s not a lot of it.”

Deborah looked across at the lounge and saw the box for the first time. She started toward it.

“No Deb, not yet. You can’t see it until after your bath. I’ll leave the two outfits on the bed. The new one is to turn Martin on if I go out. The older outfit is just something I’ve grabbed from your wardrobe and is to wear if I stay home and the three of us have dinner together. It’s pretty demure. I don’t want you to tell me your decision … I will know when I see what outfit you’re wearing, and I don’t want you to come downstairs until after Martin gets here.”

“You really have thought this out, haven’t you?”

John nodded, then stepped forward, took her in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. As he held her close, she could feel that he already had a major erection. ‘Will that influence my decision?’ she thought.

“I’m going upstairs to prepare my vantage point, that is on the assumption that you will go ahead with this. Just remember when you get started, neither of you are to come over to the wardrobe doors, I’m leaving one open just a crack. Oh, and don’t put the overhead light on, just use the bedside lamps. That will light you two up enough for me to see, but will keep me back in the shadows.”

Her doubts returned as she listened to his planning. This seemed to her like very deviant behaviour, and she would be so embarrassed if Martin caught him watching them. Deborah decided that she would have to use her time while soaking in the bath to think it all through again.

Deborah poured herself a stiff drink and began preparing dinner while John ran her a hot bath. When it was ready, he called down to her from the top of the stairs. “Deb, your bath is ready. I’ll come down and take over cooking the dinner, okay?”

It was nearly 6pm by the time Deborah stripped off and lowered her excellent trim body into the steaming bath. ‘Time to reflect and anticipate,’ she told herself as her mind rattled through all of the possible consequences of what John had planned for her. She couldn’t be more undecided.

The water lapped at her neck as she soaked in the deep bath and inevitably as her thoughts rummaged through the sexual potential of this evening, her hands wandered down over body and her thighs parted slightly. The fingers on one hand separated the folds of her cunt lips while the other hand took the soap deep down into the water and lathered it lightly against her budding clitoris.

Deborah emitted whimpering sighs of satisfaction as her hand holding the soap worked up a rhythm against her clit. Her pelvis began to buck and it took all of her restraint to call a halt to the activity. ‘If I go ahead with this, I want to be keenly aroused, not drowsy from an earlier climax,’ she told herself as the reason for stopping. ‘Of course, if I don’t go ahead with it and the three of us sit around all evening, I’ll be disappointed that I didn’t take the chance to get off when I had it.’

So now, Deborah just contented herself in the steaming hot bath, alone with her confused thoughts … erotic thoughts, much of which centred on an image of Martin’s enormous erection. She could see it clearly despite her closed eyes.

She had nearly drifted off to sleep when she heard the doorbell ring downstairs. ‘Damn, he must be early,’ she thought as she checked the clock on the vanity table … 6.45pm. ‘I’ll have to get out now,’ she realised as she gave her body a quick soap to be sparkling clean, spending extra time on and around her mound and in the cleavage of her arse.

She rose and stood drying herself as the bath water drained from the tub. She checked her body out in the vanity mirror. ‘Not too bad,’ she thought as she admired the fact that she curved generously in all the right places. 36-inch bust, with perfectly shaped breasts that arced into a peak at her turgid nipples, already somewhat aroused by the hot water or her own caresses. The underside curved perfectly down from the nipples, sitting pert.

She carried no fat on her narrow waist. From there, her body flared out to her hips. In front, her pubic region displayed just a light thatch of sparse hair, neatly trimmed to follow the line of her slit. She turned her body halfway around, trying to check out her arse and smiled to herself, content that it would pass any male inspection, no matter how up close and personal. She seemed to have become more aware of her arse as a sexual attraction, particularly after John’s finger had intruded beyond her anal ring two nights ago.

Her body was now dry and Deborah moved to the vanity, picking up the bottle of perfume. She tipped a little on her finger and lifted one leg onto the stool, dabbing the scent from her finger on the stretch of skin on both sides of her outer lips. She applied a touch more in the region between her breasts and reached behind her and wiped a smidgen between the cheeks of her arse. The aroma was light and wouldn’t overpower the recipient.

That done, Deborah moved to the bed she shared with John and saw that he truly had laid out two completely separate outfits for her. ‘Decision time,’ she thought. ‘What will it be? I still have no idea which way to go!’

She surveyed the choices John had picked out. The new outfit stood out, mainly because it was red, and indeed there wasn’t much of it. The top was a halter design with a thin strip of the bright red material going around the back of the neck. It was completely backless to the waist. The front wasn’t much better with the two sections of material barely wider than her breasts, intended to cover them, but only if she stood or sat completely upright. Otherwise, any forward movement of her upper body would expose most of her breasts from either side.

Indeed, not just from the sides because in the front, the gap between the two strands of material was in the form of a vee, dipping almost to her waist before joining up. The material was a very silky satin and holding it up in front of her body, Deborah decided that it would stop at least 4 inches above her knees.

Partnering the new dress was a black garter belt and sheer black stockings with a red G-string thong. ‘Not much of that either,’ she thought. ‘Obviously, no bra to be worn with this outfit.’

She turned her attention to the alternate outfit and the contrast couldn’t have been greater. Knee-length, a deep blue dress with long sleeves and no gaps to reveal any form of cleavage. Alongside that, John had left one of her standard bras and a pair of cotton waist high panties and a pair of pantiehose. On the bed between the two outfits was a handwritten note that read ‘No Substitutes’.

The exceptionally revealing nature of the new red outfit that John had picked out today almost made her decision for her. ‘I don’t want to flaunt myself in front of Martin, I’d rather be subtle about it. I don’t want to look like a tart. Still, I’ll take the time to try each one on before I make my final decision.’

Standing there totally nude, Deborah was startled by the bedroom door opening. She looked up, surprised. “Sorry darling, it’s only me, just making sure you’re okay. Err … Martin’s here, you would never know him after the way he’s looked the last few weeks … the way you would have seen him on Wednesday night. You have obviously done wonders for him. He’s had a haircut, clean-shaven, new suit. Deb, he looks a million bucks. Will you be long?”

“No, I’m on my way now, John.”

He leaned forward and gave his wife a tender kiss on the lips, whispering to her, “I love you,” then paused to give her an affectionate smile. John lingered for a moment longer, his eyes roaming, admiring her naked body, then he retreated and closed the door without another word.

Deborah never even tried on the blue outfit, those few words from her husband about how well Martin looked, and the loving look in John’s eyes had made up her mind on a decision that she had agonised with all day.

She wrapped the thin black garter belt around herself and attached the hooks, straightening it for the suspenders to hang limply down each thigh, front and back. Then she sat to draw the sheer black nylon stockings up high and attached them to the suspenders. She stepped into the new red thong and drew it up her long legs, pulling the band up tight until the thin strand disappeared into the crack of her arse, the material at the front barely covering her pubic mound.

Deborah slipped the red dress on and fiddled with the material, trying to spread the two sections wide enough to cover her breasts without embarrassment. She watched herself in the mirror as she made all sorts of manoeuvres with her body to see how much could be seen when she leaned forward. ‘Damn, it reveals everything,’ she said to herself. ‘My tits will be totally on show if I bend forward.’

She slipped on some high heel shoes and checked herself out in the mirror. ‘Not half bad,’ she thought. ‘I think that I might carry it off. I feel that I look more sexy than tarty, and that’s a good thing.’

Deborah was ready and she drained the last of the drink she had started an hour earlier and stepped out of the bedroom to the top of the stairs, remembering to walk quite upright to stretch the dress material so it displayed her breast contour in the best light.

She looked down the steps and saw that the two men were standing at the foot of the stairs. John had positioned himself so that for now, only he could see Deborah, Martin had his back to the stairs. When John saw that his wife had chosen the sexy new red dress, his face lit up and he felt his erect cock jerk with anticipation.

Martin saw his friend’s face spread into a huge grin and he turned to see what had sparked his interest. Looking up, he caught sight of Deborah coming down the stairs, she was a vision in red. He was startled, he had never seen her looking quite so glamorous. Each step she took, her leg pushed the silky dress forward and he saw a flash of thigh. He too felt a surge in his pants as his cock reacted to the vision approaching.

“Deb, you look truly amazing,” said Martin as he stepped forward and took Deborah’s hand as she reached the last step. “I love the dress, you look a million bucks in that.”

“Thank you Martin, it’s good to see you again,” she said, remembering to keep her frame upright. ‘No free peeps too early in the night,’ she thought.

John moved to the other side of Deborah and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. “You do look really special tonight, I am sure that Martin will appreciate you dressing up for dinner.”

“Well honey, when you told me that he had shaved and cleaned up and was wearing a suit, I figured that I had to dress up too.” Turning again to Martin, she added, “You do look handsome again, Martin. I was so distressed to see how you looked the other night.”

“I owe it all to you, Deb. Your words and your warmth inspired me. I had to get myself right because you told me to.”

“Thank you,” responded Deborah with a warm smile and her other hand raised up to softly touch Martin’s cheek.

“I’ll leave you two for a minute, I’ve just got to check the dinner,” said John as he departed for the kitchen.

Martin still held Deborah’s hand and together they strolled into the living room. It felt odd to Deborah, but she didn’t try to withdraw it until she reached the liquor cabinet. “Excuse me while I get myself a drink. Martin, can I get you another of whatever that is?”

“Just a Perrier thanks Deb,” said Martin and Deborah looked at him, surprised.

“Perrier water, what’s with you?” she asked as she poured herself Vodka straight up.

“I’m cleaning up my act, Deb. You will never realise what a powerful effect you had on me on Wednesday night.”

“Oh, Wednesday night again! Martin, can we not talk about that, I’m just a bit embarrassed about what I did.”

“Don’t be,” said Martin, moving closer than Deborah would have liked with John next door in the kitchen. “You were fabulous, in more ways than one. As well as making me feel tremendous, you know, inside … your words made me realise that I had to pull myself together. So I went out yesterday, had a haircut and a shave, bought this new suit, and I feel a lot better for it.”

“That’s great, Martin. I’m pleased that I could help you.”

She walked over to the lounge chairs and perched on an arm, not wanting to slump into one and have the dress separate in front. Martin followed, again standing very close to her.

“So John tells me he has a meeting to go to, looks like we’re going to be alone, just the two of us.”

Deborah felt just a bit uneasy. Martin was in her space and John was so close by in the kitchen. “Guess we’ll have to play Scrabble … you know, to pass the time,” she said wickedly.

“What?” Martin looked at her, puzzled. “Oh, sorry, you’re joking.”

She gave him a cheeky wink and was relieved when John appeared in the doorway to announce that dinner was ready. The three of them sat down at the dining table and John began carving the roast. Deborah jumped up and helped by spreading the vegetables over the three plates.

It was an enjoyable meal, the food that John had cooked was good, the wine flowed, but Deborah noticed that Martin drank very sparingly and had only the one glass. She drank two or three glasses as she tried to calm her nerves. John was as always the expert conversationalist, keeping the talk flowing throughout.

When they had all finished, John pushed back his chair and announced, “I’m going to have to get a move on if I’m to make this meeting. Martin, I am sorry again that I have to leave you when you are here as my guest. But my very beautiful better half is going to do her best to entertain you tonight. I don’t know what she has in mind, but I am certain that you will enjoy yourself.”

Deborah blushed the same colour as her dress as Martin responded. “Just looking at her in that dress is entertainment for me. John, what time do you think you’ll be home?”

“Definitely not before midnight!” said John quite pointedly.

“That’s great,” said Martin enthusiastically before adding “I mean, we will miss you, but maybe we three can have a nightcap when you get in.”

“Yes, I would like that very much,” said John. “Excuse me, I must get ready. I’ll pop in and say goodnight before I leave.”

Deborah again felt a bit awkward with just the two of them in the dining room together. She rose from her chair and moved around the table to collect Martin’s plate. That put her alongside his chair and as she bent forward to pick up the plate, he could glimpse her full left breast side on in profile, barely contained by the silky material. Only the tip of her breast and the already erect nipple was obscured.

Deborah tried to bring her left arm forward to block his view, but he pushed it behind them and his head came forward to the side of her body and he planted a soft kiss on the smooth skin of the side of her breast. She jumped, surprised. Then she felt his hand touching the back of one knee and quickly sliding up the back of her thigh.

“Don’t Martin, please.” Deborah tried to pull away, but his hand was firm, holding onto the back of one leg under her dress, just above the stocking top.

“Deb, I want you so badly. I can’t tell you what happened to me when I saw you dressed like that. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen, and here you are, you’ve been under my nose the whole time. I never knew.”

“Martin, John’s still in the house, he could come back any minute.”

“It’s okay, Deb. I’ll bet he knows what’s going to happen in this house tonight.”

“What do you mean he knows?” Deborah looked at him, alarmed.

“You, dressing like that and him having to go out for the night. And me having told him how horny I’ve been lately. He’d have to know that I’d make a move on you when you look a living, breathing sex goddess. I guess he’s okay about it or he wouldn’t go out and leave us.”

Deborah was relieved. For a minute, she wondered if Martin knew all about John’s plan, but his answer didn’t seem to indicate it. She hadn’t moved from the spot, standing alongside the seated Martin, although she probably could have. His hand moved up, lifting the back of her dress with it, and gently passed across the bare cheeks of her arse and he again kissed the side of her breast, this time lingeringly.

Unbeknown to the pair, John had not gone upstairs to get ready to go out. He simply went out the dining room door, stepped deeper into the shadows of the hallway and watched his wife and his best friend. He didn’t have to wait long as Deborah began to clear the plates away.

John watched, aroused, as Martin slipped his hand up under the back of Deborah’s dress and now he could see that the hand was obviously on her arse. John couldn’t see the hand, but he could see the dress bulging around that hand as it fondled his wife’s arse. It turned John on to see Martin’s soft kiss on the rounded side of Deborah’s breast through the big gap that the dress provided.

