Obsession and Manipulation Ch. 01


“The weather should be good,” I said to my wife, as we drove west in the Tahoe.

“Yes, and this time of year the light should be soft, which will help,” Jordan added enthusiastically.

It was a Friday afternoon, and we were driving towards my family’s ranch, which was forty-five minutes from the small town where we lived. There, while I worked on some needed repairs, she planned on indulging in her new hobby of sketching with charcoals. Specifically, there was a windmill on a small hill with a nearby concrete stock tank that she wanted to draw with the pure blue, fall sky as a back drop.

Ten minutes later, we turned onto the caliche road, and six miles after that we arrived at the ranch gate. It was only a half-mile further to what we called the HQ, which consisted of a pole barn, a set of pens, and a small 2-bedroom cinder block house. In addition, there was an old camper trailer set-up behind the barn that was used by our ranch hand, Raul.

Raul was from a small village near Sabinas, in Mexico, and had been working for our family for almost fifteen years. He would typically work for three months, then leave for home to see his family for a couple weeks before returning. The details of getting back and forth were left to him, although he never seemed to encounter any difficulties.

Jordan and I arrived at the small house, pulled our bags from the back and went inside. For the next thirty minutes, we aired out the place and did some light clean-up which was always required when someone first arrived. Later, Jordan whipped up a simple dinner and after eating we parked in front of the satellite TV and sipped wine until we went to bed. The next morning, I was out the door a little before eight planning to connect with Raul and repair some water gaps. I found him in the barn where he was putting some things in the back of his well-worn pickup.

“Did you get some good rest?” he asked in Spanish, using a tone that I knew was intended as a teasing comment on the lateness of my arrival.

“Wonderful sleep,” I answered, refusing to take the bait.

I had spent a lot of time with Raul over the years and we had an easy going way with each other. Since coming to the ranch, he had learned enough English and I enough Spanish that our conversations seemed to randomly move between the two languages. He was in his mid-thirties, ten years or so older than my twenty-six, and just at that point where there was enough difference in age that we both knew we would never be very close.

With just a few more words, we were off, and spent the next few hours in the back of the ranch repairing low spots in the barbed wire fence that had been damaged by the run-off from recent rains. We were both experienced and had the right tools, and we made such good progress that we finished early and returned to work on the pens for an hour before I needed to leave to help Jordan.

“I need to go,” I announced, well past noon.

Raul merely nodded and continued with what he was doing. I walked to the house and found Jordan had made me a sandwich which I quickly wolfed down, then went to the bathroom to clean-up. Shortly after, we were headed towards the spot she had selected, and upon arriving, I helped her set-up in the shade of some oak trees. She had a good view of the windmill and now needed only to wait for the right light. So, with her concurrence, I left with the understanding I would return a little before sundown.

When I got back to the HQ, I was feeling a bit guilty for leaving Raul, but after checking and finding he had called it a day, I went to the TV and started watching some football. Fortunately, the game I was interested in ended fifteen minutes before I needed to go to collect Jordan, and when I arrived I found that she was already in the process of packing up.

“How was it?” I asked, truly interested.

My wife’s art hobby had seemed to come out of the nowhere. As a history teacher at the local junior high, she had no background in drawing, but over the past year I had seen her skills improve markedly. It was clear she had some natural talent, and while she would never be a famous artist, her work was certainly presentable.

“The light was fabulous for about forty minutes and I feel pretty good about what I got on paper. Can we stay late tomorrow so I can try for more?” she replied, showing her enthusiasm.

“Of course,” I responded quickly.

Jordan’s face instantly beamed a smile, and I helped her collect her things and move them to the SUV. Just as I closed the back hatch, I felt her arm circle my waist, and when I looked at her the sparkle in her eyes let me know that she was feeling mischievous. I pulled her body hard against mine and immediately found her lips.

“Mmmm…” she moaned through our connection, which made me hold her even more tightly.

“You are so beautiful,” I stated seconds later when we finally separated.

Jordan was indeed a very attractive woman. A slender 5’7″ tall with shoulder length light-brown hair, juicy lips and dark brown eyes, she was an enticing vision to me, as I suspect she was to her young male students as well. Although her breasts were only pert B-cups, on her frame, with her long legs and tight rear, they looked very good, and with the way she carried herself, she came across as quite sexy.

Rather than respond, she started to kiss me once again, and I knew she was in the mood to play. It wasn’t unheard of for her to act this way outside the safety of our bedroom, but it was rare, and a sudden surge went through me as I contemplated where we might be heading. Seconds later, when she took my hand and put it on her breast, I knew it was going to be fun.

“You’re on fire,” I gasped.

“Mmmm…maybe,” she replied in a sensual voice, which was all I needed to hear.

I pushed her against the SUV and started kissing her again while one hand took hold of her firm rear and the other returned to her breasts. I knew we were going to make love, but with the car already packed, there were few options, so I started shuffling her towards the front passenger door. Along the way, while we exchanged multiple kisses, I managed to undo several buttons on her blouse and release the buckle on the belt that held up her walking shorts. Not a whimper of protest came from her, and in fact, her breathing became noticeably more labored.

“What are you planning?” she asked with a devilish grin.

“To enjoy you,” I fired back, as my hand grabbed the door handle.

Seconds later, I had her backed against the leather seat and quickly finished removing her top followed by her bra. My mouth went to her tiny nipples that were flushed and erect, and I sucked hard enough that Jordan gasped while looping her arm around my neck. Back and forth I went between her two mounds until her sounds and squirming became pronounced. Then, leaving a trail of saliva behind, I stepped back and began to fumble with the catch on her shorts. Quickly, the khaki garment lay in a puddle at her feet, and without hesitation I pushed her lacy red thong to her knees. While I started to work on my clothes, Jordan pulled the garment from her legs, and when we looked at each other, I saw of look of excitement, almost desperation, in her eyes.

As soon as I was naked, we tried to find a position for me to enter her as we were both done with any foreplay. However, we couldn’t find one that was comfortable, and after several failed attempts, I turned her until she was lying across the seat with her lovely ass presented to me. The ease with which I was able to guide her, which occurred without protest, was another signal to me about the state of her arousal.

“Uhhhhh…” she moaned loudly when my dick found her slick opening and began to burrow inside.

“Damn Jordan,” I groaned, as her warmth enveloped my shaft.

“Steve…oh…Steve…ugghhh…” she spoke as if she was about to say something, but her words devolved into a series of whines and whimpers.

I started to move faster which brought from her a high-pitched squeal of pleasure, and after that we both groaned and grunted our way through our coupling. Instinctively, I knew before I ever entered my wife that I wouldn’t last long. Her playfulness and the outdoor setting were just to erotic and unique. Fortunately, I lasted long enough that it was a respectable performance, but when I felt the telltale tingling in my balls, I knew it was about over. Rather than fight it, I decided to just let it happen.

“Honey, I can’t hold it…going to cum…” I warned Jordan.

“Okay…uhhhh…okay…” she replied in a low moaning voice.

At the last possible instant, I used my remaining willpower and strength to pull my dick from her pussy. The first blast of semen flew across the SUV and landed on the center console while the second and third covered Jordan’s body from her hair to her waist. After that, there were several small blobs that oozed from my opening and dripped into the crack of her ass.

My climax had been so intense that it left me wobbly, and I was forced to put one hand on the door frame for balance. After gaining some control, I looked down at my wife and I could see her ass making slow undulations as if it was seeking a renewed connection. Clearly, I had left her hanging, which felt selfish, so after several deep breaths, I used my hand to remove any remaining semen and pushed back inside.

“Oh…oh…” she moaned, and once again allowed me to take control.

My dick, which had begun to deflate, quickly regained its stiffness, helped by Jordan’s reactions as well as the now sodden feel of her pussy. I knew there was some risk that I was pushing some of my cum inside her, but at that moment it just didn’t seem important.

“You feel so good,” I whispered to her.

“So do you,” she answered.

With my balls drained, I now had much more stamina, so I concentrated on giving my wife a nice steady rhythm that I knew from experience was the key to her orgasm. I had been plunging into her for several minutes when suddenly, I had a feeling, a strange sensation, that we were being watched. My head went on a pivot as I scanned around us, although I spotted nothing, so I put it down to simple paranoia. However, it was only seconds later that the feeling returned, and this time when I looked up, I thought that I saw a reflective glint over my left shoulder.

Was someone really watching? It seemed so bizarre that I tried to convince myself that it was my mind playing tricks, but the feeling was strong. Were we at risk? We were in an incredibly vulnerable position if someone attacked, and we were near the border which had grown much more dangerous in the past few years, although we had never had any trouble.

Jordan’s whimpers made my decision regarding what to do. She was very close to an orgasm, so I continued, and was soon rewarded with her panting cries and body spasms as she let go. I knew that, just like mine, it had been a powerful climax, and I was hopeful it would be a positive reference point for future spontaneous adventures. The instant we separated, the hair on the back of my neck went up, and the strange feeling of being watch, real or not, returned.

“Why don’t you get dressed inside?” I said to Jordan while quickly gathering her clothes.

“Tired of being outside?” she giggled, unaware of my concern.

“Well, until tomorrow when we come back,” I answered playfully, while continuing to prod her into the vehicle.

Soon, I had gathered my things and was pulling on my shirt inside the SUV which provided a feeling of safety. I was happy to see the grin hadn’t left my wife’s face, and we kissed several times before I started the engine and began the short drive back.

