Igniting the Tinder of Lust Ch. 02


Part 1

The holidays went by uneventfully as we spent them in the country with our parents, and between family and the close quarters, there was no time for further discussion. Fortunately, Thomas had acted appropriately and wasn’t pushing her or being indiscreet which allowed the memories to remain mostly positive. Like before, I wondered if we would return to our occasional role playing, although I wasn’t sure that now having witnessed the real thing if it would suffice.

“I flirted with Zach today,” my wife announced from the blue one Monday evening in late January.

I had been sitting on the couch watching TV, and Lauren had joined me after putting the kids to bed. Although I knew she was taking her car in for the inspection sticker, I was surprised by her admission, but somehow managed to remain expressionless.

“Tell me about it,” I said in a flat, even voice.

“I…when I was waiting we started talking and I just kind of flirted,” she replied, offering little detail.

She had changed from her work clothes and was now in her robe, and if she had followed her norm, underneath she would be dressed in a cropped t-shirt and thong for bed. I stared at her and after several seconds her face broke out in an impish smile.

“Are you serious or are you playing with me?” I asked.

“I’m serious! Isn’t it what I’m supposed to do? How I’m supposed to act in Greg’s strange, bizarro world?” she answered, now giggling a little.

“Well, then give me some details,” I demanded.

“I told you. I flirted,” she replied, and by her manner and words I suddenly realized that she was giving me a message.

“Do you have a meeting set up?” I asked, jumping past her flirtation trolling.

“What? Uhh…” she started, but got tongue tied and now it was me that was laughing.

I took her arm and pulled her towards me, turning as I fell back so we ended up lying next to each other with her pressed against the back of the couch. Now, somewhat trapped, I took her head in my hands and kissed her, working through her initial reluctance until she was passionately kissing back.

“Tell me what happened,” I said again, as I held her tightly.

“No. You’re being mean,” she said in a made up pouty voice.

“Tell me sweetie,” I whispered in a low voice, while my tongue found her earlobe.

First, she gave out a soft purr from my touch, then took a deep breath and started, “We were alone in the office after he looked at my car and, well we started chatting about things…you know just kind of talking. And…well, he kept giving me this look and staring at me like you know, he was interested.”

“Honey, every man is interested in you,” I whispered.

“That’s not true,” she replied, but when I started kissing her neck she continued, “I asked about his girlfriend and he said he didn’t have one. Then, he asked about me and you and I guess I kind of gave off some signals.”

“Why?” I broke from kissing her long enough to ask.

“He asked me if I wanted to meet for a drink,” she answered, and now she had my full attention.

“When are you meeting him?” I asked, thinking I was being clever.

“Can you watch the kids Thursday?” she replied with no hesitation, which left me stunned.

“Of course, sweetie,” I replied, although I wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t toying me and playing for a reaction.

Over the next couple days, the subject of her meeting with Zach came up repeatedly and I became convinced that she was in fact telling the truth. Not surprising, the subject of birth control was raised as well, as neither of us thought it was a good practice to make emergency runs to the drugstore for the morning after pill. So, Lauren agreed she would see her OB/GYN about a diaphragm, but since she wasn’t able to get an immediate appointment, she had to fall back on a sponge.

Thursday came, and as I sat at our house having dinner with the kids, I wondered where my wife was at that exact moment. Was she at some bar having a drink and talking to the mechanic or had they foregone the formalities and gone straight to bed. I thought it was unlikely she would jump to sex so quickly, but you never know…

When ten o’clock rolled around and Lauren hadn’t come home, I began to imagine scenarios about what was going on, but when eleven arrived I began to get nervous. Twenty minutes later, I texted her a simple message of a question mark, and mentally kicked myself for not getting more info on where she was going. No reply came, and over the next hour I tried three more times, but got nothing back. Of course, by now I was getting quite worried, but with kids to watch and not wanting to involve the police, I really had no alternative but to sit and wait. Finally, at exactly 2:13 AM, while I was watching TV to try and stay awake, a text arrived.

“coming home,” was all it said.

I tried to call, but there was no answer, so I was ecstatic when just a few minutes later I heard the garage door opening.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I stepped towards her car when she opened the door.

“I’m fine,” she replied, and I noted nothing out of the ordinary in her appearance except a tired look.

I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom where we separated so she could go into the bathroom. A few minutes later, she came out wearing her sleep attire, and I quickly stripped to my boxers and joined her in bed.

“Lauren, what happened?” I asked.

“Nothing, honey…nothing,” she replied, showing some irritation.

“Well, come on tell me what you did all night,” I pushed, as my hands wrapped around her body and pulled her to me.

“We met at Clough’s and had several drinks then went to his place which was a complete dump. His roommate was there with another guy and a girl, and they were smoking pot,” she started.

“Ohhh…okay, what happened?” I pushed.

“Zach started smoking and I stupidly took some and passed out,” she explained.

Her description reminded me of numerous people I knew from my college days, and I had to stifle a laugh as I thought about the young guy that had an available and willing beautiful woman at the ready and couldn’t make it happen. It was such a simple and straightforward story that instinctively I knew it had to be true.

“So, you just woke up?” I asked.

“I woke up with my blouse unbuttoned and his friends watching while he tried to get my bra off,” she explained.

I thought about the silliness of Zach’s approach and how completely disrespectful it was towards my wife. She was all his if he had been able to show the minimum level of style and decorum, but I guess it had proved too much. Now, I just wanted to make Lauren feel special after her long and wasted evening.

“Good, I’m glad,” I whispered into her ear.

“Why sweetie?” she asked in a sleepy voice.

“Because now I get to have you all for me,” I replied, and hugged her tighter.

My words seemed to resonate with her because she turned and soon we were locked in an embrace. That one led to a kiss and my hands began to fondle her tight bottom while hers went to the side of my face and tenderly caressed it.

“I’m sorry Lauren. No one should ever treat you like that,” I told her.

Just a few minutes later, we were connected and I moved into her in a slow, gentle rocking motion. However, that was secondary as the real connection was the kissing and tender, loving words we said to each other. Both of us knew that it wasn’t about an orgasm; that our connection was more important.

“I live for these moments,” she whispered.

“Why, honey,” I whispered back while kissing her neck.

“I know with absolute certainty that you love me,” she replied.

“I’m a failure if you don’t know that every single day,” I responded, and after hearing her let out a sigh, I continued, “No more play Lauren.”

“Why?” she asked, in a soft, sensual voice.

“You’re too special to ever get treated this way,” I answered, and instantly I felt her arms squeeze me.

We kissed and cuddled for another ten or fifteen minutes before we finally drifted off. Unfortunately, all too soon the alarm clock shattered our sleep and we were forced to meet the day with much too little rest.

In retrospect, I think it was seeing the box of contraceptive sponges on the shelf in the medicine closet the following week that reignited my thoughts. Staring at them, I was faced with the reality that they were meant only for the purpose of dealing with another man’s deposit of seed in my wife’s vagina. It should have been a disgusting thought, but in fact I found it exciting, almost exhilarating. However, at the same time, I didn’t want my wife to be treated rudely again.

I supported Lauren’s decision to cancel her appointment with her OB/GYN that she had set up to get a diaphragm. We talked about that method as an alternative to our use of condoms, but couldn’t really see an advantage, and besides, the required use of contraceptive cream would likely take away from any oral play.

The following weekend, Lauren drove the kids out to their grandparents with the intent of dropping them off and returning to spend a quiet evening alone with me. Unfortunately, she had been delayed and left late, and when she arrived she decided she was too tired to return. Thus, I was by myself for the night and after several tumblers of whiskey I started thinking. It wasn’t long before I was recalling the strange sequence of events that had occurred over the past several years. In fact, it was almost exactly two years since I first contacted Dr. Sturm about my disturbing thoughts and desires. Then, there was the admission to Lauren and her mostly supportive and playful acceptance that somehow culminated in the sex she had with her co-worker. That had come with lots of angst and self-doubt, but just when it seemed she might be getting into the concept, Zach’s behavior destroyed the momentum. I knew I truly loved my wife and never wanted to see her upset, that was a given, and I challenged myself as to whether my desires could occur without damage.

As I contemplated the thought, still sipping on the liquor, I knew that if I was honest the answer was no. Yet, it wasn’t just the impact to Lauren that needed to be considered, as I too had felt the emotional sting. Witnessing my wife’s sex with Thomas, I had learned the reality could be far different than the fantasy. I had never considered that she might react different with another man. In all my thoughts, it had always been the wife I knew, reacting as she always had, just with a different body involved. Seeing her responses and hearing her sounds provided a powerful lesson about human sexuality, and I now realized that each man she was with would experience her in a different way. For hours, my mind churned around concepts of selfishness, possessiveness and betrayal, but each time I reached the point of declaring an end to everything, I returned to the anticipation and excitement I had felt, and much like a junkie, I knew I was hopelessly hooked.

“Let’s get drunk,” I said to Lauren as she stood next to me in the kitchen.

She had returned from our hometown about thirty minutes before, and we were nibbling on some left overs for lunch. In our early years of marriage, when there were no kids and very little money, we would occasionally spend the day getting hammered, which always led to a wild time in bed. We hadn’t done it intentionally in years, but the look on her face let me know she was in.

“What are we drinking?” she asked seconds later.

“Mojitos!” I declared without much thought, then added, “I’ll run to the liquor store and get what we need.”

Thirty minutes later I was back, and twenty minutes after that I was handing her the first drink. She moved to the patio, and a few minutes later I joined her carrying my own cocktail. Through several rounds of drinks, we idly chatted about kids, work, parents and friends, but it was clear with each sip we were headed towards our goal. In fact, we killed most of the bottle of rum before we quit, ending up absolutely smashed. Near the end, I became very emotional, almost maudlin, as I professed my love for Lauren and apologized repeatedly for getting her into the sordid sex. She held me and stroked my hair, telling me it was alright, but when we started kissing, things escalated rapidly and it wasn’t long before we were both naked in bed.

Sunlight was still streaming in through the windows when I woke next to my sleeping wife with just the bedsheet over us. The comforter had evidently been kicked to the floor, and I could see our clothes scattered about as well. A minute or so later, I realized I still had a used condom on my dick which was crusty with dried juices, and slowly I started to remember the lusty and aggressive sex we had shared. I pulled the latex sheath from my shaft and threw it onto the floor, then snuggled against Lauren’s backside. I felt surprisingly good, although I was still very much aware of the drinking, and I let my hand drape over her body and cup her breast.

“Mmmm…hold me…” she purred softly.

I pulled her tighter and her ass felt so good against my dick that I started to slowly move my hips. It wasn’t long before she joined me in the fondling and within ten minutes we were completely awake.

“Do you want to make love again?” I asked.

“Mmmm…you know what I want?” she declared.

