Bunny Gets Inseminated


Bunny has always had more male friends than female. She just gets along better with them. When Bunny and Mr. B first met Mr. B got jealous a few times but eventually came to understand this about her. Her best friend, Cliff, was not the kind of guy friend that was likely to make another man jealous.

Cliff was kind of nerdy and kind of dopey and had an okay body; not fat, not skinny. He was an absolute sweetheart of a man and would do absolutely anything for Bunny. Mr. B asked her once if she realized Cliff had an insane crush on her and she laughed, assuring Mr. B that Cliff felt no such thing. Bunny and Cliff had known each other almost their entire lives. They had history. When Mr. B pressed, Bunny got irritated, telling him he was seeing things, telling him to stop making things up. Mr. B dropped it

Years later Bunny got an email from Cliff. He and his new girlfriend were coming to Vegas soon and would love to visit. Bunny was very excited and offered Cliff and his girlfriend, Janice, the guest room. Cliff accepted. Time flew by. Finally the weekend arrived and Bunny and Mr. B picked them up at the airport and brought them back to the house. They all enjoyed great food and great drink and everybody talking and having fun. The night wore on. Eventually the party began to wind down and Bunny showed Cliff and Janice to the guest room. Janice thanked her and said goodnight. She was exhausted after a long day and needed sleep.

Once downstairs and ready for bed, Bunny noticed she had not taken the new guest towels upstairs. She rose to do it but Mr. B said stay in bed. I’m still dressed so I’ll do it, and left with the towels.

As Mr. B approached the guestroom door, he heard the bed squeaking. The door was not fully closed so he risked a peek in. Cliff had Janice face down and ass up and was slowly pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. Mr. B watched a few seconds and was about to leave when Cliff withdrew his cock from Janice and told her to turn over. Mr. B was shocked. You never can tell about people, he thought.

Arching up from Clifford’s hips was a spear, a rhinoceros horn, a ten inch missile of man-flesh, thicker than Mr. B’s wrist. Meek, nerdy little Cliff, pondered Mr. B. I wonder if Bunny knows. As Mr. B watched a little longer Cliff reached into his bag and withdrew a condom which he rolled down the length of his cock. Back into Janice it went and soon Cliff tensed and convulsed and filled the condom with his seed. When he withdrew Mr. B was in for his second shock of the night. The reservoir at the tip was bursting with semen! Good lord, thought Mr. B. That is insane! There must be at least two or three shot glasses full of cum. Cliff is a baby making factory.

Clifford carefully removed the condom so as not to spill any on the guest sheets and placed it in the trash can by the door. Janice said good night and they kissed and Cliff turned out the light. Mr. B did not dare move. In just a minute or two he heard them both breathing deep and soundly. Without fully understanding why he did it, Mr. B reached into the room and withdrew the condom, also taking care not to spill any. Then he went to the guest bathroom and left the towels on the counter where they would find them in the morning. He returned to Bunny.

“What the hell happened to you?” she asked. “Were they still awake? Were you talking to them?”

Mr. B considered how much of the story he should tell her. Although she knew he loved to dress her sexy and always encouraged her to flirt, he had never come out and actually articulated his fantasies. He wasn’t even fully comfortable with them himself. He would have a hard time explaining why he had a condom half filled with jizz. He decided to go for it.

“I saw Cliff fucking Janice and I stayed and watched.”

Bunny’s jaw dropped open. “What the fuck are you talking about? You actually watched them fuck? Did they invite you in or did you spy on our guests?”

“I spied.”

“What? Why? Why would you do that? Do you think Janice is hot or something?”

“No Baby, it’s not that at all. I was going to back away but then I saw Cliff’s…penis…and I had to stay.”

He knew as soon as it left his mouth it sounded wrong.

Bunny stared at him, confused and worried and waiting. Mr. B continued, explaining how big Cliff was and how that made it kind of hot. Bunny was looking at him like she didn’t believe a word he was saying.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe anything I told you about Cliff, so I brought proof,’ and held up the condom in the light. For two seconds Bunny didn’t understand. Then her eyes grew huge.

“Oh my God…is that what I think it is?” Mr. B nodded. Bunny reached up to touch it, astonished at the sheer volume.

“I thought you’d be disgusted. If not with the condom then at least with me.”

“I was for a split second, it’s true, but then I realized that’s Clifford. Sweet, nerdy little Clifford, just in liquid form. I doubt I’d be so agreeable if you brought me a condom full of some stranger’s semen.”