“You better bring condoms next time,” Jordan said after we had gone about a quarter mile, and pointed towards the splatter between us.

“Honey, I had no idea that painting windmills got you so hot,” I teased, while wiping the substance away with a Kleenex.

“There’s lots of things you don’t know,” she replied with a smirk and a laugh.

Jordan wasn’t currently taking birth control as she had decided to give her body “a rest”. So far, it seemed to have been a good decision as she had lost several pounds of unwanted weight and her libido had increased dramatically. Of course, the good decision would only prove correct if we avoided an unplanned child, and I knew we had flown close to the sun today, maybe too close. We arrived at the small house as the sun was setting, and after a quick shower, Jordan made dinner. After that, we sank into the couch with a glass of wine and watched TV.

“Did you enjoy your afternoon?” she suddenly spoke, while moving closer to me.

“I sure did. I love when you get excited like that…and playful,” I replied instantly, then kissed her on the cheek.

“I think you got excited too!” she said, which was certainly true, but her expression left me thinking there was more on her mind.

“What do you mean?’ I followed.

“You were acting kind of dominant, and the way you were…doing it…holding me at the end…” she tried to reply, but got embarrassed.

“I’m sorry,” I told her, thinking I was being gently scolded.

“It’s okay. Just different…” she answered, once again leaving the thought incomplete.

“Honey, tell me what you mean?” I implored her, now concerned.

She looked at me without speaking for several seconds then said, “Well, at the end you had my hips in your hands and you know…were really doing it hard…”

“I guess I got too excited. Did I hurt you?” I asked.

“No…” she said, as her impish smile spread across her face.

I realized that what she was trying to do was convey, that even though it was a different type of love making for us, she had enjoyed it. I got a kick out of seeing her deal with her shyness, but something else hit me as well, the fact that I hadn’t been aware of the forcefulness of my actions.

Later, in bed after Jordan had drifted to sleep, I lay awake contemplating the day. It was great fun, and something I hoped we would get a chance to do again. I even thought that perhaps it indicated a new level of sexual engagement from my wife. She had never been a woman that I would say was interested in exploring the boundaries of sex. Sticking to the standard was fine with her, and like most couples, our passions had cooled some in our three years of marriage. I hoped the day would prove to be more than a rare treat, although I knew that I loved her so much that just the occasional fling would be fine too.

While thinking through these things, my mind returned to the sensations I had about someone watching us. The idea had so rapidly departed once we were in the SUV that I had almost forgotten about it, and like before, at first I rationalized it as mere paranoia. But, as I stared at the ceiling and allowed myself to return to the moment, I was reminded of the intensity of the feeling. Had someone indeed been there? Had they seen my wife naked and bent over the seat? Had they seen us in the act? And, if there was indeed someone out there, who? There was no question that the occasional individual from Mexico crossed the ranch on their way north. Had someone happened upon us? The only other answer would be a trespasser, which would be extremely unlikely, or Raul…

As I thought about that possibility, I realized my dick had become hard, almost painfully so. It was a surprising reaction, shocking really, as I would never in my wildest dreams anticipated such a response. It just wasn’t something I ever considered, at least not until today, but my erection provided evidence that something was going on in my head. Several times, I tried to dismiss the notion, thinking, or hoping, it was just a result of the encounter with Jordan. However, my thoughts kept returning, refusing to let the subject go, and the final shock arrived when I considered whether my forceful actions with my wife had been influenced by the idea of someone watching.

I was drinking coffee the next morning while Jordan remained in bed, and through the window I spotted Raul loading his pickup. Sunday meant little to him since he was away from his family, so he often would do work, although generally it was light. Once more, my thoughts returned to the windmill, and for some reason I tried to remember how much time Jordan had spent with him. They certainly knew each other. I recall her being introduced way back when we were dating, and over the ensuing years they had occasionally exchanged words. However, I couldn’t remember a time where they had been in close proximity for an extended period.

Having promised Jordan we would stay so she could have another chance to sketch, we piddled around the house waiting for the late afternoon to arrive. Just past noon, I saw Raul return and I went out to speak with him as he drove into the barn.

“What are you working on?” I asked.

“More fence. On the south side,” he replied.

I had purposefully watched him, hoping to see something in his demeanor that would give him away if he had indulged in any voyeuristic activities, but he gave no indication of awareness nor showed any nervousness.

“Jordan wants to sketch again, so we’re going to stay until sundown. I’m going to drop her off in a couple hours,” I explained.

Instantly, I realized that I had just provided him with perfect information about my wife’s unaccompanied location. In fact, not only would she be alone, but she would be in a very remote spot.

“Is she good?” he asked, and for some reason it took me a few seconds to realize he was referring to her art.

“Yes, and improving fast,” I replied.

Like before, mid-afternoon found me transporting my wife and her equipment to the selected location. After unloading, I was rejected when I made a half-hearted sexual advance, and then was quickly shooed away. On the drive back, once again my mind reeled with thoughts on the situation and my own motivations, and I decided I was going to keep an eye on Raul. I had only been back about twenty minutes when I heard his truck starting, and I got outside just in time to wave him down.

“Where are you heading?” I asked, thinking he would take it as an overture for assistance.

“I’m going to work on some fence near the creek,” he answered in Spanish.

I didn’t respond, but took note of his vague answer and the fact that he had spoken in his native tongue. I stood to one side and watched the dust rise as he drove slowly away then returned to the house. The minutes ticked by as I debated whether there was merit to my gut feeling or if it was all an illusion, a mere fantasy concocted in my mind from random, disparate occurrences. Every time I would land on a resolution, it would quickly dissolve, like fine sand beneath my feet, and I would find myself considering, then embracing a counter view. In the end, my actions were driven by the simple fact that I had too much nervous energy to sit still. That’s how I found myself in the ranch UTV following the fresh tracks of Raul’s truck.

I had departed the HQ about thirty minutes after he left, and through three road intersections I followed the tracks as they made their way in the direction where he had stated he was going. On the dusty road, they were easy to follow, and as I proceeded I started to feel silly about my concerns. However, when I arrived at the spot I thought he was referring to, his tracks continued with no sign of a stop. When another five minutes had elapsed, and I was still on his trail, my suspicions flooded back and I knew that up ahead a branch in the road would provide a strong indication of his intent.

Minutes later, I reached the intersection, and when I saw that he had taken the left fork, I knew something was up. This road moved in a large arc through a low spot, across a dry creek, then rose and circled the hill where my wife was drawing. It would pass her from behind, approximately 300 yards from where she was sitting, which made me consider whether she would be able to hear the vehicle as it approached. On the parched, dusty road, I realized that only the engine would be making any appreciable noise, and if Raul proceeded slowly, he would likely be able to arrive undetected.

My first reaction was to proceed quietly and see if my suspicions were true, but as I thought about Jordan alone and unprotected, I became concerned that his intentions included more than just watching. It was nerve wracking closing the distance, and I found myself vacillating between speed and stealth. Soon, I was starting the rise on the backside of the hill and I slowed the UTV and proceeded cautiously with a keen eye towards spotting the pickup or the man.

His tracks gave him away. There was a clear indication where he turned off, and even though the ground in this pasture was harder, it provided enough of a guide to spot the pickup in a mesquite thicket about fifty yards away. I immediately put the UTV under a large oak tree, turned it off, and with a deep breath began to move slowly through the brush in the direction of the windmill, while looking for Raul.

Ten minutes later, I would occasionally get a glimpse of the windmill fan as I moved through the brush, and a few minutes after that I got the first look at my wife. Her back was to me and she was as I had left her, dressed like the prior day in walking shorts and a short-sleeved blouse. At first, I wasn’t able to spot Raul and thought I must have missed him, but a dove flushed from nearby tree which drew my attention, and beneath it I spotted him. He was much closer than I expected, no more than thirty yards from Jordan, and he was standing erect, evidently taking comfort in the cover from the thick brush. It appeared that he was just watching her, but when I moved forward several yards and got a better angle, I could just make out that he was pulling on his cock in a slow, but persistent manner.

Instantly, I realized my instincts had been correct and he had no doubt watched as we had sex yesterday. Now, I wondered whether he had moved into position in hopes of a repeat show or if he had more sinister intentions. By my watch, I had just over an hour before my wife expected me, which I knew was too long to leave her alone, so I settled in to spy on the spy. The minutes slowly ticked by and the odd triangle of my unsuspecting wife, the deceitful and voyeuristic ranch hand, and me, soon started to feel both bizarre and surreal. The time he was committing to this odd endeavor made me think that he held an attraction for my wife in some way that might even border on obsession. Still, he kept his distance, which gave me a certain amount of comfort that when I left she would be safe for the thirty-odd minutes it would take me to return.

The moment of truth finally arrived and I was presented with exactly that decision. Convincing myself I could be back quick enough, I slowly retraced my steps to the UTV and turned it in the direction I had come, hoping I wouldn’t be heard. Once at the ranch HQ, I quickly jumped into the Tahoe and headed towards Jordan, realizing almost forty minutes had elapsed since I left. Luckily, I found my wife packing her things when I arrived. I made several quick glances into the brush, looking for Raul, but didn’t spot him, even though I was certain he was out there somewhere.

“How did it go?” I asked Jordan, intentionally trying to sound upbeat.

“Good, I think,” she answered, showing no sign of concern or distress.

