It’s Only Castles Burning Pt. 02


“I’m ashamed,” Allie said, giving me an odd look as we sipped our coffee.

Thirty minutes prior, when she got up, she came out in her robe and we made small talk for a bit, avoiding the subject until it finally burst into the open like a balloon popping. I used all my persuasive skills to try to convince her that it was my fault, and since we had done it together, it wasn’t that bad, but she kept coming back to the word shame; shame for going to the street corner, shame for taking the drug and of course for the open sex.

“Look, it’s all on me. Be mad at me for everything…I mean the outfits and everything, but don’t be angry with yourself. I let you down, sweetie,” I said, trying once more to be gallant.

“I am mad at you, but I’m madder at me,” she stated once more.

As we continued, I began to feel that her declarations were more for show than because she truly felt upset. If my thoughts were correct, I knew she would eventually soften, although it could take weeks. So, for now, I needed to maintain my place as the bad husband that had led her astray. After getting up to refill the cups for the third time, I moved behind her and ran my hands down her arms then gave her a hug.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“After everything that happened?” she answered, but in the way she said it, I knew she was fishing.

“You’re everything I ever wanted,” I replied, moving my hands to the inside of her robe, and surprisingly, she didn’t offer any resistance.

“I feel like I’ve been so bad,” she announced.

“Honey, that doesn’t matter at all. I’m not even thinking about it,” I responded with an outright lie.

In fact, I couldn’t get any of it out of my head, as the entire night was a parade of arousing thoughts marching through my brain. It was all so unique, so different, and we had pushed so far, right up to the brink.

I ran my hands under her pert mounds then over her nipples and was pleased to feel them begin to stiffen. After leaning down and kissing the top of her head, I gently pulled her to her feet and she let me guide her to the bedroom. As soon as we were naked, I worked my way down her body until my tongue was at her entrance. Slowly and delicately, I licked around her slit then used just the tip of my tongue to separate her lips. Allie was nicely lubricated, and I added my saliva to her wetness as I slowly explored every delicate spot. When I thought she was ready, I began working faster until the tip of my tongue found her tiny clit.

Now, my wife loves to receive oral sex and can have very nice orgasms if she is in the right mood. It took just a few minutes to realize that, while pleasurable, my efforts weren’t going to lead to anything more, so I lifted my body over her and pushed my dick inside. This way, I thought, we could have a loving act of intimacy, and I could kiss her and whisper sweet things. That’s in fact how we started, but I could tell things were still on her mind.

“You really don’t think it was that bad,” she asked.

“Nope, not at all,” I responded, enjoying how her body felt.

“Okay,” she replied then after several seconds added, “Nothing bothered you?”

“Like what?” I asked acting dumb, but suspecting where she was going.

“Well…like…ummm…he saw me,” she started.

“Yes, and you looked fabulous” I replied and kissed her neck.

Even though I was in risky territory, I wanted very much for Allie to reach a point of acceptance. If I was successful, there was a chance that we might get to do something wild in the future, but if she cocooned herself in despair, I knew it would be a tough place to from which to break free.

“You are special,” she whispered back, and then added, “And crazy.”

After the exchange, we made love very slowly with lots of tender kisses accompanied by soft mews and purrs of pleasure. I knew she needed it and was content to just enjoy each other, so I was surprised when she brought up the subject again.

“You liked it?” she asked from the blue, once again fishing.

“Yes, sweetie,” I answered.

“What did you like,” she asked, suddenly becoming specific.

“Everthing! Wearing the sexy outfit in public, talking to the men in their cars, showing your breasts, changing into nothing at Rafael’s and letting me show you off. Hell, I even liked watching you smoke the cigarette!” I responded.

Her questions were getting me worked up and I started to move faster, which brought fresh sighs and whimpers from her. For the next few minutes, we kissed and ran our hands over each other, however, when we broke I could tell she had more questions.

“What didn’t you like?” she followed.

“There was nothing I disliked. Some surprises,” I said.

“Like what?” she asked between pants.

“The cocaine, I guess,” I replied.

“Yes, that was stupid,” she said.

“Don’t beat yourself up,” I counseled, as my thrusts became even more pronounced.

Again, a period of silence engulfed us before she spoke, and with her words, I realized what was worrying her, “You didn’t want to be with Tanya?”

“No, honey,” I answered quickly.

This seemed to please her and I heard a low sigh beneath me. I took the opportunity to give her a long soulful kiss and she purred in contentment when we broke. Her question had brought back all the memories of the night before and my cock was aching to release. I only had a few moments and knew from experience that once I ejaculated all my fantasies would disappear. So, I decided it was time and that I would go for broke.

“I wanted you to be with Rafael,” I whispered into her ear, in the softest voice I could summon.

“Huhhh…” I heard her gasp beneath me, while her fingers gripped my arms.

“Yes, he wanted us to stay so he could be with you,” I said through gritted teeth as I tried to hold off my release. My attempt failed, and seconds later I was shooting inside her while crying out, “Ohhh…ohhh…Allie…ohhh…yeah…yeah…”

My head was spinning when I fell to her side, and like I expected, the lust that had built up was suddenly gone. I had enough remaining strength to pull her back against my chest and lodged my head in the crook of her neck. We stayed that way for several minutes before she spoke.

“Are you serious?” she asked.

I had told Allie numerous times about the impact of ejaculating, so I was surprised she hadn’t anticipated it.

“No honey. I just got too excited,” I replied.

Allie seemed to accept the explanation and we took a nap while in each other’s arms. After cleaning up, having lunch, and doing some chores around the house it was late afternoon, and I decided it was safe to call Rafael and arrange to swap vehicles. It took him almost three hours to call me back and by then it was dark outside.

“Rafael, I wanted to see about getting the car,” I said, after the normal pleasantries.

“Yeah, okay man. I’m out right now though. Come by in an hour,” he replied.

Allie was watching TV while I spoke to him, and when I hung up I told her the plan then went to our study to do some things. Something about the late hour brought back the memories of the previous night and before I knew it I was getting myself worked up remembering the events.

“You want to go with me?” I asked, with twenty minutes to go before the scheduled time.

We looked at each other in silence for several seconds before she said, “Are you excited again?”

“Some,” I answered with a stupid grin.

“So, just like that? Your wife gets it from another man?” she asked, with a strange look, which wasn’t really anger, more like exasperation.

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t put it like that and I didn’t say anything about “getting it”. So, look its fine. I’ll go by myself,” I replied, and started walking away but after a few steps, over my shoulder, I added, “Maybe I’ll see Tanya.”

Five minutes later she was at the door of the study and said, “You’re not funny.”

Of course, I thought I had been quite clever and burst out laughing while Allie just shook her head.

“I’ll just run over and back. Shouldn’t take long. Maybe forty-five minutes,” I said.

“I’ll go if you really want me to,” she responded with a very strange look in her eyes.

I told her it wasn’t necessary even though I thought it would be very interesting and a few minutes later I was off in the Escalade. Pulling up to the door, I saw that there were several cars parked nearby. In fact, it was the first time I had seen that many vehicles at his place, so I was instantly concerned about what I might find. It took me two phone calls to get him to answer and come down to the door, and once in, I could hear loud music from his apartment.

“Little party going on. Why don’t you come up?” he suggested, and headed for the stairs.

