Drawn into a Sexual Web


Sitting in front of the TV, watching the end of an early season college football game while sipping on my third beer, my attention was suddenly grabbed by the sound of the garage door opening. It meant my pretty wife Emily was returning from dinner with her best friend Chloe, who had called earlier practically begging my wife to meet her. I sensed something was up and was now eager to hear the news.

The sound of Emily’s shoes on the hardwood floor let me know she was headed my way, and soon she appeared with a look on her face that made it clear she had been drinking. There was a pause as we looked at each other before I finally spoke.

“How was dinner?” I asked.

“Let me get a drink first,” she declared, and spun around.

Emily is normally not big with alcohol, so taking another in her current state portended the significance of the meeting. It took a few minutes for her to return, but when she did I prodded once more.

“Well?” I asked.

“Chloe is upset about something,” she replied, and it seemed like she wanted to act like the little girl with a secret.

“What’s wrong?” I responded, playing along.

“I told her I wouldn’t tell anyone,” she stated.

“Okay, well that’s fine,” I said, and turned my attention back to the TV.

Emily is definitely not the gossipy type, and although I sensed she was eager to tell me about her friend’s situation, I knew it was best not to push. Several minutes went by as we watched the TV before she spoke.

“David wants to…I mean he’s pushing really…for them to uhhh… try swinging,” she stammered.

“Swinging? What do you mean?” I asked, as my mind instantly filled with a vision of people square dancing. It took a second or two for the reality to hit, and when it did I declared in a shocked voice, “What the hell? You’re joking!”

Since Emily and Chloe were very close, I knew her husband from frequent social interactions. Other than occasionally being a bit loud and boisterous, he always struck me as a normal, conservative college educated guy. Certainly, I had never seen any signs of sexual deviance, and in fact, he always seemed to be very respectful, almost doting, towards his wife.

“I’m not joking,” Emily said, staring at me with a judgmental expression as if I was equally guilty simply by being male.

“Well, start from the beginning and tell me the whole story,” I said, while pulling myself up on the sofa.

For the next few minutes, my wife described meeting her friend for dinner, drinking lots of wine and hearing it all. Evidently, David had been dropping hints for some time that Chloe would just laugh off, but recently he had become more pointed, and last night in bed had bluntly told her it was something he wanted to try. He went on to declare that if she loved him she would support the decision. Of course, that had led to an argument, then tears, followed by more arguing that had left her a wreck. She had tried to keep it as just a husband and wife thing, but it ate on her all day and that made her call my wife.

“I’m not sure bullying would have been the approach I would have used,” I said when my wife finished, which brought a strange look.

“How can a man…a husband…let his wife…do it…be with someone else?” she asked.

“I don’t know honey. It’s not something I’ve really thought about. I guess if you’ve been married a long time and things are getting dull, but they’ve only been married three years,” I answered.

“Yes…” she replied slowly, while analyzing my words.

Emily was Chloe’s Matron of Honor at her wedding, which occurred eight months after ours, and likewise, Chloe had been my wife’s Maid of Honor. The two had been sorority sisters in the same pledge class and had hit it off instantly. Since they had ended up in the same city after graduation, they had been able to maintain their friendship, and I saw Chloe at least every other week. It wasn’t something I minded, as like my wife, she is very attractive and quite fun. Both Emily and Chloe are slender and tallish, with the main differences between them being hair color and breast size. My wife is raven haired while her friend is a blonde, and Chloe is a full C-cup while Emily is a B. Since neither woman had yet become pregnant, their bodies were toned and firm.

“Is she going to?” I asked, finally acknowledging the huge elephant in the room.

“Of course not, and I told her that David was wrong and being a total ass,” she replied, flashing some anger.

“You know…uh…it might mean that he’s having an affair or something,” I offered slowly, knowing it was dangerous ground.

“I know…” she said, then after a look at her feet added, “I think it’s a possibility, but I didn’t say anything to Chloe.”

“What’s she going to do? I asked.

“Tell him NO WAY!” she quickly responded.

“Well…you’re likely going to get more calls, so sweetie do what you need to do to help Chloe. This is serious stuff and she’s going to need you,” I said.

I knew she was going to do what she needed for her friend whether I acknowledged it or not, but I thought I could get some good guy points by making the offer, and the look in her eyes after I finished let me know I had made the right decision. In fact, it was just after lunch the next day when Emily received the call from Chloe, and an hour later she was knocking on our front door. Knowing I would be in the way, I kissed her on the cheek then left so they could talk in private. I ran errands for a few hours then drove home, but when I spotted Chloe’s car still in the driveway, I kept going and ended up at a sports bar. There, I sent a text to my wife asking her to let me know when her friend left, and it wasn’t until almost seven that I got the all clear. Arriving home, the two empty Chardonnay bottles on the counter and my wife’s red eyes informed me that she was hammered.

“Well…tell me about it,” I said after grabbing a beer from the fridge and moving to the living room, with Emily right behind.

“He’s being a fucking prick!” my wife announced, using language that was exceedingly rare for her.

“Okay…like what? What happened?” I asked, hoping for a better description.

“She told him no and he started laying this huge guilt trip on her telling her she didn’t support him and she was too goody-goody,” she replied, slurring her words slightly.

“Why doesn’t she just ignore him? I’m pretty sure he loves her…a lot…so tell her to just laugh it off,” I suggested.

“She tries but he is being forceful and you know she can’t stand confrontation. Everything has to be resolved with her…it’s how she’s made up,” she answered.

“What’s she going to do?” I asked.

“Keep talking to him,” she replied, and although it sounded inadequate, I couldn’t think of a better approach.

It wasn’t long before Emily disappeared, and after a bit I went looking for her, finding her passed out on our bed. I spent a few minutes getting her out of her clothes then put her under the covers before returning to the TV. Just past midnight, I joined her and pulled her nude body against mine.

“Are you awake?” I whispered, when I felt her butt wiggle slightly.

“Mmmm…barely,” she replied.

My hands started to slowly roam her body, as they often did when we were naked together, and over the next few minutes I could tell she was becoming aroused.

“Do you want to make love?” I asked softly.

“Do you?” she replied quickly.

“Mmmm…hmmm…” I moaned into her ear, as my hand drifted lower.

Emily was slightly wet when my fingers found her smooth slit, and after playing with her for a while, I moved my head under the sheets. She loves to receive oral sex, although she is less enthusiastic about giving it, so as my tongue teased her folds she kicked at the sheets so she could spread her legs wider.

“Oh…oh please darling…” she whined.

For some reason, I loved it when she called me darling. It seemed so old school and cultured, which for some reason pleased me. I worked slowly, moving around her entire mound before I felt she was at just the right level of excitement. Then, I focused on her clit, rapidly assaulting it with quick cat licks. It was a proven technique, and just like countless other times, it wasn’t long before her writhing body and her soft mews of pleasure let me know she was on her way to an orgasm.

“Oh…oh…darling…oh…mmm…mmm…” she whimpered, as she pulled her legs back.

“Does it feel good?” I asked, breaking just for a moment, but her hands were quick to guide me back into place.

Less than a minute later, with my tongue smacking wetly against her tiny nub, she let go, “Ohhh…oh yes…uhhh…uhhh…mmmmm…oh yes…mmmm…”

Knowing from experience that I could extend the orgasm by penetrating her, I lifted and pushed my erect dick into her ready pussy. My pace was deep and deliberate, and as expected, I was able to keep her on a plateau of pleasure for almost a minute before she finally started to come down. With her arms wrapped around my neck, and soft, satisfied sounds coming from her, I could now concentrate on my own pleasure. Emily’s pussy is amazingly soft and usually quite warm which makes it difficult to last long, and soon I could feel the tingling sensation begin in my groin that signaled my imminent release.

“Nnnnn…ohhh…oh shit…shit…damn…” I grunted, as the thick substance jetted from my body.

Even in the cool house, we were both damp with sweat, and we spent the next few minutes in each other’s arms catching our breath. I could feel Emily’s heart beating, which added to the feeling of intimacy, and I lingered on her before I finally dropped to her side.

“I love you,” I whispered, which resulted in her pulling my arm more tightly around her.

Several minutes went by as we drifted towards sleep, so I was startled when Emily suddenly spoke.

“Honey, have you ever thought about…you know…swapping?” she asked.

“Sweetie, I think I told you yesterday that I’ve never thought about it,” I answered.

“Okay,” she replied, but in a way that made me think there was still something on her mind.

For the next several weeks, Emily played the role as confidant and advisor for Chloe as her husband showed no sign of giving up on his decadent desires. Repeatedly, the young wife tried to explain rationally to her husband that she didn’t share his interest, and that it would be bad for their marriage, but David remained obstinate. Slowly, I sensed things beginning to change as Emily started asking me questions that were mechanical in nature about how things went down in swinging encounters. As the uninvolved bystander, it seemed to me that Chloe must at least be considering her husband’s demands if they were discussing these aspects.

“Emily, I don’t know how it works. I would just be guessing,” I told my wife after one of her questions, then added after a short pause, “Why? Is she considering it?”

“No…I mean…I guess after all the talk she’s just trying to understand,” my wife responded.

“Okay, well the only thing I could tell her would be to look it up on the internet,” I said.

More time went by and things seemed to be getting less troublesome as Emily was no longer constantly counseling her friend. So, I was surprised when my wife brought up the subject of going to Dallas for the weekend with the couple.

“What’s it all about Emily?” I asked, sensing there was more to the story than a casual weekend.

“Look…okay look…” she tried to start but stumbled, and then after a deep breath, she began again, “Chloe agreed to go to a club just to check it out and she wants us to go, too.”

“What the hell? Emily, I don’t want to go. It will be all weird and awkward, and they’ll know we know about their weirdness,” I protested.

“Please, darling,” she asked, giving me her big-eyed pleading look.

“Emily this is freaky,” I continued.

“I know it’s odd, but we need to be there for Chloe,” she begged.

Two days later, after leaving work early, we were seated on an airplane for the quick flight to Dallas. Chloe and David had taken a prior flight, so we were alone, which allowed me to continue to voice my reluctance. However, Emily was now quickly dismissing any issue I raised. The plan was to check into the hotel, meet up for a nice dinner and then visit the club. A little after five, we were in our room at one of the better hotels in the city, having scored a good weekend rate, and while Emily primped, I headed down to the bar to wait. I told her to let David know where I was if he called, as I hoped to get a few minutes alone with him to provide my thoughts, which were mostly around wanting to be ready to leave at the first signs of strangeness.

A little over an hour later, with me now quite buzzed, my wife walked up looking fabulous, but by the expression on her face I could tell something was wrong.

“What?” I asked.

“They left,” she answered with a wince.

“Left? What do you mean?” I demanded.

“They went home. Chloe told his sister, who told his mother, and now he’s in big trouble,” she explained.

“Damn! He’s not going to be very happy with her,” I said.

“No…they’re not speaking,” she informed me.

“Well hell. I don’t know whether to be happy or mad,” I said, and started laughing, with Emily quickly joining in.

“Let’s go to dinner,” she stated, and took my hand as I stood.

Our reservation was at a top end steakhouse, and arriving late it took a few minutes to get our table, so we had a drink in the bar. We had a good laugh about the sequence of events that got us there, then enjoyed an excellent dinner accompanied by a nice bottle of Cabernet. By the time the check arrived, neither of us was feeling any pain, and soon we were in a taxi headed back to the hotel.

“Too bad they left. I actually wanted to see the place,” I teased my wife.

“I know you did sweetie,” she said with faux concern, while patting my arm.

“No, seriously. I did,” I replied, still trying to provoke a rise.

“Well darling, let’s swing by for a drink,” she countered, and a grin spread across her face as she felt she had out maneuvered me.

There was silence in the cab for several seconds as I floundered for a rebuttal before I finally said, “That’s not a bad idea. We can have a look and you can tell Chloe what it was like.”

“Sure, let’s go,” she responded, and I knew she still felt I would back down.

“Do you have the address?” I asked after another short pause.

While giving me a strange look, she picked up her phone and after manipulating it read off the address. Seconds later, I had provided the new destination to our driver and we were off towards the club. It took fifteen minutes to get there, which we covered in silence, and upon arriving we found that the club was at the end of s strip shopping center. The rest of the property was standard retail, so at this hour the parking lot was deserted except in front of the club where there were about thirty cars. The East Asian taxi driver had a smirk on his face as I paid him, no doubt thinking that we were there for random sex.

It was just past ten when we entered, and after paying a $20 cover to a fortyish blonde woman that looked Emily over several times, we turned the corner and entered the main room that consisted of a bar, a seating area and a dance floor. I guessed there were fifty people in attendance, and a DJ was playing techno music with a driving beat, while about a dozen or so danced. Several things struck me quickly as I looked around. First, it was much less seedy than I expected from a décor and furnishings perspective. Second, the clientele looked to be a bit older, with the average age appearing to be late thirties or early forties. And finally, we were overdressed.

The women were wearing a mix of casual and club attire, with many showing significant cleavage or leg, which contrasted with my wife’s knee length, expensive cocktail dress. Similarly, my sports coat and dress slacks set me apart from the other men. I guided Emily to what looked to be a well-stocked bar, and we took stools in an empty spot.

“Well, no sex on the tables,” I said to my wife, after the bartender had delivered our drinks.

“I know…kind of dull,” she responded sarcastically.

For the next twenty minutes, we sipped our cocktails and watched the dynamics of the room. While there was certainly more interaction amongst the people than you would see at a normal bar, we saw little that would indicate it was a crowd interested in sexual play.

“First time?” our bartender asked, when he arrived with refills.

Ramon, as indicated by his nametag, looked to be about our age and was in good shape, with well-developed biceps. He was swarthy looking, with a neatly groomed shadow beard, and his dark, longish hair was pulled into a ponytail that revealed a pierced ear.

“Yeah, just having a look,” I replied.

“Any experience in the lifestyle?” he followed, as I watched him glance at my wife.

“No,” I answered, not completely certain what he meant.

“Well, this place is pretty laid back, although it sometimes gets wild a bit later. Nothing to worry about, though,” he explained, then left.

Another fifteen minutes went by, and then a couple, that looked to be about forty, appeared and took the seats next to us. The woman sat next to me, and I saw that she was blonde and petite. She was dressed in tight skirt that extended to mid-thigh, with a blouse that highlighted her large breasts that I guessed were enhanced. It was obvious she had at one time been quite the looker, but her skin now had a mottled look, and from the smell on her clothes, I surmised it was from smoking. Still, she was reasonably attractive, and had a lively manner with a big smile.