Deborah’s head kept turning nervously toward the doorway as Martin’s hand fondled her arse cheeks under her dress and his lips sucked on the smooth rounded side of her breast. “No panties, I like that!” his voice mumbled against the soft skin of her breast.

“I’m wearing a thong,” she whispered back and she felt his finger delve in between her arse cheeks to confirm the thin band of lace that barely covered her anus. While the lacy material prevented his finger from actually touching her sensitive anal ring, she felt the skin of his finger rubbing against the inner cheeks of her arse and her whole body shivered.

John coughed from the darkened hallway and Martin just got his hand away from Deborah’s arse before John re-entered the dining room. “Well, I’ll be off, be good you two.”

Deborah pulled away from the table and turned to greet John, but her face revealed her guilt. “Have a nice time, John. Hope the meeting’s not too boring,” she told her husband.

“Yes John, hope it goes well, ” said Martin, adding “What time did you say you’d be back?”

“Not before midnight … at the earliest,” replied John. “If you’re still here, we’ll have a drink. Meanwhile, keep Deb entertained. What do you two think you might do?” teased John.

“I think I might put a movie on,” volunteered Deborah, trying to sound innocent. “After we have some dessert.”

“That sounds good,” said Martin, but not very convincingly.

John leaned forward and gave his wife quite a passionate open-mouthed kiss with just a bit of tongue. Martin said nothing, just watched approvingly. When the kiss broke, John slapped his hand into Mike’s, gave it a very firm shake and headed for his front door.

Deborah followed him and John gave her another quick kiss at the door. Martin had stayed seated at the table, so John’s mouth lingered beside Deborah’s ear after the kiss. “Give me at least 20 minutes before you start anything. It will take me that long to drive down the block and park the car, double back and come up the ladder. I’ve got it propped by our bedroom window. And don’t let him do anything down here, save it all for our bedroom, okay?”

“Okay!” she agreed, “but I’m so nervous.”

“You’ll be great, I know you’ll enjoy it and I will too. Just be yourself, do whatever you want and remember that I love you dearly.” The next moment, her husband was gone.

She closed and locked the front door, turned and leaned back against the closed door. ‘I cannot believe what I am about to do … and with my husband watching. What on earth has happened to our marriage?’

Deborah walked back into the dining room and Martin had left the table. He was nowhere to be seen. She cleared the plates and carried them to the kitchen. A moment later, he reappeared, coming from the living room at the front of the house. “I was just checking out the window, making sure that John has really gone. After Wednesday night, this all seems too good to be true.”

Martin stepped straight up to Deborah, who was standing at the sink still scraping dishes. He wrapped his arms around her.

She quickly slipped out of his grasp and took two steps back. “I think that I need to spell out some ground rules here. Martin, don’t go jumping to any conclusions, and certainly don’t just assume because we’re here alone that sex is happening here tonight.”

Martin was stunned, he had assumed all of that, and more. He reached for her again, but she took another step back and held her hand up toward his chest. “Martin, I felt very sorry for you on Wednesday night, for all you’d been through since losing Mandy. I never intended for any of that to happen when I brought dinner over. You got me at a very weak moment and I was very disturbed by how you looked and by what you had been through.”

“I’m sorry Deb, I guess that I just picked up on a few signs tonight and thought that we would continue where we left off on Wednesday. Like John inviting me over, then telling me that he’s got to go to a meeting for 5 hours or more, then you appearing as a vision in that come-and-take-me dress … and then watching you putting drinks away like you’re building up some courage to take a big step.”

“Martin, I can see how all of that might look the way you think. I’m just trying to say to you … something could well happen between us tonight, but I am extremely nervous and very unsure of what I want. Can I just give you some advice … there is more chance of it happening if you are more like you were on Wednesday night. I really don’t like the super confident Martin, putting his hands all over me and that smirk on your face that says I’m going to fuck my friend’s wife.”

He backed up a few steps and leaned against the kitchen table, the same table that had held Deborah while John drove his cock into her two nights ago. “Sorry Deb, I get your message … loud and clear.”

“Thanks Martin,” she said as she walked past him to retrieve some more dishes from the dining room. She gave him a light peck on the cheek as she walked past but he resisted the urge to touch her.

Martin stayed where he was in the kitchen as Deborah completely cleared the dining room table, quickly washed up a few items, then turned, drying her hands. It was only ten minutes since John had left. ‘Too soon to go upstairs,’ she thought. ‘But at least my little speech gave me some time for John to get into position. At the speed things were happening, Martin would have had me upstairs in 2 minutes.’

“Let’s sit in the front room, I think I need just one more drink” she told Martin and he moved to follow her, enjoying watching the natural sway of her arse as she moved into the living room and sat herself down in a single chair. He poured her a fresh glass of wine and handed it to her before sitting in the single chair opposite her. His gaze lingered on the amount of leg showing.

“You’re not having one,” she asked as she sipped her wine.

“No, I think I’ve given it too much of a nudge lately,” he told her.

“So is that the only reason you’re not drinking, that you’ve cleaned up your act?”

“Well to be truthful, alcohol doesn’t agree with male arousal,” he told her with a slight smile, but still nervous about her reaction after her rebuff in the kitchen.

“I thought that may be the real reason. Thank you, I respect your honesty, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

“Did I tell you how much I enjoyed what you did for me on Wednesday night?”

“You did, but I feel better talking about it now that John’s gone. You can tell me some more. Did you have a haircut and a shave and buy a new suit just because your best friend’s wife took your large penis in her hand and tugged on it until you came?”

Martin was confused, this beautiful woman’s mixed signals were keeping him off balance. “Not just because you tugged on it, Deb. I loved the way you licked it too. Would you do that again for me?”

“I could, if that’s what you really wanted.”

“I also loved the way that you were turned on by touching my cock. I saw the reaction in your face when you touched yourself.”

Deborah blushed. “You weren’t supposed to see me doing that.”

“I’m glad I did, it revealed some of your sexuality, you keep it hidden, you know. Tell me Deb, did you like touching my cock?”

She closed her eyes, picturing it and nodded with a slight smile. “I know it’s very unfair of me to make comparisons and I really don’t know if I would like one as thick as yours. But your penis is awesome, I have never seen one like it before.”

“You can call it a cock, you know?”

“Would you prefer I call your large penis a big cock, would you Martin?” she said, kicking her high heels off and tucking both legs up under her. The movement caused her thighs to part and his eyes strained to see more of her in the darkness under her skimpy dress. “Are you looking for something, Martin?”

“Yes Deb, I want to see more of you,” he said as he rose from his chair.

Deborah could see the tenting of his pants now, caused by that large erection that she had held and played with just two nights ago. “Don’t rush Martin, there’s plenty of time. I want to finish my glass of wine and then we’ll see what happens,” she said, her hand coming up again as a stop signal.

He stayed still, right where he had risen from the chair.

“It seems like that was a good move … I mean, you not having a drink,” she said, staring at and nodding toward his tented trousers.

“Yes, it feels particularly big tonight, it’s even a bit uncomfortable, Deb,” he told her as his hand dropped and pulled at his trousers, trying to adjust the position of his cock in the cramped pants.

“Is it caught up in your underpants, Martin?”

“Yes!” he said almost in a whisper.

“Do you want to free it Martin? I don’t mind if you want to give it some air. Its not like I haven’t seen it before, is it?”

“No, its not, Deb! Err … if you don’t mind, I will get it out,” he said as he fumbled with his zipper, lowering it and reaching in with one hand and gently pulling out his erect cock, carefully avoiding the metal edges of the zip.

The couple were just six feet apart. With Deborah still sitting and Martin standing, she was almost at eye level with the bulge in his trousers. Deborah’s eyes widened as she saw his proud thick erection, standing straight out from his body, his fingers lightly wrapped around its base. All of the memories of seeing it and touching it for the first time on Wednesday came flooding back to her and she smiled broadly.

She stood up and paused where she stood, just a little unsteady on her feet, her eyes looking up and away from his cock to lock onto his eyes. She lifted her wine glass to her lips and sipped, her eyes never leaving his. Then her free hand slowly dropped to the front hem of her dress and grasped a portion from in front of her right leg. Holding that, her hand took it across and clutched more of her hem from in front of her left leg, then ever so slowly, she raised the bottom of her dress.

He wanted to maintain their eye-lock, but he had to look down. Her hand lifted the dress toward the tops of her thighs, revealing for the first time to his intense gaze, the darker black band at the top of her stockings and the suspenders that held them in position and stretched up under the dress. Her hand kept rising and at last he could see the tiny red g-string that barely covered her mound. Her wrist now held the bunched material from the front of her dress against her trim belly, freeing up two of her fingers that delved into the top of the g-string and began foraging around behind the material.

Deborah rummaged her fingers around under her G-string and then withdrew them. Her other hand again brought the glass to her lips and she gulped down the last of the wine. She placed the glass down and stepped toward him, closing the gap between them and held out the hand that she had just pulled from out of her g-string, placing her fingers right under his nose. “I recall that you liked doing this the other night.”

Martin inhaled the musky aroma from her cunt and again parted his lips. This time, it was she who shoved her fingers into his mouth and he sucked on them vigorously, tasting the juices of her cunt. “Martin, I need to tell you something very important. I have at last made up my mind, I know what I want and I’m sure I know what you want, and I think they are similar. Will you come with me now.”

Martin never said a word, just took her hand from his mouth and held it as she led the way, a step ahead of him. As he climbed the stairs two steps behind her, he watched the lithe and subtle movement of her arse cheeks covered by her flimsy red dress and he reached down to stroke his still exposed organ. “Where are we going?” he asked.

“I’m taking you to my bed, I saw what I need and I want it now!” she said, squeezing his hand, the only physical contact between them.

Chapter 5

John had been in position for several minutes, he had been wondering what was taking them so long, desperately hoping that they hadn’t started downstairs out of his sight. He had placed a comfortable chair inside the walk-in wardrobe and left the sliding door slightly ajar. He had a large bottle of water from which to drink and an equally large empty bottle in case he needed to take a piss before the show was over.

As his wife led his best friend into their bedroom, John eased further back into the shadows, fearful that he might be seen. But by this time Martin had only one thing on his mind. John had left off the overhead light and he had strategically placed the two bedside lamps so that they softly lit the Queen sized bed. He had turned the sheets down. From his vantage point, the foot of the bed was closest to him, just four feet from the wardrobe door.

Deborah led Martin right up to the side of the bed and then turned, the backs of her legs against the bed. John liked the way she led him in, like she was in charge. When he had left them downstairs, it had looked like Martin was the one full of confidence and ready to jump on her. John wondered how his wife had turned the situation around, he made a mental note to ask her when they were in bed together in about six hours, reviewing the night.

Martin stepped up close to Deborah, but not touching her. Watching them in profile, John could see that Martin already had his extended cock out and was disappointed that he had missed the unveiling. But he realised that his wife had already seen it on Wednesday night so its size would not have surprised her.

Deborah placed both hands up on Martin’s shoulders and her hands wrapped around behind his neck, pulling his face toward her. She turned her head slightly and their lips locked, his tongue immediately brushing her closed lips and forcing her to part them. Martin’s tongue claimed her mouth and brushed her tongue on all sides before she pushed her own back to engage him. From his hiding place behind the wardrobe door, John heard her whimper.

Now Martin’s arms went around Deborah’s waist and pulled her into him, his erection flattening between their bodies awkwardly. John had had a partial erection for the past hour. But seeing for the first time his scantily clad, loving wife engaged in a passionate embrace with his best friend beside their marriage bed, triggered an instant surge of blood and his cock sprang to attention. John was forced to reach down and unzip, quietly releasing his own trapped organ.

Meanwhile, moans and groans of ecstasy had begun to come from the couple by the bed and Martin’s hands dropped to hold an arse cheek in each, pulling her belly tightly against his groin and his large protrusion. One of her hands roamed across his head, tousling his hair, holding his head to hers while their lips locked in an open-mouthed tongue wrestle. Her other hand dropped to wrap around his arse, trying to pull him closer to her.

Martin’s hands now dropped to the back hem of her skimpy dress and dragged it up over the back of her thighs, It was now John’s chance to see the darker black band at the top of her stockings and the attached suspenders. Pulling her skirt even higher, Martin’s hands unknowingly revealed to John the perfectly shaped curve of her arse in profile. From this side-on angle, John wouldn’t even know if she still wore the G-string … he couldn’t see the thin strand of material wedged deep between her arse cheeks.

The hands tugged the dress up into a bunch at her waist and while one hand held it there, his other hand dropped down and made a feather-like sweep across both cheeks, sending a thrilling shiver through Deborah’s whole body. Up above, the passionate kiss had moved to Deborah’s neck and she was moaning non-stop as Martin’s lips licked and sucked all over both sides of her neck. ‘I’m going to have love bites, I haven’t had love bites for years,’ thought Deborah.

The hand Deborah had on Martin’s head pulled on his hair, tugging him back from her neck so that she could see his face as she spoke to him. “Would you like me to wank you again, Martin? Is that why you’ve come into my bedroom?”

Both Martin and John were aghast. Martin pulled back his head to stare into Deborah’s eyes. Neither man could believe that she was talking, asking questions. A moment ago, she appeared to be lost in the throes of passion.

“I want us to move to the next stage, Deb.”

“You better tell me what that is, Martin. What’s the next stage? I’ll bet that involves your big cock in some way?”

John couldn’t believe she was asking Martin to talk about what he was going to do to her. It was amazing and something he hadn’t heard her do before. Maybe she had added this new element because she knew her husband was watching her. Whatever it was, John liked it and it caused him to drop his hand to his own erect cock and start stroking himself.

Martin was answering Deborah. “I want my big cock inside you, Deb. I know you’ve never had anything this big in you before, but I’m sure that you want it too.”

She stared back at him without answering, just looking at his eyes, his nose, his parted mouth and a straight line of white teeth. Suddenly, her own mouth came forward and seized his neck between her lips, sucking and licking and biting as he had been doing to her.

