Wife Lost Bet and Owned It Part 1


My wife Katie and I first met about 8 years ago at a time when neither of us were looking for a serious relationship. Before we got together, we both led very promiscuous sex lives. To give you a sense of how big of a slut she was, I fucked her raw after our first date. Risky, sure, but we had mutual family friends so she wasn’t exactly just some random stranger.

I’ve had a cuckold fetish for as long as I can remember, but despite her slutty past, Katie has never been open to exploring it with me. I never wanted to force her, but it’s been a frustration I deal with internally. I’ll drop small comments about it here and there, and most of the time she says it’s gross or disgusting but once in a while she’ll make a side comment on her own about it when she’s drinking – never anything serious but enough to keep my hopes alive that maybe someday it might happen.

Fast forward to February 2017. We live in New England and we’ve been blessed with an amazing run of sports success, especially the Patriots. It was Super Bowl Sunday and my Pats were getting destroyed by the Falcons. I wasn’t on edge like I would normally be because they were getting so blown out. I didn’t honestly think that they WOULD come back, but I kept watching thinking there was still the chance of a miracle. My wife was out at bar with some of her friends and family, and she was clearly buzzed while texting me saying sorry that they were getting beat so bad. At halftime she messaged me trying to cheer me up

Katie: Hey, if the Pats actually come back and win…

Katie: I’ll do it

Me: do what?

Katie: your dumb thing

I knew what she meant but knowing it was impossible I just brushed it off. Well, a couple hours later, the impossible happened and the Pats came back from 21-3 at halftime to win. I had completely forgotten about her comments and was going nuts spamming in chat with my friends, just in pure bliss that they won. After a bit, I finally noticed I hadn’t heard from my wife when it hit me.

I went right right back to our chat convo.

Me: A deal’s a deal 🙂

Katie: I’m dumbfounded…

When she got home a little bit later, I didn’t even bring it up. I didn’t want to force her into it because that would undermine the whole point to me. Instead, I just let it go and figured whatever happens, happens. We had some condoms from a few months back when she was on antibiotics for an infection and had to come off the pill, so I grabbed two of them and put them in the top of her purse for her to find and left it at that.

About a month later we were at her sister’s house – it’s pretty big with two floors plus a finished basement, 4 bedroom, overall just great for parties. She had a few people over, the snow had melted and it was starting to feel like spring so we were having some drinks around a fire out back. Katie had made out with one of the guys there once, years before her and I got together but nothing ever came of it. We’ll call him Scott. Scott’s brother was engaged to one of Katie’s other sisters and Scott himself was married himself now – although his wife wasn’t there that night. I didn’t mind because she was sometimes a bitch when she drank and she wasn’t much to look at being on the heavier side. We never really understood what he saw in her although when she was sober she was usually really sweet and nice. I’ve always gotten along with him, as I have all of the other guy friends my wife has a past with. As I mentioned, she was quite the slut in college and was still friends with many of those guys.

As the night wore on, people headed to bed and it was down to just Katie, Scott and myself. I eventually also called it a night and headed up to the guestroom where Katie and I were sleeping, the two of them wanted to stay up longer and have a couple more drinks before crashing.

Laying in bed, I was having trouble sleeping and was browsing imgur and twitter on my phone when maybe 45 minutes after I came in I heard them come inside. After probably another 10 minutes more had passed, Katie still hadn’t come upstairs and everything was quiet, so I started to wonder what was going on. I got up and went down to the first floor and they weren’t there – all of the lights were out. Scott was sleeping on the couch in the basement so I assumed maybe they went down there to finish drinking after the firewood ran out. The door to the basement was closed and I started to get a feeling in my gut that maybe something was going on. With my stomach in knots, I quietly opened the door, stepped into the staircase and slowly snuck my way down the stairs in the darkness. When I rounded a corner in the stairs, I froze.

Barely audible, I started to make out a faint heavy breathing coming from the basement. I quietly managed another step and could hear it even better. It was blatantly obvious what was happening and my cock was instantly ready to burst. One more step and I crouched down to sit on the stairs just where the wall opened up and I could see over the top of the side railing wall.

