Kate Ch. 01-03


Chapter 1: Vacation in Palm Springs

I love my wife Kate, she’s been my best friend for the entire time we’ve been together and I don’t think that will change. She’s an incredible lover, no matter where, when or how; making love to her has always sent me over the edge.

Like many couples who have been married for a while, we’ve done a bit of fantasy. Kate knows my favorite fantasy is to see her get fucked by another guy, preferably one with a large cock. If you ask me to explain why, I couldn’t give one logical reason why this would turn me on, but logic goes right out of the window when it comes to love and sex, right?

My fantasy has led us to play a game during our love-making. I bought a variety of dildos, most large and black, and I’ll use one to fuck her while eating her out. After Kate comes, it’s my turn. My mind reels as I stick my cock in her very wet cunt while watching her eyes. She’ll get me going by asking me what’s going through my mind; I’ll tell her I’m pretending she’s wet because someone else just fucked her and I’m getting sloppy seconds. She plays along, squeezes my cock with her cunt which makes it impossible for me to hold out any longer.

I’ve always considered myself fortunate because in moments of lunacy, I’ve asked Kate to act out the fantasy for real. She’s always refused to even consider the possibility and when you get right down to it, I’ve never seen a real man who I’ve said to myself, “look, there’s a guy I’d like to see fucking my wife.” So it has always remained a fantasy, up until last week.

Kate and I flew to Palm Springs to spend five days in the sun and heat where we stay at one of the many nude desert resorts. Kate’s very comfortable with her body; she should be because although in her 40’s, Kate has the body of a 30 year old. She’s slim and fit from years of working out, has firm. natural “C” size breasts, an all-over tan from years of nude beaches and resorts, plus a clean shaven cunt.

We usually stay for three days, but needed an extra dose of sunshine this year and planned to spend it on a desert hike. After lounging around the pool the first day, we started the next morning driving over the mountain range into Joshua Tree. It was a beautiful day; the temperature was in the high 80’s without a cloud or a person in sight. We hiked to an oasis, opened up our picnic lunch and two bottles of beer (we’re not serious hikers) under the palm trees, and took off our clothes to enjoy the heat.

After two more beers I could tell Kate was feeling the alcohol, she was probably dehydrated. The hot, dry air can do that to you. I decided to take advantage of the situation; it was a public place, but there was no one on the horizon. I started to kiss Kate’s lips, neck, breasts, ran my tongue right down to her clit. I was hard and she was wet, so I climbed up and slipped my cock into her. We made love like this for a while before I lifted her torso so she was sitting in my lap. She squeezed my cock as I played with her breasts, alternating between caressing her nipples with my fingers and kissing them with my tongue and teeth.

While we were screwing a glimmer of light caught my attention. Out of the corner of my eye I saw we weren’t alone. Someone was back in the palms and it appeared they were taking pictures of us making love. Kate sensed my change and asked what was wrong. I thought about ignoring the photographer; I could have lied, but I told Kate the truth.

“I think someone is in the trees taking our picture.”

Now it was Kate’s turn to tense up. My cock slipped out of her when she turned around to where I was staring and reached for her top. But before she could get the top over her head, our cameraman came out from behind the trees. He was nude and sporting an erection. “Don’t stop on my account, you two were beautiful,” he said. “My name’s Zack, I’ve been taking pictures of you for the past half hour and I’ll sell you the memory card, but go ahead and finish. As you can see, I enjoyed watching.”

Now here’s the part that I still can’t believe, maybe it was the beer, or the heat, but whatever it was, Kate grabbed my head and shoved it in between her legs.

I ate Kate’s vagina like a madman while the guy with the hard-on and camera moved around taking pictures of us. After five minutes Kate moved around to suck my cock with her ass up in the air, she took her mouth off my cock long enough to turn to the cameraman, “Fuck me Zack!”

So here I am, laid out on my back, getting my cock sucked while the love of my life has her ass stuck in the air. I’m watching this stranger with a hard-on practically leap behind my wife to fulfill the fantasy I always dreamed would happen. I sat up a bit to get better view; Zack’s cock wasn’t huge, but it was thick and as the head touched Kate’s vagina she started to push back. The whole thing just disappeared from my sight. For the next few minutes I rammed my cock into her mouth while he rammed his into her cunt.

