Jake and Hannah


Jake was waiting for his wife, Hannah, to get ready. She was primping up since they were going out for dinner to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. He is thirty five years old and she is thirty two. They were staying the night at a nice hotel in downtown and had checked in late afternoon. Tonight their two young children are staying with Hannah’s parents.

“So how do I look?” Hannah asked as she came out of the bedroom.

“Wow baby you look simply gorgeous.” Jake said sincerely as he ran his eyes up and down her body and stared at her pretty face. She was wearing a light blue fit and flare dress. It was sleeveless with a scoop neck. Tantalizingly showing the upper swell of her full, firm b-cup breasts and the cleft between them. The necklace with the heart pendant that he had given her as anniversary present drew attention to her cleavage.

The dress ended a couple of inches above her knees and she was wearing three inch, open-toed strappy heels with it. Her blonde hair was held up behind her head by a stylish hair clip. She looked very sexy and elegant.

“Stop staring at me!…you are embarrassing me.” She said with a giggle. Hannah was 5’6″ with a slender body. Her long toned legs led to a nice round, bubble butt. She was a runner who has run regularly to keep in shape.

“I can’t help staring at you…you just look amazing, all the other men would be so envious seeing you on my arm.” He said with a smile.

“Thank you baby…you look very nice too.” She gave him her dazzling smile and dimples formed on her pretty face. He was wearing slacks with a sports jacket. Jake was six feet and a good looking man.

Jake had made reservations at the nice Italian restaurant real close to the hotel they were staying at. He had decided to go to the restaurant a bit early. Wanting to hangout at the bar, have some drinks before dinner. This restaurant had a separate nice sized bar with a lounge area. A lot of people came here to just hang out at the bar and lounge.

Even though the bar was pretty crowded, they were able to find an empty seat at the bar. She sat on the bar chair with Jake standing next to her. He ordered a cocktail for her and scotch for himself. Quickly he downed his scotch and said to Hannah, “I have to use the restroom baby.”

“Oh really?” She smiled playfully, raising her eyebrows. “You better be back quickly…you know when men see a woman alone at the bar, they think she is available.” She said softly with her eyes twinkling playfully.

He gave her a guilty smile. “Enjoy the drink honey…and if someone offers to buy you a drink, let him.” He whispered awkwardly in her ear.


A little bit of history about the couple.

Jake and Hannah had met at a frat party in college and fell in love. They had been married for one year when they were attending the christmas party at his work. He had left Hannah alone for a bit and when he came back, he saw that a man was trying to chat her up. Instead of going up to her and claim her, inexplicably he held himself back. His heart rate went up as he discreetly watched the man hit on his wife. He was filled with angst but at the same time it turned him on. Finally the man tried to grope her ass. That was a mistake, she pushed his hand away and said something angrily to him before walking away. Jake felt relieved but also disappointed. That was the day he discovered that he was a voyeur at heart where his wife was concerned.

After that day he tried to create situations where he could watch his wife by leaving her alone at a bar or at a party. But she was very intelligent and perceptive woman and soon realized that something was going on with her husband. She confronted him and pried it out of Warren who was very unwilling to tell her. Afraid what how Hannah would react, what she would think of him.

She was shocked when he reluctantly told her about his voyeuristic desires. Jake was kind of an alpha male and hearing him wanting to watch his wife being the center of attention of other men was very stunning. Quickly the whole conversation turned very awkward with Hannah unsure of what to say and think. And Jake being very reticent to even continue talking about it. Both of them just tried to forget about it.

Then after a few months later Hannah became pregnant with their son. All of sudden everything in their life was just about their baby boy, everything else was kind of forgotten. After the birth of their first child life became very busy. Both of them very doting parents and also very much focussed on their careers. When their son turned two, Hannah again became pregnant with their second child, another son. Even though they had not planned for it but they were happy when they found out that she was pregnant again.

As the years passed all their time was basically taken up by their children and their careers. Socializing mostly with couples who also have children and spending time with family. Their sex life became very staid and they barely were having any time for just each other.

Realizing that being in a rut like this is not good for the relationship, Hannah decided to make some changes a couple of years back. Now that the two boys were a little older, she felt comfortable leaving them with a babysitter or her parents or Jake’s parents.

They started going out on dates nights and occasionally she tried to get out of her comfort zone to excite Jake. Started being a bit flirty with other men just like Jake wanted her to be. She also liked the feeling of being pursued, desired by other men. But this also scared her. Neither of them ever talked about it much, both of them being apprehensive. The whole thing was like an unspoken understanding and Jake kept hoping that she would do it more.

Then a year ago he started incorporating in his pillow talks the idea of other men desiring Hannah, lusting for her. Whispered dirty things into her ear what the other men want to do with her while making love to her. These talks would arouse both them quite a bit.

Hannah became more adventurous in bed. Doing roleplays at the suggestion of Jake. Trying out new sexual positions. Jake even became more aggressive during sex, talked dirty and that kind of started turning her on. The idea of submitting to him and pleasing him aroused Hannah very much.

Wanting to excite her husband, she taught herself to control her gag reflex and deepthroat his cock. Jake was ecstatic when she deepthroated his eight inch cock for the first time. Learning to deepthroat also came easier to Hannah since she really enjoyed the feeling of a hard, throbbing cock in her mouth. Jake was really happy with the changes in Hannah.

Now back to the present.


“Okay I will but…just come back and rescue me.” Hannah whispered nervously. Even though she enjoyed the attention and the feeling of being pursued, it still made her apprehensive.

“I will…just enjoy.” Saying that Jake walked away leaving his wife sitting on the high bar chair.

Feeling a little bit nervous, she rather quickly finished the appletini. She was still contemplating if she should order another one when a commanding voice from behind her said to the bartender, “The pretty lady will have another one.” The man pointed to her drink and handed the bartender the money.

“I hope you don’t mind me buying you the drink…I could see you were not sure, so decided to help you make up your mind.” Hannah looked behind to see a good looking man smiling charmingly at her. He moved to stand right beside her where her husband had stood five minutes ago.

“Yes I was kind of dilly dallying…thanks for the drink.” She said with a smile as she swiveled the bar chair a little bit looking at him. He was a bit older, broad shouldered and ruggedly handsome. His intense gaze conveyed frank desire.

“I am Mike…and you are?”


“So what is a gorgeous woman like you doing alone here?”

“Just waiting for my husband, we are here for dinner…he stepped out to take a phone call, some work emergency.” She lied to him with her pulse rate increasing.

“That is very fortuitous for me…until he comes back I can keep company of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and keep the lusty, predatory men at bay who frequent an establishment like this to prey on pretty woman like you.” He grinned as he moved in closer to her. Her knees touched his thigh.

“So what do you do?” Taking a sip of appletini Hannah asked.

“Well I am a corporate lawyer…in town here negotiating a big contract.”

“So you came alone or with co-workers?”

“Waiting for a co-worker.” They bantered for a little bit and then he asked, “So the dinner here with hubby, what’s the occasion?”

“It is our tenth wedding anniversary.”

He leaned forward and put a hand on her knee. “What a shame that on a special day like this your husband has to worry about work…leaving such a hottie all by herself, I pity your husband that he is spending more time with the phone then you.” His fingers slowly traced circles just above her knees. She felt a thrill of excitement. Looking up she glanced around, knowing that her husband must be watching her from somewhere.

“Things happen, not his fault, he will back soon.” She said defending her husband.

“That is true…I was just saying that for me it would have really impossible to leave you.” He said with a charming smile and tried to move up his hand. “Damn your leg feels really good.”

She placed her hand on his and pushed it away. “Stop!…remember I am a married…today is my tenth wedding anniversary.” She held up her left hand, showing her engagement and wedding rings.

“Nice rings!.” He took her left hand into his hand and pretended as if he was admiring the rings. “Such pretty hands, so soft…” Firmly he lower her hand between them, pressing the back of her hand to his crotch. He was hard. “Lucky man your husband…gets to feel such a pretty hand wrapped around him.” Mike said with a grin. Feeling another man’s hardness, she felt a tingle in her pussy.

“You are being very bad.” She looked away from his intense gaze. Hannah crossed her legs and her dress rode up.

As she tried to pull down the dress, Mike grabbed her hand. “Don’t…legs like these need to be put on display.” For some reason she herself did not understand, she relented. Mike put his hand back on her leg above her knee. “Uncross your legs.”

“Are you crazy?…someone may see…my husband may come back.” She herself could not believe that instead of saying no, she was actually giving this man excuses.

“Don’t worry…just keep an eye out for your husband…this place is pretty crowded, you will be able to see him as he fights through the crowd to come towards us…uncross your legs.” He said commandingly. Her legs trembled as she uncrossed them. The way she was sitting and with all the people around them, it would be difficult to see Mike feeling her up. But when she glanced around, Hannah noticed that some men were intently looking towards her. She wondered if they thought she was easy and the perverseness of it excited her.

Slowly caressing her thigh, Mike moved his hand up. As he tried to move his hand under the hem of her dress, she grabbed his wrist. “That is enough…stop now.” Her voice a mix of excitement and nervousness.

“Open your legs a bit Hannah.” The older man said authoritatively. He was the kind of man who was used to having his way.

She tried to stop him but he was just too strong for her. He forcefully pushed his hand under the hem of the dress. Now he was caressing her smooth upper thighs. “Don’t do that…I should not be doing this I am a married woman…stop, you are going to get me in trouble.” Her heart was beating like a thousand times a minute and her pussy tingled. She herself found it to be so surreal that here she was sitting in a crowded bar with a stranger’s hand under her dress.

“Just spread your legs, enjoy the feeling…and keep an eye out for your husband.” Mike said to her in a pushy tone.

Being reminded of her husband made her feel guilty. She immediately looked around and was taken aback to see that her husband was much closer than she had thought he would be. Their eyes met and she could see the smoldering lust in his eyes. Her husband had seen where Mike’s hand is. Impetuously she parted her legs while keeping her eyes locked with her husband.

Jake was very turned on watching his wife being touched by this stranger in a crowded bar. An older man who looked old enough to be Hannah’s father. But he was also filled with angst and jealousy. Staring at him his wife was now gently biting her lower lip as Mike caressed her sensitive inner thigh. Her eyes opened wide and she breathed in sharply as Mike’s fingers pressed into her panty covered crotch. No one had touched her this intimately ever since she had been with Jake. Jake also knew that now this stranger’s hand was on his wife’s panties.

Mike traced the line between her pussy lips through the lacy material of her panties. Then as he pushed the material of her panties into her wet slit, he said crudely, “Let’s get out of here…I need to fuck this married pussy.”

That statement just jolted Hannah’s senses. Things had just gone too far. “Stop it now please…my husband is coming.” She said with urgency and grabbed his arm. Hearing about the husband, Mike quickly withdrew his hand from under her dress.

Hannah got off the bar chair but when she tried to leave, Mike blocked her way. “Give me your phone number…we can meet up next time when I am in town.”

“I don’t think that is good idea Mike.” She responded.

“How about we just exchange numbers to stay in touch and decide next time I am in town if it is a good idea or not to meet up.” He said with a charming smile. “You are just an amazing woman…I really want to meet you again.”

“I don’t think that is a good idea.” She said nervously and turned to walk away. She stiffened as Mike put his hand on her ass and gently squeezed it. She looked back and he just grinned cockily at her. She walked away without showing any reaction. A tingle went down her spine.

Jake had conflicting emotions as his wife came towards him. He was feeling relieved but at the same time he felt a bit of a let down.

“Let’s go Jake…it is time for our dinner reservation.” She said nervously. He possessively took her hand in his and led her towards the maitre d station. An awkward silence stayed between them as they sat down at their table.

“Are you okay honey?…are you upset?” She asked apprehensively.

“Why?…I am fine…just still kind of thinking about you and that guy…that was one of the most hottest thing I have ever seen.” He still had conflicting emotions dueling in his mind. It was the first time he had seen another man touch his wife this intimately. Actually seeing what he had imagined so many times in his mind was a shock. But his arousal was stronger than the angst he was feeling. “Who was that man?…he was pretty enamored with you.”

“Just some lawyer in town for business…I did it for you baby, to turn you on, tease you…did you like?”

“Fuck it was the most erotic thing ever…initially it was kind of shocking watching another man touch you, but it was very hot too…I liked it very much.” He said honestly.

“Happy anniversary baby.” They were sitting in a c-shaped booth and she scooted closer to her husband. She kissed him lovingly. “But I think…it just went too far.”

“Tell me how far it went…where did he touch my wife.” Jake asked huskily as he placed his hand on her knee.

She gently bit her lower lip gazing into her husband’s wife. “Baby he touched your wife’s legs, put his hand under her dress touching the her upper thighs.” Whenever she was turned on, she referred to herself in third person.

“You have been a very naughty wife…did my wife opened her legs for this stranger?” He moved his hand up her smooth thigh, under her dress. Hannah parted her legs open for her husband.

Her breathing had changed. “Yes…she did…she knew that is what you wanted.”

“Oh my god…Hannah you have been really bad wife.” His hand caressed her inner thighs and then were at her crotch. Fingers pressing into her panty covered pussy. “Did he touch my wife’s pussy?”

“He did…just like you are right now, that is where his fingers were.” She put her hand behind his head and pulled his face down for a passionate kiss. “Oh god!…I still cannot believe it that I was messing around with another man…an older man.” She said incredulously.

“Was it more exciting because he was older?…made you feel more naughty?” Jake asked huskily

And she just nodded her head shyly in assent, “Jakey honey…let’s get out of here, I want you to make love to me.”

“No…let’s have dinner, after that I am thinking we can go back, hangout at the bar for a bit before heading to our hotel room.” Jake wanted to watch his wife again. Watch her being lusted after by other men.

Hannah felt aghast at that her husband wanted her to go back again to the bar and flirt. “Oh no Jake.” She groaned in dismay. “I don’t want to go back…Mike might still be there, can’t even imagine what he will think.”

“So that is your admirer’s name…so what if he is there, it is okay.” Jake would not mind watching her with Mike again.

“He makes me nervous…kind of a domineering guy.” She said apprehensively. “We should not go back there.”

“Come on baby…we will have fun, please do it for me.” He implored.

“Oh god!!…Jake today is our tenth wedding anniversary and you want me be messing around with another man…I cannot believe this…But fine…I will do it.” She agreed reluctantly wanting to please her husband.

Being nervous Hannah ate very little but she did finish her dessert. After dinner they headed back to the bar area of the restaurant. Now the bar was even more crowded than before. They found some standing room at the bar and ordered their drinks. Jake looked around and noticed a few men checking out his wife. Hannah made nervous conversation with Jake knowing that he was biding time to leave her alone again at the bar. After like ten minutes a bar chair became available at one end of the U-shaped bar and they moved there.

After Hannah perched herself on the bar chair, Jake said, “Okay I will be back in a bit.”

She grabbed his arm and beseeched him, “No…don’t go…please stay with me.” He looked at her sweet, innocent, beautiful face. She looked very nervous.

