Landlord Loves My Fiancée


My fiancee and I were excited to be taking the next stage of our lives together. And that meant finding out a house. We had been searching for a long time but unfortunately nothing was available. And then one day, a dream posting popped up. A guest house in a wonderful neighborhood. How could we resist?

Melissa got out of the car and shielded her eyes as she looked at the house. I couldn’t help feel so lucky, admiring her body. Her mocha skin, her thick thighs, her bubble butt in those short white shorts. Her adorable smile. Soft lips. Nerdy glasses. Black curling hair. As we walked up to the stairs of the house, I kept glancing slyly over at her bum, thinking about what new things we could try tonight.

We knocked on the door. An older man, thin with peppery hair, answered. He looked down at us and smiled.

“Oh you must be the young couple interested in the guest house,” he said. He held out his hand and offered his name. I shook his hand and introduced myself.

“Hello, sir, my name is Mark. This is my fiancee Melissa.”

Aflie beamed at her. “It’s very nice to meet you, Melissa,” he grinned and took her hand. Instead of shaking it, he leaned down and kissed her hand. Melissa’s cheeks grew a bit rosy. I felt burning behind my ears but thought nothing of it.

He showed us around the estate, at the guest house in the back yard that was a nice and cozy den with one bedroom, one bathroom. Only the south living room window was facing away from the main house.

It was incredible. We couldn’t imagine our luck. And at that price. After going on the brief tour, we sat in the backyard and he handed us background check papers. Melissa glanced at me and this was the moment that I was dreading. I explained that we did not have the best collective credit, but he patted me on the knee and said that would not be a problem. He and his wife are very understanding.

“You two seem like such nice kids, I would be happy to have you rent the place.”

That’s when he also placed a hand on Melissa’s knee. She was looking up at him, smiling. But I felt uncomfortable. Like something was wrong. And I should have said something. But I didn’t.

It bothered me. Him kissing her hand. Him touching her knee. But he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Yet, it stuck in my head and when we got back to our place that night, it drove me wild and it’s all I could think of while we were having sex.

And for some reason, it was some of our best.

A few days later, we got a call and Alfie said if we were still interested, we could move in. We were ecstatic. We boxed up all of our stuff and drove over to our new home. I was distracted on the drive over because Melissa had opted to wear her black leggings and a white tank top. I kept staring at my fiancee’s legs, wanting to touch them. I told myself that the second we get all the boxes in, we would rush into the bedroom and I would peel those off.

When we arrived at the house, Alfie greeted us, wearing a Hawaiin shirt, shorts and sunglasses. He shook my hand and gave Melissa a hug. There was nothing wrong with it but I still got a little jealous. I told myself that I was just worked up over how great my fiancee looked. Alfie said he would open up the side gate for us so it would be easier for us to carry in our boxes.

We took some of our boxes and walked as Alfie lead us to the side entrance, opening the gate. He let us pass by him. I looked up and watched Melissa’s ass jiggle with each step. I could barely handle it. But then I felt something to my right and realized that Aflie was walking right next to me, with Melissa in front of us. With his sunglasses on, I couldn’t tell if he was staring at Melissa as well. The thought started to drive me insane. What was he thinking? Why was I so concerned?

Once we got to the house, Alfie pulled his sunglasses up over his head so I could finally see his eyes. Realized I had just been paranoid, and probably too worked up, I made small talk. I asked him about the neighborhood, how long he had lived here. And Alfie responded, except, after a little while, he seemed distracted. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that Melissa was perched over a box, crouching, showing off her incredible flexibility. But also, with her head down, looking into the box, her tank top was drooping and showing both of us her light blue bra.

Alfie and I were staring right down Melissa’s top. Alfie gave me a naughty smirk.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said, “married, not dead right?”

My face was white as a sheet. I had no response.

“You don’t mind, do you?” he asked me, looking me right in the eyes.

“I- n-no, go ahead.”

I don’t know why I said that. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But confirming that Alfie was indeed looking right at my fiancee’s brown b cups at least made me feel not insane.

Melissa looked up.

“You guys okay?” she asked.

Aflie smiled. “Oh absolutely! We were just commenting on how we were not doing nearly enough work.”

Melissa laughed and stood up, dusting off her hands onto her legs.

