Neighborly Ch. 02


Chapter 1

The fan spinning above me seemed foreign, as did everything else in the room. I blinked my eyes open in a daze. I knew I was in my own home, in my own bed, but something wasn’t quite right.

I looked to my left and Ashley was absent, sexually disheveled bedding in her place. I heard the commotion of pots and pans and breakfast sizzle emanating from the kitchen, but I made no attempt to investigate. I glanced at her nightstand and saw the package of birth control, opened, tabs missing. I cringed, and shook my head groggily as the sounds and images of the previous night ran through my mind. Moments ago I was certain it was all a dream. Realizing now at the onset of the reality, it felt more apt to call it a waking nightmare.

My neighbor had fucked my wife. Richard was a good man, and kind. He was also big, and black, and massively hung. I sat in witness as he bombarded Ashley with a blissful onslaught of powerful orgasms. Their first sexual romp was relatively quick. She was waiting for him on our bed, naked and willing. He mounted her sensually – eventually stuffing his enormous cock deep into her pussy. Mere minutes later she came with sexual ferocity, her entire body convulsing as waves of pleasure hijacked her nervous system. It was like nothing I’d ever seen. When she finally recovered Richard took her from behind, pounding Ashley with passion, eventually roaring and emptying his massive black balls deep into her womanhood. I came at the sight of it, spewing my own eruption across my lap as another man unleashed himself into my wife.

I thought that would be the end of it. I thought that singularly taboo moment, another man cumming in my wife, would douse this inexplicable flame of marriage altering exploration. I was wrong. I bore witness to another lust fueled session of interracial, extramarital sex, even cumming again at the sexual napalm occurring in front of me. Ashley rode atop him, beneath him, on her side, on her back. Her beautiful white breasts bouncing, responding to his powerful thrusts, her perfect milky ass shaking and jiggling as his onyx tube invaded her succulent, welcoming pussy. Her sopping wet sex clung to his large black organ as if it was destined to be penetrated by it.

As they mated their verbal exchanges grew bold. With each passing position, with each passing orgasm, their dialogue would enter realms of more extreme taboo, more incendiary sexual fuel. The memory of it crushed me, but somehow that same recollection caused my dick to harden.

My wife’s blissful moans and groans escaping through her naughty words, “Mmm… Richard… I love your big cock.” she would kiss him deeply after she said it, giving in to the moment.

Richard, to his credit, avoided disrespecting me, but in the heat of their more passionate exchanges certain truths escaped – despite the attempted bizarre decorum.

Ashley gazed downward, past her swaying tits, watching with bitten lip as his massive black cock plunged in and out of her. Richard would speak, “You like watching that?”

Ashley would moan and nod in response. Richard joined her in looking down at their colliding sexes, continuing to stir her passion “I love watching that married pussy take it all.” Ashley moaned louder, and clawed into his back as he picked up speed. Her pleasure was undeniable “Ohh! Oh God! Richarddd! I can’t believe you’re fucking meee!” I looked on in aroused horror as Richard’s massive black balls slapped against the lily rear of my wife. His mammoth organ plunged in and out of her, coated in a lathery cream of her cum. She continued to groan out her compliments through her writhing. “It’s so… I can’t… believe… how good it feels… Don’t stoppp!!” They both exploded in delirious pleasure as they came, once again, in powerful unison.

That’s the last thing I remembered from the evening.

Come to think of it, I don’t even remember how I made my way to the bed. The last memory I have is erupting and then slumping back into the chair. Reality slipping away as I blacked out into a slumber.

Looking about my empty bedroom I had a hard time reconciling it all. How could I have let this happen? My wife was taken by another man last night, a man with a penis and body that was much more masculine than my own. I prided myself in being open minded on all things. I respected marriage while simultaneously recognizing its inherent flaws when contrasted against our programming as humans. Was my mind so open that I accidentally approached this idea too far separated from my vows as a husband? Why didn’t Ashley put a stop to it? Did she not respect me as a man, as a lover?

No. That couldn’t be it. We had great sex, a lot of it. I made her orgasm almost regularly… It was clear and evident over many years that I knew how to satisfy her. I thought back on the ‘sexcapades’ we had on our honeymoon, but my mind couldn’t help itself, and a comparison to Richard was drawn. Another image of Ashley’s body racked by mind blowing orgasm flashed across my eyes, massive black cock embedded inside of her pussy.