We put her things into the back, and when the last item was loaded, she turned and gave me the same playful look she had the previous day. Before I could react, she moved close to me and tilted her head up in expectation.

“I think drawing makes you horny,” I said with a nervous laugh when our kiss ended.

“You said you wanted to,” she replied, suddenly sounding a bit vulnerable.

“I do,” I answered and kissed her again.

As we embraced, I thought about Raul somewhere out there watching, and I thought about my wife’s sexual eagerness. I remembered how hard my dick was the previous night as I considered the possibility of being watched, and felt it once again rapidly becoming erect. Whether it was mere habit or a subconscious directive, I realized I had a hand on my wife’s butt squeezing and fondling it.

This time, as soon as we broke, it was Jordan who took the initiative in undressing us. First, her hands went to lift my shirt off and then she tried for the button on my jeans, but her hands were shaking so much she couldn’t unclasp them. Instead, she started working on her own clothes, and I was surprised at how fast she moved. She beat me in getting naked, then stood before me watching, with her nipples erect and her shaved pussy beginning to open like a blooming flower. I struggled out of my jeans as quickly as I could, feeling strange, but also very excited.

“Did you bring a condom?” she asked, looking almost manic with desire.

“No, I…uh, no,” I admitted, unable to tell her about the distractions I dealt with.

However, rather than get upset, she simply smiled then pushed her lovely body against mine and once again my hands slipped to her ass. I knew that Raul was watching, and that he was getting everything he had hoped for, but now, for some odd reason, I wanted to go even further. With a gentle push on her shoulders, I prodded Jordan into a squatting position before me and with no further coaxing she inhaled my dick into her mouth.

“Uhhh…oh, shit,” I gasped.

Like most things sexual, Jordan could be very good when she wanted, and it was certainly true with oral sex. She started slowly, running her tongue over and around my shaft, then began an eager bobbing movement. I closed my eyes and threw my head back, partly because of the magical feeling, but also to allow me to use it as way to look for our watcher. It took several tries, but finally I spotted him to the left of where I had last seen him, even closer than before. I didn’t get a good enough look to tell if he was still stroking his cock, although I expected it was the case.

Despite the wonderful sensation from her efforts, it wasn’t long before I wanted to feel my dick inside her magical pussy, so I pulled on her shoulders and without protest she rose to her feet while flashing me a devilish grin. I backed her against the Tahoe and lifted her left leg while she found my dick and guided me forward. We both sighed in unison as I penetrated her, and for the next several minutes we moved together slowly.

Somehow, someway, my mind had totally connected with the idea of Raul watching. It excited me in a strange way, not the least of which was my wife on display in her most intimate, vulnerable state. Further, it was strangely erotic to know that she was providing sexual pleasure to two men, with me in direct physical contact while our ranch hand stroked his cock anxiously, mere yards away.

“We’ve gone crazy,” Jordan giggled.

“Crazy good!” I replied, and joined in the laughter.

Her tone of voice let me know that she wasn’t being consumed by the sex the way she had been yesterday, and I suspected it was because of the awkward position of our coupling. It really didn’t allow me to thrust deeply, and I had to move slowly or risk separation. So, I stopped and guided her to the back of the SUV, pushing her forward thru the open hatch. Much like before, she was bent at the waist, face down, and her beautiful ass was on wanton display to both me and our ranch hand. Without hesitation, I pushed into her lubricated hole, and started a fast, deep pace that brought a slapping sound each time we connected.

“That better?” I asked over her growing whimpers.

“Uhhhh…uh huh…” she acknowledged.

“This what you wanted me to do? I asked, recalling her shy message from the previous evening.

“Uh…uh huh…” she grunted again, seemingly too overwhelmed to say more.

I could see that her eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth hung partially open emitting all kinds of wonderful and passionate moans and sighs. Occasionally, her sounds would morph into short squeals of pleasure which energized me and made me feel powerful, knowing I was taking such a lovely woman to the heights of sexual excitement. I wanted badly to bring Jordan to an orgasm first, but I knew I was quickly losing the battle to hold back. Finally, like the day before, I decided to quit fighting, achieve my climax, then start again.

“Uhhhh…oh fuck…fuck…” I grunted, and I began to ejaculate the moment I pulled free.

I had collapsed forward so my dick rested in the crevice of her ass, and it was now spewing my seed across her from her shoulder blades to her waist.

“Hurry,” Jordan called out in a pleading voice, sensing my intent.

After a quick squeeze and wipe across the head, I plunged back inside and soon was rewarded by the return of her wonderful, sexual cries. Recalling once more her comments on my aggressive actions, I grabbed her hips tightly and began pulling her against me forcefully. Almost immediately, her cries became more intense which drove me even harder, and I was certain our silent watcher would soon see my wife experience a powerful, fulfilling orgasm.

“Give it up Jordan,” I demanded through gritted teeth, then a second later followed with, “Cum for me.”

We had never been very talkative during sex, so my statements were another testament to the uniqueness of our adventure, and while she didn’t answer in words, her movements and sounds gave a clear indication of what was about to happen.

“Uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…ohhhh…ohhhh…” she suddenly cried out, announcing the arrival of her release, while at the same time she pushed back, as her pussy pulsed around my dick.

She tried to lift herself on her arms and look at me, but her strength was rapidly leaving her body, and she finally fell forward, completely spent. I stayed in place for several minutes, reveling in the vision that lay beneath me and enjoying the continuing mews of pleasure that escaped her mouth. Finally, I pulled away, and in doing so, I realized I was giving Raul and unhindered view of my wife’s thoroughly fucked pussy.

I allowed her a minute more to rest, then helped her rise, and once again presented her by having her stand naked while I gathered her clothes before helping her dress. Only when we were pulling away did I try to spot Raul, but he was nowhere to be seen, and I thought it likely that he had quickly departed once the show was over. We stopped at the house for Jordan to use the restroom, then we were off, and minutes after turning onto the paved road she was asleep.

While I listened to her softly purr next to me, I contemplated the weekend. It was quite strange to know that in such a short period of time I had confirmed Raul’s voyeuristic interest in my wife and my own perverse desire to secretly display her. I wasn’t sure why it excited me, and I felt a certain shame for the fact it did. However, I knew that my superior knowledge, the fact that I was the only person in the trio of participants that had complete awareness, added something to the mix. I also knew that given the opportunity, I would do it, or something similar again, rationalizing that since no one was being hurt, it wasn’t a big deal.

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to get multiple moving parts to line up. I knew Raul wouldn’t be a problem unless he was off visiting his family, but my wife had many demands on her time, so even though I tried to encourage her to return while the fall light was still good, it was several weeks before her schedule permitted. As the weekend approached, it began to look like the weather might be marginal, but I finally convinced her to go with the understanding we would leave if she couldn’t sketch.

We pulled into the ranch HQ a little past noon on Saturday, and already I could tell the weather wasn’t likely to hold. It was becoming blustery and to the west and north a line of clouds was building. Still, having come this far, I wasn’t about to just give up, so I unpacked the SUV and went looking for Raul. We had worked together multiple times since he watched, but this time my wife was with me, and since I hadn’t told him of the plans, I wanted him to know she was present.

“Hey, man. Jordan is with me and wants to draw some at the windmill,” I explained after the normal pleasantries.

I had found him in the barn, working on our utility tractor, covered in grease. Outwardly, he gave no particular sign of interest, which amazed me given how much effort he had put into the previous encounters.

“Okay. Be careful though. It’s a high place and with this weather…” he answered in Spanish.

After a few more minutes of ranch talk, I left him to return to my wife, who was straightening the house. When she finished, she made us a snack, and as we ate I could hear the wind picking up.

“Doesn’t look good. Maybe we should go back,” Jordan said after looking out the window.

“Give it a bit. Besides, I’m tired,” I replied, hoping to fend her off.

She gave me an odd look but didn’t reply, so while she stepped into the small kitchen, I sprawled across the couch in front of the TV feigning fatigue. Thirty minutes later, I was in the middle of a football game when she picked up the remote and tuned the satellite TV to the weather station. Instantly, a radar image popped up which clearly showed storms headed our way.

“That’s us, right?” she asked, pointing to a spot on the screen.

“Yes,” I answered, now worried she would demand we return to town.

“Honey, I can’t draw today,” she said, stating the obvious.

“Probably not,” I responded.

“Then, let’s go back. We can go to the movies tonight,” she said.

“Jordan, I’m tired. Let’s just stay here tonight,” I suggested.

“While you watch football and I’m bored?” she replied.

“Watch what you want,” I said, nodding towards the control in her hand. Then added, “And we have wine.”

“You just want sex,” she answered, but a smile came to her face.

“I definitely want sex,” I said, sitting up and patting the seat next to me.

A plan was formulating in my head. With the weather, it wouldn’t involve any outdoor activities, but I thought it still had potential. Jordan sat beside me and started scrolling through the stations eventually stopping on another game where her college team was playing. It wasn’t the one I would have selected, but it was better than some chick flick, so I held my tongue.

I was two years older than Jordan and we met when she moved to the small town I grew up in to teach. I was lucky enough to meet her quickly, before she was overwhelmed by interested suitors, as young, single, educated and attractive women were in extremely short supply. She had gone to a different college than me, that was a second-tier sports rival, and sometimes we teased each other about the other’s failures. Her team was down by ten points mid-way through the second quarter, and after engaging her in some banter designed to get her interested in the game, I rose to get her a glass of wine.

