Sail to Despair


It was another fine day for sailing, with fourteen knots on the beam, slight seas, and the warm tropical air with just a hint of the heady humidity of the approaching Wet season, SV Interlude, a Mottle 33, was reaching along with a comfortable six and a half knots on the log. They were now approximately halfway to the archipelago – still some three hundred nautical miles away – perhaps another three days if the projected forecast of weather conditions remained stable.

And it would be almost perfect too for Interlude’s skipper, Ross, and his crew of one, Angela (who was also Ross’s lovely wife of over fifteen years) – except for their recent act of mercy…

Ross was at the helm once more, the time at the wheel gave him some solace – always had actually – but now even more so. He knew he probably didn’t really need to hand-steer – the auto-helm in these favourable conditions used little power – but helming was one of the fine pleasures of sailing – not to mention that his other favourite past-time whilst at sea, relaxing with a good book, was anything but ‘relaxing’ with their present company in close proximity.

“She’s a good-looking sort, matie…”

Here we go again, Ross thought, as he feigned a smile in the direction of the older man who was leaning back against the stainless-steel lifelines nearby, eating yet more of Interlude’s limited provisions – a can of tuna this time.

“Yep… I’m a lucky man alright, Nat… lucky indeed,” Ross said, almost gritting his teeth.

It must have been close to the tenth time in a little over 24 hours that Nat had commented on Angela’s attractiveness – and it was starting to wear thin.

“She’s got really nice hair, matie… really nice…Nice the way it’s all blowin’ back in the wind an’ all… Kinda free-lookin’… Yeah, you two are real lucky ta do this sorta thing when ya’s both young enough…” Nat scooped out some more tuna with his calloused fingers and dropped it into his gaping mouth. He chewed noisily for a moment as if in thought, and then he continued, “Wish I’d been lucky enough when I was younger… but nah… work commitments… Some of us have ta work, hey matie?”

Ross looked in the direction of Nat’s gaze once more. And regardless of the uncouth man’s almost lascivious comments, he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Angela as she lay facing the bow with her back against the starboard shrouds. She’d been there for a couple of hours now – holding a particular pose – head almost thrown back, allowing her long blonde hair to flow without its usual well-banded ponytail that normally restrained it all from knotting in the breeze.

Angela looked quite relaxed, resting partly on her elbows, and partly against the shrouds, her tanned legs were bare and open slightly, with one knee raised and positioned quite casually against Interlude’s cabin.

For a woman in her early forties, Ross could not fault how nice she looked in her black bikinis. It was the first time he had seen her wear them too – and although they looked fantastic on her, Ross thought they were quite cheeky in their present company.

At a glance, her bikini top looked to be a fairly basic triangular affair – except the bottom edges of the cups were not fixed to the back-strap in the usual manner, but free move – a bit like a drawstring on a bag or pyjama bottoms. The beauty of this was it allowed the wearer to bunch-up the material of the cups until they were mere strips if she so desired, or she could position them so they fitted her shape better…

Angela had them bunched-up about half way so they looked like little more than strips of single-layer lycra only a few centimetres wide – Ross had to admit that worn as such the top seemed to suit her smallish breasts quite perfectly – even if minimalist.

The bikini bottoms were of a low-waisted Brazilian cut with rakish curves that exposed a generous portion of her firm round buttocks. The cut in itself was daring to say the least, but the highlight of the garment’s design was the seam stitched into the fine material that ran from a vee in the waist-band at the front, to the middle of the band at the back – in effect, it looked like the bikini had been cut in half and then the left half restitched to the right half. When worn, the seam rode up neatly between Angela’s buttocks and if she wasn’t too careful, it also gave her an impressive camel-toe at the front – no doubt, something they were designed to do.

“The young fella’s doin’ a good job, I reckon, matie… I might go forward again… That’s what you sailors like ta call it, in’it? Forward?” Nat tossed the empty tuna can over the side, oblivious once again to Ross’s insistence in not doing so with their rubbish, “Yep, the lad’s a bloody good artist is all I can say… Gunna be a great portrait! Lucky coincidence your wife had all her arty stuff on board, hey!”

Lucky indeed – Angela was a total novice artist – something she’d only recently taken up. She’d brought her ‘arty stuff’ along as a first – determined to try a few seascapes along the way as a rewarding pastime during their passage north.

Ross took a deep breath and grimaced as he watched the shirtless-back of the heavily-tattooed wiry old man working his way forward toward where Angela lay posing for the young artist. Interlude was not a large vessel by any means and within a few steps Nat had come along side of Angela.

Ross gritted his teeth as he watched the old man rest a gnarly hand upon Angela’s bare shoulder in an all too familiar way like a caring friend might do – something Nat had now done several times since recovering sufficiently from his recent ordeal at sea.

The old man looked back at Ross briefly and smiled – and Ross shot him back a look as if to say, ‘Get your hand off my wife!’

Now if Ross’s look was meant as a sign of his disapproval, it appeared to have had absolutely nil effect upon the recalcitrant Nat. The old man now hesitated from stepping past Angela – and with his hand still resting upon her shoulder; he stooped over so his weathered face was quite close to hers and spoke softly to her as he began to draw small circles with the tips of his fingers over the front of her shoulder. Angela giggled a couple of times and shrugged her shoulders coyly as if he was tickling her – but he continued to talk to her whilst caressing her shoulder regardless… until the palm of his hand was resting on the lovely soft swelling of flesh, that in essence, was the upper part of her right breast.

Ross was beginning to fume with the older man’s familiarity and he watched his wife’s bikini-clad breasts heave slightly as she took a couple of deep breaths. As if it was a signal of compliance, Nat’s hand crept downward another centimetre or two – and then Angela giggled again and wriggled side to side as if attempting to shake his adventurous hand off. Her misguided efforts appeared to have a contrary effect, making her pert little breasts jut out even more as her bikini top slipped to one side.

Seconds ticked by as Ross stood tensely behind the wheel – he was ready to make a scene – he didn’t care at that moment how close the old bugger had been to dying a couple of days ago, he was stepping over the line!

And then as if almost on purpose, Angela raised her head once again to let her long hair flow back over her shoulders – effectively obscuring Ross’s view of what Nat was doing! Angela seemed to be looking down her body as she lent back on her elbows – while the old man, still leaning over her, continued to chat softly.

Ross could not see what he was doing, but in his mind’s eye he was almost certain the old man’s fingertips were working her top to one side – possibly drinking in the sight of one of her nipples… Perhaps he was flicking it with the tips of his fingers to draw it to erection… Perhaps!

