Just One of the Guys Ch. 02


I woke up the next morning before Rachel. I watched her peaceful face slumber a moment before lifting the sheet and staring down at her naked front. When she was on her back, her natural breasts sank back into her chest somewhat, but still stuck out significantly from the side and front. Her nipples, relaxed and soft for the first time since I picked her up yesterday, rose and fell with her breaths. Beyond, her soft tummy led to her pubic hair, the same dark brown as the rest of her hair. She kept a furry V between her legs, though she waxed her bikini line and kept the hair short cropped. I loved it.

“Good morning,” she cooed. I looked up to see her watching me check her out. “Hope you got a good look.”

“Just trying to see what all my friends saw yesterday,” I said.

“Oh hush,” she groaned, rolling over into me. Neither of us had gotten dressed since having sex last night, and her naked body pressing against mine helped wake me up some. We stared at each other a moment before she continued. “I actually have a confession to make.”

My heart raced. What could she mean? What else happened while I was napping yesterday? Did something happen in the middle of the night? She sighed and then continued.

“I wanted to tease your friends some yesterday. It went a lot farther than I had planned, but I was going to at least a little,” she said. “I grew up always being one of the guys because I knew that if I tease them a little… tease them with my body, I mean… they’re always nicer. I wanted your friends to like me, so, well… that’s why I wore what I did yesterday.”

“The swimsuit?” I asked. She laughed.

“Yes, that too. Well, kinda. I had worn that thin tank top and shorts without underwear because I knew they’d be able to see my boobs and butt wobble around. I figured since I wasn’t actually showing anything it’d be no big deal.”

“But then you fell in the pool.”

She laughed again. “Exactly! Gosh, I was so embarrassed. They could basically see my boobs. And then my shorts fell down. It wasn’t how I wanted to meet them, but thankfully they were all gentlemen about it. So I wanted to reel it back a bit, but then remembered that I only packed revealing bathing suits. I knew that one-piece was too small, but it wasn’t until I put it on for the first time yesterday that I realized how truly small it had become. And then after the back kept riding up and showing my whole butt and the front kept flying open and showing my whole chest. It was humiliating, I felt like some kind of cheap slut. I didn’t want to feel that way, so after a little while, I figured the damage had been done and the only way for me to take control of the situation was to own it. So I stopped acting like I noticed or cared when I was exposed, and that helped me feel a lot better about it all. Plus, the guys were loving it so much, and I was so happy they had accepted me right away, so I didn’t want to stop it.”

“There’s gotta be a line, though,” I said.

“You’re right. I was thinking the same. I don’t want them thinking you brought me here to be everyone’s sex toy. They’re your best friends and they’ve already seen my boobs butt and even felt my butt a lot. So I’ll be better today,” she said. “But I hope I can still be a little flirty. It’ll make sure the guys have a good time this week and then we’ll all have fun. Plus, then I can tell you about it tonight when we’re back in this bed together.”

“Just keep it tame. You’re still my girlfriend, not theirs,” I said.

She said of course and we had sex. It was sweet and tender, which was a welcome difference from the craziness of the previous night. Afterward, we got dressed in our swimsuits because she wanted to spend the day laying out on the beach at the lake.

She wore one of her bikinis this time. This one was a pale blue, matching her eyes. It provided moderate coverage, as much as any bikini really could with her body. The bottom creases of her buttcheeks were still visible, as was the significant expanse of cleavage on top, but at least it held itself in place, unlike her suit yesterday.

We went downstairs to find Kyle making bacon and eggs for everyone while Andrew and Mike played Mario Kart in the living room. Naturally, they paused and gaped at Rachel as she walked through the room in her bikini.

“Oh, my breakfast hero!” Rachel cooed when she saw Kyle cooking, and bounced over to him. She embraced him from behind, pressing her bulging bosom into his back. He blushed and stammered out a good morning. “I didn’t know you were such a good provider,” she continued, and he just stuttered and coughed in reply. I poured myself a cup of coffee and looked over at them. She had one hand pressed flat against his chest, rubbing one of his nipples through his shirt. Her other hand was on his lower abdomen, caressing the strip of skin below his navel that showed between his T-shirt and swim trunks.

“I’m, uh… I just know how to cook a few basic things,” he managed, trying to concentrate on the stove and her caresses at the same time.

“Well, it smells wonderful,” she said. Her bottom hand fingered the top edge of his trunks, before dipping its fingertips under the band. I knew she wasn’t reaching in far enough to touch his dick, but I was pretty sure she was running her fingers through his pubic hair. His dick grew and pushed against the front of his trunks. He looked up at me, red in the face, and I quickly ducked away. Rachel wanted to be a little flirty, but still behave, and I wanted to give her the chance to prove to me that she could.

When I turned away, I saw that Mike and Andrew had entered and were watching Rachel’s ass as she rubbed herself against Kyle. I asked them to help me set the table to distract them, and they did so unwillingly. When we were done, she told us to sit down and she’d serve us. We took our spots at the four chairs surrounding the table and she went to each one of us, dishing bacon and eggs onto each of our plates. When she did, the guy getting served got a wonderful view of her cleavage as she leaned over right in front of his face. Meanwhile, each guy behind her leaned back to enjoy the view of her smooth backside bent over.

When she was done, she returned to the table with a plate of her own, but nowhere to sit. Mike scooted his chair out and patted her on the butt. “Got you a seat right here,” he said, smirking. His semi-hard dick pressed against the front of his trunks. The deal was clear: she could sit on his lap, but he’d feel free to rub his boner all over her ass. She stared at his crotch a moment, then looked to Kyle.

“Kyle should get to choose where I sit since he cooked,” she said. Blushing, he pushed his chair out a little.

“You could sit on my lap,” he said. “I mean, if you want, I don’t want to, uh…”

“My gosh, Kyle, you’re so sweet,” she said, sitting down down sideways on his lap, the bulge in his trunks nestling itself between her lucious cheeks. Her bust sat invitingly right under his chin. “First you cook me breakfast, then you let me sit my fat ass on you while we eat.” He tried to mumble something in response, but she started slipping off. “Oh no! Kyle, you’ll have to hold onto me to make sure I don’t fall off,” she said.

He mumbled a sorry and put his arm around her back, resting his hand on the outside of her thigh. “You’ll have to hold me better than that!” she exclaimed and grabbed his hand, pulling it over her thigh and resting it against her lower abdomen, right above her swimsuit bottom where she had been stroking him. The message seemed clear to me, she wanted him to return the favor. He wasted no time in stroking the top edge of her bottoms.

We talked as a group about our plans for the day. We all agreed we should spend the day down at the beach since it was the first full day. After a few minutes, I looked back over at Rachel and Kyle. His fingers had slipped under the edge of her bottoms, and it looked like he was caressing the top of her pubic hair like she had him. I looked up at her, raising an eyebrow. She mouthed at me that it was okay.

I kept an eye on them the rest of the meal, making sure he didn’t try to go lower and actually finger my girlfriend in front of me. One time I looked over to notice half his hand was inside her suit and moving around her crotch. Rachel must have noticed it at the same time, because as soon as I looked over, she grabbed his wrist and moved out of her suit and laid it to rest on the front of her suit. His hand cupped her pussy, but at least there was a fabric barrier and he wasn’t moving it (that I could tell).

When we got up to clean up, I noticed Kyle sneakily sniff the fingers on that hand. Damn, I thought, he must have actually touched her pussy. So much for her plan to keep it under control today. But at least she stopped it right away. I don’t know how long he was doing that before I looked over, but I wanted to give Rachel the benefit of the doubt. I knew she had lots of guy friends growing up, so she had to know how to handle them. As we cleaned up, Mike and Andrew joked that they were going to cook the next meals so that Rachel could sit on their thrones.

We headed down the path to the lakefront beach on the property. The beach was small, but isolated from the other properties around the lake. We could see other people enjoying the lake, in boats or out, but they were too far away to really see or hear. For all intents and purposes, we were alone here.

“Thanks for being so welcoming, you guys,” Rachel said as she spread out her towel. “I felt bad about intruding on your vacation, but you have really made me feel like just one of the guys.”

Kyle and Andrew smiled at her, but before they could respond, Mike butted in. “Well, you’re not really one of the guys yet.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, suddenly worried.

“We’re all topless,” he said, pointing at us in only our trunks. “But you’re still wearing one.”

“Very funny, Mike,” I responded sarcastically.

“Guys don’t wear bikini tops,” he said, shrugging.

“She’s not taking off her-” I started.

“So you want me to do this?” she interrupted. She turned her back to them, facing me, and winked. She reached behind her and undid her top, pulling it off and revealing her breasts to me. The guys cheered and she blushed instantly. I gaped at her, unsure how to react. She covered her breasts with one arm and hand and turned back to them, throwing her top at Mike.

“I didn’t know you wanted to wear my top so much, Mike,” she said. “You shoulda just asked.” He balled it up and stuck it in his pocket.

“Why don’t you drop your hand?” he said, smirking. “I want to see how your pecs compare to mine.”

“That’s not happening,” I said. “Give her her top back.”

“They’re just playing around,” she said to me, running her free hand through her hair. I noticed that the fingers on her hand cupping her boob were splayed open, displaying her hard nipple to all of us. I coughed and pointed at it, and she laughed, moving to cup a boob in each hand. We got a brief flash of both naked boobs as she adjusted.

“I don’t want you just having your boobs out here, though,” I said.

“She could do a sand bra,” Mike said.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“You see it in magazines all the time. Get your tits wet then put sand on ’em. It’ll cover your breasts more than adequately, but you can still be one of us guys by not wearing clothing on top,” he said.

“Ok!” she said, grinning wide. “I’ll go get wet then.”

She walked down to the water’s edge, dropping her hands after she turned away from us. Mike said he’d help and followed her down. The other two guys mumbled something about testing out the water and followed close behind. I watched as the three of them followed a few steps behind her, watching her ass as she swung it back and forth seductively on her walk down to the surf.

When she was a few steps away from it, Mike broke into a run and grabbed her from behind. His arms wrapped tightly around her front, she shrieked as he hoisted her up and carried her into the water, dunking both of them. I stood up, ready to intervene (he was certainly using this moment to cop a feel), when she resurfaced, laughing. She stayed crouched, her naked breasts below the water, as she pushed her wet hair out of her face and playfully punched him on the shoulder. They were joking and laughing about something, but I was too far away to hear what they were saying.

She stood up and waded back out of the water, her hands gripping her boobs again. The guys followed her back to dry sand, admiring the no doubt amazing view of her wet suit bottoms clinging to her butt. She turned around and said something to them, and they responded. Then, she dropped her hands, revealing her boobs to them in the bright sunlight. It only lasted a moment, though, because then she dropped to the ground and pressed her chest into the sand.

She stood back up, and it was clear the plan had worked. At least somewhat. Her entire front was covered in a thin layer of sand. Her breasts were still hanging loose and bulging obscenely out from her body and I was pretty sure I could see her nipples through the sand, even from where I was sitting. The guys said something and pointed to her stomach, and she brushed the sand off of there, her boobs bouncing around enticingly as she did. Then she bent over in front of them to brush off her legs, her boobs falling away from her body and swaying and jiggling.

She stood back up and struck a pose, sand covering her boobs and nowhere else. Mike said something, then bent down and picked up a couple handfuls of sand. He walked up to her and pressed the sand into her gorgeous tits. She gaped down at him, watching his big hands grasp and grope her tits, a smile on her face. This was too far, I thought. Teasing them a little was one thing, but letting them grope her was too much.

“Hey!” I shouted, standing up. Rachel looked at me, then pushed Mike’s hands away from her chest. I fumed. We just talked about this this morning and now she’s crossing the line already. She walked up the beach, returning to me, as the guys turned around and went back into the water.

“What the hell was that?” I asked when she got back to the towels.

“Sorry, that wasn’t what it looked like,” she said, looking guilty.

“Really?” I asked. “It looked like Mike groped your chest while you stood there and giggled at him.”

“He was just trying to help,” she said. “Don’t be mad at him. He saw that the sand was too thin to actually cover my nipples and so was putting more on the girls. He was doing what you wanted.”

I looked down at her chest. She was right, the sand now mostly obscured her nipples. She still looked outrageously sexy, standing there in only bikini bottoms and some sand caked onto her plump breasts, but she was indeed pretty much covered.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “He could have told you to do it yourself.”

“I know,” she said. “I was glad you stepped in. Any more of him groping the girls and I would have gotten much hornier than I should be around them.” It’s true, her nipples are very sensitive and can get her going in a blink. “But can you blame him for wanting to cop a feel?” she asked. I knew I couldn’t, but I didn’t know why she was defending him. “Anyway, I want to lay out,” she continued, fishing some lotion out of her bag. “You want to cover my back before the guys get back here and want to do it themselves?”

I did, glad she was saving me of that. She laid down on her stomach and I rubbed the lotion into her back, from her neck to her feet. She looked incredibly sexy laying like that. She folded her arms in front of her to rest her head on, so her breasts bulged out from her sides. Her tasty booty rose away from her smooth back and thighs, delectably cupped by her bikini bottom. I realized that she was still way out of my league. If she wanted to show off for my friends a little, that was fine. She was still mine, and that made me the luckiest guy in the world.

The guys returned and checked out her naked back as they dried off. After they settled in and lay down, she rolled over. About half the sand that formed her ‘top’ stayed on the towel, and we could kinda see her nipples again. She reached for the suntan lotion and started applying it on her arms and legs. Her breasts jostled around deliciously as she rubbed the lotion in. I felt like she was shaking them more than she had to, but I decided not to say anything.

She began lotioning her stomach and we all watched her, silent and entranced. Her hands knocked the undersides of her boobs as she did, making them jostle more and knocking the sand off the bottom. She then skipped her boobs and did her upper chest and face. When she finished, she looked down at her free-hanging heavy breasts, screwed up her face like she was thinking, then looked at me.

“So much sand has fallen off the gals,” she said, cupping them for emphasis. The guys strained to watch. “I need to lotion them up, but I don’t want to go get wet again to do it. I think I have to brush the sand off, rub the lotion in and then cover them back up.”

“Makes sense,” I replied.

“The guys will be able to get a good look at my naked tits, though, as I rub the lotion into them, and I don’t want you to get mad,” she said.

I sighed. I didn’t want them seeing her tits again, especially as they watched her lube and massage them. But at this point, they had each seen them a few times, and she promised to cover them again as soon as she was done. “Go ahead,” I said.

“So you agree, then,” she said, as she started brushing the sand off her breasts, causing them to bounce and wobble once more as they came further and further in view. “You agree that sometimes your friends might get a look at me from time to time when necessary. But it’s not a big deal because we’re all adults and sometimes adults see each other naked.”

She finished brushing the sand off and picked up the bottle again, squirting a big glob of lotion into her hand as the four of us stared at her now naked tits. Her nipples were shriveled tight and hard, even though the late morning sun was making us all sweat. She rubbed her hand together, causing her naked tits to bounce.