Then she pulled back again and said to him, “Yes, I want that Martin … I want to feel that big cock of yours pushing into me, opening me up like I’ve never been opened before. But I need you to promise me that you’ll do it slowly, Martin, real slowly. I don’t want that big thing of yours to hurt me. Can you do that, Martin? Can you hold back enough to do it to me slowly? Or can’t you wait? Will you have to have me in a hurry? What’s going to happen, Martin?”

John loved this new side of his wife … she was teasing Martin with her words. Teasing him too!

Deborah’s breathy voice and her words were driving Martin crazy. His mouth found hers again and he silenced her seductive words, driving his tongue into her mouth to clash with hers as their bodies ground together. Suddenly, he broke from the kiss and he pushed her so that she fell back onto the bed, her knees at the edge so that her feet were still planted on the floor. Her dress was still caught up under her, the full length of her thighs in the sexy black stockings exposed.

His hands went straight to her hips and grasped the G-string, snatching it down over her thighs, pulling the thin band of the thong from the clamp of her arse cheeks, exposing her mound to him, the light wispy pubic hair lightly covering her delicate slit. He pushed the skimpy garment down to her ankles and dragged it from her feet. Then he pushed her legs well apart as he kneeled at the side of the bed.

His face came forward and to Deborah’s surprise, his tongue stretched out and licked her feminine slit, its tip forcing her outer labia lips to part. “Ohhh!” she gasped as she felt his warm tongue and his hot breath on her exposed mound and her hands again darted to the back of his head to control his movements.

Martin pushed his tongue up between her labia lips, bottom to top, in a series of sensitive stokes that stirred up intense feelings within Deborah’s body. “Yes … ohhh … yes Martin … right there!” she urged as her body shuffled around under his probing tongue that was touching all the right places. Her breathing quickened. ‘My God, he hasn’t even reached my clit yet,’ she thought to herself as she pushed her mound up into his face, trying to get that magical tongue to connect with her budding clitoris.

“Ohhh!” she screamed out loud, startling John in his hiding place. She uttered another “ohhhh!” and John knew that Martin must have got that tongue of his on Deborah’s clit. They were side-on to John as Martin’s face was buried in Deborah’s mound. John could also watch in profile as Martin knelt by the bed, that massive thick erection bobbing around in mid air, an erection that was shortly destined to stretch John’s wife’s cunt deeper and wider than it had ever been stretched.

Martin could not believe how quickly Deborah had responded to his lapping tongue. She appeared to already be in the throes of a looming orgasm as her rapid breathing laboured and her body heaved under his face on the edge of the bed. ‘Here she comes!’ thought Martin as the telltale signs of her quickened gasps of breath forecast a thundering release.

Deborah’s hands now gripped his head tightly behind the ears and pulled his face hard against her mound as the shuddering spasms started from deep within her body and a raging orgasm completely took over, blocking out all other thoughts. Her ravaged body bounced on the bed and Martin stilled his tongue against her spread cunt lips to allow her to draw the most from this pounding release.

From his spot in the darkened wardrobe, John had already lost it and his fist pounded his erection, striving to release his own pent-up tension as he watched his friend giving his wife the ultimate sexual satisfaction.

It was nearly two minutes before Deborah’s breathing steadied and the spasms in her abdomen stopped. At last, her eyes opened. She looked up at Martin through slitted lids and her face broke into a smile. He had by now pulled away from her intimate treasure spot and, still kneeling by the bed, his face hovered above her waist. His eyes admiring her perfect breasts and her lovely face beyond, he smiled back at her. “Like that?” he asked.

“Loved it!” she replied warmly. “Where did you learn to do that with your tongue? That was the best ever,” she told him eagerly before remembering that John was watching and listening. She wished that she could take those words back.

“I must admit that Mandy taught me everything I know. She was a non-stop sexual being, could never get enough.”

“Yes, from what she told me over the years, I had that impression.”

“Did she ever talk about me?”

“Well, I guess she did. Because she liked to tell me about sex, and what she did and how she had experimented over the years. I guess that some of the things that John and I have done we learnt from things that Mandy told me.”

“That’s good! So nothing I want to do with you will upset you then.”

“I didn’t say that. We didn’t try everything she suggested. Some things she told me put me off.”

“Okay, well just tell me if anything I do upsets you, okay?”

“It’s a deal! My God, I can’t believe how good I feel after that. But you didn’t come, so I guess that big moment is near.”

“What big moment … me coming?”

“No silly, that big moment when you try to get that big cock of yours into me. I have to admit that I’m very nervous about that. Is it going to hurt? Have you ever done it to a woman and she couldn’t take it in and you had to give up?”

“No, never! Deb, I’ll be very patient with you. I’ll make sure that you’re very wet and I’ll go so very slowly, just a bit at a time until you’re ready to go on. We can do this together.”

“That sounds wonderful, Martin. I don’t think that we have to worry about wet, I feel so soaked down there,” she said, slipping her fingers down through her exposed cunt and then offering them up again for his mouth. He closed his eyes as he sucked in her taste and aroma and she giggled.

Martin rose off his knees and as he stood by the bed, his massive cock again came into her view. “Ummmm!” she mouthed approvingly. “I hope I like having it inside me, I want it so badly.”

He took her hands and pulled her up to a standing position beside the bed and she ducked her head down when she saw that he wanted to lift the circle of cloth of her dress from around her neck. He did so, dropping it to her waist, baring her whole upper body and bringing her perfectly proportioned breasts before his eyes. “Beautiful!” was all he said to her before his head bent forward and he took one engorged nipple between his lips and sucked.

He switched between each nipple, sucking and licking and lightly grazing them with his teeth. Her body was again experiencing wonderful sensations and she completely forgot about her husband watching from across the room. She had come so quickly that John had not been able to cum in time while watching her release, so he had slowed it down and now just idly stroked his own cock while he watched every passionate move of Deborah and Martin.

Deborah’s hands wrapped around Martin’s head, holding him in turn at each breast as he suckled and kissed her twin orbs. Her legs were unsteady and she leant back against the edge of the bed for support. Martin sensed she might be uncomfortable so he paused long enough for Deborah to lay back down back in the centre of the bed. Then his lips and tongue went after her breasts again, arousing her in preparation for their ultimate coupling.

As he knelt beside her, administering to her breasts, one of her hands strayed along his body and grasped his erection. Martin moaned at her touch and shuffled on his knees to give her greater access to him. She fondled his cock, using her fingers to test its rigidity and again she marvelled at its girth. Her other hand came across her body and cupped his balls, gently massaging them.

For the next ten or fifteen minutes, he devoted his complete attention to her perfectly shaped breasts … Deborah constantly whimpered in appreciation as her body succumbed to his seduction. When at last he stopped, her nipples were in a highly engorged and very sensitive state.

While Martin moved his whole body over to straddle Deborah, her hands never left his cock and balls. His mouth moved to her neck and cheeks, resuming the kissing, nipping her with gentle love bites on both sides. ‘I am going to have a mass of bruises there,’ thought Deborah as she took her hand off his cock to move it to the back of his head and hold him firmly to her neck while his mouth attacked her.

Martin moved his right leg between Deborah’s legs as a signal for her to part them. She was a willing participant, quickly spreading both legs wide to receive him. His left leg promptly followed into the gap between hers and her hand that was still fondling his balls slid up to position his thick cock at her moist and spread labia lips.

Martin’s mouth moved up to hers for more intimate kissing. Passionate and open-mouthed, tongue on tongue … first his tongue inside her mouth, then hers followed back into his. Sensations that flowed from the heat of their tongues inflamed their loins, creating the juices needed to make their coupling work.

Martin’s hand dropped down between their bodies and she felt him correctly positioning his huge knob right at the exact opening to her cunt. It was a natural reaction for her body to tense when she felt the extraordinary width of him as he nudged his cock forward. He reluctantly backed off.

She broke their kiss. “I’m sorry, Martin, I couldn’t help that. My body just tensed of its own accord. I do want you! Please, I’ll try to relax and you try again.” To verify her desire, she lifted both of her legs and wrapped them around his, locking her ankles behind his calves, the move spreading her cunt wide open for him.

John was excited at the sight of Martin about to insert his pile driver of a cock into his wife and his fist on his own cock sped up. This time, he wanted to be ready to come with them both.

Deborah worked at relaxing her abdominal muscles, moving her hands down to grasp her lover’s arse cheeks. As she felt the giant knob again nudging forward, attempting to force open the entrance to her cunt, she pulled hard on his body with both hands.

Her loud grunt signalled to John that Martin must have successfully pushed the rigid knob of his cock into Deborah’s cunt. Her hands moved up from his arse and they fluttered across his back as her cunt adjusted to the size of the tool trying to gain entry up inside her body.

“Okay?” asked Martin with concern, his head up, his eyes staring into hers. Her eyes locked with his momentarily and she silently nodded her approval before closing her eyes and clamping her thighs tighter around his legs as a further sign of acceptance of what he was doing to her. “Ready for more?” he checked.

Without opening her eyes, she whispered, “I think so!”

With that, Martin eased back slightly then pushed again into the wet velvety tissue that made up the lining of her tight hot cunt. He got maybe another inch inside her before she uttered a moaning “Unnnnhhhh!”

He paused, watching her face for a reaction, a signal that she might be ready to take some more of him. She opened her eyes to find him watching her. She was embarrassed and her hand lifted up to cover his eyes … he laughed.

“What’s up?” she said.

“I can’t watch you now.”

“I don’t want you to.”

“But it is such a turn-on for me to watch your face, to see the reactions there as I take your body. It helps me to know when to push and when to stop.”

She took her hand away and smiled up at him. “Alright, if you must. But I can’t look at you. I’m so embarrassed that I’m making this simple everyday thing such a slow and tedious task. Please forgive me, Martin.”

“There’s nothing to forgive, Deb. I understand that you’ve never had a cock like mine before. I know that you’re nervous. I don’t care how long it takes, I will do anything to finally be inside your body.”

“Thank you!” she whispered. “I think I’m okay now, just go for it. Go on, I’m being stupid, just put it all in. Please!”

Martin drew back a fraction, then pushed hard yet again and this time, he gained about two inches, a move that drew out her agonising “Ahhhh!”

Afraid of having hurt her, he paused again, but she called out to him, “Don’t stop now. Do it, do it!”

Another slight draw back and he shoved his thick cock in deeper, aided by her hands again pulling on his arse. She tried to stifle her little scream, “Ohhh!” but it came out loud in his ear.

He paused, Martin now had about five inches of his seven wedged up inside her cunt. She had never felt so stuffed full before. “Is there much more to fit in?” she asked him as her hand slipped between their bodies to check how much of his cock was still outside her.

Her eyes flew open. “Oh my God, that much. Where on earth are you going to put that? I feel so full, there can’t be any room left inside me.”

“Yes there is,” he said, and not giving her time to debate it, Martin gave one more lunge and he buried the final two inches deep in her cunt, his tip nudging her uterus.

“Ahhhh!” This was her longest verbal explosion reacting to the sensations she was feeling. “Oh God, I hope that’s all!”

“You’ve done well, Deb … you’ve got it all now!” He rained kisses across her face. “I’m proud of you, you took it well. Just take your time, there’s no hurry. I’ll wait until you’re ready.”

“Oh shit, I don’t know how you’re going to move that thing around in there, there’s no space left for anything. I just feel so jammed up,” she breathlessly gasped out to him.

Martin was as good as his word, he gave Deborah a couple of minutes. But then, without any warning, he began to withdraw his gargantuan weapon, sliding it out through the tender lining of her gripping cunt. When only the head of his cock was still held tightly by the lips of her cunt, he stopped and then began reversing the procedure, shoving it back into her. She screamed out, then grabbed his head and pulled it down to passionately kiss him, signalling her acceptance no matter how painful it may be.

Martin knew now that he must establish a rhythm. Her body would adjust, even though she would find the first few strokes quite painful as the soft tissue of her sopping cunt accepted this new widening of her passage. Martin knew this from his previous experiences with women who were very tight and he knew that Deborah would soon learn to cope.

She did! After about six solid driving strokes into her, each of which elicited savage grunts from her, Deborah felt the pain and discomfort from his girth easing. She was now able to use the backs of her heels against the backs of his legs to urge him in on each downward stroke. Her breathing quickened and her screaming grunts had become passion-filled moans.

Never missing a beat, he lifted his head to look down at her. “You okay now?” he asked with concern.

“Loving it!” she gasped between breaths as his cock pounded deeply into her cunt. “How long can you go on doing this?”

“Forever, I hope!” he said with a smile that seemed especially for her.

“That’s okay with me. Just remember, we have to finish by midnight.”

“That’s a big ask.”

She giggled cheekily and again pulled his head down to engage him in a passionate lips and tongue lock. Through all of the talking and then the kissing, Martin maintained his driving rhythm. Soon Deborah pulled away from the kiss as she felt the early signs of a release emerging. “Oh God, who’d have believed?” she said as she recognised the signs.

“What?” he asked, but he figured he knew the answer.

“I think I’m going to come,” she told him, her breaths now coming in loud gasps. “It was so hard to get it in … I never thought I would.”

“Sshhh, don’t talk, just enjoy it.”

Her voice raised to a higher pitch. “I will!” she gasped and thrust her pelvis back at him, trying to lock in the feelings that were about to overpower her body.

In the wardrobe, John could hear the words and he knew the signs too, having heard her orgasmic releases so many times before. He pumped furiously at his cock, trying to reach his finish with her. Deborah screamed out her ecstasy and John had to stuff the fingers of his free hand into his mouth to stop from calling out too as he spewed out his cum all over the back of the wardrobe door.

Meanwhile, Martin had eased the pace of his strokes slightly while the woman beneath him exploded through her orgasm. However, he maintained the rhythm and concentrated hard, trying to control his own finish that he knew would not be far away.

