Just One of the Guys Ch. 01



I met Rachel online when we were both 26. I had mostly given up on online dating, and only messaged girls that were the hottest of the hot in case I could luck into hooking up with one. It didn’t work, of course, because they were way out of my league. Until Rachel. She messaged me back because we had the same interests and we hit it off immediately.

Rachel lived a few hours out of town. She had created a profile in my city because she was planning to move there soon. After chatting for a while, we decided to meet up in person. This first time we met was the greatest weekend of my life. I spent the weekend with her in her small town and we hardly left the bedroom. At that point I was pretty certain that she must have been using fake pictures, but it turned out the photos she had sent me had managed to undersell her.

She had wavy brown hair that tumbled down to her shoulder blades. Her eyes were crystal blue, and I called them the tractor beams. When she made eye contact with you, it was impossible to pull away. She made fun of me for how many times I would space out while she was talking to me. She had a very pretty face and her smile felt like an instant party.

She also had the best body by far of any girl I’d seen in the flesh, much less had sex with. Her plump, perky breasts sat high on her chest and were the size of cantaloupes. They dramatically warped any shirt she wore and she had to wear a turtleneck if she wanted to avoid showing a mouthwatering level of cleavage. Her tummy had a small pooch, leading into softly flaring hips and plump thighs. Her butt bubbled out from her back, forming a perfectly looping arch when viewed from the side. If I spread my hand out fully, I could perfectly grab one of her cheeks and give the firm pillow a healthy squeeze. It was one of my favorite things to do and it made her want to tear my clothes off.

She often complained how the shape of her body made almost all clothing slutty, but I could hardly complain. The cleavage she sported in the blouses and tank tops she frequently wore made me want to pull her top up and motorboat her and the jiggle of her butt as she walked around in yoga pants or tight jeans made me want to run up and squeeze it. Of course this meant that other guys could see lots of what she had to offer too, but I didn’t worry because I knew she was committed to me. Also, I can’t say it hurt to know that every guy I passed was jealous of me.

Which brings us to this week. My friend Mike’s parents were selling their lake house, and he wanted to have one last week there this summer before it was gone. He, Andrew, Kyle and I had been planning it all year. When I started dating Rachel, it came together perfectly. I thought it had come time to introduce her to them.

Mike often mocked me, saying that her pics (which I had of course showed them) were fake and that if she was real, she had to be much uglier. I was excited to prove him wrong because he had teased the rest of us about how much better he was with girls since we met in junior high school. This was absurd because he was barely more successful than us, all four of us having hookups on a rare occasion but no real relationship.

I looked over at Rachel in the passenger’s seat. Today she was wearing a thin dark blue tanktop and equally thin light blue shorts. She had had both for years and had worn both for years. The drawstring on her shorts were even missing, but her plump booty was more than up to the task of holding them up. With how great they made it look, it was the least it could do. She hadn’t put on underwear because she expected to go swimming soon after we got there and didn’t want her suit chafing her on the drive. When I picked her up, I teased her that the guys were going to really love her if she didn’t wear underwear all weekend, and she laughed and blushed. Right now she was looking out the window, sunglasses covering her eyes.

“I just hope they like me,” she said after a long silence.

“They’ll love you, don’t worry,” I replied. I knew there was no way they wouldn’t each be desperate to get on the good side of such a hot girl. “I’m more worried about you liking them to be honest.”

“Why’s that?” she asked. “If I like you and you like them, I’ll like them, right?”

“They can just be a little crude,” I said. “Especially around women.”

Rachel laughed. “I’m sure I’ll like them. I’ve always been more like one of the guys than in chick groups anyway. The crudeness can be fun and refreshing.”

“I hope so.”

We were the last ones to arrive. I couldn’t get off work the night before and then had to get up really early to make it to Rachel’s. And then drive all the way to Mike’s lakehouse, which took most of the day. I was beat by the time we rolled in mid-afternoon. The house was gorgeous, a 5 bedroom modern work of art. Mike’s family came from a long history of money, and this was one example of it. Woods surrounded it and the nearest neighbors were around the bend of the road, giving it a nice isolated feeling.

We heard music coming from the back of the house. We grabbed our stuff out of my car and headed to the side gate. As I opened the gate, Rachel grabbed my shoulder and stopped me. I turned around and she fixed me with her stare.

“Tell me it’s going to be alright.” she said.

I laughed and gave her a kiss. “It’s going to be great.”