Seeing the look on her face, his heart melted. Pausing he kissed her lovingly. “Okay…I will stay with you.” Placing his hand on her knee, he again kissed her. As he kissed her, from the corner of his eye Jake saw a man appear next to his wife. It was Mike.

Both husband and wife turned to look at him with surprise. “Hey!…you are back!” Mike said in a pleasant voice. “Hi…my name is Mike.” He reached out and shook Jake’s hand firmly.

“I am Jake.” The husband’s gaze met his gaze and held it for a moment. Mike felt something there and turned to look at the wife appraisingly in a blatant way.

“I kept you wife company when you left her alone before…you know to keep the riff raff away.” He said with a grin and winked at him.

“Oh thanks!…that was very chivalrous of you” Jake responded with a smile.

“You are still here?” Hannah seemed uneasy seeing Mike. “Did your co-worker ever show up?”

“No he got held up, a friend came by to see him…so by the way I didn’t even congratulate you before but now I can congratulate both you together…Congratulations on your tenth wedding anniversary!!” Mike said.

The couple thanked him back. “So you married Mike?” Jake asked.

“Yep…almost thirty three years…got a boy and a girl, all grown up now.” He responded. “What about you two?…plan to have kids anytime soon?” He asked slyly.

Jake smiled back at him knowing what he was doing. “We have two boys…one is eight and the younger one is five.”

“Wow two kids…that does not seem to be right.” He said playfully furrowing his brow. “Hannah are what…twenty…twenty two?…barely old enough to drink?”

“Hey stop it!” Hannah said with a giggle. “I am old enough…and you cannot trick me into telling my age.” She said wagging her finger. “”So how old are your children?”

“The older one, my son, is thirty two and daughter is twenty eight, both of them are married…and I don’t having any problems in telling you that I am fifty seven.” He said with a charming smile.

“You look really good for a man your age.” Jake was in awe. “Hannah is almost the same age as your older son.” He added cheekily. It aroused him more that his man old enough to be his wife’s father was lusting after her. He even looked a bit like his father-in-law.

“Jake honey!” She exclaimed with annoyance. “You are not supposed to tell my age to other people.”

“But you sure look good for a woman your age who has two kids.” Mike interjected and looked down at Jake’s hand which was lightly caressing Hannah’s thigh just below the hem of her dress. Looking up at Jake, he met his gaze again. Holding the gaze, they stared at each other and Jake’s head moved in an almost imperceptible nod. Now Mike had no doubt that he was offering his woman.

“I bet you are filled with pride when other men check out your hot wife.” Mike said in an even tone. “Such a pretty face, hot body…plus she is a naughty wife.” He place his hand on her other knee. “Did she tell you how she let me feel up her smooth, supple thighs before?…spread her legs for me?” He moved close to her.

“Oh god!…Mike please don’t.” She whispered in an ashamed tone as he moved his hand up, caressing her thigh. For her it was thrilling and also scary that two men had their hands on her in a crowded bar.

“Yes…she did.” Jake seemed visibly uncomfortable as he admitted to it. He was feeling a pit form in the bottom of his stomach.

“And I guess you are okay with it.” Mike said smugly as he tried to move his hand up his wife’s thigh. Hannah clamped her thighs together nervously and grabbed his wrist.

She looked up at her husband and shook her head as if saying no. Her breathing had changed and she looked very uneasy. “Open your legs Hannah, just like last time.” Mike hissed at her.

“Do it baby.” Jake whispered huskily.

Mike forcefully pulled her thigh towards him. Biting her lower lip she started at her husband as another man made her open her legs in a crowded bar. Jake looked around to see if anyone in the crowded bar was looking at them. No one was paying attention to them. Also they were right at the end of u-shaped bar with Hannah facing the bar and sandwiched between two men. No one could see anything.

Mike moved his hand up feeling, caressing her trembling inner thighs. “Damn…her thighs sure feel good, so soft and smooth…have you guys done anything like this before?” Mike asked leveling his eyes with Jake.

“No…this this is the first time.”

“How does it feel watching another man stick his hand under your wife’s dress? touch her intimately? Her legs open for a complete stranger?” Mike smirked.

“I had imagined this quite a few times…And the real thing is kind of gut wrenching but also very arousing.” He said candidly. Suddenly Hannah gasped as the older man’s fingers were once again pressed into her panty covered pussy.

Rubbing her pussy he said, “You know it is very typical for a husband who wants to share his wife to have conflicting emotions, the jealousy feeds the arousal…I have been with other couples, it is a good thing your first time is with me.”

“Hannah scoot forward a bit.” The older man commanded her and she did. Jake looked down. His wife’s thighs were spread open wide. Her dress was bunched up at her upper thighs. The crotch of her pink panties visible.

Jake watched intently as the older man slipped his finger inside her panties and inserted a couple of fingers inside her wet pussy. Hannah moaned softly and her hand moved up Mike’s arm. Her hand clung to the sleeve of the shirt. Fingers twisted the fabric, nervously tugging. Jake watched Mike’s forearm flex as he played with his wife’s pussy in a crowded bar. This man who was a complete stranger.

Hannah turned at looked at her husband with vacant eyes. Her other hand tightly squeezed his arm. She was panting hard. “Let’s get out of here before we start attracting any attention.” Mike said nonchalantly as he removed his hand from between Hannah’s legs and licked his glistening fingers. She was close to cumming and groaned softly in disappointment. “I am staying at the Hilton.” Mike informed them.

“Oh well…we are staying the night there too.” Jake said weakly. Feelings of angst and apprehension had returned. He almost wanted to say that they cannot do it. But his desire to watch his wife with another man was just overwhelming.

“Cool…then let’s go to your room…mess up your bed.” He winked at them. “Okay let’s go now.”

Hannah was still clinging on to her husband’s arm and feeling very embarrassed. She avoided looking at Mike. “Honey can I have a word with you?” She whispered.

He nodded at her and then said to Mike, “We will meet you outside…give us a few minutes.”

“Sure…will wait for you outside.” He left the couple so that they could talk.

“Oh god!…I cannot believe it we are going to do it.” She seemed very anxious. Pausing she looked into her husband’s eyes and asked nervously, “You really want me to go through this?…want me to break my wedding vows?”

“Yes sweetheart…I really want you to do this.”

“Of course you want this, I don’t even know why I asked you this…you have been talking about this for so long…oh fuck I am just feeling so scared…Fuck baby today is our wedding anniversary…such a taboo thing to do today…”

Jake bent down and kissed her. “It is okay…a special thing to do on a special day…not something we do everyday.” He smiled sheepishly. “I am feeling pretty nervous too.”

“Do you love me Jake?…will you always love me baby, even after tonight? ” She whined.

He understood that she was just looking for some comfort. “Yes always Hannah…I will always love you no matter what.”

“I have to go the restroom…just freshen up, calm myself down.” She got off the bar chair and then paused as if she remembered something. “And he has to use a condom, I am kind of close to my unsafe time.” She was not on the pill because the pills made her feel queasy. And she did enjoy bareback sex more. Hence she kept a close eye on her cycle and they used condom when she was ovulating.

“Okay…I will meet you outside.” He lovingly hugged her and kissed the top of her head.

When Jake stepped outside, he found Mike patiently waiting. “Hey where is the missus?…did she get cold feet?” Mike asked with concern.

“In the restroom…will be out soon.” He responded smiling uncomfortably. Completely unsure how to be around a man who was about to fuck his wife. The love of his life.

“Alright…good…Hey gotta ask you something…I have a co-worker travelling with me too, he is a good friend.” He paused. “Is it okay if he joins us too?”

“I don’t know man…Hannah is already kind of jittery, don’t want to freak her out.” He was kind of stunned by what the man was proposing. Jake felt very unsure about it but his cock stirred at the thought of his wife being with two guys at once.

“She will love it Jake…we both have tag teamed quite a few women, they just loved it.” He said leveling his eyes with Jake. “Hannah may be a bit reluctant but she will like it, you saw how she spread her legs for me in a crowded bar, just imagine what she would do behind closed doors…plus you will just love watching your wife tag teamed by two guys, spit roasting your pretty wife, two guys taking turns on her.” He said with a smirk.

“Fuck I don’t know what to say man…” He said weakly but the thought excited him very much.

“You know, he is a black guy, it is hot to watch a pretty white wife getting taken by a black man.” He said in an even tone.

Even though he was afraid to admit it, he had thought about watching a black man between the creamy thighs of his wife. The thought of Hannah being with a black man aroused him the most. His knees felt weak and throat dried up as he said, “But isn’t your co-worker with a friend right now?”

Knowing that Jake was hooked now, Mike grinned, “I can tell him to bring his friend too, two black men for your wife…we three will take turns with your wife, fuck her good for you.”

“Hannah is very anxious right now and I very much doubt it that she will agree to do it …if I ask she just might bolt, shut down everything.” He said apprehensively.

“Then don’t say anything to her…I will prime her up…get her all hot and bothered, your wife will be begging to get fucked, won’t be able to say no…while I am getting her all riled up, you text them and let them in quietly.” He said conspiratorially.

“You sure you can get her turned on so much?.” He asked as his heart beat wildly.

“Don’t worry man, I have been with quite a few women…when I signal you, just use my phone to text them.” He winked. Then he called his co-worker,Ron, and explained the whole thing. Also told him to also bring his friend Andre.

As Mike pocketed his phone, Hannah stepped outside the restaurant. It was evident that she had re-touched her make up. She smiled awkwardly as she walked towards them. She blushed when she saw Mike hungrily run his eyes over her, as if undressing her with his eyes.

“Don’t stare at me that way!…it is very unnerving.” She said to Mike.

“Oh sweet Hannah…you are such lovely young woman…it is hard not to admire you.” Mike pulled her into his arms. “I can’t wait to take off your dress and have better look at your hot body.” He mashed his lips into her, kissing her passionately. His hands caressed her back and then moved down cupping her ass.

Jake nervously looked around wondering if someone was watching them. If they knew another man was kissing his wife right in front of him.

After kissing her, Mike said, “Let’s go.” He slipped his arm around Hannah’s waist with his hand resting on her ass. She nervously looked at her husband and reached out for his hand. They walked towards the hotel with Hannah between the two men. As they walked through the lobby, Jake felt very thankful that very few people were in the lobby at this time.

Getting into the elevator Jake pressed the button for their floor. Facing Jake, Mike hugged Hannah from behind, putting his hands over her breasts, squeezing them. “So Jake…your fantasy is about to become real, you get to watch your wife having sex with another man…” Turning her face sideways he kissed her teasingly, licked her lips, sucking on her lips..

“I need to see that hot ass of yours baby girl.” He turned her around and pushed her towards the elevator wall. Bracing her forearms against the smooth elevator wall, she bent her head into her braced arms. Instinctively she arched her back and stuck out her ass.

Mike tugged up her dress above her hips. Her legs trembled and she closed her eyes. She was wearing a pink thong. “God damn look at those long legs…that luscious, round ass, your wife is one hot piece of ass.” Mike said lustily. He gratuitously kneaded her ass, pulling apart her ass cheeks.

Hannah felt the heat rise to her face as the older man played with her ass openly. Suddenly the elevator dinged as they reached their floor. Hearing the ding, she panicked. Immediately she straightened up and moved away from Mike as she pulled down her dress.

Mike laughed with amusement. “You sure are a shy one…all prim and proper…gonna turn you into a improper wife.” He reached out and slipped his arm around her waist. Again his hand ended up on her ass.

They walked down the corridor with Hannah between the two men. Both Jake and Hannah were feeling tense now and their hearts were beating wildly. The husband and wife looked nervously at each other as they stopped in front of their suite door.

Jake opened the door and held it open for his wife and Mike. The older man led the nervous wife towards the bedroom. He unfastened the hair clip and her soft, silky, golden tresses tumbled down over her shoulders. Putting a finger under her chin, he lifted her face up. Her wary eyes met his lusty eyes. “You are beautiful.” Saying that Mike locked lips with her. It was a long passionate kiss and she melted into his arms. It was obvious that she was enjoying the intimate kiss with the older man.

Breaking off the kiss, Mike glanced towards Jake. “Your wife is very pretty, such a sexy, elegant woman…kind of a woman who likes to be treated like a lady…” He paused and looked at Hannah, “But she is also a very naughty wife…and in my experience a naughty woman like you does not want to be treated like a lady in the bedroom .” He grinned at her.

Hannah breathed in hard and goosebumps formed on her arms hearing Mike’s words. The husband and wife looked at each other in an unsure way.

Stepping back from Hannah, Mike started taking his clothes off. “Let me show what I got for you baby…what you came here for.” He said to her lecherously.

Her legs wobbled as his hard, downward curving cock came into view and she sat down on the Bed. Without even thinking she started comparing his cock with her husband’s. This was the first cock she was seeing other than Jake’s ever since they have been together. It was shorter in length but thicker than her husband’s cock. Unlike her husband’s, Mike’s cock was uncircumcised and had a big, thick flaring cockhead. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she gazed at the older man’s cock.

Seeing her staring at her cock, Mike smiled. He moved in front of her, his crotch right in front of her face. “So Jake…you want me to make gentle love to your wife? like you do…Or…you want me take her anyway I want to…I won’t get rough or anything…if you don’t want me to.” The older man kept his tone even and locked eyes with Jake.

Jake felt a pit form in the bottom of his stomach. But he surprised himself when he blurted out in a voice that he himself did not recognize. “I think she will like it a little rough, take her anyway you want to.”

“Oh Jake honey no!…Oh no!” She said weakly. A tremor went down her spine and her body trembled slightly.

“That is what I thought…I agree she will like it, I think we all will like it.” Mike reached behind her head grabbed her hair roughly from back. Pulling her face down into his genitals. Her lips pressed into his hairy nutsack and the throbbing cock was pressed across her face. The sweaty, musky smell was overpowering. But it was turning her on.

“Take care of it baby…suck his cock.” Encouraged Jake in a husky voice. Sticking her tongue out she ran it over his hairy nutsack. Then ran her tongue up the hard, curved, veiny shaft up to the tip of thick, flaring cockhead. When she got to the top of his cock, Mike forcefully pushed her mouth onto the cockhead. Opening her mouth wide she took the big cockhead which had the foreskin tightly stretched across it into her mouth. Still holding onto a fistful of her silky blonde hair, he used it as leverage to make her forcefully bob up and down on his cock. Hannah felt a complete sense of disbelief that another man’s cock was in her mouth.

As her head continued bobbing up and down, Mike kept trying to push more of his cock into her mouth. She was drooling all over his cock. Hannah gagged on his cock as he kept trying to make her take more of his cock. She pulled back from his cock to catch her breath. Breathing hard and saliva running down her chin. A couple of strands of saliva connected her bottom lip and thick cockhead.

Mike immediately pulled her back down forcefully to his nutsack. She licked his hairy nutsack, running her tongue all over it. Took his balls one by one in her mouth, sucking on them making him moan.

“Damn Jake…your wife sure knows her way around a man’s cock and balls.” Mike glanced towards Jake who had now moved closer to them. He had a dazed look watching his wife suck on another man’s balls.

