Obsession and Manipulation Ch. 02



The next day, when I went outside to check for signs of Raul, I was disappointed to see that the ground beneath the windows was undisturbed. Evidently, he was going to stay true to his word, and if I wanted to re-start his voyeurism, I would have to be forthright with the message.

Jordan’s period started right on time a few weeks later and her disappointment was easy to see. I had become so convinced that our night of unprotected sex had resulted in a pregnancy, I hadn’t bothered with condoms in the intervening weeks. I had to admit, it was a much better feeling to make love to my wife without the sheathing, and now I was faced with the decision whether to go back to using protection or accept Jordan’s desire to start a family.

When I reached for a condom, the first time we prepared to make love after her period ended, I thought she might start crying, and she protested vigorously. However, I just wasn’t ready, and although I tried to be patient and discuss it with her maturely, she ended up storming off. It was several days later that she reluctantly agreed to sex, and things remained tense.

“Maybe, we should go out this weekend,” Jordan said when the weather report was over.

The forecast was for clear skies and moderate temperatures. It did sound like it would be good conditions for her art, however what I found interesting was the fact that this was the first time in quite a while that she had suggested a visit. Of course, my radar pinged telling me that she was using her feminine wiles to try and manipulate some unprotected sex, although I was sure I could handle it.

It turned out we couldn’t get away until Saturday, so just before noon, we entered the ranch and were surprised to find my parents there. Like us, my mom had wanted to come out since it was going to be a nice day, although they were planning to leave mid-afternoon. The women arranged lunch, and afterwards while I was on the porch, my mother approached.

“I don’t think your being fair to Jordan,” she stated.

Now, my mom is a very straightforward person, and I’ve learned the best way to deal with her is to be equally forthright, so I responded, “It’s not your business, mom.”

“I’m just saying…” she started.

“Not your business,” I said, cutting her off.

She left in a huff, and for a while I was angry thinking about their conspiring. When my parents left, my mother made a point of glaring at me as she walked to the pickup. Jordan evidently had heard the outcome of the brief conversation, because she stayed clear of the subject, maintaining a low key until I drove her out to draw. She had selected a spot where a dry, rocky creek entered a pasture and decided to set up on some nearby high ground. To deal with the cool air, she was dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans looking decidedly unsexy. I suspected that any interest in resurrecting our exhibitionist play had vanished with my mother’s agitation, so I drove back to the HQ and flopped in front of the TV.

I had calmed some by the time I left to pick her up. She had done some nice work, evidently not as affected by the dust up as me, and when the Tahoe was loaded, she moved towards me in a seductive way.

“You give up on outdoor lovemaking?’ she purred.

“Not in the mood,” I answered, although her voice sounded enticing.

“Quit pouting,” she said, taking my hand and putting it on her sweatshirt covered breast.

“Jordan, c’mon,” I answered in a perturbed tone, even though I knew she was at least partially right.

“You sure? Maybe Raul is watching,’ she answered as she fought back a smile, then, unable to hold back she added, “Isn’t that what you want?”

I ignored her provocation, and climbed into the vehicle followed by her several seconds later, still fighting back her smile. We drove in silence, although several times I felt her eyes on me. I knew she felt completely in the right about wanting a child, and didn’t respect my position. To her, I was merely scared or selfish, and would eventually come around, especially with the help of my nosy mother.

When we got back, Jordan made for the shower while I grabbed a beer and returned to the TV. When she appeared thirty minutes later, wearing just a thong and t-shirt in the drafty house, I knew her plans were to use all her feminine charm to arouse and seduce me. In a certain way, I had to admire her confidence, although my thoughts quickly began to churn on a counter plan.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked, deciding to prod some.

“No, I’m fine,” she announced, although in turning, I could see her little nipples poking through the thin garment.

“What’s for dinner,” I replied.

“Pasta,” she said, and turned away.

All through the preparation, I was treated to glimpses of her firm rear as she paraded about. I could feel myself weakening, and when she asked me to open a bottle of wine, it brought me next to her where several times she brushed her breasts against my arm. The meal was tasty and I engaged enough that we could have a conversation, but when she was about to gather the dishes, she suddenly became quiet.

“Don’t you want a little Stevie in me?” she asked in a low, seductive voice.

“Yes, but not yet,” I explained for probably the 50th time.

“I know, I know…” she replied, then a strange look crossed her face and she added, “I really think you just want to play the game with Raul.”

“The game’s over,” I answered.

“The curtain was open last…did you talk to him?” she responded.

“He wasn’t outside last time,” I told her.

I had kept the knowledge I learned from the inspection to myself, as I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Hearing me, the confused look on her face began to change, and just for an instant, I swear I saw a look of disappointment.

“Oh…” she finally said.

“After that time…you know…when we talked we agreed it was over and I haven’t spoken to him since. I thought he might look in anyway, but he didn’t,” I elaborated.

“Okay, good,” she said, after contemplating my words.

I could see the wheels spinning in her head, and I sensed that she had planned to use the voyeurism, like before, to achieve her goal. A bit of the jauntiness left her step, which I found interesting, and it was entertaining to predict what her next step might be. I let her snuggle next to me on the couch, but for the next half-hour we watched TV in silence.

“Make love to me,” she whispered.

“It’s not the same when we aren’t being watched,” I replied.

It was a cheap shot, intended to get a reaction, however the one I got was not what I expected at all.

“Go get him then,” she replied, without hesitation.

I pulled away and looked at her and for several seconds we just stared, before I asked, “Are you serious?”

“Well, I want you in bed, and if that’s what it takes…” she responded.

I thought about the meaning of her words, and I even considered telling her that she would have to get him, but the developments were just too surprising to debate.

“Let me think about it,” I finally responded.

“Okay,” she said softly, and almost immediately her hand began to rub my chest.

Several minutes went by as I mulled it over, and then with a rapid movement, I stood and said, “I’ll be right back.”

I didn’t look back as I left, and quickly crossed the yard in the nippy air until I was standing in front of Raul’s door. Unquestionably it was wrong, especially since we had successfully ended the string of sordid, voyeuristic interactions. My head was filled with trepidation, yet my arm raised, and then it was knocking on the aluminum. Almost immediately, he opened it, and I could see he was still in his work clothes all the way to his boots. He had a strange look on his face, and with a lift of his head he beckoned my message.

“Uh…if you want to watch…” I started, but got tongue tied.

“Does she know?” he shot back after a moment of thought.

“Yes…” I said, providing the real message with all its connotations.

“Maybe…” he replied, and for a few seconds we held each other’s stare, then he slowly closed the door.

Jordan was still watching TV when I returned, but when I went to the bathroom, I could see that she had pulled back all the shades. Although I still thought it was mostly about her manipulation of me, I was beginning to feel that there might be something else, which took me back to the comment Raul had made after they talked. Was there a part of her, a tiny element, that was lost on me? Did she enjoy being on display? Was it something that sexually excited her?

“What did he say?” she asked when I joined her on the sofa.

“He said maybe. He’s confused I suspect,” I replied.

She digested the words, then leaned towards me and started to lightly kiss my ears, which she knew drove me crazy. Whether Raul showed or not, Jordan was ready, and it wasn’t long before she straddled my waist and pulled her t-shirt off. Her beautiful face, sweet lips and delightful nipples were now right before me, and I could literally feel the willpower drain from my body.

“C’mon,” she said after a few minutes, standing and pulling on my hand.

She led me straight to the bed and started clawing at my clothes. As soon as they were off, we fell back together and instantly began to entwine our bodies while our tongues danced in a deep kiss. Her body felt so warm and feminine that I knew I would struggle to stay in control, and when her mouth inhaled my dick, I groaned loudly.

“You tried so hard,” she said, stopping for a moment to look at me.

The smile on her face let me know she thought she had won, but the sensations I was experiencing made it something I had no interest in discussing. Rather, I just let her suck and fondle me while I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. Typically, Jordan only gets several minutes into oral sex before she gets so excited she wants the real thing, and this time was no different. With a sudden flurry, I felt her move and I opened my eyes just in time to see her crawl on top of me, and guiding my dick with her hand, she descended onto my shaft.

“Uhhhh…mmmm…” she sighed.

“I was enjoying that,” I stated in mock protest.

“Sorry, I can’t help it,” she fired back as she began to move.

Her pussy felt amazing, and the seductive look on her face, coupled with the sexuality of the rolling motion of her toned hips, quickly had me fully aroused. I knew that’s what she wanted, and that she hoped I would lose control and release my semen into her primed body. Women had been manipulating like this forever, and like countless men before me, I began to rationalize why it would be okay to let her have her way.

“Put on a show for him,” I demanded, as a sudden and irresistible urge struck me, that was immediately followed with, “Pinch your nipples.”

Jordan didn’t hesitate, as her fingers took each bud between them, while her pussy seemed to shudder just for an instant. I could swear she got even wetter too, but that might just have been my imagination as we were both in a sexual frenzy.

“Is he watching?” she asked, with her voice coming out low and husky.

“I don’t know,” I replied, then after several seconds as we stared at each other, I asked, “Should I check?”

Jordan didn’t verbally reply, but after several seconds her movements slowed until she stopped altogether. Our eyes maintained their hold, and deep inside I knew it was about something more than manipulating me. Whether she would admit it or not, I now knew that she wanted to be watched. I helped her lift from me, and then started for the window before a thought hit me and I turned and walked towards the front door.

“Honey…” I heard her soft voice call out, but I ignored it.

The cold night air hit my naked body, with a particular sting on my wet genitals, and I reached the corner just in time to see our ranch hand fumbling to put his cock back inside his pants. There was an awkward moment, as I’m sure he must have thought he was going to be chastised again.

“Uhhh…want to come in?” I asked, and then added nervously, “Its cold out.”