My cock exploded in Kate’s mouth, but she kept sucking me dry. After I finished coming Kate let my cock fall out of her mouth to concentrate on the cock ramming her cunt. I picked up the camera to take pictures. The two of them kept pounding their pelvises into each other until I saw the tell-tale look in his eyes announcing Zack’s intentions to come. I took some great shots of the two of them coming.

When Zack’s cock fell out of Kate I watched the come drip out, that was enough for me to get hard as a rock. Kate saw it and smiled, “Sloppy seconds?” This was all I needed to hear, I rolled Kate onto her back, rubbed the tip of my cock around the outside the lips of her vagina, then pushed inside. My cock slipped in without any resistance. Kate gave me a look as I fucked her harder; she didn’t have to say a word, her eyes said everything. If I hadn’t just come in her month, I wouldn’t have lasted more than 15 seconds. As it was, I was able to continue driving in and out of her cunt until I felt the contractions signaling her orgasm. We both came together.

The next few moments were awkward, but our new “friend” broke the ice by opening up his camera and handing me the memory card. “Here” he said, “I won’t need this to remember the moment. I never thought this could happen in my lifetime. I offered to sell you the card, but all things considered, you can have it.”

The three of us chatted for a while, exchanged names (Kate didn’t give him her real name), and where we were staying in the area. It turned out Zack was staying at a hotel in Palm Springs. He asked if we’d join him for dinner that night at his favorite restaurant, the “Blue Coyote. ” Kate surprised me again by accepting his offer. We agreed to meet that night at 8 o’clock for dinner and Zack walked off.

During our hike out of the desert and the drive home I had moments of passion, jealousy, love and lust toward my wife. There was no way I could be angry with what had transpired, not after spending the last few years trying to convince Kate to do what we had just done. I was also anxious to see how the pictures had turned out. There was, of course, some concern whether the events would change the fantastic relationship Kate and I shared throughout our marriage.

Kate did a great thing on the drive home; she held my hand and when we exited the car at our hotel, she popped out of the passenger side to give me a big kiss. We walked hand in hand to the room, stripped and jumped into the shower together. I covered her body with kisses as we washed each other off and I couldn’t help but stick my finger inside her cunt. She was still soaked with come.

We had an hour before dinner; Kate used the hour to get ready, I read a book at the pool. When Kate walked out she looked absolutely stunning in an outfit I had not seen her in before, it was the halter top I had convinced her to buy from Victoria Secret with a short skirt. Kate recently had her belly button pierced and a hint of the stone peeked through between the top and the skirt. “You like?” Of course I liked it and I told her so. We drove to the restaurant, met our new friend; enjoyed a fine Southwestern dinner and too many Margaritas. I don’t know if she did it on purpose, but Kate had three drinks that night.

She flirted with both of us and I think she reached over under the table a couple of times to squeeze his cock. It sure looked that way because her motion to the left, leaning toward him was the same as to her right toward me; and every time she leaned toward me she gave my cock a squeeze. Zack asked whether we’d like to come his room for one last drink, Kate didn’t hesitate before accepting.

When Kate and I entered Zack’s hotel room, she gave me a kiss before pointing me over to the chair in the corner next to the bed. Kate turned to our host and kissed him while removing his clothes. Neither of them had much on, so it didn’t take long before they were both naked on the bed. Foreplay took place during dinner, so Kate just grabbed his thick cock, aimed it into her wet cunt and the two of them started banging their hips into each other. I undressed without taking my eyes off them sat back and watched. Ten minutes later Kate rolled Zack on his back and climbed on top with her ass in the air.

I knew this was an invitation, so I wet my cock with my pre-come and saliva and eased in her ass. Kate was still for the first minute while I moved in and out of her ass, then the cock in her cunt began to move. Kate started screaming, not loud, but enough to excite and spur Zack and me to drive harder. Kate came and told us to do the same because she couldn’t stand it any more. I shot in her ass and slipped out, but the cock in her cunt wasn’t ready. Zack slipped out of her cunt, got behind her and I watched his cock disappear into her ass.

Kate was beside herself as the cock in her ass continued to pump. Even though Zack’s cock was thicker than mine, my come had lubricated her ass enough to make it tolerable. The two of them fucked until, just before his cock exploded, Zack pulled out and came all over Kate’s back side.