On and on they went, the rhythm steady but the pace increasing. Every thrusting stroke of Martin’s thick cock deeply travelling the widened length of Deborah’s tight cunt. Martin felt the telltale signs as his body readied itself, the cum preparing to leave his balls. Knowing it was inevitable, he composed himself to try to prolong the last few lunges into this gorgeous woman who lay surging beneath him, participating enthusiastically in their fornication.

From hearing the change in his breathing pattern, Deborah sensed that he must be close and looked forward eagerly to receiving his spasming release, tightening her arms and legs around his firm body to encourage him on. But to her amazement, she felt the signs again within herself. Not believing it was possible, but not wanting to miss anything in this carnal experience, she thrust her lower body back harder at Martin, locking her lips and tongue with his again.

Martin felt himself on the verge of coming, he knew he had maybe two or three strokes left. He made them count, pulling out as far as he dared, just holding his knob inside her and then driving himself to her furthest depth. Here it is, make the last stroke linger. This was the stroke he would end on, he pushed it harder inside her and wedged himself tight up inside, waiting momentarily for the cum that was now shooting through his shaft and could not be stopped.

Deborah thought there was no room left inside her for anything but his meaty shaft, but still, she felt his cum hit deep down inside, his creamy life-creating liquid. But she felt something else too. Seconds after Martin’s massive cock delivered its first spurt of cum into her body, Deborah’s body erupted with another exquisite orgasm of her own. She could no longer recognise his spasms because her own were dominating her body again.

On and on they went, the two bodies jerking their spasming releases in unison, the ultimate finish to John’s creative pairing. John loved it too, he had already come, but watching his wife and his friend finish their intense sexual act brought some stiffness back into his organ. He reached down for his water bottle, his mouth was very dry.

On the bed, it was many minutes before there was any movement. The pair’s joint climaxes had slowly stilled and they lay locked together, neither wanting to separate their bodies. Martin had deposited a vast creamy deposit into Deborah and some of it trailed out of her as he withdrew his cock and lifted the weight of his body up off her, looking down between their bodies to watch his cock slide out of her tight cunt.

He rolled them both onto their sides, facing each other, his sticky cock, still semi-hard pressed up near her navel. She didn’t mind the wet mess it was leaving on her stomach, they would clean off together shortly. For now, she just wanted to hold and be held after a sexual experience she knew she would never forget.

At last, after a long time in which they just cuddled, Martin spoke. “Are you okay?”

“I feel amazing! That was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had.” Her face lit up, just as enthusiastic as her words as she placed loving kisses all over Martin’s face, holding his head in her hands. “You are a fabulous lover!”

“You’ve got some pretty good moves yourself, Deb. Despite how uncomfortable it must have been early on, the way you moved your body, in fact the way you gave your whole body up to me. You really do appreciate good sex! You are some woman!”

“Thank you!”

Chapter 6

Some time had passed, maybe half an hour, in which Martin and Deborah lay on their sides, their limbs entwined, both of them drifting through a post-sex nap. In his cramped space, sitting in an upright chair in the wardrobe, John was getting bored with the lack of action. He wanted them to wake up and do it again.

John had felt a twinge of jealousy while he watched the first complete sexual coupling of his wife and his best friend – with her coming three times. More so when he heard the words she used to praise Martin’s ability as a lover, yet he was still eager to see more.

He peered in the dark at his watch and was amazed to see it was now nearly 10pm. Then he heard and saw stirring on the bed. Martin had woken first and his hands were softly roaming across Deborah’s back, eventually touching the soft skin of her arse, eliciting a sleepy moan from the woman who clamped her body tighter to Martin.

“Ummmm!” she sighed. “I could take a lot of this.”

“That’s good, ’cause I’m going to have some more to give you.”

She pulled her head back and looked at him amazed. “Really?”

“Whenever you’re ready to take it,” he answered confidently.

“Doesn’t feel like it,” she said, slipping a hand between their bodies to check his firmness. “Oh, yuck, a bit messy there.”

“Do you want to take a shower, get yourself cleaned up? That should help revive my cock.”

“Okay!” she agreed eagerly and she rolled away, getting up off the bed. “But first, I’ve got to take a pee, I think I had too much wine. When I’m done doing that, will you come in for a shower together?”

“Naturally!” was all he said in reply and she scurried into the en suite bathroom off the bedroom, one hand darting between her legs to hold the fluids starting to slip from her under gravity.

‘No, no!’ John thought to himself. ‘I won’t be able to see you in there, don’t have a shower.’ But there was nothing he could do about it.

Deborah reappeared in the bathroom doorway and seductively leaned back with her hands behind her bum, thrusting her torso forward. “Are you coming in?” she asked and Martin didn’t need to be asked twice. They disappeared together through the bathroom door and soon John heard the shower running.

Above the sound of the water, John could hear all sorts of sounds coming from his wife and friend. There were gasps and moans, a lot of giggling from Deborah and outright laughter from Martin, like he was being tickled.

There were just occasional words from Deborah who had tonight revealed herself to be a talkative lover: “Ooooh, that feels great!” Then there were more sighs and moans, mainly from Deborah, above the sound of the shower. “Look at you, who’d have believed. I thought you might have been finished for the night.”

“You forgot that I was married to Amanda, an insatiable woman where sex was concerned,” Martin told her.

John was pissed off that Deborah had suggested taking a shower, ‘She would have known I couldn’t see anything in there.’ He dared to slide the wardrobe door open and stepped out. He silently eased his way across the bedroom to the bathroom door. Just as he reached it, he heard his wife’s voice again.

“No … no Martin, not there, don’t put it in there … please. I’m not ready for it there just yet!”

“It would be easier while its soapy,” Martin told her.

John was desperate to see all of this. As John’s head reached the partly open door of the bathroom, the shower was abruptly turned off. Alarmed that he would be caught, John turned and scurried back to the wardrobe, getting the door almost closed, leaving just a crack open to continue to see through. As he sat back in his chair, he was treated to the sight of his beautiful 28-year-old wife, completely naked, emerging from the bathroom. Her body looked to be still quite damp from the shower.

Walking close behind her was his 30-year-old friend Martin, a towel in his hand, still wiping it over Deborah’s back. As the pair reached the side of the bed and came into the brighter light from the bedside lamps, John could see that Martin’s cock was again rigid and standing straight out horizontally from his body, its thickness intact. At the edge of the bed, Deborah turned and threw her arms around Martin, pulling her body up against him, squeezing his erection upward between their bodies.

“Ummm!” was all Deborah needed to say before another long and passionate open-mouthed, tongue-swirling kiss began. Two sets of hands wandered over backs and arses, touching each other intimately wherever they could reach. When the couple eventually came up for air, Deborah ordered Martin: “You, on your back, on the bed.”

“Yes, ma’am!” answered Martin respectfully. “I love a woman who knows what she wants.”

John from within his hiding place couldn’t believe that his shy demure wife was taking charge of this assignation with Martin.

Martin obediently got onto the bed, laying flat on his back in the middle, his enormous erection standing straight up, pointing directly at the ceiling. Deborah knelt alongside him, looking up and down the length of Martin’s body. While looking down the bed to his feet, her eyes drifted up to the open crack of the wardrobe door and she winked. Only John could see it, but he loved her acknowledgment that she hadn’t forgotten he was there and that she was doing this for him. John felt much happier and he took his cock in hand again, watching to see how his wife intended to entertain him.

Deborah bent forward, her side in profile to John. She was alongside Martin’s cock and, with her tongue outstretched, her lips moved closer to the impressive cock standing upright in front of her. Her tongue stretched out and licked the tip, round and around. Martin’s moan could be heard around the room. Then, her hair cascaded forward and surrounded his cock as she moved her head from side to side, trailing the flowing hair over his sensitive cock head. A longer moan from Martin and John began to pump his own cock again.

One hand came up and she pulled her hair back over behind her head and turned to face the foot of the bed. Her tongue ran up and down the length of the upper less-sensitive side of Martin’s cock and her eyes stared straight into the dark crack of the wardrobe door and she kind of smiled at her hidden husband. John just pumped harder.

Then Deborah reversed her head, looking away from John and up toward Martin’s head. She saw that he had propped his head up on a pillow so that he could look down his body at her. He smiled his acknowledgment when he felt her tongue now sliding up the length of his cock on the ultra sensitive underside, swirling around the top when she reached the head. The sensations were so intense for him that he had to close his eyes to savour the feelings and his body jerked upward, trying to push his cock into her mouth.

She did this same stroke up and down the length of his cock, each time ducking her head away as he thrust his hips upward, attempting to ensnare her open mouth for his cock head. His moaning was now constant.

After about three minutes of this teasing, Deborah suddenly opened up her mouth, stretching her lips as wide as possible and as Martin made another of his previous futile thrusts, she clamped her moist lips tight, completely enclosing his cock head in her mouth and sucked loudly. Martin gasped aloud and John just pumped on his cock more furiously as he marvelled at his wife moving to yet another phase of her loving of Martin.

Deborah had never been a fan of fellatio, so she was tentative in her movements. ‘There is no way he’s going to get that monster cock any further down my throat, but somehow I just feel compelled to do this much for him,’ she told herself. Her lips and tongue swirled around the knob of Martin’s erect organ, drawing moans and groans from her lover, laying flat on his back.

Then with a sudden pop, her mouth pulled off the top of his cock and Martin was left thrusting his hips upward, his erection flailing about in mid-air, trying to again find her luscious mouth. But Deborah had moved on quickly and she was now straddling his body, her mound just out of reach above his straining cock and her face above his, looking adoringly into his eyes.

“I have to have you in me again,” was all she said, loudly enough for John to also hear in his hiding-place.

“Yes!” answered Martin. “Do you want to stay on top?”

“I thought it might just be easier for me to get you inside me,” she told him.

“It should be a lot easier now that I’ve been in you. But that’s cool, you can do all the work up there.”

She giggled that infectious little laugh that Martin was coming to love and he reached his arms up to encircle her back, bringing her perky pointed breasts down to mash on his chest. This movement pushed her pelvis back up high and from where John sat in the dark, he had a clear view of his wife’s spread legs bent on either side of Martin’s hips. Her stretched anal ring appeared to wink at John as her moistened cunt wriggled around, making occasional darting contact with the erect cock that would shortly impale her again.

Deborah had lowered her face to Martin’s and they were passionately kissing once more as her lower body wriggled around and around, just managing to teasingly avoid direct entry by Martin’s cock into her cunt. “Not until I’m ready,” she announced in a break from their kissing as their combined juices flowed again from all of the activity between their groins.

John watched fascinated, their upper bodies were obscured by the vision he had of his wife’s treasures hovering just above Martin’s solid weapon.

Without using her hands, she managed to wriggle around so that Martin’s cock head lodged itself in the wet channel between her outer labia lips. There was more intense moaning from the pair on the bed as they enjoyed the sensations of his cock head sliding from one end of her slit to the other. John just pumped away in the wardrobe, his eyes taking in the natural preparation for fucking of the two bodies before him, and her anus stretched as he recalled the thrill of pushing his finger into there the other night.

The lips of Deborah’s mouth seemed so swollen from all the kissing between she and Martin this night. It seemed to her that she hadn’t kissed and been kissed this much in years. When she felt she was as ready as she could be to again receive his broad thick cock, she lifted her upper body up off Martin so that she was now sitting astride him. One of her hands came down to adjust her bits and she separated her outer lips as he nudged his cock into the gap that was the opening to her cunt. Then, holding his cock firmly in her hand, she spread her knees further apart and lowered her body ever so slightly.

She felt her inner cunt lips being spread wide apart as she forcefully slipped the opening of her cunt glove-like over his cock head and she emitted a powerful moan that told both men how intensely she was feeling the new penetration. For a moment, there was pain – or perhaps it was more like intense discomfort – from the spreading wide of her intimate opening. Martin’s hands came up to grip her hips on either side, helping to guide her down onto his cock.

Fearing he might pull her down onto him too quickly, she put one hand on his chest and in a panicky voice, screamed out, “Slow, slow!”

“Okay … don’t worry, it’s alright, I wouldn’t hurt you.”

“Jesus, it’s so big!” Deborah sucked in a few deep breaths as if she had been hyperventilating. “Even though we just did it, I can’t believe how much it’s stretching me again. Have you ever had normal sex, I mean with other women … you know just going straight at it?”

“Well, of course, that’s the way it was with Mandy, I never had any trouble getting it into her, and it always felt tight too. I guess she was just used to it.”

“Shit Martin, you must think I’m such a sook, carrying on like this, but I’ve never been good about pain. I guess I’ve led a sheltered life, although that’s not to say I don’t enjoy sex. John and I are really quite normal and we do get into it. I can assure you I don’t carry on like this with him.”

“Deb, I’ve lived with this big cock since puberty, so I know how some women react to a big one. Some are frightened by the size of it, while others are fascinated. Most want to try it, but some aren’t game. I guess that’s you … you were fascinated by it when you saw it and you wanted to try it, and John going out tonight gave us this great opportunity.”

John couldn’t see their faces as they talked, but he could hear every word. Deborah’s back was to her husband and John was stunned that this long conversation was going on while her body perched precariously over Martin’s tip.

Martin’s voice continued, “You’ve obviously never had a cock this big inside you before, you’ll get used to it. You’ve got to realise that Mandy and I had done it so many times and she knew it couldn’t hurt her. But I can see why you are wary. Next time, you’ll be able to take it just like Mandy did.”

“What do you mean next time? There’s no next time, buddy. As good as this feels with you tonight, there won’t be any more. This is a one-off.” Martin gave her a despondent look.

Her legs were starting to cramp from her strained position, they were spread wide with the cunt lips just clamping the head of his cock inside her and one hand on his chest, steadying her upper body. She looked down into her lover’s eyes with an affectionate smile, and he watched her eyes open wider in reaction as she pushed her body down a bit more forcefully. She felt the exquisite pleasure-pain as her passage was spread wide again to take the thick girth of Martin’s energising weapon.