I turned back around and walked in. We rounded the side of the house and came upon the pool. That’s right, Mike’s family was so loaded, they couldn’t resist putting a massive pool, complete with diving board, on their lakefront property. My three buddies were floating in the shallow end, beers in hand.

“Brian!” Kyle shouted, his face lighting up. Andrew turned around and waved. Mike just lifted his beer in toast. Then Rachel came around the corner.

“Oh my God!” Andrew shouted.

“Is that Rachel??” Kyle asked. Mike just sat dumbfounded.

“Hi guys,” Rachel said, dropping her bags and giving a little wave that made her braless breasts wiggle back and forth. The guys stood up and exited the pool.

“How the hell did you get her??” Mike drawled out as they approached, his gaze locked on Rachel’s breasts as they finished their dance.

“Great job, Brian!!” Kyle yelled as he came in hard with a double high-five. I reached my arms up to meet his, but misjudged his strength. I stumbled back a few steps and would have fallen into the pool if it were not for Rachel. See, I stopped when I tumbled into Rachel, and she fell into the pool.

She hit the water with a mighty splash. Luckily she had already dropped all her bags so it was only her and the clothes she was wearing that got wet.

“You fucking dumbasses!” Mike roared as he let out a belly laugh, before choking it down as she broke the surface.

I turned over to face her right as she surfaced. It was shallow near us, so she stood up easily, the water only coming to her waist. She came up laughing, which was a relief because it meant she likely wasn’t hurt. However, I instantly saw what had made Mike forget what he was laughing about. The thin tank top, now soaking wet, clung to her chest like body paint. The commotion of the fall and her struggle back to surface had managed to push the loose tank top under and between her breasts so that it lay completely flat against her skin, perfectly molding itself around each breast. The size, shape and weight of her incredible rack were on display to my gaping friends.

And that doesn’t even account for her nipples. This must have been the thinnest tank top in existence because it contoured to every bump on her quarter-sized areola. Meanwhile, the nipples themselves stuck out a half inch due to their sudden dunking in cold water.

I stood back up as Rachel pushed her wet hair off her face and squeezed it out. I turned to my friends and opened my mouth to chastise them about gawking at my nearly naked girlfriend, but something made me stop myself. Seeing their wide-eyed, slack-jawed looks of wonder at my girlfriend’s chest-my girlfriend who seemed oblivious to how she was practically topless-felt like an adrenaline shot to my balls. I was dead tired from the drive, but my cock immediately showed signs of life.

“Oh my God,” Rachel said, wiping her face dry. “I was telling Brian that I was worried about making a good impression on you guys, and first thing I do is fall into the pool.”

“That was amazing, Rachel,” Kyle said. “Couldn’t have scripted it better.”

Rachel started tugging the rubber band out of her wet hair. As she jumped and pulled, her breasts danced and jiggled obscenely. Though part of me was still excited, I decided that that was enough. Any more of this show and my friends would have a perfect image of my girlfriend’s tits seared onto their brains.

“Honey,” I said, pointing down at her chest. “You’re really showing.”

Her eyes shot down and she seemed to realize her level of exposure for the first time.

“Oh my God!” she shrieked, clasping her hands to her boobs immediately. Her hands more than adequately covered her nipples, but while the front of her tank top (thankfully) came all the way up to her neck, its wet clinginess still highlighted her bulging cleavage.

“We didn’t really see anything,” Andrew said, grinning.

“I know how thin this top is, I know you saw something,” she said, giggling, as she waded toward the stairs opposite us.

“Sorry for making your girlfriend all wet,” Kyle said, smiling bigger than I’ve ever seen him before.

“Haw, haw, really hoped you enjoyed the show,” I retorted sarcastically. But little did I know the show was far from over. Because at that moment Rachel stepped up out of the pool and her shorts didn’t come with her. I watched in horror and amazement as the tiny, waterlogged piece of fabric slid slowly off her perfect, plump, dripping wet cheeks and fell with a splat on the pavement around her ankles.

Rachel realized right away what had happened and shrieked. Her first reaction was to reach down and cover her pussy, even though she was facing away and none of us could see it. She looked down at her pile of shorts then back at our gaping faces. Her expression was hard to read. She was blushing furiously, of course, but I also detected a small grin. Like she hadn’t planned for us to see her naked butt in all its glory, but that she wasn’t exactly upset either.