All I received in return was a simple nod, and together we walked inside. Jordan was where I left her, on the bed and completely exposed. However, when she saw Raul, almost like a reflex, one hand covered her mound while she positioned an arm over her breasts. We walked into the small bedroom, and while I took a seat on the bed, our visitor stood close by, completely dressed in his work clothes.

“Move your hands,” I told her, and when she didn’t respond, I tried again, “Jordan, move your hands.”

This time, she let them fall to her side, giving us an outstanding look at her tender, young body. Her nipples were still very erect, and her pussy was visible and open enough that we could see her wetness. She looked like a siren, a sexual being that no man would be able to resist.

“Steve…” she whimpered.

Sensing she was feeling extremely vulnerable, I moved onto the bed and between her legs. Then, with her hand helping, I found her opening, and with a gentle shove I was back inside. She gave out a low mew into my ear, but I wanted more, I wanted Raul to hear her cries of pleasure. So, after a slow withdrawal, I pushed back into her hard and fast plumbing the depths of her pussy.

“Ugghhhh…ohhhhh…” she cried out, with her voice filling the small room.

With that, the dam seemed to burst and any reluctance to show her arousal vanished. She openly whined and panted as we fucked to the point that I thought she might actually be trying to put on a show. However, her mannerisms, her hands and legs moving across my body, indicated to me that she was indeed highly excited, and when the sounds of her squishing, wet pussy became noticeable, I was totally convinced.

“God, you are so hot,” I said to her, openly.

“Ohhh…ohhh…it feels so good…” she answered, almost like she was in another world.

It had been several minutes since we started, and in that time Raul had become something of an afterthought. Now, when I took a quick glance towards him, I saw that he had shed his coat and was rubbing his cock through his jeans while he watched. For some reason, his interest re-energized me and I plowed into my wife with a new-found strength.

“He’s watching you,” I whispered to Jordan, trying to provoke a response.

“It’s what you wanted,” she gasped.

“No, baby. You wanted it too. Look at him,” I challenged her, annoyed with her attempt at deflection, and when several seconds went by with no effort from her, I pushed again, “Look at him.”

This time, I could see her head turn and look towards the Hispanic man with her gaze lingering for several seconds. Then, her eyes returned to me, while we continued to move, before she finally spoke.

“Please,” she whispered.

“Please what?” I asked.

“Please, don’t stop,” she replied.

“Do you like being watched?” I challenged her, in a voice Raul could hear.

“I’ll do it for you…” she started before I shut her off.

“Ssshhh baby…I asked if you like it,” I stated.

Rather than answer, she silently nodded her head, although I was sure that Raul was aware of her response. In truth, her admission didn’t surprise me, I strongly suspected it and felt a surge of excitement course through my body. Before I knew it, I was pumping into her with an animalistic force, rapidly driving towards a climax, and forcing all kinds of passionate sound from her mouth.

I came hard, deep within her waiting womb, and as spurt upon spurt of semen transferred, for just a moment, my thoughts went to Jordan achieving what she so desperately wanted. I had been so adamant, at least in my own mind, that I would not impregnate her, but now that it was done, I found myself quite comfortable with the concept. Completely spent, I fell to her side, and looking across her still heaving body, I saw Raul standing completely naked holding his cock in his hand. Strangely, my thoughts immediately went to how he had managed to undress undetected. However, as I thought about the last several minutes of our mating, I knew we had been so consumed that a freight train could have gone by without notice. At that exact moment, Jordan’s head rolled towards him and I saw that she too was now aware of his nudity.

Our position had Jordan between Raul and me, with me close at her side while he stood several feet away. The awkward silence created more discomfort than our nakedness, as we slowly became aware of the surreal situation. With my erotic desires vanquished with my release, I was considering the best way to get our guest to leave when he suddenly stepped forward. Without speaking, and while one hand still stroked his cock, he boldly reached out and cupped my wife’s breast in his hand.

“Huhhhh…” she gasped in surprise, but other than shooting a quick look towards me, she made no effort to thwart his touch.

Likewise, I felt frozen, although my hand, which had been resting on her hip, began slowly massaging her tummy in a comforting manner, as I processed things. Emboldened by the apparent acceptance of his advance, he moved his hand to her other breast, then began alternating between them while his fingers toyed with her nipples. For the first few seconds, Jordan’s eyes darted between Raul and me as if she was trying to determine my reaction, but as his touch continued her eyes settled on his roving hand, following the pattern it made across her chest.

Raul maintained his connection, and I was so mesmerized by the hypnotic movement, that I was stunned when I noticed Jordan’s body had started to respond. However, it wasn’t where his fingers met her skin. Instead, it was in her lower parts, with her hips now rolling in a slow undulation in rhythm with his touch. Raul must have noticed it too, because he stepped closer and his hands started moving faster. At the same time, my wife’s hand found mine and squeezed it, and once again she began to make darting glances between us.

“Uhhh…uhhh…” she whined shamelessly, when my hand drifted from her tummy to her swollen pussy.

Without protest, she spread her legs wide, providing a clear invitation to continue, as she enjoyed our combined attention. I knew she was extremely sexual excited, as she had been left short of an orgasm when I deposited my seed into her pussy. I wanted to see her climax, that was merely being unselfish as she needed and deserved the release, but a part of me also wanted to know her limit. Just how far I wondered would she go? She was receiving intimate caresses from another man, almost a stranger, with her husband at her side, and I now wondered whether my presence was empowering or limiting.

“Uhhh…not so hard,” she whined.

Raul had released his cock and now had a hand on each breast, and although I hadn’t seen it, I guessed his touch had become too aggressive. Still, it wasn’t enough for her to stop him, and we both continued to work her body, making it move seductively, while soft moans and sighs escaped her mouth.

Our ranch hand’s shaft, now free from his hand, bobbed above her body, and I could see that it was about the size of mine with perhaps a slightly larger girth. He had a thin matting of pubic hair, a waistline with a slight paunch, and a small drop of semen was parked at his opening, evidently too thick to be dislodged by gravity.

“Touch it,” I forced out in a hoarse voice.

Jordan looked first at me, then Raul, before her hand slowly reached out and softly took hold of his cock. Over the next few minutes, my fingers delved into her soaked slit, while our guest manipulated her pert breasts and she tugged on his shaft. All of us were excited, but my wife’s arousal was most noticeable as we progressed her through several higher states until she was freely moaning and writhing her body.

I had started out teasing her labia while occasionally dipping a finger inside, but had moved on to her nub, which I was gently circling. Suddenly, Raul released a breast, and with his right hand pushed mine away. Instantly, he sunk a finger completely inside her, then pulled upwards while bringing it out, which made her groan loudly. With him now in charge of my wife’s entire body, I fell back and watched the scene unfold as he eagerly worked her towards an orgasm.
His single penetrating finger was quickly joined by a second, and he maintained his rhythmic, upward pull on her pubic bone during each cycle. Jordan had abandoned all modesty, and her legs were now widely stretched, with one across my own, while from her mouth a litany of squeals, whines and moans escaped. My eyes were mostly glued to her squishing pussy, so I was taken by surprise when I looked up and saw her hand was now rapidly stroking Raul’s cock. However, he was having such an impact on her body that she couldn’t maintain her efforts for long.

“Give it to me,” Raul spat out in Spanish, then almost immediately followed with the same phrase in English.

“I’m trying,” my wife whimpered, completely consumed by lust.

“Give it,” he followed seconds later in a demanding voice.

His words seemed to have an effect, because Jordan began to arch her body, lifting off the bed until only her ass and shoulders were touching, like she was desperately trying to force something out. In addition, her breathing was now coming in ragged, labored pants. I was watching his fingers thrust mercilessly into her pussy when I saw the first discharge of fluid appear between his digits.

“More,” he called out in Spanish, and pulled on her nipple until it was extended almost an inch.

My wife cried out loudly, then her body became rigid and her breathing stopped. A second later she released more viscous fluid between his fingers, this time with more force. This was followed by a momentary relaxation of her body before it stiffened again and a gush shot forth several inches. I had heard about female ejaculation, but in all our time together I had never seen her do it. It mesmerized me, and it was Raul’s voice that startled me back to the moment.

“Fuck her. She needs dick,” he stated.

I moved over her without hesitation and was amazed by the open and very wet feeling of her pussy which was far different than anything I had experienced before. Jordan’s arms and legs quickly wrapped around me, and for a short time she had enough energy to meet my thrusts, although it quickly waned. It wasn’t long before I was moving into my completely spent and exhausted wife, as I felt her body going limp. Still, I wanted to cum in her and knew it wouldn’t take long, so I kept the best pace I could until I felt my balls tingle, and for the second time that night I was releasing into her unprotected body.

Jordan had been silent, save for some soft mews, for several minutes when I fell to her side. She was still lying prone with her full body on display, giving no sign she had the inclination or energy to move. When I looked up, Raul was still standing next to her, once more holding his cock in his hand. He had been silent while we were coupled, and I now wondered if he had ideas of fucking her too. It wasn’t something I wanted, especially now that my lust had been extinguished, but just when I thought I might need to say something, he started pulling rapidly on his shaft.

It didn’t long before I could see the telltale signs that he was about to cum, and seconds later, several thick, milky globs fell out of his cock in a small arc and landed across my wife’s breasts. Only then, did she open her eyes, and after several quick glances between us, her hand rose and she slowly began to rub the semen into her skin.

“I’m gone,” she whispered when she finished, letting me know she was completely spent.

“Okay, honey,” I replied.

I rose and tried to help her move beneath the covers while Raul dressed, but she was too exhausted, so I scooted her enough to get her out of the wet spot then covered her with a blanket.