For the next three hours, I managed to keep her focused on the game as she consumed almost an entire bottle. Somehow, the rain had held off, but just as the game ended we could hear it starting to sprinkle. Minutes later, it turned into a heavy downpour that lasted for a half-hour before the sprinkling returned. In addition, the temperature, which had been in the high-60s plunged quickly and was now around 50.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Jordan asked playfully when I brought her a fresh glass from a newly opened bottle.

“Hell yes!” I replied.

In truth, I did want her feeling good, but was already worried she might have had too much. For my plan, I needed her awake for a couple more hours, until it became dark, and I knew from experience she tended to quickly fade when she stopped drinking. Also, she often became quite horny, and throughout the afternoon I had been forced to delicately turn down her advances. I was hoping I could keep her going until it was time, then reap the benefit of her building arousal.

My idea was to make love to Jordan in bed, but with the curtains partly open so Raul, if he wanted, could watch. I suspected he very much would if given the opportunity, and I had already positioned the curtains on the two windows. In addition, most of the lights were on in the small house, so I hoped he would understand the meaning when they were extinguished. Then, I would turn on the light in the small bathroom, just off the bedroom, which I hoped would provide enough illumination for him to see inside. In my wife’s current inebriated state, I was almost certain she would not notice the uncovered windows nor take much interest in the bathroom light.

The rain ended just before sunset and the sky cleared to the west providing a beautiful scene that I enjoyed from the small porch with Jordan before we became too cold. By now, she was truly hammered and several times she pulled my head down to kiss her. I hoped that Raul might be watching and gain some encouragement by her actions, although I never saw him. Despite my concerns, the next hour past uneventfully with Jordan seemingly getting her second wind. So, when darkness was fully upon us, I pulled my wife close and engaged her in deep, passionate kiss.

“About time!” she declared when we broke almost a minute later, then immediately reengaged.

“You are so incredibly beautiful. I love you,” I whispered to her at our next break.

“Mmmm…I love when you say you love me,” she purred.

“I do love you,” I stated again.

“Let’s make love,” she whispered in a voice that let me know she was very excited.

“We’re going to,” I told her.

For the next few minutes, I kissed my wife’s lips, nuzzled her neck and gently massaged her breasts through her shirt and bra. Soon, she was literally whimpering in anticipation, and I had to force her to be still because I wanted her at the absolute peak of arousal.

“Please…” she whined in lust and need, and I knew it was time.

I took her by the hand, lifted her, and led her to the bedroom where I pushed her back on the queen-sized bed. Leaving her for just a moment, I turned off the lights, save for the bathroom, which as I hoped, provided a nice glow into the bedroom. Jordan never said a word as the fire inside her was burning too strongly, and when I returned, I started working on her clothes. Quickly, she was beautifully naked, stretched across the comforter on her back with one leg lifted as if to beckon me to her treasure. My head went between her legs and as soon as my tongue touched her inflamed slit she spread to give me complete access.

“Ohhh…mmmm…oh yes…uhhh…” she called out softly, as the tip of my tongue traced her length.

I love to go down on Jordan. She tastes wonderful, and she enjoys it so much that it usually has the effect of exciting me. Tonight, she was on fire, with her pussy pouring its warm nectar into my mouth, and I had to use my hands to hold her still and stay connected while her whines and whimpers rapidly became deep groans and loud cries. She was vocal enough that I wondered if Raul could hear through the window, if he was there, and that, coupled with the visual aspects he would be receiving, I knew would provide a powerful, erotic stimulus.

I knew I could easily take Jordan over the top to a fulfilling climax, but I wanted it to happen when my dick was inside her, so I pulled away, which brought an immediate squeal of distress.

“No…” she moaned in disappointment.

“I want to be in you,” I declared, while looking into her needy eyes.

Jordan had already managed to pull my shirt off, so I went to work on my jeans and quickly had them off. Just as I was about to climb on the bed, I remembered the condom, and had to go to my bag to get one as she whimpered impatiently. I found it then moved between her open legs, unwrapped the package, and rolled the thin material down my shaft. As soon as I was ready, she grabbed my dick and guided me forward until I was started, then pulled on my hips as I impaled her.

“Ohhh…oh Steve…oh God it feels so good…oh honey…” she moaned.

“God Jordan, you feel amazing,” I declared as the feeling instantly took control, then added, “I love you.”

“Say it again,” she begged.

“I love you,” I declared once more.

From there, I lost all thoughts of others, as my world was now making love to my beautiful wife. We moved as one in perfect rhythm, and I marveled at the feeling of her touch and the enticing coos that escaped her mouth. It was so perfect I didn’t want it to end, but slowly I heard her sounds change and become more urgent, and when I felt her body starting to tense, I knew her orgasm was imminent.

“Uggghhh…nnnahhh…ahhh…ohhhhh…oh please…oh God please…” she cried out.

Her body began to spasm and she arms and legs wrapped around me tightly. Then, for just a moment she released her grip, but it came roaring back and I was once again in her embrace. Her thrashing forced me to stop moving, but as her body slowly relaxed, I started to roll into her again. At the same time, I could hear her gently sobbing, which was a response that was reserved for her most intense climaxes.

“Are you okay?” I asked softly.

“Yessss…I love you,” she forced out while wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I love when you cum like that,” I whispered.

“I love it too,” she whispered.

Now that she was back with me, I started moving faster and pushing harder as I worked to reach a release. Jordan knew what I wanted and traced my back with her fingernails while making soft sighs into my ear. It didn’t take long, and with a final lunge, I extended on my arms, threw my head back and roared.

“Oh God…yes…hell yes!” I yelled as my semen jetted into the condom.

Every time I thought I was done, another pulse would hit my balls and more seed would be expelled. It was one of the longest releases of my life, and it felt like my balls were being turned inside-out. When it was finally over, I fell in a heap onto my wife’s body.

“That was big,” she giggled as she stroked my hair.

“Uh huh, now I can’t move,” I said.

“Don’t. Just rest,” she replied.

I remained connected to her, sprawled across her lovely body, thinking how lucky I was to have her as my wife. But, as the effects of the climax started to fade, my thoughts returned to the window and the show we might have put on. Strangely, it acted to re-energize me, and while just minutes before I was ready to drift off to sleep, now I wanted to begin round two. I slid to Jordan’s side, and immediately my hand started to move over her body. From her breasts to her mound I explored, and it wasn’t long before I could tell my attention was having an effect.

“You must want more,” she stated, while looking at me with a grin.

“Maybe,” I replied, never stopping my hand.

“Get that thing off,” Jordan said, pointing towards the condom that now only covered half my partially deflated dick.

“You do it,” I directed her.

Without hesitation, her hand reached out and several tugs later she had it off and tossed it on top of the nightstand. Then, with a naughty smile, she scooted down and took me into her mouth. The feeling was so intense that it made me arch my back, and when I finally settled, I slowly moved her into a position that had her ass pointed directly towards one of the windows. Whether Raul was watching or not, I imagined him staring at her recently fucked pussy, imagining what it would feel like to sink his stiff cock inside.

Jordan sucked my dick with enthusiasm making me proud with her show of enthusiasm. The most bizarre aspect was that it had only been minutes since we had experienced deeply connected lovemaking, but now I was possessed with the thought of her once more on display to the man from Mexico. I tried not to look towards the window, although several times I caught myself stealing quick glances, but it was a wasted effort, as the differential lighting only allowed one to see inside.

“Come here,” I whispered to my wife, interrupting her efforts.

She looked up at me with her mouth just inches from my dick and gave me a naughty grin. Returning the smile, I grabbed her hand and flipped her onto her back, then once more pushed my dick into her wonderful opening. For the next fifteen minutes, we had sex, moving between positions and enjoying each other, until I finally had her on top, straddling me. There, I let her take control and grind against me while I remained still, leaving her body on display to anyone watching through the window. Several minutes later, she had a small orgasm, then collapsed onto my chest, and I stroked her back until she fell to my side.

The next morning, I was up early, and leaving Jordan curled and purring, I circled the house to inspect the ground outside the windows. I had hoped to find a few footprints that proved Raul’s watching, but the reality was more profound. Beneath each window was a trampled area, and between the two spots were enough footprints to give me ample evidence that he had moved multiple times between them. Then, beneath the window which provided a side view of the bed, I saw something I hadn’t considered. At waist level on the cinder block walls were multiple off-color streaks that I knew without further inspection were the discharge from his balls. For some strange reason, my mind quickly jumped to wondering what had driven him over the top, where in our lovemaking he had let go.

Three times – I’ve let someone watch my wife having sex three times. It was something I pondered during the following week, which included multiple interactions with the man that had done the watching. I knew it wasn’t normal, and I considered that it may in fact be a sign of some sickness. However, I couldn’t deny how powerful the experiences had been, which left me in turmoil as my desires had not yet been fully satiated.

My job in the family business required that I interact with Raul several times a week, and every time we came face-to-face I expected him to broach the subject. I thought, although it was just a feeling, that he might suspect I had some complicity in the occurrences, but he remained silent, never providing any indication that he was aware or had participated in any way.