“What?” I quickly responded in anticipation.

“Another drink,” she announced, while breaking out in a giggle.

“Are you serious?” I asked, quite surprised since she had never been a big drinker.

“Yes! I don’t know why, but I want one,” she laughed again.

So, we moved back to the kitchen, still completely naked, and she stood close and rubbed her body against mine as I made another round. From there, we moved to the couch and with Lauren on one end and me on the other we sat facing each other with our legs intertwined. It was a simple arrangement, but in reality, a husband and wife rarely find themselves able to look at each other this way. I found myself admiring my wife’s beauty and it wasn’t long before my dick started to stiffen.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked with a smile.

“How beautiful you are,” I answered.

“That’s all? No games?” she probed, while keeping her smile.

“No, sweetie. I told you I’m sorry,” I replied.

“Oh Greg, don’t beat yourself up so much. You’re one and one,” she giggled.

Instinctively, I thought I knew what she meant, but I still tried to clarify, “One and one?”

“Yes…one good one with Thomas and one bad one,” she replied, confirming my suspicion.

I was surprised, shocked really, that she had raised the subject and treated it in such a lighthearted and in fact positive way. It forced a surge of arousal through my body and my dick stiffened such that it moved from a position over my thigh until it was pointing straight towards my chest.

“Oh my,” my wife laughed, then added, “It is on your mind.”

I felt myself blush in embarrassment and I was completely at a loss for words. Plus, I now wondered what was going though Lauren’s head. I knew she was tipsy, but she still seemed well in control. Was it just playing and teasing or did she have some deeper desires of her own?

“I can’t help it,” I finally croaked.

“Why baby?” she asked, still showing her little smile, and now using her toes to tease my balls.

“Because, you looked so damn hot,” I replied, with intentional boldness.

There was a silence that lasted several seconds while we stared at each other and then Lauren spoke, “You want more, don’t you?”

“I don’t want you upset. I hate that,” I answered.

“That’s not telling me what you want,” she came back, and as she spoke she rolled onto her knees and moved towards me until she had her hand on my aching dick. Then, with a smile she licked my head and said, “Tell me what you want.”

Before I could answer, she engulfed my rigid dick with her warm mouth forcing a loud groan from me and making my ass lift from the couch. At first, I thought she had meant the question to be rhetorical, but her eyes maintained an expectant stare.

“I…I…I want you to keep doing it,” I gasped.

“Doing what, honey?” she pushed.

“Having sex…with them,” I admitted.

“Are you sure?” she asked, while taking a long lick on my dick from the base to the head.

“Yesss…” I groaned, and for some reason it felt like it was the answer she wanted.

Lauren gave me a few more long licks then rose quickly, straddled my waist and lowered onto me. With a deep sexy moan, she fell forward until she was hard against my chest with her head next to mine. I could hear soft sighs of pleasure coming from her that somehow made me even harder.

“I can’t be with Chris. I can’t do that to Stacy,” she announced, and I realized what she was agreeing to.

Come on Lauren, he was the first one,” I replied in a somewhat whiny voice.

“No, honey. Besides, he’s small,” she answered.

“How do you know that?” I quickly asked.

“Stacy told me,” she responded without pause.

“Damn Lauren. What did you tell her about me?” I probed, suddenly feeling vulnerable.

“I told her you were a stud,” she replied, while hiding a little smirk.

“Baby, that just leaves two,” I said after a bit of thought.

“Uh uh…Warren’s too close to our group. He might tell,” she followed.

Now, I sensed where it was all leading, as I suspected even with my alcohol influenced brain, that what she really wanted was Thomas as her lover. I knew that he had taken her to a purely sexual level that she had never experienced, but I didn’t like the roundabout game she was playing to get what she wanted. It would have been much easier to accept if she had just come out and admitted it.

“No, honey. If it’s just Thomas, it’s not the same. Let’s forget it,” I replied, picking my words with some thought to see if I was correct.

“Okay,” came her soft answer that I could tell was tinged with disappointment.

She had practically stopped moving, so I put my hands on her ass and used them to get a rhythm going. We made love in silence as the minutes ticked by, broken only by an occasional sigh or moan.

“Damn, you feel good,” I whispered.

“Maybe Zach,” she offered a minute or so later, as if she were negotiating.

“No, I don’t like his attitude. Better, to forget it,” I answered, feeling bolder.

I now felt strongly I knew where her head was, and I had to admit that it was a bit troubling to see her so focused on the black man. However, at the same time, it gave me the courage to press forward and I decided I was going to take an all or nothing approach.

“Okay,” she whispered in reply.

I continued to guide her movements, although I could tell her mind was elsewhere. I strongly suspected she was still thinking about Thomas and how to get what she wanted. Thus, I wasn’t surprised when she returned to the subject.

“Honey, Thomas and Zach is giving a lot,” she said softly.

At first, I didn’t verbally respond, but instead took her stiff nipple between my lips and sucked on it. It made her move faster on my dick as I went back and forth between her breasts, and after several minutes I finally spoke.

“Lauren, my fantasy was all four and if we can’t do that it’s just not the same…not worth it,” I said.

“Honey, she’s my closest friend!” she declared.

“I know, I realize that, so like I said, let’s forget it,” I answered.

After that, the subject didn’t come up again, although I sensed her mind was elsewhere for a while before she came back to me and we finished our lovemaking in the bedroom. Later, after another round of lovemaking, we set off to pick up the kids, and have a short visit with our parents. I expected that we would have more discussion during the drive, but surprisingly she remained silent. In fact, neither Lauren or I brought the subject up again for five or six weeks, and just when I thought she had decided the involvement of those in our circle was too much, without warning she dropped a small bomb on me.

“I got a text from Warren today,” she announced.

“I thought you blocked him long ago?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“I unblocked him,” she replied.

“Well, he doesn’t know you unblocked him. You had to reach out first,” I challenged her.

“Yes,” she responded, letting me know she was going to be coy.

“What did you say? I mean how did you start?” I followed.

“Just said hi,” she replied, showing me a small grin.

“So, you said hi and he sees it as something positive and messages you back?” I tried to clarify.

“Pretty much. Oh, and he wants to meet for a drink,” she stated.

“And?” I asked,

“We’re meeting Thursday. I mean, if you can take care of the kids,” she informed me.

That conversation occurred on Tuesday, two days before the planned rendezvous, and surprisingly we really didn’t talk about it much more. However, at eight o’clock Thursday evening, when Lauren still had not come home, I began to wonder if they had found some place for something more than a drink to happen. With my curiosity and anxiety peaking, I was just about to call her when I heard the garage door opening.

“Well?” I asked when she joined me after checking on the kids who were finishing watching a movie.

“It was just a drink,” she said, and by her look I knew she was being honest.

“That was a long drink,” I replied.

“Honey, I got held up. We didn’t meet till almost seven,” she advised.

“Okay…and?” I pushed.

“He was very nervous. We just had a drink and talked,” she responded.

Okay, well I guess he wasn’t liquored up like the Christmas party,” I said, rationalizing the difference in his demeanor.

“Probably,” she agreed and snuggled closer to me.

A piece of me wondered if she was just making it all up to see if she could get my agreement to see Thomas, but as we sat their cuddling I heard her phone give off the telltale sound of incoming message. While I watched, Lauren picked up the device and looked at the screen.

“He wants to know if I can meet him Saturday,” she explained.

“Let me see,” I said, reaching out for her phone.

She gave it to me without hesitation and I could see that in fact she had received a text from a phone number designated as Warren asking, as she had said, to get together. Without really thinking about it, I exited that message and quickly her screen went to a listing of past messages and I saw that within the past few hours she had communicated with both Thomas and Zach as well.

“Damn, Lauren…busy afternoon,” I said, still staring at the screen, but only seeing the message headers.

“Isn’t it what you want?” she asked, looking at me with an odd, almost challenging, look.

“Can I see them?” I asked, and received her nod of ascent.

First, I went to Thomas’ and saw that there was a brief exchange where he pressed her on when they could get together. It was clearly about sex, and I was a bit surprised that my wife deflected his advance and told him she wasn’t sure. After that, I looked at Zach’s and saw that he was much more brazen in his communication. There were several texts where he described what he wanted to do to her body, and rather than ask, he suggested times for them to meet. However, like Thomas’ she had deftly put him off.

“Looks like everyone but Chris,” I announced, intentionally trying to provoke a response.

“He uses email,” she replied with an impish smile.

“Show me,” I demanded, and she took the phone and after manipulating it for several seconds, handed it back.

I scrolled through a string of emails dating back over a month that, while very proper on the surface, left no doubt that her friend’s husband wanted Lauren badly.

“How long has this been going on?” I asked with some surprise.

“A while,” she acknowledged.

“How long, Lauren,” I pushed.

“Since the Christmas party when we kissed,” she admitted.

“Just like Warren? Have you seen him?” I followed, with some concern as it would mean she had done so in secret.

“Yes, like Warren, and no I haven’t met him. I really don’t want to either,” she stated.

“And yet you trade emails for many months,” I challenged her, which brought a strange look to her face.

“It isn’t smart, I admit,” she responded.

“Then why?” I asked.

“I don’t know…maybe because I know you want me to,” she replied.

I wasn’t the least bit surprised that these four men wanted to be with Lauren. Hell, there were probably thousands that would step into their place given the chance. Yet, faced with it being so close and so real felt very strange. Surprisingly strange, given it was the essence of my bizarre fantasy. It almost made me think that my wife was a lamb and the hungry wolves were circling waiting to pounce.

“Who first?” I asked.

“Maybe Thom…” she started, but I cut her off quickly.

“No, honey. You’ve already been with him,” I fired back.

There was a look of disappointment on her face, and for a moment it seemed like she was going to speak, but instead she took a deep breath and asked, “Who then?”

“That’s up to you,” I answered, for some reason enjoying her dilemma.

At first, she didn’t reply, although from the look in her eyes I sensed she was considering the alternatives. However, after about a minute she said, “I won’t do anything with Chris. I’m not going to do that to Stacy.”

“We’ve discusses this…” I started before she cut me off.

“No, you made a demand. We didn’t discuss it, and my decision is final. So, you need to decide,” she replied, with a firmness in her tone that left no doubt she was very serious.

I sat quietly, staring at her as the seconds ticked by, but she held her gaze showing no sign of bending.

“Okay…well, if that’s the case…I mean I understand, but Warren, right?” I stumbled in reply, finally giving in.

“Yes, Warren I guess,” she conceded, and amazingly after that, our conversation moved to other subjects.

However, after that things started moved forward faster than I expected.

“Honey, it’s a nice day. Let’s take the kids to the zoo,” I suggested to Lauren the following Saturday morning after breakfast.