As she was talking she continued to poke and lift the bag. “There’s so much,” she said. “Could you see his balls too? Were they big? Jesus, that’s like ten times the amount of cum you make. He did all this in one orgasm?”

Mr. B watched her mind work. As she touched the condom, rubbing the slick outside and hefting the weight of it, Mr. B grew slowly aroused. Bunny saw his growing erection and raised an eyebrow. “What now?” she asked.

Mr. B fidgeted, fishing for the right way to say it. Eventually he realized there was no right way and just blurted it out; “I fantasize about other men fucking you.”

Bunny was stunned. They talked in fits and starts for the next thirty minutes as Mr. B confessed his darkest thoughts. Bunny did not understand at all and thought he was trying to find a way to have sex with other women by allowing her to have sex with other men. It took him a while to convince her how wrong that idea was. Finally she began to understand. It would be years before she fully embraced the idea but Mr. B felt tremendous relief to finally have stated his case. They both felt very close. Bunny reached over and began to rub Mr. B’s half erect penis.

“Go flush that monster down the toilet and come back here and fuck me baby. All this talk about sex has got me hot and bothered.”

Bunny leaned back against the pillows and opened her robe. Mr. B stood and stared and her glory, his penis rising swiftly to point at the ceiling. Then he looked down at the condom in his hand and an idea formed in his brain. He looked at Bunny. Confused, Bunny stared back.

“I have an idea,” he stated, “a sick, perverted, twisted, crazy and wildly exciting idea.”

Bunny continued to stare.

Mr. B crawled back up on the bed and spread Bunny’s legs at the ankles. At last she realized what he was thinking.

“Oh my god, no, Honey! Are you crazy? Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?”

Mr. B awkwardly held her legs open and began kissing his way up her thigh. Bunny tried to stop him, to close her robe, but Mr. B just kept kissing. Soon he was next to her pussy and a dart of his tongue brought a gasp from her.

“Baby, stop and think for a second. I’m not on the pill. You’ve been pulling out for over a year, Honey, and now you are thinking about filling me with some other man’s semen? That’s crazy Baby!”

Just hearing her say ‘filled with another man’s semen’ was wildly erotic to Mr. B. He moved closer and sank his tongue into her cunt. Bunny groaned and weakly tried to close her legs again. Mr. B swirled his tongue all around her clit and up inside her. Bunny’s resistance was fading fast.

“Baby,” she continued but with less enthusiasm, “You really, really shouldn’t do this…”

Mr. B held the fat, bulging condom up in front of her. Bunny tried to look away but her eyes kept returning to it. This was so wrong, so taboo. So many rules were being broken. As Mr. B brought the condom back down to the bed Bunny’s eyes followed it. Mr. B slipped a finger inside her and discovered she was soaked. He drew the bloated condom down across her breasts and across her tummy. Bunny’s eyes followed it wherever it went. On her face was a mix of fear, revulsion, macabre fascination, and something else Mr. B could not name. When he reached up to kiss her she withdrew at first but then returned his kiss. Within seconds she was kissing him passionately, their tongues dancing.

She jumped when she felt the rubber touch her pussy lips. Involuntarily she tried to close her legs again but Mr. B firmly held them open. He kissed her deeply, tongues intertwining, and slipped the opening of the condom past her outer pussy lips. She gripped his arms hard and moaned into his mouth. He pushed a little more of the condom deeper, spreading her inner lips too. Bunny started kissing him harder now, deep, intense kisses. Mr. B was surprised at how wet she was but kept pushing the condom farther and farther up inside her. He dropped his mouth to her sensitive nipples and licked and suckled them. Bunny moaned and arched her back.

Another inch and then another inch and then Mr. B felt her cervix. With the tip of his finger he circled the opening to her uterus, guiding the rubber ring, forming a perfect seal with the circular opening of the condom. He looked down at her pussy and saw the huge container of sperm was the only thing visible outside her body. She was trembling, breathing fast and shallow and her eyes were barely open slits. Mr. B gazed at the vast reservoir resting just outside her.

He leaned in to kiss her again and she returned them with hungry kisses of her own. They gazed into each other’s eyes for long minutes. Bunny’s hips had begun a small gyration. Mr. B rested his hand on her tummy above her womb. He took her hand and gently guided it down, placing her fingertips softly on the balloon.

“Oh my God this is so wrong Honey,” Bunny whispered, her voice strained with emotion. “I’m married to you. I’m not supposed to have anyone else’s ejaculate inside me…”

Mr. B watched her fingers toy with the huge bulb. She sought to gauge the size of it; she hefted and felt the weight of it. Mr. B was absolutely riveted. Chills of sensual pleasure raced up his spine.

