My Wife Patti


Am I a voyeur? Absolutely!

My wife Patti and I are 46 and we’ve been married for a little over 20 years. The one thing you need to know about Patti is that she loves sex. She loves sex more than any woman we’ve ever known. Aside from the fact that I love her deeply, her love of sex and all things erotic are one of the great benefits of being married to her. Patti is very attractive and still has a great body. Her brunette hair is shoulder-length, silky to the touch with plenty of fullness. Her breasts are in perfect proportion to her body and for as long as I can remember she’s kept her pussy shaved. After the first three or four years that we were married I began to worry that I might not be capable of keeping her satisfied. Her sex drive is powerful and made even more powerful by what I describe as having a heightened level of sensitivity. When she cums, she cums hard.

She wants sex every day and there have been many times that I couldn’t keep up with her, but, she never pressured me about it; instead she was always sweet about it. There have been countless nights that I’ve woken up to the soft sound of her masturbating with her toys as she lay in bed next to me. Sometimes I’d help her if I wasn’t too tired.

It was about that time that I began to fantasize about watching Pattie fuck other men. It was a little fantasy, not very elaborate and I kept it to myself. I was reluctant to tell her about it for fear that she wouldn’t understand that it was just a fantasy. As time went on my fantasy changed a little and in several ways became even stronger and even a little darker.

Back about the time we turned thirty, something happened that changed everything. A man named Brian moved into the house next door. He was in his late thirties and was going through a difficult divorce from his wife. He was friendly, very handsome and had a great body that Patti noticed immediately. I knew that she found Brian very attractive. I even suspected that maybe she fantasized about him during sex. Whenever I asked her of course she denied it. Brian has a great personality and after a couple of months the three of us had developed a really strong friendship. We spent a lot of time together on the weekends, mostly at our house, and naturally we got pretty close. I’d noticed that Patti had slowly become more of a flirt and tease around both Brian and I but that wasn’t really unusual for her. Occasionally I’d see the way she looked at Brian and I had a pretty good idea what was going on in her mind…sex, sex and more sex.

One Saturday afternoon Patti and I were lying on our bed naked, enjoying some light foreplay as a prelude to an afternoon of debauchery and kinky sex. She was fondling my cock and I was lightly brushing my middle-finger over her wet clitoris as we lay side by side on our bed just talking. At one point she made a rather insignificant remark about something Brian told her a few days before. I don’t know why I asked the question but I did. I looked directly at her and asked, “Have you let Brian fuck you yet?”

“NO,” she answered as she sat up in bed and turned to look at me. “No, what kind of question is that?”

“A good one,” I smiled at her. “He’s handsome, soon to be single again, and has a great personality. Now be honest Patti, haven’t you ever fantasized about Brian fucking you? Have you tried to imagine what it would feel like to have his cock inside your cunt—fucking you?”

Patti was silent for a long moment as she looked at me. She glanced away uncomfortably for a moment then back at me and softly said, “Yes, but they were only little fantasies. No matter how strong they were I never would do anything like that without your—”

“Well, let me be honest, I’ve given the idea a lot of thought.” I said. “We both know how much you love sex and what a sexy woman you are. To be honest with you Patti, the idea turns me on and I know you are perfectly capable of fucking us both. However, there would be a couple of conditions and if everyone agrees, I think I’d be completely okay with it.”

“Really?” She was silent and I knew she was thinking about the possibilities of what might happen.

She looked at me and asked, “What conditions?”

“Well, at first I want to be there with you whenever you two…or any other man, fucks you. Secondly, if either of us decides to stop…we agree to stop with no questions and no regrets.”

A broad smile crossed her face as she looked at me. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yep, all the way.” I looked at her with a mischievous smile and said, “Maybe Brian isn’t doing anything special tonight and we could invite him over. The three of us could share a bottle of good wine and see what happens.”

Patti giggled excitedly before asking seriously, “What if he doesn’t want to…you know…I mean…have sex with me.”