“I have plans this afternoon, but go ahead,” she replied, and by the look she gave me I knew she had a rendezvous arranged.

“When will you be back?” I asked in a too needy voice, suspecting that she was meeting Warren.

“I’m not sure,” she replied, smiling at my curious expression.

I did in fact take the kids to the zoo, leaving just after lunch with my wife still in our home. We took our time, then went for ice cream before returning to the house around five. Lauren’s car was still in the garage, so I wondered if she had been picked up or arranged transportation, and since I had expected she would be back when we returned, I had to scramble to make dinner for the kids. I had just finished putting them to bed when I heard our front door opening. I met her in the hall and saw that she was dressed in slacks and a simple but stylish blouse. The look on her face gave no message or indication of what had occurred, although I could tell she had been drinking.

“What happened…where did you go…who…” I started speaking, with my mind moving too rapidly to complete a thought.

“Let me go to the bathroom,” she begged when I tried to hold her.

I let her move past me, then like a puppy dog, I followed several paces behind. She went directly to the toilet and I could hear her peeing, then she emerged and gave me a wry smile.

“Your guys don’t want me,” she stated.

“What do you mean?” I asked, truly confused.

“I need some water,” she announced, and once I again found myself following her as this time she moved to the kitchen.

“What happened?” I asked once she had grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.

“I met Warren, but all he wanted to do was drink and talk about his wife,” she replied with a small laugh, then after a moment added, “I feel like an idiot.”

I took her hand and led her to the sofa and for the next ten minutes she described the evening. They had met at an out-of-the-way bar and Warren had been very nervous. The boldness that he had shown in his texts were replaced by a subdued demeanor and Lauren could tell quickly that he was too nervous to make a move. So, she had dutifully listened to him for hours as he consumed a great deal of alcohol, and although the evening had been a bust, I sensed that she wasn’t upset about it.

“That’s strange,” I stated during a lull, feeling I needed to say something.

“Is it? I might be wrong, but as he was talking I thought it was exactly how you would act,” she answered.

Struck with the words, I thought she might be on to something. I had assumed that any man, especially one that had flirted with her, would be ready and eager to get her in bed. Now, as she described the evening, it made me realize that there was a big leap between flirting and action, especially if the man was married. I also realized how awkward it must have been for her to try and act on my prodding and then deal with Warren’s reluctance.

“Yeah…maybe…I’m sorry sweetie,” I replied, unsure as to what to say.

“Yes…,” she said, and after several seconds added, “Very embarrassing.”

“Okay, I understand,” I said.

I reached for her and was happy that she let me pull her next to me in an embrace. For a moment, I wondered if she had purposefully sabotaged the meeting in her effort to position Thomas as her full-time lover. However, she seemed to be truly sincere and I relied on our years together to give me comfort that I knew her mannerisms.

Minutes later, we went to bed, and although we were snuggled together, neither of us seemed interested in making love. I sensed she still wanted to talk so I wasn’t surprised when, a few minutes later, she spoke.

“I knew it wouldn’t end well with Chris or Warren. It’s just too close to us,” she stated with her back to me.

“Lauren, I got it. I understand. Maybe you were nervous and giving off bad vibes, but it doesn’t matter. You tried and it didn’t go anywhere. Time to move on,” I replied.

“I didn’t give off bad vibes,” she responded.

“Okay. It doesn’t matter. It’s the same outcome,” I clarified.

“So, no more Warren?” she asked.

“No more,” I confirmed.

“Your list is getting short,” she answered, with just a hint of humor in her voice.

“That’s fine,” I said, pulling her body to me.

“Thank you,” she replied, and I had to hold back a laugh as I thought about the oddness of the exchange.

Surprisingly, the evening with Warren didn’t really set things back, and in fact seemed to relieve Lauren of some stress. With mutual agreement, she started a process to disengage from both Warren and Chris, but continued to accept my fantasy talk about Zach and Thomas.

“Are you going to give Zach another chance?” I teased several weeks after the Warren encounter, when I felt the dust had settled.

“I’d rather it be Thomas…” she started.

“No…you’ve done that already,” I cut-in.

“So? It’s so much easier,” she said in a whiny voice.

It had been a long time since she had sex with her co-worker and it would indeed be very easy to set up a meeting, but I had already compromised so much that I felt I needed to be firm.

“Zach first,” I replied, which brought an irritated look to her face.

“I talked to my mom and yours today. They want the kids for the weekend,” Lauren announced the following Wednesday.

“Do we have plans?” I asked, picking up on the look in her eyes.

“I do,” she replied, as a smile came to her face.

“Zach?” I asked, as a strange feeling passed through my body.

“Uh huh,” she answered.

“Okay, well…uh Lauren I think it’s time you see the doctor and get fitted for the diaphragm,” I stated, suddenly thinking practically.

“I saw her Monday. I pick it up tomorrow,” she replied.

“Good,” I told her, although I felt some annoyance that she had acted so decisively without telling me.

Through further discussion, I learned that her date was for Friday, and that the agenda was for them to go clubbing. Zach’s plan made the age and maturity difference between them quite apparent, and I was somewhat surprised that she had agreed, as she had never shown interest in the party scene.

Unfortunately, I left for the country before Lauren arrived home from work, so I didn’t get to see her prepare. Of course, all the way there and back my mind churned with erotic thoughts on how the evening might play out. However, foremost on my mind was the hope that the young mechanic would act better than he had last time.

I pulled into the garage at a little past nine, and immediately went to the bar and made myself a big drink. Turning on TV, I idly spun through the sports stations trying and failing to find something that would hold my attention. Two hours and four drinks later, I was still very much on edge. Because of the anxiety I felt during her last meeting with Zach, I had programmed her phone so that I could track her location. Maybe it was the fact that it was still relatively early or maybe it was because I hadn’t told Lauren about it, but for some reason I didn’t want to look. However, with each passing minute, my desire became stronger and my reluctance harder to understand.

I made it thirty more minutes before I picked up my phone and quickly found her location on the map. It didn’t take long to determine that she was at a nightclub called Plush which from the website looked to be a dance place for an early twenties crowd. I knew she looked younger than her age and could easily fit in physically, however she always seemed annoyed when dealing with immaturity and I suspected the place was consumed with it. Plus, our game was supposed to be about sex, not dating, so I had concerns that she would think it was too involved.

I forced myself to wait thirty minutes between checks and it was during the 1:30 AM update that I saw they had moved and were now in what looked to be a residential area. Once again, I used my computer to take a deeper look and saw that they were in what appeared to be a run-down neighborhood with small bungalow homes. Despite the voice in my head that told me not to, a few minutes later I was heading towards the address with the intention of driving by to see that everything was okay.

It took almost twenty minutes to arrive, and when I got close it wasn’t difficult to spot the house. It was a small one story home in some disrepair, and several lights were on which made it stand out from the rest of the houses that were dark. There were two cars in the driveway, one parked on the lawn and a pickup at the curb out front. Nothing seemed to be wrong, so I drove slowly past, but when I reached the end of the block, instead of heading home, I u-turned and drove by again.

“Well, fuck,” I said to myself when I reached the next stop sign.

Idling at the intersection I thought for a few seconds then pulled through and parked my car along the curb. Then, with a deep breath, I got out and walked purposefully towards the house. As I approached, I scanned the area and decided I would move to a dark spot between the houses. In seconds, I was there, and with no security light coming on and no dogs barking I felt a certain sense of safety. There was an old wooden fence around the backyard, but the gate was loose on the hinges and I was able to slip through without much effort. From there, I moved close to the patio where I could see through the uncovered patio glass door into the kitchen and breakfast area and further into the living room. In front of the TV were two guys, sitting on a sofa, engaged in a video game, and in the kitchen, were two men and a woman, but no sign of Lauren or Zach. One of the men was an average looking white guy with longish hair while the other was larger, likely Hispanic, with a broad chest, a very tight haircut and a cropped beard that ran along his jaw line and descended several inches down his neck. However, what caught my attention the most, was the young woman who was a very pretty, slender blonde with long hair and shapely legs. Like the men, she was dressed in clothes that indicated they had been at a club, which in her case consisted of a blue mini-dress that showed a lot of leg and a low top that highlighted her full breasts. They appeared to be talking back and forth casually while they sipped on drinks.

I was just about to try and slip to the other side of the house to check the bedroom windows when Lauren suddenly appeared with Zach close behind. My wife was dressed in a black skirt that almost reached her knees, a reddish silk blouse, and low heels. She looked quite good, but she certainly hadn’t dressed with the sexy intent of the blonde. They smiled and joined the conversation, and it was immediately evident that my wife was not under any duress. The blonde poured what looked like wine into a plastic cup and handed it to her, and for the next few minutes I looked on as they chatted. However, like the last time, it didn’t seem that Zach knew how to close the deal, and by his inactions, I began to wonder if he truly wanted to.

I watched for a few more minutes thinking it might be best to go home and wait for Lauren to arrive, but suddenly things began to change. The larger man had left the room, and when he returned he was carrying something that I soon realized was a small mirror. Quickly, he reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a vial, and over the next few minutes I watched as he poured some of the contents out then used a credit card to form the white powder into thin lines. I wasn’t so naïve that I didn’t understand what was going on, but I was very surprised to see my wife merely stand by and take it all in. It was one thing to smoke some pot like she did last time, but this was something more altogether.

The blonde went first and it was clearly not her first time as she deftly took a rolled-up bill and quickly inhaled the substance. Then my wife was offered a turn and I was stunned when, without any obvious prodding, she snorted the drug. There were some laughs from the others as she reacted to the burning in her nostril, but it disappeared fast and soon everyone had imbibed. A few minutes past as they talked, then more of the drug was poured out and they went through the process a second time.

For several minutes after, I watched them continue to talk, and slowly I could see that Zach was getting horny. It started off as merely moving closer to my wife and progressed until he had his arm around her waist and was periodically nuzzling her neck. Then, with some final words to his friends, that drew laughter, he directed my wife back down the hallway. Moving deeper into the yard, away from the sliding glass door, I too moved in the direction they had gone. The first window I came to had ratty blinds that made it easy to see through, and enough light was filtering into the room that I could tell it was empty. So, I moved to the next window which was similarly covered and spotted Zach and my wife, still fully dressed, in an embrace next to an unmade queen-sized bed. The room looked like it must have been the master bedroom as it had a half-open door through which I could make out a small bathroom, and the light emitted from this room made it easy to discern all that was taking place, or was about to.

