A Professor Living Dangerously Pt. 03



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“Baby,” Chantal said softly to Katherine, as she lay curled up next to her on the mattress.

They had spent the previous several hours making love, and now the black dancer needed to wake her so they could get to the club on time.

“Mmmm…hmmm…” Katherine’s exhaled an exhausted but satisfied reply.

“We need to get ready for work,” her lover whispered.

Numerous times during the week she had tried to think of ways to get out of meeting Chantal at her apartment, but the continued excitement exhibited by the young dancer had made her keep the appointment. Now that it was over, she was glad she did, as they had experienced several hot hours together, and her concerns about Myles’ participation proved unfounded when he didn’t appear.

An hour later, they were in a dirty cab headed for the club wearing jeans and sweatshirts, which was in stark contrast to how they would soon be dressed. Together they primped and prepared for their respective roles in the club’s dressing room, and walked into the main area a few minutes before their scheduled time.

The week thus far had been quite challenging for Katherine. It had started with her acceptance that she needed Sam to fulfill her academic goals which led to their sexual encounter. She still clung to the idea that it had been forced upon her, although she continued to be wracked with guilt by her lewd responses. Also, there was the inertia around getting back into the routine of the club. She had mentally disengaged when she succeeded in acquiring what she thought was the full set of surveys, and was now struggling to regain a comfort level. The hours in the club seemed to creep by, and so far, no new girls had started which further added to her stress.

Slowly, over the next couple weeks, Katherine found a renewed balance with the routine and vibe of the club. She was pleased when several new girls appeared, and since Sam had placed no restrictions on her, she was able to approach them and quickly conclude their surveys. It was progress, although slow, and by her calculations it would take at least two more months to get the required data.

Amazingly, other than the periodic calls for her to dance, Sam didn’t approach her for sex. It was something she had been quite worried about after giving in to his demand, and she had actually thought through and rehearsed in her head the response she would give if he tried. She thought his apparent lack of interest was odd, and for some reason her mind kept coming back to it.

It was late on a Friday and Jesus Vasquez drove his battered fifteen-year-old pickup into the parking lot of the strip club and parked in the rear, passing several empty spaces along the way. For some reason, it just seemed right that he take a spot in the back, as that had always been his place in life. Crossing the border when he was just a teen, he had scrabbled together an existence that always seemed one step away from catastrophe. Now, his meager earnings first went to his four children, divided between two ex-wives, leaving him with very little to live on. His visit to the club was a treat, a rare treat, that he really couldn’t afford, but he was at a point where he just had to live a little or go insane.

Jesus was a thirty-eight-year-old nondescript man that went through life attracting little attention. Everything about him, from his 5’9″ height to his 170 lbs. frame cried out average. He was so used to moving through life unnoticed that when something did occur that brought the spotlight to him it made him nervous and anxious.

After a short walk across the lot, he entered the club, paid the cover and moved quickly to the only empty table along the back wall. A skinny blond girl was onstage, just starting her two-song set, which instantly drew his attention. Jesus liked blonde women and they were usually the subject of his sexual fantasies when he was alone in his apartment and in the mood.

“What can I get you?” a female voice asked.

“A beer please…a Bud,” he answered in a thick accent, without breaking his gaze from the stage.

The beer arrived and he sipped it slowly while watching the blonde finish her set. Only then did he take the time to more fully look around the club and take in his surroundings. He had been inside once before, and although it had been over a year ago, he realized that in that time nothing really had changed.

He was just finishing the beer when he noticed a new dancer arrive on the stage. He saw she was a fresh looking dark haired woman that seemed out of place. He also had the odd feeling he knew her from somewhere and he stared at her trying to determine the reason for the apparent familiarity while she moved. It was only when she turned away, when he saw her lovely ass in the tiny g-string, that the thought struck him. He struggled to accept it as reality as the idea seemed so preposterous, but her pretty features and shapely rear reminded him of the young woman he sometimes saw in the late afternoon at the University where he worked as a janitor. He had seen her only a few times as he didn’t go on duty until six, but he had vivid memory of her in a tight red skirt walking away from him. Even though he was a man more into blondes, it was something that had stayed with him.

Kat continued to dance unaware of the unwanted recognition she had garnered. The voyeuristic opportunity to see her become almost naked while she remained unaware greatly excited the Hispanic man, and as more of her well-toned body came into view, he felt his cock harden. Also, he could tell by the reactions of the men around him that he was not alone. She had the room’s full attention, and some were now moving towards the front of the stage.

Jesus was well into his second beer when Kat, having finished her turn on stage, joined a man at a table only ten feet away. Now, with a closer view, he became even more convinced that she was the woman from the school. Unsure why she would be working in such a place, his mind, helped by the beer, began to consider reasons. Was she doing it for the money? Was she some slut that got off on getting naked?

It wasn’t long before she started a table dance for the man, and when her top came off and he saw her breasts with the small nipples pointing up, his cock once again became hard. Even though twenty dollars was a lot of money for the janitor, he knew he wasn’t going to leave until she danced for him. Jesus had downed two more beers by the time Kat came to him, fulfilling a request he made to the waitress almost an hour before. When she arrived, he was so nervous that he directed her to dance at the first change of song, which occurred almost immediately. The young professor gave no indication that she recognized him, so he relaxed and enjoyed watching her as the few garments she was wearing came off leaving her in just the G-string. Her marveled at the beauty of her toned body as she danced, but there was something else too. Something about the fact that he knew of her from outside the club acted like a catalyst to multiply his excitement leaving him practically shaking.

Katherine indeed had experienced a brief sense of recognition of the man, but put it down to someone she had previously seen in the club. She made no connection to her real life, her position at the University, and simply concentrated on the dance. Near the end of the song, Kat moved close to the man while facing him and Jesus, unable to resist, lifted his shaky hands and placed them on her breasts. His thumbs quickly found her nipples and began tweaking them rapidly.

“Easy,” she softly reprimanded him, when seconds later he squeezed the soft flesh.

Soon, the song was over, and Jesus realized he was breathing deeply as she moved away with his twenty-dollar bill in her hand. With a quick swig to finish his beer, he rose and left the club as he processed what had occurred.

For some reason, on the following Monday Jesus consciously worked in areas of the building to avoid seeing Katherine, thinking somehow, he might get in trouble. However, by Wednesday his mindset had changed and for the remainder of the week he arrived early and was conspicuous with his presence in the hallway near where he thought was her office. It was late on Friday when he suddenly saw her office door fly open about twenty feet away, and she burst forth in a flurry with a handful of papers headed towards the copy machine in the opposite direction. She was wearing stylish gray pants and a pale blue sweater, and he watched her pretty butt swing as she moved. Jesus pushed his cart until he was directly in front of her door and pretended to be working on a spot on the floor until the sound of her shoes indicated her return.

Katherine was looking down at the papers as she walked, but when she got close she looked up and they made eye contact. A second later it hit, the recognition and meaning, and the young woman stopped dead in her tracks with an astonished look. However, just as quickly she recovered and stepped into her office closing the door swiftly behind her. Jesus knew he had been right and also knew she had recognized him. With a smile, he shuffled down the hallway pushing his cart before him.

Katherine was shaking as she fell into her chair and just as quickly stood back up, suddenly unable to remain still. Her mind was filled with thoughts about the disastrous situation she now faced. She knew that if the University was aware of the reality, no explanation would keep her from being terminated. She also realized she was running late and needed to leave immediately for the club or risk Sam’s wrath, so there was no opportunity to try and talk to the janitor even if she wanted to.

“Baby, are you okay?” Chantal asked in a sweet purr, instantly sensing something was wrong.

They were sitting in front of the long mirror in the dressing room getting ready for the evening, and she saw her friend’s eyes instantly well up with tears.

“I’m in trouble,” she declared.

“What? Tell me about it,” the black dancer said in a calm, deliberate voice.

Katherine tried several times to explain, but kept getting flustered. Finally, she started to cry and Chantal let her go knowing it would help calm her. Slowly, she was able to collect herself and she started the explanation again, but this time went back to the encounter she had with the janitor at the club. Even though Chantal was not an educated person, the meaning was not lost on her. She knew her lover was in an awkward position and couldn’t think of any easy way to deal with it.

“You going to have to talk to him,” she finally said, after asking a few clarifying questions.

“I know…I mean maybe. But, why would he listen and cooperate?” she replied as she exhaled deeply.

“Maybe he’s a nice guy,” Chantal responded, although she thought it more likely that Jesus would try some kind of manipulation.

Like the previous week, the club started getting full around eight, and it wasn’t long after that Sam called for Katherine to change. She was far from being mentally ready for it, but she learned long ago that arguing with Sam was pointless, so she went about the task of getting ready. Chantal came into the dressing room to provide support and they continued to discuss her situation, although they made no progress towards a resolution.

Kat had been on stage twice and was just leaving the main area after doing several table dances when she spotted Jesus sitting at the same table he had been at the previous week. They made eye contact, but the young woman kept going towards the dressing room as she thought about what to do. Ten minutes later, as soon as she stepped out, a waitress approached and told her a man wanted her to dance. By her description and the location, she knew instantly it was the janitor from the school. With a deep breath, knowing the confrontation had to occur, she moved slowly towards him.

“Hello,” Kat said when she arrived, taking the other chair at the small table.