“Well there’s an easy fix to that,” she said,” get working.”

She turned around and a wave of relief washed over me. She was leaving the room. But then Alfie took a step forward.

“Oh my dear,” he said,” I think you have a little spider web on you.”

Melissa froze. She is deathly afraid of spiders.

“Must have been from the side gate,” he continued, “want me to get it?”

Before Melissa could even answer, he started to run his hands over my fiancee’s ass. His hands followed the curve of her bubble butt. He swiftly brushed her ass and then gave it three spanks or so.

“You’re all taken care of,” he said, his voice so kind that no one would ever have suspected him of being anything but helpful.

“I am showering right now,” Melissa stated and darted to the bathroom, still feeling spider webs on her skin.

Alfie walked back to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

“That was alright, wasn’t it? I just want to make sure we have an understanding.”

I stared up at him blankly. “S-sure,” I muttered. I was so out of my element.

“Good,” he said with a sigh of relief, “because the second I saw your wife in those little white shorts I wanted to fuck her so badly. Oh those were such hot shorts.”

His grip on my shoulder increased as he went on.

“They were just see through enough to where I could spy her panties and mmmm I disappeared in the bathroom and jerked off twice thinking about her before coming out to give you the lease papers.”

At this point I was shaking.

“And her titties. Dear god those those are incredible little titties. I bet you play with them all the time.”

He held out his hands to show me how he would play with my fiancee’s breasts before placing his hands back on my shoulders.

“You’re a very lucky man. And I appreciate you letting me enjoy your wife. I really do. I’m glad we have an understanding.”

Suddenly Melissa poked her head out of the bathroom and called out to me.

“Hun, can you run me a towel?”

Sweating, I broke away from Alfie’s physical contact.

“I should uh-”

Alfie smiled and put his hands in the air. “I’ll leave you two to get settled. By the way, your number is the one on the lease, right? For emergency purposes?”

I nodded.

“Well then, enjoy the place. You two should come over tonight for dinner. I’ll make something really good.”

He stepped out and smiled at me, and waved to Melissa, who stuck her arm, still dripping from the shower, out to wave back.

Then Alfie left. I was surprised. I thought he’d try to stick around or hand her the towel. I rummaged around until I found our linens and ran a towel over to Melissa. She smiled when I came over and opened the door, revealing herself to me. And Alfie was right, I was incredibly lucky.

Just then I got a text message. I ignored it.

“So shall we break in our new place?” Melissa asked, kissing me, putting my hand on her bare ass.

“I think that’s a great idea,” I answered, so worked up.

But then I got another text message.

“Something wrong?” Melissa asked.

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” I said, completely distracted.

“Good,” Melissa grinned as she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me to the ground.


After we had finished, I reached around for my jeans and pulled them towards me. My phone slipped out of my pocket. Remember the texts, I decided to check them. Both were from an unknown number. The first message was “curtains.”

Confused, I deleted it. The second was from the same number. I opened it.

It was a message that read “Looks as good as it feels. Dinner’s at 6.”

By the time dinner time had rolled around, I was a nervous wreck. I was sweating all over. The thought of Alfie leering at my love was too much for me to handle. I kept thinking back to his hand patting her bottom through her leggings. How it had made me feel.

I was so ashamed. I couldn’t get the image out of my head.

Somehow I pulled myself out of that mental loop as Melissa walked into the room. She was in a thin denim dress that looked almost like a robe because she had a fabric belt that was holding the piece together. The dress was shorter than I would have liked. If it ended an inch or two higher, it would look like a glorified shirt. Melissa’s thick brown thighs were on full display. And my eyes went straight for them. They continued to trail down to her boots.

For a second I forgot about everything and just considered how lucky of a man I was.

She checked her watch.

“Come on, we should get going. Alfie is waiting!”

My throat got dry again. This was a terrible idea. What was I doing? Why was I letting this older man leer at my wife?

Before I could say anything, Melissa was heading to the door. I was behind her.

Thoughts were not going through my mind. I could hear my own breath. It felt like an eternity before we got to the door.

Alfie opened it instantly. He beamed.

“Hello, my dear!” he said and gave Melissa a hug in front of me.

She hugged him back. Stepping back, she handed over a bottle of wine.

“You shouldn’t have,” he said, smiling. He seemed genuine and nice.