“Baby,” Bunny whimpered, “tell me about it again. Describe it to me again…”

“Describe what Honey?”

Bunny hesitated before bravely deciding to forge ahead; “Clifford’s thing. His penis. You said you saw it. Tell me again what it looked like…”

Mr. B’s heart jumped in his chest and all the air left his lungs. Oh my God,he thought, my wife is thinking about another man. She is imagining his cock!

“I want to hear about it again. I know all about Cliff. I’ve known him my whole life. But I had no idea he was big like that. I want to picture him that way. I want to imagine what it looks like, what he looks like standing there with it sticking out.”

Mr. B took a deep breath and began. He described the length of it and the thickness of it. He described the power it radiated standing full and erect. As he talked, Bunny began to move her hips more and brush her fingertips across her nipples. Mr. B looked down at the swollen bag of jizz and got an idea. He then moved between Bunny’s legs and lined up his rock-hard cock, just touching the tip of his penis to the bag. Bunny suspected what he was doing and opened her legs wide, wider than she needed to. She bit her lip and began moaning. Mr. B nudged the tip of his cock against the sack.

“His big cock puts mine to shame Honey. Can you picture it? His is more than twice as big as mine.” Bunny groaned and moved her hips towards Mr. B’s penis. “And you should see how hard he gets Baby. Hard like steel. His cock was unyielding; demanding and insistent, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.”

Mr. B leaned forward just a bit, denting the bag.

“Do you want his cum baby? Do you want the sperm from that big dick?”

“Ooooooooh my God…Fuck, this is so wrong. This is so bad. I can picture his big dick perfectly. Forgive me Honey but I want it…I want the sperm from that big dick! I do baby! I can’t believe I am even saying it but I do!”

Mr. B didn’t answer but instead pushed his penis in a little farther. The first gush of semen flowed down the condom. Mr. B pushed in a little more, driving the surge of semen into Bunny, directly into her uterous. She felt it instantly and gasped.

“Oh fuck Honey! He’s in me! His cum is inside me…I can feel him flooding my womb!”

Mr. B leaned more weight forward sending another wave of jizz pouring into his wife. Bunny arched her back and grabbed the sheets. “Oh fuck me Honey! I can feel it! There’s so much! His huge cock made all that sperm and now I have it inside me!”

Blinded by lust, Mr. B drove his cock forward pushing every drop of jizz out of the condom and into his wife. Hundreds of millions of seeds poured into her uterus instantly seeking her egg. Mr. B’s penis pushed farther into her until the tip of his penis touched her cervix. He had driven all of it inside her. Her pussy was twitching and convulsing around him as Bunny twisted on the bed. He pumped in and out of her, driving her to a hard orgasm. His mind was aflame with desire.

He was already close to cumming. He looked down at his penis penetrating his wife and stared at the milky mess where their bodies met, keenly aware that he was ramming his dick into another man’s lubricant. The tip of the prophylactic protruded next to his shaft and he pinched it and pulled it out of her and held it up for both of them to see. It was utterly empty and deflated. Bunny groaned a deep lusty cry at the sight of it, so excited now that animal sounds poured from her throat. This was more than he could take and his orgasm was upon him, but he did not shoot his load into her. Instead, perversely, he withdrew at the last second and sent torrents of white rain showering down on Bunny. She laughed a crazy, reckless laugh. When Mr. B finished and collapsed on her, she wrapped him in her arms and legs, and that is how they fell asleep.

The next morning all four of them sat at breakfast. Mr. B sat Cliff next to Bunny so he could see them both at the same time looking across the table. Bunny knew exactly what he was up to. Bunny felt so awkward and self-conscious. Each time Clifford spoke and she met his eyes she felt her cheeks burn. I carry him inside me, she thought.

Soon Cliff and Janice were ready and took off to sigh-see and have fun in the city. Alone now, Mr. B and Bunny finally had a chance to talk. Bunny could not believe what they had done and was very worried she might get pregnant. Mr. B was worried too but thought the odds were small. As they cleaned up after breakfast he found he could not take his eyes off of her. She was a million times sexier than she had been and the reality of what she carried within her right at this very moment, and would for several days, kept his passion enflamed. He touched her every chance he got.

Bunny loved all the extra attention. She finally admitted how excited she had been last night and although she was embarrassed and ashamed, confessed she found the whole thing erotic.