“That was crazy,” I said to Raul, after we had dressed and moved to the living room.

“Maybe she got what she wanted,” he said.

“A baby?” I followed.

“Perhaps, more,” he replied.

With his words, I knew what he was trying to say, and realized that he might be correct. I had witnessed enough to know that my wife wasn’t an innocent bystander to events. Somewhere inside her was an interest, or an itch for something, that at the moment seemed to be about showing herself.

Jordan was purring in a contented sleep when I joined her twenty minutes later. Unfortunately, I was forced to sleep in the wet spot formed by her expelled juices; the thick flow of juices that had been brought forth by another man. It had easily been the wildest evening of sex I had ever experienced, but the more I thought about it, the more certain I became that it would have ramifications.

“Let’s go home,” Jordan demanded early the next morning.

Things had been tense since we got up, and I could tell she was feeling guilty about what had occurred. I had to admit that I too had misgivings and needed time to think it through, so we packed and left.

“Somethings wrong with me,” my wife announced when her next period arrived.

“Honey, it’s only been two tries…two cycles,” I responded.

“Maybe…but…I don’t know…I’m just ready and I was so sure…so sure this time,” she stammered.

“Sure that your wild night got you knocked up?” I smirked, which immediately brought a withering glare.

In the intervening weeks since that night, we had discussed the events many times. Jordan was ashamed, and although it took her a while to open-up, she finally explained it was the fact that another man’s touch had made her climax. Also, she had tried to shift all the blame to me, both as a result of my initial setups as well as the fact that I didn’t stop him from touching her.

For my part, I continued to question my motivations and the effect it might have on our relationship long-term. However, I didn’t want it to become an albatross, something that was such a negative that it dominated our thoughts, so I tried to introduce some levity. Once, I tried to remind her of her reaction to his touch, although my attempt was quickly cut-off and dismissed harshly, and another time, when I mentioned Raul’s ejaculation, the conversation ended with a similar outcome.

In one way, Jordan had achieved what she wanted, because now all our sex was unprotected. Mostly, it was my sympathy from her crestfallen reaction to not being pregnant, although there was also some guilt from the situation I had put her in. Unfortunately, another cycle would come and go without conception which only added to her angst.

Of course, I saw Raul routinely in the normal course of work, but the subject, save for some uncomfortable eye contact, was never broached and amazingly, within a week or so, it had mostly disappeared from my thoughts. Then, Raul departed for a three-week family visit, which left me to pick up the slack, and provided some solitary time for reflection. Jordan only accompanied me one time to the ranch and that was just for a day trip while Raul was gone. She sketched some, although she explained when I collected her that she couldn’t get in the right mood, which I suspected was from the lingering thoughts.

When her period started after yet another month, her frustration spiked once more, which resulted in her becoming moody and sulky. After several weeks of moping, I convinced her to come with me to the ranch on a Saturday where she could draw while I did some needed tasks. In truth, I thought she would benefit from getting out, although I knew it would be best to keep her away from Raul, who had been back for about a month.

“Honey, what would you think about getting tested? I mean both of us…” she asked.

We were halfway to our destination and had driven mostly in silence, so I knew from her question that she had been thinking about it for some time.

“Honey…Jordan…it’s only been a few months. Relax! Please, just relax,” I counseled.

“It wouldn’t hurt,” she said after several minutes.

“Look. If nothing happens in another couple months, then fine,” I acquiesced.

“Promise?” she asked, showing just a tiny hint of a smile.

“I promise, but please, relax. Everything will be fine,” I said.

My partial appeasement and words of encouragement had immediate effect as she became more talkative and lively as we continued the drive. By the time we arrived mid-morning, she had become somewhat animated about her art, engaging me in a discussion about where to setup and what to sketch. Early summer was settling in, and the afternoons were becoming hot and humid, so the plan was to go out immediately then return, rest and go out for a couple hours the following morning. Thus, after dropping a few things off at the house, I drove her to the spot she had selected.

“Maybe three hours,” she said when we had unloaded.

“Okay, I’ll see you then,” I answered, then left.

On the drive back, just for a moment, I thought about Raul, but with all that had occurred, I didn’t think he would try to find her. In fact, he didn’t even know our plans, so I suspected he was doing some chores someplace. Three hours later, after a snack and a nap, I collected my wife. However, when we returned just twenty minutes later, we spotted Raul who was standing next to his truck parked just twenty yards from the house. As soon as we drove up, I knew I would have to acknowledge his presence, but expected Jordan to demure. So, I was quite surprised when she followed me after we got out.

“What’s up?” I asked when I was a few feet away.

“Nothing really, just finished putting some feed out,” he answered.

Jordan, was wearing shorts and a short-sleeved blouse, and the heat had put a slight sheen of perspiration on her body which looked enticing. Raul didn’t hesitate to look her over as if his encounter with her had bestowed on him a special privilege.

“How is Lupe?” my wife asked, nervously.

“I just found out that she is once more pregnant,” he stated.

There was an immediate non-verbal reaction from Jordan as her body stiffened followed by her shoulders slumping. I knew it brought forth the issue that had been messing with her mind, and that she would find Raul’s success after just a brief visit completely unfair.

“Oh, well…congratulations,” she said putting on a good face.

“Yes, that great. How many does that make?” I asked.

“Six,” my wife responded before he could.

As I suspected, when we were in the house just a few minutes later, she immediately went to the subject.

“Six…” she said, obviously intending her lingering word to prompt a discussion.

“Six is too many,” I replied, unsure of what else to say.

“It’s better than none,’ she responded while looking at me with sorrowful eyes.

“Stop! Please stop! You’re driving me crazy. There will come a time when you will laugh at how you are acting, trust me. But, for now, please, please stop!” I implored her, although I knew my words had a bit too sharp an edge.

“Do you think so?” she asked after contemplating my message.

“Yes! And let me tell you what else. After all this, if I decide I want ten, you’re going to have ten!’ I declared.

“No more than eight,” she answered, but I was happy to see a smile fill her face.

“Okay. Let’s start now,” I said, taking her by the arm.

Jordan was happy to let me guide her to the bed, and by the time we got there my dick was almost fully hard, as for some reason, all the pregnancy talk was getting me worked up. We made love twice and I fired semen into her both times with the second release coming as a result of the excitement I felt from watching her have a nice orgasm. After that, we fell asleep.

Later, I awoke to the sound of the shower, but turned over and went back to sleep. When I finally did rise, the house was quiet, and thinking she might be on the porch, I pulled back the curtain. Jordan wasn’t on the porch as I suspected. Instead, she was talking to Raul near his truck dressed in her running clothes, which consisted of small, tight shorts and a snuggly fitting top. I knew from experience that the attire showed her body to great advantage leaving little to the imagination, and for some reason, even though he had seen her completely nude, I thought the scene before me was quite risqué.

I let the curtain drop until it was barely open and watched while they continued their interaction. Even from my distance, I could tell that he would occasionally look her over in an open, leering manner that she had to notice. However, if she did, it wasn’t showing as she appeared comfortable and unthreatened. At least, that was how she was acting until he placed his hand on her hip. Quickly, her hand went to his and after what appeared to be some gentle prodding, he released his hold. Still, it was at least another minute until she turned and began walking down the road. I could see Raul’s eyes locked on her ass, and his hand went to his crotch where he either rubbed his cock or pushed it into a better position. When my eyes went back to Jordan, she had broken into a trot and was rapidly leaving my sight. I was left to ponder how they had met, what they had discussed and what message my wife had delivered in response to his advance.

I was on the couch, thinking about what I had seen and halfway through a beer, when over the sound of the A/C, I heard Raul’s truck fire up. I got to the window just in time to see him disappear in the direction Jordan had left, and instinctively, I felt like a rendezvous was going to take place. The question was whether it was planned or if it was a unilateral decision by the Mexican man. I reached for my keys, thinking I should follow, but when I reached the door, I stopped. For the next several minutes, a debate went on in my head, but in the end, I returned to the couch. However, ten minutes later, unable to remain still, I made it into the cab of the Tahoe before once again pausing then returning to the house. My action, or lack of action, resulted in a strange, numb feeling in my body, as I thought about my motivation and desires.

I heard the pickup return about thirty minutes after it left, and looked out just in time to see Raul disappear towards his trailer. It was another forty minutes before my wife appeared, opening the door while breathing heavily just as I was about to go looking for her. She smiled and moved past me towards the bathroom, and I heard the shower start. Now, my mind was filled with lurid thoughts as I contemplated what might have occurred. I considered inspecting her clothes for signs of something, anything, but they were safely inside the small room with her.

“How far did you go?” I asked when she appeared in her robe.

“Probably, five miles,” she declared, which would account for her time and be in keeping with her normal routine.

“Wasn’t it hot,” I probed, looking for a sign.

“Very,” she responded, and moved to the fridge for a bottle of water.

“See anything,” I followed.

For just a fraction of a second, before she shook her head, something swept through her eyes, and then it was gone. It was so fast and faint it left me wondering whether it really had occurred or if it was merely a figment of my sordid imagination. She quickly finished the water, then grabbed another bottle and joined me on the couch where we watched TV and idly chatted.

“We’re going to make love again,” she suddenly announced.

“Okay. Right now, or should we schedule a time?” I laughed.

“Later. I’m just saying,” she answered with a strange gleam in her eye.

The brief exchange set the tone for the evening, and as soon as she finished her water she switched to wine. An hour later, we had shared a snack tray while she downed two glasses and was now feeling good.

“Get more comfortable,” she demanded, reaching for the button on my jeans.

“Why, baby? Is it time for our appointment?” I teased.

“Just get them off,” she replied.