Ross swallowed hard as he thought of his wife’s nipples – she had lovely nipples, without a doubt one of her best features, long and plump when hard and quite dark in colour…Almost as large as cherries and possibly twice as sweet…

Then Ross told himself he was being bloody-minded – as if his wife would allow such a thing to happen! Maybe he was getting paranoid; maybe it was the tropical sun and he needed some more water… Or maybe his long-dormant over-possessiveness was resurfacing after all these years?

Suddenly, as if to set his mind racing further, Angela let out a squeal and laughed, “Hey!”

Nat chuckled – a shrewd look on his face. As he straightened back up, Angela looked up at the old man pensively. Had Ross been a few metres closer, he would have detected an unspoken exchange between his wife and Nat, and wondered as to its significance.

Slipping his hand back up to Angela’s shoulder for support, Nat proceeded to make his way forward to where his young friend sat sketching. Nat took a small step just as the yacht lurched over the crest of a small wave and slightly off-balance, his bare foot came down between Angela’s partly opened thighs – almost without thinking, the brief contact caused her to open her legs wider so as to allow Nat a firmer foothold…

Once again, the old man took her reaction as some sort of compliance and he shuffled his foot backward until his heel made brief, but solid contact with the thin black-lycra covering her pudenda – slowly, he lifted his foot to continue forward, rubbing her momentarily as if his heel had an itch…

Angela felt herself blush at the man’s lewd contact – she wanted to believe that the initial contact had been accidental – but it was blatantly obvious to her that what followed was less than accidental. She wondered if she should have said something – you know, let him know that it was totally unacceptable behaviour – but his boldness had surprised her so much that her chance to react had passed – besides, she didn’t think anyone else noticed, so she decided to ignore it this time. If anything like it happened again, she was going to be ready!

Ross watched the old man sit next to Callum by the mast and pick up the sketch pad from the young man’s lap. The old man nodded appreciatively and looked back toward Ross.

“I’ll be fucked! You orta see this, ol’ matie,” Nat called back to Ross, “The kid’s brilliant! Amazing likeness of your gorgeous wife… she looks like a fuckin’ centrefold!”

Nat looked from Ross and back down to Angela – she avoided his scrutiny and let her head loll backwards, once again with her eyes closed, and she smiled wryly, as if somewhat embarrassed by his coarse compliment.

Nat noticed that her bikini top seemed to be slightly askew now and was only barely covering her otherwise perfectly erect nipples…

Whistling softly in appreciation, he savoured the sight of her near-nakedness – her slim waist was tanned and flat-looking and her thighs, smooth and firm, if anything, now lay open even more invitingly than moments ago…

Nat’s gaze drifted to her tiny black bikini bottoms that his heel had rubbed against momentarily – the seam of the narrow strip of material was now wedged partway into her cleft and he noticed that a portion of her smooth outer-labia was quite visible on either side!

He could feel his cock harden at the sight of her – if Angela was aware of how wanton she looked to him at that moment, she feigned indifference to perfection!

It had been a long time since he’d had the pleasure of lying between the thighs of a woman – any woman! Angela was like a dream come true – and seven years in jail had done little to abate his lust for women!

Nat looked briefly at his young friend – a crooked smile upon his face – poor young kid shouldn’t have been in jail at all – culpable driving had given him a five year sentence – once the old hands in jail had started to hit on the handsome young man, it hadn’t taken much to convince him to escape with him during an afternoon of “privileged” road maintenance on one of the highways.

After being on the run for several days, they’d stolen a large boat from an unguarded marina. They’d planned on making it to the Spice Islands – only thing was, neither of them knew jack-shit about boats, and even less about navigation! Two days out they’d run aground on a reef and they’d taken to the dinghy – three days later – both nearly dead from dehydration, they’d been rescued by Interlude…

Their recovery had been nothing short of amazing – of course, neither Ross nor Angela knew the pair of them were escaped prisoners – but they did think the pair’s lack of seamanship was rather odd to say the least.

Nat now looked back at the partially completed portrait – Callum actually had two he was working on – one was a full portrait of Angela as she lay in-situ; outlines and shading almost complete and quite accurate, but with one exception – Callum had taken some artistic licence and had completely omitted her bikini!

The second portrait was a far more detailed image of her from the waist up – here he’d captured her true essence magnificently; her long blonde ringlets framed her features perfectly; her eyes looked serene and her full lips appeared to have a beckoning gloss to them. And his careful shading accentuated the finely muscled definition of her neck and shoulders – the effect was so lifelike that it could have been a black and white photographic image!

But once again there was an exception – Callum had completely omitted her bikini top – even as small as it was! Instead, he had only partially completed her breasts – the shape and size looked quite right of course, but the detail compared to the rest of the image was sadly lacking – his impression of her nipples and areoles were represented by no more than a few very faint outlines…

Of course, the missing detail wasn’t lost on Nat and he was keen to see if he could help rectify the problem.

“Hey matie, I hope ya don’t mind me sayin’ so… But it looks ta me that Angie ‘ere needs ta show her titties proper for young Callum ‘ere to capture her full beauty for real!” Nat stated, while smiling sardonically.

Nat looked back down at Angela and although she appeared to be oblivious to his ribald remark, with her eyes still closed – he noticed her smile briefly. For fuck’sake she was a horny-looking bitch, he thought to himself.

“Unlikely, Nat, very unlikely!” Ross called back, trying to act blasé.

“Hey, don’cha go all Capt’n Bligh on us now! ‘Ave a bit a fun matie! Be a ball-tearer of a portrait then, hey,” Nat sniffed, “An’ I reckon she wouldn’t mind too much… Hey, Angie, ya keen for it?”

Ross gripped the wheel firmly – the old man was testing his patience once again! But he didn’t want to show him that his comments were really bugging him – he didn’t want to appear that he was a stick-in-the-mud – but most of all, he didn’t want to let his jealous, possessive side rear its ugly head to his wife once again! God knows their early years together were fraught with one fight after another because of his sometimes extreme jealousy over her if she had so much as talked to another man at a party – or worse – if she had actually danced with one!

“Well, Angie, my little blonde-bombshell?” Nat pushed again, “Whaddayareckon? ‘Ave a look at Callum’s effort ‘ere,” he said as he carefully held up the second sketch for her to look at.

Angela lifted her head slowly and blinked a few times as she focused on the portrait held not more than half a metre from her, “Wow! It’s fantastic, Callum, you are a truly gifted young man! I only wish I could draw half as good!”

“Yeah, but what’s missin?” Nat asked.

“Umm… Well… Let me see… I’d say my bikini top?”

“Some’ve the detail, Angie, the detail!” Nat shot back, “Let ‘im get the fuckin’ detail finished properly an’ you’ll have a portrait worth framin’ me love.”