The fourth event occurred a month later when Jordan once again accompanied me to the ranch and we spent the night. Much like the previous visit, although with much less alcohol consumed, we made love with the curtains open and my morning after inspection confirmed that we had been watched. Fortunately, after this time, the deep, erotic excitement within me started to wane, and I no longer dwelt on the next set-up. Then, the holidays were upon us, and the social demands of Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas and New Year’s left no opportunity for Jordan to visit the ranch. The long break helped reduce my interest further, and the memories drifted to the back of my mind, remembered only in quiet reflections late at night.

Jordan visited the ranch in January, several months after her last visit. It was at her request, motivated by forecast of an unseasonably pleasant weekend. We arrived after dark on Friday, and since we were both quite tired, we went quickly to bed. Saturday morning, I was up early and stepped out into the clear, brisk air on my way to perform maintenance on the game cameras that were located at strategic points around the ranch. The work took almost three hours, and when I arrived back at the HQ, I spotted my wife near the barn talking to Raul. I wondered how they had happened upon each other, and noted that although she was wearing jeans and a long-sleeved pull over top, she still looked quite good. She had never spoken to the man at length, and given the series of sordid encounters, I was immediately concerned about their conversation. Practically jumping from the vehicle, I moved directly towards the pair, but as I drew near, they separated with Raul moving purposefully into the barn.

“Hi honey,” my wife said as I approached, showing no sign of distress.

“Hi sweetie,” I replied, hoping she would broach the subject of their discussion.

“Did you get everything fixed?” she asked.

“Yes, no problems. What were you talking with Raul about?” I asked, no longer able to contain myself.

“Mostly about his family. I didn’t know he had five children. It must be hard on him to be so far away and only see them occasionally,” she responded.

“I’m sure it’s very difficult,” I said, then followed with, “What else did he say?”

“He wanted to know what we were doing for the weekend. I told him I was going to try and do more sketches,” she explained, thankfully not sensing my sudden angst.

I just nodded in response, unsure that I could speak without showing nervousness. I took her hand and we walked back to the house, where she quickly left me to check on some wash, while I moved to the couch. After lunch, I dropped her at a new spot on top of a small hill that provided a panoramic view of the countryside sloping away. She had set-up in a small clearing, that was much more confined than the spot near the windmill, and I knew immediately that it provided ample cover for Raul to get very close. I was pretty sure she hadn’t been able to describe the location to him, given her unfamiliarity with the ranch, but I still raced back to the HQ wanting to intercept him before he departed. In fact, during the short drive, I considered confronting him, letting him know I was aware of his spying, and had almost convinced myself it was the right thing to do, but when I pulled up I decided I would play it by ear. I immediately spotted his pickup parked next to the barn, which told me he was nearby, although it took a further ten minutes to realize he was in his trailer.

“Yes?” he responded when I knocked on the aluminum door.

Opening it, I saw that he was sprawled back on the small bench that formed the seat for the dining table with a beer in his hand, and I realized it was the only time I had ever seen him drinking. Our eyes locked and in that moment all kinds of information was exchanged. Instantly, I knew he was aware of my complicity in presenting my wife, and he knew I was aware of his watching. That was the easy part. The hard part was when I saw in his eyes a look that told me he wanted Jordan very badly.

“Uhhh…should we work on the pens?” I asked.

It was a silly question, as we had recently repaired them and they didn’t need any further attention, but in my state, I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“There is no need, the pens are fine,” he answered.

It was strange for him to be so bold, as typically he would support whatever direction was given. However, the combination of his demeanor, the beer, his words and my own lame suggestion, made me think it was best to just let it go, so I closed the door and walked away.

Raul never left the HQ, of that I was certain, as I repeatedly rose from my spot in front of the TV and checked on his truck throughout the afternoon. Finally, the time came to get Jordan, and I left, collected her and returned within thirty minutes. I made no attempt at outside play, ignoring the overtures she made with her eyes and her smiles, which I think confused her, although she remained silent. I did make a point of giving her lots of attention on the drive back about her art work, which alleviated her concern, and by the time we arrived she seemed in good spirit.

“Should we drive home?” she asked.

“No, let’s stay,” I shot back quickly, then added, “It’s late.”

It wasn’t all that late, but she accepted my suggestion, so when we walked in the house she set off to the bathroom to clean up while I made dinner. She appeared twenty minutes later, just as I was finishing the meal, wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt.

“Do you think I’m getting better?” she asked, referring to her art.

“Very much so. It’s easy to see,” I replied, which made her smile.

“Honey…have you uhhh…thought about when we should start having kids?” she asked, totally out of the blue.

It was a subject that we got pestered on relentlessly. In our small town, we were almost pariahs for being childless after multiple years of marriage. Then, there were our parents, mine mostly, who brought it up often. Despite my other siblings producing children like a production line, they always tried to put the guilt trip on us like we were destroying their lives. Still, it wasn’t like Jordan to ask the question, so I sensed something must be on her mind.

“What made you ask that?” I probed.

“I don’t know. Maybe thinking about Raul’s situation…his family and kids,” she answered.

I was startled by the sudden injection of our ranch hand into our intimate conversation about pregnancy. I even wondered for a moment whether somehow, someway, she was unconsciously aware of the exhibitionism that had occurred. But, just as rapidly, I realized it was a silly notion and she was likely just feeling the same pangs that most women did.

“Not yet. Let’s be selfish a bit longer,” I said, almost as a plea.

I had witnessed most of my friends who were married quickly devolve into a world that was consumed by children. In the process, the husband and wife connection was lost, almost to the point that they acted like totally different people. Early on, I had explained my view to Jordan and she had agreed, although as time ticked by, I knew I couldn’t put the inevitable off much longer.

“I know…but don’t you think about it?” she asked.

“Yes, but I think about your hot body more,” I answered with a laugh.

My intent was to lighten the mood which seemed to work as she joined in with her own giggle. After dinner, we moved to the TV, but continued drinking, and strangely, with each sip, my sordid thoughts returned one step at a time. I wasn’t completely certain what was driving my renewed interest, although I guessed it had something to do with their conversation. All I knew was that when Jordan excused herself to go the restroom, I found myself rushing to the windows, so Raul, if interested, would have a clear view of the bedroom.

I was ready with a fresh glass of wine when she rejoined me on the couch, and seconds after she was seated, I began to kiss her cheek and neck. It took only seconds for her to engage, and soon we were sharing passionate kisses. It looked like we were on a nice path towards sex, with the potential to be watched, when she suddenly broke the mood.

“Do you think he misses Lupe?” she asked.

I knew enough about the Mexican man to know that Lupe was his wife, and replied, “I’m sure he does.”

“And the kids?” she followed.

“Of course…I mean I would certainly think so,” I responded, unsure of where she was going.

“What if it were you? What would you do?” she probed.

I wasn’t sure exactly what she was asking, but took a sarcastic tone and replied, “I would masturbate every night until my dick was raw.”

“You’re such an ass,” she replied, seeing my smile, then followed with, “Do you think that’s what he does?”

“Of course,” I acknowledged.

“Thinking of Lupe?” she asked.

“And others,” I replied, as my lips returned to her sensitive neck.

Several seconds went by as she sighed in response to my attention before she asked, “What others?”

“You,” I said without hesitation, and instantly I felt her body stiffen.

“What! What do you mean?” she demanded in a shocked voice, pushing me away.

I started laughing at her indignant response and it took me a moment to reply, “Honey, you’re a beautiful woman and one of the few that he sees. I mean it’s basically you and my mom and she’s fifty. Plus, I saw how he looked at you today.”

“You’re insane,” she declared.

“Okay,” I said, and returned to her neck.

“He didn’t look at me badly,” she said seconds later.

“I didn’t say it was bad,” I responded, which made her gasp, while I fought not to laugh.

Jordan became quiet, but allowed me to continue to give her attention. She even raised her arms to let me pull her shirt over her head and reveal her pert breasts. However, I knew her mind was churning and that we would eventually return to the subject of Raul. I was left with something of a dilemma, as now having broached the subject, I considered whether to reveal some of what had occurred over the past few months or keep the discussion limited to her interaction that day. It was a crossroads, as one path led towards the subject of edgy, erotic sex, while the other was, in reality, about family.

“He didn’t…I mean…why did you say that?” Jordan challenged me with a confused voice.

“Forget it honey, I was just playing,” I said, deciding to let the subject pass.

She seemed to accept my statement as a mea culpa, and soon joined me in the fondling and kissing. For the next half-hour, we played on the couch with the TV blaring in front of us, and along the way she removed my shirt while I stripped her down to her tiny thong. Then, we practically raced each other to the bed, where I stopped her from turning down the comforter and pushed her onto her back. I let her remove my jeans, then pushed her thong down, and we were now naked and visible to anyone that might venture to peer through the window.

For the next few minutes, we embraced and coiled like mating snakes, feeling each other’s bodies. When we broke, I used my hand to guide her shoulders back until she was flat on the bed and I was hovering over her, enjoying the full view of her beautiful, naked body. My right hand began to trace over her, from her breasts to her vagina, lightly stroking her smooth, flawless body without lingering in any one spot. The attention soon had her jumpy, and while whiny gasps escaped her mouth, she looked into my eyes with a vulnerable, needy expression. Finally, I let my fingers become more insistent until I allowed one to split her folds and disappear into her wet opening.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned loudly, while arching her back and closing her eyes.

“You are so amazing, so beautiful,” I whispered, as my finger slowly stroked her, then unable to help myself I added, “Everyman’s fantasy.”

“Ass! You do so well, then screw it up,” she replied with feigned disgust.

“It’s true!” I answered then bent down and sucked her small nipple.

