Igniting the Tinder of Lust Ch. 01


I pulled my beat up nine-year-old Ford Explorer into a spot by the river, that was shielded from the county road by a thick stand of trees, and as quickly as the ignition was off, my girlfriend Lauren and I were leaning across the console connected in a passionate kiss.

“Ready?” I asked in a nervous voice.

With a nod, we opened our doors, stepped into the cold winter air and quickly climbed into the back where I instantly pulled her to me so that once again we were kissing. Like many generations that had come before us, we were “parking”, which was a country term for making out in some isolated spot, usually in the backseat of a car.

Lauren and I were both seniors in high school and would be graduating in just a few months. We had been dating seriously for a couple years, but had been quite close for much longer. You see, we grew up across the street from each other and had been classmates going back to kindergarten. Throughout that time, we had stayed quite close to the point that our parents treated the other like one of their own. When our relationship turned serious during our junior year, it was enthusiastically received from our families with lots of hope for the future.

Our sexual chemistry was awkward at first since we had been friends for so long, but even though we had moved past that phase, we were both still virgins. Lauren loved to kiss, as did I, which always got us worked up, and after a few months I was routinely fondling and kissing her breasts. Although this always made her very excited, it was another six months before she let me into her panties. We advanced from fingering to oral sex, and I was pleased with how responsive she was when I focused my attention on her very sensitive clit. For her part, she had become quite good at teasing and sucking me, enjoying the power she held as I writhed. Together, we had learned how to bring each other to climax, usually in the back seat of my SUV, but had not yet taken the final step.

Tonight, though was going to be different. It was my eighteenth birthday and Lauren had been giving little hints for weeks to expect something special. I was pretty sure it meant that she was ready for us to truly make love for the first time, so after dinner, when she suggested we find a quiet place, I made a beeline to our favorite spot by the river.

Lauren pulled my hand to one of her firm breasts while we continued to kiss, and feeling her small nipple at attention made my dick painfully hard. When the kiss broke, there was a flurry of movement as we helped each other shed our clothes, then I pushed her back and felt her warm naked body pressed against mine.

While we embraced, and prepared for the special moment, I thought about how lucky I was to have her as my girlfriend. I knew very few were fortunate to have the kind of relationship we did, and the fact that I was mesmerized by her looks made it all seem perfect. Lauren was a true beauty, a cheerleader, and a very popular person in a positive way by being friendly and respectful to everyone. She was 5’7″ tall and a slender 122 pounds with lustrous black hair, deep brown eyes and juicy lips. I was considered very lucky to have landed her to the point that I was the envy of most of the young males in our community, and had to deal with their continual efforts to steal her away.

“Greg, are we ready?” she asked, looking me directly in the eye.

“Yes,” I answered simply, knowing what she meant and wanting badly to make our relationship complete.

“Okay…I love you,” she replied nervously.

“Lauren, I don’t know what’s higher than love but that’s where I am,” I said to her, which made her take a deep breath.

“I’m ready,” she said, opening her legs wider.

While we had been in this position often before, with her letting my dick slide over her vulva, this time I would be penetrating that magical place. Unfortunately, my excitement was so high I began to shake and my efforts to make a connection failed several times as my head glanced off her very wet, but tight opening. Finally, I felt her fingers gently take hold and guide my dick to her entrance where she worked the head in slowly.

“Easy,” she whispered, and with a flex of her hips and downward pressure from mine, I felt my shaft sliding into an indescribable place of warmth and softness.

“Uggghhhh…” I gasped, unable to contain myself, while she threw her arms around my neck and squeezed hard.

“Greg, easy…” she whined, as our pelvis’ moved to connect.

When I was all the way in, I stopped and looked down at her wanting to savor the moment.

“Are you okay?” I asked in a ragged voice, struggling to catch my breath due to the excitement and seeing a similar look on her face.

“Yes…I love you,” she answered in a husky, sexy voice with her eyes partly closed, and that look alone almost made me ejaculate.

Rather than answer, I leaned down and kissed, and then started to move very slowly. I knew from listening to the more experienced boys in school that I wouldn’t last long and I didn’t, as the feeling was just too amazing. However, I stayed in until the last moment, then with an anguished cry I pulled out and sprayed my semen all over Lauren’s amazing body.

When my dick finally stopped releasing its juice, I fell on top of her and for a long time we hugged, kissed and occasionally wept as we proclaimed our love for each other. In the back of my mind, I was worried about her psyche and how she would deal with the emotions of her first experience. Luckily, my concerns proved to be overblown when she let me know she was ready for more.

“Can we do it again?” she asked, somewhat sheepishly, which made her even more desirable to me.

This time, we sat upright with her straddling me and took our time, breaking often to kiss and talk. It also gave me the opportunity to suck and nibble on her nipples, and I was delighted to learn that it had the effect of making her pussy spasm. Lauren breasts are nicely proportioned C-cups, barely C-cups as she would describe, with small areolas and nipples that I loved to play with while witnessing her response. However, it’s her perfect long legs and tight butt that I love the most and which held the top spot in my fantasies. Of course, I eventually climaxed again, but unfortunately, she didn’t, and in fact it took several more encounters over the next several weeks before she finally became comfortable enough to let go.

That was twelve years ago, and since then the time has seemed to fly by. First came college, and although there were a few rocky moments as our new freedom being away from home challenged our relationship, we made it through. We were married a month after graduation to the delight of our families who immediately brought up the subject of grandkids. We made it three years while we started our careers before Cary was born and two years later we were blessed with Josh. So, now we had the perfect new millennium family, with parents that lived an hour away in the country, and were always eager to help with the kids while we established our lives in the city.

Lauren kept her great body and looks, managing to stay within three pounds of her high school cheerleader weight, and despite nursing two babies, her breasts were still quite firm. I put it down to good genes and a healthy lifestyle which included routine workouts that we sometimes did together. This had kept me in decent shape as well, although nowhere near as good as her.

Sexually, our four to five times a week of intense lovemaking had turned into one to two times due to the demands of our jobs and kids, and although it was still satisfying, her passionate wails of pleasure had slowly become satisfied sighs. Of course, people talk and I did learn that we were in a better place than most married couples with kids.

And then there was the other issue — a very bizarre one. For maybe a year or so, I had become interested in how men looked at Lauren and interacted with her. At first, it was just a mild curiosity about what a man might be saying to her at a function or party, but it continued to develop until I sometimes found myself fantasizing about the man on top of her instead of me when we were making love. What was both strange and troubling to me was that it all seemed to have come out of the blue, as I had never in the past had any thoughts along these lines.

I realized I needed help and after an exhaustive search for the right person, that I kept hidden from my wife, I ended up with a counselor named Dr. Elizabeth Sturm who was a mid-50s woman that specialized in sexual issues. I had weighed going to a male versus a female counselor, but in the end, I just felt it would be more awkward explaining my situation to another man. Plus, a woman would provide the benefit of seeing things in a different way. It took several sessions before I felt comfortable even hinting at my issue and a few more before it started to come out. Fortunately, no doubt helped by the $175/ hr. fee, she stayed patient and nonjudgmental.

“Greg, how are you today. Would you like some water?” Dr. Sturm asked as I took a seat at the end of her couch while declining her offer, and when I was settled, she jumped immediately into the session, “When we left last time, you were going to broach the subject with Lauren and gauge her reaction.”

“Yes, that’s true,” I replied, instantly fidgeting.

“And?” she queried.

“And, I chickened out,” I answered, looking at the floor.

“I see. Well, we talked about that too. And, we talked about the length of your relationship and the trust that’s there. What made you change your mind?” she continued.

“I guess…. well…. I guess I can’t bear the thought of her not respecting me,” I explained, as she stared directly at me.

“Let’s go back a bit then. You know we’ve discussed at length your thoughts and fantasies. And, we’ve discussed that you’re certainly not unique with them. Many, many men have the same thoughts. There is quite a bit of literature on the subject and I see men very similar to you,” she said, describing aspects of what we had gone through since the beginning of the sessions.

“I know but….” I began, then stopped and an awkward silence filled the room.

“From what you’ve told me about Lauren, I doubt she will react badly, and you know that it’s the only way for you to feel relieved from the burden you’ve put on yourself,” she said, finally breaking the silence.

“I know,” I replied, with no real conviction.

Dr. Sturm let several moments go by before she spoke. “Well let’s park that for later. Tell me what else has been going on. Anymore thoughts?” she asked.

“Yes, actually,” I said.

It had taken a long time, but answering the question no longer terrified me.

“Tell me about them,” she replied.

“A man that Lauren works with. Older, maybe forty,” I answered.

“And is it the same thoughts?” she asked.

“Similar I guess, but the man is black,” I told her.

“And is she enjoying the sex with him like she does with the other men?” she followed.

“Yes,” I replied quickly.

She continued to explore the new fantasy before returning to the need for me to have a conversation with my wife and basically spill my guts, and after acknowledging once again that it was the best path forward, I left.

Several weeks later, I was back in the same spot on the couch with Dr. Sturm across from me with her notebook in her lap, and the look she gave me told me she knew the answer before it was asked.

“So, Greg. Did you discuss things with Lauren?” she asked, after a few opening pleasantries.

“No Dr. Sturm and I don’t think I can. Every time I try to start, my head starts spinning,” I explained.

“I see. Well, what do you think is the next step then?” she asked.

From our previous sessions, I knew her style and had anticipated this question.

