The Pecan Street Social Group



“Okay folks. Gather round for a second. We need to decide what we’re going to do for the next party,” John, our host, announced to the assembled guests.

Kelly and I were one of eleven couples, all residents along Pecan Street, in attendance at the current party and we closed around John to discuss the theme for the next gathering. John was essentially the social director for the group, and had managed with his periodic events to create a scene that was unique for suburban life. His large house, at the end of the street in a cul-de-sac, with a pool, hot tub, spacious back yard and outdoor bar made it the ideal gathering spot. He relished the role of host and social leader, and because of his efforts and prodding most of the street residents would get together several times a year.

There were ten core couples that made most of the parties, along with a half-dozen more that would attend on occasion, and supplementing the group were participants from other nearby streets in the neighborhood or friends of residents that would often be invited in.

An interesting thing about the group was that it spanned all age groups. The youngest couple was in their late 20s and the oldest was in their early 60s. Kelly and I were on the younger end of the scale, both being thirty years old. Despite the disparity of ages, everyone got along well and enjoyed letting their hair down, and it was not uncommon for assistance to be needed in getting someone home after an evening of heavy drinking.

“Let’s do something wild,” Susan, the female partner of one of the forty something couples, blurted out.

“A woman after my own heart!” John replied, with a hearty laugh.

John was also a forty something guy and was tall, barrel chested with a smile that never left his face. He was one of those individuals that was instantly your friend and never met a stranger. Conversely, while John liked to be the center of attention, his diminutive, but very attractive wife Donna seemed to enjoy staying in the background.

“Let’s do something fun and different,” another of the wives suggested.

“Like what?” John asked the group, as he nodded in agreement to the comment.

John loved playing the part of facilitator, and he was a master at getting the various members of the group to open up and speak their mind. I knew from past discussions like this that he had something in his head, but would let the group dynamics form and then interject his ideas along the way.

“How about a costume party?” Jill, the youngest of the wives, replied.

“I thought we were going to be wild?” one of the men answered.

“Well let’s think about this for a moment. Maybe there is a way to put both together. A costume party with a wild theme,” John stated.

“Bikinis!” Carl, another husband, yelled which brought a wave of laughter from everyone.

“We’re not in college, Carl!” a female voice quickly answered.

“T&A is timeless,” Carl replied, bringing a collective groan from the group, and an elbow from his wife.

“What other ideas are out there? I like Jill’s suggestion, but maybe it needs something edgy added,” John said.

His question was followed by several moments of silence as everyone tried to think of a good idea.

“John, do you have an idea?” Dana, the oldest wife, asked.

“Well I’m just standing here listening and really haven’t thought it through, but I was wondering what it would be like if everyone brought a guest?” he answered.

“Well that could be fun,” Jill replied.

“How is that wild?” Dana shot back quickly.

“Yeah, I was looking forward to wild,” a male voice in the back joined in, causing more laughter.

“Well to answer your question, I was thinking that everyone would bring a guest of the opposite sex,” John said with a broad smile.

There was a gasp from the group as his words sunk in and another period of silence ensued.

“We aren’t swingers, John. We’re too old anyway,” Dana finally answered, which broke the tension.

“John, I can see the wheels spinning in your head. What are you thinking?” Dana’s husband Sam asked.

“Well like I said I’m kind of making this up as I go, but I was thinking that it could be edgy and fun if everyone asked someone to come with them. It would be a different party for us with half the people being unknown. Doesn’t mean there is going to be an orgy here, in fact I’m pretty sure Donna wouldn’t allow that,” John explained, which brought more laughter, although it also carried some tension.

“That wouldn’t be too bad. Craig, you can take Leslie and I can go with Phil,” Cary said to her husband.

“Are Leslie and Phil married to each other?” Dana asked.

“Yes, they’re our best friends,” she replied.

“Well, I’m not positive, but I don’t think that’s what John has in mind,” Dana answered.

There was now confused chatter from most of the group and John suggested a refill of our drinks. Since he had always been the leader, no one wanted to challenge him directly, but I could see trepidation on many faces. When everyone had fresh drinks, John moved to the center and started to speak.

“You know if you guys want to do this I guess there would need to be some rules. Like no husband and wife combinations, no family members, things like that if we want to get the right mix,” he said.

“So, John, if I understand the proposal on the table it’s that the next party, and we will have to set a date, is to be a costume party and each attendee needs to invite and come with a guest of the opposite sex that is not a family member or a part of an existing couple relationship. Do I have that correct?” Darrell, a very successful attorney in his late thirties and known for his bold manners, summarized for the group.

“Darrell, I think that’s it,” John replied with a nod.

“I’m not sure about this,” a woman named Chris said, with a worried look.

“Oh Chris, don’t be a prude. Ask one of those hot young doctors you work with,” Susan replied immediately.

Soon after, it was decided that everyone would let John know individually if they wanted to participate and if enough agreed, we would go forward with the party on the first Saturday in October, some six weeks away. Walking home, Kelly and I discussed the idea.