“Oh… I don’t know,” Angela said dreamily, running her tongue over her plump lips.

She continued to admire the partially finished portrait – it was exceptional, and to think the young man managed it all while perched on a yacht as it pitched and rolled as they sailed along at six knots or so. With every other aspect of the portrait so incredibly accurate, it was somewhat unfortunate that the missing detail of her breasts made the image look quite unfinished.

“Um… Callum, just how long do you think you’d need to… you know… to finish the missing bits?” Angela asked pensively.

Vanity prevailed!

Callum pondered for a moment, “Orr… I reckon ’bout half an hour or so, I guess.”

“Half an hour? Um… well… okay, I guess. I don’t mind too much… But I think the final call is up to Ross…”

“Hey Roscoe, your call, matie, your call?”

Ross gritted his teeth and exhaled – Angela often sunbaked topless when they sailed alone and he had to admit that he loved it then. And then there’d been a couple of rare occasions on holidays that it had happened too, like over in Thailand recently she’d gone topless a few times. Of course, there were other couples there that were just as uninhibited, so he hadn’t minded too much – not even when the handsome young pool boys brought their drinks over and smiled down at her and cheekily offered to “give pretty lady nice massage”.

So was this any different, he asked himself? He tried to be cool about it…

“Up to you, Ange, up to you really… It’s your body…” Ross said, effectively capitulating.

Angela looked back over her shoulder to her husband and smiled, “They’re only boobs, Ross… Not like I’m going to be completely naked or anything.”

Turning back to Nat she looked him in the eye, “Now if I do this, no blatant ogling, you old bugger, okay?”

Nat raised his bushy eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, ‘who me? I’m innocent.’

“This is for ‘arts sake’ okay? Not for your personal viewing pleasure, Nat,” she stated, “And I don’t think you should hang around watching either… I don’t think I can trust you!” she said to him as she pursed her lips and pulled a face in mock admonition.

“Aw Angie, they’re ‘only boobs’ aren’t they?” Nat said sarcastically, “No matter… I’ll go back if ya don’t want me admirin’ ya beauty a little longer.”

Looking a bit slighted, Nat went to step past her again just as Angela reached for one of the shrouds to help pull herself up into a sitting position…

“Hang on a second,” she said as she reached behind her neck and pulled on the thin ties to her bikini top, undoing the bow easily, “Take this back for me so it doesn’t blow away.”

Nat stood looking down at her, his right hand also gripping the shroud for support, and his foot once again planted neatly between her parted thighs, “Yeah, sure.”

A puff caused the yacht to heel over a few degrees briefly just as Angela let the ties slip from her fingertips and the small garment clung tenaciously to her breasts for a few moments – the breeze holding it in place…

Nat watched her as she ran her hands behind her back to undo the other strap – her actions were perfunctory to say the least, like she’d done it a million times before. Then with one hand gripping the bikini top from the front, Angela successfully slipped the bow and pulled the tiny garment free and held it out for Nat to take from her.

Nat couldn’t help but chuckle when her breasts came into view – lovely as they were – almost as tanned as the rest of her, with barely a noticeable tan line anywhere – and her brown nipples looked to be growing larger by the second! He would only have to move his knee about ten or fifteen centimetres and he would be able to test their mettle…

“There ya go me boy… see if you can capture the beauty of those two tasty-looking mounds of flesh now hey,” Nat said, as he pocketed her bikini top ‘for safe keeping’.

“Okay Nat… Off you go please,” Angela said, as she looked up at the older man.

Nat stole another glance – and he felt his throat go dry – he had a sudden urge to grab the woman from behind her head and pull her face into his crotch! His cock was hard and he wanted her to feel it – he wanted to twist her long hair in his fingers and force his cock in past her sweet lips – and he wanted to fuck the horny-looking bitch’s face until his load shot down her throat!

“Nat!” Angela growled, as she looked up at the vacant look on the old man’s face while he continued to stare back down at her, “Nat…off you go please,” she said again, placing her right hand over her breasts in a belated attempt at modesty.

Nat grunted and shook his head as if waking from a trance, “Erm… yeah, okay… okay.”

Angela leaned toward the centre of the boat just as Nat stepped past her, his knee brushing against her shoulder lightly. Once he was behind her and back in the cockpit with her husband, Angela straightened back up and lowered her right hand – her breasts were now in full view of the young artist for the first time and a tingle of excitement fluttered in the pit of her stomach at her bold exposure to the handsome young man.

But even to Callum, Angela’s breasts looked divine! Although not large by any stretch of the imagination, what they lacked in size, they made up for in shape and obvious firmness. And with her resting back on her arms the two deliciously-rounded orbs barely sagged at all – and to think she was twenty years or more his senior too!

He gulped a couple of times as she sat posing, her back dead straight and her small hands resting on her thighs – she seemed to be purposely holding her shoulders back and taking deep breaths every few seconds as she slowly ran the glistening tip of her tongue over a part of her top lip…

And there was no denying it – there was something about Angela that he found increasingly attractive.

Snapping out of it, Callum looked back down at her breasts with an artistic eye and took in every detail – and as he studied her, he witnessed her brown nipples swell quite rapidly until they resembled large berries, possibly some fifteen millimetres in diameter and quite easily just as long! He noted they had a flattened appearance on the tips where they each had a small indent… And where they sat on her areoles, their diameter was smaller – they were just begging to be plucked – or so he thought to himself!

He was going to enjoy adding the detail to his sketch.

“Ah, Angela… would you mind taking up the pose again please?” Callum asked her huskily.

Angela smiled at the youth and lent back again to resume her former posture – only this time as she drew her knees up, she relaxed and let her right knee fall to one side…

“Is this okay?” Angela asked demurely.

Callum blinked a couple of times involuntarily as he looked over at his subject – from what he could see now he was more that satisfied that he could finish not only the upper body portrait, but because of the way in which her bikini bottoms had now ridden up her cleft, the full-length sketch was going to benefit from some added detail too!

* * *

Well-over an hour later Angela finally rose from posing and turned to face her husband who was laying back reading a book – the autopilot engaged. She was thankful that the old perve Nat was nowhere to be seen – it would appear that he’d lost interest in what was going on upon the foredeck and had gone down below to sleep.

“Hey Honey, he’s finished!” Angela called out as she made her way back to the cockpit.

Ross looked up at his wife and smiled – she looked so at ease standing there topless in front of him that he said nothing to the contrary.

“Gee those bottoms are a bit on the rude side, Ange!” Ross commented.

“I know! I think they might actually be a bit too small… maybe?” Angela whispered incredulously, as she peered down at them, pulling a face of mock alarm, “They keep riding up… I think you can pretty much see my lips!”