The next two days passed quickly; Janice and Cliff acted like tourists and Mr. B and Bunny were perfect hosts. Bunny tried to get Mr. B to fuck her, but he wouldn’t. When Bunny asked why he answered because he loved the idea that she was filled by another man and not him. He didn’t want even a drop of his cum to mix with Cliff’s.

On the third day of their visit, Janice got a phone call from work and had to fly back home early. Cliff was going to go with her but Janice insisted he stay. No sense in ruining two vacations, she said. Have fun and I’ll see you in a few days. Mr. B and Bunny also insisted he stay although Mr. B did with more enthusiasm than Bunny, a fact which was not lost on her. By evening Janice was gone and the three of them had donned pajamas and settled in to watch a movie. While Mr. B and Cliff wore traditional men’s PJs, Bunny came out wearing an over-sized white T-shirt that hung almost to her knees.

The night was chilly so Bunny lit the fire and all three of them snuggled under a blanket. Mr. B was sure to put Bunny in the middle. As the movie progressed, Mr. B began secretly touching Bunny. She stiffened at first, clearly afraid they would get caught but Mr. B didn’t stop. Bunny turned her back to Cliff. With a fingertip Mr. B circled a nipple until it stood screamingly erect. Then he lightly flicked it, causing Bunny to bite her lip to remain quiet. Stop it, she mouthed, but Mr. B only smiled and flicked it again even harder. Mr. B continued to lightly and discreetly touch her all over. When he went to tease her pussy, he was surprised to discover she wore no panties beneath her T-shirt. Bunny smiled mischievously. Mr. B slipped a finger into her pussy and it effortlessly slid right in. She still had so much cum inside her she was soaked. Mr. B withdrew the finger and slipped it into Bunny’s mouth which made her eyes fly open. Cliff tastes good,she thought.

Behind her Cliff adjusted to get more comfortable and turned to face Bunny’s back, propping his head on pillows. When his knee touched Bunny’s thigh under the blanket, he jerked it back and mumbled a quick apology.

“No worries,” she said, and reached back to pull it up against her again. Mr. B raised an eyebrow and smiled. Bunny went back to the movie. Cliff left his leg touching hers.

Mr. B had already seen this movie and knew it was about to get sexy. “It’s chilly tonight,” he said, “can we all move a little closer?”

Right away Cliff said sure and moved up behind Bunny. Mr. B moved closer to her from the other side. Now Cliff was almost spooning her. Mr. B and Cliff made a few more adjustments, Mr. B watching Bunny’s face, when suddenly her jaw dropped open. Mr. B gave her a knowing look and Bunny, biting her bottom lip, slowly nodded yes;

When Bunny felt Cliff’s flannel covered shaft nestle between her butt cheeks, her first impulse was to move away. But then she remembered everything Mr. B had said when describing Cliff’s cock. She felt her temperature rise.

On the screen a gorgeous woman began to undress while a handsome man watched her. Once she was nude she approached the man and helped him stand, then dropped to her knees and unbuckled his pants. Cliff felt his cock resting between Bunny’s warm, firm ass cheeks and knew he’d better pull away. The action in the movie was very hot and he did not want to cause a scene. He pulled back just a little, enough to break contact. Bunny breathed a sigh of relief.

Mr. B sensed something was happening but didn’t know exactly what. He studied Bunny’s face closely, watching the emotions paly out there; surprise, fear, desire, shame…he read her like a book. Ultimately he decided something needed to be done and leaned in and Kissed Bunny on the lips. She kissed him back. Then he kissed her cheek and her chin and her began a trail of kisses down her neck to her breasts. Bunny whispered for him to stop, but he didn’t. When her reached her T-shirt he pulled down the front of it and continued, showering her firm cleavage with warm kisses. Eventually he found a nipple and slipped it into his hot mouth. Bunny tried to pull back but Cliff was right behind her. Soon he switched to her other nipple and sucked it into his mouth even while rolling her first between his fingers. Bunny had to press her lips together and fight back a moan.

Mr. B did not stop there. After a few minutes he pulled up the front of her shirt and continued kissing down her stomach, heading for her pussy. Bunny Panicked but lay very still. Cliff tried to look over her shoulder to see what was happening on the other side but the blanket blocked him. He wondered if Mr. B was tickling Bunny or trying to fall asleep. When Mr. B arrived at Bunny’s clit he licked it and Bunny could hold back her moan no longer. Suddenly Cliff understood and froze in place. What do I do? He wondered. Am I intruding? Should I go to my room?