Zach was standing behind my wife and had his arm was looped around her waist pulling her against him. His head was buried into her neck, and his lips kissed and traced over her soft flesh while she reached back and stroked the side of his head with her hand. It wasn’t long before his hands went to her breasts, and after massaging them for a short time, he tugged on her blouse, pulling it out of her skirt, and together they began to work on the buttons. Quickly it was removed, and Lauren’s lovely breasts were showcased in a sheer, white bra. The young mechanic reached for the clasp, which he deftly released, then pulled the garment free. For a moment, as if it were a reactionary move, Lauren’s arms covered her mounds, but Zach pulled them away and used his hands to fondle and gently massage them. Once more, he moved to kiss her neck, but this time my wife turned and found his lips with hers and they began a passionate connection. I could tell by her actions that my wife was aroused and knew that Zach was going to have the chance to fully experience her.

Amazingly, it was Lauren that pulled down the zipper to her skirt then tugged it over her hips until it became free and fell at her feet. With that, she stepped out of it, kicking it away along with her heels which made her several inches shorter, so that she was now noticeably looking up at her soon to be lover. Zach turned her and pushed her back onto the bed, and while she looked up, he undressed until he was standing fully nude. His cock was very stiff, protruding away from his slender body, and looked average in length and thickness, which for some reason pleased me.

He looked down at Lauren for several seconds, while tugging on his erection, then leaned forward, took her by the legs and pulled her butt to the edge of the bed. There, he dropped to his knees and immediately buried his face between her thighs. Instantly, Lauren’s back stiffened and one hand went to the back of his head while the other grabbed a handful of the sheet. For the next several minutes, I watched as he moved his head over her covered sex while she wiggled in response until I saw his hand grasp the strings of her thong and peel it down her long, smooth legs. For a moment, I thought he would move up and take her, but instead he returned his mouth to her pussy, although this time he was in direct contact. Once more, her body began to writhe in response to the stimulation she was receiving and clearly enjoying. I knew from long experience that my wife’s pussy tasted wonderful, and clearly Zach agreed as he showed no eagerness to end his oral feast.

Then, from the edge of my vision, I saw movement at the partially opened door and I could see that the blonde and the larger of the two men from the kitchen were peering in while trying to stay undetected. Both looked fully dressed, and I could see nothing that indicated they were touching or fondling. Instead, they seemed content to witness my wife’s taking from a few feet away.

With my eyes moving back and forth between the two scenes, I didn’t notice at first when Zach’s tonguing stopped. When I caught up, he was guiding my wife to the center of the bed, following her on his knees, and when she arrived he immediately moved into position between her legs, and using his hand brought his cock to her opening. It was easy to deduce the moment of penetration as Lauren’s legs spread wider and pulled back while her hands moved to his arms which were holding him up over her body. After a short pause, he started moving with an easy motion that slowly increased in pace until he was fucking her with full, deliberate strokes. Zach maintained his position with extended arms, looking down into my wife’s face, but Lauren’s legs rose and wrapped around her new lover’s waist and one hand moved from his arm to the small of his back. I could just make out the look on my wife’s face that conveyed she was excited and clearly being pleasured.

The two voyeurs at the door had left for a bit but were now back watching closely as my wife received the third cock of her life, and it made me envious to think that unlike me, they were also experiencing the erotic sounds of the coupling. Suddenly, Zach’s body dropped to his forearms which shielded my view of Lauren’s face, but the rhythm of his ass never faltered. Just a minute later, I saw her legs come free with her knees moving towards her chest in a way that indicated to me that she was building towards a climax. Zach had maintained a steady assault that I knew was what my wife liked and needed to orgasm, so I suspected it wouldn’t be long before we witnessed her release.

In fact, things progressed rapidly with her hands moving to his ass while her legs spreading even wider, and despite not being able to get aural confirmation, I knew she was in the middle of an orgasm. Her excitement must have triggered the young mechanic because soon thereafter his movements lost focus and with several awkward thrusts he finished. He immediately collapsed onto her body, but continued to make random pushes while her hands stroked his back and neck. Lauren had been taken once more by a new lover and now her womb was filled with the seed of a young man that was likely very potent. I thought about the diaphragm inside her and how it must now be coated with Zach’s semen with all those millions of sperm cells so eager and close to the prize.

They stayed connected for several minutes and I was debating about leaving when I saw Zach start to rise. Wanting to see if I could tell Lauren’s frame of mind, I decided to stay a little longer. As soon as he was off the bed, he went to the bathroom and started to urinate without closing the door, and surprisingly, my wife stayed in place, fully exposed, showing no signs of shame and making no attempt to cover herself with the linen. When he finished in the bathroom, Zach put on his boxers and after saying a few words to my wife, left the room. Now, I was sure she would move to get dressed and leave, so I was once more taken aback when she remained in place. In fact, she seemed quite content, and I wondered if her orgasm had left her fully satiated.

It was several minutes before Zach returned and when he did he shucked his underwear and crawled in next to her. He pulled her so that she was lying partially across his chest and started to idly stroke her hair while they talked. Then, without any apparent warning, the blonde girl suddenly appeared in the room and walked up next to the bed. This caused my wife to search for the sheet, but Zach took her hand and stopped her movement. I could tell that Lauren was now embarrassed and self-conscious, and I thought it might make the other girl leave. Instead, she took a simple folding chair that had been off to one side and pulled it next to the couple. A conversation ensued, although most of the talking seemed to be between Zach and the blonde, and at the same time, I noticed that his cock had once more become stiff.

As they chatted, Zach took my wife’s hand and brought it to his shaft, and at first, she held it without moving, but after a bit I could see her pulling on it with small tugs. I was now completely perplexed by her actions. It was one thing to have convinced her over such a long period of time to play, but to be naked in front of this woman and to fondle her lover’s cock while being watched was beyond the realm of my fantasy. I knew instinctively that this was all her, something inside her was being aroused, and it wasn’t merely a fulfillment of my wishes.

Zach sat up further in bed which brought his cock within an inch of my wife’s mouth. I knew what he intended, and I’m sure Lauren did as well, still I held my breath when he pushed on her neck and was shocked when her lips went to his shaft without protest. Slowly, she worked him into her mouth until she had most of it while her hand left her side and fondled his hairy balls. I saw the blonde smiling at Zach and suspected something had been planned, making me wonder if I would soon see the young woman in bed too.

Zach positioned Lauren so she was between his legs and in doing so brought her to her knees. Now, her head was bobbing on his shaft, which she held firmly. She seemed to have forgotten about the girl, who was still on the chair, while I continued to wonder about their end game. Then, like before, I saw movement at the door and standing there was the large Hispanic guy. I saw him make eye contact with the blonde and then he quickly started to strip. It seemed that within seconds he was nude, and I could see he had a broad hairless chest, a beefy middle, and thick muscular thighs. But, the most pronounced aspect, the thing that got my full attention was what looked like an 8″ fat cock that thrust out and upward from his body. It was easily the largest appendage I had seen outside of porn, and I now knew what they had in mind.

His bronze body sported multiple large tattoos on his arms, torso and thighs, and he stepped towards the bed and my unsuspecting wife with purpose while Zach and the blonde looked on. It was a moment of truth. All kinds of thoughts went through my head as I debated everything from banging on the window to running into the house, but each movement now seemed to mesmerize me, and rather than act, I found my feet planted firmly as if they were encased in concrete.

Lauren still hadn’t sensed the presence of the large man when the blonde suddenly stood and used her hands to pull my wife’s ass cheeks open. At her touch, Lauren tried to pull her head up, but Zach was prepared and held her firmly, then with amazing speed the large man was behind her on the bed with his large cock at the entrance to her pussy. As soon as he started to push inside, I saw Lauren’s body try desperately to move, but the combined strength of the three kept her in place. The leftover juices from her sex with Zach must have helped a lot because with just a few thrusts the man’s shaft was completely implanted. He started a very slow movement in and out, while he maintained a grip on her hips, and I watched as my wife’s hands slowly relaxed. Several times, she tried to remove her mouth from Zach’s cock, but each time he pulled her back while his friend slowly picked up the pace until he was taking her with full, deep penetrating strokes. The blonde fell back into her chair, and at first, I thought she was content just to watch, but it wasn’t long before she pulled her tight skirt higher and she pushed her hand between her thighs.

This scene continued for several minutes, but I could tell Lauren was losing focus on the dick in her mouth, and Zach finally let her release it and rest her head on his stomach. With her head turned my way, I could see her eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth was hanging halfway open, projecting a look of complete sexual abandon. I expected that the man would continue like this until they he was finished, but after Zach and the large man exchanged some words, their movements halted. For a moment, all was still, then Zach slid out of the way while my wife was flipped onto her back.

The large man reconnected without protest then took my wife’s legs in his hands and pushed them back until her knees were in her armpits. She was spread completely open, but rather than take her with a steady rhythm, he lifted until his cock was almost completely out, paused for a moment, then let the weight of his body drive his shaft fully and forcefully inside. His actions bore no resemblance to any form of lovemaking. Rather, my wife was being sport fucked and used as a device, a hole to receive his large weapon.

With each descent, her breasts would dance in a circular motion, and although her eyes were once more tightly shut, the look on her face and her now completely open mouth made me think that she must have been emitting some sounds. It was impossible for me to know whether these were cries of pain or arousal, and that made me practically shake with nervous energy.

Lauren and I had never had hard physical sex like this, so I was completely at a loss to guess her feelings and for a moment I thought about going inside to help her. But, when I noticed her hands, which had been holding a death grip on his biceps, move to his shoulders it gave me a small indication that she was not panicking. The blonde girl’s hands were now moving rapidly between her legs and she was bent forward in an awkward position as she watched, and even though Zach stood beside her, he showed no interest in engaging.

The large man was relentless and maintained a deliberate movement that fed my wife the full length of his fat shaft with each cycle. Sweat glistened on both their bodies as his assault continued and Lauren’s head began to slowly loll back and forth as if she was deep inside some special place. The first sign that their mating might be reaching its zenith was when I saw my wife’s mouth open even wider as if she was attempting to force something out. It passed, but soon she was doing it again, and I counted six more times before her fingers moved back to his biceps, gripping them tightly while her mouth opened obscenely wide.

I heard her cry, a scream really, through the window of the house as her body began to experience a monstrous orgasm. Held in place, she was limited in how she could react which made the spasms in her abdomen and the thrashing of her head much more apparent. I was dumbstruck by the intensity, as it was certainly something I had never seen from her or anyone else for that matter.

The Hispanic man continued the fucking showing no sign of flagging, and it was several minutes before the visual clues came that he wasn’t going to last much longer. All through this, my wife’s head rocked back and forth as if he was keeping her at an aroused level. Finally, his movements became more frenetic and he ended with several quick thrusts and then a deep one where he held himself completely inside her.

Once more, my thoughts went to the diaphragm. I knew it had likely been in her a long time and I wondered if she had been able to add more spermicide. Plus, with this man’s big dick, I was nervous his movements had dislodged it from its necessary position. For some reason, I visualized the device pushed aside and his thick offering gaining unfettered access into my wife’s cervix.