“I was thinking it might be best if you tell her,” I blurted out.

For the next forty-five minutes, we discussed her doing so with the Doctor not saying no, but strongly suggesting otherwise. When the session was over, I left with an agreement that I would try once more and if unsuccessful we would discuss it again. Since I had made a sincere pledge, I did in fact try, but I just couldn’t make it happen. At the next session with Dr. Sturm, I described my attempts, and surprisingly, with little reluctance she agreed to meet with my wife. We decided we would try for late on a Friday, two weeks out, and I would take the kids to their grandparents that day so Lauren and I would have the weekend alone. Of course, my anxiety built as the date approached, and it wasn’t until the Thursday before that I brought up the subject and asked if she could meet with Dr. Sturm the next afternoon.

“Greg, what’s going on? Are you alright?” she asked, looking very concerned.

“I’m okay. I’ve been seeing Dr. Sturm for a while and we just think it’s time for her to talk to you,” I said, following my practiced script.

“Greg, tell me what’s going on,” she implored.

“Please just meet with her and we can talk about it after,” I begged.

Friday at midday, I gathered Cary and Josh from their nanny and headed out of the city. On the return drive, after visiting with both sets of grandparents, I started watching the clock, and halfway home I knew that Lauren was now seated in front of the doctor, learning of my issues that now felt like deep perversions.

I returned with about twenty minutes to spare, if they had taken the full hour, and immediately started preparing the dinner I wanted to have ready to try and get in my wife’s good graces. In fact, it was almost an hour later when I heard the door opening and the sound of Lauren’s heels on the wood floors. She walked into the kitchen where I was cooking, and took the glass of wine I offered after a quick kiss acting totally normal.

“Did you meet with…” I started to ask.

“Later Greg. After dinner, please,” she cut me off, and then left to change with the wine glass in her hand.

We had a nice dinner and, although we chatted on the standard subjects, the avoidance of the issue was like a monstrous elephant in the room. I made sure that her wine glass never reached the bottom, so by the time we were done, I could tell she was relaxed.

“Okay, let’s talk,” she said, leading me to the den after I had cleared the table.

“Okay,” I answered meekly.

“Greg, remember when we were in fourth grade and you broke my bicycle and tried to hide it? Remember, I told you then I didn’t care about the bike, but I didn’t like the hiding? You crossed your heart and promised never to do it again,” she reminded me when we were seated.

Of course, I did remember, and the fact that she was going to a childhood promise given our history instantly made me feel like pond scum.

“I remember,” I replied, in a whisper.

“You broke your promise,” she stated.

“I…I…” I tried to reply, but quit and just looked at my feet.

“Do you know how it feels, how embarrassing it is to hear about your husband’s fantasies from a stranger?” she fired the next shot, finding even a lower point to take me.

“Lauren, I’m sorry,” I answered, with the only words I could think of to say.

“Greg, I’m going to ask you something and be honest. This is so unlike you. Are you having an affair?” she asked.

“No! Honey…Lauren No! Absolutely not,” I instantly replied.

“Dr. Sturm didn’t think you were, but I told her I was going to ask,” she followed.

“What did she tell you,” I asked, realizing I was at a disadvantage on information.

“Some very good things and some surprising things,” she replied, pausing for effect before continuing, “She said you loved me very much. Much more than she had seen in any other relationship. She said you came to her because you were distressed about thoughts and feelings you were having. Then, she explained what those feelings were and why you were having them.”

“Did it make sense?” I asked, hoping her understanding would lead to acceptance.

“I understood what she was saying, although I didn’t like the message. I didn’t like the idea that men find monogamous women less interesting because no sperm competition is involved. But, she said it’s in your DNA, and that as a female I would struggle to understand, and that most men like yourself don’t understand either. Plus, she said it’s very common,” Lauren explained, and the almost clinical way she was talking made me hope that I might get off lightly.

“Good, well I’m not sure I would have ever been able to explain it the way…” I started, but was quickly interrupted.

“Greg, don’t even try,” she stated, giving me a determined glare.

“Okay, I’m sorry,” I said again, then once more returned to my shell.

“Get me some more wine,” she demanded, and I immediately jumped to my feet and went for the bottle.

“How did it end? You were there a long time,” I asked.

“We discussed what to do with you,” she said, then took a sip.

“And?” I asked, impatiently.

“It took her a long time and she tried to be professional, but finally it got woman to woman,” she explained.

“And?” I asked again, now sitting at the edge of the couch.

“Basically, she said if I give you a little of what you are looking for, I can get anything I want,” she answered, and a smile started to cross her face that she tried to fight back.

“That’s not professional. That’s conspiratorial,” I said, with mild surprise.

“Are you kidding? It serves you right. You should have come to me, your wife, your childhood girlfriend from the start. I think I have been very fair!” she answered, with her voice rising.

“I’m sorry,” I said, cowed once more.

“Who are the men? That’s one thing she wouldn’t tell me,” my wife asked.

I started to try and be coy, but after stumbling a bit became forthright, “Chris, Zach and Thomas, your coworker.”

Chris was the husband of one of her good friends who we often did things with socially, Zach was the mechanic who looked after our cars, he was younger, around twenty-four, and of Mediterranean descent and Thomas was the older black guy that I had described most recently to Dr. Sturm. There were others, but they were minor players, and Lauren accepted the information with no visible response.

For the rest of the evening we sipped wine and chatted with the conversation thankfully moving on to other topics. It appeared that her disappointment in me had faded, but later in bed when I reached for her, I was told sternly that I was still in the doghouse.

The next day, we had breakfast together then Lauren left to run errands and do some shopping. She was gone most of the day, and the fall shadows were getting long when I heard her come in. Jumping up in case she was carrying things, I met her in the foyer and the first thing I noticed was her blouse was unbuttoned so that the swell of her breasts and part of her bra were visible.

“Honey, why is your top like that?” I asked.

“Oh,” she exclaimed, dropping her bags and quickly buttoning up.

“Lauren?” I started, but she picked up the bags and went by me without speaking.

I followed her around like a puppy while she put away her purchases, and every question I asked was deftly ignored. Finally, when she was done, I cornered her in the kitchen.

“Where all did you go?” I asked.

“To the mall to shop, then to the grocery for some things and after that I went by to have Zach look at my car. It was making a noise,” she answered.

Now I knew her game. She was toying with me to get a reaction. I knew she didn’t see Zach and that she likely unbuttoned her blouse right before she walked in, but the idea that she might have; the tiny probability that she had been naughty with Zach made my dick instantly hard and threw my desire into high gear.

I took her hand and guided her to the bedroom, and this time there was no resistance as she let me hold, kiss and fondle her body while I worked to get her naked. My clothes quickly followed, then I was all over her, licking her body from her neck to her knees before returning first to her nipples and then to her slit, which I was happy to find was well lubricated. I reached for a condom inside the nightstand and fought with shaking hands to put it on while Lauren played with my nipples. Rolling on top of her, I was able to easily find my way inside and we groaned in unison with the penetration.

I tried my best to hold back, but I was probably only ten strokes into our coupling when I said, “Tell me about seeing Zach.”

“Mmmmm…he’s so hot…” she answered, softly.

Her words made my body shake and sent a surge of chemicals into my brain making my even more excited. I started moving faster and a haze seemed to encircle my sight.

“Did he see your breasts?” I asked, wondering if she would really play.

“Oh, yes…” she replied.

“God Lauren, what else!” I practically screamed at her, as my body moved into overdrive.

“Can’t you feel it?” she asked, as her fingernails traced my spine.

It took me a couple seconds to understand her meaning, but when it hit me I almost lost all control, “Lauren, did he…did y’all do it? Is his semen in you?”

“Mmmm…hmmm…” she responded.

I pulled out of her to remove the condom to add my seed to her pussy, but she pulled me back and said, “Give Zach a chance.”

I lasted just a dozen more strokes then, with a loud yell, I started to erupt and I lost all orientation, as the thought of Zach’s semen moving through Lauren’s body on its way to impregnate her was tremendously exciting. Completely spent, I collapsed to her side but amazingly, she wasn’t through. She peeled the condom from my deflating dick, then I felt her warm mouth take it in and her tongue begin dancing. Before kids, it was common for her to “clean me up” after sex, although I hadn’t received this treatment in quite some time.

“I love you,” I was finally able to gasp, as my hand moved to the back of her head.

She never slowed and it wasn’t long before I was hard again. Lauren rose and climbed onto my dick, and placed her hands on either side of my shoulders. She began a slow rocking motion, but after a minute she spoke.

“Are you happy?” she asked, with a smirk.

“Hell yes, Lauren,” I replied, with all the energy I could muster.

“Good. But understand. That’s a treat. I’m not going to lose my husband, so you only get it on special occasions,” she announced.

“We don’t have to play all the time. Maybe half,” I replied, thinking I was tuned into her message.

“Not half. Rare. If you’re lucky and a good boy maybe once a month,” she said.

“Okay, I understand. I really do love you. Should we get a condom?” I responded.

“We don’t need a condom. No way you cum again after that,” she said, then followed with, “And I love you too.”

I had the perfect view of my beautiful wife riding me while I played with her nipples until she climaxed in what looked like a very satisfying orgasm. She fell on top of me and stayed there as her heaving chest took in the air she needed to recover.

“Let’s get up. You’re taking me to dinner,” she demanded, after she had calmed.