I took them off, so that I was now in briefs and a polo shirt, and Jordan snuggled close as soon as I sat down. We began kissing while our hands roamed, and I soon found that she was naked beneath the robe. After several minutes, with an intent to slow things down, I broke away and went to get her another glass. She gave me an impish smile when I handed her the wine, while making sure her lovely, taut body remained on display. Halfway through her drink, just as it was becoming dark, I pulled her close to me.

“Mmmm…” she purred into my mouth when our lips met.

“Did he touch you?” I whispered to her when we broke.

“What?” she asked in surprise, but I could tell when the words sunk in because she hid her face in my neck.

“Did he touch you?” I asked again.

“Who?” she asked in a squeaky voice.

“Did he touch you?” I said more deliberately.

I could feel Jordan starting to squirm and knew that there was a story, but it took almost a minute before she replied, “I didn’t…we didn’t…we didn’t do it.”

“Did he touch you,” I repeated in the same insistent voice.

This time, after only a brief pause she said, “Yes.”

“Tell me what happened,” I probed.

“He…I mean…he saw me go running and I guess he followed…and…well…he came up behind me in his pickup and I stopped,” she started, then took a deep breath before continuing, “And…we talked…and…he started using his hand to…uhhh…to touch me some.”

“You let him fondle you?” I asked.

“Well, I guess he just did,” she answered nervously.

“You told him no?” I clarified.

“Uhhh…I did say no…I mean…I did,” she replied.

I pushed her back so I could look into her face, then holding her head in my hands, I asked, “Did you fuck him?”

“No…no, I didn’t!” she declared.

“Where did he touch you?” I followed.

It took multiple further questions to decipher her disjointed explanation until I was able to determine that our ranch hand had gotten my wife to remove her top and sports bra so that he could play with her breasts. He had tried to get her to do the same with her shorts, telling her he just wanted to lick her pussy, but he was unsuccessful and had to settle for snaking his hand down the front and fingering her. The encounter had lasted about ten minutes, but she was adamant that he had remained fully clothed.

“Then he just stopped?” I asked.

“I said I needed to go,” she answered.

“Did you touch him?” I followed.

“He kept his clothes on…” she started before I cut her off.

“Did you touch him?” I pushed, and when she didn’t reply I knew the answer.

“I’m sorry,” she croaked, then followed with, “But, just on the outside.”

“What were you talking about with him in the yard?” I asked, changing subjects and catching her off guard.

“You…,” she started, caught herself, then continued, “He was there when I went out, and I…we said hi…and started talking about Lupe and his kids.”

“What else,” I said.

“Mostly that…I said we were trying,” she said.

The way the octave of her voice dropped with the second part of her response, indicated to me that there was more about the subject that she wasn’t admitting.

“And what did he say to that?” I asked.

Jordan took a deep breath, and with her eyes locked on mine, she replied, “He said I should go to his trailer and he would help.”

“To knock you up?” I said, even though I knew the answer.

“Yes…he said seven was his lucky number,” she whispered.

“Did he make you cum again?” I asked.

“No…” she said, but in a voice that left room for doubt.

“And that’s why you’re so horny now,” I pushed.

“No, that’s not true,” she fired back, but the tone in her voice made me think she was trying to convince herself as much as me.

We stared at each other without speaking, as the seconds ticked by, and I could see in her eyes that she was nervous, bordering on panic. However, when I glanced down and saw her skin was flushed and her small nipples were erect, I reached a decision.

“Go get him,” I demanded.

“What? No…no honey,” she protested.

“Yes, go get him,” I said in the same even voice I had used throughout our conversation.

“Why? It doesn’t make any sense,” she said.
“Go get him,” I said again.

“Just tell me why?” she countered.

“So, he can lick you,” I explained.

Again, we stared at each other in silence for several seconds before she said, “That’s all?”

“Yes…that’s all,” I confirmed.

Jordan closed her eyes, took a deep breath then rose, but as she was moving towards the bedroom, I stopped her.

“Don’t change. Go like that,” I said.

“Honey…” she started, but caught herself, and then with a sigh said, “I need shoes.”

She left the living room, then quickly reappeared wearing some simple sandals. Without looking at me, and with her robe held together tightly, she left. I got to the window just in time to see her crossing towards the sheds in the final stages of dusk. As she left my sight, I wondered how quickly she would return. That she would collect him I was certain, but I knew there was a good chance he might try to take advantage of the situation first. Five, and then ten minutes elapsed, with me checking the window often, before I saw a flickering light moving my way, and soon I was able to make out Raul and Jordan walking side by side. As they grew closer, I could see that they were talking, and contrary to my expectations, the expression on my wife’s face showed no apparent distress.

“Hey man,” he said to me when he entered.

“You want a drink?” I asked, for some reason feeling like I needed to play host.

“Nahh…I want to do what I’m here for,” he stated boldly, and I could see Jordan flinch in my peripheral vision.

With a nod of acceptance from me, he put his hand behind my wife and directed her towards the bedroom. I decided to stay behind for a minute, but it wasn’t long before my curiosity took over, and stepping into the room I could see he hadn’t wasted any time. My wife was naked, laying on the bed with a pillow under her head, and her ass was pulled right to the edge. Raul was between her legs, still fully clothed in his standard work things, licking up and down the inside of her thighs, seemingly content to take his time. When I entered, Jordan’s eyes had been looking towards the ceiling, but when she spotted me, we connected. It was a firm stare that lasted for at least a minute, but near the end I could tell she was losing concentration, and looking down I saw that our guest was now running his tongue through her slit.

I watched as Raul worked her pussy with his tongue alternating between long, slow strokes along her slit and rapid, flicking contact with her clit. Jordan’s legs opened in several steps until she was presenting herself completely to the Mexican ranch hand. I was so mesmerized by his work that it was with some surprise that I realized her sounds were now filling the room. Her moans and whines let us both know that he was taking her to an ever-higher state of excitement.

“Steve…no more…make him stop…” she suddenly called out.

However, the look on her face and the way her body continued moving told me that she didn’t really want it to end. Instead, I took her hand in mine and caressed it to try to soothe her psyche. However, seconds later I felt her nails dig into my palm and fresh cries leave her mouth. Looking down, I saw that Raul was now rapidly pistoning two fingers into her hole while his lips and tongue concentrated on her clit. Her thighs and mound glistened from the wetness, reflecting the dim light in the room, and a slurping sound was easily heard.

“I…oh…ohhh…it’s too much…too much…” she cried out.

She let go of me and tried to use her hands to help her scoot away, but Raul caught her by the legs and pulled her back.

“Hold her down,” he commanded, and for some reason, I responded and put my hand on her shoulders.

“No…nooo…too much Steve…oh God…it’s too much,” she pleaded and tried to push me away.

I could see her body twisting, but Raul’s grip was strong and together we kept her in place. For the next minute, she emitted strange squeals that were difficult to comprehend, and I wasn’t sure whether they were borne from pain or pleasure. Suddenly, with no warning, her body went completely limp.

“I…I’m not going to do this,” she declared, and when I didn’t immediately respond, she reiterated the message, “Steve, I’m not!”

The change caught me off guard and it took me several seconds to process it. For his part, Raul showed no interest in slowing and proceeded in a way that made me think he was oblivious to what was occurring. Staring into her eyes, I sensed turmoil, confusion, and desperation along with a glint of exhilaration that belied her words. In addition, she constantly licked her lips, and it appeared she was using all her willpower to force her body to remain still.

“No stopping,” I whispered.

I received another look that was difficult to understand, before in a very faint voice she whined, “Steve…”

Almost immediately, her eyes closed and the tension in her body began to return. I watched while she bit her lower lip, and slowly over the next several minutes her sounds returned until she was openly and unashamedly responding to Raul’s efforts. I was left to ponder whether my words were taken as a command or permission, but for the moment it didn’t seem to matter.

“She’s ready to cum,” Raul stated not long thereafter.

He had returned to flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue, which was moving across her nub at an amazing speed. I hadn’t seen a change in my wife and was wondering why he had made the announcement, when suddenly, her body stiffened, her tummy drew in and she started thrashing her head which made her brown hair fly about. Accompanying the movements, was a series of high pitched squeals. The whines grew louder and louder, then ceased for a moment, leaving the room in silence save for the wet noise from her pussy, and were replaced seconds later with a deep guttural groan that morphed into a grunt. I looked between her legs just in time to see a squirt of fluid exit her opening and coat Raul’s chin. Like before, a series of convulsions followed in time with the spasms in her body and with each cycle more of her juices were flung across his face. He didn’t seem to mind at all, indeed, he seemed to revel in her taste.

“Ohhh…ohhh please…please…” my wife whimpered.

I was about to let go of her shoulders when Raul barked, “Keep holding her down.”

When he saw I still had my hands in place, he returned his attention to her pussy. I knew from experience that Jordan, like most women, became very sensitive after an orgasm, and I suspected he was well aware of this too. So, it left me wondering exactly where he was headed. The expression on Jordan’s face told the story, as I watched it change to a point that she appeared to almost be in pain, and she tried several times to push my hands away, but her strength was gone.

“Oh my God…Oh God…please…” she started, but in mid-sentence she gasped loudly, bucked her body, then cried out, “Not there…nooo…”

I quickly looked over and saw that Raul’s index finger was now slowly stroking into my wife’s ass. He looked up at me with a smile then began flicking her clit again with his tongue while his finger kept up the anal assault. As he continued to work her, the tension in her body evaporated. Now, she was just a whimpering mass of flesh seeking sexual fulfillment.

“Ohhh…ohhh please…God please…” she wailed, and her next words left no doubt where she was, “Ohhh…I need it…please…I need it…”

Her words weren’t lost on Raul either, because I watched as he suddenly rose and while staring down at her he unbuckled his pants. Then, he moved over her as he pushed his pants down, and with a look bordering on psychotic, I saw her reach for his cock and pull him to her swollen opening. For some reason, I stood in place, stunned and unable to move, but when I heard their combined groans, signaling the connection, I just walked out.