I opened my mouth to respond, to say how the rules were different because we were in a relationship, but the words didn’t come because at that moment, she slapped her lotion-filled hands onto her breasts and began rubbing it in. It was the hottest thing I’d seen in my life to that point, and I was speechless. The four of us watching as she massaged and rubbed her succulent breasts.

“Oh no,” she said, looking down at them. “I used too much lotion.” Indeed she had. Her boobs were still pasty white with lotion. “I can never get it to come off,” she said, grabbing each boob where it connected to her chest, and squeezing down the whole length, finishing by twisting each nipple in a supposed attempt to get the excess lotion off.

“Sorry,” she said, still looking at me, acting oblivious of the other three men gawking at her from her other side. “Looks like I’ll just have to rub it in.” And she did. We all sat watching as she massaged her breasts for several more minutes.

“Ta-da!” she said, lifting her hands away from her breasts, the lotion finally rubbed in. They glistened in the hot sun. “Time for the new sand bra!”

She rolled off her towel and hovered above the sand in the pushup position, her glistening tits hanging down underneath her. She lowered herself slightly until her hard nipples touched the hot sand. She lifted back up and rolled onto her towel, reclining on her back. Sand lightly dusted her nipples, but nowhere else on her expansive chest.

“I didn’t want any tanlines after all that,” she said to me and settled back, covering her eyes with her arm and leaving us free reign to gape at her almost completely exposed bust. Realizing the show was over, the guys lay back down, though they all kept their eyes on her. I wasn’t thrilled at how she was essentially topless, but I was glad that she had actually come to a stop, so I laid back too.

It wasn’t long before we started getting hungry and headed up back to the house. When we got to the door, Mike insisted that Rachel couldn’t bring sand into the house and had her brush the remaining sand off her nipples right in front of him. She did without protest, flicking her hard nipples and jostling her plump breasts in the process. Luckily, I was there to usher her inside and up the stairs right after, so they only got a glance of her completely naked chest.

We walked into our room and she immediately pressed herself against me and kissed me deeply. She bit my earlobe, then whispered, “I want to fuck you so bad right now, but the guys would hear and get jealous.” She leaned back and looked me in the eyes. “But later, please? I’m gonna go take a shower.”

I didn’t know why she was shy about them hearing us after last night, but I just nodded. She grabbed a Tshirt and walked out into the hall, still topless. At least she plans on putting one back on at some point, I thought wryly. I searched through my suitcase for a change of clothes, when I heard voices out in the hall.

I leaned my head out the doorway to see Rachel, still topless and with seemingly no interest in covering up, standing in the bathroom doorway. All three guys crowded around her, their eyes glued on her naked tits.

“Guys, come on,” I said. They looked to see me. Rachel raised her hands to cover her breasts, and turned back to them.

“No more hall time, I was gonna take a shower,” she told them, and walked into the bathroom. I returned to my room and my suitcase. Then the shower came on, and it sounded louder than usual. I peeked my head back into the hall, and the bathroom door was still wide open, but Rachel and the guys were nowhere to be seen.

I walked down the hall and looked in. The three guys stood in their trunks, facing the cloudy shower door, as Rachel’s semi-obscured naked figure rubbed itself behind the foggy glass. Her bottoms lay in the middle of the bathroom floor. Did she take them off as the guys watched her get in?

I watched from the doorway as the four of them talked about how to spend the afternoon. Kyle wanted to play Grab Ass again, but Mike said they only should if the timing is right, looking back at me briefly.

“Ok, I’m finishing up,” she said. “Who’s next?”

“Me!” Andrew yelled before the rest of us could react.

“Do you want me to leave the water on for you?” she asked. “I don’t want to do that unless you’re ready to hop right in, so we don’t waste water.”

Andrew immediately dropped and stepped out of his trunks, leaving him completely naked, his boner waving in front of him.

“Grab me a towel, and you can get in,” she said.

He grabbed a towel from the shelf and opened the door. For a brief moment, we were treated to a view of her complete naked front as she stood there, uncovered, grabbing her towel from his hand. She shook it open as she looked at his naked body for the first time. Her eyes stopped on his erection and she gasped. His dick was about the size of mine, probably a little wider. But it was fully erect, red and pulsing.

“Oh my, Andrew,” she said as she stepped through the door past him, facing away and letting his boner drag across one, then the other buttcheek. “Is that because of me?”

“You’re so beautiful,” Andrew said, stepping back into the shower, but not closing the door so as to not obscure the view of her as she dried herself. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“You’re so sweet,” she said, blushing. She was still facing him in the shower and away from us, so we were treated with a view of her complete naked back and watched her ass jiggle as she dried herself. I didn’t know what Andrew was seeing, but probably regular glimpses of her breasts and bush as she rubbed the towel over her body. Then she wrapped the towel around her back to dry it shimmied it back and forth, treating him to a jostling full frontal view.

“I’m sorry if I’m teasing you, I’m just trying to blend in like one of the guys,” she told him as she shook her naked body in front of him. “I know my huge tits are just an obstacle in the way of our friendship, and I hope we can overcome them together,” she added. She finished up and turned back to us, holding the towel in front of her, covering her front but leaving her back completely bare.

She walked up to me in the doorway and stopped. The three guys all stared at her naked butt. I could see Andrew grab his erection and start to pump it, while the other two guys fondled themselves through their trunks. “Excuse me,” she said sweetly, and I realized I was blocking the door and moved out of the way. She walked past me and back to our room.

I followed her swaying, jiggling asscheeks back to our room and closed the door behind us. I was mad. She spent this morning pushing the boundaries we had established, and then blew them away when she showered and dried in front of them. But when I walked in, she stood in front of the mirror, brushing her hair completely naked, and the sight of her jostling jugs ruined my train of thought.

“Oh my gosh, babe,” she cooed at me, checking out my crotch. I looked down and saw my boner standing at full attention inside my trunks, a wet spot of pre-cum spreading out from the tip. I covered it with my hands as my face turned a deep red. She set down her brush and walked over to me, pushing my hands away and grabbing my dick through my shorts. “You don’t need to hide this from me, babe,” she said. “I love seeing you all ready to explode like this.”

“You went too far today,” I squeaked out, barely able to think straight as I watched her rub my dick. “We talked about a little bit of teasing this morning, not getting naked in front of them in broad daylight.”

“I’m sorry, babe,” she said, slipping her hand inside my shorts and stroking my naked hard-on. “I didn’t think they’d follow me into the shower. When they did, I thought they’d just see my butt again for like a second, which would just be one of those times we saw each other naked by chance and it’d be no big deal. But then they stayed and watched me shower. And while I cleaned myself basically in front of them, I thought that if I made a big stink of them standing there trying to catch another glimpse of my naked body, they would have felt all weird. I mean, I spent the previous twenty-four hours letting them see my boobs a lot and my butt some, and then for me to get mad at them for thinking they could watch me shower? If I shamed them for being horny for me after I had my boobs out all morning, they’d think I was some hypocritical bitch trying to make them feel like perverts. And I didn’t want that, I wanted to be one of the guys. And I thought one of the guys would play along with the joke. So I made up that bit about wasting water so that Andrew would go next and we could pretend like there wasn’t this suffocating sexual tension in the room because I was a naked girl and they were all horny boys.”

“Be one of the guys?” I asked. “We don’t get naked and shower in front of each other. We don’t jerk off staring at each other’s naked bodies.”

When she heard this, her eyes brightened and she started jacking me harder. “That’d be so hot!” she said, licking her lips. “Which of your friends do you think has the best dick?”

“I don’t want to think about it,” I said, pulling her hand out of my trunks and walking to the bed. She frowned at me.

“Come on, I was just having fun,” she said, pouting. “I wasn’t asking you to go be your friends’ cumslut, I just thought it’d be hot if one of them had a dick you liked.”

“Other than Andrew’s a few minutes ago, I haven’t seen any of their dicks,” I said. “Nor do I want to.”

“You might be seeing more of it,” she said, smirking as she went back to brushing her hair. “Last night he was talking about wanting to be a nudist.” I just rolled my eyes. I knew Andrew was a bit of a hippy, but he was probably just drunk and horny last night when he told her that.

“Should we take a nap?” I asked, sitting on the bed. “I’m tired after spending all morning in the hot sun.”

“Go ahead, babe,” she said. “But I’ll probably lay out by the pool with the guys.”

That obviously worried me, so I said I’d join her. I also made her promise to keep all her clothes on for the rest of the day. This created a bit of an issue when we went back downstairs a little while later, because Mike still had her bikini top. He said he’d only give it back if she put it on in front of them. She only looked at me and shrugged before agreeing. My friends got another look at her naked, jiggling tits as she pulled off her Tshirt and put the top back on, but it was fleeting because she thankfully did it quickly.

After eating some snacks for lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in and around the pool. Rachel mostly just laid on a lounge chair and tanned. She’d undo her top whenever she was laying on her stomach, but thankfully tied it back up whenever she’d roll over onto her back. Mike was even cheeky enough to suggest another game of Grab Ass, but she demurred. She encouraged the four of us to play together, smirking at me like she did when she was asking me about my friends’ dicks in our room, but obviously that wasn’t in any of our interests, so that didn’t happen.

Mike grilled again as the sun set, and we started drinking more. The hot sun had made us sweat out all the cold beer we were drinking, but as it cooled off and we switched to hard liquor, we each became tipsy, then drunk rather quickly. We were having a great time, though, and I remembered why these guys were my friends. They were each obviously flirting with Rachel, and she was flirting back, but it all had a layer of innocence to it, especially as she sat on my lap, caressing my head and back.

Once we had digested dinner some, our combined drunkness made a diving competition seem like a great idea. None of us were great divers, so we made it into a biggest splash competition. Also, everyone had to take a shot before they could do their dive. Mike put on some music, and Andrew went first. He downed a shot, swayed onto the diving board, raised his arms, screamed, ran down the board, jumped, formed into a cannonball and hit the water with a mighty splash. We cheered wildly.

Kyle went next. He did his shot, struck a few bodybuilder poses on the board, then did a can-opener into the water. His splash was about the same size as Andrew’s and we cheered in kind. Mike went next. He did his shot and did his best Magic Mike male stripper impression on the board (without getting naked). He licked his hands and rubbed his nipples with them as he swung his hips to the beat of the music. We hooted and hollered, and when he got to his trunks, he pulled each side down an inch, showing more of his happy trail of hair that lead down to his crotch. Rachel screamed for him to take it off, but he just wagged a finger at her, and then jumped.

He spread-eagled in a giant belly flop. The splash wasn’t huge, but the slap of his full body against the water was super loud. We gasped in shock, but he quickly came to the surface, laughing and shouting about his body stinging. I had to admit, it was all hilarious.

Rachel went next, and as she did her shot and climbed onto the board, I started to worry what she might do. But I reminded myself she had behaved all afternoon, and tried to relax. A new song came on, a club banger with a throbbing beat. She felt it instantly, swinging her hips back and forth as she sashayed to the end of the board. She turned around and shook her ass for us. We cheered, then she looked over her shoulder at me and winked.

She grabbed the sides of her bikini bottom and pushed down. They hit the board with a splat. The guys cheered more loudly as she shook her ass again, her naked cheeks now flopping back and forth in front of us. The sun had gone down and the only outdoor light that was on (except for the pool lights) was against the house by the back door and hot tub, so we couldn’t see much detail. Her dance only lasted a moment, too, as she then jumped, executed an arcing backflip, and landed with a small splash. The guys jumped up and down, cheering wildly anyway.

I did my shot as she swam to the shallow end where the other guys were standing. I was so drunk that it wasn’t until I was out on the board myself that I realized her bottoms were still sitting on the end of it. I picked them up and called to her, where she stood in the waist deep water laughing with the other guys. The water covered her exposed half, but the lights in the pool may still give my buddies a good glimpse of her bush as she stood there only a foot away from them. I threw her the bottoms and they landed a few yards away from her. She swam over to them, letting her naked butt crest the surface as she did. I’m not sure if the guys also got a shot of her naked pussy from behind as well, but if they did, it thankfully only lasted a moment. Also thankfully, she slipped the bottoms back on as soon as she got them.

I knew whatever I did next would be anticlimactic. There’s no way the guys would care as much about me after my girlfriend’s partial strip show. So I decided to just get it over with. I pretended to be a cowboy, firing finger guns, as I ran down the board and shouted “Yeehaw!” as I jumped. I did a cannonball, which was a mistake in retrospect. The water slammed back against my head as I entered, and combined with hard liquor I’d drunk, my head was spinning out of control when I surfaced. I managed to swim back to the shallow area, but the others could instantly tell I was in a bad way.

Rachel walked me to the stairs as Mike swore at me not to puke in the pool. I was able to look down at Rachel and see that the underwater lights actually gave you a pretty good view of her body, even through the water. We walked out and I laid out on a lounge chair and Rachel retrieved a water bottle for me as I struggled to stay awake. The worst of the spins had passed by the time Rachel returned and I sipped from it. I just wanted to go to bed, but she said that round two of the diving competition was just starting, and that I should just rest up on the lounge chair so they could all keep an eye on me to make sure I didn’t get worse. I was too drunk and dizzy to offer a real protest. So Rachel announced to the guys that I was going to lay there and just watch the rest of the competition and that they should proceed.

Andrew was up first again, and I watched through bleary eyes as, after his shot, he wasted no time jumping into the stripper routine Mike and Rachel had adopted after his first turn. He stood on the end of the board and swayed his hips to the beat as he pulled one end of his trunks’ drawstring, then the other, letting his trunks loosen and fall down a few inches, showing the top of his pubic hair. He turned around, let his trunks drop, and kicked them onto a nearby chair, then walked to the start of the board completely naked. I could hear Rachel screaming with anticipation.

He turned around to face us and my eyes dropped to his crotch. I could tell he had a penis, but other than that, couldn’t make out much detail. Sure, he was naked, but it was pretty much dark over there at this point. He ran down the board and jumped onto the end, letting it catapult him into the air. I could definitely make out his dick flopping around as he flew through the air. He did another cannonball, and his splash was met with cheers from Rachel and the guys.

He swam over to them in the shallow area without a thought of retrieving his trunks as Kyle got out of the pool and headed to the board for his turn. I heard Rachel tell him his was amazing as Kyle did his shot. I was really struggling to stay awake at this point, the booze, the lack of a nap, and the impact from my cannonball were all conspiring to put me asleep. I started fading in and out of consciousness. I remember Kyle dropping his trunks out on the board, then I opened my eyes, and Mike was up there doing the same. He didn’t do a belly flop this time, and I couldn’t blame him, now being naked and all.

