It’s Only Castles Burning Pt. 01


J. Robert Phillips one of the senior partners at the law firm Brooks, Snead and Dawson stood in the doorway of my office and delivered an odd message with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

“Steve, a Mr. Rafael Lamontagne will be contacting you for some assistance on setting up a new business structure. Please do your best for him, and keep an open mind,” he explained, while his eyes struggled to maintain contact with mine.

“Sure Mr. Phillips. Anything special I should know about the situation?” I asked, as my curiosity was piqued.

“It’s probably best if you meet with him first. Afterwards, we can discuss the situation,” he replied.

“Fair enough,” I answered, nodding my head as Mr. Phillips quickly disappear.

Several days went by, and with my workload keeping me busy, I had all but forgotten about the strange request when my secretary called to inform me that a Mr. Lamontagne was holding for me. I asked her to put him through and in a few seconds I was speaking to the man.

“I was told you would help me set up a new business,” he blurted out immediately, skipping over introductions and pleasantries.

From his accent and language, I guessed that Mr. Lamontagne was likely marginally educated and black.

“Yes Mr. Lamontagne, I was informed by one of our senior partners that you would be phoning and I should assist,” I answered, acknowledging his statement.

“Good, good. How do you want to get started then?” he asked.

“Well Mr. Lamontagne perhaps it would be productive if we met and discussed what you were trying to accomplish,” I suggested.

“That would be fine. Can you be here tomorrow?” he demanded more than asked.

“I’m free after 2:00 PM tomorrow afternoon if that works for you,” I replied.

“That’s good for me too. Make it at 3:00 PM. You know where to go?” he answered, seemingly in a hurry to end the conversation.

“No, I’m sorry I don’t. Can you give me the address?” I asked.

“North Larkspur Road. Go to the blue door and knock,” he explained.

I repeated the address and instructions to make sure I had it right and once Mr. Lamontagne acknowledged they were correct the phone call ended. I looked up the address and learned that it was in a rundown industrial part of town. Odd clients were nothing new in my work as a lawyer, but one that would cause Mr. Phillips discomfort aroused my interest.

The firm of Brooks, Snead and Dawson was considered top tier in the city, with an outstanding reputation. It was also a very difficult place to land a job and even more difficult to make it to partner. I was in my third year with the firm and considered “on track”, but the opportunity to work directly with a senior partner was rare, so I was hoping that it might differentiate me and help my advancement.

The following day, I walked out of the office at exactly two-thirty and minutes later I was pointing my X5 towards the southern environs of the city. The area was even seedier than I had expected, with many empty buildings, and graffiti was evident on almost every object in sight. Arriving right on time, having made only one wrong turn, I saw the blue door at the end of what was at some point, a strip shopping center. After knocking, I had to wait almost a minute before the door was opened slowly by an obese black woman who gave me a quick once over.

“You the lawyer?” she spat out.

“Yes ma’am, I’m here to see Mr. Lamontagne. We have an appointment at 3:00 PM,” I explained.

“He’s in there,” she said, pointing towards a half open door before moving slowly back to a rusty metal desk against the wall.

“Mr. Lamontagne?” I asked, as I poked my head through the door.

“Yeah, come in,” he replied.

Mr. Lamontagne was sitting behind another metal desk and didn’t bother to stand as I entered. Glancing quickly around, I could see the room was sparsely furnished, denoting functionality rather than comfort.

“Steve Clendenning,” I said, as I put my hand out in greeting, and he shook it perfunctorily then pointed towards a folding chair.

Seeing him, I confirmed my initial suspicions that he was black. He appeared to be in his early forties, with a slender build and tightly cut hair with just a few flecks of gray. He was wearing a blood red long sleeve shirt with the top three buttons undone and several gold chains were nestled in the opening. In addition, he had a large diamond stud in his right ear and a facial expression that made me think that he very rarely smiled. In total, he almost seemed a caricature of someone that lived on the fringes of society. Since the initial conversation with Mr. Phillips, I had been curious as to the nature and circumstances of Mr. Lamontagne, and had knocked some ideas around in my head as to what I was dealing with, so I was eager to learn the reality.

“Well sir. How can I help you?” I asked, hoping it was a simple request.

“How long you been a lawyer?” he replied, catching me completely off guard.

“Three years,” I replied.

“Married? Kids?” he continued in his rough accent.

“Married, but no kids,” I answered, wondering where he was going.

“I always like to know something about the people I’m doing business with. It helps to understand how they think, what they might do,” he explained, causing a shiver of nervousness to run through me.

“Seems reasonable,” I answered, not knowing what else to say.

“Tilde! Bring us some beers,” he shouted out the door.

I could hear Tilde moving around and soon she appeared with two bottles that were ice cold.

“Nothing better than cold beer on a hot day,” he stated while smiling faintly, and I nodded in agreement as the large woman withdrew.

“So, what you want to know about me? You’re a smart lawyer boy. You gotta be wondering,” he asked, with a penetrating stare.

“Well, I uh guess I’ll learn about you from what you have in mind for the firm to help you with,” I stammered.

“Yeah, I guess you likely will. Has your boss explained anything?” he asked.

“No sir. He said we would talk after you and I met,” I answered.

“Hmmm…I see then. Well, best get started,” he replied, looking a bit annoyed.

“I’m a business man Steve. I provide services for the folks in the community. Not all these services are considered proper by the more uptight people, so I have to keep a low profile. Then, there are those that want to compete with me in business and want to take me out. I have to deal with those too you see. Are you following me?” he asked, returning to his hard stare even while sipping his beer.

“To some extent Mr. Lamontagne, but can you be more specific,” I asked, as I pulled out a note pad.

“No writing. You keep it in your head. Now your boss told me that if I tell you stuff you don’t have to tell anyone else. That legally you don’t,” he said as his eyes narrowed.

“Yes sir, that’s right. As your attorney, you are protected by what’s called privilege. Our conversations are confidential,” I explained.

“Good…good. Well son, what I want you to help me with has to do with change,” he said.

“Change?” I replied.

“Yes, I want to change my business from what I’m doing now that upsets certain folks to one that is respectable. You see I’ve been doing this for a while but there ain’t too many like me that have. They all seem to go to jail or end up dead. I don’t like those things so you need to help me make some changes,” he explained.

“I see,” I said, feeling my mouth getting dry despite the beer.

“What kind of business do you want to get into?” I asked, putting off the discussion on what his current activities might entail.

“Investments, real estate,” he replied, smiling.

For a fleeting moment, I thought that this must be some elaborate joke set up by the firm, as it was all too bizarre to be real, but inside I knew Mr. Lamontagne was very serious.

“Well Mr. Lamontagne, I can establish a company for you that will allow for the holding of the assets you described. However, these are usually tied to a tax strategy as well. Do you have a tax professional that can assist?” I asked, like I would any new client.

“Steve, no one else needs to know. Your boss said you were good enough to handle it all,” he replied.

“Well I’ve had some experience, but I’m not the best,” I told him.

“It will have to do,” he replied quickly.

“And the capital, the money for the new business, I mean what are we talking about?” I asked, nervously.

There was a long silence. He looked at me for some, then at the wall and for a while I thought maybe he was having second thoughts and this would all go away.

“Do you realize I can be violent when I need be?” he asked, as he turned back to me.

“I don’t have knowledge of that Mr. Lamontagne, and have no desire to see you turn violent,” I replied.

“I have over $9 million hidden and more is coming in from my businesses every day. I want to start the legit business and get it going then let the other go,” he told me.

“Or sell it,” I offered.

“Boy, I like how you think,” he said, letting go with a big laugh that suddenly eased the tension in the room.

“Mr. Lamontagne, that much money popping up in a new business might attract attention. You will need to take it slow,” I said, realizing as I spoke that I was aiding in a tax felony.

“Yeah, yeah…I thought that was probably the case,” he replied.

At that point, I decided I had learned enough and needed to discuss things with Mr. Phillips.

“Mr. Lamontagne, I will start the paperwork on the investment company. You will need to think if you want a corporate structure, officers of the company other than yourself, and what to call it. Let me spend a few days on it then we can talk again,” I said, starting to rise.

“That’s fine. Just remember one thing, Steve,” he said, finishing the last of his beer.

“Sir?” I replied.

“Don’t ever fuck with me,” he answered while fixing on me with a gaze that made the hair on my neck stand.

The following afternoon, I sat in a chair in Mr. Phillip’s plush office overlooking the city from the 36th floor. The distinguished man, that I guessed was around fifty, was trying hard to show an outward calm, but I could tell he felt nervous and awkward.

“Steve, sometimes in this profession we learn things and have to do things that are unseemly. I know that when one learns this, realizes it for the first time, that we might call into question or own ethics, our own morality. That makes things very hard, but unfortunately the world isn’t always black and white. There are many shades of gray out there, sometimes darker than we would like to see, to acknowledge, and to have to address. Do you understand what I’m saying?” he asked, averting his eyes as his right-hand fidgeting with a paperweight.

“I think so, at least I’m trying. What I don’t understand is why the firm wants to deal with Mr. Lamontagne, why it would risk its reputation on a man that is involved in his activities,” I replied, sincerely.

“A very good question, Steve. Let me try to explain. Our gentleman in question has operations, businesses that are at times used or frequented let’s say by certain leaders in the community. He, from that standpoint, could be called a well-connected individual. Let’s also say that over time Mr. Lamontagne has assisted or sometimes come to the rescue of individuals who have had difficulties. These community leaders now feel it would be in everyone’s best interest for Mr. Lamontagne to quietly achieve his goal of transitioning to legitimacy,” he explained, with his strength seeming to grow as the words came from his mouth.