Then Mike pushed her onto her back on the bed and quickly climbed up on it. Before Hannah could even realize what was happening, he kneeled over her and straddled her face. Holding his cock he pointed it down, nudging her to open her mouth. She submissively looked up at the older man and opened her mouth.

“I am going to fuck your pretty face now…such a hot young MILF.” Mike said as he thrust his cock deeper into her mouth. As he kept trying to make her take more his cock, Hannah started relaxing her throat muscles to control her gag reflex. Now she had gotten over her sense of disbelief at what was happening.

She tried to take the cock all in. Just the way she has been doing while giving blowjobs to her husband in the past year. Hannah had learned to deepthroat to please her husband. But now she was doing to it to please a complete stranger. Soon he was sliding his cock down into her throat and his balls were hitting her chin. “That’s it girl…take it all…your wife is such a good cocksucker.” Looking back at Jake, he said. “This is what you wanted…didn’t you?…you like seeing your wife this way.”

Jake was speechless watching the wanton sight of this older, naked man straddling his wife’s pretty face. Feeding her his cock. His cock was rock hard watching the debauchery. There was no doubt that he found it extremely arousing watching her this way. Deepthroating a man she barely knew. But he was unsure how to respond.

“You know…you are not the first husband who likes seeing his wife turned into a slut.” He said with a smirk.

Jake was shocked hearing the older man’s statement. He had never thought of his wife as being a slut. It was just a fantasy that he had never actually believe would even come true. Even when it started becoming real today, he thought it was just a one time thing. He was filled with angst, fear and uncertainty. But his cock remained rock hard and throbbing. He felt apprehensive but also extremely aroused.

“Oh yes…swallow my cock…take it bitch…you fucking slut.” He snarled at her as he kept using her mouth as a fuckhole.

Once again Jake was stunned as the older man called his wife filthy, vulgar names. He thought Hannah would be very upset since she really disliked this kind of profane language. But in the heat of the moment she really did not care and let the older men continue using her mouth as a fuckhole. In fact it was turning her on being spoken to in such degrading way.

Then Mike proceeded to pull his cock out of her mouth and set his balls right in her mouth like she is a cheap whore. Hannah starting licking and sucking on his hairy balls while his wet cock lay across her face. Smearing her saliva on her face.

As she sucked on his balls, he reached back and tugged up the front of her dress above her pink panties. He rubbed her pussy over the panties making her moan. After rubbing her pussy through her panties for a little bit, Mike slapped her bulging pussy mound suddenly.

Hannah yelped and her hips jerked up. “Damn…she is a responsive little slut.” Looking back he saw Jake rubbing his hard on through the pants. “Get comfortable…take off your clothes and be close to your wife Jake…this is something you two are experiencing together, you two love each other, be close to her show her how much you love her, support her, she is doing this for you but she also needs this as much as you do…the whole experience will better for both of you if you stay close to her while she has another man.”

Jake wanted to be close to his wife but was not sure about it. Hearing the older man, Jake took off his clothes freeing his aching hard on. Looking at his rock hard, eight inch cock, Mike was surprised seeing the size of his cock. He expected a man who likes to share his woman to have a small penis. Mike remarked, “Damn no wonder she knows her way around a cock…I want to see your wife’s pussy now.”

As Mike got off the bed, Jake got on the bed and laid down next to his wife on his stomach. He stared at his wife’s pretty face which was flushed. A slimy mix of her saliva and Mike’s precum coated her face. Couple of coarse, curly pubic hairs were stuck on her full pink lips. She had an ashamed look on her face. “You okay my love?” Jake asked with concern and removed the pubic hairs sticking to her lips.

She nodded her head and asked in a needy voice. “Do you still love me Jake?”

“I will always love you baby…you are my one and only love.” He leaned down and locked his lips with her. He kissed her lovingly and his cock twitched thinking that just a few moments ago her lips were wrapped around another man’s cock and testicles. He could taste it on her lips. The kiss turned sloppy and lusty.

As the loving couple kissed, Mike hooked his fingers under the waistband of her pink thong and tugged on it. Instinctively Hannah raised her hips and the older man pulled down her skimpy panties down her long legs.

From the corner of his eyes Jake noticed how his wife raised her hips so that Mike could take off her panties. “Fuck baby that is hot…you are making your pussy available to him.” Breaking off the kiss, he said to her huskily.

“Because that is what you want me to do.” She responded softly.

“And that is what a slut wife does…makes her pussy available to other men.” Mike added. “This is one good looking blonde pussy…fuck man she is wet, her fuck juices are leaking out.” He stared hungrily at the shaved pussy with just a thin landing strip of blonde pussy hair right above the slit. “The bitch is in heat.” He added crudely

Hannah put her arm around her husband’s neck and pulled her face down, locking lips with his. Mike spread her legs at the same and bent down licking her pussy lips and clit. She softly groaned into her husband’s mouth and her hips moved. Both sets of her lips were being kissed at the same time.

The older man started eating out her pussy. Licking her clit, sucking on it, sticking his tongue inside her pussy. He teased her pussy, bringing her to the brink of climax and then backing off. Hannah’s hips gyrated lewdly, jerked up as the older man ate her out. She was moaning softly, her eyes half closed.

“Aaah…oh god…oh god…I am so close…ppleese…please.” She groaned in disappointment as Mike again backed off after bringing her to the brink. She was desperate to cum.

“All in good time…you be a good little slut and you will cum so many times that then you will beg me to stop from making you cum.” Mike said with a grin as he stood up Suddenly he again slapped her pussy and Hannah violently jerked up and moaned loudly. She had almost cum. “Bitch stand up now…need to get you all naked, take that dress off.” He said to her brusquely

The older man help her stand up. “Hey Jake…can you lower the zip.” He stood up too and eased down the back zip. Mike slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and tugged it down, exposing her sheer lace pink bralette. The dress snagged at the flare of her hips and Mike gave it tug, freeing it. The dress fell down her long legs, pooling around her feet on the floor. The bra was front clasping and the older man expertly unclasped it. Jake pulled off the flimsy bra down her arms and then bent down to pick up the dress.

Hannah was now standing completely naked in front of a man she barely knew. She shyly looked at Mike who stepped back to have proper look at her naked body. Admiring her pretty face, small tits, flat stomach, long toned legs. “Nice…hot body…Jake your wife is a very sexy young MILF…I am glad you like to share her.” Mike reminded him again that this was the mother of his children standing in her naked glory in front of a stranger. He felt butterflies in his stomach.

Mike stepped forward and took the young mother into his arms. Grabbing a fistful of her blonde hair, he jerked her head back, upturning her face. “Fucking slut…did you like your pretty face fucked by a stranger? A complete stranger? A man old enough to be your dad?” He hissed at her. She simply submissively looked up at him breathing hard. Mike lowered his face to kiss her. It was an open mouthed, sloppy, wanton kiss. Jaked stroked his cock watching his wife suck on the tongue of another man, exchange saliva. A very wet and lusty kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Mike lowered his head. Kissing down her neck, chest, to her small, firm, b-cup tits. “Love these small titties…nipples hard like bullets.” He took the hard, pink small nipple and sucked on it making Hannah gasp. Her nipples were very sensitive.

Then he gently bit down on her nipple and heard a sharp intake of breath from Hannah. “Oh god!…aah.” She groaned. It hurt but she her pussy tingled. Mike bit a little bit harder and she groaned louder.

“Oh god!…Mike no.” She feebly protested.

“Bitch I am gonna have you any way I want…I know a whore like you likes it rough.” Mike snarled at her and slapped her tits one by one.

“Aaaah…oooh…oh god…aaah.” She squealed. The slaps stung and her firm, creamy breasts reddened. Jake felt a bit concerned but seeing the look on her face and the way she was breathing, it was obvious to him that his wife was very turned on. She had her cum face on.

Mike again bent down kissing her tits, sucking on them, sucking and biting on her nipples. Biting on her breasts. Leaving a few love bites on her tits. Hannah was panting hard. He had brought her close to orgasm just by playing with her tits. “Bend over the bed…show me your ass properly.”

When she turned around, Jake was filled with angst seeing his wife’s reddened breasts and the bite marks on them. He found it so unbelievable that his wife was letting this man treat her so roughly. Letting him call her filthy names, humiliate her. But inexplicably it aroused him seeing this man take charge and just use his wife.

She gave her husband an embarrassed look as she bent over. “Arch your back Hannah…stick that ass out and spread your legs a bit.” Obediently she did as Mike asked her to.

The older man admired her slender waist, flaring hips and round, fleshy ass. Her thick, swollen pussy lips peeked from between her thighs, beneath her ass crack. He moved behind her bent form running his eyes over her long, smooth, creamy toned legs.

Mike ran his hands over her round buttocks. Squeezing them, kneading them. He ran a finger between her pussy lips making her moan. He was amazed at her wetness. He teased her pussy a bit and then suddenly delivered a hard smack on her upturned ass. Hannah yelped loudly.

“This is one fine ass…Jake you are a lucky man.” Mike smirked and then delivered more hard smacks on her ass. Making her yelp and squirm. But not even once did Hannah try to stop him. This was a new thing that the young mother was discovering about herself. “Have you ever spanked your wife?”

“No.” Jake said with disbelief. He was just amazed that his wife was taking this abuse without any complaint.

“She is loving it…this bitch loves getting spanked.” Mike grinned and spanked her ass more. Her smoothy, creamy ass cheeks by now had turned crimson and had finger imprints. Suddenly he roughly jammed two fingers inside her sopping wet pussy.

Hannah gasped and groaned loudly and pushed her ass back onto his hand. She had almost cum at that moment. Lewdly she gyrated her hips while softly moaning, her face buried in her arms. Looking at Jake, Mike gestured him to text.

Jake’s eyes opened wide in shock. He had completely forgotten about the two black men who were waiting to come and fuck his wife. He was filled with a feeling of disquiet as he picked up Mike’s phone. His fingers slightly trembled as he typed in their suite number.

Removing his fingers from her pussy, Mike kneeled behind her and started licking her pussy. Hannah felt dizzy as he expertly licked her pussy in a way that she had never experienced. Her body was tingling and legs began to shake. Her breathing was ragged and she was panting hard. She was close to cumming. But then Mike stopped, again leaving her hanging right on the edge of climax, her release. She groaned in disappointment.

She was so lost in Mike’s ministrations, Hannah did not even hear the soft knock on the door. Jake’s heart beat wildly as he opened the door and the let two older black men in. The two of them grinned at him as they entered the suite. No words were spoken.

The two black men quietly entered the bedroom and right away took off their clothes. Their charcoal black cocks were already semi-erect. Mike looked back at them and gave them a thumbs up sign. He then again went back to licking her and flicked her clit with his tongue. The blonde wife moaned loudly. She was desperate to cum.

Mike smacked her ass and barked at her. “Climb on the bed…get on your hands and knees.” She got on the bed with her knees right at the edge of the bed..

“Jake be close to your wife…tell her you love her, hold her while another man plays with her pussy…she needs to know that this is what you want.” Mike said as he took off Hannah’s heels. He just wanted to keep her occupied so that she would not notice the other two men in the bedroom until it was too late. Jake got up on the bed in front of his wife.

He kissed her as Mike rubbed his wife’s pussy. “He is driving me crazy baby…teasing me so much.” Hannah whined.

Mike smiled hearing her say that. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it on her pussy lips. “You want this cock in you…don’t you?”

She shyly looked up at her husband. Her heart beating erratically. Unsure how to respond. “Tell him what you want…tell him everything.” Jake encouraged her. “I love you baby…I want you to be my naughty wife.”

“Yes…I want it.” She responded hoarsely.

“What do you want me to do?” Mike asked harshly,

“I want you to make love to me…make me feel good.” She whispered with desire while moving her hips.

“I am not here to make love to you…I am here to fuck you.” He hissed at her as he pushed his cockhead between her pussy lips and then pulled it out.

“Oh god…make me love to me please.” She begged.

“Do you want to be my married slut?”

She could not bring herself to say the filthy word. “I want you to be my lover.”

“I am going to fuck your married pussy like it has never been fucked before…I picked you out in that bar because I knew that you are a hot cunt…the sole purpose I picked you is to use you as cock receptacle, use you as a fuck hole to stick my cock in.” The older man said crudely, sticking a couple of fingers inside her soaking wet pussy. Rubbing her swollen clit with his thumb. Hannah gasped and threw her head back, her eyes half closed. But was also feeling completely humiliated hearing the filthy, degrading words.

“You are a cock hungry married slut…you need a hard throbbing cock in your pussy, don’t you?”

“Oh god yes.” She said weakly, panting hard. Desperately she wanted to get fucked. Be used by a man. Never had she felt this way.

“You just need a cock…any man’s cock will do…if a couple of my friends come here now, you will let them take turns on you…let them fill your married cunt one by one.”

Hearing his depraved words, Hannah was stunned. But her pussy tingled at the thought of multiple men take her. “No…I just want you Mike…just you.” She protested weakly.

“Don’t deny it…I have let loose the slut inside of you…and any man walks in with a hard cock, you will let him have your hot married pussy.”

She looked up hazily at her husband. Feeling very unsure and nervous. Wondering if that is what her husband wants her to do. If he really wants her to let any man just fuck her. Have their nasty way with her. A tremor of excitement went down her spine thinking about being just an easy lay.

Mike suddenly smacked her ass a couple of times and she yelped. He proceeded to rub his cockhead on her pussy lips and again inserted just his cockhead into her pussy. Hannah groaned moving her hips lewdly. She tried to move her ass back to take in more of his cock. But Mike grabbed her hips and kept her in place.

“Don’t tease me Mike…please make love to me.” She was very turned on.

“So tell me…do you want to be my married slut?” He asked again.

“Yes.” She whispered in an ashamed voice as she lowered her eyes unable to look at her husband.

“You are my hot married slut…and you are going to let any man with a hard cock fuck you.” He hissed at her. Withdrawing his cock he stepped away from behind her. His place was quickly taken by Ron.

Ron lined up his hard, charcoal black cock with Hannah’s tumescent, wet, pink pussy lips. But Hannah felt that something was not right. She looked back and was shocked that a black man was standing behind her.

“Oh no…no..no…this is not right…don’t do this.” Not even her wildest dream she had ever thought of having sex with a black man. She really did not want to have sex with this black man but she needed a hard cock inside her pussy. Her mind was so confused.

“It is okay honey…it is fine…just enjoy, you just need a cock.” Jake whispered huskily. She looked at her husband and his face was a mask of lust. He started kissing her.

Before she could react or say anything more, Ron thrust hard and bottomed out. His pelvis smacked into her ass as his black cock filled up her aching pussy. She gasped loudly into her husband’s mouth and instinctively pushing back her ass. Despite how she felt about getting fucked by a black man, she did need a hard cock filling her up. Her first black cock.

Ron started fucking her with long, steady strokes as Jake hungrily kissed his wife. It did not take long for Hannah to climax. She tightly held onto her husband as her body convulsed. Her toes curled and she started ejaculating.