“What do you think? Something you want to do?” I asked her, with her hand in mine.

“Who would you take?” she replied, which made me burst out laughing.

“I don’t even know who to ask and you are already jealous,” I accused her.

“Won’t you be jealous?” she replied in a pout.

“Of course not. You know I trust you. Just make sure you behave,” I answered with some sarcasm.

“I guess I’m game if you are, but I have no idea who to invite. God, it will be so awkward,” Kelly replied.

“Yes, but it should be an interesting party. Which I guess is the point,” I answered.

In the end, three of the eleven couples elected to pass, but two others who were not at the party wanted in, so it looked like there would be ten in total, which would become twenty people for the party.

It was actually much harder to find someone to invite than I imagined and I was starting to become worried that I would strike out. I wanted to stay away from work people or close acquaintances to avoid starting a rumor mill. Finally, I decided to ask Sharon, my hair stylist, who I was pretty sure shared no mutual friends. Sharon was younger, in her mid-twenties, blonde haired with a body people would describe as voluptuous. Her best features were her dimpled cheeks and full breasts that I had trouble not staring at when she was cutting my hair. Fortunately for me, she found the concept intriguing and agreed to go.

We decided to dress up as Bonnie and Clyde, although she didn’t look anything like Mia Farrow and I didn’t look anything like Warren Beatty. But, it was one of Sharon’s favorite movies and she told me she had always wanted to go to a costume party as Bonnie, and since she had been so gracious agreeing to go with only minimal questioning, I couldn’t say no.

Kelly knew who she wanted to take after a couple days of thinking, but it took her weeks to get the courage to ask. She was nervous about his answer and I had to reassure her several times that no sane man would say no. You see, Kelly is a lovely mother of one, and is 5’6″ tall with sandy brown hair, dark brown eyes, long legs and peachy B-cup breasts. Her slender body filled out just right after the birth of our daughter and she now weighed a perfect 124 pounds.

Her proposed selection was the mechanic that took care of her BMW whose name was Josh, and like Sharon, was also in his mid-twenties. I had seen him only a couple times when picking her up, but I remembered him to be tall and muscular with a tightly trimmed beard. I was a bit surprised by her choice, as I thought she was not attracted to the jeans and work shirt types, but I supported her without comment.

Of course, when she gathered the courage to ask he quickly said yes, and since Josh liked motorcycles, they decided to come to the party as a biker couple. Josh assured her that he had all the paraphernalia needed and all she had to have ready were jeans and a t-shirt.

As the party date approached, two more couples dropped out taking the total to eight and there was some talk of canceling, but it was eventually decided to go ahead. I speculated to John that the couples dropped out from the stress of finding partners, and he agreed saying everyone had struggled.

When the date finally arrived, Kelly took our daughter to her parent’s house to spend the night then returned home to get ready. The party was scheduled to start at 8:00 PM and at 7:30 PM I set off to pick up Sharon wearing my cheap gangster suit and carrying a fake Tommy Gun. Josh was scheduled to arrive at 8:00 PM to pick up Kelly on his motorcycle, and had provided her with a leather vest, chaps and boots that she was going to wear over her jeans and t-shirt. The plan was for us to arrive separately at John’s house to minimize the awkwardness.

Sharon looked better than I expected when I picked her up. She was wearing a skirt and a low-cut blouse that showed off her large breasts, and on her head, she wore a beret like the character in the movie. We chatted as we drove to the party, and she was upbeat and funny, so I felt that she would be accepted well by the group.

We arrived at precisely 8:15 PM and were the sixth couple to get there. There was a definite buzz amongst the people, so I was already thinking the party was going to be a success, with our host’s broad smile supporting my view. We went to the bar and made some drinks and started mingling with the others, and quickly I learned that, like Kelly and I, the invitees all seemed to be from the fringes of the Pecan street couple’s lives.

John and his date, Sophie, had come as Tarzan and Jane. Sophie, who looked to be ten years younger than John, had long red hair and a nice body that was accentuated by her skimpy cover. Donna, John’s wife, had chosen a younger guy as her escort as well, and they had dressed in colorful Mardi Gras themed outfits with beads. I learned later that Donna’s date was her personal trainer while John’s red head was the wife of a friend.

As I looked around at the gathering it struck me that except for Jill and her husband Steven, everyone had invited a younger guest. In fact, Carl a 50ish guy that was fairly boisterous looked to be almost robbing the cradle. His date had to be in her early 20s and was very attractive with a sexy, petite body, and since she was dressed as a hooker, she was already attracting lots of attention from the other men. I didn’t know the exact psychology behind the younger date thinking, although clearly there had to be something going on, but everyone seemed be blending in and having fun.

At 8:45 PM, when everyone else had arrived, I was just about to walk over and check on Kelly, thinking she got stood up, when I heard the roar of a motorcycle out front. Soon, Kelly and Josh walked into the back yard causing everyone to turn and check out their costumes.