Jesus merely nodded as his mouth was too dry from nervousness and excitement to speak. They sat in silence for several awkward minutes before he summoned the courage to make his request.

“Will you dance?” he asked.

With his heavy accent and the loud music playing, it was hard to discern his words, although Kat felt she knew what was being requested. So, at the next song break she stood and began to move as she caught the beat. Slowly, her clothes came off and when his hands reached out she didn’t fight him, letting him touch and fondle her breasts. Surprisingly, he was quite gentle, stroking her sensitive flesh with a light, teasing touch. When the song ended, she returned to her seat and awkwardly accepted the money he presented.

“What do you want?” Katherine finally asked, after more silence.

“What do you mean?” he replied, and she could tell by his words that he was quite nervous too.

“You will get me in trouble if you tell anyone,” she stated, and almost immediately realized that it was probably the wrong thing to say.

“I don’t want trouble,” he replied, but offered nothing more.

“Then…what?” she followed, unsure how to proceed.

It dawned on Jesus that for once in his life he held some level of power. He wasn’t by nature a bad man and it felt strange to him. He didn’t want to hurt the young woman. None of his thoughts were about being evil or getting anyone in trouble. But, now with the leverage on his side, he didn’t want to just let it go away either. Katherine incorrectly read his reluctance as evasiveness with the intent to manipulate and began to get very concerned.

“Please, let’s figure something out,” she said, once more showing more than she should.

“Like what?” he answered, more confused than anything.

“What’s going on here?” the booming voice of Sam filled the space, and looking up Katherine saw him standing behind them with Chantal at his side.

“Nothing,” Jesus quickly answered, and openly began to fidget.

“Why don’t everyone come with me and let’s get a drink,” the large black man said, more as a command than a request.

The janitor, sensing trouble, tried to decline but Sam kept after him in a calm but firm way and eventually he relented. Together, the three of them walked towards the bar while Chantal disappeared into the crowd. They took up a position at the quiet end of the counter, and after getting Roland to bring some drinks Sam started.

“Now, what exactly is going on? Chantal tried to explain, but I’m not sure she got it right,” the club owner asked.

“This man…he…uhhh…he works at the school,” Katherine replied, realizing she didn’t know the man’s name.

Sam took a moment to make sure introductions occurred all around, then continued, “Okay, I understand. Is Jesus threatening to make trouble?”

“No, I don’t want trouble,” Jesus responded, now feeling that he was back in the familiar place of being persecuted.

“It’s just…I mean…if anything is said. Sam, you made me dance and they…you know…” she stumbled, catching herself at the last minute from giving away too much information.

Sam realized the tack she had taken and admired her forethought. There was no reason to give the man any more ammunition, even if he did say he wasn’t looking to make waves.

“Jesus, don’t make no trouble and don’t come back here again,” Sam said looking at the man sternly.

Jesus’ demeanor changed almost instantaneously. It was like a coiled spring had broken in his psyche. Like countless times before, he was like a mangy dog being kicked even after he said he wasn’t going to cause trouble. Hell, all he wanted was to get a look at Katherine’s body. After all, she was showing it to everyone. Why not him, too?

“Hey, fuck you. Man, fuck you. You don’t tell me what to do. I can tell what I want. Fuck you,” he yelled at Sam.

Fortunately, Sam was well practiced in dealing with volatile situations. He realized he may have pushed too hard and offered the man nothing in return. He let Jesus calm down for a bit before he answered.

“Jesus, you said you wanted no trouble and we want no trouble either. I can’t let you mess with her, so tell me how we make this good for everyone,” he said, giving the man a chance to be part of the resolution.

“Man, I just wanted to see her…see what she looked like. I told you I didn’t want trouble,” he replied.

“I know Jesus…I know…” Sam responded. Then, after several seconds of silence he spoke again, “Okay, Jesus. Here’s the deal. You get to spend some time with Kat, but when you done, you done.”

“Sam…” Katherine started, but his quick glance silenced her.

Jesus slowly nodded, unsure about what he meant exactly, but sensing it was better than he was expecting. With that, Sam stood and motioned for them to follow and lead them to the back door.

“Sam?” Katherine tried again, knowing where they were headed.

“Hush girl,” came his fast rebuke.

They left the main building and crossed to the door to the special annex. As soon as they stepped inside, Jesus sensed what the space was for and a smile came to his face.

“Jesus, listen to me. You have an hour with her. You can’t fuck her though. Look and touch but no fucking. Get your fill and when it’s over you going to leave and not come back. You also going to keep your mouth shut. We all clear?” he explained.

Jesus merely nodded, although the expression of excitement on his face was clear. For once, he was going to get more than he hoped and it made him feel alive.

“Sam?” Katherine tried for the third time to interject, but was once more dismissed.

“Girl, you make it worthwhile for Jesus. You asking for a favor, so you better make it good,” he stated, and with that he spun on his heels and left.

For several seconds, they stood and looked at each other, both unsure as to how to proceed. However, when Jesus reached out with his hand for her breast, Kat knew she needed to try and take control. Moving to the end table, she flicked on a switch that she knew from experienced piped in the music from the club and the small room was instantly filled with a heavy beat. With that, she directed Jesus to the couch thinking she would provide him with some dances to fulfill the obligation. However, just before she was about to start the door opened and a waitress brought in two rounds of drinks for the couple.

As soon as she left, Kat started and for the next several songs she danced for the Hispanic man. He stayed amazingly still and his only touch was to softly stroke her breasts and nipples like he had done before.

Dancing over the couch instead of the chairs in the club put a strain on her body and it wasn’t long before Kat needed to take a break. She pulled her top into place then handed the man his beer while she picked up her drink. They sat next to each other in silence for several minutes, but the she could tell he was getting antsy, no doubt thinking his time was ticking by. So, after another quick sip, she stood and started once again, rationalizing it was best to keep him happy and get through the hour uneventfully.

This time though, Jesus was more aggressive. Almost as soon as she started, his hands went to her legs then up to her ass and fondled her with a soft, but insistent touch. Kat didn’t fight him, thinking this was no worse than what she normally dealt with in the club. Then, when she leaned forward, his mouth went to her nipples and she was forced to make a decision as to whether to move or let him suckle. Since his mouth had a tight lock, she ceased moving and soon he guided her body until she was kneeling on the edge of the couch, between his open legs, as he nursed on her nubs. It wasn’t long before his hands were at the sides of her g-string trying to push the garment over her hips, and she had to use one hand to hold it up while she balanced against the back of the couch with the other. Kat felt she was still in control so she didn’t stop him, but after two more songs had concluded she broke the connection.

“Let me rest for a minute,” she said to the Hispanic man, for some reason letting it come out as a whisper.

Jesus accepted her request and released her nipple, but when she tried to put on her top, he stopped her and motioned for her to sit next to him. Again, accepting it as normal club activity, she did as he asked and moved to his side. This time, it was Jesus that reached for the drinks and handed Kat hers before taking a long swig of his beer. As soon as Jesus put the bottle down, his hand went straight to Kat’s breasts and she merely looked on as he stroked, lifted and tweaked both orbs. But, when his head descended and moved towards her nipple, she blocked him with her arm.

“No, Jesus,” she pleaded.

“He said no fucking,” the Hispanic man replied, as if to imply everything else was fair game.

After so much silence, his words startled her and she allowed him to move her arm. His mouth found the bud and he once again locked on, sucking hungrily like a baby, and despite the bizarre situation, Kat felt a small pulsing sensation start between her legs. Like before, he alternated his attention between her breasts, with her dancing appearing to be a forgotten activity. It wasn’t long before both her breasts were glistening with saliva and her pussy tingled from his gentle but relentless attention. She knew she was getting wet and several times had to stop moans from escaping her mouth.

Jesus left her nipples and the sudden loss of sensation actually made Kat gasp. He dropped quickly to his knees and forcefully tried to push his head between her legs.

“No,” Kat spoke, and tried to move his head with her hands.

“No fucking,” Jesus answered, as if this was the now the magic phrase that allowed him access.

The school janitor tried to pull her g-string down but she was able to grab one side, and rather than fight her he lifted the crotch with his fingers and dropped his tongue onto her wet slit.

“Uhhh…no…Jesus…no…” she begged while trying to wiggle away, but was ignored.

Jesus tongue was able to make contact with her slit and he was pleased to find her nicely lubricated. It made him feel powerful to have excited such a beautiful woman and he wanted badly to push her further. He loved to give oral sex to women, something he had done often since he was teen, and he began to lap at Kat’s opening with his practiced tongue. It wasn’t long before he was rewarded when ever so slowly she started to relax and allow her legs to be opened.

The young professor knew that what she was receiving was coming from an experienced man. He was hitting all the right spots with just the right intensity and she was now having to use all her willpower not to show her arousal. Then, while her eyes were closed and she was drifting in a nice place, she felt her g-string slide over her hips and before she could respond he was pulling it over her feet. Quickly, his mouth returned and she fell back without protest, now naked save for her heeled feet.