“I see,” I answered, not knowing what else to say.

“You can be assured that you will have the backing, indirectly, of some extremely powerful people,” he continued.

“Mr. Phillips, why me?” I asked, nervous about the answer.

“Another good question. Let’s say that those of us involved felt of the associates at the firm with the appropriate experience you were the least judgmental,” he answered.

“Is that a good thing?” I countered.

“In this endeavor, it is and it will not be forgotten,” he replied.

“I’ll try my best Mr. Phillips,” I said to him.

“Steve, between you and me. Most partners in the firm are carrying scars. It makes us something of kindred spirits,” he said, as he shook my hand.

It was an awkward exchange, as I expected, but it was also enlightening. It gave me a glimpse, although a tiny one, as to how politics and relationships played out in the real world. I wondered who the people were, most likely men, which were beholding to Mr. Lamontagne.

My wife Allie noticed something was off when I got home that evening. I had not told her about meeting Mr. Lamontagne for several reasons. First, until discussing the matter with Mr. Phillips, I wasn’t sure my involvement would continue, so there was no need to explain the sordid story. Second, I wasn’t sure how she would react. She’s not the sanctimonious type, but this was at best on the ragged edge of ethics.

“Honey, did you start a new case? You have a distant look,” she challenged me within ten minutes of walking in the door.

“Damn, is it that obvious?” I replied.

“Yes, what’s going on?” she asked with a look of concern.

“Let’s have dinner first and we can discuss it over this wine I brought home,” I suggested.

Allie and I met in law school and got married during our third year. We were in the same class and both of us graduated, but she decided after six months of work that being a lawyer was stressful, demanding, and completely unrewarding. She promptly quit, which caused her parents to cry foul over the money they had spent, and took a job in a non-profit organization helping low income families. She now got to balance a rewarding job with keeping a home, and left the long hours and stress to me.

Other than losing over fifty percent of her income, everything else for her was a huge upside. Her outlook on life was fantastic, and she had time to take care of herself. Allie is a very beautiful woman. Relatively tall at 5’8″ and slender, weighing just 126 lbs., her best feature is her long smooth legs that end in a tight, shapely rear. She has jet black hair and full lips along with perky B-cup breasts. There seemed to always be a smile on her face, and she has an impish charm that carries over to the bedroom.

“Spill it counselor,” she said to me, after the dishes were in the washer, and we were sitting on the couch with our wine glasses full.

Where to start, I thought to myself, but rather than beating around the bush, I gave her the events in chronological order through the meeting with Mr. Phillips. She was mostly quiet throughout the description stopping me only to clarify a few items.

“Well, what do you think?” I asked when I had finished.

“You’re going to go to jail,” she replied.

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Well let’s see…money laundering, tax evasion. Honey your aiding and abetting in the commitment of felonies. Phillips and the firm are setting you up to be the fall guy if anything happens,” she answered, telling me things I knew were true, but didn’t want to hear.

“Well I know I am going to have to walk a fine line,” I offered as a feeble response.

“That line doesn’t’t exist,” she replied.

“Phillip’s implied that most of the partners have had to do similar things in the past,” I retorted.

“Let’s assume that’s true. They were lucky. They didn’t get caught. You might get lucky, but if you aren’t it will not end well,” she explained, and I remembered why she was on the winning debate team in school.

“I’m screwed,” I said, looking into my glass of wine.

“Perhaps, but any outcome is better than going to jail,” she said as she took my arm.

“If I don’t go through with it, I might as well leave the firm,” I told her.

“I know,” she said as she snuggled against me.

Monday morning, I went in to the office intending to decline to represent Mr. Lamontagne. As I got on the elevator, I was joined by Barton Gillespie another of the senior partners who was in his sixties. After the twentieth floor, we were alone in the car as it ascended.

“Steve, I understand you are going to help the city with a little problem we have. I hope you know how important this is and how much your efforts are appreciated,” he told me softly.

“Yes, well…uhhh thank you Mr. Gillespie,” I answered, unsure of what else to say.

I went home that night expecting Allie to yell and scream at me for being a gutless loser or worse, to walk out the door not wanting to risk her good name with my potential downfall. She read me like a book as soon as I walked in the door, but instead of going ballistic, she sat me down to talk.

“You didn’t decline, did you?” she asked calmly.

I told her about Mr. Gillespie and the words of encouragement. How I loved my job and didn’t want to leave. I think she realized how much I longed to be a partner in the firm, so she accepted my answer without attempting to argue me out of it.

“Okay, well then you are going to be ultra-careful. I mean extremely careful. To the point of rehearsing your words for any discussion. I’m not going to lose you to this bullshit,” she stated, using a curse word for maybe the third time since I’d known her.

We spent the rest of the night reviewing various areas where I might have legal risks, and the best way to position myself to have a defense against any criminal prosecution. The next day, I went into the office and finished the paperwork I needed to prepare for a second meeting with Mr. Lamontagne. It took eleven phone calls to his office number before Tilde finally answered the phone at 3:47 PM in the afternoon. She told me he wasn’t in, but would call back, although it wasn’t until after 5:00 PM that he finally did.

“Mr. Lamontagne I have the documents ready for your review. When would you have time to meet?” I asked.

“Be here in an hour,” he replied.

“Well sir. It’s pretty late today. Can we do it sometime tomorrow?” I countered.

“Today is better,” he shot back.

“Okay, well I see. Then, I’ll see you in an hour,” I replied, angry with myself for caving in to his power trick.

An hour later, I knocked on the blue door and Tilde let me in as she left. There were two beers opened on his desk and we went through the documents and filled in the missing information as we sipped them. It didn’t take long to finish and I started collecting the papers to leave.

“Why don’t you come with me to look at some of my businesses,” he demanded, more than asked.

“Well, my wife is expecting me home,” I replied, hoping to get out of it easily.

“Call her and tell her you’ll be late,” he answered dismissively.

“Mr. Lamontagne this is a troubling area for me because I risk losing my license if I see illegal activity taking place,” I explained, trying to appeal to his softer side.

The look on his face was not what I was expecting at all. Rather than anger, it was almost pity.

“Steve, you don’t get it do you. You still don’t get it,” he replied, starting to laugh.

“How do you think I stay in business so long?” he asked.

“I don’t know sir,” I replied.

“Two ways. First, be low key and don’t create messes. I’m the best in the city at keeping out of the spotlight. Second, keep everyone happy. I’m talking police, city council, church folk, all of them. You go to one of my places, the cops will be watching over things quietly. Let’s just say the mayor has been a guest before and others too. Your biggest risk is pissing me off and me complaining to your boss,” he said, now fully laughing at my expense.

I called Allie and explained that I would be late. She sensed where I was, but didn’t get upset or push me. Instead, she just asked that I be careful.

Mr. Lamontagne told me to drive around to the back of the building, and when I got there he had pulled a black Escalade from the building and pointed at me to put my car in its place. Then, as I got into his vehicle, he hit a button on the console and the overhead door came down sealing my car safely inside.

We drove for about 30 minutes, leaving the rundown industrial area behind, while making our way to a part of town that catered to businessmen and tourists for the shopping. He pulled into a townhouse complex, and hitting another button on the console caused one of the garage doors to open. We parked inside next to a late model Mercedes and entered the building.

A middle age white woman was sitting behind a desk with three cell phones in front of her. Next to her were several couches and there were two young white women on each one dressed in sexy, but acceptable attire. Three were blondes and one was a light-colored brunette.

“How’s business tonight?” he barked at the woman.

“Average,” she replied before the phone suddenly rang stopping their discussion.

While we stood there, I saw and heard the woman book an appointment for the evening, while the ladies on the couches looked me over. They seemed plain to me and rather dull, almost dreary looking. Mr. Lamontagne looked at the schedule planner and made some notes in a small notebook he kept in his shirt pocket.

“Where’s Joey?” he asked.

“He’s running late. Should be here anytime,” she answered nervously.

“You tell that motherfucker it’s his last chance. I mean it,” he said to her.

“I will for sure,” she quickly replied.

We left shortly after that, and as soon as we started driving, he began explaining the economics of the enterprise.

“Escort service is a mediocre business. Girls are hard to keep, they aren’t dependable and it comes with overhead. Average night is only $1,000 net. I got two operations, so you do the math,” he explained.

The next stop was an upscale gentleman’s club that I had heard about often, but had never been in to. We pulled up to the valet line and attendants started running like crazy to open our doors. Inside, as soon as the staff saw him, everyone instantly snapped to attention. While he talked to the manager, I watched a young, petite blonde dance topless to the beating rhythm of the music. It was a Thursday night and the place was almost full, with practically every girl occupied at a table. A short while later, I felt a hand on my arm and turned to see Mr. Lamontagne motioning for me to leave with him. As soon as we got in the car, he started describing the workings of the club.

“This place is my best money maker. Big mark-up on drinks and the girls are all independent contractors who pay a fee to work there. As long as things don’t get too out of hand and complaints start, the cops don’t care and the money flows,” he explained.

The next stop was another gentleman’s club, but this one was back in the industrial part of town and much seedier. The girls were mostly black or Latina and were on average heavier. It was much less crowded than the previous place, and we left after a short stay with him telling me that the place didn’t make much money, but it was one of his first businesses, so he kept it open for that. The final stop wasn’t really a stop as it was a tour of the streets in the city notorious for prostitution.