True to her word, Lauren occasionally would give me the treat of playing into my fantasy using Chris, Zach and Thomas as characters. Although, I would have liked more, I appreciated her being a good sport, and the fact that I never knew when it might occur made things exciting. The play had the consequence of igniting our normal love making which almost doubled, and was now more engaging and intense. During these sessions, I always made sure to let her know how much I loved her, which was easy to do.

Several months into our new experiences, we met together with Dr. Sturm as something of an update session. We were quite open describing our play, which the Doctor thought was healthy then she asked my wife a question I had never considered, but which instantly piqued my interest.

“Lauren, did you find the idea of sex with another man exciting?” she asked.

My wife, who had been quite talkative while discussing my fantasy and how she was handling things, blushed deeply and replied, “I really haven’t considered it.”

Both the Doctor and I could tell she was lying.

“I see. Well it really wouldn’t be surprising for you to get some excitement from your involvement,” she clarified.

“Okay, thank you,” Lauren answered, cutting her off.

It was clear she wanted no part of the conversation, and the Doctor glanced at me quickly with a raised eyebrow. We left soon thereafter, but the question and Lauren’s reaction stayed with me. All along I had viewed myself as the provocateur of our sexual games with my wife being something of a victim who graciously supported me. The idea that she might be feeling some interest in it too, if true, would definitely shine a new light on things,

After the meeting with Dr. Sturm, the next major moment in our play occurred at Lauren’s company Christmas party a month later. It was to be held at a nice downtown hotel, and not wanting to drink and drive, my mom came up and got the kids so we could get a room for the night. Lauren had purchased a lovely black dress with a plunging neckline that was quite beyond the norm for her, but it had received my enthusiastic support.

Coming down from our room, we ran into one of Lauren’s friends and her husband, and ended up hanging out in the bar until the event was well underway, appearing just as dinner was being served. Later, when the band started up, I spent thirty minutes dancing with my wife, earning massive goodwill points, until I left her with another girlfriend while I hit the restroom.

When I got back, her buddy was gone and in her place, was none other than Thomas. I had wondered if we were going to see him and if somehow, someway we could interact in a way that would fuel my fantasy. So, finding them alone and talking created an almost perfect situation, and I made a detour to the bar so I could give them more time, watch some and see if I could collect fodder for later.

Since I had only met him once, I spent some time looking him over. He looked to be around six feet tall and in his early forties, putting him more than ten years older than us. His skin was a lustrous dark caramel color that made him look a bit mysterious, his head was shaved smooth, and it was obvious from the look of his toned body that he worked out often.

As I watched, I could tell he was taking the opportunity to ogle my wife’s breasts up close. He kept his head tilted down as if to hear what she was saying over the music, but it looked to me to be a ploy to get a better view. I was surprised that no one else joined their discussion, and equally surprised when she went to dance with him after a hurried look that I knew was an attempt to spot me.

They were out for a series of songs, fast and slow, and I watched closely to make sure he acted the gentlemen. I was standing where I left her when they finally returned with a light sheen of perspiration to show for their exertions. Lauren had a little smile when she spotted me, no doubt knowing what I was thinking, and when they arrived a quick reintroduction was made. I expected him to quickly wander off, so I was surprised when he engaged in the conversation showing no interest in leaving. He turned out to be a very pleasant person, spoke well and exuded confidence. He remained with us as another couple joined the group, and it was then that I decided to push some more.

“Lauren, I’m going upstairs for a few minutes. Thomas, will you watch after her?” I asked.

If was a very legitimate request, and unless you knew about my fantasy and our games, no one would pay it any mind. Lauren gave me an odd look, but said nothing while Thomas instantly agreed. I did go to the room, to hit the bathroom, then came back to watch, although it wasn’t clear to me exactly what I expected to see. Interestingly, when I spotted them they were alone again now with their heads much closer as they talked and I could see my wife’s head nodding as if she was answering questions. I left them like that for a few more minutes while I got us some drinks then rejoined.

“Miss me?” I asked when I arrived, then kissed Lauren on the cheek.

“Of course, are you ready to dance some more?” she quickly responded.

I knew the correct answer was yes, so I led her out after telling Thomas we would be back shortly. As soon as we got to the dance floor, a slow song started, and I pulled her close while nuzzling her neck. The smell of her perspiration mixed with the perfume was arousing, and I felt my dick swell.

“You going to let him have you?” I whispered, hoping she would play along.

“I’m supposed to meet him in his room later,” she responded, letting me know it would be a fun night.

“What were you talking about with him?” I asked.

“He was telling me how good my boobs looked and he wanted to know if I shaved,” she answered without hesitation.

Her words made me push away and look into her eyes, but her expression provided no clue as to whether she was telling the truth.

“You let him do that?” I asked, pulling her back to me.

“Isn’t it what you want? Isn’t it why you stayed away so long?” she asked, with an impish smile.

Suddenly, my mouth was too dry to speak, so I pulled my wife closer and swayed to the music until the song was over. Fortunately, by then, my dick had shrunk to a respectable level, and we walked hand in hand back to our spot finding Thomas still there.

“Hey, we’re going to head to the hotel bar for a night cap. Care to join us?” I asked, and instantly felt Lauren squeeze my hand, although I wasn’t sure if it was meant as a positive or negative sign.

“Sure, I’d love too,” he responded, and fell in beside us.

As soon as we arrived, I went to the bar to order while Lauren and Thomas took a table near the back. When I brought their drinks, I saw that my wife was seated to his left and turned in such a way that her top opened and put her entire left breast on display. He was staring at it intently, and didn’t realize I had arrived until I was putting the drinks on the small table. For some reason, I made no effort to warn Lauren of her partial nudity, and returned to the bar to pick up my drink. Unfortunately, when I got back, Lauren had changed her position which eliminated her exposure.

Having heard my wife’s brief description of their conversation, I chatted with Thomas in an attempt to feel him out and to see, if in fact, he had engaged in a racy discussion with her. Several things quickly became apparent. First, he wanted Lauren in a bad way. It wasn’t something he said, but rather the way he looked at her and his overall body language. Second, Lauren was very uncomfortable and was fidgeting nervously. Of course, I had no way to know if it was due to her admission, him saying more or the mere closeness of one of our key role playing characters. That was something I would have to determine later.

I had hoped we could establish a nice flirty conversation, but it turned out to be quite awkward. So, after we finished the drink, I knew enough had occurred for one night, and it was time to take my wife to bed. With a quick goodbye, we headed to the elevators, and unfortunately others were in the car so we had to behave until we got to our room. Exiting on the 11th floor, we were almost to our door when Lauren spoke.

“That’s his room,” she said, nodding towards 1125.

“Convenient,” I said without slowing, as I now wanted her urgently.

As soon as the door to our room closed, we started pulling each other’s clothes off with Lauren acting just as eager and horny as me. She pushed me back and straddled my waist leaning down to kiss me, which she did with passion. Reaching behind her, she grabbed my stiff dick and brought it to her pussy then pushed onto it.

“God Lauren you’re so wet,” I announced.

“I need it Thomas,” she replied, indicating that the game was on.

“Lauren baby, I’ve wanting to play with these titties all night,” I told her, while rolling her nipples between my fingers.

“I know Thomas. I wanted you to. Suck on them,” she said, and lowered her chest to my ready mouth.

I did suck on them then nibbled on her tender flesh making her squeal. Then, with a quick move, I flipped her onto her back so I could take her hard. Just as I was about to start, I remembered I didn’t have a condom and started to get up.

“No Thomas, don’t stop. I want you to cum in me,” she said, pulling me back.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

Playing around was one thing, but another child wasn’t something I was sure I wanted.

“Yes, Thomas. Do it,” she demanded.

This was the most engaged in the game I had ever seen from my wife, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain. The real-time interaction at the party had provided a new element that clearly had excited Lauren and now I would get to take advantage.

“Baby, I love your pussy,” I grunted, into her ear.

“Ohhh…uhhh…” she instantly groaned, which was accompanied by a shiver that swept through her body.

I suddenly realized that this wasn’t play acting just for my benefit, and that Lauren was hot with the thought of Thomas fucking her! My mind shot back to the question Dr. Sturm had posed and I realized the answer was being played out in front of me.

“I’m going to fill you up, baby. Make that tummy swell up,” I continued, now wanting to push and probe her limits.

“Oh yes, do it,” she whined back.

Then, I felt her body begin to tremble in the way I knew from experience meant she was on a short path to orgasm. Sure enough, it was less than a minute later, while I focused on giving her deep, steady strokes that it hit.

“OHH…OHH…I…I…UGGHHH…UGGHHH…Don’t Stop! Thomas, don’t stop!” she cried out, while her body thrashed in a way that almost threw me off.

It was a powerful release that lingered, but the most interesting aspect was that it was the first time she had climaxed from the game playing! Thomas was clearly in her head, I had no doubt about that, and the thought excited me immensely. Seconds later, as she continued to writhe with her post release feelings, I emptied my balls into my wife’s unprotected womb.

There is something special a man feels when he plants his seed into a beautiful, fertile woman. A sense of power seems to be added to the coupling creating a more forceful ejaculation. I came so hard my balls ached when I was finished, and all the energy in my body was gone, used in the process of an attempted impregnation. I collapsed next to my wife and both of us struggled to breathe which made it impossible to talk for several minutes.

“Wow. That was amazing,” I finally was able to force out.

Lauren shot me a quick look and I could tell she felt self-conscious. Rather than speak, she snuggled close and buried her head in my chest.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she answered, a little too rigidly.