“Believe me Patti, I know him. Brian and I have talked a lot about guy-stuff about women and sex. I can assure you that just isn’t going to happen. If he ever got the okay he would do anything to get the opportunity to fuck you, believe me.”

“Um…Okay, really? Oh my god, what should I wear?”

“As little as possible,” I answered with a chuckle. In a way I was serious.

“I’ve got a pretty good hunch that Brian has jacked-off countless times just trying to imagine what you look like nude and exactly what your beautiful pussy feels like.”

I got off the bed saying, “I’ll go call Brian and see if he wants to come over tonight for some wine.” When I returned to our bedroom I looked at Patti and said, “It’s all set, he’ll be here around seven.”

“Oh, that’s pretty sudden isn’t it?” she said with a slight deer in the headlights look.

“No time like the present. Besides, there isn’t much to be gained by over-thinking it all now.”

“Oh,” Patti said as she went to her closet and opening the doors to the wardrobe said, “That doesn’t give me much time. Did you say anything about why we were inviting him over?”

“NO, I just thought we’d see what develops,” I said with a large smile.

“Oh my god, I’m so nervous,” Pattie squealed.

It was about seven-thirty when Brian came over. Patti was still upstairs getting ready. After pouring some wine, Brian and I sat in the living room and chatting like we normally do. It wasn’t long before Patti came downstairs and joined us. She was wearing a white silk blouse, obviously without a bra, and a very short bright red skirt. On her legs she was wearing dark hose and red spiked heels. Her hair and makeup looked great. All in all, she looked incredibly sexy, I noticed that Brian could hardly take his eyes off of her. Patti tried to act as natural as possible and she took a seat on the sofa directly across from Brian. I could almost feel her nervousness even though she hid it pretty well. After some casual talk and a glass of wine everyone relaxed; especially Patti. Every time she crossed or uncrossed her legs (which was often) Brian got an opportunity to get a quick peek at her crotch. Her nipples pressed erotically against the silk material of her blouse and her heavy turquoise necklace hung erotically between her breasts. Several times Patti would reach for her wineglass causing her upper body to turn slightly, but enough to make her skirt raise up exposing her thighs and her pantiles shaved pussy.

We started talking about sex but after about a half-an-hour things were progressing slower than I would have liked so I simply asked Brian a couple of questions.

“Brian, do you think Patti is sexy?” I asked.

The “Oh my god, yes,” he answered as he looked at her with a smile.

“Well, Patti and I have been wondering if you’d like to fuck her.”

Everything went silent as Brian looked at me as if he wasn’t sure if I was joking or not.

“We’re serious,” I said. “Excuse my bluntness but it’s clear that Patti wants you to fuck her. I’m pretty sure that you feel the same about her. We’ve discussed it and we think it would be enjoyable for all of us. The only real condition that we have is that, I will be in the room when you two have sex. I’ll stay out of the way.”

Patti looked shy and was silent as she looked at me. Her tight skirt had ridden up exposing a small portion of her shaved pussy-flesh under her lacy garter belt and stocking tops.

Brian was still surprised by my question. “Really? He finally said as he glanced at us both.”

“Excuse my bluntness Brian but we’ve talked it over and,” I paused. “If you’re interested, it’s something that we’d like to do.”

“Yes…yes, I’d love to have sex with you,” he said to Patti. “I suppose it’s no secret that I’ve always found you very sexy.” I noticed a slight tone of embarrassment in his voice. “When?” He asked.

“The way that Patty’s dressed tonight, I think now would be a good time,” I answered with a smile.

“Oh God, I need more wine,” Patti said with a giggle as she stood up and went into the kitchen. She quickly came back with more wine and sat on the sofa next to Brian putting her hand on his thigh. I knew she was nervous and excited, but also, she was ready to have him fuck her. Brian was a little shocked at the way things were moving so quickly, but he was just as excited as Patti and me.