Whereas, on the first occasion, her eyes were closed for most of the fuck as she attempted to overcome the painful stretching and expansion of her vaginal walls, now it was all about watching and seeing. She took immense pleasure as she sat upright astride Martin’s body, half of his cock now wedged tight in her cunt. She was leaning forward slightly, one hand on his upper chest to steady herself while her other hand continued to hold his thick cock, assessing for her how much more she had to take up inside her body. She was determined to get it all in again.

Her eyes focussed directly on Martin’s face and she held his gaze as she struggled to ease more of him up into her. If it had been any normal size man – such as John – her passage was now so slippery from their juices that gravity would have dictated that she would have just slid down on his pole. But this organ of Martin’s was so thick through that she had to force her body to push down on it in spite of gravity.

It was important for Deborah to watch Martin this time, just as she knew that there were another pair of secret eyes, boring into her from behind, watching the twinkle of her stretched anal ring and the insertion of a foreign cock deep into her cunt. She wanted to see every reaction in Martin’s face as the warm velvet glove of her vaginal walls tightly gripped his sensitive shaft. By watching his every reaction, she could gauge just what effect her luscious body was having on this man.

Martin too was doing some watching of his own, taking in every wince, every smile, every moan … all of which betrayed Deborah’s true feelings to him. No matter what verbal declarations of love and satisfaction she might make, Martin would be content that he could see her true erotic emotions exposed to him.

It had taken about ten minutes for her to wriggle and squirm her way down his shaft, pausing many times so that her body could settle, becoming accustomed to the enormous size of him. The body’s natural reaction had been to stiffen and tense up whenever another inch of painful penetration had occurred. By waiting each time, her body began to relax around the intrusion before she would press on again.

Deborah was sure that this second time was much easier than the first occasion, which had been almost like surrendering her virginity all over again. She had a great feeling of euphoria that at last Martin’s cock was wedged as firmly and tightly and as deeply as it could possibly get inside her body. The cheeks of her arse rested on the tops of his thighs and she now placed both hands on his upper chest to steady herself as she sat above him, her eyes never having left their visual lock with Martin.

With her hands pushing down on his chest, she used her legs too to push her body up and off him from the point where they were so intimately connected. As she lifted, she could feel his shaft sliding solidly from within her body until only the knob of his cock was left wedged inside of her. She smiled with her eyes at him as she relished that sensation … held it for just a moment and then lowered her torso again onto him … not just sliding, but pushing down for him to rise within her. The re-entry of his cock was smoother and easier than it had been minutes earlier.

All the way down again until it was wedged so tightly inside her … another momentary pause to savour the exquisite sensations … then her body was lifting again, all the way back up until once more, just his cock head remained lodged within her cunt.

And so it went … up and down … very slow and sensual … their eyes locked into each other … their faces betraying how deeply each felt the powerful sensations. She was controlling this fuck … Martin was only a passive participant as she used his cock to give her the sexual high that she craved.

It was a longer time coming this time around, but coming was becoming a certainty as Deborah began to increase her movements on him. Her breathing quickened, telling all three of them in the room that she would soon experience another mind-blowing orgasm. ‘How many is this?’ Deborah asked herself, now certain that it would come over her in no more than another minute as she furiously pumped her body up and down on him.

She searched Martin’s eyes, trying to see if he was likely to join her in her ecstasy, but his eyes gave away nothing more than revealing that he was loving every inch that his cock traversed within her cunt, whether it was going in or coming out.

Now Deborah was panting loudly, gasping out her breaths as a wave of sexual release started from somewhere around her clitoris and exploded throughout her body, reaching to her head and her toes. All movement stopped as her clit throbbed and she squeezed the muscles surrounding her cunt, trying to bring Martin to join her in her climax. But to no avail, he hung onto his seminal discharge, keeping it intact within his balls as he bunkered down for a long one.

She fell forward, unable to maintain the upright position in the height of release, but somehow folded her arms across his neck and rested her chin on those arms so that she could maintain their eye lock. It was important to her to watch his every reaction.

Minutes went by, the couple on the bed remained wedged tightly together. Martin was content to let Deborah set her own pace. He knew that his erection was not going away. He’d been able to resist the sensual pull of her liquid cunt, at least enough to hold off coming. He was of course aided by having already had a major release. But he knew that eventually – before midnight – he would make another large deposit of his cum within her heavenly body.

In his hiding-place, John was getting bored. It must have been at least ten minutes before Deborah could speak, saying to Martin, “Wow! How many times have you caused me to do that tonight?”

“I have no idea, I wasn’t counting!” answered Martin truthfully.

‘I can answer that!’ John said to himself. ‘I’ve counted every one.’

But nobody asked him. John just sat in his spot behind the wardrobe door. In the main, he was enjoying the voyeuristic sight. From having watched porno movies, he expected to find it truly erotic to watch a couple making love live … and he had. But what was new, was that his wife was one member of the couple and he hadn’t been too sure how he would handle that. At this stage, he was still enjoying it, possibly even more than he had expected, because this couple had been so enthusiastic in their fucking. And so damn good at it too!

John did have to admit that there were moments when jealousy did kick in, and he knew already there would be doubts over whether his wife could ever be content to return to their monogamous relationship after being released into such a bizarre situation.

John’s attention was drawn back to the bed as he saw Deborah rising again, her head now tilted downward so that she could peer down between their bodies to watch the separation as she lifted her torso off of Martin … watched her cunt lifting up and separating from his cock. She had to lift her body up high to clear the height of his erection, still standing proud and straight up. As she lifted clear, she watched fascinated to see a strand of juice from her cunt stay linked like a web to his cock as she pulled away.

Martin had assumed that she was just lifting up to resume the fucking, since he still hadn’t come. When Deborah pulled clear of him, his face showed his surprise.

“Where are you going?” he asked anxiously.

“It’s alright sweetheart, I’m not going anywhere. I know you’re not done yet.” She smiled affectionately down at him and, reassured, he relaxed with a smile.

“I want to try something different,” she told him. “I’m just going to turn around.”

“But why?” he asked.

“Only because I’ve never done it this way, that’s why.”

“But I won’t be able to look at you,” he told her with concern.

“You just won’t be able to see my face,” she told him as she swivelled around, her legs crossing his body and she temporarily moved up, her bottom landing on his chest, just below his neck. She bent forward quickly and swiped her tongue across his cock head, still slick with her juices.

‘She would never have done that before tonight,’ thought John as he watched a momentary spectacle that he guessed his wife performed just for him.

Then, just as quickly, her tongue was gone from Martin’s cock and she raised her body off his chest. For a moment, every intimate treasure of her body was displayed to her lover, just inches from his face. “I don’t think I have a problem with this position after all,” he told her as he raised both of his hands up to caress her arse cheeks.

“Ummm,” she moaned approvingly and wriggled her arse in front of him. “Follow me,” said Deborah as she shuffled her body down over his body, pausing again with her mound hovering above his rigid cock, her head facing the bottom of the bed and her face now leaning forward over his ankles, her hands again being used to hold herself upright.

She began to lower her mound over his cock and her outer lips once again made contact with his cock head. This time, it was his hands that touched her intimately, separating her outer labia and guiding his cock into her groove for several wet swipes and then to the opening of her cunt. His fingers slid around in her juices as he prepared her for another deep penetration.

“Ummmpphh!” she grunted as she forced her body over his knob again. His hands were pushed out of the way as his hard cock speared into her deepest recesses. His hands accepted second best as they traced the line of her body between her thighs, ending up again on the cheeks of her arse, bringing with them a trail of her vaginal juices.

Deborah looked below, watching the merging of his cock and her cunt beneath her body, then she lifted her head and stared straight ahead, over Martin’s feet, to the wardrobe beyond, attempting this time to lock her eyes with her husband. John couldn’t believe the change in this woman, she was actively flaunting her newly discovered sensuality at him, attempting to engage his eyes with hers.

Her body was sliding down on Martin’s cock much easier now, but it was all done by feel, because her eyes were intently staring at the dark gap in the wardrobe door. To her surprise, she saw one of the doors slide open just a touch and her husband’s face appeared in the gap. She turned and looked back at Martin anxiously, but quickly realised that he could see nothing, her body blocking his vision beyond his cock.

Besides, his eyes were concentrated on the spread cheeks of her arse as he watched his fingers trace softly along the inner crease between her cheeks. Gently, he prised her cheeks apart and his thumb touched her anus dead centre. Shocked by the sudden touch, Deborah gasped, “Oh, careful, I’m very sensitive there!” Her eyes locked on to her husband’s eyes and she smiled seductively at him. “Like what you see?” she asked.

To John, it looked like she was speaking to him alone and he nodded a yes to her question, smiling adoringly at his teasing wife.

But Martin answered the question too, believing it was directed at him since he had no idea that any other person was in the room. “I love what I see,” he told Deborah, his fingers roaming at will on and around her anal opening and up and down the cleavage of her arse.

“I never wanted to be touched there … ever!” Deborah told Martin as his fondling caused her body to jerk around on his cock while she lingeringly lowered her cunt onto him. “But the other night, John got a bit carried away with me and stuck his finger into my bum.” She paused to sigh as the sensations at both of her entrances overtook her. “I must admit that it felt really good.”

“So you won’t mind if I put my finger in you too? In your arse, I mean”

She smiled at John, his head just sticking out between the wardrobe doors. “I don’t mind at all. In fact, I think I want your finger up my arse right now,” she commanded Martin, taunting John, her eyes staring straight at her husband, again sounding like she could have been talking to him.

With that, she felt not a finger, but Martin’s stubby thumb press tightly at her anal ring and she gasped as she felt her sphincter give in and accept his thumb into her anal passage. Martin had swiped his thumb in the hot spot where his cock was wedged, scooping some of their juices to ease his thumb’s progress. Yes still, her face winced at the unexpected intrusion and John redoubled the efforts of his fist on his own cock, hidden in the darkened wardrobe.

Martin pushed his thumb past the joint, shoving all of it up into Deborah’s second passage, her first passage now three-quarters full as her body slowly descended down over his cock. He held his thumb tightly within her until she had successfully manoeuvred her cunt to completely grip his entire cock again. He wiggled his thumb and could feel his cock shaft nearly touching his thumb through the thin membranes within her abdomen.

“I love your cock … and I love your finger … Jesus, I feel so full now,” she told Martin loudly, all the while just staring and smiling at her husband, who looked back at her with love and adoration on his face.

Then her movements began again. This was her show, she had taken complete charge. She was no longer being seduced by Martin as part of John’s weird self-cuckolding experiment. She had both of these men in her life completely mesmerised by her body and what she would allow to be done to it.

Deborah had come such a long way in this one night. Never before had she wanted to have a man’s cock inside her mouth, yet tonight she had gone from licking Martin along his length to accepting his cock head into her mouth. John was amazed. And the other night was the first time she had ever let John touch her arse. Now, she had Martin’s thumb wedged up tight in there, and combined with having his massive organ up her cunt, she felt truly and completely filled.

Each time she lifted her tired body up off his cock, pulling back until only the head was still inside her, Martin would also pull his thumb out until only the first joint hovered just inside her anus. Then, as she slid down on his shaft, Martin would force his thumb to go deep into her rectum, wriggling the digit as he inserted it.

To John, peeping from his hiding place, her face was a picture of emotions, nearly all pleasant, as she smiled at her husband while accepting the twin penetrations deep into her body, then frowned slightly as both withdrew all the way back. Her rhythm quickened even though she wanted to prolong this exquisite pleasure. She still watched her husband steadily, but her eyes were slitted, half-closed as she concentrated on the rolling waves that were already beginning somewhere behind her clitoris.

“Oh fuck, this is great! I can’t believe it how good it feels!” Deborah’s voice called out between her moans and competed with Martin’s contented groaning.

John was amazed, Deborah never said fuck, she always seemed so composed and demure when they made love. Martin was bringing out the animal in her. She was consumed by the succession of orgasms she had experienced tonight, and knew yet another was almost upon her. Her verbal outburst was just her way of telling both men how good she felt.

Now, her loud gasps told everyone that this next orgasm was about to roll over and through her as she pounded her body down hard onto his broad cock while Martin’s thumb maintained a matching rhythm up her arse.

“Yes … yes … yes!” she screamed out to both men to signal her release and her body tensed and stopped still as an intense throbbing emanated from between her thighs. Her body sagged forward over Martin as wave after wave of pleasurable feelings rolled throughout her body and she just whimpered her acceptance of more sensual fulfilment.

Minutes rolled by, there was no movement anywhere in the room. Martin lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling, his cock still solid and rigid within Deborah’s cunt, one thumb still wedged tight in her rectum. Deborah’s legs were bent at the knees, which were beside Martin’s thighs as she sat on him, facing the end of the bed. But her head was now down on the bed between his ankles, her hands still holding his feet, and her breasts mashed against his knees.

John hadn’t been able to bring on another release for himself, he just had no more cum to give, but his hand still idly played with his cock. It had been at least ten minutes since Deborah’s latest orgasm and both men independently thought that she had fallen asleep.

“Oh my God,” she suddenly spoke, startling both men. “Marty, I’m so sorry, I must have drifted off.” She only had to clench her abdominal muscles to confirm he was still very erect. “Oh shit, it’s still as big now as when we started.”

“Afraid so,” Martin confirmed.

“I’m so rude, Marty, dropping asleep on you and you haven’t come yet. Just give me a minute please. God, I’ve come so many times tonight, I’m just exhausted. But that’s so selfish of me, you’ve given me one after another, and you’ve only come once.”

“That’s okay, Deb. Just being inside you like this is great. Coming again would be a bonus.”

“No, no … you should come again,” she told him, lifting her tired head up and pushing her upper body into an upright position. She stiffened her arms to hold herself up, but quickly realised that there was no way, she could actively move her body up and down on Martin’s cock for any length of time.