“H-holy shit,” Mike stammered. Kyle and Andrew just cheered. Rachel squealed and turned sideways before kneeling down and pulling her shorts up. We could no longer see her butt and couldn’t see her pussy, but got a great view of the curve of her naked, creamy butt and thighs as she crouched and stood back up.

“I’m sorry, babe!” she said to me as she walked around the pool back toward us, clutching one hand to the front of her shorts, holding them up, and her other arm wrapped around her chest, covering her nipples but smashing her breasts together obscenely. “I’m barely here 2 minutes and your friends already think I’m a slut!”

“Nonsense!” Andrew shouted. “Here, you can see my butt too!” Before any of us could respond, Andrew turned around, dropped his trunks and bent over. Mike, Andrew and I all cursed and shielded our eyes, but Rachel just giggled.

“See, we’ve all got butts, no big deal,” he said, pulling his trunks back up. I turned back too soon, though, and caught a glimpse of him when they were still just around his thighs. His cock, above-average sized like mine but nothing to write home about, was rock hard and sticking straight away from his body. As he finished retying the drawstring of his trunks, I snuck a peek at my other two friends’ crotches. Both sported significant bulges, but neither seemed to be fully erect like Andrew. Glad they agree that she’s hot, I thought sarcastically to myself.

“Well now that that’s out of the way,” I said, “guys, this is Rachel. Rachel, this is Mike, Andrew and Kyle.”

Mike extended his hand and Rachel and she let go of her shorts to try to shake it, but immediately grabbed them again as they had begun slipping down.

“Sorry,” Mike said and offered his other hand instead. Rachel let go of her chest and shook his hand. Her top clung to her as tightly as before, and now the guys were treated to her breasts bouncing around only a foot away from them as Mike vigorously shook her hand.

“Actually, after all that just happened, this is too formal,” Mike said. And with that, he pulled her into a bear hug. Her tits flattened against his naked chest, bulging out the side of her torso, as she hugged him back with her free arm. Her other arm was trapped between them.

“Mmmm,” Mike moaned, rubbing her back and pressing his hips into her. It was then that I realized that by holding her shorts up in front, her hand was perfectly level with his crotch. Unless there was a secret compartment in his trunks, he was rubbing his semi-hard dick all over my girlfriend’s hand. “It’s so nice to finally meet you,” he added. I saw her sneak a peek at his crotch before giving him a blushing smile.

Kyle and Andrew went next hugging her, both pressing their crotches into her hand like Mike had. I knew Andrew was fully hard, and when he pressed himself into Rachel, she let out a soft, “Oh my!” When he stepped away, she stared down at his pulsing erection, clearly outlined in his wet trunks. She then glanced over at Kyle’s and Mike’s crotches, which were both bulging more than before. Mike’s cock seemed to travel a significant way down his thigh, but it was tough to really tell because his shorts were extra baggy and long.

After the hugs, she didn’t bother covering her chest again. She stood there, proudly thrusting her chest upwards, her wet top cupping and caressing every inch of her magnificent bosom. Kyle and Andrew made at least a little effort to occasionally look her in the eye as we chatted about the drive up and the (fantastic) weather forecast for the week, but Mike just stared at the perfect breasts right in front of him the entire time, which pissed me off. They were supposed to see Rachel and get jealous, not have free access to gawk at her assets.

I mentioned that we wanted to settle into our room and get changed, and the gawk session finally broke up. The three guys volunteered to help carry our stuff upstairs, which I was happy about because it meant Rachel wouldn’t try anything else in her current state. However, I soon realized they had volunteered so they could follow her up the stairs and drool over her butt as it swayed back and forth in the thin, soaked shorts. Whatever, they had already seen much more of her, so I decided to ignore it. A minute later, Rachel and I were finally alone in our room together.

“Your friends are so funny,” Rachel said, pulling off her top and bringing her wonderful breasts finally into my view. “One view of a wet girl and they’re all boners and heart attacks.”

I flopped back on the bed, exhausted from the past few days. She dropped her shorts and then, completely naked, rummaged through her suitcase. After a moment, she stopped and looked up at me.

“You gonna come swimming?” she asked. Then she smirked, and jumped on the bed, laying her wet body on top of me. “Or do you wanna mess around first?”

I was in heaven, as I was every time I felt her. But I was still dead tired.

“I think I need a nap first. I’m beat,” I said.