“Are we having another child?” I asked, with some worry.

“No honey, my period starts in a day or two. It’s fine,” she explained, and while her answer provided me some relief, there was a touch of disappointment too.

“You got a little wild,” I said after some silence, then realizing the potential impact, I added, “I liked it.”

Lauren didn’t reply, at least not in words. A minute passed then I felt her hand moving to my groin where she pulled on my dick a few times then began tickling me with her fingernails beneath my balls. It wasn’t unheard of for my wife to do something like this, but it was rare, and it had never occurred after she had experienced a big orgasm. In fact, the few times it had taken place were when I had cum too soon and left her hanging. Despite my own powerful climax, she quickly had me hard again and she climbed on top again while pulling my dick into her. She sat up straight, as she ground her hips, which presented her lovely breasts for me to fondle, and as we looked into each other’s eyes, I could tell something was on her mind. I felt I knew what it was, but broaching the subject would take delicacy.

“What are you thinking?” I asked, hoping she would be open.

“How much I love you,” she replied, and while it was a sweet answer, it told me she wasn’t ready to share.

“You had a nice orgasm,” I said, still probing.

“Thomas is a good lover,” she responded with a little smirk, and her words both surprised and delighted me.

“I bet he’s waiting in 1125. Probably still up playing with himself and thinking about you. It’s just a few steps away. Why don’t you go to him,” I replied, having no idea why it came out of my mouth, but once I started it just kept flowing.

Lauren stopped moving and looked at me with a strange expression. It was a look of surprise, maybe some shock, but also something else that I realized was lust.

“Stop it,” she said after an awkward pause, and playfully hit my arm.

I knew she was trying to lighten the mood, but we both knew that for a tiny moment she had considered my words.

I dropped it and made love to her in an expressive and intimate way. That night she had given me a peek at her own desires, but I remembered that one of her biggest fears about my fantasies was that they would take over our relationship. Even though I wanted to probe further, I decided that the rest of the night would be about husband and wife with no games. It turned out to be the right decision.

“Lauren! Come here. What did you do?” I called out to my wife on New Year’s Eve.

We were getting ready to go out to a small party, and when she came out of the bathroom naked, headed for the dresser, I could see that all the hair was missing from her pussy. With a smile, she moved until she was standing in front of me, and with a quick inspection I could see that her well-groomed bush was gone and her skin was glistening from the lotion she had used after shaving. It looked absolutely amazing.

“What brought this on?” I asked, while sporting a huge grin and a rapidly growing dick.

“Oh, just thought I’d try something different. Besides, Thomas wanted me too,” she replied, then turned back quickly to the dresser.

“That’s right he did. But you’ll be with Chris tonight,” I said, while I moved behind her and rubbed my hand across her smooth mound letting my finger dip into her wet slit.

“I think he’ll like it too,” she replied, leaning back against me and moaning from my touch.

Since the night at the Christmas party, Lauren had been much more open to playing, and for the past few weeks had indulged me several times. Plus, on one other occasion, when the talk was about Thomas, she reached her climax first. It was in fact talk about the night of the party at the hotel where I probed for at least the tenth time about what they had chatted about. Lauren, as she had on my previous attempts, was frustratingly vague, although she maintained with a smile that her black coworker did ask her about her pussy and gave her his room number, which of course kept me guessing. I never questioned her about her climax as I didn’t want to make her self-conscious, but I truly felt she had been fantasizing about Thomas.

It took me a while, but with persistence, I was able to convince Lauren to take off her panties and go commando under her knee length flannel skirt. With it, she wore a thin sweater top that showed her breasts off nicely, and it was all I could do to keep my hands off of her during the short drive.

We were one of four couples at the New Year’s Eve party being hosted by Claire and Jacob, who were a couple we had met through Chris and Stacey. Rounding out the group were Warren and Roxanne, a couple who we had never met before. Lauren was easily the best looking of the wives with only Claire being in her league. In fact, in many ways, Claire was a blonde equivalent of my wife although she lacked Lauren’s style and easy going charm. The house was full of booze, and for the next several hours we drank and mingled. Of course, I paid particular attention any time Lauren and Chris were in close proximity, and twice my wife caught me staring, giving me a roll of her eyes in response.

“Come with me,” I whispered to her, after she had finished a long conversation with Chris.

“Where are we going?” she asked, letting me guide her with my hand.

I directed her to a bathroom that was down a long hall, and closed the door behind us as we entered. Quickly, I turned her so that her butt was against the vanity and kissed her hard.

“You drive me crazy,” I declared, when we broke.

“What do you want?” she giggled, with an alcohol assisted grin.

“You,” I answered, and kissed her again while my right hand went to her breasts.

This kiss lasted even longer, and when it ended I immediately dropped to my knees and lifted her skirt while pulling her right leg over my shoulder. My tongue found her juicy opening, and began a rapid tongue lashing that soon had her softly moaning.

“God Lauren, I’ve wanted to do this forever,” I said, hoping she would realize I was pretending to be Chris.

“Oh, Chris…It feels so good. Please don’t stop,” she instantly replied, letting me know she was with me.

I continued to lap at her newly shaved pussy, enjoying the feeling, while occasionally using the tip of my tongue to tease her clit. I wanted to get her off and was happy to forego my own needs for the time being, but her hands began pulling on my shoulders and then she spoke.

“Chris, I need you inside me. Please baby,” she declared.

It was like an explosion went off in my brain, and I stood, spun her around and dropped my pants. With my dick in my hand, I found her opening and pushed inside while she moaned her acceptance. With her partly bent over the vanity, I started pounding her hard, forcing little squeals from her mouth, while we stared at each other in the mirror.

“Damn Lauren, I knew you would feel good,” I grunted, still pretending to be her friend’s husband.

“You feel good too…ohhh…ohhh…don’t stop,” she whined.

Her excitement and words proved to be too much, and I felt my balls tighten and the sensation in my groin begin to take hold.

“Baby, I’m going to cum in you,” I announced.

“No Greg, not tonight,” she responded, suddenly breaking the play to let me know it wasn’t a good time.

Five strokes later, with my breath coming in short gasps, I pulled out and covered my hole with my hand to receive the rapid blasts that soon had it covered in sticky semen. I was so completely spent that I struggled to keep from falling, and had to hold onto the towel rack for balance. Lauren had stayed in place and was watching me in the mirror with her smooth, dripping slit still on display.

“Shit,” I gasped, and reached for a Kleenex.

“We better get back,” Lauren said with a giggle, and reached for the Kleenex too.

“No,” I said, grabbing her hand.

“Greg, I’m a mess. I can’t go out like this,” she stated.

“Please?” I whined, and gave her my best puppy dog look while pulling her skirt down.

“Greg! I’m too wet,” she tried again.

“Please?” I asked again, and pulled her close for a kiss.

When we opened the door, Claire was just approaching from down the hall and gave us a knowing smile.

“It’s not midnight yet,” she laughed, as we passed.

“It must be somewhere,” I responded, but kept moving.

We returned to the group and it was amazing to be among our friends knowing that Lauren was freshly fucked and dripping wet beneath her conservative skirt. I could tell that she was nervous by the look in her eyes and the stiff way she held her body which made it even better, and once, when she thought I wasn’t watching, she tried to sneak to the bathroom, but I intercepted her and told her she couldn’t go until after midnight.

When the time came, I gave quick kisses to Claire and Roxanne, but held Stacey in a long embrace hoping her husband would reciprocate with Lauren. I wasn’t disappointed as Chris kissed her deeply and it lingered to the point that the others started laughing. Of course, they had no way of knowing that he was being manipulated for our purposes.

“This skirt’s going to be ruined,” Lauren said, as we walked to the car forty minutes later. She had her arm through mine, and it was clear she was quite tipsy.

“Then take it off,” I suggested, surmising she was referring to the effect her wet pussy would have on the material.

“Don’t be an ass,” she replied.

“I’m serious. Drive home without it,” I whispered, when we had reached the car.

“God, you’re turning me into a tramp,” she replied, letting me take her in my arms.

“Mmmm…but you’re a beautiful tramp,” I countered.

She looked into my eyes and her expression slowly turned into a smile. With one hand, she undid the clasp and lowered the zipper then with an amazingly coordinated move, she opened the door, dropped the skirt and planted her naked ass on the leather seat. I quickly moved to the driver’s side, and as soon as I climbed in and the light went off, she leaned over the console and pulled my mouth to hers.

“Hurry,” she said in a husky voice, while her lips went to my neck.

Once the car was safely in the garage, we practically ran to the bedroom and in seconds we were naked and pulling each other close with the cool sheets energizing us.

“God, Lauren I get to have you twice in one day,” I started, pretending to be Chris again.

“No, Greg. I want my husband now,” she replied.

It was a fair statement given all that had occurred, and I concentrated on making tender love to my lovely wife to celebrate the start of another year. With a series of deep moans, and her arms and legs tightly wrapped around me, I felt her body shiver signaling her climax. It wasn’t a particularly dramatic release, but her sighs told me she was satisfied, and with my mind visualizing Chris between her legs I quickly reached my own peak and at the last second pulled out and fired my seed over her body. After that, I fell onto her and kissed her deeply letting the semen spread between our bodies.

“Your kiss with Chris turned me on,” I told her, when I finally slipped to her side.

“I could tell,” she answered, with a soft giggle.

“Did anything else happen?” I asked, wondering if I had missed something.