He swam over to the other guys, staying naked like Andrew and I assume Kyle had, as Rachel got out and did her shot. A small shot of adrenaline rushed through my body as she stepped onto the board. I didn’t think she’d strip and stay naked like the guys did, but I was worried how far she’d go. She’d drunk at least as much as me at this point and all three guys were naked now, but I held out hope that she’d stick to behaving like she had earlier.

My hopes were immediately dashed, though, when the very first part of her “performance” was pulling her bikini top off and whipping it in circles over her head. The lighting around the diving board was still minimal, but her tits were big enough that we could still see them flopping back and forth as she gyrated. She flung her top at the guys before untying one side of her bottoms, then the other. That, too, she flung at the guys. She shook her naked body to the rhythm as Mike gathered up her swimsuit and flung it onto the patio.

I don’t remember what happened after that because I passed out for real. I think I briefly came to a couple more times, but it’s hard for me to trust what I saw. During one flash, I thought I saw Mike and Rachel naked on the board together, and all four of them screaming and laughing. During another, I thought I saw them playing chicken again. And still later, I think I remember them all standing over me (still naked, I think?), asking me if I was awake.

I finally woke up for real later when I heard Rachel shriek. I blinked myself awake as I heard her repeat “Oh my god!” over and over. Once my vision was clear, I looked to see where it was coming from, which turned out to be the hot tub. The guys were sitting around the rim of the tub like last night, while Rachel knelt in the center. The difference tonight, though, was that they were all completely naked. Rachel and I made eye contact, and I thought I saw fear briefly wash over her face. It didn’t last long, though, because she quickly submerged herself underwater.

I staggered to my feet and saw my trunks next to me. It wasn’t until I pulled them on that I realized they were actually Rachel’s bikini bottoms. I thought of looking for my trunks in the dark, but was too drunk and tired to deal with it, so just walked up to the hot tub still in her bikini bottoms. When I got there, Rachel was lounging back in one of the seats, her naked, succulent breasts proudly on display above water. The guys, meanwhile, sat fully out of the water, still naked, and each had their legs spread wide.

“You feeling better, babe?” Rachel asked, stifling a giggle while looking at my package struggling to stay contained inside her small bikini bottoms.

“Are you wearing panties?!” Mike barked, then roared with laughter. The other guys laughed too and Rachel giggled.

“No, they’re her bottoms because I couldn’t find mine,” I said. “Can we go to bed now?” I asked Rachel.

“Sure thing,” she said, still giggling at me as she stood. Water flowed off her body as she stood naked in the middle of my equally naked friends. Their eyes immediately dropped to her pussy, which peeked out of the bottom of her trimmed bush. I guess they’ve seen her all now, I thought to myself. “Since you insist on wearing MY suit,” she continued. “Could you grab me a towel?”

I mumbled in agreement, and handed her one nearby, anxious for her to cover up. She stood in the middle of the tub, letting my friends gape at every inch of her exposed body in the moderate light coming from the outdoor lamp as she dried her hair first. I took that moment to peek at my friends. I don’t know what compelled me, but I couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at their openly displayed dicks to see how I measured up. Kyle and Andrew seemed about equal to me in size, though it was tough to really tell since they were both soft. Their dicks also seemed weirdly purple, but I was no dick expert, so I didn’t think too hard about it.

Then I looked at Mike. He was not soft and he was not average. His dick was rock hard and dripping pre-cum down its footlong length. Not only was it absurdly long, it was probably as big around as my wrist. My mouth hung open in shock. Luckily, he didn’t see me, but unluckily, Rachel did. She chose that moment to lower the towel from her head, and caught me staring at Mike’s giant dick. She smiled devilishly as she started drying her torso.

She got out of the tub as she finished drying, giving my buddies another lasting look at her complete naked body in all its glory. Eventually, she finished and dropped the towel, turning back to the guys and chastising them not to stay up too late. Then, finally, the show was over and she walked inside and I followed. As soon as we got to our room and closed the door, she threw me on the bed and pounced on top of me.

“Oh my god, babe, I’m so glad you woke up in time to see Mike’s dick,” she moaned. “That thing’s amazing, isn’t it?”

“It’s absurd is what it is,” I said as she ground down on top of me. “I thought you weren’t going to get naked with them anymore, though.”

“I know,” she said. “But the diving competition just went in that direction and I didn’t want to be a party pooper, because I knew they were mostly getting naked in the hope that I’d join them. If I didn’t strip too, they’d forever think of me as Brian’s Boring Girlfriend, and I’d never be friends with them. And then they threw my suit out of the pool, where I couldn’t go get it without them getting a good look at my entire body. I mean, they’d seen my boobs and butt plenty, but that’s PG-13 nudity. If I did that, they’d see my entire pussy for the first time other than that brief show in the bathroom earlier. And who knows, maybe they’d see my butthole too as I got out of the pool, and I really wasn’t ready for that. Once all the fun and games were all over, it seemed silly to get all shy again. Especially since you wanted to wear these so badly.” She punctuated her last point by yanking her bikini bottoms down my legs and off. She looked at my soft dick, which stood no chance against the amount of booze I’d drunk, and frowned.

“I guess not tonight, babe,” I managed.

“Can I take care of myself?” she asked. “I’ll tell you what you missed while you were sleeping.”

“Yeah, please do,” I said, as we positioned ourselves on the bed, laying on our sides facing each other naked. She lazily rubbed her pussy.

“What do you remember?” she asked, biting her lip.

“I remember you getting naked. Then I had a couple weird dreams, and then I woke up when I heard you shrieking in the hot tub,” I said.

“Oh right, that,” she said, blushing. “I know you probably didn’t like waking up to see me naked in the tub like that, and I have a couple other small things to confess, but I think you’ll agree that it wasn’t that bad considering.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. She seemed to enjoy telling me these things even though she knew I was going to get mad. I was determined to make sure she told me everything, and I’m pretty sure that fell into her plan. I didn’t like that I was doing what she wanted by making her tell me how naughty she got, but I didn’t have another option. I needed to hear what happened.

“Ok, so round two of the diving competition ended with us all naked,” she began, still touching herself. “It was funny with us all being naked like that. I mean, no one could really see anything. It was so dark on the diving board and then the water kinda obscured what we could see of each other. Like, they could tell I had a bush and a buttcrack and I could tell they had dicks and butts themselves, but that was it. Well, except for the times I forgot I was topless, and stood there in front of them with my chest out of the water. I felt really embarrassed at first, but I could tell it made them really happy to be able to look at my chest whenever they wanted and for as long as they wanted. And I wanted to make it feel like I was in control, that they weren’t taking advantage of me, y’know? So I made sure to keep my breasts in view after that. When I realized what I was doing, I was worried you’d wake up and get mad, but then remembered I could tell you that they’d all seen lots of my boobs over the past two days, so it really didn’t matter if they saw more of them.”

At that point, my dick, which I didn’t realize was growing, began pushing into the back of her hand that was rubbing her clit. She gasped and grabbed it, slowly jacking me off as I reached full hardness.

“Oh my god, babe,” she moaned. “You DO like me showing off.” I opened my mouth to say something, but then she switched hands and shoved the fingers that had just been playing with her pussy into my open mouth. I sucked her juices off and moaned.

“Anyway,” she continued. “The guys did their third round of dives, and they were so funny trying to one up each other. At this point they all had boners and their dance routines were all about showing them off. It was hilarious watching them stroke and thrust their dicks up there. So then it was my turn, and I didn’t know how to one-up them. Especially since it was so dark up there. I mean, you could see their boners in silhouette, but I didn’t have a boner. Well, didn’t have a dick, at least. So I thought I’d turn around and rub myself a little as a show. I was worried it was way too slutty of a thing to do in front of your best friends, face away from them on hands and knees and masturbate for them, but I knew they’d have a hard time seeing in the dark, so it was probably fine. But that was when Mike surprised me.”

“What did he do?” I choked out. Rachel was now stroking me with both hands as I started leaking pre-cum. Her boobs wobbled back and forth as she continued.

“He had gotten out of the pool while I had my back turned and joined me on the diving board. It was dark, so I didn’t see him until he was right in front of me. I was kind of hunched over so I didn’t see him approach. Just out of nowhere, he whacked me in the face with his dick!”

“He what?!”

“Yeah! His dick. Slapped right across my face. So of course I was shocked and stood up. Then he picked me up and jumped us off into the pool. I wrapped my arms and legs around him to hold our chests tight together because I was so scared. And that’s when I felt it, baby. I was basically sitting on his huge boner like a seat. My pussy was against his crotch, and his hard dick reached up along my entire buttcrack and the head was pushing into the small of my back.”

“What?!” I shouted. This was not okay.

“I know!” she shrieked back. “I can’t believe how big it is! You saw how amazing it is. But don’t be upset, babe. I was upset at first too. I mean, who did he think he was, slapping me in the face with his monster dick. And then to grab me while I was naked and smash my breasts against his chest while his huge boner slid between my legs against my naked pussy lips and asshole? The nerve on the guy! And then I realized how sweet and touching it all was. He knew he could trust me enough to know that he could treat me like his little fuck toy and I’d know it was just a joke. So then I really relaxed and pulled myself into him as we splashed. Then we all laughed because it was so funny.”

I didn’t see how my friend rubbing his massive dong against my girlfriend’s pussy and asshole was a funny joke, but she was right. It was short-lived.

“After we all finished laughing about that,” she continued. “Which took a while because it was so hilarious, Kyle and Andrew pointed out that Mike had ruined my last dive. It didn’t count because we did a partner dive and they had to do dives on their own. So we all agreed that we should have a round where we each did a dive with a partner. We argued a bit on how that should work because the guys all thought that it’d be most fair if they each took a turn with me. That way, they’d each have the same light girl to toss around, and they wouldn’t be handicapped by not wanting to touch each other when we were all naked. I thought it was just because they each wanted a chance to be next to my naked body in the low light and have an excuse to touch me some. But then I thought the best way to get to know them would be to perform with each of them like this. Also, the boys were right that it was only fair, and that this meant that no matter what, I’d be co-winner. They were also way better at coming up with funny stuff to do, so I agreed and didn’t worry about not having my own turn.”

“So you were just prancing around on the board with each of the guys? Naked?” I asked, incredulous.

“Oh, don’t make it sound so bad,” she said. “It was completely dark up there, so we could barely see each other. There was a little touching that went on as we each planned and performed our little routine together. I let them each take a little liberty and grab my boobs and my butt a little. But it wasn’t much beyond grabbing here or there.”

“What happened after the diving competition?” I asked, wanting to speed this along. The pit in my stomach was growing, hearing everything my girlfriend and my buddies did together, but I was also approaching an orgasm. Sensing that, Rachel swung her leg over me and sat down on my hard dick. It sunk quickly into her soaked, hungry pussy. We both moaned.

“We wanted to play another game,” she said as she slowly gyrated on top of me. “They wanted to play Grab Ass again, but I told them I knew they had just made that game up as an excuse to grab my ass a lot. They cursed you out a bunch for ruining their scheme, it was really funny. Then we decided to play chicken again, but that only lasted one round because it was pretty unfair. I was up on Mike’s shoulder, and he got to feel my bush and pussy pressing against the back of his neck, but Kyle had to feel Andrew’s dick pressing against his, so that ended pretty quickly. They wanted to each play a round where I was up on their shoulders, but that was clearly just so they could feel my crotch, and I wasn’t ready for them to see and feel that yet, so I said we should just get in the hot tub.”

So she DID have her own limits, I thought to myself as she ground down on top of me. I reached up and pinched her nipples, causing her to gasp before she could continue.

“So we got out and checked on you,” she said. “I knew there was a lot more light in that area of the patio, so at first I just stayed facing away from them. Them seeing my butt at this point was pretty much no big deal, but I made sure to climb the stairs kind of sideways so they wouldn’t see my cheeks spread and my asshole say hello. I faced away because I felt like my pussy is something special and just for you, so I didn’t want them just staring at it. But as we were trying to wake you up, I noticed they’d all moved to my other side. At first I thought it was just to watch my boobs swing around as I shook you, because they’d been doing that all day and, like I said earlier, I was happy they wanted to see my boobs.

“But then I realized they could see past my swinging boobs to my pussy. I looked down and saw it really clearly in the light. We’d already been trying to wake you for a minute or two at that point, and I realized I’d just been out on display that entire time. I was freaking out, but tried to play it cool because I figured the cat was out of the bag already, and they’d all gotten good, long looks at my privates. It made me feel really embarrassed and slutty. I mean, these are your best friends and now they knew exactly what my bush and lips looked like. Also, all the dancing around naked in front of them and them touching my sensitive nipples and rubbing their hard dicks against me had me horny all night. So my clit was really sticking out and they had to notice. I mean, I made you wait months before feeling comfortable enough with you to let you see my vagina in the light, and here they all got a good long look at it after only one day. But then, as they stood there staring at my genitals, wide open and in the light, it really just relaxed me, knowing I pretty much had nothing left to hide from them.”

I bit my lips and shut my eyes. This was too much. They’d seen all of her now. My chest throbbed with anxiety while my dick throbbed with pleasure, ready to explode its seed. Rachel sensed this and stopped moving. I rode the very edge of an orgasm as her wet, tight pussy gripped me over and over. After a moment, it passed. I had managed to keep from cumming at the idea of Rachel showing her most intimate of areas to my friends. I relaxed a little, thinking that this might keep her from doing it again.

“You okay, babe?” she asked. I nodded. She continued. “After that, we went to the hot tub and got in. Well, actually I was the only one to really get in. I wanted to hide my dripping vagina and throbbing clit from them so they didn’t know how turned on I was. I was turned on knowing how much you were going to enjoy hearing about this, but they’d think it was because of all the times their hard dicks rubbed against me or all the times they’d groped me and pinched my nipples. The guys just sat around the rim. They said it was because the water was too hot, but I teased them, saying they just wanted to show off their boners for me. Which was true, by the way! I was sitting there and every direction I looked, an angry boner throbbed back at me. It was kind of scary, but I knew they all loved me, so I just felt really lucky that they let me see them all exposed and aroused like that. I thought it was beautiful, knowing we would wake up tomorrow and look at each other and know how we each looked when we were most vulnerable, completely naked and super aroused. Then Mike said that if I was going to just stare at their dicks all night, the least I could do is settle a bet.

“He said that Kyle and Andrew insisted that while his dick was much larger than theirs, they could get theirs harder, so his extra size didn’t matter. He thought he could get just as hard as them, but they needed an unbiased judge to determine who was actually hardest.”

“How did they expect you to do that?” I croaked out.

“They were all acting pretty silly about it,” she said. “I told them that I had felt Mike’s dick when he slapped me in the face with it, and had felt each of their dicks a little when we were doing our doubles diving routines. Before the dives, each guy would spend a few minutes trying out different positions with me, and I think they just using that as an excuse to rub their hard dicks all over me. So I knew that they were each capable of becoming very hard. But they insisted that I had to feel them with my hands while I was actually thinking about and focusing on their boners, or else it didn’t count.