I couldn’t say that I was really in the mood to party, but curiosity got the better of me and I followed him. Up top, the music was much louder, the lights had been turned down very low and the smell of pot was in the air. Including Rafael, there were three men and four girls, and I recognized one of them from the time we visited the escort office.

“This here is Councilman Andrews and over there is Clarence Simmons,” he said.

As he spoke, I suddenly recognized the politician and recalled that Simmons was an activist in the black community. Councilman Andrews was also black, and it was clear that I was in the midst of an illicit party. Unsurprisingly, I noticed a certain amount of suspicion in the men’s eyes as they looked me over.

“These two girls are April and Tabitha and over on the couch is Celeste and you know Tanya.” he said, introducing the girls.

Amazingly, I hadn’t recognized Tanya immediately as she was in one of the darker spots. Although she didn’t move, she gave me a knowing smile. The girls were all dressed in outfits I would classify as club wear; very sex but, just one step above the clothes Tanya wore on the street. April and Tabitha were both bottle blondes and fairly skinny. However, Tabitha had a huge set of fake breasts that made her easily distinguishable. Celeste had streaked light brown hair and she too had fake breasts although they weren’t as prominent as Tabitha’s. She was a bit heavier than the others but held the weight reasonably well. Tattoos were prominent and I could see several on every girl except Tanya.

“What are you drinking,” my host asked, and I decided to keep it simple and selected a beer.

“How’s my girl?” he asked, as he handed me the frosted glass.

His words caused me to nervously glance around at the other men to see if they knew the story. Fortunately, I saw nothing that indicated they were aware.

“She’s fine,” I replied, deciding not to go into details.

As I drank the beer, Rafael explained to his guests how he knew me and their composure softened noticeably. Just a few minutes later, the Councilman moved to the couch with Simmons following shortly after. The girls positioned themselves one on each side of the men, no doubt well instructed on what was expected, and once everyone was settled Rafael put out an ashtray, a lighter and several joints.

They were soon in the midst of a lively conversation, with lots of laughter and cutting up. The girls would come over every now and then to refresh the drinks, but otherwise, the group was left alone. Rafael and I talked about business, and I could tell he was purposefully staying away from information on his two guests. I was on my third beer when I realized I had been gone well over an hour, and checking my phone, I saw I had two texts and one missed call from Allie. One text said “where are you?” and the second said “are you okay?” with the phone call coming between them.

“Wife?” Rafael asked.

“Yeah, she expected me back by now,” I replied.

“You know she’s even hotter in person. The pictures didn’t do her justice,” he said.

“Yeah, I know,” I responded.

We stood quietly and sipped our drinks while watching the others for several minutes before Rafael spoke again, “Maybe you can fuck Tanya later.”

“Nahh…I need to get going soon,” I replied, and I noticed him giving me a strange look.

Another silence started and was broken when he asked, “Why didn’t your wife come with you?”

“You know,” I answered with a shrug, then continued with a forced laugh, “Last night was a big deal for her. Gotta give her time to recuperate.”

“Let me tell you something Steve,” he started speaking, and then paused for effect. I instinctively knew when he was going to say something where I was expected to be quiet and this was one of those times. With a nod of his head he continued, “You don’t listen to what she’s telling you. She had a ball last night. I could tell, and she wanted to get naked and fuck too. It could have been better if you didn’t run off. Trust me, she was there.”

Just then, my phone, that I had placed on the bar, lit up with an incoming message, which read, “honey, are you okay?”

Rafael saw it too and I turned the phone in my hand so he could read the screen. When he looked up he said, “Tell her to come over.”

“Rafael, she won’t do it,” I replied.

“What’s her number,” he said, again turning the phone in my hand.

Then, I watched as he took his phone from his pocket and walked over to a corner with a drink.

“Rafael…” I said as he left, but he ignored my words.

For the next twenty minutes, I saw him operating the phone apparently sending messages to my wife. I kept mine handy expecting to see her reach out, but surprisingly it stayed silent. So, I stayed by the bar and helped the girls get drinks when they occasionally came up. Finally, I saw him turn and head my way where I fully expected him to say she had ignored his messages or become upset and I would need to deal with it.

“Shaan is picking her up in thirty minutes,” he announced.

“What? You’re joking!” I said, dumbfounded.

Rafael handed me the phone and I scrolled down to the bottom of a very long message chain. It started out with him saying who he was and then proceeded to tell her how much he enjoyed the previous night and how hot she was. Her answers had started as mostly perfunctory responses, but when she learned I was still here because a party was going on she became more engaged, and when she learned Tanya was in attendance she became even more communicative. It was also the point in the message string where Rafael’s request that she join started getting some traction. He had arranged for Shaan to pick her up and bring her over, and when I raised the issue that she had seen Shaan in the car on the street corner he dismissed it as unimportant.

I was surprised that she had engaged in a text conversation with Rafael and completely amazed that she agreed to come over. The fact she did this without reaching out to me made me think that something was in her head, some concern or fear, and I guessed it was Tanya. Of course, this didn’t say much for her trust in me.

By the time my wife arrived, both guests had gone to a bedroom with two girls each. Rafael’s phone had suddenly lit up, and after a quick conversation he left, but returned minutes later with my wife who looked quite stylish in low heels, gray slacks and a simple blouse with a light navy jacket. Right behind them was Shaan, and I gave Allie a quick kiss and noticed she had a very odd look on her face, one that I couldn’t read.

“Where’s Tanya?” she asked, looking between us both.

Her words immediately reinforced my view on her motivation.

“She’s busy right now,” he explained.

“You look amazing,” I whispered to her, trying to probe further for her attitude.

“Do I?” she replied sarcastically, which added further credence to my thoughts.

Shaan stayed a few feet away and was quiet while our host made my wife a drink. We chatted, with Allie standing between us, and several times I saw Rafael look up and down her slender body. As she sipped the cocktail, I could see that she was beginning to relax, helped by the alcohol, although likely also by the fact that the young hooker wasn’t around. Our host had another drink ready before she had even finished the first, and he was doing a first-rate job keeping her engaged in a conversation that wandered through a wide range of subjects but stayed lighthearted. As I watched them banter, I began to consider a different possibility. Was Rafael indeed right? Perhaps her motivation for coming over had other aspects besides just Tanya. However, even if it was true, or partly true, I wasn’t sure what to do with the knowledge.

Tabitha, who had disappeared with Clarence Simmons over an hour before, suddenly appeared in the room barefoot, but wearing her small dress. She walked to the bar and asked for some drinks, and Shaan quickly stepped forward and began preparing them. I could see the two girls trying to discreetly look the other over. If anything, I thought my wife had something of an advantage since she had some expectation of what to expect, but poor Tabitha must have really wondered who my wife was and what she was doing there. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Rafael offered no introduction, which surprised me.

“Three drinks?” my wife asked, while giving our host a questioning smirk once the girl left.

“Just a little fun being had,” he answered with a grin, then changed the subject.

Rafael took charge of the conversation again and another half hour went by, and my wife downed two more drinks. Then, within the span of just a few minutes, the occupants of both rooms emerged. Of course, it was now evident what had been occurring, and I glanced at Allie several times to gauge her reaction, but her thoughts remained hidden behind a neutral expression that conveyed no information.