There was my wife, lying along the couch almost completely naked and getting plowed by another man. I could barely make out their figures, only the light from the bathroom across the room was enough to show me what was happening. Katie was on her back, with her tits bouncing up and down as he was pulling himself into her with his hands on her hips. I’ll never forget the image. He still had his white socks on, and she had her black panties dangling from her left knee, the one closest to me.

They couldn’t have been going at it that long before I came down so I knew I was in for quite a show. Even better, neither of them knew I was watching so they would both be completely uninhibited. She is almost never vocal when having sex, so it was a surprise to hear her start to talk dirty to him. Whether it was the beer or the sluttiness of what she was doing, she was saying things like “mmmm yeah. Fuck my married pussy. Mmm ya that cock feels good. Oh fuck yeah. Take that pussy, make me your little slut.”

He played right back into it with lines like “that’s right you little slut, you like that dick? Is this what you’ve been missing? Came back to finish what you started, huh? Mmm yeah that pussy is tight, I could get used to this.”

The dirty talk broke up when he laid down on top of her and started kissing her. Katie sometimes but rarely cums from penetration. She always enjoys sex, but I usually need to finish her off with my hand or mouth. I was pleased to see she was enjoying this so much and I had hope she might actually cum on his cock. At the same time, my fantasy turning into a reality was way beyond what I could have imagined and my stomach was wrenching with nerves. While their lips were locked, her panting turned into moans in his mouth. Her hands had found their way down to his ass and she was pulling him into her with each thrust. I remember seeing the faint glimmer of her wedding ring shimmering from the bathroom light as it gripped Scott’s ass.

Katie loves to get her nipples lightly pinched during sex and he learned that trick early. I knew from experience that this was just going to get her even wetter and I was proven right when she responded to his twisting by pushing him up off her and sitting him down on the couch. Classic move by her, when she wants to ride a cock there’s no stopping her. It was during that position swap when I noticed her purse next to the couch and a condom wrapper on the floor next to it.

With her back to me, I could see her slowly lower herself down onto Scott’s dick, and I could faintly make it out and as she impaled herself on it. Once she got into a rhythm of bouncing up and down on him, they continued alternating dirty talk and kissing before he took the opportunity of her tits in his face to alternate sucking on each of them- maybe the only thing she liked better than pinching. Her head went back and she was starting to moan loader, to the point where I was worried the open door above me might actually let others in the house hear if they were awake.

“Ohhhh fuck yes that feels so good. Oh fuck. We’re so fucking bad Scott. Does your wife fuck you this good?”

“Fuck no. Your pussy is amazing. God, I might need this more often.” he said.

“Mmmm we’ll just have to see about that. Fuck, the way your dick rubs my clit is amazing…uhhhhh I love it.”

Katie continued to ride him. and my cock was throbbing against my boxer briefs. At this point I had reached into my PJs and was stroking it slowly and quietly in my pants. Scott eventually had regained some stamina and decided he wanted to take control again. He pulled her off of him and pushed her down over the arm of the couch, facing towards the bathroom light. As he got behind her he said “god I hate condoms. I haven’t had to wear one in years.”

“Take it off then, I don’t care. I’m on the pill.”

I didn’t know my dick could get any harder. We knew this guy so I wasn’t really worried, and besides, he was married. I had mostly given her the condoms assuming/hoping she might hookup with a stranger but in my fantasies I’ve been especially turned on by the thought of her getting creampied and bringing it home to me. I also hadn’t really considered it in the moment but this guy wasn’t really at risk of creating the drama I’d always feared with her messing with someone we knew. He was married so it wouldn’t turn into more than sex, and he was practically family so he couldn’t go telling anyone about it without it being as bad or worse for him.

Without saying anything, he slid the condom off and dropped it on the floor. She reached back with her hand and I could see her ring glinting again as she pulled her ass cheek to the side to give him better access. As his dick entered her, his head went back. I knew exactly what he was feeling, that ecstasy of sinking his bare cock deep into that amazing tight wet cunt, gripping his dick like a vice and milking it- just begging for his cum. She clearly enjoyed it too as she let out a distinct gasp and held her breath as she adjusted to the feeling of her first new bare cock in 8 years. “Fuuuuuuuck” she let out as he pulled back, and with that he started pounding away.

The lack of condom reinvigorated both of their dirty talk. She got it started with “mmmm fuck I need you to fill this pussy with a big warm load… I want to feel you pump deep inside me” and he came right back with “Oh shit, I don’t know how long I can last. Your pussy is fucking amazing. Are you sure I can come inside you?”