I went to shower off; Kate slipped in and kissed me. When I stepped out of the shower, our host joined her. While I was in the bedroom waiting for them to finish their “shower”, pangs of jealousy started up again. I didn’t know if Kate was planning to stay the night, so was more than relieved when she came out of the bathroom, grabbed her clothes and told me it was time to go home because she wanted to spend the night in bed with me and me alone.

We never saw the Zack after that night, but we have the photographs and that’s enough for me.

Ch. 2: Vacation in New York

Kate in New York

Six months ago Kate and I had our first “adventure.” She had fulfilled my fantasy by fucking a stranger and participating in her first three way. Kate’s a very sensuous and sexy lady, so I was glad her first extra-marital affair included my cock in either her mouth or ass while she let a stranger have her cunt.

We returned home after our vacation and I wondered if we’d return to a monoganistic relationship or would we find other adventures. It was Kate’s decision, I’d be happy either way, as long as we stayed together and fucked together. For the months that followed our love life did take on a new intensity both in frequency and passion.

Six months after our Palm Springs vacation Kate and I spent 8 days playing tourist in New York. This was a different vacation for us; we usually spend our free time on a nude beach, at a nude resort or touring on my motorcycle. I spent hours researching New York before we got there; one article was titled “Best Dive Bars” which included a bar within walking distance of our hotel. The bar, Tommy’s Spot, turned out to be a good find, the people were friendly and the drinks affordable, which in New York means a beer is less than $5 a glass.

Tommy’s is owned by a former pro basketball player. The walls of the bar are filled with pictures of Tommy standing next to many of the pros, including a number of Jimmy and Michael Jordan. Kate is a big sports fan, so she was impressed with the fact our host knew so many of the greats. One thing about Kate, she is a very nice lady and if the man sitting next to her is a gentleman, she won’t hesitate to have a conversation with him.

At one point on our first night in the bar Kate was sitting between me and Tommy. I pretty much stayed out of their conversation; I was watching the Yankees on TV and trying to have my own conversation with a Japanese businessman who spoke very little English. But my ears picked up when I heard Kate ask Tommy if she could see his hands because they looked so large. Although Kate meant the request to be innocent, there’s the implication the size of a man’s hands is an indicator of the size of his cock and I’m certain Tommy was wondering, or more likely hoping, if this great looking woman was coming on to him.

Despite my apprehension, the evening ended up without anything happening out of the ordinary. Kate and I walked to our hotel room late that night after a pleasant evening.

Two nights later, after a full day visiting New York sights, we headed back to Tommy’s. Tommy was behind the bar and immediately recognized us from our previous visit. Without asking, he poured each of us a beer and began chatting as if we were old friends. Kate was enjoying herself and after the second beer, didn’t seem to notice Tommy poured both of us a tequila shot. Tommy poured himself a shot and proposed a toast “his” city. Kate usually doesn’t drink shots, but given the circumstances, didn’t think twice before clinking her glass with each of ours and drinking the contents of the glass.

Tommy went down the bar to wait on some other patrons. After a long day of walking the beer and shot was having some effect on me, and it must have had some effect on Kate, although she rarely shows it. We relaxed again, drinking our third beers and watching the Mets on TV. Within fifteen minutes Kate told me she’d be right back, she was headed to the restroom. I watched her ass as she walked toward the back before returning my attention to the ball game on TV.

I was fixated on the game and time got away from me; obviously an effect from the alcohol. But when a lady bartender asked if I wanted another beer I realized Kate had been gone longer than normal; it also occurred to me that Tommy was no longer behind the bar. I immediately took off in the direction of the restrooms. I knocked on the women’s restroom door, called out Kate’s name – no answer – so took a chance and walked into the room. It was empty. I started back toward the bar wondering what to do next and passed a door with a cheap “Manager” sticker. Without a moment’s hesitation I grabbed hold of the doorknob, opened the door and looked in.

I wasn’t prepared for the scene in front of my eyes. Here was Kate, completely naked except for her red cowboy boots, laid out on a large desk with her legs wrapped around Tommy’s naked ass. Tommy was pounded away, shoving his hard cock in and out of my wife, she was encouraging his thrusts by kicking his bare ass with her boots. (It hit me moments later that she had to pull her boots off to remove her pants, then took the time to put the boots back on – obviously I wasn’t the only one turned on by red boots.)