The tip of Jesus’ tongue found her small, engorged clit and began to flick it with a rapid movement. Kat gave up on her efforts to hide her excitement and started to moan openly while her hips undulated from the intense feeling. Closer, she was getting closer by the second, as the sensation built like a filling dam that would breach at any second. With a last effort, she tried to hold back and gain some control, but it was all too much and then she was there – crying out and releasing with the feelings rolling through her in waves. As she started, Jesus thrust two fingers deep into her pussy and pistoned rapidly inside her, deepening and prolonging her orgasm. Her hands went to the back of his head and her legs jerked in the air while she struggled around her cries to catch her breath.

Slowly, Kat calmed and she realized she had become so consumed by the release that she had lost track of Jesus who was now standing between her spread legs, naked from the waist down, rapidly stoking his cock. She saw a determined look on his face, but her attention was drawn to his shaft. In that moment, she knew he could have her if he wanted, he had earned that right, but he seemed happy to bring himself to a climax with his own hand.

Kat could see he was uncircumcised, although he was fully extended. He was average in length, but slightly fatter than what she thought was normal, and hanging beneath was a set of well-developed balls. His pace never slowed and seconds before his release he made the last half-step forward until his shins contacted the couch.

“Ugggghhh…uggghhh…uggghhhh…,” were his final sounds before a long jet of semen shot forth landing on Kat’s breasts.

With another loud grunt, a second stream escaped and landed on her sweaty tummy, and the final offering fell even shorter, dropping directly onto her upturned pussy where some of the fluid instantly disappeared into her folds. Even on wobbly legs, the vision wasn’t lost on Jesus who realized he had in fact fucked her.

Kat was still cleaning up when Jesus left the small building and entered the club. Sam was waiting and pulled him into his office where he presented him several vouchers for his nude club and provided a stern and clear message that any trouble would be answered with violence. However, even with the threat, Jesus left feeling quite proud, and for the first time in very long while thought he had gotten the good end of the stick.

The next day, Katherine went to Sam’s office when she first arrived to discuss what had occurred.

“Sam, I want to…I mean…thanks for helping me,” she said softly.

Her acknowledgement of his help required that she let her guard down and show some vulnerability which was difficult, but also strangely exciting. The club owner turned and stared at her for several seconds which made her shiver before he finally spoke.

“You know I’m here when you need me, as long as you’re there when I need you,” he said in a not unpleasant voice.

“Thanks, Sam,” she responded, and started to turn to leave.

“I don’t think he is going to cause problems, but if he does you come to me and let me know,” the large black man added.

His words were both supportive and comforting, and the two locked eyes for several seconds before the young wife slowly turned and left. A small smile came to Sam’s face as he considered the exchange. He knew he had struck a chord and thought about how his experience with the downtrodden club girls carried over so easily to this educated, professional woman. They’re all the same he realized as he turned back to his desk.

The following Thursday a nice crowd filled the club and Kat was summoned to change. The evening proved quite lively and she bounced from table to table drinking and dancing so that by eleven she was feeling pleasantly drunk. During a break, while she sat in the dressing room in front of the mirror, her mind returned to Sam and the help he had given. It wasn’t the first time since the encounter with Jesus she had done so, as in fact, in the intervening days, it was something continuously on her mind. Numerous times, she had thought about going to his office and thanking him again, but something kept holding her back.

“Sam?” Kat spoke, as she stepped into the small office.

“Yes?” he replied after he turned.

Sam could tell by the look in her eyes that she was drunk, but he saw something else too, and he instinctively knew what it meant. Katherine was back for more and ready to be taken like he knew she would eventually. He was certain that with a few demanding words he could have his cock planted in her tight pussy, but he wanted more; he wanted her to ask for it.

“I…I…just want to say thanks again,” she said with a choked voice.

“Okay,” he answered, while looking directly into her eyes.

“Sam…” she started again, but stopped mid-sentence.

After several more seconds of staring, the young wife turned and started to close the door.

“Leave it open, baby,” he spoke in his deep voice, stopping her effort.

Katherine turned and looked at him for a moment, but did as she was instructed. Then, with slow steps, she approached the black man and dropped to her knees before him with her hands immediately going to his belt.

Sam could see the beautiful young woman’s breasts heaving in the small dancer’s outfit she was wearing and knew that she was extremely aroused. He let her unbuckle him and open his pants until she had them and his boxers to his knees. With that, her hand found his partially erect cock and brought it to her mouth. He leaned back in his chair enjoying the sensation and let her work on his fat cock until she had him fully erect. He wanted her to do all the work and make all the decisions so there was no question they sprung from her desires.

Katherine reveled in the feeling of the texture of the dark shaft as it moved between her lips. For some strange reason, she was almost desperate to please the black man, as if that made her more worthy. Minutes later, when she had him hard and his cock glistened with her saliva, she stood and quickly stripped then pulled Sam’s shoes and pants from his legs.

“On the couch baby,” Sam finally spoke when Katherine tried to mount him.

He stood and took the few steps over while the young wife anxiously waited and when he was seated she immediately straddled his waist and grasped his shaft. Katherine’s nipples ached with desire and her pussy throbbed with need, but she guided his spongy head along her slit several times before she brought it to her opening and pushed firmly downward, feeling the spear enter her and stretch her tunnel.

“Ohhh…uhhh…uhhh…” she whined loudly, as her throbbing was replaced with a feeling of fullness.

Katherine looked up into his face and saw in his eyes that he was pleased, but there was something else too. It was a confident, knowing look like he had expected her to come to him.

“I can’t help it,” the young wife declared.

“I know baby,” came his simple reply, as he placed his hand on her ass.

Katherine rode him with complete strokes, letting his heavy cock almost leave her before she pushed down upon it, and each cycle caused a tingling feeling, almost like a flutter, to sweep through her tummy. It made her squeeze her muscles to ensure that Sam’s tool didn’t escape, a fact not lost on him. He knew by the contorted look on her face that she was losing control.

“You liking it,” he stated more than asked.

“Yes…” she forced out in a soft gasp.

“Ride it baby. Feel it and let it take you,” he coached her.

“Suck my nipple,” Katherine whined, and it was she that lifted her breast and presented it to his mouth.

Sam took it and sucked hard while finding her other nub with his fingers. His actions brought high pitched whines and whimpers from the lovely wife and her movements became less fluid and more urgent.

“Yeah baby…give it up. Give it up to me,” he demanded.

“Oh Sam…ohhh…oh Sam…uggghhh…uggghhh…now…uggghhh…” she moaned loudly as an orgasm engulfed her.

It was a complete climax that Katherine could feel from her toes to the top of her head. Waves of sexual pleasure crashed through her and a buzzing sensation started in her ears. Several seconds must have passed while she was in the euphoric state and when she regained awareness she realized her back was arched tightly and a deep groan was escaping her mouth. Capturing a little composure, she looked down and saw that the black man was looking at her with a small knowing smile still on his face.

“I need to rest,” she announced, leaning forward until her head was on his shoulder.

“Rest later. I need to nut in this pussy,” Sam fired back, and with a quick turn he had her on her back on the couch without losing the connection.

Instantly, he started hammering into her soaked pussy, and amazingly for Katherine, she felt the euphoric feeling return. It wasn’t at the same level it had been at when she climaxed, but it still felt damn good, and her sighs and moans of pleasure quickly joined the wet slapping sound of their mating.

“Oh Sam…ohhh…oh yes…” she grunted, unable to keep stay silent.

“Yeah baby. You mine now,” he answered.

“Yes…” she whined, and her admission only increased her arousal.

Sam knew he had her now, and the fact that she had come to him only made it better. His mind raced with thoughts of what he might do, which soon had his large balls boiling. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer so he concentrated on pushing into her deeply and forcefully, and was rewarded when fresh sounds of excitement sprung forth.

“Going to fill you up now,” he told her.

“Just a little more…please just a little more,” the professor begged knowing that she too was close.

Sam typically didn’t care if a girl peaked or not, but for some reason he wanted Katherine to. So, with all his willpower, he continued to piston into her until he felt her body tense and her fingernails dig into his ass.

“Oh Sam…” she started, but her pronouncements were mostly drowned out by the loud grunts coming from the black man as his seed shot forth.

“Oh, fuck yeah…fuck yeah…fuck!” he grunted loudly.

The couple slowed but kept a gentle movement going, and as Sam’s senses returned he looked down at Katherine and realized she was covered in sweat. He felt a sense of pride knowing he had so thoroughly taken this married woman. As they looked at each other, Sam got a sudden urge, dropped his head and kissed her hungrily on her full, juicy lips.

“You mine now,” the black man said again when the kiss ended.

“Yes, Sam,” Katherine replied in a tiny voice.

“You can fuck your husband to keep peace in the house and you can play with Chantal if you want, but no one else gets this pussy unless I say so,” he stated firmly.

“Yes, Sam,” she answered once more.

“Good baby. Now get up and get dressed and go back to work. You need to make me some money,” he responded.

The reality of his words surprised her, as she expected that since they were lovers he would take a softer approach with her. However, she remained silent and as soon as he lifted off her she moved to collect her outfit.

Unbeknownst to the two, their coupling had been discovered by Roland who had come to the door to speak with Sam. He heard the sounds first and guessed his boss was banging one of the dancers, which was not uncommon, but when he peered in enough to see it was Katherine he was taken by surprise. He moved back enough to go undetected and watched the black man thoroughly fuck the young woman that he had grown fond of, shaking his head in disbelief at the powers Sam seemed to possess.