“Mmm yes, I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your cock twitch as you fill me with your cum until it drips out down my thighs. Give me your cum, Scott…”

He grabbed her hair into a ponytail and started to tug on it lightly, forcing her face to look forward as he raked her back lightly with the fingers of his other hand. I could make out the complete bliss she was feeling in her face.

“Fuck… I’m gonna cum…” he said.

She reached back with her left hand and grabbed his hips and pulled him into her as he began groaning. Here I was, a married man watching his wife fuck another man bare and take his load. My wife knew I wanted her to, but we had never discussed bareback and as far as she knew I was upstairs asleep. The only thing that wasn’t perfect about the entire experience was that she hadn’t cum herself. Scott started grunting and holding himself inside her as he bucked, groaning as he got his release. After he finished his thrusting, he slid out of her and sat back to catch his breath. He didn’t have long before Katie turned around and took his cock into her mouth to clean him up, something she hasn’t done to me since our dating days. She still blows me, but only as foreplay or during periods. Her hand wrapped around his cock and I could again make out her ring for only a moment before her mouth and the shadows engulfed his cock had me on the verge of blowing my own load. When she finished cleaning him off, his dick came out of her mouth with a pop and she gave an audible “mmmm”.

“Christ Katie, you’re incredible. Fuck.”

“And don’t you forget it.” she said as she got up and started for the bathroom. He followed after her and I took that as my cue. I headed back up as silently as I came in and made my way back into bed. Katie made her way up about 5 minutes later and was obviously a little startled that I was still awake.

“Hey” she said as she stripped back down to her panties. She always slept in her underwear but knowing what she had just done made it extra sexy.

“Run out of wood?” I asked. It went over her head but I thought it was good.

“Not exactly…” she paused as she crawled into bed and snuggled up on me. She seemed at a loss for words, so I broke the ice by sliding my hand to her thigh, slowly working my way up to her crotch. She started to clench her legs together and squirm a little.

“What’s wrong?” I asked to which she just stayed all locked up for a moment before finally replying “You can’t be mad at me… but I did it.”

“Oh, I know.” I replied.

She looked confused for a brief moment as I reached up and pulled her in for a deep kiss. I could taste both of them in her mouth and I think she realized it because she pulled away nervously.

“I heard you come inside but not come upstairs so I snuck down. I was on the staircase the whole time.”

The color drained from her face. She was speechless. I just said “you were so fucking hot Katie…” and I rolled on top of her to start kissing her again. Her skin was still damp from the sweat of her workout. Eventually my hands made their way down to her panties and she grabbed my wrists to stop me. Without saying anything she just gave me an embarrassed shake of her head as if to say “you shouldn’t do that”. I just said “Please… I want it…” and after she took a deep breath, her hands loosened their grip.

Sliding Katie’s panties down little by little, I kissed along her leg in front of her crotch, inhaling the scent along the way. Pulling them first to her thighs, then to her knees, and finally ankles before taking her right foot out. I then slid them back up to her left knee and pushed both legs back up towards her chest, with her panties dangling just how they were when I first saw her with him. Kissing back up her leg, down the back of her thigh then moving to the inner thigh the smell of sex was strong. When I finally got to her pussy and gave it the first lapping, she gave out an “uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh” moan, and immediately grabbed a pillow to cover her mouth.

I can only imagine what was going through her mind at the time. I went on to eat her pussy as intently as I ever had before, alternating between diving my tongue into her hole to taste their mixed juices, and then back to her clit. Scott must have came in buckets as there was an obviously lube to my tongue as it rotated around her clit. It wasn’t long before her body started to shake and I had my wife cumming in my mouth only moments after she had fucked another man. The contraction of her pussy was pushing his cum out of her pussy and onto my beard as I continued my gentle assault on her clit. Finally, leaving my beard a mess of cum, I slid up between her legs and guided my dick into her. It slid in easily given how wet she was and I only lasted a few minutes before I was ready to blow.

Knowing that her pussy had just been used as a fuckhole for another cock was driving me wild. With every thrust into her, my cock grew closer and closer – but I needed one last thing.

“Did you like it?” I asked. At first she didn’t answer, so I followed it with “I need you to be honest. I want to hear it.”