“Hi there,” she said when we made eye contact.

“Hi,” I replied, suddenly feeling nervous, and for some odd reason, a bit guilty.

“I’m Rhonda,” she announced.

My back was partly turned to my wife, but I could feel her eyes on me as I introduced myself, then Emily, before learning her husband’s name was Hal. After that, things became quiet once more and we went back to our drinks until Rhonda spoke up again.

“We haven’t see y’all here before,” she stated.

“It’s their first time,” Ramon interjected, having walked up just as she spoke.

“Well don’t be nervous. We like first timers!” she answered, and both her and Hal started to chuckle.

Following that, a conversation ensued that became more interactive as it became clear that Hal and Rhonda could speak on subjects other than sex. Even Emily became engaged and Ramon would occasionally join in when he wasn’t preparing drinks. Along the way, we learned that they were club regulars, and got the sense that they were planning on meeting someone, but for the most part the talk was about our likes and lives.

We had been at it for some time when a single man approached, and by the look on Rhonda’s face I knew he was the person they had been waiting for. I guessed that he was in his mid-twenties, slightly younger than us, and I could see he had an air of confidence in his demeanor. He was over six-foot-tall, and in good shape with dark, wavy hair and tanned skin.

Rhonda and Hal. How is everyone?” he asked, first shaking the older man’s hand before glancing at us.

Rhonda offered introductions, letting us know his name was Craig, and the conversation started once more, although now the woman was directing most of her attention to him. Hal, for his part, didn’t seem put off at all. Rather, he let his wife lead the discussion, and seemed content to mostly observe.

“I can’t believe we’re watching this,” Emily whispered in my ear.

I knew what she meant as right before us a verbal, sexual foreplay was starting involving a married couple that was most likely going to end up with the wife having sex with the younger man. It seemed surreal in a way, but now that we knew them, it also felt strangely genuine. It wasn’t long before Craig took Rhonda’s hand and directed her to the dance floor.

“What do you think?” Hal asked, as soon as they were gone.

It was a surprising question, but it did offer an opportunity to probe.

“I’m not sure really. I mean how does this work now?” I queried.

“Sometimes we come here and connect with another couple, but tonight Rhonda wanted Craig, so we’ll end up back at our place later,” he explained.

In explaining, he showed no sign of embarrassment or shame, and looking over my shoulder, I could see that Emily was listening intently.

“I see,” I answered, while nodding my head.

“It just seems so simple…I mean I would expect more…something…” Emily stammered, offering her opinion.

“More angst?” Hal asked with a short laugh.

“Yes, I guess,” my wife confirmed.

“Gets easier with experience,” he replied.

A short period of silence ensued before I spoke again.

“You know we were expecting…people to…uhhh…be more aggressive,” I forced out.

The older man started laughing, which went on for a few seconds, before he said, “Your giving off nervous vibes. Especially, sitting here at the bar. Go sit at a table and you’ll get some attention.”

“Really?” I responded, not sure what else to say.

“Really,” he answered, then quickly added, “Every man in here has been checking out Ms. Emily in case you hadn’t noticed.”

Turning to my wife, I could see a startled expression on her face, and she blushed deeply.

“Should we get a table?” I asked with a smirk.

“Here’s fine,” she shot back, which made both Hal and I laugh.

“Darling, would you like to dance?” the older man asked, looking past me towards my wife.

His use of the word surprised me, but quickly regaining my wits, I turned towards Emily and shrugged indicating I had no objection. Emily loves to dance, and since I hate to, it often became a point of tension. Still, this was not a normal place for us, and there was a moment of hesitation before she rose and accepted the man’s hand.

Hal would best be described as average. He was a couple inches short of six feet and had a medium build with brown hair that showed some gray at the temples. A fast song was playing as they approached the floor, but just as they arrived it ended and a slow number started. Without hesitation, he took my wife in his arms in a respectful way and they began moving to the music as if they had done so dozens of times. It wasn’t long before Rhonda spotted them, and although I could see her speaking to them, it was much too far away for me to hear.

Rhonda and Craig returned first, and after a few quick words they became engrossed in a whispered, personal conversation. Three songs later, I saw Emily and Hal headed back and as she approached, I could see a light sheen of perspiration on her arms and neck.

“Hal is a great dancer,” my wife announced to the older woman, who had looked up when they arrived.

“Oh, he truly is,” she agreed, with a beaming smile.

As soon as Emily was settled, I left for the restroom which was located near the entrance. Once inside, I found one man at the urinal and another in the stall, so I stood behind and waited my turn.

“Is Hal going to get some of that?” a voice from the stall called out.

Before answering, the man at the urinal turned and looked at me, and from the shock on his face, I knew he recognized who I was.

“Forget it,” he called out, hoping to quiet his friend.

“Man, I bet she’d be good,” the man in the stall answered, ignoring the urgent plea.

There were no more comments and seconds later he stepped out. By his expression, he too recognized me, and both men made a hasty and awkward exit. I was actually proud of myself for holding my temper, and I knew part of it was the situation we were experiencing. How could I get upset about some man ogling and desiring my wife when we had consciously chosen to visit a club whose purpose was to encourage that behavior? Still, it left me with a strange feeling, neither good or bad, but definitely different.

Leaving the bathroom, I could see Hal had moved from his stool and was standing in front of my wife in conversation. Again, after a moment of reflection, I realized I shouldn’t be surprised, and with the acceptance came some interest in understanding how Emily was receiving the attention. Was she upset or insulted? Amused? Curious?

Hal stepped to the side when I arrived, but made no move towards his seat, and I joined the conversation while Rhonda and Craig continued with their own. Emily showed no signs of distress, which I was happy to see, and I felt we could soon conclude the evening having had an adventure. In any event, she would certainly have something to tell Chloe when we returned home. After a few minutes, Hal excused himself to go to the restroom, and I was about to suggest to Emily that we head for the hotel, but before I could speak, she started.

“Hal asked us to go to their house,” she stated, while raising her eyebrows.

For an instant, some anger flashed through me as I thought about his attempt to maneuver through my wife. I was just about to tell her it was silly, and time to leave, when I decided to take a moment and probe her thoughts.

“Do you want to?” I asked, trying to look indifferent.

“No, but you tell him,” she quickly replied.

“What did you tell him when he asked?” I followed.

“I said I would talk to you,” she explained.

I realized she was just wanting me to be the bad guy which really didn’t surprise me, but I decided to have some fun with it. So, when Hal came back, I broached the subject.

“Emily said you asked us to come over,” I said.

“Yeah, would love for y’all to. It’s not far…an easy drive,” he replied.

“Okay, we’ll drop by, but we can’t stay long,” I answered, purposefully avoiding my wife’s eyes.

Hal gave me the address, which I made a show of typing into my phone, and fifteen minutes later everyone made to leave. I could tell Emily was confused and irritated, but since my acceptance, she had made no effort to challenge the decision. In reality, it wasn’t an acceptance, as I fully intended to head for the hotel knowing we would never see these people again anyway. I was just waiting for them to leave first so we didn’t get offered a ride.

“Are you serious?” my wife jumped me, as soon as they departed.

“I thought just for a drink. We can see how swingers live,” I stated.

“Do what you want,” she replied, clearly exasperated then added, “You’re crazy.”

Her mannerisms tickled me, and I fought but failed to hold back a laugh. After finishing, and seeing her looking at me with an annoyed glare, I started to explain.

“Sweetie, I have no intention of going. That was just to play with you some,” I said.

Unfortunately, she didn’t see the humor in my approach, and she got that overly calm look that occurred when she was truly displeased. She was silent while I called a taxi, and finally spoke after I told her it would be ten minutes.

“That was rude,” she stated flatly.

I knew, that like countless other times, we had suddenly left the rational world and had started a war of wills. Most of the time, I let her have her way, although occasionally I would fight back, particularly when I had been drinking.

“Would you rather go?” I asked, flippantly.

“No, but why did you tell him you would? There was no reason to and it was rude,” she replied, reiterating her characterization of my action.

“Well, let’s go then,” I replied, irked by her smugness.

We stood in silence near the front door while we waited for the cab which thankfully arrived several minutes early. However, when I directed the driver to our hotel, Emily decided to speak.

“Change your mind?” she said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

I really did want to go to the hotel where I hoped to make love to my wife in the comfort of our hotel room. However, her condescending words struck a chord in me again, and for the second time that night, I was redirecting the taxi driver towards a new destination. I expected Emily to step in and halt me, but amazingly she remained silent.

Soon, we were driving into a nice residential area, and as Hal had said, it wasn’t long before we pulled in front of the designated house which featured a well-manicured lawn with two old oak trees in front. Once again, I was struck by the normalcy of the lives of people who I previously labeled as sexual deviants. I climbed from the car without speaking and met my wife just as she was closing her door. She had a very strange expression on her face that looked equal parts annoyance, surprise and nervousness.

“We’re here,” I said when Hal opened the front door.

“Welcome…welcome,” he responded, stepping back to let us pass.

We followed him towards the back of the house until we came to a large den with a nice built-in bar in the corner. Immediately, he began to make drinks and a few minutes later we were holding our glasses, engaged in the same easy conversation we had experienced at the club. Rhonda and Craig were conspicuously absent, and although I wanted badly to ask, I steered clear of the subject. However, a few minutes later when Emily excused herself to visit the toilet, I learned far more than I expected.

“Would you and Emily like to watch?” Hal suddenly asked.

“What do you mean?” I replied with confusion.

“Watch Rhonda in bed with Craig,” he clarified, acting as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“She’ll let you? I mean…uh…Emily won’t…” I started, but ended mid-sentence.

“Rhonda loves to be watched. She’s a natural exhibitionist, and don’t be too sure about your wife. In my experience, nothing gets a woman more excited than watching others have sex,” he responded with a smile.

“Thanks, but you know…I don’t think she…we…will,” I answered, still fighting for the right words.

“I see. Well I’m going to join them. If you change your mind come on back,” he replied, and after telling me the location of the master bedroom, he left.

My first thought was how bizarre and rude it was to leave houseguests unattended, recent acquaintances at that, but in retrospect I realized he knew exactly what he was doing. Of course, as soon as my wife returned, she asked about our host, and it took me several stammering attempts to explain to her what had occurred and where he had gone.

“Well, I hope you’ve had enough,” she spat out when I was done.

“Me?” I started, then thinking better, said, “Yeah, let’s go.”

As we started to leave, I remembered the directions Hal had given me, and when we neared the intersection where one hallway led to the master bedroom, I stopped and with a finger to my lips signaled to Emily to be quiet and follow. Having come this far, I wanted to grab a peek if for nothing more than to say I did.

“No…” she whispered urgently, and I avoided her attempt to grab my arm as I moved down the corridor.

I easily found the room and saw that the door was open several inches. Peering discreetly inside, I could see the room was softly lit with candles, and Rhonda was on her back on an elevated bed with Craig’s face planted between her spread legs. Soft purrs were coming from her as she slowly lolled her head back and forth in obvious pleasure.

My dick instantly stiffened, and I had to use my hand to move it in my pants. It was only seconds later that Emily approached, waving with her hand for me to come back, but when she reached the point where she could see into the room, she stopped and looked. The seconds ticked by and became a minute as my wife witnessed the erotic scene. Neither of us had ever seen people having sex in real life, and I found it incredibly exciting, and suspected that Emily did as well. I put my hand on her hip and attempted to guide her next to me, but in the process, I broke her concentration.

“This is sick…let’s go,” she said in a very low, but pleading, voice.

“In a minute,” I replied, hoping she would return to her voyeurism.

Emily shuffled her feet nervously for a few seconds, then finally settled down and returned to watching. She was just in time to see Craig end his oral work, quickly strip then move into position between Rhonda’s open legs. Just for a moment, his cock was illuminated in the flickering candlelight, and I glanced at my beautiful wife’s face which seemed to be drawn to his tool. Craig used his knees to push the older woman’s legs even further apart, then with a dip of his hips he found his target.

“Ohhh…ohhh yesss…ohhh fuck…fuck me good,” Rhonda whined in an audible voice, as we watched him impale her.

The young stud started a slow movement, feeding her the full length of his cock, which continued to draw sounds of pleasure from our hostess. Emily, now completely still, watched the coupling, and only the occasional flick of her tongue over her lips indicated that she was not a statue.

I moved a half-step over, which brought me close behind her, and began to run my hands over her hips and ass while my eyes joined her sightline. As my arousal grew, my hands became more insistent, until I was pulling on her skirt to raise it so that I could get access to her panties. Surprisingly, only once did she try to fend me off, and after that I was able to cinch the garment up until it was high enough that I could snake my hand underneath and find her thong.

“Huhhh…mmm…” she gasped, when I came into contact with her covered pussy.

Up and down I went with my fingers, feeling the heat permeating through the material and sensing she was very wet. Emily’s ass began pushing against my rigid cock in time with my stroking, and I was just about to slip my fingers beneath her thong, when without warning, the door opened wide. Suddenly, standing before us was a completely naked Hal.

“Ayyyeee!” my wife cried out in surprise, while twisting to try and break free.

“Why don’t you come in,” the older man suggested in a low voice, with a smirk on his face.

For a moment, there was stunned silence from us, and in that time Hal’s eyes took in my wife. Then, she turned and buried her face in my chest, and over her shoulder I could see our host continuing to stare. He was in decent shape, with just a little belly fat, and sported an average length dick with good girth. Surprisingly, one of his nipples was pierced with a gold barbell, which seemed out of place on what so far had seemed to be a normal guy. Well, normal except for the wife sharing I thought, and realized my judgement might be flawed.

“Uh…no…wait…I don’t know…uh we better go,” I stammered, as Emily wrenched free and began to straighten her clothes.

“Up to you,” he stated, taking a final look at my wife, then turned and moved to the end of the bed, leaving the door open.

“Let’s go…please,” my wife begged in a tiny voice, and it was obvious that she was completely embarrassed.

I was about to take her hand and lead her away when Rhonda let loose with a series of high-pitched squeals of intense excitement, and as soon as they ended, she started emitting a rhythmic mixture of soft grunts. She was truly being pleasured, and her sounds, coupled with the view we now had, stopped me as I was once again mesmerized by the deep eroticism of watching others in the act. Ignoring Emily’s tugs, I stayed in place and slowly her efforts dissipated. After a minute had gone by, I took the risk at glancing at her and saw that she was once more focused on the bed. Now, there was no pretense of hiding, and I could see that Hal was splitting his time between watching his wife and looking our way, no doubt hoping that something would start again.