“It’s the least we can do!” Melissa replied back. “Should I take off my shoes or-”

“Oh no no, head right on in,” Alfie responded. Melissa walked into the house. It was my turn to greet Alfie. I looked up and shook his hand. He shook mine back, acting as if nothing was going on.

I started to walk in but then Alfie grabbed my shoulder. He leaned over to my ear.

“Now those are some fuck me boots if I’ve ever seen them.”

All the air left my lungs. I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

Alfie laughed to himself and walked ahead of me. After a few seconds, I gathered my strength and walked into the living room. Melissa was looking at some paintings. Alfie was asking her about art. He told her to sit as she grabbed the bottle of wine to open. It was all so normal and yet so terrible.

After popping the bottle open, Alfie asked me if I wanted some. I said no. He poured a glass and walked over to Melissa, handing it to her as she was sat on the sofa. She smiled and took it. He lingered. Walking back to the kitchen, he winked at me.

Curious, I walked over to Melissa. Standing from Alfie’s previous spot, I realized he could see down my wife’s top at a decent percentage of her bra and chest. Her brown cups hugged by her lilac bra.

I collapsed onto the arm chair, not able to hold myself up. Alfie came over and sat next to me. Melissa sipped her wine and asked more about the items around Alfie’s house. He pointed to the coffee table book and said it was one of her favorites.

Melissa leaned forward to check it out. And because of the way her dress was designed, the parting of the dress fell into her lap and her panties came into full view as she opened the large book.

“Oooh that’s it,” I heard Alfie mutter under his breath.

It was as if Melissa had lifted her dress for Alfie to see her tiny delicate panties. Having to spread her legs to lean forward, he was getting a clear view.

“Actually that’s a uh… the painting over there is better!” I managed to squeak trying to get Melissa to move. Melissa turned to her side. I could feel Alfie’s stare at the back of my head.

But instead of sitting and staring, Alfie got up and grabbed the painting from the wall and walked over, holding it in front of Melissa.

“That’s lovely!” Melissa exclaimed.

“Truly is,” Alfie responded, blatantly looking down Melissa’s top.

“You know what, I just realized, I’m not feeling well,” I stammered as I bolted up and grabbed Melissa’s hand. “Thank you so much Alfie but we must get going.”

He smiled back. “I understand.”

Melissa looked confused as I lead her outside. Alfie followed but stopped at his doorway.

“Rest up,” he said, “who knows what will happen tomorrow.”


Back in our apartment, Melissa asked what’s wrong. I had no answer for her. This was all too much for me. I had no idea where this was going. She shrugged it off and got into sleeping clothes.

Together, we got in bed. Laying there, she kissed me and said that everything was going to be alright. Finally, I conceded that she was right.

“Hmmm,” she said as I was dozing off, “I wonder what I’m going to do tomorrow. I could either do laundry or go for a swim. Oh well, that’s for tomorrow.”

And with that we fell asleep.

The next morning is when everything changed. It was the start of my entire world spiraling out of control. Up until then, my fiancee and I had had a close relationship. There had been no one else. I took pride in the fact that no one had seen her body except for me. And I had not been with anyone but her. We were going to get married in a few months. We had the date set. And everything was perfect.

But then Alfie came into our lives.

I woke up in the morning got dressed for work. Melissa was still asleep. I looked down at my wife. 26, light brown skin, fit body. Sleeping in her shirt and panties. She turned and I stared at my wife’s ass, smiling. I was so lucky. But then I remembered Alfie patting it. How he had made my wife’s backend jiggle with each pat. It was like he was spanking her in front of me.

I did everything I could to shake off the image.

Walking out to my car, I prayed I would avoid Alfie. But unfortunately he was up and out, doing some gardening.

“Morning!” he beckoned to me, as if nothing was unusual between us. I just smiled and nodded, trying to fish my keys out in time. They were lost somewhere in my pocket.

“You playing with yourself there?” he laughed, staring at my hand running along the lining of my pocket. My face turned red. I was frozen.

Alfie stood up and dusted off his hands onto his pants. I was too stunned to find my keys, I couldn’t escape.

“Speaking of which,” he continued, “between us guys, I just have to tell you, I had a dream about Melissa last night. I’m so sorry, I feel like it would be dishonest not to tell you.”