Unlike with Tabitha, Rafael made a point of introducing her to the two men who were already looking her over with interest. Once they learned she was my wife their interest turned to concern, but I saw Rafael giving then discreet nods that I took to be reassurance that she was trustworthy. One thing I did notice, were the looks that went between Allie and Tanya as soon as she joined the group. Tanya seemed interested in seeing her in a bemused way, while my wife’s looks were more about judgment.

“Time to get moving,” the Councilman announced a few minutes later.

“Shaan will drive you,” Rafael replied, and his assistant stepped forward.

As soon as goodbyes were said and the two left, Clarence Simmons stepped over to one of the couches, and was soon joined by Tanya and Tabitha who sat closely on either side of him. The other two girls, after a brief whispered conversation with the boss, quietly left. Rafael made no move towards joining the local activist, and we remained close to him at the bar.

“Ready to go?” Allie whispered to me, but it was loud enough that our host overheard.

“Not yet, baby,” he said, taking her hand softly in his and stroking it then added, “Have another drink first.”

Allie is certainly not a big drinker and she had already consumed more than the norm, however she nodded her concurrence. For my part, I was intrigued by all that I was seeing, and was happy to follow my wife’s lead. With a new drink in her hand, maybe fueled by the thought that she would be leaving soon, she began asking pointed questions.

“Did both those men have threesomes with the girls?” she asked, looking at Rafael.

“They did what they wanted behind the closed doors,” he answered.

It was a bit evasive, but my wife seemed happy he had validated her thought.

“And you pay them?” she asked.

“Baby, we never talk money,” he replied curtly.

That stopped her and we sipped our drinks in silence for bit, but suddenly Rafael decided he would get provocative with his own questions.

“Your legs sure looked good last night. I wish you would have worn that dress like I asked,” he told her.

During their text exchange, after Allie had said she would come over, he tried to get her to wear the purple dress, but she ignored him.

“Just my legs?” my wife answered.

I had cringed with his words, fearing she would get upset, but it appeared she was going to handle it by being flirty.

“I didn’t say that was all and I was talking about when you were dressed,” he laughed in response, as the respectful treatment she had been provided since arriving began to deteriorate rapidly.

“You are overdressed,” I blurted out for some unknown reason, which caused them to stop their banter and look at me.

I don’t know why I said it, as I had been staying away from anything remotely risqué all evening. However, once it was out, Rafael quickly joined in.

“He’s right…completely,” he added.

“Well, you didn’t tell me there was a “party”,” she replied, putting emphasis on the word, although I wasn’t certain as to her intent.

“Tanya. Come over here for a second,” our black host called out over the music.

The activist looked up too, but quickly turned his attention to the other girl and Tanya slowly stood, and with a willowy movement approached.

“Baby, take Allie back and help her find something better to wear,” he instructed, as the young prostitute looked over my wife and got a hard stare in return.

“I’m fine. Really,” my wife replied.

“No baby. We want to see you looking good,” Rafael responded as if his words offered some wonderful compliment.

I knew I could stop it with a simple word or nod of my head, but I was enjoying the interaction and now with Tanya nearby, I was like a moth to the flame interested to see how the two women would interact.

“Not tonight,” Allie answered, seemingly putting an end to the idea.

There was a brief silence then I watched as Rafael put his mouth close to my wife’s ear and started speaking. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but it went on for several minutes with her occasionally raising her eyebrows or nodding before he moved away and had a short, whispered conversation with Tanya.

“Go on now,” the black man said, and with a quick look at me, where I sensed a bit of irritation, she followed Tanya as she walked towards the back.

“What did you say to her?” I asked, quite confused and wondering if I should find her and leave.

“I told her it was fine if she wanted to go, but that I needed you here for the time being so she could get a ride with Shaan or go change,” he explained.

The fact that he had manipulated my wife using me as a pawn caused a surge of anger to run through me.

“Rafael, that’s…that’s not right. Not at all,” I protested.

“Hey, I’m just having some fun,” he replied, as if that made it okay. Then, after several seconds of silence while I tried to calm down he followed with, “But, you have a decision to make.”

“And what’s that?” I asked.

“I’m going to try and fuck her, so if you don’t want it to happen, you best take her home when she gets back. I mean after I get to see her strut around some,” he explained.

“What the hell Rafael?” I shot back, eager to maintain some dignity.

“Now, don’t get all damn protective. No one is going to get hurt. And there’s still Tanya. You ain’t hit it yet,” he continued, showing no hint of guilt.

“I think we’ll leave,” I declared, to which he just nodded.

For the next fifteen minutes, we sipped our drinks in silence, then from the back Tanya appeared followed closely by my wife. Allie was wearing a short, red halter dress with a plunging neck line and four-inch black heels. The bottom of the dress only extended a few inches below her butt and highlighted her perfect thighs, and the V-neck exposed the sides of her firm breasts. As she approached, I could see Clarence Simmons turn in his seat and watch her ass as she passed.

“Damn, baby…you look hot,” Rafael spoke when she arrived.

“You look amazing,” I added, when I saw her look towards me for a reaction.

My words brought just a bit of a smile to her face and as she stepped to the bar, Tanya left and returned to the guest. Rafael quickly made her a new drink and we picked up on the random conversation we had been having before my wife changed. I could see that Allie was acting a bit strange, nervous and fidgety, but I put it down to the situation and the dress she now wore that left her uncharacteristically exposed. In any event, I was planning for us to leave soon, so I wasn’t too concerned. However, I was about to learn I was in store for another surprise.

“You and Tanya do a line?” Rafael suddenly asked, causing my wife to look towards me with a worried expression.

“Ummm…uh yeah,” she answered, directing her eyes downward.

With her admission, a strange sensation swept through me that had elements of shock, concern and confusion. After all, it was just this morning that she was completely distraught over her behavior from the previous night, yet now she was once again playing with fire. I wondered whether she was doing this to provoke me or if something more basic was involved. I had intended to leave soon, but now that I knew she had snorted coke with the pretty hooker, I decided to stick around a bit.

“Baby, you feeling good now?” our host asked, while taking her hand in his, acting true to his word about going after my wife.

After a few more minutes of drinking and talking, I left for the bathroom, and even though I was only gone a few minutes, when I returned to the others I noticed two things. First, Clarence Simmons was sunk down low on the couch and Tabitha was on her knees, between his legs, slowly sucking what looked to be an impressive cock. While she did this, Tanya rubbed her hand over his exposed chest. Second, Rafael had moved around the bar and was now standing next to my wife with his hand resting on her waist.

I took up position on the other side of Allie and with the way she was half turned I could see her left nipple exposed from the open folds of the V-neck. Just then, Clarence Simmons began to grunt loudly and I turned and watched as just a few feet away his cock exploded in Tabitha’s mouth. She took it all down, never slowing, and it was the black man who finally had to stop her by grasping her hair in his large fist. The process had left him satiated and he was low on the couch looking like he was one small step away from falling asleep. I turned back to check on my wife expecting to see a look on her face of disgust, so I was quite surprised to see her still staring intently towards the man with an expression that appeared more like confusion than revulsion.

“Let’s go sit down.” Rafael said seconds later.