Ross rolled his eyes and shook his head – she was quite right of course – there was more than just a glimpse of her hairless and noticeably-puffy outer-labia peeking out from the bikini!

“So how’d the young fellow go then?”

“Oh… I guess he could see it all too!” she sighed, shaking her head and rolling her eyes skyward as she attempted to draw the minuscule garment back over her pudenda.

“Hmmm… Right… No, I meant with the portrait?”

As if on cue, Callum stepped into the cockpit and sat down. He looked pooped – windblown, sunburnt and thirsty.

Angela smiled at Callum and quickly stood next to him, sidling up close to the youth and resting her arm casually upon his bare shoulder – she’d made no attempt to cover her breasts and there was an unmistakable look of almost motherly adoration as Callum offered Ross the large sketchpad.

“Crikey! This is bloody brilliant young man!” Ross cried out as he looked at the close up image of his wife, “And it is definitely good enough to have professionally framed!”

Ross carefully folded back the pad and looked down at the second image – the full-length portrait.

“Shit mate, amazing stuff… Not too sure I’ll be able to put this up on the wall at home though,” Ross said, “Pretty much erotica isn’t it?”

Callum had of course completed it as a nude as he’d intended – he’d managed to capture Angela in a different light to that of the topless portrait – that is to say, in the full-length image, Angela’s pose looked as if she was about to receive a lover – her lips were slightly parted and her eyes looked directly at you in a sultry manner.

But it was the detail of her nudity that was even more magnificent…

Not only had Callum taken artistic licence in omitting her bikini bottoms, but he had drawn her legs so that her knees were raised and spread apart, her small feet appeared to be resting so that her soles faced one another and your eye was drawn inexplicably to her engorged pudenda that seemed to beckon a waiting lover.

Ross looked at the full-nude in awe – the detail of Angela’s hairless vulva was almost picture-perfect. Again some artistic licence showed her inner labia to be larger than what they actually were, and he could just make out what he took to be her clitoral hood peeled back and her nub of erectile tissue almost beckoning to be touched – it too was a little more pronounced than in reality. And he’d drawn her mons veneris without a hair on it, when in actual fact she had a very small strip of manicured pubic hair there, no wider than her ring finger…

In Ross’s mind, the youth had captured Angela’s inner beauty in the more tasteful upper-body portrait – and even though he had managed a perfect rendition of her breasts and nipples, he was serious about wanting to frame it for his study wall.

On the other hand – the full-frontal was something a young man may masturbate over.

Ross closed the large sketchpad and looked back at Callum, “Yep, very nice job, Callum, very nice indeed… thankyou.”

Angela seemed to be leaning against the young man now, and his right arm was around her waist and resting on her hip with his thumb hooked into the narrow band of her bikini. Her bikini had shifted again – and if she wasn’t oblivious to it, she was certainly nonchalant that her groin was now mere centimetres away from the side of the young man’s face…

If he turned his head toward her, his nose would have just about touched what he had so carefully drawn minus the bikini!

“Honey, perhaps you should wrap your sarong around you now?” Ross suggested, as he handed the sketchpad back to Callum, “I think your modelling is over now, don’t you think?”

“Oh Ross, what’s it matter now? Seriously?” Angela shot back defensively, narrowing her eyes and pouting with feigned petulance.

“I’ll be going forward to fix the anchor winch soon. Honey, I don’t think you should be back here like that for too much longer… Nat could stick his head back up at any minute!”

Angela knew Ross had a point of course, and almost begrudgingly, she broke from Callum’s grip and withdrew her sarong that was rolled up inside the port rope bag.

Callum watched her as she unravelled the sarong with her back to him – it was the first time he’d had a good look at Angela’s butt – and he noticed that her bikini afforded her about as much modesty from the rear as from the front.

Nice rounded bum, he thought, not skinny and flat like a young woman’s – no, Angela’s unblemished butt was full and provocatively shapely…

He took a few mental pictures of it, just as she wrapped the short, colourful sarong around her body just beneath her armpits. Callum vividly imagined sketching her while she knelt down with her bum in the air – minus her bikini of course. He could imagine her laying with her face on her arms as she pro-offered her naked butt to her lover as he moved in behind her – and he could clearly see her distended pudenda glistening with her juices in anticipation – her smooth flowering petals peeled back in all their glory – bright pink and beckoning – ready to draw in her lover’s long, thick shaft…

Yes, he’d like to sketch her like that, he smiled inwardly.

Angela turned back around toward him just as she finished tying the sarong. She smiled and shrugged her shoulders as if to say that her capitulation to her husband’s request seemed all a bit silly now.

Only moments from his own lewd thoughts of her, he smiled back with strained innocence – in his mind she now looked just as sexy in the cheap, partially transparent wrap as moments before… and he felt a growing fondness for the older woman.

“Ange, it’s going to be dark soon, you’ll be on the second watch at 2100 hours,” Ross said as he made his way forward with his small toolbox, “Maybe you should get some sleep.”

Angela watched her husband move down to the bow and clip on his harness as he sat down to work on the recalcitrant winch with his back to the stern.

Resting her hands on her hips, Angela wiggled her butt from side to side and softly mimicked her husband. “Put some clothes on… Get some sleep! Christ, Callum, anyone would think he was talking to a child!”

Callum chuckled, “You certainly don’t look like a child, Angela.”

“Thanks young man, I like you more and more,” she said with a lilting tone, “Perhaps you would like to keep me company this evening during my three hour watch?”

“Sure!” Callum said without hesitation, “But what would I have to do? I’m not much good with boats you know.”

“Oh, don’t worry Pet, Interlude practically sails herself!” Angela said as she stepped toward the companionway, “Autopilot on, we might have to trim the sails a few times and then pretty much just monitor our progress in the Log… Stuff like our speed, course and position every hour… Oh, and we keep a lookout for ships too… All pretty easy peasy!”

“No worries then Ange, I’ll look forward to it.”

“I’m getting something to eat and drink Pet, would you like something too? A beer and a sandwich maybe?”

“You’ve won me!” Callum exhaled sharply as he watched Angela disappear down below – yes, he was becoming truly smitten.

“Hey Callum, would you come up here for a bit please?” Ross called back, “I need you to hold something for me.”

Callum sighed – it was the last thing he wanted to do. “Yep, okay, coming!” he called out. He hopped up and stuck his head in the companionway opening, “Gotta help your husband, back soon.”

Angela smiled back at him, “Okie dokie, Sweetie. Careful the grouch doesn’t bite you!”