“Obviously I said no at first. This was just an excuse to get me to touch their dicks, and it was their worst excuse yet. Kyle and Andrew admitted that’s all they wanted, but then Mike started telling us about all the issues that guys with huge dicks have. Like, no girl has been able to fit him inside. I felt really bad. And then he said that the rumor that huge-dicked guys can’t get as hard is a lie to hurt their feelings more, and that’s when I agreed to do it. I thought you’d be upset if you knew I’d touched their dicks, but it was all so your friend could feel better about himself. So I decided to be a friend and help him out. But I told them if they thought I was going to just give them all handjobs, they were mistaken. They insisted this was all just for science, so I finally relented.

“Mike went first. He had me kneel in the middle of the tub, and then he stood in front of me so his giant schlong was waggling right in front of my face. I had felt slutty when he slapped me in the face with it earlier, and I really felt slutty now, kneeling in front of him like I was about to blow him to completion while his two friends watched in the bright light. But then I looked him in the eye and he had this adorable sad puppydog look. I couldn’t leave him like that.

“So I grabbed it with both hands and stroked it up and down a few times. He had already dribbled out a ton of pre-cum, so it was really easy to slick my hands up and down the sides of it. I told them he felt at least as hard as your cock has ever felt. Kyle and Andrew swore that I feel them too because they were still sure they would win. They and Mike trash-talked a little bit, and it wI could tell Mike was mad that I let go of him, but he sat back down without making too much of a fuss.

“I turned to Andrew and Kyle as they stood over me with their hard dicks right in front of my face. Kyle joked that I should be measuring the hardness with my mouth because it’s more sensitive, but I just laughed and grabbed one of them in each hand. I gave them each a few strokes to make sure they were fully hard, then felt them up and down. And let me tell you, they were just as hard as Mike! So I told them all that, and they said that they needed a tiebreaker. So while they were arguing about what the tiebreaker should be, I just knelt there, and, well… don’t be mad, okay?”

We stopped thrusting into each other a moment and I stared up at her. “Mad about what?” I asked.

“Well, I just need you to know it was all an accident. We were all just having fun being naked and showing off for each other a little, and then, well…,” she took a deep sigh, then started gyrating on my dick again and continued. “I left my hands on Kyle and Andrew’s dicks while they were arguing about tiebreakers. I don’t know why I held onto them, I just wasn’t really thinking about it. And I didn’t realize that as I was holding onto them, I was slowly rubbing my thumbs around the heads of their dicks. I don’t know why I did that, I think it was just because pre-cum was dripping out of their holes and I know how much you like it when I rub you like that and their cocks just felt so good and hard and hot and, well, I forgot what could happen.”

I gulped. I knew what could happen and I hoped somehow that I was wrong.

“And so they were both standing there, looking down at me, my big boobs out in the open in front of their hard dicks while I massaged their sensitive cockheads after I had been teasing them all day. I guess it was all too much for Kyle, so all of a sudden I hear him groan and say, ‘oh God!’ and next thing I know, his cock jumps and starts spurting rope after rope of cum onto my tits. Seeing Kyle cover my rack with his cum must have set Andrew off, so before I could even react, he was shooting a massive load all over face.”

At that, I also released. I groaned and shot deep in her wet, hot, pulsing womb.

“Did that make you… oh god,” she moaned as her whole body shuddered. “They made me… oh goddddd… they covered me. They… hnnnnnnnggghhhh!” She stopped forming words and just screamed and moaned as her climax hit full force. I pinched her nipples and kneaded her breasts as she hit an incredible sexual high. After a few moments of ecstasy, she collapsed on top of me, then rolled off next to me.

“Please tell me you were exaggerating again,” I said, knowing pretty well I was wrong. I saw their soft, purple dicks when I arrived and now it made sense. They had just cum. All over my girlfriend’s tits and face.

“I’m sorry, babe,” she said softly. “It was an accident, I swear. I must have shrieked when they did it because it was so shocking and there was just so much cum flying at me from multiple angles. It made me feel like such a slut all of a sudden. I mean, what kind of girl gets herself in a position where multiple guys, her boyfriend’s friends after all, are shooting cum all over her like some scuzzy porn? And then I saw you wake up. I quickly washed all that cum off because I knew I’d need some time to explain it all to you before you could think I was acting as their porn star or something.”

Now that I had cum, my energy and mental clarity rapidly left me.

“Mike was mad,” she continued as I felt my consciousness fade again. “He said I owed him a handjob since I gave them to the other guys, but that’s when you walked up, so I didn’t have to give him one. Please don’t be mad, it was all an accident I swear.”

“That’s okay,” I mumbled, not really understanding what she was saying.

“Thanks, babe,” she said, snuggling up to me again. “You’re the best.”

The next morning’s hangovers were brutal for all of us. Rachel got up twice in the early morning to go puke. She said the first time she found Andrew passed out on the bathroom floor, completely naked, though he apparently made it back to bed by the other time she went. While lying awake before the sun came up, I heard Kyle rumble down the hall and hurl mightily as well. I didn’t hear Mike, but he was staying in the master suite, so was probably soiling his own toilet.

I eventually got a few hours of uninterrupted sleep and woke up to Rachel holding her forehead and moaning.

“You feeling okay?” I croaked out.

“No,” she said. “Remind me to never drink again.”

“Same,” I said. It was what we told each other every time we woke up hungover. It never worked.

“Things got out of hand last night,” she said. “I’m really sorry, babe. I don’t remember everything that happened, but found some dried cum in my hair earlier and that made me realize that, y’know…THAT did happen.”

She turned her head to look at me. Her lip quivered like she was about to cry. The ‘that’ she was referring to was of course two of my best buddies depositing their loads on her naked body while she supposedly tested how hard their dicks were. I can’t stand seeing her upset, so I said, “It’s okay, babe,” before it really registered in my head.

“You say that, but it’s not okay,” she said. “I know I tried to act like it was all innocent, but the truth is… well, you don’t know how difficult it is to be a woman surrounded by three horny naked guys treating her like some kind of goddess. I know part of me was just goofing off and having some relatively harmless fun, but I know part of me was trying to push it to see how far it could all go without, y’know…” She trailed off.

“Crossing a line?” I said. She nodded.

“And I feel like what happened in the hot tub last night was crossing a line,” she said. Then her face screwed up, and before I knew what was happening, she was letting loose big sobs against my chest. I felt awful. I had lied wake most of the night, thinking about my friend’s cocks erupting onto her wet, naked breasts (and face, I reminded myself), but I couldn’t stay mad at her when she was upset.

“Maybe just tone it back today,” I said. “They now know you’re a cool chick that likes to have fun. You don’t have to keep taking off your clothes to convince them.”

She laughed through her sobs, which was a little gross and a little adorable.

“You must think I’m the biggest slut,” she said.

“No, you’re not,” I said. “My friends just seem to be really good at getting you naked.”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about,” she said. “Before I met you, all it took was a little alcohol and my slutty side would come out. I was hoping Slutty Rachel was gone now that I’m taken, but turns out she’s still there I guess.” She started crying again.

“It’ll be okay,” I said, rubbing her back. “Maybe let’s just avoid drinking today and stay a little more dressed.”

“You’re right,” she said, wiping her eyes. “Let me make this all up to you. Today is about you and what you want, ok? What do you want?”

“Right now, just an Advil and a pile of greasy food,” I said. She laughed.

“Oh my God, that’d be heaven right now,” she said, then smiled. “I got it, you go shower and freshen up, I’ll go downstairs and make us breakfast.”

That sounded like a plan, so I told her so and headed to the bathroom. The shower really did feel good, and I threw on shorts and a Tshirt and headed down stairs feeling almost like a real live human. I smelled coffee and bacon as I headed toward the kitchen, and my spirits were ready to soar, but then I heard Rachel’s hushed voice coming from kitchen. I stopped dead in my tracks and listened.

“He’s out of the shower and will be down here any minute,” I heard Rachel say. “So go sit down.” I thought about intervening, but then let her have a chance to defend herself.

“No, this is bullshit,” I heard Mike say. I peeked around the corner to see him standing over Rachel by the stove. They both wore shorts and tank tops. “You give Kyle and Andrew handjobs last night, and now you act like you’re some kind of nun?”

“Those weren’t handjobs,” she protested.

“I’ve got an idea,” he said. “Give me your bra and your shorts right now or I’ll tell Brian how you couldn’t stop staring at my dick all night.”

“I wasn’t staring at your dick all night,” she said.

“Like hell you weren’t,” he said. “I guess if you had no trouble not staring at my dick, then you won’t have to look at it when I pull it out now.”

With that, he pulled down the front of his shorts and his massive dong fell out. It hung in front of him, semi-erect, as Rachel defiantly stared at his eyes. Then she bit her lip, struggling, then looked down at his huge cock. He laughed triumphantly.

“Oh don’t be so proud of yourself,” she said. “I’ve just never seen one like that before.” She continued staring at his dick, flicking her eyes occasionally up to meet his.

“No one has,” he said. “Now give me your bra and shorts before I ask for more.”

She sighed and reached up under her tank top, unsnapping her bra. She pulled the straps off her shoulders then pulled the bra out from under her tank top. She set it on the counter next to Mike, then hooked her thumbs in her shorts and pushed them off her hips, letting them fall to the ground. I was happy to see she was wearing panties, though high-cut lacy boyshorts left the bottom half of her supple cheeks exposed. It was better than nothing, I thought, and she wasn’t planning on exposing them in front of the guys.

She tossed her shorts on top of her bra. Mike scooped them up and set them in the middle of the table.

“What are you doing?” she asked, redfaced. “Don’t leave them there!” As she turned around, I found out the boyshorts were just as lacy in front and you could make out her bush pretty clearly. Mike just shrugged and poured himself a cup of coffee.

At that moment, I heard Kyle coming down the stairs behind me, and I realized I couldn’t keep standing there without being caught watching this whole exchange. So I rounded the corner and entered the kitchen.

“Morning, babe,” Rachel said to me, clearly flushed. Her hard, puffy nipples pressed against her thin tanktop that molded itself around the contours of her large, unsupported breasts. “I was just telling Mike I was getting really warm cooking, so I took a couple things off.”

“No worries,” I said, walking up to her and giving her a kiss. I didn’t want to embarrass her by letting on I knew what happened. Her excuse that it was too hot while her nipples were hard as diamonds would have never held water anyway. I was just glad she was able to stop him on her own, because it meant I had to be less worried about her being alone with him now.

“I’m really sorry, babe,” she whispered to me. “I didn’t want to take those off, but Mike made me. Don’t be mad at him, I’ll explain it all to you later, ok?”

“Seriously, I trust you,” I whispered back. “Don’t worry.” I kissed her again and squeezed her half-naked buttcheek. She smiled and mouthed a thank you at me, then turned back to cooking.

Breakfast was uneventful. Mike and Kyle spent the whole meal watching Rachel’s tits sway and her butt jiggle with every movement, but otherwise kept their comments to themselves. Neither of them mentioned Rachel’s bra and shorts that sat in the middle of the table. Andrew was nowhere to be seen, but Kyle assured us that he was okay, just still sleeping in their shared room after a late night of barfing.

“What should we do today?” Kyle asked as we finished up.

“Sun’s supposed to be out, we could go back to the beach to work on our tans more,” Mike offered, staring at Rachel’s chest.

“Only if Brian wants to,” Rachel said. “He’s missed a lot of the fun so far this week, so I want to make today all about him.”

Mike glared at me. I want to think I’m not a petty person, but my heart swelled with pride knowing he was pissed to not get another look at my girlfriend’s tits today.

“I’m too hungover for the beach,” I said. “I want to stay in the A/C today. Preferably lying down.”

“But today’s your special day,” Rachel said. “We can do something like that, but I want to make sure it’s something special for you.”

“I’ve got an idea,” Mike said, smirking. I didn’t like where this is going. “But it’s a secret.”

He wiped his face and stood up. “Trust me,” he said. “I just need to borrow Rachel for a little bit. But trust me, you’ll like this.”

“In your dreams, Mike,” I said. “Why don’t you just go jerk off yourself?”

“Ok, I’m not gonna get mad about what you just implied and throw you out of my family’s house,” Mike said. “I’m not gonna try to fuck your girlfriend or anything like that. I think we all know things got out of hand last night and I feel bad that you’ve been passed out for most of the fun stuff. If I make any sort of pass on your girlfriend, I promise to leave and let the rest of you enjoy my parents’ place for the rest of the week without me, ok? Just give me a chance to make this all up to you.”

I frowned. Apologies and “feeling bad” weren’t Mike at all. He was up to something, though I didn’t know what.

“What’s involved with this plan?” Rachel asked.

“Just give me five minutes, then join me in the master bedroom,” Mike said. “Brian, you go back to your room, and she’ll come join you in a little bit. Then you two lovebirds can do whatever it is you like to do, ok?”

Rachel and I looked at each other. She shrugged. Sighing, I shrugged too.

“Great,” Mike said, walking to the stairs. “You’re not going to regret this.”

“I feel like, I umm…” Kyle stuttered, looking between the two of us, unsure of what to say. Then he muttered something about checking on Andrew and scurried away.

“What do you think it could be?” Rachel asked once he was gone.

“I don’t know,” I said truthfully.

“I don’t want to worry you more,” she said. “But before you came down earlier, it was Mike who made me take off-”

I waved my hand, cutting her off. “I know,” I said. “I was watching from around the corner. I was going to step in if it got out of hand, but I was proud of how you defended yourself.”

“Really?” she said, her initial embarrassment turning into pride. “Thanks, babe. I was so worried what you’d think after we just had that talk about not doing that sort of thing anymore.”

“It’s really fine,” I said. “But after he was hounding you for a handjob and then coerced you into partially stripping, I’m not thrilled about sending you to his bedroom, no matter what he promises.” She thought for a moment.

“Why don’t you watch and keep an eye on everything?” she said. “Like earlier. You can jump in if anything makes you uncomfortable.”

“But how?” I asked. “I don’t think it’ll be as easy as listening around the corner earlier.”

“What about the balcony?” she asked. “You can climb from our balcony to his, then watch through the sliding door. I’ll find a reason to unlock it when I get in there, and then you can just slide it open if he gets too pushy.” She was right. It wouldn’t be that hard to climb over, and then I’ll have a clear view of the bed. So I relented. To be honest, I was curious what Mike had in store for her. I didn’t have to worry because I got the last say as to what would go.

Mike was waiting for us when we got upstairs. He beckoned Rachel from his doorway. She kissed me and said she’d be right back, then walked into his room. He watched her ass pass by, then shot me a smirk and closed the door behind them. I heard it lock. That lit a fire of anxiety in the pit of my stomach. I’d just sent my half-naked girlfriend to his bedroom.

With barely contained panic, I rushed into our room and out onto our balcony. I hoisted myself onto the bannister and pulled myself onto the master bedroom’s balcony. Easy as pie. I heard their voices from a cracked window as soon as I was on the balcony.