With supreme effort, she managed to push her body up and up until Martin’s erection slipped free of her cunt. Martin pulled his thumb out of her arse as he realised that she was breaking their coupling, and she tumbled face down onto the bed alongside him, her head alongside his feet.

John was disappointed, it appeared that his wife was so worn out that this voyeuristic night for him was going to end abruptly. With Deborah’s body no longer between the two men, John eased back into the dark at the back of the wardrobe where he could remain unseen.

Martin was still at peak arousal and was not going to be denied. His hand roamed along her body, very gently caressing and fondling her all over. Deborah purred contentedly and her legs spread as his hand ran down over her arse again. His fingers dipped between her thighs and one hand cupped her mound, the middle finger finding her clitoris and stirring the bud to reveal it yourself yet again.

“Marty, I can’t get on top of you any more,” she said. “I don’t have any energy left, but don’t let that stop you. How do you want to have me?”

“That’s a tempting question. I’d have some great suggestions if you were more awake.”

Her head lifted, but her voice was still drowsy. “Now, now … don’t be naughty.”

“Deb, I must have you again. I can’t go home with this big monster still up, I’ll end up back where I was, wanking all night.”

“No Marty, it’s okay. I’m up to it if you do all the work. What do you want me to do?”

Rather than tell her, Martin just pulled her legs apart and moved his knees into the space between them. He grabbed her hips on both sides and pulled her torso up to a kneeling position on the bed. From there, he was able to hold her hips firmly in place while he nudged his stiff cock into position at the entrance to her sopping cunt and drove it forward hard, locking his cock head in place in one swift motion.

With her head still flat on the bed, Deborah grunted. But when she realised that her body was about to be ravished again by her lover, she managed to lift her upper body up on her hands. Still facing the wardrobe, she raised her face defiantly to stare ahead into the darkened recesses, where she knew her husband was still hiding and watching.

“Do me, Martin … just do me now. Finish what you started.” she yelled and he shoved hard again, making good progress into her now that her body had become so stretched to accommodate his powerful broad cock. Nevertheless, the effort still brought an expressive grunt from Deborah. “Unnnnhhh!”

Martin shoved again and already he was halfway into her. Another hard grunt from Deborah, “Unnnnhhh!” followed by a longer groan.

“Fuck, you are so tight, Deb!” he yelled as the sensations of Deborah’s velvet glove-like cunt gripping his hard cock in a moist sheath, sent an early wave of euphoria through his body.

Martin shoved again, same reaction from Deborah with a grunt followed by a long groan. Then one final thrust and the broad shaft was again totally encased within her intimate passage. John was ecstatic again, being able to watch the facial expressions on his wife as Martin drove inch after inch of his cock into her.

Deborah was drawing up all of her remaining energy to give both Martin and John a treat one last time tonight. Deborah knew that she must now have all of Martin’s cock, feeling his belly tight up against her arse, but fixing her eyes on where she knew her husband would be in the dark at the back of the wardrobe, she called out to Martin, “Is that all you’ve got? Can’t you get any more in?”

“You are fantastic, Deb. I never knew you’d be like this. I love how you want it so much!” Then he slowly withdrew most of his length, paused, then slammed it back into her full on. That opened her eyes wide … the force of his thrust pushing her forward and she stiffened her arms to hold herself up while John started wanking his cock again.

Again and again, Martin withdrew slowly, then each time shoved his cock hard and strong back in her to the hilt. She grunted on every inward stroke. “Don’t wait for me,” she told him between grunts. Pushing back expressively now on his thrusts so his cock got maximum penetration from every thrust, she added, “This one’s just for you!”

“I’ve got to give you one more!” he answered, the fingers of one hand leaving the grip on her hips to come around and delve into her slippery groove, searching out her clit.

“No, don’t try … please don’t try!” she moaned. “I’ve never had so many orgasms, I can’t do it any more.”

“Yes you can,” Martin contradicted her as his fingers swirled around her clitoris.

Deborah heard Martin’s breathing quickening, signalling that he was getting close. “Just come, Marty. This is for you! Just come in me, please!” she begged.

“Don’t you worry about me, I’m getting there!” he called back. “Just relax, Deb!”

At first, his fingers on her clit were annoying her, distracting her. But suddenly – to her amazement – she felt the fires building again in her groin. ‘Oh my God, I couldn’t come again, surely,’ she thought to herself as Martin pounded away in her cunt. ‘He’s going to come too soon for me anyway,’ she thought, relaxing her body to accept his imminent release.

But Martin was determined to leave Deborah with a night to truly remember. He called on all the skills of control that he had built up in keeping his sensual wife happy those last four years. He knew that he had managed to get Deborah near to the edge again, her loud and quick breaths revealed that, so he was determined to just push her over the brink.

Martin knew that this would be it … one or two more strokes and he couldn’t hold back, he would spew forth the white creamy contents from his balls, up through his shaft and saturate her insides with his cum.

As he pushed his cock one last time deep into Deborah’s cunt to hold steady for his spasming release, the room was filled with her panting orgasmic screams, then loud moaning and her body pulsed and throbbed against his invading cock, signalling her best climax of the night. Her arms gave out and her head fell to the bed while Martin managed to hold her torso up, one hand gripping her hips, while the other held her belly with the fingers covering her throbbing clit.

There was combined breathless panting from both of the fornicators on the bed as Martin’s cock continued to pump his load of cum into her body, while John had to endure his final release in muffled silence for fear of revealing his presence.

It was long minutes before Deborah’s voice broke the silence. “No, no … that didn’t happen. I couldn’t have come again.”

“Yes you did,” answered Martin brightly. “I was determined.”

“So you’re going to take all the credit for that, are you?” she queried, her voice even more drowsy than before.

“I’d say I can!” he told her proudly.

“Okay … full marks to the man with the big cock,” she said, not really conscious of what she was saying.

“Will you want to do it again? In a few minutes, I mean?” he asked her.

Her voice was panicky in replying. “No … no … that’s all I can take, Marty. God, I don’t know how many times I’ve come tonight, so many that I’ve just lost count. And I’m so sore inside now, poor John’s not going to get any for a week.”

“Are you going to tell him why? Are you going to tell him that his best friend shoved his giant cock inside you for hours on end … and that you loved it?”

“Hell no … are you crazy?” She had gathered her senses enough now to know not to reveal to Martin the secret behind this night. “And you must never tell him about tonight, promise Marty.”

“Won’t he be suspicious, Deb? Leaving us both here in the house alone together for four hours. After what happened between us on Wednesday night too!”

“He probably will be a bit suspicious, but its best that he never know. It will just be our little secret, Marty.”

He pulled his now limp cock from her cunt and again their combined juices streamed down her inner thighs. He dropped onto his side on the bed and she rolled over into his arms, ignoring the mess that they would leave on the sheets.

“I had a great time tonight, Deb,” he told her, moving to kiss her lips.

They enjoyed the kiss, not as passionate as the kisses had been a few hours ago. “So did I, Marty!” she confirmed to him verbally what her body had already conveyed.

“I can assure you that I am now totally cured. I am all over Amanda. I intend to get on with my life, and you can take full credit for my recovery.”

She smiled to him. “That’s great, Marty. I am glad that I could play a part … and I can’t deny that I got a lot out of it too. Thanks a lot, big fella!” For effect, she placed her hands on his arse and pulled him to her, mashing her mound up against his flaccid cock.

There was a pause in their conversation while he kissed her again. When they broke from that kiss, he pulled back to look her in the eye. “So when can we do it again?”

“What? No way … we can’t do it again!” She looked at him incredulously. “Your treatment is over, you’re cured. And this was a one time thing, buddy.”

“I thought Wednesday night was a one-time thing, but then came tonight.”

“No, this is it now. I am having a hard enough time dealing with my guilt to John. I cannot possibly be with you like this again. It’s over, now!” She pulled away to emphasise her point, rolling off the bed and getting unsteadily to her feet. She had to reach out and hold onto the side of the bed while her legs shook.

“John told me that Wednesday night was good for you too. He said that you’ve never been so into each other as you have in the two days since,” Martin told her from the bed.

She looked at him, surprised and anger rose in her voice. “He told you that?”

“Yes, he said you two were fucking like rabbits after you decided to tell him about wanking me.”

“How dare he,” shouted Deborah. “Wait until I see him,” she continued, looking quickly toward the wardrobe. “That was between John and me. Anything we do as a married couple should stay here.”

“Come on Deb, don’t be a hypocrite. How many times did Mandy tell you about the things that she and I did together? I know she did! We even all talked about sex, I mean all four of us when we used to have dinner here. It happens, Deb. Women talk, guys talk, it just happens.”

“Well, I don’t like him inferring to you that we are getting together more, just because I touched your cock the other night.”

“Well, you mightn’t like him telling me, but I’ll bet its right. I’ll bet that you two are doing it more because by telling him, you’ve turned each other on. So why don’t you tell him about tonight when he comes home, maybe you could get a month of constant fucking out of that.”

Deborah had such a great night, she didn’t want it to end in an argument with the man who had brought her such supreme sexual pleasure. She turned and made for the bathroom, rather than engage in any further harsh words. She had intended to have a shower to remove the smell and the feel and the juices from her body, but Martin got up off the bed and followed her to the door.

“Deb, its nearly midnight. John will be home any minute, we better get back downstairs.”

Deborah knew John wasn’t arriving home until she and Martin had left the bedroom, allowing John to climb out the window, retrieve his car from down the street and appear to come back home from his meeting. But if she didn’t agree with Martin that they had to hurry, he might become suspicious about whether John was really absent. She gave up on the shower, picked up her gown from a chair and wrapped it around herself as Martin got dressed.

“Aren’t you going to put your dress back on?” asked Martin, pulling his socks on.

“No, I can’t be bothered,” said Deborah. “Besides, that dress is so skimpy, it will show all the love bites you have planted on my neck and breasts and all the cum stains you’ve left on my thighs.”

“What will John think when he comes in and you’re wearing different clothes from when he left?”

She knew how it would look if John had really been to a meeting, but she was so exhausted from the night that she couldn’t be bothered dressing up and continuing this charade. “I’ll tell John something, I don’t know what. Don’t worry about it!”

Deborah pulled the gown tight, it covered her completely from neck to ankle. The pair went downstairs. John was out of the wardrobe as soon as they had gone, out through the window, down the ladder and walked briskly the two blocks to where he had parked his car.

Chapter 7

Deborah put the kettle on and was only just pouring two coffees when she heard John’s car on the driveway. She was back in the living room, handing a cup to Martin when John came through the door. “I’ll have one of those two, thanks Deb?”

John threw his keys down on the coffee table, walked over and kissed his wife, smelling the aroma of sex that drifted off her body. “Had a good time, darling?” he asked his wife.

“Yes John … yes, we did.”

John turned to Martin, “So what did you two get up to while I was gone?”

“We screwed each other silly for hours on end,” said Martin with a cheeky grin at John.

“What?” screamed Deborah, “John, we didn’t!” acting out her part well, but wondering why Martin would say that to John. ‘Unless Martin was in on John’s whole plan,’ pondered Deborah.

“No John, sorry to disappoint, we just had a long game of Monopoly, all night long. Such a shame, would have preferred my first answer. Deb’s such a great girl!”

“She sure is,” said John, his arm protectively slipping around his wife’s shoulders. “Can I have that coffee, darling?”

Deborah broke away and went to the kitchen. While she made John’s coffee, she could hear a lot of laughter coming from the living room. She was curious about what they might be discussing.

When she brought John’s coffee into the living room, she just caught the end of a conversation, John was saying to Martin, “…must do it again sometime, it went so well.”

“What went well, what are you going to do again?” asked Deborah suspiciously. She still had a nagging feeling that John might have conned her, and that Martin may have been in on John’s plans tonight from the outset.

John’s answer didn’t settle her concern. “Oh nothing, Deb, just man talk. “Err … golf, we’ve got to play again sometime.”

With Deborah back in the room, the conversation included her and there was no more innuendo. They sipped their coffees over small talk and finally John said to Martin, “Marty, I ‘m pretty tired. If you don’t mind, I’m going to kick you out now. I need to spend some quality time with my wife.”

Martin rose, shook John’s hand, then he stepped toward Deborah and to her complete surprise, pulled her into his arms and gave her a full kiss on the lips. She felt his tongue trying to force itself between her lips and she twisted away, managing to break the lip lock.

Stepping back, Deborah saw Martin’s grin, then looked quickly to John, who was also smiling. “Looks like you two really like each other,” was John’s strange comment.

John walked Martin to the door and Deborah busied herself clearing up the coffee cups and taking them to the kitchen. John appeared at the kitchen door and Deborah turned to face him. “Well, what an incredible night that was!” John told her, his arms outstretched to her.

Deborah looked at him apprehensively. “Are you okay with it all, John? You’re not upset with how intense it got?”

“I loved it, darling. I loved every single minute. Oh, except when you took him into the shower and I couldn’t see a thing.”

Reassured, Deborah stepped forward into his arms. “I was so nervous, and so worried how you would take it all. You know, I mean it must have been difficult for you having to watch me getting so into it with Martin in our bed. God, it was just so full on, I mean, the orgasms. John, I don’t know how many times I came.”

“Five … I counted them all. It was five!”

“I can’t believe it. I mean, I can’t believe that I actually came that many times … and I can’t believe that you would count them. I have never been able to come so easily before and I can’t see why I should just get into bed with Marty and suddenly I become multi-orgasmic.”

“Just the circumstances, Deb. You’re with me for four years and we get into a bit of a pattern with our loving. Then, along comes a new man – forbidden fruit – but I unleash you to do whatever you want with him. It becomes an exciting adventure to you … handsome man, but you’ve known him for years so you feel pretty comfortable with him, then he produces a big cock. It’s all so new and exciting. You just reacted to the circumstances.

“John, promise me that tonight won’t affect us continuing to love each other.”

“I promise, darling! Deb, I’m with you for the long haul. But I’ve just watched you getting fucked for four solid hours and I’m afraid that I’m desperate for a bit of the action too. Come on, let’s go up to bed.”