“Damn man you had the fucking bitch really primed up.” Ron grinned looking at Mike. “I love a cunt that ejaculates.” He kept fucking her through her orgasm.

“Yeah wetter the bitch…better she fucks.” Andre added.

“Andre…get on the bed…feed her your cock, she is really good cocksucker. Jake has trained his wife well.” Mike said with smirk.

“Is that right?…let me get my cock serviced then.” Andre grinned as he climbed on the bed. Making way for him, Jake moved aside but stayed close to his wife. Andre kneeled in front of pretty blond wife. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and jerk her head up.

Hannah looked up at him with a dazed look in her eyes. Shocked to see another black man. “Damn baby…you are one pretty slut.” He bent down and kissed her. The pretty blonde wife opened opened her mouth and lustily kissed back the older black man. A complete stranger. The first time she was kissing a black man. Her father considered black man to be animals and here she was kissing one while getting fucked by another.

Jake stroked his cock watching his wife kiss a black man while another black man had his cock buried in her pussy. And he thought that pretty soon both set of her pink lips will be wrapped around black cocks. Her first ever black cocks.

Breaking off the kiss, Andre straightened up and put his charcoal black flaring cockhead between her pink lips. His uncircumcised cock was thick, meaty and veiny. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen, at least two inches longer than her husband’s and thicker. She was completely taken aback seeing the monstrous black cock. But her mouth was filled with saliva at the prospect of sucking on this big black cock. The first black dick she was going to suck. She opened her mouth took the monstrous cock into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the charcoal black cockhead. As she took the cockhead into her mouth the foreskin got pushed back.

Using the fistful of her hair has leverage Andre started fucking her mouth. The two older black men spit roasted the pretty blonde wife as her husband looked on stroking his cock. “Damn she is one cock hungry bitch…fucking whore.” Andre said breathing hard as he shoved more of his cock into her mouth.

“It is clear Jake…your wife was born to be a slut…look how she is taking two cock at the same time like a cock hungry slut.” Mike remarked. He was also stroking his cock watching the debauchery. Hannah was grunting and moaning loudly as she was stuffed by two black cocks at two ends. She was only able to take half of Andre’s black dick in her mouth.

“You like watching your pretty wife with older men don’t you? Watching her being a fuck toy for complete strangers?” Mike asked evenly locking his eyes with Jake.

No responsed was needed from the him. His hard, throbbing cock was proof enough that he was very aroused watching his wife with these men.

“Ron let’s switch I want to use her pussy now.” Andre said pulling out his cock from her mouth.

“Turn around baby girl.” Ron said as he also pulled out his cock from her wet pussy.

Hannah slowly turned around to face Ron, staying on her hands and knees. Suddenly he flipped her over onto her back and she shrieked in surprise. Ron pulled her towards the edge of the bed until her head was hanging over the edge of the bed.

Ron straddled her upturned face and bent his knees. His cock nudged her lips as his low hanging, hairy nut sack touched her pert nose. Hannah opened her mouth, taking his glistening cock into her mouth. Tasting her pussy on it. At the same time Andre spread open her legs and shoved his big cock into her receptive wet pussy making her gasp loudly, it hurt. The cock was touching places inside her pussy that never had been touched before.

As Andre started fucking her with long steady strokes, Ron started shoving his cock down her throat. He start using her mouth as fuckhole. First gently and then slowly he became more forceful. Due to the way her head was hanging back, it was easier for Ron to ram his black cock straight down her throat.

The pretty blonde wife had now completely capitulated to her carnal needs. She was completely lost in the intense sensations that were coursing through her body as two hard dicks were being shoved inside her simultaneously. She had never felt anything like this before. All she wanted was to service the two black cocks. Even though the monstrous cock stuffing her pussy hurt but it felt good.

Soon she was taking all of the black cock down her throat with the big, hairy nutsack resting on her lips and pert nose whenever Ron bottomed out. Her throat visibly bulged every time the black cock was shoved down her throat. Hannah was making slurping, gagging and grunting sounds as she was face fucked savagely. But it was very obvious that she was not distressed by it.

She was an obscene sight taking the two black dicks ball deep at both ends.

“That’s it you cock hungry whore…take my black cock…take it all you hot bitch.” Ron growled as he shoved his entire cock down her throat again and again. Using her mouth like a wet fuckhole. His cock was dripping her saliva. “Swallow it all…you like getting fucked by strangers, passed around by your husband.” He slapped her tits hard a few times making her groan loudly.

Jake watched with astonishment as his loving wife took the pounding by the two black men without any complaints. Both the black men were using her like a two bit whore to satiate their sexual hunger and she was letting them. Moaning and grunting like a whore as she was fucked.

“Damn man…your wife is one hot slut…very few women can take cock the way your wife is taking…Mike is right, this bitch was born to be slut.” Andre said through labored breathing. Then with a loud grunt he started climaxing. Depositing his black baby making seed deep inside the womb of the pretty blond wife. Hannah’s body writhed and she desperately grabbed onto the bed covers as she started cumming too.

Jake’s cock twitched and leaked precum as he realized that the older black man was cumming inside his wife’s fertile, unprotected pussy. In the heat of moment they had completely forgotten about condoms.

As Andre got off the bed, Mike climbed on and pulled her to the center of the bed. Pushing her legs back he shoved his cock into her sloppy pussy. He played with her tits as he fucked her. Squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples hard making Hannah groan. She yelped loudly when he slapped her tits a few times. But at no point she tried to stop him. He even bent down, biting on her tits and nipples. Leaving more bite marks on her reddened breasts.

“Fuck man your wife is like a bitch in heat…she is a cock hungry bitch.” He said to Jake panting hard. “What a wanton slut…drain my balls bitch.” Mike grunted loudly as he also deposited his baby making juice in her receptive pussy.

Mike moved away from between her open legs. She just lay there breathing hard, her face flushed with a vacant look. Her legs were splayed open and cum was leaking out of her gaping, well fucked pussy.

Now it was Ron’s turn, he flipped her over. “Get on your knees slut…ass up face down.” He growled at her. She submissively assumed the position. The older black man smacked her ass hard a few times making her groan and grunt. “Hot ass young MILF…likes getting fucked by strangers.” He hissed as he lined his cock with her pussy. “Happy Wedding Anniversary bitch.” Ron said through clenched teeth as he savagely shoved his black dick into her pussy. Hannah gasped loudly as the black cock bottomed out and the older black man’s pelvis smacked into her ass.

Ron started pounding her hard and after a few minutes of pounding she came hard on his cock and her whole body convulsed. She was just unable to stay on her knees and Hannah just collapsed on her stomach as Ron kept thrusting into her pussy through her orgasm. Now the big black man was laying on her back as he kept thrusting into her. He didn’t last long and came with loud grunt. Squirting more cum inside her pussy.

Slowly the black man got up withdrawing his deflating cock from her well used pussy. Jake laid down next to his wife. He felt a big wet spot on the bedsheet where he laid down but he did not care. Her eyes were closed and breathing ragged. “They have been pretty rough…are you okay honey?” He asked in a whisper.

Opening her eyes hazily, she looked at her husband and just nodded. It was obvious that she was okay with the roughness and pain. “Are they leaving?” She asked, keeping her voice low. Jake looked at the men and saw them lustily staring at his wife. The three of them were still catching their breath. But Mike and Andre were already sporting half erections.

“I don’t think so…they want to do you again.” He told her. “Do you want to be fucked by them again baby?” His voice was lusty.

“Do you want that?” She asked biting her lower lip nervously.

“Yes…I want them to fuck my wife again…watch you get fucked by the niggers, complete strangers.” He whispered hoarsely and then started kissing his wife.

“Make love to me Jake.” She whined. Hannah wanted to be held by her husband. Wanted him to reclaim her back.

“I will baby…after they are done with you.” He wanted to watch. He kissed her lustily putting his arm around her. “God baby you are so sexy…so beautiful.” He whispered. Hannah just gave him an embarrassed smile and buried her face in the mattress.

“Hey man…is she ready to go again?” Andre asked Jake while stroking his hardening cock.

“Yeah she is…” Jake responded.

“This is one hot woman you have…she needs all the cock she can get.” Andre remarked as he got on the bed. Patting her ass, he said, “Raise that fine ass up baby.” Grabbing her hips the older black man pulled her ass up. Propping her up on her knees and chest. Hannah kept her face down on the mattress. “Good girl…keep that ass up and face down…spread your legs more.” She moved her knees further apart. He rubbed her tumescent pussy lips and then shoved two fingers inside her sloppy, cum leaking pussy. He thrust in and out of her pussy. His fingers felt around her pussy as if exploring it. Hannah squirmed against his fingers digging around inside her hot sloppy pussy.

Andre eyed her tiny, pink, puckered bunghole as he played with her pussy. “Are all her holes available?” He asked Jake.

Jake understood right away what he was asking. “Well…she has never taken it up her ass.” His voice tightened noticeably. Quite a few times they had talked about it but Hannah never agreed. “Take her ass.” He blurted out. The black man took his fingers out of her pussy. The fingers were coated with a slimy mix of cum and pussy juice. Slowly he inserted one finger inside her tight asshole.

“Oh god no…stop…stop…I don’t like this…don’t do that to me.” Hannah said in a panicked voice. She tried to wiggle away.

“Stay still…it will feel good.” Andre said to her soothingly and pushed in the other finger inside her ass. Pushing the two fingers as deep as possible.

Hannah groaned. “It hurts…stop…I don’t like this…it hurts, I really don’t like this, even my husband has never done this to me.” She was afraid that it would be painful. But on top of that she found the idea of anal sex very debasing.

“Stop resisting it…you are going to get ass fucked today, lose your anal virginity. Your husband wants this…yes it will be a bit painful initially but it is obvious you like a bit of pain.” Andre grinned. “And you will like it once your ass gets stretched out.” Andre said to her as he thrust his fingers in and out of her tight asshole.

“Honey, it is okay…let him…you will be fine…just a matter of you getting used to it.” Jake tried to reassure her.

“It will hurt baby…this scares me.” She whined as she squirmed and wiggled, trying to dislodge the invading fingers. “I don’t want to this. ” She tried to twist away and get up.

But Andre pushed her down with her other hand and held her down forcefully. “Stay down slut…you are going to get ass fucked today whether you want it or not.” He growled at her. “If you keep struggling, I will fuck your ass without lube and that will really hurt.”

“You are too big…you will rip me apart.” She whined.

“Exactly I am pretty big and if I do not use any lube…it will be much more painful.” He barked at her. Hearing that she stopped struggling. She had acquiesced to the fact that she was going to ass fucked.

Jake saw Ron hand a tube of lube to Andre. “He is going to use lubricant baby…that will help, I really want to watch you get ass fucked.”

“Jake he is too big, it will still hurt.” She whined. She had stopped trying to dislodge his fingers and was letting him finger fuck her ass. “I don’t like this…”

“I am going to make you take my black dick up your prissy white ass…and you are going to like it.” Andre snarled. He took his fingers out and squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his fingers. Applying the lube to her asshole, he worked it inside her back passage. Again sliding the two fingers deep insider her ass. He squeezed more lubricant onto the palm of his hand and coated his dick with lubricant.

“Oh really you want me to stop?…You don’t mean it and you know it.” Andre growled.

He lined up his black dick with her tiny pink rosebud. The thick, veiny, charcoal black dick looked obscenely big compared to the tiny pink rosebud. Pulling her asscheeks apart, Andre placed the bulbous cockhead at her asshole. Then applied pressure but her virgin butthole resisted the thick cockhead. He kept applying pressure until suddenly the puckered hole yielded. Allowing the thick cockhead to slip in. It spread her open much more than the fingers had and it hurt like hell. She screamed, biting down on the bed covers, muffling her scream.

Her husband felt a sexual rush as the thick black cock head penetrated her ass and she screamed.

Andre didn’t stop. He kept pushing in as her sphincter muscle stretched to let the big black cock in. Breathing hard and gritting his teeth, he slowly forced his cock half inch by half inch into her virgin, tight back canal. “Fucking ass whore take it all.” He smacked her ass hard a couple of times making her scream. It took him more than five minutes to completely bury his entire cock inside her ass. He stayed still for a minute as Mike joined them on the bed.

“How does it feel slut?…you are not an ass virgin no more.” Mike asked as he knelt beside her and grabbed her tit. “You dirty bitch…you love it…don’t you?” He pinched her nipples making her groan.

Andre started slowly moving back and forth making her whimper. Her face contorted and her eyes became watery as the pain overwhelmed her. “Ow…ow…It hurts…gentle please.” She whispered through labored breathing. Andre slowly moved back and forth for a few minutes. Then he picked up pace. Holding her hips tightly, Andre started to move a bit more quickly.

Hannah had thought for sure he was going to rip her in two. The pain of the forced entrance had almost made her faint. She clearly remembered the initial feeling of surrender and the pain of the cock head entering her. But the rest of the penetration was less painful.

When the black man actually started to ass fuck her with his big cock, she was quite numb. Hannah thought that she was immune to any feeling in her body. She was wrong. It hurt her of course, but it was an erotic pleasing pain. Her entire body tingled with excitement as she continued to feel the big black cock slide deeper and deeper in and out of her ass. Even though it hurt like hell she instinctively began to push back against the big man meat inside her. Excruciating as it was, she could not resist moving back onto his cock.

“Aaaah…ooooh…fuck it hurts…stop.” She whimpered.

“Oh really you want me to stop?…You don’t mean it and you know it.” Andre growled. “Now you are my married ass slut…my married white bitch.” Andre hissed as he fucked her ass. “That’s right…push that ass back.”

“Ugggghhh…umph oh…aaaah…oh Jake baby he is ripping me apart.” She groaned and her body writhed. Her cries of anguish muffled by the bed covers that she was biting down on.

It seemed Andre’s lust got inflamed seeing the blonde beauty in apparent discomfort and pain. He started fucking her ass harder. “Fuck her ass is so tight.” He said through clenched teeth and labored breathing. Sweat was forming on his brow. He smacked her ass hard a few times and it stung. She yelped loudly.

Ron and Mike stroked their cocks grinning devilishly as they watched Andre aggressively plunge his black dick deep into the pretty blonde wife’s tight ass. Forcing his cock deep inside her with each thrust.

“Uhh…uh…ungh…unghh..uhhh.” Hannah whimpered and grunted every time Andre bottomed out and his hairy nut sack smacked her flushed pussy lips. Guttural moans were coming out of her throat. Jake watched in awe as the older black man brutishly violated his wife’s nether hole with hard, deliberate thrusts. Her butthole was stretched open wide around the thick black shaft. His fingers gripped her ass cheeks, holding them apart. His prim proper wife was being subjected to a brutal ass fuck and she was grunting like an animal as her ass was pounded.

Suddenly Hannah squealed loudly. Her body went rigid as she desperately clawed the bed covers. Her toes curled and she started ejaculating, soaking the bed covers. An intense orgasm coursed through her body. Andre kept his cock jammed up in her ass.