My mind began to race, and I suddenly felt a panic. For a moment I felt like we… like I… had made a horrible mistake. Our marriage would never be the same. Another deviant image flashed through my head, Richard’s large shaft penetrating Ashley once again, her body writhing in incredible pleasure as he invaded her sex, her moans as clear as day. If it was such a terrible mistake than why did it excite me so, even now after the reality of it had occurred in this very bed?

Richard himself had said that many other couples explore things like this, that other husbands enjoy the outrageous taboo of witnessing their wife experience a larger man. I knew better than to believe that outright, but after experiencing this arousal, this inexplicably strong arousal…

Before I had time to further ponder our new reality the bedroom door creaked open. I looked up to see Ashley slowly entering, a tray of bacon, coffee, and orange juice in hand. She looked positively radiant, her entire aura seemingly glowing as she smiled at me. Her hair was perfectly kept, flowing down to her shoulders. She was only dressed in a short sleeved shirt and some linen shorts, but she looked beautiful nonetheless. There was a hint of embarrassment in her eyes as she spoke, “Good morning…” she glanced over at the clock on the nightstand, nervously, “Oops. I mean good afternoon.”

She moved to the side of the bed and placed the tray down across my stomach, allowing me immediate access to my breakfast. Before I could offer my thanks she interrupted me. “We… s-should probably talk about last night.” she stammered, clearly feeling some uncertainty. Clearing thinking of nothing else the entire morning.

Ashley sat down next to me, her large breasts bouncing under her bra-less shirt as her tush hit the bed cushion. Absurdly, my dick stirred at the sight of it. Even after the events of last night I found her relentlessly attractive. Another perverse mental image flashed through my mind, this time of Richards mouth suckling on my wife’s large tits.

Reality slipped back in as Ashley grabbed my attention. She brushed her hair behind her ear, smiling at me “Hi.” she said.

I took a reluctant bite of bacon, and returned her pleasantry with a mouth full of food. “Hi.” I replied, chewing. I really didn’t know how to act around her at this moment in time. My feelings were beyond conflicted, confused.

She prodded more, clearly overwhelmed with discomfort “Are you going to talk to me?” There were a mix of emotions in her eyes. I saw fear, I saw love, I saw that same confusion that I was experiencing.

I took another bite of bacon, this time following it with a gulp of orange juice, awkward in reply, “Yea babe – Of course.”

She rested her hand on my thigh, asking with noticeable hesitation, “Are you… mad at me?”

I shook my head, and thought about it for a moment.

Was I? My wife had willingly slept with another man, but I was there for it. I was the one, in a short sighted erotic fog, that allowed it to happen.

I finally found my voice, replying, “No baby. No… I’m just. I don’t know.” I paused, long. She waited patiently, her hand still resting on my thigh. I looked at her, continuing, “I’m confused. I’m mad… at myself.”

She responded with nervous energy, “Don’t be! There’s no reason to be mad! We are here in this bed, married, and in love with each other. I’ve been thinking about how lucky we are all morning. We are so comfortable and so open with each other. We just had some naughty fun, like a lot of married couples. Are you regretting it? Do you want to try another girl? We could do that.”

She was speaking quickly, nerves controlling her cadence. It was clear she was experiencing some conflicting feelings, and her reassurance and offering was her own attempt as assuaging any lingering doubts she might have had – but she wasn’t necessarily wrong. I refused to believe that the past few months of foreplay all occurred in a cloud of bad judgement. There was very real eroticism to it all, and during the entire thing feelings were expressed openly and honestly – between all parties. It really did just seem like something adults might do, some dangerous, naughty, sexual fun. Still, there were some very real consequences that needed to be dealt with. But the thought of another girl was the furthest thing from my mind, and I also wasn’t completely willing to buy in on the concept that ‘a lot’ of married couples did things like this.

I replied, mirroring my thoughts, “What? Ash, no. It’s not that, I don’t want anyone else. I just doubt many married couples do anything like that.” I shook my head in resignation.

Ashley made a face hinting at disagreement, and reached for her phone. She tapped a couple words and handed it to me.