Bunny tried to block Mr. B with her hands but he pushed through, swirling his tongue over and past her clit he split her pussy lips and wriggled his tongue inside her. Bunny was tangy and salty with a mix of her own pussy juices and Cliff’s semen. Bunny gasped for breath. Mr. B lifted her leg, making a small tent of the blanket and giving himself better access to her cunt. Bunny didn’t move. The glow from the fire came through the blanket and Mr. B gazed at Bunny’s sparkling and glistening pussy. Then he noticed Cliff’s tented pajamas. He buried his tongue in her again and licked her all over, driving her crazy. Cliff leaned his chest against her back and she reached back and squeezed his hand.

“Baby,” she said to Mr. B. “Baby you have to stop. This is crazy. Cliff is right here. What has gotten into you?”

Mr. B reached up and slipped an index finger up Bunny’s sopping wet cunt. She jumped and squeezed Cliff’s hand again. “Honey!” she gasped, “what the fuck are you doing? You have to stop this!”

Mr. B ignored her again and instead sucked her clit into his mouth. While he was doing that, he reached over and slipped a hand into the fly of Cliff’s pajamas. Cliff jerked in surprise but before he could fully react, Mr. B fished Cliff’s heavy and half swollen cock out the hole. Their genitalia were so close to each other it dazzled Mr. B’s eyes. He tugged Cliff’s thick tube closer to his wife and Cliff did nothing to stop him.

Bunny protested. “Honey! Oh my God Honey! What the fuck?”

Now Mr. B rose above them both and threw off the blanket. Cliff’s eyes went straight to Bunny’s exposed body, his eyes devouring her from feet to face. How many times had he desperately wanted to see exactly this; Bunny nude and lying on her back, panting, and legs spread. How many times had he imagined what he was now seeing in the flesh?

Mr. B still had ahold of Cliff’s cock and felt the surge of excited blood. Mr. B lifted Bunny’s leg even higher and rubbed the cock-head against her lips, splaying them wide until they slipped up and over the ridge of Cliff’s dick. Mr. B rubbed Bunny’s clit with Cliff’s cock.

Now Mr. B crawled up and kissed Bunny fiercely. She fought him at first. Then he gently rolled her shoulders over until she was on her back. Cliff moved off to the side. Mr. B pulled off her T-shirt and there she was, completely nude in the firelight. Both men just stared at her amazing body and gorgeous face.

Mr. B grabbed Cliff’s arm and pulled him over between Bunny’s legs. Cliff quickly slipped off his pajamas and kicked them away and now everyone saw his huge cock arching out and away from his body, his massive ball sack hanging underneath, swollen and full. When Bunny laid eyes on it she froze. She couldn’t believe how big he was. Mr. B’s description did not do this beast justice. Mr. B pulled Cliff into position between Bunny’s leg and then cradled Bunny’s face in his arms, smoothing her hair and kissing her softly on the lips.

“It’s okay Baby,” he told her. “I’m right here. Cliff is right here. You are so incredibly gorgeous and sexy and you have the two men that love you most in the world right here with you.”

Bunny looked down between her legs at Cliff and his throbbing tower of flesh. She felt drawn to it and afraid of it at the same time. Oh my god we can’t do this, she reasoned.

Mr. B was showering her face and lips with hot kisses, whispering into her ear to look at it, telling her everything will be okay. With one hand he gently stroked her sensitive nipples and with the other he reached down and gripped Cliff at the thick base, noting even his fingers did not reach all the way around. With a small tug he pulled Cliff forward, aiming that huge cock right at his wife’s open pussy.

Cliff was going crazy on the inside. He had wanted Bunny his whole life and now, suddenly and without warning, he found himself hard as steel and mere inches away from her. His heart pounded like a jack-hammer. His mouth was dry as sand and he couldn’t breathe but Bunny was on her back before him with her legs spread wide open and her eyes glued to his cock and he was not going to miss this chance. He knew it may never ever present itself again. Mr. B tugged again and Cliff scooted even closer. Bunny was muttering, “We shouldn’t do this, Honey, we shouldn’t do this…” but slowly spread her knees farther apart the closer Cliff got.

Mr. B was watching that dick get closer and closer to his wife and reached in and pulled out his own penis. There was no comparison. Cliff was at least twice and maybe even three times bigger and for some perverse reason that excited Mr. B even more. Mr. B stroked Bunny’s head and gazed into her eyes. “I love you,” he told her.

“I love you Baby. So very much,” she replied.