Jake found it unbelievable that his wife had actually climaxed by being ass fucked. Even through the pain, she had been stimulated enough to orgasm.

“Damn look at her go…the bitch is cumming really hard.” Ron remarked in awe. “The white slut loves nigger cock in her ass.”

“You know she has two other holes available…let’s make this bitch airtight.” Andre suggested with sly grin.

“Fuck yeah…let’s do it…make an oreo cookie.” Ron grinned. He got on the bed as Andre pulled his cock out from her gaping open butthole. Ron laid down supine on the bed and pulled Hannah on top of him. Making her straddle his hips, in cowgirl position. She was in daze. Still getting over the intense orgasm. Breathing hard, her eyes half closed.

Jake felt butterflies in his stomach watching his beautiful wife getting manhandled. These three men did not even consider if his wife would agree to this debauchery. It was like the pretty blonde wife was available for them to be used in any way they wanted. And they were going to use her any way they wanted. Like a piece of fuck meat to stick their cocks in. A cum dumpster. He was filled with conflicting feelings of angst and excitement.

Ron guided his cock inside her sloppy receptive pussy making her gasp. Her eyes opened wide as the black dick filled up her pussy. Glancing around she noticed that Mike was standing on the bed in front of her and Andre kneeling behind her. She Immediately realized what the three older man were going to do to her. A shiver went down her spine.

Hannah nervously looked at her husband biting her lower lip. Jake was on his knees watching her. His face a mask of lust. Reaching out her hand, she whimpered. “Come to me honey…be close to me.” Jake grasped her left hand, shuffling closer to her.

Putting his hand on her neck, Andre pressed her down. Then pulling apart her ass cheeks, he slowly inserted his cockhead back into her ass making her whimper. Hannah grunted and groaned as the thick black cock was again forced inside her ass. “Oh god…it hurts.” She moaned and winced in pain.

Ron put his arms around her neck and pulled her face down. “But it hurts good, doesn’t it?…you like getting stuffed by two cocks.” He said lustily to her. “Bitch you like being a fucktoy for other men…letting three strangers use your married holes.” He kissed her roughly and at the same Andre thrust hard. Burying his thick black shaft balls deep in her asshole. She screamed into Ron’s mouth.

“Aaaah…ooooh…damn…god…it is too much.” She whined. She grimaced as her body was brutally violated again.

“Not enough yet slut…you still need to take care of one more cock.” Mike grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and roughly jerked her head up. Submissively she looked up at Mike as his hard cock nudged her lips. She opened her mouth for his cock. “Take my cock bitch…take it all in, gonna make you fucking airtight.” He spat out.

Andre glanced at Jake who was stroking his cock watching in amazement his wife getting stuffed by three cocks at the same time. “Your wife is a fucking slut…a young MILF whore…this is how she needed to be used.” Jake just kept staring at his wife being fucked like a whore. It was a completely degenerate sight. A pretty blonde married woman having two black cocks stuffing her ass and pussy. And one white cock stuffing her mouth.

Soon the three older men had rhythm going on as they fucked Hannah. It was obvious that this is not the first time they were doing this. Her cheeks were puffed out, filled with cock and sucking hard on the hot shaft in her mouth. Her fuck juices oozed down her thighs from her pussy stuffed with the big black cock thrusting between her legs and simultaneously she was servicing the other black cock that was buried between her ass cheeks and filling her tight butthole.

Something about being trapped with every hole filled, the cocks rubbing against each other through the thin flesh between her pussy and ass, released a carnal hunger in her body. The kind which she had never known before. Hannah actually blacked out a couple of times from the intensity of the sensations. Each rolling orgasm left her shaking and sweating as she struggled to keep up with the three cocks that were stuffing her body.

With a loud grunt Andre started cumming inside her ass. He jammed his cock up inside her back canal. Ron kept thrusting inside her and bit later he also climaxed. Depositing his another load of cum inside the pretty blonde wife. Seeing Andre cum, Mike pulled his cock out of her mouth. He now wanted to fuck the pretty blonde’s ass.

Both the black men withdrew their deflating cocks one by one. When Ron got out from underneath her, Hannah just laid down on her stomach. Her breathing was ragged and uneven.

Mike placed a couple of pillows under her hips and propped up her ass. He pushed her legs apart, staring at her well fucked pussy and asshole. Cum was leaking out of both of her holes. She bit her lower lip. Her breathing changed in anticipation as Mike pulled apart her ass cheeks. He slowly inserted his cockhead into her butthole making her groan. Then he shoved the entire shaft inside her ass with one savage thrust.

“Oh god!…oh…oh…fuck…fuck…” She grunted loudly due to the pain. Her ass was still getting used to being stuffed by cock.

“Fucking whore…take my cock…such a pretty woman but a nasty slut…gonna send you back home well-fucked.” He hissed as he laid down on her back.

Jake laid down and kissed his wife as she grunted and groaned. Another man fucking his wife’s ass. “You are so hot baby…take his cock…let him fuck your ass good.” Mike just kept pounding her ass without any finesse. All he wanted was his release. Just cum inside her ass.

“Fucking Bitch…fucking cunt…draining my balls again.” Mike yelled as he started ejaculating. Both of them were sweaty and panting hard. Hannah just took his pounding keeping her eyes closed. She felt very dirty and completely filthy having let three strangers have their way with her.

Slowly Mike got up, grinning at Jake. He glanced towards Ron and Andre. Both the black men had cleaned up and and had put their clothes on. They were ready to leave. He just nodded at them and they left.

“Damn Jake…your wife is something else…bitch loves servicing cocks.” Mike remarked casually as he stood up. He slowly put his clothes on. “I am gonna leave my contact information…so next time you want to get together, we can set something up…once again Happy Anniversary.” Leaving his card, Mike left.

Jake did not respond. Just nodded. He was in a daze after watching his wife being used like fuck meat by three men, complete strangers.

As soon as Mike left, Jake was kneeling between her legs. He pulled her hips off the pillows and propped her on knees. He lustily stared at her completely ravished pussy and asshole. Both holes looked to be extremely messy and well used. Her pussy was flushed and gaping open. And her ass also was stretched. A very nasty, filthy sight. His cock leaked precum seeing her dirty fuckholes leaking cum which was running down her thighs. He bent down licked her swollen, reddened pussy lips. Her pussy was emanating a strong heady, musky aroma. Hannah groaned lustily. “Oh yes baby that feels good…lick me.”

Jake buried his tongue inside his wife’s ravished, gaping open pussy.Tongue fucked her. Ate the mix of pussy juice and cum from her pussy. He was so out of mind with lust that he did not even care that he was eating the cum mix of three men out of his wife’s pussy. All he wanted was to taste his wife’s filthy, well-fucked pussy. Soon he had her cumming on his mouth.

“I need to fuck your ass Hannah…I have wanted this for so long.” He said to her lustily as her orgasm subsided.

“Okay…but be gentle.” She said shyly. He inserted his cock first inside her sloppy pussy. Slowly thrusted in and out of her pussy. Coating his cock with the mix of pussy juice and cum. Lining up his cock with her cum leaking butthole, he pushed in. With just a little pressure his cockhead popped in making her groan.

“Damn baby your ass is still tight…even after taking two cocks in here…can’t believe it you are not an ass virgin anymore.” He kept pushing his cock in till the entire eight inch was buried in her ass. “Fuck your ass feels incredible…so tight…your husband’s cock is the third one to fill up your ass, you have been a very naughty wife.” He was very turned on. He slowly started fucking her.

After taking two cocks up her ass, her husband’s cock went in easier. But it still hurt. “Yes…fuck my ass honey…fuck your wife’s ass…I have been a really bad wife, just like you wanted me to be.” She said through labored breathing as her husband fucked her ass.

“You have been very bad…letting two niggers fuck you…let them use all your holes…complete strangers, you don’t even know their names…you have turned into a wanton hussy.” Being just too turned on, he did not last long and started cumming.

Both of them were covered in sweat and panting hard. Hannah was exhausted and laid down on her stomach. Jake laid down on his back trying to catch his breath. After a few minutes he went to the bathroom to clean up. As he washed his cock, he became hard again recalling vividly his wife getting fucked by the three men. Two of them black.

As he came out of the bathroom, he saw that Hannah was still lying facing down. Jake stared at her reddened ass cheeks. He laid down next to her and put his arm across her back. “You okay baby?”

Turning her face to look at her husband. She had an ashamed look on her face and looked very exhausted. “Yes I am fine…I think I should go and clean up…take a shower.”

“I still need you baby…” He gently turned her over onto her back. Hannah spread her legs open as he got on top of her. “I love you sweetheart.”

“I love you too…make love to me Jake.” She whispered as her arms tightly embraced him and his cock entered her sloppy pussy. He made love to her while whispering sweet, loving things to her. By the time Jake finished making love to her, Hannah was completely exhausted. She felt completely filthy with cum leaking out of her ass and pussy. As Jake got off her she turned on her side.

Jake hugged her from behind and whispered, “You can shower tomorrow morning…let’s just sleep now.”

“No honey I have to clean up…I feel filthy.” She got up and went to the bathroom.

After a few minutes she came out with her hair still damp. Jake was still awake. She smiled at him awkwardly and laid down on the side with her back to him. Even though she was tired, she could not fall asleep and Jake could not fall asleep either.

“So when I went to restroom before leaving the bar, was that when Mike told you about his two black friends?”

“Yes.” He responded softly. By the tone of voice he knew right away that she was upset.

“That was very wrong Jake…you did not even give me the choice, I had only agreed to have sex with Mike and only because you wanted me to…you had no right to let those two black men have sex with me.” Now that she was over the sexual high, Hannah was filled with remorse.

“I know honey…I just wanted to watch you being really bad. Mike suggested it and I went with it, just was too…” He trailed off not knowing how to explain.

“I cannot believe it I had sex with three men at the same time…it is so degenerate…so perverse…never in my wildest thoughts I had ever thought that I will have sex with black men and then they forcefully had anal sex with me…treated me like a slut, a whore…were so rough…” Remembering and saying things aloud made her pussy tingle. Her breathing had changed too. She felt her husband’s cock becoming hard again.

Hannah looked back at her husband, he was lustily staring at her. She bent her knees and slid up the top knee. “Was it you fantasy to watch me with any man…or a black man?” She asked as she made her pussy more accessible.

“It was watching you with just another man but thinking about you with a black man was kind of more arousing…” He said as he pushed his cock inside her sloppy pussy and at the same time captured her lips with his. They passionately kissed as Jake slowly thrust in and out of her. “You looked so hot baby taking the black cocks, being so naughty…it was so erotic watching you being a slut for black men.”

“God! your mind is so twisted…you like watching your wife being a black cock whore, this is so wrong.” She said crudely as her husband fucked her from behind.

“Yes I liked watching you being a complete slut of those two niggers…watching you take a nigger cock up your virgin ass.” He said through clenched teeth. Jake was very turned on. He got on his knees and started pounding his wife hard. Hannah closed her eyes, biting her lower lip as her husband savagely fucked her. “Yes…yes…take my cock you fucking nigger cock loving whore.” He spat out through labored breathing as he frantically kept thrusting inside her. Soon he had her cumming again on his cock. After that he did not last long and started ejaculating.

He withdrew his deflating cock and laid down next to her, spooning her. Holding her lovingly. “I am so sorry sweetheart…I don’t know what came over me that I said those filthy, degrading things to you.” He said to her breathing hard.

“It is okay, you were just too turned on…I like turning you on baby and I have already heard a lot of filth today from three complete strangers.” She said shyly.

“Did it bother you at all?”

“It did…it is so degrading and humiliating the crude way they talked down to me…but it just made me feel so dirty…even more slutty, made me horny.” She sounded very bewildered. “What is wrong with me?’

“Nothing is wrong with you…sometimes a lady just likes to let go…be a slut in bed…that is what happened.” He reassured her, hugging her tightly. Both of them fell asleep just like this.

When Jake woke up in the morning, Hannah was not in bed. As he groggily sat up, he could hear her voice coming from the living area. He slowly got off the bed and went to the living area. Hannah had already showered and was wearing a nice, elegant knee length dress. She was on the phone.

“Mom…hold on for a sec…Jake is up.” Noticing her husband, she said into the phone. “Hey baby…good morning…do you want me to order you room service?..I already ordered breakfast…was just too hungry when I woke up.” She said to her husband. Trying her hardest to sound nonchalant but it was evident she was just trying too hard.

“No…I am not hungry right now…on our way home I will get something. Talking to your mom? How are the kids?” He asked sheepishly. There was a weird awkwardness between them as if they did not know how to be around each other.

“The kids are fine…missing us. Take shower and then we will leave.”

“Okay…you have been up for a while it seems.”

“Yes…I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t.” She seemed very uncomfortable.

“I will go take shower…then we will leave.” Jake left feeling very self-conscious. Everything that had happened last night now seemed so surreal. As he stood in the shower, he could not believe it that he had let three complete strangers have sex with his wife. The two black men, they did not even know their names. He felt very ashamed recalling how without even thinking he had eaten a mix of three men’s cum out of her pussy. Such an utterly depraved act. But his cock twitched remembering the depravity.

By the time he came out of the shower, Hannah was packing up their stuff. She was bent over the small carry on bag which was on the bed. He looked at the messy bed and noticed dried spots on the white bed covers. His pulse quickened. She glanced at him, smiled bashfully and turned her face away.

He smiled back at her as he reached for his clothes. They avoided looking at each other as he put on his clothes and Hannah packed up. He stared at his wife thinking how prim and proper she looked. Anyone looking at this beautiful elegant woman will never even think that she was fucked like a cheap slut last night by three complete strangers. After packing up she carried the bag to the living area. She sat down on the couch waiting for Jake.

When Jake came out of the bedroom, she stood up. “Ready to go?” She asked averting her eyes as she stood.

“Yep…I am.” He responded. Jake did not like this awkwardness between them. “Baby…you feeling okay?” He asked with tenderness. Remembering how she had been spanked. Breasts slapped and bit. Roughly ass fucked.

“I am fine Jake…just feeling sore, especially my bottom…but I am okay.” She responded in an ashamed tone.

“It must have really hurt taking that huge black cock in your ass?, it was just incredible that you even took it all in your ass.” Jake’s voice was filled with awe.

“Yes it was very painful.” She admitted as her face turned crimson.

“But you kind of liked it…didn’t you?”

“I don’t know Jake…it was very painful but was kind of like erotic pain…similar to when they spanked me, it hurt but also turned me on.” She said shyly. “Oh god!…you must think I am so screwed up.”

“No I do not, you are just awesome…and I am glad it was just not simply a painful thing for you…but we did mess up honey, didn’t even make them use condoms.” He reminded her.

“I know Jake, I will call my gynecologist set up an appointment but I think I should be okay…I am close but not ovulating yet.” She said demurely.

Inexplicably Jake felt a sense of disappointment hearing that his wife was not ovulating and it completely befuddled his mind. “You want to talk about last night?”

“I don’t know…don’t really want to talk about that.” She said nervously.