The scene before us was almost overwhelming in sexual intensity. It was far different than anything I had considered, enthralling me, and I found my hand on Emily’s hip pushing her through the door. Strangely, she didn’t object, and soon we were all the way in the room, but rather than stand near the bed, we slunk back into the dark corner nearest the door. Twice, Emily pushed my hand away when I tried to reach beneath her dress, but on the third time she let me proceed. The actions from the couple on the bed certainly helped, as Craig was now fucking the older woman with a full, powerful rhythm that had her wailing in joy. By her sounds, I suspected she had cum at least once and would likely peak again if her lover didn’t fade.

My wife gave her own deep sigh when my fingers found her thong, and I started to tease, hoping to build her excitement. I could see that our host was now giving her his complete attention, watching intently, while he stroked his stiff cock. After another minute, I probed the edge of my wife’s thong, and then tried to work a finger beneath it.

“Don’t.” I said in a demanding voice, when Emily tried to squeeze her legs closed.

“Honey…no…” she whined.

“Ssshhhh…” I replied, and surprisingly, I felt her muscles relax.

Seconds later, my fingers were on her completely drenched slit and her hips began to move slightly. I spread the wetness from her slit across her entire mound, making sure I brushed over her swollen clit, and it wasn’t long before her knees began to grow weak. Her sounds, soft moans interspersed with quick gasps, joined the movements of her body, which gave me the encouragement I needed to continue, and soon I was strumming her slit with two fingertips. I noticed that she would watch the fucking on the bed then close her eyes for several seconds while licking her lips before returning to the couple. There was no question that she was excited, more so than I had ever experienced, and I was now having to use my strength to keep her upright.

Although I didn’t want to interrupt my progress, I was in an awkward position and it was becoming difficult to hold her up. Off to the left was a loveseat, and even though I was worried I would break the spell, I shuffled the few feet over and then pulled her against me as I flopped down. Fortunately, the movement didn’t affect her, and within seconds my hand was back in place.

Sitting changed our point of view, but it was no less erotic as we now could gaze directly at Craig’s shaft penetrating Rhonda. Even with the limited light, we could see it was glistening from her juices, and with each thrust we could hear a wet, slurping sound. Now emboldened, I started to use my free hand to pull on the hem of her skirts and after several firm tugs had it was mostly over her hips. Looking down, I could see that her fabric covered mound, bulging from my hand, was on display, but when I tried to force her thong lower, she stopped me.

“No,” she said in a clear voice.

She had been able to break from her reverie for just an instant to give the rebuke, but almost immediately returned to playing the voyeur. I was still determined, so after giving her some time, I tried once more. On this attempt, rather than speak, her hand grabbed my wrist, but I ignored her effort and pushed until I had the garment to mid-thigh. Now, with much better access, I really went to work on her, alternating between her opening and her engorged clit while I licked on her soft neck.

“God, he’s fucking her good,” I whispered, while her body moved slowly in response to my touch.

A soft moan came from her that was joined by a tiny spasm in her body that I thought might have been a small orgasm, but when she remained focused on the bed, I knew she wasn’t there yet.

Hal’s eyes had been fixated on my wife’s exposed pussy since I pushed her thong down. He was standing no more than three steps away and somehow Emily had managed to block him from her mind. However, I could tell by his body language he was getting antsy, so I wasn’t surprised when, with slow calculated steps, he moved towards us. He slowly dropped to his knees, but it wasn’t until his hand touched my wife’s leg that she realized his closeness.

“What? No…honey…no…” she called out.

Hal must have realized he had one shot and he better make it count because with an amazingly deft move he dropped between her legs, brushed my hand away, and buried his face in her pussy.

“Stop! Shit! No…” she cried out while trying to twist her body.

“Emily, be still…let him,” I demanded, while pulling her shoulders against me.

“No…uhhh…no… Why?” she stammered.

In our position, her head was close to mine, and I turned it so we were staring into each other’s eyes, then said, “Let him.”

Emily gave me a confused look while she continued to try and move at the waist, but suddenly, I felt her body go stiff and then with a deep exhale of breath she became still. It wasn’t long after that faint whimpers started coming from her, but they were no longer caused by my fingers. Instead, a stranger’s tongue, which had clearly found the right spot, was now at work.

Evidently, Hal was very experienced because her tiny sounds grew in intensity over the next few minutes until it was clear to all she was in ecstasy. I watched in amazement as he slowly worked her thong down her long legs and over her heeled feet receiving no resistance. As soon as it was off, he moved his body closer, forcing her legs wider while gaining even better access. It was then that I decided to free her breasts and with slow, measured movements I unzipped the back and lowered the straps over her arms then pushed her bra down until her orbs were released. As soon as my fingers found her tiny nipples, her body began to undulate again, although now it was from extreme arousal.

It was then that I realized all the sounds in the room were coming from Emily, and looking up, I saw that Rhonda and Craig had stopped fucking and were watching my wife. It was easy to understand why she was the center of attention. A beautiful young woman, new to their swinging world, was in the throes of passion as indicated by her unbridled moans and whines, and although her eyes were shut, her expression showed erotic desperation as if her worry was that Hal might stop.

“Damn, this pussy is sweet,” he declared, lifting his head for a second.

“Ughhhh…ughhh…” Emily groaned, instantly responding to the lost connection and lifting her hips seeking contact.

Her efforts brought a giggle from Rhonda and I watched Hal smile as a strange expression came to his face. Then, he dropped his head, but instead of working her with his tongue, he started rubbing his face from his forehead to his chin over her soaked pussy. Seconds later, he looked up again, and now I could see my wife’s juices all over his face. We made eye contact for an instant, and he gave me a wicked, knowing smile before starting with his tongue again with immediate effect.

He pushed her legs even wider, forcing her dress up with his hands, which I took from him and lifted until her entire abdomen was uncovered. I sensed that he was now going to take her over the edge, and by the tightness in her tummy and the way she pushed her breasts against my hands, I knew she didn’t have far to go. Her moans started coming more frequently, emitted in a variety of tones and intensity like a band moving rapidly towards a crescendo. When it arrived, I realized I was watching her have the most powerful orgasm of her life.

“Ohhhhh…ohhhh…please…God please…ohhh…I…I…ohhh please!” she called out as Hal and I held her in place.

“Let it out Emily,” I coached her after the initial release.

Hal showed no sign of wanting to stop, and for the next minute he continued his assault while my wife wailed in joy.

“No more, please…” she finally gasped.

Emily tried to use her hands to move him away, but I stopped her and let him continue for several more seconds before with a strong twist she broke free.

“I can’t take anymore,” she cried out.

As soon as Hal backed away, we were given a full view of her lower body. Her tummy was heaving in an attempt to gain her breath, her legs were jerking with electrical aftershocks, but the most incredible sight was the movement of her labia which opened and closed like the mouth of a fish out of water.

“Damn! It’s going to be a fun night,” Craig declared.

I was so focused on my wife’s pussy that at first, I didn’t notice that Hal was moving into a position to fuck her. It was only when he was several inches away, holding his cock in his fist as it oozed cum, that I realized his intent. Once more, we made eye contact, and I saw his face still wet with Emily’s discharge, with a hungry and determined look. For a moment, I froze in confusion, and the head of his cock closed the short distance to the top of her slit. When he pushed down, it disappeared into her folds.

“Huh? NO!” she cried out, and quickly her hips turned, making him pull out while her hand covered her mound.

“C’mon honey, Hal took you to heaven. Let him have some fun,” Rhonda said.

“Please?” Emily said, begging me with her eyes.

I knew what she meant and realized it was time to come to her recuse, so I helped her up and let her straighten her things while the others looked on silently.

“I think this is enough for us. Sorry, but we’re going to go,” I said firmly.

With that, we turned our backs and left the room, hearing faint mumbles as we made our way to the door.

We stood in front of the house for almost forty minutes before a cab arrived, and spent most of it in silence, as both of us were still processing what had just occurred. It had been so serendipitous, and so out of the norm for us, that we had no reference point of how to react or what to say. As soon as we were in our hotel room, Emily quickly disrobed then went straight to the bathroom, and only then did I realize we had left her thong behind. I knew that at some point, if it hadn’t happened already, Hal would bring it to his face and inhale her scent, and for some reason, rather than disgust, I actually felt pride.

Now, in the safety and quiet of the hotel room, I was left to wonder why I had allowed the events to take place. I questioned my motivation, as before tonight nothing remotely like it had shown itself in my fantasy world. In fact, none of my sexual fantasies involved others. They were always about Emily and me trying new things together. Was what just happened some bizarre extension of these thoughts? Was there a darker recess of my mind that just now showed itself? Or, was it just a sequence of events that got out of control? I tossed throughout the night as I tried to land on a specific view, but nothing seemed to fit correctly.

Several times during the night, I heard Emily sobbing, and each time, I would pull her to me and stroke her softly, but we were still far away from words. The next morning, things were still unresolved, and we moved our flights up and left, as both of us wanted to get back to friendly surroundings. Of course, I remained very concerned about Emily and how she would cope, as I felt that besides anger with me, she was also appalled by her own actions.

The trip home was strained and it didn’t abate when we arrived. Emily was barely speaking to me and when she did it was only to communicate the bare essentials. She made it clear that I had let her down, and although I thought it was partly a rationalization of her own behavior, I kept my mouth shut. Thinking my best ally was time, I just focused on trying to be a good husband.

It took right at three weeks before Emily confided in Chloe. I sensed it as soon as I walked into the house and saw the strange look in her friend’s eyes. It connoted judgement and not a small degree of anger, which made me retreat quickly to another room. Later, when we were alone, she admitted she had shared the story, and by her words, I soon realized she had played it as the victim with me as the bad guy. There was certainly an element of truth to her view, as I no doubt had manipulated things, but I felt it a bit extreme to lay all the blame on me, which left me prickly.

“You know, you were there and…” I started, showing judgment for the first time.

“And what?” she asked defiantly.

“Never mind,” I followed.

“No, say it,” she pushed.

“No, there’s no point. I’m sorry it happened, and I’m sorry for my involvement,” I acquiesced.

“Involvement? I think it was a bit more than involvement,” she challenged, with an angry look.

“I see. Well, I am truly sorry,” I responded, deciding nothing was to be gained by arguing.

Emily gave me an annoyed look but turned and left. We stayed it separate parts of the house for the remainder of the day and only met at bedtime. Since that fateful evening in Dallas, we hadn’t made love and it was beginning to be a strain on our relationship, so I reached for her. At first, she accepted my hand on her hip and even let it slip under her t-shirt, but when I touched her breast she grabbed my wrist.

“Not yet,” she announced, pulling me closer to her, but making it clear there would be no sex.

The following weekend, Chloe and David came over for dinner. Now dinner with them was typically an excuse for some heavy boozing and this time was no exception. By all reports, David had been hammered by his family concerning his interest in swinging and was just now emerging from the doghouse. Chloe had taken on an air of moral superiority, which I understood, but still found irritating. It wasn’t long before David and I had separated from the girls and were watching sports in the living room. By his fidgeting, I knew something was on his mind and two drinks later, when we had stepped into the back yard so he could light up a cigar, he finally broached the subject.

“Sorry about skipping out on you guys,” he started.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine,” I replied, hoping to head off where I felt he was going.

There was almost a full minute of awkward silence before he spoke again, “Chloe you know…she said…uhhh…she mentioned that maybe something happened.”

“Look, David. It was a big mistake. I think it’s best if it’s just forgotten,” I replied, angered by his wife’s indiscretion.

“Uhhh…okay,” he replied, but unable to help himself he quickly continued, “I mean, you know my thing…my interest, and I just was wondering what it was like.”

“My advice is to stay as far away from it as you can. You’ll just end up a worse bad guy than you are now. It will be all your fault no matter what. Even if she likes it,” I replied, unable to stop once I started.

“Shit man. You gotta tell me what happened,” he followed, correctly assuming there was more to the story than his wife told him.

“David, I’m not going to tell you,” I responded.

“Well, at least tell me what the club was like…what the people were like,” he begged.

For several long seconds, I looked at him without speaking then, no doubt helped by the alcohol, I started giving him a general description of the club and the people. I told him about the décor, the layout, the number of people present, and explained that they were a mix of looks and sizes. After more prodding, we discussed the dynamics and I told him we were mostly left alone as recognized newbies.

“Your wife would be the most attractive woman there, so just be happy with what you got,” I said to signal the end of our talk, then quickly added, “And for God sakes don’t share what we discussed with Chloe!”

The rest of the evening was uneventful, but that night Emily accepted my advances and we made slow and fulfilling love. Well lubricated by the wine she had consumed, she was an engaged lover telling me often how much she loved me, so deciding to take advantage of the momentum, I woke her twice during the night for more. After that, things seemed to return to normal, and although at some point I knew we would discuss what had occurred, I felt it was best to leave it be for now. So, I was surprised when a mere four days later I entered the house to find a very upset wife.

“You had to do it,” she challenged me.

“What did I do?” I replied.

“You talked to David about the club,” she followed, and instantly I made a mental note never to tell him anything again.

“It was just benign things. About the club. Only the club,” I explained, thinking that was enough to get me off.

“You shouldn’t have said anything! You know him. Now he is back on Chloe to see it,” she explained.

“Look, I can’t control him and I’m tired of being the bad guy!” I said a little too loudly.

With that, she turned and left me standing in the kitchen. She stomped out the door and left, and I didn’t see her again until almost ten that night. Walking in, I could tell she had been drinking, and I suspected she had once again been with her friend. Without speaking, she marched past me to the bedroom, leaving me to fume at my growing annoyance concerning the Chloe-Emily cabal.

I gave her thirty minutes then followed and found her already in bed with the lights off. As soon as I slid into bed, I reached for her intending to start a civilized discussion and clear the air, but when my hand touched her waist she jumped.

“Are you kidding me? Are you completely crazy?” she barked, quickly pulling away.

“Emily, that’s enough,” I shot back, and pulled her forcefully against me then held her while she struggled.

“Let me go,” she demanded while she tried to twist away.

“No, Emily…we’re going to talk. I’m tired of being a made-up villain,” I replied.

“You are a villain. You let your wife be touched by another man! You were going to let him fuck me!” she declared, but her movements became less pronounced.

“Yes, I let him touch you, but as I recall you were certainly interested in watching and that other man gave you the biggest orgasm of your life,” I said, wanting it all on the table.