* * *

Nat had been sleeping on the leeward settee – the rattling in the galley had woken him and he tilted his head up and looked back toward the sound. Angela. He sniggered to himself as he watched her busy herself making sandwiches. She’d wrapped her sarong back around herself he noted – but this time it was up under her armpits like a dress, not like a skirt which was how he’d seen her in it before. The frilly edge of the material came to just below her buttocks – he wondered if she was still wearing the little black bikini under it.

“Gonna make me one too, Sugar?”

“Oh Christ! You gave me a fright, Nat, I thought you were asleep!”

“Yeah, was… You woke me ya noisy bitch!” he chuckled.

“Well, Nathaniel, if you talk to me like that again, I definitely won’t make you anything!”

“Nathaniel, hey? Smart-arse bitch, aren’t ya?” he said in a jesting tone, “Who told ya that? Fuckin’ young Callum the cocksucker, I bet?”

Nat swung his legs off the settee and stood up a little shakily – he still wasn’t quite used to the motion of the boat when he was down below – actually made him feel a little queasy at times.

He made audible chewing noises as he took a few steps to the galley. “Gis a look at one of them sangas, Luv,” he said as he came up behind Angela.

“Go away, Nat, wait until I’m finished would you!” Angela growled as he reached around her to grab one of the ham and pickle sandwiches.

Nat stood close behind her as he stuffed the sandwich in his mouth, “Where’re the other two?”

“They’re on the foredeck working on the anchor winch,” Angela stated.

The galley was to port, so that whilst they were on starboard tack, it was to leeward – Angela could sense the old man slowly moving closer to her with the motion of Interlude until he was actually pressing against her from behind.

“Nathanial, would you please give me some room, I’m trying to make sandwiches here!”

“Orr fuck orf, Angie, let an ol’ fella rest a minute would ya?” Nat said, making no attempt to move away as he finished his sandwich.

“So how’d the young fella go with ya picture? All done? Get the details of ya pretty titties okay?”

“Yes, he did a good job, Nat, now please give me some room!”

“I wouldn’t mind havin’ another peek at your titties, Luv… Reckon it’ll be okay?” Nat asked gruffly as he placed his hands around her slim waist.

“Nat, cut it out, please!” Angela growled with a tone of increasing annoyance.

“Tell ya what, even better than a look, lemme ‘ave a feel of them puppies instead,” he whispered into her ear as his hands crept around the front of her waist and began to move up her stomach toward her breasts.

“You dirty old bastard, get your hands off me!” Angela cried a little louder as she dropped the breadknife and tried to force his hands away with hers.

“Listen, if ya raise ya fucken voice again, I’m gonna smack ya in that pretty gob of yours!” Nat threatened venomously, “And if you wanna scream an’ carry on and that fuckin’ dickless ‘usband of yours comes back ‘ere to check out what all the commotion is about, he might just find ‘imself swimmin’ with the sharks with a spear outta his own spear-gun stuck in ‘is guts! Ya got me loud an’ clear?”

Angela froze on the spot – suddenly petrified! He seemed to have changed in an instant – was he a total lunatic or something, she wondered? Her heart racing, a dozen flight or fight scenarios went thru her head – the serrated breadknife was now on the sole of the galley by her feet – a small paring knife was within reach but she wasn’t confident that she would be able to inflict much of an injury with it on the fit, wiry old man. And if she screamed for Ross, maybe he would carry out his threat – armed with the small spear-gun he would certainly have the advantage…

Angela loosened her tenacious grip on Nat’s hands – what choice did she have at that moment, “Oh gawd, Nat, you’re incorrigible! Just a quick feel, alright?”

“That’s me girl,” Nat chuckled, a moderate tone returning to voice, “That’s me girl…”

Nat moved his hands upwards in one fluid motion – and Angela grimaced as she felt his gnarly fingers squeezing and rubbing her flesh thru the thin material of her sarong. He worked on her breasts with obvious relish for probably a minute or so – and all the time his face was close to hers as he sniffed her noisily, drawing in her scent and whispering his dirty thoughts.

“Okay, Nat, you’ve had your fun now… Let me go please,” Angela said clearly, trying to sound assertive.

“Fuck orf! I’m jus’ gettin’ started!” he whispered into her ear, “Ya feel that sticking in ya back don’t ya? That’s me ol’ fella… you’ve made me ‘ard as a fuckin’ rock!”

Angela could feel it too – and she closed her eyes at the horrible realisation of what the old man most likely intended on doing to her – her only hope was that either Callum or Ross came back unexpectedly and perhaps used a winch handle to knock the old bastard out before he could get to the spear-gun that lay next to the settee he’d been sleeping on!

“Why are you doing this to me, Nat? We’ve been good to you… We rescued you… You could have died out there had we not found you! Haven’t we treated you well? Why?”

“Coz you’re a fuckin’ cockteasin’ bitch aren’t ya… Gettin’ around in ya skimpy little bikini… Ya cunt just about hanging a sign out that says ‘fuck me boys!'” Nat growled caustically.

“Nat, that’s not true… Just because a woman dresses provocatively, it doesn’t mean she’s making herself available to any man with an erection!” she pleaded.

“Yeah, that’s what ya think, hey?”

Nat slipped a hand inside the overlap of her sarong and ran his hand over her quivering flesh until he found her nipple and Angela could feel the tears well-up in her eyes at the coarse touch of his fingers on her sensitive flesh…

“Oh gawd… Careful, Nat… you’re hurting me!” Angela cried as she felt her nipple being rolled and pulled between his thumb and fingers, just as his other hand edged down toward her stomach again.

“Nice, Angie… They look good… Feel good… And I’m guessin’ they taste fuckin’ good too!”

Angela stood trembling with her hands on the edge of the galley bench as the old man fondled her – resistance seemed futile at that moment – it was obvious to her that he was not going to be satisfied with playing with her breasts and when she felt his hand move down over her stomach, she knew what would be next…

Nat ran his fingers along the band of her bikini for several moments, savouring the moment of her capitulation – then he slid his fingers down the front of the tiny garment, feeling the seam where it divided her flesh – feeling the warmth and the dampness…

“Okay…Open ya fucken legs for me… Like ya did up on the deck earlier on when me foot was between ’em…” he growled into her ear, “Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about…”

Angela stood firm – but more like a rabbit caught in the beam of a hunter’s spotlight than in an act of defiance. So Nat forced a foot between her ankles and kicked her legs apart some thirty centimetres or so – now his fingers were able to peel aside her bikini and work her flesh open…

“Uuh… uuh… Please… not too rough… Nat…” Angela mewed, squirming from side to side and tensing up as he tried to insert one of his digits inside her vagina, “Owwa… You’re hurting… you’re hurting me… Uuh…Nat… stop it please… That’s enough!”