Kelly had an odd look on her face, but said her hellos and took the wine that John put into her hand. I dismissed her look and turned to talk to Sharon and the others standing around us, getting to know some new people. It was thirty minutes later, on my way back from the bathroom, that I stopped to chat with Kelly.

Josh had stepped away, and when I got closer I could see that her costume was not what she had described. Instead of long jeans underneath her chaps she had cut-off shorts that showed almost all of her legs from the back. Others were around and I didn’t want to make a scene, so I joined the conversation without bringing up her attire. I was in for my second shock when she turned to speak to a man to her right, and I saw what appeared to be her nipple poking through her t-shirt beneath the leather vest.

At a pause in the conversation, I excused Kelly and I so we could step away and chat.

“What’s with the costume?” I asked.

“Well you’re the one that always tells me I should dress sexier,” she replied, trying to avoid the question by teasing.

“Kelly, come on. What happened?” I responded.

“Josh said I wouldn’t look authentic unless I dressed this way,” she replied, with some embarrassment.

“Did he hit on you?” I demanded.

Although, I wasn’t sure why the thought came to my head, it was out of my mouth before I realized it.

“No,” she replied emphatically, while giving me an odd look.

“Why were you so late?” I challenged again.

“Arguing about these clothes,” she answered immediately.

“Are you wearing panties?” I asked, suddenly finding her dilemma a bit humorous.

“I guess you will have to find out later,” she replied with a wink, then turned to join Josh who had returned.

I went back to Sharon and rejoined the conversation, and Jill was standing with her in a Barbara Eden, “I Dream of Genie”, outfit with her escort dressed as an astronaut. You could see her full, bra covered breasts through the gauzy covering, and I had to force myself not to stare. Since Jill had always seemed to be a bit reserved, I was surprised by her choice of costume, and wondered if the party was proving to be an opportunity for people to show something of their hidden selves.

“All the ladies are jealous of Kelly,” Jill said, and I could tell by her voice that she was already tipsy.

“Why, Jill?” I asked.

“Cause of that hot hunk she is with,” she replied, leaning closer while trying to whisper, but failing.

“Jill!” I answered in surprise.

“Well, it’s true,” she giggled.

I sensed that even though everyone was mingling and enjoying themselves, there was still a certain tension caused by the split of husband and wife and the “dates”. I think because of this; the liquor was going down fast and it wasn’t long before everyone was well lubricated.

I was purposefully trying to stay away from Kelly, as I didn’t want to come across as the jealous, clingy husband. Besides, I had Sharon who was not at all bad to look at, and we were enjoying ourselves. Still, I would occasionally look over my shoulder or step back from the group I was in to get a look at my wife.

“Let her have fun,” Sharon said during one of these moments, and I knew I was busted.

“Sorry,” I said turning red.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. All the husbands are doing it. Funny that none of the wives are,” she laughed.

“How do you know the wives from the dates?” I smiled, challenging her.

“Oh, it’s easy to tell,” she answered, without elaborating.

As the evening progressed it grew chilly so John fired up several outdoor patio heaters which brought everyone closer together around the warmth. Many people were quite drunk by this point and the conversations were getting looser, often with sexual innuendo thrown in. It was certainly a more risqué party than anything the Pecan Street crowd had experienced before, and it was at that moment that I saw Cary, Craig’s pretty, mid-thirties wife, getting her butt fondled by her date. Strangely, rather than the volatile reaction I expected from her, Cary just smiled up at him and softly pushed his hand away.

“Looks like the girls are getting attention,” Sharon leaned in and said to me, having seen the same thing. When I just nodded and smiled she continued, “You might want to check on yours too.”

I had to look around to find Kelly and I finally saw that she was in a group with Josh, John, Darrell and their dates. Josh had his arm around my wife’s waist with her pulled snuggly to his side. Kelly’s arm was resting on his shoulder which caused her vest to ride up and exposed a hard, pointy nipple protruding through the thin fabric of her t-shirt.

“She’s a big girl,” I said, stepping back next to Sharon.

“Okay, but he’s got that look,” she replied.

“What look?” I asked naively.

“Hungry…very hungry,” she explained.

“Kelly assured me she explained to him like I did with you that it was all platonic,” I said to her, thinking she must be mistaken.

“Your wife is very good looking. Throw in the drinks and trust me he doesn’t remember anything she told him,” Sharon laughed, and when I gave her a troubled look she said, “Look over there.”

Following her eyes, I could see that Cary’s date had his hand on her ass once again and this time she was making no effort to get it off. I looked quickly around for Craig, and when I found him I saw that he was looking on as well but making no move to intervene.

“Wow,” I whispered softly to myself.

“I think there’s going to be some shenanigans on Pecan Street tonight,” Sharon whispered to me with a giggle.