As soon as the door closed behind me, I sucked in the warm night air and shook my head as if the simple motion would help return my sanity. Part of me expected, or hoped, Jordan would come after me, but with each passing minute I knew it was becoming increasingly unlikely. Needing to do something, to move, I began to walk down the dusty ranch road. However, after traveling a hundred yards, I headed back knowing where I needed to be.

As soon as I opened the door, the sounds coming from the room let me know what was taking place. My wife was grunting rhythmically, but it was the loud squeaking of the bed springs that told me Raul was still fucking her. Sure enough, when I stepped through the doorway, I saw him on top of her, with her legs and arms wrapped around his body while he thrust into her at a rapid pace.

It was clear she was an active participant, and that there was no force on his part. My wife, driven by her lust, her exhibitionist desires or perhaps even her maternal drive was opening her unprotected womb to the ranch hand. I was left to wonder whether she was in a state where she could appreciate the consequences, and was about to stop him, when he began to grunt loudly and I knew it was too late, his proven seed was already entering my wife.

Seven, Raul spat out several times in Spanish before finally saying clearly in English, “Seven…”

“Yes…uhhh yes…oh yes…” I heard Jordan emit in a low, lusty moan as if responding to his announcement.

Her hands moved quickly from his shoulders to his ass where they visibly pulled on him as if to milk the last morsel of life giving fluid. It was raw and shameless, but despite witnessing my wife’s sordid participation, I immediately felt guilty for not intervening for the few short minutes it took the Mexican man to claim his prize.

Raul slowed, and then finally stopped, although they stayed tightly wrapped and still, save for the heaving of their chests as they struggled for air. I wasn’t sure what I expected next, maybe for Jordan to regain her senses or for Raul to accept his victory and dismount, but I certainly didn’t think they would start again. However, I saw him slowly begin to move, and as he picked up speed, my wife let out a long moan that signaled her acceptance.

Mere moments ago, I would have declared him spent, but he had somehow regained his strength, aided no doubt by the opportunity to bed a beautiful, young married woman. He continued to increase the pace until he was pounding mercilessly into Jordan, but rather than causing her distress, by her sounds I could tell she was moving quickly towards another orgasm. It reminded me of the message she had tried to convey to me many months ago, although now it was Raul who would experience her pleasure of submissive sex.

“Oh God…oh God…it’s good…it’s so good…” I heard her whimper.

“Let it happen,” he demanded, with his Spanish accent adding a strange dimension.

When I saw her nails dig into his ass and her legs begin to rise, I knew she was very close, and seconds later it hit.

“Ohhhh…ohhh please…please don’t stop…please…unnggghhh…unnggghhh…” she moaned loudly.

I watched her cum hard and I knew at that moment her pussy was in the middle of a spasm that was taking his semen deeper into her fertile regions. If there was an egg present in her womb, it was no doubt now completely surrounded by his thick cum and may in fact already be accepting the transfer of the Hispanic man’s DNA.

My wife’s climax must have put Raul over the top, because for the second time in just minutes, I watched as the muscles in his ass tightened and with a loud grunt he fired into her again.

“Ughhhh…uggghhhh…ugghhhh…” he cried out over and over until he finally stopped.

Once more, I watched as their bodies heaved in an attempt to breath, but this time, he soon rolled off. I could see that his entire groin was covered in a frothy mixture, while her splayed open legs revealed her well-fucked pussy still showing a quarter-size opening.

Jordan’s eyes were tightly shut and her tummy was still rising and falling heavily in the aftermath of the sex. Her right hand slowly moved down to her pussy, and while I stood at the door, I watched her run her fingertips along the length of her slit. Instinctively, I knew she was reveling in the last vestiges of the mating, coaxing the last bit of feeling from her body. However, when she finally opened her eyes and saw me, it was like all her senses instantaneously returned. Her hand quit it’s stroking and covered her opening while a shocked and embarrassed look came to her face,

“Honey…Steve…please…” she called out when I started to turn, and as I moved from the door I heard her say, “Steve…please…”

I was on the couch when she appeared a few minutes later, now covered by her robe. She sat next to me and took my hand while looking into my eyes.

“Please don’t,” she said, and then followed with, “Don’t make me feel bad.”

I opened my mouth several times to reply, but each time the words either seemed silly or I was concerned about maintaining control. Finally, I just stood, lifted her to her feet, and directed her back to the bedroom. Raul, was on his back, stretched out across the bed, and showed no sign of worry. He was slowly stroking his cock which somehow seemed to be about half-hard. I directed her next to the bed, looked between the two and then spoke.

“Hey, she’s yours for the night,” I told him, and gave him her hand.

“Steve…no!” she cried out, now evidently feeling remorse, and as I walked away I heard her say, “Let me go.”

I closed the door behind me, and although I continued to hear muted pleas from her, I ignored them and turned on the TV to drown out the sound. Slowly, the sounds dissipated, and although I expected at any time to see my wife leaving the bedroom, I remained alone. It was almost an hour later when I heard noises from the room that caught my attention, and muting the TV, I heard the unmistakable sound of bedsprings squealing. Once again, my beautiful wife was being mated, and I immediately wondered who had initiated the coupling.

I ended up in the other bedroom without Jordan ever appearing, leaving me to wonder whether she was a completely willing participant. It wasn’t until I woke the next morning to an empty house that I had the answer. I knew where I would find her, but rather than rush to the camper, I forced myself to remain calm and made some coffee. Half a pot later, I went to get her, knowing what I would find, while telling myself to stay in control.

It took almost a minute after I knocked on the aluminum door for Raul to answer. He was naked, and looking at his cock, I was not surprised to see his pubic hair matted and crusted. Peering into the small space, I spotted my wife on the makeshift bed eyeing me from beneath a faded blanket. I had expected to find her nervous and concerned, so I was surprised when her eyes communicated to me a look of contentment.

“Maybe a little longer,” our ranch hand said.

I gave Jordan another look, but her expression hadn’t changed, so I replied, “Fine.”

As I finished the rest of the coffee, I knew that at that moment my wife was once again being fucked. There was no telling how many times she had been inseminated that night, although I was certain of a least three. Over an hour later, I was looking out the window when I spotted her coming towards the house. She was alone, barefoot and clutching her robe together as she walked. I thought about the Mexican man sending her back by herself, but realized he had taken what he wanted and now was returning her used, fulfilled and perhaps very pregnant. I had the door open when she arrived, and now she had the look I had expected, nervous with an element of fear as well.

“Hi,” she said in a tiny voice.

I just nodded my head, as I wasn’t sure if I started to speak if I would be able to stop, and she passed by me, filling my nostrils with the pungent smell of sex. We locked eyes for a moment, but when I didn’t speak she shrugged and made for the bathroom. She remained there for well over an hour, and I sensed part of it was her attempt to wash the shame and sin from her body. When the shower finally stopped, it was another thirty minutes before she appeared, and when she did, I was struck by how she looked. Somehow, in my mind, I had expected the situation to mark her, much like a scarlet letter. Instead, I had to admit she looked fresh and beautiful, as if all that had occurred had been a dream.

“Let’s pack up,” I said.

“Honey, can we talk?” she asked.

“In the car,” I replied, tersely.

We had been driving for fifteen minutes, and I could see her fidgeting nervously, so I wasn’t surprised when she asked to talk again.

“Honey, please,” she said, when I stonewalled her with silence after her first request.

“Okay, fine. Tell me everything that happened,” I demanded.

“You know what happened,” she answered meekly.

I knew she wanted to probe motivation and reasons, which I did as well, but first I wanted common ground on knowledge.

“I want every detail…everything,” I replied.

“Why?” she asked.

“Jordan, I’m not going to argue,” I replied.

“Well, you made me! You made me get him!” she screamed.

“I didn’t make you fuck him!” I yelled back.

Our mutual outburst led to more silence and it was another ten minutes before she finally spoke again.

“What do you want to know?” she asked.

“Everything…how many times did you do it?” I replied.

There was a pause, as if she was recalling things, before she said, “Five.”

“He came in you five times?” I responded.

“He only did four,” she whispered, recognizing the dirtiness of her admission.

“And you? How many times?” I probed.

“Three,” she replied.

“What else Jordan? Don’t make me pull everything out of you. This is your one chance. I don’t want to find out anything later,” I demanded.

“That’s it…isn’t it enough?” she answered.

“Yet, you wanted to stay this morning for more. When I came for you, you still hadn’t had enough,” I reminded her.

“You gave me to him. Gave away your wife,” she countered.

Her words were true, but in my defense, the damage had already been done when I made that decision. As I continued to think through the events, something else crossed mind.

“Did he make you cum this morning? After I came to the trailer?” I asked.

This time, her only response was a slow nod as she looked at the floorboard, and afterwards we drove in silence until we reached the outskirts of town.

“I…I need to go to the pharmacy,” she said.

I knew the reason, and I knew she was indeed correct. No matter how out of control our night had been, I was certain I didn’t want her to give birth to another man’s child, so I pointed the SUV in the right direction. Five minutes later, we were there and when I pulled into a space near the front, she gave me a pleading look.

“You should come in with me,” she stated.

“Why?” I asked, sincerely confused.

“A married woman shouldn’t be buying it and they’ll think something is going on,” she explained.

“Something is going on,” I replied, making no effort to get out.

“Please?” she tried again.

“No, Jordan. You spread your legs for him, you deal with it,” I answered.

With that, she opened the door, and I could tell she was fighting back tears. She was gone for only a few minutes and returned with a bag in her hand. Without speaking, we headed for home, and I think both of us were relieved when we reached its safe confines.