“No, it’s not.” she responded, then added after a brief pause said, “You’re just teasing me.’

For some reason, the way she said it coupled with the fact that she seemed truly interested in the subject, gave me the motivation to start, and once I did, I couldn’t stop.

“What if I told you he wanted you badly? What if I told you he was watching us make love at the windmill and was masturbating? What it I told you that he has looked in the window and seen us together? What if I told you he was watching now?” I spewed forth.

For an instant, a wild look of fear filled Jordan’s eyes, but just as quickly it disappeared and was replaced with amusement.

“Oh, my God, you are crazy,” she laughed, believing I had made it all up.

“I’m serious,” I replied with reticence, as it hit me that it might have been better to leave it as a tease.

“No, you’re not. You’re full of it. Completely!” she declared, as she began to laugh.

I’ve always had a problem of needing to win, needing to be right, and her laughter came across as an affront. Before I knew it, I was returning the challenge.

“If you don’t believe me, go outside. He’ll be by the window,” I declared.

In truth, I didn’t know if he was even out there. His mannerisms today indicated some turmoil that made it difficult to gauge his current mindset. Nor, was I sure how he would react to Jordan’s movements. He might retreat and remain undetected. Of course, that was only an issue if she took the bait, which was by no means certain.

“I don’t need to,” she replied, laughing harder.

“Okay, good,” I answered and forced a laugh, as I finally regained my senses.

Close the curtains,” she demanded, when our laughter subsided.

“Why?” I asked, and surprisingly she merely rolled her eyes in response.

I began to move my hand again and used my tongue on her erect nipples which soon had her body writhing in anticipation. Several times, I caught her glancing towards the window, but she never said anything. When I thought she was at the right point of arousal, I slipped on a condom, pulled her legs open and rolled on top. From the moment we connected, we started a rapid, deep movement that was much more forceful than the start of our typical lovemaking. The interesting part was that I couldn’t tell if it was coming from me or my wife, not that it mattered, as neither of us was complaining.

Jordan came hard, and with no difficulty, which made me think that she had dismissed as fantasy any thought of Raul at the window. I made it until she was completely through her climax, helped by the desensitizing effects of the rubber, then in a series of deep thrusts I let go. We stayed connected, cooed and kissed for several minutes before I rolled to her side. It was then I noticed her glance at the window again, I suppose feeling vulnerable now that my body didn’t shield her. We rested for a few minutes, but it wasn’t long before my hands began to stroke her again, and shortly after that, she began responding with little mews.

“Lie back,” she suddenly said, as she sat up while pushing my shoulder.

Her take charge approach caught me off guard for an instant, but I did as I was told and she scooted into position near my waist, pulled the condom off, and lowered her head. It wasn’t long before her soft, warm mouth started to re-inflate my half-hard dick.

“Move over here,” I interrupted, and used my hand to prod her towards my other side.

“Why?” she asked, looking at me like she felt she did something wrong.

“So, Raul can see,” I answered trying not to laugh.

“You’re so full of it,” she shot back, but did as I requested.

Jordan thought, or mostly thought, I was making up the story of Raul as a voyeur, but in reality, if he was still outside as I suspected, he would be treated to a perfect view of my wife’s mouth working my dick. Also, I knew that he would understand that I had repositioned her for his benefit, which made me wonder if he might think my wife was also a complicit party. However, given their recent interaction, I thought it likely he knew she was innocent.

She went back to work and it was only a minute later that she had me rock hard once, then without speaking, she moved up and straddled my waist, bringing my now uncovered shaft to her opening.

“Condom?” I asked after we had already connected.

“I hate those things,” she declared as her hips started moving in a slow undulation.

I didn’t respond, and just stared into her eyes as she contentedly rode my shaft. At first, she held my gaze, but slowly I could see her eyes losing focus, and I knew she was responding to the feelings radiating from between her legs. It was rare for her to orgasm twice, although she often could reach a place where the feeling was intense, and it seemed that this was exactly where she was headed.

“Does it feel good?” I asked, breaking her from her trance.

She seemed surprised, almost shocked by the sound of my voice, but she recovered quickly and with a nod of her head simply responded, “Yeah…”

I let her drift away again, and my thoughts went to Raul, and once again, I was considering the odd threesome that existed. So strange, so abnormal, and yet both he and I were finding sexual pleasure from the situation, from my wife. I wondered if for me it might be something more, too. Did I enjoy acting as the puppet master? Then, there was Jordan. In our brief discussion, she had raced to a comforting view that I was merely teasing her, although for a moment, for a tiny instant, I thought I saw something else as well that looked a lot like curiosity.

“Look at the window,” I said, intending for the words to come out as a command, but my cracking voice only allowed a whisper.

“Hush,” she whispered, showing faux annoyance.

“Look,” I said with a little more strength.

With a tiny smile, my wife’s eyes left mine and turned towards the window and I looked on as she blew a kiss. I knew Raul had no way of knowing that Jordan didn’t know my description was true. To her, it was just a simple act that was no more than an acquiescence to her husbands play. However, I immediately began to wonder how he would receive the gesture and how he might react.

It turned out I didn’t have to wait very long as within thirty seconds, over the sounds of Jordan’s movements and sighs, we heard a light tapping start on the window. Instantly she stopped her rocking and for a moment there was a look of confusion on her face that turned very quickly into shock.

“Oh, my God! Steve!” she cried out and flew off me.

She bolted from the room and seconds later, as I was getting up, I heard the door of the other bedroom slam closed. I walked nude to the door and started knocking softly hoping she would open it and talk.

“Jordan…honey…” I said in a soft voice.

“Is he out there?” she fired back loudly, and from her voice, I guessed she was on the bed.

A silence followed as I tried to think of the right answer before truthfully responding, “Yes.”

“Why? Why the hell would you do that…allow that…why?” she challenged me.

I was pondering how to respond when I heard knocking at the front door. So, still standing naked, I had an incensed wife on one side and our voyeur on the other wanting who knows what. Knowing I couldn’t have Raul hanging around with Jordan in her current state, I grabbed my jeans and pulled them on then went to the door.

“What’s going on man? he asked in Spanish before I could speak, showing a strange fire in his eyes.

Suddenly the puppet master, the one person that had the superior knowledge and had used it to manipulate was caught. I had enough sense to know it wasn’t the time for the discussion, so I tried to put him off.

“Look, let me come talk to you in the morning,” I said, and watched as his eyes narrowed.

After what seemed a very long time he replied in Spanish once more, “Okay, man.”

With him gone, I returned to my wife, knowing that dealing with her would be much more difficult.

“Honey?” I said in a low voice.

“Was that him at the door? Is he out there?” she asked with a mixture of anger and fear in her voice.

“No, honey. He’s gone,” I answered, and after several seconds without a reply, I added, “Open the door, sweetie.”

“Bring me my robe,” she demanded, after more silence.

I did as I was told and when I returned and knocked she opened the door within just a few seconds. She quickly donned the garment and with a withering look she passed me headed directly to the kitchen where she poured herself a large glass of wine. I did the same while she moved to the couch, and when I joined her she gave me a stern look, then spoke.

“So, you weren’t joking,” she said sarcastically.

“No…no, I guess not,” I answered trying to look remorseful.

“Tell me what’s going on,” she demanded in a very calm voice.

I knew from experience that when Jordan acts calm it really means she is seething with anger. Thus, I knew I needed to tread very carefully.

“I…I guess when we made love at the windmill a few months ago I was suspicious of him. I had a feeling he was watching, and then after we made love one night I was walking around outside and saw footprints under the window,” I started, bending the truth and leaving much out of the explanation.

“He saw us at the windmill?” she asked in clarification.

“Like I said, I’m not sure, but I had a feeling,” I replied.

“And he watched through the window?” she asked in a way that I knew was an attempt to set me up.

“Yes, I saw the footprints,” I responded.

“How long ago was that?’ she followed quickly.

“Uh…a few months,” I said in a low voice.

“So, he’s been watching us through the window for months and you said nothing to me, and not only that, but you’ve been leaving the curtains open!” she shot out as her anger bubbled, and when I didn’t immediately reply, she demanded, “Is that true?”

“Well…uh…I guess there is some truth to it,” I mumbled, sheepishly.

“You’ve been conspiring with him against me,” she stated.

“No…uhhh…we’ve never talked. We’ve never discussed anything,” I said.

“So, it’s some kind of boy thing? Watch how cool I am? Come see me fuck my wife!” she challenged me, as she struggled to stay in control.

“Well, no…uhhh…I don’t think that’s it…” I tried to defend myself, but she cut me off.

“How many times has he watched?” she demanded.

“Some,” I said almost in a whisper, knowing I was screwed.

“How many?” she fired back.

“Before tonight, two other times I know of,” I answered while looking at my feet.

Jordan became quiet and we just stared at each other as the minutes ticked by before with a deep breath she finally asked, “Why?”

“Jordan, I really don’t know for sure. I’ve been asking myself that same question,” I answered, realizing it was the first totally truthful thing I had said.

“Tell me what you do know,” she pushed, and I realized I wouldn’t be let off easily.

“I…I…well I guess when we were at the windmill and we made love…I told you I had a feeling about it. It was a weird feeling and I thought it was just paranoia, but for some reason it got me pretty excited too. Then, when I saw the footprints I knew it wasn’t paranoia, and I don’t know…the thought…the idea of it was bizarre, but also…you know…like I said it was kind of exciting…interesting. I kept telling myself to end it, but every time, I just kinda went with it,” I answered.