“I fucking loved it…” Katie said.

“Tell me” I said in a shaky voice.

“It was so hot, I felt like a hot young slut again. And Scott’s cock was amazing.”

“So you think you’ll want to keep fucking around?” I asked.

“Do you still want me too?” she replied, which I answered with a solid thrust.

“Yes, if you’ll let me.”

I was on the edge. “What was the best part?”

“Ummm, it was all pretty great but probably when he took the condom off. Feeling his bare cock throbbing as he came in me.”

Her words were encouraging me and she must has sensed it because she started feeding into me “Mmmm, Scott just filled your slut of a wife’s pussy full of his cum. Is that what you want? You want me to turn back into a whore and let guys use me for a fuck toy? Hmmm? You want them to fill me up like he just did? Because that was the best. Part. Feeling…” she started breathing heavy “feeling my… pussy… getting pumped… full of cum… oh god… fuck…I’m gonna cum… I’m… MMmmm I’m… cumming…” and she pulled me back in for a long hard kiss as she moaned into my mouth, both of us cumming at the same time. I twitched and pumped until I had nothing left before I collapsed in a heap on top of her.

It was honestly a twisted fairy tale come to life. Since that night, our sex life has gone from okay to unbelievable. We haven’t really discussed future plans for anything similar, but every single time we’ve fucked since, we talk dirty about the events of that night. She’s made me retell the story from my perspective while she rides me, and we’ve even recreated it on our couch with me role playing as him.

I’m on complete cloud nine, and we’re just scratching the surface. I can’t tell anyone in my personal life so sharing here is my way of a release. This story is 100% true aside from the fake names I used to help protect identities.

I hope you enjoyed it- but I can’t guarantee that there will be any more to come. That all depends on what happens next.

Following the events of Katie’s first hotwife experience, our sex life was reinvigorated. We’ve been fucking on average about 5 times a week, and even the minor typical couple bickering has been nonexistent. From my point of view, this has been about the best thing to ever happen to our relationship.

The day after I originally posted part 1 of this story, Katie and I were sitting on our sectional couch after a good fucking and I asked her about what we should do for our next venture into the lifestyle. She looked over at me and grinned, and said “We?”

“Well yeah, I mean you enjoyed it right? Don’t you want to do it again?”

“Of course I do. And I will. But this isn’t a ‘we’ thing. I’m not going to let this take over our sex life, but I’ll do what I want when I want. I’ll promise to make sure you know about it when I do.”

For as long as I’ve known Katie, this was the first time she had ever really taken charge over me with anything, and my stomach again was immediately in knots.

She crawled over to me on the couch and whispered into my ear “It might be tomorrow. It might be next year. You’ll just have to wait and see.” and as she trailed off, her mouth found her way down to my crotch; it wasn’t long before she had me in the back of her throat, swallowing a load of cum.

Fast forward about a month to the last Friday of March. Katie’s job is flexible and she is able to work from home roughly two days a week. She usually works until 4pm so most nights she makes dinner and it’s waiting for me when I get home. I’ve also been working a lot of overtime lately so I usually don’t get home until about 6:30pm. The weather was pretty bad out, a wintry mix of rain and slush, so it was probably going to take me a little longer than normal. At about 6 o’clock I was getting ready to leave work and got a text.

Katie: love you

Me: love you too. whats for dinner?

Katie: its a surprise 😛

When I walked in the door, Katie wasn’t in the kitchen or living room so I made my way upstairs to the bedroom. The door was closed, which usually meant she was taking a short nap. When I opened the door, Katie was laying on her side across the bed in some black lingerie – a black corset style top, dark red thong panties, and black thigh high stockings. Her makeup was done up as if she was going out to a club and she had big silver hoop earrings in and had straightened her hair. Her bottom leg was straight across the bed, while the other one was up and bent so that her crotch was spread while her hand was buried into her thong obviously fingering herself.

She rarely got this dolled up for me unless it was some major event (birthday, anniversary, etc) so I didn’t waste any time. I dropped my pants, pulled my shirt over my head and jumped on top of her. She opened her legs wide for me to lay between and grabbed my head with both hands pulling me into her kisses. After some heavy kissing, she rolled me over and sat on top of me. She reached over to a glass on the night stand and I almost laughed at what happened next.