I stood up and walked toward the stairs. I glanced back at them and said, “I think you two are capable of getting things started…I’ll be back.” I went upstairs and puttered around the bedroom for about ten minutes or so, giving Brian and my wife time for things to develop. When I came back down to the living room Brian and Patti were locked in an erotic embrace on the sofa—their mouths pressed together passionately. Patti’s blouse was completely open and had slipped off of one shoulder. Her beautiful naked beasts and necklace were pressed against Brian’s shirt. Patti gently broke-off their kiss and standing up she helped Brian take off his shirt and slacks. They passionately kissed again as she slipped her blouse off and let it fall to the floor. Still embracing, she unhooked her skirt and let it drop to the floor as well as she stepped out of them. Before they sat back down Patti pulled Brian’s boxer shorts down releasing his 7 inch uncircumcised cock which immediately pointed lewdly toward her belly. A couple of times she glanced over at me for reassurance. I smiled back at her and nodded softly.

The sight of the two lovers was so incredibly erotic it was almost overwhelming to me. I sat back in my chair and watch them slipping deeper and deeper into their lustful sexual union. This would be the first time I’d ever seen my wife getting fucked by another man and I was very excited. Patti had her fingers wrapped around Brian’s cock and was stroking it softly. At the same time Brian’s fingers were buried in her crotch and rubbing her wet clitoris.

My excitement was real as evident by my own hard 6-inch cock pressing against the confines of my trousers and underwear. Everything seemed to be moving fast and becoming more intense and, I was surprised at my own reaction to it. I was deeply aroused. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt the intense knot of pure lust and desire, deep in my gut. I could feel my own precum slowly leaking into my underwear.

I was surprised at how willing they were, no one seemed embarrassed…just horny.

“I want to suck your cock,” Patti said as she urged Brian to sit back against the sofa pillows. She moved down on her knees between his spread legs. Reaching behind her neck she unhooked her necklace and without looking, dropped it on her blouse and skirt. Her lips only inches from his cock and I watched as she pulled the loose skin of his cock down slowly, allowing his bulbous, grey cock-head to emerge from under his foreskin. When the head was completely exposed. She stroked him several times until her tongue slipped out and began lightly licking his engorged penis. Focusing on the underside and rim. Patti took Brian’s cock deeper in her mouth. When it hit the back of her throat she paused for a moment, then, she lifted her head up still holding Brian’s cock in her mouth. She began to swirl her tongue over it as Brian groaned softly.

For the next five minutes or so Patti set up a rhythm of cock sucking that produced an abundance of Brian’s precum mixed with her saliva making his cock slick and shiny. Her mouth was wet and sloppy as she bobbed up and down on his engorged prick. Before long I could see the excess moisture seeping past her lips and down Brian’s shaft before dripping off his balls and onto the sofa as my wife continued to hungrily suck his dick. I could see that Brian began breathing harder and he groaned several times before saying almost at a whisper, “Fuck Patti, that feels fucking so good.”

I was pretty sure that Patti sensed that Brian was getting close to an orgasm and I knew that the pure woman inside her wanted to feel him ejaculating his hot cum into her vagina as they fucked that first time. She let his cock slip from her lips as she raised her body up. Still on her knees she kissed Brian passionately before saying, “Let’s go up to the bedroom…I can hardly wait until I feel you fucking me.”

Brian helped her stand up still wearing her garter belt and stockings and heels, she took his hand and started toward the stairs. As she passed by my chair she looked at me with a mischievous grin on her pretty face and said, “Come with us, but, everyone has to be naked.”

Patti and I have always had a great sex life but, so far, this far exceeded anything we’d ever even considered doing. It was intensely erotic and I started taking my clothes off and tossing them on the chair as I watched my naked wife and her new, naked lover going up the stairs to our bedroom to fuck!