Everything quickly became still on the bed and even the blonde ceased her masturbation. Both her and Zach stared towards the connected couple on the bed, and near the door to the rooms, shadows moved in a way that made me guess that others had been drawn to the scene as well. Several minutes went by before the man started to remove himself from my wife, and as her body came into view I could see that her normally delicate opening was gaping and a white froth surrounded her pussy and coated her upper thighs. Almost immediately, Lauren curled into the fetal position, and for the next few minutes I watched her body occasionally spasm in post-coital electrical aftershocks, while the others slowly started to move about.

The large man was the first to leave. Showing surprising resiliency after the effort he expended, he dressed quickly and disappeared. I could see the blonde, with her dress now back in place, talking with Zach while he slowly gathered his clothes, and together they walked out leaving my wife alone and naked. Lauren lay there for what seemed like a long time before she started to stir, and finally, with slow deliberate movements, she rose and began to put on her things. Thinking it was now over, and wanting to be home and composed before she arrived, I gave her a last look and left.

All the way home I thought about the sordid scene. The sex with Zach was in keeping with my fantasy and expectations, but the wild, animalistic mating she had experienced with the other man certainly was not. Although I had watched, and viewed her as a willing participant, I began to have doubts and wondered if she had in reality been forced. Her orgasm had been huge – more powerful than I had ever seen, but I still began to get a gnawing feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, and as I pulled into the driveway, I thought about the consequences.

I had expected Lauren to be close behind me, but it was in fact almost three hours later that I heard the key in the door, just as dawn approached. During that time, I was left to wonder what was taking place and whether she was having even more sex. I met her in the hallway and she looked amazingly fresh, although there was distinct tiredness in her eyes.

“Welcome home. Everything go okay?” I asked, giving no hint that I had any knowledge of events.

“Mmmm…hmmm…” she responded with a small smile, as I took her in my arms and gave her a quick kiss.

“I have some open wine. You want to have a quick glass and tell me about it?” I asked.

“Okay, a quick one, but let me jump in the shower first,” she responded, as she moved towards the bedroom.

I poured two glasses, emptying the bottle I had been working on, and carried the drinks towards the bedroom. The bathroom door was closed and I could hear the shower running, so I set the glasses down and was preparing to enter when I saw her thong on the ground near the hamper. Curiosity drove me as I moved to the garment, and as I started to lift it a thick wad of tissue fell out. Instantly, I knew what it was for, as my wife had used this technique before, so with my fingertips I picked up the matted paper to have a look.

The pad was about four inches long, and as soon as I touched it I could feel that it was soaked. On closer inspection, I could see that on the wet side were numerous pubic hairs that I knew had come from her lovers, and once again I was left to ponder if she had participated in more sex after I left. I put the wad back and was about to check her purse to see if any further evidence was available when I heard the shower stop, and within a minute she opened the door to the bathroom.

“Here you go honey,” I said, holding out a glass.

Lauren had a towel wrapped around her body, and she took the glass then sat on the bed. I was dying to get a look at her well-fucked body, but I knew I needed to remain coy for the time being.

“Why do you make me do this?” she asked, but her words lacked conviction.

“What happened? Was it better than last time?” I replied, ignoring her dig.

“I suppose,” she answered, still being vague.

“Did you…did y’all have sex?” I followed.

There was a moment of hesitation while she looked at me before she answered, “Yes, our auto mechanic took your wife to bed.”

“And? I mean did you enjoy it? Did you…” I started before letting the thought go.

“Did I cum? Is that what you want to know?” she asked, then added after I remained silent, “Yes, Greg. Zach made me orgasm.”

My dick was very hard and I wanted Lauren badly at that moment, so taking her glass, I set both on the nightstand then pulled her to me.

“What do you want?” she asked with a smirk.

“You,” I countered, and began to pull the towel from her body.

In some ways, it was like opening a present as I had strange anticipations about what I might find. However, when she was fully naked, and I had chance to quickly look her over, other than some light bruises on her thighs, she looked unscathed. Even her pussy, which had been so completely ravaged only hours before, now looked normal.

“Do I pass inspection?” she asked, sensing the meaning of my looks.

“With flying colors,” I responded, as I began to undress.

Quickly, I was naked with my head between her legs as I worked to get her ready. Knowing that this was at least the second time she had been orally pleasured that evening strangely excited me and I lapped at her hungrily as she slowly ran her fingers through my hair. I kept at her until she was completely wet and soft sighs were coming from her mouth, then I rose and entered her in the missionary position. We instantly merged into our learned rhythm and for several minutes we moved together with only our sighs filling the room.

“Tell me about it,” I finally probed, knowing it was unlikely she would become aroused enough to climax again.

“We went to his house,” she offered, but provided no details.

“And? What happened? Were others there like before?” I pushed.

“We went to the bedroom. Yes, there were some people there,” she answered.

“And he took you to bed and gave you an orgasm,” I stated more than asked, then quickly added, “How many times did he have you?”

“More than once,” she answered huskily into my ear.

Her words were arousing and I pushed hard with my hips forcing a gasp of pain from her, reminding me that she was likely quite sore from the big cock she had recently taken.

“You must have liked it,” I whispered back.

“Mmmm…” came her simple moan in response.

“What else happened?” I asked, giving her the opening to tell me about what I had witnessed.

“Nothing,” she quickly replied, but I felt her tense just for a moment.

Now, I knew that she was going to keep secret, at least for the moment, the wild things that had occurred. I thought about challenging her some more, but decided it was best to let it wait for another day, so with all the tenderness I could muster I made love to my beautiful wife, pulling out at the last possible moment and spraying my seed across her body. Without rising or cleaning, we forgot about the wine and held our embrace until we fell asleep.

I expected, based on her prior behavior, that she would at some point start to bring up meeting Thomas. However, days went by and there was no mention of him, but instead of probing I stayed quiet on the subject, preferring she be the one to broach the subject.

Two weeks after her encounter at Zach’s house, we were just starting our Saturday morning when I was presented with some unexpected information. Lauren had her laptop open on the counter in the kitchen doing emails while she drank coffee. She had left it unattended while she went to the back of the house for a minute and I happened to glance at the screen. It was open to her calendar and my eyes somehow locked on to an appointment she had for Tuesday afternoon with Dr. Sturm. What I found odd was the fact that we hadn’t discussed nor seen the counselor in many months.

The knowledge of her appointment stayed in my head, and I contemplated the meaning over the next few days while hoping that she would inform me at some point. When Tuesday passed with no discussion, it only raised my curiosity. For days, I thought about the subject of their meeting, and many times I rationalized that it was not surprising, and in fact likely healthy, that she would reach out to a trained professional for counsel. However, I just could not get past the fact that I didn’t know exactly what was being said and how I fit into the conversation. It became the motivation for me to schedule my own appointment with Dr. Sturm.

I was somewhat surprised that she accepted the visit, as I thought there may very well be a conflict between my wife’s visit and mine. However, her assistant booked me for ten days out and I never heard another word. It was with this as a backdrop that I found myself pulling into the parking garage of the counselor’s office late on a Wednesday.

“Good afternoon, Greg,” the doctor spoke pleasantly, as her assistant held open the door.

“Afternoon,” I replied.

I knew that the doctor was likely not going to just share what was discussed with my wife. I was going to have to be clever and perhaps a bit devious to get her to provide some clues. With that in mind, I had decided to try to come across as open and light hearted.

“I’m really just checking in,” I declared, and I cringed internally at how contrived it sounded.

“I see. Well, is there a particular subject or area that you want to focus on?” she asked showing no sign that she saw through my attempt at subterfuge.

I answered that there was nothing specific and we started by recapping the history of our counseling and how I was pleased with the help she had provided. My intent was two-fold. First, it allowed me to remain positive, which hopefully would take her defenses down. Second, everyone likes compliments and I hoped that giving her praise would get her on my side. It wasn’t long before the subject moved to explicit discussion about my wife’s sex with the others. It took a great deal of willpower not to digress to talk about my own doubts and fears, but fortunately I was able to hold back.

“There were some rough spots, but I think she had become more comfortable with the idea,” I answered in response to one of her questions, intentionally trying to keep it open ended.

“And what’s your reaction…your feelings about her involvement?” she followed.

“Well, of course I’m very happy. I’m certainly pleased to see her enjoying herself,” I replied.

“Have you thought about your limits?” she followed, passing over my comment on enjoyment.

The question caught me off-guard, so to buy time I came up with a vague answer while forcing the smile to remain, “Oh, I think they are fluid.”

“Fluid?” she followed.

“Yes, situational,” I replied.

In that brief and rapid exchange, my mind caught up, and processing the key words in her last several questions a thought hit me that I would have never considered. It was so unexpected that at first, I thought I must be mistaken, but suddenly the therapist’s words and my wife’s surreptitious appointment coupled with my own observations brought forth an idea I couldn’t shake. All the time, I had approached and viewed the sex as something my wife was doing to accommodate my desires, my fantasies. Could it in fact be that she was equally interested? Had she become obsessed like me? Could it be that she had become even more so?

It’s amazing how fast the human brain can process information at times and in this case, it had all occurred in the span of several seconds. However, even on the slim chance my theory did have some merit, I was left with thinking up very quickly a question or probe that would move the conversation in the right direction without causing Dr. Sturm to become defensive.

“I’m not sure I understand,” she responded.

“As Lauren’s comfort and desires continue to develop, I don’t want there to be rigid boundaries. I want to make sure I’m supportive of her and the directions she wants to go. I know she has an interest in exploring more and I need to assist her in a positive way,” I answered, wondering if I was anywhere close to the mark.

“Past your group? Your fantasy partners?” she replied, and with her words I knew I was indeed on the right track.

However, almost as soon as she spoke she stiffened in her chair, exhibiting body language that made me think she knew she had been too forthcoming. So, knowing I needed to proceed delicately if I wanted the conversation to continue, I chose my next words carefully.

“If that’s where her desires take us. It’s up to her,” I responded, and she seemed to relax a bit.

After that, we returned to talking about my motivations and reactions, but needing to be in control of things in case I wanted to return, I ended the session after just a few minutes.

“Dr. Sturm, I’m a bit pressed for time, so I hope you don’t mind if we wrap up a bit early,” I said, keeping my smile, and hoping my demeanor was effective as camouflage.

“Of course,” she answered, showing no outward sign of suspicion.

As soon as I was in my car, my thoughts went instantly to my wife. It seemed so unbelievable to me that she would become an eager participant, perhaps even an instigator, as all my thoughts over the years were of her as the reluctant partner who merely tolerated my deviant fantasies. She was always the innocent one; pushed by me, but always ready to return to the firm ground of a conservative, faithful married woman. However, piecing things together, I had to admit she had been eager with her coworker and it was she who reenergized the game playing when I had considered it dead.