“You see that light?” he asked.

“Yes?” I replied, not knowing where he was going.

“I own four blocks along this street from that light east. My competitors have it from there, but I think I got the best spot,” he said.

“Now you would think this would be a low profit business cause it’s on the street and all these girls are crack heads. But, in truth, it ain’t too bad. Not as good as the club or the escort business, but a good third,” he explained.

“Do you know these girls?” I asked, as he drove slowly down the street.

“Some I do. Some been with me for a while, but some I don’t,” he replied.

“How do you manage things?” I asked, surprising myself with my sudden interest.

“I’ve got a street manager. A junior pimp,” he said with a quick laugh.

As he spoke, he took a right turn then two lefts until he was approaching the street from a side road. On the corner were three girls, and just as we slowed and pulled to the curb another car turned left and came up next to the Escalade.

“This is my manager, Shaan,” he told me.

“How’s business Shaan?” he asked, gruffly

“Damn slow,” he replied while looking at me, no doubt wondering what was going on.

“Any problems?” he asked.

“Celeste didn’t show. I’m looking for her.” he answered.

“Bitch is useless,” Mr. Lamontagne offered.

“Yeah…” Shaan started to speak before he was cut off.

“Go find the bitch while I finish showing my friend around. I’ll be back later to check on things some more,” he told him, and with that Shaan pulled swiftly away.

With Shaan gone, I turned my attention to the girls on the corner. No customers had approached since we had been there, and they had been glancing in our direction as we talked, clearly knowing who was in the Escalade. One of the girls was a blonde and a bit overweight, and one had light brown hair with huge breasts, but the third was dark haired and slender. As if sensing my interest, my client did a U-turn in the street then backed up so my window was next to the girls. My window suddenly began to descend and the hookers slowly ambled towards the car.

“Ladies, how are things?” the black man asked.

“No action so far,” the blonde replied in a raspy voice.

“Well you better sell harder. You know the rules,” he told them sternly.

I made eye contact with the slender, dark-haired girl as she stepped further into the light. She was wearing a tiny black miniskirt and a red tube top with matching red pump heels, and as she got closer I had to choke back a gasp as I realized she bore a striking resemblance to Allie.

“You got an interest in Tanya? Tanya, come closer so my friend can have a better look,” Mr. Lamontagne instructed.

The other girls stepped aside and Tanya came alongside the window. Her makeup was on heavy, but there was no question she looked a lot like my wife.

“Show my friend your titties, girl,” he commanded.

Tanya pulled her tube top down and showed me her smallish breasts. Damn, I thought, even her breasts looked like Allie’s.

“You want her for a while? On the house,” Mr. Lamontagne asked, and for a moment I actually considered it.

“No, she’s lovely, but I can’t,” I replied, with my eyes not leaving hers.

Tanya pulled her top up and we edged away from the curb then started heading back towards his office. Half way there, he pulled into a small bar.

“Let’s get a drink,” he announced.

“Look, it’s late and I need to get home,” I tried.

“One drink,” he replied, getting out of the car.

We were there for four hours and closed the bar at 2:00 AM. During that time, he explained more about his activities telling me it was important I understood all aspects. Unfortunately, all the planning I had done to stay a level removed went out the window. He brought up Tanya several times, wanting to know if I wanted to go back. Each time I politely declined, but he must have sensed from my reaction there was something I was hiding. He even told me to quit calling him Mr. Lamontagne and start calling him Rafael. Driving back to get my car, I was wondering how I was going to drive as I was completely hammered.

“You sure you don’t want to try Tanya?” he asked with a slurred voice.

“No, no thanks,” I replied, unable to keep from laughing.

“You know your secret would be safe,” he offered, still probing.

“Really, I don’t have an interest,” I answered.

“Well, it didn’t seem that way to me,” he countered.

“You just misunderstood,” I told him.

“How did I?” he asked, refusing to let it go.

“She just reminded me of someone,” I replied, stupidly.

“Who’s that?” he asked.

“My wife,” I said as he pulled into the parking lot.

“Mercy me,” he started laughing, and then added, “That’s going to mess with your head!”

Allie was waiting up when I got home and was not pleased. There were a few choice comments about drinking and driving, and several about not calling, then she let it go and we went to bed. Needless to say, when I reached for her I was immediately rejected.

Over the next several weeks, we concluded the paperwork for the new company and Rafael began slowly transferring cash into it. He kept me verbally informed of these events, but I made it clear I didn’t want to know how the money got there.

At the same time, I couldn’t get the thought of Tanya out of my head, although now it was mostly a vision of my wife dressed in the hooker outfit. I wanted to see her long legs on display and her butt barely covered by the tiny skirt. Had Tanya been nude underneath the skirt? Would Allie wear a thin tube top like that? The thoughts, as Rafael had accurately predicted, did indeed mess with my head.

A month later Rafael asked me to advise him on some acquisitions, so were spending about a half a day a week together. The conversations now were much less formal and more easygoing, although he always had the hard edge right below the surface. My Tanya-Allie vision just wouldn’t go away, and now when we made love, I often fantasizing about her in the hooker attire, pretending I had picked her up and we were in some sleazy motel. One day, after we had inspected for the fourth time the first property Rafael wanted to buy, we were sitting in a bar drinking a beer and discussing the acquisition, when during a break in the discussion, I summoned my courage.

“Where do the girls get those outfits they wear on the street?” I asked.

“Ha! I was waiting for this,” he exclaimed, and after several seconds of laughter, he continued with, “Does she know?”

“No,” I answered, now very embarrassed.

“What outfit you want?” he asked.

“The one Tanya had on,” I replied.

“Hell, that was a month ago. I don’t remember what she had on,” he said.

“Tiny black skirt, red tube top and red 4″ pumps,” I replied quickly.

“Man, it has been on your mind,” he laughed, “Tanya’s size?”

“Yeah,” was all I could say.

The next day at my office a package arrived via courier, and I guessed what it was before I opened it. It was exactly what I remembered, including the matching pumps. Now, I was faced with the difficult task of convincing my wife to wear it. I thought through dozens of scenarios to get my Allie to try the outfit on, but in the end, I decided that honesty might be the best approach. The next Friday we had nothing planned and were going to stay in and watch a movie, so I left work a bit early and stopped and got two bottles of her favorite Chardonnay. Allie was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt and sitting close to me enjoying her second glass of wine when I decided it was time.

“Sweetie, I left a present for you under the bed,” I said.

With a look of curiosity, but without saying a word, she got up and went to look. Waiting, I was nervous as hell, and when I saw the look on her face when she came back carrying the box, I thought I was dead. It wasn’t anger, but it was concern, and I knew there would be some explaining to do.

“Start talking,” she demanded.

I opened my mouth to speak and was about to go down some diversionary path, but decided against it.

“About a month ago, remember when Rafael was showing me his businesses? Well we talked to three of his girls and I swear one looked just like you. I keep thinking of what she was wearing and what you would look like, so…well I decided to try,” I explained, waiting for her to get angry.

“Did you do anything with that girl?” she asked bluntly.

“Absolutely, not,” I replied, leaving out the part about seeing her breasts.

“Did you think about it?” she responded rapidly.

“No, just thought about you in her clothes,” I said.

“I’m worried about you,” she replied, as she sat down and picked up her wine.

Two glasses later, she got up without saying a word and left carrying the box. I didn’t know what to expect until I heard the heavy clunking of the pumps on the hardwood floors.

“Oh, my God!” was all I could say as she stepped into the room.

The clothes fit her perfectly. The skirt looked painted on and barely covered her butt, and she kept pulling it down nervously. The top left her midsection bare and was thin enough that I thought I could see the bumps of her little nipples, while the pumps pushed her butt up and accentuated her endless, smooth legs. Still, something was missing, and it took me a moment to figure it out.

“You look perfect accept one thing,” I said, worried that I might be pushing my luck.

“What?” she asked, both exasperated and breathless.

“You need more makeup and your hair teased,” I said.

She turned without replying and was gone for a long time. I was beginning to think she had abandoned the whole idea and was lying in bed angry when I heard the clunking noise again. When she turned the corner, I got an instant erection.

“You’re perfect,” I said to her.

“A perfect what?” she asked nervously.

“Fantasy for me,” I answered.

My eyes were hungrily roaming her body as she watched me. She had put on heavy lipstick, eye liner and shadow and had teased her hair up and was now a perfect replica of the young prostitute.

“Walk back and forth,” I requested, and she strode the length of the living room several times with her hips swaying more with each step as she got comfortable.

“Wow!” was all I could think of to say.

My response had a good effect though, as Allie’s worried expression started to fade and was replaced by her wonderful, impish grin.

“I feel so naughty,” she told me in an excited whisper.

I couldn’t sit still any longer and rose, took her in my arms and pulled her firmly against me with my hands on her ass. We kissed deeply and my hands left her rear and roamed her body, arousing both of us even more. Her breathing quickly turned to pants and her eyes showed her desire and vulnerability.

“Take me to bed,” she begged, and I was only too happy to oblige.

We tore each other’s clothes off then fell onto the bed. I started kissing her neck and then her nipples while my right hand stroked her flat tummy and thighs before centering on her smooth sex. She was wetter than I had ever experienced and my finger literally fell inside her as her lubrication was so profound that she offered no resistance. The first finger was followed by another and then one more and I started stroking into her roughly while licking and sucking on her small nipples. Allie was having trouble staying still from my onslaught. Her hips wiggled and her back arched over and over as I drove her towards a climax.