My words made her begin to try and get away again and it seemed like several minutes before she finally gave up.

“You’re a complete and total motherfucking asshole!” she finally cried out when she stopped.

For some reason, our fighting was making me aroused and my hand left her arm and moved to her t-shirt covered breasts.

“You must be joking,” she stated when I began to massage them.

“No, I’m not,” I answered.

“It’s force, I don’t want to,” she said.

“I don’t care, I do,” I responded, tired of her attitude.

Surprisingly, when my hand went to her thong she didn’t try to flee. However, she didn’t help either, and I was left to work it over her slender hips and down her legs on my own. When it was off, my hand went to her tummy and started stroking it to calm her down before I finally descended. Her pussy was freshly shaved, which I thought was somewhat odd, as previous times when she had been mad at me she had stopped as punishment. At first, I just lightly stroked the sides of her labia as she remained stiff, but when I parted her lips my fingertips were met with a nice slickness.

“You’re wet,” I said, looking down into her eyes.

“You’re a bastard,” she answered.

Worried that she would take the opportunity to run, I moved swiftly to remove my boxers and was pleased when she remained still. Rising over her, and expecting at any moment a knee to the groin or a swat at me with her fingernails, I got into position then used my knees to spread her legs.

It took some work to line up without her cooperation, but when I finally found her entrance and started pushing inside, I whispered to her, “Mmmm…I love that feeling.”

By the fifth stroke, we were lubricated sufficiently that I could move fully, so I started a slow pace, intent to feel her and hopefully break down her defenses.

“You’re a bastard,” she stated again, as if it held some special meaning.

“Yes, I’m a bastard,” I replied.

Emily was determined to make me the villain and her the victim, and I was tired of dealing with it, so I decided to just accept it.

“You could have stopped it,” she challenged me.

“Yes, I didn’t want to though,” I responded.

“Why not?” she asked softly, as her tone suddenly became vulnerable.

“I wanted to see you cum,” I whispered back.

“Dear God,” she uttered in a shocked voice.

“Yes, you called for him,” I replied sarcastically.

It was a cheap shot, no question about it, but I was still stinging from her attitude. I think it took a bit for the meaning to sink in, but when it did she took a deep breath then spoke.

“Bastard,” she said again.

Even with her words, I felt her shift her position in a way that gave me the ability to push my dick deeper, leaving me to wonder whether it was a conscious decision or habit.

“Emily it’s time you get over it and move on. It happened. We were there together, and I certainly shoulder some blame, but not all. I don’t think I would even call it blame. It happened and you were in no way forced and you had a huge orgasm. I love you like I always have and always will. Time to get over it,” I stated, having stopped moving and now looked directly into her face.

“I feel so dirty,” she whispered.

“You’re not dirty. You’re the most amazing woman in the world,” I answered, while kissing her forehead.

A tiny smile came to her face and I think it gave her real comfort for me to say it. We started moving again and now she was with me and her hands found my biceps.

“Would you have let him…do it…I mean to uhhh…to stick it in?” she asked.

“I would have let anything happen you wanted. It was way too exciting to stop,” I replied.

“But, you stopped him, you didn’t let him,” she answered.

“No, baby. You wanted to stop,” I said.

I ignored the fact that Hal’s dripping cock had disappeared for a moment into her folds no doubt leaving some semen behind.

We stayed connected for a while longer, but neither of us reached a climax. However, it did act as the segue for our marriage to get back on track, and surprisingly in some ways we seemed to become even closer. Our conversations were much more open and we were able to explore the night several more times without judgement.

Unfortunately, our friendship with Chloe and David became strained as there was a continuing sense of unresolved questions. Most notable was the interaction between Emily and her friend which distressed me, so I decided during our next get together to address it head on.

“Everybody get a refill, we’re going to have a talk,” I declared on a Saturday night when they were over.

“What are you going to do?” Emily asked with a distressed look.

“Clear the air,” I said, purposefully being vague.

“I didn’t tell her everything,” my wife stated, correctly guessing my plan.

“Go get some wine,” I said, ignoring her nervousness.

Five minutes later, our guests were seated on the sofa with my wife on the loveseat still looking anxious. I think they too sensed my direction as both looked very interested.

“Okay, look. I’m tired of this cloud that’s over us about Dallas. So, we’re going to be adult and discuss it, but first I’m going to go through what happened,” I explained.

Our guests perked up as I spoke, and for the next ten minutes I went through the evening, step-by-step, leaving nothing out, even when I saw my wife fidget. When I reached the part where Hal was going down on her, David’s face become flushed and amazingly so did Chloe’s.

“And, that’s all. Now, ask questions and let’s discuss it so it’s all in the open,” I said when I finished.

“That’s the hottest thing I have ever heard in my entire life,” David replied, looking towards my wife.

“I’m so embarrassed,” Emily said, practically in tears.

“I know honey, but we had to do this. Everyone was acting so weird,” I replied.

“Emily you’re always so damn competitive. My husband wanted us to be the naughty couple and you had to be first,” Chloe said, while starting to laugh.

It made the rest of us start to laugh too, even my wife, and her comment propelled us towards the goal of putting it all in the past. Almost instantly, Chloe moved next to Emily and whispered some words to her, and I knew things were going to be alright. Of course, David tried to corner me and ask more questions, and I did answer a few, but eventually cut him off. It was later in bed that I learned that Emily got the same treatment from her friend.

“What did she ask?” I probed when I learned that she had been interrogated.

“Mostly about how I was feeling,” she answered.

“What did you tell her?” I followed.

“That it was like I was in another world…a dream. And that I was shaking,” she explained.

“I didn’t feel you shaking,” I said as I moved between her legs.

“Mmmm…ohhh…I was…inside,” she responded as my dick pushed into her.

“Are you mad at me for telling?” I asked.

“I should be, but I think it worked out okay. David keeps looking at me funny though,” she replied.

“He’ll get over it. Your relationship with Chloe is what matters,” I said.

“You got hard while you were telling them,” Emily challenged me.

“Yes, I did. Kept thinking about you,” I replied.

“What were you thinking?” she asked after a short pause.

It was the first time Emily had brought up the night from a position other than guilt, so I chose my words carefully.

“How incredible you looked when you reached your climax. How sexy you looked. How exciting it was to watch,” I replied.

“With another man?” she queried.

“Just his tongue,” I quickly answered.

“Yeah, and his finger in my butt,” she responded with a faux annoyed voice.

“No way? His finger was in your butt? How much?” I quickly shot back.

Emily had always defended her rear like it was sacred ground, so it surprised me that she had let him do it, and it was definitely another data point as to how aroused she had been.

“Just a little. Not far,” she said.

“I want to make you orgasm like he did,” I said before realizing it probably wasn’t a good tact, as it put judgement on our lovemaking.

“You did. You were part of it,” she replied, showing no concern.

“Explain for me,” I probed, truly curious as to what she meant.

“Our lovemaking is special. It’s deep and powerful and it connects with my heart and soul. It’s more powerful than what happened with them, it just didn’t look that way to you,” she explained, then let out several sighs as we moved together before continuing, “In that room…it was everything. Watching and being watched. You holding me and playing with my nipples and yes, the tongue too.”

“What did it feel like when…you know…your climax hit,” I asked, forcing myself to keep a steady pace.

“Like everything in my body was connected together and it all exploded at the same time. Then it was like I was floating in the air…in another world,” she answered.

“He knew how to set you off,” I said.

“Oh, baby…it wasn’t him,” she replied, as she groaned in response to my thrusts.

“What did?” I asked, thinking she would say my nipple play.

“When I saw them watching from the bed,” she answered, and now it was my groans that filled the room.

“Emily, please be like this all the time. It’s so special when you tell me these things. Don’t worry, I love you to death,” I replied, practically in a frenzy.

“Okay, I will if you always love me,” she said in a sexy whisper.

“I do. You know I do,” I answered instantly.

After that, we quit talking and began kissing and moaning together as we both neared our release. Emily’s came first and her body became stiff then she cried out while I felt her shaking beneath me. It set me off and seconds later I was exploding into her warm depths feeling incredibly powerful and satisfied.

“Honey?” Emily asked when I had fallen to her side and we were on our way to a contented sleep.

“Yes?” I answered in a soft voice.

“Did you want him to?” she asked.

“Want what?” I replied, although I knew her meaning.

“Did you want him to…uhhh…put it in?” she followed.

“Honestly?” I asked.

“Yes, baby,” she responded.

“I guess…you know…I guess, I thought he deserved it,” I answered.

Fortunately, I could see that Emily’s relationship with Chloe had returned to normal. They were their typical high energy, bubbly selves, and were together several times a week. However, that didn’t keep Chloe from returning to the subject with Emily and admitting it was something she and her husband discussed often. Since it had all been put on the table, she dutifully answered all her friend’s questions, pleased that they never carried any hint of judgement. Rather, they seemed more driven by curiosity, so I wasn’t completely surprised when the subject came up about visiting the club again.

As my wife explained, it started as a general “what if” discussion that seemed to gain then lose momentum. Emily felt that David was putting his wife up to it, although she admitted that Chloe was more engaged than before. Their sporadic conversation continued for almost two months before Chloe asked Emily point blank to go.

I was torn on the subject. I was still more than a little ticked that we had been abandoned on the previous visit, and also concerned that David’s interests were not shared by his wife. Then, there was our situation. We had already experienced something very edgy and unique then worked our way through the emotional turmoil that followed. It was hard to believe anything remotely similar would occur, and if it did, was I ready to reopen that can of worms? Finally, it was now winter and quite cold, and I wasn’t thrilled about traipsing around an unfamiliar city in freezing temperatures.

Like before, it was Emily’s support of her friend that finally determined the outcome, so we traveled north and checked into the same hotel for the weekend.

“They better show this time,” I stated when I had turned over the entire bathroom to my wife so she could finish preparing.

“They will,” my wife responded, no doubt confident based on conversations with her friend.

“I’m going to hit the bar. Come down when you’re finished,” I said, and got only an indifferent look from her as I left.

I had been in the bar for about twenty minutes and was mostly through my first beer when I saw David approaching. He had a lively look on his face and ordered a whiskey as he slid onto the stool next to me.

“This could be cool,” he said as he settled in.

“Look, just don’t get too pushy, okay? You’ll be better off if you just accept you’re going to have a look around without expectations,” I counseled.

“You had a good time,” he replied, as if our prior evening would portend events tonight.

“That was pure chance. It just happened through a series of random events. You can’t plan on it and you need to be careful not to push too hard,” I followed, and was relieved to see him nod his head.

Emily and Chloe appeared just as we were finishing our drinks looking amazing. We had agreed to dress for a nice dinner rather than the club, and with their coats over their arms, their stylish cocktail dresses could be seen. With David and I in dress trousers, button downs and blazers, I knew that once again we would be way overdressed for the after dinner stop.

Throughout the meal, there was a certain nervous energy amongst all of us, although everyone seemed happy to avoid the subject of the club. An hour and a half later, we were in the rental car, with David driving, and arrived at the club just after nine-thirty. After paying the cover to the smiling blonde door attendant, who seemed pleased to see us, we moved inside and found that Ramon was still the bartender.

Emily and Chloe had barely taken a sip from their drinks when they were off to the dancefloor emboldened by each other’s presence, and I could see hungry stares from many of the men. The crowd looked to be generally the same size, although somehow less interesting, and after watching the girls respond to the transition of songs by the DJ, I turned to Ramon.

“How have you been?” I asked.

“Good, man. Thanks for asking. Glad to see you guys back,” he responded as David looked on.

“We miss any craziness the last couple months?” I asked in jest.

“Man, there’s always craziness if you know where to look,” he replied before leaving to fill an order.

“You were right about it not being what I expected,” David said to me over the music.

“Yeah, I’m told it can get wild, but this is the way it was before. Pretty normal if you didn’t know what you were involved in,” I replied.

For the next hour, we sipped our drinks and observed the crowd with the girls occasionally leaving to dance. Like before, we were left alone and I surmised that it was for the same reason – we were viewed as newbies huddled at the bar for security. Surprisingly, Emily and Chloe took on an indifferent attitude, and acted as if they were oblivious to our surroundings. I suspected they had made some pact to act this way so they could claim they had participated fully when David had experienced enough.

“Hal and Rhonda still come in?” I asked Ramon.

It was a subject I had originally steered clear of as I was worried about what the older couple might have shared. However, the multiple drinks acted to loosen my tongue.

“Oh yeah. They’re regulars,” he replied with a chuckle, then stopped himself as he started to turn away and added, “They’re having a party tonight. I might drop by later.”

“Shit man. I’d like to see that,” David said in a low voice after the bartender had stepped away.

“I can only imagine,” I replied.

My mind suddenly had sordid visions of what a party might entail based upon what had occurred with a mere handful. Fifteen minutes later, we were all standing together when Ramon interrupted our conversation.

“Hal just called. I told him you were here and he said to come by if you want,” he stated, and held out a small piece of paper.

Glancing at it, I saw that it held an address that I recognized from our last visit. Immediately, I felt David’s shoulder close to mine and looking up I saw that he was trying to see what was on the paper. Nodding to Ramon, I pushed it into my pocket then looked up to see the girls glaring at me defiantly.

“Man, we need to go,” David said.

“No,” Chloe quickly responded, without elaborating.

“Why not?” her husband shot back, seemingly clueless.

“I have no interest in seeing others…do it, and I know Emily doesn’t either,” she replied.

“Well they…” he started to reply.

“Let it go,” I interrupted, sensing where he was going.

“Shit,” he said as his shoulders slumped, and he turned away to pout.

Chloe rolled her eyes at us, but there was still tension in the air and no easy way for Emily and I to beg off. Thus, we forced a conversation while David stewed with his back to us. I could see by the look on her face and the furtive glances over my shoulder that Chloe was concerned about her husband’s state, although it seemed she was at a loss about what to do. We continued this way for several minutes before David finally turned and spoke.

“Chloe, let’s go outside,” he said.

It was more of a demand than a request, but his wife dutifully followed him as they made for the door.

“What a complete ass,” my wife declared after they disappeared.

“Yes, he is consumed by his fantasy or lust or whatever it is,” I added.

They were gone for almost twenty minutes and in their absence, we sipped our drinks in silence. We were just about to get the check and go search for them when they appeared with strange looks on their faces. David’s was one of determination while his wife’s showed resignation.

“Chloe agreed to go by for a look,” he announced.