It seemed odd to join the others who had just finished a sexual act. Plus, both the black man and Tabitha were still completely naked. Only Tanya was still wearing clothes, although they barely covered her. Regardless, our host moved that way, guiding my wife before him, and I saw that his large hand had moved from her waist and was now firmly placed on her ass. It was mind-boggling to me that she was allowing this, which to me indicated that he was indeed making progress towards his stated goal.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at the sofas was the pungent smell of sex which provided another sensory input to go along with what we had just watched. We settled on the couch opposite the others which immediately made me recall the previous night, although now it was six people instead of four. Looking around, I could see that the black guest was staring intently at my wife while Tabitha sat next to him and played with his heavy cock. At the same time, Tanya smiled at me demurely in an inviting way, while Rafael and Allie engaged in a whispered conversation with their heads close together. His hand had left her butt and was now resting on her right thigh just an inch below the hem of the short skirt.

By now, my brain was being driven by alcohol and lust, although I still had enough of my wits to know that I was at a decision point. Allowing things to continue, remaining at this place with these people, meant that my ability to control things would be challenged. If I stood and told my wife it was time to leave, then soon we would be in the comfort of our home, safe and snuggled closely together. But if we stayed, things would likely become very dangerous.

“Rafi, can we have some?” Tanya asked sweetly.

Of course, because of the previous night, I knew exactly what she was referring to and her request brought a quick nod from her boss before he returned to Allie. The young prostitute stood and pattered away, but was soon back with the box. With a practiced hand, she arranged six lines on the mirror, and turned first to the activist who sat up enough to quickly suck in the contents. Then, she handed it to me and knowing it was the moment of truth, I paused for several seconds before taking the line. The rest followed suit and my Allie didn’t bat an eye when her turn came.

Feeling it was time to reclaim my wife, I took her hand and pulled it towards me making her shoulders and head turn in the process. There was a silly smile on her face that I knew was aided by the alcohol and drug, but in her eyes was a fiery look that showed she was feeling excitement, too.

“Are you okay?” I whispered, wanting to see her reaction.

“I think so. What do you want to do?” she replied, letting me know she still had some control.

“We can stay a little longer,” I replied, comforted by her answer.

I felt her squeeze my hand and turn her head for a kiss. It was intended as a quick peck, but we held the connection and soon it had progressed to a deep, passionate lovers kiss. The seconds ticked by, and my hand moved to the side of her head where I caressed her softly. Then, I let it drift down over her neck until I found the strap on her dress. I looped a finger beneath it and began to pull it to the side as our lips remained together, but when it was at the edge of her shoulder she pulled away.

“Honey…” she whimpered very softly.

“What baby?” I asked.

“Please…” she said, but her tone was ambiguous.

“What?” I asked again.

“Don’t…don’t…” she started, then paused before continuing, “Unless…unless you really love me.”

“I do love you,” I instantly answered.

“Okay…” she whispered.

Our eyes were locked together as the strap left her shoulder and I pulled it down her arm. Just as it crossed her elbow, it opened the top enough to expose her breasts, and when it was completely off, I moved my hand onto her orbs and teased her erect little nipples.

“Get the other strap,” I heard Rafael say, and his hand pushed mine from her breast.

“Oh my God,” Allie moaned when the black man rolled her nipple between his fingers.

Strangely, I did as our host requested and soon the other strap was off leaving my wife between us, exposed from the waist up. I began fondling the breast nearest me while Rafael focused his attention on the other and soon Allie was moaning softly with her head tilted back and her eyes squeezed shut. I kissed her again and when it ended she looked into my eyes with a questioning expression.

“I love you,” I whispered into her ear.

I was about to follow up my words with another kiss when suddenly I felt her move and looking up I was just in time to see Rafael push his lips hard against hers. At first, her body became stiff, but as the kiss continued, I saw her physically relax until her mouth was moving in synch with the black man.

“Lift up your ass,” he demanded when they broke.

His hand was on the bottom of her small dress and he was tugging on it trying to get it over her hips.

“Honey?” she whimpered, but when my hand joined in the pull, she raised her body.

It took just seconds to get the dress down her slender body and a few more to work it over her heels. Unbeknownst to me, she wasn’t wearing her thong, so as soon as the dress descended, she was naked. Instantly, she closed her legs tightly in an attempt to show some modesty, but at almost the same time, my hand went to one knee while Rafael’s to the other and we slowly opened her, revealing her treasure to all in the room. Allie’s pussy is delicate and beautiful and looks like it belongs on the body of a teenager, but it was now glistening in the dim light from her obvious arousal.

“Fuck yeah,” I heard Clarence Simmons grunt, and I looked over to see that Tabitha had his cock almost fully hard again.

Rafael’s hand beat mine to her pussy and it disappeared from view as his palm and fingers covered her. His touch brought more whimpers from her, but when we watched his index finger slowly disappear, the whimpers became a deep, sensual moan. I watched for a minute, enraptured by the slow undulation of her body and her passionate sounds. Then, my mouth went to her breasts, and while our host played with her pussy, I sucked eagerly on her buds. Our combined effort took my wife to a level of sexual excitement I had never seen before. Her sounds practically turned into wails and were non-stop, while her body seemed to instantly respond to every lick, caress and touch.

Breaking for a moment to take it in, I saw that Tanya was now next to Rafael stroking his large organ. Somehow, in the midst of the sexual manipulation of my wife, he had managed to get his pants off, no doubt in anticipation of sinking his cock into my wife. My mouth went back to her breasts, wondering where it would all lead, but much too excited now to stop it.

“I can’t take anymore,” Allie suddenly declared, and with a big effort she wiggled free.

However, rather than seeking an end to the sex, what she really wanted was a cock in her because she quickly straddled my waist with her hands going to my belt. With my help, my pants were quickly at my knees and with no formalities she gripped my dick and fed it into her ready opening.

“Uhhhh…uhhh…ohhhhh…” she moaned as she started a rapid assault.

“Get some Allie,” Rafael shouted in encouragement.

Her hands were on my shoulders as she rode me, and she cycled between squeezing her eyes tightly closed and staring down at me with an excited, needy look. It was evident that she wanted badly to orgasm and as she continued I realized it was a need more than a desire. Unfortunately, I was excited too, and the idea of Allie being touched and now on wanton display was quickly proving to be too much.

“Slow down, baby,” I implored her.

“I can’t…I can’t…” she answered in between her grunts.

“I’m going to cum…slow down,” I begged, knowing she would be left wanting.

“Don’t…not yet,” she replied.

I lasted exactly eight more thrusts from her and then I was at the point of no return. With an anguished cry, I gripped her ass and released my seed into her hot pussy. Allie, not wanting to accept that I had ejaculated, tried to keep going but it wasn’t long before my dick lost the stiffness needed to stay connected.

“Ohhh…damn!” she cried out and lifting off me she grabbed my shaft and tried to reinvigorate it.

“Come on over here, baby. It’s time,” our host said.

Rafael was holding his cock by the base and a healthy length extended past his hand. The fat head was wet from Tanya’s attention and it was swollen to the point that the thick veins were prominent. I saw my wife’s eyes lock onto it and she held her gaze for several seconds before she turned back to me.

“I…I…” she started, searching for words while still holding my dick.

“I love you,” I said.

Her body stiffened momentarily, but with a last look, she let go of my shaft and moved to the black man. He placed her over him in the same position she had been in with me and reaching between them she took hold of his cock and slowly descended.