Sam was considerate enough to give Katherine a hug and a quick kiss before she left, then he sat down and thought about the situation. He knew he would have fun with her, and thought that she might entertain him for quite some time. However, he knew he would eventually get tired of her, like he always did. He doubted turning her out would be much good as his clientele couldn’t afford what she was worth, but there were always a favor to give or someone to bribe, so she might come in handy for that.

Katherine knew a big line had been crossed, but despite feeling like she should be angry with herself, she just couldn’t go there; at least not all the way. It had been incredible sex where she felt she had completely let go, something she had never been able to fully achieve with her husband. She had experienced a bit of it with Myles and when she first had sex with Sam, but this time she had definitely gone over the top.

Later that night, she had to fend Jeff off when he asked for sex, as she felt a strange obligation to Sam and wanted more time to elapse after their encounter. Fortunately, he accepted her rejection without question and merely went to sleep. In truth, she had been surprised to find him still up when she got home, as his lust around her activities in the club had noticeably waned. Only rarely now did he pester her for details on what had taken place and whether she had been touched.

Later, while lying in bed staring at the ceiling, she wondered how he would react if he knew the full truth; all the strange and often sordid scenes. Would he reject her? Divorce her? Or would it be otherwise? His behavior around the touching she teased him with had been much different that she had expected, but she had now surpassed those relatively tame encounters. In any event, she knew it wasn’t the right time to tell the truth. Maybe later when it was all over she could find the right time, but not now as there was still too much to do.

On the following Saturday, she was just walking past the bar when Roland stopped her. The fact that Sam had fucked her had broken the allure he had for her and he now looked at her as just another dirty stripper.

“Sam wants you,” he said, and by the look on his face she thought it was something outside the norm.

“Sam?” she spoke when she entered the office and saw Chantal sitting on the couch still wearing her every day clothes.

“Yeah, we’re going to my place,” he announced, while turning around.

Katherine shot a glance at Chantal and saw that she was smiling then looked back at Sam.

“Why?” she asked, although she felt she knew the answer.

“Going to have a party,” he replied.

“With whom?” she followed feeling nervous.

“Just us three, girl. Don’t worry,” he announced.

Still feeling awkward, but having no idea what to do, Katherine let the large man direct them out of the club and to his Escalade. Twenty minutes later, they pulled into the garage of a very nice high rise building and were met by a valet. Quickly, they were on the elevator, receiving only a “good evening” from the concierge on their way.

“I’m going to start fixing things while you girls go in there and get dolled up. Now, I want you looking fine, hot as a firecracker,” he said as soon as they walked into a large, well-appointed space that belied the nature of his work.

Sam had indicated they should head down a hall, so together the girls walked until they came to a large bathroom that was filled with all kinds of makeup along with a clothes rack very much like the club.

“Chantal?” Katherine whined, indicating her nervousness.

“What’s wrong girl? I know you like him. Just relax and let’s have some fun,” she replied.

Katherine gave her a mock look of annoyance, but quickly the girls were undressing and preparing themselves. Twenty minutes later, after several demands from Sam to hurry, they emerged. Katherine was wearing a red, gauzy baby doll which was essentially see-thru with a matching thong and heels while Chantal was dressed in a pair of hot pants and a bikini top. Both garments were so tight that her ass cheeks and the top of her breasts bulged out giving her a look of being ripe and ready.

“Good…worth the wait,” Sam spoke as they approached.

He was sitting on a leather sofa, dressed in a dark silk rope and before him on the table were three fluted glasses of Champaign and a small tray with multiple lines of white powder. The girls sat on either side of him and took the glasses as they were offered. After a quick clinking of the stems, they each took a drink, and as soon as the black man finished he picked up the tray with the drug.

“Got some good stuff for us,” he declared.

Katherine knew what the powder was, even though she had never experienced cocaine. Sam sensed her nervousness and saw the trepidation on her face, so he turned towards the black dancer.

“Go first and show our girl how,” he said.

Chantal took the rolled-up bill that was on the tray and toyed with it in her fingers before dipping her head and snorting a line.

“Another,” Sam stated, as soon as she finished, and with almost no pause she proceeded.

“Hope I do it right,” Katherine giggled when the tray was turned her way.

She had resigned herself to try the drug and took some comfort in the easy way her friend had imbibed. Still, she was nervous and started looking over the bill as she summoned her courage.

“Just do what she did,” Sam coaxed.

He was horny and looking forward to a good sex session, and he knew that the drug would lower the young wife’s inhibitions, especially given its quality. When almost thirty seconds had gone by and she still hadn’t partaken, he was just about to prod her again when suddenly she bent down and started. It took her several attempts but she finally erased the line and as soon as she finished her free hand went to her nose.

“It burns,” she declared.

“Just for a second or two. Do another and use your other nostril,” he responded.

With less delay, Katherine did as she was instructed and consumed the second dose. Sam quickly followed, snorting several lines in quick succession, and after finishing he set down the tray and poured more Champaign.

It took several minutes for Katherine to feel the effects, but when they appeared she suddenly felt more focused and her sensitivity became more pronounced; particularly in her nipples and pussy which now tingled pleasantly.

“Feels good, don’t it?” Sam asked when he noticed her change.

“Makes me horny,” Chantal offered with a giggle.

“Let’s go fuck,” the black man announced suddenly, and quickly stood.

He directed them towards a hallway that led to the master bedroom that contained a huge bed raised high. Along the way, the young professor thought about what was going to occur. She was about to be part of a threesome again, although this was a planned event and not the serendipitous event that had taken place at her friend’s apartment. She thought about how just a few months ago, she would have considered it an impossibility. But, what surprised and confused her the most was that part of her was looking forward to it.

Chantal climbed onto the bed and Katherine followed while Sam hung back. They lay back on the mound of cushions looking expectantly towards him and saw that his robe was open and his heavy cock was draped lazily over his large balls.

“You girls get started,” he demanded.

Before the words were completely out of his mouth, Katherine felt the hands of the black dancer on her body. Quickly, her body followed and she found herself pinned beneath the black girl who pressed her body down, smashing their breasts together, while showering her face with kisses. Initially, Katherine was self-conscious as she thought about Sam watching her have sex with Chantal, but the dancers body was so warm and soft that, helped by the drugs which continued to heighten her sensitivity, soon she was responding with her own embraces and kisses.

The black girl mouth moved to her lover’s breasts and teased her nipples with the tip of her tongue until they were fully erect and her body was squirming. Then, she kissed her way down her body until she arrived at her smooth, shaved pussy that was already oozing in anticipation.

“Uhhh…” Katherine whimpered when she felt the contact on her clit.

“Baby, you so wet,” Chantal said softly, with a little giggle.

Katherine realized her hand was playing with her aroused nipple, and with an act of abandon, she used her other to push the black girls head back down while she spread her legs lewdly. Chantal positioned herself between the open legs and began to rapidly lick Katherine’s pussy which brought more excited sounds from the professor.

Sam had been watching and slowly stroking his cock which was now mostly hard. With the dancer’s ass now presented to him with her glistening labia on display, he climbed onto the bed, moved behind her and without ceremony found her opening with his cockhead and plunged inside.

“Ohhh…ohhh…” Chantal cried out like a wounded animal when it hit bottom.

“Keep licking that pussy while I fuck you,” he demanded, while his hands gripped her hips.

For a while, they were able to get a workable rhythm going, but Katherine could tell that the black girl’s tongue was losing connection with her pussy, no doubt caused by the pounding she was receiving from Sam. The licking slowed then ceased altogether and Chantal merely rested her head on Katherine’s flat tummy and enjoyed the fat cock. All kinds of sexual sounds escaped her mouth and occasionally she would make eye contact with the white wife. The look wordlessly transmitted the knowledge that she was in heaven and it wasn’t long before Katherine wished it was her receiving Sam’s attention.

Fortunately, the sounds coming from Chantal soon announced that she was on a path towards a climax, and less than a minute later, with a series of high-pitched squeals, she let go. Sam’s strong hands kept her from moving much, although she did flop her head back and forth several times across Katherine’s body as she let go. When it was over, she became quiet and the black man behind her slowed then stopped. Sam looked over the girl’s body at Katherine and immediately she knew he wasn’t finished, which made her pussy throb. Together, they guided Chantal to the side and quickly the black man moved forward until he was over her.

“Put it in,” he demanded, and without hesitation she reached for his thick cock and guided it to her opening.

“Uhhh…uhhh…ohhhhhhh…” she moaned, as he worked past her tight opening and penetrated her completely.

“Fuck yeah,” Sam spat out as he started rocking his hips.

Without coaxing, Katherine’s wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She received his tool, feeling the joy her friend had only moments ago. Her mind raced to their recent encounter in his office, but this was even better. Now, she was in comfort of the huge bed feeling his large body pressed against hers, and with each thrust she was being taken to a higher level.

“Baby, you look so hot,” Chantal whispered.

Her friend had recovered enough that she was stroking her arm with her fingernails while she looked on. Katherine turned her head to look at the black girl, but was instantly admonished by Sam.

“Look at me,” he demanded.

She instantly complied, staring straight into his eyes, knowing that his words were meant as a message. By following his direction, she was acknowledging that he controlled her and she would be subservient.