I didn’t want to hear this. At least, I shouldn’t want to hear this. I tried to get away from Alfie but he has this ability to always get in your way.

“She was wearing this nice little nightie. I came in because I said I had heard a noise. But then I was stuck looking at your fiancee’s plump thighs. Mmmm. And she didn’t mind. So I let my eyes drift upwards. Her perky b cups fit into a thin nightie. She said thank you for always keeping an eye on me, and ran up and gave me a hug. My hands were just at the bottom of her nightie and, hey man, I’m so sorry but my hands slid up and lifted the back of her nightie and I felt her gorgeous ass. Again, at least.”

He paused to study my face. I was almost out of breath.

“Well then of course it all kinda escalated from there. I pulled her onto the counter top and she opened her legs to me and said ‘Alfie! I want you inside me!’ And she yanked off my pants and right there in your kitchen I slid into your wife. Oh she was so feisty. And so tight.”

Sweat was pouring down from my face. Alfie saw this and laughed.

“So anyway, I just wanted to tell you this and run a little test.”

Then, all of a sudden, Alfie’s hand landed on my crotch. I jumped back but it was too late.

He smiled. “Hard, huh. So you like that idea.”

I yanked my keys out of my pocket.

“I have to go to work.”

I turned around and got in my car and drove off. My head was so mixed up. Looking back, I should have stood my ground. I should have said something. But instead I ran.


The rest of the day for me was spent at work. But Melissa worked from home and therefor she would spend most mornings heading out for a cup of coffee and a light grocery run. Since it was a nice sunny day she wore jeans and a tank top with a torn up back.

She also had a messenger bag (she doesn’t believe in purses) and the strap ran down the middle of her chest, emphasizing the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. While walking to the shop, she heard someone mutter “seat belt effect” but she had no idea what that meant and didn’t realize it was in reference to her.

She did her grocery store trip (where I’m sure tons of men stared at her ass when she turned around or glanced at her chest when she wasn’t looking) and headed back. Once she got back to the house, she checked her messenger back and realized that she had forgotten her key. She cursed herself and walked over to the front door and knocked on it.

Alfie answered almost too quickly and grinned at her. “Forgot your key, I imagine.” Melissa laughed and said “Yeah.”

He stepped back to let her in. “I have one spare. I’ll give it to you but if you lose it, that’s it, we’re out of luck.”

Alfie walked over to a cabinet, opened it up and pulled out a key. He walked back and handed it to her. Melissa beamed. “Thank you so much,” she said as she gave Alfie a hug.

But this jostled something in Alfie’s mind. He remembered his dream. And as his arms touched her back and he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra, it became too much for the man.

She stepped back and held the key up. “I will guard this with my life,” she said.

Alfie looked her up and down. “By the way, Melissa, you are looking great.”

She blushed a bit. “Thank you,” she said, “I do a lot of walking.”

“That will definitely keep you fit,” he replied. “Not that you need help. Those stand out on their own.”

Melissa, who had been half paying attention, asked “Sorry?”

“I said that those stand out on their own.” And that’s when Alfie went too far. He reached out and, before Melissa could even react to the situation, he reached out and touched the bottom of my fiancee’s right breast, moving his hand up and down, jiggling it.

Melissa’s jaw dropped.

“Look at that. Flawless. You seriously do not need a bra.”

Melissa took a step back. Her face was beet red.

“Oh I’m so sorry, dear,” Alfie chuckled, “as a doctor, I’m really too comfortable with the human body. I apologize if that was uncalled for.”

Melissa crossed her arms.

“That- it’s- I should probably get going.”

She turned around and walked out. Watching her go, Alfie licked his lips.

He watched her walk out and into our apartment. He heard a door close. And then a few minutes the back door open. He assumed Melissa had left. So he went back to the cabinet, opened it and looked at the second spare key he had kept for himself.


Melissa was humiliated. How could something like that have happened? She felt horrible. There was only one thing that would make her feel comfortable at the time. She knew exactly what it was. Behind the guest house was a private little pool, like an olympic pool only a little bigger. It was walled off. The only way to get to the pool was through our apartment. Melissa put away the groceries and walked towards the pool kicking off her shoes, her socks, undoing her jeans, pulling down her panties and taking off her top.