“Fuckin’ tight little cunt, hey? Might be a struggle to poke me big ol’ slug up there I reckon!”

Nat couldn’t wait any longer – he was going to find out if his cock fitted the bitch sooner rather than later! He quickly removed his hand from between her legs and reaching down with both hands – roughly, he pulled her bikini down to her ankles and lifted one of her feet out of it.

“Oh, please don’t do this Nat… Please don’t… Can’t we work something out? Maybe… maybe I can give you a hand job or something? Maybe… um, maybe I can let you play with my boobs whenever we’re alone? Maybe you’d like to suck on my nipples instead? I… I know you liked them… But please don’t… please don’t rape me….”

Nat said nothing – he merely undid his board-shorts and released his long, thick cock – it had been quite a long time…

Angela felt powerless as he hurriedly manoeuvred her into position – pushing her in the small of her back, he bent her over the little galley bench and roughly pulled up her sarong. He chuckled lewdly as he ran his calloused fingers over her buttocks – his groping of her bare flesh made her skin crawl and at that moment she thought that she was going to be sick…

“Fucken nice arse, hey… No sag or ‘orrible pimples or anything… Round an’ plump enough, but ‘ard too…”

Nat squeezed and prised her flesh roughly, digging his thumbs and fingers into her orbs like he was kneading dough – pulling her cheeks apart from one another so her hairless little anus began to stretch open…

With her butt cheeks pulled apart, Nat lowered his face and dribbled some saliva on to her brown bud – he watched her sphincter contract as his spittle pooled in the crevice, and then relax again. Dribbling some more saliva onto it he chuckled as her sphincter contracted and relaxed once again…

“Nice arsehole too!” he said to her as he began to rub his saliva over her bum hole with his pointer-finger, “Would ya like ta ‘ave a stiff cock up there?”

“Nooo! Not that!” Angela sobbed, “Please… don’t… I… I don’t like anything up there…”

“Is that right?” Nat drawled sardonically, just as the tip of his finger slipped in past her tight ring.

“Orr… Please… not… not up my bottom…”

Nat chuckled again as he gradually worked his gnarly finger in past the second knuckle – withdrawing it slightly, he felt her sphincter relax – and then he jammed his finger back in as far as it would go…

“Ouch! Oooh gawd… gawd… umph… Nooo… not in there…” Angela cried, clenching her buttocks in a vain attempt to prevent his finger entering her again.

Nat leaned over her and whispered in her ear, “So you’d rather me ol’ cock slipped up ya puffy little cunt then would ya?” he asked, as he slowly moved his finger in and out of her anus.

“I’d… I’d rather you left me alone, you bastard!”

“Not an option… Arsehole or cunt… What’s it to be?”

Angela felt tears welling in her eyes as the old man fingered her bottom, “Not… Not my bottom… Please… It hurts… I… I don’t want you in my bottom…”

Nat chuckled lewdly once again as he belligerently felt around the inside of her rectum with the tip of his finger – relishing her discomfort as she squirmed from side to side while she groaned softly.

“Tell ya what, I’m gonna keep fingerin’ your arsehole until ya relax it some more… So the sooner ya loosin’ it up, the sooner I take me finger out!” he said, dribbling some more saliva down onto her anus and continuing to work her flesh.

Angela closed her tear-filled eyes and swallowed deeply as she willed her sphincter open – incredulously, the discomfort abated – but almost immediately, his fingering picked up pace in her now pliant hole… Soon a second finger was being forced inside of her.

“See… Not so bad, is it? Huh?” he grunted in her ear, “Reckon me cock’ll fit in there now!”

“Please nooo, Nat… umph… umph… You… you can screw me then… My pussy… Please, do my pussy… You’ll like it… ah… ahh… You will…”

“Will I just?”

Abruptly, Nat withdrew his fingers from her! The sudden vacuum made a popping sound like a child would make when flicking a finger out of their own mouth. He smiled at his handy work – her anus was now gaping open – seven years in the slammer had made him an expert at preparing the unwilling for anal sex!

But as tempting as it was, it was really pussy that he now craved – he’d just wanted to hear her capitulate – and when she did it gave him an immense feeling of power!

Reaching down, Nat gripped her left ankle and forced her foot over onto one of the companionway steps – opening up her trembling thighs.

Positioning himself between her thighs, he bent his knees slightly so his cock brushed against her smooth, glistening pudenda – then using his right hand, he gripped his shaft and rubbed his glans back and forth several times across her moist flesh – slowly working the lovely thickened lips of her labia apart…

Angela could feel not only the heat of his shaft pressing against her, but she could feel the size too!

“Nat… I think… I think you should finger me first a bit first… Don’t just push it in… I’m quite small…”

“I can tell ya gonna have a tight cunt…But ya also as wet as the sea out there!” Nat sniggered, “And I wanna feel that tightness give it up as me ol’ fella slips inta ya!”

Nat’s blood-engorged penis was not only quite long, but his unusually pointy knob flared back like a church bell and seemed quite out of proportion to his thickly-veined circumcised shaft – it was as if his cock had a snout – quite perfect for burrowing into tight holes…

Slowly he flexed his hips forward.

“Aw gawd… aw gawd… this can’t be happening… Please no… please no… gawd… uh… uh… oooh gawd… noooo…”

Nat watched the snout of his purple knob nuzzle in past the delicate folds of her inner-labia – he could feel her warmth drawing him in and he smiled to himself – seven years it had been, seven long years…

He released the grip on his shaft and once more worked the round orbs of her buttocks apart – and then he flexed his hips forward again until her inner-labia appeared to retreat inside of her as they stretched around the fullness of his knob…

Nat could feel the resistance of her entrance – and he applied more pressure, slowly rotating his hips to burrow the eager snout of his penis inside of her, further and further…

And just at that magical moment when his knob finally popped past her hymeneal ring, Angela tensed-up, drawing a sharp breath and at the same time she threw her head back – and then she seemed to relax, letting out a soft mewing sound as she slowly exhaled.

“Ya like Nat’s fat knob hey?” he sniggered as he withdrew partway and pushed back in slightly deeper.

“Umph… gawd…nooo…you bastard…” Angela grimaced, her head still thrown back.

“Tight little fucker, aren’t ya… Fucken bendin’ me ol’ fella a bit… Gotta work some more of that sweet juice outta ya darlin’ ‘ole…”

Nat withdrew almost completely, drawing her pink lips outward with the rim of his knob, and then he plunged inside her again. He stopped with his cock a little over halfway in her and savoured the moment – the feeling was exquisite – he could almost feel the walls of her vagina caressing his sensitive glans…

He began to flex his hips back and forth – and after a few strokes it was as if a tap had been cracked open – his shaft now glistened with her lubrication…

“Now that’s more like it Angie… ya gotta nice cunt ya know… Pretty damn tight for an ol’ married bitch tho… I’m guessing your ‘ubby ‘as a little pecker an’ me ol’ fella is the biggest you’ve ‘ad!”