Sam had her well on the way to a release when he stopped momentarily and put his arms beneath her legs. Now, her pelvis was tilted back and splayed lewdly open, and he began to thrust into her with full, deep and powerful movements. Katherine had never been taken this way, as she was used to meaningful love making. Occasionally, when fully aroused her past lovers might move fast, but they had never been so raw and purposeful. It made her feel vulnerable, but somehow that feeling morphed in a way that made her even more excited. Soon, a strange feeling began to oscillate between her breasts and vagina, like water in a tank, and she instinctively knew that if he kept going she was going to have a mind-blowing orgasm.

The final step came with almost no warning. It was like a wave that suddenly appeared before her and knocked her down. Suddenly, her body was firing and her mouth was screaming. She could feel the walls of her vagina gripping and releasing his cock and her puckered anus spasm. Even her breasts felt like they were climaxing with her small nipples suddenly painfully yet deliciously hard. Sam’s movement never slowed and then the wave appeared again, but this time she was gone.

Chantal watched Katherine climax, mesmerized by the truly erotic sight she was witnessing. She could tell it was huge and that it was staying with her and then she saw her eyes roll to the back of her head as she lost consciousness.

“You fucked her out,” she announced to Sam who kept going at Katherine’s now limp body.

“She’ll come back,” he answered as if it was normal fare for him.

Chantal stroked her friend’s hand, which had fallen onto the bed, and slowly life returned to her. Then, as if waking up from a nap, her eyes fluttered and she was back.

“Ohhh…oh my God,” she groaned.

“Yeah, you finally getting fucked right,” the black man said.

Sam had worked up a sweat and he could feel beads of perspiration roll down his back. He fucked the beautiful woman like a machine, relentlessly thrusting his heavy shaft to her full depth. When the telltale feeling in his balls started, he knew he was getting close, so he concentrated on the steady pace and less than a minute later he felt them begin to tighten.

“He’s going to cum,” Chantal said, stating the obvious.

“Yeah, I’m going to cum. Going to fill this goddamn pussy up,” he grunted.

He made two more deep moves then on the third he pushed all the way in and held it firmly. Katherine could feel his cock expanding and releasing at her opening and knew he was blasting a large amount of semen deeply inside her. Even though she was religious about taking her birth control pill, a part of her still wondered if it was adequate protection against something so powerful.

For four more hours, they had sex, interrupted only by brief periods of rest along with breaks for more cocaine and Champaign. By the time Sam announced he was fucked out, she had received another load of cum in her pussy, sucked his cock several times and even licked Chantal’s slit as semen dribbled out. It was a raunchy evening, and when she stepped into the bathroom to clean up, she was surprised her body looked mostly unscathed. Her hair was damp and she reeked of sex, but other than that there was just a light bruise on her inner thigh she would need to be careful about.

After sharing a shower with Chantal, they ordered cabs and went their separate ways. Alone in the dark back seat, suddenly the guilt hit her full force as the reality set in. There was no way to rationalize this time; something necessary for the project, the unplanned situation at Chantal’s apartment or the moment of weakness in the club. No, she had been a drug taking, eager participant, that achieved sexual satisfaction and gave it. But, what was even more disturbing was the knowledge that she would likely do it again; the experience had just been too powerful.

Sex with Sam became a routine thing, sometimes with Chantal but usually alone. Typically, Roland would stop her as she walked through the club on her way to change and they would spend hours at his place with numerous rounds of sex. He taught her how he liked his cock sucked and showed her how to fondle his balls just right, and she became so good at it that he often had to stop her to keep from cumming too quickly.

In addition, the older black man’s cock totally conquered the young wife. It seemed he could make her orgasm at will and he knew how to take her hard and deep once she started to make it last. She learned her favorite position was on her back with her legs pushed up like he had taken her the first time with Chantal, and it wasn’t uncommon for her cries of pleasure to become wails as she climaxed.

It was always afterwards, on her way home in the cab, that the guilt would hit her. Countless times she swore it was there last meeting, but each time the guilt would fade and she would find herself accepting the next invitation.

When Sam began fucking Katherine, he thought it was some of the best pussy he ever had. She was fresh and responsive and in most cases eager to please. However, he had been with hundreds of women and knew that regardless of their looks or talents it would eventually get old. After fucking her a dozen or so times, he was beginning to get that feeling and knew it was about time to move on.

“Sam said you and Chantal should take a cab to his place,” Roland told Katherine, when she arrived at the club on a Friday.

He had a telling smirk on his face which she ignored, and with a nod she walked to the dressing room to discuss the situation with her friend. She didn’t spot the young black girl, so she waited for her to arrive and busied herself by primping at the mirror. Twenty minutes later Chantal arrived and by the look on her face she must have received the same message from Roland.

“You ready to go?” the dancer asked.

“Well, I’m not sure. I mean we were just there two days ago,” she replied.

Sufficient time had not elapsed from the last meeting to allow the guilt to fade from Katherine psyche. In addition, she took some solace in it being an occasional thing, so it worried her that Sam might be wanting to meet more often.

“Not much we can do,” Chantal responded, while shrugging her shoulders.

Katherine knew she was right if she wanted to remain in the club, and once more she found herself leveraged by the black man. She was getting very close to finishing and with luck the two more surveys she needed to meet the lower statistical threshold would occur in the next week. So, with a feeling of resignation she nodded to her friend and together they walked out.

Soon, they were past the concierge and in the elevator riding up to his place. When they stepped out, Sam met them fully clothed looking a bit nervous. Only once before, when the drug dealers visited the club, had she seen him look this way which immediately brought on a feeling of foreboding. He directed them to the bathroom where he kept the outfits, and instructed them to hurry and to look “fucking good”.

Kat and Chantal emerged fifteen minutes later; the young professor in a purple minidress with three inch heels and her friend in a vinyl micro skirt with a matching cropped top. The loud clicking of their heels on the marble floors slowly faded as they walked towards the living area where jazz music was playing. As soon as they entered the room, they could see that in addition to Sam, there was an older white man along with a black man that was a bit younger. Both had shed their suit jackets and ties, and were lounging with cocktails in their hands.

“Girls this here is Mr. Bennett and this is Mr. Jackson,” Sam explained, introducing the white man first, then after the girls nodded he continued, “And here we have Kat and Chantal.”

“Might as well mix things up,” Mr. Bennett spoke, and patted on the seat next to him as he looked at Chantal.

With a demure smile, the black girl moved towards the man and after a few moments Kat awkwardly approached the black man and settled to his side. Sam acted as bartender, which further surprised Kat, and quickly he was handing drinks to the girls. The men continued to chat while the girls sat by quietly. Despite her nervousness, the young wife was picking up enough from the conversation to realize that these were important men in the community and that Sam needed something from them. He had just finished handing out a second round of drinks when she saw him pull out the small wooden box that she knew held his drug stash. He worked behind the bar for a few minutes then stepped out holding the tray that now held four lines of coke.

“It’s good,” he said, offering it first to Mr. Bennett.

The older man, with a full head of silver-gray hair, picked up the rolled-up bill on the side and quickly pulled the powder into his nose. From there, it was offered to Mr. Jackson, then Kat and finally Chantal.

Kat had trepidation about taking the substance, as she was still trying to understand what was taking place, but did so thinking it was the path of least resistance. Like the times before, the effects hit her quickly and she felt her nipples tighten and tingle as a sense of euphoria raced through her lovely body.

“Damn good,” Mr. Jackson stated, after Chantal was finished.

The discussion started again, but it was only a few minutes before Mr. Bennett’s hands began to wander over the black girl’s body. Even though he soon had her breasts out and was mauling them, he was somehow able to maintain the conversation. Kat was happy that her man had thus far kept his hands to himself, however this was about to change.

“Take that thing off so I can see those white titties,” Mr. Jackson demanded seconds later.

Kat looked towards Chantal and received a strange expression in return, but when she glanced at Sam, he was staring at her with mean, narrow eyes. Although still unsure, she lifted the garment over her head while rationalizing once again that it was no worse than the club.

“Have you had these two?” Mr. Bennett asked, just as Mr. Jackson’s hand found Kat’s breasts.

“Damn right, they’re the best,” he announced, and suddenly things were becoming clear, which made Kat very afraid.

“Take those bottoms off so I can see your sweet pussy,” Mr. Jackson stated.

“Baby, come go with me to the bathroom,” Chantal said, and her words were like a life saver as Kat felt almost paralyzed.

With laughs from the guests and a stern look from Sam, they moved quickly down the hall to the bathroom.

“Baby, Sam’s wanting to turn you out,” Chantal spoke, as soon as the door closed.

“What do you mean?” she asked, wanting to clarify the meaning even though she felt she understood.

“He wants you to fuck for money or for favors from those men. You going to be a pro after tonight,” she explained.

“I’m not going to…” she started, but suddenly the door was thrown open and Sam’s large frame filled the opening.

“Chantal, get your ass out of here. NOW,” he yelled, and the young black girl gave a quick fearful look at her friend before she hastily left.

“Sam…” the young wife started, but was again interrupted.

“You shut the fuck up. Those men are important to me and you are going to go out there and do what it takes. You going to fuck them and anything else they want. They want their dick’s sucked, I better see one in your mouth. They want to fuck your ass, I expect you to hold your cheeks open. You understand me?” he stated in a voice filled with menace.