“Emily, can we talk?” Chloe blurted out, just as I was about to speak.

The two girls stepped to the end of the bar and began to whisper to each other while we looked on. Even Ramon showed interest, as he hovered close by.

“Man, you need to calm down. You’re pissing off your wife badly,” I said, hoping to get him to see his folly.

“Look, it’s just for a little while. We’ll drop you guys at the hotel,” he replied, undeterred.

Several minutes later, Chloe stepped our way while at the same time my wife signaled for me to join her. I was certain I knew the subject and the request, so I wasn’t surprised when she spoke.

“Can we go with them?” Emily asked with a pleading look.

“Emily, are you sure?” I replied, nervous about what we would encounter and how David might react.

“I can’t let her go alone. Please…” she begged.

“Okay,” I acquiesced with a deep sigh.

A few minutes later, we were in the rental car on the short ride towards the house. I realized we had no idea about what to expect or how to act. My senses told me it was going to be awkward, very awkward I feared, although maybe that would help secure a hasty exit. When we arrived, there were about ten cars parked in the driveway and along the curb, and I realized that this was indeed a party. We parked on the street, and I felt trepidation as we walked in silence towards the door.

“Just for a bit,” Chloe clarified as her husband reached for the bell, which brought a small nod.

There was a long wait, and just when it seemed no one would come, the door was suddenly opened by a young Hispanic man in dark slacks and a white dress shirt.

“Are you from the club? Did Ramon send you?” he asked, still partially blocking the door.

“Yes,” Emily replied first, which surprised me.

With that, he allowed us to enter, and with his body language he directed us to the bar area we had visited before. He moved behind it and asked for our drink choices and it dawned on me that he must be a paid bartender. Techno music was being played at a reasonable level and while not something I would have expected from an older couple, it did have energy and a solid beat.

We were currently the only people in the room, and since we had not seen any others on our way in, I guessed they were already engaged in other parts of the house. Just as he was finishing mixing the drinks, a voice from the entrance took our attention.

“Well, hello there. I’m surprised, but pleased to see you again. Welcome,” Hal spoke as he strode into the room wearing a knee-length gray bathrobe.

“Hal, this is David and Chloe, our friends and of course you know Emily,” I said.

Our host shook David’s hand then gently took Chloe’s while looking her over with a smile. Then, he turned to my wife and instantly she blushed more deeply than I had ever seen.

“Of course, the lovely Emily,” he said, and rather than take her hand he stepped forward and gave her an awkward hug.

“Look, Hal we’re kinda…you know…just messing around. We don’t want to interrupt your party, but we thought it might be interesting to see what it’s all about…I mean without being weirdos…” I attempted to explain, as a smile came to his face.

“I understand. You’re not really different than other beginners. Nervousness and confusion is normal. In fact, it can occur with veterans as well, that’s why we have rules… to try and make things clear,” he responded, and stepped over and picked up several pages of paper from a stack on top of a nearby coffee table.

After handing one to each of us, he gave us a moment to read the words typed in a large font.

1.No means no

2.Ask before joining

3.If a door is closed, knock. Do not enter unless invited

4.Minimal clothing (robe) is required in the bar. Clothing is not needed elsewhere

5.The downstairs bedroom and the three upstairs are all available. The spa is on and available and the cabana is available

6.No drugs

7.Go easy on the alcohol – know your limits

8.Be friendly, be polite, be courteous

9.Condoms are available and encouraged


David was the first to finish and blurted out, “Hey, can we look around?”

“Yes, but follow the rules,” Hal replied, but by his tone and look, I sensed he was sizing him up.

“Thanks, Hal,” I said, giving him a look that let him know I knew we were imposing.

“No worries. If you need any help or have questions just ask Tomas,” he answered, nodding towards the bartender.

With that, he turned and walked away leaving us alone at the bar. There was some nervous banter for a while that drifted from a discussion on the decorating style of the house, to the drinks we were having and even the weather. All the while, we were alone with Tomas who was quiet, almost stoic, on his stool.

“I’m going to have a look,” David suddenly declared.

I knew it was coming sooner or later, but I still cringed at the thought of him wandering through the house.

“Come on honey,” he said to his wife.

“David, I don’t know…” she whined.

“Come on Chloe, you said you’d look around,” he pushed, and slowly she began to move.

“Should we be naked?” he asked Tomas, and I looked quickly towards his wife to gauge her reaction, and saw her cringe.

“It would be best if you were undressed. At least partly. You would fit in better and not make the others nervous. The first door off the hall to the left is a living room where people are leaving their clothes. And, there is a stack of robes if you want one,” he replied.

“I’m not taking my clothes off,” his wife declared, but she allowed him to take her hand and direct her towards the hall.

“First time can be tough,” Tomas declared in an attempt to lower the stress after the couple had disappeared.

“It’s his first time. Chloe has no interest,” Emily spat out.

Tomas and I exchanged glances, but we didn’t speak, and soon we were back to the forced discussion to fill the time until our friends returned. However, I couldn’t help but recall Emily just down the hall being pleasured by Hal and it provoked me to tease her some.

“I wonder if she got naked?” I said, winking at our bartender to signal my intent.

“No way,” Emily quickly declared.

“I don’t know,” I said, then paused for effect before continuing, “You never know what someone might do.”

She realized the meaning in my words and gave me a withering look. However, now Tomas had picked up on the play and joined in.

“Very true, situations have a way of revealing things we would never expect,” he said, and for a moment I wondered if he was made aware of our last visit.

“Stop it,” Emily responded, realizing she was being manipulated.

Fortunately, the short repartee acted to remove the tension in the air and after that we were able to carry on a more normal conversation. We learned from Tomas that Hal and Rhonda held these events several times a year, and they were viewed as a “tough ticket” within the swinging community. He had been surprised when Hal had told him that we might appear, and even more so when he realized how green we were. Just as he was finishing, two men and a woman appeared wearing robes, and by their damp hair, I surmised they had been in the spa.

One of the men was in decent shape, but balding and looked to be in his mid-forties. The other was younger, perhaps mid-thirties, and looked to be in very good shape with short, sandy hair. The woman was an attractive and slender blonde, and I thought she might be the wife of the younger man. This was confirmed moments later when they introduced themselves, and we chatted while Tomas made them drinks.

“Are you going back outside? If so, I’ll put the drinks in plastic ups,” he asked.

“Yes, do that,” the older man said, whose name we learned was Mark.

“Would you care to join us?” Kevin, the younger man asked, while his wife Joanna looked on with a hopeful expression.

“No, thanks, we’re…uh…waiting for someone,” I responded, feeling foolish.

I could see that they were curious, but they didn’t probe and seconds later, as quickly as they had appeared, they were gone.

“I still can’t get used to how normal everyone is,” Emily said.

Her judgmental phrasing brought a laugh from Tomas who replied, “That’s what everyone says.”

I thought about reminding her of her own adventure and ask if she considered herself normal, but I decided it would be best to hold my tongue.

Almost thirty minutes had elapsed since our friends went on their mission of discovery, which was far longer than I had expected. I began to wonder what was occurring, and when Emily spoke, I realized she was thinking the same thing.

“What’s keeping them?” she said naïvely, which made both Tomas and I snicker.

“I wonder…” I replied.

“Hahaha…” she responded quickly.

“If you only get to look once, better make it count,” our bartender offered, which did in fact make some sense.

“Go check on them,” I said as tease.

“You go,” she countered.

“It will be easier for you. You will create less tension among the others. Just take off your heels so you can be quiet. Besides, she’s your friend,” I answered, suddenly interested in seeing if I could persuade her.

“There’s just the bedrooms and outside,” Tomas added, as if that made the task easier.

“Honey…” she said in her most whiny, manipulating voice.

“No, sweetie…your friend,” I replied.

“Shit…wait, I can’t,” she said.

“Why?” Tomas and I responded practically in unison.

“I might see something that scars me,” she giggled.

“Go, I’m getting tired,” I answered.

Slowly, Emily stood from the stool and removed her heels. Then, with measured steps, she began to move until with one final look over her shoulder, she disappeared from our view. I expected she would get cold feet and return, but when almost a minute had elapsed, I knew she was going to try.

“You have no interest?” Tomas asked while handing me a fresh drink.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“In swinging. You and your wife would be quite popular,” he said.

“No, I’m afraid it’s just not our thing,” I told him.

After a minute or so, our conversation stopped as it was difficult to concentrate while thinking of Emily searching through the rooms of coupled, naked bodies for her friend. A strange feeling started to course through me, much like it had when we watched Rhonda, and it wasn’t long before I had a vision of my wife naked in front of others. Suddenly, my mouth was dry and after taking a long pull on my drink, I forced a conversation with Tomas to relieve my brain.

“Hey man, your still here,” I heard a voice call out, and turning I saw Ramon headed our way.

“Damn, what time is it?” I asked, remembering he got off at one.

“Don’t worry, I left early. Can’t miss Hal’s party,” he said with a laugh.

It was evident that Ramon and Tomas knew each other, and also clear that he was antsy to get involved. He asked about the others, which I explained, and after a quick shot of tequila he turned to leave.

“Tell my wife to hurry the hell up if you see her,” I said.

“Will do,” he replied.

Ten minutes later, when still no one had shown, I became concerned and realized that I probably needed to go in search of my wife. I forced myself to finish my drink then started to get up, and Tomas, sensing my state, offered some sound advice.

“Just relax, it’s okay,” he said.

I thought about getting partially undressed, but my purpose was to find Emily and leave, our friends be damned, so I just kicked off my shoes in the hallway. I passed the stairway to check on the master bedroom, but found only Rhonda with two men on the bed. They were in a tight bundle, although not having sex, and I guessed that they were resting up for the next round.

I went upstairs and entered a long hallway with doors on either side that were fortunately, all at least partially ajar. Deciding to turn left, I went to the far room and inside were two couples. One was on a queen size bed with the woman motionless on top, and on a loveseat the other pair were passionately kissing. It certainly seemed like it was break time for the participants based on the first two rooms, which I found both encouraging and disappointing.

In the next room, I found Hal who was enthusiastically riding what looked like a much younger woman. For just an instant, my mind went to Emily, but I was able to quickly confirm by her red hair that it wasn’t my wife. She was responding well to the thrusts of his condom covered cock, so I dawdled for a minute to take it in before forcing myself to move on.

The final room was a truly strange scene, which fortunately didn’t involve my wife. A well-built black man was lying back on the bed and two women were taking turns sucking his very large cock. In addition, a man was sitting in a stuffed chair while a big breasted brunette rode him, and on the floor a young guy was taking an older woman from behind. After making sure there were no hidden alcoves, I went back downstairs to check at the bar and see if she had somehow slipped past me. However, it was empty except for Tomas who was moving some of the bottles on the shelf.

“No sign of her?” I asked.

“No, man. No one has stopped by. You check outside?” he asked.

“Not yet,” I replied.

“The door’s down the hall near the stairs,” he explained.

With that, I left once more, and finding the door, I stepped outside into the cold night air. Rounding a corner, the spa came into view and before me, through some vapor rising from the tub, I saw Joanna with her legs in the water, her torso pushed forward over the coping, and Mark holding her by the hips as he fucked her from behind. She was grunting and moaning in obvious joy while her husband sat on the edge of the spa stroking his partially erect cock. He broke his concentration for a moment, and when we made eye contact, he nodded towards the cabana, silently informing me where I would find my wife.

In less than ten minutes, I had seen more sex first hand than I think I had ever watched on porn. It left me with a strange feeling of anxiousness, but also some foreboding, as I thought about what I might see when I finally found Emily. The entrance door was in a breezeway, and for some odd reason I turned the knob slowly to limit the sound as if I needed to be sneaky. Inside, there was a small living room that merged into a kitchen. Both areas were empty, but halfway down the wall was a door, and escaping through it was the unmistakable sound of sex. My feet felt like lead as I took the few short steps to the opening and peered into a small bedroom.

The room was filled almost entirely by a queen size bed, and leaning against the headboard was David who was getting his dick sucked from an attractive black woman, who was grunting around it while another man took her from behind. At the foot of the bed watching were my wife and Chloe, with Ramon standing strategically between them. Emily was in her dress, but Ramon was naked, and I was stunned to see Chloe was down to her bra and thong. Chloe was closest to me, and for several seconds, I just watched as the full breasts of my wife’s best friend heaved within their confines. It was clear that her nipples were erect, as they protruded through the shear material, informing everyone that she was aroused.

I inched forward and gained a better view of my wife and Ramon. Emily appeared to be taking deep breaths, although with her dress on it was more difficult to tell. She was focused on the bed, but just as I was about to step inside I saw her eyes glance towards the man next to her. Ramon was in good shape with a slender muscular body and a flat, toned stomach. His chest was hairless, but at his navel a line of dark follicles made a path downward and merged into a curly nest of pubic hair. Thrusting from this mass was a partially erect cock, that was large, with an equally impressive ball sack hanging beneath. I guessed he was around 7″ to 8″ long and thick, with a prominent vein that began at the base and slowly twisted as it progressed. The head was bulbous and a shade darker than the rest of the shaft making it appear menacing.

Like a tidal wave hitting me, I realized how many bizarre dynamics were playing out before my eyes. First, David was involved in a threesome while his wife watched. Second, Chloe was practically naked, and finally, a nude man stood between my wife and her friend showing no shame and evidently not provoking from either a desire to flee. These compounding items made me decide to stay outside and observe for the time being.

The way David was responding, he seemed totally oblivious to the others in the room. His eyes stayed on the black woman, never looking up, and likewise, the man fucking her from behind seemed content to maintain his steady rhythm while ignoring the crowd. However, by his manner, I suspected our friend from the club had a plan in mind and it didn’t take long for him to act.

His first move was to shuffle closer to Chloe and gently slip his arm around her back until his hand landed on her ass. For a second, she didn’t move, and I thought maybe she was so excited she was ready for attention, but as if waking from a dream she suddenly became aware and pushed his hand away. Undeterred, Ramon let it drop, but seconds later he tried again. It met with the same response, and this dance continued through several more attempts before I saw them start a whispered conversation. After that, for some unknown reason, she accepted his advances.

I was pretty sure that Emily had seen her friend’s submittal, but she didn’t say anything which I found very strange. The whole purpose of our presence was as protectors for Chloe and now here she was watching her being seduced. Also, she didn’t know I was present, so why had she not returned to me? I could only surmise that both of them were finding the situation so captivating that they struggled to break away.