It seemed like that now that I knew what to look for everything became much clearer, as there were multiple couples just a little too close or being a bit too flirty. Then, like Cary, there were a few cases where it was more blatant because some touching was going on. While it wasn’t everyone, my guess was that with half something was going on and of those it seemed like the majority were the Pecan Street wives, and I realized that if I was honest, I had to put my own wife in that category as well. I could tell from the quick, furtive glances I was getting from others that they thought something was going on too.

John had cleared out a small area as a makeshift dance floor, but it had gone unused so far even though he had kept the music playing non-stop.

“Come on,” I said, taking Sharon’s hand, suddenly needing to move.

We instantly attracted attention when we began dancing and it was like “breaking the ice” because we were soon joined by several others. I turned to see John and his “Jane” dancing behind us very closely. Her breasts were moving quite freely in the small outfit which mesmerized me for a second before Sharon grabbed my arm and got my attention back. After three songs, we left, but now it seemed like dancing was the focus of attention and our place on the small floor was quickly filled by another couple.

“You sure this isn’t a swinger’s party?” Sharon asked me with a big grin.

“Well it wasn’t when it started. But who knows,” I replied, still somewhat amazed by what I was seeing.

We walked up and began speaking with Carl who had the young “hooker” date. He was trying to flirt with her but getting nowhere, although she seemed to be taking it with good humor. We found out her name was Stacy and that she was a friend of Carl’s daughter which only reinforced my view that he was a dirty old pervert.

I looked over Carl’s shoulder and tried to spot Kelly, finally finding her on the far side of the dance floor partially blocked by several couples. It seemed to take forever for people to move so that I could get a good look, but when they did I was in for another surprise. Kelly was turned with her back to Josh and his hands were on her hips, under the chaps, and calculating the position of his fingers as best I could, I suspected they were resting on her upper thighs and lower tummy. They were moving in a very sensual way, although by now I think everyone was so drunk and so much was going on that no one, other than me, paid them any mind.

The party continued in full swing with people mingling, chatting, dancing and of course drinking, and everyone had loosened up to the point that there was heavy flirting in all directions. There were arms around shoulders and waists, whispered conversations and open sensuality on the dance floor.

“What do you think of the party?” John asked with a broad smile, when he joined our group with his date.

“A big hit,” I answered, which brought nods from the others and made his smile grow even wider.

“Kelly seems to be having fun. Love her costume,” he said, which made my face redden.

“Yes, I think so too,” I answered, in my best upbeat voice.

Minutes later, I left the group to hit the restroom. Finding the nearest one occupied, I wandered further into the house, and headed down the long hallway where I knew from previous parties there was another. It was fairly dark and as I passed an open doorway I heard a noise which caught my attention. Stopping and peeking in, I could barely make out Jill with her date embraced in a deep, passionate kiss with the man’s right hand on her ass pulling her tightly against him. I could easily hear Jill moaning and when they broke the kiss, the man used his other hand to fondle her breasts. It was an unexpected but incredible sight, as I had always thought Jill to be a very attractive, but committed housewife and now here she was playing around. There was no telling how far it would go since there was a bed in the room, and I felt my dick getting hard and a pang of jealousy sweep through me.

I needed to go the bathroom badly, so I decided to go quickly then come back and see how far things progressed. With an aroused dick, it took me longer to pee then it should have, but when I finally finished, making sure to let the tank fill before turning off the light and leaving, I moved quietly towards the room. However, I had only taken a few steps when I saw someone at the doorway looking into the room. It was a male figure that was not aware of my presence, but he was clearly looking towards where Jill had been minutes before. When I got closer, I was shocked to see it was Jill’s husband Steven that was acting the voyeur on his own wife. When he spotted me, his body stiffened and he moved in several directions as if stunned and not sure as to what to do. I let him off by just nodding and acting drunk, walking past him in a made-up stumble. Out of sight, I stopped and listening, wondering if he would go after the other man and preparing myself to intervene if necessary, but after several minutes of quiet, I surmised nothing was going to happen and reluctantly left them to their games.

As soon as I got outside, I took several deep breaths and then went for a drink. In my life, I had never seen anyone having sex, except in the movies, and witnessing my neighbor in what might have been the beginning stages had proved very arousing. And what was Steven doing? Would he really just watch his wife being fondled?

Just as I finished getting my drink, I turned right into Kelly, and I could tell by the look in her eyes and the silly grin on her face that she was completely hammered.

“Are you okay? Where’s Josh?” I asked.

“I’m fine. Get me a drink,” she said, slurring her words.

“I don’t think you need a drink,” I said with a laugh.

“Honey, don’t be a pooper!” she implored, and gave me a look of pained irritation.

I reluctantly made her a drink mainly because it just seemed like the easiest way to go, and after handing it to her, she leaned into me and gave me a wet kiss on the side of my mouth.

“Where’s Josh?” I asked again, but before she could answer, he walked up.

“Good party man. I was worried, but this is okay,” he said, moving right next to my wife.