“Sam…I…Sam please I can’t…” she tried to start, but her eyes filled with tears and she became too emotional to speak.

Sam took her by the arm and his grip felt like it was going to break it as he threatened, “Get yourself together and get your ass out there. I ain’t fucking around.”

The large black man left her with wobbly knees requiring her to use the vanity for support. She looked at her almost nude body in the mirror and the reality suddenly hit home with full force. The time she had spent in the club had been an illusion. This was the real Sam and the true nature of what she had been involved in. The truth was she had just been lucky to make it this far, but now was the moment of reckoning. Rationalization had gotten her through the groping in the club and even her infidelities, but now she knew it had all been a lie – a lie she had told herself. There was no way she could rationalize being a prostitute, and although her mind raced trying to find a solution, a way out, none appeared.

“Jeff…please…I’m in trouble…I…I need help right now,” she spat into her phone, as soon as her husband answered.

Fortunately, he sensed the gravity of the situation and hung up as soon as he had her location. He even accepted her request not to involve the police as he too knew the damage it would create for both. Katherine quietly closed the door and set the lock, hoping against hope that her husband would reach her in time.

Jeff was out of the house like a bolt, but had the sense to take a deep breath and program the address into his phone before setting off. He drove as fast as he dared, pushing the speed limit and racing through several yellow lights. His wife’s voice and her plea had been the realization of his worst nightmare since her job at the club started. Many times, he thought about the dangers, but like her, time had managed to soften his concerns.

A block away he realized the address was the high rise coming up on his right and for a moment he let his mind wonder why his wife would be there. Then, he pushed those thoughts aside and concentrated on reaching her as quickly as possible. There would be a time later for those questions to be asked, but not now.

When Sam returned to the living room, Chantal was on Mr. Bennett’s knee doing her best to engage him, but Mr. Jackson had an annoyed look on his face. He made another drink for the black man and offered him another line of coke, however when almost fifteen minutes had elapsed and there was no sign of the white woman, he strode back to the bathroom.

“Open this motherfucking door,” Katherine heard Sam’s demand.

The clicking of the doorknob and his strong voice frightened her and she cowered in the corner.

“Leave me alone,” she finally said with a choked voice, after he had tried several more times to open the door.

“Bitch, you best open this door or I’m going to beat your skinny white ass until you beg to fuck,” he threatened her.

“I…I called the police,” she whimpered.

“Then you best uncall them or everyone at that school will know how you been slutting it up,” he replied.

Jeff strode through the lobby of the building, and when the doorman tried to stop him he shoved him hard in the chest, catching him off guard and knocking him onto his fat ass.

“I’m going to 1602 and if you get in my way I’ll call the police,” he told the man as he entered the elevator.

The doorman knew enough about the resident of 1602 to realize the police were the last thing he wanted to see in the building. Still, even that was better than a major scandal or perhaps even a murder. The large man pulled himself up and moved back to his desk, contemplating what to do as Jeff rose swiftly towards the 16th floor.

Sam was still trying to enter the bathroom door when he heard a pounding at his door. There had been no call from the building people, which was unheard of, so his immediate thought was it might be the police.

“Yeah?” he said into the closed door, while looking through the peep hole and seeing the man he recognized as Katherine’s husband.

“Open the door. I am here for my wife. Either let me in or I’m calling the police,” Jeff said using his best attorney demeanor.

At that moment, Sam knew his little party was over and with it his chance to get a favor from the men. From his view, he had helped and coddled the young wife, so to be treated this way pissed him off immensely. Seething with anger, he opened the door and immediately threw a punch that caught Jeff full on the chin. He staggered back, almost done in, but was able to stop his fall, and with a surge of adrenalin he raced forward and put his shoulder into the larger man driving him into the opposite wall.

“Ummpphhh…” Sam grunted, as most of the air was knocked from him.

“Where’s my wife,” Jeff demanded, still grappling with the club owner.

“You motherfucker,” the larger man yelled out, as he finally was able to get a grip on the husband and fling him down the hallway.

What followed was a melee that moved down the hall until it entered the living room where the startled guests moved away from the two, unclear of what was occurring. Sam’s punches were stronger and better placed countered only by Jeff’s ability to use his body to ram into the black man and force him to fall over tables and chairs. Still, it was clear the young husband was not only losing, but rapidly running out of energy.

When Jeff looked back on the fight, he wasn’t sure whether it was dumb luck or providence, but in any event, he was somehow able to land a defining blow that stopped Sam cold. He had just been shoved back into the bar and while trying to steady himself his hand came into contact with a wooden object, a heavy box, that he gripped and swung at the black man’s head with all his remaining strength. Miraculously, he landed the blow with the edge catching Sam on the temple and he fell instantly face forward onto the floor. As Jeff looked down at the man while gasping for breath, he wondered why the room seemed to be filled with a white powdery substance.

“Where’s my wife?” he finally got out to the stunned observers.

“She’s in the bathroom. Down that hall,” Chantal replied.

Jeff stumbled his way towards the bathroom, suddenly feeling nauseous, and was met by Katherine now changed into her everyday clothes.

“Jeff…of Jeff…are you okay?” she barely got out as her crying started again.

Her husband merely nodded and together they made their way out of the building, past the stunned doorman, and into Jeff’s car still parked in front. Twice they had to stop for Jeff to throw up, but finally they made it home and Katherine quickly went to work to see to her man. Over the next hour, she found multiple contusions on his body along with a busted lip and skinned up knuckles. She didn’t think anything was serious, although she knew he would be sore for days.

“Jeff, I need to tell you what…” she started after making him take some aspirin.

“No, not now. Later maybe, but not now,” he replied.

In that moment, all of Katherine’s guilt came welling to the surface and she began weeping. Now, everything seemed so silly and selfish. She had compromised her morals and committed adultery with multiple men, and yet when she needed him most her husband came forward without hesitation risking everything for her safety. Despite his numerous attempts to calm her, she was inconsolable for hours as the harsh reality hit home.

The doorman finally summoned his courage and went to check on things a half hour after the couple had raced by. He was pleased to see that by all outward appearances things were normal although he still knocked on the door.

“Yeah?” Sam asked, as the doorman looked at him holding an icepack to his head.

“Just checking if everything is okay,” he answered in a cowed voice.

“Everything’s fine. Just a jealous husband,” Sam responded, and since that fit his view of events and wasn’t something that required further involvement, he nodded, turned and left.

Amazingly, his two guests had stayed on rather than flee after the couple’s departure. Reluctantly, and since Mr. Bennett was something of a mentor to Little Sam, he explained the events leading up to the altercation. In addition, with Chantal present, he decided to keep mostly to the truth.

“But, don’t you worry. I’m going to get my revenge,” he stated, as a wave of anger rolled over him.

“Sam, you can do what you want, but my suggestion is you forget the whole thing. Hell, it’s your fault in the first place for letting that young woman in the club. You know better than that,” Mr. Bennett counseled.

“Look at my goddamn head,” Sam responded, indicating that was reason enough to go after them.

It was Mr. Jackson’s turn to speak and he gave a similar message, “Sam you’ll be better off taking the advice. You go messing around with a young white married couple. Wife’s a professor at our best university and husband’s an attorney…people will want a noose around your neck and you hanging from on overpass.”

“Did you fuck her?” Mr. Bennett asked.

“Hell yes,” Sam replied with some pride.

“Well I bet it was good pussy. Let it go at that,” he added.

The next day Chantal texted Katherine and they talked on the phone. The dancer explained the conversation between the men and how Sam had been told to leave them alone. It was a huge weight off her shoulders, although there were still many other issues to deal with.

“Am I going to see you again?” Chantal asked in a soft voice.

“I don’t know Chantal. I am confused and feel like shit. And poor Jeff,” she replied.

“Baby, your husband’s a badass,” she answered with a laugh.

Jeff waited for two weeks before he let Katherine explain what had occurred. During that time, she had attempted on multiple occasions to initiate a conversation, but in each case, he had declined to discuss it, saying he wasn’t ready yet. Finally, as they sat on the couch and sipped wine on a lazy Sunday, he indicated he was ready.

“I guess we need to talk about it,” he said, and although vague, she knew what he meant.

“Okay honey, just please let me get through it all before you ask questions. I’m not sure I can otherwise,” she begged.

Katherine started at the beginning and went through the events in detail. She described the costume she was required to wear and how she would occasionally be touched as a waitress. Then, she went through the part about being coerced into being a dancer in the club, her time on stage as well as the table dancing that was part of the job. She even explained the extent of the touching she had endured. Finally, she talked about Chantal and how they had grown close and made love. Only her adultery, with Myles and Sam, and the incident with the school janitor were left out.

“Geez Katherine,” Jeff sighed.

“Do you hate me? I understand if you do,” she asked, feeling very vulnerable.

“So, when you were coming home and telling me about being touched…some of it…I mean most of it was true?” her husband tried to clarify.

“Yes,” she answered, looking down at the floor in shame.

“Well, I guess I was giving you strange signals on that,” Jeff responded magnanimously.

“It’s my fault,” Katherine answered as a mea culpa.

“And this black girl…Chantal. I mean you really…really did it? Like lesbians?” he followed, with a look of confusion on his face.

“Yes,” she replied softly, as his tone seemed full of judgement.