Kate turned her head toward me and stared into my eyes for a minute before asking me if my fantasy was now complete, “I’m fucking a big, black stranger. Does that make you hot?”

Actually, it made me so fucking hot I couldn’t even respond. I just stood there watching my wife get fucked by this guy on his desk. I’m pretty sure she was turned on as much as I was; before long she was coming all over his cock. The tension of her orgasm must have pushed Tommy over the top, because he started to pump his hips in a way that could only mean one thing – he was filling her cunt with his cum. They held still for a while before Tommy gave Kate a great big kiss. He got off the table and told me my wife she was beautiful while he got dressed. Before he left the room he told Kate to wait a minute before getting dressed because he had a surprise for her.

After Tommy left the room I immediately went over and gave her a kiss. I told Kate to pull my cock out of my pants, it was my turn to fuck her; I was looking forward to popping my hard cock in her very wet hole. But before we could get my pants off, the door opened and in walked another guy from the bar. “Tommy said there’s a lady in here warmed up and ready for me,” he said. He walked over to Kate and asked me whether he could spend some time with my wife, Tommy told him how much Kate had enjoyed getting fucked. I appreciated being asked, but told him it was entirely up to Kate – she would make the decision. He nodded and said, “Maybe this will help her make up her mind,” and dove his mouth into her cunt. I can never eat her after sex, even if it’s my own cum, but eating Tommy’s cum didn’t seem to bother this fellow. He kept his mouth on Kate’s cunt while he undressed.

When he was naked he picked Kate off the desk and laid her on her stomach over the back of the office sofa with her ass sticking up in the air. When he laid Kate forward, it was the first chance I had to see the guy’s cock. The only way to describe it is “huge”. Kate and I have one black toy back home that compares, but it’s rare for us to use it, it only comes out of the box on nights when I’ve got Kate all wound up, wet and wide open; which of course is what Kate was at this moment. The combination of Tommy’s fucking, my watching and the oral foreplay had Kate ready.

He took his cock and laid it on the opening of her cunt, spread the lips of her vagina with his fingers and started to push inside. He was half way in when he stopped and pulled back; he must have known his size shouldn’t be rammed into a woman all at once, because he started to rock in and out without jamming the whole thing in.

Kate has always told me the whole “big cock thing” was a guy fantasy, but she sure fooled me that night. She was going crazy while this guy fucked her. I know Kate was cumming hard, because by now the guy was shoving the entire length of his cock inside her and she wasn’t protesting one bit. They fucked like that for a good fifteen minutes until the guy came. By this time I had my cock out of my pants and before Kate even had a minute to relax, I stuck my cock into her face and told her to suck me. I wish I could have lasted longer, but after what I’d witnessed the past hour, I’m lucky I lasted two minutes in Kate’s mouth. As always, Kate acted like I was giving her the most expensive drink in the world and swallowed with relish.

Almost as if he was watching, Tommy came back into the room and undressed again. He asked Kate what she thought of his friend Carter and while she was thanking him, Tommy pushed his hard cock inside her cunt. “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he said, “because now I have a way you can show me how much you appreciate it.” With that he took his cock out of her cunt, scooped up some cum with his fingers and wiped them off on the opening of her ass. He put the tip of his still wet cock on the opening and slowly entered her ass.

The two of them bucked into each other until Tommy came in my wife for the second time that night. I had an opportunity to dip my cock inside her wet hole, but she had another idea. I was jealous when, instead of allowing me to fuck her, Kate said, “I’ve got to have Carter’s cock in me one more time.” She went over to Carter, who was sitting on the sofa, wrapped her hand around his cock and pumped long enough to get him hard again; then mounted him in the sitting position.

I thought I’d bust my nut without even touching myself as I watched Kate bounce up and down on that cock. They stayed in that position for a while before Kate laid on her back. This whole time Kate seemed to be trying to get as much of Carter’s cock inside her, she kept thrusting her hips towards his. They lasted longer this time and Tommy left after a minute, but came back right away with a bottle of whiskey and some shot glasses. “Might as well make ourselves comfortable,” he said as he poured me a shot, “this could take a while.” He filled our glasses and we toasted the fucking couple.