Naked, Melissa jumped in the pool and started swimming.


Meanwhile, Alfie came around the house, pulled the spare out of his pocket and walked into the apartment. He took it all in. Finally breaking a solid rule of trust, he had entered his tenant’s space. It felt fun to him. He took his time walking around. Wondering where we had had sex.

He walked into the bedroom and grinned. Pulling out his phone, he snapped a picture of the bedroom. He clicked a few buttons and waited.

At that time, I was in a meeting. My phone was on silent but I still felt the buzz. I waited a second and checked it. My face went white. It was a picture of my bedroom. I text back and asked who this was.

The next picture was of our drawers. I asked again who this was.

The next picture was of a man opening Melissa’s panties drawer. Then one of him holding up a pair of skimpy panties. Another of him touching her bras.

It occurred to me that it had to be Alfie. I was enraged. This was too far. I got up and said that I had an emergency. Stepping out of the office, I called and Alfie answered.

“I love what you’ve done with the place,” he said over the phone. I yelled at him, told him to get out but then he went quiet. He said he heard some splashing.

Alfie hung up and walked to the living room. He peered out the living room window and suddenly his life got so much better. He saw Melissa swimming in the pool. Naked.

Her body was blurred out by the splashing water but he could tell she was naked. She was swimming around, practicing strokes. Alfie watched her, his eyes glazed over.

His hands found their way to his pocket and he moved his hand around while watching my fiancee enjoy her privacy.

It took me 17 minutes to get home. In those 17 minutes, Alfie watched Melissa swim around. When he heard the door open, he knew his fun was over and I stormed in. I kept pushing him and yelling at him, pushing him in the hallway. We somehow ended up in the bedroom. Alfie knew that he had gone too far.

But then we heard the living room door open. I stopped instantly. I wasn’t supposed to be home. Footsteps were coming our way. Alfie grabbed my arm and pulled me into the closet. He shut it slowly and we peered through the slats as the footsteps got closer.

Then, Melissa walked in.


Still dripping wet from the pool.

I started shaking. Alfie’s hand covered my mouth so I couldn’t speak as Melissa walked in. Her bare brown b cups in plain view, her flat tummy, her shaved snatch. She grabbed a towel and turned around, her bare ass facing us.

He whispered in my ear “I want to spank that so badly.”

Tears formed in my eyes.

Melissa turned around again. Her arms up, drying her hair.

Alfie leaned in again. “Earlier this morning, I touched Melissa’s tit. Oh it was glorious. I jiggled her titty and she didn’t stop me. I think she liked it.”

I couldn’t handle this. Melissa walked out of the room and I bolted from the closet. I pointed at Alfie about to say something but Melissa ran back in. Alfie shut the closet door seconds before she was back in the room. She jumped when she saw me.

“Honey!” she cried.

I looked at her. At my sweet fiancee. Words couldn’t get out of my mouth.

“Hey baby,” I said, “g-got off of work early. How’s your day been.”

Melissa looked at me. Staring at me. It was like she had something very important, very personal to say. But she shook it off, took a step forward and said “Touch me. Right here.”

She pointed at her right cup.

My mouth was so dry. “But I-”

Melissa took my hand and it put under her right breast. She made me jiggle her naked tit. And as I did, she moaned.

I don’t know what happened. Or why. But suddenly we were both tearing off my clothes. She hopped on the bed, opened her legs. “I want you inside,” she said.

It was just like Alfie’s dream. Oh god. I walked up to my fiancee and kissed her. My back to the closet. I was so close to doing it too, but I stopped.

“No, I said.”

“No?” she asked.

“No,” I said again.

And I took Melissa’s hand. I turned her. I got behind. And we started having sex, doggy style, with our right side to facing the closet. Melissa began moaning so loudly. I looked up and saw Alfie’s eyes watching my entire fiancee’s body jiggle, on fully display for him.

I couldn’t believe that I had let Alfie watch Melissa and me have sex. He had sat there in the closet, watching Melissa was on all fours and I was behind her, sliding in an out. He had listened to her moaning, watching my hands slide up and down her body. After we had finished, I forced him to leave silently.