Emily started to fidget and I watched her shift from foot to foot until my attention returned to Ramon, whose hand was now fondling Chloe’s lovely ass. From her cheek to her hip he moved, making ever expanding circles in the process, until he fingertips began to brush over her taut tummy. I remained surprised that she allowed it to continue, even more so when he slowly moved behind her until his heavy cock come to rest on her ass while he took hold of her hips.

I could see that Emily was now spending most of her time watching her friend, and in fact we had the same view from opposite perspectives as she was seduced. Slowly, one of Ramon’s hands moved towards her breasts while the other drifted to her tummy, and soon he was fondling her through the thin garment and teasing her nipples. The attention brought soft gasps from Chloe, and ever so slightly she began moving, pushing back subtly against the bartender’s cock. When his other hand began a slow drift downward, she made no attempt to halt him, and it was only seconds later that his fingertips began tracing over her thong. Instantly, a stifled moan left her mouth, and her movements against the man’s cock became more pronounced.

Emily must have reached her limit, because with a start she moved past the couple and exited the bedroom, practically running into me in the process. Our eyes locked and in that instant I knew I was seeing a combination of excitement, confusion and embarrassment. All were certainly understandable, although I was most interested in exploring how aroused she had become.

“I…I…it’s too much. I found them here and…I couldn’t…I didn’t know what to do,” she forced out in a whispered frenzy.

“Calm down. They’re adults honey. You’re not their mother,” I counseled in a low voice.

With that, I led her out the door, past the threesome in the tub, into the house and up to the bar where I intended to collect our shoes, call a cab and leave.

“Everything okay?” Tomas asked when he saw my wife’s distressed look.

“Honey…I…I just can’t…I can’t leave her,” Emily whined.

I nodded at the bartender who was holding up a bottle of wine, silently asking if he should give her a drink, then replied, “Emily…again…she’s an adult. You’re not her mother.”

I could hear the gurgling sound of the wine being poured, and when he finished, I took the glass and handed it to her. Second later, he offered me a beer, which I took, then tilted it back in a long pull. I could see Emily taking tiny sips with her head down, as she was clearly in turmoil. Then, without warning, she turned the glass back and emptied half its content.

“Easy,” I said.

“I need to go back,” she replied, this time with determination.

I looked at her for several seconds without speaking, before finally saying, “Okay, honey. Go get her and let’s leave. David is on his own.”

With a nod, she drained the last of her wine, and then immediately set off, quickly disappearing from view.

“Problems?” the bartender asked with obvious curiosity.

“Uhhh…some…it seems her friend…” I started, but didn’t know how to finish.

“Got ya,” Tomas replied with a knowing smile.

I expected her to return within a couple minutes, five tops, but as this interval past, I started to think I would have to go after her again. Even Tomas was giving me awkward looks, as he too realized it shouldn’t take so long. At ten minutes, I began to prepare myself, deciding to wait until fifteen had elapsed, but at thirteen, I could stand it any longer.

“Well, shit…” I said, and started to move.

“Be calm,” Tomas advised as I left.

I retraced the steps to the cabana, thinking that Chloe must be reluctant to leave without her husband. It was understandable, but the jerk had already abused our trust in him, so I had no qualms about leaving him behind. However, it only took a few seconds once I entered the small building to understand how wrong I had been.

The black woman and the man that had been fucking her were gone and now placed squarely on the bed was Chloe, my wife’s best friend, who was being thoroughly fucked by Ramon. At the foot of the bed, watching the couple intently, was my wife with Hal on one side of her and David on the other. Both were naked, but it was the passionate wails from Chloe that captured my attention. There was no question she was loving the pounding she was receiving, with her knees pulled back almost to her chest. Ramon was extended on his arms, providing a great view of her full breasts dancing in a circle and keeping perfect rhythm.

It was so shocking, it took me some time for to process what I was seeing, with my first thought being about the friendship of Chloe and Emily. Somehow, David had found a way to get his reluctant wife to share in his dark fantasy, and I wondered how it would play out between the girls. Especially, since my wife had a front row seat to the debauchery.

Then, my attention turned to my wife, and the reality that nude men stood on either side of her. I understood and respected her loyalty to her friend, but this seemed to be way too much, which made me think there might be something more. I recalled the last time we were in the house and the fixation she had in watching others fuck. It had allowed her to be manipulated into doing things outside her comfort zone. Was she now in a similar, somewhat catatonic state?

If it had just been Hal standing beside her, I might have decided to stay back and watch, but there was no way I wanted David’s hands on her, nor did I want him even to try. So, I stepped forward and gently touched her arm. Turning quickly, she saw me and with a simple nod, I indicated for her to follow.

“This is out of hand,” I said when we had left the room.

“I know…I know…” she whispered, but then added, “I can’t leave her…please…”

There was something in her eyes, a strange anxious look, and her neck and arms were flushed, with a sheen of sweat. She may have been verbally communicating it was her friendship that was causing her to stay, but her body was signaling something different. It was saying she was aroused.

I was just about to tell her we should wait outside until they finished, when David suddenly bolted past us, and with just a short, nervous glance he exited. He had decided to leave his pretty wife behind, in bed with another man, while he no doubt went to try and seek out more carnal adventure. With him gone, I was less concerned about Emily being in the room, so I took her hand and together we returned.

Ramon, showing great stamina, was still moving rapidly, and Chloe received each thrust with a moan or grunt. Hal looked up when we entered, then stepped over to make room, and once again, my wife was in the middle. Seeing it from this view, it was like watching a porn movie where the camera moves in for a close-up, and with each thrust he forced out some fluid from her stretched opening.

Watching a woman I knew very well being so completely pleasured soon had my dick hard. It seemed intimate to see it happen to someone familiar, and like my wife, I was soon feeling the effects with flushed skin and a rapid heartbeat that I could feel in my ears.

Seconds later, we watched Chloe orgasm. It started with a low whine that didn’t end, and soon her hands were grasping at the man’s shoulders while her legs lifted high in the air. Then, like a dam bursting, she cried out in passion. Ramon rode her through the release, making it linger, then slowed came to a stop. However, he made no move to dismount, and I sensed he was giving her time to recover before he started again. Evidently, he liked what he had in her and was determined to get his fill.

“Nothing like breaking in a newbie,” Hal called out with a laugh.

“You got that right,” Ramon answered without turning.

Chloe didn’t stir, but I could tell their words had an effect on my wife who stiffened for a moment. It brought my attention back to her and in the quiet room I let my hand move to her rear. She glanced at me for a second, but her attention quickly returned to the cock and fat balls of the man who was still embedded in her friend.

“Emily, that could be you experiencing the wonderful feelings,” I heard Hal whisper.

His voice had caused her to tilt slightly towards him, but when the message registered, she moved back quickly. I know I should have been angered, but having been forced to remain, I was now interested in seeing just how worked up she had become. Leaning back slightly, I was able to make eye contact with Hal and nodding towards her butt, he understood the message. Seconds later, his hand landed on her other cheek, and I was very surprised when she allowed it without protest.

Although she was still clothed, I knew that accepting the fondling from another man meant she was excited. I knew the aftermath would likely be trouble, but my own building excitement diminished the risk in my mind and I decided to let things continue. I was hoping that Ramon would start moving again, as I thought it more likely she would be willing if there were visual stimuli in front of her, and luckily, I didn’t have to wait long. With a few whispered words, the couple turned on the bed, with Chloe now on top. As soon as they reconnected, she began to rock her hips, and within seconds we were serenaded by her whimpers.

“Damn,” I sighed at the erotic sight, unable to hold it in.

Emily turned to look at me and I could see in her eyes that her arousal had become a raging fire. We held a stare for several seconds, and then I leaned over and kissed her passionately. When it finished, my hand immediately went to her zipper and pulled it down. Her eyes had returned to the bed, and she didn’t react when I pulled the straps off her shoulders. With only a slight tug, the dress dropped around her feet. Seconds later, her bra joined the dress, and now my beautifully wife stood naked except for her small thong. I paused, wondering if I should give her time, so it was Hal who actually peeled her bottoms off, getting help from her when she lifted her feet.

Then, she turned to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and buried her head into my chest. Something had let her be undressed, but now I sensed her fear had returned. I hugged her to me, but as I looked over her shoulder I saw Hal move in close and put his hands on her ass. For an instant, she flinched, but didn’t speak, and I watched our host continued his exploration as his cock harden.

“Uhhh…” she suddenly gasped and squeezed my neck.

“What, baby?” I whispered.

“He…uhhhh…he’s fingering me,” she whimpered.

I could see Hal had gotten very close, and when we made eye contact, he broke out in a big smile. I was torn about what to do. It was all very exciting, and seeing Emily become a sexual being was thrilling, but we were headed rapidly towards a point of no return.

“Are you okay?” I whispered into her ear, after several tiny moans escaped her mouth.

“What do we do?” she whimpered as she held on tighter, making it clear that Hal’s efforts were having an effect.

Rather than answer, I stepped away enough for my hands reach her breasts and quickly my fingers found her erect nipples. I rolled them between my fingers, then tugged gently, which brought forth louder moans. I kissed her hard again, then looked into her eyes, and that’s when she spoke the fateful words.

“Do you still think he deserves it?” she asked.

It took me several seconds to process what she was saying, and when I did, I was stunned. Essentially, she was asking permission to have sex with Hal, and join her friend as a swinging wife.

“I think so,” I forced out of my suddenly bone-dry mouth, and then slowly backed away leaving her with the older man.

Hal realized the meaning of my movement and wrapped an arm around her waist. He continued to toy with her body while we stared at each other, but after a few seconds, he turned her so they were face-to-face. Now, his erect cock was pressed against her abdomen and her breasts against his chest. His mouth quickly found a nipple while his hand worked her thighs open, and I looked on as he stroked over and into her very wet pussy.

They didn’t stay that way long, as Hal had other plans, which was to get my wife onto the bed. He walked her backwards, and with no argument, no protest or call out to me, she moved next to the other couple, and then spread her legs in invitation. Ramon scooted over to provide them more room, bringing Chloe with him, setting the stage for the two close friends to experience the carnal act of adultery side-by-side.

Hal quickly moved into position, and with no fanfare, he brought his cock to her opening and pushed it inside. My wife let out a deep groan that slowly morphed into a lingering whimper while our host found bottom, and then, after giving Emily just a few seconds to adjust, he was off, fucking her with full strokes. Their movements, and the sounds coming from my wife, seemingly had an effect on the neighboring couple because they started moving with more urgency.

I watched it all, wondering where it would end, and it was actually Ramon who gave off the first signs of reaching a peak. His breathing turned into heavy groans and soon he was lifting Chloe into the air with each movement. Finally, in a series of deep grunts, he blasted his seed into the young woman’s pussy, and then pulled her onto his chest where they watched Hal and Emily while recovering.

When they started, I suspected my wife was so aroused that she wouldn’t last long. In addition, Hal had no doubt ejaculated at least once, so he was capable of taking her where she needed to go without worry. In fact, that’s precisely what happened. The older man took her with a consistent and deliberate pace that soon had her mewing loudly with her body wrapped tightly around his. Several times, her lips sought out his and kissed him deeply, providing another sign as to level of her sexual abandon.

The final stages of the build-up to her orgasm was evident to everyone in the room. Her sounds turned into high-pitched squeals, her breathing became ragged, her hands went to his ass, and her body suddenly became rigid.

“Ohhhhh…ohhhhh…oh yes…yes…oh please…unnnghhhhh…” she cried out.

Hal never slowed and he took my wife to a spot where she seemed to maintain the feelings of her orgasm for almost a minute.

“Yes…yes…yes…yes…yes…” she grunted over and over in time with his relentless thrusts.

Just as she started to come down, Hal was ready, and he asked her, “You want my cum?”

It was a provocative question, but Emily didn’t hesitate, “Yes…yes, I want it…”

The older man did as he was requested, when seconds later he experienced his climax and let loose his semen into her waiting pussy. With several final unsynchronized thrusts, he finished and then collapsed onto my wife. Both their bodies heaved from the sexual exertion, and neither showed any signs of hurry in disconnecting.

Emily was certainly not a virgin when we met, as she had two long-term boyfriends and one spring break fling that she still felt guilty about. Still, I was struck by the fact that Hal represented the fifth set of semen, the fifth source of DNA to enter her body. It almost seemed like there should be more, some acknowledgment of the fact, but all that remained from their mating was their heavy breathing and sweaty bodies.

Whispering started between Chloe and Ramon, and seconds later she was climbing off him on her way to the bathroom. As she passed me, we made eye contact for just a second, and I sensed some shame in her eyes. I hoped I didn’t look judgmental, I really didn’t want to appear that way, but it forced me to think about Emily and to get prepared for how she might react.

Ramon was standing when she returned and after a quick embrace, he took her place in the bathroom while she sat on the edge of the bed looking at the floor. My wife and Hal were still connected and still showed no sign of separating, although their breathing had returned to normal.

When Ramon returned, he placed his hand on Chloe’s shoulder then said, “Hal, I think we hit the jackpot.”

“Hell yes, we did,” the older man answered lifting his head to look over.

“I’m going to go mingle…see what trouble is out there,” he announced, then leaning down to Chloe, I heard him whisper, “Come with me?”

“No,” she whispered in reply while shaking her head, and with a nod to me, he left.

It wasn’t long after that Hal lifted himself slowly from my wife’s body, and took his turn in the bathroom. As soon as she could, Emily put her legs together and tried to find a modest position. I could see she was covered with hair, from the thick matting on her lover’s body, which provided an animalistic element to things. When he returned, Emily practically flew out of the room. The older man looked at me, and then Chloe, and I sensed he wanted to say something, but the presence of my wife’s friend stopped him.

“Look, make yourself at home. There’s lots more to explore,” he said, and with that he picked up his robe and left.

So, here I was as the only non-participant, now likely about to deal with the melt down of two women. I didn’t look forward to it, but there was no real alternative, so I decided the best course would be to leave and get to the hotel as quickly as possible. There, things would be easier to deal with.

“Are you okay?” my wife asked when she re-entered the bedroom.

“I’m fine, how are you?” I replied, girding myself for the breakdown.

“Fine,” she answered, giving me a vulnerable look that slowly morphed into a naughty smile.

I helped the girls pick up their things, and then both took a seat on the bed using their dresses as partial cover. I remained standing, and seconds ticked by with no one speaking.

“Someone say something,” my wife finally said.