Together, arm in arm, they switched off the downstairs lights and made their way up the stairs. When they entered their bedroom, the first sight was the unmade bed, the sheets crumpled, still damp from Martin’s cum and her juices.

Deborah exclaimed, “Oh my God, we can’t lie down here, and I’m too tired to change the sheets. Let’s use the spare room.”

John restrained her, “No Deb, I want you here, in the same bed and on the same sheets where he had you.”

“John, you really are quite sick. We don’t want to roll around in that.”

“Yes we do, come on Deb!”

“No, hold on, John. I’m going to need a shower … I’ve still got Marty’s cum in me and some on my legs. I’m a real mess.”

“Deb, I want you just the way you are. Come on!” and John dragged his wife to the bed and pushed her onto it. She pulled the top sheet up to try to cover the sticky spots.

Deborah quickly shed her gown … she was naked underneath. On her knees, she shuffled across to the side of the bed and began unbuckling her husband’s belt, then she unzipped his fly and the trousers dropped to his ankles. His cock was standing straight out, tenting his boxers, but not quite the way that Martin had tented his underwear.

“Still horny, eh?” she asked him and he nodded an affirmative. “I thought you would have been wanking in the wardrobe.”

“I did darling, more than once … but my damn cock just won’t stay down.”

“I’ll have to see about that,” said Deborah as she started to unbutton his shirt. She leaned forward and kissed his nipples as they appeared, then her mouth worked its way down past his navel, her tongue licking his skin on the way down. She grabbed the waistband of his boxers, pulled them out and over his erection, letting his last article of clothing drop.

“Deb, all night I’ve waited for this moment, to feel my cock inside you. I’m sorry, but the foreplay is going to have to wait. I want you now.” He pushed her back onto the bed and moved onto the bed, kneeling alongside her. His hand went straight to her mound while his head moved to cover her breast and his lips wrapped around a nipple.

John clumsily pushed her thighs apart and two of his fingers plunged forward into her cunt, drawing a sudden cry of pain from his wife. Startled, John withdrew the fingers and stopped sucking on her nipple. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“John, I’m so sorry. It’s just that … it’s just that I’m so sore down there. It feels like I’m red raw inside. Is there any blood on your fingers?”

John quickly examined his fingers, but there was only a thin film of her juices and something whitish, he realised that it was her juices mixed with a trace of Martin’s cum. “No, it’s clear,” he told her.

“Oh God, when you touched me in there John … it felt like the tissue was so scraped that it seemed to be torn and shredded. John, it hurt so much! It must be that Martin was so big and he was in there for so long tonight, that he’s scraped the walls something shocking. I’m sorry, I know how much you want it, but I can’t do this!”

Deborah saw the look of complete disappointment on John’s face. He had endured four hours of watching her give and take everything that Martin could deliver from his magnificent weapon. It had stirred John’s arousal to the limit and he badly needed her loving to release him from the voyeuristic torture he had just endured.

“What can we do?” John asked her.

“Not much I’m afraid,” Deborah answered. “There’s no way I could withstand that pain while you get your rocks off, no matter how quick you might be. I’m so sorry, John!”

His arousal demanded that he had to have her now, but his conscience and his love for her told him to back off … so he did. John fell back onto the bed beside her and stared straight up at the ceiling.

“I could do you with my hand … Marty seemed to like it the other night,” she offered.

“I’ve been doing that in the wardrobe.”

“Not with my hand, you haven’t! John, you know I’d do anything for you.” Her face came up close to his and her hand went down to touch his cock. “I know how bad you want it right now.”

“Deb, I’m sorry, but your hand is not going to do it for me.”

There was a long silence between them. Deborah was fighting the guilt again. She had just come through four hours of exquisite pleasure and she knew she owed her husband for the experience he had persuaded her to enjoy.

Her face came closer, she kissed him on the lips, then her mouth was gone. He felt her moving down the bed. Suddenly, he felt her warm breath on the head of his cock, followed by a swipe of her tongue on the sensitive underside. His cock jerked in response.

“Then maybe this will do it for you,” was all she said before her mouth engulfed his cockhead and her tongue and lips joined in a slurping and sucking routine.

“Ohhh yes!” he shouted aloud, stunned that she had taken him into her mouth. For four years, she had denied him this pleasure. She had told him often that she had never been able to do it for any man. Earlier tonight, he had watched her go close when she took Martin’s knob into her mouth, but she would go no further. Now, she had John’s cock in her mouth … what would she do with it next?

His hands came down to touch her hair, they massaged her scalp as her mouth and tongue became more active. His hands took a hold of her head, keeping her there but not wanting to scare her by gripping her head too hard.

Then came John’s next surprise. The woman who hadn’t ever been able to take a man’s cock into her mouth, had a hold of the base of his cock with one hand while her other hand guided it deeper into her mouth. It slid across her tongue, her mouth stretched wide to accept him. The knob reached the back of her throat and she gagged briefly, but didn’t remove him. She just held him deep inside her mouth and her tongue began sliding along his length, slurping greedily.

Deborah seemed to be becoming accustomed to the feel of him in her mouth, adjusting to the size of him, testing her gag reaction. After two or three minutes lying still in her mouth, the guiding hand pushed him slightly further in. She was working the back of her throat, opening the way to get his whole six inches embedded in her oral cavity.

John let out a long sigh, his hands at the back of her head just holding it steady. He wanted – but wasn’t game – to move his cock around. The anticipation was almost unbearable. Two or three more minutes went by, then suddenly she drew back her mouth and he began to slip out. He stiffened his hands at her head, trying to hold her mouth onto his cock.

Then, with only the top of his knob still held between her moist lips, to his utter delight, she started to slide her mouth back over his length again. Her lips went almost to his balls before she withdrew again. And so her first true act of fellatio on a man was bestowed on her cuckolded husband. Her rhythm increased. John was impressed, she was good at it, all tongue and lips, particularly on the underside and all too soon he felt his cock tensing, preparing for release.

John tried to think of a bunch of non-sexual things, attempting to nullify the stirring sensations that her lips and tongue were applying to his hard cock. He muttered a moan and Deborah sensed that his time was close. That meant decision time for her. She had overcome her first hurdle, getting the full length of her man’s cock into her mouth and throat.

‘Can I accept his cum to squirt in my mouth and can I manage to swallow it all down my throat?’ Deborah knew there were now only seconds to decide this burning question. Her sucking mouth and licking tongue had so expertly aroused him that despite his earlier multi masturbation, John was on the brink again.

Chivalrously, John elected to warn his wife. “Deb, I’m going to come … just a few more strokes will do it.” He expected her to pull her mouth straight back off his cock, but to his amazement, his wife intensified her movements and the length of him that she would accept into her mouth. She resumed trying to get her lips right down to the base of his stalk. “Deb, any second now,” he screamed to her, giving her one final chance to escape having his cum in her throat.

She seemed not to care about his warnings, just intensified her effort to bring him off. It only took two more thrusts by him deep into her mouth, hitting her palate with his cock head and he felt the pleasure surge through his organ. She felt the warm creamy liquid spurting at the back of her throat. She couldn’t help gagging, but she managed to quickly overcome it in time to feel the second spurt, pouring enough cum into her throat that she had to swallow. She gulped it down as the third spurt launched from his cock to splash the back of her throat.

“So good … so good!” he was muttering, almost incoherently as his cock pulsed and sprayed its contents deep into Deborah’s sucking throat. Slowly, she pulled her mouth back off his shaft, his cock slipped from the grip of her lips with a pop. She pressed forward again to lay a sweet kiss on his organ, her tongue wiping up the last strands of his cum.

“Where did all that come from?” asked John of his wife. “You’ve never wanted to do that before.”

“I haven’t told you, but I have been curious about trying it for some time now. I was just waiting for the right moment. When I became so sore, I felt so bad for you. I knew I had to do something really special to make it up to you. After all, you let me have one of the most amazing nights of my life. I’m never going to forget that.”

“Was it amazing in how good Marty’s big cock made you feel?”

“No John … it was an amazing night because of lots of things. Sure, having a cock that huge banging away inside me was a great experience. But that was only one thing. It was coming so many times, what did you say, was it five?”

John nodded. “Yep, five times!”

“And I’ll tell you what else. Knowing that you were inside that wardrobe watching every move was a mind-blowing experience. It was such a turn-on! But then, there were also a few times when I actually forgot you were there.”

“Would you do it again, Deb?”

There was the question that she was afraid would come. “I don’t know, John. I honestly don’t know right now. Do you mean with Martin … or are you suggesting someone else?”

“Nothing really, I don’t have anyone in mind. I just wanted to know how much you enjoyed it … whether it was so good that you would want to try it again. I don’t think I’d mind. I did handle it okay, didn’t I? I mean, I wasn’t really jealous.”

“You were fantastic, John. I couldn’t have done it if the position was reversed. I couldn’t have sat there in the dark and watch you screw one of my closest friends. I’d have been mortified.”

“Deb, I do like talking about it, and I want to talk heaps more about every little thing that I saw. But it’s getting very late and I’m starting to drift off after you sucked me dry. Can we continue this in the morning?”

“Yes, sure honey. Good night!”

They spooned together in the bed and both were so exhausted from the night that they were asleep in no time.

Chapter 8

John and Deborah slept late after such an exhausting night. Around midday, John was gently eased awake by the feel of a soft feminine hand stroking his rising cock. As his eyes opened slowly, he was fascinated to watch his newly liberated woman lying with her head resting across his thighs, facing up his body and dreamily staring at his enlarged cock while her hand lovingly fondled it. She seemed not to be aware that his eyes were open now.

For a minute or two, he just watched her and the love that he thought he could see in her eyes. Eventually, as his cock had risen to a full erect state again, he spoke to her.

“What are we going to do today?” It sounded like he was asking if they should clean the house, go shopping or have a picnic, but he knew that she would read the question as “What are we going to do sexually today?”

“Good morning,” she said brightly, breaking from her dreamy reverie and giving him a broad smile. “I thought we’d just go on and see how many times you can come.”

He smiled at her and at how right he had been. Since the first incident between his friend and his wife only three nights ago, John and Deborah had seemed to be living their lives in a constant state of arousal.

“I have had a good eight hours sleep. Just maybe my body has replenished its cum supply. I certainly hope so!”

Her fingers formed an ‘o’, continuing to trace up and down his erect shaft. “So do I, John!” With that, she lifted her head and brought it forward, her moist lips parting and her tongue laving over his cock head in a wet sweep. John gasped out loud.

“John,” she stopped licking and her voice got his attention, his eyes opening again. “I woke up a few times through the night and morning. I guess I was still a bit too excited to sleep. I was thinking about the last few days, about how our sex life has just spun right around.”

“What sort of things did you think about?”

“Oh heaps John. About you and I and why we are doing this, letting someone else into our bed. But not so much in a bad way, because it seems to have made us so much closer … and more intense in our loving and our desires. I find that I just want you all the time.”

“That’s a good thing, darling.”

“I know that, I’m not complaining. And I just want you to know that while having Martin involved was all your idea, I hope that you’re still happy with that decision, because I wasn’t aware how good it would be.”

John frowned at her.

“No, no, don’t get me wrong, John. It’s not that I will now want him all the time. It’s just that I never realised that having a third party involved could spark our old twosome into something electric. I guess that I was pretty naïve about sex, and all. You know, I just did what I felt comfortable with and you’ve tried to get me to open up a bit. But it was hard.”

“If you’re talking about the finale last night, Deb, then believe me, you have really opened up. You became the world’s greatest cock-sucker at your first attempt.”

She smiled at his appreciation. “See, that in itself was truly amazing. I had always thought that it would be dirty to have a man’s cock in my mouth. You know, after all, that’s where you guys pee from. But not only that, then to have to swallow the sperm really put me off. But somehow, the events of the past few days have freed me from all my inhibitions.”

“That’s great, Deb,” he told her as she shuffled her body up the bed, bringing her face alongside his and giving him a sweet kiss.

“John,” she said, pausing for effect to make sure she had his full attention. “I’ve decided to break one more of my sexual taboos.”

“Really?” said John, now keenly interested. “What is that?”

“Well, I’ve been up for a couple of hours actually. I thought I’d let you sleep. I had a shower to wash off all the remnants of that long night. I also had a bit of a feel in there…”

“You mean in your cunt?”

“Yes, in there, John.”

“Still can’t say cunt, can you, Deb?”

“No, it’s a woman thing, John. I just don’t like some words.”

“They’re only words, Deb!”

“Okay … in my cunt, okay. Are you happy now?”

“Very, Deb!”

“Anyway, I had a feel inside my cunt, and I am still so sore. That really was a workout I got from Martin’s big cock. I mightn’t be able to have you in there for a few more days.”

John frowned again. She raised her hand to smooth out his brow.

“So, I had an idea, John.”

He could see a mischievous glint in her eyes and she grinned at him.

“That’s right, you were just saying you’d decided to break another sexual taboo.”

“Yes … can you guess what it is?”

“I don’t know. I might have an idea, but you tell me, Deb.”

“My arse John, you’ve told me before that you’d like to stick it in my arse. Do you still want to do that?”

John’s face broke into a huge smile. “More than ever, Deb. More than ever!”

“I think I’m ready, John. Mainly because I’m so upset that I can’t have you inside me the normal way…”

“You mean in your cunt?”

“Yes John, in my cunt. I’d like for us to be doing that all weekend, but I’m just too sore. So I decided that the time has come. I guess it will feel pretty good for you and it might just make up for not putting it in my cunt. Will it hurt me, John?”

“I believe that it does hurt a bit … at first, Deb. But mates I know who have talked about doing it, reckon that it gets better for the woman after a little while.”

“John, I don’t really want it to hurt, but I do want to do this especially for you, so be patient with me, won’t you?”

“Haven’t I always been, Deb?”

“Yes … yes, you have, John. Would you like to know what made me even consider doing this?”