The images on the screen were shocking, erotic, and bountiful. Seemingly hundreds of pictures of different couples, wives, other men, black men. Husbands photographing their wives enjoying much larger men.

My wife’s voice chimed in, meekly. “They say it’s the biggest sexual fantasy for married couples. It’s getting more and more popular too. It’s called cuckolding, or hotwifing, or swinging.” she paused, and then continued again “I’ve been researching it all morning.”

I looked up at her, “Why?”

She blushed, “I don’t know… I guess I just wanted some… reassurance, or, confirmation. Last night was… exciting, and it seemed so… natural.” The shade of red on her blushing cheeks continued to deepen. “I don’t know. I just knew we couldn’t be the only ones who had experienced something like that… and sure enough. It’s everywhere.”

I didn’t know how to react to any of this, but the combination of the erotic photos on the screen and my wife’s bold words caused my dick to begin to harden.

I finally found my voice, “I can’t believe what I’m hearing.” My face was flush, and my boxers were tenting.

Ashley noticed.

I saw a smile appear on her lips, and she reached for me. “Mmm. He’s excited is he? I thought after that beating you gave him last night he’d need a couple days off.”

She quickly reached her hand into my shorts, grabbing my shaft. I groaned and titled my head back. I couldn’t believe wife had noticed my masturbatory marathon as I watched Richard pound her. A part of me was thankful, relieved, that she was finally touching me, and not another man.

I managed a delirious “I can’t believe any of this. I can’t believe we did it.”

Ashley exposed me, stretching my shorts down. I glanced down and saw her hand pumping away at my manhood. I wondered what she thought of it now that she had experienced a much larger man. She spoke softly in reply, almost teasing. “I know baby. It was so crazy, so naughty.” she nibbled sexily at my earlobe, causing my balls to boil at a rapid pace. “But it was hot, and I know we both had fun.”

I clenched the sheets, melting back into the bed. My wife reached into her top and pulled out one of her breasts, resting it on my face and lips. I instinctively began slurping and kissing her nipples as she jerked me off. I found some room to speak in between kisses, my arousal providing me with the bravado I needed to ask about the night.

“So how good was it, really?” I managed, throatily. It was a stupid question – dangerous and loaded.

I glanced up beyond her smothering breast and saw her bite her lip, she nodded. “It was amazing…” She looked down at my dick, pumping even faster as she admitted her pleasure.

“I felt so… full. I never knew it could feel like that…” She continued pumping, my dick strained, impossibly hard.

“It turned me on so much that you were there. I can’t explain it. When he was in me and I looked over and saw you watching. I felt so sexy. I felt like the naughtiest girl in the world.”

Feeling emboldened, she asked, “Did you like watching me?”

I nodded immediately, I didn’t care anymore. “Yes… It was surreal. You looked beautiful.”

She smiled, looking relieved, her cheeks blushing again.

I pressed her thoughts, probing for more. “Would you… Do you want… to do it again?”

She stuttered, but continued stroking my sex. “No, I-Uh, I… don’t know… Would you want me too?”

I knew she would want to, and a crazed part of me wanted to see her in that position again, but I knew we needed to be careful. “I… don’t know.”

Ashley leaned in to kiss me, sensing I was getting near to cumming “I always knew you were a bit of a voyeur.” she leaned down and began whispering in my ear.

“Cum for me baby.”

My mind wandered back to last night, specifically Richard’s roar as he pumped his seed into Ashley, my wife’s eyes rolling back into her head as she came harder than I thought possible, all over another man’s big cock.

I erupted, spurting what seed I had remaining onto her hand and my stomach. She stroked me to completion, and then gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I love you.” she said.

“I love you too.”

A few hours had passed and Ashley and myself were snuggled on our couch watching television. With a bit more time behind me I realized the situation wasn’t as dire as I had originally thought. If anything, I found myself even more relentlessly attracted to my wife than before. Seeing her uninhibited and freely enjoying herself on a heightened sexual level was something that I’ll never forget. She was nestled on my lap and I kept stealing glances at her, soaking in her beauty, it was almost as if there was an entirely new woman resting on me, and I loved her.

I found myself needing to use the restroom. I tapped Ashley’s butt, motioning her off of my lap. As i walked to the powder room I noticed a piece of torn paper on the floor, right next to the front door. Someone had slid a note inside. Upon picking it up I read the words, ‘I just wanted to thank both of you for a wonderful evening, that was the most fun I’ve had in years.’