“Did you have sex with any men?” Jeff shot out in a pointed way.

“No…no,” she lied, fighting hard to hold eye contact.

She knew it was wrong to lie. Jeff deserved the truth, but she was deeply ashamed by her actions and she felt she was already so close to the edge with him that an admission would likely lead to divorce. It wasn’t something she wanted. Instead, she wanted to rededicate herself to her marriage over everything else.

Jeff knew there was more to the story, and he knew Katherine well enough to understand that she would eventually tell him. However, he too wanted to stay in the marriage. He loved Katherine and loved her being his wife, so he decided forgiveness was the right course.

“Okay Katherine. Thank you for telling me. I know it was difficult. You got so caught up in this research that you lost perspective and I blame myself too for not getting you to see that. But, you got to promise me there will be no more field work like this,” Jeff said, and in the last sentence a smile came to his face.

“I promise!” Katherine exclaimed, practically crying in joy as her husband forgave her.

Katherine went to work on updating her research and editing her paper. The fact she was two short of the lower statistical threshold was something that she would just have to live with. Fortunately, the new data was consistent with the old and her outcomes didn’t change, so it was just a few weeks before she emailed Prof. Dominguez.

“Two short. And, there’s no way…” her mentor started before Katherine cut her off.

“No, Professor. This is the data set,” she answered giving the older woman a determined look.

“Okay, well that’s a pity. But, let’s go with it,” she said.

Jeff had continued to be amazing. He never brought the club up, although he certainly had the right to say I told you so, and he seemed sincerely excited about her paper. For a bit, there time in bed was effected as both seemed to be uncertain as to the mood or mindset of the other, but that slowly worked itself out. Now it was just like normal, better really, as Katherine respect and admiration for her husband had skyrocketed.

Jeff and Katherine had just finished making love. It was a slow, gentle yet passionate encounter where the young wife was brought to a small but satisfying orgasm and several minutes later her husband buried his face into her neck and grunted repeatedly as he fired his semen into her warm pussy. They stayed connected and for the next few minutes sighed and let out soft mews of pleasure before Jeff rolled to her side.

“I got something to tell you?” he whispered almost immediately.

“What?” Katherine quickly asked curious but nervous at the same time.

“I got excited thinking about you being touched…in the club,” he admitted.

“I know honey,” she answered stroked his hair.

“How did you know?” he asked.

“Honey, it was impossible not to see. You were always up when I got home,” she laughed.

“Well, I feel stupid now,” he followed.

“Don’t Jeff. I have to admit that you getting turned on turned me on. Sometimes in the club I would think about you when it was happening,” she explained.

“Hmmm…” he replied and it was quiet for a moment before he continued with, “I want to meet Chantal.”

Katherine and Chantal were texting almost daily. The young black girl was keeping her apprised of anything with Sam that she might need to know, which thankfully so far had been minimal. They hadn’t seen each other since the night at Sam’s, and despite Chantal’s pleas, she had decided to move on.

“Why?” she asked in surprise.

“I want to meet my wife’s lover,” he said with a quick laugh.

There was a long silence that lasted over a minute before Katherine responded, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, just ask her over for a drink. No big deal,” he said in a way that made her think his request was not a spur-of-the-moment decision.

The following Sunday at a little past seven the light knock on the door announced the arrival of Chantal. Katherine had to stifle her excitement and force herself to walk slowly as she went to meet their guest. When she opened the door, her friend and lover stood before her looking like a normal college age girl, and she realized that she had never seen her except in club attire or the sweatshirt and jeans she wore back and forth.

“You look great!” Katherine said with a big smile, as she ushered her inside.

Jeff walked up at that moment, and as introductions were made the young wife could see her husband was enthused, almost excited, to meet her friend. From there, they moved to the living room, and while the girls got comfortable, Jeff disappeared to the kitchen and returned quickly with a bottle of wine and three glasses. The conversation was a bit stilted getting started, but as the alcohol relaxed them it became more free flowing.

“He wants to see us together,” Chantal whispered to Katherine when Jeff went to open a second bottle.

“No, he doesn’t,” she replied quickly without pausing to consider the words, but after thinking about it for several seconds she followed with, “Why do you think that?”

“Baby, he can barely sit still. He’s wired,” she answered.

“I can’t do that. We’re just now getting back to normal,” Katherine responded, in a tone that sounded like a plea.

“He does baby,” Chantal countered, and ran her fingers through her lover’s dark hair.

Katherine had been keeping her friend up to date on the situation at home, and they chatted at length when she called to invite her over. She had explained how shocked she had been at her own behavior and how thankful she was at Jeff’s non-judgmental acceptance. In addition, they had discussed their relationship, and while Katherine admitted she was attracted to the black girl, she didn’t think it was healthy to continue. She knew her decision had disappointed Chantal, although she remained supportive.

“Don’t,” the young professor warned her friend when she heard her husband approaching.

Jeff returned, poured more wine, and the conversation picked back up. The relationship of the two women was being deftly skirted around, however with each sip of the liquor the glances and innuendo became more pronounced. Finally, when half of the new bottle had been consumed, without warning Chantal’s hand returned to Katherine’s hair and she began stroking it again.

“Chantal!” the young wife protested, while giving a half-hearted effort to twist away.

Neither her husband nor the black girl said a word, but when Katherine’s eyes shot between them, she noted both were sporting smiles. The silence continued as Chantal’s soft hand moved to the young wife’s lovely neck and began to tease it with her fingertips. Katherine remained motionless but her husband, sitting directly across from her could see the tiny bumps in her pullover sweater that indicating her nipples were aroused.

Katherine was about to protest her friends action when she felt the girl turn her head and suddenly their lips connected. It was just for an instant as she quickly pulled away, and this time when she looked towards Jeff his thin smile had grown into a wide grin. It was clear by his expression that he wasn’t upset rather, his look appeared to be encouraging. Once more, Chantal moved her face so they could kiss and this time it lingered, lasting for several seconds before Katherine broke away.

“It’s okay honey,” she heard her husband say in a soft but strained voice.

Her husband’s encouragement effected the young dancer and instantly her kisses became more urgent and insisting. However, Katherine was still in turmoil. Over the weeks since she had left the club, she had returned to her normal, routine life, but suddenly it was all coming back. Although she felt she needed to fight it, that it was truly the right thing to do, she could feel both her mind and body slipping into the cauldron.

Chantal sensed it too and knew her lover’s defenses were rapidly falling away. She missed her friend and wanted desperately to feel their embrace, so she kept at her. The first true sign of her surrender was when her lips pushed back. Seconds later it happened again and after that things moved quickly. Now, Katherine was openly returning the kisses and soft mews were escaping each time they connected, and when the black girl’s hand found her breast, rather than recoil, she felt her body push against it.

Jeff quietly witnessed his wife’s capitulation and with each step he could feel his dick getting harder until he was forced to reach down and move it to a less painful position. It was very erotic to watch them in the throes of passion and his knowledge, or apparent knowledge, of his wife’s normal and conservative ways made it even more powerful.

Chantal began to work on her lover’s clothes and received only token resistance until she reached her bra and panties. Katherine suddenly became resistant, but rather than force things, the black dancer took it as an opportunity to quickly shed her clothes. The room was silent as husband and wife watched and she received no negative words from either. Once fully naked, she dropped on top of Katherine and began to slowly move her body in a slow, seductive motion that quickly brought moans of arousal from the married woman’s lips.

“We can’t,” she tried in once last feeble effort to slow things down, but the huskiness of her voice gave away her excitement.

Once more, Chantal’s hand went to her bra and this time she received no resistance as she released it and pulled the garment from between them. Now, their breasts were pushed hard together flattening each in a way that mesmerized Jeff as he anxiously fidgeted in the chair.

“My God,” he whispered in a low voice, meant for no one.

It was only a short time later that the black girl’s hands went to Katherine’s panties and this time she received help in pushing them over the toned butt and down her smooth legs. As soon as they were off, Chantal positioned herself between the white girl’s legs and pushed her mound hard against Katherine’s which brought forth a deep moan that was only silenced when their lips once more connected. Jeff watched as the black girl fucked his wife, much like a man might, while he stroked his hard dick through his pants. It was truly an erotic sight, much more powerful than he imagined, and it left his mouth dry and his body practically shaking.

“Let’s go to bed,” Chantal suggested in a throaty whisper.

Their bodies ceased moving and Katherine looked towards her husband where she saw the fire in his eyes and his hand working the bulge in his slacks. For just an instant, there was hesitation, then they were moving; climbing off each other and standing.

“Come on,” Katherine said in a demanding voice to her husband, as she held out her hand.

Together, they made the short march to the dimly lit bedroom where the girls left the young husband standing as they flopped onto the bed, and in seconds they were once more entwined. Jeff quickly sat and his hand returned to his dick, massaging it roughly through the fabric of his clothes. He felt awkward sitting and watching, wanting desperately to be a part of the scene playing out before him, but unsure of what to do. However, when Chantal rolled to her knees and buried her face between his wife’s legs while presenting her ass to him he could no longer hold back. Much like Sam had witnessed weeks ago, the glistening wetness of the dancer’s labia protruded towards him like an express invitation and suddenly he was on his feet removing his clothes.