“Not with Chris,” she replied, after a short pause.

“What do you mean?” I asked, and after several seconds with no reply I leaned over her on my elbow and said, “Tell me what happened.”

“Warren asked for my number,” she replied.

Warren was the husband of Roxanne, the couple we had not met prior to the party. He was a heavyset guy, but more thick than fat, and probably around six feet tall with red hair and a ruddy complexion. He wasn’t the best-looking guy in the world, although he did have a good natured, boisterous way about him that attracted people. However, I wouldn’t have taken him for a “player” and was surprised he came on to Lauren

“There’s more to the story than that,” I responded.

It took a bit more goading but Lauren finally explained that after the New Year’s kiss they had run into each other in the hall to the bathroom and he asked for another kiss. Amazingly, my wife had agreed and it turned into a long one with him taking her ass in his hand. Afterwards was when he asked for her number which she admitted she had given, although she was quick to blame the drinking.

“He was drunk too. He’ll forget about it,” she attempted to rationalize.

“No, he won’t,” I answered.

Her admission had made my dick hard again, and my hands were now exploring my wife’s body from her breasts to her thighs.

“You’re making me horny,” Lauren admitted, after several more minutes of my play.

“Do you want him?” I asked.

My question would have been unheard of a few months ago, but the game playing had become so intense she accepted it without anger.

“Do you want me to?” she replied, seconds later.

“Yes,” I blurted out, loudly.

“Greg! That’s four men now,” she exclaimed.

“I know. Which one are you going to have first?” I asked, feeling that since she was in a good, talkative mood, I would press.

“Mmmm…how do you know I haven’t already had one?” she answered, while reaching behind her and finding my dick.

“Shit, Lauren. Who was it? It was Thomas, right?” I fired back.

I knew she was toying with me, but the excitement of the play had always been based on the slim chance it was true. I tried to push her onto her back so I could mount her, but instead she rolled me onto my back and her lips went to my dick. She started by licking around the shaft then dropped her warm mouth onto it.

“You like that?” she asked, pulling away for a moment in response to my groans.

“Was it Thomas?” I asked again, having not lost my train of thought.

For the next several minutes, she made love to my dick swirling her tongue around the shaft as her head moved up and down with her lips forming a tight seal. She had me squirming which seemed to excite and encourage her efforts.

“Do you want it to be Thomas?” she asked, stopping to ask the question then starting again.

“Yes, I could see how much he wanted you. How many times have you done it?” I replied.

Her fingernails had begun tickling my scrotum and I was close to losing all control.

“More than once,” she said, breaking for a moment again.

The combination of her sucking and the visualization of Thomas between her open legs rapidly pounding her wet, fertile pussy proved too much and with a pitiful cry I released what was left in my balls and fell back completely spent. My last conscious memory was Lauren kissing me lightly on the cheek.

The six texts Lauren received the next day made it clear that Warren had not forgotten her number. However, now sober, she felt embarrassed and ashamed that this married man, whose wife was a friend of her friends, had her number and was trying to communicate.

“Shit. I knew all this would turn out badly,” she sighed, seemingly trying to lump our play in with it.

“Lauren, it’s not the same…” I tried to say in defense, but was interrupted.

“It is the same because I’m doing things that aren’t me,” she replied.

“Look, just ignore him,” I suggested.

“I am and I’m going to block him too,” she said, reaching for her phone.

That little episode set things back significantly as Lauren refused to participate in my fantasies. It made me realize how fragile her psyche was around the aspect of our play and particularly, the importance of ensuring nothing would occur that could impact her reputation. Unfortunately, just a few weeks later, Lauren company started a restructuring that put her on edge and essentially took away her libido. Of course, in this state, I didn’t dare raise the subject and several months quickly ticked by. While we continued to make love, it lacked adventure and seemed almost perfunctory.

Spring was upon us when Lauren’s job situation started to become settled, and in fact it looked like she was going to end up with a bigger role, more responsibility and more money. Thankfully, her mood had dramatically improved over the past few weeks, and as something of a celebration, we had taken the kids to their grandparents so we could have the weekend alone. Returning home from dinner, Lauren disappeared into the back of the house, and I was sitting on the couch watching TV when she suddenly reappeared, wearing a robe and jumped on me straddling my waist.

“What happened to my naughty boy?” she asked, while kissing my neck.

Even though I knew she was feeling upbeat, after the long break her actions caught me off guard.

“Well…I don’t know…are you feeling better now?” I asked, stumbling for how to respond.

“I’m fine sweetie. And all this time you’ve been quiet and patient because you were worried about me. You are so sweet,” she whispered, then ran her tongue over my ear.

My hands went to her robe and I was thrilled to find her naked body beneath the terry cloth material. It only took a little effort to pull it off her shoulders, and as soon as she was naked, her hands began to work the buttons of my shirt.

“Mmmm…it’s nice to have my horny wife back,” I teased.

“Miss me?” she giggled in response.

“Hell yes,” I replied, while moving so she could pull the shirt away.

“Take your pants off,” she demanded, moving to one side.

I quickly followed her direction standing briefly to shed them before returning to my spot with my aching dick now standing at full attention. As soon as I was seated, Lauren straddled me again, and I used my hands to pull her tightly against me, reveling in the feelings of her bare skin against mine. Amazingly, through her period of distress over the past several months, she had continued to shave her pussy and it felt wonderfully warm and wet pressed against me. She only stayed in that position for a few seconds before I lifted her, and with just a bit of fumbling found her opening and let her descend on my shaft as we groaned loudly together.

“Damn you feel good,” I moaned.

“You do too Thomas,” she replied with a throaty sigh.

I couldn’t help but smile and as our eyes met the look on her face let me know she was being purposefully playful with me. Sensing that for the first time in months I didn’t have to watch every word, I decided to be provocative.

“About time you got back on this dick,” I said.

“I missed it,” she answered instantly, with a playful smile.

Thrilled by her demeanor, I grabbed her hips and began pulling her forcibly against me forcing my dick to climb high within her body. With her hands gripping my shoulders and a sexy look evident through her half-shut eyes, I was rewarded with soft mews of pleasure coming from her mouth. We stayed that way as the minutes ticked by, enjoying the feeling of each other’s body while we shared soft kisses and soulful sighs.

“I’m going to knock you up baby,” I whispered to her, slipping back into my Thomas mode when I felt my balls begin to boil.

“Do it,” she responded, and started pushing her hips more strongly against me.

Her acceptance drove me to an even higher state and I knew I was just seconds away from releasing a huge load. Of course, Lauren knows me extremely well and she timed her movement perfectly, as just as the first blast was about to be released, she lifted off my dick and a geyser of my semen leapt a foot in the air then fell back onto my balls.

“No…” I whimpered in disappointment, as the first shot was quickly followed by several more, leaving me coated in my own cum.

“Wow!” she exclaimed when my spasms finally stopped.

I had barely the strength left to look at her, but when I did I could see she was looking down at me with a smile. Suddenly, she dropped to her knees and her mouth went to my groin where she spent the next minute cleaning the goo from my balls and dick. It was naughty and out of character for her, but at the same time, it was so arousing that I got fully hard again, and as soon as she finished, I pushed her onto her knees on the couch and took her aggressively from behind.

“You like that,” I asked rhetorically, when squeals of pleasure started coming from her mouth.

“Yes, honey…yes…I want to cum…make me cum,” she pleaded, speaking in a needy way that was far from the norm.

“You going to fuck them?” I asked, using the situation selfishly to push on her.

“Who?” she shot back instantly.

“All of them,” I declared, now hammering her so hard that a wet, slapping sound filled the room.

“Greg…uhhh…uhhh…oh…uhhh…uhhh…do you want me too?” she forced out between her groans of pleasure.

“Yes,” I declared.

“Uhhh…uhhh…okay…okay…I’ll…I’ll do it for you,” she responded, and the tone in her voice and the tautness in her body signaled that she was getting very close.

In retrospect, I think her agreement must have made me go a little crazy because suddenly I was acting possessed and speaking to her nastily, “Yeah baby, you’re going to fuck them all. Every week you’ll be getting more cock than any girl in the city.”

“Uhhh…uhhh…ummm…ohhh…uhhh…OHHH…OHHH…OHHH…,” she cried out as her climax arrived, before her sounds devolved into squeals then whimpers while I felt the wall of her vagina grip then release my shaft.

If I would have had any fluid left in my balls I would have launched it into her, but I was already so drained that I was able to witness the full measure of her release. I could tell it was strong and complete, and when I let go of her hips she fell forward onto the couch. Rather than disturb her, I took a nearby comforter and put it over her still heaving body so she could enjoy the aftermath.

“Who’s going to be first?” I asked later, when we had retired to bed.

“No one. That was just sex talk,” she answered dismissively, although I felt her butt wiggle against me.

“Uh uh…no way,” I replied.

“You’re crazy,” she answered, and soon we were asleep.

I kept on her, continually reminding her about her acceptance, with no success. Playfully, I began sending her texts during the day asking if she had contacted any of the guys and where things stood. Most she ignored, but every now and then she would respond with an equally playful answer. This went on for weeks and while entertaining it wasn’t advancing things, although when my senses were with me, I knew I should remain satisfied with just the fantasy.