And since then, things were getting worse. When we’d bump into Alfie while taking out the recycling or something, he’d be a sweetheart to Melissa. But the second she turned around, he’d pull be close and whisper things like “God, I’d love to fuck your wife doggy style, like you did in front of me.” Or “Mmmm can you imagine Melissa sucking on my cock. She’d look so sweet.”

One day while Melissa was in the pool, Alfie walked up and waved to her so she’d wave back, just so he watch her chest move. Then he said to me “Just think of how fun it would be to titty fuck your wife right here.”

I had to be strong. I had to figure out a way out. And I was getting close. I was putting together a plan that would get Melissa and me into our own place, where we could finally put this all behind us.

But then came the day we went to go see the movie.

I don’t remember what movie it was to be totally honest. Some dumb comedy that wasn’t worth our money. But it was a date night so we decided to get drunk and see it anyway. It was so bad that we got drinks again afterwards. Melissa got pretty tipsy and I myself couldn’t walk straight. All I remember thinking was that her soft brown skin looked incredible in that short flowy white dress.It was an incredible dress, short enough to be sexy without looking slutty. I wanted to touch her the whole night. It clung to her body perfectly.

I was getting ideas as to what to do at home the second we got back from the film.

We had planned on drinking so we had left the car at home and instead were calling an Uber. To save money, we used Uber ride share. Melissa is shorter than me so she sat in the middle. The driver was friendly enough, mostly in his own world. But half way through the drive, we stopped to pick up someone else. A total stranger. I never got his name. Older fit gentleman in a business suit. The second he got in, he was eyeing Melissa. Blatantly staring at her tits. Checking out her legs. He knew we were drunk. He was asking her all sorts of questions, where she’s from, her race, nationality, if she works out. After a few minutes, the Uber driver reminded him to put on his seat belt.

He laughed to himself and apologized. He looked around for the place to plug it in. Melissa was sitting on it. He knew this. At least I’m pretty sure he knew this. But he took this opportunity to run his hand from Melissa’s knee to the bottom of her white dress, along her soft leg, looking for the buckle. My face turned red. Melissa was too drunk to notice the violation.

The stranger looked at me, with his hand still touching Melissa’s leg. I did nothing. I should have said something, or sneered back, but I didn’t. He smiled.

He poked a bit under butt to look for the buckle. He even bit his lip to communicate “thinking.” When this resulted in no buckle, he slid his hand under Melissa’s right thigh again, touching my fiancee in front of me. I was growing extremely hot under the collar but I didn’t say anything.

Melissa started to catch on that he was having trouble with the buckle and said “Oh, here, let me help,” turning and leaning towards me. My eyes went straight for this man’s face and from his expression, I could tell that Melissa was leaning enough to flash him a bit of her pantied ass. Half of her soft brown ass was showing in her tiny blue panties.

“Hmm, it is so dark in here,” he said. The driver asked if he needed light but he said he was okay. He slid his hand down. It touched Melissa’s ass. Not dress. Ass.

I could see his fingers poking the buckle.

“Still can’t find it,” he sighed. He took out his phone and shone a light on the seat. It flashed. It flashed again.

He was taking pictures of Melissa’s exposed panties. And I wasn’t stopping him.

Finally he found the buckle and clicked in his belt. Melissa sat back up. But in all the bustle, the top of her dress had moved and now this man, sitting next to her, could look to his left and see Melissa’s bare tits. I knew this because I could see her bare tits. He licked his lips and asked her about her age, where she had gone to college, what she had studied, etc. All while watching her braless boobs jiggle with every bump we hit.

This stranger, this total and complete stranger, was looking right down at my fiancee’s nipples.

My mind was racing. I thought of him leaning down and kissing Melissa’s nipples in front of me. Of him just reaching out and touching her breasts. Exposing them to the driver. Of him taking the top of Melissa’s head and moving it down to his lap where he’d take out his cock and I’d watch her head bob up and down while he moaned.

Of him titty fucking my fiancee, like Alfie had said. I was about to explode.

Finally, mercifully, we got to his stop. He said he had to get out and asked Melissa to lean again, this time putting a hand on her hip, guiding her. She obeyed, turning to the side. But this time, with his hand on her dress, he shifted it to see her entire ass.

I heard him mutter “Oh yes.”

He sat there, staring at Melissa’s ass. He would occasionally look back up at me to acknowledge exactly what he was doing.