We talked for a few minutes then Josh took her to dance some more and I went to find Sharon. She was where I left her, still chatting with the same group and I joined the conversation while keeping an eye on Kelly. Jill’s actions had me wondering about my own wife and whether she could end up in the same situation. It was a slow song and since there was only two other couples dancing it was easy to watch. Kelly had her arms loosely around her date’s neck and they were talking, then right in front of me, Josh’s hands moved from her waist to her ass. Kelly did nothing to move them and they remained on her for the rest of the song.

“I’m fading,” Sharon whispered to me, and looking at my watch I saw that it was after midnight.

Four hours of heavy drinking were taking their toll, and I had watched several groups leave, so it looked like the party was moving into its final stage.

“Okay, let me get Kelly,” I said.

Kelly and Josh were standing by themselves and talking with their heads close together when I approached.

“Kelly, honey, are you ready to go?” I asked.

“Not quite yet man,” Josh spoke before she could answer, which pissed me off.

“We want to dance a couple more,” Kelly quickly followed.

“Okay, well I’m going to take Sharon home,” I said after a pause, which only brought a quick nod from my wife.

“That was interesting. I definitely want to hear how it all turned out,” Sharon declared when we arrived at her place, and with a quick hug, I left her.

I drove home hoping to find my wife waiting for me or at least passed out in bed, but walking inside I quickly learned that the house was empty. I knew that likely meant that she was still at the party with Josh, and that thought brought a feeling of foreboding to my head.

I tried to walk slowly and calmly towards the house, but as it came into sight, I couldn’t help but pick up the pace. Josh’s motorcycle was not there, and there was no one outside and the music had been turned off. Quickly, I tried her phone but got VM, so unsure what to do next I decided to check the door and see if anyone was inside. Maybe, I rationalized, they had given John or Donna a message.

As soon as I stepped in the door, I could clearly hear the sounds of sex coming from the room where I had last seen Jill. There were both male and female gasps and grunts, along with the loud squealing of the bed springs. Feeling my body shake, I stepped towards the opening, preparing myself for what I might find, but when the bed came into view, I saw that it was our host, John, firmly in Jill’s saddle, riding fast and hard. If that wasn’t enough, Donna’s date, her personal trainer, was standing naked just to the side and was holding Jill’s wrist to help her stroke his long dick.

It was a sordid scene, and the likely consequences around what I had witnessed from our attractive neighbor made me think that she must have had sex that night with multiple men. It also sent a chill down my spine about finding Kelly.

Watching and listening to them was addictive, and it took some effort to make myself move on. Finally, I did and continued down the hall in the direction of the other bedrooms. The first one was empty, but as I approached the master suite, much like before, the sound of sex became apparent. When I arrived at the door, I could see that a woman was on her knees in the middle of the bed with a man taking her from behind while she sucked another guy in front. However, since only the outside light, filtering through the curtains, provided illumination it took me some time to determine who made up the threesome.

Slowly, my understanding of the participants emerged, and I realized I was watching Donna, our hostess, getting fucked from behind by Josh while Jill’s date fed her his cock. Donna appeared to be having a great time, as she was moving her body in response to the men’s attention and groaning loudly around the shaft in her mouth. Seeing Josh, I was momentarily relieved to find he was with someone other than my wife, even though I had not yet found her. Like the other room, the scene proved mesmerizing both from the sights and sounds, and I had to force myself to turn away.

I realized that I had searched the entire house without finding Kelly and I was about to go outside to check again when I remembered the house had a well-finished basement. It was a point of pride for John, and he liked to use it for gatherings to watch football games. Quickly, I moved towards where I remembered the staircase to be located, and finding it, I immediately began to descend.

I was halfway down when the sound of voices caused me to pause, but after a moment I started to move again, albeit now much more slowly. Slowly, the room came into view and I could see that sitting sideways on one of the leather sofas, with his back to me, was a man bent forward speaking to someone that had to be prone. I took the last few steps quietly wanting to understand what was taking place first before I continued.

“Come on Kelly, it’s not a big deal,” I heard the man say, and by his voice I could tell it was Steve, Jill’s husband.

Now I surmised that our neighbor was trying to talk my wife into having sex with him and I was about to make my presence known when my wife answered.

“No, I can’t” she responded, but rather than a saying it in a firm way, it sounded almost playful, as if she was teasing.

“Jill and Donna are having fun. You should too,” our neighbor replied.

“Where’s Josh?” Kelly asked in the same voice.

“Last I saw he was having fun with Donna,” Steve said, and I noticed for the first time that his left arm was moving, like he was touching my wife.

“They’re doing it?” she asked.

“Yeah,” her seducer replied instantly.

Just then I heard a gasp come from Kelly followed by a soft moan that turned into something of a whimper. For some reason, rather than go ballistic, I was very curious about what was happening, so with care I moved to the side, trying to stay in the shadows, where I could get a better view, while fearing with each step that I would be discovered.