“Fuck me now,” she gasped suddenly, as her arms tried to pull me on top.

In all our time together, I had never heard her utter that word. It both shocked and excited me, but I instantly did as I was commanded and climbed between her legs, where in one quick motion, I pushed completely inside. Allie’s legs immediately wrapped around me and we started a fast-paced rhythm with the slapping sounds of her wetness, accompanied by her moans, filling the room each time I hit bottom. This wasn’t the slow and gentle love making that was our norm. Instead, it was an intense, almost animalistic, mating. I wish I could say I lasted for thirty minutes and brought her to multiple orgasms, but in reality I lasted for less than three before I passed the point of no return, feeling my balls boil and shot a huge load into my beautiful wife as I roared.

Falling onto her body, I gasped for air while she softly stroked my hair. Normally, she would have accepted the situation, gotten out of bed to clean up and then come back to sleep. However, this time she wanted more, and after giving me a couple minutes to rest, she rolled me off of her and on to my back. She began playing with my wet dick with her hand, and when I started to stiffen, a smile came to her face.

“You’ve got some work to do,” she said seductively, then leaned down and took me into her mouth.

Allie is good at oral sex even though she does it rarely. She was only intimate with one other guy, in a relationship that lasted several years, before me, so I knew he must have been a pretty good teacher. Her attention and the erotic nature of the evening, soon had me completely hard, and she climbed onto me. She started a slow and deliberate motion, grinding her pelvis into mine on each down stroke, while I reached up and began tickling her aroused nipples with my fingertips, causing her body to shudder.

“Is this how a whore acts?” she said, staring directly into my eyes.

“It’s how mine does,” I replied, then flipped her on her back and re-entered her magical pussy.

Now, I could go at her hard without worrying about ejaculating, so I drove into her deep, but with the steady pace I knew she liked. All the while, I showered her with kisses on her lips, face, and neck to make sure she remembered the encounter as more than a physical connection.

Allie always goes through the same sequence when she is about to orgasm. Her legs lift high in the air, she gets very quiet, almost like she is holding her breath, and her body gets tense. It took only a few minutes before I could see it coming and knew it was going to be a big release, since her body was now shaking as well.

“Ohhh…ohhhh…oh yes…oh Steve…oh please don’t stop…don’t stop,” she cried out, as her hands moved to my ass, pulling me even deeper into her.

“Let it out Allie,” I encouraged, feeling her vaginal walls now pulsing on my dick.

“Please don’t stop, it’s so good,” she begged before she began crying softly.

I took her through the climax and then slowly let my pace ebb until I was eventually still.

“I love you,” I whispered into her ear, and she buried her head into my neck and began sobbing louder.

Saturday night, after a dinner out with friends and some drinking, Allie put on the outfit again, and the results were almost identical to the first time. She even spent time in the bathroom once again doing her hair and makeup. The amazing aspect was, that after all the preparation, she only wore the clothes for a few minutes before I became so aroused that I stripped her naked and took her to bed. It was just too strong of a visual aphrodisiac that almost instantly took me over.

“Well, tell me how things got on?” Rafael asked with a grin next time I saw him.

“What things?” I asked, genuinely confused by his question.

“What do you mean what things? You know what I mean. You get your wife to dress up for you?” he followed, acting annoyed.

“Oh…yeah. Well…” I replied, unsuccessfully trying to hold back my smile.

“With that look, you must have got some freaky pussy,” he said, causing me to turn red, and upon seeing my reaction, he started laughing, “Look at you!”

“Yeah it worked out okay,” I said, overcoming the embarrassment.

“Let me see the pictures,” he demanded, still laughing.

“What pictures?” I replied trying to be stone faced. Actually, I had convinced Allie to let me take several pictures with my cell phone, and I wondered how Rafael knew.

“Any man is going to take some pictures. He’s not going to let that opportunity go by,” he explained.

“Well, I didn’t take any,” I lied.

“Don’t pull that shit. You want my help and now you ain’t going to share? What’s that about? No trust?” he exclaimed, acting upset.

“Okay but just one. I shouldn’t do this,” I said, but in reality I didn’t mind as I was actually proud of the way she looked, and besides, I couldn’t see where any harm could come from him looking.

I selected my favorite from the bunch and handed the phone to Rafael. The picture showed Allie half turned towards the camera. You could see the tautness of her legs, ass and stomach, and her breasts were thrust forward. She had a sultry look with her dark hair hanging loosely over part of her face.

“Damn, you’re hitting that?” he asked genuinely surprised, “She’s much hotter than Tanya that’s for damn sure.”

He handed the phone back and instantly the conversation returned to business. I was surprised he let it go so easily, but was happy to change the subject.

Three weeks later, Rafael closed on his first property. It was a small warehouse in the industrial area. I thought he had done a good job negotiating the price, and he was very excited by his first foray into legitimate business. Shortly after, I met him to discuss another property, but all he wanted to do was get a drink to celebrate.

“Your wife wearing those clothes anymore?” he asked after two beers and thirty minutes of idle talk, mostly about sports.

“Yeah, well maybe,” I replied, with a beer induced smirk.

In fact, Allie had dressed up twice more. She was now into it as much as I was, and we were having a lot of fun. I had gotten her to walk out in the back yard and strut back and forth on the deck, and even though we have a fence around the perimeter, there was still an element of risk which seemed to excite her, and certainly did me. Also, we had gone into the garage and I had sat in my car while she leaned in the open window and role played that I was her potential customer. In both cases, the aftermath was a wild sex session. Five minutes later, and without a whole lot of prodding from Rafael, I was giving him the detailed descriptions and showing him some new pictures I had taken.

“Damn you are one lucky man. You’re making my cock hard just hearing it,” he said while laughing, “Anytime you want to bring her down to the corner and have her learn from the girls you let me know.”

“Yeah, I bet that will happen,” I replied, joining in his laughter.

Soon afterwards we got up to go. When we reached the parked, cars he turned to me.

“When am I going to get a bill for your work?” he asked.

“There’s no bill coming. The firm is covering things,” I explained, and without replying he nodded his head while giving me a strange stare.

The next day I was in my office downtown when a package arrived. My first thought was it looked similar to the one Rafael had used to send the clothes, but this one was larger, so I closed my door and opened it. Sure enough, it was from Rafael and contained three separate outfits. The first one I examined was a short purple halter dress made of thin material that was backless and had a plunging neckline. It came with matching purple heels. The second was a pair of tiny white hot pants with rhinestones studded around the waist and a red bikini top. This one came with knee high white boots. The last one was black fake leather pants with a matching bolero vest and came with black heels.

“Since you’re having so much fun, figured you might like some more. Think about what I told you,” the unsigned note at the bottom of the package read.

I snuck the package into the house that night, and while Allie was busy in the laundry room, I laid out the three outfits on the bed. Then, I went to the living room and waited for her to discover her new presents. For several hours that evening, despite my suspicions to the contrary, she acted like she hadn’t seen them. It was only when we were about to go to bed that she finally acknowledged their existence.

“Where did you get them?” she suddenly asked, catching me off guard.

“Well, uhhh…I mean you seemed to like the first outfit so I thought we could try others,” I replied, stumbling with my words.

“Where did you get them?” she repeated.

Allie had a six sense on things, and it was completely tuned in on me.

“They were a gift,” I answered, and then after a pause continued, “From Rafael.”

“My God Steve does he know what we’ve been doing? Have you shown him the pictures? Oh Lord, you have! I can tell by your look!” she exclaimed, before I could even open my mouth.

“No, of course not…” I started to say.

“Don’t lie to me Steve,” she interjected.

“Nothing bad. Just the tame ones,” I replied defensively.

In fact, none of them were really tame as in all the pictures she looked quite naughty, and they would be shocking to anyone that knew her. But, I had taken a couple of her showing her breasts with my favorite being one where she was leaning in the car window pulling the tube top down just like Tanya had done. Rafael had seen all of them.

“My God! You let some criminal, some thug, see your wife naked?” she shot back angrily, ignoring my disclaimer.

“Honey…” I started, but was cut off once more.

“No more, Steve. No more,” she said, suddenly in control, which made me even more nervous.

Rafael’s gift and my hopes met a swift crashing end as Allie disappeared towards the bedroom. I waited for thirty minutes to give her time to cool down then went to the bedroom where I found her in bed with the lights off. Climbing in, I snuggled behind her, and when I felt her body stiffen I knew she was awake.

“All I showed him was the one I took the first time with you looking over your shoulder,” I lied.

There was really no other way to go, and since she knew how much I liked that picture, I thought I had a chance to convince her.

“You shouldn’t have done it,” she whispered, almost a minute later.

“Why? It just shows my super-sexy wife,” I replied, hoping compliments might help.

“Are you sure that’s all he saw?” she asked, rolling towards me.

“Yes, sweetie,” I lied, again.

“It’s so embarrassing. He must think we’re weird,” she said, and I almost laughed at her words, as he saw things a hundred times worse every day, although not from a highly educated wife.

“Actually, he was surprised that I had landed such a beautiful woman,” I answered, which was a true statement.

“Really? Why?” she asked, but I could tell she was fishing for more compliments.

“Honey, that picture is awesome. You look beautiful and very sexy,” I replied.