His hand went down as his knuckles graced her cheeks, riding his pointer finger along the middle of Melissa’s panties. As he unbuckled his belt, he turned his hand and let his fingers drag against her ass.

I felt Melissa, leaning up against me, change. Something in her body. She had suddenly realized that he had been perving, and that she had allowed it. As he got out, he gave her a little spank. Like Alfie had.

Then he blew her a kiss and got out.

We arrived back at our apartment, both confused. Melissa disappeared into the bedroom and walked out in just a shirt and the panties. She stood in the kitchen, making herself a pb&j while I struggled to say anything. Eventually I just got down to my boxers and walked up behind her, kissing her neck.

After a few moments of silence, Melissa spoke.

“He touched me.”

I instantly got hard. I didn’t mean to but I did.

“What do you mean?” I asked, trying to play the fool.

“The man in the car. He touched me.”

“W-what do you mean,” I asked again.

“When he was reaching for the belt, his hand touched my ass.”

“Above or b-below your-”

“He touched my bare ass. I mean I have panties on but his hands felt my bare skin.”

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I feel so violated. Him touching me, right there, with you in the car, it was like him saying that my body wasn’t mine but for him to enjoy.”

I got even harder. Then I went silent.

She turned her neck to see my face.

“It wasn’t my fault,” she said.

“I know it’s not. It’s his. That’s horrible.”

“Are you mad?”


She could also tell that I was turned on.

“What are you thinking about right now?” she asked.

I wanted to tell her that the next time we’re in a car with someone else, I want her to slide her top off and show them her breasts. I wanted to say that she should bend over my lap and let some stranger slide off her panties. I had a million things to say about sucking and fucking, so much so that my mind was going into static. I didn’t even realize what I had said until she made me repeat it.

“What was that?”

“I,” I stammered, “what do you mean? What did I say?”

“You said ‘Alfie’,” she answered. “What about him?”

My mouth went so dry. I should have stopped. I should have said it was late and we were drunk but instead I kept talking. “He seems to like you.”

She blushed. “I’m surrounded by perverts.”

“What do you mean?” I asked again, realizing how redundant I sounded.

“He stares at me,” she answered.

I don’t know why but I asked more. “Where?”

“My chest. My butt, when I’m turned around.”

I was sweating, hearing my girl admit that she knew Alfie was a pervert. “Where else?” I asked.

Melissa’s face was impossible to read, but she kept responding. “My legs. My tummy. My lips.”

This was insane. I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation.

“You look very uncomfortable” she said to me.

“No, no,” I responded, “I mean, this just sounds terrible for you, you know.”

“I’ll tell him to stop,” she replied.

“Wait no,” I stammered. “Don’t. I think it might be fun to… play with him a bit. You know, tease him.”

Melissa stared into my eyes. I think that she knew at that moment how much this was turning me on.

She pushed her ass against me.

“It turned you on, didn’t it?”

“What part?”

“That man touching me.”

My throat was so dry. Melissa was pushing up against me so much that I almost fell back.

“Yes,” I finally admitted.

“I can still feel his hands. He got a good feel of both cheeks. He felt me just like this.”

She pulled my hands down to her ass and had me cup both of her cheeks.

“Then,” she continued, “he poked me with his middle finger. He poked me a few times.”

She slid off her panties.

“I think,” she kept going, “I am going to tease Alfie tomorrow. Do you like that?”

“Oh fuck yes,” I stammered, my face white.

“You wanna fuck right now?”

“Yes honey I do.”

“Fuck me like Alfie is watching.”

And we had it right there in the kitchen.


The next day I was shaking. Melissa had said nothing to me when we woke up. I didn’t know how to react so I went outside and sat by the pool. Eventually Alfie joined me.

“Morning,” he said, grinning.

“Morning,” I replied.

“Your sexy wife around?”

“She’ll be out in a second.”

“Good,” he said, “god I’d love to slip a finger in her.”

I didn’t even have time to cover my hard on. Alfie laughed. But his laughter stopped the second Melissa walked out of our apartment. She wandered over in a large shirt.

“Morning, boys,” she said.

“Good morning, Melissa,” Alfie responded. I could tell he was stealing glances at Melissa’s thick thighs.

Melissa kicked off her sandals. “I think I’m going to go for a swim,” she said.