“How do you know he’d even like that?” I heard Rachel ask as I peeked through the partially opened blinds across the sliding glass door. She and Mike stood facing each other at the foot of the bed.

“Trust me, every guy would like it,” he said. “And you’d love it too. There’s nothing like going down on a bald pussy. He won’t be able to keep his mouth off you. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve had you pegged as a girl that loves having a guys head buried between your legs.”

So that was it. He wanted to shave her crotch. I knew he didn’t have an innocent bone in his body. I thought about whether I should barge in now, or climb back to my room because there was no way Rachel would allow this.

“Are you sure?” she said. “It’s just…I kind of promised Brian I wouldn’t get naked in front of you guys today. I could just do this myself.”

“It can be kind of dangerous if you’ve never done it before,” he said. “And I know this is a little more intimate than you want to be with me when your boyfriend’s right down the hall. But I swear he’ll understand I’m doing him a favor.”

She bit her lip, thinking. She briefly looked at the sliding door. I jumped out of view quickly, not wanting him to to follow her line of sight.

“If you don’t want to feel all unbalanced and taken advantage of, I’ll get naked too,” he said.

“No, that’s ok,” she said as I looked back through the window. She had hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. “I saw lots of your huge dick yesterday.”

He smirked at her as she slowly pushed her panties down. They caught on her plump buttcheeks a moment, then snapped down to around her knees. She covered her naked crotch with her hands and let the panties drop to the floor. I could see Mike’s dick push lightly against the front of his shorts. He picked up a towel and laid it out on the edge of the bed behind her. Once he had, he told her to sit, patting her naked butt as he did.

She sat timidly on the towel and leaned back. She leaned back on her hands, removing them from her crotch, though she kept her thighs pressed together tightly. I could see the top of her bush peeking out between her thighs, but nothing else. Mike squirted shaving cream into his hand and picked up a razor.

“I’m so embarrassed,” she said, blushing. “I’ve always been worried guys think my pussy is ugly. I kept my bush to keep it covered still. And now, well… now you want to get rid of that.”

“I’m sure it’s beautiful,” he said.

“You don’t understand. You’ll think it’s ugly and smells really strong and even if you say otherwise, I won’t believe you. It’s just, well… a complex I’ve always had.”

“Please, Rachel. All pussies are beautiful and smell like heaven. And after I’ve come to know you so well, I really doubt that yours won’t be the most beautiful and most delicious.”

She blushed. I could tell his speech really affected her.

“But I’m worried,” she continued. “I know we’ve been goofing around and having fun this week, but…”

“But you don’t want your boyfriend’s friend to have his face right next to your most private area, touching and prodding.”

She nodded.

“Relax,” he continued, hooking his thumbs in his shorts. “I’ll show you you have nothing to worry about.” He pushed and dropped his shorts to the ground. He stood there in front of her completely naked, his huge dick mostly hard and starting to point away from his body. She stared at it as he continued, “I knew years ago that my dick was unlike anyone else’s I knew. I was so ashamed for anyone to see it for a long time. But I’ve seen how you can’t stop looking at it and smiling at it like you are now. You’ve made me feel really special and sexy and I want to do the same for you.”

“Oh my god, Mike,” she said, wiping a tear from each eye. “You’re so right. And I’m glad I could help you realize how fucking sexy you are. Ok, let’s do this.”

She leaned back and spread her legs. Wide. She exposed every inch of her holiest of holies to my friend, only a thin layer of hair covering the upper half of her vagina. He knelt in front of her, brought his face within an inch of her hot hole and breathed in deeply. Then sighed and shook his head.

“Good lord, Rachel,” he said. “You look and smell fucking amazing.”

“You’re so sweet,” she said, giggling and blushing. He pressed his hand, covered with shaving cream, to her naked crotch and started rubbing it in. I thought I heard her moan, but I couldn’t be sure. I realized then how hard I was. Painfully hard. The front of my shorts sported a large stain from the copious amounts of precum I’d been leaking out. Fuck, I thought. I really wanted to put a stop to this, but my heart was pounding in my ears as I wondered what would happen next. Would he go down on her? Would he fuck her? I cursed to myself as I realized I had to find out.

“Almost forgot one thing,” he said, continuing to rub the cream in small circles around her bush and vagina. His fingers weren’t going inside her, but he was getting a good feel of everything else. Her eyes were half-closed, heavy with desire. “You should lose the tank top. Don’t want it to get, uhhh, get shaving cream on it.”

“You just want to see my tits again!” she said teasingly.

“Guilty as charged,” he said, smirking. I was glad she was trying to keep a pretext to their whole encounter, but I didn’t like how they were joking with and teasing each other. They seemed more like lovers than people who had just met. “Alright, here we go,” he said, finally removing his hand from her naked crotch.

“Wait,” she said. She grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it over her head, throwing it to the ground. Her naked tits bounced into view, taking a moment to finish jiggling and settling onto her chest. Her nipples were rock hard, sticking out from the top of her round, juicy tits. “That’s to thank you for doing this for me,” she said, winking at him.

He smiled back and started shaving her. She watched intently as he carefully ran the razor over her sensitive, engorged lips. Before I knew it, it was over, and my girlfriend was lying there completely naked, bare and spread wide in front of my equally naked friend. He wiped the excess cream off her pussy lips with a towel and she squealed.

“I’m sorry, it’s just really sensitive right now,” she said, pushing his hands away and feeling her bare naked sex for the first time. “But wow, it feels so…”

“Sexy?” he asked.

“I was gonna say weird,” she said, giggling. She removed her hand and grabbed her knees, forcing her thighs even farther apart, spreading her legs as wide as they could go for his appreciative eyes. “But I’m glad you like it.”

“I love it,” he said. “Now, flip over.”

“What?” she said. I was just as shocked. Surely that had to be it.

“You still have some hair here,” he said, reaching between her legs and sliding a finger up between her buttcheeks.

“Hey!” she said, scooting back on the bed away from him. “You just touched my butthole!”

“I’ll be touching it a lot more when I shave your crack,” he said. She blushed deeply.

“I don’t need that, I’ll be fine.”

“I’m not going to leave the job unfinished.”

“Brian has no interest in my back door. I really don’t need it.”

“He doesn’t? That’s a shame because I bet your back door is just as beautiful as your front door and if he won’t pleasure it, well… it’s just a shame,” he said standing up. His huge cock was fully hard now and dripping with precum. Rachel stared at it and bit her lip.

“What do I have to do?” she asked.

“Turn over, I’ll do the rest,” he said.

She complied, rolling over and laying on her stomach.

“Not like that. Here,” he said, walking up to her between her spread legs where they hung off the end of the bed. His huge dick towered over her plump ass. He grabbed her hips and pulled up, pulling her onto her knees and leaving her head and shoulders pressed into the bed. As he did, her cheeks spread apart and engulfed the shaft of his dick as he pulled her ass upward.

“Oh my god, no,” she shrieked, flopping back down to the bed.

“Rachel, please, just trust me,” he said, grabbing her hips again and pulling them up. Her naked ass spread and dragged up against his balls and then up along his shaft until her cheeks curled around his shaft, pressing it up against his stomach.

“I’m just so embarrassed,” she said, her voice slightly muffled from being pressed into the bed. “No one’s ever seen my butthole before, not even Brian. It’s hard to let you just see it so up close when I’m so spread and vulnerable.”

“Do you feel how hard I am?” he asked, thrusting forward slightly and letting his shaft push against the outside of her pussy and asshole that were still pressed back against him. “That’s because you’re so fucking sexy. You’re so fucking sexy from every angle and position. Trust me when I tell you that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to let me see your butthole. Any guy would be lucky to see it, and I’m flattered you’d let me be your first.”

“Ok, you’re right,” she said. “I’m sorry. Thanks for dealing with my insecurities without freaking out.”

“Of course, darling,” he said. “Now I’m gonna step back and get to work, okay?”

She said ok and he did what he said. He sprayed more shaving cream into his hand and rubbed it into her buttcrack, no doubt getting a thorough feel of her puckered hole.

“Still ok?” he asked, continuing to massage her butthole.

“Yeah, just tickles a little,” she said, her buttcheeks twitching as he continued to rub her.

“Ok, here we go,” he said, picking up the razor. He took his time with this side, but still finished shaving her in just a few moments. She squealed when he wiped the excess off with his towel. “Sensitive again?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “And hurts a little bit to be honest.”

“I’m sorry, I tried to be gentle,” he said. “Here, let me make it better.” Before Rachel could respond or react, he leaned forward and planted a loud kiss directly onto her puckered hole. She squealed and her butt clenched involuntarily around his face. He gave it another kiss and she squealed again, but when he kissed it a third time, she let out a stifled moan.

“Does it feel better?” he asked, taking a momentary breather.

“Yeah, but it could probably use a little more,” she said waving her exposed ass back in forth in front of his face. He growled and dove back in, licking her from the end of her vagina up to the top of her buttcrack. She moaned loudly and reached back, grabbing her cheeks and spreading them wider for him. That was the sign he needed and he dove in hungrily.

I couldn’t believe it. Mike was eating out my girlfriend’s ass and she was letting him and loving every minute. I had no interest in performing analingus on her, but it still felt wrong. I thought about it, though, and didn’t think it’d be right for me to intervene when I wouldn’t do the same. If he wanted to eat her asshole out this one time, I’d let her enjoy it. As long as he didn’t try to cross over into territory that was mine, it would be ok.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard her moan louder. I focused on them again and realized she’d reached up between her legs and was frantically rubbing her clit and vagina as Mike continued to go to town on her other hole. She groaned and cursed loudly. Damn, I thought to myself, she was really loving this. I resolved to learn to deal with pleasuring her asshole, even if it grossed me out.

As I watched, Mike reached under her torso and grabbed her big tits where they hung down from her chest. He mauled them, alternating between squeezing her whole tits, letting their excess volume mash between his fingers, and pinching and pulling on her nipples, making her curse and moan even louder. Fuck, I realized. There’s no way Kyle and Andrew wouldn’t hear her now. Hopefully they thought it was me in Mike’s room giving it to her.

She screamed in pleasure and I reached into my shorts and grabbed my throbbing erection. I was startled by how wet it was, sopping wet in my own precum, and the stimulation immediately sent me over the edge. I unloaded rope after rope of hot, sticky cum into my shorts.

I looked back at Rachel to see hit her own orgasm. She screamed at the top of her lungs and thrashed violently on the bed. Mike grabbed her hips tight and held them still, keeping his tongue buried deep inside her asshole as she struggled in vain to escape the overwhelming waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Her juices overflowed her fingers buried deep inside her vagina, flowing down Mike’s bare chest before dripping onto his giant erection, itself flowing precum freely into an expanding puddle on the floor.

I don’t know how long her orgasm lasted, but well longer than any I had ever given her. Eventually, she stopped moaning and thrashing and pushed Mike’s hands off her hips and flopping, completely drained, onto the bed.

“Holy fuck, Mike,” she wheezed. “What was that?!”

“That,” he said, rolling her onto her back and lying down next to her, “was you discovering ass play.” He rolled on his side, facing her, and through his arm across her torso. His cock lay across her soft thigh, its angry, drooling eye staring straight at her open, raw, drenched pussy. He groped one of her plump melons, then the other, while slowly thrusting, dragging his hard dick across her thigh and back.

“I can’t believe it,” she sighed. He started pulling on her nipples and thrusting farther, managing to hit his cockhead against her exposed clit. She gasped. “You’re gonna get me revved up again,” she said.

“You know, the nice thing would be to reciprocate,” he said before dipping his head down and taking the close nipple into his mouth, sucking on it loudly. She moaned.

“I’m not giving you a rimjob,” she said, reaching down and grabbing his dick, pushing it away from her vagina. She didn’t let it go, just gripped it tightly, her small hand struggling to grip his massive member. He released her nipple.

“Just, please. Use your hand at least. You’re killing me here,” he said before sucking her nipple again. She began subtly stroking his cock.

“I can’t give you a handjob,” she said. “I have a boyfriend. He shouldn’t be upset about you doing me a favor and helping me cum. I mean, you didn’t get anything out of it. And last night with the other guys was an accident. But me sitting here and purposefully jacking your huge dick until you cover me with your cum is something different.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” he said, thrusting harder back and forth through her tight grip. I was glad she drew a line, but it looked like he was going to get his handjob anyway. He reached down between her legs and started rubbing her bare sex. She moaned and tried to push his hand away with her free one. “No,” he said. “You said it was totally ok if I pleasured you.” She moaned again and stopped fighting him. I saw him thrust two fingers into her vagina, clawing upward at her G-spot. She thrust her hips forward, trying to get them deeper.

“No, wait, seriously. I have an idea,” she said. He stopped his hand, but kept his fingers buried inside her. “What if I lay here like this,” she continued, grabbing a boob in each hand and pressing them together, creating a huge, tight fissure between them. “If I were to lay here like this, and you happened to straddle me, well…”

“Go on,” he said, smirking and starting to thrust his fingers in and out of her again, slowly. She bit her lip and subtly ground against his fingers. “Tell me what would happen if I did that,” he said.

“I could be wrong,” she said, smirking back at him. “But I think that if your dick was hard, like it is now, the only place it could lay would be between my tits. And if you’re really horny, like you are now, it’d probably feel so good to have my hot, sweaty tits pressed around your giant dick like that. So you’d probably wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from thrusting back and forth, fucking my tits until you came all over my face.”

What the fuck, I thought. I was willing to believe her when she said giving the guys handjobs last night was an accident. I was even willing to allow the touching that’d been going on the past couple minutes because she was coming down from a huge sexual high. But here she was essentially offering to let him titfuck her, something she’d never let me do, and acting like it’d be something I’d be okay with. But the thought of her offering herself to him like that made my dick hard again.

I looked down at my pulsing dick and swore at it. Why did it have to act like this? Why did my girlfriend, who I loved and who supposedly loved me, acting like a complete wanton slut make me harder than I even thought possible. I sighed and grabbed it. Fuck, it felt good. I told myself that at least she was setting a border, a border I could no longer trust myself to set, so I was free to enjoy watching what happened.

When I looked back up, he had straddled her stomach and was leaning over her upper body, slowly thrusting between her giant tits that she wrapped around his cock. He began to thrust harder, and due to its size, its huge head started ramming her chin. She looked down at it and laughed, smiling wide. His next few thrusts hit her flashed teeth, bouncing off and catching for an instant under her lips each time. I could see her hips thrusting into the air, searching in vain for something to fuck or rub against.

He didn’t last very long, and I couldn’t blame him because neither did I. But while I just shot a small load into my already soiled shorts, he erupted with giant rope after giant rope onto my pretty girlfriend’s grinning face. He groaned loudly as he came, his voice reverberating around the house.