I walked back over to Ashley and placed it in her lap, “Someone left this note for us, I wonder who?” I offered, sarcastically, and returned to the bathroom.

Whilst inside I decided to text Richard. I assumed he may be wondering how we were both handling the aftermath.

‘Thanks for the note, talk soon.’

A mere moment passed before the reply.

‘Everything OK?’

I shook my head, another emotional aftershock, this new reality once again smacking me over my head. I thought on a reply.

‘Everything is OK. A bit strange this morning, trying to wade through the circumstance, but we are happy and OK.’

A waited a moment before existing the bathroom, and another reply came.

‘Sounds like a completely normal reaction, just communicate with her. My door is open whenever you want to talk. Thanks again. Shes an incredibly beautiful and sexual woman – and you are an extremely lucky man.’

On that much, I think, we could agree. I decided to poke some fun at him.

‘After last night, I’d say you are as well.’ I smirked as I hit send, shaking my head once again in absurd amusement.

An immediate reply, which was a laugh, and a thumbs up emoticon.

The easy line of communication between Richard and myself was another weight lifted off my shoulders. My mood continued to improve as the day went on.

The next morning, as I was leaving for work, I ran into him in the hall. Our conversation was brief, as he too was headed out to a meeting, but I decided to invite him over for the game on Sunday. I didn’t want to make it seem like we were avoiding him, even though I think a part of me wanted to.

“I’ll be there.” he accepted, as we stepped into the elevator.

It was silent for a moment, but then he continued, “Really glad everything’s alright with you two, but I knew from the first time I met you guys that you had a strong relationship. That was really half of the reason I was comfortable even discussing it with you.”

He paused again, and then asked, cautiously, “Did you have a good time?”

I chuckled, and replied, “Everything that’s been conditioned in me says I shouldn’t have, but for some reason… Yeah, I got a huge kick out of watching her.”

Richard’s face relaxed even further, smiling.

“That’s fucking great man. Unfortunately society programs us to think certain ways, but what happened the other night was simply human nature running its course.”

He stuttered, catching himself, “…That being said, just so we’re clear. I’m operating under the assumption that experience was a one time thing. I don’t want you thinking that I’d simply expect something like that to happen again…”

I interrupted him, “Richard, seriously. No worries there man. I think I know you well enough to know that you don’t take things for granted.”

He patted my back as we walked out of the building, “Appreciate you, John. See you later.”

I nodded, and we went our separate ways.

I arrived home later that evening to find Ashley preparing dinner in the kitchen. My nose hit by a delicious scent as soon as I walked through the door. After we exchanged an embrace and kiss hello we sat down for dinner. She was quiet at first, but eventually spoke.

“I ran into Richard in the hall earlier.” she blushed.

“Oh?” I replied, taking another bite of my peas, remaining visibly calm but immediately feeling excited at the thought of them interacting.

“How did that go?” I asked, finally.

She turned her typical shade of embarrassed red, “Fine… He asked me how I was.”

I laughed, “Yeah? What did you say.”

She chuckled, easing the tension some, “I said I was fine.”

“Fine, huh? Nothing was said about…”

She interjected, “Yeah… he asked me if I had fun.”

“And?” I said, looking up at her as I took a sip of water, washing down a bite of pasta.

She blushed even deeper, “I told him I did.”

“Good… Good to be honest.” I took another bite. “…Did he say anything else?”

Her tone turned more cautious.

“We talked a bit, he seemed worried about b-birth control, made sure I was using some.” she stuttered, admitting to the next bit. “He said he didn’t mean to… you know, inside of me – he just got lost in the moment.”

My dick jumped to full hardness, absurdly. I only nodded, not giving it away.

Sensing my discomfort, but not my arousal, she continued – moving away from the awkward reality of pregnancy risk, “He also said that I’m lucky to have you.”

“Oh?” That piqued my interest. “Hows that?”

Her tone changed, and she spoke more seriously, “He said it takes a strong man to be confident enough to allow his wife to explore her sexuality, you know, beyond the normal boundaries. That it takes a loving husband to find pleasure in his wife’s pleasure, that sort of thing…” She paused, and continued, “I think he’s right.”