Allie snuggled her body closer to me and I knew that it was her way of saying the argument was over. I kissed her forehead and we held each other in silence for several minutes.

“I liked the white boots,” she whispered, referring to the hot pants outfit and letting me know that there might be more fun to come.

The fun happened the following Friday when, after dinner out with friends and multiple drinks, we returned to our place, and with just a little prodding, she retreated to the back to try on the clothes. The first set on was the hot pants complete with red bikini top and boots. It fit nicely, showing off her slender, toned body and giving a little peek at her ass cheeks from the bottom of the shorts. She strutted back and forth across the room seductively several times, unable to hold back her giggles, before retreating to our bedroom to try on the next outfit. Just a few minutes later she returned in the faux leather pants and vest. With nothing beneath the vest, the sides of her pert breasts were visible, and it took tremendous willpower to stay seated while she stood in front of me. Of course, the last one was the purple dress, and I could clearly see her erect nipples poking through the gauzy material. Also, the backless design descended to the top of her ass and highlighted her feminine shoulders. I realized that each outfit brought attention to a certain part of her body, and I wondered if it was a coincidence or it Rafael had purposefully selected them with this in mind.

“Which one is your favorite?” Allie asked, while she twirled in the dress.

“I think I like the hot pants,” I answered, partially because I knew she liked the boots.

“Good,” she replied, and scooted out of the room, returning a few minutes.

“I like looking at you while you’re standing,” I said when she started to sit next to me.

It was true. Seeing her long legs and the way her butt filled the tight shorts was arousing and I wanted her in front of me. Still smiling, Allie stood and positioned herself where I had an excellent view.

“Let’s make love,” she requested less than a minute later.

“I want to take a pic first,” I told her, and reached for my phone.

“For you or him?” she asked with a smirk.

“Both of us,” I responded, which made her suck in her breath.

I took three quick pictures while she posed in front of me, then I grabbed her hand and we began laughing as we ran to the bedroom. I kissed around the edge of her top and the hot pants making her squirm in excitement while she pulled at me and pleaded for more. Finally giving in, I told her I wanted her to keep the boots on and we were just able to slide the shorts over them. Instantly, she spread her legs, while I slowly took off my clothes and made her wait.

“I want you in me now,” she stated, when I tried to kiss her body some more.

I moved fully between her legs and with her hands on my hips pulling me into her, I guided my dick to her very ready opening.

“Uhhh…uhhh…yessss…” she moaned, as I pushed.

I started moving slowly, but when I felt the boots pressed against my ass it forced me to go faster. Soon, I was hammering into my wife while we looked lustily into each other’s eyes. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls tightening and the telltale feeling in my groin. I tried to hold off so Allie could catch up, but it seemed the more I tried not to think about it, the more I did.

“Baby, I’m going to cum…” I moaned into her ear.

“It’s okay. Do it,” she encouraged, and seconds later with a wail I erupted.

With that, I lost all rhythm and slowed my movements until I finally stopped and collapsed next to her. After taking a minute to catch my breath, I moved my hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit to try and give her some relief.

“You looked so hot in those clothes,” I whispered into her ear.

“Did you like it?” she asked, while she pushed her pussy against my hand.

“Loved it,” I replied, and moved my mouth to a nipple.

With my fingers on her clit and my mouth sucking on her breasts, she arched her back and started to squirm beneath me, and seconds later she surprised me when she spoke, “Don’t show him the pictures.”

For some reason, the way she said it sounded odd, almost like she was inviting a challenge, so after some thought, I answered, “Only the one.”

“Which one,” she replied instantly, and I knew that something quite different and naughty was in her head.

“The one with your back to me,” I said.

“Why that one?” she asked.

“Can’t see your face,” I responded while nibbling gently on her left nipple.

“Okay,” she whispered.

Looking up, we locked eyes and a smile came to my face as I continued to gently tease her clit with my fingers. I tried to think about what she was thinking and the best way to proceed, and suddenly an inspiration came to me. Stopping my play, I turned and took my phone from the nightstand and with a few quick clicks had Rafael’s on the message app.

“Here, send him the ones you like,” I said, handing her the phone.

“Steve!” she exclaimed, but my mouth had already returned to her nipples.

I licked and sucked on both of them for several minutes before I descended until my face was buried between her legs.

“Ohhhh…” she whined, when my lips closed on her engorged clit. The smell of my semen oozing from her freshly fucked pussy excited me even more and I let my tongue rapidly lash her stiff nub.

Purposefully, I concentrated on exciting her and ignored what she was doing with the phone. I wanted it to be her thing and see what she might do, especially since I sensed she had been fishing with the subject. My hands had her legs open and I was flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue when I heard the sound of an incoming message.

“He wants more,” she declared.

“Send them,” I demanded, breaking away from my work for just an instant.

She gave no response, but I knew she was focused on the phone as my efforts to take her to a climax were not proceeding. Normally, by now she would be writhing and whining beneath me, so I knew she was distracted. However, the reason for the distraction was extremely interesting to me, so I kept at it and didn’t interrupt.

Three more times I heard a message arrive, but after the last one I felt her hand on the back of my head, and suddenly she was back with me wanting her release. It wasn’t long before her whines became high pitched and her legs spread further. Then, with a loud cry, her legs slammed against my head and her pelvis started jerking while she grunted through a full orgasm.

When her body finally relaxed, I looked up and saw her sprawled on the pillow with her eyes barely open looking completely spent. The phone was on the bed face down a few inches from her hand, and although I was eager to look at the exchange, I ignored it and pulled her close. We cuddled for a few minutes before she announced that she was going to the bathroom, and since I knew from experience that she would spend a few minutes cleaning up, I quickly grabbed the phone.

In less than a minute, I learned a lot of things, including some things about my wife that I found surprising. She had sent him all the pictures that I had taken of her in the hot pants, but it was the exchange that I found most concerning. Rafael, not realizing it wasn’t me texting, had acted very familiar and his messages included:

“man she is so much hotter than Tanya”

“I hope you going to pound that pussy”

“send the nude ones”

“you need to bring her down to the corner like we talked”

It was the last two that distressed me the most. I felt that asking about nude pics was going to indicate to her that I had given him some before, and mentioning the street corner I knew was going to raise some questions. So, it was with some trepidation that I waited in bed for her to return. When she did arrive, she slid into bed next to me and after a quick kiss turned in my arm and went to sleep.

The next day was spent doing errands, together and separate, and that evening we had dinner with another couple. It was later at home, when we were sharing a last drink that she finally brought up the texting.

“I know you saw the texting,” she said, from out of the blue.

“Yeah, you sent him all the pics,” I responded, hoping to control the dialogue.

“What did he mean by the corner?” she asked, ignoring my tact.

“Uhhh…it’s where the girls stand,” I answered nervously.

“You mean the prostitutes? Why would he say I should go there and what did you talk about with him?” she followed.

“He’s overstating it honey. It’s about… Look when he saw that first picture he was teasing me about you wearing it down to the street corner where the girls work and learn…uhhh…I guess learn from them. It was just joking stuff.” I stammered, feeling my words came across poorly.

“But, you discussed it with him?” she asked.

“No, I said there was no way you would do it. He keeps bringing it up,” I replied.

“So, you would be supportive of the idea if I agreed?” she responded, and I realized I had made a huge faux pas.

“Have you shown him nude pictures?” she asked, purposefully looking hard into my eyes.

My eyes shot between her eyes several times before in a soft voice I answered, “Yes.”

“Which ones does he have?” she continued.

“None honey. I showed him from my phone. The only ones he has copies of are the ones you texted,” I explained in a stronger voice. I hoped that my efforts to not spread the pictures would earn me some points, but her look provided no relief.

“Have you been seeing Tanya?” she asked.

I realized that this was the most important question in her mind, and fortunately, it was one where I was on solid ground.

“Absolutely not!” I declared, now holding her look.

After several seconds, she rose and walked towards the bedroom leaving me alone with my drink. She was gone for some time, and I was just about to go back thinking she had gone to bed when she returned in her robe.

“I want to meet her,” she said.

“Who?” I replied, momentarily confused.

“Tanya,” she followed.

“Why? I don’t understand. There is absolutely nothing going on with her. I’ve only seen her once in my life and that was weeks ago,” I told her.

“I just do, especially since you weren’t honest about the pictures,” she stated, rubbing my nose into my deceit.

With that, she turned and left. I remained with my drink, staring at the wall, wondering what she was trying to accomplish, and concerned that it would be difficult to arrange with nothing good coming from it. I knew I would have to go through Rafael, and although we had developed a certain level of trust, it was still a strange, awkward idea. Later, when I went to bed, Allie was fast asleep, purring gently, seemingly unconcerned.

Two weeks went by without any further discussion about her request, and in fact I had hoped she had let it go. Unfortunately, I wasn’t going to be that lucky.

“Have you set it up?” she asked one evening.

“What?” I replied, slow on the uptake.

“Meeting Tanya. When are we going to do it?” she followed.

“Honey, it’s a bad idea. I would have to go through Rafael and it would get complicated,” I said, hoping to warn her off.

“Steve, please arrange it. If you don’t I will,” she stated in a manner that communicated that it wasn’t a subject open for debate.

The following Monday, after running out of ideas on how to get out of it, I called Rafael on his cell phone. Amazingly, we hadn’t communicated since Allie texted the pics, so that was what he wanted to talk about first.