“Aww,” she said, then reached between us and grabbed my flaccid cock. “For the first time, I’m naked and you’re not crazy hard for me.”

“It’s not you, babe, trust me,” I said. “After working late last night and all the driving today, I’m just exhausted.”

“I know, I know,” she sighed, climbing off of me. “I just haven’t seen you in a few weeks and I’m really horny.”

“And that’s why I’m gonna ravish you tonight,” I said. “You better be ready, because I’ll just be gathering up strength until then.”

She laughed and said she would be, then wondered aloud what swimsuit she should wear. She held up a one-piece and two bikinis.

“Maybe the one-piece today?” I suggested. “I don’t want my friends getting the wrong idea after what happened when we arrived.”

“Good idea,” she said, putting the bikinis away. “I don’t want your friends to think I’m some kind of easy slut.” She stepped into the one-piece suit and pulled it up as I stripped down to my underwear and got into bed.

“Uh oh,” she said as I was climbing in.


“Well, I got this suit several years ago and haven’t worn it in a while, and…”

I looked over to her and immediately saw the problem. Clearly she had bought and worn the suit when she was significantly less developed. It struggled mightily to contain her now fully mature body. The suit was black and, like I said, one piece. However, the front had a deep V that reached all the way down to her belly button. It would have been enticing but fine for a girl with a smaller chest, but Rachel’s plump knockers pushed the sides apart and revealed a huge amount of cleavage. You could see from her sternum, all the way up the insides of both breasts, to the edges of her areola.

She saw my shocked reaction and laughed.

“I thought this might happen, so I came prepared,” she said, and returned to her bag. After a moment, she pulled out a small box and extracted a safety pin. She stood and walked to the mirror on the wall and I gasped. The back was doing just as poor a job containing her ass as the front was at containing her tits. The bottom edge went from the junction at the top of her thighs straight to her hips, leaving half of each cheek hanging out the bottom. She looked back at her butt and laughed.

“Oops! Well, nothing a safety pin can help about that,” she said, turning back to the mirror. I watched her partially exposed buttcheeks jiggle as she fiddled with the front. “Plus, they’ve seen my whole butt already, so it doesn’t really matter,” she added.

“Just be careful,” I said. I’d expected my friends to see her in a bikini at some point, so I wasn’t too worried about her showing some skin. But their seeing her half-naked earlier, and her seeming nonchalance about it, had me a bit on edge.

“Will do, babe,” she said, turning around to show her handiwork. She’d pinned the two sides of the suit together just under her breasts. You could definitely see much less skin than before, but it also pushed her breasts together and up, and a clear line of cleavage extended from her collarbones to the bottom of her ribs, with an inch of inner-breast showing on each side. I noticed too that her nipples were now rock hard and pushing against the front of her suit. They weren’t as prominent and obvious as in her wet shirt earlier, but you could still easily see their size and shape. She gave a shimmy, swinging her heavy breasts back and forth, but the safety pin made sure the suit gripped them tightly.

“See? Perfect,” She said. I smiled weakly. She leaned over the bed and gave me a kiss before opening the door and leaving. I watched her plump cheeks bounce their way out of my view. I had hardly laid back and shut my eyes when I heard her return.

“Forgot my towel,” she said and quickly pulled it from her bag. She turned to leave again, and I coughed at what I saw.

“B-babe,” I stammered.

“What?” she asked, turning back around.

“Your butt.”

She twisted around, showing her butt again. Just by walking down the hallway and back, the bottom had ridden up between her cheeks. Fully stretched out, it covered maybe half her cheeks, but now it was wedged up in her crack, functioning as a thong. The wide, plump expanse of her ass was on complete display.

“Oh geez,” she said, and quickly pulled it out from her crack, spreading it inadequately back over her butt. “Guess I’ll have to be even more careful.”

“Maybe a bikini would be better,” I said.

“Are you sure? I’ll be showing a lot more skin overall.”

“I guess that’s true. Just keep an eye on it or they’ll keep an eye on it for you, if you know what I mean.”

She laughed and said she did, then gave me another kiss. She wrapped the towel around her waist and left, closing the door. I rolled over and wondered if I had made a mistake bringing Rachel here. I wanted my friends to see how smoking hot she was and get a little jealous, but I could already imagine them bragging to me about knowing what her tits and ass look like. These worries couldn’t put up a fight against my exhaustion, though, and I soon dozed off.