“Haaa… don’t… don’t flatter yourself…” Angela gasped between strokes, “I’ve… I’ve had bigger…”

Nat cruelly thrust himself in as deep as he could go until the tip of his cock hit her cervical opening – and he held himself there.

Angela gasped at the sudden discomfort, “Oooh gawd…not too hard… Please, not too hard!”

“Had bigger huh?” Nat snarled, “Well, maybe ya ‘ave… Maybe not… But don’t matter a fuck ta me… Don’t reckon ya get ta feel a big cock in ya too often anyhow’s…”

“What… what’re you doing? Gawd… What’re you doing?” Angela asked as she felt him increase the pressure against her cervix again, “You’re hurting me… Ugh… gawd…stop it!”

Nat chuckled as he worked the snout of his knob against her cervical opening – hell; they were made for babies to pop out of, weren’t they? Surely a cock would fit in there at least partway! Nat had a bitch once way back before jail that used to love it – or so he remembered.

It was the oddest feeling Angela had ever experienced during sex – the discomfort, although still dominating her senses – had now gradually manifested itself to the point in which she knew she was going to orgasm at any moment!

“Arrh… arrh…aaah… pleeease stop… arrh… arrh… mmm… nooo…”

Nat had barely a centimetre of his shaft to go before he was in to the hilt – he was applying pressure gradually, easing a moment, and then applying pressure once more – and each time her cervix dilated some more…

Finally, he was in as far as he could go – the flared rim of his knob falling just short of breaching Angela’s cervical opening. And then he felt it – she started to shake beneath him as she let out a long guttural moan – and almost immediately he could feel her vaginal walls contracting around his motionless shaft…

“Mmmm… noooo…gawd noooo… You… you bastard… What… what did you just dooo tooo meeee…”

It was then that Nat noticed Angela’s hands were gripping him by his skinny buttocks and seemed to be pulling him against her as her vagina vigorously contracted around his shaft – he knew then that the horny bitch had just cum!

Moments passed without either moving or saying anything – Angela felt spent as the last vestige of her orgasm withered from within the pit of her stomach and she became aware of her hands still resting on Nat’s hips…

“Have you finished?” She asked him almost breathlessly.


“Please hurry… They’ll be looking for their sandwiches soon.”

“I’m gonna cum in ya…” Nat said to her, “Maybe even shoot a load straight in ya baby bag…” Nat said quizzically as he began to grind into her again, “How’s that grab ya?”

Angela said nothing.

Nat increased his tempo and with every thrust Angela would grunt softly – now seemingly quite resigned to her tormentor’s pending release within her…

And it didn’t take that much longer either – barely a minute.

“Aw fuck yeah! Uh huh! Fuck yeah! Ahh fuck yeah, that’s it!”

Angela screwed her face up as she felt the old man jab away once more at her cervix just as the flood of his hot semen began to fill her…

She closed her eyes again when his pulsating knob found its mark once more – still partially dilated, the discomfort this time was minimal. Thrusting his cock in deeply, he unloaded the final dregs of his semen directly into her cervix. Angela did not want to believe it of course – but for just a moment, there was a pleasantly-odd feeling that waxed and waned thru her loins as the old man’s penis throbbed within her… a feeling that intrigued her.

“Are you done now?” Angela asked as she lay there quite motionless.

“Done!” Nat grinned, “Done like a dinner! Fucken ‘A’ class root, Angie, nicest fucken pussy I’ve ‘ad in years!”

“Well, let me up please…”

Nat watched his withering slug slip from her engorged, slightly reddened pussy – a great dollop of thick white semen trickled from her and dripped onto the galley sole. He stepped back, allowing Angela to straighten up and turn around – she looked him in the eye for a moment without expression before she bent down to pick up her bikini bottoms.

“Nat…” Angela said as she stepped into her bikinis and slid them back up her legs, “no one is to know, okay?”

“What?” Nat sniggered, “You gonna let me get away with that without tellin’ ya ‘usband?”

“I… I don’t want any trouble,” Angela stammered softly, “I’ll get over it… Another day or so and you and Callum will be off at Banda or one of the other islands…”

Nat smiled, “Guess so… Was pretty good though, wasn’t it?”

Angela shrugged, trying to act nonchalant, “I’ve had better…”

“Is that right?”

Nat reached forward and placed his hand on her breast – squeezing it gently and tweaking her engorged nipple thru the thin sarong, “Ya fuckin’ cum tho didn’t ya?”

Angela felt herself flush and she looked down guiltily, “That was like a reflex action… quite involuntary… I… I didn’t enjoy it at all… You… you forced me remember…”

Angela looked him in the eye once again and swallowed – it had all happened so quickly – the whole thing had taken probably no more than five minutes or so. One moment she was innocently making sandwiches – and then almost the next, she was standing in the galley –her bikini bottoms soaked with Nat’s thick sperm oozing out of her as he fondled her breasts in an act of post-coital consideration!

“Forced ya hey? Didn’t take too much tho, did it?” he snarled contemptuously, “You know what? I reckon ya just a horny bitch that loves a bit a cock on the side… Probably figured on lettin’ the young fella slip ya a length sooner or later, hey? An’ who knows… maybe he still will!”

Angela said nothing – inwardly, she knew that part of what he said was true – there was no denying she felt an attraction for Callum. As for her being unfaithful – it had been two years since she’d let herself be ‘taken’ by another man – and coincidently that had been on a sailing adventure too…

Angela’s mind drifted back…

Ross and she had sailed Interlude to a remote island several days out of their home port – an island on which Ross had some native friends. One his friends, a former pearl-diver, had taken quite a fancy to Angela – and she was somewhat taken by him too. Angela had made a bet with him for an old pearl that hung around his neck – a rare black pearl. It was meant as a bit of a game, or so Angela had told herself at the time – a race to a special rock on a headland nearby. She felt she couldn’t loose as she’d a head start and had ‘cased’ what she thought was the shortest path there…

Angela smiled at the memory… If she lost, he was going to give her not one pearl, but six! The six that had been implanted along the length of his thick penis!

Her husband had conveniently fallen asleep next to the fire on the beach the evening of the race – of course; he was totally unaware of not only the race, but also of the bet between his friend and his wife.