With his dick in his hand, Jeff stepped behind the girl’s ass until he was just inches away and took in the sounds of Chantal lapping and his wife’s cries of excitement. He had just summoned enough courage to step forward and push inside what he knew would be a wonderful feeling tunnel, when his wife, with a series of deep groans, started to climax. Chantal maintained the assault on her clit, extending her orgasm, until Katherine became too sensitive and pushed her head away. The black girl moved forward until she lay across her lover, but with her legs still spread Jeff view of her pussy was held. With a sudden impulse, he dropped his head and speared Chantal’s folds with his own tongue.

“Ohhh…fuck,” their guest whined instantly.

“What?” Katherine asked in response, as she wasn’t able to see what had occurred.

“He’s sucking my pussy,” she moaned.

The black girl’s head was resting against her breasts and for a moment she tried to rise and look at her, but Katherine used her hand to push her back down. She could tell by the whimpers and the movements against her body that her friend was enjoying the attention, so she merely stroked her hair while her husband did the work. In a way, she was jealous about Jeff’s involvement, but she quickly realized how foolish her thoughts were, and after some consideration she knew she should be happy with what was transpiring. Even though it was unplanned and sordid, it simplified things considerably, and helped allay her guilt for the things she had not yet confessed.

Jeff’s efforts soon had her little nub fully engorged and he took it between his lips and sucked softly while rapidly flicking his tongue back and forth. His effort’s had the desired results and it wasn’t long before Chantal was groaning loudly and pushing back against him which soaked his face with her juices.

“I’m going to cum,” she forced out in a labored voice.

“Cum baby,” Katherine coached her, suddenly feeling like it was her own orgasm that was about to happen.

“Can I?” Chantal whimpered back, showing her vulnerability.

“Yes, we want you to,” she answered using phrasing that wasn’t lost on anyone.

Seconds later, she exploded and while her body thrashed Katherine held her head hard against her breasts. When her movements became too pronounced to maintain the connection with his mouth, Jeff stood and used two fingers inside her soaked opening to finish.

“Fuck, y’all are crazy,” Chantal declared when she regained some control.

Her body was still moving slowly and Katherine pulled on her arms causing her to slide up until her head was resting on her shoulder. Once settled, she looked towards her husband and they made eye contact for several seconds. Each seemed to be seeking the answer to the question – what now?

Without speaking, Jeff slid next to his wife until their bodies were pressed together, and he used his hand to turn her head, then kissed her hard. When that embrace ended, it was Katherine who quickly followed it up with another and as their lips worked together she felt the hardness of his dick pressed against her hip. Freeing her hand from Chantal, she wrapped it around the shaft and started to slowly stroke it.

After a minute of manipulation, Katherine looked up to see her husband’s eyes staring across her and turning she could see that Chantal was watching the action. Then, as if on cue, all three became aware of the other and there was another awkward moment.

“Get in the middle,” the young wife finally stated to her husband after several seconds, and shifted to create a space.

Without further prodding, Jeff moved between the two beautiful women eager to see what might be in store. Quickly, his wife’s hand resumed her efforts but it wasn’t long before it was joined by Chantal’s. Together, the girls worked him over and then his wife fingernails began to tickle beneath his balls which made his back arch and forced a heavy moan from his mouth.

“Shit,” he declared when he caught his breath.

“You like the attention?” his wife purred in a seductive voice.

“Hell yes,” he replied, as the black girl started to laugh.

It was only seconds later when he felt his wife start to scoot down in the bed and instantly he knew what was coming. Her mouth locked around the head of his dick and sucked hungrily while their guest worked him lower, stroking him firmly with her hand. Then, suddenly there was more movement, and a second mouth was on his shaft. As they swapped back and forth between locations, Jeff quickly lost awareness of whose mouth was where, and even though they occasionally giggled, it in no way diminished the extreme arousal he was feeling. He was close, very close, and when a tongue moved beneath his balls he knew he was about to lose all control.

“Who do you want?” his wife asked when the contact suddenly stopped.

“You baby,” he replied, knowing instinctively what she meant as he looked up at her through half-closed eyes.

With his hands helping, she straddled him and immediately brought him to her ready opening. They groaned in unison when they connected and Katherine started a slow and full motion with her hips. Jeff felt the fingernails return to his balls which brought another loud groan from him as the black girl began to tease.

“Cum in your wife baby. Fill her up good,” he heard the husky voice of Chantal.

With the needy whimpers from his wife and the light strokes from her friend doing their work, he lasted exactly seventeen strokes before his body became stiff, light exploded in his eyes and with a loud cry he thrust his hips up and shot what he knew must be the biggest load of his life.

“Ohhh…oh fuck…fuck…baby…shit!” he yelled as jet after jet fired from him.

It seemed like forever, but in reality, it was all over in seconds and Jeff lay spent as his wife slowed then fell forward onto his chest. They cuddled for a bit before Katherine rolled to his side and as soon as she did his dick was encapsulated by a warm sensation. Looking down, he saw Chantal’s mouth slowly sucking his half-hard member and with a moan he let his head fall back.

“Chantal!” his wife exclaimed, but the tone of her voice was of humor and not anger.

“Sssshhh…” you’re next, she declared.

“You’re crazy,” Katherine replied.

True to her word, after cleaning Jeff’s shaft, she moved across the bed and found the young wife’s pussy, dripping with her husband’s semen. Katherine offered only faint resistance and was soon whimpering in joy as her lover feasted on her gash. It wasn’t long before she was worked up, and Jeff watched his wife have another orgasm, although smaller this time. What particularly enthralled him was seeing her pull on her own nipples as the climax approached and then rolled through her. It was a new experience for him, like most of the things that had occurred that night, and he wondered what more was left to be discovered.

Later, he awoke in a completely dark room, illuminated only by the outside light filtering through the shutters to find himself between the two women. He was spooned against Chantal with his wife cuddled behind him and his arm was draped over the black girl with his hand touching her breast. He had no recollection of moving to this position or falling asleep, but certainly wasn’t going to complain.

While he thought about the situation and what had occurred, he could feel his dick harden until it was pressed into the cheeks of their guest. At the same time, he became aware that his fingers had begun tracing circles on Chantal’s breast.

“Mmmm…” the black girl sighed, momentarily startling him and causing his hand to stop its movement, but Chantal with another soft moan said, “Don’t stop. It feels good.”

Jeff hesitated only for an instant before letting his fingertips brush her breast and after a few seconds, emboldened by her words, he moved to her nipple. His attention quickly caused the puffy flesh to stiffen and brought little purrs of pleasure from her mouth. When he felt her push her round ass back against his hard dick, he wondered whether he dared do more with his wife asleep next to him. However, that decision was soon taken away from him when Chantal lifted her leg, reached for his shaft and brought the head to her wet slit. She ran it up and down several times then pulled him inside, and as she pushed back the young husband thrust forward fully embedding himself in her soft and warm place.

“We can’t wake Katherine,” he whispered, tense with nervousness, but unable to stop.

“Baby, just go slow,” Chantal purred back, while pulling his hand hard against her breast.

Jeff was able to remain quiet but the black girl’s moans grew louder and more frequent while her thrusts against him began to make the bed move. So, he was startled but not surprised when he heard his wife’s voice and felt her hand on his back.

“Chantal, are you doing it with my husband?” she asked, and the playfulness in her voice let him know he wasn’t in trouble.

“Just for a little while girl. I’ll give him back,” she answered.

“You better,” Katherine replied and Jeff felt her fingers begin to tickle his balls.

Katherine put the final touches on the new office she moved to as a result of her promotion to Associate Professor. It had been almost a year to the day that she submitted the basic paper on her study and in that time it had generated quite the buzz within the academic community. Fortunately, the content was so strong that the sample size didn’t generate near the negativity she feared. In fact, she had garnered quite a bit of praise for capturing such real, meaningful data. In addition to the academic submissions, she had provided two summary articles, more designed for the layman, to well-respected popular magazines and had been asked to speak at a half-dozen seminars.

All-in-all, everything had worked out better than her wildest expectations which helped make the compromises she endured feel less significant. Still, in quiet moments of honest reflection, she knew she had come very close to disaster and only survived from sheer luck.

“All settled in?” a voice from the door interrupted her activities and turning she saw Professor Dominguez standing in the opening.

In addition to the personal recognition that Katherine had enjoyed, her mentor had also benefitted by being viewed as the coach and primary supporter in the young woman’s efforts.

“Yes, thank you,” she answered just as her phone began to ring.

“I’ll leave you then,” the older woman stated, letting Katherine take the call.

“Hi honey,” she spoke, seeing it was Jeff

“When are you leaving?” her husband asked, and his tone suggested a sweet desire for her to get home.

“I’m leaving now,” she giggled, reaching for her purse.

“Hurry, Chantal is already here,” he laughed in reply.

“Stay out of the bedroom!” she declared with faux concern, which made them both laugh again.

“Maybe…maybe,” her husband replied.

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    Your stories are great, but there are quite a few errors in the redaction, and I would seriously advise you having them proof-read and corrected before pubishing them elsewhere. It makes all the difference between a good amateur story, and an account written by a prfessional author.

    I’m only trying to help, and wish you great success in the future. I feel sure that this type of literature is becoming more and more popular, as people are forever looking for ways to enhance their relationships by making their sexual activities more exciting.

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