“So, you got turned on thinking of another man watching you have sex with your wife? Seeing her naked?” she responded.

“Yeah, I guess I did some,” I replied, suddenly tired of being on defense.

She had a quick inhale of breath, then let it out slowly and said, “You’re messed up.”

With that, she left her half-filled glass of wine and went into the bedroom. I was pleased to see that she didn’t close the door behind her, but I decided to give her a few minutes before I joined. I realized I had flown much too close to the edge with both of them, and that teasing Jordan, with Raul not knowing the situation, had been begging for trouble. Finally, I rose and entered the bedroom where I saw that the curtains were now closed. I slid in next to my wife and snuggled behind her, looping my arm over her robe covered waist, and was happy when it didn’t result in a rebuke.

“What were you expecting?” Jordan whispered a minute later.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

She turned in the bed until her face was inches from mine, with her beautiful eyes still visible in the darkness and asked, “What did you want?”

“I…I…I don’t want to say…” I said.

“Tell me,” she pushed.

More silence followed before I finally summoned the courage to say, “I…I guess I wanted you to know you were being watched.”

“And still do it?” she asked to clarify.

“Yes,” I whispered.

I felt her hand grip my dick that somehow had become rock hard and stroke it roughly several times.

“Sneakiness never works,” she said as she let my shaft go and turned over.

“You wouldn’t have done it,” I foolishly offered in defense.

“You’ll never know now. Go to sleep,” she replied.

Fortunately, the conversation with Raul the next morning was less stressful, as he was certainly not an innocent party. Although, since I wasn’t either, I decided not to be confrontational. We came clean with each other about what had occurred, and I explained that my wife had been totally in the dark. Like her, he tried to probe on expectations, but I avoided the subject then went on to let him know that it was time to stop and he couldn’t be near the house again.

“Of course, it won’t happen again,” he acknowledged, which pleased me.

“Thanks Raul. And let me apologize for being stupid. I should have known better,” I said to try to assuage any guilt he might feel.

“There is no need. I thought stupidly as well. My eyes were not seeing truth,” he replied.

The way he said it made me think there was more to the message, so I followed up, “What do you mean?”

“I was certain when I talked with her yesterday that she must be involved,” he said.

“Why, Raul?” I asked, feeling confused.

“I must say her style…her…her manner gave that feeling,” he answered while stumbling for the right words.

Of course, I was in the doghouse and remained there for several weeks, but slowly Jordan’s irritation began to wane. As the time went by, I sensed she had overcome her true anger, but kept up the pretense to reinforce her point.

“I saw your mom today and she asked again about grandkids. I told her I agreed it was time,” Jordan called from the kitchen while preparing dinner.

I had just returned from the ranch, exhausted after having spent the entire day working with my dad and Raul, so rather than take the bait, I went to clean-up and enjoyed a long, hot shower. Just as she was putting the meal on the table, I returned feeling fresh, knowing she wanted me to respond to her prior comment. However, I wouldn’t go there, so finally she did.

“Did you hear what I said about talking to your mom?” she asked.

“I heard,” I said.

“No comment? No thought on the subject?” she asked.

“You know my thoughts,” I replied.

“Yes, I do. Your thoughts are not to have kids so you can play freaky games! I think kids will do you good,” she countered.

Several weeks before, I would have expected such a comment, but Jordan had been amazingly non-judgmental on the subject until now, so her words felt like a cheap shot. Still, I held my tongue and merely rose and walked into the living room which I think irritated her even more, and minutes later she joined me.

“We need to talk about it,” she said.

“Jordan, we have talked about it. I’m not ready yet,” I reminded her.

“Yes, so you can have a good bodied wife to expose to people,” she said sarcastically.

“Yes, and other things I might think of,” I replied, not in the mood to be beat on.

That killed any cordial discussion for the evening, and we both stayed to ourselves until I joined her in bed. She had been in the bedroom with the lights off for over thirty minutes when I retired, and I assumed she was asleep. However, as soon as I crawled in, I felt her hand land on my chest.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“It’s okay, let’s go to sleep,” I replied.

She didn’t respond, but I felt her hand slowly move over my skin and I could tell she was trying to get me aroused. Slowly, she started to snuggle closer until her breasts were pressed against me, while her hand maintained its exploration, finally landing on my dick.

“I don’t like us mad at each other,” she whispered.

“I’m not mad,” I stated.

Minutes ticked by in silence as Jordan continued her manipulation before she finally spoke again, “Did you really think I would want to be watched?”

“It was stupid,” I replied.

“That’s not an answer. Did you?” she probed.

“I don’t know. It seems silly now. I guess my fantasy got out of control,” I said.

“Does that mean you did?” she pushed.

“I guess,” I finally admitted, which made me feel very embarrassed.

“Talking about it made you hard,” she said.

I realized she was right as my dick had become fully engorged, but in defense I responded, “It was your hand.”

“No,” she whispered as she moved to put her lips around my shaft.

Several times, I tried to get her to move so we could make love, but she maintained her focus on the oral sex she was giving until she had me at the point of no return. Flat on my back, I groaned and grunted my way through a nice climax as she swallowed my semen and teased my balls. I was spent when she finished, and asked for a few minutes to rest, but she smiled, patted me on the arm and told me to go to sleep.

“Where are you?” I heard Jordan’s voice in my phone.

It was a Friday, just after two in the afternoon, and I was on my way to another ranch about fifty miles away to deliver a bull we had sold.

“I’m on errand, what’s up?” I replied, confused by my wife’s tone.

“I came out to the ranch to draw. I thought you were here,” she explained.

“I’m delivering a bull and I won’t be back for a couple hours,” I told her.

“Okay, I think I’m going to go to the windmill,” she replied, showing no concern in her voice.

After acknowledging her plan, I hung up and started thinking about what was transpiring. Jordan had never driven to the ranch by herself, and even though she certainly knew the way, I still found it surprising she had ventured out without warning. There must certainly be a message in her actions I thought, and as the miles ticked away I tried to determine exactly what it might be.

There were two things I was pretty sure about. First, Jordan doesn’t like living with conflict, and after several weeks of anger concerning Raul, she had softened noticeably, giving clear indications of her desire to move past it. Second, I knew she very much wanted a baby. She had made a decision it was time, and now it was almost like she gave off an aura. Therefore, I felt that her unannounced visit had at its core a plan to deal with these issues in some way.

Of course, there was also the situation with Raul to consider. I knew he wouldn’t recognize her vehicle, so it would likely draw him out to see what was going on. That might result in a face-to-face situation which would certainly be uncomfortable for Jordan. I thought about calling her to explain my concern, but after a bit more contemplation I decided not to, rationalizing it might really be a good thing.

“Steve, how’s your dad?” Ben Woodsen asked when I pulled up at the pens.

Ben was a fourth-generation rancher and a few years older than my dad. They grew up and lived in different towns and only saw each other a few times a year, yet both considered the other a good friend.

“He’s fine Mr. Woodsen, I’ll give him your regards,” I replied as I joined him at the trailer gate.

“Your dad said this one’s mild-mannered,” he stated.

“Yes sir. He’s an easy-going guy,” I said while opening the gate so the bull could get out.

“Alright, then,” he replied as the animal stepped out without prodding, and slowly ambled a few steps away.

“How about a beer?” the older man asked.

“Uh…yeah, sure,” I replied.

I knew it would be rude to turn him down, so despite my mind being on my wife, I accepted his offer. One beer turned into two, and while we drank, he told long, involved tales about the history of the area, providing detailed accounts of some of the more colorful characters. Finally, after almost an hour, I respectfully said my goodbyes and left. The delay meant that the two hours I told my wife was going to be three, and I would likely arrive just before sundown. For some reason, the extra hour greatly multiplied my angst and I became worried about my wife. It seemed the miles crept by, but finally I was at the gate and a few minutes later I was pulling up at the HQ.

I was relieved to see Jordan’s car, and I hopped from the pickup and went to the house without uncoupling the trailer. However, it was empty which set me immediately in the direction of the barn, when suddenly, on the road leading to the windmill, I saw Raul’s truck inching slowly my way. As it grew closer, I could see two heads in the cab, and when it finally pulled up, I saw Jordan smiling from the passenger side. She disembarked from the vehicle wearing jeans and a simple pullover blouse, and met Raul near the rear where they began unloading her equipment.

“How was it?” I asked, stepping next to Jordan and giving her a quick hug.

“Pretty good. I’ll show you inside,” she replied.

I was surprised that neither of them showed any sign of discomfort considering what had occurred the last time they were together. Instead, after helping us carry some things to the porch, there were friendly goodbyes as he left. I was dying to pepper her with question, but I held my tongue and followed her into the small house.

“What took you so long?” she asked as soon as the door closed.

“My dad’s friend Ben wanted to visit,” I explained, which brought a strange smile.

Then, we looked at each other, and suddenly there was an awkward silence that was only broken when I asked to see what she had drawn that day. Jordan flipped through a canvas bag and pulled out a large pad which she opened to a sketch of a cow and a calf standing near the water tank. It had good detail, and I also felt that she had captured the connection between the animals.

“That’s really good,” I told her, which instantly brought a proud smile.

“Thanks. It’s getting easier for me,” she replied.