I returned to the comment the counselor had made about my wife’s interests expanding past my group which made me think she must be referring to the Hispanic man. I had witnessed him force a powerful orgasm from my her and now I wondered what more might have occurred after I departed. Had he taken her again? Had he so excited her that she wanted a repeat performance?

“Can you watch the kids Friday?” she asked a couple weeks later.

The question had become the signal of an impending encounter, and I was a bit startled to hear it as I had begun to think the session with Dr. Sturm had jolted her back to her normal self. Still, I was able to put a smile on my face before responding.

“Thomas or Zach?” I asked, although I was almost certain it was her co-worker.

“Mmmm…good question,” she answered before turning and leaving me to stare at her back as she moved down the hall.

She didn’t leave the house Friday until after eight which surprised me as I had expected her to meet Thomas right after work. With a quick kiss and hug to the kids, she was out the door, and almost the moment she was gone, both started acting very needy. To entertain them, we went to get some ice cream, then returned to watch a movie, so it was well past their bedtime before I got them tucked in. Afterwards, I poured a double whisky and flopped onto the couch and tried to watch TV, however now with no distractions, my thoughts went quickly to Lauren.

I knew I was going to check her location, but I deluded myself until eleven I wouldn’t, before finally calling up the app. Going to her blip, the map showed that she was in a part of town I hadn’t expected. It was the barrio, and not on the edge but square in the center of what I knew was a poor area with rundown apartments and dingy businesses. Zooming in further, I learned that she was at a place called La Tropicana which I quickly learned was a nightclub. It took only a few more clicks to learn the place was well represented as a frequent scene of altercations and police dispatches. The information left little doubt in my mind that my wife was with the large Hispanic man from the previous encounter. Zach might be there too, as well as the others, but for some reason I felt this unknown man, that had taken Lauren powerfully, was in charge. My instincts told me to check on her, and for a moment I actually began to rise to head out, but I quickly remembered the kids and knew I was immobile for the night.

I thought about calling, however after giving it some thought, I decided it was more likely under the circumstances that Lauren would respond to a text. So, I rapidly fired one off and five minutes later when no answer had been received, I pecked out another. The minutes ticked by as I waited for a reply, but two more double whiskeys later, nothing had arrived. Of course, my mind swirled with countless scenarios, some that made me very concerned, but as much as it bothered me, there was really nothing I could do. Fortunately, the alcohol soon had me in a stupor and I passed out.

“Honey, are you okay? Let’s go to bed,” I heard my wife’s soft voice whispering to me.

Coming to with a start, it took me a few seconds to get oriented, but when I did I could see her beside me, dressed as she had left, looking amazingly fresh.

“What time is it?” I forced out.

“Four-thirty,” she replied, while tugging on my arm.

Moving to the bedroom with her assistance, I fell onto the bed while she went to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Despite my attempt to stay up until she re-joined me, it wasn’t long before I passed out once again.

As soon as I woke, I could hear faint sounds of children’s laughter, and turning I realized Lauren was already up. With a thick head, I got up and after washing my face and brushing my teeth, I moved deliberately towards the kitchen.

“Well, well,” my wife said with a smile when I appeared.

“Coffee…, I forced out.

Between the presence of the kids and my rough feelings, there wasn’t a chance to have a conversation with Lauren about events. In fact, it wasn’t until late that evening, when once again they were in bed, that we had the opportunity. In between, I went back to bed then took the kids to the zoo while she napped for most of the afternoon.

“How was Thomas?” I asked to open the discussion.

“He’s doing quite well,” she replied.

Her quick reply almost felt like she was ready for the question and had rehearsed her answer. Regardless, I now knew I would not be getting the truth.

“What did y’all do?” I probed.

“Honey, what do you think we did. We did what you wanted,” she responded, as her hand moved to my thigh.

“I mean before. Did you go out?” I asked.

“We had two drinks at a bar then went to his place,” she said, and once again, her mechanical response was a tip-off.

“Did you wear your diaphragm?” I queried, hoping to gain some sense of truth from her answers.

“Yes, I put it in at the club,” she replied, and I saw her cringe momentarily.

No doubt, she was nervous about calling the location a club, but I let it go without follow up. I wanted to know the extent of her deviousness. At some point, I would challenge her with the truth, but not yet. For now, I wanted to see how deep a hole she would dig.

Her hand was softly stroking and teasing the inside of my thigh when I asked, “Uh, how many times did y’all?”

“Three,” she shot back.

“Well, are you going to provide a description?” I pushed.

“Baby, we did everything you would expect. Everything we do,” she answered, then after a moment added, “I had two orgasms.”

“And him,” I asked.

“Three…I think,” she replied as her hand moved to rub my dick.

“Sounds like a big night,” I said, suddenly at a loss for words.

“Ummm…hmmm. Just what you wanted. Now take me to bed,” she responded with a wry smile while starting to stand.

Minutes later, we were naked in bed, and after just a few minutes of kissing and fondling, she pushed me onto my back and straddled my waist. Like before, for just as instant as I penetrated her, I saw her face contort in pain. However, once fully inside, she started a slow, full motion while she looked down at me smiling. We stared into each other’s eyes, and I held off on any questions just enjoying the connection. It was her that spoke first.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“How beautiful you are. How wonderful you are to indulge me. How much I wish I could have watched you with Thomas,” I answered.

“Mmmm…maybe next time he can come here,” she purred.

“Yes, I want that. We should do it soon,” I shot back, as I lifted my hips to join her rhythm.

My wife’s pussy feels so good that she can mesmerize me quickly. Tonight, was no different than countless times before, and for a moment my mind went to the Hispanic man and how lucky he must feel to get to enjoy Lauren. I knew he must be bragging to his friends about taking the beautiful married woman, and for some reason this thought brought excitement, rather than disgust.

“What about Zach? Have you forgotten him?” she asked with a teasing look.

“No, we can’t forget him,” I answered vaguely.

“Okay, if it’s what you want,” she said, and the way it came out made me think she felt she had received permission for her deceitful activities.

However, just then she bent forward to kiss me while putting her hand back to tickle my balls with her fingernails. Quickly, I forgot about the others and concentrated on the magical, tingling feeling between my legs.

“Cum in me,” she whispered.

“Is it okay?” I asked perfunctorily.

“Yes, its fine,” she said.

Less than a minute later, I was grunting like a pig as my dick fired streams of semen into my wife’s unprotected womb. During it all, Lauren whispered encouragement and purred in my ear. When I was finally done, and drifting with the cloudlike post-climax feeling, it dawned on me how unlike her it was to be so sexually purposeful. I realized she was learning from the others, experiencing new things and bringing them into our bed.

“Zach called,” she announced the following Thursday.

“Okay?” I replied, wondering if she was attempting to see the Hispanic guy two weeks in a row.

“He wants to get together next Saturday,” she replied.

“Day after tomorrow?” I tried to clarify.

“No, a week from then. A week from Saturday,” she said, looking a bit strangely.

I read the strange look to indicate hope on her part, and with a shrug I replied, “Sounds good.”

On both Friday and Saturday, we had sex multiple times in a frenzied state that we hadn’t experienced in years. It made me wonder whether it was driven by guilt, her anticipation of her upcoming encounter or perhaps even her desire to reward me. Regardless, it was an awesome weekend, with the only downside being my concern over her deviousness and the questions about how we would get reconnected.

“My parents want me to bring the kids out for the weekend,” I announced on Thursday.

In truth, it was my idea as I wanted some freedom and flexibility for Saturday, but if Lauren suspected anything it didn’t show. Rather, she thought it was a good idea and just wanted to make sure that her parents got to interact as well. So, as had become quite common, on Friday after work I found myself making the drive out to deliver our children to their grandparents. Returning the same evening, I convinced myself on the drive back that once alone with my wife, she would open-up and admit what was really taking place. However, when I arrived, rather than finding her guilt ridden, she was happy and playful, and after a few glasses of wine we moved to the bedroom.

Lauren maintained the same easy-going manner the next day, and it was actually me that seemed nervous with anticipation. It took some effort to mask my feelings while we did things together that day until she disappeared around six to get ready. I had tried to query her on the plans, but she remained vague saying she wasn’t sure and with Zach things always changed anyway. Finally, just after eight she departed leaving me alone in what suddenly was a very quiet house.

My first reaction was to pour a drink, but with the recent memory of the last episode, I was able to force myself to sip on water instead. At nine, I check her location and found she was stationary at a house in a bad neighborhood just a few blocks from the club. I wondered if Zach was there or the blonde or if it was just my wife and her secret lover. They were still there at ten, and I thought perhaps they would remain there all night. Maybe Lauren was already in bed, on her back with her legs pushed back as he drove his cock into her. However, when I checked again at eleven they had moved to the club, so at least it meant there was a break in the action.

No longer able to remain still, I practically ran out of the house and jumped in my car with no clear plan about what I wanted to accomplish. In truth, I just had an urgent need to get closer to my wife. It was raw emotion rather than logic, but nonetheless I was soon on my way. It took almost twenty minutes to get to the area of town and along the way I had decided to first go by the house. I was able to find the neighborhood easily and as soon as I turned down the narrow street I could see that on both sides the homes were ill-kept, with most in an advanced state of disrepair. In the driveways, on the street and in some cases even in the yards were older model cars that had the same neglected look. I knew the house I was looking for was three houses from the end, so as I got closer I turned all my attentions that way.

The house was non-descript and like the others, although my wife’s car which was parked neatly in the driveway, did seem to stick out as something of a beacon. Next to her vehicle, the space was empty however there was an older pickup at the curb and lights were on indicating that someone might be home. I noted that the back was dark with what looked like a chain link fence around it, then I headed towards the club.

It was only a short distance away and in a seedy strip center on a six-lane divided avenue. There was a large parking lot and while waiting at the light I could see that the section in front of the club was quite crowded. In addition, small groups of people, mostly men, were huddled in various location amongst the vehicles. It seemed almost surreal that my wife would be in such a place, and even more bizarre when I considered the casual way she approached the evening. Was this guy really such an amazing allure that she could enthusiastically accept this type of scene?

My car rolled slowly across the avenue after the light changed and I found myself in the parking lot at the fringes of the crowd. It seemed dangerous to move closer, and although I wanted desperately to go inside to witness Lauren’s actions, I knew there was no way it would end well. Thus, after several circuits, I left and drove down the avenue until I came across a bar that seemed reasonably accommodating. Inside was a small, mostly older crowd that appeared past their confrontation days, so I took a stool at an empty section of the bar, and with my phone propped up to monitor Lauren’s movements, I ordered a beer.