“Steve, man I loved those pictures,” he declared, as soon as we connected.

“Yeah, they were nice. Actually, it’s kind of why I’m calling,” I replied.

“Oh yeah? What’s up?” he asked.

“Uhhh…look, Allie, my wife…she uhhh…found the text exchange,” I said.

I had decided this was the best approach to bridge the situation.

“Uh oh. You in bad trouble?’ he responded.

“Kind of but, because of the mention of Tanya she has a request, a demand really. She…uhhh…wants to meet her,” I explained.

“Meet her? Tanya? No shit?” he replied.

“Yeah, I know. It’s weird but I can’t talk her out of it,” I said.

There was a pause before he spoke and when he did I could hear some laughter in his voice, “Well maybe you can kill two birds with one stone.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, nervous about his answer.

“I tell you what. You tell her that she will have to meet her down on the street and she has to wear one of those outfits,” he replied, now openly laughing.

“Rafael. Come on. Please, this is serious,” I responded.

“You tell her that. Tell her it’s my requirement. Make me the bad guy and if it don’t work then we can talk again, but you never know with women,” he said.

“So, you’re saying that if I try and fail you’ll discuss another way?” I clarified.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, but don’t be a pussy,” he replied.

“I’m hoping I don’t get hit,” I answered which brought another laugh from him.

After that, we moved on to some business topics, but returned to the subject before hanging up, with him once more encouraging me to give his idea a try. For the rest of the day, I thought about the conversation and started to buy-in to his approach, so that by the time I was driving home, I had decided to give it a sincere effort.

“Look Allie, I tried to fulfill your request with Rafael today, but it’s not going to work,” I stated, as we were finishing dinner.

“Why not?” she asked, expressionless.

I could tell she was prepared to deal with my reluctance and was not going to give up easily.

“He said that you would need to meet her on the street corner and be dressed in one of the outfits,” I replied, just throwing it all on the table.

“Why?” she asked again.

“Honey, it’s just what he said. What do you expect me to do?” I replied, with some frustration in my voice.

“Tell me what you said to him,” she demanded.

With a deep breath, I began explaining how I told him she had found the texts on my phone and now wanted to meet Tanya since she was mentioned. I went on to tell her he had been adamant about not interrupting the girls and that she would need to blend in. Allie took it all in, but I could tell she was skeptical. Still, rather than argue, she got up and started clearing the table, and after waiting for an answer for several minutes, I got up and went to watch TV.

“Okay,” she said, walking into the living room with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Okay what?” I asked.

“Okay, I agree to what you said,” she answered.

Her acceptance damn near floored me, and it took a monumental effort to not show an outward reaction.

“I see. Well then I’ll call him tomorrow and determine a good time,” I replied.

More silence ensued while we watched TV, but after returning from a trip to the kitchen to grab the wine and a glass, she spoke again.

“Which one should I wear?” she asked, while I refreshed her glass.

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it,” I said, although I knew exactly which one I wanted.

I was happy that she wasn’t showing any apparent anger, and in fact later that night we made love and she was very giving. Although I still harbored some reservations, I was still excited to call Rafael, and was finally able to connect with him in the early afternoon.

“I can’t believe it, but she agreed!” I exclaimed to him, after some pleasantries.

“You never know with women,” he replied with a laugh.

“When can we do it?” I asked, eager to get going.

“I think Friday would be best. Around nine,” he said.

“Why? Why not tonight?” I followed.

“Look, if you going to get her out make sure to get your money’s worth. Tonight will be slow. But Friday is the busy night and she will be out there with the girls with some action,” he explained, laughing some more.

“Oh…yeah. Okay,” I replied, visualizing his description, and realizing it made sense.

“What she going to wear?” he asked.

“The little skirt and tube top,” I replied quickly.

“And I guess you want Tanya in the same?’ he answered, laughing even harder.

I hadn’t thought about what Tanya would be wearing, but when he mentioned it I realized it was perfect, so I said, “Yeah.”

My anticipation made it seem like the rest of the week crawled by. I had explained to Allie that we were going to meet Rafael and then drive to the corner with him for protection and to not attract attention. Then, she could get out and spend some time with Tanya. I also told her I would prefer if she wore the first outfit; the miniskirt and tube top. Her only response came as an arched eyebrow.

Friday at eight, Allie emerged from the back wearing her knee-length rain coat over the erotic outfit with only the gaudy pumps providing a clue. Since the weather was clear and quite warm, I knew its only purpose was to hide her outfit, but I decided to just let it go. We arrived at Rafael’s office twenty minutes later and knocked on the door which he quickly opened. There was a clear look of disappointment when he saw Allie in the coat, but introductions were made and he guided us inside. I had expected that we would be there only briefly to change cars, so I was surprised when he directed us through his office and up a flight of stairs.

Leaving the landing, I was stunned to see a spacious and well-appointed living area complete with kitchen, bar, large den, and a hallway that no doubt led to one or more bedrooms. Sitting on the bar was a silver bucket with a bottle of expensive champagne and three fluted glasses.

“I thought we could have a drink first,” our host explained, while he opened the bottle.

Soon, the liquid had been poured and he was giving us a tour of the space, letting us know that it was a second home that he used when he was working late. Moving down the hall, to the sound of my wife’s clunking shoes, we found a large bathroom with high quality fittings, a master bedroom with the largest bed I had ever seen, two other bedrooms with king sized beds and surprisingly, a study with a large collection of books. All in all, it was like a large, expensive condo and not what one would expect in an old strip center. I was certainly impressed, and glancing at Allie she had a similar look.

Rafael was in his normal attire, which was completely incongruent to the style of the apartment. However, he was acting very charming with Allie, and was quickly overcoming her nervousness. She went through her first glass quickly, and by the time he was refilling it, they were engaged in a very easy-going conversation. He avoided any mention of the evening’s purpose and likewise she stayed away from his work activities. Instead, they discussed music, movies and various current events, and along the way he was able to subtly insert several compliments on her beauty.

It was after nine when we prepared to leave, and like previous times, he directed me to put my car in his space after he had pulled out. Once done, I approached his Escalade to see that my wife was already sitting in the front. On the ride to his turf, they continued their banter, and it caught my wife a bit off guard when he pulled over in a dark spot on the side street half a block from the corner.

“Okay, Allie. The girls are just ahead on the corner and they know you’re coming. Now, I’ll pull a little closer, but there are a couple things to know. First, they ain’t the smartest, so don’t expect too much. Second, they’re working. You might see some stuff and I don’t want you to get upset or angry. You need to just go with it,” he counseled her.

“Honey, you sure about this?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” she said, giving me a defiant smile, which made Rafael laugh.

“Let’s go then,” he announced, and moved forward about a hundred yards.

Rafael turned the engine off, and then with a nod of his head my wife opened the door and quickly untied the rain coat. She tossed it onto the front seat exposing her barely covered, sexy body and with a quick glance at me shut the door pitching us back into darkness.

“Damn,” I heard Rafael mumble when her barely covered, tight swaying ass emerged from the front of the vehicle.

For some reason, the outfit in public looked even smaller, and I wished I could capture a picture as I felt my dick swell. From our spot, we could easily see the corner, and as she approached the working girls, I noticed that Tanya was in fact dressed similarly. In addition to Tanya, there was a slightly overweight black girl in a short dress and a thin blonde in hot pants and a halter. They noticed my wife when she was about twenty yards away and Tanya separated from them slightly and met her as she approached. Now together, it looked from a distance like the women could be sisters, although I knew from the last time I had seen her that my wife looked much fresher.

“You know she’s asking if you fucked her,” Rafael stated.

“I know, but I think it’s more than that,” I replied.

“Like what?” he asked.

“She wants to see…understand what made me get the thoughts in my head. Why I got the clothes,” I answered.

I was pretty sure my thoughts were on the right track, but I knew I wasn’t entirely correct. There was something else I didn’t get, something I couldn’t quite pin point.

“Yeah, let’s hope she likes the answer,” he responded in a low voice.

Just then, a car pulled up and after a brief exchange the blonde girl approached the vehicle. With her head partly in the window and her ass pointed towards us, she had a conversation with the driver, but evidently couldn’t come to terms because she backed away and the car drove off. Once it was gone, she went to Allie and Tanya and soon the black girl joined, too. I couldn’t imagine what they might be talking about, but they stayed together until another car pulled up.

Once more, the blonde girl went to the window, although this time after a short exchange she climbed in and left. Just like that, with my wife mere steps away, she had been purchased for sex. I wondered what she would say when she returned, and if she had found it to be offensive. Minutes later, another call pulled up, and this time it was Tanya who approached the vehicle. The young brunette leaned inside like the previous girl had done, but it wasn’t long before she backed out. I thought it was over, however she turned and beckoned for my wife who surprisingly, after appearing to decline several times, took the few steps to the car.

“That’s Shaan,” Rafael suddenly announced.

“What’s he doing?” I asked, confused.

“Just watch, I told you to get your money’s worth,” he replied.

Tanya was bent with her head at window level, but my wife was still standing. However, as we watched, she too leaned forward until her head was next to the hooker’s. Suddenly, Tanya’s hands went to her top and with a tug her breasts were free and she was showing them to Shaan. I expected Allie to react negatively, perhaps even to run back to the car, so I was intrigued when she remained there, although she did move back a step. Tanya pulled her top back into place but the conversation continued and my wife slowly moved closer. Then, we watched as several times Allie’s fingers went to her top, but each time she dropped them back to her sides.