I woke up a few hours later to Rachel’s scream. My eyes shot open and I sat up. I then heard her laugh, followed by my buddies’. I got up and looked out the open window down on the pool.

All four of them stood in a small circle in the shallow end and all four were laughing as hard as they could. Rachel was holding her breasts, pressing her suit closed.

“Look what you did!” she squealed and thrust her chest forward. The V in the front of her suit widened. She held it closed, but they were treated to the view I got earlier before she’d pinned it. “Where’d it go?!” she said, turning around. I realized the pin must have flown off.

“It was an accident, I swear,” Mike said between guffaws.

“Bullshit! You grabbed my suit and pulled it apart,” she said, still laughing. I grit my teeth. I knew Mike would try something like this.

“Scout’s honor!” Mike said. Rachel rolled her eyes and then waded toward the stairs. “Aww come on,” Mike called after her. “Where are you going?”

“I’ve gotta get another pin,” she said.

“No you don’t,” he said. “You’re not showing anything.”

“You and Andrew just saw my boobs!” she squealed.

“You did?!” Kyle said.

“Barely,” Andrew said.

“It was only for like a second,” Mike said. I seethed. I didn’t care that it was only a flash or that it could have been an accident. I didn’t want them seeing my girlfriend’s naked breasts.

“I should still get another one,” Rachel said, exiting the pool. She must have forgotten about what this suit did to her bottom after any activity, because it was tucked high and tight inside her crack. Her full buttcheeks jiggled and danced with each step she took across the patio.

I got back in bed to wait for Rachel to come back up. I’d have to have a talk with her, one I didn’t want to have. Since we arrived, she’d been less interested in keeping herself covered than I wanted. I knew she’d say it was nothing and think I was being jealous, but I had to say something.

A few minutes passed and she didn’t appear. I could hear voices talking low outside and some splashing, but nothing else. I thought about getting up to see if Rachel was still out there. The bed was warm and cozy, though. Before I knew it, I was back asleep.

It was dark by the time I woke up again. I pulled on some gym shorts and a Tshirt and stumbled downstairs. The first floor was empty, but I heard voices from the open back door. Walking out, I discovered Rachel and my buddies in the hot tub. The guys sat on the edge of the tub with only their feet in the water, while she sat fully in it, the water coming up to her navel. A small inflatable cooler floated between them, holding their beers.

The first thing I noticed was of course Rachel’s breasts on display. If she had ever gotten another safety pin, which at this point I doubted, it too was gone. The suit gaped to the edge of her areola and her nipples were hard, pressing into the suit and displaying themselves. That’s not all that was hard, as I could see the guys supporting substantial bulges in their trunks.

“There he is!” Andrew shouted upon seeing me.

“Hey babe,” Rachel said, twisting to her right to smile at me. As she did, her left breast threatened to pop out into the open, but her hard nipple clung to the edge of the suit. I couldn’t tell in the dim light, but I was pretty sure that Kyle, who sat to her right, could see part of it. I kissed Rachel on the head, then walked to the other side of the tub, next to Mike, so she didn’t have to twist anymore.

“How’d you sleep?” she asked, reaching for her beer in the center. As she leant forward, her suit spread apart. Her breasts dangled down beneath her, free from the constraints of the suit. My buddies stared as her full heavy breasts and nipples dropped into view. The show was over as quickly as it started, though, as she leaned back and the suit came back into place. I wondered how many times they’d been treated to that view. She looked at me, flushed, as she took a swig.

I grumbled something about sleeping okay and then we started talking about dinner. Mike offered to grill and we agreed. With that settled, Rachel finished her beer and stood up. The water rushed off her body and the four at us stared at it as it glistened and dripped. Looking down, I could see the bottom of her suit wedged up between her pussy lips, treating us to a cameltoe.

“Is my towel nearby?” she asked, turning around and looking over the edge. Her butt came into view, and like the front of her suit, the back was once again wedged deeply inside her crack. We stared at her butt, which was 95% uncovered and dripping, as she bent double over the edge of the tub, looking for her towel.

“I got it, babe,” I said, rushing around to her side and grabbing her towel. I held it out to her, but she didn’t take it right away. Instead she took a moment to stick her fingers into the butt of her suit and pull it out of her crack. The guys watched intently as she pulled the suit away from her skin and let it slap back across her cheeks, no doubt causing them to ripple. I don’t know why she couldn’t have done that underwater, but I was glad she had done it at all at this point.