“No, Deb. No idea!”

“On Wednesday night, when you had me on the kitchen table, you stuck your finger in my bum. It felt so good, John. I was really amazed, but it just felt good. I even think it helped me come. And then, Martin stuck his finger in there too last night, and that was good too, so I started to come around to taking the next step. I know that your cock is going to be a lot bigger than a finger, but I’m ready to give it a go.”

“It was actually his thumb, Deb. Martin stuck his whole thumb up your arse. You did look like you enjoyed it, you were wriggling around on it.”

“So what do we do, John? Do you want to do it now?”

“I’d love to, Deb. I know this is going to surprise you, but I’m actually going to ask you to wait.”

“Wait … why? I’m ready now, I might change my mind if I wait for a bit.”

“Deb, you’ve never had a cock in your arse before. It is a fair bit bigger than a finger or a thumb. I have something that might help open you up a bit. I bought it in a Sex Shop a couple of years ago, when I first suggested you doing this. But I stored it away when you were so negative about trying it.”

“What is it … show me?”

“Hold on, just stay there, I’ll get the package. I’ve got some KY Jelly too, that will help as well.”

John rolled off the bed, leaving Deb lying there on her side. He went to the wardrobe and searched around on a high shelf. He pulled out a brown paper package and returned to the bed, opening the bag and spilling its contents on the bed.

Deborah watched with fascination as John produced a butt plug from among an assortment of sex toys. “What are you going to do with that?”

“We’ll put this in your arse now, with the help of the KY. Then, we’ll go downstairs and have some lunch. You keep the plug up your arse for an hour or two, and it should loosen up the muscles, stretch your sphincter a bit. That will make it so much easier for me to get my cock up inside your arse. We can come back to bed and try it after we have some lunch … okay?”

“Will I be able to walk with that thing in there?”

“Yeah, I’ve read stories about it. It just sort of locks in place with this narrow bit.”

“And the rest of that thing is up inside me?”

“Yeah … sure is!”

“Alright … what do I do?”

“Just tuck your knees up under you and stick your arse in the air.”

She did as he directed. “Like this?”

“Yeah, that’s great, Deb. Now, I’ll just put some KY everywhere.”

John picked up the tube of KY Jelly and poured it over the cone of the butt plug, liberally wiping it all over with his fingers. Then he moved around behind Deborah on the bed and poured some more from the tube right on her puckered anal ring, the access between her cheeks easy with her knees spread well apart on the bed. His fingers slipped around and around her ring, spreading the KY, and then his middle finger put pressure on the opening and gently pushed inside her.

Deborah winced, but held her position on the bed as she felt John’s finger carry the cold KY into her hot rectal passage. The finger slipped back out momentarily, then covered with more KY, it pushed back past the sphincter and spread the slippery jelly all around the tight sides inside her arse. She actually sighed this time.

When John figured that he had her sufficiently lubricated, he picked up the butt plug and just tested the rounded point at her puckered opening. He watched her muscles tense on contact and her ring tightened. “Relax baby, I’m going to take my time, so just relax everything back here.”

Instead of pulling it away, he slid it up and down between the cheeks of her arse several times. When he thought she might be ready, he slowed down the slide as the plug approached her ring. Right at the opening, he tipped the plug from lengthways along her arse cleavage to pointing directly at her tiny hole and applied pressure.

“Aaahhhh,” Deborah moaned as John gently pushed the plug unrelentingly into her anus, stopping only when he had about a half-inch imbedded in her. “Oh shit, it hurts!”

“You know it will at first, I’ve just got to get your sphincter used to the size. Hang in there, Deb, the pain should ease in about a minute.”

She was drawing quick breaths, kind of hyperventilating. When John heard her breathing settling, he gently pushed a bit more into her.

Again, a gasp, “aaahhhh!” and he paused with about half the plug inside. Once more, the quick breaths for about a minute, then she settled.

“Now Deb, this is the thickest part. I don’t want you tensing, you just need to relax all your muscles. I’ve got to get the wide part in, then it comes back to a narrow neck which is thinner than what you’ve got in you right now. So just relax everything, it’ll only hurt for a moment.”

She took a deep breath. “Okay, I can do it, go for it!”

With that assurance from Deborah, John took hold of the flattened flange at the base and pushed the butt plug firmly into her rectum.

“Aaaahhh, Jesus!” she yelled, but held her position on the bed. The sharp stab of pain as the thickest part of the plug passed through her sphincter was replaced quickly by only a mild discomfort as the butt plug now rested tightly packed up her arse, the flattened base hard against her cheeks.

“All done, Deb. You were great! That’s the worst part over!”

“I’ve still got to get your cock in me later, that won’t have a narrow part like this plug.”

“Yes, but by then, your arse will have adjusted to having something up it. You’ll be stretched a bit wider.”

“I hope you’re right,” she told him as she slowly straightened out her knees and dropped her body flat on her stomach, wincing with a bit of pain again as her move from bent-over to straight caused the plug to wriggle around inside her.

John got up off the bed and held his hand out for Deborah to come with him. Carefully, she eased herself across to the edge of the bed and stood up. She could certainly feel the intrusion in her rectal passage, but whilst it felt very full, it wasn’t altogether unpleasant. She took some tentative steps, following John as he headed downstairs.

She knew that she was walking funny, but she didn’t yet have the confidence to take full strides, fearful the plug might fall out, or worse, it could move and do some internal damage to her. She went into the kitchen and made them both a sandwich. When she bent over to get things out of the refrigerator, the feeling of the plug intruding up her arse was more pronounced.

They took the sandwiches and a couple of drinks out by the pool. Fortunately, trees kept the area secluded from neighbours, because neither wore a stitch of clothing. The hardest part yet for Deborah was when she went to sit down. As her bottom pressed onto the seat, the plug pushed deeper up inside her arse and she gasped. John looked across at her and winked slyly.

John had a swim after lunch, but Deborah preferred to sit it out, just she and her butt plug. Around 2.30pm, John suggested that the two of them go back up to their bedroom. The time had come, Deborah was about to lose her anal virginity. She smiled to John, took his hand and went willingly.

In their bedroom, he had her kneel again on the bed while he grabbed the tube of KY Jelly and smothered his cock with the lubricant. Then he threw the tube aside and moved onto the bed behind her, slipping his knees between hers, forcing her to spread her knees even further apart. He leaned forward and planted several loving kisses on each butt cheek.

“Ready?” John asked.

“I think so,” she affirmed and John took a hold of the flat base of the butt plug and tugged at it. It failed to move with his first tug, but then he twisted it around within her tight hole and she moaned. Gripping it more firmly, he pulled hard and slowly it began to withdraw from out of her body. He tugged the thickest part through her sphincter and she let out an audible “aaaahhhhhhh!”. John pulled on it quite quickly to ease her discomfort and within seconds, it popped free from the grip of her sphincter with a little pop.

John watched the plug spring free and saw her anus spread wide open, although it was already beginning to shrink even as he watched. Without hesitation, he thrust his lower body forward, connecting the tip of his engorged cock with her puckered hole. He placed his round knob right up at her rear opening that had by now shrunk to half the width of his cock.

She felt his fleshy knob rest momentarily at her anal entrance, then John unceremoniously pushed forward firmly, locking his cock head into her anus in one strong thrust.

“Uuummmmppphh!” she screamed and her body tensed, trying subconsciously to repel the intruder. John grabbed a hold of her hips and held her firmly in place, just in case she changed her mind.

“Relax babe … I told you before … just relax every muscle and it will only hurt for a minute.”

She moaned a little, not sounding very convinced. Undaunted, John shoved hard again and his cock managed to lodge a further inch up her rectal passageway.

“Jesus … that hurts!”

“Hang in there, darling. Not much more,” he lied, looking down at her exposed arse to see still four inches of his rigid shaft yet to be buried inside her.

“Just hold it, please, just a minute.” She half turned her head around, trying to look at him. “I do want to do it honey, but please give me a couple of minutes.” She paused to draw a couple of deep breaths. “Just at the moment, it hurts like hell!”

“Okay!” he agreed and they stayed stock still, with two inches of his hard cock wedged firmly up her anus. There was no risk that he would stay hard, the visual delight presented to him as he gazed down at her arse, watching her puckered hole engulfed by his organ, had him at peak arousal.

About three minutes passed. With no movement, Deborah’s pain had subsided and she was left with an overpowering feeling of fullness up her arse and just a dull ache from the stretched sphincter. “Do you want to try a bit more?” she asked.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

“Okay, I’ll be right. Just do it, honey.”

Given the green light by his wife, his hands gripped her hips more firmly and he thrust his pelvis forward again. This time, his cock travelled through her prolonged scream as he buried two more inches up her arse. Pausing only for a moment, John decided to bring the process of getting up inside her to a swift conclusion, ending the agonising step-by-step stages and he shoved his cock hard one more time.

His cock drove home, his tightening balls banging against her cunt lips as his entire length was embedded up her anal passage, surrounded and gripped warmly by the lining of the inside of her arse.

“It’s in babe! I’m right up there!”

“Thank God for that,” she sighed and relaxed her muscles, knowing the invasion was complete.

John looked down at her stretched arse, her bent over position pulling her cheeks wide apart. He could only see his pubic hair mashed against her arse, his hard cock was buried to the hilt inside her tightest hole. Grasping her hips firmly, he pulled back his own hips and watched fascinated as more and more of his shaft appeared from her gripping anal ring. All the time, his wife whimpered from the new feelings within her body.

The physical sensation on his cock was incredible. He had never had it in something quite so tight before. He watched as he managed to get all but the head of it out. He leaned over and grabbed the KY Jelly and squirted some more on his exposed shaft. Then, holding her hips tightly again, he began to push his cock back into her rectum. Deborah gave a little shriek as she realised it was coming back in.

“Just relax, darling. It should get better soon!”

“God, I hope so,” she muttered as she felt the pain from him re-entering her.

All the way in to the hilt again and his lower body was pressed firmly against the cheeks of her arse. Only a pause, then another withdrawal almost all the way out, until he just held his knob inside her, keeping her anal ring stretched tight around it. Then, pushing deep within her again. Another little shriek from Deborah, but not as high pitched as the extra KY on his shaft eased his movements inside her.

John picked up a rhythm, pushing hard into her, then easing back out, watching the whole scenario, the sight of it adding sensory sensations to the enormous physical sensations he was feeling through his cock.

Deborah was no longer shrieking on each entry, it had now become a soft grunt from the force of his cock plowing through her passage. Her pain had subsided and she was left with an incredible feeling of fullness and perhaps just a slight discomfort from something being forced into her rectum when normally it would be coming the other way.

John picked up the pace and Deborah could tell from his breathing that he wouldn’t take long now. Her body having adjusted, she was getting into the new sensations and she wanted him to know that it didn’t worry her if it went on longer.

“It’s feeling better, honey,” she managed to say between grunts. “You don’t have to rush it!”

“Feels fuckin’ great!” he told her with feeling and his hand reached around her body to find her clit.

“Ummmm!” she sighed as his fingers began massaging her little bud, all of this while his cock never missed a beat, slamming its way deep into her rectum.

His fingers swirling around her clitoris was just what she needed. She responded by shoving her hips back eagerly to meet his hard thrusts against her arse. But John didn’t need the extra stimulus on his cock and he groaned, telling her how close he was now.

“Give it to me, John,” she called back to him. “Give it up now, come up my arse! Come on!”

That would do it. John was on an overload of erotic sensations. His wife urging him to finish inside her … the sensational feeling of thrusting into such a tight channel … and being able to so closely watch his shaft disappearing into her stretched anal ring only to appear again, over and over. Seeing as well as feeling the intense sensations was pushing him to an early finish.

Knowing he would only be able to manage a few more strokes, John intensified the swirling of his fingers around Deborah’s clit, the fingers swooping down to test her sore cunt and she gasped.

He felt his balls tighten up, he knew that this was it. His cum was on its way. He put everything into the next stroke, shoving so hard up her arse that he nearly knocked her forward off her knees. Deborah stiffened her arms to hold herself up and shoved back at him. Then, one final thrust and he was there.

His cock erupted deep inside her rectum, spraying her insides with a blast of his cum. This time there would be no withdrawal, he looked down her back to her arse and could see none of his shaft as he held his cock hard up inside her. At the base of his belly, his pubic hair was mashed against the spread of her white arse cheeks. His cock throbbed again and they both felt another splash of his cum deposited inside her.

His fingers had never stopped their work on her clit, even as his climax hit and his eruptions of cum started. To the surprise of both of them, her lower body suddenly spasmed into her release. She cried out with intense pleasure as all the discomfort and fullness of his intrusion into her arse was overshadowed by the overwhelming sensations of her orgasm, spreading out from her clit and washing throughout her body.

Her abdominal muscles spasmed around his spurting cock, accentuating the incredible feelings as he continued to pump his cum deep inside her arse. With her release, her arms buckled and her head and shoulders fell forward on the bed, but her husband kept a hold of both hips, keeping her arse raised, locked in sexual excess.

John lay over her back, his deflating cock still wedged tightly up her arse. As she came down from her orgasmic high, Deborah decided that she liked the closeness of this experimental new sexual position that she had just given exclusively to her husband. She felt it brought her back closer to John after she had given herself so brazenly to Martin last night.

As John’s cock began to shrink inside her arse, he raised his upper body up to again look down on her spread arse cheeks, watching closely as he began to ease his now half-hard cock out of his wife’s arse. As the head came back through her sphincter with a little pop, John watched the still gaping hole of her anal ring leaking his whitish fluid. Then, as he continued to study her arse closely, he watched her anus slowly shrinking back to its tiny rosebud state.

He let go of her hips and she sagged down to lay flat on the bed. She turned her body on its side and looked up at him, “So how was my arse, John? Did you like your first time in there?”

“Fuckin’ great!” was all he could answer as he dropped down to lay alongside her, his right hand coming around to lay across her hip.

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