“Ohhhh…ohhhh…ughhhnnnhhhh…oh fuck…fuck…” she whined as his thick shaft invaded her tight opening.

When she was fully penetrated, she fell forward against his broad chest with her head in the crook of his neck. Small mews continued to come from her while he let her get used to his size, but finally he was ready and with his hands on her ass he began to rock her gently.

More sounds escaped her mouth and when she finally lifted her head she was biting her lips and had a look that was somewhere between pain and ecstasy. Slowly, they built up speed until she was taking the full length on each stroke.

“Damn Rafael, you’re tearing that white pussy up,” the local activist declared and following his eyes I realized he had a perfect view of the thick black cock entering and leaving my wife’s body.

I was so focused on the sexual show that I didn’t notice Tanya had moved until she was standing before me, completely naked. Without speaking, she fell to her knees, quickly found my dick and brought it to her mouth. Now it was my turn to whine, although I tried to keep my sounds muted so as not to attract the attention of my wife. I probably needn’t have worried, as she was now riding him hard, while he occasionally took a nipple between his teeth making her squeal. They had been at it several minutes when I caught them looking at each other in a strange way. At first, I didn’t understand the significance, but seconds later my wife moved her head forward and kissed him hungrily. At that moment, I knew she had been completely seduced and was, at least for the moment, the possession of another man.

The first kiss was followed by a second and then quickly by a third, and then they started a whispered conversation while continuing to fuck. At first, Allie seemed reluctant to whatever he was proposing, but when she turned my way and saw her nemesis sucking happily on my reviving dick, she evidently changed her mind. They suddenly stopped, quickly disengaged which brought moans from my wife, and hand in hand started to walk away.

“Allie?” I called after her, but she ignored me.

Clarence Simmons looked at me with a smile on his face, and I knew he was quite pleased by the turn of events. I thought about saying something to him, but it seemed pointless, plus I had Tanya mouth doing wonders with my dick. I tried to ignore my wife’s departure, but I couldn’t shake it from my head, so after five minutes I tapped the young prostitute on her shoulder.

“I need to check on her,” I said in as low a voice as I could

She gave me a knowing nod and backed away so I could stand, but followed closely as I made my way towards the master bedroom. Halfway there we could hear the sounds so it came as no surprise to find them connected and fucking. Rafael had my wife in the missionary position and he was hammering into her with a fast pace. Her legs were stretched wide, enthusiastically receiving his cock, and her hands moved relentlessly from across his shoulders, back and ass as if she couldn’t keep them still.

“I think she likes it,” Tanya giggled.

Her words were undeniable, but I still was surprised, shocked actually, at Allie’s behavior. It was one thing to reluctantly participate in a serendipitous event, however this was way past that type of thing. My wife was a willing, in some ways eager participant, having the sexual time of her life.

“Looks like it,” I replied.

“Let’s go to another bedroom,” she said, tugging on my arm.

I was just about to step away and leave my wife with her new lover, but suddenly the intensity of her sounds changed making me think she was about to orgasm. Tanya too seemed to sense it and quit her pulling. Together, we watched as Rafael, over the next minute, took my wife to the biggest climax of her life.

“Ohhhh…ohhhh…oh God…oh don’t stop…don’t stop…” she started calling out almost in a chant.

“I ain’t stopping baby,” her lover replied.

“Almost…almost…” she panted and then it hit, “Oh God…oh fuck…fuck me…oh please fuck me…please!”

Her fingernails drove deeply into his shoulder and her body lifted from the bed to meet each of his thrusts. Then, she fell back and her legs began to kick the air as if spurring on the black stud that was taking her. All through her climax, Rafael never slowed which allowed it to extend much longer than normal. Finally, she began to ebb and we were left to hear her post release whimpers and mews.

“You ready to take this load?” Rafael grunted soon after.

I suspected her orgasm had taken him over the edge, and now I was going to watch another man, a black man, fill her pussy with his semen. It didn’t take long, and then we were watching him drive into my wife hard with his last ounce of energy followed by his loud, satisfied grunts as he placed his deposit. Amazingly, the moment had proven so powerful that the renewed sounds from my wife made me think she had experienced another, but smaller, orgasm.

“Come on,” Tanya said.

This time, I allowed her to lead me to a bedroom, and quickly we were on the bed and in an embrace. My dick had fully inflated from watching my wife, and with little foreplay, I moved to mount her.

“Hold on,” she said, and reached towards the nightstand.

She grabbed something from the drawer and when she turned back I saw she was holding a condom. With a practiced hand, the unwrapped it and quickly had it on me. Then, she spread her legs wide and guided me home.

“Uggghhhh…” I gasped as I went inside, finding her surprisingly snug and wet.

It didn’t take long to get a nice rhythm going, and after that I felt her reach around my ass and start to tickle my balls with her long fingernails.

“Tanya, you’re going to make me cum,” I said.

It was awkward since it was the second time I had said it that night, but she just giggled and replied, “Don’t worry, we have all night. Rafael said to take care of you.”

“So, he could be with Allie?” I asked, although I knew the answer.

“Yeah,” she answered, not trying in the least to hide the fact.

Fortunately, my anxiousness passed, and we were able to get a nice pace going that was enjoyable, but not desperate. After a while, I lifted onto my arms and looked down and watched her smallish breasts dance in circles in time to our movements. It made me smile and when I looked into her face I could see she was smiling back.

“Do you really think I’m hot?” she asked.

“Yes, did Rafael tell you that?” I answered.

“Yes, but I wasn’t sure if he was just making it up,” she replied.

“No, you’re the reason we’re here. Because of the first time I saw you and how much you look like my wife,” I explained.

Tanya was coming across as a bit vulnerable, and she had never given me reason not to like her, so I embellished my answers a bit for her benefit. It seemed to have a good effect because her smile grew wild and a lively look came to her eyes.

“More than you were expecting, I bet,” she said.

“Yes,” I responded without elaborating.

We continued on, but for some reason I had a desire to kiss her. Now, I had always been told that prostitutes didn’t go for it as it crossed some line of intimacy. However, when I moved my lips to hers she responded immediately and together we shared a long, passionate connection. It had the effect of further arousing me and soon we were doing it again, which seemed to send a signal to my balls. On the third kiss, I was moving very fast into the young girl and then I was there, feeling my cum explode into the waiting condom.

“Wow,” I whispered to her between my heavy breaths.

“That felt good,” she replied, squeezing me hard.

I knew she hadn’t achieved a climax. In fact, it didn’t see that she was even close, but despite my curiosity, I remained silent, fell to her side, and nuzzled my lips into her neck. Tanya took my arm and pulled it over her, then wiggled her but against my groin. It looked like she wanted to rest, but I was still wired, so I gave her ten minutes until I heard her purring softly, then extricated myself.

I thought about collecting Allie, and I thought about peering in again to see what was happening, but I decided I had seen enough, so I went to the main area to collect my clothes and perhaps make a drink. The room was empty and my clothes were just where I left them, so I dressed then stepped to the bar. Finding an expensive whiskey and deciding I deserved it, I poured a healthy amount into a glass, sat on a stool and began to think. The liquor went down amazing well and soon I was on the second drink and then a third while I contemplated the sequence of events that led me to this spot and what it meant for my marriage. That it was changed forever was a given. There was no retreating from tonight as it was something we would have to live with throughout our marriage. The question was what to do with it, as it certainly could be a massive negative, easily a destructive force. However, I wondered if there was some other way to play it that kept our respect and dignity intact.