“We should Hannah…I really don’t like the way we are being around each other right now.” He paused. ” You know…things did kind of got out of hand last night…I guess I had never ever really considered that what I was thinking, fantasizing would actually happen and it did…but even more extreme.” He was really struggling to articulate what was going through in his head.

“Oh my God!!…you are upset…do you think less of me now Jake?…do you still even love me?” She panicked and her eyes brimmed with tears.

“No…No…baby…I love you and will never think any less of you…you are my everything.” He said reassuringly and lovingly wiped away her tears.

“It is so wrong though Jake…so wrong…very depraved. I am a married woman, I should not be having sex with other men…that too three men at the same time.” She said in disbelief. “I still cannot believe it that I had sex with two black men…actually had anal sex, so debasing.”

“You did not do anything wrong Hannah…it is my fault.”

“Damn right it is your fault.” She said with tinge of anger. “How could you invite those two black men without even talking to me?…I never consented to that.”

“I apologize…I so badly wanted to see you with another man, a black man…my perverted desires were complete in control of my mind…I should have asked you.” He said apologetically.

“Yes you should have asked…complete strangers, I don’t even know their names.” She deplored. “And to top it off…they degraded me, hurt me but I still climaxed with them…what is wrong with me?” She was feeling very chagrined.

“Hannah nothing is wrong with you…you are a very sensual, sexual woman…you enjoy sex. I am glad you enjoyed it last night.”

“But I shouldn’t have…they forced themselves on me…forcefully had anal sex with me.” Her pussy tingled recalling how she was ass fucked forcefully. Instinctively she clenched her thighs. “Don’t you regret what happened last night? Doesn’t it upset you that your wife, the mother of your children was used like a wanton slut by three older men? Two of them black?” Her breathing had changed, she was turned on.

“I was very jealous…but even more turned on the way they fucked you…and you came again and again with them…it was so hot when you ejaculated with the big, fat nigger cock buried in your ass.” He responded lustily. He kissed her hard. It was an open mouthed, sloppy, lusty kiss.

Breaking off the kiss, Hannah asked, “Why baby?…why are we getting so turned on by this depravity?…this should not be happening…we should not be doing this…we are respectable, well-educated professionals… can you imagine if anyone finds out?” Her voice a mix of apprehension and excitement.

“It is so wrong but…but so fucking hot…you liked that, didn’t you baby?…being a fuck toy for three strangers, older men…liked being a slut for two niggers.” He was out of mind with lust. Hannah felt his throbbing, hard cock pressing onto her stomach. Her pussy was tingling and soaking wet.

“Don’t say that Jake.” She whined and putting her arm behind her neck, she pulled his face down. Kissed her husband lustily. “Make love to me baby.” She was horny. They again kissed each other lustily. As they kissed, there was knocking on their suite door.

“Did you order room service?” Jake asked as he stopped kissing her.

“No I did not…you did not want anything to eat.” Hannah responded as Jake went to see who knocked.

On opening the door, he found an older black man smiling at him. It took Jake a few seconds to recognize him and then his eyes opened wide. “Hey man…sorry to drop on you like this…was not even sure you would still be here.” Andre said.

“What you doing here?” Jake asked warily.

“You know we didn’t even get properly introduced last night…so much happening, just wanted to stop by say hello…wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful experience, you know what I mean.” He grinned at him disarmingly.

“We are about to leave for home…kind of in a hurry.” Jake said uncomfortably.

“I understand…won’t take too much of your time, just want to thank you guys, introduce myself to you and your wonderful wife.” Andre persisted. “Can I come in?”

“Okay fine.” Jake stepped aside to let him in. “Where is Mike and the other guy?”

“The other guy is Ron, they had early morning flight, they left, …well I live here, I don’t know if Mike mentioned.” Andre explained as he walked in.

Hannah was stunned seeing Andre. “What is going on?” This was the man who had taken her anal virginity.

“Didn’t mean to surprise you…just stopped by to say hello, introduce myself…I don’t like doing this ‘wham bang thank you mam’ thing…we didn’t even get properly introduced.” He grinned at her. “We have been intimate and you don’t even know my name.”

Hearing that she turned crimson. “Hey no need to be embarrassed about it…by the way my name is Andre and I have to say you are simply gorgeous…thanks for the wonderful experience last night…Jake you are a lucky man to have such a pretty lady for your wife…you know she looks like Bella Thorne but just bit more mature and better looking.” He smiled.

Seeing the lustful way Andre was staring at Hannah, Jake felt a pit form in the bottom of his stomach. “Yes…you are right she does.” He responded. “Have a seat…we can talk for a bit.” Both Andre and Hannah we completely taken aback when he said that. She gave her husband a hard look which he completely ignored.

“Sure man…I would really like know you guys.” Andre was very pleased with the turn of events. He sat down on the armchair. “So Hannah what do you do?”

“I work for a marketing research firm.” She responded reticently as she sat down on the couch and Jake sat down next to her.

“Oh so you you deal with all that statistics and probability stuff…wow beauty and brains?”

“So what do you do Andre?” Jake inquired.

“I own a small waste management business.” The older black man told them. They made small conversation for a little bit and then Andre asked, “So I was wondering…have you guys done what you did last night before?”

The husband and wife looked at each other uncomfortably and then Jake responded, “No…it was the first time.”

“Oh!…first time?” Andre sounded surprised. “Did you guys plan to make this happen then?…yesterday being your tenth wedding anniversary, plan do something special, something naughty?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Not really…it kind of something that just happened.” Jake said plainly.

“Wow…I have to say that is different…you two must have talked about it sometimes at least?” He seemed very surprised.

“Yeah we talked about it…just kind of like pillow talk, never really thought we will actually go through with it.” Jake said awkwardly and glanced at Hannah who was blushing.

“So how do you feel about it?…was the real thing even hotter than what you had imagined?…watching your pretty blonde wife with another man…older men…black men.” Andre smirked.

“The real thing was pretty intense, much more than I expected…very hot.” Jake responded.

“So it exceeded your expectations…good that you enjoyed the experience of sharing your pretty wife and also good for guys like us who like fucking the wives the of other men.” He chuckled. “I have to say your wife is the prettiest woman I have ever had…very gorgeous, a prim, proper woman…anyone who sees her right now will only see an elegant beautiful lady…a well-educated and intelligent woman.” He stared at Hannah with unbridled lust. “No one will even think that she is the kind of woman who let three men, complete strangers, fuck her like a slut…had three cocks stuffing her married holes at the same time, let a complete stranger take her anal virginity on her tenth wedding anniversary while her husband watched.” Andre spat out crudely. Hannah felt the heat rise to her face and her face turned crimson.

Andre kept staring at her lustily. His cock was rock hard and straining against his underwear. “So…Hannah what about you?…how do you feel about last night?…was it fun?”

“I really don’t want to talk about it…we need to get home Jake, the kids are waiting.” She responded with abruptness as she turned to look at her husband. Her husband’s face had the look she knew very well. He was very turned on. Her heartbeat shot up.

“It’s okay…we still have time, tell Andre how it was for you.” He said huskily.

“No baby…we have to go it’s getting late.” Her voice trembled and she stood up. She felt her pussy release moisture.

“Don’t be shy Hannah…nothing to be embarrassed about.” Andre also stood up and moved in front of her. “Your husband wants you to make all your married holes available to other men…and I know you did enjoy being just a fuck hole for complete strangers, older black men.” He said degradingly and put his arms around the pretty blonde wife.

“Don’t Andre…my kids are waiting for me, I have to go.” She whined and tried to remove his arms.

“The kids can have their slut mother back once I am done using you as my cum dumpster.” He hissed at her. “Jake you want to watch your pretty blonde wife get fucked again by a black dick?” Jake just nodded his assent while rubbing his hard cock over his pants. “I am going to fuck this bitch good.” He remarked turning to look at Hannah. “You want my black dick baby?”

“Oh god…no Andre…this is not right.” She protested weakly as Andre pulled her close. His hands cupped her ass over the dress. She felt his hard cock on her stomach making her pussy tingle.

“It is not right but your husband wants you to be a black cock whore…and I know you want it too.” Andre locked lips with her. His thick black lips covered her full pink lips. She tried keep her lips closed but Andre was very forceful. He forced her lips open and his thick tongue invaded her mouth. She caved in and started kissing him back sloppily, sucking on his thick tongue.

Jake stood up and took off his pants and underwear. Freeing his aching hard cock, he started stroking it. He stared at the sight of his wife being lustily kissed by the black man. For the first time he properly observed Andre. He was at least half a foot taller than Hannah. He had a shaved head. He was muscular but had a bit of a paunch.

After kissing Hannah for two or three minutes, he stopped. Separating himself from Hannah, he quickly took off his clothes. Quite a bit of his charcoal black body was covered with curly hair which was a mix of black and grey. His thick, veiny, uncircumcised cock was even more darker than his body. His low hanging, wrinkly nutsack was big and hairy. The testicles were like oversized walnuts. In the daylight his genitals looked hideous. The foreskin was tightly stretched across the flaring cockhead.

Hannah looked mesmerized staring at the monstrous black cock and her pussy leaked more pussy juices. She found it unfathomable that she had taken this entire cock inside her ass. “Like what you see baby?” Andre asked stroking his cock. “This is what took your anal cherry…do you want it take it again in your ass?”

She gave Andre an alarmed look. “Oh god no…I am too sore…cannot take it again there”

“Then next time baby…your other two married holes can service my black dick now.” He said crudely. Hannah felt ashamed that this man thought of her only as a fuck hole, a fuck meat to stick his cock in and for some inexplicable reason that turned her on. Her pussy tingled at the thought of being sexually available for this stranger to satiate his carnal hunger while her husband watches the debauchery. But her intellect was completely disgusted by her arousal.

Andre grabbed her left hand and put it on his black dick. Instinctively she wrapped her slender fingers around the thick cock. The creamy white skin of her delicate fingers contrasted sharply with the thick, veiny, monstrous onyx black cock. Her platinum wedding band and the diamond engagement ring looked very conspicuous on the charcoal black shaft. and Jake’s gaze immediately locked on it. His cock twitched and leaked pre-cum.

Andre snickered seeing Jake stare at his wife’s hand. “Get used to it…now that you have turned out your loving wife into a slut, you will be seeing her hand wrapped around a lot of different cocks…she will be servicing a lot of cocks with her hands and her married holes.” Holding her face in his hands he gently pulled her close. Mashing his lips into hers again. Lustily they kissed each other. Their tongues danced, intertwined with each others. Sucked on each other tongue. For Jake it was very erotic watching his pretty blonde wife sloppily kissing the older black man as she continued stroking his hard black cock.

Andre broke off the kiss, leaving Hannah panting. “God you are so beautiful.” He said to her while continuing to hold her face in his hands. “How old are you baby?”

“Thirty two.” She said hoarsely, breathing hard.

“I am sixty two…thirty years older than you, I have a daughter and son who are older than you…and you are here stroking my black dick, a man you barely know, in front of your husband.” He said to her locking eyes with her. “I bet your father is younger than I am?” Hannah just nodded.

He teasingly kissed her lips, stuck his tongue in her mouth which she immediately started sucking on it. But he pulled back grinning at her. “You must be daddy’s girl…his princess…will your daddy get upset if he finds out that you have been spreading your legs for niggers? Letting niggers use all your fuckholes?” Andre hissed at her.

“Yes…he will be very upset.” She panted.

“Good…you need to service black dicks, make all your fuckholes available for black men.” Putting his hands on her shoulders, he pushed her down onto her knees. “I am going to make you my bitch…go down, suck on my ballsack, lick it” He growled at her.

The musky, sweaty smell of his black nutsack filled her nostril. She felt disgusted but it inflamed her arousal even more. She licked the wrinkly, hairy, black nutsack. Sucked on the oversized balls one by one. “That’s it…get nasty…drool over my balls, service them with your pretty mouth…Jake your pretty blonde wife looks even more hotter with my black balls in her mouth.”

“Yeah…she does…she is looking very hot.” Jake responded while continuing to stroke his hard cock.

“What a nasty slut wife…she is making up for her father’s prejudice, I wish her daddy could see that his princess has turned into nigger slut.” Andre moaned as Hannah torridly licked all over the low hanging nutsack and sucked on the big hairy black nut sack. The nastiness was really turning her on. She took his hairy balls one by one in her mouth, sucking on them.

“Oh fuck…he will just lose his mind if he sees his little girl being so nasty.” Jake said hoarsely watching his wife slobber over the black testicles. He always had a tumultuous relationship with his father-in-law. Hannah’s father strongly felt that Jake was not good enough for his daughter and he had expressed this sentiment quite a few times. He grabbed his phone and took a few pictures of his wife sucking, licking the black nutsack.

“Or maybe he will get a hard on watching his pretty princess being such filthy black cock whore.” Andre said in an even tone. He grabbed a fistful of her soft blonde hair and jerked her head up. Hannah looked up submissively at the older black man. He nudged her lips with his cock and she opened her mouth to taking in the thick, mushroom cockhead. “Maybe your daddy has the hots for you that is why he treats you like a princess.” Holding onto the fistuful of her blonde hair, Andre used it as leverage. Slowly thrusting in and out of her mouth. She kept keeping looking up with her big, blue eyes as the black dick sawed in and out of her mouth.

“I think he does lusts after her…I have seen her run his eyes over her in a very unfatherly way.” Jake had never mentioned about her father’s wandering eyes to Hannah. Unsure how to broach about such a delicate matter. Her own father improperly eyeing her. But now he was feeling very audacious and spoke out. “He gets pissed if a black man even glances at white woman but it is okay for him to lust after his own daughter.”

A tingle went down Hannah’s spine hearing about the lewd talk of her own father lusting after her. Fervently she started sucking on the black cock. Licked up and down the meaty, veiny, smooth feeling black shaft. She could feel the contours of the thick veins on her tongue. She pulled down the foreskin and swirled her tongue around the bulbous black cockhead. Licked off the pre-cum leaking out of the small slit on top of it. Sucked on the thick cockhead.

“Aah…fucking bitch…you are such a good cocksucker, you really know your way around a man’s cock, maybe this is what your daddy needs…his whore daughter to suck his cock.”

Andre enjoyed the blonde beauty’s mouth on his cock. Slowly she tried to take as much of the thick black shaft as possible into her her mouth. The older black man groaned loudly, “Damn…the best cocksucker I have ever had.” He put his hands behind her head and held her in place. Keeping half of his black dick buried down her throat.

Hannah grunted and tried to pull back but Andre forcefully held her face down. She was having trouble breathing and struggled to pull back while making guttural noises. After ten or fifteen seconds Andre let her go. Pulling back she let the black dick out of her mouth and started sputtering, coughing.

Submissively she looked up at Andre. She was panting hard, trying to catch her breath. “You are one hot white bitch…fucking slut I am going to fuck your pretty face.” He snarled at her. Putting his hands behind her head he thrust inside her mouth. For support she moved her hands behind him and grabbed his hairy ass. Andre started slow, gently face fucking her. But soon increased the tempo of this thrusts. Roughly ramming his cock into her mouth.