“Making sure I take it?” she asked ten minutes later, as I loitered behind her near the bathroom.

“Do I need to?” I replied, sarcastically.

It was the last straw for her and she turned and launched on me, “Look, knock it off. I made a mistake. We made a mistake. But, you kept pushing. You made me get him and then you gave me away. Gave me away! And none of this would have happened if you could do your job and get me pregnant!”
The vitriol in her words stunned me, and I was momentarily on my heels until I collected myself and fired back, “Let’s see…you played make out while jogging. I had nothing to do with that. Nothing! Then, you get horny as hell, and he’s between your legs fucking you. Again, I had nothing to do with that. And how do you know it’s me? Maybe, you can’t get knocked up!”

Quickly, she was in tears, and replied, “Well fine then. I just won’t take the pill!”

With that, she ran to our bed and collapsed in a ball with her body shaking. Suddenly, with my anger departing, I knew I had screwed up. She was right in the fact I was culpable in putting her in a compromising position, then giving her away like a sex slave. Plus, I had never been able to hold my anger when she became upset, and my immediate reaction was to go to her, embrace her and apologize. Still, I wasn’t completely guilty, so I held back a little.

“Jordan,” I said in my best soothing voice, while putting my hand on her back.

“What?” she replied, in a voice filled with a mixture of frustration and guilt.

“Look, I’m sorry. Screaming at each other and making accusation isn’t going to get us anywhere,” I said.

“I know! Quit being so mean. I feel bad enough already,” she replied.

“Okay, Jordan. Come on, just turn over so I can see you,” I said.

Slowly, she turned until she was facing me, and with my arm over her body, an awkward silence enveloped us. Several times, I started to speak, but each time I stopped because I didn’t think my words were right. I sensed Jordan was in a similar place, wondering how and where to begin. Finally, knowing we had to start somewhere, I forced the words out.

“Look, I want to talk about it, but I really don’t know what to say,” I said, sincerely.

“Say you love me…start there,” she responded in a whisper.

“I do love you, but damn…what is happening? It just seems…like we…I…have no control,” I said.

“I think we’re both sick,” she answered, and took my arm and pulled it so we were wrapped more tightly.

We were talking, although not really communicating, and I knew that at some point, we had to be honest with each other. I thought about waiting until tomorrow or maybe even later in the week, but besides wanting to clear the air, I also had a deep desire to understand what had transpired in my wife’s brain. So, I decided to try and bring it all to the surface.

“Jordan, I think we need to talk…talk and be honest,” I said.

“I know,” she replied, then after a pause, she added, “You go first.”

Amazingly, that simple phrase made us both laugh and somehow broke the ice. Suddenly, the fear of judgment was gone and in its place was a desire on both our parts to express our thought and feelings. We had a quick and lively banter about how to proceed and in the end it was decided that we would each state our view, without interruption, and then we could ask questions. Of course, she still insisted I go first.

“Okay, well I guess we have talked about it some, you know, about Raul watching. And yes, at first, I was sneaky, and I was wrong, but you seemed to get into it too. I mean, I know part of it was just manipulation to get me to do it without a condom, but I thought there was something else, too. That part was so wild to think about and then all the things started to happen, he touched you, then he took you to draw and you sketched him, and then you met him when you went jogging. I don’t know, it all kept building, and it was so erotic, because it was so different, that I guess I just couldn’t keep control. And then…when I saw him on you…and heard you…I did lose control, I lost my head,” I said, doing my best to be honest and describe my feelings, and after a moment, I added, “I didn’t really capture it all correctly, but I think it’s the best I can do right now.”

“Thank you for trying,” she answered, and paused before continuing with a deep breath, “I thought you were crazy. I mean…showing your wife. And, you’re right, I did try to manipulate you, and I think somehow let things get out of hand. I…I…admit I was kind of interested in where your mind was in the watching…and…you let him touch me and it was so weird…but it was kind of exciting, too.”

“Go on,” I prodded when she stopped, knowing there was more.

“I don’t know…it was suddenly like some kind of forbidden fruit…a place I wasn’t supposed to go, but every time you pushed, somehow a little more happen,” she explained.

I thought her last statement was an intentional avoidance of something deeper, while trying to shift the responsibility all onto me, and after thinking about it for a few seconds, I decided to probe some more, “Jordan, you took the initiative on some things. Coming to the ranch unannounced, letting him take you to draw, sketching him, and being fondled. Where did that come from?”

“I…I…don’t know…” she replied.

“Tell me. It’s important,” I pushed.

Silence followed, and I let her take her time before she finally said, “It was just all tied up in the same thing…”

I realized my pushing was making her nervous, resulting in her vague answers, so I backed off and hugged her close.

“I’m sorry, let me slow down,” I said.

“Please,” she whispered.

There was more in my head. I recalled the look on her face as Raul took her and it was clear she was an active and involved participant. I knew it was part of what she was hiding, but also realized that any admission from her would be difficult to get. So, rather than talk, I began to slowly caress her body with the intent to return to the questions when she was in a more relaxed state.

It took a good ten minutes of attention to get her to engage with me in cuddling and kissing, although just when I was about to question her again she began to show signs of wanting to make love. Deciding it was a good thing, given all that had occurred, I went with her lead and soon we were working on each other’s clothes.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned when my stiff dick found its home.

I was on top of her, between her open legs, and she was playfully stroking the back of my thighs with her feet. I held still and licked her erect nipples, and then slowly began to move.

“You feel so good,” I whispered to her.

“Tell me you love me,” she begged.

“I do love you,” I replied, which brought a hug and a kiss, and for the next several minutes I concentered on the rhythm of our connection, but when I felt the moment was right, I said, “Honey?”

“Yes…” she purred.

“Did you enjoy being with Raul?” I asked, and felt her body instantly stiffen.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“When did you know you wanted him?” I asked, shifting gears.

“Sssshhh…let’s make love,” she whimpered.

“When?” I tried again.

“When you made me…” she started, but I interrupted before she could finish.

“No honey, it was when he told you he had six kids,” I stated.

“No…” she started again, but once more I cut her off.

“Yes, it is. That’s when you let him touch you. That’s when you came out to the ranch by yourself. That’s when you sketched him and that’s when he got to have you. You decided he was a stud instead of just some worker from Mexico,” I said.

“No…I got caught up in your crazy watching thing and it went too far. Now, I feel stupid,” she answered.

I didn’t respond, deciding that it wasn’t the time for a debate. Instead, I concentrated on making love to my wife and it wasn’t long before my balls tightened and I released a load of semen. Jordan, didn’t climax, in fact I don’t think she got anywhere close, but she seemed relieved and satisfied by our connection. A few minutes later, as I lay satiated and close to sleep, I felt her get up, and seconds later I heard a ripping sound from the bathroom that told me she was preparing to take her pill.

“Both tests have come back and there are no issues,” the fertility specialist declared, and then continued, “We see this all the time. Couples that don’t immediately get pregnant often fear the worst, but usually it’s just nature. It’s just a matter of time.”

Jordan’s angst was so high and relentless that I finally decided that it would be best for our relationship if we went through the testing. I had expected the message we had just received, so I showed no outward reaction, but Jordan instantly acted like a monumental weight had been taken from her shoulders.

“Really? Okay…that’s good then…okay,” she gushed.

“Yes, it is. Just relax, that’s the best thing you can do,” the doctor added.

With that, we left the office and made our way to the shopping district. Our appointment had been in a city about an hour from our town, so we decided to make the most of the trip and hit some stores. Now, with my wife in a good mood, I knew my credit cards would incur some damage. Four hours later, after enjoying an early dinner, we headed back.

“Now, you don’t have to use Raul as a donor,” I teased.

“You’re not funny,” she fired back, with a faux scowl.

Since the night with Raul, we had talked often and reached the point where it was an open subject. I continued to state she was, at least in part, sexually motivated by his prodigious track record, while she maintained her stance that it all occurred as a result of my fantasy run amok. Regardless, both of us had managed to steer away from the vortex of anger, jealousy, and accusation, which allowed us to quickly regain our relationship.

“I was just trying to be practical,” I said.

“He has more value than just being a donor,” she replied, and when I shot her a look, I could see her fighting back a smile.

Her answer signified the first instance where she acknowledged something positive and prospective about the encounter. I put it down to the happiness she was feeling from the outcome of the fertility tests, although I wanted to find out more.

“What might that be?” I followed.

“Just drive,” she answered, now openly giggling.

I smiled back at her without responding, although I knew I would return to it later. When we arrived home, her body language made it clear she was horny, so we quickly ended up in bed.

“Is it a good time?” I asked, although I thought I knew the answer.

“Yes,” she replied, as she helped me move into position.

It had taken two months to arrange the doctor’s appointment and get the testing, and during the time she had experienced two missed periods. The first, after the night with our ranch hand, came as something of a relief, but the second left her despondent. However, with today’s information, all the past seemed to have been thrown out the window, and she was eager to try again.

“You’re supposed to relax,” I teased.

“Hush,” she replied, grabbing my dick and guiding it home.

As soon as we connected, I could tell there was more edge, more energy than in our normal husband and wife lovemaking. I knew it was from her wanting to be inseminated, greatly helped by the doctor’s message that had removed her fears. I quickly found myself caught up in her passion, and now the thought of breeding my beautiful wife acted as a stimulant in my brain that added a whole new dimension. We experienced some of our best sex ever, serenading each other with our cries while our bodies meshed tightly together.

Later, I awoke to her movements as she moved on top of me and once more took me inside her. This time, she did the work, riding me relentlessly until I exploded which triggered her own orgasm. The scene repeated itself many times over the next several weeks, however when her period arrived right on time, the angst returned, although it only lasted a day or two. The doctor’s message had provided enough perspective that she was able to recover from her disappointment quickly.