Luckily, I used all my willpower to avoid stroking my cock while watching Kate get fucked because Kate had one more surprise for me that night. After what must have been two or three orgasms, she stopped, had Carter sit back up on the couch, straddled his legs and looked back at me. “Fuck my ass while he’s inside me’, she said. I jumped up and put my cock in her still dripping ass. With the double pounding Kate came a couple more times. Kate squeezed her ass muscles, I shot my load both inside her ass and on her backside. She must have squeezed her cunt muscles at the same time because Carter started to cum one last time. When his cock fell out, Kate’s two holes released what looked like a cup of cum.

While Kate fell back on the couch, Tommy filled three shot glasses. Carter, Tommy and I toasted the sexiest lady in New York.

Anyone who has contemplated sharing his wife with another man may want to reconsider; things change after the fantasy becomes a reality. For years I’ve been reading letters on the Internet and in Penthouse about men whose wives turned into sluts; I either didn’t read or ignored any bad endings. I thought I could handle watching my wife fuck a stranger from time to time – real life turned out to be much more difficult.

I woke up after our night at Tommy’s New York bar with the worse damn hangover and it wasn’t just from the booze. I spent fifteen years of marriage telling Kate it turned me on to fantasize about her getting fucked by another man or men. She finally took me up on it in Palm Springs and I was able to live with it, but her actions at Tommy’s were different.

That night Kate went into Tommy’s office on her own, leaving me sitting at the bar. Was it her intention to have me walk in and catch her getting fucked? Or did she just want to get fucked so bad that she didn’t care one way or another? To make matters worse, she had fucked Tommy’s friend Carter a second time while I stood there pulling my pud. Kate had finally asked me to fuck her ass while Carter fucked her cunt, but when I sobered up, it really pissed me off. I kept thinking about her bouncing between the two of them, especially the way she had practically worshiped Carter’s giant cock. The last thing I ever wanted to be was a cuckold and that’s how I was feeling.

Kate and I spent the remainder of our week in New York without going back to Tommy’s bar and I spent the week trying to be the best damn lover in the world. I ate her while fingering her asshole, I’d climb in the shower and fuck her from behind, I woke her in the middle of the night for a quickie. Kate responded to my seductions and we carried on like newlyweds, but in the back of my mind, I felt she had crossed a line.

After we flew home new suspicions crept into my mind; I became paranoid. I arranged her dildo collection in a way that if one was moved, I’d know it. After two weeks nothing changed, so she wasn’t using them when I wasn’t home. It then occurred to me Kate didn’t use the dildos because she had a lover. This drove me crazy, so I hired a private detective to follow her. I had gone from being a loving, trustful husband into being a raving lunatic.

It cost me $3000 to have the guy chase Kate around for a week. He reported back that nothing out of the ordinary had happened. In my paranoid state I wondered if I could trust the guy, maybe they worked out a deal and Kate was fucking the detective, too. So I made up some excuses at work and spent a week following Kate myself. I had to know if she was being unfaithful.

Now, if this was a story in Penthouse, I would have found my wife pulling a train with the detective and a couple co-workers. In those stories, the husband always watches his wife get it in every hole while he hides in the closet or peeks through a crack in the window shade. He has a great time beating off watching his slut wife take every load. Sorry, that’s not what happened. Kate went to work, went to her gym and when she had to work late one night, she was working by herself at the office.

So maybe there was hope for our marriage. First, I needed to get over my insane jealousy and suspicions. The only way to make that happen was to talk to her about where our marriage was heading.

Kate came home one night to flowers and candles on the dining room table. I prepared a great meal and poured two glasses of wine. After dinner and more wine to give me the courage to “share my feelings” I told Kate about how pissed I was when she had fucked Tommy and Carter in New York. She told me that she never would have done it if I hadn’t spent 15 years trying to convince her to fuck someone with a giant cock. She just happened to find the occasion as exciting as she had remembered it.

What did I just hear? “Excuse me – as exciting as you remembered it?”

“Well,” she replied, “as long as we’re sharing, I might as well tell you the whole truth. You’ve been asking me since we met about my past and I haven’t told you everything. It’s time you knew what I was like before you and before my first marriage.”

I sat in silence, I wonder if my mouth was hanging open. It’s true, I had asked Kate to tell me about her past sexual experiences and she always told me bits and pieces, but I always expected there was more to the story and now I was about to hear it. “Go ahead.”