Then, seemingly out of the blue, the fateful day arrived that changed my life forever. It was a Thursday and a slow day at work, so I had been pestering my wife with text messages about her commitment to take on the four men in my fantasy. Even though by noon I had sent about a half dozen message, she had not responded, so when I heard my phone beep in the early afternoon, signaling an incoming text, I picked it up quickly. Hoping I would get a playful reply, I was smiling as I navigated to the screen and saw her reply.

“Thomas wants me to get a drink with him after work. Can you watch the kids?”

Instantly, I typed out a reply acknowledging that I could and sent it back thinking she was toying with me and expecting a follow-on message telling me I was crazy. However, the minutes ticked by with nothing coming in, but I resolved that I would not give her the satisfaction of reaching out for more info. At four, I left to go to the kids still not having heard anything, and it wasn’t until almost ten, with the children fast asleep, that I heard the garage door opening.

“Hi sweetie. Did you have fun,” I asked nonchalantly from the couch when she entered.

“Yes, it was nice,” she said, giving me a smile.

“How is Thomas?” I followed, still trying to show indifference.

“Honey, I went to the movies with Stacey,” she replied, while shaking her head.

Instantly, she burst my balloon, but I did my best to hide my disappointment while she headed towards the bedroom. I had hoped that at a minimum she would meet him for a drink, flirt and come back with some stories to tell. Instead, it all turned out to be nothing, and I was faced with the reality that she would likely never go any further.

I started to go to talk to her, but when I got close I could hear the shower running, so after returning to the kitchen, and needing to kill time until she was finished, I started cleaning the dishes from dinner which reminded me that tomorrow was trash pick-up day. I pulled the bag from the indoor container then walked to the garage and put it in the street bin. Then, remembering I had some trash in my car, I collected it then glanced into Lauren’s car to see if she had any. On the passenger side floor board, I could see a bag that looked empty, so I opened her car and picked it up and was about to toss it into the bin when I felt something inside. Looking, my feet immediately froze in place and my body began to tingle.

It was a pharmacy box with a long medical name for the drug, but just beneath were the words “Emergency Contraception”. A receipt was also in the bag informing me the purchase had occurred forty-five minutes ago, but the most shocking thing was that the box was empty. Instantly, I knew it could only mean that Thomas had fucked Lauren and put his seed in her womb. Now, faced with the reality of the situation I had encouraged, I found my mind in complete turmoil making the circle of emotions turn from anger to despair to excitement and back again.

I was laying on the bed when Lauren stepped from the bathroom with only a towel around her lovely body. She made for the dresser but came to a full stop when she spotted the medicine box I had placed prominently on top. After taking a deep breath, she turned towards me with a frightened look, and without speaking I patted the spot next to me on the bed. Slowly she inched towards the bed and sat with her eyes locked onto mine, now with a look that appeared to seek forgiveness. I had managed to collect myself while she was in the shower, and knowing that it would be a fragile situation I had determined I needed to be tender and calm.

“Were you with Thomas tonight?” I asked.

“Yes,” she whispered softly, while nodding her head.

“Did he cum in you?” I followed.

This time she didn’t speak but merely nodded her head, and for the next few minutes I gently interrogated her learning that she had gone to his house where he had fucked her twice. Each time, he brought her to climax, and in fact it was during her first orgasm, when she had lost control, that he inseminated her.

“What now?” she croaked.

“Now we’re going to make love,” I replied and started pulling on her towel.

Immediately, I could tell that my show of desire instead of rejection was having a positive impact as the distressed look on her face was replaced with one of relief. Quickly, I had her on her back then I stood and stripped and joined her where my hands wandered her body while I kissed her softly.

“Do you still love me?” she asked softly.

“Of course, sweetie,” I responded.

My hand was now caressing her pussy and I could tell she needed some time to get ready after the shower, so I kissed her breasts, neck and lips while I lightly teased her opening.

“I’m sorry I was bad,” she said, after a long kiss.

“Lauren, I’m glad you were bad. I just wished you trusted me enough to tell,” I replied.

“I was going to…I just…just needed some time,” she answered.

“It’s okay,” I told her.

Soon, she became slick, and I lifted over her, got into place and with her help found her opening and pushed inside.

“Mmmm…uhhhh…” she gasped, as I penetrated.

In my mind, I thought she would feel different, but there was no change in what I had known and loved all these years. I had to force myself to go slow, as my excitement was so high that every time I thought about Lauren and Thomas together, I would get a sudden urge to move faster. Fortunately, we locked into a rhythm, and in doing so it seemed to free me to interrogate her further.

“Did he fuck you good?” I asked in an aggressive manner, and when she didn’t reply I added, “Tell me baby. Did you like it?”

“I’m sorry,” she responded, either thinking I was mad or seeking her own salvation.

“Don’t be sorry Lauren. It’s okay. Just tell me if you enjoyed it,” I followed, but this time in a softer manner.

“Yes,” she whispered.

It was a tiny voice, but it unlocked my fantasy and allowed it to hit me with full force. My beautiful, loving and heretofore chaste wife had given herself to another man, a lover that had pleased her and planted his seed deep inside her body. I knew I should be appalled and tormented, it was certainly the expected reaction, but instead I had never been more sexually excited.

“Damn Lauren, that’s so hot,” I declared, now trying desperately to hold back my release.

Unfortunately, the combination of the vision in my brain and her soft, warm pussy couldn’t be denied and with a deep grunt, followed by several gasps I shot my load into her.

Lauren seemed happy that it was over, and I pulled her close to me and kissed her tenderly for a while before we got up. I could tell she was struggling with what had occurred, so for the rest of the evening I stayed away from the subject, but made sure she received lots of attention.

“I…I can’t believe I did that…I…I just can’t,” my wife stammered to me the next morning as we lay in bed.

Clearly, she was upset and remorseful, and didn’t want to hear my words of comfort. That set the tone for the next few weeks as she struggled to process her action and was fearful of having to deal with Thomas at work. Now, I felt guilty and low as my desires had caused pain to the person I held most dear. It was a stressful time, and when the kids began to pick up on the fact that something was wrong, we purposefully changed our behavior in front of them.

“Greg, I have an appointment with Dr. Sturm for this afternoon. I just want you to know,” Lauren announced one morning, about a month after her encounter.

“Honey…” I started to speak, but she gave me a look that told me she didn’t want to discuss it.

Of course, it stayed in my head all day, and when I got home that evening I hoped that she would be in a mood to discuss. However, she was busy with dinner and kid things until they were put to bed, then quickly disappeared into the bathroom. It was only later when we were in bed that I got a chance to ask her about the session.

“Did you see Dr. Sturm?” I asked, intentionally making the question open ended.

“Yes,” she answered without elaboration.

“Well…uh…can you tell me about it?” I asked, with a hint of irritation.

After a moment, she turned onto her back and put a pillow beneath her so she was sitting up. Then, after looking at me for a moment, she spoke.

“I told her all about what happened,” she said.

“I see,” I replied.

“Everything. Your pushing, Thomas’ pushing, my thoughts and responses and your reaction when you learned about it,” she explained.

“Okay, well I guess that probably was necessary. How did the talk go,” I responded, trying to be supportive, but with a building sense of concern.

“Yes, it was,” she stated with a stern demeanor.

I actually thought about just letting the conversation die, as it seemed I was going to be the bad guy, but I couldn’t hold back and asked, “What did y’all discuss? What was her advice? Her counsel?”

Now, it was her turn to be quiet and she looked at me for several seconds before answering, “She wanted to know why I did it and what was now making me upset.”

“And? What did you tell her?” I followed.

“I told her I felt like I had been worn down by your fantasies and Thomas’ pestering, but that I did have some curiosity too,” she said, and looked at me for a reaction.

“I see. What else?” I asked, wanting her to talk even though it was like pulling teeth.

“She asked if I enjoyed it,” she started then paused and looked at me before finishing, “I told her if I was honest I had to admit I did. And she wanted to know what I enjoyed, so I told her it was the physical aspects as well as the curiosity since I had only been with you.”

The end of her statement felt like a shot, but I let it go and said, “I understand.”

However, she had now picked up steam and barely acknowledged my comment before continuing, “Then she wanted to know what made me upset…why I had come to her. I told her that it just wasn’t me. It was too far from my values even if I did have my husband’s permission.”

“I see,” I said in a low voice, knowing that my fantasy had likely been totally shot down, but finally added, “What did she say?”

“She said that I was an intelligent woman and that I knew myself. She said in my case, since there were no hidden things in our relationship, that the choice was simple. Either take a different view on my values or don’t do it again,” she explained.

“Well…I guess that pretty straightforward and…uhhh…practical advice,” I replied.

It was a disappointing message, but certainly not unexpected and the bottom line was that the happiness of my wife was much more important than some strange fantasy.

“You’re okay with that?” she asked, staring straight into my eyes.

“I’m fine with it sweetie. Nothing is worth you being unhappy,” I told her, and was pleased when a small smile came to her face.

So, just when I thought a major breakthrough had occurred, my hopes were instead completely ended and in the process Lauren had been made upset. In addition, the fantasy play between us was over too. Clearly, I had pushed too hard, and in retrospect I should have just let it remain as a game between us.

Of course, life with my lovely wife and kids is fantastic on its own, so I concentrated on being a good husband and father. It took several months, but slowly Lauren got past the event and seemed to get back to normal. She had even been able to work out something with Thomas, so that they could continue to work together and move beyond their sexual encounter. So, it was a surprise when during a love making session late one night, my wife, seemingly out of the blue, started to tease me.

“I saw Zach today,” she whispered into my ear, as I rolled my hips slowly savoring the feeling of our connection.