The bartender, like the patrons, showed no interest me, which left me to drink, watch the TV which had the sound turned off, and think about the events that brought me to this spot. It was just after one and I was on my fifth beer when I lit my screen and saw that there had been some movement in the blue dot. It wasn’t much, but it was noticeable and I surmised that she was now somewhere in the parking lot. After several minutes, when it didn’t appear to move, I left my stool and moved swiftly towards my car.

Just a few minutes later, I was in the lot, trying to remain at the fringes to avoid detection and hoping to spot my wife. The GPS said I was very close, but I knew the tolerance wasn’t to be trusted, which resulted in me scanning the entire crowd over and over without success. Fortunately, no one seemed to be paying me any mind, and I was just completing another scan when I realized the brunette, about fifty yards away, wearing the miniskirt with her breasts spilling out was Lauren. Once I spotted her, it was easy to recognize that the large guy next to her was the man I had seen at Zach’s.

For some reason, even though they were in a circle of about twenty people, I got the impression they were alone. Now focused on her, I could see that the dark skirt was extremely short, barely covering her ass, and she wore a tight, low cut red top that put her breasts on display. By the way they were formed, I suspected she was wearing a special bra. In addition, she had on red pumps and her dark hair was teased out in a way that made her look younger, but also trashy. To my knowledge, she didn’t own any attire like this, so I guessed the man had provided it and perhaps directed her on the look he wanted. Whatever the situation, she now stood as part of the group next to her man, watching as he engaged with the others.

It was ten more minutes before they left the crowd and when they did almost every male turned and watched my wife’s ass as she strutted away. I stared as they made for a new model black Ford pickup where the Hispanic man gallantly open the passenger door for my wife before getting in. Quickly, the lights came on and they left, but knowing their destination, I waited a few minutes before discreetly following.

When I arrived at the rundown house, I immediately saw that the pickup was parked next to my wife’s car. Slowly making the block at 15 MPH, I thought about what to do and decided by the time I had returned that like Zach’s house, I needed to see what was taking place. So, parking several houses down, I tried to casually walk back, hoping I wouldn’t draw attention, and when I got close I crossed the weed infested yard until I hit the chain link fence. It was then that I spotted, chained in the yard with a bare spot marking the radius, a large dog. He hadn’t spotted me, so slowly I backed away while trying to determine another course. Unfortunately, the front windows were well covered and there were no bushes to conceal me, so I returned to my car.

Sitting still and staring ahead in frustration, I tried to think of what to do and twice started the car with the intent to return home. However, each time I stopped, thinking about what was occurring mere yards away and trying to convince myself that my actions were driven by her need for safety rather than by my sordid desires. Finally, I started my car and pulled up the thirty yards until I was parked behind the pickup at the curb.

The walk to the front door took every ounce of my will power and I could feel my heart beat pounding in my ears. It had been forty minutes since they left the parking lot and I didn’t know what I would find, or even how Lauren would react, but I knew I wasn’t going to just drive away.

The door was opened by a fortyish Latin man wearing jeans and a white wife beater, which allowed me to see a collage of tattoos on his arms and shoulders. He was slender with his hair pulled into a tight ponytail and had stubbly growth at the tip of his chin. In addition, he was barefoot and intoxicated, appearing to hold onto the door for balance. He looked at me with a confused expression.

“What you want?” he asked with some aggressiveness.

“Uhhh…I think my wife is here,” I said in a low, even voice, purposefully trying to not sound confrontational.

“Yeah…?” he started, but suddenly the reality of the situation dawned on him and he started to become obstinate, “Yeah, so what?”

“I…uhhh…just want to see if she’s okay,” I replied.

“She’s cool,” he retorted, with his accent now more noticeable, and started to close the door.

“Wait,” I said which surprisingly got him to stop, then continued, “Can I come in for a minute?”

“What the hell for,” he answered with a slight slur.

“Like I said, I just want to make sure everything’s okay,” I told him.

“Fuck man. No trouble, okay? I don’t need no more damn trouble,” he replied while shaking his head.

“No trouble,” I said with a nod, and with that he opened the door wide enough to let me pass.

Instinctively, I knew it was his drunken state that had gotten me inside, and stepping through, I could see on the left a small kitchen with a pile of dishes in the sink, while on the right was a living room with an old blanket covered couch, a similar easy chair, a large flat screen TV set on a folding table and in the far corner an identical table filled with paraphernalia I couldn’t make out. The carpet was so dirty I thought it was unlikely it had been cleaned in a very long time. A single bulb from an uncovered ceiling socket provided illumination along with the TV, and the only discernible sound in the house came from the program.

“Beer?” the man asked to which I nodded my ascent.

His sudden hospitality given the situation added to the surreal surrounding. I quickly found myself feeling odd, almost disoriented, which was only increased when he returned with a bottle of craft beer that was completely incongruent to the conditions. However, without speaking, I followed him to the couch and sat on the opposite end to him. He seemed very quirky, and at first, I thought he might be high on something, but after watching him for a while I decided it was just his nature.

“She’s your wife?” he asked several minutes later.

“Yeah, is she in the back?” I asked hoping to use his question as an entrée.

“They’re in the back. Probably going to be a while,” he replied, nonchalantly.

“Maybe I could just go back and check on her,” I suggested.

“No man. That’s fucked up and Cezar will get pissed. She’s okay. She’s been here before,” he rambled, then stopped and seemed to think for a second before changing direction, “Man, you should go.”

“Look, I’m not going to start any trouble. She can do what she wants. I just want to know she’s okay. You can understand that,” I said hoping to calm him.

“Yeah, man. I get that,” he said, and returned to the TV seemingly assuaged.

A few more minutes went by before suddenly we heard a door open followed by a light in the hallway coming on. Seconds later, we heard a man peeing into the toilet with a heavy stream. When it finished, the light went out then seconds later Cezar’s thick tattoo covered body appeared in the doorframe with his heavy cock dangling obscenely. He looked between me and the other man for a second before speaking.

“Uncle Felix, who the fuck is this?” he asked with agitation.

Up close, Cezar looked even younger than I thought, but despite the age difference between the two men and the fact Felix was his uncle, he showed no deference. His eyes kept shifting between us until Felix nervously answered.

“It’s her husband,” he forced out.

“L’s husband?” he asked incredulously, while his use of a nickname for my wife made me equally surprised.

“Yeah,” he replied, now totally cowed.

“What the fuck you want?” Cezar asked, quickly turning to me.

“I want to make sure she’s okay,” I answered, using the same excuse that had got me this far.

“She’s fine. Get the fuck out of here,” he shot back.

“No, not happening,” I immediately replied, sensing his bullying ways needed to be met head on.

“Well fuck. Sit there, I don’t give a shit,” he responded, and with a last look he turned and disappeared into the hall.

“Shit,” Felix declared with relief when he was gone.

“Is he a bad guy?” I asked, wanting to understand who Lauren was with.

“Just a temper,” Felix replied.

I was just about to speak again when Lauren appeared at the doorway wrapped in a sheet with Cezar, still nude, right behind. It was obvious that she too was naked beneath her hasty cover, and she looked at me with surprise and confusion.

“What…what’s wrong. Are you okay?” she asked, ignoring the fact she was supposed to be with Zach.

“I’m fine. Are you?” I countered.

“I’m…I’m fine,” she declared just as Cezar snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her back against him.

“Where’s Zach?” I asked pointedly.

Several seconds of silence ensued, then in a shaky voice she replied, “Look, let’s go home.”

“Baby, we’re just getting started,” Cezar declared, clearly annoyed, and squeezed her tighter.

“I…we…need to go,” Lauren answered, but I could tell her voice held some disappointment.

This time, Cezar’s response was to put his lips next to my wife’s ear and start a whispered conversation with her. At the same time, his hand holding her began wandering and it soon was traversing from her thighs to just below her breasts. I knew he was horny and making a last-ditch effort to seduce her and I knew that my intervening would likely stop it and get us on our way. However, I wanted to see how she would handle it and I wanted it to be her decision to leave so I stayed quiet and waited for an outcome.

“Honey…can we…uhhh…can we stay for a little bit?” she asked in a throaty voice that informed us he had been successful in getting her excited.

“Is that what you want?” I asked to be certain there was no misunderstanding.

“Yes…” she said in a voice barely above a whisper as her eyes moved from me to the ground.

“Come on baby,” Cezar said with a cocky smile, as he pulled her into the hallway.

With a last look, she disappeared and once again Felix and I were alone in the tiny living room. The ramifications of the conversation weren’t lost on the older man who now seemed energized. He practically jumped up to get us another beer and when he returned he was eager to talk.

“Man, Cezar gets any girl he wants,” he stated as soon as he sat, unaware or uncaring of how it sounded.

However, rather than follow his line of discussion, I decided to take a different tack and see what I might learn.

“Were you here last time Lauren came by?” I asked.

“Yeah, of course. It’s my house,” he explained.

“What happened?” I followed.

“He fucked the shit out of her. I mean like for hours,” he instantly answered, then continued with, “Sorry man. I don’t mean to be rude, but he did.”

“How do you know?” I followed, realizing that while very likely he did, nothing was evident from our position.

“Shit, are you kidding? Go back there. There’s no door on the room,” he said as he started to laugh.

“Uhhh…was it just him?” I asked, scared of the answer.

“Yeah. I wanted to fuck her too, but Cezar wouldn’t share,” he replied.

Suddenly, everything was starting to fit. Her visit to Dr. Sturm, the strange message I received from the counselor, and her repeated visits to this house. Cezar had touched something in her that night at Zach’s house and she wanted more. So much more that she had been turned into a wanton slut openly seduced just feet away from her husband. For some reason, I found it amazing that she could experience such sordid encounters and still show up at home looking like my normal wife.

Without asking, I stood and moved towards the doorway and quickly found myself in the dark hallway. With each step, I expected him to come after me or at least yell a warning, but neither happened. I found that all the rooms were open, but it was the last on the right that was missing the door, and by Felix’s description this is where I would find the couple. With small steps, I made the last couple yards and found there was a surprising amount of light filtering in that made it easy to see Lauren on her knees between the Hispanic man’s legs with a firm grip on his cock while her mouth worked the fat head. I stood transfixed watching my wife service the younger man, and several times witnessed her attempt to straddle his waist, but each time he pushed her back and made her continue her oral efforts.

“Please?” she begged after another minute of sucking.

This time, he nodded to her and I watched as my wife eagerly moved over his body, while holding his cock, and positioned it at her opening as she dropped her hips.

“Uhhhhh…uhhhh…ohhhh…” she let out in a series of exhaled moans as she settled onto his shaft.