I simply nodded again, unsure of how to process that, cautious but absorbing the logic of the statement. I replied, “Did he flirt with you much?”

She shook her head, “No. Not at all. But he told me you invited him over on Sunday, for the game.”

I acknowledged the invite, “I didn’t want it to seem like we were avoiding him, I kind of…”

She interrupted, “No, I agree, smart. I’ll just order some pizzas or something.”

I nodded in agreement, and we finished our dinner.

Later that evening we found ourselves in bed, naked, and exploring each others bodies like it was the first time. I was enraptured by her skin, by her curves. I passionately grabbed at her large breasts, pinching her nipples. It was impossible not to acknowledge that mere nights ago another man had fondled them. When I entered her i almost came immediately, it took my entire concentration to focus on not exploding. I slid in easily, she was sopping wet and welcoming. We made no mention of Richard, or the other night, but we both stared into each others eyes with a knowing eroticism. Another man had been inside of her, deeper than me, wider than me, pounding her feminine insides with primal masculine authority. He had stretched her sex, and made her body convulse and orgasm like it was her first time, and when he was done – he seeded her, shooting his cum deep into her womb.

We both came, myself explosively, and Ashley with a low and sensual moan – melting into each other and slowly falling into a melancholic slumber.

Sunday soon arrived and the evening went off without a hitch. There was no tension, sexual or otherwise, at least none that I could pick up on. The focus of the conversation was on the game, and other miscellaneous happenings. Like Ashley said, we ordered some pizzas, had some beers, and enjoyed a casual night as we had countless times before. If anything it seemed that Richard and Ashley were avoiding engaging in their usual flirtations. I guess it was an effort to reestablish a baseline decorum after they had been sexually intimate with each other. There was class and restraint shown by all parties in the room, as was to be expected. I saw them stealing glances at each other, but felt that was normal behavior for two people who had recently explored each others bodies for the first time.

A few weeks went by, in rather unremarkable fashion. We saw Richard a handful of times and the topic was never broached, it was almost as if that evening had never happened. Ashley and I maintained a healthy appetite for sex, slightly increasing in frequency since before the event – but we refrained from referring to it, for whatever reason. I was actually starting to think it would go down in our marital history as ‘that crazy night’, a one time step into uncharted territory.

Only a few more weeks passed, before I was proven wrong. It was a Saturday night when Richard stopped by. He had with him a very expensive bottle of wine, and world class Belgian chocolates. A client of his had given them to him as a gift, and he didn’t want to break them open by his lonesome.

The evening started off normal enough, with a quick dinner and some light conversation. Ashley had politely declined the chocolate with her wine, stating that she was trying to diet. We found ourselves in the living room, but in this instance Richard had found his seat next to my wife, on the sofa. I was sitting across from them on one of our recliners. We sipped our wine and continued to chat over the background noise of the television. We engaged in a quirky conversation about one of the girls at Ashley’s daycare. She had recently gotten married had shared some joking complaints about her newly minted husband. Richard offered some cutting commentary on newlywed life, and Ashley would laugh – resting her hand on his leg, and leaning into him flirtatiously.

As the evening progressed we finished the bottle of expensive wine, and broke open another, less impressive, vintage. We all had gotten a bit loose, and Ashley kept stealing glances at me, sex clearly in her eyes. On one occasion she leaned into Richard and lingered, looking in my directly devilishly. I smirked, instinctively.

Just as I was beginning to note the rising temperature in the room, my phone interrupted me. Work never called on Saturday nights, and as such I decided I better make sure it wasn’t an emergency. I stood, walking into the bedroom to take the call. Luckily, it was just one of the secretaries with a minor paperwork issue, concerning to her in the moment but ultimately unimportant. She apologized for the intrusion and I soon walked back into the living room.

As I reemerged from the bedroom I noticed that Ashley’s face was flush and her breathing was heavy. It looked like her top was ruffled and her skirt was bunched. I glanced down at Richards crotch and saw the unmistakable tent in his lap. She glanced up at me with a sexual, guilty look in her eyes. It was the look that I knew meant sex, the look that told me she wanted some cock. In the past I would have known it was my queue to take action, but tonight, as she glanced back down at the hulking manhood concealed beneath our neighbors pants – I knew she wanted Richard to fuck her.