“What wrong with your car?” I asked, slow on the uptake.

“Nothing, he fixed it quickly,” she answered in a soft, purring voice.

Suddenly, it dawned on me where she might be heading, but the territory was so dangerous I was reluctant to respond. Instead, I focused on the motion I was providing, and put my lips to her neck and began to gently lick and suck on the sensitive flesh while my mind raced.

“Did…did you do anything?” I finally croaked out.

“Mmmmm…he kissed me and put his hand in my blouse,” she answered, while the tip of her tongue tickled my earlobe.

“That’s…that’s all?” I forced out, as it felt like my dick grew an inch.

“He wanted more, but I said no. Should I have let him?” she teased, as my thrusting became more urgent.

I didn’t answer. Instead, I took her hands in mine and pushed them over her head and for the next few minutes pounded her with deep movements until her body stiffened and after a series of high pitched whines she suddenly pressed her mouth against my arm to muffle the sounds of her climax. Seeing her let go, I soon followed and blasted into the condom to the point that I wondered about its capacity.

“Where did that come from?” I finally asked as we recovered.

“Remember Dr. Sturm said if I give a little I can get a lot. I just can’t give too much,” she answered, fighting back a giggle.

“And, what do you want?” I followed.

“You’re taking me to that new restaurant Saturday,” she announced.

It was a very nice but expensive place we had been debating about going to for over a month, but to me that wasn’t the point. What my wife had just communicated to me was that we were truly back to normal, and from that point, I would occasionally get the naughty Lauren to tease and play with me during sex.

My wife’s company Christmas party was scheduled for a Friday, and since it was required she attend, we again arranged for the kids to go to the grandparents, although this year we passed on staying in the hotel. Instead, we would taxi both ways, but awaken in the comfort of our own home where we could sleep in late if we wanted.

We spent the evening mingling with her normal co-workers, including Thomas, who did not seem the least bit self-conscious about his brief affair with my wife. In fact, he danced with her several times, which only brought a quick glance from Lauren when he made his first request. I had wondered if Thomas had talked about the sex and created some company gossip, so I was pleased to see that no one showed any mannerisms to indicate they were aware of anything. It was when we were standing alone waiting for my wife to return from the restroom that the black man broached the subject.

“How is she doing…you know?” he asked in a seemingly sincere way.

I looked at him for a moment debating whether it was appropriate to respond, and wondering how much about my involvement he knew, before finally saying, “Well, it’s taken some time, but I think she’s okay.”

“Good man…good. Beautiful lady,” he responded, just as she returned.

The party continued with lots of socializing and drinking, but an hour or so later, just as things were starting to wind down, I found myself alone with the black man once again. Our previous, brief conversation had stayed with me, and whether it was the large amount of alcohol I had consumed, knowing I wouldn’t be driving, or just my own perverted mind, a thought hit me.

“Thomas, do you want to come over for a drink?” I suddenly asked.

“Uhhh…are you sure? I don’t want to deal with those tears again,” he replied.

“No, I’m not sure. We’ll be playing it by ear,” I explained.

We talked about it in a general non-specific way, but he still was worried, so we left it that if he didn’t show up within forty-five minutes of us leaving, then he wasn’t coming. I figured it would take us twenty minutes in the taxi, so I would have to keep her amused, and out of the bedroom for about a half-hour. Now that the conspiracy was in place, I began thinking about all the bad things that could happen, but I was buoyed by her return to our role playing, so decided to risk it.

The surprisingly clean taxi dropped us off in our driveway exactly twenty-five minutes after we left. Lauren was nicely buzzed, but completely in control so I suggested we open a bottle of wine and watch TV for a while. We were just moving towards the sofa when we heard a distinct knock on the door.

“Who’s that?” my wife said in surprise, but quickly turning to avoid eye contact, I just shrugged and moved down the hall.

As soon as the door swung open, I saw the black man standing there with a hopeful, but worried look. I stepped back and he passed me as he stepped inside.

“Thomas…what are…” my wife started, then stopped mid-sentence.

Several tense and awkward seconds went by before I summoned the courage to speak, “I suggested he drop by for a drink. Come on, let me pour you some wine.”

“Greg, what’s going on?” she asked, while shaking her head.

It was a moment of truth and I had to decide whether to admit it was silly idea or go all-in and see if I could somehow move things forward.

“Just having a drink, honey,” I replied while once more avoiding eye contact.

Thomas followed me into the kitchen and I started to pour the wine, but Lauren disappeared and I wondered if she had retreated to the bedroom, disgusted by my actions. However, just as we were entering the living room, she returned and joined me on the sofa while our guest sat in our large leather chair. While Thomas and I had collapsed completely into the furniture, Lauren sat on the edge, very lady-like, still dressed in the black cocktail dress she had worn to the party. The dress came to mid-thigh and allowed us a nice view of her slender legs, while the top of the dress, held up by spaghettis straps, provided a teasing look at the top of her breasts that we could see were gently rising and falling as she breathed.

“Well isn’t this cozy,” she said sarcastically to break the silence.

“I didn’t get the chance to tell you earlier how amazing you looked tonight,” Thomas said, ignoring her jab, and despite her annoyance we saw her blush slightly.

“Yes, she did. I especially like how that dress shows off her rear,” I added, which was quite true as it clung to her body, leaving little to the imagination.

“Greg, what are we doing here?” she challenged me again.

“Just having a drink, honey,” I answered, feigning confusion.

“So, should I just get naked and wait in the bedroom?” she said, once more in a sarcastic tone.

“No honey. We wouldn’t get to talk to you,” I answered, but realized I had been too cocky when she started to stand.

“I’m going to bed. Good night Thomas,” she said, and waved for him to stay seated.

“You are a damn lucky man,” the black man said, as soon as she had left.

“I know,” I answered with a smile.

“Man, I enjoyed the hell out of our time together,” he stated, suddenly crossing into talking about their fling.

“Yeah, maybe she liked it too much,” I replied, letting the words come from my mouth without thinking, then realizing they very well might be true.

“Oh, you know it. When she left, I thought she would be back for more the next day,” he quickly responded, then paused before adding, “She has willpower.”

After that, we changed subjects and chatted about sports for a few minutes until I heard Lauren’s heels on the hardwood floor and saw that she was headed towards the kitchen. She disappeared from my view for several seconds then reappeared carrying a bottle of water in her hand as she moved back towards the bedroom. Thomas had his back to her so he couldn’t see what had taken place, and I was confused why she was still in her party attire.

“She grabbed some water,” I said to him, to which he just shrugged.

We resumed our conversation pausing only to refill our glasses, but less than ten minutes later I heard the sound of my wife’s heels once more, and like before she disappeared into the kitchen, but this time left with nothing I could see.

“She’s trolling,” I whispered to Thomas.

“Trolling?” he asked, confused.

“She wants attention,” I clarified.

“You think so?” he asked, suddenly looking interested.

I nodded my head slowly and thought about everything that had occurred, weighing the plusses and minuses before looking at him and saying, “Go to her.”

“Okay, man. I hope you’re right,” he said with some concern, as he rose from the chair.

Now it was his heels I heard on the floor disappearing the same way my wife had while I sat nervously bracing for an eruption. However, after it had become quiet for several minutes, I knew my instincts had likely been correct. I waited several more minutes, then slowly and quietly made my way towards the bedroom until I was standing in the shadows peering in through the partially opened door.

My wife was still in her dress and heels but Thomas was standing very close to her with his arm around her waist while she looked up at him with her hands on his shoulders. They were talking in low voices and it took all my concentration to catch their words.

“I can’t Thomas. I’ll feel so guilty,” Lauren protested.

“Baby, I don’t want you feeling bad, I want you to feel good like I made you last time,” he replied in a seductive voice, and I saw his hand slip down to her ass.

Even though Lauren was turning him down, she didn’t appear to be upset by the attention and I wondered what they had talked about before I arrived, and how Thomas had gotten her in his arms. For another minute, the black man tried to seduce her in a soft voice, but she declined each advance. Then, things began to change.

“Just let me kiss you once,” he pleaded, and when she didn’t respond he bent down and with little effort found her lips.

The kiss began lightly, but as it continued it became more passionate and soon Thomas had one hand in the middle of her back pulling her tight while the other fondled her ass. Once they broke, just for a moment, but the black man quickly reconnected before she could decline and again they started a deep, passionate kiss. When it finally ended, rather than separate, he moved his mouth to her neck and started working her soft, sensual spots.

“Oh, my God…Thomas,” she whined.

He held her tightly as her body responded to his touch and then, over her mews, I heard the sound of her zipper being moved. His experience was evident as he kept the assault going with his lips while he unzipped the dress then pushed the straps off her shoulders. Soon, it fell to her waist and she was standing before him in her sheer black bra with her erect nipples on display.

“I…I need Greg,” she moaned, finally breaking free.

“I’m here,” I said stepping through the doorway.

“Greg…” she started, but I interrupted.

“I’m just going to sit here,” I informed her, which brought a strange look to her face and a smile to our guest’s.

Thomas’ head descended back to her neck, but our eyes stayed locked for several seconds before she succumbed to the feeling of his lips. Over the next few minutes, I watched him finish her undressing until she was standing before us in only her black heels. With that, I watched my wife, with shaking hands, help him with his clothes until he was down to his boxers. Thomas was definitely in good shape for his age; quite fit with muscled arms and thick thighs. Starting their kissing again, he moved her backwards and onto the bed, positioning her near the center, then moved his mouth to her nipples.