“Shit, Emily…I mean…shit,” Chloe said with a big exhale of breath.

“I know, but…” my wife started, but at that moment the door suddenly flew open and people started to enter.

There were two of the women I had seen inside the house, Kevin who we had met with his pretty wife, and bringing up the rear was David. All of them were completely naked.

“Sorry, we thought it was empty,” one of the girls said.

“No worries, we were leaving,” I explained, and stood.

Both Emily and Chloe stood too, still using their dresses as cover and together we made for the other room. Passing David, there was an awkward moment between husband and wife, and once we were in the living area, both girls quickly pulled on their dresses, ignoring their under garments. We made to leave, but David stepped back into the room and pulled his wife to the side.

“We’ll wait outside,” my wife told her friend.

“He is screwing up,” I said when were out in the cold.

“Yes…yes, he is. Thank you for not being like him,” Emily said and looped her arm through mine.

From our position, we could see the hot tub, and in it was the black man and Joanna. She was snuggled close to him and they were sipping drinks from plastic cups. It was several minutes before the door opened, and when it did, it was just Chloe.

“Look…I…I’m going to stay,” she said.

“Are you sure?” my wife asked, and when her friend nodded her head, she continued with, “Do what you want. Not what he tries to make you do.”

Chloe kissed my wife on the cheek, and then disappeared as the door closed, leaving us to determine our next step.

“Let’s go to the bar, get a drink and talk about it,” I suggested.

Her nod signified her agreement and we started that way. However, as we approached the tub, the couple noticed us and Joanna motioned for us to join them.

“We’re going to have a drink,” I explained.

“Good idea! Leave your beautiful wife with us, and go grab fresh drinks for everyone,” the bubbly blonde woman suggested.

Looking at my wife, I received a shrug in response, so after accepting their offer I found myself headed towards the house with the order. Fortunately, when I arrived, Tomas was alone, and I quickly told him what I needed.

“I hear things got good,” he said as he worked.

“How did you hear?” I asked, truly surprised.

“Word travels fast,” he laughed, then added, “Ramon stopped by and told me.”

“Yea…well, I’m not sure what to think right now,” I said.

“Understandable. First time is tough. It’s when most men find out their wives and girlfriends aren’t saints,” he offered.

“I guess that’s some of it…” I replied, thinking about his statement.

“Ramon loved it. He said she was fabulous,” Tomas said.

For some very strange reason, my first thought was that my wife was so much better than Chloe and it was Hal that should feel lucky. That my mind would jump to that, that I carried a sense of pride for her even in a swapping situation, was truly bizarre. Tomas let me borrow a small tray and I left him, still mulling over his words as I walked towards the door.

I knew Emily would be naked when I returned and that I would have to disrobe as well, but I expected her to be seated on one side while Joanna and the black man were on the other. Thus, I was surprised when I approached and saw my wife close to the black man with Joanna a few feet away. After handing out the drinks, and being introduced to Virgil, I started on my things. There was certainly some nervousness when I pulled down my boxers, so with a quick move, I slid into the warm water. Immediately, I felt the woman’s hand take mine and guide me to a place next to her.

“We can’t have husband and wife together, that would be too awkward,” she laughed, as if reading my thoughts.

Instantly, her hand went to the inside of my thigh and in seconds she was bumping up against my balls. Her aggressiveness surprised me, although I knew it shouldn’t, and I quickly looked towards Emily. She wasn’t far from Virgil, although there was some separation, and she was staring at me with an expression that was difficult to make out. At first, I thought it was annoyance due to my close proximity to Joanna. However, as we locked eyes, I began to get the sense that she felt vulnerable, maybe abandoned. Virgil was a large guy, with broad shoulders and he towered over my wife. He was looking at her with obvious interest, although so far he had maintained a respectful distance and demeanor.

“Don’t worry about Virgil, he’s a teddy bear,” Joanna whispered to me.

“Okay, well that’s good to know,” I said, not really sure what to do with the info.

My wife and I had intended to talk and decide whether to wait on Chloe or leave, as I certainly thought the sex was over. However, our current situation provided no opportunity, and in fact we were leaving ourselves open for flirtation and seduction.

“Lighten up, baby. You’re way too tight,” she whispered into my ear.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” I laughed, knowing she was right.

“Who was your wife with?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“You know what I mean,” the woman prodded.

“What makes you think she did anything?” I asked.

“Honey, you can see it in her eyes. She’s had an orgasm and is way relaxed,” she giggled.

I thought about her words for several seconds, and then replied, “Hal.”

“Mmmm…no wonder. He can last for hours,” she said.

“It was just once,” I replied, thinking somehow that made it okay.

“So far,” she answered with a big smile.

With that, she moved even closer to me and placed her hand directly on my dick. She teased me by tugging on the shaft and tickling my balls with her fingernails which soon had me fully hard. When she licked my earlobe and kissed my shoulder, I looked quickly towards my wife and saw that Virgil had closed the distance between them and now had his head low. They were engaged in a whispered conversation, and since Emily didn’t show any nervousness, I let the pretty woman next to me continue her play. She was indeed a well-practiced seductress who, within minutes, almost managed to get me to forget about my wife.

“Take me inside and fuck me,” she sighed provocatively, bringing me out of my dream state.

Looking once more towards Emily, I could see she was involved in a similar seduction. Virgil, had half-turned his body towards her bringing their faces within inches of each other. I couldn’t see his hands, and for all I knew they could have been fondling her beneath the surface, but she seemed happy and was active in their conversation.

“I can’t leave my wife,” I replied.

“Baby, she wants to feel Virgil’s cock. I bet she has her hands on it right now,” she said, and then added, “Has she ever been with a black man?”

“No,” I croaked, as my mind was suddenly filled with the vision of her beneath him.

“Let her. She wants to fuck him and if you and I leave she’ll know she has your permission,” Joanna said, trying to sound convincing.

At the same time, she pulled my hand between her legs and even in the water I could feel the slick discharge escaping her lips. She started off by guiding me with her hand, but when she let go I drifted to her clit and teased it with the tip of my finger. It certainly had an effect, as soon she was breathing heavily and sensually moving her body.

The next time I looked up, Emily was gazing at us and I knew by our position, and the expression on her face, that she realized we were touching. However, I never saw a look of anger, and after several seconds she turned back to the black man.

“Let’s go,” Joanna said.

“I…I can’t leave her,” I said once more.

“You just want to watch her,” the woman laughed, then followed with, “They can come too. It will be fun.”

I was amazed at how quickly and easily I had turned from wanting to leave to now considering sex in the same room with Emily. Also, I had to admit that Joanna had hit on something, as I did have a vision in my brain of my wife under the man, with him having his way. I thought for a moment about her family too. Her father was a good guy, mostly open in his thoughts, but her grandfather was an old school racist. What would he think, what would he do, if he knew his perfect granddaughter had spread her legs for a black man?

“I’m…I don’t think she’ll be up for it,” I replied.

Without warning, Joanna called out to the black man, “Virg honey, let’s go inside.”

I was the last one out of the water, and was shocked when Virgil’s arm went around my wife’s waist as they scooted quickly to the door. As soon I was out, Joanna and I did the same, and after climbing the stares, wet and shivering, we found an empty bedroom. It was arranged with two queen beds, separated by a nightstand, and took the left one while my wife and her new friend moved to the right.

I sat on the edge of the bed, feeling strange about what was happening, and when Emily saw me, she did the same. However, Joanna moved quickly behind me, while Virgil positioned himself next to my wife. Seconds went by in silence, then the bed moved slightly and Joanna’s hand snaked around my waist and took my dick into her soft hand. She began to stroke it slowly, and I looked at my wife as she watched. Again, I saw no anger or judgement, but there was something, and when the black man’s hand cupped her breasts, I realized it was need.

I let the blonde woman pull me to the center of the bed where we quickly entered an embrace that soon turned into open fondling. Wondering if Emily was doing the same, I glanced over, but Virgil’s large body was between us which essentially shielded her from view. I could tell when they kissed, and when he was staring down at her, but that was all.

“Forget them baby,” Joanna purred.

We returned to our caressing and I found I truly enjoyed how the woman kissed. That put me in no mood to hurry, so minutes ticked by with her body becoming more responsive along the way. In the tub, I had thought she was already quite excited, but now she was becoming practically a wild woman. After ending a long kiss, she twisted from my arms and moved so she could take my dick into her mouth. I knew before she started that she would be good, and I wasn’t disappointed as she used her lips, tongue and even her fingernails to manipulate me.

Our move gave me the chance to check out the adjoining bed, but the black man was still in the same position, so I couldn’t see Emily. I thought they must be touching, and my mind flashed to the size of the man’s cock. It had shown itself several times since leaving the tub and by my estimate it was 7″ to 8″ long, with a fat base that tapered to a bullet nosed head. In addition, his balls were quite heavy, and he had shaved his entire pelvic region smooth.

Joanna kept up her expert work for several minutes, bringing me close several times, but sensing my condition, she would slow until I regained control. Then, she stopped, and there was a flurry on the bed as she reached to the nightstand and returned with a condom.

“I’m always safe,” she said, and after tearing open the package, she quickly rolled it onto me.

“I’m so ready,” she said, and fell onto her back.

Pushing her legs apart, I climbed onto her and easily slipped inside. She was so warm that I was left to wonder what she felt like bareback, but it didn’t stop me from setting a slow, deep pace that I knew I could keep. Soon, her mews of pleasure started, which encouraged me, and over the next few minutes we connected like lovers. I had to admit it was different than my expectation, more intimate and complete, and I was left to wonder whether it was normal in the swinging world, or if it was just the attraction I felt towards the woman.

“Uggghhhh…uggghhhh…ohhhhhh…” I heard grunts in my wife’s voice suddenly come from the next bed.

Both Joanna and I looked at the same time, and we could see that like us, they were in the missionary position, with hardly any of my wife’s body visible beneath the large man. His ass was moving slowly, and by the way his head was tilted I suspected he was kissing her neck.

“She’s going to have the time of her life,” the woman beneath me whispered.

I took great willpower not to stop and watch, but I wanted to please Joanna and enjoy the experience as well. So, I concentrated on her, learning from her sounds and moving my body accordingly, and soon we were enjoying a passionate coupling that didn’t seem anything like random sex. I searched out for places to plant my lips which included, her neck, ears, lips and nipples, as for some reason, I just couldn’t get enough of her, and was pretty sure she felt the same.

“You feel so good,” I said and let my lips touch hers gently.

“Oh…oh baby…you’re doing it to me…don’t you dare stop,” she whimpered.

Her words focused me, and I started to drive a little deeper which brought forth even more sensual sounds. I thought she was close, and happily I was still in control, so I kept the deliberate movement until her body signaled her upcoming release. Her sounds and movements gave it away, so I was prepared when it hit.

“Ohhhh…God…God yes…yes…yes…yes…” she called out rapidly, while I pushed deeply into her.

Her body shook in a spasm several times, then she went limp beneath me, but I kept going, although at a slower pace. I knew I was at a place where I could will myself to climax when I was ready, so I just concentrated on enjoying the woman and her warm, magical pussy.

“Mmmm…you’re special,” she said, back from her orgasm, and when I looked down at her and smiled, she continued, “My husband lets me play. You can have me all you want.”

“What about my wife?’ I laughed.

“Your wife is getting the shit fucked out of her,” she laughed, which was indeed true.

Emily’s cries interspersed with the black man’s groans were now filling the room, and I knew that the only thing that was holding her back was her previous orgasm. Still, it seemed a certainty that Virgil would eventually take her over the top, as her sounds were just too desperate.

“She is…” I said in agreement.

“Let’s watch them, baby. It will get you off,” she giggled.

“What?” I said feeling embarrassed, even though I knew she was right.

“Mmm…hmmm…you want her well-fucked, don’t you? Full of black cock and begging for more,” she said brazenly, and suddenly the control I thought I had vanished.

“Joanna!” I replied in surprises, although I felt my hips twitch.

“Your pretty little wife being bad…being a naughty slut,” she teased.

Somehow, her words took control of my body and I began to move again, although now I could feel my balls tingling. Joanna started rolling her hips which felt so good it almost made me cry out, and her fingernails traced from my ass to my shoulders. Also, Virgil was now fucking Emily with full, powerful strokes that had the bed squealing loudly as she emitted pitiful moans. An unknowing party might think she was experiencing some kind of pain, but we knew it was far from it, and that she would soon be exploding in orgasm.

“Ohhh…oh damn…,” I winced, trying to hold back, but knowing it was almost over.

“Mmmm…Virgil doesn’t use condoms…she’ll be full of his cum…a black man’s cum…” she whispered.

“Joanna…uhhh…” I gasped, knowing I was being played like a fish.

“Let it out baby…think of her full of him and let go,” she coached me.

Ughhhh…ughhhh…shit…oh shit…oh shit…” I yelled as my balls erupted, and suddenly spots were dancing before my eyes.

It seemed like in less than a second all my muscle movement and energy left my body. I was only able to collapse on top of the pretty woman’s body, now totally spent. She pulled me so that my head was against her breast with my eyes towards Emily, and stroked my head slowly, like she was soothing a child.

“Watch,” she said, then added, “Watch him make her cum…”

We watched together, although Emily didn’t last much longer before she let go while producing a litany of sexual sounds. It was a huge orgasm for her, and in the aftermath, I could hear her sobbing gently. Virgil, showing sensitivity slowed some, but never stopped moving completely, and it wasn’t long before we could hear her whimpers of pleasure return.

The black man began to move more deliberately, and when he lifted his body so that his face came into view, we could tell that he was about ready. The final sign was when his ass and the back of thighs became incredibly tense, then seconds later, with a loud roar, it happened.

“Ugggghhhh…yeah…yeah…uggghhhh…fucking good…fuck…fuck yeah…” he grunted as he pushed deep.

Emily’s face stared straight into his as it hovered inches above her. Her mouth was open slightly and for some reason she looked surprised. When Virgil finished spilling his seed, like me, he collapsed on top of my wife, once more blocking her from view.

“She won’t forget that,” Joanna said, then added, “Neither will you.”

“You are bad,” I laughed, giving her a faux look of annoyance.

She broke out in a long giggle, then said, “Most new guys are fixated on their wives.”

“So, I’m not special,” I said, feigning hurt.

“You’re very special, and I meant what I said…anytime you want,” she whispered.

“How about now,” I replied, which made her giggle.