About a week before, I was ordering some things on Amazon and I asked if there was anything she needed before I placed the order. She said she needed one of those huge oversized Sharpie markers to label some boxes in the basement. Not thinking anything odd about it at the time I added it to the order, but here it was now in her hand and it was absolutely covered her cum. She said “I came pretty hard on this not too long ago… taste it” and she pushed it into my mouth. I licked at it willfully, cleaning all of her delicious cum off of it with my tongue. I didn’t notice it right away, but as she was guiding it around my mouth, I realized that she was sliding it in and out as if making me give the marker a blowjob. I played along and leaned forward to deep throat it a little as a joke, but I immediately gagged myself on it. It made me truly appreciate the skill girls have, because it was barely in my mouth compared to how much Katie takes when she sucks me off.

After I gagged, she pulled it out of my mouth and she stood up on the bed. Watching the show above me, I looked on as Katie spun around to show me her backside and slowly slid her panties down and off. She threw them onto the floor, then turned around again to face me before she sat down on my already hard cock- sinking the entire shaft into her still wet pussy. God it was heaven.

She must have rode me like that for a good 5 to 10 minutes before spinning around and riding me reverse cowgirl style. Once she got comfortable and into a decent rhythm, she looked back at me with a dirty glow in her eyes and I knew something was up. When Katie is feeling horny but doesn’t know quite how to say what she’s thinking, she does that thing where she bites the edge of her lower lip.

“What?” I said.

“Mmmm, I want you to take my top off.” she said so I started to untie the laces holding it together in the back. Come to think of it, I wasn’t even sure how she managed to tie it in the first place. I’m really good with bra clasps, but laces are way too much when you’re just trying to get fucked. I finally decided to just pull the laces out completely and the top fell forward off of her… and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

One thing I’ve always wanted on my wife was for her to get a tramp stamp tattoo across her lower back. Sure, they’re trashy and a little 90s, but they also scream slut and that’s what I’ve always wanted her to be.

Well right there on her lower back, right where a tramp stamp might normally go, in all caps written in thick black marker it read:



The handwriting was written perfectly. It was even framed in a sort of simple tribal swirl on the sides. There was just no way that she would have been able to reach back and write that on herself. I must have gone pale because she started giggling like mad once I saw it.

“Wh…o?” I asked.

“That’s my little secret for now, baby.”

I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t just lay there while she rode me. My mind was racing and my wife clearly took another step into becoming the slut I’ve always wanted her to be. I NEEDED to fuck this slut HARD, and immediately. I pushed her off of me and propped her up on her hands and knees, and with her ass up in the air I slid my cock into her freshly used pussy. Looking down at that message on her back staring me in the face, it was like an animal was unleashed inside of me. I wanted to cum so badly but I also wanted to make her cum first.

“I need to make you to cum on my cock, and I’m going to fuck you until you do” I said but Katie quickly replied “Mmmm but baby, I don’t think I can cum again, I’ve already cum three times today. Once was on that marker, and twice was on an even fatter cock than yours…”

I noticed my wife still had her rings on, so I assumed she had left them on for whatever had happened. Thinking about some other guy fucking my wife, him knowing that he was fucking a married girl, and then him getting to taunt her husband about it…

All of a sudden, Katie pulled herself off of me and crawled off the bed.

“What are you doing?’ I asked as she walked around the bed and led me to the edge. “Sit here” she patted and I did as I was told.

Katie nestled her ass back into my cock as she looked forward, away from me. My dick was pointing straight up as she slid her ass cheeks up and down the shaft, grinding against me.

“So he got here at about 5 o’clock, and I brought him right up here to our bed. We barely even spoke before I sat him down right where you are now, and pulled his cock free out of his pants. I fell to my knees and grabbed it with my hand but it was weird to see my ring sparkling while my hand was wrapped around someone else’s dick. I was nervous, like I was doing something wrong but I also wanted to just let go and do it for you. I couldn’t look him in the eyes, I just kept staring at his cock and watching as it grew.”

As Katie continued to give me a lap dance, I let my hands wander up and down between her tits, hips, ass and legs.