I woke with my head against the bar and drool seeping from my half-open mouth. The digital clock behind the bar said 12:23 AM which meant I had been asleep for over an hour and a half. Of course, my first thoughts went to my wife and why she hadn’t found me which made me think she must be asleep somewhere. Knowing it was time to go, I rinsed my mouth out then went to look for her.

As I entered the hall, for the second time that night, I could hear the sound of sex coming from the master bedroom. Curious and nervous at the same time, I went to the door and looking in I saw Tanya on her hands and knees sucking on Rafael while Clarence Simmons pounded her mercilessly from behind. Surprisingly, a pang of jealousy shot through me as I had a certain attraction for the hooker, but being in a hurry I left it behind. I had taken just a few steps when a thought struck me that I found terrifying and with rushed feet, I went to the bedroom where I had enjoyed sex with Tanya. Sure enough, she was precisely where I had left her, which meant that it was my wife that was engaged in the threesome with the two black men.

A flood of emotions washed through me, but in the end it was the feeling of exhaustion that made me simply take off my clothes and climb back into bed.

“You’re back,” Tanya said in a groggy voice when I was next to her.

“Tanya, my wife is in bed with Rafael and Simmons,” I told her.

“Does she like it?” she responded, in a manner I wasn’t expecting.

“I have no idea,” I said.

“I bet she does,” she countered.

“Why?” I asked, what was going through her mind that made her so certain.

“Baby, she had the look. When she came out to the street, she was excited. We all saw it. Last night she wanted to fuck Rafael bad, but was too nervous and worried about you,” she explained, providing information and a perspective I hadn’t seen.

Tanya found my dick and stroked it slowly as we talked, likely thinking that somehow it would help me. My hands went to her body and I let my fingers open and caress her folds which brought forth an occasional moan. While fondling each other, we continued to talk about the situation.

“What should I do?” I finally asked in frustration, after several minutes of going in circles.

“You enjoyed it at first. Don’t lie,” she pushed me for the first time.

“I won’t lie. I did,” I agreed.

“Then don’t get mad. Just work out limits with her,” she suggested.

“Limits?” I asked.

“Yes, for next time,” she replied.

“What next time?” I fired back.

“She opened the door…she’s going to want more for sure. I bet she’s cum a bunch,” the girl replied.

“Shit,” was all I could think of to say.

“But, be careful of Rafael, and don’t ever tell him I warned you,” she said in a voice that suddenly was filled with tension.

“Why? What do you mean?” I asked, now even more concerned.

“He’ll try and turn her out. I heard him talking to Shaan,” she explained.

“What? Are you serious?” I fired back.

“Yes, be careful,” she repeated the warning.

“Damn,” was all I could think of to say.

Several minutes of silence followed, and then Tanya rose to her knees and looked down at me. Once again, I was struck with the similarity of her body to my wife’s.

“Lie back and rest,” she said.

As soon as I was settled, I saw her give me a smile then she lowered her head and took my half-hard dick into her mouth. She was very skilled and knew how to work her tongue to maximize the sensation. Several minutes into the blowjob, I felt her fingertip at my anus and then it slowly began to penetrate my ass. Now, I had heard of this technique, although I had never experienced, but for some reason I trusted the girl and let her continue. She worked slowly, but it wasn’t long before she touched something that I knew was my prostate, and in an instant it felt like my dick had grown an inch.

“Works every time,” she said, lifting her head and giggling.

With her hand gripping the base of my dick firmly and stroking it with a short, quick movement while her finger in my ass milked my prostate, I was soon brought to an intense climax that filled her mouth with my cum.

“You like that?” she giggled again.

“Uh huh,” I responded, and then added after a moment, “Tanya, I want to make you feel good.”

“I can only cum from oral,” she explained.

With just a brief hesitation, where I took comfort in her use of condoms, I traded places with her and as soon as she was ready I let my tongue find her pussy. Moving slowly, I licked along her thighs and labia staying away for the time being from her slit and clit. It took a long time and persistence, but slowly I could tell she was beginning to respond, and when she started emitting soft moans, I opened her folds with my tongue and found her very wet.

“You’re good,” she whimpered.

“Shhhh…” I responded.

Over the next few minutes, I learned what she responded to and was able to increase her arousal until I knew she was ready for more direct contact. The tip of my tongue found her hard clit and I started teasing it lightly with rapid movements. It had the desired result and it only took a few more minutes before she rewarded me with a nice, full orgasm that left her legs shaking.

“Damn,” she said when it was done.

“I enjoyed that,” I said sincerely.

“Me too!” she replied with another giggle.

“Tanya, I’m going to get my wife and leave,” I said as I began to stand.

“Okay, but be calm. No drama,” she counseled.

“I agree,” I replied.

When I had my clothes on, I went to the bedroom and found it empty except for my wife who was lying face down with two pillows beneath her stomach. The bathroom light had been turned on which provided a good view of the bed allowing me to see that her pussy was an open, sodden mess and a big wet spot surrounded her. From the look of things, I guessed she must have been fucked until she was done and then just let go to fall forward.

“Allie, get up,” I said shaking her arm.

It took several attempts, but finally her eyes opened and became aware. Almost instantly, a look of panic followed and she looked around as if to find a cover, but I just pulled on her arm.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” she stated.

I helped her that way, but rather than leave her alone, I joined her inside. For some reason, I wanted to see the full impact of her debauchery and didn’t want to give her a chance to clean up. An even more nervous look came to her face, but after few words back and forth she quit arguing.

I counted four hickeys on one breast and six on the other and her hair had several places that were matted that I knew was from semen. She fell onto the toilet and almost instantly began peeing, but seconds later I could hear plopping sounds coming from the bowl that I realized was blobs of semen dripping from her pussy. She gave me a quick, nervous look then directed her eyes at the floor between her feet.

“How many loads of cum did you take?” I asked, being purposefully provocative.

We locked eyes for several seconds, then with a deep breath she answered, “Four.”

“Did you fuck Tanya?” she asked, showing a bit of offense.

“Yes I did,” I admitted.

“My God…” she said and put her head in her hands.

“Let’s get out of here,” I said just as she was finishing and helped her rise.

“Can you get my clothes?” she asked when she stepped into the bedroom and recalled how she got there.

“Okay,” I said after a pause, thinking it wasn’t the right time to argue.

I knew her clothes were in the bedroom that Tanya and I had been using, so I went back but found that it too was now empty. I was back in less than a minute and watched as my wife quickly put on her stylish clothes that I hadn’t seen her in for hours. Together, we walked towards the door, but at the bar we found Rafael, Tanya and Clarence Simmons having a late-night drink. Only Tabitha was missing from the group.

“Let me get you two a drink,” Rafael called out while sporting a huge grin.

“No, we need to go. Can we get the car?” I replied, not wanting to just be done with it all.

“Come on man, have a drink,” Clarence Simmons chimed in while looking Allie over.

“Tanya, will open the door for you,” Rafael said with disappointment.