I sat back down, feigning ignorance – nervous energy coursing through my veins.

We sat in silence for only a moment, and she spoke, sex lingering in her words, “You know, on second thought. I think I could go for some of that chocolate.”

Richard nodded and stood – seemingly to grab the box of Belgians from the kitchen counter. Right when he was about to make his first stride towards them Ashley grabbed the rear of his pants. “No”, was all she said.

He turned and faced her, looking down. There was a mix of confusion and arousal on his face.

My wife leaned backwards into the sofa. She lifted one leg sexually and slowly, gently rested the bottom of her delicate foot on the front of Richards pants. “I was actually hoping for something a bit bigger than those.” she bit down on her bottom lip as the words escaped her mouth.

The energy in the room immediately changed. My face went flush and my heart started to pound. My reaction made more significant when I noticed that my wife’s bare pussy was exposed upon lifting her leg. Her skirt had peeled up with the motion of raised leg, and her panties were nowhere in sight. Her mound was pale, inflamed, and clearly glistening with her wetness.

Richard said not a word, and merely began unbuckling his belt. He unclasped it and his pants fell to he ground. He was not wearing any underwear, and his mammoth black cock sprung outwards nearly a foot.

Ashley locked eyes with it immediately, a look of intense satisfaction took shape on her face.

“There he is.” she spoke, softly – almost to herself. She smiled, looking up at him, sultrily.

Richard smiled back, and began unbuttoning his shirt. He was soon standing completely nude in our living room, my wife marveling at his sex once again. He stepped forward, “You like my black cock, don’t you Ash.” It wasn’t a question.

The words, and his cock, hung there, imposing. She sat forward, bringing her hand up to meet his shaft. She immediately began caressing his manhood, stroking his black shaft with fervor. She nodded, “I love it.”

Richard, seemingly more comfortable in his role, more willing to taunt, to tease – continued, “I want to see those pretty lips wrapped around it.”

Ashley looked up at him, and then over at me. I provided no reaction other than a stunned blank stare. She smiled at me, and she leaned in, slowly planting sensual and wet kissing along his thick shaft. My dick began to strain painfully against my slacks, but I made no motion to expose myself, not yet.

I looked on as my wife transformed in front of me, turning into a woman possessed. She licked up and down the entirety of his cock, fondling his huge balls as she attempted to take his sex in her mouth. She could only get a portion of his sizable manhood in her throat before having to relent.

Richard was loving it, “Fuck yeah baby. That feels good.”

As she pleasured him he leaned down and began to undress her, she lifted her arms and tore of her skirt in acceptance. Moments later her bra was off, my wife’s large tits spilling out for his feasting eyes.

She pulled away from sucking him, and spoke, urgently. “I need you inside of me. Take me, please. Take me to bed.” Her face was flushed red, her breathing nearly panicked, her eyes distant, and glazed.

Richard obliged, picking her up from the sofa, her beautiful breasts jiggling as he cradled her. He headed towards our marital bed, carrying my naked wife in his arms. His large black cock bounding as he strode, a stark reminder of what was going to be penetrating her womanhood in mere moments.

I remained in the chair, I was too stunned to move. I had a clear view into the bedroom, the door was wide open. The second he laid her down on the bed she began opening her legs, offering her sex to him.

Richard wasted no time, aligning his massive black cock at the entrance of her pussy, he thrust himself inside of her with passionate vigor. As his shaft slowly breached her marital walls she moaned, and the sound of the passion in her voice echoed off the walls of our home. He immediately started pounding her pussy.

“Ohhh! Mmm! Oh! Oh! Yes! Oh! Oh! Fuck! Fuckkk! My G-My God! Oh! Fuck Yes Richard Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meee!”

The view into the bedroom was impossibly erotic. Richard was slamming into her, his massive black pouch slamming into the rear of her white ass, creating a perverse slapping noise. This time there was more passion between them, more need, less worry. They were mating, and it was clear by the way they took one another. I looked on in horror as Ashley’s legs splayed open, wrapping around Richards body. Her delicate white hands reached outward and clutched his dark rear, pulling him – somehow – even further inside of her.

Her groans were primal, her words – scathing and true.

“My God! Ohhh! I love the way you fuck me Richard! Take me! Take me! Fuck my married pussyyy!”