“We’re just going to have to keep trying,” I said, pulling her to me in a tight embrace.

“It’s frustrating,” she whined, repeating a message she had provided often since her period started two weeks before.

“I’m not complaining!” I replied, referring to the quantity of our sex.

“I bet you’re not,” she said, turning and kissing me.

“Why don’t we stay at the ranch this weekend? You know, school is starting in a couple weeks, so it will get hard to schedule again. You can draw in the morning before it gets hot,” I suggested, also thinking it might help her relax.

“Honey…I…I…you know…I don’t want to see him,” she answered.

“Jordan, he’s in Mexico,” I explained.

“Oh…okay,” she replied, with her face now showing enthusiasm.

We drove out early Friday morning, having learned the forecast for the weekend was for unseasonably moderate temperatures, meaning it would only hit ninety. After a brief stop at the house, I drove Jordan to a new site she was going to try based upon a description I had provided. In addition, she had decided to wear her bikini under her shorts and tops, so if she couldn’t get an inspiration, she could work on her late season tan.

“Okay, see you at one-thirty,” she said as I started to leave.

I gave her a quick kiss then left to do some work. Returning to the HQ, I began to load some mineral blocks into the UTV to drop off in various spots, when out of the corner of my eye I saw some movement. Startled, I turned quickly and saw Raul walking towards me.

“I thought you were gone until next week,” I said when he arrived, immediately worried about his presence with Jordan near.

“No, this was only to be a short trip, to check on Lupe,” he replied.

“How is she?” I asked politely.

“Fine. Getting big,” he grinned.

“Okay, well look…uhhh…Jordan is with me and she feels strange about what happened. So, if you can stay low, I would appreciate it,” I explained.

“Yes, of course. If that’s what you want,” he responded, and I sensed in his words a taunt.

I couldn’t say that he didn’t have a point, as he had been the recipient of several mixed messages, and in his eyes, there was a strange, inquisitive look. We had never talked about him fucking my wife, and now it made me wonder whether in his mind he had thought there might be an opportunity for more. Several times, I had thought about what to do with him, including dismissing him from the ranch. However, I knew my father wouldn’t do it without good reason, given his years of service, and I was also worried what he might say if he was angered. Thus, I had decided the best approach would be to stay away from the subject, although now that strategy didn’t seem as sound.

The brief conversation was awkward enough that we each went our separate way, rather than work together as was the norm. At the appointed time, I went to collect my wife and found she had shed her shirt and was sporting the bikini top, although she still wore her shorts. The sketch pad was in her lap, so it appeared she had been able to do some drawing and sunning at the same time.

“Two birds with one stone?” I asked.

“Kinda, but the sweat from my arm keeps getting on the pad,” she replied.

Indeed, she was covered in a coating of moisture from the rapidly climbing temperature, and it made her look enticing to me. Together, we loaded her things, and we quickly left for the house, but halfway back on stopped.

“Raul is back,” I said.

“Why?” she asked.

“I got his plans screwed up. He was just taking a short trip to check on Lupe,” I answered, then added, “Do you want to leave?”

“I don’t know. Let’s get back and let me shower, then we can decide,” she replied.

I caught Jordan glancing around quickly as we got out of the vehicle, but she immediately went inside while I unloaded her things, and by the time I entered she was already in the bathroom with the shower running. As soon as she finished, she announced she was going to take a nap, and didn’t bring up the ranch hand, leaving me alone to watch TV.

“Steve, come knock me up,” Jordan called out in a giggly voice an hour later.

“You have clothes on,” I said when I stepped into the room and spotted the t-shirt she was wearing beneath the comforter.

There was a flurry of motion and in mere seconds her t-shirt was flung my direction followed by her red thong.

“Now I don’t,” she said, giving me a cute, impish smile.

I slowly started on my clothes while she watched, and when I was naked, I slid beneath the covers and next to her warm body. Without speaking, we started to entwine, kissing and fondling each other as we built our arousal. When I finally reached my hand between her legs, I wasn’t at all surprised to find her slick with a heavy viscous fluid.

“I’m ready,” she whimpered softly.

“What do you want?” I teased.

“You! Now don’t make me beg,” she gasped, and tried to work my body onto hers.

In seconds, I was inside her, and fighting back my excitement, I started a slow, deliberate movement. It wasn’t what Jordan expected and I had to ignore her attempts to get me to move faster until she accepted the pace. Then, we started moving as one, and I was treated to the seductive sounds of her whines and mews.

“It’s time you got me pregnant,” she whispered.

“Okay, sweetie. I wasn’t trying before,” I replied, which brought a pinch to my butt.

“You better try,” she said.

“Is it the right time?” I asked.

“Close…” she answered.

The movement of her body, her touch and her sounds let me know that she was progressing rapidly towards an orgasm. Fortunately, I was still in control, so it looked like I would have the chance to experience her climax before mine. I loved when it worked out that way, especially when I wasn’t on the brink, as it gave me a feeling of fulfillment and power.

“Oh…oh honey…” she gasped seconds later.

“Let it happen Jordan…relax and let it all come out,” I coached her.

“Okay…” came a high-pitched squeak, followed by, “I will…”

I started giving her deep, deliberate strokes in the way I knew she liked, and seconds later I was rewarded, “Ohhhhh…ohhh Steve…oh honey…don’t stop…don’t stop…”

She found my lips and we started a sloppy kiss that lasted until she broke away to inhale deeply, then she started the kiss again. Her legs and arms wrapped tightly around me and then I felt the walls of her pussy begin to spasm around my shaft. It didn’t happen every time she had an orgasm, usually reserved for her most powerful ones, but I loved when it occurred.

“I can feel it,” I said, knowing she would understand.

“Oh honey…I…I’m seeing stars,” she groaned.

It all proved too much for me and I lasted just a few more thrusts before I exploded, “I’m cumming…oh Jordan…here’s what you want…oh shit…ahhhhh…ugghhhhh…”

“Mmmm…I want it…give me your son…” she purred in a syrupy, seductive voice.

I tried to roll off, but she kept me in place and together we moaned and purred, reveling in post-orgasmic bliss. When she finally let me move, I fell to her side and pulled her to me and soon we had both drifted off.

“Do you think I caught some sun?” she asked when she saw my eyes open.

She was sitting up slightly, and I could see had indeed gained some color, so I answered, “Yes, you did get some.”

“Good. Hopefully, some tomorrow too,” she said.

“Does that mean we’re staying?” I asked.

“I guess so. I would feel kind of silly running away,” she replied, then after a pause, continued with, “Did you know he would be here?”

“No, I didn’t,” I said sincerely, although the look she gave me showed some doubt, so I added, “Really, I didn’t.”

“Okay, I just wondered if you had planned something…more…” she started, then let the thought die.

“Sweetie, what good is it to have a gorgeous wife if you can’t show her off,” I teased, fighting back a smile.

“Do you really think I’m gorgeous?” she asked, clearly fishing.

“You know I do,” I said, and pulled her next to me.

I found her lips while my hand went to the small of her back and pulled her snuggly against me. As we continued to kiss, my hand slowly fondled her body, and I could tell she was becoming aroused, even after our recent love making. When my hand found her pussy, she thrust her mound against it signaling her desire.
“I think you’re horny,” I whispered.

“Yes, come on,” she moaned, pulling on my arm in an attempt to get me on top of her.

“No, I want to make you squirt,” I said as a finger slowly worked inside her.

It was a subject I had tried to discuss with her, but she still felt embarrassed and wouldn’t take it far. Maybe it was being at the ranch and the closeness of Raul, but for some reason now I wanted to push it.

“You’re doing it wrong,’ she sighed.

At first, I thought she was being serious and I looked at her with a hurt look, but when I saw her eyes, I knew she was toying with me.

“Maybe I should get help,” I replied.

“Mmmm…maybe…” she said in a very soft voice that I knew was also meant as a tease.

“Okay, I’ll go get him,” I said.

“Stop it,” she replied quickly, and pulled hard on my arm.

This time, I let her guide me into position, and my dick soon was sliding into her well-lubricated opening. I pushed completely inside then became still as I kissed her neck and ears which brought forth soft purrs. I was reveling in the intimacy of our connection when suddenly a bizarre thought hit me. Several times I tried to dismiss it, but it kept returning, and with a sudden pulse of energy, I pulled away.

“Turn over,” I spoke in a demanding voice.

In the dim light, I could see Jordan give me an odd look but she did what I said and turned until she was one her knees.

“Uggghhhh…” she gasped when I pushed inside, and when I pulled back and slammed in again she cried out, “Ohhhhh…”

“What are you…uggghhhh…” she cried out, but I cut her off when I pushed in hard once more.

From there, I began to move rapidly and deeply while gripping her hips firmly. My mind had returned to the demure message she had given me months ago after our first outside adventure. In the intervening time, I had explored being more forceful with her, although I never really went all out. Now, all the memories and events seemed to coalesce in my brain, and that coupled with Raul’s unplanned appearance set me off.

“That feel good?” I pushed out between breaths.

“Uhhh…uh huh…why?” she grunted in reply, as the sound of our bodies slapping together filled the room.

For the next several minutes, I pounded into my wife hard from behind and watched as her hands gripped the sheets tightly and her head swayed side-to-side. Fortunately, my earlier climax provided me some staying power, although the pace of our mating was rapidly impacting my stamina. However, when her sexual sounds became more pronounced and she began giving out a litany of squeals, moans and gasps, I was re-energized.

“Did you like fucking him?” I suddenly called out, unable to control myself.

“Wha…?” she gasped.

“Did you like fucking Raul,” I asked, even more loudly.