After that, she and the guys got out of the tub and dried off. Rachel put on the shorts and top she had come here in, which had been drying out in the sun all day. She still looked sexy, and danced around the kitchen and living room the rest of the evening, making her boobs and butt jiggle for us, but looked like a nun compared to the shows she’d given earlier, so that was a relief. Mike grilled dinner and we ate and drank and smoked while watching some shitty comedies on cable. After a few hours, Rachel said she was getting tired and we headed to our room.

“Tell me about your afternoon,” I said as soon as she closed the door behind us. She didn’t answer. At least not with words. She flashed a predatory grin before jumping into my arms. I tumbled back onto our bed and we landed with her on top of me. We still hadn’t had sex for weeks and the feeling of her on top of me, and her breasts pressed into my chest, made me briefly forget I was angry. She showered my face with kisses.

“I think I did it,” she said.

“Did what?” I asked.

“Made a good impression with your friends. Right before you came out they were telling me that they loved hanging out with me and that I was just like one of the guys.”

Yeah, I’m sure they look at her as just another one of the guys, I thought to myself. I still wanted to confront her about the whole safety pin issue. My boner had other thoughts, but I knew if we had sex right now that I’d want to just forget about it and go to sleep. So I pushed on.

“Tell me about what happened,” I said. She frowned, a bit put off that I wasn’t ready to immediately screw her brains out. She got off me and laid down on the bed. I moved and laid down next to her.

“Eh, you know, we were just messing around in the pool all day. It was fun but I couldn’t stop thinking about this,” she said, slipping her hand into my shorts and grabbing my hard dick. I groaned and she grabbed my hand with her free hand and brought it to her breast. I started massaging it through her shirt and suit. With herculean effort, though, I pressed on.

“I wanted to ask you about something though,” I said. “I woke up sometime in the late afternoon when I heard you scream.”

“Oh yeah, that,” she said, and stopped stroking me. “We were all surprised that you didn’t wake up.”

“I did. I went back to sleep a little while after cause I heard you all laughing and splashing again. But what happened?”

“Promise you won’t be mad,” she said.

“Mad about what?”

“Well… ok, so you know how my suit was too small and I put that safety pin in to make it ok?”

I nodded.

“Well after just playing catch with a frisbee and just kinda messing around in the pool for a while, we decided to play some games. The first one we played was chicken. So I was up on Kyle’s shoulders and Mike was up on Andrew’s shoulders, and Mike and I were fighting to knock the other pair down, right?”

I nodded. My buddies and I have played chicken for years in this exact pool. She continued, but not without starting to slowly stroke my cock again.

“I thought Mike would easily win since he’s so much stronger than me. Like, if it was just the two of us in the house, I he could easily just pin me down and do whatever he wanted to me. But we were evenly matched at first. Then I realized that was because he was distracted by my boobs. He was staring straight at them the entire game and only kind of focusing on my arms pushing and pulling him. So I had an idea and shimmied like this.”

She laid back on the bed and shook her shoulders. Her big breasts sloshed back and forth in the most enticing way. She rolled back against me.

“It was so funny, his mouth just dropped open. So of course that was the moment I pushed him as hard as I could, and they toppled over. The funniest part, though, was that I was so happy we won the first round and was bouncing up and down on Andrew’s shoulders and that made my boobs flop around all crazily and whack Andrew in the head a bunch of times.”

I groaned, imagining her giant tits flopping around in front of two of my friends while they slapped the head of the third. Precum tumbled out of the head of my cock, and Rachel’s jacking fist quickly spread it over the whole shaft. A squick, squick sound came from my shorts as she continued to jack me.

“Oh wow, babe,” she said. “You like the idea of my girls bouncing around like that?”

I couldn’t answer, so she continued.

“So after Andrew was done joking that I’d given him a bunch of concussions from, and I quote, ‘slapping him a bunch with my giant hooters,’ Mike and Kyle said they needed a rematch because I cheated by distracting them. I made fun of them for being so distracted just in the presence of boobs, that they’d probably never seen any before. They said they had, just none close to as amazing as mine.”

I groaned again and ejected more pre-cum. Rachel stared down at my increasingly wet shorts and began to grin wickedly. She squirmed next to me, pressing her thighs together.

“Round two started and I could tell that Mike still couldn’t take his eyes off my tits. I thought that I could win again, but then…”

She paused, unsure how to continue. I grunted out that she should go on.