I came down from my orgasm and was instantly filled with regret and shame. I hated that I liked that. No doubt Andrew and Kyle heard her scream and then his scream. There was no doubt to what caused them and no doubt I wasn’t involved. How could I ever look them in the face again? More likely, I thought to myself, they’ll probably think they’ll soon get a turn to titfuck her. My spent dick started to struggle back to life at the thought.

I looked back inside to see Mike roll off of Rachel and grab his phone from the side table. She went to wipe his cum from her face, but he grabbed her arm.

“Wait, I want to commemorate the occasion,” he said, lifting his phone to face her. Before she could react, it flashed, taking a picture of her naked, cum-splattered chest and face.

“What the fuck?!” she said. “Did you just take a picture?!” He smiled and took another one. “No. Delete those.” Good, I thought. I didn’t want him having proof he got my girlfriend naked and covered her with his cum.

“Come on,” he said. “They’re beautiful. I’ll send them to you so you can always remember what happened here.”

“Ok fine,” she said. “Just don’t ever show them to anyone else. They’re just for you.” I cursed to myself. She couldn’t be naive enough to think that Mike wouldn’t share them. He would let all of my friends know that he had taken my girlfriend.

“Can you actually get in a pose for me?” he asked. “I just did a lot for you, and it would mean a ton if you did this for me.”

“Fine,” she said. “But nothing crude. What do you want?”

“Just kneel down in front of me,” he said, standing up off of the bed. His partially deflated dick hung in front of him, a couple drops of cum still stuck to the end.

“That’ll make it look like I gave you a blowjob!” she said.

“Yeah, but it’s no big deal because we know you didn’t,” he said. “But I’m going to pretend you did when I look at it and jack off later.”

“You’re such a dog,” she said, giggling. She knelt down in front of him and immediately grabbed his dick. She held it an inch from her cum-splattered face. “Like this?”

“Perfect,” he said. “Just open your mouth.” She did and he snapped a few pics.

“How do they look?” she asked.

“So fucking sexy,” he said. “I’m sending them to Kyle and Andrew.”

“What? No!” she said. “We agreed they were just for you!”

“I thought they’d be okay,” he said. “I don’t want them to feel left out. They probably heard us screaming in here, so it’s not like it’s any big secret. Besides, they’re already sent, so there’s not much I can do about it now.”

“You’re right,” she said. “Just make sure to tell them later that I don’t want them showing them to just anyone.”

“I promise,” he said. I don’t know why she would believe him. He’s shown he’ll break any promise he makes. Mike got her a towel and she finally wiped most of his cum off her face. She met him at the door, both of them still completely naked. She hugged him, her jugs pressing tight against his bare chest, her tummy pressed firmly against his returned erection.

“Thank you for everything,” she said. He reached down and grabbed her butt with both hands, squeezing and pressing himself harder into her.

“Of course. For you, anything,” he said, then leaned down and kissed her. She was startled at first, but didn’t pull away. He reached one hand up and grabbed the back of her head, pressing his lips harder against hers. She started kissing back and soon they were full on making out. He started humping his hard dick against her stomach and she pulled back, grabbing his shaft in one hand and his balls in the other. She stroked and fondled him as they continued making out. He grabbed a tit in each hand, and squeezed.

“We should stop,” she said, pulling back and staring deep into his eyes. She kept fondling his dick and balls and she carried on mauling her tits.

“You stop first,” he said, smirking. She jerked his dick a few more times then let go.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” he said, looking down at his raging erection as he continued to fondle her perfect breasts.

“You’ve got that picture to jerk off to,” she said. “Maybe send me a pic of what you do while looking at it. But right now I’ve gotta get back to Brian and try to explain all of this.”

She pulled away from him and grabbed her clothes and it seemed like their encounter was finally over. I pulled myself back onto our balcony and into our room. I was lost. Where do we go from here? On the one hand, there’s no question she crossed a few lines. On the other hand, my shorts were filled with my cum from watching it and she had drawn a line somewhere. I laid in bed, waiting for her to return.

After her encounter with Mike, Rachel returned to my room expecting wild sex, but instead found me pouting in bed. What followed was a long, difficult conversation that I don’t really want to relive in full right now. Her main point was that I was watching outside the whole time and that she figured I’d step in if anything was crossing the line. Since I didn’t, that meant everything should be ok and I couldn’t be mad at her. My main point was that she willingly had a sexual encounter (a very intense sexual encounter from what I could tell) with my friend and my reluctance to intervene doesn’t mean I approved of it. She cried, saying she was just going along with Mike because she thought I liked her teasing my friends. She was just trying to follow my lead on how to please me sexually and now I was shaming her for it. When she found out that I had cum three times (I had jacked off again waiting for her to return because I didn’t want to be horny while trying to talk to her), I didn’t really have anything to say back.

I tried to get her to agree to no more nude shows and no more sexual favors for my friends (no matter how much they tried to cajole her), and that’s when she really got mad. She told me she’d stop the first time I said something was going too far while it was happening (and not afterward when I’d already cum), but she didn’t think I’d ever do that because I loved it too much. I managed to get her to agree to at least talk to me before doing anything else so extreme, and she agreed with one condition.

That one condition was that I owed Mike something because his confidence and expertise had caused me to blow three loads in my pants and had opened my girlfriend’s mind to a whole new area of sexual exploration. She didn’t know what exactly I owed him, but after all this turmoil, I eventually agreed. I figured that eventually she’d give him a handjob or something, but that would be it. If he heard about this favor I owed him, he’d want to fuck her, I was sure of it. But his giant dick couldn’t fit inside any part of her, so I was in the clear there.

Having come to some sort of agreement, we relaxed in the room for a bit longer, coming down from the emotional high of the argument. Eventually, we got dressed and headed downstairs to find Kyle and Andrew watching cartoons, Kyle wearing only his swim trunks, Andrew completely naked.

“Andrew, what the fuck,” I said.

“What?” he asked, innocently. I scoffed and he looked down at his naked body. “Oh this? I’ve decided to embrace the nudist within me.”

“Just because you’re some hippie that let’s everything fly doesn’t mean we all wanna see your dick all the time,” I said.

“If you don’t want to look at my dick, then don’t,” he said, shrugging.

“But if you want to look at it,” Rachel said, nudging me. “Here’s your big chance.”

That got a laugh out of the guys, but not from me. Rachel plopped down in the easy chair, leaving me with the seat next to Andrew on the couch. I cursed to myself and sat down next to him. He jokingly yawned and stretched, pushing his naked thigh up against mine and draping his arm around my shoulder. I brushed him off and the three of them laughed at me. Great, I thought.

Everyone’s attention turned back to the TV as we waited for Mike to finish up whatever he was doing. We were all still somewhat hungover and he generally decided what we did anyway. I couldn’t really concentrate on the TV, though, due in part to my hangover and due in part to the naked man next to me. I took another look down at his dick. It was only a couple inches long flaccid, and flopped over a short-cropped bed of hair. Clearly Andrew had prepared for this.

I can’t believe my friend is making me look at his dick, I thought, staring at it. I had to admit it was a pretty-looking dick, as far as dicks go. I just wished he’d kept it away because now I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I realized I was still staring at his dick and looked up, catching his eye before he quickly looked away. Fuck, I thought. I think he saw me checking him out. I assured myself that it was nothing, though. I was subtle, he couldn’t have seen me.

Then it flopped. I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye as it flopped over on its side and pointed at me. I chanced a quick glance down. Fuck. It was definitely bigger. The shaft was a bit thicker and the head was poking out of his cut foreskin more. I wondered if it was because he caught me looking at it or if he was just getting horny being naked in front of Rachel again. Thinking of Rachel, I looked at her, only to see her smirking right back at me. My heartbeat ratcheted up. I wasn’t sure about Andrew, but Rachel had definitely seen me checking out his dick. I didn’t need this right now.

“What the fuck, Andrew,” Mike said, coming down the stairway. “Why’s your dick out?”

“I wanted to get dressed, but Brian wouldn’t let me,” Andrew said, pouting.

“What?!” I shouted. “That’s not true at all!”

“Little Brian protests too much, methinks,” Rachel said, smirking.

“Little Brian’s not protesting this at all!” Andrew shouted, grabbing my crotch. They all burst out laughing as I pushed his hands off. I hadn’t been hard at all, at least not really, but now they all thought I was. Great.

“What should we do today?” I asked, anxious to change topics as they collected themselves.

“Rachel said today was about you,” Kyle said.

“Yeah!” Mike said. “And you never thanked me for my gift to you.”

“Wait, what did you get him?” Andrew asked. Mike turned to Rachel.

“You want to show them?” he asked. She immediately blushed.

“No need,” I said. I turned to Mike and heaped as much sarcasm into my voice as I could. “And thank you. So much.”

“Come on,” Kyle said. “What happened?”

“Actually, that gives me an idea,” Mike said. I didn’t like where this was going. “Today’s about Brian and catching him up on everything that’s happened, right?”

They all nodded.

“How about we show him the winning dive from last night that he missed?” Mike said.

“We can’t,” Rachel said. “I don’t wanna get wet.” When the guys sniggered, she added, “I meant in the pool! I don’t wanna go in the pool right now.”

“We can show him right here,” Mike said, then turned to me. “It’ll be worth it. I promise.”

I turned to Rachel and raised my eyebrows. She blushed deeply and avoided my eyes.

“What do you say, Rachel?” Mike asked, holding out his hand to her. She smiled up at him and nodded, grabbing his hand and standing up. They walked to the door to the kitchen, hand in hand.

“Wait,” I said, and they stopped. “Where are you going?”

“We have to get, well,” she paused, blushing. “We have to get naked.”

“Can’t you show me over your clothes?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “You’ll understand when you see. I’ll be a little nude, but it’s nothing your friends haven’t seen.”

No one can be a “little” nude, I thought to myself as they went into the kitchen. I sat pouting in my seat next to Andrew. Once again I’d failed to keep my girlfriend clothed for any length of time, though I felt my dick start to harden in my pants despite the self-abuse it took this morning. Looking over at Andrew, I saw he was getting excited too. We heard their clothes hit the floor, then Rachel giggle. Then they started talking, but too quiet for us to make out the words. Then I thought I heard a wet smack.

“I wonder what they’re doing in there,” Andrew said, turning and kneeling on the sofa to look toward the kitchen. His now mostly hard dick stuck away from his crotch at my eye level, just over my right shoulder. I resolved to ignore it. I’d gotten enough shit about looking at it today.

“Well, he’s gotta be hard for the trick to work,” Kyle said.

“Really?” I asked, not at all amused.

“Yeah,” Kyle said. “Last night, he was so drunk during the diving competition he couldn’t get really hard, so Rachel helped him.”

“Oh yeah,” Andrew said. “We couldn’t really see, but he told us later she let him suck on her tits while she jacked him off.”

“She told me you guys might have bumped into each other naked a little bit in the dark, but nothing sexual was done,” I said. Kyle and Andrew exchanged an awkward glance.

“It was a little more than that,” Kyle admitted. “She grabbed my dick a few times and shoved my hands onto her tits.”

“Yeah, same,” Andrew said. “She didn’t jack me off or anything, but she was pretty much holding onto my dick whenever I was nearby.” My cheeks burned in shame while my erection struggled against my shorts. She’d sugarcoated the details some, but at least she didn’t do anything crazy, I tried to tell myself.

The talking and giggling in the other room then stopped.

“Brian,” Mike shouted. “I hope you’re ready to meet your new and improved girlfriend!” We all turned to look at the doorway. Andrew turned fast enough to accidentally thrust his hard dick into my shoulder. I glared at him and he mouthed a sorry.

“I’m ready,” I said back, deadpan.

“Alright,” Mike continued. “Please welcome…”

They jumped around the corner and I gasped.

“Dickgirl!” Mike and Rachel shouted in unison. I gaped at them. Rachel stood in front of Mike. Stood on his feet, actually, while his arms wrapped around her soft belly, holding her naked body flush against his. Her hefty breasts rested atop his arms, her nipples hard and pointing (and it looked like they were a little wet). Her arms were in the air in a “ta-da” pose, while they both grinned widely.

None of us paid much attention to their faces, though, because his giant erection stuck out from between her legs, rigid as flagpole. Her crotch sat directly against it, giving the impression that it was her dick and not his.

“Oh my God,” I muttered, too stunned to have any other reaction.

“After we all saw you staring at Andrew’s dick, I thought I’d upgrade your girlfriend for you,” Mike said.

“Shut up,” I muttered to myself.

“Do you not accept me how I am?” Rachel asked, sticking her lip out in an exaggerated pout.

“You shaved!” Kyle exclaimed, pointing at their conjoined crotch. Rachel looked down and blushed.

“I did,” she said, then looked back up at Mike. “Let’s give them a better look.”

They walked, or I should say he walked as she just kept standing on his feet, over to us on the couch. The three of us peered at her crotch and Mike’s giant dick sticking out from under it.

“Wow, so smooth,” Kyle said, reaching out and rubbing a couple fingers against her pubis where her hair used to be. Andrew did the same. I just stared at my girlfriend’s engorged labia as the wrapped around the top of my friend’s giant erect dick. Now that she was completely bare, we could easily see her clit sticking out from under its hood, also resting against the top of his dick.

“That’s not all,” Mike said. “Check it out.” With that, he leaned forward and grabbed behind her knees and lifted her up. Her body folded until her knees were pressed against her armpits as Mike held her off the ground, pressed against his chest. The maneuver worked to spread her legs apart and curl her crotch upward toward us. Now she was completely on display for our eyes, her pussy and asscheeks spread wide, her bare labia and asshole winking at us.

“Oh my God, Mike, you’re embarrassing me!” Rachel squealed, covering her face. But as we watched, a large drop of her juices slid out of her vagina, across her asshole, and then off her body, splattering on Mike’s hard dick.

“Just teasing you,” he said, letting her back down. His hard dick was sticking up, though, and its massive head caught in her spread lips.

“Mike! Watch it!” she squealed, hopping away from him, which made her boobs bounce around to my friends’ delight. “You almost slipped inside me!”

Mike just shook his head. “I’ve been telling you, that’s impossible. No vagina can fit me.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, her face falling. “I keep forgetting.”

“It just sucks,” he said. “I’ll never be able to truly be with the woman I love.”

“I’m so sorry,” she said, pulling him into a supportive hug. I watched her breasts bulge out as she pressed them into his bare chest, his hard dick pressed against her bare, soft tummy. My friends watched closely as well. I could see that Andrew’s dick had become rock hard over the past few minutes. I couldn’t see Kyle’s, but I assumed his was as well, as they both stared at her bare ass.

“It’s ok,” he said. “We all have our burdens to bear.”

“Wait,” she said, pulling back from him. “Vaginas may be too small, but what about an asshole?”

“Don’t see how’d it make a difference,” he said.