I found a nipple with my lips and began to suckle on it, happy to learn that it turned her on dramatically. Soon, my dick left its warm place and I knelt over her, moving from breast to breast, enjoying how her body writhed. When her breasts were completely wet from my saliva, I descended to her pussy, hoping she was strict with everyone on the use of condoms. I found her clit, which was quite small, and began to tease it with the just tip of my tongue. It had the desired effect, as quickly she had her hands on my head with her legs spread wide.

“Mmmmm…ohhh…make me cum again, baby,” she whimpered.

Suddenly, I heard voices in the room, and it only took a few seconds to figure out it was David. I looked up to see that he was with Chloe, and both were looking at the other bed where my wife was still connected to the black man. They were dressed, and apparently ready to leave, so now it was us that were the hold up.

The hell with them I thought, they can go or wait, but at that moment I just wanted my tongue buried in Joanna. So, I returned to her lovely, wet opening and tongued my way around until her sighs and the movements signaled she was once more feeling good. More talking began between our friends, but I ignored it, and it wasn’t long before it stopped, which made me think they had left.

For the next several minutes, I feasted on my new friend, enjoying the sounds I brought from her, and feeling powerful in the way she was responding. I wanted to get her to another orgasm badly and prove my virility to this older woman. More sounds came from the adjoining bed, but I was so focused on Joanna that I paid no attention. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a decisive moment and one that would haunt me for quite some time.

I could tell Joanna was close to breaking through, so I redoubled my efforts and rapidly assaulted her clit with light brushes of my tongue. Her sounds increased in pitch until her orgasm arrived, and she closed her legs around my head and held on with her hands as moans escaped her mouth. It wasn’t a huge climax, but it certainly seemed fulfilling, and when she started to come down, she opened her legs and pulled on my shoulders. I was half-way up to her when I looked over at the other bed and received a huge shock.

Virgil was now leaning against the headboard and my wife was between his legs sucking on his thick cock, but what was disturbing was the sight of David behind her, with his hands on her hips, fucking her with an intense look on his face.

“Hey! Get the fuck out of her,” I yelled.

At the same time, my eyes searched the room for Chloe, but she was nowhere to be seen.

“C’mon man…just a sec,” he grunted.

I started to leap from the bed, but Joanna took my arm, looked into my eyes, and said, “Calm down.”

Her efforts, though well intended, turned out to be the second fateful moment because it delayed me just long enough, and as I rose from the bed, I saw her best friend’s husband stiffen, grunt loudly, and thrust hard against her. It stopped me cold. I knew his semen was now inside her, and I was left to wonder what had occurred that led to their coupling. Was she even aware of who was fucking her? And where was her friend?

“Get back,” I said, finally moving again.

David slowly pulled away, and a strand of semen stayed connected between them until it finally separated from his glistening cock and fell against her thigh. Suddenly, there was no sensuality, no eroticism, those feeling were replaced by ones of decadence, and as I looked at my wife, I only saw a cock needy slut.

“Enough,” I said, sending a clear message to Virgil.

“Baby…” I heard Joanna say softly, but I ignored her.

It took the black man pushing on her shoulders for Emily to finally became aware of what was taking place. It seemed like she had been in a fog, oblivious to all that was around her, making me wonder if the sex had been that powerful.

“Man, she said it was okay,” David said as I helped my wife from the bed.

Part of me wanted to hit him, but more of me just wanted to go, so I guided Emily out the door and down the stairs where I left her by the door while I collected our things. We dressed in silence and it took my help for her to get her clothes on. When we finished, we moved quickly towards the door.

The dispatcher advised, that at this hour, it would take about forty minutes to get a car, so we waited silently in the large living area. Tomas was nowhere in sight, so I assumed he had left, or perhaps even joined the fray. Regardless, it left the bar unattended and I moved behind it to see what was available.

“You want something?” I asked Emily coldly.

I was still upset about her and David. Anyone but him I thought. Especially, after all we had dealt with and the fact it was the husband of her best friend.

“Just water,” she said, in a low voice.

I did get her a large glass of water, but I also poured us each a shot of tequila, and when I set the small glass in front of her, she gave me a questioning look.

“I think we need one,” I said.

It took her several sips but she drank the liquid and after almost another minute of silence she started, “Look…okay…look…”

“David? What the hell Emily?” I interrupted.

“I…I…know it got out of hand, but I told him it was alright,” she explained.

“How could it be alright?” I challenged her.

“I don’t know,” she whimpered, then after a deep breath, added, “Virgil told me to let him.”

“Virgil told you?” I said slowly, trying to decipher the meaning, and when she merely nodded her head, I followed with, “So, you do what Virgil says.”

“I…I…I don’t know, I’m sorry,” she said and began to cry.

I left her alone, but followed with, “And Chloe?”

“She knows…she was there,” she said between her sobs.

“What happened to her?” I asked, now completely confused.

“Ramon came and…uh…he took her,” she replied.

“So, she’s here getting fucked somewhere?” I fired back, and then added, “Maybe I should go fuck her…ya know…to make it even. Or, should I ask Virgil first?”

“You’re a bastard! I didn’t want any of this. It wasn’t my idea to come here,” she said, conveniently forgetting the details of the night.

“Oh? It wasn’t? How about when you said we needed to come with them because Chloe asked? That was you, not me! How about when you were supposed to get them so we can leave? I find you practically panting in heat watching people fuck in that small room,” I shouted.

She began crying so hard she couldn’t speak, so I stopped talking. Besides, my emotion was so high that I was accusing much more than asking, which even with the alcohol I had consumed all night, I knew wasn’t a smart thing.

“Hey man. What a freaking night,” David said, suddenly turning the corner into the room, fully dressed once more.

He seemed totally oblivious to the situation between Emily and me. Instead, he appeared like a twelve-year-old kid that had just spent a day at the carnival. His manner made me wonder if I was the only one that had maintained some sense of sanity, then I thought about Joanna and how taken I had been with her and our shared sex. Is that what happened to the others, including my wife?

“Where’s Chloe,” Emily forced out, and for the first time I think he noticed she was crying.

“Uhhh…she’s coming. Should be here soon,” he answered, suddenly looking nervous.

In fact, almost ten minutes elapsed before my wife’s friend appeared. She quickly scanned things, and from the look on her face and her subdued reaction, I knew she had determined the cause of Emily’s distress. I toyed with sending them on and waiting for the car, but it was very late and I was exhausted physically and emotionally, so we left as a group.

“Emily?” Chloe whispered.

She had turned from her spot in the front seat and was looking at my wife with concern. Emily just looked up with a sad expression and they touched hands for an instant.

“Look, I just…ya know…want to clear the air…I mean make sure we’re all on the same page…” David stumbled.

“David, it’s not your fault,” my wife broke in.

“It’s nobody’s fault, in fact there is no fault,” Chloe declared.

“Chloe, it’s kind of hard for me to accept my wife being fucked by David…the husband of her best friend,” I replied.

“Quit acting so superior. What difference does it make? We all did it, and you were giving that woman your full attention…practically making love to her…” she started, then suddenly stopped.

The rest of the ride was in silence, and as soon as we were in our room, I stripped and went to bed while Emily bolted for the bathroom. We both fell asleep without talking, and the next day was more of the same. When we got home, we separated quickly and didn’t really get face-to-face until that evening. By then, I had calmed down a lot and even had developed some sympathy for the view Chloe stated during her outburst in the car.

“Do you want to talk,” Emily asked in a meek voice.

“Emily, I do. But, I’ve thought about things, and I don’t want our discussion to be about you defending your actions. There’s nothing to defend, okay?” I stated.

“Really? she asked with a hopeful expression.

“Really,” I answered, then added, “And, I shouldn’t have lost my temper.”

“Thank you,” she said, and suddenly it looked like a weight had been lifted from her, although her eyes still seemed to be probing.

“How do you feel?” I asked, doing my best to smile.

“Physically or emotionally?” she asked.

“Both,” I replied.

“Physically…sore. Emotionally, I feel weird, strange, embarrassed, shame, fear, humiliation…” she explained.

“Why fear?” I asked.

“For us…what’s it mean? Whether you still want me,” she said, with her voice dropping almost to a whisper.

“I understand,” I answered vaguely.

After several seconds of silence, she asked, “Do you still want me?”

“Of course, don’t be silly,” I said, and pulled her close to my side.

After that, we cuddled some then went to bed and made slow love. Amazingly, things returned to normal very quickly despite the outlandish night. We didn’t really talk about it anymore, as I think both of us didn’t want to verbalize the truth, the reality about our motivations and involvement. Thus, it was almost two months later when the next conversation occurred. It was a cool and rainy weekend, and we had nothing to do, so we ended up in bed just after lunch. Both of us were naked, and we were playing and teasing, but had not yet moved to making love.

“Tell me what you liked best,” I whispered into her ear.

Despite our limited discussion, she instinctively knew what I meant, and after backing away to look at me for a second, she smiled and said, “Virgil.”

“You went black,” I teased.

“Mmmm…he took me there,” she teased back.

“How many times did he make you cum,” I probed.

“Twice,” she replied, as she snuggled in close.

“And once with Hal,” I said.

“Mmmm…hmmm…and once with David,” she said softly.

“David? David gave you an orgasm?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes,” she replied and I felt her body stiffen defensively.

Knowing I needed a softer touch to get all the details, I backed my voice down, and said, “A good night for you.”

She rolled on top of me and as she pulled my dick to her opening, she said, “Yes, and if you would have got some too it would have been perfect.”

When I was inside, she made several quick moves and then slowed and began an easy rhythm while we looked at each other. I was surprised at her boldness, especially since we were on a subject where I thought she would still show some vulnerability. But, there was none there. Instead, she showed playfulness.

After several seconds of silence, as if reading my mind, she said, “Yes, I had an orgasm with him.”

“I didn’t see it,” I replied.

“You were busy with your girlfriend,” she said, giving me a pointed stare.

“She said I could have her anytime I wanted,” I explained, suddenly having the urge to tell all.

I had expected a surprised, maybe angry response, but she just smiled and said, “That’s what Virgil said, too.”

“I didn’t like you with David. I mean he was such a jerk, trying to do it with everyone, and all I could think about was his semen, his DNA, being inside you. His sperm trying to find your egg,” I told her.

She looked down at me as if she was contemplating my words then responded, Virgil’s were too.”

“I know, but I don’t have to see him again,” I answered.

“Okay, I understand,” she replied.

I was happy to let her be on top and do the work while I got to look at her beautiful face and body. She seemed happy too as she got to move at her pace and take us much or as little as she wanted. We made love that way for the next few minutes, and although we were silent, my mind continued to churn.

“Three guys,” I said softly.

“Don’t,” she replied and swatted me on the arm.

“Double your whole life in just a few hours,” I teased.

I had expected to be angry and disgusted by the events of the evening, and at first that’s exactly how I felt. But, as time passed, my feelings softened and were ever so slowly replaced by erotic memories. They covered the breadth of our experience, from watching others, to my own encounter, but the most powerful were the visions I continued to carry of Emily being taken. I recalled that Joanna had said that it was common for a new husband to fixate on his wife, and her message was certainly proving true with me.

“Be nice,” she said playfully, and took my chin in her hand.

“What about Chloe?” I asked, realizing I had never heard the details on her friend.

“Five…things were wilder for her,” she said.

“Wow…wow…” I said, thinking the cabana must have really turned into an orgy.

“How is she taking it?” I asked.

Even though Chloe had been over multiple time since the trip, I hadn’t spoken to Emily about her state of mind. I felt that David would be fine, but Chloe could be fragile, so I was concerned.

“She’s fine,” my wife answered quickly, and whether it was her movements, our talk or both, I could see she was becoming more intense.

“That’s good,” I answered perfunctorily.

“Mmmm…hmmm…” she moaned, and then followed with a message that truly shocked me, “They went back.”

“Back? To Dallas? To…you mean…to do it with others?” I asked.

“Yes…” she moaned, as she started going faster.

The connection between her statement and the movement of her body wasn’t lost on me, but I had to find out the details.

“Emily! Don’t leave me hanging…what happened?” I practically begged.

“Tell you later,” she replied, fighting back a smirk.

I knew she was toying with me, and I had had enough, so I quickly flipped her onto her back then pushed back inside.

“Uhhhh…” she grunted when I intentionally went deep.

“Tell me what happened,” I demanded as my hands grabbed her wrists and pushed her arms over her head.

“I was getting close…” she whined, and gave me a pouty look.

“Tell me. Tell me or I’m going to stop,” I threatened.

I could see the wheels spinning in her head as she tried to think of a clever response, but evidently failing, she finally started to explain, “They went back last weekend for a…a…gathering.”

“Chloe agreed?” I asked with surprise.

“Yes…yes, she did,” she responded, and then added, “They wanted us to go, but I said no.’

“Okay,” I said to acknowledge her message, then asked, “What happened?”

“You know what happened,” she said.

I had slowed our pace and was now barely moving as I tried to process the information. For a moment, I thought about us attending too, but quickly decided that Emily had made the right decision. However, I was still quite curious, particularly about her best friend’s participation. I couldn’t help but wonder if she let go again and had sex with multiple men.

“They were at Hal’s?” I asked, trying to understand the setting.

“No, somewhere else, but there were people there from before,” she said.

“What happened? I mean…what did she…uh…they do?” I probed.

“You mean how many men was Chloe with?” she replied, accurately sensing my thoughts, and without waiting for an answer, she continued, “She was with Raul, Virgil, and a new guy.”

“She took your black man. Are you jealous?” I teased.

“David got with your blonde girlfriend,” she stated, ignoring my question.

The message made me cringe, and I did feel a wave of jealousy sweep through my body. First Emily, now Joanna, it seemed to me like he was the crossing line, trespassing on me sexually. I wondered how the sex had gone, and whether she had enjoyed it the way she did with me.

“Okay…I see…” I finally replied, thinking I needed to say something.

“My God! You should see the look on your face. You’re jealous!” she declared, and then added in a sensual whisper, “You just can’t keep your women away from him.”

Her words caused me to start moving faster, and with her hands still securely in place above her head, I began to drive deeply into her, forcing all kinds of sexual sounds from her mouth.

“I wonder who Virgil liked better?” I said once I had regained my wits.

“Me,” she answered without hesitation, which surprised me.

“Why do you think so?” I asked, giggling a bit.

“He asked for my number. He comes here on business often,” she responded.

“That’s convenient,” I replied, thinking I might be getting played, then added, “Who will he choose? You or Chloe?”

“Why not both?” she whispered as she lifted her head for a kiss.

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