Kate took another sip of wine, building the suspense, and then began:

“I told you about Wes, the football player I dated during college. He was a big, white farm boy and captain of the offensive squad, what I didn’t tell you about was how I got involved with Shawn, the captain of the defensive squad.

“Shawn was a linebacker, he was black and he was big, 6’4” and 260 pounds of muscle. He took every opportunity to spend time with me whenever we ended up at the same party or football function. Wes didn’t seem to notice, he was pretty wrapped up in himself – big man on campus attitude. Wes would be basking in the attention of some reporter, especially when the reporter was wearing a skirt, and I’d end up by myself, I wasn’t popular with any of the other girlfriends. Shawn would appear by my side, we’d talk about things; unlike with Wes, our conversations weren’t centered on him, Shawn actually seemed interested in what I was saying. Shawn knew what he was doing; he’d gently wrap one of his hands around my forearm or on my waist. His hands were huge, I was the typical college white girl, afraid to say anything out of fear he’d think I was a bigot.

“It went on all through the football season. I was attracted to Shawn, but this was still in the days when interracial couples were an oddity, especially in the town I grew up in. So I stayed faithful to Wes despite my attraction to Shawn.

“This changed the day the football team had its post season party. We all went to the house of one of the players whose family was rich; they lived in a large house on the water complete with a swimming pool. The parents were on vacation and the booze was flowing. It was warm enough to hang out at the pool in our bathing suits. As usual, I was wearing a white bikini, trying to make certain Wes would pay attention to me. But Wes was Wes and some girl with a smaller bikini and bigger tits was flirting with him and he was eating it up.

“After two years of this shit, I finally had enough. So, when Shawn came over and led me into the house, I followed him like a puppy. We went upstairs into one of the bedrooms and it was the first time we kissed. That first kiss is all it took for me to know we weren’t going to stop until he screwed me.

“He picked me up, sat me on a dresser, pulled my top off and wrapped his huge hands around my breasts. I was humping my crouch against his, trying to get off. Before I could, Shawn pulled our bottoms off. He put one hand behind my back and used the other to guide himself into me.

“The little white girl in me was too afraid to look down to see what was happening; I couldn’t believe I was doing this with a black man. That’s why I was surprised when Shawn’s cock stuffed and stretched me more than Wes’. Shawn started to move in and out, every time he pushed forward, it felt like he was going farther in than the last time. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore; I looked down and couldn’t believe my eyes. Shawn’s cock was so large; the size of Wes’ cock never seemed relevant to me, when Wes was inside me it was about the emotion because I loved him. This was different, with Shawn inside me it was about the fucking. I came for the first time without having to touch myself. And I kept on coming until I felt him burst inside of me.

“After our orgasms, I started to panic. When Shawn’s cock slipped out of me, I threw my bikini back on and ran out the room. But as I walked down the stairs I realized how wet my crouch was, I looked down to find my bikini bottom absolutely soaked. Everyone would know what happened if they saw the dark spot on my white bikini, so I ran down the stairs, out to the patio and dove into the pool. The water did the trick, I got out of the pool, found Wes and asked him to take me home.

“When we got to my apartment, Wes wouldn’t take no for an answer. He insisted we have sex. That was the first time I ended up screwing Wes and Shawn on the same day, often within hours of each other. I still don’t know why it took Wes so long to catch on. Over the next three months I was screwing both Wes and Shawn. Wes seemed oblivious, but Shawn got a real charge out of screwing me after Wes, he said it made me “primed” for his dick.

“When Wes did figure it out, it was ugly, one of the team clued him in. Wes busted down Shawn’s door while we were in bed and caught me on my hands and knees with Shawn pumping away from behind. He screamed at me, called me a slut and told Shawn to leave us alone. I was scared for a minute, but instead of hitting me, Wes dropped his pants and fucked me for the last time. He fucked me while calling me a slut over and over again. He came, walked out and it was the last time we ever talked to one another. The amazing thing is, that’s the only time I came screwing Wes without playing with my clit.

“After Wes left Shawn walked back into the room and asked if I was OK. I told him I would be as soon as he put his cock back in me.