“He must has sensed that I was having second thoughts because he made up my mind for me. His fingers slid down my face lightly, and when he got down to my mouth he slowly pushed three fingers in between my lips. With his other hand, he cradled the back of my head and pushed me forward on to his fingers before grabbing my hair and pulling me back off. As he pulled his fingers out of my mouth and positioned my head in front of his cock, I finally just blocked out any hesitation, taking him slowly into my mouth as deep as I could go… licking his shaft up and down with my tongue as I took him in and out… gently squeezing his balls…”

At this point, Katie re-positioned her pussy over my dick and slowly sank it back inside her all the way to the hilt before slowly pulling back up and off again.

“As he continued to get hard in my mouth, it was harder and harder to keep sucking him. Of all the cocks I’ve sucked and fucked, and you know it’s been a lot of them baby, he was one of the the thickest I’ve ever been with.”

As she said the last words, she pushed back on me harder, letting my dick wedge between her ass cheeks for a moment. I continued to be mesmerized by her homemade tramp stamp, and my balls were beginning to throb. With my right hand, I began to trace each letter of the message on her back…

“After getting him nice and hard, he took over and pulled me up and out to the top of the stairs. He made me kneel down on the steps, and started rubbing his cock head up and down against my clit the way you know I love. It was driving me wild and I remember begging him to put it in me. I heard him peeling a condom wrapper and I honestly hadn’t even realized he brought one out from the bedroom with him. I was in such a daze, condoms never even crossed my mind. Mmm, but then… his big dick started pushing against my pussy. I reached back to pull my ass cheeks apart for him baby, I wanted him to have full access to your slutty wife’s tight little pussy. Once he finally pushed all the way in… he had filled me up so good and I was so turned on… I lost it baby. He made me cum on his cock right there on the staircase. You know I’ve NEVER had that happen before. I couldn’t believe it…”

My dick felt like it was going to explode as she continued to grind on my dick. I couldn’t take it anymore and tried to pull her onto my cock but she resisted.

“Uht uh baby. You already had your little taste of me tonight. I want to watch you jerk it while you think about me getting fucked.” and she turn around and put my hand on my shaft.

“After I came on the stairs, he kept at it there for a bit and I couldn’t stop screaming. I grabbed onto the railing posts and just let him pound away at me for god knows how long. At that point I was already more than satisfied, I just wanted to be a good little slut for him and let him use me. When he finally pulled out it honestly took me a minute to adjust before I could pick myself back up. He came back in here and when I finally made my way in after him, he was just laying there on your side of the bed. I crawled on top and he sort of just pulled me in for a deep kiss. I hope you don’t mind but we just laid there at first as our tongues swirled around each others. Oh, do you like that baby? Did you just start jerking faster at that? Or does that bother you?”

My mouth was dry but after I licked some moisture back into my lips I managed a “I… I like it.”

“What did you say?”

“I like it.”

“You like what?”

“I like that you let him kiss you…”

“Mmm I did too baby. While his tongue was in my mouth I reached down and guided him back into me, slowly working him all the way deep inside of me baby. I sat up on him and rocked back and forth. I loved looking down and seeing him buried inside of me with my pussy stretched wide open. Ooo baby slow down, you’re jerking too fast. Close your eyes and think about how I slowly slid up and down on his cock, and slide your hand up and down at that same speed.”

By this point Katie had stopped all showmanship and was just watching me intently. I closed my eyes as I was told and slowly slid my hand up and then down, trying to replicate her riding me. Soon after, I heard her go over to her nightstand and grab something. When she stepped back in front of me, I heard the snap of a cap open. Her aim wasn’t the greatest at first, but she did enough to squeeze lube all over my cock, balls, and thighs. My hand began to slip and slide up and down.

Katie must have gotten turned on by the show. I opened my eyes to watch her lay down on the bed. She lifted her legs up to expose her went cunt. Her knees were about on her shoulders and she covering the marker lube then started fucking her cunt with it. I laid down next to her, shoulder to shoulder and we locked on to each others eyes.

“Stroke it for me baby… think about how an hour ago I was laying right here with another guy between my legs, fucking me, just like this. He was getting so deep inside me baby, I felt like I was going to pass out. I want you to picture it. Your whore of a wife. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, taking someone else right here in our bed. While you were at work, I was right here getting my brains fucked out.”