Andre savagely fucked her mouth. She gagged and choked on the thick black dick, spitting out saliva. When she choked, he would let up to allow her to catch her breath and then again ram his cock down her throat. Slowly her pretty face was covered with a mix of saliva and precum.

Jake lustfully stroked his cock and took more pictures of his beautiful wife’s mouth being used like a fuckhole. “Oh yes honey…take that black dick, let him fuck your beautiful face.”

“You like watching your pretty blonde wife being used like a two bit whore.” Andre smirked. He kept forcing her to take more of his cock. Finally burying the entire length of the thick black shaft buried down her throat. He forcefully held her face against his hairy crotch. Her pert nose buried in the mat of curly pubic hair at the base of the cock and the big nutsack hanging just below her chin. She was struggling to breathe and hitting Andre’s thighs with her open palms. The older black man let go of her after a few seconds and she pulled back sputtering, coughing. She looked up submissively at Andre with her watery eyes.

Andre grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and pulled her up roughly to her feet. “Get on your knees on the arm chair slut…need to fuck that sweet married pussy.” He swatted her ass as she turned around and climbed on the armchair. Andre grabbed the hem of the dress and jerked it above her luscious ass. She was wearing small cheeky panties that left quite a bit of her delectable ass bare. Hannah yelped loudly as the older black man smacked her ass cheeks hard. Leaving red finger imprints on her smooth, porcelain skin.

“Hot ass young MILF bitch.” Andre said lustily as he tugged down her panties. Hannah lifted her knees one by one to allow the older black man to take off her panties. Her pussy was tingling with anticipation. He patted her inner thighs and she immediately spread apart her legs more. Jake moved behind the armchair. Hannah looked up at her husband while biting her lower lip. She was breathing hard and had a major cum face on.

Andre rubbed her sopping wet pussy and pushed two fingers inside her pussy. “Damn…this hot cunt is creaming so nicely…she wants my black dick bad…don’t you slut?…you want to be my bitch?” He could smell her arousal and which was making him even more lusty.

“Tell him baby, you want his black cock…you want to be fucked.” Jake said hoarsely taking her face in his hands.

“Yes…fuck me.” She said bashfully as she looked into her husband’s eyes.

“Fucking whore…asking another man to fuck you in front of your husband.” He snarled at her and shoved his cock inside her wet, receptive pussy. There was no gentleness, no finesses. Just a man taking a woman to satiate his sexual hunger. It was just all about him.

Hannah gasped loudly as the black dick filled her up and Andre’s pelvis slammed onto her ass. “Aaah…fuck…Jake baby.” She groaned loudly. Jake leaned down and started kissed his wife as another man fucked her. He smelled the cock breath she had and also could taste Andre’s cock on her lips and tongue. His cock leaked copious amount of pre-cum thinking about this depravity. The intensity of his kiss increased.

Suddenly Hannah’s head jerked back, breaking the kiss. Andre was pulling her hair. “Take my black dick slut…you are my bitch, ain’t ya?” He smacked her ass a couple of times making her groan loudly.

“Oh god…yes give to me…make me your bitch…your white bitch.” She said lustily as the black man pounded her wet pussy. She took her husband’s hard cock into her mouth as Andre continued to fuck her.

“Suck my dick you nasty, wanton hussy.” Jake groaned as he started thrusting his cock into her mouth. Hannah grunted and moaned loudly as she was stuffed by two hard lusty cocks at the same time. She was being spit roasted like a wanton slut.

The hotel room was filled with the wet squishy noises and flesh hitting flesh as her sopping wet pussy was pummelled by the black dick. She tightly clasped the back rest of the armchair as intense orgasm tore through her body. Her body writhed and her toes curled.She let her husband’s cock out of her mouth. Burying her face in the backrest she kept moaning loudly. “Oh god!…god!…fuck…fuck…I am cumming.” She said deliriously as her pussy started squirting. Pussy juices leaked from around the embedded black cock. Soaking the seat cushion.

Withdrawing his dick, Andre stepped back. He did not want cum yet. “Fuck man…love the way this cunt cums, this is the first time I have been with a bitch that squirts.” Andre grinned at Jake. “This is one good white pussy…just perfect for black dicks.

Jake walked around the armchair to take a look at his wife’s ravished pussy. Her gaping pussy was still leaking some pussy juice. The engorged, reddened pussy lips looked very alluring to him. At this moment he wanted nothing more than to taste his wife’s freshly fucked pussy. Even though earlier in the morning he felt embarrassed about eating his wife’s pussy after three men had fucked her and cum in it.

Dropping to his knees, Jake cupped Hannah’s ass cheeks and started lapping at her pussy. “Oh fuck honey!…you gonna make me cum again.” Hannah groaned lustily and ground her pussy on her husband’s face.

“Damn man…you are one freaky SOB.” Andre said in a surprised tone watching Jake eat his wife’s freshly fucked pussy.

Jake’s tongue swept out and over her swollen, sensitive clit making Hannah gasp and lewdly move her hips. His tongue lapped up the remnants of the leaking ejaculate from her pussy. The tongue slithered into the folds of her pussy. Hannah’s legs quivered and she whimpered with arousal which turned on Jake even more. Reaching back she grabbed a fistful of his hair and pushed his face into her pussy. His tongue dug inside the folds of her pussy, tongue-fucking her. With a loud groan, Hannah came again.

“Fuck man that was something else…let’s take your slut wife to bed, you can be under her like in 69 position as I fuck her, she sucks your dick…I think you will like the close view of your wife’s pinky pussy being stretched by a black dick, you can even lick, suck on her her clit while she gets fucked. That will drive her crazy..” The older black man suggested with a smug smile.

Jake was taken aback by the suggestion. The thought of being so close to another man’s genital gave him a pause. But being able to watch so closely the act of his wife mating with another man made him consider it. Being able to give her even more pleasure by licking her while she was fucked was very appealing.

But still he felt very reluctant at the idea of being so close to another man’s genitals. Another man’s cock and balls touching his face was not something he desired. He was not a homophobe but had never felt any sexual attraction towards another man. But then again since his wife was central to the activities, such contact with another man excited him a bit. Plus he justified to himself that he had already tasted three men’s cocks on his wife’s pussy and mouth. Eaten their cum.

“Okay let’s do it.” Jake’s voice tightened as he agreed.

Andre just smiled at him condescendingly. He turned around and slapped Hannah’s ass. “Bitch get off the chair…I am going to fuck you on the bed while you suck your hubby’s cock.” He barked at her.

Hannah slowly stood up and faced her husband. As she stood up, her dress fell down covering her nakedness. She again looked all prim and proper except that her hair was disheveled and her face was a mess. But she still exuded class.

“Such a beautiful, classy looking white wife but a dirty black cock whore.” Andre spat out crudely. Hannah felt the heat rising to her face hearing the crude words.

“Come baby.” Jake led her to the bedroom with Andre following them. When she tried to take off her dress, Jake stopped her. “No…keep wearing it, I like it this way.”

“Oh yes…looks very slutty, keep your heels on too.” Andre added.

Jake laid down on the bed stroking his hard, aching cock.. Hannah got on her hands and knees above her husband, like in 69 position. Andre pulled up her dress bunching it at her lower back. He pressed on her lower back and she lowered her pussy onto her husband’s waiting mouth. Jake grabbed her hips and licked her pussy making Hannah groan. He lustily lapped at her pussy.

“Suck his cock.” Andre commanded and she immediately took Jake’s cock in her mouth. He kneeled behind her lined up his onyx black shaft with her pink pussy lips. As he did that his low hanging, big hairy nutsack brushed against Jake’s forehead. The nutsack was still wet with Hannah’s saliva.

Even though Jake knew that something like this was going to happen, it still came as a shock. Never before he had ever been this close to another man’s genitals. He slightly adjusted his position and started licking his wife’s clit.

Andre rubbed his cockhead up and down her wet slit. Then he slowly inserted the black dick into the sopping wet pussy. Jake watched with fascination as the thick mushroomhead entered his wife’s pussy and the smooth foreskin got pulled back as charcoal black cockhead entered her pussy.. It was an erotic sight the way his wife’s pink pussy lips opened up and wrapped around the veiny, meaty black shaft. Slowly Andre pushed his dick inside her pussy until his hairy nutsack were hanging from her pussy lips.

Hannah groaned as her pussy was stuffed by the black dick again and she sucked on her husband’s cock. She slowly gyrated her hips as her husband licked her clit. The older black man started thrusting in and out of her pussy. His nutsack rubbed Jake’s forehead and nose as he built up a rhythm. The musky aroma of the black genitals filled his nostrils making him feel very disgusted and turned on at the same time.

Hannah moaned and grunted with every thrust of her black lover. She started grinding her pelvis on her husband’s face. Now as the black cock moved in and out of her pussy it rubbed Jake’s face. Smearing Hannah’s pussy juices over his face.Then Andre started pounding Hannah harder and his pelvis smacked more forcefully into her ass. With every hard thrust her body lunged forward a bit. But then reflexively Hannah would push back her ass to keep the black shaft buried inside her.

Due to this back and forth motion now the black dick and balls were now rubbing his lips and tongue. Jake simply could not avoid licking the underside of the black cock as he licked his wife’s clit. But at this present moment he did not care about this homosexual act. All he wanted to do was lick his wife’s clit and pussy. Pleasure his wife.

Hannah was moaning loudly as the black shaft plunged into the depths of her married pussy again and again. Suddenly the black dick popped out of pussy, making Hannah groan in disappointment. The dripping, wet shaft landed on Jake’s face with the bulbous cockhead right on his open lips. Jake was completely stunned and looked up at the older black man who was smirking at him.

“Put my dick back in your wife’s cunt…the fucking bitch wants it bad.” The older black man said authoritatively.

As if in a daze, Jake took the throbbing, meaty, thick black cock in his hand and inserted the cockhead inside his wife’s pussy. It was such a surreal thing that he handled another man’s erection in his hand. His wife’s reddened, engorged pussy lips opened up to take in thick black cockhead.

“That is good…you are a good husband…passing around your wife so that other men can use her as cum dump.” Andre said patronizingly as he grabbed her flaring hips for leverage. Deliberately thrust the entire length of his nine inch cock into Hannah’s pussy, eliciting a sharp gasp from her. Letting her husband’s cock fall from her mouth, she arched her back and pushed back her ass onto the black cock.

“Oh…ohhhh…fuck…fuck.” Hannah mumbled deliriously as the older black man thrust into her again and again. Each time more savagely. It hurt but it also felt good. Hannah desperately held onto her husband’s thighs and threw back her head as the monstrous black cock ravished her pussy.

Jack was completely mesmerized at the sight of thick, glistening black cock coming almost completely out and then burying inside his wife’s pussy again and again. He grabbed his cock stroking it while trying to lick his wife’s clit but again and again he ended up licking the black cock and the hairy black nut sack.

“That’s it Jake…that’s it…lick my cock and balls as I fuck your whore wife.” Andre hissed through labored breathing. He grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair, jerking her head back sharply as he kept pounding into her. A violent spasm wracked her body and she shrieked as an orgasm tore through her body. The older black man kept fucking her through her orgasm as her body writhed and she lewdly gyrated her hips. Andre kept fucking her at a frenzied pace. He wanted his release.

Hannah screamed as she came again. She dug her nails into her husband’s legs and her toes curled, body writhed as the orgasm coursed through her body. Andre also groaned and with a deep grunt jammed his cock deep inside her pussy. Keeping it completely buried in her, pushing her forward. Now the big, hairy balls were resting right on the open lips of Jake. He could feel them spasm as the black cock deposited black baby making seed deep inside his wife’s pussy.

Inexplicably without even thinking he opened his mouth and started licking and sucking the twitching, hairy, wrinkly black balls. “OH shit…oh fuck…damn…fucking faggot…suck on my hairy black nuts as I nut inside your slut wife.” The older black man groaned lustily. Never before he had experienced anything like this. It was just driving him crazy. Andre shuddered and his legs felt rubbery as Jake sucked on his balls. Almost finding it difficult to stay upright.

As her orgasm subsided a bit, Hannah took her husband’s hard, aching cock into her mouth. She started bobbing up and down his hard, throbbing cock. Jake was very turned on and did not last long. With a loud grunt, he started ejaculating inside his wife’s mouth.

Hannah tightly clamped her lips around her husband’s cock and hungrily started swallowing his warm, salty cum. She was very surprised when her husband’s cock did not soften even after he was done ejaculating. He was just too turned on.

Slowly the older black man withdrew his softening cock from Hannah’s pussy. As soon as he did that, mixture of cum and pussy juices leaked out of her pussy. Without any hesitation Jake grabbed her hips and pulled her down tightly. He clamped his mouth on her well used, sloppy, cum leaking pussy. Sticking his tongue deep inside the folds of her pussy.

“Oh god…oh god…fuck…babyeeee…yes eat me out, clean my pussy.” She moaned deliriously as her husband ate her out lustily. Hannah lewdly ground her pussy on her husband’s face as he lustily ate her freshly fucked pussy. Soon Hannah was in the throes of another orgasm due to his ministrations. Her whole body stiffened, her eyes rolled back as the orgasm coursed through her body. Jake just continued eating out her pussy, driving her crazy with intense sensations.

It was just too much for Hannah. “Stop honey…please stop I need a break.” She pleaded. Finally Jake let her get off his face. She laid down next to her husband panting hard, trying to catch her breath. Her entire body was quivering.

Andre was just amazed by the lewd and depraved actions of Jake. Slowly he got off the bed. “This is the best sex I have ever had…you two are just amazing. I am completely drained man.” He remarked as he stood up. “This is my only second time with a couple…and I have to say it is really hot fucking a wife in front of her husband.”

“Only your second time?” Jake questioned in a surprised tone as he sat up and got off the bed.

“Yep…we have picked up a lot of single women or wives who are alone…but this the second time only with a couple.” Andre said in a matter of fact way. “There are quite a few couples fantasize about doing this but very few kinky couples like you who actually go through this.” Both the men walked to the living area to retrieve their clothes.

“Wow…Mike made it sound as if he had done this quite a few times.” Jake said thoughtfully.

Andre chuckled and said, “He was lying to reel you in…I would have done the same man…your wife is hot.” He and Jake quickly put on their clothes. “And fuck man what you did with my balls as I was nutting in her pussy…damn that was something else.”

“Oh shit…I don’t what came over me, I am not gay or anything like that.” Jake responded defensively in an embarrassed tone.

“It’s cool man…just sex, things happen in the heat of the moment, I ain’t complaining at all.” The older black man gave a toothy grin. “Anyways…here is my contact information, feel free to get in touch if you guys want to get together again…your wife is one hot bitch, would love to fuck her again with some of my other friends.” He stated casually and then left.

Jake picked up his wife’s cheeky panties from the floor and went into the bedroom. She was sitting on the bed. Shyly she looked at her husband. He handed her the panties. “It is close to check out time honey…we should get going.” He said to her in subdued tone trying to act normal.