Cliff touched the tip of his cock to her pussy and Bunny dropped her head back. He smeared his own pre-cum all around to ease her penetration. He had learned all the tricks of owning a big cock from an older woman he dated. As much as he was dying to be inside Bunny, he wanted to avoid hurting her even more. She may have married another man but he had always loved her. In her way, he knew she loved him too.

When he parted her lips with the huge, fat head of his cock, he was surprised to discover how wet she was. In spite of all her protests tonight, Bunny was dripping wet. He leaned his weight forward, pushing in just the first half inch. Bunny reached up and held Mr. B’s face and kissed him deeply, staring into her husband’s eyes as another man slowly positioned himself to sink his fat cock into her willing pussy.

When she felt Cliff touch the tip of his cock to her for the first time, she tensed again and a wave of fear and concern washed over her. Mr. B sensed it and kissed Bunny softly. Cliff pushed forward, splitting her slit and opening her folds. The lips of her pussy spread wide trying to accommodate his girth and then wider still as he eased forward some more. Now her lips were smashed obscenely, enveloping the plum sized crown, writhing and twisting as they tried to close themselves around him. Cliff stopped for a moment, moved his knees forward just a bit and pressed again. As slow as molasses his head sank into Bunny’s velvety smooth opening.

“Holy fuck, that is intense!” She cried. “Fucking Jesus! AAAaaa!”

Cliff held still allowing her to adjust and then tried to feed her another inch. When the thick shaft behind the head met her passageway, he ground to a halt.

I can’t believe this is really happening, he thought. I have wanted Bunny for so, so long! Now here she is, panting and wet. I’m going to fuck her. I’m actually really going to get to fuck her!

He leaned with more pressure trying to get her to open up. Janice had been tight too but not like this. Bunny was clawing the rug as her husband held her in place, reassuring her everything would be fine, just let it happen, you know deep down you want it. Cliff built up force behind his hips until, finally, he felt her cunt begin to stretch. He knew now he just needed to proceed slowly. He knew if he was patient he would soon be fucking her like he had always dreamed of fucking her. Just the thought of that made him swell and Bunny gasped again. “Jesus fucking Christ!’ Bunny exclaimed. “Baby he’s entering me. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! AaaaaaAAaaa! My clit is screaming and inside are throbbing. What the fuck is happening?”

Bunny moved her hands and held Cliff’s face.

“Cliff Honey,” she said, “You are so fucking big. I love it. I love your big, sexy cock Cliff! Fuck me with it. You want to fuck me Cliff? Have you always wanted to fuck me Baby? Is my husband right about you?”

The more she talked the more she gushed, driving Cliff crazy.

“Yes!,” he admitted. “Always. From the moment I saw you! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I’ve always loved you!”

He leaned more weight and eased about four inches deep. Bunny’s pussy was wrapped tightly around his shaft. She held him, squeezed him, smothered every thick inch of him. Cliff looked down between their legs at the joining of their bodies. He was dumbfounded; it’s happening! He pulled back and then sank in again, this time a little farther. Bunny was sopping wet now. Cliff’s cock was more than she had hoped it would be and her body was responding naturally. He withdrew halfway, shining and sparkling with Bunny’s juices, then slid his monster back in.

Mr. B was in heaven. Bunny was gushing juices just like he knew she would and Cliff was so hard his cock looked like it was about to burst. Mr. B stroked his own penis and gradually separated from Bunny. She looked up quickly when she felt him start to pull away, concern and worry in her eyes. Until she saw his face and glanced down and saw his erect penis. Bunny wrapped her arms around Cliff’s neck and pulled him down and kissed him. Their tongues danced out in the open now and Cliff moved a hand up to Bunny’s big breast. Mr. B moved back to watch.

Cliff moved in to take his place. Bunny was so wet all three of them heard her splashing every time their hips met. Cliff carefully and deliberately pushed a little more of his cock into her on every thrust. Soon his big, heavy scrotum begin hitting her ass. As he inched still deeper it began to slap and then smash against her.

Bunny was almost out of her mind. Cliff filled her completely and then some. Her pussy was stuffed with meat. Cliff packed her with so much cock every square inch of her pussy was rubbed and stimulated. His shaft ground right against her clit on every push in and every pull out. Bunny was overwhelmed with crazy electric sensation radiating out like waves from her pussy, traveling the length of her body out to her fingers and toes.

Cliff moved his knees up again and lifted Bunny’s legs up and over his shoulders. Her eyes grew wide with what was coming next. Gently, Cliff gripped her hips with both hands, pinned her down, immobilized her. Leaning over her he slowly thrust his cock in as deep as he could get it. When he touched her cervix, Bunny gasped, expecting it to hurt, but Cliff didn’t allow that. Instead he continued with the constant, gentle pressure. Bunny exhaled and dug her nails into his arms, then growled as he pushed in more.