I drank what was left of the wine in my glass before I stood up and slipped my thumbs under the elastic band of my underwear and slid them down. I stepped out of them and was completely nude. My cock swung from side to side as I went up the stairs and I knew that no matter what happens; after Brian leaves, I’d have my cock shoved deep into Patti’s freshly fucked cunt. The door to our bedroom was wide open and I heard the familiar sound of Patti giggling softly from inside the room.

I walked slowly toward the door to our room and paused in the doorway. I saw Patti lying on her back on our bed, her knees were pulled up towards her chest and her hands were on each side of her wet pussy pulling her pink cunt lips apart showing us her large clit and the tender opening of her vagina. I know a lot of sex stories say it, but in this case, her pussy really was a wet mess, dripping with their combined sex-juices. Brian was slowly stroking his hard cock as he stood by the bed looking at Patti. He glanced over at me, perhaps still wanting to make sure that I was okay with him fucking my wife. I just nodded and said, she’s a good fuck and tonight she’s all yours.” I moved over and sat in the chair facing the bed. My hands were trembling slightly from the anticipation of watching my wife getting fucked by our neighbor and friend. I didn’t dare touch my cock for fear that I’d cum and start ejaculating cum all over myself and the chair.

Patti looked at Brian’s cock and moaned, “God, I can’t wait until I have that beautiful cock inside me. Come here Brian, fuck me,” she begged.

Brian wasted no time and got on the bed and knelt between her spread legs. I couldn’t think of a time when Patti was as aroused as she was at that moment. I watched as Brian rubbed the head of his cock up and down between Patti’s wet, swollen cunt lips picking up some of their natural lubricant. Patti whispered, “Fuck me Brian, fuck me!” As Brian directed his cock down to the opening of her vagina and with a quick roll of his hips he pushed himself inside her and filled her tight pussy with his hard cock. Patti cried out in lustful pleasure and excitement. “Oh fuck,” Patti moaned. “Oh fuck yes! Fuck me!”

I was incredibly aroused watching Brian’s cock, glistening from their combined juices hamming into Patti’s cunt. They were kissing deeply; their tongues fighting their lovely, erotic battle.

They fucked for ten to twenty minutes, changing their rhythm and position often. She told me later that she got very turned-on feeling his heavy balls slapped against her ass each time he shoved his cock into her cunt. I knew that Patti was about to have an orgasm and I watched her closely. Turning her head she looked at me, smiled and motioned me to come closer. I slipped forward in the chair, closer to her mouth as they kept fucking.

“Is this what you fantasized about?” She asked.

“Yes.” I said as she smiled at me. With a soft moan she turned her attention back to Brian. They held eye-contact with each other as they began fucking faster. My brain was filled with so much sexual stimulus…stimulus that included moans, labored breathing and the constant, soft wet sucking sounds their bodies made as they fucked. The sounds were accentuated by the often rhythmic sound of their naked flesh slapping together.

I could tell by Patti’s cries and groans that she was building toward her orgasm at almost any moment. Sweat was dripping off of both of their bodies as they struggled for the ultimate in sexual pleasure…an orgasm. I felt almost paralyzed as I watched another man’s cock rapidly entering and withdrawing in my wife’s vagina as he sucked on her nipples.

Patti emitted a soft, high-pitched cry that filled the room as her orgasm started to slam into her body. “Fuck! Fuck, oh fuck me now! Fuck me hard, fuck, I’m coming! Oh fuck me hard! Make me cum! Split my cunt with your fucking cock! Oh, fuck me hard Brian! Fuck me hard now!” Patti, was clutching at Brian’s back and her body began to shudder and she wined even louder. Brian’s body stiffened as he slammed his cock hard into her cunt two more times before moaning loudly and saying, “Fuck Patti, fuck! NOW Patti, I’m cuming in your pussy…fuck, I’m cuming now,” he shouted as his body jolted and his cock began spewing long spurts of thick white cum into the dark warmth of Patti’s orgasming vagina.