She’d actually thought she had won the race too at first – until she took the last few steps toward the ‘special’ rock and discovered the black man waiting for her in the moonlight…

And he’d given her his six pearls that evening on the rock – the feeling of which Angela had dreamt of many times since…

“Hey, you alright?” Nat asked, slightly bewildered at her faraway expression.

Angela snapped back to the present and stared back at her tormentor as he fumbled with the sarong’s tie above her breasts, “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“Gonna take ya up on your offer earlier… Wanna taste ya ‘ard buds ‘ere.”

Angela stood motionless as her sarong fell open – the man scared her to say the least – and being stuck out in the middle of the Arafura Sea on a 33ft yacht with an intimidating madman was going to require careful diplomacy – both her and her husband’s survival could very well depend on how she now reacted.

Nat lowered his head and drew in one of her engorged nipples and suckled noisily for several moments before moving to her other nipple and doing the same…

“Fucksake! I’m gettin’ ‘ard again!” Nat mumbled as he nibbled on her flesh.

His hand went down to her bikini bottom and quickly peeled it to one side and then easily slipped two digits insider of her.

“Aaah… Come on Nat… that’s enough,” Angela hissed as he rapidly worked his fingers in and out of her vagina, “They’ll be here any minute looking for their lunch… Stop it please!”

“Yeah, jus’ a minute… Gonna slip me ol’ fella in ya again… Bit of encouragement…”

Almost in a daze, Angela was lifted up onto the small galley bench. She looked down Nat’s sinewy body and was surprised not only to see that he had a full erection once more, but was taken aback by the size of it! Not having been with too many men in her life, his cock looked far too big for his body – much bigger than Ross’s and very close in size to her island friend’s appendage – only Nat’s very unusually shaped knob looked even more menacing!

Nat pulled her buttocks to the very edge of the bench – the height was good.

“Lift ya legs up on the bench…” Nat ordered, “Yeah… that’s it… Now hold ya bikini ta one side for me… Yeah, show me ya gash… Nice!”

Angela swallowed deeply as he lined himself up, “I don’t believe this is happening… Gawd…”

She felt like she was caught in a bad dream – she was trying to run but nothing seemed to work – she wanted to push him away, but instead she was holding her bikini to one side, offering herself to him – she wanted to clench her strong vaginal muscles and prevent him from entering her, but oddly she found herself leaning back to make herself more accommodating – and she tried not to watch, but she was intrigued as his pointed knob began to slip inside of her…

“Just hurry would you… aaw… aaw… gawd… umph…” Angela grunted as he began to fuck her, “There… mmm… there you’ve had enough… Come on Nat!”

Angela was getting seriously anxious now, she could hear the mainsail luffing as the wind shifted slightly – it would be only a matter of moments before Ross would either come aft to re-trim the sails or he would call out for her to do it!

Nat seemed to pay little attention to her concern, he gripped her hips with a look of determination as he fucked her vigorously, “Fuck you’ve gotta nice cunt!”

“Angela!! What in the hell are you doing back there? Would you trim the sails please?” Ross bellowed from the bow.

“See, look I told you!” Angela said to Nat as she took some control, “You can finish later if we have an opportunity.”

Nat begrudgingly removed his slickened cock from within her and moved out of the way as she slid off the bench and retied her sarong.

“Our secret, Nat… No telling Callum, okay?”

“I was right,” he said, as she picked up the container of sandwiches and headed up the companionway steps.

Angela stepped out into the cockpit and looked back down at the craggy old man, an utter sense of relief washing over her, “Right? How so?”

“Ya love a bit of cock don’t ya…” he sniggered, “An’ I bet ya lookin’ forward to having Nat’s big ol’ slug tear ya up again and makin’ ya cum like ya did before… reflex an’ all!”

Angela ignored him – she turned and placed the container on the cockpit bench and picked up the winch handle to trim the genoa. A bit of fine adjustment on the mainsheet and Interlude was back up to speed.

Picking up the container once more, she stole a glance back down the companionway – Nat was still there looking up at her smugly. Angela ignored him again and stepped out of the cockpit and moved cautiously down the side deck to the bow. Ross looked up at her as she knelt down to pass him the box of sandwiches – reaching for a sandwich, she noticed he had winch grease smeared over his hands. Callum took a sandwich too and thanked her.

“How’s it going?” Angela asked.

“Slow… Would have been good to remove it completely and work on it down below, but the mounting bolts have seized,” Ross said, chewing on his sandwich, “Probably another hour I reckon…”

“That long?” Angela asked, “Do you need me for anything else?”

“Nah… should be okay… young Callum here is doing a good job holding stuff for me. Just fill in the log book on the hour tho please.”

“Alright… Um… I might have a sleep for an hour or so then… Get ready for my first watch this evening,” she said.

Angela turned to Callum and noticed him looking at her intently. “Are you still going to keep me company tonight?”

“Yep, sure Angela, sure! Looking forward to it!” Callum confirmed warmly.

“So what’s Nat doing, Ange?” Ross asked absently as he consumed another sandwich.

Angela felt her face flush at the mention of the old man’s name, “Erm… he was asleep on the settee… Made him some lunch too. Do you want him?”

Ross sniffed, “Nah… Leave him down there out of the way… Let me know if he gets annoying tho, Babe.”

“Uh huh… Will do…”

Angela made her way back to the cockpit with trepidation – her heart was racing and her legs felt like jelly as she sat on the port combing. Ross didn’t suspect a thing – of that she felt certain. But the way Callum had looked at her unnerved her somewhat – it was as if he had picked up that something was wrong; as if he knew her better than her own husband…

Angela hardened her resolve – she was going to go down below and lock herself in her cabin and sleep. Yes, that’s what she would do!

She looked down the companionway and could see Nat lying back on the port settee, exactly as he had been half an hour earlier when she’d gone to make lunch. Determined now, she quickly stepped down below without saying a word and made her way to the narrow passage that led to the ‘stateroom’ cabin in the stern of the boat.

She looked down at the small double bed that took up most of the cabin and she felt the tears well-up in her eyes. What on earth had she just let happen to her, she wondered?

Angela closed the cabin door behind her and took a step inside. Almost dreamlike, she removed her sarong, letting it drop on the floor. Next, she slipped her damp bikini bottoms down her thighs and stepped out of them. She then ran her hands over her naked body from her shoulders, down over her breasts and to her flat stomach – closing her eyes, she thought of the orgasm she had experienced earlier. She had not felt something like that since her native pearl-diver took his winnings two years ago – a memory that had all but consumed her at times…

Angela felt a wave of guilt wash over her – and she collapsed facedown onto her bed, close to tears.

The cabin door was unlocked.

She waited pensively…

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