“AAaaa! AAAAAA! AaaaaaaaOhmyfuckingGod!” Bunny arched her back as she took Cliff’s cock. “No more! I can’t take it! You’re too big!” Then she felt something ease inside her, something open, and a million volts of pure pleasure powered through her. She heard someone passionately screaming and moaning and very slowly began to recognize it was her.

When she realized Cliff had stopped moving she slowly opened her eyes. Above her, Cliff was smiling. Bunny gazed at his soft, sweet face.

“You did it,” he said, and kissed her lips.

Bunny reached down and lifted his balls, then slid her fingers up to where their bodies met. Cliff’s balls were resting against her ass. She felt no shaft at all.

Unexpectedly she felt a surge of raw lust and want rise up in her. She had been more afraid than she thought. Now she knew she could take him, all of him, and taking him was pure heavenly bliss.

Bunny buried her fingers in Cliff’s hair and pulled his face down to hers. She kissed him passionately, moving her hips against his shaft. Cliff answered with decades of bottled lust, pulling almost all the way out and driving it home. Bunny arched her back at the mind-numbing pleasure Cliff gave her.

“Fuck me Cliff,” Bunny snarled into his face. “Show me how badly you’ve wanted me all these years.”

Cliff did. Mr. B leaned back against the couch and watched Cliff and Bunny fuck. He thought about Cliff’s cum already inside his wife and knew soon Cliff would be adding more. Cliff had no idea his sperm already flooded Bunny but he knew he was going to fill her very soon. Mr. B saw Bunny arch her back and throw her head side to side as she climaxed on Cliff again. That was all Mr. B could take and as Bunny was deep in her throes of orgasm, Mr. B shot his load onto the blanket.

Cliff felt his time approaching.

“I have to tell you,” he warned Bunny, “I cum a lot.”

Bunny’s eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned.

“No, listen,” he continued, never breaking rhythm. “I mean it. I’m kind of a freak. I cum buckets. I always have. Is that okay?”

Bunny just held his face in her hands and tried to smile over the pounding she was getting. She just couldn’t completely accept the idea of another man shooting his semen into her. It HAD to be wrong.

Cliff hammered Bunny with his cock, ravaged her perfect tits with his hands and mouth and teeth. Her cries of pleasure drove him crazy; that’s my cock she’s cumming all over, that’s ME giving her all this pleasure. Mr. B saw Cliff’s nuts draw up even closer to his body. He knew Cliff was almost there.

“Baby,” he said to his wife, “Cliff is about to cum. Where do you want it?”

Bunny looked right at her husband and then into Cliff’s eyes.

Cliff couldn’t take anymore and pushed in deep, searching for her uterus. When he bumped her cervix again he moved her legs back and drove his cock in again and again. At last he was there. With a dragon’s roar he pulled her hips up to his and pushed the tip of his dick up to the opening to her uterus.

I have to say something now! Bunny realized. He’s about to go off. Why is this so hard for me? Do I actually WANT another man to fill me? Oh sweet Jesus! I think I do!

The first thick, spurting jet blasted into the depths of her. Cliff pumped once more and again detonated far into her spasming womb. Now he held himself there and pumped copious amounts of semen into Bunny. Again and again and again his big animal scrotum rose and fell, squirting and spraying and filing Bunny up. Their bodies were a jerking, contorted mess of arms and legs and sweat and gasping for breath.

Bunny felt Cliff’s torrential shower of ejaculate pulsing and flowing into her.It’s happening! Bunny lifted her hips to meet Cliff on every thrust and before she was even ready for it, another mind twisting orgasm wracked her.

As their orgasms drained away they lay there catching their breath. Cliff was still buried balls deep and had no intention of pulling out. He was inside Bunny. He had always wanted to be inside Bunny. He never wanted to leave.

They all lay there nude and quiet. Eventually Mr. B Kissed Bunny on the lips and Cliff on the head. Nobody spoke for a long time. Cliff sat up but was sure to keep his softening cock inside Bunny.

Eventually they began to talk about what had just happened and after a moment of embarrassment and worry, everyone was fine. Bunny described the amazing sensations Cliff’s cock gave her and Mr. B talked about how sexy everything had looked. Cliff was shy at first but soon was into the spirit of things and gushed about how excited and happy he was to finally have Bunny. In due course Cliff’s cock softened enough that Bunny’s tight pussy squeezed him out. They talked for a while and Cliff could not stop looking at Bunny nude in the firelight. Soon he began to stiffen again.