It seemed like it took forever, but finally my wife came into view, and I was surprised to see that she was on her back, naked from the waist up although fortunately still wearing the chaps. Steve’s hand was massaging her breasts, and I was so focused on her that it took me a second to realize that he was naked from the waist down and Kelly had his dick in her hand. She appeared to be just idly fondling it as he explored her breasts, while occasionally tweaking a nipple. Suddenly, and without warning, Steve leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth.

“Ohhh…” Kelly sighed in an excited way.

Steve kept up his assault and soon he had her whimpering openly. Several times I thought about intervening, but it seemed that each time I was about to move a new moan or sigh would come from her that somehow both angered and intrigued me. It made me wonder what had occurred before I arrived. Had Josh fucked her then left or had she somehow ignored his attempts but was now responding to our neighbor? It didn’t seem logical based on what I had witnessed at the party, but none of the things going on in the house were making much sense.

Steve began to move down from her breasts and lingered at her belly button, using the tip of his tongue to tickle it which quickly had my wife squirming. I knew where he was going, and it was only a minute or two later that his mouth traveled further downward until it met her remaining clothes. His hands began to fumble with the belt that held them up, and Kelly let him work it for a bit before her hand tried to pull him back up.

“No…please…” she whispered.

He ignored her plea and seconds later, with the sound of a metal clink, he had them undone.

“Lift your butt,” he commanded.

I was leaning forward on my feet, about to end things as I fully expected her to deny his request, when amazingly she lifted and in one fast move he tugged both her leggings and shorts over her butt. Somehow, he managed to quickly get the garments completely off one leg and mostly off the other, and in that time, I had a good view of my wife’s well-toned lower abdomen and shaved pussy before his anxiousness took over and his head moved between her legs.

“Uhhh…uhhh…ohhh…” Kelly cried out, as her hands went to the back of his head.

I’m not a huge pussy eater, doing it more out of duty than anything else, but Steve seemed to love it. It wasn’t long until he had her at a high state of arousal, and when he repositioned himself and pushed one of her legs over the back of the sofa, I could see he was now sporting a full erection.

Over the next few minutes, her sounds became more intense and I knew he was leading her towards an orgasm. She was now desperately holding onto his head and squirming in excitement as he tried to hold her in place with a hand under each ass cheek.

I was so consumed by what was taking place before me that I was startled when I suddenly realized Josh was standing a few feet away watching as well. Somehow, he had managed to quietly enter the space, and on his face, he had a wild, hungry look. When he saw me looking towards him, he just nodded then returned his attention to the sofa.

“Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh…” Kelly was now crying out in rhythm to the tongue lashing she was receiving, and each gasp was at a higher pitch than the one before.

When her orgasm hit, besides her sounds, the thing I noticed most was the fact that she couldn’t keep her hands still. From her breasts, to her face, to Steve’s head they raced back and forth as if each touch burned her fingertips. It was a long climax, but slowly she began to come down and when just a few final spasms were making her body jerk, Steve rose and moved into position.

“No…uhhh!” she gasped, as if for a moment she wanted to stop him, but when he pulled out and pushed in deeply, her cries told otherwise, “Ohhh…mmm…”

Josh didn’t even look at me as I moved to the stairs leaving my wife to be fucked with the sounds fading with each step I took.

Once upstairs, I stood in the hallway for a moment to collect myself, and was surprised by how quiet things were. Then, for some reason, I wanted to see what was happening to Jill, so I took the few steps to the bedroom where I had last seen her.

As soon as I entered, I saw that she was curled up by herself on the side of the bed with a sheet covering her from the waist down, and as I moved further in I noticed two things. First, the room wreaked of sex. It was much more than anything I had ever experienced in my life, and second was that the bed was soaked as if someone had dumped a bucket of water on it. I knew Jill had been very drunk and I wondered how she would react when the reality hit. Nonetheless, I found myself walking to her side until I was just an arm’s length away.

“Jill,” I whispered as I put my hand on her shoulder.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, and slowly stirred.

“Are you okay?” I asked, unable to think of anything else to say.

The young wife seemed disoriented for a moment, but as the fog lifted she looked me in the eyes then shocked me when she spoke.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, pulling on my hand as she rolled onto her back.

I had always viewed myself as a man that respected women, but in that moment, all I wanted to do was bury my dick into my pretty neighbor. It was probably an attempt to get back at my wife who was getting taken downstairs or perhaps it was just the sheer sordid nature of the evening, but in any event I was naked in seconds and moving into position.

Jill took me in her hand and brought me to her slit and there was only a soft, wet feeling as I moved inside. However, by her moans and cries you would have thought she was having sex for the first time. At first, I tried to go slow and offer some level of caring, but it all proved too much and soon I was pounding into her with everything I had.

“Fuck me good…take it…” she grunted between thrusts.

Her words and the way she spoke, which was so different than the pretty, diminutive woman I thought I knew, was like a magical shot to my psyche and it was only seconds later that I practically screamed as my semen shot forth and joined the cocktail she was already carrying.