The young girl was dressed only in one of our hosts large shirts, but she dutifully got up and with a knowing look at me, moved towards the door. I started to follow her, but when we had reached the stairs, I turned and saw that the black man had my wife by the arm and was saying something close to her ear.

“Allie!” I called out, which made her head jerk up, and with a last look at our host she stepped briskly towards us.

Not a word was spoken between us as we drove home, although numerous times I had to hold back the urge to blurt out what I was thinking. Fortunately, I still had enough self-control to stay silent, at least for the now. I knew that eventually we would have words, but it wasn’t the time or the place. As soon as we stepped into the house, Allie raced to the bathroom and I heard the clicking of the lock. I stood in the living room for a time, but suddenly I was exhausted, and although I still carried the smell of Tanya, I went to bed.

When I woke the next morning, the spot next to me was vacant, and I knew that my wife had slept in the guest room. Deciding to leave her be, I went to the kitchen and made coffee. I was on my third cup when she finally appeared looking surprisingly fresh. I could tell she was purposefully trying to give off the impression that she was in control, and without speaking I rose and brought her a cup.

“Thanks,” she said when I placed it in front of her.

“I missed you last night,” I said, and as the words left my mouth I realized she could take the comment several ways.

“I needed to think,” she answered, then after taking a slow sip, her façade collapsed, “Look, we both made mistakes. We can’t turn the clock back, so what are we going to do?”

“Your right, there’s nothing we can do, but I want to know what happened. I don’t want it hanging over my head no matter what occurred,” I replied.

“And you’ll tell me the same?” she probed.

“Yes, of course,” I answered.

She went quiet and took several more sips from her mug before she started to speak, “I…I…well, you know…look, can you go first?”

“Okay,” I said, deciding to concede to her request, “When you left, Tanya and I got together and we went to a bedroom and had sex. Later, when I went looking for you and saw you in a threesome, I went back to her and I went down on her. Oh, and I used a condom.”

The last part was an intended shot at her as I recalled the globs of semen that fell from her dilated hole while she was on the toilet. I could see her body shudder for a moment and her eyes quickly diverted from me leaving her staring into her coffee.

“That’s everything? You didn’t get with the other girl?” she asked, finally recapturing her composure.

“No, I didn’t,” I replied.

“Did you kiss her…Tanya?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered truthfully, then followed with, “Now you.”

“Look…okay…this is going to be hard, so you need to let me go slow,” she begged.

“That’s fine,” I said in a soft voice intended to give her encouragement.

“Okay…well I really thought you wanted me to…uhhh…let Rafael do it…and I was so excited, she started, then paused for a few seconds before continuing, “And when I saw her with you…I just…I don’t know…got angry and kind of lost it.”

“Go on,” I pushed.

“We went to his room and did it,” she replied with a cracking voice.

“And? How did you do it? Did you cum? Did he cum?” I asked even though I knew the answers, at least for that round.

“He was on top, and yes we both climaxed,” she replied, but in a much lower voice. However, she suddenly looked up and asked, “How did you do it with her?”

“I was on top,” I replied. Then said, “What next?”

“We rested, but he wanted to start again and he…I took him in my mouth…,” she started, then paused to take a deep breath and continued, “And Clarence came in and watched, then he was on the bed…”

“And?” I prodded when she paused.

“And he took me from behind,” she forced out.

“While you sucked Rafael?” I said, and when she nodded I added, “So, you were in a threesome.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Did he cum in you too?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied in the same whispering voice.

“Did Rafael cum in your mouth?” I fired back.

“No,” she answered a bit louder this time.

“What happened next?” I asked, knowing I was now in uncharted waters.

“They switched,” she responded, then guessing my next question she added, “And he ejaculated again.”

“And that’s it?” I asked, even though I knew from the prior night she had admitted to receiving four loads of cum.

“No, Clarence and I did it again,” she answered.

“How did you do it?” I asked, as for some reason, I wanted to have the mental image in my head.

“I was on top, and yes he came again,” she replied.

“Allie, how did you react? Did you have another orgasm?” I said softly, expecting I knew the answer.

“Yes…” she said with her voice returning to the whisper.

“How many?” I replied.

“A lot…” she said after several seconds of silence.

“How many?” I pushed.

“I…I don’t know…a lot,” she said.

I grew quiet as I processed the information, and when several minutes had elapsed, it felt too awkward to start again. So, I rose and refilled her coffee then started a conversation about what we needed to do that day. The relief on Allie’s face was clear and after deciding on an agenda she left for the shower. The fact that it was her second in less than twenty-four hours wasn’t lost on me making me think she was trying to wash away her guilt. I gave her a few minutes to get settled then stripped and joined her.

“Don’t hide from me,” I said in a calm, but deliberate voice when she turned her body towards the wall.

Slowly, looking very nervous, she turned back and as the hot water cascaded over her beautiful body I began an inspection. There were the hickeys I had seen the night before and her shaved pussy still looked red, but I saw nothing else. I used my fingertip to go from mark to mark gently touching each one in the process, and when I looked into her eyes I could see she was still seeking forgiveness.

“Who made them?” I asked.

“I don’t remember,” she said, but in diverting her stare she signaled that she was lying.

“Tell me,” I said more forcefully.

“Please don’t get mad,” she replied.

“Tell me,” I said again.

“The other girl…Tabitha…” she answered.

Instantly, my mind raced with the vision of an orgy taking place on the large bed with my heretofore conservative wife in the middle. In was so unbelievable, so bizarre, but the evidence was irrefutable.

“You were with her?” I asked, with my voice clearly showing surprise.

“Not long…I…I couldn’t…” she tried to explain.

“What happened?” I pushed.

“She…uhhh…played with my boobs…and…uhhh…” said, giving a partial reply before her voice faded.

“And what?” I pressed.

“Put her finger in me and…we kissed,” she answered with a sudden surge of courage.

“What did you do?” I asked, needing to know.

“Nothing…I just let her, but it was freaking me out so I made her stop,” she said.

I found her explanation to be strangely believable. Although I struggled to understand how she could be so wanton with two strange men, but draw the line firmly with the girl.

“Did you want me to be with her?” she asked.

I started to speak, but stopped myself when I realized how brilliantly she had positioned her question. No matter how I answered, it would sound like I had wanted her to be with the two black men, and although there was a certain element of truth in the thought, I definitely had not given her any indication that it could turn into such a sordid scene.

“That was for you to decide,” I finally replied which brought an odd look to her face.

We stared at each other and slowly her look changed in my eyes. Now, she seemed quite vulnerable, and it made me want to hold her and make slow love. Thankfully, although I had felt my dick stir several times as we discussed the events, it had stayed in control, but now, with my mind freeing it, I could feel it hardening rapidly. I took Allie’s hands and pinned them against the wall over her head and started to plant kisses on her face, neck and breasts. When she realized where I was going, soft whimpers began to come from her, and she wrapped her right leg behind me.

“Do you still love me?” she whispered, although now it was in a seductive, husky voice.

My answer was to move my hands to her ass and lift her so she could wrap her legs around my waist. Seconds later, with her hand guiding, I was at her opening and with just a little effort, I was able to push inside. I started to make slow movements, but recalling her admissions excited me and soon I was hammering into her hard, driving her back into the wall. It wasn’t long before I knew I was close to cumming, and rather than fight it, I just let it happen.