“Yes…” she whined, and then in a lower voice said it again, “Yes…”

“Do you want to fuck him again?” I challenged her.

“Do you want me to?” she forced out without hesitation.

“Yeah, I’m going to give you to him for the night like before,” I stated, as for some reason I wanted to be nasty and push.

Her groaning stopped, and she turned her head and looked at me for a moment, then she dropped her head, but remained silent. At first, I thought I had upset her, but it slowly dawned on me that she was contemplating my message. At least another minute ticked by with only the wet, slapping sounds of our bodies connecting before she slowly began to once again emit sexual sighs and whimpers. The brief interaction was the final piece of information that proved my pretty wife was deep inside a naughty, sex craving woman. It was shocking to realize it after all our time together, but the message was clear, and equally surprising was my own reaction. Thinking about it was driving me rapidly towards a release, and the pressure I felt as my balls tightened warned me that it would be big.

“Ugggghhhh…ugggghhhh…oh fuck…FUCK!” I cried out as my remaining seed fired deep into her eager opening.

“Oh, Steve…go…” she encouraged.

My hands were on her hips pulling her against me, but when I began to slam into her hard, she fell forward with me following to maintain the connection. Now, she was laid out on her front, with me pulling out slowly, then driving into her hard to plant the last molecule of semen. Even when it was all out, I kept pushing into her, forcing her ass up, unable to stop.

“My God…” I finally gasped, as saliva dripped from my mouth between her shoulder blades.

I was spent, completely and utterly done, and too tired to even fall at her side, so I just stayed on top, heaving for air in the aftermath.

“Wow…” Jordan said after several seconds.

She had turned slightly to look at me and now it seemed like all her naughtiness had evaporated and she was once again my sweet wife.

“I bet that did it,” I stated, proud of my effort, and knowing that she would understand the meaning.

“No kidding,” she replied, and for some reason I decided to push into her again which brought a gasp, “Uhhhh…ohhhh…”

Finally, I fell off and as soon as I landed next to her, she wrapped her arms around me and pushed her firm breasts into my back. With her hand stroking my hair, I was soon asleep and didn’t wake until the sun was filtering into the house the following morning.

“Damn, you killed me,” I said when I walked into the kitchen.

Jordan, was dressed in her robe and pouring some coffee. She gave me a big smile, and poured a cup for me, then together we moved to the table.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked in a teasing way.

“Like a baby,” I said putting emphasis on the word, then added, “What did you do?”

“Raul came by and kept me company,” she answered, and when she saw me practically jump, she started to laugh, then said, “You’re so easy.”

“Well…” I started, then decided to stop.

“Yes?” she quickly asked, while raising her eyebrow.

“Nothing,” I replied, which made her smile turn into a smirk.

Jordan was planning to go out in a little over an hour, when the sun was higher and the light was better, so I showered quickly then went to do a few things. When the time came to leave, I went to collect her and found that she once again was wearing her bikini beneath her blouse and shorts. At first, I found it a bit odd, now that she knew of Raul’s presence, and on the drive out I started to wonder if there was a message.

After helping her set up, I left and returned to the HQ to work on some things. I was in the barn, when I looked up to see Raul entering from the far end carrying a roll of barbwire. He dropped it in the corner than walked up to me.

“Do you want to help me with the south windmill?” he asked.

“I can’t, not today. I’ve got things to do here and then I have to get Jordan. She drawing in the pasture where that bit patch of cactus meets the rock outcropping,” I said, for some reason giving him detailed info on her location.

His body stiffened just for a second, and then he replied, “She needs to be careful, sometimes there are snakes there.”

“Yes, I told her to watch out. Especially, since she might sun in her bikini if she gets bored,” I followed.

Our eyes locked, but we didn’t speak, and after several seconds he just nodded and walked away. I watched as he gathered the things he needed for the windmill, although after our conversation, I thought it might be for show. A few minutes later he drove off in the direction of the windmill, but I knew there were multiple ways for him to get to my wife’s spot. I forced myself to wait almost an hour, then left in the UTV in the direction he had taken. It was the now the second time that I had gone after him, and I wondered if I would find him watching like before, or if there would be more.

His track was easy to follow, and he showed no sign of trying to hide it. At the first intersection, he took a branch away from the windmill which made it clear he had something else in mind. At the next fork, he took the road headed directly towards Jordan, and my foot pressed on the gas pedal to hasten my arrival. I stopped several hundred yards away, then moved quietly through the brush towards the place I had left my wife. The cover was thick and I was able to get close, and through an opening I could see the ranch pickup, but there was no sign of Jordan or Raul. I started a slow circle, and after moving about fifty yards, I began to hear sounds. Moving forward, I found a break in the brush and that’s when I spotted them.

From somewhere, they had found a tattered blanket that was placed on small area of grass beneath an oak tree. Jordan was on her back, naked except for her bikini top that was wrapped loosely around her neck, while Raul, still fully clothed, knelt next to her with one hand on her pussy. The sound that had attracted my attention were the whimpers and moans from the attention she was receiving.

I was left to wonder about the sequence of events that brought them to this spot, but there was no question that my wife was a willing participant. Thinking back, I remembered the brief exchange we had the prior night, and whether she took it as permission or perhaps direction. However, another part of me knew I had to consider that her naughtiness didn’t require prompting. Slowly, I inched forward until I was only thirty feet away, but still well hidden.

By her sounds and the way her body moved, I knew she was very aroused, but when the Mexican man started to rapidly and lightly rub his fingers across her clit, it took her to an entirely new level. Her moans and sighs instantly transformed to cries and whining pleas, while her own fingers found her small nipples. He said something to her that I couldn’t make out over her wails, and she quickly nodded her head. Seconds later, he began to rapidly piston two fingers into her very wet hole. Then, without warning, he stopped, but it took several seconds for my wife to realize what had occurred. When she did, a long, needy squeal left her mouth and she tried to move her body against his hand.

“Don’t stop…please…” she begged.

“You know what it is you need,” he said to her in a clear voice.

For just an instant, she stopped and looked at him, then she sat up and started working on his clothes. Raul knew that my beautiful wife wanted to be fucked, and was content for her to now do the work to get him prepared. Receiving little help, it took her several minutes while she whimpered in frustration, until she had his shirt off, and his pants at his knees. At first, her mouth moved towards his cock, but she changed her minds and prodded him to stand. When he did, she struggled to get his boots off then pulled his pants off his legs.

Now, her mouth went to his fully hard cock and inhaled it then began to smother it with licks and kisses. Twice she pulled away to get into position to receive him, but each time he remained still and forced her to return to her oral work. Finally, on her third try, he knelt while she fell back, then moved until his cock was hovering over her entrance. Her hand gripped it and brought into her slit, and with a forceful move, he drove balls deep into my wife.

“Uggghhhh…uggghhhhh…” Jordan cried out in mixed pain and pleasure.

He began to move with a deliberate movement and quickly her arms and legs wrapped around his body. Any signs of pain quickly evaporated, and she started to emit a litany of sensual moans, mews and whimpers. Once more, I watched as he spoke to her at a level I couldn’t make out, and watched as her head nodded rapidly in reply.

Then, like before, he stopped, and had to endure her whines and the attempts she made with her hands to get him moving. After several seconds, he began to move out of her which brought more urgent pleas, and as soon as he was free, he prodded her, making her turn onto her knees. Holding his cock in his hand, he re-entered her, which brought a long, guttural moan as she fell forward onto her forearms.

Raul started with a medium pace, but soon began to move faster, until he was pounding into her unprotected pussy, relentlessly. His hands were firmly on her hips, and by the sound she was making, she was in heaven. I sensed she was moving quickly towards an orgasm, but when she seemed to be getting close, he suddenly reached out, took hold of her bikini top and pulled on it. It wrapped around her neck, and the force caused her to lift until she barely touching the ground with her hands. A choking sound started, and I was just about to break from the cover to go to her when she suddenly moaned very loudly. At the same time, there was strange look on her face, one I had never seen, that appeared to be a mixture of lust and complete abandon.

Her orgasm started, and for the first few seconds, he twisted the bikini top, choking her even more, then he let go of it and she dropped onto her arms, gasping and grunting in an otherworldly way. I was so focused on her that I didn’t realize that Raul was releasing his semen until his loud groans filled the air. With his hands back on her hips, he pulled her hard against him, several times as his body shuddered.

With my wife still moving her ass against him, I left them and made my way back to the HQ. On the return, I contemplated what I had witnessed and tried to assign a motivation to Jordan’s actions. I couldn’t decide whether it was the thrill of impregnation, illicit sex or a combination that drove her, and in the end, I realized it didn’t matter.

I went to collect her at the appointed time, and she was sitting in her chair sketching as if nothing had occurred. The blanket was nowhere to be seen, and together we packed up the SUV then headed back. I wanted her to admit her carnal encounter, but she was silent on the ride back, and she disappeared into the bathroom upon our arrival. Like previous times, she stepped out later looking amazingly fresh, although this time I thought I saw some tiredness in her eyes.

I gave her more time to come clean, but she stayed silent, and I wasn’t at all surprised when she said she wanted to go back to town. I was certain it was so she could get a morning after pill, so I agreed, but when we got home, she made no effort to leave. Several hours later, I took her to bed, as I had a burning desire to add my seed to the load she was carrying. With her whispered encouragement, I climaxed hard and recovered quickly, then took her again.

Four weeks later, when her period had not arrived, she did the home test and we found out that she was indeed pregnant. She’s now five months along and very happy as are the future grandparents. So far, she has not admitted the thorough fucking she received that day from Raul, which leads me to wonder who will be the father. I had her first and last, although with his prodigious track record it’s difficult to count him out, and the way he smiles makes it seem he knows something.

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