I don’t think Jill came even close to an orgasm, but she seemed content as she stroked my hair while I recovered. Then, just a brief time later, when I disconnected, she curled back up and almost immediately was asleep, as if nothing ever happened.

At that point, it seemed only natural to check on Donna, so after putting on my boxers, I wandered to her room and found her sleeping between her trainer and Jill’s date. Like Jill, there was little question about the amount of sex she had experienced. For a moment, I toyed with the idea of going to her, but I couldn’t think of a way to do it without waking the men. Plus, my emotions about Kelly had receded and I was now getting concerned. So, with a final look, I moved towards the stairs.

“Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh…oh God…ohhh…oh God…” I heard my wife grunting when I was just a few steps down.

Along with her cries, there was a wet slapping sound that told me before I could see it that she was being fucked hard and fast.

“Yeah…oh yeah…you like it, don’t you,” I heard Josh challenge her, as he struggled for breath.

“Yesss…ohhh…ohhh…” she whined in response.

As soon as I was on the landing, I could see that my wife was bent over the arm rest of the sofa and her mechanic was behind her giving her a thorough fucking. They were both covered in sweat and between her forced words she emitted a constant, low whine. Steve was lying on the floor a few feet away looking on as was John who was standing to one side, holding his cock as if he was waiting for his turn.

Kelly was never one to talk during our lovemaking, although she would certainly acknowledge her excitement and pleasure through sighs and moans. Thus, I knew she had to be highly aroused to be verbally responding.

“Fuck yeah…fuck yeah…I knew I would get into this pussy,” he declared, then seconds later added, “She wanted all night. Didn’t you baby?”

“Yess…oh yess…yess…” my wife answered without hesitation.

I had to give Josh credit for having amazing stamina. I was certain he had fucked both Jill and Donna and yet he was able to pound into my wife in a relentless way. Several times, I watched as she tried to gain some control and would momentarily get quiet, but soon she was back whining and crying out in a needy way.

I didn’t think he could go any faster, but I hadn’t watched long when he took her hair in his hand and pulled her head back in an awkward, domineering way then really started attacking her pussy.

“Fuck yeah…fuck yeah…” he began repeating again, as he made my wife squeal.

“Don’t stop…don’t…” she begged while her eyes took on a wild, desperate look.

“I ain’t stopping…tell me who owns this pussy,” he demanded.

“It’s yours…my God it’s yours…oh God…ohhh…,” she cried out in reply.

Kelly’s orgasm arrived first and he had to hold her in place as her body thrashed which must have tipped him over because suddenly he was grunting loudly and pushing and holding his cock deeply inside her. After almost a minute of releasing his seed, he suddenly broke away leaving my wife to fall over the arm rest with her head in her arms. This put her abused pussy on full display and John and I watched as it pussy opened and closed in a spasm, like a fish’s mouth on dry land gasping for air, as the last of her release washed through her. A frothy mixture covered her mound making it even more clear how thoroughly she had been fucked. Kelly labored with her breathing, and seemed too spent to move from the armrest while Josh stood a few feet away, grinning while he held his healthy cock in his hand. It suddenly hit me how bizarre and sordid things had become in a very short period of time, how control seemed to have been lost by so many, including myself.

“No, John,” I said when I saw our host start to move behind my wife.

“Come on man,” he replied, giving me a hopeful look.

“Honey?” Kelly called out, suddenly realizing I was present when she heard my voice.

She awkwardly tried to lift herself from the end of the sofa, but fell onto her knees in the process. Then, while trying to stand, the room was filled by the sound of her pussy releasing a loud fart. The sound was sloppy and I instantly felt a wave of anger pass through me as I thought about her fucking the men and being filled with their cum.

“Go ahead,” I said to John, nodding in my wife’s direction.

He caught her just as she made it to her feet, and with his hands on her hips tried to direct her to the sofa, but she wouldn’t move.

“No John…honey?” she said, trying to look over her shoulder towards where I was standing.

“Let him,” I replied, and for a moment our eyes met, but she was too nervous to hold the stare.

She let him turn her in a way that indicated he wanted her on her knees in the middle of the sofa, but as he pushed her forward, she tried to stop.

“No…I need to go,” she said.

“Kelly, let him,” I directed her again, this time in a stronger voice.

For some reason, I wanted her to finish the gangbang with the three men and accept the complete humiliation. As soon as my words were spoken, she stopped fighting him and allowed him to position her on her knees then bent forward as he pushed on her back until her head was inches from the seat. With that, John quickly stepped forward and without fanfare slipped his cock into her slimy hole.

“Oh yeah,” the older man grunted when he hit bottom.

He stayed fully penetrated for a few seconds as he adjusted his position, then grabbing both her hips with his hands, he started fucking her hard, renewing the loud, wet slapping noise in rhythm to his thrusts. Much like Josh, he showed more stamina than I expected, but despite his efforts my wife remained quiet.