“Well, it’s certainly gigantic for a dick,” she said, holding it in her small hand. “But, and sorry for saying this, but I’m pretty sure I’ve taken a shit bigger than this. And if something of this size can go out, then why couldn’t it go in?”

We all sat in stunned silence. Even Mike was left speechless.

“Right? What am I missing?” she asked. “I mean, it’d probably hurt some, but I know if I was your woman, I would definitely put up with a bit of pain to know that I could fit this amazing dick inside of me.”

“You’re one of a kind, though,” Mike said.

“Well, maybe…” she looked at me, her brow furrowed. “Maybe we can try?”

“No,” I said. “Absolutely not.”

“But you agreed earlier that you owed Mike a favor!” she pouted, crossing her arms, causing her breasts to bulge out obscenely.

“Yeah, but I figured you’d give him a handjob or something, not let him fuck you in the ass.”

“I don’t see the big issue,” she said. “You’ve never shown any interest in my asshole. I want to do your friend a favor and clear away his insecurities. I don’t see why you’re being so selfish.”

The turn in the conversation was enough to shake my friends’ out of their reverie. They watched, silent but gape-mouthed, as we argued.

“Your friend is nice enough to have you and your girlfriend as a guest at his family’s property, and you won’t do a thing to help him with the thing he’s most insecure about,” she said.

“You said you’d stop this as soon as I drew a line and put my foot down,” I said. “Well this is it. This is the line I’m drawing.”

“Fine,” she said. “I won’t do this. I won’t do this as long as you can pull out your dick right now and show it’s not rock hard and drooling thinking about Mike’s giant dick invading my virgin asshole.”

I froze. I knew she had me cornered. Even with all the abuse I laid on it out on the balcony earlier, my dick was as hard as it’s ever been. We both looked down and saw a large wet spot spreading across the front of my shorts.

“I thought so,” she said smugly. I hung my head in defeat. She turned back to Mike, who now sported the world’s biggest shit-eating grin. “So how should we do this?”

“First, let’s get you in position,” he said, guiding her to Andrew’s side of the couch. He bent her over the armrest, forcing her face into Andrew’s naked lap.

“Whoa!” Andrew said as her head descended right onto his crotch. Her hair fell over her face, covering it and his crotch.

“What the fuck,” I said. “Blowing Andrew wasn’t part of the deal.”

“I wasn’t blowing him,” she said, clearing the hair from her face, which rested high on his naked thighs, mere inches from his hard dick and hairy balls.

“Stay there,” Mike said to Andrew. “The more turned on she is, the more she’ll relax and the more likely this will all work. Make sense?”

“Yeah, makes sense,” she said, her breath tickling Andrew’s shaft.

“The way I see it,” Mike said. “Our best chance is by starting small and working our way up. So I’ll start with my fingers, and that’ll get you loose enough to take a normal-sized dick. At that point, Kyle or Andrew could take over for a little bit until you’re nice and loose for them.”

“And then I’ll be loose enough to fit you?” she asked.

“I really hope so,” he said.

“Wait,” I said. “Now they’re fucking you in the ass too?”

“Don’t be so crude,” she said. “They’re just going to help widen my hole so it can fit Mike.”

“I don’t see why they both have to,” I said. “They’re pretty much the same size.”

“Didn’t know you were such an expert on our dicks,” Kyle said. The four of them laughed.

“I’m not, you’ve just all been flinging them around all week,” I protested. “And I’m about the same size too. Why can’t I be the one to loosen you up?”

“Stop being selfish,” she said. “You showed no interest in my asshole until Mike did. And now you want to claim it for yourself.”

“But I’m your boyfriend!”

“Actually, it’s best if you don’t,” Mike said. “Because we need her as turned on as possible and it seems like nothing turns her on more than humiliating you.”

“That’s not true,” I said. “Right, babe?”

Rachel blushed as she looked up at me, past Andrew’s dick.

“Holy shit,” Mike said, checking out her exposed pussy from behind. “She’s fucking dripping back here thinking about it.”

“I know I’m not the only one who likes it,” she said, grabbing my crotch. Her hand wrapped around my wet, stiff member through my shorts. The sensation startled me and I lost my train of thought.

“So I think you should actually hide your face again,” Mike said, leaning over her and pushing her hair back over her face and Andrew’s dick. “You don’t have to blow him, but this way you can feel like a slut knowing that we all think you’re just sucking his dick right in front of us.”

She moaned. Andrew did too. I burned with shame. I didn’t know if she was actually kissing and sucking his dick, but even if she wasn’t, she was rubbing her face all over it.

“Ok, just pretend, babe,” I said weakly. She responded with an “Mm-hmm”, though it sounded like something was in her mouth.

“Now that that’s covered, let’s get started,” Mike said. “Lube is going to be super important, but thankfully…” He trailed off and she let out a surprised gasp. No doubt he stuck his finger in her vagina to collect some of her fuck juice. “You’re giving us a lot to work with. Ok, here comes one finger.”

From our spot on the couch, Andrew, Kyle and I could see her naked back and the twin mounds of her thick ass. We couldn’t see much beyond that, but we did see Mike first massage, then enter her ass with his long middle finger.

“Oh my godddddd,” she moaned into Andrew’s crotch as he entered.

“How you doing?” Mike asked.

“Good,” she said. “It just feels… strange. It kinda hurts but I kinda like it too. It makes me feel really dirty and violated. But in a good way.”

“That’s because you’re a filthy slut,” he said as he started working the finger in and out of her asshole. After a few strokes she started pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts. “Yeah, now you’re feeling it. Ok, here comes finger two.”

She gasped and clenched up. But she started rocking back into him again. She moaned and whimpered at his fingers’ intrusion. Before we knew it, he was sawing three fingers in and out of her. My heart beat at double time. Here was my girlfriend, the love of my life, moaning and squealing as my friend stretched her asshole apart so he could fit his giant dick inside.

“Wow, you’re loosening up really quick,” he said. “This may work after all.”

“I told you!” she said, her voice muffled.

“Quiet, slut, your asshole has a lot more in store for it,” he said. She moaned in reply. “Kyle, you better get ready, you’re up first.”

Kyle had watched the proceedings quietly next to me, but Mike’s instruction jolted him from his reverie. He jumped up and shucked off his clothes in a split second, leaving him standing there completely naked, his hard cock bouncing in front of him. He walked around to where Mike stood, behind Rachel’s bent naked body.

“Holy shit that’s hot,” Kyle said as soon as he saw Mike’s fingers pistoning in and out of her widening asshole from behind. He started stroking himself. Mike pulled his fingers out of Rachel and she immediately whimpered. She pushed her ass up higher and waggled it back and forth, searching for the fingers again.

“Hold on, slut,” Mike said to her, before turning back to Kyle. “You’ll have to stick it in her to get it lubed up, then just work it into her ass slowly.”

“Wait,” Rachel said, sticking her arm underneath her and blocking her vagina from their view. “You’re not sticking your dick in my vagina. That’s for Brian only.” She turned her head back to talk to them, which caused her hair to pull away from Andrew’s dick. It glistened with moisture.

“Yeah,” I said weakly. “That’s for me only.”

“Well we need lots of lube,” Mike said. “And it’s right there and producing a fucking gallon of it for us.”

“There’s gotta be something else you can use,” she said. “I’m doing this as a favor to you, Mike. I’m not just some cheap slut that wants her boyfriend’s friends to fill all her holes as he watches.”

“Really?” Mike said. “Because I think that’s exactly what you want.”

“That’s enough,” I said, standing up. “She said no.”

“She said no, but she’s gushing more than ever,” Mike said, rubbing her vagina and causing her to moan loudly. He held up his hand and showed her juices that covered it.

“Then just use that to get his dick wet. If she’s dripping, you don’t need to stick it inside,” I said.

Mike glared at me a moment, then smiled. “He’s right,” he said. “I didn’t think she’d get this turned on having her boyfriend watch us play with her body, but I guess that’s just how slutty she is. You can come over here and watch us to make sure we stay in the right hole, Brian. Go ahead, Kyle.”

I’m not sure if I walked over to their side so that I could keep an eye on them or just because I wanted a better view of them entering my girlfriend’s virgin asshole. Either way, I soon saw their view, Rachel’s ass raised high, her ass cheeks and pussy lips spread wide, showcasing their prizes within. True to Mike’s word, fluid was gushing from Rachel’s hole, soaking her legs. She’d never flowed like that for me. Hell, she never made half the sounds she was making for me. I worried that this was going to ruin me for her. After this, normal sex with me and my normal dick was going to be nothing compared to my friends using her body with gleeful abandon.

Kyle scooped some of the fluid from on and around her pussy and smeared it on his dick. After repeating the process a few times, he grabbed his dick in one hand and her ass cheek in the other and lined his dick up with her asshole, which had closed again after Mike removed his fingers. He pressed the head against it.

“Fuck,” she moaned. “A dick feels so much bigger than fingers.”

“It’s not gonna work,” Kyle said, stepping back. He stared at her puckered anus as he casually stroked himself.

“Of course it’s not gonna work,” Mike said. “You need to beg for it, slut. You need to want that dick inside your ass more than anything else in the world.”

“But I don’t,” Rachel said. “I’m just trying to fit your dick in there as a favor to you. You told me Kyle would be able to help make that happen.”

“In that case,” Mike said. “It won’t work. I’m gonna go jerk off and stop trying to deal with this tease.”

He started to walk from the room when Rachel shouted after him.

“No, wait!” she shouted. “Please!”

He turned back around. She reached behind her and grabbed her fat cheeks, pulling them as wide as she could. Her asshole started to open again.

“Please fuck my ass!”

Her words were like a dagger to my heart and a shot of adrenaline to my dick.

“What will you do for us?” Mike asked.

“Do for you?” she asked. “You’ll get to fuck my ass.”

“Not good enough. This won’t work unless you want it so bad you’ll give up anything.”

“Fine!” she shouted. “If you fuck me in the ass it’ll be yours, Mike. You can fuck it whenever and wherever you want. You’ll own it and I won’t let Brian near it. Just please fuck me!”

Mike smirked and walked back behind her.

“You’re not, uhh,” I stammered. “Not, uhhh, serious about that, are you babe?”

“We talked about this, Brian, I’m going to have to humiliate you for this to work,” she said. “So just shut up, and spread my cheeks for them. My arms are getting tired.”

I gulped dryly and did as she said. I had to believe that she was only pretending when she gave ownership of her asshole over the Mike to do what he wanted with. As I spread her cheeks and watched Kyle’s hard dick press against her hole right in front of me, I imagined having sex with her and Mike barging into the room, demanding to have her ass right then. Would she really push me aside and let Mike ravage her anally? I cursed as I realized the thought made my dick drip.

With a loud groan from both Kyle and Rachel, the head of his dick slipped past her sphincter. I looked to her other end, where Andrew still sat with his hard dick in her face. I could see he slipped a hand under her and was mauling her succulent hanging breasts. Her hair had fallen away from her face so that I could see her face and Andrew’s angry rock-hard dick. Her mouth hung open from the exertion of the anal invasion, her lips curling around his wet shaft like her other lips had curled around Mike’s dick earlier.

I continued holding her cheeks apart as Kyle worked his way in. After a minute, he was all the way in, his hips pressed against my hands and no doubt his balls pressed against her sopping pussy. I let go and Kyle pressed himself fully against her naked backside.

“Oh my goddd,” she moaned. “You’re so deep inside me. I feel like you’re poking my lungs.”

“Work it in and out of her some,” Mike said. “Get her real loose and relaxed back there.”

He started to, slowly pulling his dick out of her. Her O-ring clung to his shaft, letting it exit her reluctantly. Once only his head was left, he reversed direction and pushed back in until once again her asscheeks pancaked out against his waist. His eyes rolled back into his head from the extreme pleasure of my girlfriend’s backdoor.

I started stroking myself as Kyle began speeding up. The force of his thrusts caused her butt and thighs to jiggle. She pushed her torso up off the couch (and Andrew’s naked crotch) and slammed her body back against Kyle to meet his thrusts, her pendulous tits swinging wildly with each thrust.

“The slut loves it!” Mike cackled, then saw me stroking myself. “And so does her sissy boy. Oh my god this is amazing.”

“Fuck you, Mike,” she panted.

“You will soon, don’t worry,” he chuckled. That just made her thrust against Kyle harder. His eyes widened in shock and fear.

“Oh fuck,” Kyle said. “I’m gonna-”

“No you DON’T,” Mike shouted. “Not inside her, my dick’s still going in there and I don’t wanna touch your sperm.”

“What do I…” he murmured, his grip on reality leaving him as my girlfriend’s rectum milked him violently. “Where do I…”

“Just not in there!” Mike shouted, grabbing Kyle by the shoulders and pulling him out of Rachel right as he started cumming. His first rope of cum splattered across her back. He stumbled back, losing his balance as his orgasm froze his brain, and turned slightly toward me. His second, much bigger, rope of cum hit me directly in the chest, splattering me from the base of my neck to the base of my dick.

“Oh my god!” Mike squealed, laughing and pointing at me. Kyle fell to the floor, his dick still lurching, spraying the rest of its load all over his own chest.

“What the fuck happened?!” Rachel shouted, thrusting her now empty ass back at the air where Kyle used to stand, her sphincter squeezing open and close in vain. She turned her head and saw me covered in cum. “Did you cum again, Brian?!”

Burning with shame I grabbed the nearest shirt and wiped Kyle’s cum off my body.

“No,” Mike said between fits of giggles. “Kyle shot him with his load!”

Rachel looked at Kyle, spent and covered in his own cum, then back to me as I struggled to wipe the massive trail of his seed from my naked body. She moaned and I saw her vagina spray a tiny jet of juice onto the floor behind her.

“Oh man, that was too perfect,” Mike said, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes. “Ok, now it’s my turn.”

“What about me?” Andrew asked. We all looked to him. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that had almost forgotten him. Rachel stared at his hard, pulsing dick right in front of her face.

“I’m sorry, Andrew,” she said. “I’m already pretty sore from that and I don’t think I could handle another one and then Mike.”

Andrew’s face fell. He was crushed to not be able to fuck my gorgeous girlfriend’s incredible ass. Who could blame him?

“But I meant what I said earlier,” she said. “Andrew, Mike, Kyle. My asshole belongs to you now. I thought I’d like anal sex, and now I know I love it, so please, I hope you guys use it as often as it can handle. And you’ll get first dibs on it whenever it’s recovered from today, Andrew, I promise. But right now, I need Mike to cram his horse cock inside there as soon as possible. Is that okay?” She leant down and kissed the head of his dick. “Is it?” She licked him from balls to slit. “I promise I’ll make it up to you.” She opened her mouth wide and stuffed both of his balls into her mouth, humming and rolling them around with her tongue. He moaned out a breathy affirmative.