“Well, he swore he did it by accident, and I think I believe him. He explained to us what happened afterward. While we were grappling, both of his hands slipped at the same time and fell down to my shoulders. It made him lose his balance, and as he tried to push himself back up, his thumbs slipped under the straps of my suit so that when he pushed, he pushed the suit apart. I’m not sure how much that poor safety pin could take, but it was definitely less than that and it popped off. His hands were still tangled up in my suit straps, so he accidentally pushed them off my shoulders and all the way down to my elbows, which made my boobs pop completely out in the open.”

That was it. Before I knew what was happening, fireworks were exploding in my brain and I was filling my shorts with more cum than they could handle.

“Oh my God, babe!” Rachel shouted as I sprayed her hand, wrist, arm and our bed with my cum. She kept jacking me until I was all spent. She pulled her hand out of my shorts and marveled at the mount of cum on it. “I’ve never seen you cum that much,” she said.

I didn’t know how to answer. My mind was racing. Why did the idea of my girlfriends’ boobs popping out on accident (or “accident”) in front of my friends make me cum so hard? I felt the energy drain out of me.

“Seems like someone likes the idea of showing me off a little,” she said, smirking.

“I don’t know if that’s it,” I said as I took off my wet shorts and underwear and threw them to the ground. We both looked at my spent, deflated dick as it shriveled back into my body.

“Aww, does that mean he’s done playing for today?” she asked, pouting.

I shrugged, but was pretty sure the answer was yes. The naps had helped, but I was still exhausted. Also, with all the beer I drank and pot I smoked tonight, plus just having one of the biggest orgasms of my life, I was pretty sure I was done. She frowned.

“I’ve been so horny for you for weeks, babe,” she whined. I apologized, and she went back to smiling. “That’s okay, it was so hot watching you explode all over yourself like that. And I know how to take care of myself,” she said before quickly pulling all of her clothes off and grabbing a tit in one hand and her cunt in the other. I rolled over and started watching her. The view was incredible, her boobs jostling around as she frantically pulled at one, then the other nipple while her other hand massaged her clit, but my li’l guy still showed no signs of life.

“Anyway, I screamed when my suit flew open and I fell into the pool,” she said. I was surprised she wanted to keep telling me the story while she masturbated, but I wasn’t about to stop her. “And that’s probably what you heard. I was going to come up here and get another safety pin, but the guys convinced me I didn’t have to.”

“How?” I asked.

“Well, I told them how I bought it when my boobs were a lot smaller, and that you thought it showed too much when it wasn’t pinned. But they said that was crazy, it didn’t show much more either way. I looked at myself then and realized it was right. I said that I’d keep it like that as long as we stopped playing chicken, because I knew my boobs would just come popping out again and that you’d get upset. Of course that was before I knew you’d cum all over yourself just hearing about it.”

She was right. I had cum all over myself just hearing about it. I didn’t want to deal with that thought now, though, so I pushed it aside and asked her what happened next.

“Well, first of all, Andrew was mad because he hadn’t gotten to see my tits. Mike and Kyle had and were bragging about how amazing they were. I tried to quiet them down because I didn’t want you hearing them talk about my breasts and assume that I was just showing them to your friends when you weren’t around. I finally got them to stop when I suggested we play another game.”

My cock started showing signs of life when she said Mike and Kyle bragged about seeing her tits. I wondered how good of a look they got.

“That’s when we started playing Grab Ass,” she said.

“Grab Ass?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, furrowing her brow, confused. “Mike said you guys played it all the time growing up.”

I thought for a second before realizing what she meant. “No no, grab ass wasn’t a real game. Whenever we were horsing around in the pool too much for Mike’s dad’s liking, he come out and yell, ‘Quit playin’ grab ass!’ We thought it was funny.”

“Oh,” she said, and paused her masturbation. “That’s weird because Mike said it was a real game you guys played. He explained the rules and everything.”

“Well, it’s not real a game.”

“Well, we played it for a couple hours.”

We both stared at each other a moment. She looked guilty. I could tell that she was realizing that she might have gotten into trouble.

“Explain the rules,” I said.

“Ok,” she said, biting her lip. “But promise not to be mad because I thought it was a real game you guys always played and I just wanted to be one of the guys.” I nodded tersely and she continued. “There wasn’t much to the rules. It was basically like tag, except you couldn’t just touch someone anywhere. You had to grab their ass. Y’know, Grab Ass.”