“That’s when he told me to grab my phone and text you baby. Did you know that? When I told you I loved you? I had a thick cock filling my pussy and fucking me senseless. Seeing me text you really set him off because after that he started groaning and pumping faster. I was staring at my phone when you responded back that you loved me too and that’s when I came again baby. That big fucking cock felt so good and knowing I was being a good slut for my husband. You clueless at work, telling me… your sweet slut of a wife… that you love me… while I was getting filled up… with another man’s cock…”

I was getting really close, just picturing her on the bed. She picked up her phone and clumsily unlocked it with one hand while she continued to dildo herself. I watched as she opened our chat and she struggled to retype the message with one hand while fucking herself with the marker – one letter at a time.

“love you”


“I can’t believe he made me cum a second time, you know I rarely cum even once from sex. But I think it was you, baby. You helped him make me cum. I dropped the phone and grabbed the sheets, shaking and squirming until I finished. Just as I came back around, he slid out and pulled his condom off, and shot his load all over my lingerie up to my tits. Go ahead, look at it.”

I sat up and grabbed the corset from the foot of the mattress where it had fallen off of her. Sure enough, glazed across the cleavage area was a series of distinctive white streaks from where an hour or so earlier a man had just unloaded on my wife. At the sight of it, I completely lost it. Holding Katie’s bustier over my dick with my left hand and stroking with my right, I erupted my own load into her lacy top.

“Mmmm, yeah baby, stroke it. Rub your cum all over it”, and I did.

Pumping and pumping, I came into the second hand cum rag and buckled as the orgasm subsided. With my eyes closed, my thoughts drifted thinking about how lucky I was. My wife had become everything I’d been begging her for. Finally, some lucky men would get to have no strings sex with an easy lay – and it was my privilege to help provide it. Knowing about some of the truly slutty things Katie did in her college years, I think this really could be just the tip of the iceberg.

We ended up ordering Chinese takeout for dinner and she was teasing me all night long, but she was too worn out to fuck again. The next day however was a different story. The weather was still pretty bad out but when I got out of the shower after breakfast, I walked back into the bedroom to find Katie on her hands and knees in bed wearing nothing but the cum-stained corset and looking back at me over her shoulder. It was barely tied in the back so when I crawled up behind her, I could still make out parts of the message. When I asked more about it, she explained that she had him write it after they finished fucking, and she was so turned on by it that she started masturbating with the marker while she waited for me to get home. I guess I had only missed him by about 20 minutes by the time I walked in.

I still don’t know who it was or how she met him. I’m sure she’ll tell me when she’s ready but it’s been so amazingly hot not knowing. Was it a neighbor? A stranger from Craigslist? One of her ex’s? I had no clue. We left the message on her lower back all weekend, but then I had to join her in the shower and scrub it off of her on Sunday night.

Going to work on Monday was nerve-wracking. Katie worked from home again and I was wondering all day if something would happen again. But when I walked in the door to dinner on the table and a normal evening, it was a pleasant surprise. I’m never going to know what to expect on any given day when I get home.

Monday night did however have a nice little surprise. After dinner we started to fool around but before I got to slide inside of her, she stopped me.

“Wait. I just met you and I’m not on the pill. You need to use a condom.” and she reached into her night stable draw. She took out an opened Magnum condom wrapper and pulled a used condom out of it. She squeezed some lube into it and handed it to me and said “Here, use this one.”

I couldn’t believe she had saved the condom she used with the other guy, but the thought of using it second hand had me rock hard. I managed to slide my way into it and pushed into her pussy while she laid on her hands and knees in front of me.

“Don’t worry about me, I just want to make you cum, baby. Hurry and cum in my slut pussy before my husband comes home.”

The condom was really slippery and admittedly a bit too big for me. I’m not small but let’s face it, Magnum’s aren’t made for average. Despite that, I was already ready to cum.

“I’m gonna cum in you baby. Your pussy feels so good, I’m gonna cum.” I said, and she knew I was close. She pulled forward off of me and reach back to rip the condom off. She immediately guided me back into her and started slamming back into me with each thrust.

“I don’t care any more, I want your cum. Pump me full of your warm cum and leave my used cum-filled pussy for my husband to find…” and I obeyed. I shot deep into her womb and pumped every last drop into her dripping warm cunt…

I have plenty of ideas for what I’d love to happen next, but she’s the one in charge. I’m just along for the ride.

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