“Ohhh…fuck yeah…fuck…” I groaned into my wife’s neck.

“It’s okay…it’s okay…” she consoled me, not realizing I had more ideas.

As soon as the last surge of semen was out, I quickly pulled out of her then dropped on my knees, pulled a leg over my shoulder and found her swollen clit with my tongue.

“Unnghhhhh…” she whined when I made contact, and her hands went to the back of my head.

Knowing from experience what she liked, I tongue lashed her and was soon rewarded by her whines and mews of pleasure. I knew she needed to cum, and although several times I thought I had lost her, eventually I was able to get her on the trajectory I knew would get her home.

“Ohhh…ohhh…oh baby…” she cried out when it hit, moving her body in time to the flicks of my tongue.

I stayed with her, trying to draw it out, until she became too sensitive and then stood and took her into my arms.

“You’ve cum a lot in the last twenty-four hours,” I teased, hoping she wouldn’t take offense.

“Don’t,” she said into my neck, but I could tell by her voice she wasn’t mad.

We left the house just before noon and had lunch then went shopping for things needed in the house. Right before three, we found ourselves at the strip mall that housed her favorite nail salon, and she asked with pleading eyes if she could run in quickly. Since there was a coffee place nearby, I gave my okay even though I knew it would be at least an hour. I had just sat down with a cappuccino when my phone beeped signaling an incoming text. At first, I thought it might be Allie saying the salon was too busy, but when I looked I could see it was from Rafael.

My first reaction was to ignore it, as I didn’t want to deal with him today, but curiosity got the better of me and I hit the button. I could see it was a picture and when I tapped on it, the screen filled with the view of my wife on top of Clarence Simmons. He had his hands on her waist while she had her head thrown back and her hands were on her breasts. It was evident that she was an extreme state of sexual excitement. Another text message arrived and appeared below the picture.

the girl loves to fuck!

Rafael’s attitude and actions annoyed me greatly. I thought we had bonded to a certain degree, but it was clear he would toss our relationship aside in an instant to fuck my wife. I had given him an opportunity to experience her, but he had shown no respect for boundaries or decorum. I thought about replying with a scathing message, but in the end just decided it was easier to ignore him.

While I sipped my coffee, I thought about the pic. By her own account, it was taken after she had already been fucked three times, likely experiencing several orgasms. And yet, she looked very sexually charged, like she was having the time of her life. It made me wonder if she was even aware the picture had been taken. Allie showed up at the coffee house almost an hour to the dot after I had dropped her, and we left immediately, headed for home. I thought about sharing Rafael’s messages, but decided I would hold off for the time being. Fortunately, after the quick two messages in succession, he had gone quiet.

We put away our purchases then watched TV for a while. Later, we decided to forego a large dinner and just eat a snack with wine. We were almost through the bottle when I remembered the brief exchange my wife had with the black man as we were leaving.

“Allie, I forgot to ask earlier. What did Rafael say to you when we were leaving?” I asked.

A look of surprise and shock hit her face, but very quickly it disappeared, and she replied, “What? When?”

I knew she was withholding something and by her reaction I felt it was significant, “When we were almost to the door. He stopped you and whispered something.”

I purposefully spelled out the details so she would have every opportunity to remember and tell the truth, but she pretended to be unaware by giving me a look of confusion.

“I don’t remember that,” she said.

I dropped it, although I knew I would return to it, as she had definitely piqued my curiosity. We soon started on a second bottle, and even though we were feeling no pain, and carrying on a lively conversation, there was still some lingering tension that hung right below the surface. I knew it was to be expected since we were so deep in uncharted territory, but I also thought it was unhealthy. I took her arm and tugged on it to bring her closer to me and she slid over quickly until we were snuggled close. I sensed, that like me, she wanted to try and return to normalcy as quickly as possible.

We stayed that way in silence for several minutes while I stroked her soft hair until finally she spoke in a low voice, “I didn’t know what you wanted.”

“I know,” I answered with little hesitation.

It was certainly a fair point given my actions on the sofa. I had practically pushed her onto Rafael, so I could appreciate her confusion.

“What did you want me to do?” she asked.

“I don’t know…maybe just not quite so much,” I replied.

“I’m sorry,” she said and tilted her head up to look at me.

“It’s over and done. Let’s move on,” I said, seeing no benefit in dwelling on it.

“Good,” she responded sounding genuinely relieved, then a few seconds later asked, “Can we make love?”

Without answering, I rose and pulled her to her feet, and with her moving swiftly before me, we hastily made our way to the bedroom. Our clothes were off quickly, and then we were under the covers on the cool sheets in a tight embrace.

After a few minutes, she whispered, “Let’s make cuddle love.”

It was our description for me penetrating her, but barely moving as we kissed and hugged. It rarely led to an orgasm for either of us, although we both enjoyed it immensely. As soon as I started to move, she spread her legs so I could get into position and quickly we were joined. With mutual moans of pleasure, I stroked into her just enough to become fully lubricated then slowed and began to kiss her neck. The minutes ticked by as we hugged, kissed and stoked each other’s body while filling the room with soft sighs.

For some reason, despite the loving nature of our connection, my mind went once more to the short conversation she had with Rafael while leaving. I couldn’t make it leave my head, and although knowing it was inappropriate time, my mouth moved close to her ear.

“What did he say to you?” I whispered, and instantly, I felt her body stiffened, although she remained silent. When it became clear I wouldn’t get a response, I asked again, “What did he tell you?”

“Please…please don’t…it’s not good,” she replied in a barely audible voice.

It was abundantly clear that the subject caused her distress, but at least she was no longer denying the event. I considered her request, however my curiosity was too high and just a few seconds later I continued.

“Just tell me. I won’t get mad,” I said.

With that, she brought out movements to a stop and pushed away from me until we were staring at each other mere inches away. By her look, I could tell she was exasperated, but there was also nervousness.

“He wants me to come over. Next Saturday,” she forced out with an exhale of breath.

“Why?” I asked, although I instantly realized the stupidity of my comment.

“You know why,” Allie said, looking away.

“What a jerk. He certainly is taking a lot for granted. Just like that…now he’s the boss,” I began to rail, but Allie’s silence made me think there might be more to the story. I stopped, thought for a moment, then asked, “What made him think you would do that?”

More silence followed as we looked at each other before she replied, “Look, it was a crazy night, and…well…some things were said…I said some things I shouldn’t have.”

“Like what?” I said.

“I told him he could have me anytime he wanted,” she forced out quickly, with no hesitation.

With her admission, I suspected I knew what had occurred. Allie can get a little submissive when she is very excited. I had seen it before during our really heavy lovemaking and recalled her actions and words.

“Shit,” I said, unable to think of a suitable reply.

“It was just…just…sex talk,” she replied, as if that somehow made things better.

“So, you were just supposed to head out for the night and leave me behind? Like I wouldn’t be curious where you were going?” I said with my mind now on the arrogant black man.

“It’s during the day,” she said in a low voice.

“What’s during the day?” I asked, now confused.

“The party,” she explained.

“Dear Lord,” I said and rolled off her.

The exchange ended our lovemaking for the evening, and brought back the tension we had fought to drive away. I found myself staring endlessly at the slowly spinning ceiling fan until thankfully, sleep took me away.

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