I was crushed. She was serious. Her ass no longer belonged to me. It didn’t even belong to her anymore. It belonged to my three friends to use and abuse whenever they wanted to. Judging by the look on Kyle’s face (eyes half-closed and mouth half-open as he struggled to recover from his massive orgasm), they were going to want to fuck her ass whenever they saw it sashay past them. I guess I should be glad I still had sole claim to her pussy, but I could hardly say I was happy, no matter how hard my dick currently was or how much it yearned to explode like Kyle’s just had.

Mike walked up behind Rachel and rubbed her pussy, coating his hand in her juices before transferring them to his dick. She looked back at his dick and fear filled her eyes.

“Holy shit,” she said. “I don’t think I’m ready for this.”

“You promised it would fit,” he said. “So we’re gonna make it fit.”

She just bit her lip trembled. Once his dick was adequately covered with her fuck juices, he pressed the head against her hole, which was still open slightly from Kyle. Then pulled back.

“I don’t think you want it,” he said.

“Shut the fuck up and jam it in there, you shit,” she screamed. Mike smirked and did so. At least tried to. Even with all the foreplay, his massive dickhead just pressed against her naked backside like there wasn’t even a hole there. After pressing for a moment, he stepped back, readjusted his angle, and pushed into her again. She pushed back, but no matter their straining, he didn’t budge.

“Fuck,” Mike whispered to himself as he stepped back again. I could see the disappointment washing over him.

“Hey, what happened?” Rachel asked.

“I told you,” Mike said. “It won’t fit.”

“We’re not giving up that easily,” she said. “I have an idea.” She pushed herself off Andrew’s lap and stood next to Mike. She grabbed his massive hardon and stroked it. “You said it needs to humiliate Brian, right? That that’s the way to make it work?”

“It was just a guess,” Mike said. “To get you to loosen up. But it’s no use.”

“Bullshit,” she said. I had to admire her tenacity, even if it was to assfuck my friend’s massive dick. “We just need to try a different position. Being bent over the couch with Andrew’s dick in my face was pretty humiliating at first, but it’s just surface level humiliation for Brian, y’know?”

“What do you mean?” Mike asked.

“Sure he had to watch his girlfriend get stuffed from both ends, but that’s just sex. A little extreme, sure, but plenty of couples do it. And I could always assume one of them was Brian,” she said.

“So what do you suggest?” Mike asked. I trembled, not wanting to know. It couldn’t be good.

“How about I lay down on my back,” she said, laying back on the couch, shooing Andrew out of the way. “And you can enter me like this.” She grabbed her knees and pulled them to her chest, her pussy and asshole spread wide in front of us. “That way,” she continued. “I’d have to either stare into your eyes and watch how your life changes as I become the first girl to ever accept your fucking incredible dick… or watch your incredible dick as splits me open. Either way, it’ll be way more intimate than having me bury my face in the couch.”

“…and that’ll humiliate Brian,” Mike finished for her.

“Uhhh, yeah. Brian,” she said, glancing over at me.

“Works for me,” Mike said, bounding over the armrest and kneeling in front of her presented asshole.

“Anything I can do?” Andrew asked.

“Aww, sweet Andrew,” Rachel said, smiling at him. “You can suck on my tits. That’ll help keep me really horny.”

“And humiliate Brian,” Mike said, smirking at me. I was really growing to loathe that smirk.

“Can I play with your tits too?” I asked. I felt ridiculous asking my own girlfriend in front of my friends if I could touch her breasts.

“I don’t know,” Rachel said as Andrew leant over and took one of her hard nipples into his mouth. Mike rubbed her pussy and smeared more of her juices on his dick. “That wouldn’t be as humiliating for you, would it?”

“No, I guess not,” I said, blushing.

“And we really need you as humiliated as possible,” she said. “Or this won’t work.”

I didn’t say anything. Mike leant forward and pressed his dick against her hole once again. Still nothing. He sat back on his haunches, sweating profusely.

“I don’t think it’s gonna fit,” Mike said.

“It has to,” Rachel said.

“I don’t know what else to do,” he said. “Is there anything else that turns you on? Anything really dirty that you don’t want to admit?”

Rachel thought for a second and then blushed. She looked at me, then at Andrew, then bit her lip.

“I can tell you thought of something,” Mike said.

“I did,” she said, continuing to blush profusely. “But, oh my God.” She covered her face with her hands.

“What is it?” Mike demanded. I wondered what it could be. Here she was, surrounded by four horny naked guys, all trying to fuck her asshole. How much worse could it get?

“Well, okay,” she said, seeming to make up her mind. “I’ve always found gay porn really hot.”

“Should we play some for you?” Mike asked. “I could get my computer.”

“That would be ok,” she said. “But what would be way better would be…” She trailed off and looked at me, eyes both pleading and full of shame. “Babe, would you make out with Andrew a little?”

To say I was stunned was king of understatements. “What do you mean, make out with Andrew?” I asked, hoping I’d confused something.

I could see the shame burning her face as she lowered her hands to her tits and gripped them, letting out a soft moan. “Oops,” she murmured, dropping her hands back to her waist. I had to admit, despite literally everything else about this situation, I was glad she was feeling at least some of the humiliation I’d been overwhelmed with the past couple days.

“I just mean that it’d turn me on so fucking much if you two would just like, I don’t know… kiss and touch each other some?” she said.

“You can’t be serious,” I said.

“Come on,” she pleaded. “It’s just some kissing. I know you men have all this shit built up about displaying affection toward one another. But it’s just a kiss. Plus, I’ve seen the way you’ve been staring at his dick all day.”

“That’s not true!” I shouted. But I couldn’t help thinking back to all the times I’d looked at his dick today. Wondered out it felt. Thought about touching it.

Then I thought, Andrew. Andrew will save me from this. I looked at him.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” I asked him.

“It’s just kissing,” he said with a shrug.

“But… but we’re both guys!” I sputtered.

“If that makes a difference to you,” he said. “I don’t have all those hangups. We’re just two people.”

I shook my head. “I… I can’t,” I said.

“Hey,” Andrew said softly, stepping to me and putting a soft hand on my shoulder. “We’re friends, right? Have been for a long time?”

I looked up into his eyes. They were deep, dark and I quickly drowned in them. I nodded.

“And have I ever done anything to hurt you?”

I shook my head.

“Then trust me with this, ok? We’re all trying to help Mike. Prove to him that sexual intimacy isn’t impossible. I’m more than willing to make out with you to help that happen. Rachel agreed to have a fucking tree trunk shoved up her ass to make that happen. You sure you can’t accept a little kiss to do your part?”

I stood there dumbfounded. I didn’t know how this suddenly all got turned on me. Like I was the asshole. But here I was, believing I was being ridiculous, while lost in Andrew’s gorgeous eyes and soft, lilting voice.

“It’ll be okay,” Andrew cooed, then stepped closer, leaning in for the kiss. I stood still, waiting for it, when I felt him something touch my crotch. I looked down and saw his rock-hard dick pressing against my pubic bone, its shaft rubbing against mine.

I jumped back, but Andrew’s hands grabbed my shoulders and held me in place. He whispered again that it was okay and shushed me. I looked over at Rachel. She lay on the couch completely naked and covered in sweat, her mouth hung open and eyes half-closed watching us. Her hand rubbed her clit slowly. Mike hovered above her, his erection towering over her spread thighs.

“Hey,” Andrew said, turning my face back to his. “Stay on me. We’re naked, and that’s fine, and we’re gonna kiss, and that’s no big deal, ok?”

I gulped and managed to give a tiny nod. He smiled for an instant, then stepped forward and leaned in.

The first thing I felt was his dick once again touch mine, but this time I didn’t flinch. An instant later, his lips were against mine. I thought kissing a guy would be all aggressive and hard-edged, but his lips were soft and his kiss was tender. He kissed me once, then pulled back and looked at me. Then kissed me again.

His third kiss was the first I returned. He gasped and stepped into me. His hard dick folded up against my body and mine did against his. He held my body tight against his as we continued kissing. Kissing him wasn’t all that different from kissing a girl, I realized. Sure, he smelled different, and his body was a little firmer and I could feel his stubble as our kisses got sloppier. And I could feel the heat from his hard dick as he pressed it against me…

I moaned. He took that as an invitation and dove his tongue in my open mouth. I wrestled it with my own tongue as electricity shot to my cock. I could feel him start to thrust his hips back and forth, dragging his dick up and down against my lower abdomen and I started to do the same to him. We were both warm and covered with a sheen of sweat, and thrusting my dick between our bodies and against his quivering shaft felt divine.

“Oh my god,” I barely heard Rachel moan. Then she shouted, much louder, “Oh my GOD!!” I looked to the couch. Mike had Rachel’s knees pinned up behind her head, the massive head of his massive dick disappearing between her spread cheeks. He was in, I thought. Mike’s massive dick had finally invaded my girlfriend’s anal cavity.

Mike screamed, equal parts shock, joy and extreme pleasure, as he pushed down and another two inches disappeared into my girlfriend’s body.

“Hey,” Andrew said again, turning my face to face his once more. “Stay on me, ok?” Before I could respond, he grabbed the back of my head and drew me in, kissing me again, and I gladly welcomed his tongue back into my mouth, moaning and massaging it with my own. I could hear Mike and Rachel grunting and moaning, but none of that mattered as Andrew grabbed my ass with his other hand thrust his dick harder still into my crotch.

“FUCK!!” Mike screamed. That shocked Andrew and I out of our reverie and we looked over. Mike was maybe halfway inside Rachel, but that was all.

“I’m sorry!” Rachel sobbed.

“What… what happened?” I asked, slow to come back to my senses. I could still feel Andrew’s hot, wet, hard dick twitching against my own and it was making my heart race.

“I can’t,” Rachel gasped, grunting in pain. “It can’t go any farther.”

“Goddammit!” Mike shouted. “That’s not even halfway!” He stared down at his massive dick, still partly inside Rachel’s anal passage, though even keeping it that far in was clearly putting her in a lot of pain.

I don’t know exactly what compelled me to do what I did next. I want to say it was because I wanted to help out my “friend” Mike. I would have reluctantly admitted that it was because I’d spent the past few days being the prude and knew what would turn Rachel on. I may even admit that it was because Andrew had been so kind and gentle with me during this and I wanted to reward him. But when I really think about it and am honest with myself, I know it was because the idea that this strong, confident man was brimming with sexual desire for me was driving my lust to untold heights and I needed to push it further.

“Rachel,” I said calmly. She looked over to me, eyes filled with tears. “Would it help if I got Andrew off?” I reached down and grabbed his erection. He gasped. It felt scorching hot in my hand. Its center was hard as steel, but the outside was soft as velvet. “Would it help if I made him cum?”

“Ohhhh my godddd,” Rachel moaned, watching my hand fist his cock. Mike, for his part, saw his opening and moved one hand to her clit, rubbing it in earnest. She moaned again and I saw a small stream of her juices spray out of her vagina, all over his dick. She groaned deeply as he pressed, sliding a few more inches inside her.

I grabbed Andrew’s balls with my free hand, fondling them. He moaned and his knees buckled. I guided him to the coffee table in front of the couch and he sat down. I knelt down in front of him, between his spread thighs, and kept jacking him. I stared at the eye of his red cockhead as I jacked it right in front of my face. The musty smell of his manhood lit up my nervous system like a drug. I felt the compulsion to kiss it, put my mouth on it, taste it. Taste him. But I held back.

“Brian,” Rachel moaned next to me. I looked over at her. Mike was mostly inside her now, only a few inches stood waiting outside her sphincter. “What are you doing?”

“This is for you, babe,” I said, winking. I looked up at Andrew. “You gonna cum on me or not, big guy?”

“Mmmmmmm… fuuuuuuuuUUUUCK!” Andrew groaned. I felt his dick start to pulse, and I aimed his dick at my chest and mentally readied myself for what was coming. Another two pulses, and the first jet of his cum shot from his dick and splattered on my chest. It felt as hot as lava, and had barely cooled off before the second, bigger shot sprayed me. I heard Rachel moan beside me, a deep, guttural moan I’d never heard before. Then Mike screamed with glee. I looked over and saw his thighs pressing against her asscheeks, the entirety of his dick nowhere to be seen.

He’d done it. We’d done it, really. His entire gigantic dick was now somehow wedged completely inside my girlfriend’s voluptuous body. I felt Andrew’s last few spurts hit my chest as Mike pulled his dick out to its crown, then plunged it back in a single smooth stroke. Andrew pushed my hand away from his now oversensitive dick, but I wasn’t ready to let it go, so I reached down and fondled his balls as we watched the show on the couch next to us.

Mike didn’t waste any time after he’d finally gotten his full dick inside a woman. He slammed his cock in and out of my girlfriend’s ass, his thighs making a loud slap against her cheeks with each thrust. Rachel, meanwhile, was cursing Mike, me, Andrew, Kyle, God, and any other name she could form in between grunts and moans. Mike was busy using both hands to pin her knees against the couch next to her ears, so she grabbed a tit in one hand and mauled her clit with the other while he plundered her ass to an impossible depth.

Mike’s first time sticking his dick in a woman didn’t last long. He screamed that he was going to cum, and that sent Rachel over the top too. He plunged himself completely inside her, and I watched as his butt flexed as he shot load after load deep inside my girlfriend. Rachel’s eyes rolled back into her head and she shrieked as her vagina exploded, splattering Mike’s belly with a huge splash of her juices as she hit her climax.

And then it was all over. Mike slumped forward on top of Rachel, resting his cheek against her heaving chest, his mouth an inch from her still-hard nipple. She moaned and wrapped her arms and legs around him, pressing her large, soft breasts against his head. He flicked his tongue out and licked the nearest nipple and she giggled.

“I’ve gotta clean up,” I said, staggering to my feet. I saw Kyle sitting on the floor next to the couch, covered with a fresh batch of cum. He must have jerked off watching the rest of us, I thought.

“Can you get us a towel too?” Mike asked. “I’m gonna have to pull out at some point, and I don’t want to make a mess of the couch.”

I nodded and headed into the hall. I opened the linen closet and grabbed a couple old-looking towels. I was about to use one to wipe Andrew’s cum off my chest, but then threw it back into the closet. I kind of liked having his seed splattered across my chest. I returned with the one towel.

“Put it on the ground,” he directed me, pointing at the front of the couch. I laid it down where he said, and he stepped off the couch, shifting Rachel’s body with him so he could stay inside her. When he was standing over the towel, holding her ass over the same, he finally pulled his softening dick out. His semen spilled out of her asshole, which had been stretched so wide it was not ready to close up yet. The massive load splatted onto the towel on the floor.

I suddenly felt the need to get out of there. They’d all cum, but I hadn’t, and I wanted some time to jerk off in peace without them watching and judging me. I mumbled something about taking a shower and went upstairs. I started the shower and waited in the bathroom for it to get warm, when the door opened behind me. I turned around to see Andrew standing there, naked and beautiful.

“Need a hand?” he asked.

I smiled.

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