I came, without physical provocation, exploding in my pants. My mouth was agape, and I couldn’t reconcile this level of absurd arousal. I couldn’t process her deeply disturbing words.

I didn’t even have time to soften, another cry from Ashley had my loins stirring almost seconds after emptying themselves.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna…” The cry of her orgasm was harrowing, she had never made a sound like that before. It sounded almost ancestral, a beautiful woman being satisfied on a deeply human level. As I looked into the doorway of my bedroom I saw her entire body quivering, convulsing, as she laid beneath another man. They were kissing passionately as the pleasure waves of the orgasm cascaded through her nervous system, cleansing her being. They quieted for a while, and simply kissed, while she recovered.

There was a cocktail of emotions swirling through my mind. I was partially gutted and completely aroused. I stood, and slowly entered the bedroom, disrobing in the process. I needed to have her. Richard looked back at me as I entered, smiling. He waved me over, slowly pulling himself out of my wife. It was an obscene sight. His massive black shaft, coated in the juices of my wife’s orgasm, slid out with a plop. Ashley’s juices lingered, sticking to it even after he stood aside.

Her pussy was engorged, her hole, obvious. I stepped on the bed and entered her immediately. She felt sopping, warm, and loose. Her pussy had no time to recover from the beating that it received, but it mattered not – she still felt beautiful. I thrust in and out for some time, pumping my dick into my wife with delirious need. Ashley opened her eyes, looking up at me, smiling. She pulled me down into her, kissing me with love. “Fuck me baby.” she whispered.

I had no chance of lasting, and I felt my orgasm unleash, blasting into my wife’s pussy. She held me tightly as I shuddered, collapsing into her. “Thank you.” she spoke, kissing me again.

I rested like that for a moment, and then leaned back, slowly pulling myself out of her, sliding out of her sex with ease. Richard wasted no time, patting me on the back and then re-assuming my role on the bed. He grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over, her gorgeous ass on display. He propped her up and he spread her legs, preparing to enter her for the second time of the night. She looked back with lust in her eyes.

“I’m such a naughty slut.” she said, biting her lip, distant and aroused.

Richard thrust into her pussy, seemingly unconcerned that I had just cum inside of it moments earlier. He began to fuck her with incredible force. “Not just any slut… You’re a black cock slut.” He grunted as he thrust, and Ashley began to moan into the bed cushion.

“You’re a married black cock slut, and you love it.”

Inexplicably, my dick began to stiffen once more. I didn’t think it would even be possible for me to experience an arousal again so soon after a second orgasm, but this situation was undeniable, sexual cocaine. Ashley moaned loudly at this words.

I collapsed into the same chair I bore witness to the first time she was taken, looking on as her huge tits swayed beneath her as Richard pummeled her pussy.

“Tell him Ash. Tell John that you love black cock. Tell him that you’re a naughty black cock slut.” He gave her ass a hard slap, and her head arched upwards. She looked in my direction, lip bitten again, moaning between words.

“Oh baby. He’s right. I’m a naughty, mmm, Oh! I’m… Oh! I’m a black cock slut! Ohhh!”

I immediately began to stroke myself at her admission, my perversions getting the best of me.

“I’m sorry baby. Oh fuck! Mmm, Oh! I’m sorry! But I love his big black cock!” She looked right at me as she said it.

“Don’t apologize.” Richard said, slapping her ass again. “He loves that you’re a black cock slut.”

Somehow, he wasn’t wrong. I was fast approaching a third orgasm, and I could sense that Richard was approaching his, his grunting began.

“I’m gonna cum in your pussy Ashley. I’m gonna cum in that married pussy. Tell John you want it.”

“Ohhh! Oh! Fuck!” She was moaning loudly, ready to take him. “Cum inside me Richard. I love it when you cum in meee!!”

Richard roared, clutching into her hips, his massive black balls contracting upwards against his shaft, seemingly pulsing as he unloaded his cum deep into my wife’s womb. Ashley clutched at the bedsheets so hard she ripped into them, screaming like a woman possessed as she accepting his seed.

I came, with barely anything left in the tank, but my orgasm was astonishing as my brain completely and willingly accepted the sight in front of me. My wife loves being satisfied by Richard’s big cock, and I love watching it.

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