I wanted to know about Raul, although I didn’t want to ask. However, Jordan didn’t offer any explanation and instead left to shower while I made myself a drink. By the time she returned, some thirty minutes later, I had worked myself into a frenzy wondering how and for what purpose they had connected. I had also convinced myself that she knew exactly what she was doing and wanted me to be the one to raise the question, something I was adamant about not doing.

With sundown, the temperature fell to around sixty, and after pouring my wife a drink, I suggested we sit on the porch. She was dressed in pajama pants, socks and a polo shirt, so I grabbed a blanket and we stepped outside. I let Jordan take the large rocking chair, then covered her in the blanket, while I sat on the simple bench. The stars were already appearing, and we chatted about family for a few minutes, before I couldn’t take it anymore.

“How did you end up with Raul?” I asked.

Instantly, I saw her try to fight back a smile, but failing, she replied, “I was waiting for that!”

“Come on Jordan, tell me what happened,” I responded, trying to sound irritated.

She giggled for several seconds before answering, “When I got here, he came up to the car because he didn’t recognize it. Then, when he saw me, he said you had left like he expected me to just leave to. I told him I knew what you were doing, and that I was going to draw, and he just shrugged and walked away. Then, a few minutes later, there was a knock on the door and he asked if I wanted him to drive me,” she explained.

It was a plausible answer, but knowing the situation, I just didn’t see Jordan accepting. My instincts were proved correct when I clarified her response.

“So, just like that you agree to go with the guy him? The guy that…you know…” I said.

“No, sweetie…I said no, but he said that driving to the windmill would be bad on my baby,” she replied, referring to her SUV which she loved and pampered.

“You did it just to pay me back,” I challenged her.

“Pay you back? I thought you’d love it,” she said as her smile widened, and I knew she was trying to rub my nose in it.

“Okay, whatever, I’m glad you had your taxi to drop you off and pick you up,” I responded, now feeling annoyed with her words.

“Honey, he didn’t drop me off. He stayed and kept me company,” she replied, looking at me with a strange, defiant expression.

I knew it was indeed payback, and she was using the situation as an opportunity to teach me a lesson. Also, I suspected she was being purposefully vague to get me to fill in the missing information, and I had to admit it was a good strategy, as she quickly had my mind filled with outlandish thoughts.

“Jordan, I’m glad you had a good day sketching,” I replied, finally able to gain some self-control.

With that, I stood, took her glass and headed towards the door with the intent to refill our drinks and further regain my composure. I did the former quickly and was about to step back outside, when my eye caught something in the canvas bag that held her sketch pads. There were three still inside, and I picked the one that had captured my attention and lifted it free. Suddenly, there before me, competently drawn in charcoal, was a drawing of a shirtless man leaning against the hood of a pickup, that I instantly knew was Raul. My mind raced with the meaning of the art work, and after several minutes of review I decided the best course was just to carry it with me outside. I heard Jordan gasp with the realization of my discovery before I even sat down, and when I did, I could see her expression had turned from one of smug control to borderline panic.

“What’s this?” I asked, just tossing the issue on the table.

“Just a sketch,” she answered after a pause.

“Did you make it today?” I followed.

“Yes, I did,” she responded, and I could tell my wife was trying to regain control.

“Why? I asked.

“I don’t know…I got bored drawing cows,” she replied.

“What happened?” I asked in a pointed tone.

“What do you mean?” Jordan responded, faking confusion.

“I mean what happened? Did he hit on you? Try anything? Did anything happen?” I probed.

“Nothing happened. He stood near his truck and left me alone,” she stated.

“Nothing? No talking?” I pushed.

“Yes, talking about his family. His kids, his wife and how much he misses them,” she answered, now growing aggravated.

“And you sketched him and hid it,” I challenged her.

This time, there was a longer pause as she contemplated my statement before she finally spoke, “Yes, I made the drawing and yes I didn’t show you if you want to call that hiding.”

Her words launched us into another silence where we stayed as minute after minute ticked by. I refilled our glasses again, and yet even with my return we were both at a loss for words, or maybe we were just consumed by our own thoughts.

“You really don’t understand it, do you?” she finally spoke, asking me a simple question that I instantly knew was on target.

I truly didn’t understand my thoughts, motivations and desires, and most importantly, why I struggled to control my actions.

Before I knew it, pointed words were leaving my mouth, “Did he see you naked?’

Without speaking, Jordan stood and left me alone on the porch. For a minute or so, I could see the shadows on the windows from her movements inside, then they went away, leaving me to think she might have gone to bed. I stayed on the porch contemplating the situation I had created, or at least promoted, knowing the best path forward was to put a dagger in it and kill it. However, each time I landed on this as the solution, my mind went to the feeling of the incredible arousal I had realized from the play. I had thought it had been put behind me, buried and left for dead, but in the period of just a few short hours, I was left to wonder how I would live the rest of my life without experiencing it again. I felt like an addict, who knows right from wrong, and good from bad, but is wholly driven by the need to do it one more time.

Still, I convinced myself that the intelligent path was to go inside, apologize, and put the entire sordid mess behind us. Truly, it was what I intended to do, but when I stepped into the bedroom and saw that the curtains had been partially opened, all such thoughts evaporated. My wife was on her side under the covers and appeared to be asleep, leaving me to wonder whether it was an accident, a concession to me, or if she might harbor some hidden desires of her own. Her actions today certainly brought a new light on things, and it also dawned on me that her motivations didn’t necessarily need to be constrained to one category.

I quickly got undressed and slipped into bed, where I determined quickly that my beautiful wife was not asleep. She was also very naked, and as soon as my hand touched her waist she moaned and turned to face me.

“Is this what you want?” I whispered.

“It’s what you want,” she countered.

“Is it what you want,” I asked again.

“I want to make you happy,” she replied.

“Is it what you want,” I asked for a third time.

After several seconds of silence, she whispered, “Yes.”

I pulled her to me and held her close, and after several passionate kisses, I got out of bed and went to the living room where I flicked the light several times before turning it off. I did the same thing to the porch light and when I returned to Jordan, only the bathroom light remained on. I had no way of knowing for sure whether Raul had seen the light signals, but for some reason I felt confident he did. Back at the bed, I pulled the covers from my wife and pushed her naked body back, then dived head first between her luscious thighs.

Inspired by the recent events, I licked her length and tongue lashed her, before concentrating on her tiny aroused nub. Using the tip of my tongue to tease and excite her, I brought her to one orgasm, then refused to let go for several minutes as she begged for relief. Finally, I was done, and we both spent some time recovering while connected in an embrace.

Several times, while I was feasting on my wife, I glanced up to see if she might be checking out the window. However, each time I was disappointed to see that she had her eyes squeezed shut, almost like she was forcing herself not to look.

“My turn,” I whispered after several minutes, then pushed her shoulders back and mounted her.

“Mmmmmmm…” she let out in a long, needy whine when I slipped inside.

I was raised above her, on my elbows, so I could look into her face, and like before, she had her eyes purposefully shut.

When I had a nice rhythm going and her pussy was making wonderful, wet sounds, I whispered, “He’s watching you.”

“How do you know?” she immediately asked, as a tiny shiver went through her.

“Because, he wants you,” I declared, intentionally trying to be provocative.

“Hush and make love to me,” she responded, fending off the subject.

For the next few minutes we concentrated on each other with our passions rising. No words were exchanged, but there was a constant stream of moans, sighs and whimpers to signal our progress. As I started to get close, my movements became more furtive, and my breathing irregular. I felt Jordan’s hands leave my shoulders and descend to my ass where they cupped my cheeks and helped pull me further inside.

“Let him see you cum,” she whispered seductively, with her mouth just an inch from my ear.

“Uhhh…oh honey,” was all I could force out with my release just seconds away.

“Show him how you do it,” she whispered again, and I felt her hands pull even harder.

Her naughty words had me on fire, and just before I was going to explode, she wrapped her legs around me too. I made a last second effort to pull away, which failed, and suddenly I was spilling my seed into my wife’s unprotected womb.

“Uhhh…ohhh…ugggghhhh…ugggghhhhh…” I grunted as I quickly gave up and just reveled in the feelings.

Spent, completely and utterly spent, was how I felt when the last drop of semen left my shaft. I stayed inside my wife for just a few more seconds, then dropped to her side and fought to regain my breath. It had been such a complete and fulfilling climax, that it took me a while to realize what had just occurred.

“You tricked me,” I challenged Jordan.

“How, baby?” she replied as she tried to suppress a smile.

“You got me so excited I came in you,” I answered, although I knew she followed my meaning.

“You’re supposed to get excited when we make love,” she countered.

“You know what I mean. You used Raul…and…the watching,” I started, but it sounded awkward when I tried to say it.

“Raul’s your thing,” she replied.

I gave her an annoyed stare that she knew was forced, and thought about what Jordan had just accomplished. In a very sneaky way, she had used my fantasy to get what she wanted. Now, her womb was filled with life giving semen, and I knew that there was a good chance we had just made a baby. I had never considered Jordan to be a manipulator, but I had to admit that she had done a damn good job.

“Is it a good time?” I asked, referring to where she was in her cycle.

“It’s a perfect time,” she replied, then snuggled close against me and started kissing my neck.

For some reason, her trick didn’t make me angry and I joined her in the cuddling. Later, she woke me up with her hand stroking my dick, and we made love again. This time, I released inside her without trickery, as I figured the damage had likely already been done.

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