“Damn, she wanted to,” Rafael exhaled.

I knew he had watched the same thing I had, and I now realized that it had been a set up between him, Shaan and Tanya to toy with my wife. They had been trying to get her to show her breasts and it looked like they had come close to succeeding. Soon, Shaan left and the three girls huddled together once more. However, it wasn’t long before another car appeared and this time the black girl was summoned and quickly departed.

“Tanya was told not to leave,” Rafael explained, evidently thinking I needed to understand why she was still there.

Another car approached and Tanya started to talk with the man, and like before beckoned my wife over. However, since Rafael didn’t say anything, I assumed this was a real customer. Within a few seconds, Allie was bent down looking into the window too.

“You want to turn her out?” Rafael turned and asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked, not understanding his words.

“Let her work…let her make you some money,” he said deliberately, totally shocking me with his words.

“Are you kidding? You must be crazy,” I practically yelled at him.

“I am kidding, but she doesn’t seem to be upset,” he replied.

I had to agree that she was acting much more engaged and relaxed than I had expected. I thought she was going to come out, ask Tanya if I had slept with her then beat it back to the car as quickly as possible. She had been on the corner now for almost twenty minutes, talked with all the girls, and was showing no signs of being ready to depart. The car soon left, no doubt frustrated by Tanya’s reluctance and minutes later a pickup pulled up and the girls went through a similar process before it too left. With that, both Allie and Tanya began strutting back towards the Escalade. As they got close, I could see my wife’s nipples clearly discernible through the top which made my dick even harder. Tanya went to the front seat while my wife climbed into the back with me, and immediately asked for her coat.

“No honey…come on,” I whispered to her with pleading eyes.

The young hooker handed it to her, but with a sideways look at me, she placed it on the seat. As we pulled away, I patted the seat next to me indicating she should move over, but she just smiled and shook her head, so I took her arm and began tugging. With a sigh, she slid over until our legs were touching and I took her hand firmly in mine. Looking up, I saw Rafael was watching us in the mirror, although I was so excited it didn’t register as a deterrent.

“Steve…” my wife whispered, when I kissed her neck.

“Can I have a cigarette?” Tanya asked, and after Rafael nodded I saw her extract one from a pack on the console and light up.

“Allie, you want one?” she asked my wife with a strange air of familiarity.

Now my wife hates cigarettes, so I was shocked when she accepted the offer. It seemed she was going to go all in on an adventurous evening. Tanya handed my wife her lit cigarette and as she inhaled I pulled away and looked her over. Her beautiful body encased in the slutty outfit with her heavy makeup and teased hair delivered to my mind a message of raw sex. I fidgeted restlessly while she slowly smoked, and as soon as she put the butt in the ash tray, I turned her head to me and kissed her hard, tasting the remains.

“Honey…” she said, trying to get me to calm down.

I wasn’t going to be denied and kissed her again then turned her slightly to shield her from the front and put my hand on her breasts. Her body stiffened and a yelp came from our connected mouths, although she didn’t push me away. I fondled her pert orbs and pulled on her small, excited nipples, but when my hand went to her thigh, I felt her squeeze her legs together, anticipating what I had in mind.

“Open up,” I demanded, still holding her tightly.

She did, and I was able to work my hand beneath the tight skirt and landed on her thong. Finding the edge, I pushed it aside and gasped when my fingers found her utterly soaked pussy. I knew immediately that it wasn’t from my efforts, and that she had somehow become very excited on the street corner. I used two fingers along her slit and was just about to plunge into her deeply when the motion of the car let me know we had arrived. Rafael had parked in front of the blue door and with sheepish grins we got out and were met by the knowing smiles of our companions. Allie tried to take her coat, but I snatched it away and forced her to walk in her outfit, with the black man waiting until she passed, so he could fall in behind and take in her sexy ass.

“Steve, you are a lucky man to have such a stunning wife,” he announced, as we climbed the stairs.

“I’m totally aware of that,” I responded, wanting to do my best to pump her up.

Once in the living space, Rafael dimmed the lights and turned on some jazz music then everyone moved to the bar.

“How about shots?” Tanya suggested in her young, sweet voice.

“Vodka?” the black man asked, and she nodded her acceptance.

He set out four shot glasses and then reached into the freezer and pulled out a bottle. With the glasses full, he lifted one and knocked it back quickly. Tanya did hers quickly as well and I was just reaching for mine when I saw my wife lift hers and down it. She is much more a wine person than hard liquor, so I knew she was probably feeling very tense. Another round was prepared and taken, and then Rafael offered cigarettes to both girls and lit them with gold lighter.

“Can I get comfy?” Tanya whispered a bit too loudly to Rafael.

“Sure baby,” he replied, and then added, “Take Allie with you.”

“We’re not staying long,” my wife quickly answered, and although I wasn’t ready to go, I didn’t challenge her.

“Allie, now I don’t want you to run off. Why don’t you stay a while? Tanya just wanted out of her work clothes,” he said smoothly, as the young prostitute left.

At the same time, he walked from around the bar and took my wife’s hand gently in his. He held it lightly and looked into her face and I knew instinctively it was a practiced way of manipulating the women he dealt with every day. It had the intended effect and I watched as my wife noticeably relaxed.

“We can stay for a while,” I spoke, to take the decision off her and show some authority.

“Wonderful,” the black man said and retreated behind the bar where he turned and asked, “What can I make you?”

“I guess a vodka tonic,” she replied.

“Coming up,” he acknowledged, and set to work.

We were idly chatting when a few minutes later Tanya returned barefoot, wearing one of Rafael’s silk shirts with only two buttons connected. It had the effect of looking something like a mini dress, and exposed the sides of her breasts when she stood in profile. I caught myself staring at her for too long, and when I looked up Allie was giving me a dirty look and our host was smirking. Tanya took a position just to my right and Rafael took her drink request while I sensed my wife’s annoyance with her location.

Our host was in the middle of making the drink when he looked up and spoke, “Allie you sure you don’t want to get comfortable? I mean, you look fantastic, but it might be better to relax like Tanya.”

“I don’t know,” she answered, showing some weakness.

I suspected her shoes might be uncomfortable and the way she pulled at the short skirt certainly indicated she was nervous with it, although a shirt wasn’t going to cover much more. Basically, I was happy either way, so I refrained from prodding.

“Come on. I’ll help you,” Tanya said as she was handed her drink, and that seemed to tip my wife over the edge.

“Good night so far,” Rafael announced, as they departed, leaving us alone by the bar.

“You set her up with Tanya and Shaan,” I challenged him.

“Yeah, it was for fun. To push her a little,” he laughed, showing no sign of guilt.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.

“I thought it was better you just got to see it then have to worry about it. Don’t get pissed off. Nothing happened anyway,” he explained.

“I told you she wasn’t like that,” I responded, thinking back to one of our early conversations.

“Yeah, you did,” he said, although the way it came out sounded like a perfunctory response.

We moved to the den and sat on a large leather sofa while sipping our drinks. A few minutes later the girls returned and we were treated to the site of Allie now dressed very much like Tanya. She too was barefoot and wearing a man’s dress shirt, although several more buttons were clasped on hers. My wife took up a position between Rafael and me while Tanya sat on his other side.

“You are so beautiful,” I told her while trying to kiss her, but our lips only touched for a moment before she turned away.

“Rafi, can we have some?” the young hooker asked our host in a low seductive voice.

At first, I didn’t know what she was talking about, but he reached under a table and pulled out a small box. Opening it, he fumbled with some things then produced a small mirror and seconds later some white powder was poured onto it from a small plastic bag. I immediately cringed as I was certain Allie would react negatively to the illegal drug. After all, she was a trained and licensed attorney, and as far as I knew had never indulged in illegal substances. However, as he proceeded, I saw that she was looking on with apparent interest and without objection. Soon, there were several lines of powder on the mirror, and he turned to my wife while holding the tray and a short tube, and offered her the chance.

“No thanks,” she replied immediately.

Without arguing, he turned to Tanya who quickly inhaled a line into her right nostril. Turning to me, he gestured that I should take it, but I too shook my head. I was no more into drugs than my wife, and certainly didn’t want to do something after she had declined. With that, he took a line for himself and then put the box and mirror on the coffee table.

“Have you ever done coke?” he asked my wife.

“No,” she replied, and I could hear the nervousness in her simple answer.

An awkward silence ensued that was broken about a minute later when Allie asked, “What does it do to you?”

“Makes you feel good,” he answered.

Then, he leaned forward and pulled a match from a book and used it to scoop a very small amount of the powder. Turning to my wife, he placed the match just below her nostril.

“Here, try just a little. Suck it in,” he directed, and surprisingly I heard her snort.

“It burns,” she said and put her hand to her nose.

“Just for a second. Here try some more,” he said, already placing the refilled match under her nostril.

“I don’t feel anything,” she stated, after taking the second offering.

“Well, you took just a little bit to get a taste,” Rafael explained.

“Should we try it?” Allie asked, turning towards me.

I had done it several times in college, although I had never told her, so as far as she knew, we were both rookies.

“We can if you want to,” I replied, trying to sound calm.

“You go first,” she answered after only a short pause, and with a grin Rafael handed me the mirror.