It was one of the most intense things that I could ever remember experiencing.

I wanted to leave them alone for a short time and, as I started to stand up, I surprisingly felt a little fatigued and very wet…I looked down at my cock and there were strands of my cum on my belly, hand and thighs. Some of it was laying on my body hair. The whole experience brought out an intense erotic blur and I hadn’t even fully realized. I remember being very, very close to my orgasm and without even touching myself I came as I watched my wife getting fucked and cuming as another man’s cock was thrusting in and out of her. It was that intense for me.

I went to the downstairs bathroom and cleaned the cum from my body before returning to the kitchen and pouring myself more wine, stalling a bit before I took my glass back upstairs to our bedroom. Brian and Patti were fucking again as I came in and I quickly sat down to watch. They were on their knees on the bed. Patti was on all fours and Brian was fucking her pussy from behind. This is one of Patti’s favorite positions. For me it was unbelievably erotic seeing how deep Brian’s hard cock fucked her in that position. A sex position that I was familiar with too.

Brian had his hands on Patti’s hips and occasionally he’d let his fingers brush directly over her puckered anus bringing a squeal of delight from her.

Patti was moaning each time Brian thrust his cock into her from behind. A few minutes passed and Brian leaned his upper body forward over Patti’s back, just enough so that he could reach around and fondle her tits as he fucked her. Patti’s body shivered at his touch and she made a cute soft squeaking sound each time Brian pinched one of her sensitive nipples.

I sat back on my chair, only a few feet from them, sipping my wine and watching Brian’s cock as he fucked Patti’s, very wet, pussy. Patti looked so beautiful and erotic to me at that moment, I didn’t have words to describe it. They both were moaning and breathing hard. As their tempo increased, Patti was clutching at the bedsheets with her hands and ready to explode at any second.

“Ohhh, Fuck me Brian! I’m cuming! Fuck me hard…fuck me! I’m so close, give me all of your cum! I’m cuming! I’m cuming! FUCK ME!”

Brian was quiet for a moment as he fucked her even harder. The strain and pleasure clearly showed on his face.

“Fuck Patti, I’m cuming too! I’m cuming in your pussy, now!” He shouted. “Fuck Patti, I’m cuming now Patti, I’M CUMING AGAIN,” he shouted as he slammed his cock into her cunt from behind with three hard strokes. Slamming into Patti’s ass with three hard and forceful strokes.

Patti cried-out loudly as she bucked her hips back at Brian’s pounding cock. Her orgasm flooded through her nude body sending waves of tingling pleasure to every inch of her being as she became weak and drained. I could see Brian’s cock tighten and relax as he pumped her full of what cum he still had left in his balls.

After their orgasms Brian slowly pulled his softening cock from her pussy and it was followed by a large glob of cum that ran out of her cunt and dripped onto the bed.

They both laid down on the bed to recover and I took my wine and went back downstairs leaving them alone. About ten minutes later they came down the stairs holding hands looking cheerful, naked, and very tired. We chatted as we got dressed but none of us said too much about what had happened. Patti sat beside him on the sofa and they still couldn’t keep their hands off each other

Brian stayed long enough to finish his wine and he and Patti exchanged kisses as he was leaving. At the door he thanked me and said that he hoped everything was okay. I assured him that everything was cool and was just the beginning. When he left I walked back into the kitchen where Patti was at the sink rinsing our glasses. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me. “Well?” I said softly in her ear.

Patti turned her body around so that our faces were only inches apart. Our eyes held each other’s for a moment, neither of us said anything…we didn’t need to. We both knew what the question was…and we knew what the answer was. She looked at me and giggled before she added, “I absolutely love your fantasies and, I hope we can do a lot more of them.”

She stepped back and taking my hand she started to lead me upstairs saying, “Now it’s your turn and I’ve saved the best for last.”

This was a very erotic beginning to a whole new lifestyle for us that included many sexual encounters with new friends.

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