“For the next month I spent every night at Shawn’s house. One night he spent a couple hours teasing me; he’d eat me, play with my clit, stick his fingers in me; everything but put his cock in me. I was practically begging to get fucked when he said he had a surprise for me. Before I had a chance to ask, Shawn got off the bed and opened the bedroom door. Shawn’s roommate Casey was standing in the door way, naked. Shawn let Casey in and told me to get on my back and spread my legs. The worst part about it, I didn’t hesitate, I did what Shawn told me and let Casey fuck me.

That night I was introduced to double penetration. Shawn and Casey spent half the night fucking me while I sucked the other. At one point while Casey was inside me, Shawn came up behind me and stuck his finger in my ass. I think I woke their neighbors up because I heard someone pounding on the apartment wall yelling to keep it down.

“I was hooked, I let the two of them use me like a whore. Because Casey wasn’t as large as Shawn, he was the first man to actually fuck my ass. And within days of loosing my anal virginity, the two of them double fucked me, Shawn in my vagina and Casey in my ass.

“This went on for two months before my conscience and events caught up with me, I was spending so much time at Shawn and Casey’s apartment, my grades were suffering and I was in danger of not graduating. One day my older brother stopped by my apartment for a visit; my roommate told him I wasn’t there and she didn’t have a clue when I’d be back. My brother Ken went to Wes’ apartment thinking that’s where I’d be; I never told my brother we were broken up. Wes gave him Shawn’s address. I’m sure Wes got a big laugh out of ratting me out to my brother. When Ken showed up at Shawn’s apartment, I was just rolling out of bed with Casey.

“Everything pretty much crashed that evening. I spent the next couple of days with my brother, kind of an intervention, and ignored all the sexual cravings. I graduated, moved out here and met my first husband. Jeff had no desire to share his wife with another man. He would have gone ballistic if he knew about Shawn and Casey; he’d go ballistic if he caught me talking to another man. I spent the whole ten years of our marriage being the faithful, dutiful wife. Given my upbringing, it really wasn’t that tough.

“You know the rest. Ken and I divorced because he fell in love with his secretary. I dated a couple of men before I met you, but I repressed the old urges to become a whore because I was still ashamed of what I did in college.

“Even when you started to tell me your fantasy of sharing me with another man, I repressed it. I thought for sure that if we ever carried through with it, you’d regret it and I’d end up loosing you. That’s why this is so tough for me. I did exactly what you always said you wanted me to do, I fucked Zack in the desert and Tommy and Carter in New York. If anyone has a right to be pissed, it’s me because all I did was act out your fantasies and yes, I enjoyed it. Those repressed urges snapped that day hiking in the desert, but it never would have happened if you hadn’t continuously brought it up. And now that it’s happened, I have to be honest and tell you I enjoy having a stranger fuck me while you watch, I enjoy being the center of attention, having multiple cocks to choose from, and especially the double penetration, having one cock in my cunt and yours in my ass.”

Kate told me the entire story without an interruption. Now she sat looking at me; it was obvious the ball was in my court; our marriage would depend on how I reacted to her confession. I ignored my hard on, part of me wanted to carry her upstairs and fuck her silly, I let the “smart Bill” prevail. I told Kate how much I loved her, how much I wanted our marriage to work, and how willing I was to come to some kind of agreement, as long as I didn’t end up the cuckold. If I was a cuckold, she wouldn’t like or respect me and our marriage was built on our friendship and on mutual respect just as much as it was built on our love and physical attraction to each other.

“Then we’ll never screw around close to home and we don’t have to make it the center of every vacation,” Kate said, “but I want to continue getting fucked by a stranger when we’re out of town if the right opportunity presents itself. Can you live with that?”

Kate then suggested something I never thought I’d hear from her, “Would you feel any better about this arrangement if we found another couple to swap with? That way you’d have a chance to fuck a new gal.”

For the second time that evening you could have knocked me over with a feather. We’ve had opportunities to swap with couples at some of the more risqué nudist resorts. But Kate and I always bowed out when the heavy action started. Once we saw the tell tale signs, the men and women pairing off with someone else’s spouse, we’d excuse ourselves, go to our own room, and fuck like rabbits. Now Kate was suggesting we could take advantage of it, if the circumstances were right.

And that’s what we did.

I booked our next vacation at a nude resort in the Caribbean, one where we had been in the past and I knew would present opportunities to swap with other couples.

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