“Perfect weather for it,” Alfie answered.

Melissa nodded and turned around, her back to us, and slipped the shirt over her head. My jaw dropped.

My fiancee was in a tiny g string. Her perfect ass facing Alfie. He lowered his sunglasses and sat forward. Melissa bent down to move her sandals, the string all but disappearing.

She stood back up and turned around. Her brown b cups were spilling out of the bikini top that was two sizes too small for her. Alfie looked her up and down.

“Wanna go for a dip, Alfie,” she asked. She held out her hand. He took it. As she pulled him up, her whole body jiggled. She lead him towards the pool, walking ahead of him, letting him enjoy the view of her ass. Waist deep in the water, she started picking up handfuls of it and pouring it over her head, her arms held up so Alfie could just stare at her breasts.

“Pour some water on my back,” she said as she turned her back to him. Alfie eagerly started dropping water on her, not looking back at me for a second.

Melissa giggled with him, splashing water on him, touching his chest. She was playing with him and he was eating it up.

Finally, she decided she’d had her fun and started walking out. She got to the edge of the pool and smirked at me. My face was white as a sheet.

But then Melissa jumped. I looked up to see that Alfie had reached out and was pinching Melissa’s ass with his whole hand.

“Oh that is so good,” he said as he gave her a spank. I saw my fiancee’s thighs jiggle as my landlord spanked her. He did it again and again.

Melissa bit her lip at me and then turned around. She wrapped her arms around Alfie’s neck and kissed him. He kissed her back, his hands at her hips.

He held her, dripping wet from the pool. Alfie looked her up and down, taking in every detail of her body. Then he turned her around, pulling her against him, pushing his hard on against her ass. “Oooooh yeah,” he said, rubbing in circles. “Mmmm, that’s it.”

Melissa bent over just a bit, to tease him. His hands ran up her side and to her chest where he cupped her tits. I heard Melissa moan a little. In a flash, Alfie undid the back of her bikini top and it fell into the water. Melissa bent over to grab it and Alfie held her hips, letting her bend over into his hard on.

“That’s it girl, that’s it!”

Before Melissa could grab her top, Alfie turned around to face him. He looked at her bare chest and reached out his hand. He jiggled her right cup, then her left. He watched her nips go hard. Then he blew on her chest, making her small brown nips even harder. Before she could say anything, he lowered his hands. SPLAT! I remember hearing it before seeing it. Her swimsuit bottom was at her ankles. She was bottomless. And Alfie was smiling more. He looked intent. I’m not sure how it happened, how we let it happen, but Alfie stuck out his pointer finger, started to move it up Melissa’s thighs and in a second, he was sliding his finger into my fiancee. Right there. In front of me.

“Oh god!” she yelled as Alfie grinned. His finger disappeared in her.

“Mmmm oh yeah, oh yeah,” he muttered as he pulled her close, looking over her shoulder at her bare ass. “Oh yes,” he kept repeating.

Melissa looked at me first. Shocked. No idea what to do. Alfie’s free hand went to my fiancee’s exposed ass as he touched it. Oh he touched it. He stroked her ass. He spanked it. He pinched it. All out there in the open. All while sliding his finger in and out of her.

Alfie started to finger fuck my fiancee. He lifted one leg up to let himself get even deeper. Melissa was in shock, but was also bouncing on his hand. Alfie stuck out his pinkie and it managed to slip into her ass. I watched right there on the pool chair as Alfie maneuvered a shocker on my fiancee.

“Alfie! Alfie!” Melissa began to cry.

I didn’t know what to do.

“Oh Alfie!” Melissa cried again.

Alfie lowered his head and started to flick her nipples with his tongue. Melissa’s head was back.

My naked fiancee getting fingered by my landlord.

“ALFIE!” Melissa screamed.

Then it happened. Alfie spun Melissa around, put his hard on against her, his shorts against her naked skin, his fingers slipping inside of her. He turned her to look at me and gave Melissa a swift spank on her right cheek, the one facing me. And Melissa came.


Alfie pulled her close, closer than I ever had. He whispered in her ear “Soon. Soon, my dear.”

I watched as Alfie held my shuddering fiancee and all I could think about was how I was sad that the stranger the car wasn’t here to touch her bare ass.

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