There was one line left and I sucked the powder into my nose, feeling it burn. As soon as I was done, he had the mirror back in his hand and was making fresh lines. When finished, he handed my wife the tube and held the mirror while she snorted the drug. It took two attempts with a halt in the middle when she reacted to the burning sensation, but finally it was in. Just as she finished, I felt a euphoric wave rush through me indicating its potency. Tanya and Rafael each did another line, as did I, then after preparing one more, so did Allie. When the first wave hit my wife, I could tell by the sudden stiffening in her body, and she turned to me with a surprised look and a silly smile.

After that, Rafael’s attention turned to my wife and he began chatting with her on all sorts of topics. He definitely was a charmer and seemed happy to let the conversation follow its course. I mostly listened, but occasionally added my comments while Tanya remained quiet throughout. After a few minutes, I watched as she snuggled next to the black man, wrapping her arms around his left shoulder, and it was easy to tell that it wasn’t the first time they had been intimate.

For some reason, I had once again become very horny and when the conversation slowed I pulled Allie to me so I could kiss her. At first, she tried to pull away after a quick peck, but I held on to her and worked my tongue into her mouth. This seemed to bring some fire to her and we entered a passionate embrace with the others only a few feet away. Surprised, but excited by her acceptance, I went with it and became more aroused with the idea of the others watching.

“This is crazy,” she whispered, when we finally broke, and when I reached for the buttons on her shirt she quickly said, “Don’t.”

“Come on, just one,” I prodded, but she shook her head.

Undeterred, we began kissing again and our embrace lasted a long time. Several times, when I put my hand on her thigh or tried to fondle her breasts she swatted me away, but never ended the kiss. Finally, when we did stop, and looked at each other for a moment, I was happy to see her impish smile break out. It turned out to be short lived because when we turned towards Rafael and Tanya we were flabbergasted by what we saw.

Tanya was naked and between the black man’s legs with her hand wrapped around the base of his cock as her mouth slowly rose and descended on the wet shaft. Somehow, while we were merely kissing, they had proceeded to this state. Rafael’s shirt was completely unbuttoned giving us a view of his broad, hairless chest, but it was his cock that attracted attention. Even with her small hand covering the base, a good six inches was visible, and on top was the fattest head I had ever seen. The shaft was a darker shade of black than his body and thick veins ran the length giving it a menacing look. My first thought was to question how a woman could fit that monster inside her. I glanced quickly at Allie, who seemed mesmerized by the scene, but when she caught my eye a look of shock swept across her face.

“We need to go,” she whispered, in a panicked way.

At that moment, something came over me that to this day I struggle to understand. I knew her words made sense, and it was the right course of action, but I was frozen in place and a strange force made me pull her tightly against me while my lips sought out hers.

“Steve!” she whispered hoarsely, after letting me kiss her for just a moment.

I sensed again the nervousness in her voice, but once more, I pulled her to me and forced our lips together. Her mouth communicated the tension in her body, however I stayed with it and ever so slowly her lips softened. Although, when I tried for a button, my hand was swatted like before. She did allow my hand on her leg, and I ran it up and down partly feeling her nice ass. When the kiss ended, we stared at each other for several seconds before we turned to look at the other couple. This time, Rafael was looking back at us and it caused Allie to turn away for a moment before returning her gaze. I was amazed at how relaxed he looked, with one hand on the back of the couch and the other on the prostitute’s head, as if this was just an everyday occurrence for him, and after thinking about it for a second, I realized that maybe it was.

Watching my wife while she looked on, I could tell that her nipples were erect, indicating at least some arousal. What I didn’t know was whether that excitement was from our embrace or from seeing the couple to our left, although I surmised by her furtive glances that it was having some effect.

“Tanya’s damn good at sucking dicks,” the black man stated, using crude language for the first time in front of my wife.

I cringed for a moment, but it didn’t seem to register on Allie nor did his words interrupt the efforts of the prostitute. Instinctively, I knew that Rafael was hoping I would make some progress with my wife, and it was something I wanted as well, so I pulled her to me once more.

Seconds into our next kiss, my hand went to the buttons of the shirt where I was again rejected, but I persisted, and when I tried again amazingly she didn’t stop me. I slowly worked the shirt until there was just one remaining button then took my hand and pushed it inside, stroking her tummy and back, but purposefully stayed away from her breasts. This went on for several minutes while I worked up the courage to try for the last one.

“Why?” she whispered, pulling away slightly when my hand went to the last clasp.

“Just because,” I answered, as my arousal made it hard to think clearly.

When I found the last button, she didn’t react and suddenly her shirt was free. My hand instantly went inside and worked upwards until I found her small nubs that were harder than I had ever experienced. With her head buried into my neck, I rolled and pinched them, bringing soft whimpers from her lips, and when I glanced at Rafael I saw he was watching us with a huge smile. Emboldened, I tried to push my hand into her thong, and she offered only token resistance. Soon, I had two fingers pumping slowly into her soaked opening, and while I knew she was likely somewhat embarrassed at being fondled in public, there was no denying that she was also very excited.

“Please,” she whispered in mild protest, as my hand pushed on her thong, but she made no move to stop me and I quickly dragged it over her knees and off.

With that, I rolled her on top of me so that her legs were straddling my waist and kissed her some more while fondling her ass and lifting the shirt tail in a way that provided Rafael a nice view. Her reluctance appeared to be quickly waning and I wondered just how far things might go.

“We’re going to bed. Come on back when you’re ready,” the black man announced.

Tanya had pulled his pants off, so naked, they walked away leaving us alone. As soon as they disappeared, I tried to pull the shirt off but was stopped when she took my head in her hands.

“I’m not going to fuck him and you aren’t going to fuck her,” she declared, while looking into my eyes.

“Who said we were?” I asked.

Even though the thought had crossed my mind, I knew it wasn’t at all likely.

“I just want it clear,” she said.

Rather than respond verbally, I pushed her onto her back then climbed over her and began running my tongue over her perfect body. Then I started alternating between her nipples and pussy, paying attention for a few seconds, then changing. I could tell it was taking her places by the way she squirmed beneath me, and was thrilled when her hands suddenly reached for my belt. Joining in, I was quickly naked, and I put my rigid dick at her opening and with almost no effort eased inside. We moaned in unison as I hit bottom, and I started a slow pace knowing that I would lose control unless I was careful.

“Mmmm…don’t stop,” she moaned when we had established a rhythm.

“I have to or I’m going to cum,” I declared, looking down at her while breathing heavily.

I slowed and listened to her whines of disappointment, but after regaining some composure, I was able to regain a pace. It was all so crazy, yet here we were, and it wasn’t long before her telltale squeals and whimpers let me know she was very close. With gritted teeth, I made it just long enough for her orgasm to arrive and I got to enjoy her thrashing and sounds as she let go.

“Ohhh…ohhh…oh my God…oh please…ughhhh…ugghhhh…” she cried out as her nails dug into my shoulders.

Seconds later, put over the top by her release, I let go too, and it felt like my balls were being pulled inside out as my semen fought to escape. We stayed connected for several minutes, experiencing the periodic spasms of our bodies when the electrical aftershocks hit. Normally, after a big climax, the last thing on my mind is sex, but for some reason, after our breathing returned to normal, I had a deep desire to shower my wife with kisses. It was after a particularly long embrace that I looked into her searching eyes and began to giggle.

“What’s funny?” she demanded feeling vulnerable.

“I can’t believe we did this, I replied.

“I know! But, let’s go,” she pleaded.

I began to pull away, and when my dick left her I gasped as suddenly I felt exposed. Quickly, we gathered our clothes and got dressed, and only when we were ready to go did I remember that our car was safely locked away inside the building.

“I’ll have to talk to Rafael,” I said to Allie after considering our options.

I walked slowly down the hall towards the master bedroom and found that the door had been left ajar. Peering inside, there was enough light to see Tanya on top of the black man, who was sprawled on top of the covers, riding him with a slow, easy pace. The young prostitute was sighing deeply on each stroke, but other than that, it was quiet. I was just about to speak when I noticed in my peripheral vision that my wife had followed me. She was looking into the room with big eyes and it was several seconds before she saw me watching her which made her quickly look away.

“Rafael…uhhh…we need to go,” I called out.

“Come on in,” he called out, when he saw us at the door.

For some reason, I approached the bed, while Allie stayed at the door, and when I arrived I said, “Hey, we need to go.”

“Steve, this is a good way to spend the evening,” the black man laughed, seemingly ignoring my words.

As he spoke, I noticed his eyes were locked onto my wife with a look of desire, almost hunger, in his eyes.

“Yes, it is,” I replied, seeing Tanya smile while she continued to move, then added, “Rafael, we need to get our car out.”

“Man, why don’t you stay the night. We can switch,” he said, and I cringed inwardly knowing Allie had heard his words.

“We really need to go,” I implored him.

There was a short pause, then he answered, “Take the Escalade. Keys on the bar, I think.”

I found the keys and we left with my wife back in her street wear. Without prodding, she carried her coat over her arm leaving me to try and determine the significance. I kissed her as soon as we were in the SUV, and we had a mostly upbeat conversation, recalling events from the night, until we arrived home a short time later. Allie went immediately to the shower and I joined her a few minutes later.

“I love you,” I said as my arms went around her, pulling her back against my chest.

“A lot to process,” she stated, having seemingly lost any playfulness.

“Let’s go to bed. We can talk it through tomorrow,” I suggested, which she accepted,

In bed, I pulled her close and listened to her steady breathing knowing the next day would be delicate. At some point, I fell asleep and woke with light sneaking in around the curtains with Allie still fast asleep next to me.

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