My mind reeled. Did this mean…? My cock started to grow again. It flopped over, which caught Rachel’s eye. She smiled devilishly.

“Of course, none of them wanted to grab each other’s asses, so it ended up pretty much just being me versus all three of them. One of them would chase me down and grab my ass, then I’d have to chase one of them down and return the favor. It was really funny because they kept losing. Whenever I was ‘it’, it was like they all wanted to lose so they’d have the chance to chase me down again.”

I groaned, imagining my hot, wet, voluptuous girlfriend bounding around the pool in her too-small swimsuit, my three best buddies chasing after her before grabbing her plump ass, which was no doubt on complete display given all her running around. My cock’s hardness reached its zenith and Rachel grabbed it again.

“Oh my God, babe,” she moaned. “They also just got worse as the game went on. When one of them would catch me, they’d just stand there, squeezing my butt with both hands a bunch of times even though they only had to squeeze it once to tag me. That made it easy for me to just reach around and tag them back. One time, Mike and I just stood there squeezing each other’s butts back and forth until the other two guys dragged him away so they could get a chance to be ‘it’ too. Your friends are so silly, sometimes.”

I bit my lip and struggled not to cum again. She recognized my predicament and rolled her naked body on top of mine. With one hand she reached underneath us and slid my cock into her hot, soaking wet hole. “Didn’t want to tell you the next part without getting you inside me first. It might make you explode.”

Worry and arousal bounced around between my head and my dick like a pinball machine during an earthquake. I reached up and grabbed her breasts as they dangled above me. She moaned and ground herself down onto my pubic bone.

“I had stopped playing chicken because I was afraid my boobs would keep popping out,” she continued. “But I think playing Grab Ass, they popped out more. After they had each grabbed my ass several times, and my boobs had flown out right in front of them several times, I gave up trying to keep them covered for the rest of the game.”

I grunted. I could feel her juices pour out of her as her orgasm approached. A roiling in my balls let me know mine was close too.

“Your friends… oh my God,” she continued, ragged. “Your friends saw my mostly naked tits for over an hour as they… hnnnnnnggghhh… as they tried to chase me down and molest me.”

“And you didn’t care?” I panted.

“And I didn’t… ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as her orgasm hit. Her vagina tightened around me and I started cumming strongly for the second time in twenty minutes. I unloaded jet after jet of cum into her throbbing cunt as she moaned and screamed above me. No doubt her screams could be heard all over the house, but I didn’t care. Let my buddies hear the screams of the woman only I got to have sex with, I thought. We both rode out the rest of our orgasms, then lay panting on each other. After a moment, she lifted her head.

“I was exaggerating, by the way,” she said.

“They didn’t see your boobs?” I asked. She rolled off me and sighed deeply.

“No, they did. Just like, a nipple here and a nipple there. Except for one time when I didn’t realize one of my straps had fallen down for like ten minutes. Not like I was just topless for hours.”

“I see,” I said, slightly relieved. I couldn’t deny that her becoming exposed was turning me on, but there had to be a limit. And I wondered how hard she was trying to stay covered when she didn’t realize she had a full boob hanging out for ten minutes. “So what happened after that?”

“Nothing much,” she said, still twisting her nipples lightly. “We got out and just hung out in the hot tub. I was worried you’d be waking up soon and come out to see what was happening and get mad because you’d jump to conclusions seeing my suit apart and your friends trying to grab my ass. I wouldn’t be able to explain it all to you like I did just now.”

That was strange, I thought to myself. So she did know she was acting out of line? If not, why was she worried about being caught?

“So we’re okay?” she asked. I rolled over and looked into her eyes. The deep blue eyes that send me into a trance. She was smoking hot all the time, but I realized she may look the hottest when she’s slightly worried and ashamed. “I mean, I know I probably let things get a bit farther than they should, but I wanted the guys to like me and not have to act all awkward because a girl is around. They got a few peeks at my boobs and felt my butt some, but it wasn’t like, anything sexual.”

“It’s fine,” I said. The two big orgasms had relaxed my mind so much I was probably willing to let anything go. “Just try not to do it anymore. They need to know you’re my girlfriend.”

“Of course, babe,” she said, and then grinned. “But you can’t deny it turned you on.”

“Maybe it did,” I mumbled sleepily. “We can talk about that in the morning.”

“I love you. You’re the best,” she said and kissed me. I kissed her back.

“I love you too,” I murmured and fell asleep.

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