Bunny smiled and kissed him in front of her husband, then teasingly rolled on to her stomach and lifted her hips, offering her pussy to Cliff again. She was still worried about Cliff cumming inside her but she already carried two of his loads. What was another one? Besides, deep down, she loved it. She felt so decadent and naughty, sexy and daring. As long as Mr. B was right there involved, why should she worry?

When Cliff saw Bunny offer him her pussy he looked at Mr. B. This was too good to be true. Rapidly growing erect he positioned himself behind her and gently eased his giant cock into her depths again. Bunny groaned at the invasion but pushed her hips back to meet him. His thick cock was like nothing she had ever experienced. Fireworks exploded in her mind. Mr. B watched them fuck softly and slowly, bathed in firelight, sexy beyond his wildest fantasies. Bunny came again quickly and Cliff erupted not long after, once again pouring a deluge of his cream into her womb.

When they collapsed in exhaustion, Mr. B lay down beside them. Both men had an arm over Bunny and she loved it. She felt so sexy and desired and adventurous and loved. They all fell asleep.

Mr. B awoke to the sound of Bunny moaning. The movie had stopped playing and snow filled the screen but in the dim light he saw Cliff between Bunny’s legs again, pumping leisurely, deeply and slowly and affectionately. Bunny kissed him, returning the affection, her hands on his ass, guiding him as deep as possible. Mr. B watched in silence until Cliff arched his back and filled Bunny to overflowing yet again. Her pussy was now drowned with Cliff’s sperm. Mr. B smiled and settled back to his pillow, drifting off again as the two lovers snuggled, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Mr. B awoke some time later to the sound of Cliff cumming yet again. This time he had Bunny on all fours in front of the fire and was sliding his big dick all the way into her uterus. Mr. B watched until his penis stiffened and then he moved to feed it to Bunny. She sucked him in greedily. When Cliff once again emptied his huge cum producing balls inside Bunny Mr. B moved around behind her and in just a few minutes added his load to Cliff’s. He tried to last longer but when he pushed his penis inside Bunny she was awash in Cliff and the reality was just too exciting. Mr. B shot his load realizing his sperm had no chance; Cliff had filled Bunny to the brim. Mine is just a drop in his ocean, Mr. B thought.

Hours later Mr. B was the first to awaken. He looked over at Bunny sandwiched between the two men, a slight smile on her sleeping face. Incredible love and adoration welled up in him as he gazed at his woman. Bunny felt his stare and her eyelids fluttered open. It took a moment to remember everything that had happened but then she did. Concern filled her face as she looked at Mr. B. Mr. B stroked her face with the back of his hand and smiled, then kissed her soft and sweet on the lips. Bunny relaxed.

What a crazy night! How many times did I orgasm? How many times did Cliff orgasm inside me? God that was so crazy sexy!

Cliff began to stir and soon everyone was awake. Mr. B made a joke about Cliff producing more cum than a horse and everybody chuckled. The ice was broken and they all got up and began making breakfast. Bunny was amazed at the lack of awkwardness they all felt. She had wrapped a towel around her waist as a skirt but it hid almost nothing and really was just a formality. Mr. B and Clifford walked around nude. Several times Mr. B caught Bunny looking at Cliff’s heavy cock swaying and felt a familiar tickle of excitement. He loved how comfortable all of them were. They finished breakfast and all showered together, where Bunny lathered each cock thoroughly, then went and lay out by the pool enjoying the hot Vegas sun on their skin.

Cliff could not get over his insane luck. I fucked Bunny, he thought. Bunny! I can’t believe I actually fucked her!

As he lay there by the pool, the sun warming his naked flesh, the events from the night before played like video in his head and that, combined with the sun’s heat, made his cock begin to swell again. His balls ached from how much jizz he had pumped out of them and his shaft was tender. He just smiled and kept his eyes closed and tanned.

We still have tonight, he thought, considering what may lay ahead for them all. If I get even the slightest chance to fuck Bunny again, I’m taking it. She needs to suck my cock too. Holy shit that would be hot. I want Bunny to swallow my cum. I wonder if Mr. B would be okay with that?

Unknown to Cliff, Mr. B and Bunny were both watching his cock grow and stiffen. Bunny looked at Mr. B and bit her lip. Understanding passed between them; Cliff didn’t leave until tomorrow night. Let’s see what tonight brings us…

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