John pounded her for several minutes and by his breathing and occasional comments I could tell he was getting close. It wasn’t long before he let go with a loud groan, pulled her hard against him for a second, then made several rapid strokes into her before once again going deep and holding it. As his semen was implanted, Kelly for the first time gave out several soft moans, then suddenly everything was quiet.

As soon as John stepped away, freeing his cock, Kelly fell onto her side in a partial fetal position, and for almost a minute there was silence as we all stared at her naked and used body. Then, without speaking, John moved to the stairs which seemed to prod Josh and Steve as well, and soon I was alone with my wife. I gathered her scattered clothes and helped her sit up so she could get dressed. It was time to get home and see what we could salvage from our relationship that very well might have been ruined in just a few short hours. Fortunately, we didn’t see anyone as we exited the house, and together we walked the short distance to our home, with me occasionally steadying her along the way.

“I need to shower,” she announced, as soon as we made it to the bedroom.

“Not now. Let’s go to bed,” I replied which brought an odd look from her, although she moved to the bed and began undressing.

Soon, we were in bed, and when she reached for me, I suspected she thought my words meant I wanted sex.

“Just go to sleep,” I said, ending her effort.

The sound of a motorcycle passing woke me up the next morning, and looking at the clock I saw it was just after eight. Kelly was still asleep, and her well used body filled the bedroom with the smells of her multiple fucks.

“Morning,” she whispered an hour later, when she joined me in the kitchen as I sipped coffee and read the paper.

“Morning,” I replied, with judgement in my tone.

By the look of her damp hair, I knew she had showered, and I wondered what her body looked like beneath her robe.

“I’m sorry,” she said, after taking a drink from her mug.

Her gaze was directed downward, and I sensed she was close to tears. The reality was that I really didn’t know how to begin – what to say or how to resolve things. I loved her dearly, or at least I did before last night, but she willingly had sex with several men, and that was a jump across an entire dimension.

“How many did you fuck?” I asked in the same voice, in a manner I would never normally use.

I thought I knew that answer, but I wanted her to confirm it or maybe just to admit it. However, before she could speak, her body started to shake and she began to cry. Before the sex, I would have rushed to her side and held her but now I just stayed back and watched her struggle.

“Three…” she finally forced out between sobs.

“Who?” I asked, for some reason wanting to prolong her misery.

“Steve, Josh and John,” she answered more quickly.

“Shit Kelly,” I responded, unable to think of what else to say.

“I know…I know…” she replied, now fully in tears.

That afternoon, I received a call from John who asked me to come over to discuss things and when I arrived I found him and Steve sitting in the back yard. Both men looked rough, and I surmised it was the result of a combination of last night’s alcohol and carnal activities with our wives.

“Look, I want to talk about how we handle this,” John said immediately.

“Yes, we need to make sure it doesn’t get out,” Steve added.

I found it somewhat ironic that he was now acting the concerned husband since he and his wife had been willing instigators, but I shared his goal so I just nodded my head in agreement.

“I think it’s mostly about the three of us staying quiet and fending off any nosey questions. The other guys are all outside our circle, so I think we’re safe there,” he stated, then paused for a moment before adding, “Do you think there is any risk with Josh?”

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t think he knew anyone else at the party,” I replied.

“Good. We’ll Steve and I don’t think there is with the others either,” he explained.

There followed an awkward silence as we all wondered what to say or do next, and I noticed that Steve continued to look nervous, almost agitated.

“Did you…uh…did you get with Jill?” he asked me.

He was looking into my face as he spoke, but as soon as I nodded my head his gaze shifted to between his feet.

“How about Donna?” John asked, and when I shook my head he looked almost surprised.

“Shit…five guys. My God. What did we do?” he said remorsefully, while shaking his head, as he continued to look down.

“How is she?” I ventured to ask.

“Sick…hungover. Embarrassed,” he responded, finally looking up, then asked, “And Kelly?”

“Crying. Embarrassed,” I told him, and the nod from John let us know his wife was in the same place.

With that, we ended the discussion and I left for home thinking it was time to confront my wife. Kelly had gone to pick up our child while I met the other men, so I was somewhat surprised to find her in bed reading a magazine when I arrived.

“Where’s Laura?” I asked.

“In bed. She’s worn out,” she answered.

“I guess we should talk,” I declared.

“Are you going to leave me?” she shot out, as she began to tear up again.

“Just tell me what happened,” I replied, ignoring her question for the moment.

“I…I don’t know. I don’t know…too much to drink and it was all getting so crazy,” she started.

“Kelly, I want to hear everything that happened in detail and don’t leave anything out no matter how bad it is. I want to know it all now and not find out something later,” I directed her.

For the next thirty minutes, interrupted only by outbursts of crying, she filled in the missing gaps of my knowledge about what had occurred. My body was numb as I tried to process the information. It was all so bizarre, so completely counter to anything I ever expected, that I thought it must be a dream. But, I had been there through much of it, seeing and hearing her responses – the moans, pleas and excitement as she climaxed, making it impossible to deny.

“Now what?” she asked at the end.

“Yes, now what?” I replied.

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