Standing up she said nervously, “I need to take a quick shower and change clothes…there is still time, I will be very quick.”

“There is no need Hannah…your dress looks fine…you are fine too, just need to fix your hair and wash your face.” He said to her lovingly and then embraced her.

“I reek of sex,…feel so dirty, fine I will shower at home.” She hugged her husband back. Jake lovingly took her face in his hand and kissed her. After kissing her husband, Hannah exclaimed, “Oh my god!…your face smells like my pussy, you need to wash your face Jake.”

“I kind of like the smell of it on my face.” He grinned.

“No…you cannot go home smelling this way.” She said in an embarrassed tone. “Please wash your face.”

“Okay fine since you insist I will wash my face.” He said to her playfully and went to wash his face.

Hannah put on her panties and went to the bathroom to fix her hair and wash her face. When she came back out, she was picture of perfection. She had applied light makeup and her hair was tied in high ponytail. And she had also sprayed some perfume on herself.

“You look amazing baby…looking at you no one can say that you just got fucked like a wanton hussy by a black man.” He said huskily as he lustily stared at her.

Hannah turned crimson hearing her husband’s statement. “Don’t say that Jake…it sounds so horrible.” She said in an ashamed tone. “Let’s get going…my parents must be wondering where we are, when I spoke to mom I told her that we were about to leave.” Mentioning her parents reminded her of what Jake and Andre had said about her father. It irked her.

“Jake what made you say those smutty things about my dad?…I know you two don’t really get along but that was wrong…my father maybe a racist and bigot but he does not lust after his own daughter.” Hannah said to Jake as he drove.

“Come on sweetheart, you know I am not making up things…you always know when someone is checking you out, you know your dad likes to run his eyes over you.” Jake told her honestly.

“Okay whatever…there is no need to talk about it.” She said dismissively. Deep down she knew that she was in denial. As she sat in the car trying really hard not to think anything, a little bit of cum leaked out of her pussy soaking wetting the gusset of her panties. Hannah tightly clenched her thighs as a tingle went down her spine. Finding it incredible that she was going home with another man’s baby making seed, a black man’s seed, leaking from her womanhood.

When they reached her parent’s house, Hannah’s father, Bill, opened the door and asked gruffly, “Where you two have been?” He seemed annoyed. “You were supposed to be here like two hours ago?”

“Sorry about that daddy.” Hannah responded quickly.

“It is my fault Bill…I was hungry and stopped to eat.” Jake interjected.

“God Jake…how can you be so inconsiderate…at least call and let us know.” Bill said harshly.

“Where are the boys dad?” Hannah asked, trying to divert her father’s attention.

“They were getting antsy, so your mom took them to the playground.” Bill informed.

“I will go and get them from the playground and then we can leave.” Jake said and left.

“I don’t understand what you saw in him?…you could have done much better.” Bill remarked as Hannah walked in and he shut the door. He admired his daughter’s ass visibly undulating under the dress.

“Stop it dad…for god sake we have been married for ten years now, it is done and I am pretty sure that no matter who I would have married, that man would have never been good enough for you.” She told him flatly. “I love Jake dad…he is the one for me.” Feeling the stickiness of another man’s cum between her thighs, Hannah felt very self-conscious saying these words.

“I know you love him but I was just saying you could have done better.” It was always a parting shot by Bill whenever he ended the argument about Jake. “Anyways how was your stay in the downtown?…Did you have fun? Did your husband make it special for you?” He asked pointedly.

“Yes dad I had fun…Jake made it very special.” She blurted out defensively without even thinking. Again she felt very self-conscious. “He bought me this necklace.” She pointed to the heart shaped pendant in her attempt to divert her mind. But inadvertently ended up drawing her father’s gaze to the soft swells of her breast visible above the neckline of her dress.

Bill could not help but stare. Tearing his eyes away, he looked up at her and their gaze met. Both of them stared at each other awkwardly for a moment. “That is a very nice necklace.” Bill said uncomfortably.

Turning away, Hannah said, “Thanks dad.” Her pulse quickened.

“Yeah…any how Happy Anniversary…I know that was mean of me not congratulating you yesterday.” He was feeling very guilty at being caught staring. “So what number anniversary was one?” He asked jokingly trying to lighten the situation.

“Come on dad…you know it.” She said raising her eyebrows.

“I know…just kidding…Happy Tenth Wedding anniversary! Now give your old man a hug.” Smiling widely he opened his arms. Turning around Hannah reluctantly stepped up to her father letting him envelope in his arms. As he hugged her tightly, he smelled her perfume and some other smell. His cock stirred at the knowledge that his daughter had the smell of sex. His daughter had come there right after having sex. She was late because she was getting fucked.

So many times he had envisioned how his gorgeous daughter let a man fuck her. Did she spread open her, long, toned, creamy legs or get down on her hands and knees like a bitch so that a man could mount her like an animal? How many guys have fucked her? How many cocks she has sucked? Does she swallow? Does she keep her pussy shaved for her lover? All these questions again came rushing through his mind and his cock hardened. He moved his hands down her back, caressing her. His hands coming to a stop right at the upper slope of her ass.

Feeling her father’s hard cock on her abdomen, goosebumps formed on her arms. Hannah could not believe that this was happening. Pretending that she had not noticed her father’s arousal or where his hands were, she said in a nonchalant tone, “Dad…I am thirsty…you have any diet coke?”

“Ah yes…we have some.” He said awkwardly as he removed his arms from around his daughter. He mentally cursed himself for losing it. He had always been so careful.

Hannah walked away towards the kitchen and she could feel her father’s eyes on her behind. Her heart was beating wildly. She felt disgusted by her father’s actions. But also a little bit of thrilled. “Do you want me to get you anything to drink?” She asked from the kitchen.

“No I am good.” He responded and went to the kitchen. “So I bet you guys went to an Italian restaurant for dinner.” He said with grin as he leaned over the kitchen island. He wanted to continue the conversation to show that nothing was amiss.

“Yes we did.” She responded while taking a sip of diet coke. Hannah also leaned over the kitchen island on the other side.

“So how was the restaurant? How was the food?”

“Food was pretty good…restaurant was nice, had a nice bar.” As soon as she said that her voice noticeably tightened and she nervously took a sip of the coke.

“What was that?…was everything okay at the restaurant?” He asked curiously.

Even though she could have easily made up anything to satisfy her father’s curiosity. However she was having a strong urge to tell him something involving her and black men. “Yeah…everything was fine…it is just we were at the bar and Jake went to the restroom…well seeing me alone couple of men hit on me, black men.” She felt very naughty telling this lie to her father.

“What?…fucking niggers, these coons see a pretty white girl and just start drooling. All they want is to defile good white girls, fucking animals.” He spat out angrily with malice. Despite how prejudiced he was about black people, a thought popped into his mind of his gorgeous, blonde daughter having sex with a black man. He was shocked by the depraved thought that had popped in his mind. And then more thoughts cascaded through his mind without even trying to consciously think. An image of his daughter spreading open her luscious creamy legs for a black man formed in his mind. His daughter sucking a black dick. His cock hardened again. He wondered if his daughter ever have been with a black man.

“So what did these two niggers say to you?” He felt his throat dry up as he inquired.

Hannah immediately noticed the change in the tone of his voice. She could not believe that her racist father was actually turned on. “Well you know…bought me a drink, told me how pretty I look.” She responded in an unsure tone.

“So how long did Jake was gone? Was the bar crowded?”

“Maybe like…ummm twenty minutes and the bar was pretty crowded”

“Okay…so what were you wearing?”

“Dad why you asking that?” She asked with an annoyed tone.

“Just wanted to know…wondered if they got any ideas by what you were wearing.” He said sheepishly. In actuality he wanted to know so that he could envision what happened.

“I was not wearing anything slutty dad…just a nice dress with heels…a little shorter than what I am wearing right now, a bit sexier.” She was enjoying teasing her dad.

“Were you sitting or standing when these two coons came up to you?”

“I was standing…kind of how I am standing right now, leaning on the bar at one corner of it.”

“You know you are a very beautiful girl and when you wear a hot dress, showing off your attractive long legs, sticking out that ass of yours at a bar…you are bound to attract attention.” As he was talking, Bill walked around the kitchen island and stood behind Hannah. She glanced back at him. Their eyes met and they held each other’s gaze for a few moments and then Hannah turned her face away with her heart pounding inside her chest. Looking at her handsome father she realized that Mike kind of looked like him. Did she let Mike to chat her up because subconsciously she was thinking of her father, she wondered.

“Yes you are right about that.” She said and took sip of her coke.

“So when they came up to you while you were standing like this…did these two niggers put their hand on you?…what else did they say?”

“I told them I was waiting for Jake but they insisted on giving me company while I waited…one them put his hand on the small of my back as he sweet talked me…his hand kept caressing my lower back, moving around.” It was exciting for Hannah telling this tale to her father. Teasing him, riling him up.

Suddenly she flinched involuntarily as her father put his hand on the small of her back. “That coon put his hand here.” Bill’s breathing had turned uneven. He moved his hand lower feeling the waistband of his daughter’s panties. “He must have been trying to feel your panties, were you wearing panties?”

“Yes daddy, I was wearing panties.”

“What kind panties?” Bill asked as his went lower and he cupped his daughter’s ass cheek.

Hannah breathed in sharply as her father squeezed her ass, she groaned softly.”Daddy!…I was wearing a thong…”

“Naughty panties barely covers anything…so you let a nigger grope you in a crowded bar, squeeze your ass, did the nigger like the flimsy panties you were wearing?” Bill cupped her other ass cheek and squeezed it.

“Yes, he liked the panties I was wearing and my ass.” She said huskily.

“What was the other nigger doing while you were getting felt up by this friend?”

“He grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch…he was erect, I felt him up through his pants, his hard black cock, his big balls…he was pretty big.” Hannah said huskily. She could feel the wetness seep into the folds of her pussy.

“Damn it Hannah!…did you want to fuck those two niggers?…let those two animals take turns on you? Fucking you like a two bit whore?” He asked through clenched teeth. Bill was angry but also very turned on.

“No, I was just teasing them…then I saw Jake come towards me and told them…they immediately moved away.”

“I cannot believe it that my own daughter is turning into a nigger lover, a fucking mudshark.” Bill growled. At that moment they heard the front door open. Bill quickly moved away from Hannah and stood with his front pressed into the kitchen island. Hiding his erection.

Hannah straightened up and walked out of the kitchen with her heart beating wildly.

“Mom…Mom…” Called out her younger son. Both the boys hugged their mother and starting tell her what they had been doing. They remained at her parent’s house for a little bit. Hannah’s mom wanted to talk to her about doing some volunteer work at the church. She completely ignored her father and kept a distance from him. She also barely talked to Jake.

After getting home, the first thing Hannah did was to take a shower. The whole day at home Jake and Hannah barely spoke to each other. Only talked to each other when it was absolutely necessary. Mostly kept to themselves or just busy with the kids.

Jake was feeling very ashamed remembering that he had licked another man’s cock, sucked another man’s testicles. He found it unbelievable that he did that. It was a homosexual act. His mind was consumed with regret. No matter how hard he tried to not to think about it, again and again it kept popping in his head.

After putting the kids to bed, as they got ready to go to bed, Jake said to Hannah, “Hey…you know I am sorry about the stuff I said to you about your father…I shouldn’t have drawn any conclusions like that.” He was really hating this tension between them.

“There is no need for you to apologize…you were right, I just have been in denial.” She said in a sad tone. “I have to tell you something Jake…I did something stupid today.” Hannah told him everything that happened with her father after he left to get the kids from the playground. “I acted like a complete idiot…I don’t know what came over…just started lying to him, trying to rile him up and now our relationship is changed forever, it is so wrong.” She said with regret.

Jake was completely taken aback hearing about his wife’s actions. “Why did you lie to him like that?”

“I really don’t know…I guess I just was curious how will react hearing about me and a black man…god he was so angry but also very turned on at the same time.” She was remembering her father’s reaction. “What about you?…why have you been so pensive since we got home?” She inquired.

“Oh…umm…nothing…just so much has happened.” He sounded very unsettled.

“Don’t do that baby…you know you can tell me anything…are you regretting what happened?” She asked with concern.

“No it is not that honey…I don’t what to say…I feel kind of very weirded out by what I did.” He said reluctantly.

“Oh…it is about when you were under me as Andre had sex with me.” She said bashfully. “Don’t think about that…I know honey you are not less of a man just because you licked a cock…it was just in the heat of the moment.” She assured him.

“God I just feel so…so…so strange…you know I also licked his testicles, actually sucked on his balls as he was cumming inside of you and the more I think about it…it seems to me that I really wanted to do it in that moment, I liked doing it…I have never felt any attraction towards another man but in that moment…” He sounded very embarrassed and confused.

“Oh my god…you did that!…you know I found it to be very hot that you were under me while another man had sex with me, licking me…licking the cock that was plunging inside me, in fact I actually wished that you would suck on that cock and balls.” Hannah seemed very animated. “Shit I am so twisted…we are so twisted and deviant Jake.” She hugged her husband tightly as her body trembled involuntarily

“Yes we are.” Jake hugged her back.

“I should not have teased my father…lied to him.” She said in a quavering voice.

“But since you did that now you know that even though he is a bigot, he gets turned on hearing about his daughter being a nigger lover…and he lusts after his daughter” Jake said huskily as his cock hardened.

“Oh my god!…Jake don’t say that.” She recoiled back in shock. “That is really…really wrong…I cannot have sex with my dad…it is incest.”

“Hey Hannah…baby…I am not asking you to have sex with your father.” He said soothingly and pulled her back into his arms. “I am just saying that you know NOW that your father is a pervert…he gets a hardon for you.” Thinking about his wife spreading her legs for her own father was really arousing to Jake. “Your father wants to fuck you, ravish you like Mike did.” Knowingly he reminded Hannah of Mike. At the same time he lowered his hand cupping his wife’s ass over the knit chemise nightgown and pulled her against himself.

“You really have a degenerate mind.” She said softly. Her breathing had changed. She understood right away that her husband was trying push her buttons by reminding her of Mike. Her pussy tingled at the thought of letting her father fuck her.

“I do baby…I cannot help it.” He kissed her hard. Then he took off her chemise, leaving her just in bikini panties. Jake groaned seeing the bite marks, hickeys on her wife’s breasts and there still some finger imprints on her creamy breasts. “Fuck baby…they got really rough, marked you up good.” He said hoarsely. Hannah just stared at her husband biting her lower lip, her chest heaving.

Bending down he kissed her breasts, sucking on her small, hard pink nipples making her moan. Then he took off her panties, she was soaking wet. She laid down on the bed on her back. Spreading open her legs for her husband.

“Damn baby this good…this how your daddy wants to see you…his baby girl welcoming him with open legs.” Jake said as he got on the bed between her open legs.

“Oh Jake baby…don’t say that…that is fucking wrong…just make love to me baby.” She pleaded. Jake ate out his wife’s pussy and then made soft sensual love to her.

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