My wife sighed in pleasure as he sucked and licked on them making wet sounds along the way. Occasionally, he would rise and kiss her again, and his efforts soon had her at a high state of arousal. But, just when I thought he would plunge into her and take her, he lowered his head between her thighs and started slurping on her soaked slit.

“Uhhhh…ohhh Thomas…oh God…mmmm…mmmm…” she cried out over and over, as he excited her nub.

Then, I saw her looking my way and our eyes locked. Her hand raised to beckon me to her and I made the few steps to her side.

“Yes, baby,” I whispered.

“Kiss me,” she demanded, and I did what she asked, but when we broke she asked, “Is this what you want?”

“Yes, baby. I want you to completely let go,” I told her, then lowering her hand, I moved back to the chair as her eyes followed me.

Thomas never slowed his licking while I was with my wife, but once I was seated he stopped and moved off the bed where he pushed the boxers over his muscled ass. His cock came into view, extending almost perpendicular to his body, and I could see that he was a bit longer than me, but not greatly so, although he had a nice girth. It was fattest in the middle, like a black anaconda that had recently devoured prey, while the tip tapered to almost a point. One prominent vein started near the base and twisted to the side until it disappeared close to the head, and a set of heavy balls hung down prominently. This had been the instrument of my wife’s taking, bringing her to multiple orgasms, and instinctively I knew it would happen again.

Her black co-worker crawled between her spread legs as she watched then took her beneath her knees and pulled her towards him until his cock was at her entrance. There, he let go of one leg, took his cock in his hand and started to rub the head over and through her wet slit while occasionally using it to slap her pussy. It had the effect of making Lauren moan and writhe in a way I had never seen, and a wave of jealousy shot through me as I realized he would experience her in a way I never had.

After almost a minute, Thomas stopped the manipulation of her pussy and I watched as he brought the tapered tip to her opening and with a slow push downward made it disappear inside while my wife began to whimper. Once he had it started, he took hold beneath her knees again and slowly pulled her onto his cock. Inch after inch was fed into her until there was nothing more, and Lauren’s eyes began a rapid look between their connection and her lover’s face.

“Baby, you ready to get fucked good?” he asked in a demanding voice.

“Yes,” she quickly responded, while nodding her head in a way that showed she was prepared to give herself to him completely.

He flexed his arms, pulling and releasing on her legs, which resulted in a slight movement of his cock in and out of her, but even this small movement had a profound impact on my wife who was now gasping and moaning. However, Thomas didn’t appear to be in any hurry as he seemed content to enjoy toying with and teasing her body, and when he started talking to her I knew his goal was to totally conquer her.

“You going to cum all over me like last time? That what you want?” he prodded, and when at first she didn’t answer he pushed more, “Come on baby, talk to me…that what you want?”

“Yes…” came her reply, clearly discernible and with a needy, urgent edge.

“Play with your nipples,” he demanded, and her fingers reached for them without hesitation.

For the next few minutes, Thomas fucked her with short strokes with his hands beneath her knees as she pinched her small nubs and moaned and sighed in obvious excitement and pleasure. From my position, I could see the black man’s heavy ball sack swinging slightly with each movement, and I realized that soon he would be filling her with his hungry seed, intent on finding her egg.

“You ready now?” he asked, but before she could answer he dropped forward, driving his cock into her deeply and forcing a loud groan from her mouth.

His ass started a rapid movement as he pistoned into her while the rest of his body stayed amazingly still. I could tell my wife was enjoying every thrust as a litany of sighs, moans and grunts escaped from her mouth, while at the same time, her long legs, which had been spread wide, slowly closed until they were locked around her lover’s waist. Suddenly, Lauren gave out several high-pitched squeals, and I could see her fingernails dig into his shoulders. I immediately wondered if she had climaxed, but it was just as quickly over.

“Yeah, baby. Give it up. Keep cumming like last time,” Thomas said into her ear, loud enough for me to hear.

At that moment, I realized that she was reacting to him in ways much different than with me, and he was experiencing her in ways I never would. My jealousy, which I thought I had well under control, instantly peaked and it took all my will power to stay seated.

“Ohhh…God…ohhh Thomas…ohhh…” Lauren let out in a long, low groan, and I actually rose from my chair before settling back down.

My wife had been taken to a plateau of arousal and pleasure far different than our husband-wife coupling. It wasn’t lovemaking. Rather, it was just hard, raw sex, but there was no denying she was enjoying all of it. Her squeals announced another mini-orgasm had arrived and just a minute after that it happened again, but this time she didn’t seem to calm. Instead, the furtive movement of her hands and legs indicated that something more was coming and it looked like it would be big.

“Oh yes…yes…please…oh please…GOD DON’T STOP…” she screamed, and when her words ended a wailing moan filled the room.

“Yeah baby…milk it…squeeze my cock…” her lover encouraged, then added, “Yeah…fuck yeah…”

It must have proved to be too much for the black man because he started grunting in time to his rapid thrusts and then with a final push he let go.

“Oh fuck…fuck yeah…damn this is good pussy…fuck yeah…” he exclaimed while making several deep pushes into my wife.

From my position, even in the dim light, I could see the spot behind his balls spasm like a fist clenching and releasing over and over as ropes of semen jetted through his cock and into my wife. Then, with one last push, he collapsed onto her body. Still not completely through, their connected pelvis’ undulated in slow movements while each gasped from the lingering feelings.

It wasn’t long before I could see that Thomas was kissing her ears and neck and that soon progressed to her lips. They shared several long, deep kisses letting out sighs of pleasure before Lauren pushed on his shoulders and turned him onto his back, finally breaking their connection. At first, I thought she was indicating it was all over, but as soon as he was settled she moved and quickly took his cock into her mouth.

“I love how you do that,” the black man announced, informing me that it wasn’t the first time he had received the attention.

When Lauren shifted and took a position on her knees, her pussy was suddenly just a few feet before me, and I was stunned to see a frothy substance that I knew was from their combined juices covering her entire mound. In all my fantasies, I never imagined such a sight, and I knew it was a sign of how completely she had just been taken. It didn’t take long for my wife’s mouth to get Thomas hard again, but I now wanted him gone because I had an intense desire to have her myself, so when we made eye contact, I gave the black man a quick nod of my head to let him know it was time to go. Fortunately, he accepted my message and after just a bit more attention from Lauren, he started to move.

“I think it’s time for me to go,” he said softly with a gentle touch of his hand on her shoulder.

Lauren, sensing the meaning, turned quickly to me and I think she suddenly remembered I was in the room. Without speaking, she stood and came towards me and I met her and took her into a deep embrace. I could smell the sweat and sex on her body, but I ignored it, then kissed her cheek before letting her leave for the bathroom.

“Thanks man,” Thomas said when we were at the door and just as he started to leave he turned back and asked, “So, what’s this mean?”

“I don’t know…we’ll see,” I answered.

My wife was in the shower when I got back, so stripping quickly, I joined her and pulled her tightly against me as the warm water cascaded over us.

“You are incredible,” I whispered.

“How can you not be jealous?” she asked looking at me with needy, pleading eyes.

“Because I know you’re mine and you looked so incredible,” I answered, leaving out the fact that some of it did in fact make me very jealous.

“We need to go to the pharmacy,” she stated.

“Is it a bad time?” I tried to clarify.

“It’s the worst time,” she acknowledged.

“Okay, we’ll go after I take you to bed,” I replied.

That’s exactly what we did and minutes later I was between her legs buried completely inside. The water from the shower had cleansed the external signs of their mating, but inside I knew from the wetness that I was bathing my dick in Thomas’ cum. I went slowly, focusing on Lauren’s emotional needs through kisses and caresses, but I was still too excited to last long and soon my semen was added to the mix. An hour later, we were snuggled together in bed after a quick run to the 24-hour pharmacy for the pill.

“You know I was all past it and you just opened it all up again,” my wife declared the next morning over coffee.

We had slept late, then had a light breakfast, and as soon as it was over she decided she wanted to talk. Thus, for the past thirty minutes we had essentially gone in circles on the same issues; her saying it wasn’t what she was about and I was an ass for inviting Thomas over.

“Okay, I got in honey. I got carried away and went too far,” I acknowledged.

“How am I supposed to deal with Thomas?” she added.

“Look, I don’t think he is going to be a problem. It’s clear he respects you,” I started, continuing to feel defensive. However, just as the words left my mouth, I decided I wanted to get some things on the table so I asked, “Honey, can I ask some questions?”

“What?” she asked, suddenly looking nervous.

“Did you like the sex?” I asked.

“Why are you…” she started to respond, but I stopped her.

“Please, just let me ask and you answer,” I pushed knowing I was on shaky ground.

Her eyes got big for a moment as it was rare for me to be so direct with her, but after a short silence she replied, “Yes.”

“How many times did you orgasm?” I followed quickly.

Again, there was a moment where I could tell she was bristling, but after a moment she said, “Enough.”

“Okay, and you know you have my permission? Actually, you have more…you have my encouragement.” I said.

“I know but…” she started, then became quiet.

“But what?” I prodded.

“I…I…I just can’t,” she replied, and it looked like she might cry, so I stopped.

It wasn’t the time to push, but I knew we would come back to the subject. I couldn’t shake the sight of my wife in full sexual abandon and suspected it was in her head too, although surrounded with many more defenses.

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