Instantly, she started to ride him while he seemed content to watch the show with his hands tucked behind his head. I was taken by the sight of my wife’s rolling tummy and dancing breasts as she moved, and wondered why I had never noticed them in all the times that we made love. In fact, I quickly realized that, just like with Thomas, I was watching her experience sex in all-together different way. It was an odd feeling, something akin to betrayal, but I knew I couldn’t take that view with all the pushing I had done.

Evidently awoken, Cezar suddenly grabbed her hips, pulled her off him and positioned her on her knees. With a fluid movement, his cock found her wet hole and he slammed forward hard.

“Ugggghhhh…ohhh…ohhh God yes,” my wife groaned, in obvious pleasure.

He began a rapid pistoning into her with full strokes that quickly had her squealing with delight. She started with her hands holding her up, then dropped to her elbows and finally ended up with her head against the bed and her arms splayed out to the side. I could see her face, which was contorted in a way that made me think of exquisite pain. It was clear she wasn’t going to last very long.

“Ummm…ohhh…” she started to whine softly in a repetitive way.

Over the next minute, these sounds became more pronounced and I saw that her hands were now tightly gripping the bedsheet.

“You ready?” Cezar asked while maintaining his rhythm, and I could see rivulets of sweat trickling down his broad back.

“Yesss…” my wife answered as a pitiful plea.

“Squeeze my cock baby…squeeze it,” her Latin lover demanded, then quickly added, “Yeah…yeah like that.”

I watched enthralled as they moved together, and when I saw my wife’s body go stiff then start to tremble, I knew it was happening.

“Ohhhhh…ohhhh…oh please…please don’t stop…oh my God…oh my God…oh God fuck me…fuck me,” she called out in a loud, pleading voice.

It was as if the biggest fear she had in the world at that moment was his shaft becoming still, and while she begged, her body shook and dark hair flew in every direction as she tossed her head.

“Fuck yeah baby, squeeze…yeah…fuck yeah,” Cezar grunted.

I knew what he was feeling as several times, when Lauren had a full orgasm, her pussy would involuntarily spasm around my dick. The Hispanic man had taken her to the heights of sexual ecstasy and in return she was treating him to all her body had to offer. However, he wasn’t done and kept a steady pace going, although it wasn’t quite as aggressive as before.

“I can’t…I need to rest,” my wife whined, but when Cezar gave no sign of stopping she continued, “Please, I can’t take it anymore.”

Lauren gets very sensitive after she climaxes and I knew his continued fucking must be driving her mad. Her lover ignored her request and maintained the pace, which soon had my wife biting and whining through the bedsheet. She even made several attempts to twist away, but he was much too strong and held her firmly in place. Fortunately for her, it wasn’t long before his movements became more deliberate indicating his impending release.

“Fuck baby. I’m going to cum,” he announced through gritted teeth.

“Do it…do it,” Lauren groaned.

Cezar slammed into her ass hard and held himself there for several seconds, then gave her a series of quick thrusts before pushing hard again and this time he threw his head back and roared loudly. I knew at that moment his reproductive system was contracting and a thick load of his semen was jetting into her waiting body. By now, the thin diaphragm was likely coated with his cum, attempting to perform its function as protector of her womb.

The Latin man stayed in place, breathing heavily, as minutes ticked by before he began to separate and his thick, wet shaft came into view. It dropped down heavily when it was finally out of my wife, clearly spent. With that, Lauren fell to her side while Cezar stood shifting his weight back and forth and still taking deep breaths.

“Bitch, you can fuck,” he suddenly forced out.

I cringed at his words, even though I felt that in his world it was normal talk. I also expected Lauren to say something, but she just moaned and rolled over giving us a full view of the front of her body.

“You like it?” she asked, as she lifted a breast with one hand while running her finger through her pussy lips with the other.

She just didn’t seem to be able to get enough from him, but I had, at least for the moment, so I left them and returned to the living room where Felix was still fixed to the TV.

“You watch them?” he asked, to which I merely nodded, and undeterred he continued, “Man, they love to fuck.”

“Seems so,” I acknowledged.

“Man, why do you let her out? She’s hot,” he said and turned to look at me.

“Shit, I don’t know. It started as a…I don’t know,” I replied, deciding I didn’t want to get into the discussion.

“Man, you’re crazy,” he followed.

“Felix, come here,” Cezar’s voice came from down the hall.

He dutifully stood and left the room without looking at me, but before I could get worried about what might be taking place, he reappeared and went to the table in the corner. He busied himself there for a minute then went back down the hall once more and was gone for longer this time. I was just about to head back myself when he came back in the room and went back to the table, dropped some things and came to the couch.

“What’s up? I asked, confused and curious.

“Nothing,” he replied, although I could tell he was being evasive.

I was fast becoming antsy, so I was happy to see my wife appear fifteen minutes later in the attire she had left our house in hours ago. She gave me a wan smile, and I stood just as Cezar came up behind her still completely naked. He wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered something in her ear, then let her go. He smiled at me in a way that I knew was meant as a challenge, but I ignored his taunt and together we exited the house.

“I’ll follow you,” I said, which were the only words spoken as she merely acknowledged my statement with a nod.

Twenty minutes later, we pulled up into our driveway and entered the house together. Lauren left me to go to the bathroom and I heard the shower come on, so I retreated to the kitchen to make myself a drink. It was almost an hour later, and I was deep into my second drink, when she walked in wearing a robe.

“Can I have one?” she asked.

“A whiskey?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes,” she answered, so I dutifully poured her a healthy amount.

“You lied to me,” I said after she had taken several small sips.

“I know. I’m sorry,” she admitted while looking down at her feet, then she added, “It just seemed too crazy and I was ashamed.”

“How did you meet this guy…Cezar,” I probed, even though I knew the answer.

“Through Zach,” she admitted.

“And, how many times have you been with him?” I demanded.

“Three times,” she replied, which was consistent with my information, she then asked, “How did you know where I was?”

“I activated a tracking feature on your phone. I was worried about you and wanted to be able to find you if need be. When I saw you in the strange neighborhood, I got worried,” I answered.

“You should have told me…” she started, but my expression halted her attempt.

“Lauren, I saw you in the parking lot of that Latin club dressed in the miniskirt…,” I told her.

Her eyes found mine and she took a deep breath and a quick drink before she finally spoke, “I…I don’t know what to say.”

I stepped next to her, took her in my arms, hugged her and whispered, “Just tell me the truth. Tell me what you’re feeling. I want to know. I really want to know, and it’s not to be judgmental. It’s to be with you.”

She was quiet for a long time as if she was contemplating my words and several times she started, then stopped before she finally began, “I…I found…because of your pushing…your fantasies…I found I like some things I didn’t know about before. I…I like being naughty and bad and I like…sex…I like sex. And I like sex with bad guys I guess.”

“Keep going,” I encouraged.

“I guess that’s it,” she responded, clearly very uncomfortable.

“No, honey. I want to hear about how you feel being bad and why you like it,” I pushed.

Another long pause ensued before she gathered the courage to continue, “I guess because it makes me excited and it’s so raw. Just sex. No emotion and no involvement. And, I guess…it’s just so different which also makes it exciting.”

“Did you like dressing in the miniskirt and low top?” I asked.

“Yes, he made me do it, but I liked it too and I guess I liked him making me,” she explained.

Her admission which bordered on submission both surprised and enthralled me, and I wondered how much of this concept she had discussed with Dr. Sturm. In addition, I had to admit that I found some of her words and desires troubling as I suddenly felt inadequate. Had I been neglectful in not recognizing her inner needs?

“How come you never told me about these things…these desires?” I probed, nervous about her answer.

“I didn’t know about them myself! It was only when we got started and the deeper we went the more they started to appear. And I don’t know maybe it’s because it’s with others…outside our real life…it’s not love,” she rambled, although I thought I understood her concept.

“Lauren. Who have you been with?” I asked, wanting a clear understanding of the situation.

“Thomas, Zach and Cezar,” she immediately replied.

“You haven’t seen Zach but that one time, have you?” I tried to clarify.

“No, just the one time. The other times, I met Cezar,” she replied, and her honesty gave me some comfort.

“And that’s it?” I said as a way to end the discussion, but when I felt her body tense I suspected there was more.

“I’ve been with Thomas some,” she squeaked out.

“What? When?” I asked, truly surprised.

“During lunch…he lives close to the office,” she whispered.

“How many times?” I demanded.

“I don’t know. A few,” she answered evasively.

“How many?” I pushed.

“Six,” she finally said after a pause.

“Damn Lauren. You’re being really sneaky and I have encouraged you. Why?” I demanded, as my emotions rose.

“I don’t know,” she whispered.

“Did you have your diaphragm?” I asked.

Normally, it was in its case in a drawer in the bathroom where I think I would have noticed it missing, and when several seconds went by without her speaking, I had my answer.

“Damn Lauren,” I whispered.

“I was careful,” she offered, but seeing how excited she got with Thomas, I doubted she had that much willpower.

“Okay, well let’s go to bed. That’s enough for one night,” I said.

“Honey, there’s one more thing…” she said in a low, frightened voice.

“What?” I asked in surprise, wondering what more could possibly be out there.

Lauren broke our embrace and moved a step away, then slowly opened her robe revealing her nude torso until her left breast came into view and there, extending through her small nipple was a round bar.

“Lauren! When…?” I gasped.

It had to of occurred that evening and I remember seeing her breasts while she was fucking Cezar and it wasn’t there. Then I recalled that Felix had been called back and had taken something in his hand. Instinctively, I knew that was when it occurred.

“At the house. Cezar told Felix to do it,” she replied, confirming my suspicions.

“Why?” I asked, truly dumbfounded.

“It was either this or a tattoo,” she responded.

“Why anything?” I shot back.

“I don’t know…he wanted me to and…” she started to explain before her logic failed her too.

With a shake of my head, I took her hand and led her to our bedroom where we were both quickly naked under the covers. So much had occurred so quickly that I decided to go slow and show Lauren lots of attention. After all, finding ourselves where we were now was completely a result of my fantasy, my construct, where she was the primary variable. It would have been shallow and callous to now become angry with her even though I did harbor many questions and concerns.

Snuggled closely beside her, I turned her head and began to plant soft kisses on her full lips while my hand slowly caressed her lovely body. The minutes ticked by, but I was in no rush, and soon she was purring in loving contentment from the attention. I sensed her anxieties leaving as we continued to cuddle and I was just about to roll onto her to make tender love when my fingers hit the bar.

“Uhhh…” she gasped in pain.

“I’m sorry. Is it tender?” I asked softly.

“Very,” she whispered to me.

I moved so that I was over her and between her legs, but I rested my body on my forearms to stay off her breasts, which also allowed me to look into her face. It was Lauren’s hand that guided my dick to her opening and once connected we started a slow rolling movement, with no urgency, while we continued to kiss.

“Do you want to…keep going,” I whispered.

“Can I?” she asked instantly.

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